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02/22/2024 10:39 PM 

Character Information

Name: Pħÿřřa VäřönäAge: 2,000 years oldRace: ElfRelationship Status: Taken by Kaito KamuraName: Nyx MoonAge: 25 years oldRace: DemonRelationship Status: Single 


02/22/2024 09:06 PM 


 Say it with me: Patience. I follow my muse, meaning I don't force it. If you're really pining for my attention, you'll have better odds with banters in stream. As much as I love to write it, romance is a development. All parts of it. If you're adding me just for ero, we're not gonna click as writing partners, sorry. That mature content is reserved for those that impress me with their writing and their loyalty to the story. Otherwise, expect 'fade to black' scenes. As much as I love random starters, PLEASE do better than "Here's a cure to your character's entire predicament!" It literally ruins the whole point of my character and her design. Like-- Where do I go from here, buddy? Lol. No Discord. Not vibing? I don't take offense to being removed. Please respect my right to do so as well. There's no benefit in forcing interactions, imo. Para+ preferred for inbox RP. I reserve the right to add or adjust these guidelines as I see fit.Not Really Rules, But Things To Note: IC > OOC. Mainly because I just feel awkward, don't take it personal. Again, status banter is adored. Partial towards random starter and just hitting the ground running, but I'm not opposed to discussion if that's to your preference. If you post an abundance of OOC posts on stream, I will likely hide your statuses. Again, please don't take it personal. Same goes for posting 5+ posts in an hour. I'd like to see others' writings, too. Not a Ranni RPer, but if you prefer, I have a few ideas that connects Ophelia to her if you'd like an Elden Ring related plot!


02/22/2024 10:48 PM 

A little bit of my going ons!!
Current mood:  busy

So basically I was munching on my cesar salad while listening to Paramore songs when I realized I havent touched my blog in a while lolz XD! Anywaysss apart from buying a bunch of cute outfits, nothing much has gone on my life. Tomorrow ill go to eat at a Colombian restaurant with my friend who I must say MOST are vegetarian. Its like wtff!! EVERYONE KNOWS COLOMBIAN FOOD AINT VEGETARIAN!! 0-O. BUt watheves you know?! I spent a whole sh*t of money on some FECKING trip tickets also so thats nice. At this point im gonna end becoming someones plug because im gonna end up backrup as hell U_U PS: for people who have belly buttoms rings, is it normal the skin around it gets very dry or is it just me???

#drama #scenelife #sliceoflife #blog #cityboy


02/22/2024 02:08 PM 


[OOC: It's been a while since I've written so please forgive me if there's any mistakes.}Ivalice. A world filled with air-ships, chocobos and a vast amount of Mist. Not to mention danger. 2 countries on the brink of war with a third in the middle that may become a battle ground. The middle country is where our focus will be.Dalmasca. Surrounded by sand and the plains. A bustling marketplace where people come to get goods. Or information, depending on what the person is searching for. Guards by the three main gates, watching and protecting the country they call home. This was Ashelia's birthplace. A castle in the distance that a young princess had called home. Oh how she wished for another look. I almost don't recognize it, Ashe thought to herself as she walked along the path towards her general. They were underground, in the sewer waiting to attack the fete that would be happening later this evening. To bring Vayne down from his high horse. There was a secret passage that would take them into the castle. She'd been the only one to know about it. Until she told Vossler about it. She used to meet her husband down here for moments of privacy. ...The thoughts of her hsuband flash through her mind, almost bringing a tear to her eye. She steels herself against it, reminding herself, she'd doing what any royal does, fight to protect her country. Voices drift around the corner and Ashe slows her walking. Once the corner passes her, she looks to her Counsel and nods. It's time.

Little Miss Devil (Bi)

02/21/2024 01:10 PM 

Black Magic: The List

Fire Burst: Casts a series of 3 fireballs that surround the enemy before engulfing them in a fiery explosionFlame Slash : Emits a beam of fire in a single sword stroke toward the enemyBlood Blade: When injured, Lily can conjure weapons with her blood for a limited timeShadow Tendrils: Allows Lily to manifest tendrils directly from any shadow, range is limited by time of daySuperheat: Allows Lily to raise the temperature of her blade, works to cut through solid items. (Boulders, blades, etc...)Phoenix Dive: Allows Lily to conjure a phoenix in the skies completely made of flame. The phoenix will dive down at the enemy, pinning them to the ground with its beak before erupting into a column of flame.Shadow beast: Lily conjures a solid beast made of shadow, only useable in low to no light conditions. It can only attack up to 8 times. Undeveloped/Unperfected powers and abilities will be updated as she progresses

𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐔𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐝

02/21/2024 01:16 PM 

Powers And Abilities

Superstition Manipulation: The user of this super ability is able to manipulate superstitions. With this super power, the user can control irrational beliefs about certain kinds of things, sometimes related to supernatural things. For example, the user can manipulate how people will think about what might happen in a irrational way. With enough power, the user can make superstitions into reality. This is the Undefined's Greatest ability that makes it a powerful entity.Selective Omnipresence: The ability to be everywhere and nowhere specifically related to the subject or to the Undefined. Parroting: The Undefined has the ability to mimic voices of those it has encountered or killed. It can even produce auditory illusions to deceive the victim's hearing.Telelportation: The Undefined can teleport anywhere it pleases at a unspecific range. Even teleport to different dimensions. Phasing: The ability to become intangible but it requires lots of energy to pull off.Shapeshifting: The Undefined can shapeshift or take any form it pleases, mimicking other creatures, animals, and even humans. To shapeshift, the Undefined has to know what the person or entity looks like by a mere glance. It can't shapeshift into inanimate objects or replicate cybernetics. It'll also turn its limbs into any body part.Tentacles: The Undefined can produce tendrils at will.Regenerate: It can regenerate to an unknown level.

Little Miss Devil (Bi)

02/21/2024 12:58 PM 

Abilities: Delving Deeper

Demonskin Transformation: In times of desperate need, Lily can use her remaining energy in a last ditch effort to win a battle. Demonskin transformation uses her remaining energy to unlock her demon soul, allowing her to transform. Common features are demon wings made completely of fire, skin turning grey, her canines elongate to fangs and hair turns black. Her fingernails elongate and sharpen into claws. Her speed, strength and resilience go up past her body's natural stress levels which allow her to perform to almost unrivaled levels. However, should she survive, she will be very weak, also could lead to bodily injuries due to the added bodily stress. Depending on the amount of energy used, could also make her sick. Under the most extreme conditions, death to Lily could occur.Demon flight: With this, her normal black demon wings appear, allowing her to fly for short distances and up to 400 feet highShadowmeld: This allows her to conceal herself in the shadows, either for escape, espionage, assassination or anything else requiring stealth.

Little Miss Devil (Bi)

02/21/2024 12:38 PM 

All about Lily

Name: Lily NubisAge: 4200 (Appears 9)Specied: DemonGender: FemaleHair Color: WhiteEye Color: RedSkin Color: Soft-WhiteHeight: 4'0"Weight: 67LBSWeapon(s): LongswordLikes: Spicy food, savory food, thunderstorms, dogs, cats, pleasant smellsDislikes: Annoying people, being treated like a child, being snuck up on, bitter foodsPersonality: Even temper, protective (after befriending), loving (after befriending), easily excited when she finds something she likes, cautious (when meeting new people)Abnormalities: Inhuman strength, inhuman speed, enhanced resilience, heightened agility, enhanced precision, extraordinary hearing and sightAbilities: Black Magic, Shadowmeld, Demonskin Transformation, Demon Flight (Currently short distance)Bio: As a child Lily was brought up as an elite class demon warrior, becoming so fierce and skilled that she rose through the ranks by the time she had reached 100 years of age. As her thirst for conquest grew, she was slowly becoming more feared. The legions whom fought under her became wary about the missing warriors that decided to challenge her command. In secret, a coup was formed, overthrowing her and she was captured. Despite her anger and protesting, they would not release her, giving some of their power to the high sages who banished her from the demon realm, transporting her to an entirely new realm all together. Upon falling from the skies, she landed hard upon the ground, losing her memory other than her name when she sustained a head injury. Trying to piece together who she is or who she was, she roams the world, trying to find anything that could trigger a memory. 

Little Miss Devil (Bi)

02/21/2024 12:31 PM 

Rules: Easy and simple

1: No mutes2:No one liners3: Use at least BASIC literacy4: No god moders5: 1-3 paragraphs please6: THIRD PERSON ONLY7: Respect me, I respect you8: No random ooc small talk unless it's status, if you add me, message and let's discuss a roleplay. After 5 boring replies of "I dunno" or making me shoulder the conversation will get you deletedEasy as pie, right?

Ms. Rita 2/2

02/20/2024 11:42 PM 


To be continued. 

Jasmine Horishima ☾ Moon Child ☽

02/20/2024 03:01 PM 

Current mood:  determined

*Disclaimer: These rules may be changed over time as I remember more points.* To temper expectations, it's been a while since I've RP'ed, but I'd like to try and get back into it. However, I do have a full life, with a job and many social priorities, so I won't be on here 24/7. Don't except an immediate response. I may even take a few days to respond. This is just for fun for me, to blow off steam. I'm not a literary genius but I do pay attention to my spelling, grammar, and general writing flow. I expect the same level of quality. Don't jump into an RP when you first message me. Let's make it collaborative so when you approach me, please know which of my characters you want me to use and what plot you'd like to try. Don't approach me with X-rated or even spicy plots. I only RP G-rated plots. Don't approach me with an "internet relationship". Just don't.



02/19/2024 09:55 PM 

Love and Lies

It had been a year. A year of healing. Vaggie was scared at first, but Charlie had been an amazing friend, and kept her safe. Vaggie had been taken in, no questions asked, Charlie had dressed her wounds, cleaned her up, even got her new clothes, a simple red shirt and black skirt combo, what would become her common dress.  It was the day they’d bought them, that Vaggie had wanted to tell her for the first time. Vaggie was in the changing room, but had forgotten to lock the door, Charlie had come back from looking around the store they’d stopped at for their little shopping trip. Vaggie had slipped her white dress off and had her back to the door.  When it opened, Charlie saw first Vaggie was half nude, and second, the dark grey scars along her shoulder blades. Vaggies heart sank, as she turned, fear in her single eye, arms going over her chest and body protectively.  “Hey easy, easy. Sorry, Vaggie, I just wasn’t expecting to see your ah. . .” Charlie clearly wasn’t sure what to call them, did she know already? She was smart, surely, she’d pieced it together. The angelic spear she’d clung to. The untrusting glances at every single sinner they’d met. . .  Charlie moved in before Vaggie could answer, hand touching her scarred back, gentle fingers tracing the scars.” This happened on extermination day, right?” she asked, staring at her back, worry and pain crossing her eyes, the two visible in the mirror. Vaggie looked scared, her body flinched lightly at the touch, but Vaggie saw what else was in that mirror, the pain in Charlie’s face.   ” Whoever did this to you, I’m so. . . F***ing angry at them.” Her eyes flashed that beautiful crimson when she said that. Vaggie had only seen her like this once or twice, usually after some particularly brutal act of cruelty by an overlord made it to 666 News.    Were they that close that this equated to her, the violent mass murders some of these overlords committed every few weeks? Was it more? She had to tell her. Just tell her the truth, even if it meant this ended here, she deserved it. Words formed on her lips.  But then Vaggie saw her shift, arms embracing her from behind. Her head resting against her shoulder. She could feel tears on her bare skin. Charlie was crying. Between her soft whimpers, hope that her people could be protected, that something had to be done to protect the sinners of Hell.  “Hey, none of that, princess.” She said, the words that had originally wanted to come to her mouth died on her lips. She had to make her feel better.  She turned in the others embrace, and held her close, sitting on the bench, and slowly rocking Charlie back and forth. A thought crossed her mind. ‘Longer hair, I can hide these scars. She’ll never have to see them again.’ Eventually, when Charlie had stopped crying, she lightly took her hand, changed, and they went out, buying her new clothes.  A week later, she and Charlie were in her home, both asleep. It was Extermination Day, both had passed out on the couch watching the broadcast, trying to just keep up with the events.   As awful as it was, it was important. Vaggie had been the last to pass out. Her head nodding forward. Flashes of the past echoed in Vaggie’s mind, as she lay unconscious in Charlie's home, Lutes blade stealing the sight from one of her eyes, her hands grasping both wings, and tearing them away.  That wasn’t what woke her up, it was the faces. Sinners, eyes full of terror as a spear came through their chests or stomachs or cut through flesh. Screams echoed through her mind, until she recognized one "Vaggie! Vaggie wake up Its just a dream!”  Her vision was blurry, and she was on the ground, Charlie atop her in her PJs, worry in her face, as Vaggie laid beneath, hot tears pouring down her face.” You, you fell off the couch screaming Vaggie. . . F***.” her hand trailed through her hair, before Vaggie was pulled up, and held, soft hand on the back of her head, another resting on her lower back, Vaggie’s eye was wide, she could finally hear herself, she was sobbing loudly, and she felt warmth fill her as she was held by the daughter of the one who her sisters had said should have been destroyed along with all like him.  Her sisters were fools. Vaggie’s arms slipped around Charlie, and she was held until she fell asleep in her arms.  Waking up the morning after, she glanced around. An unfamiliar ceiling above her. She smelled it then, Cherry, Charlie’s favorite shampoo. She’d look to her side, and see Charlie, asleep next to her, the two cuddled up on her bed. The panic she felt came to the fore, but quickly the night's events came back to her. Charlie must have carried her off to bed when she’d cried herself back to sleep.  Leaning up, Vaggie lightly slipped from the princess' grasp, and rolled to the side.  She’d slide from the bed gently and begin to change from her Pajamas to her clothes. She’d only been invited for protection after all. No need to burden the princess further. But first she’d repay her kindness for taking her in, and for helping her through her nightmares.  The smell of fresh pancakes flowed through the home, waking the princess up. Vaggie was dressed fully by then, her hair loosely tied back, a black apron on as she prepared soft fluffy pancakes for them to enjoy together. Charlie had always said her father's pancakes were her favorites growing up, so. If she loved pancakes, the princess would have pancakes.  “Mornin’ hon. Figured you needed something good today. Nothing better than somethin sweet early morning~”  The two were soon settled in at Charlies table, eating the breakfast, Charlie was clearly loving it, and seeing that happy look in her eyes as she gushed about the flavor of her cooking.  She didn’t feel so worthless when Charlie spoke to her like that, it made everything feel right.  As she stood collecting their plates, Charlie came up behind her. “So, I was wondering something Vaggie, about last night...” Vaggie paused, had she said something? She couldn’t know but. She decided to turn around and look Charlie in her eyes.  “Would you, maybe want to move in, full time?” she asked, her soft red eyes looking off to the side, embarrassment in her tone.  “Ch-Charlie, Hon, of course. I’d love to but” she responded with a soft look in her eyes. Charlie looked expectantly, but worried.” Why?” she asked with a soft smile, to ease her into it.  “Do I reeeeeally have to say it?” She sounded embarrassed, like she’d been working towards this for a while.” I love being around you, we spend practically every day together. Vaggie, why not just. . . Make it official?”  Official? What the hell did she mean Official? Vaggies brain slowly began turning. She could hear the words, and as they processed, and hear the gears in her brain slowly turning, practically grinding.  She was being asked to move in, had all those little dinners together, the shopping trips, the amusement parks, had that been Charlie showing her. . . Affection more than what a friend would?  God Vaggie really was a useless lesbian, wasn’t she?  “Y-Yes! Absolutely! Course, Charlie!” The demon embraced her, and Vaggie pulled her in, hands on those soft cherubic cheeks, those red eyes stared deep into Vaggie’s lone eye, Charlie leaned down, kissing her sweetly and softly, a kiss that felt like it would last the rest of eternity. A kiss eagerly, and hungrily returned. She tasted like heaven should have felt.  Vaggie never wanted to let go, as she held her, thoughts of the night crossed her mind. How much devastation had been done, and a cold pit filled her stomach. Could she make herself tell Charlie what she was?  Breaking the kiss, she stared into eyes that never judged her, that never saw her as less than her. That it seemed... Loved her. How could she love her? The wretched sinner before her, who’s temper flared so often, always in hers or another's defense. Who had a bad habit of cursing, always at injustice or cruelty, who’d done so many awful things?So why couldn’t she confess to her? Was she that cruel?  Vaggie had a thought, though, it was the morning after the extermination, the sun was still barely up. She looked out the window to Charlie’s home, and saw the fires raging in Pentagram City, and she took Charlie's hand. "Why don’t we go help. . . I feel like we need to do something.” Without being sure if her answer would remain, throughout the day, the two worked together, pulling people out of the chaos, they couldn't bring many up, but even a few was better than none. By sundown, she was heading back with Charlie, to her. . . Their, home.  She’d let Charlie take her in, despite craving to just tell her what she was, her words failed her again. She was despicable.But she was loved utterly.

𝑴𝒔. 𝑺𝒕𝒂𝒌𝒆𝒔

02/19/2024 04:46 PM 


 1. All RPs are subject to all sorts of adult themes: drugs, death, sex, blood/gore, psychological,  possible triggers, etc. Not required to keep a good story going, of course!   2. Main verses: Original, Supernatural, Crime/Mafia, Psychological,  Slice of Life, Comedy; basically as long as we can write it, I'm down!3. From the date of comment/message, unless otherwise disclosed, I give everyone a fair shake and a month to respond back. Otherwise, I do a sweep of mutes; feel free to add me back when you are more available to write. This is a hobby, I get we have work/adulting, so no worries.Greeting is 1 week then delete; Roleplay is 1 month then delete, got it?4. Open to connections that are pre-discussed with me OOC; had a creep totally neglect that Nadia had someone who turned her and wanted it to be himself! NUH-UH5. Usually RP mutli-para to novella; can adjust to whatever is sent my way. I prefer quality over quantity.6. I do not like attention seekers OOC or folks that post personal things on statuses (had a chick post about her kid in the hospital and being in the ambulance, like why post to AniRP of ALL places????) Some people treat this place like a personal therapist or diary--this is a cesspit, not for you to be emotionally weakened online--so take some time off this site and get your sh*t together. I don't care how many muses you have, writing changes over time and interests do, too!What I WILL NOT allow is someone to keep remaking characters to add me. If we ended our writing or weren't a good match, tha'ts okay, that's life. Do not think you can harass your way into writing with me.7. All edits done by me! I can send over the originals no problem.8. I prefer IC banter to be on Discord or Comments, but am flexible to whatever my writing partner is best with managing.9.  If you add me first, a common courtesy is to send me a greeting or starter first! I'll do the same and vice versa!10. Same with ideas, I have prompts ready for anyone to choose, if you don't like any of them--shoot me your ideas then, slim!11.  I will post any extended delays for writing but don't ever think I will put this hobby before my life. I'm 31 years old, married, and work full-time--I do not have the time for high school sh*t, I just wanna enjoy and write with like-minded, creative people.12. Any form of racism, hate speech, sexism, grooming/manipulation, pedo-behavior, and  just all-around caveman levels of stupidity will get you insta-deleted and clowned because c'mon it's twenty-twenty-f***ing-three.13. While Nadia is a vampire, I have taken a few things from many forms of media/literature when it comes to vampire lore so it may be different than the average knowledge. It's mixed with a bit of African Spiritualism and Black American history as well as my own creative mind--so write, have fun, and discover Nadia Carmine with me!14. If you pick a prompt without signing/reading my rules then I'll wait until you complete the rules, first!  🦇🦇🦇🦇Please sign with a bat emoji in the comments below!🦇🦇🦇🦇

𝑴𝒔. 𝑺𝒕𝒂𝒌𝒆𝒔

02/19/2024 04:45 PM 


🎯-"Come out, come out, wherever you aaaaarrreeee?" - Nadia has her sights set on your muse! The hunt begins, can you survive the onslaught coming your way?🩸- "...I just need...a quick bite, love." - Nadia is desperate for blood. Even from a stranger. Also, don't have her say it twice, yeah?🎤- "BODY-ODY-ODY-ODY-ODY-ODY!!!"- Nadia is screech.rapping Megan The Stallion at the local bar, Nightshade.🤬-"#$&)!!!"- Nadia is beyond pissed at your muse, like BIG FEELINGS. Why?✨-"And this is from my first hunt with Banshee! The very shroud, can you believe it?"- Nadia is showing off her keeps from past hunts to your muse, she's like...really into it.🏖️-"I'd kill for a shaved ice right now...." - Nadia and your muse are hanging at the beach. It's a little early for a beach episode, right?🎡-"BOOYAAAAHHH!"- Is that a woman standing on top of the ferris wheel?🦇-".....Did you see all of that?" - Nadia fully transformed from a bat into her human form infront of your muse.💅🏾 -Shopping spree with Nadia! Totally normal and nothing could go wrong, right?📱-See U In 10 , your muse just receives this text. What's going on?🍻- " hiccup....I really, really woike you....wanna come to my place, huh? C'mon..."  Nadia is inebriated and got her eyes set on taking you home!💃🏿- "Let's get lit!!!" Nadia does some of her hunts within the local nightclub; lots of interesting people out and about then!🥞 "...Wakey-wakey, eggs and bakey, beautiful!" - Your hands are restrained and you feel drowsy, is that a woman hovering over you with a knife? Why can't you move? What's happening? .....did she make you breakfast?📕 ".....Give me that book." - Your muse took out a weird, dusty book from the library and Nadia is here for it back. Now. Please?📵 Please leave your phone behind, you won't need it where you're going- Join the Cult of the Red Moon! [thinks 70s horror cult]; discussion can help flesh this out!  Drop the emoji you are looking for here and if you'd prefer messages/comments/DiscordMy Discord is:  ms_stakes


02/19/2024 08:37 PM 

Laws of Conduct.

1. I don't do the whole, "You request, you talk". Scenario. It's outdated and pointless, but I will always reach out or try to. If I don't then at some point I will. Nor do I mind if someone dose first in their own time. Since this isn't a job.2. Please no small talk. I will not respond to such, and doing so will lead me to understand you're not interested in writing or brainstorming.3. I love in character interacti. So don't hesitate to post on statues, or a starter in messages, as long as it's not pre-made.  Nor do I welcome wierd inappropriate erotic bs, less you will be blocked.• only acceptable to intimacy of sorts through story development and chemistry between our characters. 4. Speaking of shipping. It's not my priority but if it happens it happens.5. No drama dumping, shady business or childish behaviour of mixing reality with the roleplay world thanks.

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