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10/30/2020 04:15 PM 

The Lost One

Full Name | Cavan LaCrouxPronunciation |Nicknames | None. What’s the point of a nickname?Age |  19Gender | MaleSpecies | HumanCurrent Residence | Ireland (Originally from the United States )PHYSICAL APPEARANCEHeight | 5’9”Weight | 125Skin | White, slightly sunkissedEyes | PurpleHair | BlondePiercings | left eyebrowBody Art | None as of yetExtras | Update soon...Attire | Not your normal clothing, punk, emo styles, alternative, off the wall if he feels like itPersonalityTraits | Easy going, willing to try and have fun. Smart ass, sarcastic. Can be a bit of a pessimist and tends to be untrusting towards most people. At his core Cavan is very caring and protective.Habits | Tends to see the worse in most situationsLikes | Being alone, Cars, Being highDislikes | People, Being around people, having to get close to someone. Really hates cocky people and liars.Powers/Abilities | None as of right now. He is my one purely human character but is open to any kind of turning/exposure or whatever as long as it is approved and goes along with story line in play. RELATIONSHIPOrientation | GayMen OnlyMarital Status | SinglePosition |Turn-Ons | Not really sure. Sex has been something he’s avoided.Turn Offs | Forcefullness, restraint, violenceFetishes | None he is aware of yet.Background StoryCavan was born on the west coast of the US in southern California where he was the son to two very loving and caring parents. He was given everything he wanted and never had many problems growing up. Cavan had a fairly normal childhood. His father was a mechanic and owned his own shop so cars were something that Cavan had grown up around and fallen in love with. It was his stress reliever and one of his favorite things to do when he was bored or stressed. His best friend growing up was a boy named Jason who Cavan came out of the closet to when they were 14 years old. He trusted his friend since they had been best buds since they were children. At the age of 15 Cavans world was shattered when his best friend not only outted him to everyone at their school but drugged him at a party one night and raped him. Raped by his best friend and the one person he trusted the most. It devastated him and shattered everything. After that night Cavan was never the same. He became untrusting of people, distanced himself from pretty much everyone, including his family, and began to use drugs in order to cope and numb out the pain that he was feeling inside. When he turned 18 he decided that he needed a new start, something fresh and away from everything and everyone he knew growing up, everything that reminded him of that person and that night. So he gathered every last penny he had and packed up and shipped himself off to Ireland where he could start new. He arrived with nothing but what he could pack in the two bags he took with him. No money, a couple bags and nowhere to go. Eventually he found a small studio he could rent in turn for doing odd jobs here and there around a local garage. He lived his day to day life now alone… struggling and questioning if leaving was ever the right thing to do to begin with…. 


10/30/2020 12:39 PM 

Hyper condensed version of the rules

Dumb preamble; The rules are not here for me to yell about a arbitrary set of guidelines that I'm forcing you to follow. The rules are  in place to ensure that not only both parties (me & you) are able to have fun, but generally to gauge if we're  compatible. There are people who scoff at the notion of rules, much less having any kind of standards here; I'd rather not associate people who can't follow a ruleset that is not only in place for their own good but is mostly common sense and good etiquette.1. Reply length: 3-4 lines minimum. 2-4 Paragraphs max. Proper syntax and grammar. No exceptions -2. Availability: Be around often enough to reply consistently. No ones' asking you to be here every minute of everyday. Just to be around enough. Most of us are adults or in our late teens; we need to have good time-management skills. If you take a hiatus longer than two weeks try to let me know -3. SMVT: Smut (or rather the ability to write it) is mandatory for compatible characters (females/femboys/herms).  And will be in PMs on taken off-site. It's not going to fundamentally influence the roleplay nor am I going to be pissy & throw a fit about it; but you need to have the ability. If not? don't add/accept. Have a link to your f-list handy during discussion-4. Pics: Have AT LEAST 3-5 pictures of your muse(s)/character(s). Period. I can help you if you need artists to commission or even pics for FCs or editing. If you have pics & they need to be kept off-site bc they're riske I can help suggest workarounds. If you don't have pics and don't want my help don't add/accept. I do make exceptions for people who pace out their uploads because they're not made of money and can't constantly buy commissions-5. Discord: This page is a glorified ad to roleplay with me on other platforms (mainly Discord). Discord-friendly Ppl who add me there get reply priority. Joining my server is mandatory.-6. Combat: No godmodding in combat, keep autohitting to a minimum -7. Grace Period: New friends get a arbitrary period of time anywhere between 48 hours and 2 weeks to get something going before they are swept. I'm mentioning that this period is arbitrary and the specifics are at my whim from the get to keep things transparent. If takes you more than 2-3 days at least and 2 weeks at most to get something going then there's a good chance we may not be compatible-8. Activity & Attention: No numbers, no ghosts, no poofs: You add, you talk, you RP, period. Further, I'm not going to blow up your statuses & pics to get your attention. If that's the only way to get your attention; your attention isn't worth it-9. Late/Missing Greetings: If you don't receive a greeting within at least an hour of being friends it's your responsibility to greet me10. Have fun


10/30/2020 09:02 PM 


NAME:Chad KengsingtonNICKNAME:The Preppy GuyAGE:18 years oldGENDER:MaleRACE:CaucasianHEIGHT:5 foot 6WEIGHT:Unknown EstimateROLE:DeterminantWeapon: BatSet in an unknown timeline during a camp counselors meet up at Camp Crystal Lake where it leaves us with the preppy boy Chad Kensington along with his fellow teenage companions, heading to the Camp where strange events occur and leads a helpless bunch of teenagers meets the supernatural serial killer Jason Voorhees, and where Chad will try to survive Jason's bloodlust killing spree at the Camp.  Chad is quick on his feet, and quick to flee. But when it comes down to his hide being on the line, he will use that baseball bat. 

(:Setsuna:) Guardian of Time

10/30/2020 12:40 PM 

Current mood:  calm

Greetings Fellow Writers,I look forward to writing a storyline with you sometime, first, please take some time and read through my list of rules. They are simple and to the point. If you have any questions please ask in messages! :)  NO Persons under the age of 18 permitted, must be at least 18yrs of age to write with me.  NO RL Drama will be tolarated at any time and will be deleted if you bring it here. I'm not here to do smut/erotica to the point that's all that happens, sorry, no! Here to write fun storylines based off Sailor Moon, Merval and Science Fiction There will be no God Mode at any time. You are not invincible either. Take a hit or three hits. Do not control the actions of my character even if yours has mind control, we will discuss it first. I will write accordingly once we sort out these details. Even though I am a character from the anime series, Sailor Moon, I will not be solely by the book, meaning I will make slight changes about her to suit my roleplay style and ideas. This is called AU style. I expect everyone to be patient for replies, either ooc or ic, at all times, due to the fact I have a life outside of roleplay. Thank you for understanding! We can discuss ideas for a potential storyline if you would like, I do not mind a little Rp chat before getting starting, like setting the stage for the story. It's a good idea if you ask me. At least a point to start: At least where they are going to meet. I will only do para and multi-para, no oneliners or semi. I write only in the 3rd peson, Her/She.  ​​​​​​​Thank you for reading my rules, please leave your mark, with your character name, or favorite Anime.


10/30/2020 12:13 PM 

The False "God"

The False “God”Full Name | ZexesPronunciation | Zexes (Ze-K-es)Nicknames | “My lord”, GodAge | Unknown due to experimentationGender | MaleSpecies | Human (Experiment)Current Residence | UnknownPHYSICAL APPEARANCEHeight | 6’4”Weight | 190Skin | Sun-kissed, Semi-tanEyes | GoldenHair | Bright Teal with blue highlightsPiercings | NoneBody Art | Tribal design tattoos along his torso, arms, and back. Symbolizing his god like status in his mindExtras | N/AAttire | He dresses differently than most people. Being in a lab and all. He tends to wear more roble like attire, flowy, comfortable, soft. Desert royalty like attirePersonality |Traits | Sadistic, egotistical, “God-Complex,” Power hungry. Can be calm when he has what he wants. CockyHabits | Draining power from everything to increase his own, being lazy and letting others do everything for him. Has a bit a of a temper and a destructive streak with itLikes | People serving him, power, energy, controlDislikes | Not being in control, People talking back to him, being drained, isolation (no energy when isolated)RELATIONSHIP |Orientation | Gay (Seme)Marital Status | SinglePosition | TopTurn-Ons | Anything and everything bondage and slave related. He likes for those around him to serve him in any way, shape or form.Turn Offs | Dominance in others, back talk in excess, Downright defiance (he may just kill you)Fetishes | BDSM, pet play, slave & master, dominationPowers/Abilities | WARNING: Has almost God like tendencies due to what his powers are. Energy Manipulation, absorption, and storage. Zexes can manipulate the energy particles around him and within other people therefore making him capable of absorbing his enemies energy and turning it back against them. He is also able to store the energy and use it to increase his strength and speed, the more energy he absorbs the stronger and faster he is. Passively his body is naturally always slowly absorbing the energy around him but he is able to focus it more intensely and at his own regulation. That energy can be focused back at his enemies in various ways such as a blast or ray or explosion or bigger.Background Story |Zexes is an experiment created in a private military corporation lab as one of the ultimate weapons. He has been conditioned from the start to believe he is unstoppable and so far that has proven to be true. He is used by his creators, Enjin Tech, to hunt down failed experiments deemed too dangerous for normal agents to go and collect as well as targets deemed too dangerous for normal military intervention. Zexes is dispatched to destroy large targets as well as other super humans that may be employed by other military or competing corporations. So far he has proven to be unstoppable, having never failed to bring in or down a target. Because of his treatment and duties he has developed a “God-Complex” in which he thinks of himself as above and superior to all other beings. His personality reflects this complex in a massive way. He was captured at a young age after losing control of his manifesting powers and destroyed his entire town and all of his friends and family along with it. Loved ones and his home were not the only thing that died that day… so did Zexes humanity and memories of a happier time. All of that is a blur now and he has been trained and conditioned into the ultimate hunting and killing machine. He was taken in and trained to control his powers and trained from that day forward to be the perfect killing machine. His power manifestation was like one no one had ever seen before at the time and thus he was kept under top secret protection and surveillance.  


10/30/2020 12:11 PM 

The Pure Darkness

The Pure DarknessFull Name | Black ButterflyPronunciation | Really? Can you read?Nicknames | Sin, Little ShadowAge | Unknown (Immortal)Gender | MaleSpecies | Ancient oneCurrent Residence | Anywhere he desiresPHYSICAL APPEARANCEHeight | 6’6”Weight | 150lbs (Thin/Muscular)Skin | paleEyes | Red (Able to Change colors)Hair | Black. Long, down to his legsPiercings | N/ABody Art | N/A (yet)Extras | Multiple Horns upon his headAttire | His attire can be whatever he wishes. Most of the time he uses the shadows he controls as a way to cover his body. Once out of the shadows they take on the form of black raven like feathers. PersonalityTraits | Calm, Sadistic, Controlling, Curious, Manipulative, Fun-loving, Enjoys adventures, Curious, ObservantHabits | Traveling the world, watching from the shadows, taking the souls of those he deems worthlessLikes | The shadows, watching and observing others, Playing with the ones he deems worthy, Being in ControlDislikes | Not being in control, Boring people, Weak people Powers/Abilities | Too many to list. He is a being that has existed since the first shadow. If it involves the darkness or the shadows he has some control over it. Able to travel mass distances through time and space through the shadows. His powers are ALMOST limitless until the light comes into play, if the light is strong enough.  RELATIONSHIPOrientation | GayMarital Status | SinglePosition | SemeTurn-Ons | None that he is aware of. He hasn’t experienced romance or sex or anything of that physical nature in sometime, though he is always willing to learn again. Turn Offs | What are those? Fetishes | Needs to be exploredBackground Story: Butterfly is a nameless being who has existed since the beginning of time, possibly even before that. A creature of darkness who has existed since the first darkness formed in shadow to the light. Over the years he has taken part in many conflicts between the sides of light and dark. Though he is a being of the side of the black he does not consider himself inherently “evil.” The light exists in all its forms and so does the darkness, how it used and bent to someone’s will is what makes it good or evil in the eyes of Butterfly. Nameless in nature he now searches and observes over the worlds and dimensions, trying to stay out of the conflicts as best as possible, only intervening when he it sparks his interest or he sees fit. Very little is known outside of what was explained about this creature and if you are lucky enough to meet him you might be in for a bigger surprise then expected.  


10/30/2020 12:08 PM 

The Dream Eater

The Dream EaterFull Name | AlaricPronunciation | Ah-la-ricNicknames | None yet, He’s more for giving them then getting themAge | UnknownGender | MaleSpecies | Alp DemonCurrent Residence | Anywhere he desiresPHYSICAL APPEARANCEHeight | 6’6”Weight | 200lbs (Muscular Build)Skin | paleEyes | yellow with black slits (snake eye)Hair | Purple fading to black, Long shoulder lengthPiercings | 6 on chest: 2 in center, 2 under each collarbone, Septum, 6 on face: 3 along each cheek, 2 on either side of belly buttonBody Art | N/A (yet)Extras | Ram like horns on his headAttire | Jeans, T-shirt, boots, leather jackets, anything leather or metal, chainsPersonalityTraits | Sadistic, Malicious, Manipulative, Demanding, Destructive, Dominant, Alpha, Hot-headed and StoicHabits | Entering people’s dreams, manipulating one’s thoughts through dreamsLikes | Being in control, cigarettes, Being in people’s nightmaresDislikes | sweet, happy dreams.Powers/Abilities | Alaric is an Alp Demon, so he feeds off dreams. With being an Alpha comes feeding off nightmares as well. The more intense the dream the more satisfying the result is for the demon. If he manages to feed off the same persons nightmares or dreams for long enough Alaric will have the ability to take the victims soul in its entirety, choosing then to take them as a slave to do his bidding or to let them die completely and consume the soul. Dream Walking: Ability to enter, manipulate, influence people’s dreams. Entice them to death, sex or any other deed he desires. Can Induce sleep through direct control or through enticing or power of suggestion that one may be tired. Speed, Abnormal strength, Energy Sapping (lethargy inducing from the sleep), Illusions in the form of daydreams.Full Demon Form: Increased strength, speed and agility. Shadow manipulation. Ability to warp and distort reality to a dream like state.RELATIONSHIPOrientation | GayMarital Status | SinglePosition | SemeTurn-Ons | Using ones fears and nightmares against them, anything bondage related, the more sadistic the better for himTurn Offs | Anything vanilla, softcore, ‘lovemaking’, someone trying to dominate himFetishes | Bondage, choking, chains, whips, toys, you name it he’s into itBackground Story: Alaric was born to a tribe of demons in the underworld. A species known as the Alp demons, which feed off of and manipulate people through their dreams. While most tribes kept to themselves and only fed when needed, Alaric’s tribe was different. Unlike most of the Alp tribes, Alaric’s used their powers to feed off peoples dreams and, in the process, helped soothe their fears and worries. Alaric was different though. From a young age he was looked down on by the tribe, he harbored a darkness, a hunger for the nightmares. The young Alp took enjoyment off of the fear and worries of others, slipping away into the human world on a nightly basis to consume the nightmares all while making him stronger. His parents, the leaders of the tribe, attempted to curb this over the years and steer their son away from the darkness but the demons appetite for fear was too great and over the years he started too resent and hate his parents. They were soft, weak in his eyes. Finally, when Alaric was older it all came to a head. His parents banned him from entering the human world and in a rage he slaughtered his father, taking the tribe for himself… or so he thought. With his father gone his mother took over and when she realized her son was too far lost she made the toughest decision a mother could make. She banished him, along with some of the tribe members that sided with Alaric, to the human world. Never to be seen or heard of again. So, Alaric left, fled to the human world to become stronger, take back his tribe from his mother… become the alpha.Now in the human world the demon has found a place to call home. The demon and the group he took with him have taken up refuge in New York City, full of people, hustle and bustle, and an endless supply of nightmares, stress, anxiety, and fears. His group and him work at the states maximum security prison now, the place where only the worse of the worse go to ride out the rest of their sad lives. Alaric… well he works as the therapist at the prison, working with the prisoners on their fears and indiscretions, all the while feeding off of them, keeping them stuck in a perpetual loop of nightmares, Slowly he will regain all of his strength and power and return to take back what is his… 

(:Setsuna:) Guardian of Time

10/29/2020 11:30 PM 

Current mood:  adventurous

Name: Setsuna Meioh, Trista MeiohAlias: Sailor Pluto, Princess PlutoDOB: November 21, 2001Planet/Sign: Pluto, ScorpioEyes: Red Hair: Dark GreenWeight: 110lbHeight: 5'8"Sexuality: StraightOccupation: Science Student at a Unversity in America/Japan/Other World  Personality:  Sailor Pluto's personality has been described as distant and somewhat lonely, however she will willingly protect her friends and the Princess Serena (Sailor Moon), even at the cost of her own life. Sailor Pluto is the soldier who guards the gates of time and space. She battles darkness that threaten to come through these gates with her celestial staff. She is an important member of the Sailor Gaurdians of the Milky Way Galaxy. It would not be a wise choice to cross her in any dangerous way.Favorite Colors: Red, Dark Green, Black and PurpleFood: Japanese Seafood, Chicken Noodles; Romen, Strawberries and Pumpkin Pie


10/29/2020 10:54 PM 

条例 Guidelines

1. No drama, period. I won't tolerate it.2. Be literate. I don't mind spelling errors, as long as I understand what I'm reading.3. Put effort into our roleplay, if I'm dishing outI don't want to be the only one doing so because then it's one-sided andI detest being the only one putting in effort.4. Let your creativity run wild! I really enjoy detailed responses, even if it's a 3-5 paragraph roleplay!5. I can write up to 20 paragraphs on a good day , if you're lucky you'll get 5-10 paragraphs if we're really invested in a storyline.I've been around a long time and it's something I've picked up.

ꜱʜᴏʀᴛ ꜰᴜꜱᴇ

10/29/2020 09:54 PM 


  In-Depth Character Study   ORIGINS & FAMILY: Full Name: Bang MoriNickname(s): Cerberus, Pup (Seok only)Date of Birth: December 25Age: (dependent  on story)Gender: Male.Place of birth: Busan, South KoreaPlaces lived since: Busan, South KoreaSocial Class: Middle Class outside of workParents’ names, backgrounds, occupations: Unknown, abandoned at a young age to wander the streets until found by Dae-JungSiblings: NoneRelationship with family:NoneChildren of his/her own?: None If so, relationship with child’s mother/father?: N/AAge he/she became a parent: N/A  PHYSICAL Height: 5'9Weight: 160 lbs.Build: Ectomorph/MuscularDistinguishing Facial: Features: His eyes and hairHair Color: BrunetteUsual Hair Style: Unkempt bobEye Color: Umber APPEARANCE Style of dress/typical outfit(s):When not wearing over the top outfits, he'll usually wear baggy or oversized clothes to hide his physique as it's easier to move inTypical style of shoes: SneakersGlasses? Contacts?:NonePersonal Hygiene: Clean but unkemptJewelry? Tattoos? Piercings?: NoneWhat does their voice sound like?: of speech: Apathetic or cheerfulAccent?:  Korean satooriUnique mannerisms/physical habits:Eyes go flat when irritated or upset along with his hair bristling like an upset animalLeft handed or right?: LeftWhat does their writing look like?: MessyDo they work out/exercise?: Often BELIEFS & INTELLECT IQ: 132Level of self esteem: LowKnown Languages: Korean and EnglishZodiac: CapricornGifts/talents:Singing and shootingPet peeves: Getting in the way, (previously: bringing up his affection for Bon Hwa)How do they deal with stress? Not well at allWhat do they do when angry? Lashes out violently“Left brain” or “right brain” thinker?: Left brain.Optimist or pessimist: PessimistExtrovert or introvert: Dependent on situationLeader or follower: FollowerMakes decisions based mostly on emotions, or on logic?: EmotionsCautious or daring: Daring.Thinker or doer? Doer.Organized or messy: MessyWorrier or carefree: Carefree worrywartArtistic?: Yes. Mathematical?: No.  SEX & INTIMACY  Current marital/relationship/sexual status: Taken by SeokSexual orientation: GayPast relationships and sexual partners (if applicable): There was that girl one time-worst experience ever. What is their “type” in regards to looks in a partner? Tall and well put togetherPrimary reason for being broken up with: He might be a little crazyPrimary reasons for breaking up with people: BoredomViews on sex (one night stands, promiscuity, etc): Whatever feels goodLevel of sexual experience: You'll never knowDo they have any fetishes or kinks? Sadomasochist, take it as you willLove or Lust: Can't I have both?Ever been in love?: UnfortunatelyDo they fall in love easily?: No.Do they take relationships seriously?: Yes Believe in true love or soul mates? Never gave it much thought til the crocodile came along Thoughts on public displays of affection?: 10/10 the best thing ever RELATIONSHIPS Social Habits: Normally relaxed and focused, he can come off arrogant or flippant especially to strangersDo they trust people easily or tend to be wary?: Very wary.How often do they see friends and family? His makeshift family whenever he can Are they good at keeping in touch? If not, does this bother loved ones?: Depends on the person and day of the weekMost comfortable around (person): Bon Hwa,Seok, and MerakiWorst enemy: HimselfMost important person in their life?: SeokArgue or avoid conflict?: Argue VOCATION Level of education: Seoul National UniversityProfession: Hitman/SniperPassions: He keeps those to himself and doesn't easily express anything that makes him vulnerableSalary: 32,000 monthly   SECRETS  Greatest fears: Being abandonedSomething they’ve never told anyone: The story of growing up with gutter mud clinging to his boots  Biggest regret: Being a runner until picked up by Dae-Jung LIKES & DISLIKES Hobbies: Singing and dancingIndoors or Outdoors?: Both.Favorite colors: Black, brown, and greenFavorite and least favorite food: Bulgogi / Samgye-tang Coffee or tea?: CoffeeCrunchy or smooth peanut butter?: NeitherDo they like music? What kind?: Yes, Lo fiFavorite type of weather: ChillyHow do they feel about traveling?: It's usually on business but he loves getting out when he can DRUGS & ALCOHOL Thoughts on drugs and alcohol: Everyone has their vices, unfortunately Mori indulges to the disdain of others around himDo they smoke? If so, do they want to quit?: not cigarettesAge of first cigarette: N/AAge when they first got drunk (what happened, consequences): 15 and he ended up behind a dumster in an unnamed alleyDo they drink on regular basis: somewhat regular basisWhat type of alcohol do they prefer: DarkDo they have any addictions?: Too many DETAILS Sleeping habits (Night owl or early bird? Light or heavy sleeper? Night owl Typical Saturday night: Depends on the weekMost used word or phrase?: TrashWhat is home like (messy, neat, sparse): SparseType of car he/she drives (or wishes he/she drove): 2022 Fisker OceanPets?: NoneOne word to best describe them: VolatileWhat about their fridge? Medicine cabinet? Glove compartment? Nightstand?: Only what he needsCan they cook (if so, how well and do they enjoy it)?: No, not at all unless it comes with instructions  SITUATIONAL 24 hours to live – name 3 things they would do: Rather not plan aheadIf they could choose, how would they want to die: Doesn't particularly matter to himWhat would they do if they received large sum of money?: He normally invests itIf they were outnumbered in a fight, would they stand ground or run away?: What's the point in running?If they could rescue one thing from a burning building, what would it be?: His crocodile plushie Seok got for himWould they be comfortable sharing a bed with a person they didn’t know well?: Big no.

Water Trainer Elise

10/29/2020 08:35 PM 

Water Trainer Elise

The names Elise and I'm a water Pokémon trainer off the coast of the large island of Oblivia. So if you wish to chat with me feel free I'm always looking for friends


10/29/2020 07:58 PM 

Royal Guidelines

1. The character I play is the daughter of Lilith. It's based off the myth many lore. Since she is an AU/OC/Historical Fiction character I do have a bio of her, if you would like it please message me.2. ****UNLESS WE HAVE DISCUSSED OTHERWISE IN OUR DISCUSSION BEFORE THE STORY*****I Single Ship ONLY. Meaning if we are in a relationship together you are with no one else. Doesn't matter if it's outside of our storyline. You let everyone you are wrting with in your stories know that you are taken. There will be no "Oh we are only together in OUR storyline and no one elses."I know this is RP but if you decide to become so called loyal to my character than you have to be in every story you write until if/when we deside to break up, divorce etc. If you can't agree to this our RP will be friendly.3. NO erotica. First of all Erotica is pure sex, no matter if it is written like a story or what have you. In the end the story is f***ing, f*** buddies etc. I'm not doing that. There are plenty of other people that write erotic stories, not me. 4. Romance is a "If it happens, it happens". You can't plan love. I know on my post I write I'm looking for a LOYAL, SINGLE SHIP Writing Mate. That's because alot of people do multi shipping and don't want to be tied down. So instead of waiting, you'll see my "Mate Wanted" post once a week.5. All stories must be discussed. If you add me you have to have sooooome idea about a story. Thats why rpers that want to write request other people because they have some type of idea on how you and that person are going to meet. So if you add me you have to come up with the first idea, after that we will brainstorm together6. No Drama, RL or RP7. No abuse, rape or forceful death of any kind. 8. Yes, I'm a african american woman in RL. So everyone can stop asking. 9. No random starters. 10. I'm not a grammar Nazi. As long as I can understand what you are trying to say we are cool.11. If you delete me or block me out of nowhere or in a middle of a rp that's fine. Don't try to add me again after that. Some people will add me with a different pro. I know who you are especailly when you write. Everyone has a different vibe and sound when they type. If we start writing or chatting and it's similar to the tone of writing you will be deleted. Thats where the term "He writes just like the same person" or "You write just like a person I knew." Comes from.12. We can get to know each other in real life don't have a problem. Not giving out any number or social media until I feel comfy with said person.

Bitch in heat 18+

10/29/2020 03:48 PM 


Name Rane age 18 sex female race wolf race rare status single Mate None owner None furr black eyes golden green pack just her 


10/28/2020 10:18 PM 


Gangster Start:This land used to be wonderful...hundred of years ago. Since then, the city was built up and crime grew. And I was the heart of it. My father died before I was born, leaving me to fill the role of a hero. My mother had killed herself when I was five, heartbroken over his death. Out of spite and hatred for over the expectation that everyone had of me, I formed a gang and grew to be the leader of the strongest gang in Hyrule, all before I was 12. Now I was older and feared by all, free to do what I wanted. My subordinates would bring me young women for favours all the time. It was annoying at times but sometimes pleasurable.As I sat in my office, the doors opened and I saw one of my lesser members James pulled a young woman into the room. She was blindfolded and bound and looked like she was beaten up before she was dragged here against her will. My deep blue eyes looked from the woman to James. “What is this?” I demanded.“A present for you, Lord Thanatos,” he said. “We found this woman alone and decided that she would be perfect for you.”I growled as I stood up, my long black leather trench coat swished a bit as I walked around the desk. My dozens of metal necklaces and bracelets clicked against each other. I looked over the woman, my pierced covered face scanning her. Then I went over to James and punched him in the jaw. It was bad enough that I was strong as hell, but having rings on most of my fingers made him lose some teeth. “How many times have I said not to harm them,” I growled and punched him in his gut. He spat up blood all over my face and messy dark green hair. He fell to his knees before I freed his head from his neck. “You have disappointed me for the last time.”While my servants dragged the body and head out, I went over to the woman again. I removed the blindfold before I went back to my desk. “I’m sorry for how he treated you,” I said. “I hope you can forgive me for my former underling.” As I sat down, I looked over at the woman. “Are you alright?”Chicago Start:WIP Assassin Start:WIP Tokyo Start:WIP Random Town Start:WIP


Dark Kobayash (Multi)

10/28/2020 04:05 PM 

Genie Character {Overlay}

I'm calling this an Overlay any of my characters can be an All Powerful Genie at request. Great if you want ti use multiple Characters in an Rp. Can be found in bronze ring with Black stone or a necklace with a small charm.  A very power Genie able to grant more then three wish condtions. the wish over all tend to be weaker.Rules1. 3 wishes a Day: resets at midnight to midnight.2. Can't undo wishes3. Can't bring back the dead4. can't make people fall in love.5. must say 'I' and 'wish' in same sentence unless asked otherwise6. Wishes must be verbal7. Whoever Wear the RIng/Necklace is Master of the Genie.LimitsWishes won't effect more then 1000 people directlyIntention is assumed not knownreality will remain they same unless statedUse of 'And' along with any other continuation verbs is subject to scrutiny


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