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Little Vampire

09/25/2022 01:31 PM 


What is DDLG?    DDLG stands for Daddy Dom/Little Girl. The daddy/caregiver is the more dominant half of the relationship, the little is the more submissive. This has NOTHING to do with a actual father and daughter, I'm not really into incest. Also, DDLG isn't just a "kink" to Mattie but also a life style seeing as she usually doesn't like people taking care of her since she feels like a bother and because she is naturally a submissive kind person/personality.   Rules for her while in "Little Space": *No swearing *Ask daddy for something if she thinks she can't do it on her own or knows she can't. *Always listen to Daddy. *Naps are important (Mostly if she is showing signs of being grumpy, while she may show stubbornness at first just seeming stern or warn her of punishment and it'll make her want to listen. *No back talking (Which she might do a few times since she can be stubborn sometimes) *Other than cartoons or what daddy puts on TV for her to watch, she has to ask permission first.   Punishments: *Spanking *Time out  *No sweets *No stuff animals/play time for sometime. *Being ignored (Not enough to really upset her or for a long time, just enough to help get daddy's point across and get her to apologize.)    (sexual) Punishments: *Spanking *Wearing "toys" around the house or out in public. *No wearing panties. *No cumming/finishing until daddy says so *No touching herself *Being teased until Daddy decides its enough.   Activities: *Drawing/Coloring/painting. *Watching Movies (Mostly Disney or cartoon kind). *Going to the park/going on a walk. *Baking. *Dressing up in cute clothes/outfits. *Bath times. (Mostly with bubbles and/or bath toys). *Playing with her stuff animals. *Tea parties. *small games (Like hide and seek, patty cake, and ect.) *Just cuddling.   Little snack/foods: *Mac and Cheese *vegan chicken nuggets (mostly shaped kind) * Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches (Cut up) * Vegan grilled cheeses (Cut up) * regular/mix fruit. *Puddling/ice cream/cake/candy (special treats) * Cookies/Animal crackers (Frosted kind) * Fruit snacks *Smiley fries/potatoes   Things she loves to hear: * "Good girl" * "Use your words" * "Daddy's here, you're safe baby" * "How's my baby?" * "You don't want to be a bad girl do you?" * "Do you want your teddy/pacifier/sippy cup?" * "You seem pretty grumpy, lets give you a nap" * "Behave" (Sexual) * "You're to little to do that" * "Look at me when I talk to you" (sexual) * "Over my knees" (Sexual/spanking) * "Do you want a spanking?" (Sexual/not) * "You look so cute baby girl" * "Do you need me to take care of you?" * "are you wanting to be a little right now?"       Random things she likes: *Cuddling of course and being in contact with her daddy some how, by sitting in his lap or just holding his hand or hugging his arm or being carried. *Being praised, even if over the smallest things since it makes her feel happy. *Pet/Nicknames (Baby, Princess, Angel, and ect.) *She loves anything cute, soft, and/or colorful/pastel. *Being babied, mostly if shes feeling sadden or lonely. *She has a bad habit of nibbling/sucking on her thumb when shes nervous/sleeping/not paying attention, which is where pacifiers can be added into roleplay's.   Note: This stuff can be used when shes not in her little mind space, its just to help guide people with knowing what kind of "little" she is and/or helping to guide people who are new to it or doesn't really know much of what to do with this stuff yet ^_^ With Mattie having a innocent and oblivious like mind, it might take her a little bit to understand what DDLG is so either she might look into it from wanting her partner(s) to take care of her or have them look into it. Also, how I do DDLG isn't just a kink but a kind of life style. It can be sexual or not sexual, depending on the person.

𝕽𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖉 𝕿𝖆𝖇𝖑𝖊

09/24/2022 10:29 PM 

Knights of The Round Table (info)

Name: Artoria Pendragon (Known as Arthur Pendragon)Personality: Artoria is a strong-willed young woman who usually speaks truthfully but will lie if necessary. She is courageous, determined, and set on winning the Holy Grail. She constantly insists that she is a knight and king above all, and that her gender is of little importance to her and her role. She is resolute in following her own morals, regardless of the more viable, yet underhand, tactics being available. Artoria prefers direct, fair confrontations based upon codes of chivalry.Special Abilities: Invisible Air (Barrier of the Wind King): Artoria's first Noble Phantasm is always Invisible Air, with which she conceals her sword. It does not allow the enemy to determine its range. It is simple, but tremendously effective in hand-to-hand combat. The sword is surrounded by wind that reflects light making it virtually invisible. It is not a vacuum, but the wind whirring around the blade is like a weapon and it seems to increase the damage of the slash.Excalibur (Sword of Promised Victory):  Artoria wields Excalibur, a Divine Construct forged by the planet. The sword works by converting the mana of the wielder into light, that is unleashed from the tip of the blade like a laser beam that destroys everything in its path. Although Artoria can exert energy on the level of a Divine Spirit, she has never been able to fully unleash this Noble Phantasm due to its full power being limited by the Thirteen Restraints. Even though Excalibur's true power can only be invoked with the appearance of a foreign enemy threatening the planet, it remains as the strongest Holy Sword.Avalon (The Everdistant Utopia): As a servant, Artoria doesn’t possess Avalon, Excalibur's sheath, since she lost it in life and is yet to die and ascend to the Throne of Heroes. However, the genuine article still exists in the present, serving as her Catalyst for both the Fourth and Fifth Holy Grail Wars. Surprisingly, it is not the sword, but its scabbard that truly possesses an outstanding ability. With this Noble Phantasm, Artoria can heal from any wound unless her brain is destroyed. Even the wounds sustained by Enuma Elish are healed in a few minutes without consuming any magical energy. By invoking its True Name, Avalon will deploy a Bounded Field that provides the greatest defense by shutting out all physical interference and placing her in the land of the fairies. It can also nullify the interference of True Magic; thanks to being an existence equivalent to it.Status (E is the lowest A is the highest):Strength: BEndurance: BAgility: BMana: ALuck: A+Noble Phantasm: A++Name: Lancelot (Saber)Personality:  In his condition, summoned under the Saber Class is the closest to his original form. Caring for justice, honoring women, loathing evil - this virtuous figure overflowing with romance was acknowledged as the "ideal knight" by King Arthur.[2] « A noble knight? Don't make me laugh. I participated in the destruction of Britain! » (Lancelot) Lancelot himself probably feels more than anyone else that it is an irony for him to be a Saber. And thus Lancelot is convinced that the most appropriate Class for himself is Berserker. Special Abilities:Arondight (The Unfading Light of the Lake): Lancelot wields Arondight, a Divine Construct, and counterpart of Excalibur. When Lancelot uses this Noble Phantasm, all of his parameters are increased by one rank. Furthermore, due to the anecdote him killing a dragon, it deals additional damage against Dragon-like creatures.Status:Strength: BEndurance: AAgility: BMana: CLuck: B+Noble Phantasm: A++Name: Lancelot (Berserker)Personality:  « I am the alienated, the ridiculed, the despised. No need to praise my name. No need to envy my body. I am the shadow under the radiance of heroic spirits. Birthed of the darkness of glorious legend. And so, I hate, I resent. Nourished by the sighs of the people precipitated within the darkness, people that curse the light. This is my disgrace. Because of her unsullied glory, I must forever be belittled. You are, the sacrifice. Good, give me more, your blood and flesh, your life. Let them ignite my hatred—!! » (Berserker to Kariya) As Berserker, his mind is under the effects of Mad Enhancement, limiting his rationality and ability to think. He gives off nothing but murderous intent and the thirst for blood, his deep hatred radiating out from him enough that he can easily be sensed even when he is hidden. He is able to battle with finesse due to his martial prowess, and he shows the ability to recognize that Lancer has been ordered to help him and take him as an ally for a short time. He still recognizes his King, instantly becoming hostile towards her and forgoing any orders in order to fight her.[7] He growls parts of her name, a moan full of malice hardly resembling human speech. Lancelot was known to have extreme loyalty to his King during life as one of the people she considered to be a friend. She believes, even after their armies had clashed, that their hearts should still be the same, as a subject upholding the way of the knight and a king upholding the way of the knight. Saber is shocked in his ability to manifest as Berserker, that he who was the subject of people’s admiration could be reduced to that state. She cannot help but think their eternal partnership was nothing but a naive fantasy onto which she had clung upon seeing him in that state. In one sense, he can be said to be a victim of Saber's righteousness.[10] Saber believes the root of it to stem from her hiding her gender. Seeking punishment for his actions, he was forgiven by the one person who he desired it from the most. The wretchedness he felt from that simple act was overwhelming for him. His guilt weighed down on him the more he adored his king, so his only salvation became to personally bring about her downfall. The atrocities he committed were of an insane and irritable young man, but ultimately driven by his overwhelming love for his king. He hated that she could remain an ideal king even after learning about the affair, and lamented how his king sacrificed herself for the sake of her country. Special Abilities:For Someone's Glory (Not For One's Own Glory): While his armor has many defining marks that easily show his identity, he remains unidentified thanks to this Noble Phantasm, a black fog that engulfs him to prevent others from discerning his identity by obscuring his figure and keeping enemy Masters from reading his abilities.Knight of Owner (A Knight Does Not Die With Empty Hands): An Ability Noble Phantasm that implements the attributes of "one's own Noble Phantasm" to anything he puts his hands on. No matter what armament, no matter what kind of weapon becomes a pseudo-D Rank Noble Phantasm. He displays subtle and flawless technique, showing grandeur in using unfamiliar Noble Phantasms in repeated offensive and defensive maneuvers.Arondight: (The Unfading Light of The Lake): Lancelot's true Noble Phantasm, a Divine Construct, and counterpart of Excalibur. In exchange for sealing For Someone's Glory and Knight of Owner, all of his parameters are increased by one rank and deals extra damage against dragon-attribute Heroic Spirits such as Artoria. It allows him to unleash his true ability, showing skill with the sword completely incomparable to his previous level.Status: Strength: AEndurance: AAgility: A+Mana: CLuck: BNoble Phantasm: AName: GawainPersonality:  He earnestly performs all sorts of work. Even if that is, by any chance, debt collecting. Despite his serious character, he has no gloomy aspects and interacts with anyone in a sincere and polite fashion. While he may get enraged, since he never harbors negative emotions such as jealousy and malice, his attitude is refreshing no matter what kind of battlefield. According to the other Knights of the Round Table, "That lack of sarcasm is already a talent". For Gawain to have never been envied, despite being blessed with talent and pedigree, was probably due his own good character and the natural airheadness to think of it as a matter of course, without ever being boastful. A loyal knight, his faithfulness to the king was like iron.[3] His only flaw is that he is somewhat of a skirt-chaser, openly admitting that one of the advantages of being a Servant is that he no longer needs to be faithful to his marriage vows. Gawain wanted to serve a true king loyally without questions or doubt, like a true knight. He believes that quantity is over quality when it comes to food. He is satisfied with large quantities of potatoes, vinegar, bread, ale and vegetables. Special Abilities:Excalibur Galatine (Sword of Revolving Victory): Gawain's Noble Phantasm is Excalibur Galatine, the sister-sword of Excalibur which was given to him by the Lady of the Lake. Unlike Excalibur's centralized attack, Galatine is a broad wave, a radiation-type attack that completely annihilates the enemy army. Despite its great power, its legend has been greatly overshadowed by its more famous counterpart, and therefore very few people know of its true significance. This holy sword possesses an artificial sun stored on its hilt, said to be able to purge evil. Gawain says that the sword is an incarnation of the sun, capable of scorching the earth. As such, this Noble Phantasm draws its power from the grace of the Sun. Similar to its owner, the sword manifests its greatest amount of power at noon.Status:Strength: B+Endurance: B+Agility: B+Mana: ALuck: ANoble Phantasm: A+Name: TristanPersonality:  Ever known as the "Child of Sadness", being a downer is a normal condition for Tristan. A narcissist slightly intoxicated with himself. However, since his circumstances are genuinely tragic, it's hard to call him out on it. The type that perceives things tragically and ends up thinking that every mistake is his fault. His thoughts are calm, his tactics precise; yet where it concerns women, his reason is shaken, in a good way. (For example, if his Master is female and someone had taken her hostage, even if it is presumably a trap, he would still go and walk in anyways). A member of the Knights of the Round Table. Perhaps it was due to his days of wandering (or to put it more accurately, it was due to him being included from other legends into the Legend of King Arthur), but Tristan's loyalty to the king is not absolute, or better put, less fanatic. However, he felt deep shame from leaving his service under the king, and it was during his following service where he set his mind to be completely faithful. Tristan is severe and without mercy against his enemies, but there is a side of him that would grieve for the enemies and shed tears for them once the battle is over. Is it not sinful of him, born without blessing, to kill those born with one?... That is what he kept on thinking.Special Abilities:Failnaught (Fantasia of Lamentation): Tristan's Noble Phantasm is Failnaught, which possesses multiple bowstrings resembling, and is in fact, a string instrument. This bow does not launch regular arrows, but invisible sonic vacuum arrows to cut off foes. Due to the nature of this weapon, he can attack with a slight motion of a finger.Status:Strength: BEndurance: BAgility: AMana: BLuck: ENoble Phantasm: AName: MordredPersonality: Mordred is extremely prideful and haughty, boasting herself to be equal or better than her father in the ways of ruling and swordsmanship, and believes only her status as the child of Morgan caused her to be rejected. Rather than simply wish on the Grail to become king, she instead wishes to use it to challenge the sword of appointment as a method of proving kingship that even her father could not deny. She does not even think of failure, boasting overpowering words from a clear and unclouded voice that shows dignity befitting of a king. She abhors any discussion of her sex, displaying clear killing intent even towards her own Master. She says with no uncertainty that the topic is never to be brought up before her. She does not display any issue in wearing clothing that shows off her body.While she has the face of a fair, young girl, that does nothing to hide her brutal nature. She is filled with pure rage over the events of her life, and she does not bother to conceal it in the first place. She can be likened to a Berserker during battle, her glaring eyes displaying a mix of joy for battle and cruelty. While Noble Phantasms are normally a source of pride, hers, crowned with the name of her father, it is closer to a sort of grudge. While there were many Knights of the Round Table who were divided into allies and enemies towards the end of their country, it had been a place of lively discussion for them all. It was not by design that those events had transpired, so it would be odd for most of them to hate it. Mordred, who rebelled against the king, is likely the only one to revile it, hating it with such a passion that even a shard of it brings out rage in her.Special Abilities:Clarent (Radiant and Brilliant Royal Sword): Her sword, Clarent, was originally a B rank sword bestowed during the succession of kingship used to amplify the king’s authority, "the king’s royal aura". It raises the owner’s physical stats by one rank, and grants and raises the skill “Charisma”. Mordred was never acknowledged as king though, so the sword itself is lowered by one rank and she cannot acquire any bonuses while wielding it. However, she can still use its "amplification" ability to launch Clarent Blood Arthur by using her Mana Burst Skill to force her excessive hatred for her father into the sword in the form of magical energy, allowing her to cut down most Servants in a single slash.Secret of Pedigree (Helm of Hidden Infidelity): Mordred's final Noble Phantasm is her helmet Secret of Pedigree. With it, Mordred's Personal Skills and Noble Phantasms tiedly related to her True Name are concelead within her status information. However, when unleashing Clarent’s whole power, the helmet must be removed.Status:Strength: B+Endurance: AAgility: BMana: BLuck: DNoble Phantasm: AName: GarethPersonality:  Gareth highly reveres Lancelot. She seems to normally have a sunny, friendly disposition, and as a result she does not deal well with the stress of the slaughter performed under the Lion King during the Camelot singularity of Fate Grand Order, only wishing to be punished. She had "mummy-like bags" under her eyes after helping to defeat the knights who opposed the Lion King, and although she has "lily-white fingers that are more beautiful than anyone's", they become unrecognizably blackened from constant washing after combat. Brave and faithful like a small puppy, a young knight of tragedy. Once she has grown attached to someone, she will never betray no matter what. Even if it means the death of her. She lives as she always has lived. Honoring chivalry, believing in justice and carrying it out. She is proud of the fact she was accepted by the Knight King, and even now she considers being selected as a member of the round table as the greatest honor of her life. She still admires Sir Lancelot. The day everything ended. The day the knight moved to save Queen Guinevere. She would adore him even if her own form hadn’t so much as entered the knight’s eyes. She would adore him even if… he had known her, yet didn’t hesitate to kill her regardless.Special Abilities:Ira Lupus (Rampaging Maiden Wolf):  Gareth’s talent in jousting has been sublimated as a noble phantasm. After hammering in consecutive strikes like a surging wave, she pierces through the enemy with one last finishing thrust. In the past, to protect her dear friend Lady Lyonesse, she defeated such prestigious names as Sir Blamore de Ganis, Sir Galihodin, Sir Galehaut (Not Galihad), Sir Dinadan, Sir La Cote Male Tayle, Sir Sagramore le Desirious, Sir Dodinas le Savage, King Anguish of Ireland, King Carados of Scotland, and King Uriens and King Bagdemagus of Gore all with but a single lance. On another occasion, when she challenged King Arthur himself to joust, the King praised the way she fought as like a ‘Rampaging Wolf’.Status:Strength: CEndurance: BAgility: AMana: DLuck: DNoble Phantasm: CName: GalahadPersonality:  The Knights of the Round Table think highly of Galahad. Saber Alter calls him innocent as he uses the power to protect for victory. Bedivere notes that even in a different age, and among a different people, he would surely entrust his legacy to someone like himself. The exception is Mordred, who refers to him as "shield bastard" and compares Mash favorably to him. According to Merlin, Galahad is so selfless that he is disinterested. He sees no need for him to help humanity despite being a Heroic Spirit. The ultimate in purity and cleanliness. In a way, he's the most heartless man that Merlin has ever met. According to Galahad Alter, Galahad had no wish for himself and no idea what to do when he found the Holy Grail. He lived his entire life on force of habit. He is the only Knight of the Round Table to outright refuse the summons of the Lion King in the Camelot Singularity, speaking to his rigid sense of justice. However, this takes on a darker note in Part 2 when he begins denying his power to Mash after deciding that she and her Master are responsible for the rise of the Crypters by defeating Goetia, despite the fact that it was he that gave Mash the power to defy Goetia in the first place. In light of this, it is an open question if he refused the summons because of his sense of justice or because he was unwilling to fight the Lion King like the other Knights of the Round Table who did not wish to serve her.Special Abilities: Around Round Shield (Fragment of Time That Indicates Calamity):   Around Round Shield: Fragment of Time that Indicates Calamity (災禍指す時の断片アラウンド・ラウンドシールド, Saika Sasu Toki no DanpenAraundo RaundoshÄ«rudo?) is the Noble Phantasm of Galahad and Tachie in Fate/unpublished material. A shield made from the Round Table, its design was reused as the shield wielded by Mash Kyrielight in Fate/Grand Order. It is physically very strong, and while it cannot protect against a direct attack at the level of Bellerophon, it has a special advantage against the Noble Phantasms of the Knights of the Round Table, such as Excalibur. The shield carries a special curse where if anyone besides Galahad attempts to touch it, a Holy Spear is released as a counter.Lord Camelot (Now is a Castle of Distant Ideals):  It is an "ultimate protection" employing the Round Table, "where the Knights of the Round Table sat at the center of the Castle of White Walls, Camelot", in the form of a shield. Its strength is proportionate to the will power of the user, and it is said that "so long as the heart doesn't break, those castle walls too shall never crumble."Status: (Unknown)

Fate, Fate/Grand Order

x clever deception

09/24/2022 10:45 PM 

I Can't Be Your Sasuke. { Part I }
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 It was several years after Sasuke deserted Konoha that Ino gave up on fighting for his reason for leaving. She felt he was too far gone to save, much like the other villagers and shinobi / kunoichi. She spent her days in the florist shop her dad had run when he was alive, and Ino was surprisingly good at keeping inventory and stocks within the business she was running. She was fierce in the battlefield and even more fierce in financial business and other issues of money, stability, and other things to maintain her way of life. She would sometimes think if somehow she could convince Sasuke to return and convince the elders not to put him as a criminal she MIGHT have saved some shred of hope for him. She concluded on her own that it was imperitive that Sasuke would have to be killed if he continued on the path of the darkness that he was so desperately clinging to. Ino knew what it was like to feel alone.She was popular, she has "friends" but she knows what they say when she turns to leave the room. She knows the chain that breaks when she thinks of Sasuke and Sakura on the same team together. She wondered why it could not be her instead.Suddenly a stream of tears fell from her teal blue hues as she tried to keep strong for her family, for her friends, and for her teammates. She had people she cared about and who cared about and she chose to focus on that; making sure that they were happy, and that she didn't focus too much attention on herself when someone would pass away.She didn't know what it was to be a famous person but she knew a few famous people and she didn't know if she could not handle that much pressure. She just felt like it would take up her whole life and suffocate her locking her arms into a chair in chains. Ino was sure that this was crazy; she smirked looking down at a certain lazy shinobi she had been hanging with lately.Standing on top of the tree so high up in the sky, Ino's eyes looked around the pristine sky  and clouds that were a minimum and it didn't seem like it was going to rain anytime soon so that was a good sign. "PINNED YA!" she said as she jumped off the tree to the ground and landing on top of Shikamaru, who, by the way, was none too happy about it - he was reading homework for the advanced study room he signed up for so he could get ahead in the academy. "INO!" she chuckled, "Oh you know you loooove it." she said and somehow it dawned on her that he might actually like sneaking around like this. She was excited about hiding and fooling around with Shikamaru and he didn't seem too deny her advances, either. Sometimes she wondered if she would ever be able to stop. You know what happens next we'll keep this one clean.

x clever deception

09/24/2022 07:08 PM 

✿ Just Some Rules ~
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 âœ¿   Disclaimer: I am not nor will I ever be Ino Yamanaka. I am just writing behind the character for roleplaying purposes only. Copyright claims and restriction states and rules goes to Masashi Kishimoto and the rest of the Naruto fandom and franchise.  âœ¿  Do not steal from me. Everything you see here on my page has been changed, manipulated, or edited in some form or another. I do requests so if you want an edit of a picture or if you would like a layout at a discounted rate of $5 just ask me in messages and we can discuss what you're looking for.✿ Do not rush me about responses being late. Sometimes life pulls me away from my computer although I am almost always with my laptop I attempt to be there but sometimes circumstances require my time away from my time here. Please be patient and wait until I get back and I will return as soon as possible to get to your replies. âœ¿ Put some effort into your replies. I don't want to be the only one making an effort in our roleplay and while I am happy to see that others are willing to work with me about working out storylines, and settings. Sometimes we have to make compromise so don't hesitate to lean over and lend a hand in the roleplay so we can make something memorable for the both of us. âœ¿ While I don't mind talking out of character and making friends outside of roleplay ; I will not give out personal information (Phone numbers, emails, instant message - skype, discord, etc.) for obvious reasons. However, if we become close friends through writing and talking on statuses I would of course lend my discord out if you ask for it.  âœ¿ No harassment, bullying, or stalking on my profile and please don't do that to my friends or family on here either and I do have a family member over on I won't reveal her though because that's her privacy. Anyway, I'm making this a zero tolerance zone so people can feel safe speaking in this space.✿ I do not care how you communicate with me. If you prefer messages then that is okay with me. If you prefer comments that is fine with me too.. HOWEVER. I will NOT go out of my way to suit your standards of how you want me to answer your replies unless we've talked about it before-hand.✿ Roleplaying relationships will be handled as such: One-Ship per person. I will not have Ino in more than one relationship with someone. This is just my personal preference and I just don't like the idea of multi-ship partners but that's just me and if you don't agree with that it's fine too I don't judge.✿ Remember to have fun with this. It's not a project, school, or chore that you have to do to finish before the other person gets it done. It's a fun thing to do to get your mind off of the outside world. On the other hand; don't confuse the world you're in and fantasy worlds on the computer. If you start to feel that way I do suggest spending some time away from the computer and spending time with family and friends to get more balanced and harmonized.✿ Do not start he-said-she-said drama on this page; I will stop it before it starts. I have been roleplaying since 2004 when the internet was fairly new and not a lot of people could afford it much less get new ones on the regular.I've had hundreds of replacement computers and trust me when I say that no one will scare me away with idle threats on the internet. If it comes to it - please don't let it get this far as I am really a peace loving Pagan - enfroce the law to be involved and you don't want that side of me to come out. Not even me. )

Little Vampire

09/24/2022 06:03 PM 

Kinks and such

These are the kinks that I write for Mattie that she enjoys and comfortable with, of course not all have to be included. I usually write Dom/Sub or light bdsm sort of relationships in a equal partnership, just because Mattie enjoys being a sub doesn’t make her weak.    Kinks:   •Spanking (punishment or pleasure)   •Light choking    •Light hair pulling  •Overstimulation   •Public play (Without actually getting caught of course)   •Toys (playing in the bedroom, public, or being teased)   •Daddy/Mommy kink (more about it/DDLG and MDLG coming soon)   *Edging/orgasm denial    •Multiple orgasms    •Not being allowed to wear panties    •Collar and Leash    •Anal   •Pet play    •Being dominated    •Dressing up in cute/sexy outfits    •Big on praise    •Light degradation    •REASONABLE size kink      Rules:    •I write Mattie strictly as a sub, she’s not a Dom or switch. Might be bratty or playful, but usually gives in pretty easily.    •Will not do anything to do with rape/force (fantasy or not)   •No feet    •Nothing to do with urine, scat, or any other bodily fluids besides semen or saliva.    •No tentacles    Aftercare:   •Cuddles and praise (100%)   •Clean up or bath   •Snacks or drinks if needed    •Reassurance      Safe words: Red light, green light system.   Green- Good   Yellow- Slow down or needs a break or needs to talk    Red- Stop (no if’s or what’s about it)     If you have any questions or discuss more, please feel free to message ^_^

x clever deception

09/24/2022 04:51 PM 

Trivia Notes ~
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✿  After Sasuke's departure from the village, Ino moved on from him once he was denounced a traitor to Konohagakure and the 5 great shinobi nations. She cried the day she heard about the announcement that he was officially deemed a criminal. She put her persue for him to a stop and started focusing on her training instead.✿ The past few weeks she has been studying under Tsunade such as Sakura had a few years earlier only she did not have the super - human strength that she had. However, she did posess the powers of healing and the use of poison. It did no use , however, to save her sensei Asuma Sarutobi after their fight with Hidan and she was struck with a sorrow that she could not deny and if people knew In well she was not capable of caring about others.✿ She had been entrusted to fight Sakura about falling in love, and never giving up on finding the light in any given situation. She took Asuma's words to heard and did her best to help those in need, her friends, family, strangers, and even fell in love with a few other people. (OOC: I do not pair this Ino with Sai. I feel it was too rushed and did not like that there was NOT chemistry between them),✿  Although Sakura and Ino's friendship turned into a rivalry for the affection of a young boy in Konohagakure's academy for ninja, Ino never stopped looking after Sakura and stood up for her when she said she would never let her stand her up when she was in battle or in love. She would do whatever she could do to fight for her chance at pushing for the goal to find her one and only love.✿  She found herself not caring as much about love and focusing more on training and becoming stronger on a physical level and mental level she became smarter and worked with Shikamaru Nara and secretly fell in love with him. At first, however, it seemed like she had just a simple crush, but it seemed she was really in love with him.

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Stances on Writing in this Hobby.

~ Work with what you have. Don't loom over what you don't have.~ Talk with another if you're confused about a detail or a few. Clear the air. Fear of offense be damned. Don't self-censor. The truth hurts, but it's also a liberating force.~ Expand what can be expanded per your preferences; flesh them out to make your fictional universe with all the nooks and crannies more engaging, hopefully also consistent.~ Try not to guilt-trip others because you aren't getting the results you want. Work on yourself. Be a likable human being even with all your respective flaws. Work on your craft. Share your craft if desired. You'll eventually draw the crowd that would meet you on your level and will be bothered far less (or not all) by inconveniences.~ DON'T TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. It can be really fun if done in ways you personally enjoy doing so, yes. It, however, shouldn't reign over your conscious and subconscious mind as if your personality is tied to it. Learn your limits. Set boundaries. Enforce those limits and boundaries.HAVE FUN but not at the expense of someone's sense of comfort (e.g. being a total cretin within someone's personal space, breathing down one's neck because your satisfaction from them is way below the bar/level of your personal expectation).You'll be alright. ❤️


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Name : Cro Bukar - Hyakuhei Age : 33 (Currently) Race : Saiyajin Personality : He has a cold personality. He doesn't trust people right off. He's been betrayed by the people he loved. He's a warrior he has a passion for fighting. Something like that is rather normal for a Saiya-jin. He's got a rather soft-side, he doesn't show it much. He likes to keep his emotions locked up inside of him. That's because he uses his emotions for motivation to get stronger. He's rather disconnected from the world. He lives off of the grid most of the time. History : Like most Saiya-jin babies. He was born on Planet Vegeta. The time he was born at was 4 a.m. sometime during the month of January. He was a winter baby. Even though the climate on Planet Vegeta rarely changes when the seasons change. He had a normal Saiyan child-hood. Both of his parents were soldiers for King Vegeta. So, he didn't see his parents that much. Most of his child-life he was in a Saiyan daycare. Which was sort of like a boot-camp for Saiyan cubs. He didn't like to train that much. He did have a thing for fighting. He always got into fights with all the other Saiyan cubs. No one really thought much of it at first. Saiyans had a thirst for blood. That was the normal thing about it. The care-takers took notice when He nearly blew up The Day Care center when he got mad. They sort of separated him from the other children. They took him into custody and than did various tests on him. Most of them came back normal for his age. When they did a power-level test. They found something rather frightening. His power-level was abnormally for a cub's power-level. Cro's power-level was up in the 2,000's and he was barely 3 years old! A few years would pass. When he was 11, he got word that his mother and father had died on a mission. This tore him up. That's when he started to cut everyone and anyone out of his life. Than he began to train himself. He wanted to be the strongest Saiyan alive. He wanted to be a solider. He would continue that dream until he was about 16. When he was on earth. He heard about Freiza blowing up Planet Vegeta. Ever since he heard the story. He's wanted revenge on Frieza. Power : Ki blast, Teleporting, Flight, Super Saiyan 1-4,.

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Mattie Info

Name: Madison Valentine (Preferes Mattie for short)Age: 300 (appears in early 20's in human years)Species: VampireFamily:*Kuro Valentine (Oldest brother) *Shoto Valentine (Second brother) *Historia Valentine (Mother/dead) *Edward Valentine (Father/dead)Backstory:  It hadn't been long after Mattie had been born that she sadly lost her mother, still a young girl just beginning to learn about the life around her. When her mother grew sick, their father hadn’t allowed them to visit or see her unless he thought they deserved too. She still could remember the last time she had seen her mother, the memory foggy as it was a young her sitting in a bed with her momma behind her. She could still hear the soft beautiful humming as her mother was brushing her long hair, remembering it had been summer time and had asked if she would join mattie out to play being to young to understand just how bad she was off. She remembered the last words her mother spoke to her “Maybe once I’m feeling a little better, but you go on and play for the both of us sweetie” she said with with a soft laugh, hearing it had Mattie so happy and left the room to go just that not realizing it would be her last moments with her mom. A few days later, she would be given the news of her mother’s passing along side her brothers. It left her cold to the world, wondering why she had o loose her mother so earlier and thought how it was unfair. The past king had always been a bad man since she could remember, a man who wanted to use his title as king to bring pain to anyone who disagreed or went against his wishes. It only extended to his own family as well, wanting to train his children to be like him to be like spillers and take what they wanted. Of course they didn’t want that, just wanting to be kids and enjoy their lives. She could remember all the yelling and scream, the fighting always making her scared and would hide. The times he would try punishing her, her brothers would usually step in and try to protect her. There would be times they were powerless, being just children as well, she remembered how he would either hit them or the best punishment being when he would lock them on a closet for days without blood basically to the point until they would starve. There had been a time when a young Mattie had been playing, running down the long hallways so happy and having fun, when she had accidental knocked a old vase from its stand and it shattering into meany pieces. The sound still haunted her, along with the sounds of the heavy footsteps approaching her before being grabbed and thrown around like a rag doll. The words weren’t as clear, just the loud yelling as her fathers voice boomed around her and she had tried pulling away. At what he seemed as disrespect he had chosen to hit her, being just a child and still growing, the palm smacking the side of her head had been enough not to only knock her down but also bust her right eardrum and even causing it to bleed. Overtime it had heal only to defect her hearing, but even with her vampire high sense of hearing it still would ring whenever it was to loud or hurt making it a weakness.It didn't seem long before the king followed after the queen, Having been found one morning by a servant having been stabbed clean through the heart sometime during the night. Most expected it having been a rivaling clan or hired hit man, but no one was surprised due to how awful of a man and king he had been. The two oldest siblings had stepped in their parents place, still fairly young themselves, as the new rulers to the clan. They took over caring for their youngest and older sister as well, afraid to let her become hurt once again they had become protective and sheltered the girl. Once she had grown old enough, she had joined them as the clans princess in aiding them to try and bring peace to this world. 

Little Vampire

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Rules (Please read)

1.) No minors (In or out of character), No mutes, no furries.2.) Please be respectful not only to me but my friends as well3.) I am busy most of the time in real life, so I can't be online all the time and any hate to that you will be deleted.4.) Romance in stories stay in the story and between the characters, I am only looking for friendship on here.5.) I am fine with erotica being added into the story, not writing just porn without any plot.6.) No stories to do with rape, drugs, or anything along those lines(More will most likely be added once I get my profile settled in)


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About Darcy!

{Identity}[Name:] Darcy (Lucien) Parish[Nickname:] mostly rabbit puns[Blood Type:] B+[Star Sign:] Aquarius[Date of Birth:] February 2nd, 1863[Date of Death:] January 14th, 1892[Age:] died at 29 years old[Favorite Color:] Blue[Theme Song:] Brass Goggles - Steam Powered Giraffe{Orientation}[Sexuality:] Pansexual[Dominance:] Dominant[Relationship Status:] Single[Crush:] none at the moment[Religion:] Non-religious[Race:] European[Species:] Jackalope demon{Appearance}[Hair:] white with light brown highlights, rabbit ears[Eyes:] Red with white heart-shaped iris/pupils[Complexion:) Dark gray/Black skin, red teeth, brown antlers[Weight:] 220 lbs./ 99 kg[Height:] 7ft / 213cm (7ft 10 in /238cm including rabbit ears.)[Scent:] He smells like home cooking, burnt food, and blood.[Scarring, or Markings:] Black heart shape on his nose, maroon claws, some black scars of burns[Clothing:] Magician top hat with red striped ribbon, red pinstripe coat; light pink buttoned shirt, maroon cape with gold trim; black dress pants with a white cuff, and black dress shoes.{Personality}[Description:] Sadistic, silly, energetic, outgoing, persuasive, weird, creepy, obsessive[Flaws:] is narcissistic, blames things on others, lies to himself, terrible sleeping habits.[Virtues:] secretly has very bad self-confidence and thinks he's a bad person (which he is), never lazy.[Sin Domination:] Wrath, lies, gluttony, greed, lust, envy[Favorite Things:] Magic, alcohol, likes most music, meat, and sweets; animals (animals don't like him back), secretly loves to play the piano.


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Rules of Nature

I guess I might as well get some things out of the way before we start adding one another, right...?Well here goes. I'll try to be open-minded and reasonable.1) I will NOT do one-liners, they suck. Simple as that.2) If I add you, I'll throw the first pebble. This applies to you as well, y'know. Typical "You add you talk" rule.3) Ships? Only with chemistry.4) Don't come at me in character. Either we discuss or I boot you out.5) No OP or God-mode characters. I ain't having that stuff, we're past the age of Mary Sues.6) If you add me just so I can be yet another number on your list, You got another thing coming.7) This isn't a rule, it's more of a warning. Mature/Dark themes ahead, this is a Demon we're talking about after all.I guess that's mostly it! I'll see you around.

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An Eldritch Dream

A void, a formless sea where the sun and moon were risen opposite to one another, suspended, no motion whatsoever. He walked across this sea, each step creating small ripples that expanded through its still surface. The mild splashes echoed throughout the nothingness where it's silence was maddening to where one could hear their own blood travel through their body in circulation. His vision caught a figure that seemed both near and far from where he walked. This possessed him to quicken his pace toward the figure until the reality set in just how tall it stood in comparison to him, towering at an intimidating 10 feet, cloaked in rags, a faceless visage seen underneath its hood, it's flesh biomechanical, eldritch. Despite it's featureless head, it was almost as if he could discern the 'expression' it would've had, and the placement of its eyes watching him. Was it many, or few? That was up to debate. 'Both' would be an acceptable answer. It's voice whispered and boomed in unison, making no sound, but appearing in the form of telepathy in his mind, likely a form of communication by this entity, having adapted its language to his own. "We have met before, long ago, where you shed your shackles, to free the self." It said, the boy staring in confusion at the statement, once he understood it, after recoiling from the sensation of telepathy. "You've always looked at me as such before, but your memories will return of the lives you have lived. Do you remember your name?" It asked, the boy taking a moment to think, before perking up with a smile and gesturing to himself. "My name is Shen." He called out. In a sense, he could feel the entity 'smile' in reaction to him remembering his own name. "Good. Everything shall return to you early, it seems." It said, Shen appearing baffled at the statement. "What will? Who are you, anyway?" He called out. Now it seemed like the figure was getting further and further away, as if he was sent flying backward, the sensation was akin to ascension and descension happening all at once. He could not tell whether he was falling or flying upward. The parting words echoed through his head as he was pushing through the fabric of whatever reality he was in. "...A friend."His eyes shot open, he was laying in his bed, having awoken from a ominous dream. 

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Rumi Dreemurr

Character’s Basic Information Full Name: Rumi Rowan DreemurrNickname(s): Ru RuAge: Infant (0 years 1 day old)Gender: FemaleBirth Date: 22 September 2022Race: Human Monster HybridSpecies: Goat Boss Monster Soul and Trait: Combination of Cyan, Light Red, and Green (Tolerance)Current Status: AliveAlignment: Lawful NeutralPrevious Residence:Current Residence: Dreemurr Castle  Character’s Appearance General Appearance: Is a baby, thin strawberry blonde hair with Lavander eyesHandedness: Ambidextrous  About The Character Personality: She is a rather calm child and enjoys resting with her older brother DustielLikes: She enjoys her brother as well as soft music  The Character's Relationships with Others Reputation: She is a baby, and as such her reputation is neutralFriend(s): None as of right nowNeutral(s): A few family members of her godparentEnemy(ies): her godparent's partnerFamily: Dustiera Dreemurr (Father, technically birther as well), Asriel Dreemurr (Father), Dustiel Dreemurr (Brother), Azzy Jr. (Brother), Skyi Dreemurr (Brother), Melodoria Dreemurr (Sister) Velveta Dreemurr (Sister), Fallinia Dreemurr (Sister) Felix Dreemurr (Brother in Law), Unknown Entity (Godparent),   The Character’s Abilities Powers/Abilities: Aura Manipulation Assumed Blaster Projection Electrokinesis Cryokinesis (Very weak) Strengths: Enhanced Magic Energy Storage, Empathic sensesWeaknesses: Can be overwhelmed by too many emotionsRestrictions: Being an infant, she does not have any control over her powers  Stats: LV: 1 HP: 50 DF: 100 AT: 2


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Guess I should have some damned rules

OK well to prevent undue sh*t f***ery... Here's some very basic rules!1. Adult themes with this character. Literally drugs, alcohol, smoking, history of abuse, language, and explicit themes.2. Don't f***ing rush me. Im ok with a gentle reminder like once a week because I get busy and can forget, but sending a reminder/ second correspondence in under a day will get you a special message of me telling you off.3. Despite being a substance abusing stripper prostitute bunny... If by some chance you get Mochii to fall for your character and they begin a relationship. I am strictly monoship, I expect the same from you.3.1. If you're a multiship person I'm ok with our RP having such themes as romance and the like, but know that so long as you're multiship you ain't gonna get a true relationship with Mochii.3.2. As one may guess, if I have an adult or romantic RP going and Mochii does get into a relationship... Unless his partners writer expresses direct concent to let those keep happening, they end effective immediately.4. ALL ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS ARE RP ONLY! Outside of RP i will happy to be a bestie and even have playful and flirty conversation. That is honestly normal to me, but know that the relationship is strictly RP ONLY.5. I'm selective with my discord. I'm too lazy to make one for just RP related stuff, so you can ask for it but no guarantee you'll get it.6. Ask questions to get answers. Donno why it seems people are afraid of asking questions, but trust me it's ok to ask.7. I f***ing adore status banter. You see something, respond, because I will likely respond and keep that going.

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