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09/14/2022 11:19 PM 

May want to read first before adding

1. It's very important that just because there could be a possibility of our characters doing something together does not mean I want almost everything related to our talks to be all bubbly. Treat me as you would a friend, not a potential score. To add to this, do not for example be talking about how touchy some others are while you are attempting the same thing but just being less direct about it in hopes I won't notice. Trust me, I notice when people are sneaking around looking for a way in. Those who do that have no chance of getting anything as I dislike dishonesty. I'm not saying you have to be on your best behavoir, just don't be lying to me.2. I am selective in a few ways. I will only accept a limited amount of friends. This way I can ensure I don't bite off more than I can chew. I'll find someone to list this so you won't go wasting your time if I'm fine with who I have now. Like this, no one will be ghosted by me. I do not support "no x gender" style accounts so those won't be added. Private accounts will be avoided if I don't know what I'm getting into.3. To go with two, unless I already know about the person in question. I read all accounts and consider them before approving/denying. No need to tell me to read your rules as I already had if I accepted you. Bio will be an inital skip as something I'll come back to during discussion.4. I do not want starters for greetings, and will not accept any that controls my character in any shape or form. Example being attempting to place my character somewhere for x reason. That's for me to decide with my brain. She will not also be anyone sister, mom, or anything of that nature as Gina does not having any siblings or children.Outside this, I do not determine your rp ability from greetings. I would like more than a "Hello", but will not ignore you or chew you out for it. And yes this includes the "How are you?". Though full sentences are recommended with me as I never engaged in texting habits so text talk will often confuse me.5: Anything in the bedroom isn't a guareentee as I may not want to. Gina may be a little.. yeah. But I crave a good story way more than that stuff to be honest. So understand that when discussing with me and don't get your hopes up.


09/14/2022 07:39 PM 

| 𝘝𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘦𝘴/𝘈𝘜 𝘓𝘪𝘴𝘵 |

Incomplete for now| 𝘔𝘰𝘥𝘦𝘳𝘯 𝘈𝘜 || 𝘗𝘰𝘬𝘦𝘮𝘰𝘯 |UNDER CON!Team consists of a shiny male Meowstic, an Sylveon, an Eldegoss, an Aegislash, a Klefki, and a Swablu.| 𝘎𝘦𝘯𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘯 𝘐𝘮𝘱𝘢𝘤𝘵 |Name: EphemerGender | Age: Male | 15-16Rarity: ★★★★★Nation: N/ACurrent Residence: Depends on roleplayOccupation: TravelerConstellation | Meaning: Taraxacum | DandelionElement: AnemoWeapon: SwordElemental SkillGale's Breath: Ephemer summons a whirling tornado with his sword. This leaves him unable to move or be switched out until the attack ends. If Gale's Breath comes into contact with Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro, it will deal additional elemental DMG of that type.Elemental Absorption may only occur once per use.Elemental Burst (CD: 35 secs)End of Darkness: With a mysterious power combined with Anemo, Ephemer forms a sizable ball of energy from his sword before raising it up to expand its size, where it explodes into a flash of light, dealing Anemo DMG.  When the 6th Constellation is activated, it will eradicate certain enemies within the area, but also destroys items they are suppose to drop in the process. Passive Talents1st Ascension-- Graced with Starlight: The attack of all party members increases by 10% for 10 secs.4th Ascension-- A Leader's Resolve: If all three party members have low health under 25%, Ephemer's Normal Attack and Charged Attack will increase by 50%.Utility Passive-- Silver Seed On The Wind: Decreases gliding Stamina consumption for your own party members by 20%. Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.Constellation1st: When "Gale's Breath" is activated, Ephemer will be able to move, attack, and be switched out.2nd: Decreases the CD for Gale's Breath by 2s.3rd: Increases the level of Gale's Breath. Maximum level is 15.4th: While holding Gale's Breath, the Anemo RES of most enemies decreases by 40%.5th: Increases the level of End of Darkness. Maximum level is 15.6th: The DMG of Elemental Bursts increases by 10% when a fight starts for 5s. End of Darkness ensures the defeat of certain enemies when health is full. The latter does not take effect in Domains, Trounce Domains, or Spiral Abyss.Added to Party:"Let's go together.""Need some help?""Hey, can I join you?"

pretty bird (Taken)

09/14/2022 02:20 PM 

Skin Deep

Summary: The absence of power isn't what makes her human. It's not in her genes, or in the crest she wears on her uniform, or in the political party she votes for.       People always think it's the memories that aren't a part of her. None of them really understand, though, that the memories are the easiest part of being Rogue. Memories are just thoughts attached to images attached to feelings. Marie can absorb those, make them her own. It doesn't matter where they come from—from her own past, from someone else's. Once they're inside her, they're hers. But doesn't it get confusing? Bobby asked her once, squinting at her as if he'd already decided the answer was yes. She'd searched for words to tell him, tell him no, don't you see? Once they're in there, it's not like havin' someone else in my brain. It's all just me. But she could tell from his expression that the meaning would be lost on him. Marie also doesn't bother trying to explain to them that it's her skin that's no longer her own. She can handle the strangers in her head; she can handle the powers that shouldn't be hers. What she can't handle is the stranger that covers every inch of her body, and keeps her at arm's length from herself. * Afterwards, after needles and condemnations and dirty looks, it's like meeting an old friend after years of separation. She keeps the gloves for a few months, still scared of what might happen—what she might do—but after a season has turned and she hasn't hurt anyone, she starts to trust. Maybe she's really at home, again. She sits in the new summer sun, feeling as shy as an eleven year-old just becoming aware of her femininity. It's an appreciation she didn't have growing up, an acute self-consciousness forced upon her by image after image of pain caused by her touch. The names and faces well up behind the specks in her eyes when she glances up at the noon-day crest of light. She sighs with the wind on her skin. No needle can grant her asylum from this, from the layers of guilt that are the basis of the power she had. She's not sure she can excise it, not even one cell at a time. * She didn't do it for Bobby, but she's sure as hell ready to kill him when she catches him with Kitty. They don't even have the decency to pretend they're doing something innocent—he just looks down, unable to meet her eyes, and, really, that's all the answer she needs. She didn't do it for Bobby. But she'd be lying to herself if she tried to pretend that she hadn't thought—hadn't hoped— Well. None of that really mattered now, did it? Marie's used to being on her own. * She's ill at ease with the X-Men. They don't quite know what to do with her, anymore, and she doesn't quite know what to do with them. Logan tries to include her, come up with ways that she can be a part of the team even without her powers, but Ororo waits for no woman, and certainly no "misguided young girl who has alienated half of her classmates." She wants to tell Ororo that being able to wear a tank top and dance until her chest burns at a club doesn't make her any less a member of the team. That losing the last traces of chains around ankles and claws emerging from her knuckles doesn't make her human. The absence of power isn't what makes her human. It's not in her genes, or in the crest she wears on her uniform, or in the political party she votes for. She isn't sure yet what will make her human, or if she even wants to be. * She gravitates to other mutants, a moth to new flames. There are others who don't compare her to what she was, all the things that they think she could have been: she likes meeting someone and not seeing a hint of disappointment flicker in their eyes when she can shake their hand. They don't challenge her right to call herself Rogue. She goes to a support group, meets some others who've been cured. Marie stays quiet, for the most part, but loves to listen, absorb the stories: here, she can do that, and no one has to get hurt. And it's nice not to feel alone. * She meets Carol outside the building on a rainy Wednesday night; between closing her umbrella and juggling her backpack, Marie can hardly see where she's going, and they would have been a fast tangle of limbs on the ground if not for Carol's hand on the small of her back. I'm so sorry, she says breathlessly, straightening up. Carol's smile widens the more Marie tries to apologize, and Marie stops when she realizes that the woman's hand hasn't moved although she's completely steady on her feet now. I'm so sorry about that, she says again, swallowing, her throat dry despite the high humidity in the air. I'm not, Carol tells her, her fingers smoothing over Marie's waist when she does let go. I'm not sorry in the least. * Carol, Marie finds out later, was there for a group of her own. Joe, she explains over coffee. They told us he died in battle. It's another six meetings (at which point Marie is thoroughly tired of talking about her feelings) before she has the courage to say yes when Carol suggests a movie. Dinner takes another three, but by then, it's Marie doing the asking. * Carol's strong—stronger than anyone Marie has ever known. She let nothing stand in her way: not her father, not the instructors who told her women weren't meant to be pilots, and certainly not Ms. Marvel. Each obstacle in her life she overcame with a single-minded determination and refusal to acknowledge that anything less than victory was an option. Marie's glad she'll never have to face Carol on the opposite side of a battlefield. * Some nights, she wakes up in a cold sweat. Her dreams are vivid splashes of color—faces she's not supposed to remember, places she's never been. Her skin crawls, goosepimples rising all along her arms, but there's no cool air coming in. She keeps her window closed at night. She scratches until pale pink turns to red, until she can't feel her heart pound with the knowledge of the last time her skin felt like this, and tosses and turns well into the dawn, swatches of light showing her things she doesn't want to see. * Y'all don't think…don't think it was only temporary? She's braved the beige-and-blue meeting room again, gloves bunched nervously in her hands, knees locked tightly together. It's the question she refused to ask those first few months, sure she already knew the answer. But a room full of heads shake at her, and Mrs. Hertzfeld tells her it's completely normal to still feel ghost sensations. Like phantom limbs, she tells Marie, patting her comfortingly on the hand, give them time and they'll go away. * I don't know what to tell ya, kid. Logan neatly slices the apple in half, eating one-half of the green fruit with a decisive clench of his jaw. If Hank couldn't find anything, why're ya still worryin'? Marie shrugs, her chin resting in her palm. He offers her the other half, and shows no fear when her fingertips brush his knuckles. Then again, he never has. It's why she likes him, and why she'll never completely trust him. * I don't think it's safe, she tells Carol, looking out the window so that she doesn't have to see the effect of her words. She's seen more than her share of disappointment and pain for one lifetime. At least this time it's for the best. But Carol's strength, the same strength she admired, refuses to hear her. Carol's hands are sure, and they know all the places that Marie—that Rogue—can't say no to, those places that she's still getting re-acquainted with, the ones Carol has helped her make home again. Carol tells her that Marie doesn't have the right to make this choice for her, and Marie knows she's right. And she finds she can't say no when her body says yes. Even now, she's the weaker of the two. * She's known all along that Carol has precognition—it's the excuse Carol used to take her on dizzying flights through the city, barely dodging buildings and trees in a mad aerial roller coaster ride. I sense immediate danger and avoid it, Carol said, with her cocky fighter-pilot's smile. I won't let anything happen to you, love. And she didn't. Every flight, they landed unscathed. Marie hadn't seen Carol's pre-cognition as it was happening, but she recognizes it immediately, even before her skin screams out with a thousand pricking needles bursting up from under the surface, even before she collapses against Carol in a helpless throe of joint-wracking pain. Carol looks at her, takes Marie's face in her hands; her eyes tremble, glaze slightly, and she just has time to whisper this my gift before the world goes white and Marie stops being Marie and Rogue is born into a world of searing agony and power. So much power. Carol hadn't lied to her: every flight, Marie lands unscathed. But in their last one, skin to skin, it's only Marie who lands, and Carol who keeps flying, aware of the danger, and shooting straight up into the white-hot glare of the sun. * Rogue knows hospitals. She knows the sound of heart monitors, the squeak of sneakers on linoleum when the uninjured party standing at the bedside can't stand to look anywhere else. She went into County General a young girl unready to face the consequences of actions she hadn't made the choice to commit, unwilling to believe that a kiss could really be responsible. She apologized through glass and didn't make it past the door until he'd been discharged. She enters New York Presbyterian three years older and lifetimes wiser, clothed from head to toe in black. She has made a vow that she will never again set foot outside without this uniform again. She recites the names to Carol, each and every one: they are a line, not a path, but a living and breathing lineage that her skin remembers. Carol's brow feels cool even through the material of the gloves; she doesn't stir when Marie's lips press down on the velvet barrier. She flies, that night, for the first time, crazy with Carol, crazy with grief, but the wind is on her skin, and then she knows, as sure as she knows the hum of power: they're all with her. There are no strangers in the map of her skin, anymore, no doubts about who she is. She is Rogue, and is everyone she has ever touched. She isn't alone. They'll always be with her.

𝓝𝓲𝓬𝓮 ɢᴜʏ

09/13/2022 07:56 PM 

Character Details

Name: Koichi HaimawariAge: 24Hair color: BlackEye color: BlackHeight: 5' 7"Build: AverageOccupation: Store Clerk | VigilanteClothing: Black skinny jeans, black hoodie, black sneakers | Black skinny jeans, All Might Hoodie, protective gear, face mask and shades.Likes: Beef Stew, his penthouse, doing the right thing.Dislikes: 'Insta' powers, being pressuredResidence: A penthouse on an abandoned building.Personality type: NicePersonal goals: Be a professional hero.Quirks: Slide and GlideFuture: Developing slide and glide. Brief Life History:Koichi Haimawari is a store clerk by day and a professional vigilante by night. He helps out where he can, the best he can. He hopes to be a great hero one day. But will continue illegal vigilante work until he can get his license.

// : 𝙴𝚁𝚁𝙾𝚁 .ᐟ

09/13/2022 04:03 PM 

// : 𝙶𝚄𝙸𝙳𝙴 .ᐟ

001. ive been there , ive done that and i have zero interest in entertaining anyone's bullsh*t. so , ill be upfront : i wrote as himiko toga with the display names : devotae , yahtzee + endsinger. if you weren't fond of me then and aren't fond of me now , for whatever reason ; please do yourself a favor by removing me + blocking me.002. my interest in roleplay is very , very selective and rarely ever busy enough to keep me consistent. with that being said , dont expect me to be here as often as i used to be. i love writing , that hasn't / will never change but i do ask for patience as i have a partner , a full time job and many other interests that take up a lot of my time.003. i have a discord , ask for it.004. my character is a work in progress with ideas heavily inspired by the movie : gunpowder milkshake , john wick and other various forms of media. with that being said , i have no problem fitting fox in other scenarios.005. shipping probably wont happen. im selective , we have to form a relationship for me to trust our characters would even have one. if our story progresses and you feel , at any time , that it could form into a ship do not hesitate to ask me !006. i know these make me sound like such a d*ck but i swear it's due to the sh*t i've gone through and my tolerance level is pretty much non existent. i promise im friendly , please dont be afraid to ever come @ me with banter or writing of any kind as i promise i'll love every second of it.  psa : all pre-made greetings will be ignored.


09/12/2022 03:54 PM 

👁️ 𝑫𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝑺𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐫

DEMON SLAYER Wouldn’t you want to take a peek into your future? This is still a WIP.  Basics Name: MezmiHuman Name: UnknownGender: FemaleAge: 18 (Human), >80 (Demon)Species: Demon, formerly humanHeight: 5’ 2”Affiliation: Muzan, Non-KizukiAppearance: Demon Form, Light green skin peppered with bright blue freckles, pointy ears and teal hair all make her look incredibly otherworldly. Her all of her eyes have yellow sclera. Her two horizontally placed eyes are a bright violet that fades to a light pink, her vertically placed third eye has a vibrant violet with a teal ring circling her pupil. Human Veil, She frequently veils her demonic form as it’s exceedingly bizarre to the human eye, making her ability to blend in nigh impossible. Third eye closes, hidden to the normal eye, her other two shifting to a Her vibrant light green skin turns light and peachy, freckles shifting to a dark orange instead of blue. Teal locks dipping into a deep black, only the tips revealing their true hue.  Abilites Skills: Superhuman Anatomy, Telepathy, Illusions, Blood Demon Arts⭐ Superhuman Anatomy: As with all demons, Mezmi’s physical capabilities are far greater than that of a human. Most notably, she is very nimble.⭐ Telepathy: She is able to remotely communicate with those who grant her permission or are in close proximity to her. Sometimes she’s able to speak telepathically with someone at a distance who has not granted permission if they are “open minded,” exceedingly naive, or significantly weaker than her. This also extends to hearing the thoughts of humans, she uses her role as a fortune teller to create a willing environment for humans to let her hear their thoughts and is typically able to give them fortunes based on what they’re thinking. However, if she wanted to, Mezmi is capable of causing severe mental distress or death, especially when combined with her other powers, on those who allow her too much free reign. She’s seldom done it but has when meeting a human she finds particularly despicable.⭐ Illusions: Unlike Tamayo’s illusionary powers, Mezmi’s can work in one of two ways. The first is the easiest and most common application of subtly altering things in the environment. This can be used as nothing more than entertainment, changing the color of things, the image on a crystal ball, or to conceal or hide something. The second comes in the form of Blood Demon Art, Mindscape.🌠 Blood Demon Art - Mindscape: Between telepathy and illusions she’s able to cast powerful mindscapes that feel exceeding real for the affected person or persons. This can be pleasant, for example, a child being able to see a deceased parent one last time, or brutal, for example, a serial killer seeing the rotting remains of their victims clawing all over them. This can be based on Mezmi’s own influence, the affected thoughts and feelings, or the escalating emotion of the affected continuing to feed into what they see. This can be easily broken out of if the affected realizes that they are being affected by illusions.🌠 Blood Demon Art - Governance: Mezmi is able to see the location and current actions of the target person. The only limiting factor is she must have seen the person face to face at least once and remember their face. The only exception she’s found is Muzan.🌠 Blood Demon Art - Inviolate: None of Mezmi’s abilities are naturally offensive and could be classified as support at best. However, she does have one combat applicable skill. She can create an incredibly powerful barrier in an area she can see. She can cast multiple at a time and shatter them at will; she can also control what does and does not pass through them. These shattered fragments are exceptionally deadly and Mezmi can control what passes through them.  Backstory She holds no memories of the small village she grew up in with her siblings. Days spent in poverty, working hard to make sure all mouths had food, used to going nights without meals lost in the deepest parts of her mind. As are the happy memories of summer afternoons playing in the forest with her siblings, dodging some of the work their mother had tasked them with. And the last of them, the demon her sisters had stumbled upon in the early hours of night, out just a little too late. One by one their bodies hit the forest floor as they tried to run back home to safety, unknowingly running a demon to a banquet. The youngest of the girls didn’t die that night.Her first retained memories are waking up in an unfamiliar building with bodies littered about and continuous pangs of insatiable hunger. After quelling her hunger with the remains, she attempted to leave the building, greeted by the sun, and quickly found the sun’s welcome to be inhospitable to her. The Night had become her new home, rather than the walls she’d spent her human childhood within.Years tick by and her power slowly grows. Oftentimes opting to not kill humans, as a few dead humans attracted too much of their ire and attention she typically feasted on the recently dead or animals, mostly prey animals, and kept moving to avoid gaining too many eyes on her. However, she did attract the attention of one, Muzan. Her pleasant demeanor and useful demon arts made her rather valuable to him. Mezmi’s greatest assets to Muzan are her information-gathering abilities and financial benefits. Mezmi’s demonic powers gave him the ability to keep track of particular people if he so chooses. Additionally, Mezmi works as a traveling fortune teller which has amassed a great deal of money. 


09/12/2022 03:31 PM 

👁️ 𝒀𝐮 𝒀𝐮 𝑯𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐨

YU YU HAKUSHO My people are known for their sight, but I will not simply watch as my family is killed. This is still a WIP.  Basics Name: MezmiGender: FemaleAge: Unknown, AdultSpecies: Demon, TriuneHeight: 5’ 2”Appearance: Demon Form, Light green skin peppered with bright blue freckles, pointy ears and teal hair all make her look incredibly otherworldly. All of her eyes have yellow sclera. Her two horizontally placed eyes are a bright violet that fades to light pink, her vertically placed third eye has a vibrant violet with a teal ring circling her pupil. Human Veil, Since her appearance would make her very obvious to humans, she’s able to cast an illusion to look far more human. Her hair and eye color are the same, though she tends to wear her hair down instead. However, her skin is a peachy complexion and her sclera are white instead of yellow, her third eye veiled. Her ears are much smaller but still have a distinct point to them.  Abilites Skills: Superhuman Anatomy, Telepathy, Illusions, Gem Control, Minor Psychokinesis, Mine Veil, Grand Sight, Cerberus’ Bulwark⭐Superhuman Anatomy: As with all demons, Mezmi’s physical capabilities are far greater than that of the typical human. Most notably, she is very nimble.⭐Telepathy: She is able to remotely communicate with those who grant her permission or are in close proximity to her. Sometimes she’s able to speak telepathically with someone who has not granted permission if they are “open-minded,” exceedingly naive, or significantly weaker than her. However, if she wanted to, Mezmi is capable of causing severe mental distress or death, especially when combined with her other powers, on those who allow her too much free reign. She seldom does it but has when meeting someone she finds particularly despicable.⭐Illusions: Mezmi’s is capable of making convincing illusions, many times using this to alter her appearance or to make her weapons and abilities to see more powerful.⭐Gem Control: Mezmi has numerous controllable gems that she’s able to manipulate via her powers. They can be controlled with pinpoint precision and deadly speed. She’s also about to make gems in the human world change color or do small tricks/parlor tricks.⭐Minor Psychokinesis: She’s able to control items other than gems to a minor degree with less precision and speed. The size of these items are only about equal or less than the size of a basketball.✨ Mind Veil: Between telepathy and illusions she’s able to cast powerful mindscapes that feel exceeding real for the affected person or persons. This can be pleasant, for example, a child being able to see a deceased parent one last time, or brutal, for example, a serial killer seeing the rotting remains of their victims clawing all over them. This can be based on Mezmi’s own influence, the affected thoughts and feelings, or the escalating emotion of the affected continuing to feed into what they see. This can be easily broken out of if the affected realizes that they are being affected by illusions.✨ Grand Sight: Mezmi is able to see the location and current actions of the target person. The only limiting factor is she must have seen the person face to face at least once and remember their face. There are exceptions, however, there’s only one human she’s met who can break her ability to break her sight, Genkai.🌠 Cerberus’ Bulwark: None of Mezmi’s abilities are naturally offensive and could be classified as support at best. However, she does have one combat applicable skill. She can create an incredibly powerful barrier in an area she can see. She can cast multiple at a time and shatter them at will; she can also control what does and does not pass through them. These shattered fragments are exceptionally deadly and Mezmi can control what passes through them.  Backstory Hailing from the demon realm, Mezmi is the youngest of her family. She is a Triune, a species of demon whose powerful third eyes are oftentimes harvested by stronger demons to sell, typically as refined implants for wealthy demons. She and her family are considered lucky, with a powerful patron allowing them to live in relative safety. He, in exchange, demands absolute servitude. Being the youngest, her siblings bear the biggest brunt of the hardships handed down from their master, trying to protect her from his cruelty. However, when Mezmi’s second eldest sister goes missing and their patron shows little worry, even after she’s found dead with her third eye removed, Mezmi begins to use her powers to watch their ever so benevolent owner. While nothing concrete amounts, she is able to learn two things. He has little use for his green three-eyed pets and many of his contacts can’t stand him. Though sitting and watching can only do so much, and were he to discover her prying eyes, he'd kill her… or worse.Mezmi leaves in the dead of night to try to get answers and, somehow, her family’s freedom, fearing their patron has less than kind intentions now that he’s grown tired of them. Concealing her third eye and trying to use her powers as minimally as possible, she manages to reach out to one of his contacts who likes him the least, a man named Shigure. Through him she finds out that her sister’s eye has indeed been sold and implanted into another demon. In turn for his information, her payment comes in the form of her life’s story and a promise. The promise she was given, if she finds the demon with her sister’s eye, she cannot kill him or tell him that it’s her sister's eye. Since she'd no intention of killing the demon who simply purchased an eye, she agrees. Before she leaves, Shigure offers one more bit of information, as a thank you for being “chattier than his last visitor,” in regards to her desire for freedom, something called the Dark Tournament.


09/12/2022 02:44 PM 


Guidelines were created on 9/008 back on myspace and have proven. I wanted to show my appreciation for taking the time to read through these guidelines. I. I'm unprejudiced with drama started through role-playing. Please, I asked nicely not to mix Role-play and Real. Can you keep them separated?Red Flag: Judgmental, cyberbullying, Arrogant, harassment, and not controlling my character. You will be removed without warning. Please don't judge the character I'm role-playing. I'm here for presentations, to make friends, and to be creative. Seriously don't have the psychic mind power to know what you want when it comes to topics. Please communicate with me for a better understanding.  II. Becoming friends? Sure. I can be vigilant when it comes to asking for information all of a sudden without not knowing each other. As long I don't get involved with drama; because it's none of my business. Mind my own business and focus on getting to replies, edits, and doing stuff. I couldn't care less if I have someone on my list that you have a hate issue. Currently here to get along. I'm not here for favoritism or picking sides. Please don't test my acknowledgment. I'm not here to show off.III. About my Personality: Please do not take me personally! Nice, respectful, loyal, honest, friendly, caring, understanding, and laid back. Will not tolerate bullsh*t.  IV. My RP skills are exalted at best, whether or not show it. It can be slothful when my days come from being unmotivated. If you are strident at me. Currently careless. I'd role-play 9/2008-present years.: I do Paragraphs, Multiply through Novella in Organization & Message. Crossover is welcome.  Role-play through wall statues more often. Please keep Real drama out of it!  If there is a story plot you are dissatisfied with, please let me know for a re-discussion.  Greeting & Chat welcome in comments & messages. About my Discord. Rare giving out to anyone that's going to harass or start trouble. I'm being careful to who I give my discord out. Use Discord for Rp and Chat mainly. V. About Edits & Layout: Yes, I do edit and layout for a close relative. VI. Here is some genre list that I'm here for: Adventure, Action, Thrilling/Suspense, Slice of Life, RP Drama, Horror, Creepypasta, Fantasy, Video Game, Spar/Fighting, Anime. Not Interest is Romance, Smut.  VII. I do have a LIFE! Being online 24/7 isn't going to happen all the time. Please understand I have responsibilities outside. Occasionally try to be online ASAP for your replies. Do not RUSH ME! I respect everyone's absence delays, can you do the same for me? VIII. My Where about: Retirement can occur if dealing with circumstances outside, etc. Return when life settles down. Going on a hiatus for the emergency, only give out a small brief notification when I return. IX. Thrilling presentation such as battle. Those performances are welcome through statues, messages, and organizations. Otherwise, there will not be any tolerated god mods or auto hits. X. About the Relationship: Currently Taken in both statuses. If you try to connect me to do smut or flirtation will be removed. I'm laid back, here for friends and rp fun. No hitting and flirting.XI. Grammar is a Must: Insist you using grammar & literate. Understand when it comes down to making an error typo. Do your best. Don't accept perfectionism. You all are here to have fun. I'll do my best. I'm dissatisfied with unnecessary grammar. XII. Joining Organization: Concerned about whom I'm joining. Exceptionally when it comes to those that expect you to know when there are no rules. I will be asking but avoid any situation. XIII. I've known by Role-play Code Conduct since back on Myspace. I know the valuable meaning of RP. I know the limits of what I'm allowed and can't do. Therefore, please don't treat me like I don't understand. Note: No trying to capture Ceruledge with a Master ball, try using another Pokemon ball. 


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Rules Gu(eye)delines of a Seer.   Writing! ⭐ First off, I love to write, which makes sense as to why I chose this as my hobby! However, I mention this because I tend to write quite a bit, I tend to get carried away or into the piece I’m writing. This can make my posts quite lengthy. I do try to catch myself and dial things back, but please don’t feel like you have to match length, that doesn’t matter to me. Take the space you need to reply! That being said, if I send three paragraphs and you send three words, I’m liable to check out sooner rather than later.⭐ I’m open to pretty much all themes and genres. There are exceptions, however! Purely combat-focused roleplays. I don't find them very fun to write. I’m more than happy to have combat or fighting scenes within a larger scope of the roleplay, but if the entire interaction is to fight, such as a fighting tournament post, I’m not that interested.⭐ I may be a tad slow with starters and replies, but I seldom forget to reply. If it’s been a little bit and you’re worried I forgot, feel free to give me a little nudge.  Verses! ⭐ I’m open to all crossovers! Though, do forgive me if I don’t know your verse very well!⭐ I will have set AUs for verses that I’m highly interested in and know a good deal about such as Demon Slayer and Yu Yu Hakusho. I will also have some open genre ones, such as Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Crime, Modern, and so on. However, TenSura / That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is the foundation for my OC. Regardless of what verse my character is in, her general personality will remain the same and her powers, while adapted to fit better, will also be largely the same.⭐ No, you don’t have to know my verse to be able to interact or add me. Though, I highly recommend the series!  Interactions! ⭐ Just because it shows me as online, this doesn’t mean I actually am. I have a horrid habit of not logging out and wandering off to do something else. So, if you see me online and I’m not answering, I’m not ignoring you!⭐ Comments or messages! Both are a-okay with me!⭐ Discord is highly selective and writing partners tend to get it as opposed to someone I’m just chatting with. Please don’t take it personally if I don’t send it your way.⭐ Copy and paste greetings are fine, but I value personalized greetings more and in-character greetings the most. However, none are wrong and I’m always happy to get a discussion going!⭐ Message spam is one of my biggest pet peeves. This does not mean I’ll be annoyed at sending a second message because you forgot to mention something, want to tell me something else, or bump a reply that you fear I may have missed. What I mean by spam is giving me very little time to answer and sending multiple messages or “are you there????” or something akin to that.⭐ If I ever send a second request after being denied, I deeply apologize! I’m not sure if everyone does this, but I add interesting people to my favorites until I clear out some of my owed greetings and send a request later. Sometimes I forget if I sent a request or added to favorites! It’s a bad habit of mine and I promise I’m not trying to be a pain in the butt.  Credits! ⭐ All of my art is either commissioned by me from an artist, heavily edited by me, drawn by me, or a gift from a friend. If there is an original to provide and you’d like it, it will be linked beneath the image itself, otherwise you’ll see a link to the artist I commissioned.⭐ Coding is either taken from one of the lovely resource sites or, on the off chance, done by myself. All credits will remain posted, please let me know if one fails to work and you need the link!  Final Words! 🌠 I do this as a hobby for fun, please don’t make it feel like a chore. I love to write and want to continue to do it! Most of what I have is general info or should be pretty self-explanatory. I hope to get writing with you and look forward to the stories we can dream up together! c:


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Martial Arts & Skills

《Sword Smite III》: A charge-in type of Martial Art. A part of a Martial Art series which includes 《Sword Smite》. 《Heat Sonic》: A Martial Art learned at level 80. A powerful technique that makes the edge go red hot, and cut eight times in an instant. 《Finger Blade》: A Martial Art that uses SP to give a bare hand the power of a dagger. It was able to cut through metal armor. 《Iron Wall》: A Martial Art that lets Diablo endure attacks with his SP. Using it, he defended against an attack that would have otherwise bisected his shoulder. 《Omit》: Omits the charging (aria) of magic. 《Underwater Movement》: Allows easier movement underwater.


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Spells   《Return》: Magic that is the basic of the basics. It allows a person or party to return to the last town they had visited. 《Ice》: A low-level spell that conjures and manipulates ice. 《Water》: A low-level spell that conjures and manipulates water. 《Light》: A low-level Light Attribute spell. A ball of light that flies towards the ceiling (or open air), and once it hits (or reaches a certain height), it bursts and light spreads out in the room/immediate area. This is a magic spell created by Diablo in his spare time practicing magic as a counter-measure for night warfare. He can also imbue objects with it. 《Fire》: A low-level spell that conjures and manipulates fire.   《Arm Scrap》/《Arm Break》: A weapon destroying spell. It has no effect on equipment that was greater than Rare. This means that it is restricted to weapons that have not been bestowed with magic. It has no use in Player battles, but it does have an effect in drastically shaving off the offensive ability of monsters that possessed weapons.   《Stardust》: Level 30 Water Type spell. A weak magic. Its visual effects (sparkling hexagonal ice crystals fluttering about) is showy. When used by a magician with a short charge time, it is possible to fire it in rapid succession in the surrounding area around the opponent to use 《Stardust》's visual effects as a smokescreen.   《Bit Arrow》: A spell that conjures an arrow of light and shoots out toward the enemy. Its power is low and has a high hitting accuracy. 《Explosion》: Level 50 Fire spell; collecting the hydrogen within the atmosphere, it ignites that spot using magical power. 《Flare Burst》: A superior version of the 《Explosion》 spell. It can cause a rare Critical Hit and sometimes Fumble. 《Air Shoot》: A spell as if a squall had blown in. It separates the opponent to a distance away from the caster. 《Lightning Bullet》: A high-ranking Lightning spell. A bullet of Light that is shot at the opponent. 《Dark Bullet》: A high ranking Dark spell. A bullet of Darkness that is shot at the opponent. 《Dark Press》: A spell which produces a black sphere of Darkness that is thrown/tossed at the opponent. Manipulating gravity, it would flatten enemies that were in its effect range of 5 meters. It also has the special effect of putting the enemy in a Bind status for a while. 《Dark Flare》: A spell that conjures a black hellfire. 《Dark Burst》: A spell that causes a soundless explosion. 《Black Lance》: A spell that summons and launches a jet-black lance. 《Darkness Rain》: A spell that creates Darkness arrows that downpour like black rain on the opponent. 《Aero Shredder》: The highest grade Chemical Element Magic of the Wind attribute under level 100. The target of the spell is wrapped up in a green flash with a thunderous roar being raised as the target is cut into pieces.   《Burst Rain》: Level 70 ranged spell; A ball of fire appears in the sky and bursts open together with a thunderous roar. Clumps of flame that were about the size of fists will rain incessantly on the spots the caster aimed at. 《Super Mine》: Level 80 Earth attribute planting-type spell; It is a trap that would break out from the aimed at the ground, and bestow damage on the opponent that passed by above it. The damage it gave was small but with its characteristics being the time until it activates being fast, it was a magic meant to bring down monsters and Warriors that were filling in the distance. 《Freezia》: Level 80 Water spell; putting a brake on the molecule's motion with magic, it makes them freeze. A magic that would freeze the target's range. 《Volcanic Wall》: Level 80 Fire and Earth spell; Flames were made to spout out from the ground like an eruption and make a flame wall. 《Freeze Zone》: Level 90 Ice spell; it would freeze a small targeted range. It would also bestow the speed reducing bad status 《Cold》. 《Heaven's Fall》: Level 100 Earth spell; it gives damage over a vast range by making countless meteorites appear. By determining the aim with an FPS point of view, the meteorites could be guided to a certain degree, and it was possible to increase the power in exchange for narrowing the range. Hard to use against small opponents, but extremely effective against gigantic monsters and large groups of opponents. 《Cross Blizzard》: Level 110 Wind and Water/Ice spell; Two tornadoes springs forth. All that touched them were frozen over, and on top of that, they were smashed to pieces due to the winds.   《Matoi Izuna》: A Wind and Light spell; by cladding a kamaitachi in lightning and firing that at the opponent, it would tear the opponent apart from the inside. While it would continue to bestow slip damage to the opponent for a fixed amount of time and paralyze them, it had the effect of bestowing large damage at the end. The "large damage" is a pure white explosion caused by a pillar of light that engulfs the opponent. 《Hercules Lance》: A level 120 Light Attribute spell. Creates a 5m spear of light. 《Naraku》: Level 130 Darkness spell; The effective range was touch--meaning it would only happen to the opponent it was touching. A magic spell that creates a minuscule black hole that forcibly imprisons the enemy in an airspace of darkness. The power is high and the effect is tremendous with only a 5% chance/probability it will Fumble and fail. 《White Nova》: Level 150 Fire and Light spell; The strongest magic spell that Diablo can use. On the tip of his staff, a pure white fireball about the size of a ping-pong ball is produced. The fireball then falls to the ground at a lax speed. The instant the fireball touches the ground, it will split open in a pure white flash with a thunderous roar--a disintegrating annihilation due to magic power should be repeatedly happening in the effect range of the attack. The effect range is a semi-circle that went about twenty-something meters forward from the caster's feet. Its power is tremendous enough to defeat a high-level monster in one hit. However, the weakness of such a powerful spell is the huge MP consumption along with how it took time until the spell is invoked (Diablo needed thirty-something seconds until the spell was invoked). 《Apocalypse Abyss》: A 《Forbidden Spell》. It established magical power points in thirteen spots and was something close to a 《Formation-type Magic》. Its power was high but with a long prep time which only makes it useful against an opponent that moves in a limited space. Within the set range, pillars of light rise up from the thirteen magical power points. The four classical chemical elements raged about and physical objects changed into dust entirely. Lightning ran around, magma blew about, and things that were frozen burst in an instant. A current of magical power was swirling about.  The four classical chemical elements that were spouting out became a tornado tinged with lightning and rose to the heavens swallowing up the area in the set range and causing immense damage. This magic possesses the four elements of earth, water, fire, and wind. Against a being of the Darkness attribute, it has an extremely high effect. 《 Flight Magic》/《Adzet》: A magic which makes objects float. The caster can control how high, which direction and speed of the object. It has a limited effect time.   《Gravity Abyss》 A multiplex magic. 《Dark Arc Seek》: A maximum magic that makes a bow arc with limbs made of darkness.   《Black Hole Arrow》: A maximum magic that makes a black hole sphere.   《Air Block》: Creates an invisible barrier harder than concrete in the air.   《Lightning Sphere》: A three-meter sphere covered in purple lightning that slowly moves forward.   《Absolute Zero》: One of the Water Attribute's strongest magic. Any and all kinetic energy is completely and eternally lost. The target was limited to one person, and the spell won’t activate unless done at zero distance.   《Darkness Cannon》: A high ranking Darkness Attribute magic. It fires a jet black cannonball of condensed magical power.   《Grand Tornado》: A maximum magic. Makes a tornado.   《Earth Bounce》: An Earth Attribute magic. Creates an earth tremor. It does not affect whatever is within a 3-meter radius of the caster.   《Virus Cloud》: Poison magic. A level 110 Darkness and Wind Attribute magic. It makes a black cloud of poison and spreads it forward.   《Lightning Arrow》: A Light Attribute magic. The superior version of 《Bit Arrow》. 《Glakius Cannon》: It was magic that fired a clump of ice. However, the ice that was generated through Diablo’s powerful magical power was a gigantic lump of ice that was bigger than a single adult. 《Sonic Boom》   《Thunder Axe》   《Rust Burst》   《Chain Lightning》   《Rock Cannon》: A level 130 Earth Attribute magic.   《Lightning Meteor》   《Sylph Shield》   《Lightning Escalation》   《Press Shredder》: A level 110 Wind Attribute magic.   《Sonic Wave》: A Wind Attribute defense magic. 《Demon Squeeze》: A level 120 Darkness Attribute magic. The highest form of 《Dark Press》.   《Ice Age》   《Lightning Storm》: A high-level magic that possesses Light and Wind attributes. 《Enel Cannon》   《Tidal Wall》: A magic formation spread out, and a column of water was raised.   《Weather Rain》: Rain clouds immediately sprung forth and a magic rain precipitate., and loosely wet the ground.   《Ruination Flame》: It was the flash of light that possessed a colossal amount of heat, it was said to possess the greatest amount of power in the Cross Reverie. Diablo can only use it when equipped with 《Ruination ring》, but in return, it did not allow the use of any other spells.


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Friendly advice:Add at least a few words of nuance specific towards who your copypaste greeting will be sent to, as if you read their profile and gave more thought to things apart from Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V. Those few words would make you positively stick out and you can even weed out those who present a flatline feedback/response your way (i.e. the dull/uninterested ones). You can be lazy but still be smart and forthcoming about how you go about things. Be the vibrant variable, not the boring baseline.Thanks for attending my TED Talk.

Empyrean Psalms

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This character is a beloved OC of mine. The verse she is from is Fate/Stay Night and the other series that fall under the Nasuverse: Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai, etc. For those who don't know the Nasuverse, Aislin's main setting is based in the modern day where people do not know the occult exist. However, I am open to other settings involving Aislin's being transported into another realm such as D&D's Faerun. In terms of post length mine can vary from two paragraphs upwards. I don't do anything below one paragraph. I understand some posts will be shorter and some longer. Among themes I enjoy there's slice of life, comedy, action and so on. I incorporate them depending in the situation or what direction the plot should go. I'm fine with much darker themes too. I do ask for some discussion before writing, else I might ignore the starter. Don't push me to respond but you can poke me if I have not responded in a few days. Depending on if I feel comfortable I can toss out my Discord.

Empyrean Psalms

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Long, long ago there was a young lady. She knew not of magic yet a spark rested deep within her bosom. From a small village she aided her family with gathering, washing, and hunting. A simple beauty who questioned much, who desired to understand her own dreams. Often she sat at the river side gazing at the reflecting moon and sun. Perhaps it was by chance or fate she came across a traveling man. He required a place of rest and food, and offered him respite. Over the passing days they became close and he saw something special within her. Though hardly gifted he passed on two simple mystical spells that might aid her; Memory Alteration and Suggestion. She, Sophia, became the first of the Atwater. An unclaimed place where no words had yet been laid on stream or stone. By river's side did Sophia make her homestead. The land was fair and river long. of mighty tree and stone did she build. Lacking mystical knowledge yet the heart passed along its spark to her heir; here family was forged and her child built upon her knowledge, and her child's child setting the foundation for Bounded Fields and dreamcraft within that domain.And so the third birthed the forth, and the forth the fifth; who would aimed for True Magic, to "make dreams a reality". As story goes: The queen beneath the stream, the queen of starlight, the empress of silver fountains shall come into her own. Her heart shall be upholden, her mind restrung, her deeds shall echo bright to songs yore resung. Her name was Aaliyah. It was her who decided she would have an offspring with a family of natural psychics who did not posses magecraft. Over the next few generations the two families used selective breeding in order to one day produce an offspring capable of True Magic, for Aaliyah understood she could not pass the "final step" so she vanished one day saying she would return.   And so they reach the precipice. A gifted daughter, a child born after ten generations who was considered the crystallization of their goal - Aislin, a child born with the Origin of Dream. Beautiful brown hair, bright eyes, and a joyful spirit. She was the first to truly develop a proper, natural, psychic power of empathy. In her youth a cousin became extremely attached to Aislin, and they were nearly inspirable despite a four year age gap. However, one tragic day Lily was killed in a dangerous battle against another magus. Lily's bloodied corpse lay before the despaired Aislin who cried a river of tears. She prayed and wished for a way to save her beloved cousin, her best friend. Aislin still felt Lily's presence, her spirit.Their attachment to one another developed a psionic bond, as Lily was something strange among the side family, an abnormality that possessed immense psionic power. Perhaps it was that, or their connection that fettered Lily's soul to the mortal plane. And so, Aislin pushed her magecraft beyond her limits and attached several of her own magic circuits, part of her flesh, Lily's soul, and body into a Ghost Liner Familair. This connetion didn't revive Lily, but now she acts as Aislin's familiar. It was this action that caused Aislin's hair to become white, as well gift Aislin with telepathy and telekinesis while also granting Lily the use of magecraft. A horrific event that made Aislin stronger than before. She was truly the Atwater's greatest achievement.


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IntroductionFirst Name: Ezra Last Name: StevensNickname: Mommy, Mama, EzzieGender: FemaleAge: 33Species: HumanSexual Orientation: StraightAbout herPersonality: Cheerful, Dependable, Flexible, Good-Natured, Mature, Caring, Peaceful, Playful, Passionate, Skillful, TimidLike(s): younger men and boys, flashing lights, shirtlessness, social events, planes, darts, cake decorating, soft blankets, documentaries, pet adoption, mountains, stuffed animals, Dislike(s): long fingernails, American football, vinyl records, washing clothes, smokeHobbies: Sewing, Drawing, Painting, CookingAllergies: DustFear(s): AichmophobiaExtraAccessories: NoneMakeup: Lipstick/gloss, eyelinerScars: NoneTattoo(es): NoneJewelry: Necklace, earringsPiercing(s): NoneFavoritesTheme Song: Boss Bitch - Doja CatFavorite Food(s): Fried Chicken, Sushi, Peaches, French Toast, BlueberriesFavorite Drink(s): Wild Cherry PepsiFavorite Color(s): Gimblet, Bright Turquoise, Pelorous, Blossom, ChestnutFavorite Animal(s): Butterfly, AlpacaFavorite Season(s): Summer, WinterFavorite Holiday(s): ChristmasFavorite Time of Day: Evening  

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