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05/04/2021 12:29 PM 

Character 7

Name: AdamGender: MaleAge: 26Height: 6ftGenre: FantasyStory: He was a being cursed with the ability to change into a werewolf, He acted feral at times but when he was in control of his emotions he came off as a very caring person.He was with his Kin until he met someone who had caught his eye they were a mage that had come to help his Kin with a problem in the forests around their home, Evil spirits had been terrorizing them for years, This person had cleared the area of the spirits and Adam had an urge to follow this person and explore the world with them.Personality: Pretty reckless at times.Can be aggressive towards strangers.Can be protective if he starts to care for someone.Caring about wild creatures.Enjoys the moonlight.Abilities: Stronger than most people.Has the ability to change at any time but will cause fatigue when changing back.Has an affinity for magic but does not know it yet.


05/04/2021 12:28 PM 

Character 6

Name: AugustGender: MaleAge: 23Height: 5’4ftGenre: FantasyStory: August was born into a rich mage family so while growing up he gained a bit of an arrogant personality, Always thinking he was better than everyone and that no one could tell him what to do.That changed one day when he picked a fight with the wrong person, The wrong mage, He was skilled at the craft but lacked any physical capabilities, The mage simply told him he needed to leave and in his arrogance he refused and told them to instead, Within an instant that person had grabbed his arm and pulled him over their shoulder and slammed him to the ground in front of many off his peers.Ever since then he has become reckless with his mage craft trying to get better so that he could never be caught off guard again.Personality: Extremely arrogant but has a hidden soft spot if you catch him in the gardens or near any cats, Especially kittens.


05/04/2021 12:27 PM 

Character 5

Name: SocksGender: MaleAge: 25Height: 5’2ftSpecies: DrowGenre: FantasyStory: Socks was once heavily cursed by a witch in the woods for breaking into her house, Eating all her food, Stealing all her gold and final offense, Spitting in her face, It almost seemed like he wanted to be cursed.After about 4 years of being cursed into the form of an Orc that has an absolute need to get everyone they care about killed any way he can, His curse was broken (Death toll was about 148) In his cursed form his intelligence was reduced and living like that for years caused his intelligence to stay reduced in some aspects.He does not remember his own name, He calls himself Socks but does not know what socks are and calls them "Demonic foot restraints" Attempting to explain it to him will only earn you an eldritch blast to the face which he will then heal the wounds and repeat if anyone persists to explain to him what his name means.Personality: Bipolar as f***, Ranges from happiest person on earth to attempting to blow up a kingdom because the local bakery was out of fresh cookies.[This character was one of my more chaotic DnD characters, In the campaign I used him in he had a curse that made him want to befriend evil creatures, He managed to set a 700ft long snake free from its 1,000 year imprisonment while also getting cursed from touching the water surrounding the chains he broke, Pointed the snake to a village near by so it could get some dinner, Looted the destroyed village found a cursed necklace that if you fed it gold you could look like anything... He gave it to snake and turned him humanish and used the snake as a weapon by ripping off the necklace, This character once gained 3 levels the first time he used snake boy as a weapon, Ohh but his adventures didn't end there, Ohh no not at all, He also managed to seduce and befriend a psychopathic warforged that was in the middle of cutting open his friend and replacing their organs with mechanical parts, Heck even helped him repair his mechanical dragon but it doesn't end there he ran into a mob called a Sweet Tooth which looks like a man, He took it down until it collapsed into a puddle of melted sugar, Bottled it up and with the DM expecting me to fail the religion check managed to make the enemy into his familiar, He also befriended a dragon and destroyed a kingdom... The DM was a little inexperienced when dealt my level of f***ery.]


05/04/2021 12:27 PM 

Character 4

Name: DragneelGender: MaleAge: ???Height: 6’2ftSpecies: Dragon bloodline.Genre: FantasyStory: Dragneel was once capable of turning into a dragon when he was younger but as he got older he realized it was easier to stay hidden in a more human like form and after a few centuries he came to realize that he could no longer remember how to change back and was stuck in this form wandering the world until one day he became heavily injured from a bandit attack and they used some type of magic that made his flesh almost human like so he could be wounded, He quickly ran to a nearby kingdom and hid inside until a prince found him wounded and called for help, Due to his large size and obvious signs of a dragon bloodline the king decided in order to repay his debts he was to be the personal guard to the third prince which he did as he was ordered, He had to repay the young prince for saving his life and he became a loyal guard for the prince and only the prince.Personality: Due to many centuries of being alive he has a dislike of humans but if he finds one to be worthy he will treat them kindly to an extent.


05/04/2021 12:26 PM 

Character 3

Name: Rin AsatoGender: MaleAge: 24Height: 5'7ftEyes: CrimsonSpecies: Miqo'teGenre: Fantasy (Can always be used outside of it if you can explain his scarring)Story: Rin was born in a town that was secluded from the rest of the world and it was not done by choice, Wars that were waged in the rest of the world had taken its toll on this town and this caused bandits to raid the town.This town’s primary source of income was the mines deep below it which did not form standard ores but crystals that grew over time that contained a large amount of magical energy which could be harvested and used to fuel spells or used to enchant items with magical energies, This town was not the only one but just the largest until the town was destroyed by bandits, They never fully recovered and never received aid from any of the kingdoms.The remaining people of the town decided they did not want to live in fear any longer and used the crystals below to fuel a spell that would hide the town from any outsiders but to make sure they could never step through the illusion they had a plan for that, Another spell in a radius around the barrier of the illusion that caused any outsider to see the most terrifying things imaginable, Few did make it through this however but they were never seen nor heard from again.This caused people to name the region the nightmare planes because the radius kept having to be expanded each time someone made it through so it reached a good chunk of land that only people from the town had grown a resistance to the effects but only the effects caused by the crystals they mined.This is caused by the fact that most of the people in this town have in some way, Shape or form consumed some of the crystal dust, It is in the water, It is in the food, It is everywhere because this town lives off the magic from the crystals.Now the mutations that this caused were not common but also were not rare.If a mother who is with child came into direct contact with concentrated amounts of the crystal by products it would cause the crystals to grow inside the skin of the baby while still in the womb, The crystals would not show until years after the birth, The exactly age varies but is commonly around the ages of 4-8.The crystals would start grow through the skin which is an extremely painful process and the only way to make it easier on the children is to skin the afflicted regions and allow the crystals to grow which standardly would take the minimal being 1 year and the maximum being 8 years with every 6 months the skin had to be cut around the crystal just in case of further growth.Rin was one of the afflicted children who had crystals that grew on his face down to a small amount on his chest and right arm.His childhood was painful as he had more crystal growth than what was normal and it ended when he was 16 years old, After that he was so happy to not have to endure the pain but he did grow a resentment for living in the town, So he decided he wanted to go to a bardic college and learn the skills to become a bard but that was not a class that anyone in the village knew about, They were all mainly fighters and magic users.Rin wanted a different life than what he was used to so he decided he would leave his town and venture out into the world then return at a later time…. After he left was when he realized something was different….. Wrong with him…At the age of 19 he decided he was leaving but wasn’t going to tell anyone because they would have stopped him as it was an extremely rare thing that someone would leave the town.Once he had left the illusion that protected the village he began to feel sick but he thought it was just from him being excited and nervous but when he was about half way out of the nightmare planes he began to see horrifying things, He fled in terror until he tripped and held his hand out and nothing happened and his hand went right through it…He realized the spell outside of the illusion was affecting him meaning something was wrong with the crystals in his skin, They were different from the ones in the mines…..He made his way to [Insert starting town’s name] He had a very outdated map to guide his way and it took him weeks to finally figure out he was going the wrong way which caused it to take months to make it to the town, Helping people on the way to the town he managed to avoid bandits and made some coin on the way, He had accumulated about 3 gold by the time he made it to the town.He took no time in waiting before making his way around the town looking for the bardic college where he began to learn the arts of a bard.He lived at the college and did chores and tasks to pay the rent to live there as well allowed some of the mages from the schools to examine his crystals on his face, He got some strange looks but nothing too bad happened since he stayed in the bardic college most of the time studying.He had a bag of the magic crystals in his bag which he sold to the mages guild to even pay to enter the bardic college. 


05/04/2021 12:25 PM 

Character 2

Name: YamiGender: MaleAge: ???Height: 6’2ftGenre: FantasyStory: He was once a dragon in a past life and even a god whose soul was split, He seeks out the other half of his soul that has its own body, He seeks to take everything that belonged to it as he yearns for what his other half has.He comes off as extremely protective and caring but it may just be him mimicking his other half.Personality: Kind and caring.Dark and malevolent.Evil and fearful.Abilities: Inducing fear.Controlling the actions of people against their will.The ability to make anyone think he is a friend.To seem harmless and kind.


05/04/2021 12:24 PM 

Character 1

Name: AlphaGender: MaleAge: ???Height: 6’2ftGenre: FantasyStory:Alpha does not remember his first life nor does he remember his name, He simply prefers to be called Alpha.He is a spirit being that is cursed to constantly be sent back to the land of the living to watch over special individuals and protect them.He is giving a physical form and some of the abilities he once had to be used for the protection of his charge.Abilities:Able to go back into his spirit form that is still visible to his charge.Enhanced fighting capabilities.In times of danger he can manifest the ability to teleport to his charge.Personality:Even though he is forced to take care of his charge he is honor bound to take it seriously and will give his all to protect the one he is bound to, He enjoys taking care of them and making sure their needs are met and that they are healthy.

ʜᴇʟᴘꜰᴜʟ ᴡᴏʀᴋᴀʜᴏʟɪᴄ

05/03/2021 07:08 PM 

- Rules -

1.) Warning: this is a multi-shipping account.2.) No minors, any characters/writers under the age of eighteen will be denied.3.) Literacy is required. I'm not asking for perfection, just some effort into the roleplay.4.) Messages only.5.) Roleplaying has nothing to do with real life, so don't take anything my character says/does personally.6.) No pure smut, there needs to be some sort of plot going on. Before, during, and after mature scenarios happen.7.) Adding on to rule #6, when mature scenarios come along, here's a shortlist of kinks to follow by.Likes: Bondage, Gags, Sex Toys, Orgasm Denial/Delay, and open to other types of kinks.Dislikes: ABDL, Pregnancy, Breeding, Watersports/Feces, Flogging, Whipping, Branding, Choking, Inflation, and DDLG.

ᴴᴬᵁᴺᵀ ᴹᴱ

05/03/2021 07:05 PM 

Leelawadee Agaric's Theme Songs


05/03/2021 04:23 PM 

Genshin Impact Pyro OC

AppearanceName: Feng-ShufenName Meaning: "Feng" -A Chinese word for someone who is like a phoenix. This name also means ‘maple’. "Shufen" - It means ‘someone with a good fragrance and who is well-liked’.Nicknames: Phoenix, Red Lotus of Liyue, Pretty BoyAge: 18Vision: PyroRace: HumanGender: Male Height: 5'9"Weight: 157 lbs.Eyes: Reddish brown. Hair: Shoulder length, auburn. Voice Claim: Kenichi SuzumuraS/O: Bisexual, male lean, switch depending on his partner. Relationship Status: Single Occupation: Modeling his family's clothing designs. Scars: A few, see image. Piercings: Tongue.Tattoos: See image.Weapon of Choice: His spear "Soaring Blaze".Outfit/Clothes: See image.Figure: See image, healthy, slight muscle. Turn Ons: Tight clothing, PDA, being pinned against surfaces, and more.~Likes: Showing off, good wine, eye candy, being used as eye or arm candy, flirting, teasing, dancing, people who are brave enough to play with fire, fashion.Dislikes: Bland food or tastes, crimes against fashion, those who look down on others. Elemental Skill: Quick Flare - Elemental energy gathers at the tip of his spear, forming a fireball that he can launch at his target with an upwards swing, applies the Fire debuff.  Elemental Burst: Inferno - Flames engulf the blade of his spear which he then slams into the ground, creating a vortex of fire in a large radius around him. This vortex remains on the field for a short time, trapping any enemy caught in it.   Personality: Flirtatious, sassy, snarky, a bit of a diva, supportive, playful, a bit vain but he has a heart of gold. He means well in what he does, wanting others to see how beautiful they are. He likes to give expensive gifts to those he cherishes, especially if he knows they want the item but can't afford it. He will also do this for complete strangers less fortunate than himself. He does however have a fiery temper and is easily riled, he will be quick to instigate a fight if you need him too. Or if he just wants, he's a tad mischievous.  Bio: Feng as you can imagine is from a very wealthy family that specializes in tailoring clothes and repairing antiques. They are exceptional at what they do and it has been the family business for many centuries. He does not however desire to follow in his ancestors footsteps, preferring to put his time into adventuring. His family was skeptical at first until he offered to wear whatever they wanted him to and show it off on his travels. Thus the business flourished more than before, opening up smaller shops in areas though their main shop is in Liyue Harbor.  Pets: A Corn Snake with a pretty bright morph, "Ming"   House/Residence: His family's estate in Liyue Harbor.   Theme Songs: Alone Pt. II - Alan Walker    Pyromania - Cascada    Nightcore - The Other Side  Quotes:  "I'm dazzling, I know darling." "I love that fire in your you're going to devour me whole…~" "Don't play with fire if you don't like getting burned.~"

Genshin impact, oc, original character, liyue, pyro

𝑳𝒂𝒅𝒚 𝑫.

05/03/2021 02:42 PM 


1. I do not do blantant Ero/smut, If you're seeking that please go to RP Tavern you thirsty simp. 2. Do not SIMP for mommy unless you like being choked, bitten or whatever other disturbingly nasty thing I'll have in stor for you. 3. I Multiship, or Poly whatever you want to call it on here I honestly don't care about single ships, I think they get boring fast. 4. I only Multi Para, I'm only here to write and NO, I don't tolerate stupidity (Unless your meme game isn't as weak as your pull out game) 

⌜ʟɪᴀʀ ʙᴏʏ⌟

05/02/2021 08:07 PM 


+ DANGANRONPA V3 SPOILERS !!!+ semi-selective adds+ 20 y/o+ yes, i've had a few other accounts...well, more than just a few. sorry if it's annoying, but my attention span is zero to none q w q,,,+ POTENTIAL TRIGGERING THEMES!! (ex, scars/harming, disorders, abuse, etc)+ alright so I am DYING to do a pregame!saiouma roleplay, if there's anyone willing to play a pregame!Shuichi (one that's like,,, a super creep/stalker who's kind of a sadomasochist...or, a pregame!Kaito is another fav!) and wants to do that please, please PLEASE tell me!! + NSFW can be discussed in chat! + again, on the NSFW topic, don't be afraid to discuss somewhat controversial kinks or interests with me if that's something you're looking to include, i love hearing any sort of suggestions- and i mean anything!!+ open to triggering or dark topics, not many limits here! anything with blood, gore, torture, or suggestive NSFW themes are all fair game!+ VERY easygoing when it comes to plots (or, again, triggering themes) so if you have something in particular you'd like to try, please don't hesitate to suggest it! i'm open to hearing anything (as mentioned).+ probably won't request nor message first, i'm kinda awkward lmaoooaoa+ open to trade info on places outside of here to chat (discord preferred) but only after a bit of chatting, please!+ good grammar is preferred!+ i, personally would like to be canon characters, but i'm happy to RP with other canon characters and OC's+ i love all sorts of replies, but nothing less than one or two sentences please! i love to write, but i also love just casual stuff, so anything ranging from one or two sentences to multiple paragraphs (as many as you'd like!) i'd absolutely, 100% be open to!+ i love in character greetings, so i have no problem receiving them if you so desire! however, if that's not your style and you would rather discuss first OOC then i'm 100% fine with that too.+ if anything else comes to mind (and i somehow remember) i'll be adding to this!f-list:


05/02/2021 08:04 PM 

Theresa's New Story

How she Survived Flevance and was cured from the Amber Lead.Theresa was born in the country of Flevance in the North Blue, where she lived with her parents, her father, who used to be a shipwright for Gold D Roger but now has his own shipwright company within Flevance. Theresa's mother was a well-known doctor from Drum Island, which is what Theresa aspires to be when she grows up.When the extermination squad appeared in Flevance, Theresa and her father managed to escape. He intended to rescue Theresa's mother and other remaining survivors. While he makes his way to the Hospital with Theresa in his arms, Theresa started to hear crying all around them, she shielded her ears in an attempt to filter out any of the sounds because it was too much for her.  When Theresa noticed, her father had stopped moving and haven’t moved in a while, she wanted to turn around and saw that the hospital where her mother was in is on fire. Theresa and her father were now emotionally shattered.Theresa’s father saw the extermination crew approaching them, but he immediately snapped back into action and left with Theresa, making it back to the docks without being spotted. He boarded his ship, leaving Theresa in the cabin safe and sound. He set sail and left Flevance unharmed, but Theresa's father noticed the Amber Lead symptoms before the assault on Flevance started, he kept it a secret because he didn't want to scare Theresa, particularly after losing her mother.Theresa's father has left for Drum Island, where he has friends who can help him get rid of the amber lead. Once Flevance was out of sight and they were clear, he went to check on Theresa, who was asleep. As he got closer, he saw that Theresa was starting to show signs of the Amber Lead.Later, her father went to see how many provisions they had available for the journey; he recalls that he didn't pack as much as they wanted because of the little time they had. As time passed, Theresa's father began to experience effects of the amber lead; his vision became fuzzy, and he collapsed onto the floor unconscious.Theresa's father slowly opened his eyes, but when he did so, he realised he was somewhere else. Theresa and her father have been rescued by Dragon and his crew, Dragon was in the North Blue moving to relevance after the amber lead plague and he needs to find out what caused it and whether the world government has anything to do with it, thus recruiting people to join the Revolutionary army.When they arrived at Drum Island, Theresa and her father were immediately welcomed and cared for by Kureha and the Isshi-100. Theresa and her father have been on Drum Island for a month, and Theresa has been unconscious since being rescued by Dragon and his crew. There was apparently good news and bad news. The bad news is that the Amber Lead in her father's bloodstream had spread out and he couldn't be healed, although they were able to slow it down so Theresa could say her goodbyes. The good news is that Theresa will be healed, but she will need to remain on Drum Island for at least another month to ensure that the effects of the Amber Lead are completely gone from her body.When Theresa was healed, she awoke to see Kureha by her side. Kureha told Theresa of her father's situation and stated that she has at least a day to say her final goodbyes to him. When Dragon dropped Theresa and her father off at Drum Island, he stayed for a few days to make sure they were in safe hands, and he asked Ivankov to stay with Theresa until she was fit to travel with them back to headquarters.Theresa's father awoke unexpectedly, but he was dying. He spoke to Theresa to say his last words to her, asking her to accompany Ivankov to their headquarters, where they would take care of her, and asking Theresa to stay strong. He also expressed his belief that she, like her mum, would make an amazing doctor. Then, realising he didn't have much time left, Theresa's father finale words were, "I love you my Dearest daughter" Then Theresa's father passed away, leaving her in agony.  

ᴴᴬᵁᴺᵀ ᴹᴱ

05/02/2021 02:06 PM 

Novella Sample

Hueco Mundo, Las Nochas; this melancholy grayscale that stands as a habitat for heartless lifeforms with a second chance at survival. Perhaps the wrong lifeforms to be given a second chance. A hollow gale moved the branches of every dead tree, the sound of the gale you could tell had no strength behind it. It was weak, it too was lifeless. Like an empty shell. The nimbus lended background to the foreground but sadly, it provided no extension to the 1 dimension environment. It was a dead space, and yet home, a contradictive duality with the complexity of a fine wine but also a shroudy veil like a foggy day in London. It served as a battleground for some, and for the misfortunate, it also serves as a grave. There was 1 particular being, who's (un)Earthly body was present in his dorm, while his Earthly mind was adrift elsewhere.How I envy youSleep when there is deathAwaken to lifeLeelawadee Agaric, a calculating soldier ready to march for his Queen. A perspective was uploaded into him, many nights ago and long before he had such a Queen to march for. When the only drums he marched too, were his own. It was a much lonelier time period. He had not yet heard of Quincy, or Sternritter, and the word Espada was a foreign to him. He was still young per-se; a Vasto Lorde sharing a journey with a fellow Vasto Lorde whom he rescued and befriended, Rudbornn Chelute. With such quiet times as they had been, civil relations between the worlds of Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, as well as the major threats neutralized. It took more energy to maintain some form of amusement or busy-work than genuine productivity. Scores of training sessions would take place to rigorously keep strength and practice up to par. It left too much time for thinking and mental escapes to times gone by. Leelawadee went to the same place every time, that being his time spent with Rudbornn. Since other periods of his life were blurred due to his lower levels of evolution also rendered his sophisticated cognitive function.It was just then however...the absence of noise and cloud around Leelawadee's head had burst simultaneously. A blood-curdling screech shattered the dead silence of the surrounding area. Echoing and reverberating so that it was impossible to ignore. 20/20 vision narrowed the scope of open possible locations, zeroing in on the source of this powerful cry. Neck muscles tensed instinctively from natural alarms in his mind. Leelawadee could disclose that the sound was coming from a Adjuchas in the distance, stained with battle scars, and hot with adrenaline. It seemed as though this creature of nightmares was charging for Las Nochas. Realistically Leelawadee wasn't certain as to what kind of damage this bastard thought it was capable of doing. Nor was he terrible concerned with this potential destruction, despite all of this he felt responsible to address this rabip wild dog. Since he was in perfect sight of it, was already a hop, skip, and a jump away from it, he saw no reason to wait for someone else to see this rambunctous thing, and see to it themselves to resolve the threat."Tch...interesting at all that it found us here... Seeing as how I'm possibly the only one here, staring out a window... I'll be happy to get an exercise... I wouldn't want this thing to disturb my Queen, she has more important things to do I'm sure than tend to the challenge it so badly wants..."The slim standing arrancar broke the bored disposition he kept for so long, placing both dry hands on the sill, and with a simple leap exited his dorm through the window and landed listlessly on the dunes of sand that blanketed Hueco Mundo. The wild Adjuchas resembled a boar. 4 legs, 2 great horns, a snout, a skull protecting its head, and the only notable attribute this Adjuchas has that would differ it was an Earthly boar, would be it's jet-like wings extending from it's back... Indeed separating it from every other characteristic qualities that a Earth boar would have in common. What function did these protruding fragments serve? Leelawadee might soon find out..."...My Queen, I hope you may be watching...I don't want to distract you...but at the same time, I want to display for you...what I have to offer, so that I may be able to fight for you one day..."Leelawadee then bent at the knees, and with a single leap, became airborne and over half a hundred meters landed that much closer to this Adjuchas. The damn thing continued charging with continuous burst of battle cries. For it being a adjuchas, Leelawadee concurred that it didn't seem to have much in the way of a thinking process, or a mind of its own. It's odd charging behavior made it seem like it shared the qualities of a Menos Grande. The simplest of motives, feed and kill..."Hey! Who are you...? ....Do you know what you're about to get yourself into....? The hell...?"He released a sigh."...Whatever. I'm glad I was this mindless when I was an Adjuchas..."His eyes opened shut...his right hand slipped into his pocket. His left hand was raised up, and as lightly as catching a ladybug in the palm of his hand. Leelawadee clenched his fist. Suddenly his reiatsu like a black-hole with Leelawadee being in the center of it appeared, and all around him the air grew stiff. So dense was his reiatsu it would stop a batted baseball in dead space, like the gravity suddenly seized and the air froze. Leelawadee was renown for his reiatsu. If he were to be known for one ability, it would be this. His powers that lie in his right hand work correspondingly with his reiatsu for its effects only function within the bubble his reiatsu creates when he releases it. It is a key component in his battle tactics. Just as he released his immense reiatsu, the Adjuchas stopped dead in its tracks, as it's own body weight suddenly became to much for it to sustain. Then, while Leelawadee had the Adjuchas frozen, Lee took his right hand out of pocket and pointing to the sky with his pointer finger extended. He fired a minor cero from the tip of his finger.He proceeded to follow it in the sky with his pointer finger, and just as if it was attached to a string, he guided the cero; which he fired directly into the sky. Moving it in mid air and bring it down onto the Adjuchas like a knight's mace coming down on a person's skull. His cero color is brown in his normal form... An explosion followed as he brought his cero down from the sky onto the Adjuchas. Leelawadee not only control the aim of his cero when once it was going in a far different direction, he also applied one of his gem abilities, which is to control mass/density/weight of an object indirectly. Once he targeted his own minor cero, as he began to bring it down towards the Adjuchas, from a distance he increased its density, and its weight by 20 times making it as damn dense as a moon rock. A battle cry followed, which was followed by silence... Leelawadee never assumed, he waited for confirmation before thinking it was over just like that.It was then, that his confirmation was provided, the Adjuchas was never even struck. Through the shroud of dust and sand ignited into a cloud by the explosion of the cero the Adjuchas was airborne and being propelled by its apparent wings. It was an unforeseen move made by the Adjuchas and Leelawadee was caught slightly off guard. Never would have guess that it had the ability of flight, especially when it resembled a boar."Well...I'll be damned...pigs can fly..."Jokes aside, Leelawadee now learned that this Adjuchas has flight, and that Lee's reiatsu was not enough to keep this thing grounded. Which to him he had thought that flight with his current level of reiatsu would be like molasses in winter time, trying to move through the air. It was the Adjuchas's turn, from the sky it fired 3 cero from his mouth, consecutively. Leelawadee watching their approach carefully raised his right hand, and his ring finger began to glow...he was working in the same gem ability that effect his own cero. He decreased the weight of the 3 approaching ceros. And much like paper airplanes they teedered out and crash landed in the sand at random spots. They lost momentum and barely made a splash. Then out of furious retaliation, the Adjuchas began to conjure a Vasto Lorde strong bala...something Leelawadee did not expect to see. The sharp tip of both it's horn began to glow, and a string of energy connected the 2 where 2 sources of energy met, a sphere of energy formed between the 2 husks. Just like that the Adjuchas fired a bala; while naturally weaker in damage calculation than a cero, it possesses more concussive force and flies by in speeds over what a cero moves at. Lee applied the same gem ability and weakened its density causing it to lose momentum and it skid into the ground causing a minor explosion."Tch...this thing doesn't seem to have much in the way of diversity. I'll give it that I didn't see it being able to fly. And the bala was more powerful than an Adjuchas usually have. Why is it so's acting strictly out of animal instinct to"The Adjuchas unleashed a battle cry, and its propulsion seized so the creature began to descend from the sky. It was making a nosedive and anticipated to land only a few yards from Leelawadee. Then its course changed when it curved its trajectory and instead of kamikaze landing in the sand; it suddenly took flight at head level and came right for Leelawadee. His only action was to duck, while doing so however, his right hand shot up, and grazed the Adjuchas to which Lee activated his gem's ability in weight. By touch he increased the weight of the Adjuchas by 300lbs. Causing it to land hard and grind across the sifty minerals. Particles filled the airspace for a brief moment then once it cleared, Leelawadee focused his sights onto the landed Adjuchas. It was indeed landed, but instead of witnessing it actually grounded, it was on all 4, facing Lee and in a battle-ready stance."...Interesting...what is with this thing... Hey! Uh....can you speak?"Leelawadee got his answer....but not in the way he expected.... The Adjuchas responded, using telepathy as it spoke to Leelawadee inside of his head, and it's voice was not suiting to the creature. The voice was instead refind and yet also scratchy. This is what it said..."Yesss....I cannnn......and are rare....yesss......rare!"Pupils shrunk, and a butterfly feeling formed in his chest"Rare...the hell does that mean??"The Adjuchas responded." a feeewww......I should have chosen....a better host....."Like a brick to the head, Leeawadee's hunch was enlightened as the voice that spoke to him said a key"You are....controlling this Adjuchas? Mind control?"It answered in kind with a sinister sounding mannerism."YESSS.......!"The piercing hiss the voice had, forced a cringe upon Leelawadee's face. Suddenly this mad Adjuchas on a blind rampage turned into so much more... Leelawadee wasn't even fighting this Adjuchas anymore, he was fighting something else... His priorities changed...did he want to hurt the Adjuchas even though it was not in control of its own body? Or did he wanna put it out of its misery and sever the control from the controller? He had to think quickly, and act even quicker; because the Adjuchas started charging at him. He had more questions, and need more answers."Wait! Who are you..??"...It responded..."GOD~!"The moment tensed. Suddenly Leelawadee sobered up from the lax situation and came to terms with the severity of the matter before him. Whoever he was really in battle with, has a God complex, and is willing to sacrifice other creatures to prove itself. And just what are the real capabilities of this puppet master? With the Adjuchas charging at him, he had to act fast, his lean gem abilities were now shedding layers and becoming more potent as Leelawadee became more serious. His zanpakuto's spirit was unsheathed if you will (though he does not carry any handheld weapon). His 4 fingers, his pointer, middle, ring, and pinky finger all began to glow their distinctive colors, green, pink, purple, and white. 3 out of the 4 of his gem's abilities activated and were in full swing. He uttered the words that tie together the activation of his zanpakuto..."Warp! Alter!"With the Adjuchas coming his way he utilized his weight gem, the pearl or milky white glow of his pointer finger. Indirectly without touch he controlled the weight of the Adjuchas completely, making its weight less than a pound heavy, the Adjuchas began to float into the air, all 4 of its legs kicking and still in a running motion. While in the air, Lee unleashed an enhanced bala from his right hand and attempted to quickly shoot the Adjuchas. However the moments between him firing the bala, and him hitting the Adjuchas he activated his pink gem which controls speed/velocity. So, in order to double the calculated damage of the bala, in a split second he increased the speed of the bala by double and it indeed struck the Adjuchas leaving searing smoke trailing from its body as it fell from the midair and crash landed.To doubly secure his sense of security Leelawadee fired another cero into the sky, and much like earlier on, he repeated his action of following it with his finger and controlling its direction, he targeted the Adjuchas and began to bring his right arm down with his pointer finger extended. Just before the cero would land on the Adjuchas, Lee activated his green gem, which controls size/volume. Which means he altered the size of his cero from a basketball size, to the size of a VW Bug. It further seared the outer protective skin/armor of the Adjuchas. It unleashed a cry. For a brief moment, the Adjuchas spoke to him, but not in the way of telepathy, and it was not in the voice of this mind controller either... Leelawadee was not prepared for what he was about to hear..."Raagghh! Kill meee! Kill me!"His eyes widened and a spark seemed to have whizzed across his mind. The host either momentarily lost control of the Adjuchas or the host overpowered its intruder. Either way, Leelawadee knew at that moment that it was in pain, and he needed to cut any sh*t and simply end this unfair battle. Before he could make a decisive decision, the other voice returned..."Hahahaa~! You heard the thing, put it out of its misery! It was never a challenge for you anyway! End this! End this nowww!"Leelawadee was conflicted and now frustrated..."'s about you show up yourself and you and I fight! If you were testing me, I've got abilities up my sleeve I save for real challenges. Where are you?!"Creature: DARKNESS!!Was its response.Leelawadee: That's pretty accurate...what the hell do you want from me??Creature: DIE!!Leelawadee: Wh-what? Why me? Do you know who I am?Creature: GOD!!Leelawadee: Tch...far from it.... Let's change it up... I'm an arrancar, WHAT are you?Creature: Haahaha~!!A gulp could be heard from Leelawadee, he has zero clue what he was dealing with. This all happened so fast, it was only an hour ago he was bored daydreaming. Now...he's face to face with some creature unknown to him. He was running out of questions to ask...Leelawadee: Were you testing me? What more do you want?Creature: THE ONLY WAY, IS THE WAY OF CONTROL!Leelawadee: Were you human once like me...?Creature: Haahahaha!Leelawadee: Why did you possess some Adjuchas? Though I think I already know the answer...Creature: GOD! I AM GOD!Leelawadee: Tch, wrong! You're the worst bottom-feeding fiend I've ever felt the presence of! I don't know what deep, dark crevice you ascended from, but if you plan on returning here you're going to be in for an ugly end! I'll strip the fun from your mind games and end you myself!What happens a god of death meets a death god...?Creature: My will.... MY WILL IS ULTIMATE!Suddenly the tension dropped...the voice was no longer present. All was quiet once again... Then in the drop of a dime, there was noise once more. A loud whooshing sound like a tsunami wave washing away the structures in its path, a gust of forceful energy shot out of the body of the Adjuchas, and it's lifeless body lay there, the creature who possessed it was now gone. Leaving only Leelawadee as a living being in the nearby vicinity... It was over. But what was "it". Was this a nightmare? Would Leelawadee wake up in his bed, in a cold sweat, panting... That would indeed be fortunate. However that was not the case, a new, very evil threat just now introduced itself. In such a vile, grotesque way, that it will leave a permanent stain in Leelawadee's mind, and render him future nights of sleep until further notice. What can you say? What do you say? Who do you tell? And how? What happens next? And when? The peace that Leelawadee longed to absolve, was now sorely missed. He would trade back those moments of boredom with this, with everything he has...Well anyhow...fortunately (in some ways) for Leelawadee, he didn't have to comb through finely selected words chosen to describe his encounter. There were eye-witnesses from Las Nochas that had seen the entire transaction. Some...experienced more than just witnessing the interaction, some could hear the voice that Leelawadee perceived as only being audible to himself... He stood there...for a long, dragged out moment, trying to wrap his head around everything that just happened. He came out of this without a scratch on him, it didn't matter. His first movement was that he walked over towards the body of the Adjuchas... Catatonic eyes grazed over it, then he kneeled down slowly and carefully. Placing 2 fingers on the Adjuchas's neck as if to feel a pulse. But he was actually feeling its body temperature. It was ice cold..."H-How....that's...impossible? Or...I guess not...uh...."Leelawadee could only deduct that the Adjuchas had been dead for hours, perhaps days. It was long dead before Leelawadee ran into it. Nobody knows how long this Adjuchas was being possessed for. A sick thought crossed his mind, that this Adjuchas was probably in pain for a long time before its final end. If it was already dead when Leelawadee was fighting it, what does mean for this new threat? How powerful is this threat? What else is it capable of? More importantly perhaps...what lengths is it willing to go... Goosebumps chilled Leelawadee's skin...the only positive outcome from all of this, was that for the moment, it's over. Leelawadee turned around, stuck his hands in his pockets, and began to make the walk towards Las Nochas. Where after he entered the structure, a witness awaited his return...[Done] 

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Name: Leelawadee AgaricHuman Name: Katō Tonbō UshōdaCause of Death: SuicideBirthday: 31/10/1993Deathday: 09/09/2013Nickname: Lee, Shroomy, Heavyweight ChampionGender: MaleRace: ArrancarEvolution: Gillian-class Menos, Adjuchas, Vasto Lorde, EspadaAdjuchas Appearance: Tall pillar like body standing at a full length of 12ft tall, with able legs coming out from the lowest point of his body, and 2 arms midway towards his head. Where both his hands and feet would be are 4 toes and 4 fingers, with claws. A sturdy trunk, and bulky limbs. From his hands leading up to his forearms are periwinkle colored gradient patterns leading upward. His pillar body cuts off at his head where he has 2 slits for eyes, no mouth opening, or nose holes, which expands outward is a circular shape, that creates a concave dome or lense shape at the top of his head. His body strongly resembles a giant mushroom with arms and legs. An ash gray body with dirty gold eyes, a mouth that sits evenly spaced in the middle of where his head starts, and where his arms protrude. He fires a Cero Double using his index and pinky finger/claw. Holding his hand up with a “devil horns” hand pose, and fires double cero in a brown color.Age Appears: 29Height: 6’1Weight: 183.4lbsHair: Short brown (described as ‘disheveled, shaggy, messy, unkempt’)Eyes: Dandelion yellow/goldResidence: Las Nochas, Hueco MundoOccupation: Espada numero tres’ (#3)Aspect of Death: LonelinessHollow Hole: Right pectoral (opposite of heart)Espada Tattoo: Middle section of right hand middle finger (covered by a single finger black sleeve)Hollow Mask Remnant: Small plate piece (2x4) located on right cheek bone under right eyeBody Type: Slender, muscularZanpakuto: Deformación (Warp), Its release command is “Alterar ‘alter’”. His zanpakuto is more like a natural ability as oppose to a physical separate entity with it’s own persona. Thus it’s less likely to qualify for the definition of a ‘zanpakuto’. Though it’s referred to as the latter.Zanpakuto Appearance: A nickle-plated band he dons on his right ring finger (also covered by a single black finger-sleeve). With 4 different colored gem stones sitting on the top. Each gem representing a different ability he uses as his primary defense and offense even before activating his Resurrección. White/pearl, green/emerald, pink/tourmaline, lavender/amethyst.NOTE: When activated every individual within a radius of Leelawadee is tagged as a participant and subject to Warp’s abilities. Meaning those too close to him without being an actual opponent will want to get further from him. Those effected by it have a flat circular base beneath their feet like a toy solider. The 4 abilities rotate in order based on color and have no time limit. The rotation cannot be altered, in order to move on to the next ability you must exercise the live one. You can move as quickly as you are able, however one of the stops requires you take damage. If your opponent does not inflict damage than you cannot move onto the next ability. There is a loop hole to this... The participating members can be on 2 different phases at any point. It is up to the individual.Warp’s Abilities:Pearl/white: Project - In this 4 stop rotation Project is the first. Project means but is not exclusive to cero, bala, kido, raw energy, ect. At this point you are limited to only projectiles. Without firing a projectile one cannot move onto the next ability. Acting on other forms of attack will be deflected with zero damage. Warp’s great power acts for itself and forces the inhabitants of its “bubble” to play according to the rules. The individual can only fire 1 projectile at a time in this cycle until they come back around to Pearl/Project.Emerald: Reject - Phase 2 is reject and this allows any attack to be voided of damage, in this case the one who’s on this ability can choose wisely when they would like any size or level of attack be completely rendered of it’s intended damage preemptively. Warp can drain the energy of such attack or simply protect the individual of it. This can only be done once person cycle. Once the damage nullifier has been used the next ability is activated. This is a 1 Get Out of Jail Free Card.Watermelon Tourmaline/pink: Direct - The 3rd stage of the cycle is Direct. In this stage one must take damage in order to move on. A certain level of damage must be inflicted, it must be a sufficient amount of damage to move forward with the rotation.Lavender: Connect - The final stop on the rotation is Connect, after this stage is implicated in the battle the cycle starts back over at Pearl/Project. So on and so forth. Connect is the one free hit that gives the individual the ability to physically strike the enemy without the individuals ability to withstand it as effectively as they would outside the Game. Any individual can defend themselves of course by any means, but NOT kido or energy related retaliations can be implicated. That is reserved for Project. It comes down too a weakening of ones armor-like skin, and super abilities that make one superior to a human. With a fist or blade while on this stage maneuvering and sheer skill is what will determine how easily one can achieve this ability and restart the rotation.NOTE: These abilities can be gone through in a matter of seconds if the active players are skilled enough, close enough, and the battle is intense enough. If one tries to fire a kido blast while on any of the other 3 phases they will not be able too. Falling short and having a moment of confusion could be the difference between life and death. Leelawadee knows his abilities well and has mastered them. He is quick, and seldom loses. However at the end of the day this is Warp’s Game and he’s just living in it. Warp is not on his side, or anyone’s. Warp wants to see a good game, and whoever the winner is deserves it. Lee simply needs to be smarter, and faster than his opponent to play another day.Bankai: What would be referred to as a Bankai, Leelawadee has a secondary extension of abilities that proceed from his 4 Gem Cycle method. Only when Leelawadee has reached his highest resurrección stage can he access these secondary abilities. The 4 gems no longer work separately they now work together for 1 great ability. However completely different from their former powers. Leelawadee when in his strongest stage gains the ability to alter the weight of all physical objects, some by direct contact some indirectly. While having nothing to do with his former powers he can make a zanpakuto weigh 300lbs or weigh less than a gram. He can alter the weight high or low on command. The only catch is the moment he alters the weight of something every second that passes that item or person slowly gain a pound back until the weight is back to normal. It’s on a time limit. Quick enough that won’t matter but it does play into effect. Leelawadee has only used this ability once, and it was too fight and kill a Quincy.Resurrección: When Leelawadee activates his resurrección and transform. The patch piece of his mask that remains extends and wraps around his face like a band, then forms around his head like a helmet but without covering his nose, just the bridge of his nose and up, with 2 slits for eyes. After it develops a helmet appearance, the very top of his head or cranium forms a second level at the highest point, extends strait outward then rounds off sticking further out than his helmet piece, at about 16 inches in diameter. With a concave dome at the top. This resembles his mushroom like appearance as a Adjuchas.Resurrección Segunda Etapa: Second stage of transformation. His white mask, encasing the upper half of his head extends lower, with a full body cylinder or pillar like appearance, reaching down to his crotch/lower waist. The concave disc that sits atop his head widens and grows to be about 32 inches in diameter all around. Both of his legs from his soles to his upper thighs right at the joints are armored with his former hollow body. Giving him 95% coverage on his legs, 95% coverage of his body/torso. His arms are also encased with armor from finger tips to shoulder joints. Again providing 95% coverage. His fingers become sharpened at the tips to razor-sharp claws. His eyes glow a vibrant gold, and the very top of the disc that ties the mushroom appearance together is spotted with red dots. While his feet going up to his mid-shin/calf have a gradient brown-to-white appearance. The colored light produced from the gems on his right hand remain intact. The green, pink, lavender, and white glow around each 4 of his fingers remains the same.Cero Color: Normal form, brown. Resurrección stage 1, green. Stage 2. black.Personality: Compare to that of Dosu Kinuta and Kakashi of Naruto, as well as Ikkaku of BleachLikes: Pineapples, hoshigaki, talking, training/playing with his powers/abilitiesDislikes: Arrogance, stupidity, introverts, egos, ignorance, narcissismFavorite Color: Dusty Rose…why? It’s a quiet beauty…Trivia  Leelawadee Agaric is the 2nd Espada to have started out as a Gillian class hollow I.e. ‘Menos Grande’. The other Espada member with that entry stage was Aaroniero Arruruerie. Albeit both were above average in strength Menos Grande, partially associated with why they survived and evolved.     Many hollows (but not all) have their holes in place of where their hearts used to be when human. Leelawadee’s hole is opposite side of where his heart used to be.   Leelawadee’s last name Agaric is actually derived from the Latin-turned-eEglish classification indentity to a psychedelic mushroom known as ‘Flying Agaric’; a red button mushroom with surface sitting white spots. His last name is an homage to his resemblance to that of a giant mushroom when he was an Adjuchas. He regains some of those mushroom like features when in his resurreccion 1st and 2nd stage of transformation.   Leelawadee is a type of Font originally available on Microsoft Word but was dropped and then adopted by Writer. It can be found and bought on Font purchasing websites for Microsoft.   Leelawadee’s voice actor Lex Lang also did work on Naruto, Gundam, Street Fighter, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z Super, Finale Fantasy, Dynasty Warriors, and many others. Lex Lang also provides the voice for Bleach characters Marechiyo Omaeda & Runuganga.   The colors of the gems on his zanpakuto Deformación were inspired by Inuyasha moth demon Gatenmaru who was the first major threat to Inuyasha causing his first transformation as he neared death. Gatenmaru’s colors were green, pink, lavender, and white.   His zanpakuto’s name Deformación when translated means Warp; named for the ability it gives Leelawadee to control and change actions allowed while playing the “Game” but also when his Bankai takes over, Warp puts his game away, and allows Leelawadee to use his natural zanpakuto ability to alter the weight of physical objects, lighter or heavier..   Leelawadee is the only Espada or known arrancar with 3 different color ceros for 3 different forms. A different color cero for every form.   Leelawadee is the only Espada that does not carry or use a wielded weapon for fighting. While Yammy isn’t often seen fighting with his katana (if at all); Leelawadee Agaric doesn’t even own a katana. Nor does he at any point wield a hand held weapon. His powers and abilities come apparently from his ring and the gems that are on it. Or close combat fighting. In his possession he has mounted on the wall in his dorm Rudbornn’s zanpkauto. Abilities:Cero DoubleCero CorneaLa MaridaGran Rey CeroCero OscurasSonido MasterEnhanced BalaEnhansed PesquisaDescorrerMaster Hand-tohand CombatOverwhelming ReiatsuImmense Spiritual PowerHighly Perceptive CombatantMaster Strategist/TacticianCaja NegaciónHigh-speed RegenerationEnhanced HierroBioLeelawadee Agaric turned hollow from his human self Katō Tonbō Ushōda when he committed suicide over a girl named Ayada Katezeban he was infatuated with, could not return him the mad love he had for her. After which he evolved over time and his first hollow form was that of a Gillian-class hollow; or Menos Grande. Where he roamed with groups of fellow Gillian class. By default he was naturally above average in power, and formed more introspective thoughts while most Menos Grande are of basic instinct and lack thinking process. Which actually makes them dangerous not only to none-hollow beings, but to themselves as well. Leelawadee over time had devoured and cannibalized enough hollow that he evolved into an Adjuchas, again being above average in strength and intelligence where he would stick out in a crowd. His naturally given higher stats proved extremely beneficial in a ‘kill or be killed’ surrounding. Survival of the fittest and natural selection were kind to Leelawadee but not without effort, struggle, and an ever lasting fight to the death as he remained Adjuchas for a few years.It took longer than usual for him to evolve into a Vasto Lorde level hollow; albeit seldom make it to that level. Leelawadee however did not go through a downward spiral of mentality and ambition like Grimmjow did. Leelawadee was never concerned with strength and pressing for time, as he was confident in his ability to fight, win, and survive. Almost finding comfort in the game. When He finally reached Vasto Lorde stage after over 1000 hollows were killed and devoured he possessed an enormous level of reiatsu and spiritual power. Essentially becoming a beacon for hollow alike. Either a beacon to stay away, or a beacon to want to challenge. The time spent casually killing and consuming hollow positively affected his outcome as Vasto Lorde with the numbers adding up. The moment he evolved he was immediately jumped heading towards the peak of power where he would remain. His time as Vasto Lorde took place during the last generation of Espada, so he was not present until after 9 out of 10 Espada were killed, and Aizen was stripped of authority in Hueco Mundo due to his defeat.The Rudbornn Chelute ChapterLeelawadee Agaric’s first physical contact with any Las Nochas arrancar was with a mortally injured Rudbornn Chelute found unconscious and badly beaten at the hands of Yammy Llargo; via a single punch. Leelawadee was oblivious and unaware of what transpired never having heard of the Espada or Las Nochas and the community organization formed there by Shinigami Aizen Sosuke. Leelawadee helped the broken arrancar, taking him to a safe place on the outskirts of Las Nochas. Where the next several years the 2 would assist each other and survive together, to help keep each other alive and help each other grow stronger. The 2 developed a strong brother-like bond. Where Rudbornn wanted revenge against surviving arrancar in Las Nochas, Leelawadee talked him out of it with the argument that everyone was either dead or mute. Unknowingly Hueco Mundo underwent a new de facto ruler over the time Rudbornn and Leelawadee spent surviving together. Rudbornn and Leelawadee spent a large duration of their time together in the Forest of Menos where they resided in the trees and grew stronger by slaying Adjuchas and Menos Grande.It wasn’t until The Quincy arrive in Hueco Mundo, and the Wandenreich fight for dominating ownership of Hueco Mundo. Claiming it as their own, a base of operations for their 2nd war with Gotei 13. That Rudbornn and Leelawadee exit the Forest of Menos back up to top to Hueco Mundo, where they are encountered by Quincy and Sternritter. A massive fight broke out between the arrancar and the Sternritter. The fight was 2-5 a low ranking Quincy and 4 Sternritter guards with average stats. The fighting rages on for about 90 minutes by then the Sternritter had been slain and only the Quincy remained, as both Rudbornn and Leelawadee were exhausted and overpowered by the Quincy who hadn’t lifted a finger yet; rather he watched the fight go on between the arrancar and sternritter. The Quincy easily overwhelmed Rudbornn with his untapped power, slaying the arrancar and Leelawadee’s first and only friend up till this point. Separating the 2 for the first time since they met, after years of bonded teamwork.An enraged Leelawadee Agaric violently exercised his talented variety of cero, injuring the Quincy but just barely phasing him. It was than that Leelawadee for the first time accessed his core ability or what would be known as his zanpakuto; though it’s classified otherwise. In a blind rage and violent outburst he used his abilities and increased the weight of the Quincy’s hands by touch, increased the weight of his own arm, and while the Quincy was essentially bound; Leelawadee plunged his arm through the Quincy’s chest, then built up a great energy of his own reiatsu to do an enhanced bala, and expanded his reiatsu in a solid form from within the Quincy’s chest. Exploding him and killing him instantly. From there, Leelawadee would pass out completely spent of energy and life force. He would remain unconscious for a long period of time. After awaking, he traveled out of the vicinity and would spent his remaining stamina healing, and growing stronger. Just as he did before with Rudbornn; whom he carries souvenirs of. Including his zanpakuto ‘Arbola’, and his set of skulls that remained intact despite a debilitating blow from Yammy some time ago.Leelawadee missed the entire Quincy War, and it wasn’t until they were dead and gone that Leelawadee were emerge fully healed, and at his peak physical condition. Where he turned to Las Nochas and entered without resistance or confrontation. On high alert expecting similar enemies to that of who he fought before being Quincy or Sternritter. Instead he was greeted by a Tier Halibel, the reinstated de facto ruler of Hueco Mundo who after a brief conversation and awkward intervention. Was welcomed to stay and it was there that Leelawadee Agaric became a close friend of Halibel, with Espada 3 level or higher power and reiatsu he became individual part of her Fracción as a follower with authority and command status. Essentially 2nd in command; partially due to his power level. In his own barrack he keep Rudbornn Chelute’s zanpakuto in a display case, protected and admired. As a sentimental relic of his time spent with his friend the arrancar. His horns are also displayed in a Earthly fashion, just as a hunter would display antlers from a hunted deer. Humorous perhaps, but he doesn’t know any better… Now he has a strong bond with Tier and follows her like a lost puppy with a sense of protecting her. His aspect being loneliness, he never wanted to suffer the feelings he felt like he did with Rudbornn.

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