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04/26/2021 03:06 PM 


Does anyone want to RP an MxF with me

Sakura Hale

04/26/2021 02:17 PM 

Vampire Hale

The name is Sakura Hale im a vampire based of the vampire knight series but I do welcome crossovers and other vampires. For my writing bases no drama allowed and I don't take one liners I'm a multipara writer at best. So if you feel like chatting hit me up

Mary Denryu (MCRP)

04/26/2021 11:56 PM 

Mary's Background Info

Name: MarySpecies: AmpharosFamily-    Mother: Ampharos    Father: Aggron    Sisters: Shiny Flaaffy, Mareep    Brothers: Aron, Shiny AronAbility: StaticNature: RashItem: AmpharositeWeak To: GroundKnown Moves: Thunder Punch, Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse, Iron TailBio: Mary was the middle child in a loving family. One day, a Golem broke into her home with some Sandslash and begun to kill her family to prove Ground type superiority. Since her whole family was weak to gorund, it was an absolute slaughter, the only ways she survived was from her father hiding her. From that point on, she roamed the world trying to get stronger, while also having a severe hatred for all ground types.

Mary Denryu (MCRP)

04/26/2021 11:11 PM 

Shock's (Optional) Rp Info

Name: ShockSpecies: RaichuFamily-    Mother: Pikachu    Father: AmpharosAbility: StaticNature: TimidItem: Light BallWeak To: Ground, the darkKnown Moves: Volt Tackle, Thunder Punch, Thunderbolt, DischargeBio: Originally a very happy and loving Pikachu, Shock was adored by all trainers who met her, including her own. However, after a visit to a Pikachu Valley, she stumbled onto a Thunderstone and accidentally evolved. Once she lost the 'cuteness' that most trainers saw in her, Shock was abandoned. Now she's out in the world, wondering if she'll ever find love and companionship as a Raichu, or if she's doomed to be alone

Mary Denryu (MCRP)

04/26/2021 10:57 PM 

Rp Rules

1.) No excess drama. I've too much of it going on in my irl life to deal with it here. I come here to relax, not stress2.) Please use proper grammar in rp replies3.) I have a full-time Night shift job and am trying to get ready to move. All I ask is a little bit of patience in me trying to get replies going4.) I range from sfw to 18+/21+ This includes blood & gore as well as sexual, so let me know what you're more comfortable with and I won't go past it.5.) If you have an issue with me and/or the character I'm playing, please discuss it in pm and not trash my name in public.6.) If you, at any time, are not having fun roleplaying with me, please let me know so we can either talk about changing it or we can peacefully and respectfully part ways instead of leaving me unanswered on replies for an extended period of time.7.) I don't do character exclusivity, whichever character you want for the rp is a version of said character, like making a copy. I hope that makes senseAnd above everything, I'm here to relax and have fun, so please don't take these roleplays too seriously.

He who spirits away

04/26/2021 05:58 PM 

Ugh... No, I'll keep my character as i designed him.

Simply said, don't expect people to be okay with you just forcing your character into their's story/universe and automatically knowing in universe things.  The use of ooc knowledge for in character stuff is frowned upon nearly anywhere else.  Coming up to someone and doing something like changing their character's backstory/lineage/universe's lore to force your own into their universe/story is generally an act of blatant disrespect to the person as a writer.  You essentially say that their writing isnt good enough for you because you as a writer cannot figure out a way to interact with said character without trying so force changes and hope they accept the changes you make so you dont have to put in the effort of trying to figure out a way to have your own character interact with their character.   Some who allow such either do not know that is bad writing as they tend to be newer writers who haven't learned much of writing stories/roleplay, but a big chunk of them tend to have been doing it for "years" and are called "good" when they consistently do things like change other people's character info (backstory, lineage, universe lore/ universe rules/ etc/) and expect them to be okay with it.  Just because your little circlejerk is fine with the bastardization of their ocs by you doesnt mean everyone is and to think otherwise shows your lack of understanding storytelling as a roleplayer and the so called being a good writer status people proclaim you to be is nothing more than a farce to feed your ego and not hurt your feelings for speaking the truth.  If the majority of your musings is inane drivel which further accentuates your clear lack of characterization skills, narrative skills, and improvisational skills, the latter of which is a major component to roleplay storytelling.  If the claims of you being a "good writer" stem solely from the length of your posts then people need to go back and relearn how to write when it comes to roleplay.


04/26/2021 02:42 PM 

Hachi's info

Name: Hachi MaraNicknames: Chi-Chi, Runt, (Could use more)Age: 2,000 years old (Looks 20)Hair Color: Pitch blackEye Color: Auburn Height: 5'2Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: Gamer (Makes Let's Plays)Abilities: Manipulation of bones(Can dislocate her jaw in order to eat prey that may be too big, change her height),Stun bite (Will leave prey paralized for up to 2 hours), Lotus Mark(Will mark her prey, creating a physical link with the prey. Wherever they go, she will be able to teleport herself directly to them)--------Small Backstory-------(Will write up soon) 


04/26/2021 02:35 PM 


1.) Have patience. I'll do my best to get to replies as fast as I can. RL is a bit more important than RP, which means I won't be on here 24/72.) Won't do romance RP's unless there is build up/chemistry developed between the characters. That includes smut. 3.) I don't mind if your punctuation isn't the greatest, as long as I can read it, you'll be fine.4.) I'm taken in RL, so don't ask.5.) If something makes you uncomfortable in our story, be sure to let me know and we will work something else out.(WIll add more)


04/25/2021 11:24 PM 

Some Info;

Welcome to my blog page and stuff; I just wanna make a few things clear before we can get an RP started between us, sounds fair right? Now grab some water, Monster, vodka or whatever is that you drink and a snack. Let's get right to it!Alright so first thing first, I am portyaing as Eijiro Kirishima from the anime of My Hero Academia(Boku no Hero Academia);This does not necessarily mean I only roleplay that anime verse. I'm open to any honestly; This is account is for sure Er.oritca/S.mut which means yes I do the sexy time all the time mainly with men because I'm gay(sorry ladies). Im a Seke which means I go both ways so I really don't care who dominates or who is submissive, the point is for us to enjoy our time together ya?I'm very friendly, humble and getting me upset is like 1/34569734565324 (i just mashed numbers because I don't get angry at all) just be sure you're legit and we can keep a connection going. Another I really asked you to do is please do not bring drama, the outside world is already bad as it can get and I don't need it here. RP is basically escaping from the overwhelming world and this safe haven helps us escape from it.RELATIONSHIPYa ya we kno' BakuxKiri ship; yes I def ship this too but I can go for anyone really as long as you kno how to make a rock have feelings then we are set to sail. BUT! Since we are in the topic of RP; When it comes to a romantic relationship I will not be taking it serious. Sorry, please if we're on the same page then you understand and got my full attention. Also since this is an Mature Profile relationship is gonna be an open one..heh heh.ROLEPLAYIts roleplay time dudes; Sm*t isn't the only story I'll be telling. I dont mind having some casual roleplays as long as it stays alive meaning; no one-liners, response expeceted within 48hrs(otherwise I'll just completely ignore it) and I will be keeping you guys updated on my replies through status because I do tend to get a lot of messages and comments going so your patience is highly appreciated!PICTURESAs a Mature Roleplayer you'll be expecting a lot of sexy pics; I highly recommend you click on my pics alone in the dark or under your blanket. I can do edits..sort of but my specialty is Image Mainuplation which means I kno my ways on adjusting images by adding and removing certain elements. I'm not a pro but I can try so if ya wanna be in a pic I got you.ConclusionWhat conclusion; I mean this is pretty straightforward, you read through it I think you get the point right? Anyways I'll be editing this post soon again but for now stay sexy and awesome!**you can comment to if you acknowledge this; you don't have to. Its a post not a cop**

Sonic Girls (MCRP)

04/25/2021 10:27 PM 

Falicia the Fox's Bio

Name: Falicia the FoxNicknames: Anti Fiona, Good FionaAge: 16 (Born in 3221)Gender: FemaleSpecies: FoxOutfits: Grey choker, orage single straped shirt, grey bottoms, orange & grey bootsAlignment: Lawful GoodAbilities: Hand-toHand Combat Skills, Medical Training, Technological Expertise, CharismaSuper Forms?: N/AStrengths: TBAWeaknesses: Low Self-esteemWeapons: TBALikes: TBADislikes: TBAHobbies: TBAAllies: Freedom Fighters, Kingdom Of Acorn/Republic of Acorn, Kingdom of Merica, Team Dawn (Darkness, Kathy & Niko), & Cyborg CityEnemies: Eggman Empire, Suppression SquadFamily: NoneCrush:  (by default, but can change for rp)BIO: Falicia was one of Scourges' ex-girlfriends that grew a conscience of all the wrong doings the suppression squad caused. One day she decided she had enough of the evil doings, defected, and begun helping Dr. Kintober, The Anti-Eggman. While going out to run an errand for the Doctor, she stumbled upon the Suppression Squad, who captured her and revealed they were going to use a weapon to turn all Anti Mobians evil so they could unite under Scourge and begin taking over other zones. After talking with Buns Rabbot, who was still on the fence about being good, she helped her escape and set up the transport posts to send her to the prime world. After being chased by the Suppression Squad, and with just enough power to provide a transport for Falica before the portal closed, the fox ended up in the prime world, where she met and begun to assist sonic and friends. Because of the bad reputation of antis, and her prime world counterpart, Falicia disguised her origins. Eventually, she gained the trust and friendship of sonic and friends, but she still felt awful about lying to them about who she was. Thinking they'd cast her out if they ever found out, she packed her bags so that she'd be ready to leave, with the intention of telling the group beforehand. After explaining what events led her to the prime world, she was ready to walk away before Sonic stopped her, telling her that she was nothing like the Fiona they knew, and they'd be glad to have her on the team.(Cont. with Manic as the love interest) A timr later, the Eggman from the underground zone was so intent on defeating his Sonic, as well as Manic and Sonia, that he created a planetary nuke that would dystroy the underground zone. That version of Sonic, as well as the triplets mother would die keeping a portal open long enough for Manic and Sonia to escape to the prime world. The Sonic of the prime world asked his parents if they could adopt Sonia and Manic to give them another family. While the two of them tried to get over that loss, Manic and Falicia begun to confide in each other and work on a friendship that soon turned into a relationship, while also helping Falica get past her trauma with dating Scourge, though it would be a long process.

Sonic Girls (MCRP)

04/25/2021 09:54 PM 

Flame the Cat's Bio

Name: Princess Flame the CatNicknames: Age: 13 (Born on day 145, 3224; May 25th)Gender: FemaleSpecies: CatOutfits: Red short sleeved shirt, yellow short skirt & green shoes with yellow bandAlignment: Neutral GoodAbilities: Pyrokinesis, Skilled FighterSuper Forms?: Burning FlameStrengths: TBAWeaknesses: Low Self-esteemWeapons: NoneLikes: TBADislikes: TBAHobbies: TBAAllies: Freedom Fighters, Kingdom Of Acorn/Republic of Acorn, Kingdom of Merica, Team Dawn (Darkness, Kathy & Niko), The Sol Zone & Cyborg CityEnemies: Eggman Empire, Eggman Nega Family: Blaze (Sister)Crush: N/ABIO: As the younger sister of Blaze, Flame was always behind for the throne, and knew that she'd never be ruler, despite her royal status. Flame, never holding any animosity twoards her sister, but wanting to escape living under her shadow, decided to go on her own path. She obtained dimension jumping tech which she planned on using for some exploration, but had problems controlling it, leading to her landing in alternate realities before settling in Sonic's world, Mobius.


04/25/2021 08:40 PM 

Basic Info.

Name: Miles Hayden MathesonAge: 16-18Gender: Non-binary biological malePronouns: He/Him, She/Her, They/ThemHeight: 5'5"Weight: 156 lbsEthnicity: African AmericanHair Color: BlackStyle: Huge fluffy afroEye Color: HazelEducation: High schoolBody Type: Slender but thiccPersonality: Easy-going, chill, snarky, sweet, a little shyOrientation: GayBoyfriend: Ain't got one

Weaponized Human | Saliska

04/25/2021 04:46 PM 

Rules for Roleplay

Rules:Because I need them apparently  Writing Length.  I am a Multi-para Writer.  My minimal length is 2 Paragraphs My max is around 8. I will give 2 warnings of length if I get single-paragraph replies.  I will not respond to one-liners at all.   I know it's harsh but I am here to enjoy stories, and I lean more into the deeply detailed, and intricate...which you just do not get below Multipara.    Contact methodology  Discussions and roleplay I like to have in messages, Comments are for checking up on people, sending short sweet messages to friends, or throwing a hilarious edit created of our characters, if a picture of relevance is found. At least in my book. I won't scream at you if you want to discuss it in the comments I will just be slower than if we did it in messages.  Mostly because once I get all set up I pretty much live in my inbox.  I will be slow but I will get to my comments eventually though usually, it's when I am getting offline for the day.   Spelling/Grammer: We all make mistakes. Trust me I know. I don't mind some mistakes but your reply has to be legible. If it's not I will ask for a re-write. I will not struggle to translate sorry.   Additionally, if I find mistakes on your profile, I will let you know, It's not trying to pick on you, I'm just trying to help, and I know if I had/have a typo on one of my public-facing items I would really hope someone would tell me so I can fix it ASAP.   Keep it classy.  Roleplay is roleplay reality is beyond your screen. I suggest you try and keep it there.  I am not Saliska, I am not her actions, her thoughts, or her behaviors do not blur the line between the two.   Communication!  Is important. Saliska may bite, I do not. If you have a problem tell me. If you are tired of the story. Tell me, we can scrap it and build another. If I have crossed a line, into an area you are not comfortable telling me. I will roll that sh*t back, and get us out of that danger zone ASAP. This for fun,  If you're not enjoying the story, or where it's going tell me.   Speaking of Communication Roleplay discussions are a two-way street.  If I have to fight you to work with me in discussions. I will assume you have no real interest in writing with me, and discussions are over.   If you prefer to do random starters that's fine, just make sure they are relevant, and I can put Saliska somewhere in there, but know you do lose the right to complain if you don't like the version of Saliska you get.   but seriously don't agree to discussions and make it difficult.   Greetings:  To be completely honest, I only send a greeting when I have a roleplay idea in hand or at least have read your profile.  so we are on level footing in a conversation. I consider it the least I can do to show respect to my fellow writer, who took time to write information down for me to read.   I expect the same level of respect. I don't expect you to read it all, but having some level of understanding of the character literally takes 5 minutes for most profiles if you send me a "Hey baby" or "Greetings wanna RP?"  You are already not in good standing with me. I hate it.  I joined because yes, I am on a roleplay site I do want to Roleplay... What answer are you expecting from people? If you added, you probably had a reason. Show me you are interested. Tell me the reason, even if it's not a positive one, I have a sense of humor.   This is a roleplay site, not a discord chat room. I expect some amount of substance to your messages.  Maybe a little harsh but...In truth....seriously, put some thought into your first contact. It's literally my first impression of you unfiltered.   Adult content.  Violence, Blood, Murder, and Mayhem will always follow Saliska regardless of age.   Erotica Can happen but only with the adult version, and must fit with the context of the story  Romance again limited to the adult version, If it doesn't happen it doesn't happen. Saliska is not a romantic by nature.   Remember Dark themes are a risk So If you have limits or things you would rather not see in a story please let me know.I will censor them out of the story if they would have occurred. I will respect your wishes to the best of my ability.   Patience:  I work, and I tend to write a lot so my replies are often slow  I take my time to draft each reply, you sending me reminders every day, poking my comments, and pictures will not make me reply faster it will distract me and lead to slower responses overall. I do retaliate. Both for myself and those I am currently working replies on for.  You will be moved to the end of the list, I try to reply in order of receipt so..that can become a long wait.  fitting punishment though in my opinion. Though I will let you know your position has moved. Consider it your final warning.  There are Exceptions. You have a pertinent update regarding the RP It's been over 5 days since I last replied to you.  You are wishing to discontinue the RP for whatever reason.   Original Character Saliska is an Original character, all sub-characters and company names, etc are mine.  I will not change her personality to suit you, I will not change her appearance or abilities to suit you either. Sorry, not happening.   Discord We both know I have one. Ask for it, after we start writing together. It is specifically aimed towards writing and roleplay and... I would rather know who is there, I do not offer it around to any and everyone.   I keep having to add's just so sad.   New rule added under communication 4/26 New rule added underwriting length 4/26 Clarity added to adult content 4/26  


04/25/2021 11:27 PM 

The culling

A yellow paper dated nearly 150 years ago attached to the gate read as followed: "By decree of the world leaders, Slimes must be hunted until those with what scholars call magic drain are no more. all magic users are no longer allowed outside of city limits without an escort of at least two warriors with enchanted weaponry. We seek those who can use magic to be willing to risk their safety and lives to assist in the culling of this threat to our people. Your goal is to fire a spell at the blue slimes, should the spell visibly weaken or be ineffective, allow the ones who shall accompany you on the hunt to deal with the slime as you maintain a safe distance from it."

⛧Death Wish⛧

04/25/2021 12:14 PM 

条例 Guidelines

• I realize that most people on here are not out for smutt or erotica BUT ! On the other hand it DOES happen and to deny that would be denying basic primal instinct. And as such, I will engage only if it is relevant to the storyline or if the two character's have chemistry.• I do not care how you write. It's meant to be a fun hobby and I will do my best to help when I can. I am a literate writer however and my strength is writing full paragraphs with complete sentences. I do not like net-speak but I understand the concept.• I do not want to be the only one coming up with ideas on the roleplay. It is a two-way street for both sides- Don't make me pick up your slack in the roleplay.• I will NOT be here 24/7 because like I have seen we all have lives outside of roleplay and please respect that I will need to be away from the screen sometimes.• Do not steal the content of my page - most of what you see here is created by me and if• God-moding is out of the question. I don't know many  people that do this anymore, but it's going to be put here anyway: no killing my character, no god-moding.• I do not care how you contact me. If you are more comfortable with comments or messages then simply do so. I am not going to pull strings and stop people from doing what is comfortable for them. 

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