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04/20/2021 02:01 PM 

Random MHA Starter
Current mood:  bored

To fit into this world, the female, having been stuck here for a little under 5 years, gave up on returning home and decided to take up a new role. Hero. A term this world uses to label the extraordinary and over achieving while the rest of the world remains as “normal” civilians. The humans here didn’t look human.With her abilities it made things easier for her to be herself rather than hide.  She was not human but, with all the strange deformities in the realm, no one would notice, she could blend in and play human. Her pointed ears were looked over because so many people had them around here. Her ice abilities, that was nothing when a man can completely encase himself in flames was the number one hero, Endeavor, but there was more too it. If caught in her ice one would succumb to her ability to read those that her ice touches. Her "Quirk" as they reffered to it, was sensory but still physical. So it was safe to say that she could get by here, survive even. Make a life for herself, and help people without prejudice or risk being murdered just for being who and what she was. Masutafu, Japan, Where hero’s used to be worshiped and revered, whereas now...with this terrible uprising of the league of villains presenting themselves as the Paranormal Liberation Front, the people have lost faith in the Hero’s and turned to liberating themselves instead of relying on those that they see had failed them. SInce the symbol of peace, All Might, retired this whole region had taken a turn for the worst. She scoffed as she pulled her white hood over her recently cut white hair and a braid down her back. She folded her large leathery dragon like wings against her back as the wind whipped around her. She stood on the top of a tall building before she crouched down and watched the streets. Her bright violet eyes were covered by a visor with serrated ridges along the top of it with horns that curve up from the sides like dragons that were clear but protected her face from the elements. Her hood was attached to her cape which was only mid back and left room for her wings to come and go as she pleased. It was quite a task to leave then out all the time. Right now she was wingless and liked to remain that way. Though the back was out where her wings could come out with no problem, she wore a white body suit that fit like a second skin, her arms covered in hard but lightweight alloy made to look like dragon scales, made of breathable smart material that made it easy for her to move and cut through the air. She wore knee high boots that lace in front. A mask hung around her neck that. She didn’t want her face all over the television in the event something happens, and she didn’t want anyone to be able to recognize her either.She still had faith in the heros. She wasn’t an official hero herself though. She came from across the continent with the hopes of doing more good. Most would say she was a vigilante or a rogue hero. She traveled a lot, helping people that needed it, doing the best that she could to keep people's spirits up during this hard time. Trying to give them hope and with no one knowing who she was helped a little. She was young, a bit naive even but she knew she had a good heart, before her mother died she made sure to remind her of that. Nazri gripped the edge of the building as she leaned over to survey the streets. If she was discovered she would probably be captured and questioned. Being considered practically a villain herself would mean trouble for her if she was discovered. The villains were practically tearing Masutafu apart, at least for was quiet.

Phazic T&L Bellimina

04/19/2021 09:22 PM 

World Settings
Current mood:  accomplished

The world is green, the mountains still unconqured, forest still tall and air still fresh in your lungs. The sky blue and vast, covering a world much similar in size to earth. A small kingdom only roughly 25 miles in width and length, surrounded by tall obsidian walls. Fire stains on the sides. This is Valreed. 3 towns making up wall kingdom, Vesh, Rath, and Orn. Vesh being the small city directly under the castle. The caste a soft black and purple stone. Magicly altered and reinforced. The castle home to only 5 full time residence. The King Phazic, an Immortal being said to be older then the dirt that makes up the earth. Believed to once be a good who willingly gave up divinity to walk with man kind. Most of his people love him as there is no taxes in his kingdom. Funding the goverment and upkeep with his own personal store of gold and valuables. The nation offered security and safe passage to many of the unhuman species. Laws here cater towards freedom, you are free to do what you wish so long as it doesn't affect anothers freedom. So with that slavery, murder and theft were all forbidden. Though crime rates were low, punishment was all held the same. Exile with permission to return to visit and appeal it once every 3 years. Early arrival was the only crime punishable by death. Neighboring Valreed to the east was Gru'ar'al a harsh forest jungle said to be the home of the Nightwalkers. A powerful race of people who live almost complete with out the sun, the jungle blocking out the sun for most of the day. It was like the oppisate of the world around it. They were trained assassins, healers and mages. They were also the reason Valreed had a wall in the first place. To the west, Alenstien, the elven city, little was known of them as no one ever was allowed in or seeming out of the city.


04/19/2021 12:28 PM 

My RP style, plus more.

Hello, everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will do my best to keep it as short as possible :). Sorry for any errors or drag along, I'm currently using mobile, and something can get wonky. Also, I might bounce from topic-to-topic cause ADHD baby xD.My RP style is to not have our characters with each other 24/7. I simply do that to avoid the 'only two in existence' scenario. For that, I always add side characters, major to minor ones, to interact with your character (or my own). Sometimes this can lead to Luna just being alone with the side character for a day; also, another thing I like to do is have flash back scenarios. If we ever decided to have our character know each other, example childhood friends, then it helps give some ideas on how they reacted to each other than vs now, or simply have memories.  If this is something you are not into, let me know, and I can blend it around. When it comes to days of Luna hanging with others, I try not get overbearing with paragraphs. I try to summarize, play out important scenarios, or I just have a complete summary and end it there. In some of those scenarios, I usually leave an opening for your character to adventure into the scene. I, also, leave an opening for you to talk about your character and what they did on their day. If our characters, main to side chara, or side to side chara, are in those scenes than I am more than happy to play out the scene with them. If this is not your thing, just let me know in the scenario or just brush past it to a new scene.​​​​​On the topic of characters, I asked to not have mine controlled. If the characters are minor side characters, one-offs, or random reoccurrence than I will allow them to be controlled by others. I am not bothered if you summarize an occurrence with an established side character, or my own. An example can be like “Luna friend and [your character] talked about the new movie, while Luna was dozing off on the chair” or “Luna body shook from the freezing air” I am never bothered with those things. If it fits the character. [If I didn’t like it than I will OOC; and say ‘hey, do you mind…’ but I had never had a problem with this, so no worries.]On the note of characters. If you are playing a non-original character, I wouldn’t mind playing characters from the verse they are from. We can talk on who would want to play whom, I don’t ever want you to feel like you are burden with anything! So, please let me know and I don’t mind playing a couple characters to the verse for the story to continue.For RPs, I don't require action/conflict all the time/every moment. If anything, "mundane"(only using the term how others might see it as) scenes are one of my favorite things to act out. I think that helps the Rp when seeing how characters react on off days, how they react with each other on calm days, etc. I do understand if the characters were in a certain setting that does have that type of need for constant action, however even at those times there might be "mundane". I understand that there can be a fear on things like that, I have experienced some people just disappearing or never replying. I don’t wish for that to happen on either side and if you feel like you are just not feeling it, then ooc me 😊.  I am more than happy to hear your side of things, end a scene, etc. Never feel like you might ‘bore’ me, or you must continue something or that you might ‘bore’ me. [This applies to smut scenes, talk more on that in a bit.]​​​​I think honesty is best and if there is something I can change, clarify, or answer I will happily do so in OOC.  I do ask to not take advantage of pushing change, meaning that every little thing my character does is not to your liking because you wanted it to go a certain way. I understand if something happens, and it just doesn't blend correctly (or is out of character) then I'm all for you pointing it out. It helps me see it from your point of view, this rarely happens; but I'm just letting you know the door is all open for you to be honest. I think we all have days of hiccup. For writing. I am a multi-para person; I don’t mind going down to para. In that, I never ask anyone to match to match if it’s not necessary. But that doesn’t mean I will do a 3-paragraph response and get a paragraph back. I have had situations where that just left all the work on me and I just don’t think it is fair on myself. So, I match. And I will say para is cool if there is something to grab onto in it. I do try to limit myself on my paragraphs (3-5?), because I will admit I get WAY out of hand and I have tried to steer that in, it’s still a learning curve to dismiss. Only times it may ever extend it past that is when interacting with other characters in a scene, and that is usually because I space to distinguish who is talking. So, I apologize in advance!! [Sometimes I do make the mistake of not re reading what I wrote, for corrections, or responding to things that can be skipped/summarized easily. So, I apologize in advance towards that. I'm working on slowing down more to give out my best!!]mature/s-ut can be hard for a variety of reason. I do enjoy them, don’t get me wrong! But I noticed that sometimes people say mature for nothing but sexual content. When it can mean a few things, so I ask that you just specify with me which you are after. Another thing, I don’t enjoy is if it is ALL the time, I like story with it.  If you wish for something like that (24/7), and there isn't really a solid story plot on conflict (continuation) etc., then there might be times where I will have to just take a break from it. I don't mind if you just have random days where you wish to have a scenario to act out and you message me on it; I won’t delete you if we have that agreement! [Like I mentioned earlier, if we are in a middle of an adult scene, and you don't wish to continue it, I am okay with skipping over it! I understand some days you're not wanting to finish the scene off. ^^]On the last note. I always respect boundaries and I ask if you can do the same, there are some things I'm just uncomfortable with. Anything with children-is a big no for me. So, please don't ask that. Only had two situations where I had to delete the person when they requested such a thing. I just want everyone to have fun and know I am here to RP on the 50/50 route. I'm always patient for Replies and give a good amount of time for someone to respond  [it's usually about 15-20 days from my last reply, longer if you let me know]. I only do this, because it's hard to know who has become busy[in my experience, someone usually let it be know during my time period] and who is a dead profile. I don't like clutter on my page and it saddens me when I do this. But, if you believe it was a mistake, you may request me again. And if you need any clarification on something, please inbox me in OOC. I will be happy to answer and even if you had something in the RP you wanted to add, rediscuss, or let me know if I forgot. OOC is always open!  

Mind Over Matter

04/19/2021 11:10 PM 

Highly Sought After Tales

Zombie Apocalypse: Something closer to Days Gone than Resident Evil. Variety in the zombies as well as infected wildlife, seeking a cure, humans forming survival camps/bands/militias, etc.Family Life: Longterm romance story with a driving plot that culminates in marriage, babies ever after. I've wanted to see Dorian be a proper father for a long time.Modern adventure: Indiana Jones styled RP, ancient temples with traps and treasure and history. Tomb Raider or Uncharted esque themed, maybe.Idols: Dorian's multi-faceted and has helped launch several music careers. Ideally seeking Love Live, KDA or Idolmaster characters for this but idols as a whole are welcome!

Sonic Girls (MCRP)

04/19/2021 06:21 PM 

Niko Akashi the Cat's Bio

Name: Niko AkashiNicknames: Age: 15 (Born on day 27, 3221; Jan 27th)Gender: FemaleSpecies: CatOutfits: Short sleeved lavender jacket, plum hip length dress & black sandalsAlignment: Chaotic NeutralAbilities: TBASuper Forms?: N/AStrengths: TBAWeaknesses: TBAWeapons: Mechanical Eye, Arm & LegLikes: TBADislikes: TBAHobbies: Training, Playing DrumsAllies: Freedom Fighters, Kingdom Of Acorn/Republic of Acorn, Kingdom of Merica, Team Dawn (Darkness & Niko), & Cyborg CityEnemies: Eggman Empire, Iron Domination, Mammoth Mogul, Family: Su-lyn (Deceased Mother), Fluxx (Father)Crush: N/ABIO: Niko was a happy young cat with her mom and dad, despite living in a horrid section of town. Sadly, in a neighborhood raid, her mother gave Niko and her father time to escape, resulting in her own demise. Niko's life changed drastically after that. Her father became less loving and more of a drunk. He would beat her whenever he felt like it, with many different tools to leave scars on her body. One of those incidents unfortunately cost Neko her eye, and her right leg and arm. And since she was so young and didn't have any friends, she took it upon herself to learn how to craft robotics and replaced her damadged parts with crude robotic ones.Due to her apperance, other children begun making fun of her, to which she'd begin beating the snot out of them. Keeping an eye on this ball of fury, Eggman sent his forces take her after watching her beat a bully to death. Eggman  begun to act as a "father" in order to gaslight her into becoming his fighter, begun training her to be a cold blooded killer and torturer (which to her, she imagined all her victims as being her original father) and hunter against the Freedom Fighters.As she grew up, she begun to rise through the ranks and take active roles in making other Mobians suffer like she did. After years of this, and seeing the pain she would've caused one family, she defected from Eggman in secret, and begun to try and chage. She tried to improve herself and even beguns to pratice becoming a medic, also using her robotic knowledge to save others 

Sonic Girls (MCRP)

04/19/2021 05:43 PM 

Kathy Harumiki the Hedgehog/Echidna's Bio

Name: Kathrine HarumikiNicknames: KathyAge: 15 (Born on day 316, 3221; Nov. 12th)Gender: FemaleSpecies: Hedgechidna (Hedgehog w/ Echidna traits)Outfits: Green 3\4 sleeve shirt, teal sleevless jacket, dark blue jeans & open toed black sandals with a black headbandAlignment: Neutral GoodAbilities: TBASuper Forms?: Super KathyStrengths: TBAWeaknesses: TBAWeapons: Yellow Chaos EmeraldLikes: TBADislikes: TBAHobbies: Training, Playing Intruments (Flute, Shamisen & Guitar)Allies: Freedom Fighters, Kingdom Of Acorn/Republic of Acorn, Kingdom of Merica, Team Dawn (Darkness & Niko), & Cyborg CityEnemies: Eggman Empire, Iron Domination, Mammoth Mogul, Family: Enatalia (Deceased Mother), Ragcore (Deceased Father), Spikecoat (Brother)Crush:  (By default, but can be changed for Rp's sake)BIO: Kathrine's mother was a hedgehog who was a skilled martial artist, even honoring the teachings of and befriending the Shinobi Clan's Bride. While she was exploring the world, her mother met, fell in love with, and then married the 'King' of the Chaos Clander Echidnas. The Chaos Clanders were a group isolated from other echidnas to hone the chaos energy around them. Many of the Echidna's were unhappy with their King's choice of bride, and their two children, (the oldest, Kathrine, and the youngest, Spikecoat) were constantly bullied because of it. Kathy learned the ninja arts from her mother at a young age, and the art of chaos control from her father. While trying to find a balence between her chaos powers and ninja skills, and being a prodigy, her little brother seemed to be left in her shadow. This caused him to begin his murderous rampage, killing the whole clan, parents and all, in a merciless bloodbath. Thanks to her ninja skills, Kathy was able to remain hidden and safe. But this day changed her, and caused her heart to turn cold as she begun expanding her skills to try and take her brother down, for vengance of her family.She began to look for allies, and found them with Knuckles, the Chaotix (especially Espio) and separate ninja clans to help her hone her skills, though many clans were uncooperative. Throughout all of this, she kept up an emotionless facade, thinking compation a weakness she needed to overcome. This begun to tear at her mentally including a moment in which she remained silent while taking reflection of her tired appearance pondering the toll that it begun taking on her. However she begun using her balance of using chaos energy and the qi of martial arts to help her find her center making her not only a fighter but overtime a teacher who finds a new fighting technique that uses qi and chaos in one move

Joyo Prower

04/19/2021 01:56 PM 


I am not asking for much, but here are the rules I have laid out for everyone--including myself.1. Be respectful.2. I expect at least two sentences per post. It's very helpful if you include more details.3. I try to take anywhere between 3 - 7 days depending on my situation to respond. I at least hope to see a response from you within a week. If it becomes longer than that, please try to let me know so I can work with you on that.4. If things become steamy, I expect you to be at least 18 years of age or older prior to consent. If you are known to be underage, a fade-to-black will instead occur.5. I recommend wholeheartedly that we should discuss the plot and idea prior to doing any roleplaying. It is a widely accepted standard that many people usually follow.6. All basic roleplay rules apply. If you don't know what they are, please peruse this linked article to get an idea on what is *not* generally allowed for roleplaying: won't hesitate to remove people if either of the criteria are met:- There is a severe lack of regard for showing *any* respect, whatsoever.- You haven't responded for longer than anticipated.- Your efforts are showing to be consistently inadequate.I prefer to keep my friends list a little small, so I can keep track of who is waiting on me, and who isn't.That is all that must be followed. Thank you for reading.

Joyo Prower

04/19/2021 01:55 PM 

(Homestuck) Joyo Prower

This blog post is intended to describe some information *on top of* what is already known about him. For his original profile, please visit this link here: JoyoSurname: ProwerAge: 26Birthday: 1 JulyHeight: 4' 10"Sex/Gender: Male/MaleSexual Orientation: Bisexual-- Homestuck Classifications and Information --Chumhandle: turquoiseMechanic-- Text Colour: #00FFFFSession ID: 0000EFClasspect: Mage of TimeDream: ProspitPlanet: Land of Crystals and WaterConsorts: (Currently debatable) GeckosDenizen: (Currently debatable) A large dragon named Bismuth (Because the Homestuck norm of a useless, generic snake-like humanoid is honestly stupid.)Leitmotif: "Angus McFife" by Gloryhammer (In profile.)Detail: As a Mage of Time, he plays a major role in having the ability to manipulate Time (his aspect), while also bearing much knowledge on his aspect. If he does choose to manipulate time, it can cost him greatly, since it can affect his overall lifespan and energy. This may also be true if he realises his ability to sense and understand timelines, incl. alternate selves. He, along with his other Mobian friends, is crucial to their session's success. Though despite their current session lacking a Space player, one of his friends being a Life player (Knight of Life) could eventually help create another universe for the next session to play in. However, the assistance of a separate Space player can help expedite this process. This probably implies that their session is pretty delicate, and the main goal for the entire session is practically *everyone* should come out completely unscathed.

Joyo Prower

04/19/2021 01:54 PM 

Joyo Prower

Name: Joyo ProwerAge: 26Birthday: 1 JulySpecies: Mobian fox.Height: 4’ 10”Sex/Gender: Male/MaleSexual Orientation: BisexualAffiliations: Jedi Order (formerly), Freedom Fighters (possibly).Current Residence: Mobius-- Continent: UNKAppearance: A turquoise or cyan two-tailed fox Mobian who sports blue tips on his tails and a white furry muzzle. He bears white gloves, and red and blue bicolour shoes with navy socks and black solid anklecuffs in between.Abilities: Brought up in earlier life as a wily mechanic and tinkerer, he had used these skills in mere practice and had since used these practises to invent newer tools and experiments, earning himself a reputation as a strong inventor and designer of many inventions by his closest friends, all of which had since been in consistent use for years to come. He also presents himself as a formidable fighter, focusing on his skills regarding melee combat and the use of a lightsaber, given his history with crossing universes as being a rigourously trained Jedi Knight, with a sidearm for a Scout Pistol he once stole from a slain Scout Trooper of the Galactic Empire.Detailed Abilities:-- Telekinesis: Able to use an ethereal gravitational force at the will and direction of his hands, he can forcibly push, pull, lift, and throw down any opponents and objects. This much includes his lightsaber.-- Mind trick: While really adequate, this can trick a lot of sentient beings into doing the Force-wielder’s will. It is well-known that Jedi mind tricks struggle to convince hard-willed opponents--hardier, more seasoned individuals will almost completely nullify this ability at least singularly.-- Force Jump/Run: Joyo utilises the Force to run faster and jump at higher elevations.-- Meld: Joyo utilises telepathy to communicate with non-sentient and sentient beings to feel and experience their emotions. Also can use it to communicate with them. This often will use the Force to detect strong anomalies several parsecs away.-- Heal: As a trained Jedi, Joyo can use the Force to heal individuals, but at the cost of expending his own energy. Due to his rigorous training, his size, and his age, he may end up feeling a bit fatigued.Personality: Brimming with new ideas and being technologically predisposed, he often presents himself in a rather friendly and hospitable demeanour, and usually means well to a lot of the people he speaks to and about. Tinkering and inventing cannot be stressed enough, as this is one of his primary passions that keeps his mental attitude more positive and upbeat. While being the utter nerd and dealing with the latest tech he sets his eyes and paws upon, he always can bring it within himself to protect those he holds dear, and to strongly oppose the evils that come before him. In spite of this, he will have moments where any progress comes to a grinding halt, and he finds himself heavily procrastinating and slacking off for some period of time before he gets back to it. However, with a close of a friend such as David, the duo often act like a total pair of bantering idiots, though often snap back at each other with whatever witty commentary they come up with in order to one-up each other.Bio: Once brought up by an unknown family regarding the surname of “Prower”, he was detained from an unknown force from his family shortly after his—perhaps—fifth or sixth consecutive birthday. Left on the streets in a very ambiguous planet for an utterly ambiguous reason, a Jedi Master approached him and took him under his wing, going by the name of “Krimm”. After recovering from his utterly distraught state due to being strongarmed from his once beloved family, he took the momentum to begin his training as a Padawan at such an early age. They spent the next three quarters of a decade to both bond as instructor and pupil, and finalise his training to eventually be promoted to a Jedi Knight—at thirteen years of age, or so it seems. While Mobians are generally capable of living for a much longer period time than the average human, Joyo was exceptionally much younger to be a Jedi Knight, but due to external circumstances, it happens that he was well-disciplined enough to achieve that echelon.During the events of the overthrowing of the Republic Senate, Joyo and his longtime Master had since received news of Order 66 being received by the Galactic Republic. In a rush, they manage to barely escape unscathed by the now traitorous Clone Troopers to unfairly exterminate all current Jedi in existence, across the galaxy. Seeking refuge, the duo eventually land on Tatooine via a Jedi Starfighter that had since quickly taken them there via hyperspace, where they continued their training from there. He had since learned more about physical combat, wisdom, understanding and utilising The Force for the greater good, and to eventually understand the importance of the balance between right and wrong, and how doing good returns such in favour. This would have allowed him to be promoted to Jedi Master, had the following not occurred shortly after.As time passed on, Joyo received grave news that Krimm was to no longer proceed with his teachings; Joyo had hit a glass ceiling, and due to a mere absence of a valid Jedi Council at the time, they had to part their ways. Joyo, still being very young despite his well-disciplined nature, did not take this very well, but at the same time, he understood their situation. It took quite some time for the poor teenager to accept that fate had finally decided that neither should see each other, again, especially in the sense of training; bigger things sought the fox’s attention, more than just Jedi training and all the Council had to offer. However, the option to communicate via intergalactic telepathy was there, at the cost of using their life energy in doing so.Accepting his fate, he eventually moved on by himself, taking enough time to gather all the supplies needed in order to tinker and construct new inventions at an undisclosed location; as a stickler of doing the honest good, he had to go around to do under-the-table labour and eventually come up with schematics of creating a small spaceship to discreetly escape Tatooine to explore other worlds. As a part of his survival, this was desperately needed; he would not accept any other alternative.As he finally managed, he flew from Tatooine comfortably, suited with his resolve, expecting to head home back to Mobius.Unfortunately, that never ended so smoothly for the teenage fox.Due to an unexpected flaw within his starship’s design, a minor circuit board within the space ship frizzled out and he eventually lost any remaining thrust or fuel to safely land within Mobius, crashlanding rather violently despite his attempts at compensating for the drop due to a severe change in gravity. The entry within the atmosphere, however, was loud enough that it caught the attention of some locals, as was with his crashlanding.Completely incapacitated, the twin-tailed fox Mobian was brought under the care of an orange fox, looking alike him despite a severe lack of clothing. He was under a coma for a few days until he finally aroused from his deep slumber, finding said fox standing above him, as if the homeowner expected the otherworldly Mobian to awaken to life, once again. It was then revealed that it was Miles “Tails” Prower who had allowed Joyo to take a temporary residence in his humble abode.Despite the warm hospitality, Joyo was still experiencing severe pain; some of his bones were mildly crushed, and his muscles around his bottom half were deeply sore. As time passed on, he was treated with strong pain medication and taken to an infirmary to ensure he was in perfectly good shape via a rather highly sophisticated healing technology that humankind weren’t expected to come up with in modern times.At the present year, as a 26-year-old adult according to mankind, he lives within Mobius, alone within his home; roughly at the size of an apartment. Whilst not mostly involved in a steady career, his lack of use in regards to most of his Jedi training, especially the utilisation of The Force, much of his combat skills and Force Powers had since become decrepit. However, the least that was changed was his Master’s wisdom and to seek good in all beings; also to do good and have good come to him, in return. In the past several years, however, he had since faced a couple of rather explicit phases that eventually faded within the following few years, only a smidgen of such remains in his being.Trivia:- Despite him being both a fox and a Mobian, he is the only Mobian in the crew to not behest a spindash nor a flight ability via twisting his tails like a helicopter. (Observable from Miles “Tails” Prower.)- Joyo’s lengthy absence from his parents left him unable to remember who his parents are, or were. It seemed that the only family he’s had was with Jedi Master Krimm. It’s understandable, given he was ripped from his family’s arms at the age of about five, and he’s since never came back to see his parents again, but to live in his homeworld. No explanation is currently given behind his forced kidnapping, nor is there any explanation as to how he ended up within the Galaxy (Star Wars).- It is not known who Krimm really is, or what his species is, at the time.- His current role with the Rebel Alliance is nearly absent (if possible: he may likely have jumped from his verse to the Star Wars verse and had probably done some things on the side for the Alliance), and he may or may not be involved with the ongoings between the Resistance and the First and Final Order. (The latter has YET to be extrapolated upon and explored.)- If this wasn’t obvious enough: he is frankly a crossover character between Sonic the Hedgehog and Star Wars--his inclusion in Homestuck is relatively recent.

Sonic Girls (MCRP)

04/18/2021 12:11 PM 

Darkness Rose the Hedgehog's Bio

Name: Izumi RoseNicknames: Darkness (Self Given), Darky (By Shadow & Amy), Chaos Mistress, Violet Tornado (By her friend ZekeAge: 16 (Born on day 42, 3222; Feb. 11th)Gender: FemaleSpecies: HedgehogOutfits: Yellow top, Pink sleves, purple skirt & brown boots (child attire), Black halter top, black torn skirt, white gloves, power limiting rings (current)Alignment: Chaotic GoodAbilities: Super Speed, Electro Blast, Electro Sheild, Electro Discharge, Spin Dash, Chaos Control, Chaos Sheild Chaos Blast, Chaos Spear, Chaos Rift, Chaos ArrowSuper Forms?: Super Darkness, Black Chaos DarknessStrengths: Empathic, Selfless, LogicalWeaknesses: Selfless to the point of self distructive, Stubborn, Impatient, Hot-tempered, RecklessWeapons: Red Chaos Emerald (Later changes to the Light Blue Emerald)Likes: Helping othersDislikes: Swindling, bullying, Hobbies: Singing, Playing Intruments (Ocarina, Guitar & Keyboard), DrawingAllies: Freedom Fighters, Kingdom Of Acorn/Republic of Acorn, Kingdom of Merica, Team Dawn (Kathy & Niko), & Cyborg CityEnemies: Eggman Empire, Iron Domination, Mammoth Mogul, Family: Vallery Rose (Deceased Mother), Kenjiro Rose (Deceased Father), Amy Rose (Sister), Unknown Grandmother, Unknown Grandfather, Rob o' the Hedge (Cousin), King O'Hedge (Uncle), Mari-An (cousin-in-law), Jon (First cousin once removed)Crush: (By default, but can be changed for Rp's sake)BIO: When Darkness was much younger, she was a lavender hedgehog with spikes like her young Amy, but Darkness's were shorter and curled upwards. Back then, she was know as Izumi Rose, daughter of Valery and Kenjiro Rose and older sister of Amelia Rose. The two sisters were happy despite Izumis' powers, and both would often play with Rob whenever he and his father would come to visit. However, things took a dark turn when Eggman invaded, looking for mobians to turn into his slaves. Vallery and Kenjiro, while heartbroken at the choice, sent them both to separate locations to hide and stay safe from Eggman. Thankfully Amy made it safely to Rob and her Uncle, but Darkness wasn't so lucky to make it to her Grandparents. Her convoy got ambushed and one of her escorts begged her to run and prevent herself from being captured. Somehow she stumbled down a ravine and survived on a small ledge. Going inside a cave on that ledge, she found a wonderful garden that seemed to have been suspended in time. That's where she meet an echidna named Zeke, the only member left of mobius of the ancient Nocturnus Clan. He explained to her that he was only alive because the chao garden seemed to be frozen in an instant in time, preventing aging to those inside. Not wanting her to enter the garden and end up imprisoned (for if Zeke left, he'd rapidly age and turn to dust) he cared for her on the border of the land, and helped her grow. Her mental age sadly matured faster than her body, giving her the intelligence of a 18 year old at age 8.Sadly the peace that she found was short lived. Eggman had followed traces of chaos energy in the area emanating from Izumi, and found the garden. Knowing he could never possess the power of the garden, he decided no one should have access to it's powers, and sent his robots to dystroy it. Without the garden to keep them young and stable, the chaos almost instantly died and turned to dust. Zeke, though at a slower rate than the chaos, also started to rapidly age. Even though he had killed everything she held dear, Izumi also knew that only Eggman had the immediate solution to stop her best friend from dying. Knowing somehow she'd regret it, she took Zeke to Eggman to save him. Eggman agreed only if Izumi became the guinea pig to his new experiment of inserting chaos energy into a mobian to create a chaos wielding army. She agreed, as the two were transported back to Eggman's base, where Zeke was taken to be robotized. He took traces of chaos energy that he had extracted from Shadow and inserted into Izumi. The stress and corruption of such energy corrupted her own and heavily altered her appearance. Eggman also inserted cybernetics into her nervous system to help her handle all of the chaos energy in it's more 'toxic' state until she was 'perfect'. Since she underwent a year of this treatment, resulting in Stockholm Syndrome. When she asked where Zeke was, Eggman showed his much uglier colors when he revealed that Zeke was made into a loyal robian slave with none of his own memories or feelings. After finding her best friend like this, her mental state became more fragile, leading to her becoming an unstable embodiment of chaos energy. Izumi nearly killed Eggman using her new powers, only for her to blast a hole in the lab to escape, promising to get stronger to one day save Zeke, givign herself the name Darkness from that point on.She then one day stumbled upon the temple that housed The Ring of Acorn before Sonic recovered it, and she used that to make herself older, just like Amy would later on. Unfortunately, Darkness needed to survive in the cruel world that she was thrust into, and sadly was forced to take jobs for criminals like Mammoth Mogul. when she had finally had enough of serving criminals just to get by, she promised herself to become a vigilanty, spending the rest of her time saving people from being robotized from Eggman. Eventually in doing this, she crossed paths with Sonic and friends. She begrudgingly agreed to work for the Freedom Fighters (Sonic didn't really let her say no) until she found her place. In allying herself with the Freedom Fighters, she did see her sister again, but Darkness had a different mindset. She actually resented Amy, believing that she has had an easier life than herself and was reluctant to even work with her.Unfortunately, in future battles with Eggman, Darkness kept getting defeated due to her rushing into battle prematurely and the robots, having learned from Darkness through Eggman's data, defeated her using special metal to deflect her uncontained chaos energy. Sonic, believing she was worth the trouble she had gotten them into, tried to teach her how to be more evasive (reluctantly of course) and Tails tried to fashion crude containment rings (similar to Shadow's) to help channel her powers more effectively. But even with these new techniques, she still struggled in her fights against Eggman's robots because of her temper. Not only that, but the robots were more advanced than even Sonic found. Because of her temper and lack of chaos training, a few Mobian fighters were killed in future attacks and several were kidnapped and robotocized. Even though she blamed herself for this on a day to day basis, she was still determined to rescue Zeke and fix her mistakes. She realized that she needed to learn to control her powers, and begun to seek someone to help her with such a task

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Daymon Deville

Name: Daymon Deville  Nickname: Day.  D.O.B: 10/12 P.O.B: Carpathian Mountains Species: Demonic Vampire.  Hair/Eye Color: Chocolate Brown / Red.   Height/Weight: 6’2” 165lbs. Other Physical Mentions:  Sex Orientation: Straight. Relationship Status: Single Personality Traits: Quiet, not shy more to himself. Sarcastic to a fault, rather verbally abusive sometimes, Somewhat of an introvert.  Likes: Music, Magic, Chocolate Ice cream, At times silence.  Dislikes: Most People.  Current Residence: Sparx Kingdom.  Occupation: Owner of Witchcraft stores.  Parents: Darc Deville & Lucifae Uchiha-Deville.  Siblings: Darc jr., Darius & Devlin Deville.  Children: None.  About him: Born on a stormy fall night Daymon came into the world kicking and screaming. It’s in that manner his entire life was shaped. Deep in the Carpathian Mountains, on the Deville family estate to Darc Deville a powerful Vampire and Lucifae Uchiha-Deville a Demonic/Vampire with the ability to use magic. Lucifae gave birth to her second son. The second of four he was raised with his three brothers all rowdy, loud and rough housing it all the time but they share a strong unbreakable bond.    Daymon describes himself at 6’2” tall, slim with a muscular build weighing at 165lbs. Light skinned his hair is the color of dark chocolate, shinny his wavy locks sit atop his head and curl about his ears, he tends to keep it cut short. His eyes like his mother and siblings are blood red. Impulsive and short tempered he can’t help it sometimes and tends to mirror his grandmother Deni Sparx, although he is not as brutal as her, more like her twin Shamz Sparx; Day tends to catch tantrums from time to time. Does he have it under control?.. Well yes exceptionally actually. He is usually calm and astute you’d never know he was in a bad mood unless he’d mention it. Always quiet, not shy just usually rather tends to keep to himself.    After the death of his father his mother packed him and his siblings and returned to her family home at Sparx Kingdom. There Daymon and his brothers were sent to Demone Academy where they spent the rest of their childhood in school surrounded by family and friends. Daymon loved to learn, like his mother Lucifae, he too had the ability to command magic and create magic potions. Fascinated by his craft Daymon studied hard graduating top of his class with scholars and honorolls. After leaving school he returned to his mother’s house but he couldn’t find himself comfortable there and decided to move into the city. Owner of his own Witchcraft stores he’s made himself an easy life and expects to keep it that way.

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Darius Deville

Name: Darius Deville. Nickname: Dari. D.O.B: 1/2 P.O.B: Carpathian Mountains. Species: Demonic Vampire Hair/Eye Color: Gold / Red.  Height/Weight: 6’. 150lbs.  Other Physical Mentions: none. Sex Orientation: Pansexual.  Relationship Status: Single.  Personality Traits: Curious, Smart. Always in a good mood.  Likes: Researching anything, spontaneous & fun people.  Dislikes: Boring people, uneventful situations.  Current Residence:  Kingdom of Ere.  Occupation: Researcher.  Parents: Darc Deville & Lucifae Uchiha-Deville.  Siblings: Darc jr, Daymon & Devlin Deville.  Children: None.  About him: Born on a cold winter night Darius came into the world in the middle of chaos. It’s in that manner his entire life was shaped. Deep in the Carpathian Mountains, on the Deville family estate to Darc Deville a powerful Vampire and Lucifae Uchiha-Deville a Demonic/Vampire with the ability to use magic. Lucifae gave birth to her third son. The third of four he was raised with his three brothers all rowdy, loud and rough housing it all the time but they share a strong unbreakable bond. Darius describes himself at 6’ tall, slim with a muscular build weighing at 150lbs. Light skinned his hair is the color of gold, shinny his locks sit atop his head, the ends brush against his shoulders, he tends to keep it mid-length. His eyes like his mother and siblings are blood red.Unlike his brothers Dari is of mild temperament. He has always tried to separate himself from the reputation of his family and tries to mimic the kindness of his aunt Senshi. Mimic is the perfect word to use for a demonic/vampire don’t get it wrong, when angered he can become extremely dangerous. Aside from that he is of a cheery disposition and fun to be around always with a ready smile.  After the death of his father his mother packed him and his siblings and returned to her family home at Sparx Kingdom. There Darius and his brothers were sent to Demone Academy where they spent the rest of their childhood in school surrounded by family and friends. Darius wasn’t a fan of school although he is brilliant and graduated top of his class, he rather enjoyed finding out the information for himself not have it handed to him by the teachers. While class was in secession you could always find him deep inside the library studying and researching. Research is where his interest lies, information and activity drives him. After leaving school he moved to the kingdom of Ere to help his 2nd. cousin; king Senichi with his kingdom. A place unknown to them all. The land is filled with unseen, hidden gems of information and Dari spends hours and days lost in the field researching gathering information for the king. He soothes himself in suspense and expects his life to be led that way.

Mason Pines

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I have a few rules that I need to discuss with you, it would be a lot easier for us to understand each other on what I want in a partner.1. I’ll ask the following, do you want a story with some explicit roleplay? Or do you want to do only smut? For the story with explicit content is basically 60% story and 40% mature themes that will involve chemistry between the characters with some smut. Or would if you prefer to do 100% smut. You choose! As I said, I'm into 21+, meaning I like to discuss a roleplay with mature content.2. I'm not here to fall in love... I had a special someone ages ago that I grew attached to... she was special to me... and now I've moved on. It's best if we stay mutual, it's for the best. If for some reason I start to grow attached to your character I might change my mind... but it will be hard since I'm trying to find the perfect partner. So for now, I would rather be single and happy for what I have.3. I do about Multi-Paragraph to Novella. Meaning I have a lot of experience when it comes to roleplay, quantity and quality with a lot of detail is what I put in my roleplay. I sometimes do a paragraph for those that can't keep up, but anything below that will make me not want to roleplay.4.Long term roleplaying is my thing. I want to make a long series with characters from other series.5. I'll do the following! First person/Second person/Third person just tell me which one fits you well during roleplay.6. I'll delete people from time to time... this is how it's going to work. Inactive accounts will be deleted within 30 days and for anyone that got added, they will have about 30 days to respond back to my message. In not doing so, you will be deleted... I understand that real life comes first, but keeping someone for so long is just being inconsiderate towards everyone that added you.7. I'll post (state streams) every now and then for me to tell you if I'm going to be busy or if I need some time off from the site. You can also do the same and let me know if you're not feeling okay so that I can understand the situation and not delete you within those 30 days.8. My favorite fandoms are cartoon related. Respect my choices on who I want to add! I'm very picky! That's why I will not add a lot of people! I have an eye on who I want as a partner. I will not add male characters (The only exception is if they look feminine). I'm picky with original characters. If you catch my eye then you're one of the characters I would like to roleplay with. If you get denied more than once you will be blocked right afterwards. You can also do the same for me, I will not add you the second time if I don't get accepted. Canon and headcanon characters will be added automatically! They are above all!9. I will not add underage profiles. Anything that's below 17 and under will be blocked! I'll make an exception if you're using the character's age, but if "YOU" the write is underage, you will be blocked!10. My character can adapt to any scene, he doesn't have to be named Dipper Pines but he can be called Mason. Adapting to new scenes can be very easy.11. I like to use other characters when roleplaying in my verse or any other verse as they can be useful to move the story.12. Moving/Godmodding my character is prohibited! To some extent, however! This can be done by doing the following: A. If you grab my character by the hand and move him towards the destination. B. If we both walk we are both automatically walking and/or running.C. To speed up the roleplay process. It would be ok to move the story a little faster at times. "BUT NOT ALWAYS NEEDED!"13. My character is dominant! But that doesn't mean I'm always dominant, I'm also ok with being switch if I need to be. If you're also a switch! Then be prepared to be dominant as well! I like a challenge~14.I have discord! If you want me to give you my discord just let me know. This would be good for the long run to do long term roleplay.15. I won't be adding profiles that have a lot of friends.16. My grammar is a little bad at times, and English is not my first language. But I will try not to make so many mistakes. I can capitalize, put comas, and periods. But here's my problem... I eat out words by accident and I have dysgraphia... just be patient with me. As far as I understand what's going on during roleplay we are both good.17. I use images to refence something during roleplay. But not always!18. Here are some kinks on what I like to do in our roleplay. Just copy and paste the link. You don't have to do them all! Just pick what you like: f- Hint: Move "-" next to "list" to access the profile.19. Once I add you, I will start the roleplay. It's only fair that you do the same in return if you add me. I usually brainstorm something for us to enjoy, you will also have to do the same in return. Once we both agree we will then start roleplay.20. The following is more about multiple character accounts. I'm very picky about who I want to add. I'm not ok with muses that have both genders... It freaks me out. Original characters that are also muses will also be judged on what they have in their profile, if I like it? I'll add you! Fandom characters muses that are from different series and that are canon and headcanon will be 100% accepted.21. I'll bump up our messages every week to see if you're still interested in our rp. I know sometimes messages can be hard to keep up. If you don't respond within 30 days then I'll delete you. Not only that, I'll also bump the message to tell you if I wasn't around during that time to tell you about my real life situation in why I couldn't roleplay during that time.22. I'll keep adding rules if needed.Once done reading please comment. So that you understand and agree to all of this. I'll do the same with your rules.



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title test

midway upon the journey of our life I found myself within a forest dark, For the straightforward pathway had been lost.  Ah me! how hard a thing it is to say What was this forest savage, rough, and stern, Which in the very thought renews the fear.  So bitter is it, death is little more; But of the good to treat, which there I found, Speak will I of the other things I saw there.  I cannot well repeat how there I entered, So full was I of slumber at the moment In which I had abandoned the true way.But after I had reached a mountain's foot, At that point where the valley terminated, Which had with consternation pierced my heart,  Upward I looked, and I beheld its shoulders Vested already with that planet's rays Which leadeth others right by every road.  Then was the fear a little quieted That in my heart's lake had endured throughout The night, which I had passed so piteously  And even as he, who, with distressful breath, Forth issued from the sea upon the shore, Turns to the water perilous and gazes;  So did my soul, that still was fleeing onward, Turn itself back to re-behold the pass Which never yet a living person left.After my weary body I had rested, The way resumed I on the desert slope, So that the firm foot ever was the lower.  And lo! almost where the ascent began, A panther light and swift exceedingly, Which with a spotted skin was covered o'er!  And never moved she from before my face, Nay, rather did impede so much my way, That many times I to return had turned. this is bold --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing.this is italics --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing.This is underline --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing.This is teletype --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing.This is emphasis --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing.   header 1 with span header 2 with span header 3 with span regular linka.linkuno a.linkdos a.secciones 


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Cerberus (The Triple Demon)

Role-play Style ~ Action, combat, adventure, fantasy, romance, humor, terror, dark, Master/Servant- open, ect.Notes~Cerberus works best in Role-plays as a pet or servant to another users character or allowed by the others character to be called Master/Mistress from Cerberus like a in Role-play game between the characters. Cerberus will constantly be causing mischief for the user (You), the less attention you give them and games to play or task to be completed. The more trouble you the user will find your self in, (I will start adding challenges that you will need to complete, example. Putting a fire out or defending off a beast.)Fail to intertain Cerberus and you might find yourself in a life`n death situation at Cerberus mercy.Name~ Cerberus Species~ Demon NekoAge~ Unknown Height~ Optional Cerberus although Cerberus has three bodies, there is only one soul living within and controlling all three of them. They are referred to as "The Triple Demon." *Appearnce* Cerberus is a short demon girl with pale skin, red irises, a black arrow-tipped tail, and silvery-white hair; however, in her case, she is represented as 3 girls rather than 1, although these traits still apply to all three. Since all three are identical, any descriptors applied to one of the girls apply to all of them. While not possessing horns like the rest of the demons, they instead have white feline ears that emerge from under their hair on the top of their heads; They also all have feline teeth, as evidenced by the small fangs present in their mouths in their idle sprite. Their eyes are very large, rounded, and wide, invoking an enthusiastic expression. They have parted fringes and their hair stretches all the way down their back, where at the end it is tied via hair tie into a short "tail". Cerberus dons more form-fitting apparel, wearing red button-up long-sleeve shirts underneath black-striped suit vests, and black slim fit suit pants. They wear black cuffs over their red shirts just below the shoulder, as well as black gloves and a black ties tucked underneath their vests. Their tails seem to emerge from underneath their vests and over their pants.*personality**Abilitys* 

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