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04/16/2021 11:52 PM 


[Slave Era I] The story of Darth Brikkeal begins when he was no one. A slave bound to a foreign world that was not his own. Born a Turian Biotic his power was unstable, and sometime during his birth he reacted instinctively. Fields of Mass Effect burst into existence, and tore what could only be a rift into space around them. As a result his entire family was killed in an instant, but he himself was simply whisked away somewhere. He awoke on the planet of Dathomir alone. Although "Alone" wasn't the exact word for it. Dathomir was filled with dangers, and a crying child was sure to attract them. Rancor were the first to arrive, and lesser predators were no match for the might they possessed. Soon enough they alone gathered to battle over the newborn snack that rung the dinner bell for them. Luckily a group of natives calling themselves Night Sisters arrived, and rescued him. There reasoning was unknown to he, but an oracle within the group saw of his arrival. She had a vision of him appearing on Dathomir, and bringing great glory to them. Yet they had no idea how long that would take, or what form this glory took on. Even so this oracle who went by the name of Jerserra became his adopted mother. She actively attempted to raise him, but by the age of 3 he was cast into the village of Night Brothers. Most Night Sisters thought it a folly to raise a man with them as they actually lacked physical strength, but their male counterparts were different. They were raised as protectors, and sought strength over all else. Because of this it was fairly reasonable to believe that they could shape him into a man worthy of the prophecy she saw long ago. While living with the Night Sisters was normally comfortable it wasn't exactly smooth sailing on its own. Children usually required attention he they offered none. Viewing him as a rather weak, and useless being before anything else. They clearly saw women as more useful or at the very least superior to men. Which would explain just how their society shaped itself, and because of this he read books. Taught himself their language alongside the most common language within the universe. Nothing more he could do aside from that before he was finally thrown into the Night Brothers Village. Once there he had no time for reading, but instead was forced into battle. He trained not against his new brothers as they refused to accept him within their ranks from the start. Instead he was pit against creatures that dwelled within the wilds of Dathomir. Firstly a challenge for any full fledged Night Brother was the Bane Back Spider. Venomous by nature its swift movements, and venom made it a truly deadly foe to face alone. In truth he was in no real danger as those of the Night Brothers trained, and hunted by using tamed spiders. So many of them possessed no venom, but Singramar didn't known this. Fear coursed through his veins as the creatures constantly nipped at him. Fangs bared out one after the other. It was then that his feared pushed him over the edge as it became a pure rage. Awakened his latent abilities thus causing him to unleash massive Mass Fields all around. Tears in space shredded the spiders to pieces, and injured one of the Eldest Night Brothers. An arm of his was ripped off, and he was ever stronger for it. This man called himself Smasher, and became a teacher to Singramar within the village. All future training was done by him, and slowly the Night Brothers accepted him into their rank as a result. Peaceful times such as this didn't persist forever. In fact the arrival of Sith from the Empire caused trouble for them all. Sith weren't fully welcomed on Dathomir as they viewed them as unfortunate individuals. Beings solely guided by their anger, and rage as they tried to control the Force. Many shunned the Magick they possessed, and others only wished to take it for themselves. Yet today they came for the sole purpose of taking in slaves. They often traded resources for such such things, but today they crossed a line. Night Sisters were never traded off, but they actually insisted on having one this day. Conflict sparked as they defended their sister whom had caught the attention of the arrogant Sith Lord. Rather low ranking in terms of Sith he wished to have one as a consort to serve his desires. It wasn't until the craved sister requested Singramar that things became slightly complicated. She had heard of his feat within the Night Brother village, and thought that it was one related to the Force. After describing it to the Sith they became highly intrigued. Thought that he'd make a wonderful Slave himself. As such he was given up without much of struggle. Not even his adopted mother, or Mentor could stop this. Instead they both offered him gifts of their own. First was an Ancient Blade that was said to have belonged a Sith before they settled on Dathomir. It currently possessed little power, but the Dark Side hummed within it. While Smasher took the time to inscribe the tattoos of his species onto the body of his student. A sign that he was truly one of the Night Brothers, and the entire village approved. Being no more than 7 he didn't fight, or argue with those that raised him. He was intelligent enough to know that they could be wiped out even if they defeated the Sith today. After all they were an empire spanning across the galaxy...but he was said to have been the one that would bring them Glory.[The Emergence Of Power II] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec et auctor elit. Integer sed lacus id lectus tempor hendrerit vel fermentum velit. Aenean blandit egestas finibus. Sed quis risus nulla. Quisque eget mi hendrerit, interdum sem vitae, pretium risus. Nullam vitae odio eros. Vivamus tempus augue nec lectus viverra convallis.Maecenas at turpis non urna tristique placerat in et eros. Nunc blandit consequat quam. Proin a orci neque. Aliquam erat volutpat. Nam consequat volutpat augue. Proin nisi lorem, commodo aliquet tortor vel, efficitur porta magna. Curabitur commodo varius leo a porta. Integer eu augue vel sem fermentum dignissim.Nulla viverra odio erat, et semper mi lacinia quis. Nam malesuada sollicitudin sollicitudin. Pellentesque at velit gravida, aliquam purus vel, elementum lorem. Morbi mollis molestie suscipit. Nam gravida massa a tortor vehicula facilisis. Proin eget pretium eros, non pulvinar enim. Nunc lobortis pharetra porta.Nunc eget nunc nec neque posuere interdum. Praesent elementum tortor id massa feugiat facilisis. Curabitur risus erat, fermentum feugiat arcu nec, molestie vehicula magna. Nullam vitae pharetra lacus. Mauris dapibus, nibh et ullamcorper efficitur, nunc risus tincidunt diam, eu venenatis nisi ligula sed orci. Aenean imperdiet ante eu orci dapibus commodo. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Phasellus viverra sed tortor sed commodo. 


04/16/2021 09:01 PM 


I don't do smut with pokemon. Humanoids are fine but furries are out of the question. Please don't try to control me. I will remove you. As for ships I don't mind them but if I am to ship with someone I need a storyline to build up to it. I will do romance and for the most part it will stay in rp. Until I do ship with someone romance is up for grabs.  I will not be doing just straight smut. It's boring and I just don't really care for it.  Please don't pester me for replies. I do get busy and will sometimes log on to check things. I am not ingoring you just busy sometimes.  I do have discord but let's have something started before I give it out. Please no random starters.


04/16/2021 04:43 PM 


I f***in' hate makin' rules, this sh*t is repetitive and annoying but gotta lay down ground work so we got no confusion of what's happenin' as I get back into the swing of sh*t. Shakin' off the rust of not actually writing after so long. Rule 1; Should be obvious after reading anything I post but let me just be crystal clear. I don't break character. Not that I have a problem with you doin' to each their own but I'm here to portray a character so that's what I f***in' do. No I'm not really an a**hole away from this screen but it ain't like you'll ever meet me to find out. If it offends you for me to constantly curse and be short with you, there's the door. Hit that delete button and let's just act like we never crossed paths.Rule 2; Not new to this character. Not new to this verse. Not new to this genre. Most likely, I've been around longer than you, don't tell me I ain't doin' something right or try to correct me on anything. Yeah, I curse too f***in' much. It's part of my charm! Don't like it? Who cares about you, Kagome thinks it's funny... 'til she gets irritated by it. That ain't the point, point is f*** off.Rule 3; I HATE ONE LINES! Seriously, f*** off with the "hey do you want to role play" nope. Not at all. I ain't here to role play with any sort of lack in the inspiration department. Put fourth the effort, cause I sure as sh*t do with every single response. I just said I don't like breakin' character. So we're roleplaying the moment we're talkin' one lines fall flat and a waste of my time to response. But hell, I give everyone a chance. I'll respond once to the singular line with something half way decent. If your second response is still sh*t, then at least I tried.Rule 4; Snowballin' off that last idea, I don't do text typing. It's not a request, it's a demand for literacy. TY, NP, F*** OFF. Type full words, it ain't difficult. Notice slang when I'm talkin' it's part of my character stupid. Act like you f***in' went to high school cause I ain't gonna sit back and decipher your broken ass language skills. Again, I ain't a complete a**hole no one is gonna read everythin' I got to say here. So ya get one warning. A stern warning before I'm just gonna ignore your ass and forget you exist.Rule 5; I'm busy. Workin' or-- ya know what, I don't have to explain sh*t. I'll respond when I feel like it or not at all. Don't f***in' rush me cause I don't rush anyone. You wanna get quicker responses get your ass on discord, but hell sh*t is limited. Like I said, I don't break character so I gotta be in a mood to constantly talk sh*t. Wait for it, or don't.That's all I got at the moment, I'll add more as it comes to mind. You ain't gotta read or follow my rules but your own damn fault if you're sittin' there looking confused for any reason.  


04/16/2021 02:08 PM 

Fandoms and Characters

Any fandom with a ☆ indicates my current, most interest to rolplay that fandom.Fandoms: ☆FINAL FANTASY VII, CRISIS CORE, ADVENT CHILDREN, XV AND SOME OF TYPE-0SEVEN DEADLY SINSDANCE WITH DEVILS☆THE LEGEND OF ZELDA (ALL)NARUTO☆FMA (BOTH)BLACK BUTLERBLUE EXORSISTHALODRAGON AGE: INQUISITION☆YU-GI-OH!WARRIORS BOOK SERIES BY ERIN HUNTERDEATH NOTELOTRTHE HOBBITDRAGON BOOSTERAVENGERSTHORSHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS UNDERTALE☆MAGI: LABYRINTH AND KINGDOM☆ADVENTURES OF SINBADINUYASHAZOIDSGUNDAM WING G GUNDAMCREEPYPASTAWOLF'S RAINKAMISAMA KISS☆DIABOLIK LOVERSMIRACULOUS LADYBUG (Don't judge meh!)☆GENSHIN IMPACT ☆The Dragon PrinceAND OTHERS I CAN'T REMEMBER AT THE MOMENTI am looking for rpers who can do a few charcaters I like well and don't mind me pairing my OC with that character, a ¤ indicates high interest for that character. Characters:7 Deadly Sins - Meliodas, Ban, Gowther, Gilthunder.Fullmetal Alchemist - ¤Envy, Roy, EdZelda - Link, ¤Dark Link, Fierce Deity Link, ¤Ghirahim, ¤VaatiDance With Devils - SHIKI (my fave XD), but hoenstly any of the yummy bois~LotR - Legolas, ¤ThranduilBlack Butler - ¤Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive, UndertakerYU-GI-OH - ¤Yami Yugi/Atem, Aigami/Diva, Bakura FFVII - Cloud, ¤Sephiroth, ¤Genesis, KadajMarvel - LokiFFXV - Noctis, ¤Ardyn, any of the ChocobrosDragon Age - Solas or Cullen (Dorian for MxM)Naruto - Sasuke, Itachi, ¤Orochimaru, Kakashi, Minato, MenmaUndertale- G!Sans, Mettaton, SwapFell!Sans, Lust!SansMagi - ¤Sinbad, ¤Judar/Judal, Hakuryuu, Any of the male Kou siblings.Inuyasha - ¤Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, Koga, NarakuGundam Wing - Duo Maxwell, Heero Yuy, Trowa Baryon, Quatre Rebarba Winner, ZechsG Gundam - George De'Sand, Domon KasshuCreepypasta - Jeff the Killer, Any of the Proxies, Homicidal Liu, Eyeless Jack, BEN DrownedWolf's Rain - Kiba, Toboe, DarciaKamisama Kiss - TomoeMiraculous Ladybug - Chat/Adrien (duh)Diabolik Lovers - Honestly any of the characters, though Laito is my favorite!~ Genshin Impact - Any of the male characters, though Zhongli, Xiao and Kaeya are my favorites! The Dragon Prince - ¤Aaravos!~

fandom, zelda, oc, canon, dragon prince, genshin impact, final fantasy, anime, games


04/16/2021 01:15 PM 


AppearanceName: Nightshade Dovakiin Nicknames: Shade, ShadowAge: Human - 17~22, Elf - 300~800, Dragon - 1,000~3,000, Angel/Demon - 500~600Race: Human, Elf, Dragon or Angel/DemonGender: MaleHeight: 6'0''Weight: 152 lbs. Eyes: Deep AmethystHair: Pitch black, varies in length.Voice: Dark, alluring, seductive.S/O: Gay, sub or switch.Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: Varies with rp and race.Scars: One long scar running from under the left side of his ribs moving diagonally to his right hip.Piercings: Ears and tongue.Tattoos: Varies with rp and race.Weapon of Choice: His magic and his scythe.Outfit/Clothes: Can vary with rp but generally something like this.Figure: Slim, well toned/defined lithe muscles.Turn Ons: Neck biting/marking, possessiveness, seduction, being pinned against surfaces, and more.Likes: Cats, wolves, dragons, wings, tea, starry skies and stargazing, the moon, cuddling, sex.Dislikes: Primates, being in crowds, most people, coffee, people who are purposely annoying.Powers: Varies on the roleplay but generally shadow manipulation/control, shapeshifting, etc.Personality: Dark hearted, cold, intimidating when in the mood to be, can be quite the little sh*t, mischievous, cunning, intelligent, coy, sly, seductive, wise beyond his years, curious. Nightshade can be a tricky and alluring person naturally without realizing it. He is not a force to be reckoned with and has connections in dark places, he is a formidable foe and by no means weak. If you are someone he treasures he will move mountains for you. Bio: Will vary with rp, he is made to be more of a flexible character to fit just about any rp.Pets: Might vary with rp but either a black cat, stallion or wolf.LunaNocturneSivethHouse/Residence: Will vary with rp.Theme Songs:Angels (Male Version)」Black Seaᴹᴱᴾ - Only boy(In the world) Deeper Version"What's the matter lover?~ Can't catch me?~""I don't mind being alone....but it's the loneliness of not having someone that bothers me sometimes...""The dark isn't all that bad, rather peaceful actually."Extra Images: 1 | 2 | 3

Mirko Yagi

04/15/2021 04:53 PM 


1. No erotic rp I'm not into it.2. Please be patient when it come to replying to an rp I'm dyslexic and tend to read things multiple times just to make sure I've read ot properly.3. Nothing above para rp please (Rules 2 is reasnon why)4. Pleas don't pester me to reply it only makes me take longer to reply.5. No real life drama6. My spellings not the best so I apologize in advance for that.7. My Hero Academia is my main verse but crossovers are welcomeMore will be added if needed.

Shadow 闇

04/14/2021 11:24 PM 

Shadow - Naruto verse (and crossover) updated
Current mood:  accomplished

Name:  Ryujin Kaguya 'Shadow' (Chinoike)Age: 18-21 usually unless otherwise statedVillage/Affilitation: Kirigakure officially. He has association with a number of criminal syndicates and organizations off the record.Rank: Jonin Hunter-nin CaptainClass: S-classAppearance:*new edit coming soon*KKG/Abilities/Traits:Shikotsumyaku:The ability to manipulate bones and one's skeletal structure as well as other calcium sources. Not only can they manipulate the size and structure, but also the density and other such traits (provided they have the chakra/access to calcium. They cannot create bone from nothing).Shadow's potential skill with ability would allow him to absorb the skeleton of anything possessing a bone skeleton. He would also be capable of animating bone creations, assemblies, or just a simple deceased being's normal skeleton. He can manipulate calcium deposits in the earth and other sources such as those artificially created in order to increase the density of whatever bone matter he desires or to create more advanced and more powerful jutsu.At his pinnacle (Mizukage level, sannin strength so this would be a 25 years of age+ storyline scenario) he would be capable of tha 'All Killing Ash Bone' technique which can be seen as the peak of the Kaguya clan's abilities. The only recorded user aside from Shadow would be Kaguya Otsutsuki who is (headcannon incoming) the progenitor of the Shikotsumyaku through some derivative bloodline likely on Homura's side of things (Basically the body to the Hyuuga's eye - the Senju of the Hyuuga).Ketsuryugan:Bloodline of the Chinoike clan in which Shadow's mother belonged to. This bloodline affects both the body and the eyes with a sort of advanced release and a dojutsu. This ability allows the possessor to produce genjutsu arguably stronger than the sharingan is capable of (exception would be things like Tsukiyomi or a rinne-sharingan). This genjutsu can be inflicted through sight or through a victim getting even a single drop of the user's blood in their body. If the genjutsu is afflicted through blood contact it would be substanmtially more powerful, enough to literally control the mind of a weak willed target and quite effective even on those unable to be controlled. Through blood contact, the user can also cause a victim's body to turn into a living massive bomb.Shadow has almost no usage of the human detonation technique, only capable of it through usage of his inner demon's power. But in place of that, he developed his own technique which compliments his skill in taijutsu far better. A technique ne just calls 'Limit break'. He uses his ability to control iron in his blood in order to strategically affect the chemical outputs and inputs of his body's organs to push his body far beyond it's normal limits. This allows him to also use the 7 heavenly breaths and 8 gates techniques with reduced effects. Pushing himself to his absolute limits will allow him to use the Reibi's body activation fist which will give him a limited timeframe to use even the 8th gate without dying though he will face heavy bodily strain and quite a bit of bodily damage since the body activation fist doesn't keep up with the amount of self harm being done for long.Sharingan:Shadow wasn't born with this ability. It was implanted into his right eye as part of special experimentation. The sharingan has been fully matured since being implanted and Shadow cannot deactivate it. Shadow was unable to fully use or manage the sharingan until high chunin/low jonin rank since it has a massive chakra draw and requires the body to be able to keep up with the eye's perceptual abilities. Shadow did not have Uchiha bloodline to help him naturally use the dojutsu.To keep the draw on his chakra nearly non-presence, he keeps his long bangs pulled over the right side of his face covering his right eye. The sharingan won't draw chakra or play with his sight so long as the eye has little to no light to process visual stimuli.Reibi:The zero tails is a powerful but abnormal 'tailed beast'. It is known to be reborn in troubling and dark times in the heart of a particularly dark hearted or tormented individual. Shadow was made the jin of the zero tails, but not just any zero tails. Shadow houses the first zero tails to be born and appear which was sealed in a relic within the Land of Water since a time before the land had records.The reibi absorbs dark emotions and chakra which feeds it's own power. It's power has infinite potential so long as the being isn't killed by something stronger than itself before absorbing enough power to become the stronger threat. The one implanted in Shadow was older than anyone knew and nobody really knew what it was they were putting in the boy. This reibi had encountered every bijuu in the past at least once along with a number of other beings, demons, and spirits. From every chakra housing being it came across, it absorbed a chunk of chakra. This was all on top of constantly turning all dark emotion in the land of water into dark chakra to absorb the entire time it was sealed. The being is far stronger than most know, rivaling the Kyuubi in power and chakra reserves and density. The beast has also learned to take on make forms which came with many forms for it's jinchuuriki to take as it was a jealous being wanting to be stronger than the 9 bijuu.Backstory (Storylines can take place at any point in time or AU/custom time. This is most for overall backstory and background reference: 

ₙₒₜₒᵣᵢₒᵤₛ ˢʰⁱᵗᵗᵃˡᵏ

04/13/2021 09:52 PM 

Notes of Noel

[ Facts About Noel ]I. His support class is considered both the 'weakest' and the most 'evil' because he cannot benefit from his own buffs, learns no offensive skills from the class, and has the ability to manipulate those who hears his voice with certain skills.II. In a traditional setting he would be considered a very talented and strong warrior, but since Battle Techniques and attribute scaling is so fawned over in his world he is looked down on. Hence his ability through sheer training to take down their swordsman with hand-to-hand combat. III. Noel's grandfather--Over Death--was a warrior who was unmatched in power, riches, and techniques. Because of this Noel greatly respects warriors and secretly envies those who share that same potential in their class that his grandfather once held. IV. Noel only believes in four kinds of people: Allies, Enemies, Expendables, and Protected. Romance is not on his radar and very difficult to get him to even acknowledge. V. He is a survivalist, willing to do whatever it takes to live and obtain his dream of running the Strongest Clan in history. Despite this, he has his own morals and would never abandon or break a promise toward those he considers allies. Likewise, he would be a thousand times more vindictive toward those who betray him.VI. Noel uses magical guns as his main weapon, but he, himself, is more dangerous when the opponent is a humanoid. He has been shown to be quite proficient with daggers as well and various other weapons...but cannot learn skills for anything. VII. Noel is pyschologically manipulative, cunning, and as intelligent as he is charismatic. He is always plotting toward advancing his goals and growing his clan, but these machinations are never toward the detriment of those he cares about. His enemies however...will find themselves greatly pressured by the steps he plans ahead.IX. Noel can best be described as both Lawful Neutral (following his own code and standards) and Neutral Evil (utilizing both good and evil methods to achieve his desires) equally. Since people are contradictary creatures and composed of layers, these elements best represent him.X. Noel has never had a fully family and envies those who have been blessed with that; despite this, he is more prone to admiring families and helping them in accepting missions. XI. Noel believes in high risk and high reward, and has amassed a large body count making examples of those whom would look down or try and kill him. He lives by his grandfather's words: "Never let anyone look down on you and run over you." XII. Noel sold two his former teammates into slavery after they were caught embezzling money from the party, and ran off with his and Walter's funds; the alternative was 10 years of hard labor where they would die but make him no profit on his losses. It was this action that made Walter decide to retire adventuring even if he understood it to be the best decision.XIII. Noel was attacked by bandits in the city right after, and systematically cut off their ears and left them bleeding as a warning for others not to offend him. While he is kind, he is also ruthless.More to continue. "TO BECOME THE STRONGEST LEADER, NO MATTER THE COST."

Brutally Honest ✿

04/13/2021 09:01 PM 

The Pain of Loss and Broken Promises;;
Current mood:  adventurous

002. Broken Vows As a team they were unbreakable - their bonds, rock solid, and their strength; - unmatched. The very fiber of their being was spent working together with three combined as one. Each breath they took with every step they made, the strength they grew with one another. They found the bonds of friendship that made them strong. They made the future carved out of their past, and stood their grand against their enemies. The fact that Ino was still standing now was thanks to the strength and faith her friends had in her. She was standing against Hidan to avenge her sensei , Asuma who died trying to protect his students and village.He was a true hero - there was nothing she could think to describe him other than a hero. She knew his sacrifice would be remembered for generations to come. Ino was aware that Asuma was going to be a father to Kurenai's baby girl. No matter what she wanted to be part of the child's life; the child would be a prodigy that knew more than its mind could comprehend with friends like Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji. Without the positive influence of Asuma in the village, she grew numb to the pain of the loss of her sensei.She despised the fact that she was unable to ignore the feelings that she had. She wasn't supposed to feel emotions like this and the mission was supposed to be put first. However, she didn't want to turn her back on her friends like she had thought about. She was stubborn, fierce, and determined, but she was not disloyal to her friends / family. She knew that the others were concerned for her when she shut down and did not respond to other situations and Shikamaru pulled her to the side."What is wrong with you?! This isn't the Ino I know and love." she heard and her eyes shot up, knowing he wasn't just saying that to make her feel bad. He meant it. He meant that he cared and was worried about her.It was difficult for her to even admit that she felt disheartened by the event of Asuma's death and she found herself drowning in sorrow, and did not want to show her emotions to others in fear that they might use them against her. She knew, though, that Shikamaru would not do that. She wanted nothing more than to allow her emotions to show and to cry - she wanted to be able to feel emotion again, but she felt emotionally numb. She did not want to show it.She was certainly not the only one that was feeling like this, and that thought comforted her. Ino wasn't one to spill her feelings on the other person but she allowed her tears to fall when she knew that this would be the last time she would talk or see her sensei again. She held his head in her arms as Shikamaru and Choji sobbed next to her while the rain poured around each of them. Lightning clashed in the skies around them and the atmosphere was dark and disturbing."I just..." she sobbed and hugged Shikamaru, "I am just thinking about Asuma-sensei, that's all. So many things remind me of him," she said as she was sobbing against his frame. She wanted to be strong, but her tears would not stop flowing against her ivory cheeks. She wanted to be emotionally solid, but she was very, very much breakable. She did not want to appear weak to the others, but she couldn't help it. She wasn't prepared for this training and she wasn't sure about how to move forward. However, she would not let Asuma down and she would learn to keep going - stronger, and wiser with Asuma's last parting words that she held onto for a long time after.


04/12/2021 05:25 PM 


Guidelines Read'em, respect'em, or get f***ing gone. DISCRETION IS ADVISEDJosie is an unstable character who suffers from addiction, mental illness, and resorts to self harm to cope. If it wasn't clear stories are liable to have extremely dark themes. If you can't handle it don't write with me, No hard feelings. It isn't everybody's thing. DON'T MAKE ASSUMPTIONSDon't assume that because Jo is an addict that you can get her to do things for a fix. She has standards, She's not f***ing you for drugs. Furthermore Josie doesn't sleep around. She's a single ship character who is loyal to whoever manages to win her over. If she's taken step off. YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVEI'm a blunt and to the point kinda person. What you see is what you get. Good and bad. You show me respect, patience, and understanding, and you'll get the same. Act like a twat and i'll show you how it's really done before I block you. I don't play games, I got better sh*t to do. COMMUNICATE WITH MEI can't fix what I don't know about. If you have an issue with me i'd appreciate if you came to me like an adult. I'm not gonna chew you out, I know how to own up to mistakes. On the same token if you need to talk come to me. I'm willing to listen if you need to vent. DON'T BLUR THE LINESRoleplay isn't reality, If you don't know this by now seek help. What happens in story is only in story. Play pretend. I am not my character. No I don't want to date you irl. No you're not getting my digits or info. I keep real life and roleplay completely separate and any attempts to change that will get you f***ing blocked. Sorry, not. These will get updated as idiots push their luck. LAST UPDATED ON APRIL 12TH, 2021.


04/12/2021 05:14 PM 

Current mood:  evil

I'm going to lay down three things, right here:TALK to me, F**K me, and TALK to me some more.Pretty uncomplicated, if you ask me.


04/12/2021 06:40 PM 

Rules and general st00f.
Current mood:  exotic

Wanna have a smooth RP with me? Give this a quick once over. I'm not particularly selective, just relax and enjoy the ride. If you're unaware, my character is Hikari Muromachi, a rival character from the Keijo!!!!!!!! anime. The show revolves around battling using only b00bs and butts. If you like the thicc ladies, please proceed. This is certainly one of my more 'after dark' style accounts and is not my main. If you're uncomfortable with mature themes, you may want to steer clear. No lesbian. No packing extra. Sorry ladies. Don't try to date the admin. I'm taken IRL. Though not required for our story by any means, this character has a slight lean towards 𝓯𝓮𝓶𝓪𝓵𝓮 𝓯𝓪𝓻𝓽 𝓯𝓮𝓽𝓲𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓼𝓶. If you aren't cool with that, you can always tell me.

Usagi Tsukino

04/12/2021 05:02 PM 

Twisted Dark Fate AU

What if... Something went horribly wrong. What if, part of the curse the Dark Kingdom put on the reincarnating senshi was that they were cursed to be reborn all in different time periods. Some of Usagi's friends have been dead for hundreds of years, born in different time periods in different parts of the world. Ami was a colonist in America in the early 1700s. Her journals survive to this day. Makoto was a Celtic warrior. Maybe some (Saturn, who will be born to a dictator and eventually succeed him then cause a nuclear war) have even yet to be born or were never allowed to be born to begin with. A few died in childhood. At least 2 were aborted. The only other senshi around is Venus, who is very old and barely able to fight at the time she meets Usagi. Unable to make it past the first few fights with youma without her friends, she is quickly defeated and falls into Beryl's hands. Beryl quickly acquires the Silver Millenium Crystal and is more than happy to relinquish Usagi to Prince Diamond. She eventually becomes Eclipsed Queen Serenity, but is little more than a figurehead in comparison to her husband. She is permitted to keep Luna and Artemis, but they are powerless to help her. A bleak future lies ahead... 

Usagi Tsukino

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Changed Fate AU

Imagine a sailor moon story where Usagi regained her memories of her past life-- and just wasn't attracted to Mamoru like she was before. They are still good friends, but not lovers as they once were. Chibiusa is still around; only her appearance is constantly shifting based partly on the looks of the guy Usagi is currently crushing on. Usagi grows up, graduates high school, attends college and gets a job despite having considerable wealth from the Moon Kingdom. She still fights evil and crime where it appears, but the Moon Kingdom's influence on earth is more of a background thing. Maybe Usagi travels the world and uses the Hensou Pen to get into off-limits spaces or elite functions to influence the world's infrastructure towards good. Maybe her parents and her brother know what she is, maybe they don't. (Family dinners would be awkward. Imagine trying to explain to your parents that they gave birth to a reincarnated Lunar Princess and that their "cousin" Chibiusa is actually her daughter from the future.) Maybe they just think she's a busy businesswoman who travels a lot. Usagi is under considerable stress by Luna and Artemis to find a consort and get married, but think about it: The Silver Millenium Crystal grants the user and those around them an almost indefinitely extended life. She is still young by Moon Person standards and has no need to hurry.

Margus Slater

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Character Background

Name: Margus Alexis SlaterBirthday: December 11th, 1990Hair: BlackEyes: Errie GreenComplexion: PaleHeight: 5'11Weight: 182Race: NephlimOccupation: HunterPersonality: A cautious man, Margus is introverted and quite careful with who he associates himself with. Charismatic, loyal and a person of integrity as well as honorable. He can be selfish however, acting purely out of self preservation and comfort.Likes: Reading, driving, swimming, arcade games, bourbon and synthwave.Abilities: Astral Perception, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Super Strength, Reality Warping, Sedation, Heightened Senses, Regeneration. Weaknesses: Heavy Warding, Decapitation.Backstory: Margus's origins are something of a mystery, even to himself. Sired by the archangel Lucifer, Margus grew up in foster care after his mother died in child birth. He would grow up in Willow Creek, Colorado. Margus would be placed with the Koufax family, a strict religious family. By all accounts, he was an average boy with the ability to make friends with little effort. He did gravitate toward one friend, Jesse Parrish. Margus didn't put a whole of effort into his academics, but nonetheless he excelled despite that. He spent most of his free time with Jesse, anything to get away from home. The distraction of arcade games and the company of Jesse seemed to offer respite from his tense home environment. This would be the status quo until his seventeenth birthday. It was during this time a telepathic ability emerged, he could hear the thoughts of the people around him. At first, he thought he was going crazy and the voices inside his head were not real. When he discovered they were thoughts of others, he took up gambling and using the ability to his advantage. Betting on horses, cards, nascar and even sports games. Margus obtained a small, yet secret fortune before graduation. Only Jesse knew about the money and the gambling. But the abilities didn't stop there, he began hearing voices from celestials in language that was somehow incomprehensible, but also being able to understand it as well. Margus began to become stronger, his sense heightened, reflexes beyond super human and much more he had yet to understand. After graduation, he moved to Detroit to continue a career in gambling. He would do well at this for about year before being approached by Jesse, who proclaimed to be demon named Valac. Valac had taken Jesse's body hostage and demanded a ransom, saying he knew who Margus really was. But when Margus grabbed Valac, he unknowningly exorcised the entity by casual contact. With Jesse free and the knowledge that supernatural beings were after him, he began to change careers. Studying demonology and the paranormal, Margus become a hunter to survive whatever fate would throw at him. Not only for self preservation, but to learn more about himself. Jesse would become his assistant. 

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