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04/12/2021 03:24 PM 

Rules Bitch

  Rules   IRL Let me tell ya I’m a male.  I can’t explain why I like playing female toons but hey, here it is.   I’ll only be here as long as I find a reason to stay. If I get bored or roleplay gets stale Imma probably head out.  Much like the rest of the community I bet.  I’m generally here for sci fi style fights and day by day style roleplays.  I don’t mind the ERP stuff, though not my main reason for being here. Bringing up ERP,  I’m pretty open.  If you're a dude who is cool with rule one,  awesome let's bang,  If you're a dudette who is all about that bricc girl action,  sweet I can bang.  Really doesn’t matter so long as we consent and is all on the up and up legalwise.  When it comes to fighting/sparring I am all about the fun and the rule of cool.  If your style is super intricate and it's like an OTK thing….thats damn boring.  Congrats on the abilities you thought up to get there,  but man what's the point? Then ya know, No god mode or autoing.  Be fair, be fun and I think we won’t have an issue.   I have auto add on.  I like the idea of crossovers and the interactions that can occur.  However there is nothing stopping me from deleting or banning you if you're just an ass hole hiding behind a sexy anime image.   Don’t bring up hot topics such as politics and the like.  I’m here for fun random space fighting bullsh*t not real world issues.  If you do bring it up...I will probably just ignore the first offense but the next man you're out.   All and all I am here for fun,  and maybe help with my steadily decreasing vocab and literary skills lol. 

Broly ~Legendary Master Destroyer~

04/11/2021 04:52 PM 

Name: Elias Quinralei Hakura

Name: Elias Quinralei HakuraEarth Age: 43Real Age: Over 3000 Years.Height: 6' 3"Weight: 242lbs ||Athletic Build||Race: 1/2 Human, 1/2 ElvenStatus: SingleChlidren: Eli Akino HakuraPrimary Weapon: Handforged Tungsten Twin Katana'sLove Interest: NoneSpouse: None Likes: Cats, Any Foods, Sleep, Cooking, Hiking, Bowling & Sketching ||As A Hobby||  Dislikes: Any Sort Of Abuse Towards Women & Young Girls.  Personality: Caring, Loving, Slightly Stubborn, A Romantic, Sweet & Protective.

04/11/2021 02:01 PM 

Role Play Rules

Role Play Rules.1.    Do not godmod in any way, please.2.    Respect boundaries. I am in a relationship in rl. I do not dishonour that.3.    I am here to role play, not to take part in people's drama. Thank you.4.    Every writer is different. I will try to match what style and length of writing that I receive.5.     If you have any issues with me, please send me an ooc explanation. I am happy to discuss anything with anyone.6.     I am looking to fill some "mains" rolls, but I will accept duplicates. It is not meant to be a competition (as the way I write my character is not exclusive).7.    Take your time with replies. I never get bothered, since I also have a real life. To that note, I hope that you will also realize the same, for me.

𝕮𝖆𝖕𝖙𝖆𝖎𝖓 𝓘chigo Kurosaki

04/11/2021 12:51 PM 


            Rules  )I am Role-play Veteran from Myspace 2006, I’ve always given my very best at whoever I roleplay as. Even if It were someone I have never rped before! I don’t have Problem rping as other Characters if asked.But I can deny request that I do not wish to do, or get pressured to do it! This Ichigo is Au, Where he will be the New Captain of Division 3.   ) I have 2 goals when rping. 1. Having fun in evevery rp I do, wither I be a Hero character , a Villain character, or Anti-Hero that is neither good nor all the way bad! 2.Sharing my Rp Skills with Rookie rpers that wish to Learn how to ACTUALLY Create storylines!   ) Yes this is a Mature account,Its for Blood, Violence, Foul Language,Dark Humor,Possible Sexual Situations (With Story Build Up.)ect.I won't pressure anyone into doing what they doesn't want to do!    ) I ship Ichigo X Rukia, So I will be hoping to get with an active Rukia Rper. But Don’t get it wrong, I do like the other females from Bleach, and other animes. So anything can happen. 5.)I Prefer to use Messages not comments,I’ve gotten way to many Pop Ads that went into the comment box where I was suppose to type. When this happens you can’t delete the Ad in the comment box, It just Spammed there! So Messages Only!  


04/11/2021 12:37 PM 

Sample 2 - Combat Starter

“We need that map, or a picture of it” Sweet Pea demanded from behind red bangs that fell before her deep emerald green eyes which were glaring at Babydoll in this present moment. Baby knew precisely where that anger was coming from and it had her name written all over it. She knew exactly what needed to be done; get the map or an image of it at all costs. Without it, they would remain trapped there in that show of horrors that seemed to replay in their lives day in and day out. Besides, the High Roller would be there tomorrow and the girls were desperately running out of time.Baby nodded in reply, no words need to be spoken. They all knew the stakes and as she glanced around the room to the other girls they too nodded in reply.“Get the radio” Sweet Pea ordered. Amber spun around, reaching for the thing. A moment later it was in place and she was adjusting the tuner to a station playing something, anything that would get Baby moving. “You wanted this, you've got it, now get to work!” Sweet Pea barked.    No sooner did the speaker produce sounds to move to did Baby begin to sway. It was as if her body was on autopilot as she closed her eyes ever so slightly to clear her mind and begin the process of going within. This was always how she did it and this time was no different.A moment later and she opened her eyes, the room was gone, the girls have gone and it was only her, and the music that led her life from this point on. A deep beat rose within her, matching the beating of her own heart while the music rose in a crescendo, taking her over and began to give her the power to succeed. The melody fell to the wayside as the world solidified around her. An explosion rocked her to “reality” while the battlefield reminiscent of France during World War I grew before her, taking shape and breathing life into its own. The sky was on fire from the bombs and explosions detonating hither and thither. Two biplanes roared overhead and toward almost certain doom as Baby checked her gear. The magnificent and ancient katana lay silent and asleep within its scabbard strapped to her back by the very leather shoulder holster that protected her nickel-plated Colt .45 ACP, its charms dangled and swayed in the hot air from the grip that protruded just enough to give her the ability to draw it in a flash if needed.Baby's navy blue viciously-short school girl skirt danced in the hot wind as did her golden hair, held in place by a similarly colored cloth hair-tie. Two ponytails dressed out her shimmering head and kept the majority of her hair from blowing into her face no doubt obscuring her vision had it not been while they draped down her back and onto her crackerjack sailors top. Her beautiful brown eyes scanned the battlefield a moment and then she saw what she was looking for, a break in the battle, just long enough for her to make her move. A smile played across her voluptuous lips and then she crouched, a look of sternness and conviction replaced the smile as she gathered her energy before leaping forward, a perfectly positioned and steadfast jump. Baby soared into the sky like a falcon, reaching the apex of the leap, her body twisted and turned as she aimed her legs toward the point of contact.A few seconds later and she hit her mark, precisely where she desired. Her legs contracting as she released the energy into the ground during the impact; they call it a “superhero landing” and she executed it perfectly, one leg outstretched, one under her, her right arm and hand-stretched out with the same leg, it was amazing to behold, truly. A brief second later and her head darted up, taking in the targets before her that were stunned to see this girl not only land like that but to also see that she was staring them down. For a brief time, they looked at one another, her them and they to her each trying to process just what occurred. Before they could react she was upright, katana in her right hand, Colt .45 ACP in the other.This was trench warfare but she was ready to redefine it for ages to come. As if it were guided by more than just her hand, the katana began to feed. Her Colt spoke up and began to demand that bodies fall before them and fall they did, one right after another. This was certainly a Hell, but it wasn't hers, it was theirs and they knew it. Feebly they tried to stop her but as they ran toward her, they fell with ease. These Krauts never knew what hit them until it was too late. She carved and blasted her way toward the forward operating base, the place that just had to hold the map. No other building or location would suffice and she knew it.Baby cut down the final soldier and it was then that she realized that the soldier and those before him were no longer among the living. She had managed to single-handedly dispatch fifty to sixty men in a matter of minutes. She stood erect, blood dripping from her blade while her Colt tried to breathe deeply as it exhaled volumes of smoke from its exercise. Baby felt a momentary sense of accomplishment but that was the easy part. The difficulty lies in locating the map despite her feeling that it just had to be in the building that stood in defiance before her.A brief moment later and the door was no more. Splintered into a thousand pieces by her right foot clad in heeled jet-black Mary Sues and protected by blackened stockings that terminated seductively on her milky thighs.Expecting to meet with the German General, Baby was prepared but instead of him, she was greeted by what appeared to be an empty room. Confused though somewhat relieved Baby entered and scanned the area, locating the place where the map did at one time live but being greeted by nothing but a barren wall.“Damnit” she muttered as she closed the distance between her and the wall. She sheathed the blade in one swift motion and reached out with her gauze-wrapped right hand but before she could make contact with the wall her senses alerted her to the presence of another. Within a split-second, she spun around leveling her Colt in the direction of the one who would challenge her. She had difficulty sussing out the figure. It was skulking within the shadows but her sharp eyes still managed to track it. She didn't expect this and it shook her somewhat but she managed to repress that sense and kept it from exposing her true feelings. She remained stalwart and gathered herself despite the strange turn of events. Who was this person, what did it want and why hasn't it tried to strike her down just yet?  


04/11/2021 12:30 PM 

Sample 1 - An Interlude

  “There you are, you gave us quite a scare you know,” a rather somber male voice says from across the room, blanketed in shadow.“Where am I?” I inquire, still somewhat fuzzy from the punch I took earlier.“Safe, for now,” the kind male voice answered.A single figure comes into view but still protected by darkness, once obscured by the haziness of regaining consciousness but now leveling out as my field of vision solidifies and comes into focus; my head still somewhat ringing from that cleaning. This man's voice wasn't at all familiar but the tone carried with it a kindness I'd not known in a long time.The man, now visible, sitting across the room in a red leather-backed chair, wearing a white smoking jacket and black pants is sipping on what appears to be a scotch in a high-ball glass and continues, saying “I don't know how to put this delicately so I'll spare you the insult of being vague. You and I are supposed to f***. Forgive my language, but it is in keeping with the spirit of the arrangement.”His words struck a chord deep within my very being and almost out of sheer impulse, I sat up, my head still throbbing a bit but abating slightly with every somber word the man uttered.“I have no interest in f***ing you” he continued, “as a matter of fact, I can think of nothing more offensive.”“Then you can let me go” I retorted almost on impulse and feeling a bit like a sh*t considering the kindness he'd been demonstrating toward me thus far.My words must have bit hard upon him as they caused him to exhale audibly; setting his glass upon a nightstand next to the chair he then rose from, the leather groaning slightly as he did so.“Yes well, that brings us to the current situation. I don't want to call it a 'situation' maybe negotiation makes more sense. You see, I'm what you would call the man who has everything, yet, I lack the one thing that money can't buy” he confesses.“Love?” I flatly inquired, my curiosity starting to twitch.“Close” he responds, “Truth is more accurate. A true moment, a moment that exists outside of who I am, of my money, my status. A moment of truth in a world of lies” he admits and I could tell he was being honest if not brutally honest. It was obvious it pained him to express such a thing and with every tick of the nightstand clock, I found myself drawn to him. Drawn to what might come next...The man draws close, out from within the shadows that obscured his visage and into the light for me to see clearly for the first time. He was not at all what Blue had described to me. He is not the fat, greasy monster I had envisioned. Instead, as he moves closer I took note of his perfectly groomed hair that was only just now starting to gray around the temples, trim in his impeccable tailored smoking jacket which punctuated his movie-star good looks. Eyes of the deepest blue I had ever seen, blue and kind as he warmly smiled at me. Me in my white cracker-jack dancing outfit. I felt out of place for the first time since waking up. Out of place and out of my league to boot.He went on, obviously still very much in control of this situation, “And it just so happens that that moment, that true and fragile thing like a glass egg or a sandcastle, can only be given by a non-faker, a non-actor. That's you” he said with a smile.“I don't understand,” I said, echoing what had been growing within my breast.This man, this High Roller now stood over me as I drew my legs inward and toward my chest, my arms embracing them in a feeble attempt to protect myself but from what? This man, this kind man who is showing me such reverence for the first time in a very long time? Still, I found myself in such a position, almost begging him to sit down on the side of the bed where I once laid.He seamlessly removed his jacket and placed it upon the back of a chair that sat not far away then quickly yet smoothly began to remove his cuff links which found themselves placed with care into the breast pocket of that very jacket. A moment later and he began to unbutton his silk white shirt but not all the way, only the top two buttons, one of which was hidden behind a black bow tie that has just been removed and draped cautiously over the jacket itself.The man stands there a moment, perhaps considering his next words briefly before speaking once again as his hands go into his black trouser pockets, “I have spent a small fortune to get you here into this room, this golden cage. All of us want you here. But you... And what you want... Well, that's the real question, what you want. You're supposed to give yourself to me or I'm supposed to take you – that's the arrangement. It requires zero from you in the area of the spirit – it is completely physical. A disciplined mind, which I can see you have, will give me nothing. I might have your body, but you the intangible and undefinable spark, the dream that makes us... each of us, who we are, that unique and perfect identity like a snowflake – impossible to duplicate again in all the ages or on a billion planets across the infinite universe. That you, I will never know... But that's precisely what I want.”Just then the High Roller begins to unbutton the rest of his shirt and despite the gravity of the situation, it didn't bother me. Not one... single... bit. The perfectly white shirt comes off his strong frame elegantly and finds itself joining the jacket on the chair as the man then sits softly upon the side of the bed, closing the distance between us, and again, nothing in this whole experience is bad, repulsive or otherwise something I didn't wish to see. He reached out with his right hand, his left still supporting himself slightly as he lovingly brushed a bit of my hair from my face, the gap between us shortening ever so slightly. I could feel his breath upon my brow and I could sense my heartbeat raise ever so much in tempo as I took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly in light of the situation.“I know what I am asking” he softly expresses, “for the most precious possession you have... You're wondering that even if you wanted to, you don't know how to find that kind of desire in yourself.”I cut him off just then, “I'm sorry, you seem nice... You don't want me to lie, do you?” I ask, my eyes now meeting his in this moment of truth.He smiles and replies, “Right... You're getting it, so here's my offer: Because, though you can't buy love, truth IS for sale. All I require is a sliver of a moment. To have you not by force, not in prison, but simply as a man and a woman. To see in your eyes the truth of desire that you give yourself to me freely not because you have to, but because you want to. And right here, right now there is no place you would rather be, and no man you would rather be with.” And then he smiles, the warmest and most loving smile I had ever in my life seen. I glance about at him, in that moment and see his tan chest and arms shining in the warm glow of the room.He says as he closes the gap, “And for such a gem, I am prepared to give as well... Freedom. That will be your payment. Total and perfect freedom. Freedom outside the drudgery of practical living. Freedom as an abstract ideal.” I can feel the warmth of his breath on my neck and it sends tingles up and down my spine. My breathing intensifies, almost out of its own accord and not at all something to which I have control over any longer.He then kisses my neck softly, my tension just melting away. “And how you experience such freedom if that truth can pass between us? I have the power to release you from this place. I will promise you that Blue will never touch you again. I will buy you a cabaret, a paradise, for you and your friends with an unlimited production budget. A place where you don't have to f*** the clients. A place where you can express yourself without fear – motivated only by the joy of that perfect freedom.” Another kiss and bolts of electricity course through my body. His touch is gentle, yet full of purpose as his hands – surgeon hands, begin to explore my shoulders at first and then the small of my back. My eyes begin to close as I start to give myself over to the feelings welling within me.“Freedom from pain” he goes on, “freedom from worry” another kiss, “responsibility, from guilt, regret...” He then kisses me deeply and without the ability to fight it, I embrace him, my hands pushing the back of his head to increase the pressure our lips feel upon each other. White flashes of enjoyable pain dance before my closed eyes. We fall into the softness of the waiting bed and it was then that I realized I was no longer wearing clothes but it was perfectly okay... everything was perfect in this now perfect moment. He pushes his body into mine as I begin to close my eyes.“Don't close your eyes” he softly says, “Look at me... the freedom to love” he continues as I arc my back, begging him to love me, speaking only with my body. Then, in that timeless place, something washes over me. Not reckless desire, not lust, something much deeper... peace.*****The girl's eyes shoot open and in a split second she is fully conscious, her hand ripped from yours, the stark bleakness of the room you two are in plastered across her face in a show of confusion, and is it... sadness?


04/11/2021 12:26 PM 

Writing Samples

So you wanna see what I'm capable of? Seems reasonable and so in that vein I've complied a couple of samples for you to read over. Feel free to read one, or both but I only ask one thing: That you enjoy yourself.Sample 1 - An InterludeSample 2 - A Combat Starter


04/10/2021 03:15 PM 

The Sixth Treasure Tail Hoard

    ( キュウコン, Kyukon)The Sixth Treasure Tail Hoard The Sixth Treasure Tail Hoard is the title granted to a kitsune that has managed to bind the manifestations of their power into a physical object. Meaning they've bound their tails into objects that were bestowed mystical properties as a result. These items are called Treasures due to how powerful they can be given that each is randomly assigned an effect rather than being designed by the kitsune themselves. The added value of being able to be used by any whom happen to pick one up it is impossible not to see their value. And Shual is the 6th Ninetales to actually achieve this feat within his family. He refuses to disclose the method by claiming that it is different for all of their kind. However he did so by first sealing his birth tail into a mask that he has always worn. The others have been sealed into other masks of various designs as well. They produce different effects when worn, but he has never once shown the abilities to anyone outside of his mother. They've since named his set the "Gloomy Parade Of Masks". 【Treasure Tails】 【Phantom Heart Seeker】 The first mask, and the one that is worn by the fox the most. It is a solid white mask with red markings donning its surface around the eyes. In light of this the ability it has doesn't have anything to do with sight, but rather seeking. As the name suggest it grants him the ability to seek a certain person, place, or thing by changing his body into a stream of purple smog that is poisonous to those that breathe it in. Causing rapid nerve malfunctions that usually ends with the victims being paralyzed for a small amount of time. Beyond that he doesn't return to human form until he reaches the target he is after, and if capture in this stay he'll be trapped forever if not given aid. 【????????】 【????????】 【????????】 【????????】 【????????】

Monster tamer in training

04/10/2021 12:19 PM 

Paladin Alexa academy's layout

A/N:  Each building has a name, but I can't find the file with the building names and their purposes as the academys more a town than a singular building and has 1-6 teachers per building.  They're grouped together based on subject manner of the building.Building 1:  magical education curative arts (healing techniques, spells, alchemy) conjuration arts assault classes  enchanging classes weapons classes Building 2: lake Library(three floors visible from outside, but is far larger on the inside than it is on the outside)Building 3: Tamer building Practice Monster barn monster food storage extensive beastiary books tamer records Building 4:  basics math  literature home ec Building 5-10: dormsthere's more, but... you get the gist 

Kobalt (18+)

04/10/2021 02:06 PM 

Kobalt Vestal Regalia

A student of magic who primarily wields axes and halberds. While he has a love for his martial and sometimes crude weapons, Kobalt specializes in white magic. From being able to heal physical wounds to teleporting allies and everything in between (yes, including damage spells). It’s due to his personality that he believes everything should be balanced in some shape or form, including himself. He strives to keep both the chaos and order in his life check as well as everything around that affects him or his allies. Sometimes he can become a bit callous with it as he feels the balance is the best option, but he still understands the weight and value of a human life. His classmates, his friends, even his enemies.Still, at the end of the day, Kobalt is still a human. He makes mistakes and goes through the motions just like everyone else does. Generally, he’s a quiet man, but otherwise thoughtful and cool-headed. One of his knacks include being a tactician on the side and analyzing the battlefield. It’s not hard for him to get along with people, but sometimes his quiet nature can deter others from approaching him. But I suppose when you deal with axes, not many people want to mess with you to begin with…Born: 2nd day of the Wyvern MoonLikes: Solace, Quiet, Music, AffectionDislikes: Random havoc, Constant questioning, ArroganceFood: Meats & SweetsFavorite Flower: Amaryllis

Brutally Honest ✿

04/09/2021 11:32 PM 

{ Traitor Part ! } Drabble
Current mood:  adventurous

002. Traitor. She could remember the way it felt the first day she saw him. Standing across the classroom, off in his own world. She could tell he was hurting, striving to be his best, and trying to fight demons no one knew about. Someday she would call him hers, but until then she would wait. She would fight her struggles, and try to make changes in her life where she lacked so he wouldn't have to pick up the slack. He was beautiful ; she knew this, but she knew that the more she looked at him, the more afraid of falling in love she was.It was difficult to describe - she wanted him to be happy no matter what. If that meant that she needed to step aside, she would do so. She would not lose to Sakura in love, but she would get her own happy ending. Ino was aware of Sasuke's feelings for Sakura, but she felt drawn to him anyway. Even if there was a slim chance he would even think about returning affections towards her. Ino was not stupid; she knew the risk, and suddenly everything became clear.She felt her heart pounding, "S-Sasuke..." she muttered beneath her teeth, afraid of what would happen right now. She was waiting for this day since a very young age. Ino was scared- she was worried; but knew the reason she was here. She wanted her feelings to reach Sasuke in the way Hinata's did with Naruto's. It was wrath - Sasuke noticed a darkness in Ino and thought he could use it to his advantage. He found Ino in the mountains during her training with Lady Kurenai who took her under her wing, after Asuma passed away.She noticed that as time passed she became increasingly irritable, destructive, negative, and lashing out at her friends and family became "normal" and it wasn't until she was traveling around other countries that she found peace. She was making camp where she sensed it. That familiar chakra. It was faint, and she couldn't tell at first, it had changed, but in a dark , more sinister way. Ino hid in the thick of the forest and decided to mask her own chakra. She learned some things from Kurenai and Genjutsu was some of the lessons she had been learning about. She was good at de-activating them and she could sense Sasuke.."Come out, Ino. You're not hiding from me," a deep voice said in the darkness. Suddenly she felt a breeze and Sasuke stood behind her as she stood underneath the thicket. "Y-you!" she said , throwing a kunai at him and missing- it hitting a near-by tree - and trying to see things clearly without getting too overwhelmed by how happy she was that Sasuke was unharmed. She cried, "How dare you!" she said hitting him with her fists on his chest over and over. "I was worried sick! The least you could have done was send for me!" she whinned, whimpering as Sasuke pulled her into an embrace, with her head against his chest.She closed her eyes against him; feeling the cold touch of his pale as snow skin that luminated the midnight air around them. Having been about 8 months since the last time Ino spent time with Sasuke outside of Konoha, (she was trying to convince him to return, and getting closer to a solution), "-but, Sasuke...""I said leave it be, Ino. I will see you in 2 months." he said after parting lips with Ino. She barely held a breath after getting embraced by Sasuke's large frame. Sasuke really was someone that Ino would do anything for ; kill anything or anyone for. She would do nothing else but fight for him. Ino was prepared to throw her life in the village away - risking being seen with a traitor and trying to form a bond with them without turning them in right away and sending them into questioning in the interogation unit.No, Ino wasn't going to put Sasuke through that. Sasuke had gone through enough, and she did not want to cause Sasuke anymore pain. She wanted to be a positive influence in Sasuke's life, and she thought that it reflected well in Sasuke's eyes. She had been there for him even when Sakura and Naruto couldn't have been. She knew their love was deeper than even that of both Naruto and Sakura.Ino would prove that Sasuke was not a traitor, if it was the last thing she did. (c) BRUTALLY HONEST --

( 蒸気 )

04/08/2021 06:18 PM 

[ O M O ]

  [ O M O ]                                             o n s e n     /     i n n          ( OMO Is derived from Omotenashi, meaning selfless hospitality. )_____________________________________________________________________OMO is a traditional ryokan built in 1884, nestled next to Kiyosumi Park in Fukagawa, Tokyo. Standing within the beautiful gardens, our guests are seperated from the worries and stress of daily life. This ten room ryokan is found bordering east park, neighboring the Ryōtei tea house on the lake.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                    INFORMATION Rates     14,000 ¥ for a personal onsen room / suite     5,500 ¥ for a regular roomThese prices are per person, per night.     Every room is provided with yukata, bathing accessories, tea, afternoon snacks, and slippers for use in the common areas.The onsen is available to guests twenty four hours a day, feel free to use it at your leisure. Please be mindful of the rules if you bathe during the night.The onsen is seperated into three* areas; - The main atrium, common bath - The juniper garden, females only - The stone terrace, males only*With the exception of private baths included with a suite.Dinner is served at 7 p.m. every evening in the communal dining area. Please allow your schedule to meet these hours, as your meal will be prepared for this time only. - For an additional 3,000 yen per guest, kaiseki-ryōri ( 懐石料理 ) will be included. - Kaiseki is included with a personal onsen suite. - Alongside your meal, a Nihonshu (sake) pairing will be provided by the owner.Additionally, if available, entertainment ranging from kabuki theatre, tea ceremony, sakura dances, or live music will be complimentary during your meal. These are all dependent on the weather, season, and day of the week.The morning after your stay, a traditional breakfast will be served in the dining hall beginning at 8 a.m. and will be available until 10 a.m. per request. For colder seasons, a coat will be provided with your yukata for strolling around the local area. Please take the time to enjoy the many shops* and restaurants in our part of Tokyo, as well as the lush park that surrounds the inn.*Within OMO, consider a visit to our resident hori-shi, a master of exceptional Irezumi ^( 入れ墨 ), located across the main hall from the onsen’s courtyard. A third-generation master, their traditional work is revered by the old and the young for her beautiful works of art. Thank you for choosing OMO.Please enjoy your stay.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                    ONSEN RULES • Please only enter the bathhouse area in yukata. • Alongside the yukata in your room, please bring the two towels provided. • Please do not wear yukata, undergarments, or bathing suits in the onsen.• Before using the onsen, please use the shower station to rinse. • Do not place your towels in the water. • Do not run or horseplay in or around the onsen.       ^ Tattoos are permitted in the bathhouse.                     GUEST RULES• Shoes must be removed at the main entrance. Geta sandals will be provided for every guest during your stay. • Please do not play or tamper with the futon in your room. While you enjoy your evening meal, staff will prepare your bedding and it will be ready for you when you return. • The alcohol and other beverages in the mini-fridges provided are additional costs. • Please do not rest baggage, shoes, sharp objects, or heavy material on tatami. • Please be mindful of our guests. No shouting or excessive noise.• If you must cancel your reservation the day of your stay, and you have purchased the Kaiseki, a cancellation fee will be charged. • Most importantly, please relax and enjoy the traditional atmosphere._________________________________________________________________    ♨[ OMO ] 


04/08/2021 04:24 PM 


  AETHER   HONORARY KNIGHT OF MONDSTADT   - - -   “This world is full of unsolved mysteries…”   - - -     A traveler from another world who had his only kin taken away, forcing him to embark on a journey to find the Seven Gods in hopes to see her again.   - - -   BASIC INFORMATION   FIRST NAME: Aether   LAST NAME: Unknown.   ALIAS: Traveler, Outlander, Comrade(by Tartaglia).   AGE: 16 to 18 years old, (though, was mentioned that he was 500 at the beginning of the game?)   BIRTHDAY & HOROSCOPE: 31st of July Leo   GENDER: Male   SPECIES: Human?   ORIENTATION: Demisexual   PRONOUNS: He/Him   CONSTELLATION: Viator   NATION: Mondstadt   HOME COUNTRY/WORLD: Teyvat   RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Taken by Diluc Ragnvindr in a different Timeline roleplay. Originally alone, since he travels a lot.   OCCUPATION: Honorary Knight of Favonius.   TRAVELING PARTNER(S): Kaeya Alberich Tartaglia   - - -  - - -   PERSONALITY   PERSONALITY: Aether tends to be quite a shy guy who is always kind and sweet towards others, even going out of his way to assist a stranger to a fault. He is selfless and self-depreciating as he often thinks lowly of himself and values other people's happiness more than his own. He can, at times, be pretty confident, though, like his determination to find his twin sister. He can often be naive and optimistic, as he always sees the good in everyone—well, except for the Fatui people, of course. This shows that Aether is a decent judge of character.  He is noted to be smart and resourceful by his former and current partners, always coming up with different strategies to escape a sticky situation.  Despite his introverted personality, Aether can be very energetic and talkative around the people he's grown comfortable with, and at times become sarcastic. Oh, I should mention that he can be kind of an airhead at times.    FAVOURITE COLOUR: Red and Blue.   LIKES: Aether loves flowers and will often be seen smelling them, especially Silk Flowers. He adores Diluc, and adores space a lot; he loves to stargaze at night. He also has a lot of respect for the demigod Xiao, conquerer of demons.   DISLIKES: Fatui. He detests the Fatui.   - - -  - - -   APPEARANCE     BUILD: Aether is slim, but it shows that he works out—well, if you call fighting monsters working out, of course.    HEIGHT: 5” 3’ (164 cm)   WEIGHT:  119 lbs   GENERAL APPEARANCE: Aether has bright blond hair, slim body build, golden-yellow eyes, and fair skin. His skin is a light tan compared to other people of Mondstadt. Aether and his sister adorn a contrasting color palette—he with darker clothes and Lumine wearing lighter clothes. The two are not identical and differ in their natural features. Aether wears a brown breastplate vest baring his midriff along with a white scarf and a cape with golden decals. He wears brown pants, dark gloves, and black boots, and has lightly-defined pecks. His hair is medium cut with a long braided ponytail. He has glowing pieces in his outfit that change based on which element he is currently attuned to. In the beginning cutscene of the game with the Unknown God, Aether will have glowing white clothing. Later, after the fight with the Unknown God, the Traveler will lose his white light and remain black until he interacts with the first Statue of the Seven he comes across, lighting up again, but this time becoming teal, as he is borrowing the power of Barbatos, the God of Freedom, also known as Venti. This lighting scheme would continue based on which element Aether is currently borrowing, as visiting a Statue of the Seven in Liyue will allow the Traveler to borrow the power of Geo from Rex Lapis, and start to glow yellow.   - - - - - -   POWERS & ABILITIES     ABILITIES: Aether is a sword wielder; he has incredible speed and agility, and is very strong with his attacks. The rest will be up for you to find out.    POWERS: Aether has the ability to manipulate Earth and Wind, and will soon have the ability to manipulate electric energy. His most famous attack would be the Palm Vortex; grasping the wind's might, he will form a vortex of vacuum in his palm, causing continuous Anemo DMG to opponents in front of him. As for his famous Geotekenises attack, he can disgorge a meteorite from the depths of the earth, sending his opponent flying; he can also use it to climb or block attacks.  The rest is up for you to find out.    - - -  - - -   BACKGROUND   SOME BACKSTORY: A male and a female stood amidst the tumult, under an unfamiliar sky. They were a pair of traveling twins, passing through countless worlds during their journey. Descending upon a continent named Teyvat, they hoped that they would be able to enjoy their time here. But as they awoke among the falling stars, they saw the world in turmoil, a cataclysm raging across the land...  sought to leave this place and move on to the next world, but then an Unknown God stood before them, barring the way. This deity was spotless, floating over a world of chaos. Looking down on them, the god took the girl's only kin away, and he was sealed and cast into a deep slumber filled with nightmares... when he reawakened, the world was changed. The flames of war raged no longer, and nothing was left that looked familiar. How long had he been asleep? He had no answers, thus he began a lonely journey, seeking the deity that he had once laid eyes upon. Now the rest is up for your OC to find out.  

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Smoothe Criminal (Sample)
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001. smoothe criminal. part I trigger warnings: mentions of rape, abuse, and self-harm.genre: slice of life, violence, dark romance, suspense/mystery, supernatural.verse: naruto , naruto shippuden, naruto auIt was supposed to be an easy mission - easy enough, however; there were certain concequences to the actions of the other village. They were not aware of what was happening on the other end. The village itself seemed shady and there were suspicious accidents happening in the village. People seemed to disappear out of nowhere with no real reason for it to happen. Someone poisoned the water supply in the village over the other town because someone else would not give him a job at the restaurant he applied to. It was certain things like that which made Ino's family nervous about this particular mission. Ino was going to a village called Iwagakure which was known to be the home of Deidara, a former member of the Akatsuki. Her only resource of information was that he was an s-ranked criminal filed in the bingo book as Iwagakure's most dangerous and "Explosive" shinobi- he was dangerous, and they needed Ino to be careful.How could she be "careful" -- nothing, NOTHING was careful about this. That much Ino was sure of, and she hated that they would underestimate her intelligence by assuming that she wouldn't know what to do in a situation like this. Ino was prepared for the responsibility of taking on her team and going on the mission. She had gathered her things and started to walk out of the shopping mart, and carried her bags out to where Shikamaru and Choji were waiting. "Let's get going. I would like to be home before my parents do." she said and started walking out towards the village gates. Konohagakure was getting noisy in the evenings and it seemed like a lot of new people were showing up and making it more alive. She loved the night life in Konohagakure and wanted to settle down with a drink or two after the mission. She was going through the possible outcomes in her mind as she walked with the others towards the village they were headed to. They traveled for 3 days and ended up at Iwagakure shrine at the base of a mountain.She realized she felt a familiar chakra around and it was not something she expected to be around here. "So...that's what this is about.." she thought as she sighed, stretching her back and poping some of her bones with a relaxed sigh when she stopped in the registration desk outside of the village. That was not a job she envied, and she wanted to get this done as soon as possible so she could just go home and relax. She had already had their room and board prepared, and by the time they got there; all they wanted to do was sleep. Ino was still worried about the energy she was feeling at the time she got there. She would keep it in mind for the future if it showed itself again. Ino was sure it was someone familiar , someone she had met before, but she couldn't tell. It was...different. Somehow. Different in a way  she couldn't decide, and she didn't know if she wanted to find out how different it had become.It was fear. Fear of being right and knowing the horrible pain that would follow. She knew she wouldn't have a chance otherwise, she was so sure that she knew what was best. She lectured Shikamaru like he was stupid, and bossed Choji around about his eating, but Ino was insecure, and she knew it showed. It was ugly, and it made her want to sob. However, emotions were looiked down in the shinobi world, and she wanted to maintain the honor of her clan and shinobi in the village. She suddenly came to a stop when they reached the kage's building and slowly walked inside. "Come in. We've been expecting you." a woman, dark skin, brown hair, and blue eyes, rather skinny, but not too muscular was standing in the corner of the room when they first walked into the building for resources about their mission. Ino was concerned about the nature of the mission. All she knew was that she was looking for shinobi that were going missing and were being targeted for their special abilities being used for science and experimentation. It wasn't Orochimaru - he was already dead, and something told Ino that it was not going to be an easy pill to swallow once she discovered who the person was that was behind this. Even if she did find it, it was not going to save the many people whose lives were ruined by the person responsible. Ino was determined to give the people that were in Iwagakure justice for their pain and suffering. Ino had known what it was like to be hurt, cut, raped, tortured, and beaten up into a bloody mess. She knew the pain of not being able to trust yourself or the decisions you made and the turmoil that came with nightmares, cold sweats, hot-flashes, sickness and disturbing thoughts and emotions that made a person want to end everything and not look back. Ino was certain that this person was causing pain for not just one person, but many people at a time and they were very experienced in what they did. They emotionally manipulated others to make them feel better about their own insecurities - although she didn't want to, Ino could relate to that about it. However, Ino was not a sociopath so she would be able to show compassion to the people she could reach out and help about this situation. She contacted the defense system in the village and the story for the man that her team, Shikamaru and Choji, were investigating about a rape-suicide. It wasn't very often that a person would rape someone and kill themselves right after to get out of being in jail and would commonly be up front about the situation in the interview about their alibi. It was Ino who got them to reveal Hikaru's position. He was gay, and Hikaru didn't want his parent's to know about it - he made up the story about having sex with someone when he was intoxicated at a party. She claimed he raped her, but there was no evidence, and there was noise, it was dark, and she did not have a visual. It looked hopeless but Shikamaru took going out to the public where he would give the description of a girl that was on the run. Her name was Sayuri and she was Hikaru's half-sister, and since they were't related by blood they didn't have anything to worry about.Sayuri was a young girl in her late teens, barely 18 and Hikaru was looking at life in Hozuki prison where he would be placed for the rest of his days for hurting an innocent girl. Sayuri fought with her mother and never put Hikaru in his place, but Sayuri swore that she wasn't raped and her mother did which was why she called the police department when she saw blood on Sayuri's clothes. She had started her monthly gift from mother nature, and she was un-aware of how this happened. Ino was sure to give Sayuri some information on rape and personal mental and physical health. She also set her up with a psychiatrist and therapist. Ino was still looking in on the case late in the evening in her office. She ran a hand through bright blonde locks and sighed, her pony tail was now a matted mess, and she looked up when there was a knock on the door."I'm heading home. Shhesh, you should get home too, don't want to lose your beauty sleep, my queen." Shikamaru said, and chuckled, Ino simply gave him the bird. "Yeah, yeah. I'll go as soon as I'm done with this coffiee." she said and took another sip. She put it down and looked over at Shikamaru, "I've got the last of the files on the Sayuri case. Hopefully the family can find some peace after all this. They deserve happiness, and Sayuri is such a sweet kid." Ino nodded, "I agree, but it wasn't her fault. It never is. That's the difference. Hikaru didn't get what he deserved, and more people might suffer. . " she sighed, leaning back on her chair."Come on. I'll take you home." he said and followed Ino out of the kage's building. It had been a long 48 hours of chasing down two reckless kids and even more insecure adults that had no idea what they were dealing with. Ino and Shikamaru had something more to look foreward to in the future. Ino fell asleep in the back seat of Shikamaru's car, closing her cerulean blue eyes slowly and drifting off to a peaceful slumber until Shikamaru took her up to her one room apartment and she sighed as she hit her pillows. "Good-Night." she said and started snoring. That was about 2 weeks ago. Now Ino was patiently waiting for files to come in, and the DNA was a match on Hikaru. Now she had a reason to go after him, but it would take time. Ino was determined to catch as many people as she could because she had a responsibility to the people of Konohagakure and an obligation to her team. This is something she took upon herself and wanted to do because of her own mother's horrible experience. She died while having Ino because of her injuries. Ino found a job in the justice system and had been hunting criminals because of that and she would not stop until all of them were put away and made them pay for what they had done. It wasn't Ino's fault if they got into trouble in prison and she wasn't going to start caring about a criminal now. Even if the chakra signature was something she thought was familiar. It was difficult not to ignore as she slept.  (c) BRUTALLY HONEST --


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Rules and Guidelines

I'm cringe, you're cringe, we're all cringe. Stay chill. Have fun. That's what we're here for. I'm a multi-shipper. I love romance storylines. I wouldn't RP a character named "Boyfriend" if I didn't.  Smut is fine, it's not what I'm here for so if I'm bad at it that's a you problem. That being said, for the love of god be at least 18. I'm a quarter of the way to the grave. I don't want to rp with children. Out of universe his name is Luis because for the life of me I can't just call him "Boyfriend" when everyone else has a normal ass name. In universe, unless my writing partner says otherwise he stays just "Boyfriend" because it's funny af. I can block anyone I want. For any reason. Period. If I do, don't readd me on another account and whine about it.I can't really do anything about it if you do. I'll just laugh at you with my friends.  I have discord, but rarely use it. Feel free to ask for it but I can't garauntee I'll be active. I do have a life, I can be slow as hell with replies. If that's a deal breaker? Again, that's a you problem. Just block me and don't make a huge deal about it. I literally could not care less. I almost always have my online now disabled. It just makes me anxious. Please don't take that as me being snobbish or unapprochable. I swear I'm a nice, chill person.

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