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04/01/2021 02:37 PM 

GTRO: Get the 𝙧𝙤𝙘𝙠 off. [Short Sample.]
Current mood:  silly

  Smooth thuds are made by a pair of hooves on the unpaved road. The creature credited for this dull song of an onward journey is adorned in a tattered wheat-colored cloak. The lower end of the veiling thread is swaying from the travel and the mild breeze. A large hood with the same tint as the cloak is embracing much of its head. A bovine snout is prodding out of the cloth cuddling the noggin.Human in presence for its Olympian stature and bipedal stroll, but human it is not. What spawned this beast and where it hailed it from, one can muse either in silence or with sticking the nose where it may not belong.The faraway blue-orange gradient canvas of twilight is a radiant reminder that the sun will soon rest from its dazzling duties. If those brilliant rays do meet the hidden eyes, the latter may yield to glimmer amber red. How peculiar that even with the denial of decent gawking, the creature seems to trek without trouble what lies ahead. Perhaps it knows the road, walking it several times before. Or perhaps its senses are heightened that sight can be put aside to pay attention to things another way. Maybe its snout is divine, sniffing aptly what or who is before it so it can react well enough.Or... maybe not.One of its hooves gets caught upon a chunk of stone on the road the size of a tangerine. It stumbles forward! The creature jolts from head to hooves! Thankfully, one foot catches ground again and it soon regains balance. Two yards forward is taken, the beast stops and then turns to give what bothered its journey a stern look.“Cursed rock!” it clawed the air with such brooding scorn.A set of brief shuffled hasty steps is taken. Fly forward one foot. Stomp it down with the other heartily swung back. Swoop down for a vigorous kick upon the irksome thing!“Away with you!”It watches the rock fly high and away like a flea crossing a chasm between two cliffs. The hood is tossed back, revealing the face of a coal-hide bull dulling away what frustration that awakened within it from the far-flung rock. Well, the beast may not be human but it sure can display a temperament of a vexed one. It grumbles, out with a misty breath after a growl and soon returns to the direction of the road it needs to go.Further onward, bothered beast. 


04/01/2021 01:27 PM 

Info Scroll: Character Study

    ( キュウコン, Kyukon)NINETALES NAME: ShualTITLE:☯The Glimmer☯Radiant Tyrant☯South Gate EmperorORIGIN: Ancient KantoGENDER: MaleBIRTHDATE: UnknownAGE: 6 Tails[450]HEIGHT: 5'7ftWEIGHT: 135lbsSPECIES: Shiny NinetalesCLASSIFICATION: Elevated Pseudo legendaryOCCUPATION: TyrantTYPE: Ghost|PoisonABILITIE(S): Toxic Phantasm: Any ghost type attack is treated as poison when used against ineffective foes. It is the primary ability of this type variant of the Ninetales species.Phantom Pyre: When arriving on the battlefield it causes unique field state known only as the burning pyre. It inflicts burns on all who enter aside from the user themselves as ominous fire like pixies flicker around the battlefield endlessly 【Myths&Legends】 A Glimmer. A flickering flame. A fox that knows nothing more than grudges, and pain. They come in many shapes, and forms. No one more powerful than the norm. They dash across all types of land. Their tails tucked all neatly behind their hands. Regal, and ambitious were mirror to the name of a Kitsune. Tricksters whom strive to bring more than just pain. Fox by day, human by night. Known by all to be quite the fright. They'll haunt your dreams, burn down your home, and when they frown you'll all run home. For a fox with a grudge is something that no one has ever known, or at least they didn't live long enough to mark it down even with their dying gasps. As Kitsune the Ninetales are seen as a noble bloodline within the forests of a more Wild Kanto. Their influence spreading across several thousands acres of land that expanded to resemble that of a small country if traced out. Or so that was once the case. A ware between various Noble Bloodline species of the creatures that roamed the fragile lands broke out. Many were slaughtered, bloodlines ended, and above all else lines were drawn. Titans that stood by the title of Legendardies rose to prominence, and settled the disputes with little effort. Majesty, and authority meant nothing before absolute power after all. After the conflict ended the world itself split the once great land into numerous pieces. Eight in total with each being ruled over by a singular Bloodline that deemed itself the absolute in that region. For Askarida which would later be known as Kanto by the humans it was both the Ninetales species alongside those of remaining Ampharos Bloodline due to their previous partnerships. Through both political marriages, and friendly battles they were able to keep the divide between them nearly void. It wasn't until something peculiar happened to the lesser son of their allies. He achieved a form beyond that of what was typical for them...He Mega Evolved, or claimed a "Divine Spark" within himself. This power made him famed, and brought his bloodline untold advantages as they begun to push the Ninetales to the outskirts of their shared territory without a second thought given to the betrayal they'd wrought. In that instant the kindness they were shown died in the small corner of land that was provided for them. They required power, and power is what they received in form of an unlikely ally. At the time humans were quite the hot topic for those that came across them, but they were rare. Those that spoke could not be understood, and even then they did little more than leave food before running away. Few took offensive action out of fear for the unknown though ever so often a couple foolish souls would have their lives stomped out by powers they did not understand by pushing their limits too far. The people begun to worship those that didn't lash out as Benevolent Gods, and those that did as Demons. The Ninetales, or Kitsune as they were called were claimed as neither. Each behaving in slightly different yet similar ways that could only be summed up as "Tricks". Something that suited them just fine as through spending time with the humans they managed to find the being known solely as the 【!#@!#$】by any whom crossed it. The current leader of the Ninetales was young, yet wise. She was the one that forged their previous alliances, and honored them when others deemed them forgotten. The shame of having ignored those pleas consumed her every waking moment, and in exchange for the beings help she gave him something of her own. Children. Yes, but not just one. Within her womb she held three of kind. Triplets not in appearance, or time of birth but rather in the ominous pressure they each possessed. The Eldest went with their mysterious father while the Middle Child, and Youngest stayed with their mother. Shual the Glimmer. The Radiant Tyrant of the Ninetales became a star amongst his people due to the color of his fur. While his sister whom possessed similar traits often looked for ways to hide it. Due to this simple fact she was groomed to be the next heir, and Shual found himself a mere decoy.. It bothered him little of course as being related to them was enough. He craved nothing more than the spotlight at the time. Wishing to waste none of its glorious kiss until the day his sister finally came to claim her rightful shine. When he wasn't spending time with other foxes he was watching the humans, studying them as a predator would usually do any prey. It was through this study that he came to gain an understanding of human customs, and form. Through his own methods he transformed his body into one that resembled their own.


04/01/2021 11:47 PM 

Day at the Falls
Current mood:  adventurous

Ari Yoshihara made an exasperated sigh as the three of them walked along the dusty path towards their goal, "why is it so hot today?" Her eyes were squinted, her ears were layed flat against her head and her tail was lowered; almost touching the ground. She glanced behind her, hoping that the tall slender woman would want to stop for a rest, only to see she had no intention of doing so. Ari looked over her other shoulder, to see how their new companion was doing. She stopped dead in her tracks, "where's the fairie?" Her sudden observation caught the woman off-guard, they both begin looking around frantically. Had they lost her from heat stroke somewhere? Had she wondered off? How had they not noticed? Out of no where they both heard a scream coming from 6 miles to the east of the path. They gave each other a passing glance as their body's shifted, Ari darted in the direction they heard the screams as the woman spread her wings out and raced off, By the time they got there they found clothes strewn about, a nervous pit grew in their stomachs as they began to form scenarios. "Maybe she made new clothes?" Ari had suggested. "Perhaps someone made off with her and had their way?" Maruga's insensitive inquiry made Ari shift. As they ran through about a dozen other possibilities, they began hearing giggling and splashing. Confusion set in, "what is that?" Ari began hiking through the thick brush of greenery. After a few feet they finally came to a small clearing with a huge lake, within the ripples they could see it was stocked with hundreds of different types of fish and frogs. All of a sudden, Mani emerged from the water with a huge grin and giggles so addictive it made Ari smile. The water beads caught the sun causing Mani to appear even more mystical than she already was. The sparkling effects seemed to linger long after she had moved closer to the girls after noticing them.  "Come on Ari," she chirped. "You said you were hot so I found us something to take the heat off." She splashed lightly toward them. Ari looked at Maruga with pleading eyes. Rolling her eyes Maruga responded, "five minutes Ari." With that, Ari wasted no time stripping down to her underwear and jumping in. Giggling and splashing with Mani. Ari soaked in the cool, refreshing feeling the water provided. "Has water always felt this amazing?" She asked Mani who had dunked under the water again, Ari giggled knowing she hadn't heard her. She had only known Mani for a few days and she had grown quite attached to her. Distracting her thoughts she turned to Maruga, "why don't you join us Ruggie?" Maruga's eyes darkened, "I thought I told you to never call me that."

fantasy, sfw, swimming,


04/01/2021 08:49 PM 

Who Is Chrestomanci?

Who is Chrestomanci?Who is Chrestomanci? The question should really be What is Chrestomanci? For starters, Chrestomanci is actually the title of a job, not a person’s name. The Chrestomanci is employed by the British Government to monitor and control the use of magic throughout the Related Worlds.   This is not the most popular of jobs, especially with the less-than-scrupulous characters who tend to be tempted by any opportunity to misuse power, and particularly if it can earn them lots of money or an exciting life. But using magic is always dangerous, and it always has consequences, so even the best-intentioned witch or warlock needs help and guidance from time to time. Not only that, but there are plenty of ordinary people in the worlds without even a whiff of magical ability, and they need someone to make sure the magic users don’t get their way all of the time—which is where Chrestomanci comes in.   As well as looking after people, Chrestomanci also has to protect the worlds they live in. Many spells need certain ingredients to work properly, like recipes—which is fine if they are items like six drops of dew from a yew tree at dawn, or a handful of grass from inside a stone circle, or even dried mouse droppings. But some spells call for substances such as dragon’s blood or mermaid scales. These are illegal products, because of the potential harm caused by both the collection and careless use of such dark materials. But this also means there is a thriving black market in ‘exotic supplies,’ so Chrestomanci and his team have to be constantly on the alert for smugglers and underhand dealers.   Of course, not everyone is qualified to take on the post of Chrestomanci—it’s not a job you can simply apply for. Only the strength and special skills of an enchanter can possibly attempt to tackle the task. But Chrestomanci is no ordinary enchanter—he (or she) has to be a nine-lifed enchanter. Most people, whatever their magical status, just have one life each—but they also have counterparts, or doubles, in other worlds. People with nine lives (and they are exceedingly rare) exist only in their own world, with no counterparts anywhere else, which means that all the talents and energies and abilities that would have been spread out across the others are all concentrated in one person. This makes Chrestomanci a very powerful enchanter, indeed.   One of the most challenging tasks a Chrestomanci has to undertake is finding his (or her) successor—the next Chrestomanci. This is never easy, not only because of the fact that nine-lifed enchanters are exceedingly rare, but they might not even be living in the same world! They are also usually completely unaware that they have more than the usual number of lives and often demonstrate a distinct lack of magical ability in childhood. They are often discovered for the first time when they begin to lose their lives. For example, if on Monday somebody falls from an extremely high tower, or is consumed by fire, or fried by lightning, and yet on Tuesday is happily walking around with no noticeable ill-effects, chances are he (or she) has nine lives. This means that he is worth testing to find out what’s stopping him from doing magic.   All nine-lifed enchanters have a weakness, and it is usually that weakness which prevents them from being aware of their magic when they are young. Of course, they do not all share the same weakness, so it can take some time to track down exactly what the problem is. Once the weakness is identified and avoided, they can work magic like anything! In fact, because enchanter’s magic is particularly potent and immediate, they have to spend many years in training, learning how to control their power and its full extent—while trying very hard not to dislocate the universe or blow off too many rooftops. Once they are aware of their nine lives, it’s up to them to make sure they take care of the ones they have left—especially the last one. The best way to do this is to detach it from the body and keep it in a secret, protected location where it cannot be attacked or enchanted. Removing a life is a delicate operation; Gabriel de Witt who is Talara’s third predecessor as Chrestomanci, pioneered the process.   The one thing Chrestomanci does not have is a nine-to-five job. He has to be ready to thwart evil, apprehend villains, and solve magical conundrums at the drop of a hat, no matter in what time, place, or dimension they happen to occur. People in dire need can also summon him (or her) by calling his name (“Chrestomanci”) aloud three times. Consequently, his (or her) staff is used to finding half-drunk cups of tea and abandoned plates, as dire need is no respecter of mealtimes.   Being Chrestomanci is the most powerful job in the Related Worlds, and the Government are always on the lookout for the next one. If you ever find yourself returning to dream worlds you visited before, waking up with grubby feet and gravel in your bed, being told off for being “on a different planet,” or raising small whirlwinds in the garden—you never know, it could be you!  

ˢⁱⁿᶠᵘˡˡʸ ˢˡᵉᵉᵖʸ

04/01/2021 12:15 PM 

Places to find me

Ultimatum, is a passion project I'm currently working that will explore the bliblical verse. We are looking to grow as a server and find active and accepting rolplayers to join and create with us. We have open roles or you may come and join us as your oc. We are also okay with mirrors so if you share a role that another has don't be discouraged! I'm looking forward to seeing you there.'s Helpers is an editing and resource site made by Yumix Belrose. The server provides a safe and drama free zone. All are welcome here! (This is not a server I own, but one I participate in and was given permission to share. I'm an editor there.) stars of Eden have made their special return! This is a group based around the Japanese feudal era and the (Western) zodiac, looking for active members to help it grow. The group may be old, but it has gone under revision and is looking for new blood. So, come check it out and see if it’s right for you. (This is not a sever I own, but one I participate in and was given permission to share out) discord is: ˢⁱⁿᶠᵘˡˡʸ ˢˡᵉᵉᵖʸ#4444(please let me know if these links don't work so I may fix them, will be edited and ajusted as I take on other projects.)

Danny The Hedgehog

03/31/2021 04:27 PM 

Current mood:  amused

Hey everyone and welcome to my page. It's nice to be here. Below I have some rules that I would like to point out. It's not a huge page, just something simple, so please abide them. If some of the serious ones are broken, I will block you. Thank you.1- No raping.2- No Godmodding.3- My character is Married, so don't throw yourself onto my character.4- Do not control my character.5- Do not do this. "Hey sexy" in messages, in character or out of character, I will ignore you.6- No hate messages, I will report your account for it.7- Be patient with replies, etc, I am a busy person Irl.There you go, thank you ^^


03/31/2021 09:32 PM 

Medusa ( Fandom My Hero Academia)

Alias as: Medusa Real name: Ohana FujiokaAge: 22Occupation: Headmistress of Fujoka clan DojoLeader of Dark BrotherhoodAlias: Anti-Hero Quirk: Seduction AuraShe can compel people by this seductive manipulation, that cause another individual to desire only her and will do anything  she pleases. She can only use it on men and can control them against their will.  It will appear radiance very like pink aura around them. It can also cause illusion which that part she can use on men and women when this lavender  scent fog comes up. Some might faint and can't handle its strong aroma compelling illusion  that put them in trace.  Likes: Children as she have soft spot for them, cats, coffee, nights and being mischievous.Dislikes: People only live for greedy, traitors, Endeavor and abusive people.History:  Sadly, she lost her mother by being ran over by a car when Ohana was was awfully young. She was raised by her father alone, he was respectful man who helped kids off the street and honor his clan. He felt blessings to have a daughter.  Ohana loved her father and would follow him like little duckling when she was just a child. Her father was martial arts headmaster, he was killed by the boy who he took in and raised betrayed everyone of the dojo. That day she turned into a high school girl to one angry person,  she sworn on father's  grave take man down and all he created.So she did while the Fujioka clan of the Dojo became the Dark Brothers and high assassins to those who ruined Ohana's father's  name.  She became the headmistress of the dojo clan. Ohana continue  her father's  legacy and gain his respect for his very name again.   

OC,My hero Academia

Double Trouble

03/31/2021 08:19 PM 


-Info- Name: Lilith (purple hair) Nickname: Lilly Orientation: Pansexual 0% Dom / 100% Sub Favorite Kinks: Blowjobs, deepthroating, footjobs, foot worship (giving), light bondage Name: Ashley (turquoise hair) Nickname: Ash Orientation: Pansexual 25% Dom / 75% Sub Favorite Kinks: Anal, riding, spanking, anal orgasms Are open for threesomes (or more), Ashley especially loves to dominate his little brother while being dominated from someone else himself. But they can also both be submissive if you prefer that.


03/31/2021 02:08 AM 

The Beast Approaches [Short Sample.]

  Bellow the thunderous chorus of mighty Vesuvius! From atop the wavy wall of earth more than a mile high, its advent is being powerfully pronounced. A pitiful drop within the colossal cosmic cauldron. But in these lands, it is a fearsome force to be reckoned, capable of reshaping a nation for the worse.Tremor and terror for the ears, the guttural booming tenor and bass it brings. Eyes fashioned from the fiery pits of the Underworld are leering upon the mud-smeared sky while prolonging this atrocious aria. Fingers, each the size of a man’s forearm, are curling in. Each bears a sharp claw, together nearly kissing one another from the stiff curving clench. Writhing nerves prod out from its stalwart coal-black hide, temples to thighs.What volcano of violence boiling within this vile vocalist is excited to burst forth and bring the fruit of devastation without yield.It is no god in graceful scale, but it breathes heartily a song of the storm, this creature aching for retribution. The people on the distant fields below with all their little troubles and petty squabbles dared to cross it. Not through direct confrontation with this hulking behemoth aloft two hooves, no, but harming one it dearly cares for. Terrible things have been done for love. If it is true for man, why not for a beast? This angered Goliath is beyond insulted that they left its friend battered and on the brink of death.Soon, kindness shall be returned. No quarter shall be given. Their flesh, it will flay, perhaps feast on. Their bones will be scattered once crushed into chunks and dust. Their blood shall paint the walls and streets.Its ear-splitting roar soon fades more than a quarter of a minute after it was freed. Peering Hell-spawned gems are eagles upon the prey by the hundreds. They better hope that their swords, spears and sorcery are enough. For when this slighted calamity from dark origins enacts its wanton will, the outcome shall be ghastly... gory... and glorious.Onward into the air with an Olympian leap!The Beast approaches to make woeful waves.Its goal: v e n g e a n c e.   

Variety (MCRP)

03/31/2021 01:57 PM 

Dragon Age 2 OC

Name: Tayte Marian HawkeRace: HumanClass: MageDistinguishing Features: Ginger hair & freckles (Courtesy of her Father)Mage Class: Spirit, Primal & Force MageSpells: Sprit Bolt, Walking Bomb, Dispel Magic, Death Syphon, Stone Fist, Petrify, Rock Armor, Chain Lightning, Tempest, Heal, Healing Aura, Group Healing, Fist of the Maker, Telekenetic Burst, Pull of the Abyss, Gravitic RingDomestic Skills & Talents: Painting, SewingFamily-Mother: LeandraFather: MalcolmSiblings: Daniel (Twin), Bethany & CarverUncle: GamlenCousin: Charade, RaavaFriends: Aveline, Isabela, Merill, Sebastian, Varric, TallisAllies: AndersLover: FenrisPersonality: Diplomatic, Helpful, Slight Jokester'Catchphrase': Oh for the Love of the Maker, what earth-shattering matter requires my attention this time?Languages Spoken: Common Tongue, ElvenTrivia:  Hawke is the second cousin to Solona Amell (the Human Mage in Ferelden's Tower) through Leandra Like the Inquisitor, Taye sees the Fearlings as spiders, meaning Tayte is (DEATHLY) afraid of spiders Tayte learned to speak Elven from a Sabrae Clan member named Ellondar, who she slept with a few times when his clan rested near Lothering Tayte has also slept with an Elven Apostate from the Sabrae Clan named Sacrier (Older brother to the Elven Warden, Erathion) for the thrill of the drunken moment, which she can't remember

Variety (MCRP)

03/31/2021 01:28 PM 

Legend of Zelda OC

Name: SiteAge - Kid: 11 / Adult: 18Gender: FemaleRace: Hylian (Raised as Gerudo)Height - Kid: 4'3" / Adult: 5'5"Weight - Kid: 60lbs / Adult: 130lbsSkin Tone/Color:Family: Link (Brother), Deceased Mother, Deceased Father, Nabooru (Adoptive Mother)Enemies: GanondorfPets: VolvgaviaWeapon(s): Twin DaggersPower(s): Fire & Healing MagicGame Universe: Ocarina of TimeAlliance: Chaotic GoodRole: Link's supportRelationship with characters in Ocarina of Time:Link: Once meeting up with him, her bond becomes very close, as he is the last family she has and she wished not to lose himPrincess Zelda: Utmost respect and admeration, wishing to be like herGanondorf: Utter disgust and hatred, thinks he's going to ruin any good reputation the Gerudo have.Impa: Repectful and wishes to learn combat skill from herNavi: Highly annoyed, wishes she'd stop nagging her and her brother so muchSheik: Curious of their origin, cautious about their help, but grateful to take itPrincess Ruto: Slight annoyance, wishes she'd get her head out of the clouds and face reality and take more notice of the world around her. Epona: Adoration and wants to ride her as often as Link will let her. Has a huge affinity for horses and thinks Epona is the most beautiful of them allSaria: When meeting her as an adult, has a slight crush on her, but also thinks Link would fit better with her than Zelda.Malon: Admires her dedication and also has a slight crush on her as wellBackstory: Upon receving news that their son was to be the hero of time and their daughter the healer of time, Link and Site's parents wanted to seperate them, as having both of them together presented too much of a danger from possible attackers. On the day the two were born, their parents took them across the land for their own saftey. Before being properly split apart, their parents came under attack, and both of them were gravely injured. While their mother safely took Link to Kokiri forest, where she sucame to her injuries, their father met the similar fate after delivering Site to the saftey of a Gerudo woman named Nabooru. For the first 11 years of her life, Site lived with her adoptive mother in the saftey of the Gerudo fortress. Things changed when both she and Nabooru heard of and heavily disagreed with Ganondorf's plans. Nabooru who, up until this point, had kept Site's past a secret, disclosed everything to her daughter, and told her to run away and join forces with the fabled Hero of Time. Once Site did this, she begun to accompany Link on his journey until he went into the Temple of Time and was sealed within for 7 years. While her brother lay in the temple, Site stayed around Hyrule Castle and did her best to protect the civilians within, adopting her brother's clothing and trying to provide some hope for others until the day when Link would come back and save the world.


03/30/2021 06:59 PM 

Yona { Fandom Naruto Original )

YonaAge: 19 Birthday: March 30Affiliation: Hidden Wisteria VillageClan: Hidden, unknownHer parents died by a fire, she ended up training by headmaster  of the her sacred clan.  The village is unknown and never found by outsiders, she ended up 12 years old traveling different locations as young merchant disguised.She is known as young rogue ninja,  Yona take her knowledge she learned to and shared it to the village. She also travel doing bounty from reward  boards, she defeated S rank ninjas and such.  She continued her journey over years until age 16 across to unknown person that lead and assumed  dead until one day she appeared in the at 19 with child then her son Masaomi was born. She never had mentioned the father or who he was to her son identity, only say it was best the never knew he exist.Masaomi became a her purpose she became a teacher in village would go on top mission knowing headmaster who his her grandfather  would look after her son. She never came up where Yona was for 3 years. It was personal to her keep it to herself. 

OC Character, Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden

ᴘᴀʀᴀ ʙᴇʟʟᴜᴍ

03/30/2021 02:58 PM 


Small facts:   If I live, I'll kill you. If I die, I forgive you: Took his Omertà at sixteen Father is a kind man who didn't want his son to get involved with the lifestyle intended for him and is the reasoning for the parents growing estranged despite still having feelings for each other.(are still legally married) Served in the Military for his mandantory service at age 19 where he would have stayed if he didn't have 'prior' olbigations. Goes out of his way to hide his flaws by masking them with the demeanor of already being perfect, hence the refusal of tattoos or piercings. Despite his bound sense of honor and conduct, it is often believe that Roman is mentally unstable, hence why growing up he was normally ostrachized along with his ethnicity. Has type 2  Waardenburg syndrome which explains his eye color and congenital hearing loss in right ear. A hitman under the Sicilian Mafia who is often employeed by the High Table; specifically their Adjudicators to carry out their swift brand of justice.

ᴘᴀʀᴀ ʙᴇʟʟᴜᴍ

03/30/2021 02:48 PM 

Additional Info

In-Depth Character Study  ORIGINS & FAMILY:Full Name: Seong RamónNickname(s):RomanDate of Birth: January 13Age: (dependant for story)Gender: Male.Place of birth: Palermo,SicilyPlaces lived since: Palermo, Sicily and Daegu, South Korea (Dual Citizen)Social Class: HitmanParents’ names: Mother:Audenzia Marino  Father:Seong Chung-heeSiblings: NoneRelationship with family: Close to his mother and estranged relationship with father Children of his/her own?: None If so, relationship with child’s mother/father?: N/AAge he/she became a parent: N/APHYSICALHeight: 188cm 6'1Weight: 210 lbs.Build: Ectomorph/MuscularDistinguishing Facial Features: His eyes.Hair Color: MahoganyUsual Hair Style: ClippedEye Color: Picotee blue to Munsell in his right eye and Peruvian brown in his left. (Both caused from type 2 Waardenburg syndrome)APPEARANCEStyle of dress/typical outfit(s):Usually more formal, suits, dark color schemes/ Relaxed comfort wearTypical style of shoes: Dress shoes or sneakersGlasses? Contacts?:NonePersonal Hygiene: Meticulously cleanTattoos? Piercings?: NeverWhat does their voice sound like?: Lee MinhyukStyle of speech: Languid and carefreeUnique mannerisms/physical habits: Rubbing below his right ear (congenital deafness)Left handed or right?: AmbidextrousWhat does their writing look like?: NeatDo they work out/exercise?: OftenBELIEFS & INTELLECTIQ: 132Level of self esteem: Extremely high.Known Languages: Korean, Spanish, English, Sicilian, Italian, and LatinZodiac (sign and if they lend any credence to it): Capricorn.Pet peeves: Being overly loud or making excuses.How do they deal with stress? Depends on the situation.What do they do when angry? Depends on the situation.“Left brain” or “right brain” thinker?: Left brain.Optimist or pessimist: OptimistExtrovert or introvert: Dependent on situationLeader or follower: Leader Makes decisions based mostly on emotions, or on logic?: Logic.Cautious or daring: Daring.Thinker or doer? Doer.Organized or messy: Organized.Worrier or carefree: Carefree.Artistic?: Yes. Mathematical?: Yes. SEX & INTIMACYCurrent marital/relationship/sexual status: Single.Sexual orientation (is it something they question or a secret): Pansexual.Past relationships and sexual partners (if applicable): Who needs them.What is their “type” in regards to looks in a partner?: Who has time to look or care.Primary reason for being broken up with: Have to date someone to break up with them.Primary reasons for breaking up with people: Again, have to date them first.Views on sex (one night stands, promiscuity, etc): Whatever feels good right? As long as they're gone in the morning.Level of sexual experience: Only one way to find out.Do they have any fetishes or kinks?: [redacted]Love or Lust: If you're not part of la familia, your place really doesn't matter much now does it?Ever been in love?:  NoDo they fall in love easily?: No.Do they take relationships seriously?: Really?Believe in true love or soul mates?: No. Thoughts on public displays of affection?: Doesn't matter.RELATIONSHIPSSocial Habits: Can be seen as optimistic and carefree, however the notion of something 'not quite right' sticks out like a sore thumb.Do they trust people easily or tend to be wary?: Trust is earned, not given.How often do they see friends and family?: Attempts to see his mother whenever work permits Are they good at keeping in touch? If not, does this bother loved ones?: Only to those closest to him, anyone else doesn't really matterMost comfortable around (person):His motherWorst enemy: His father Most important person in their life?: MotherArgue or avoid conflict?: Depends on the situation.VOCATIONLevel of education: Babilonia Taormina Language SchoolProfession: HitmanPassions: [Redacted]Salary: [Redacted] SECRETSGreatest fears: Being buried alive Something they’ve never told anyone: Suffers from night terrors and his type 2  Waardenburg syndrome makes him completely deaf in his right ear(only a few individuals know this)Biggest regret: Life is too short for regretsLIKES & DISLIKESHobbies: Listening to classical music and playing guitarIndoors or Outdoors?: Both.Favorite colors: Black and RedFavorite and least favorite food: Arancini and hates most fast food pizzaCoffee or tea?: CoffeeCrunchy or smooth peanut butter?: BothDo they like music? What kind?: Classical and Flamenco Favorite type of weather: ChilledHow do they feel about traveling?: It's usually on businessDRUGS & ALCOHOLThoughts on drugs and alcohol: Anything that makes the tongue loose or impares the mind he tends to stray from.Do they smoke? If so, do they want to quit?: YesAge when they first got drunk (what happened, consequences): Passed out in the middle of the kitchenDo they drink on regular basis: RarelyWhat type of alcohol do they prefer: AmarettoDo they have any addictions?: None he would shareDETAILSSleeping habits (Night owl or early bird? Light or heavy sleeper? Fall asleep anywhere or need specific conditions?): Night owl/ Light SleeperTypical Saturday night: Depends on the weekMost used word or phrase?: Jiri 'n celu ognunu vò (Everyone wants to go to heaven)What is home like (messy, neat, sparse): NeatType of car he/she drives (or wishes he/she drove):Equus Bass 770Pets?: NoOne word to best describe them: WhimsicalWhat about their fridge? Medicine cabinet? Glove compartment? Nightstand?: Personal effectsCan they cook (if so, how well and do they enjoy it)?: Yes, something he inherited from his mother


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Name: Ara (Means "Bring rain" in Arabia Gender: Female Personality: Peacefull Looks: Ocean blue hair, tan skin, green eyes, ocean blue shoes, a red, blue, green dress Sexuality: Pansexual Backstory: None yet Powers: Water Manipulation

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