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07/04/2020 08:07 PM 

Roleplaying Info and Rules

Hey friends!Here is just a few facts about my roleplaying style and what I do and do not enjoy. - Please have patience. I work full time, often putting in over time in addition to having a social life. I can't always reply every day multiple times a day. I'm also usually doing multiple things while roleplaying, Even if I am online I don't usually give out multiple rapid fire replies. I promise, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.- I am going to be a bit selective with those I agree to play with. Where I do have limited time to play, I would like to give my time and attention to a few captivating stories rather than spreading myself thin over a bunch of ideas that don't interest me.- I love romance. It's my favorite genre right next to fantasy. I do however like stories with romance as more of a hearty side rather than the main dish. On a similar note, I'm totally cool with steamy scences, but in moderation, and if it fits into the flow of the story. - I prefer to write in paragraph style and in third person. I'm not really a fan of *astricks* or script style writing.- I write anywhere between 1 and 6 paragraphs per reply though usually falling around 3 paragrpahs. It all depends on the length I get from my partner, the needs of the scene, and my muse. I am not a fan of one-liners and wont be accepting them.- Rhysander is the main character which I will be using at this time. If you wish to play with me but are not interested in Rhysander I do have several other character ideas and am always able to come up with another for a particular story.- Rhysander's biography is not fixed. Though I do have a history for him, it is able to change slightly in order to better fit into the stories we craft together.Thanks for reading!

about me, rules, info, preferences,


07/04/2020 05:26 PM 


NAME: Antoinette NightNICKNAMES: NonePLACE OF BIRTH: Mount OlympusCURRENT LOCATION: Depends on the rpBORN: July 5AGE:21GENDER; FemaleHAIR: PinkEYE'S: HazelWINGS:CrystalHEIGHT: 5 feet 5 inches SPECIES:Angel/HumanTATTOOS: Cresent Moon on chest

Nathan (MC)

07/04/2020 03:33 PM 

Jake Shepp

Look if you want to know about me i can tell you a few things but you can't tell anyone i told me this but as you can see my name is Jake Shepp and I am a warrior fighting for my country. I'm 5'10 about i say 175 or so haven't check in a while to much fighting going on here. I was born in a small village just a little ways from the capital I was told when i was young that i would become a great warrior and I would be married to a beautiful woman hasn't happen yet but we will see. I study martial arts and the ways of different clan's putting all of their abilities together. 


07/04/2020 09:49 PM 


How to Improve your Writing: 1.Read More and 2. Write More. 1. About the admin and character: I am over the age of eighteen, thus I write with those over the age of eighteen. Character is over the age of eighteen. Online only do I ever go by the pronouns of they/them as I write both male and female characters(It gets tiring trying to explain this to people as a majority of you are closed minded but unless I know you it's they/them. If I know you personally then it's the complete opposite.) Character goes by she/her unless in an AU where the character is male the it is he/him. I am Demisexual, character is Demisexual. Don't add me unless you're interested in actually roleplaying as this is just for those who try to start petty online drama with me. DON'T BOTHER MESSAGING ME "i'M uNfRiEnDiNg YoU bEcAuSe I dOn'T cArE aBoUt YoUr PrOnOuN S h I t." BECAUSE GUESS WHAT- YOU DO IF YOU MESSAGE ME IDIOT.  I use the pronouns They/Them to make ME the writer feel safe becaus ethere are some serious dangerous idiots online. Let's be serious here- I don't use these pronouns in my every day life, just online for MY personal safety.   2. Writing Prefrences: One liners for stream comments. Semi para for Greetings Multi para and Novella specifically for roleplay starters/replies I do not expect you to keep up with me, I do expect you to reply when you can. These are personal preferences and do not need to be obeyed and I normally keep up with those I write with and attempt to match the length. 3. Just treat me like an equal, don't treat me as less of an equal to you: Equality is something that the roleplay community here on ani seems to really lack because there's so many edgy little punks on there and less empathetic and honest to god good people because the majority act like entitled brats who throw fits if they don't get their way. (while feeling the need to also look less intelligent than they are on certain issues and trying to get under others skin and be incesitive at the same time.)  On roleplayer it feels like a different issue, some people just don't read or understand when others are busy outside of rp and feel the need to tell me that they are no longer interested and remove me when I happen to state that I do have a life outside of roleplay. (Please stop doing this because I personally find it incensitive and rude when you lack understanding of your fellow writers.) Tumblr and Twitter are a bit different but you have your fandoms full of drama and people telling you what you can and cannot do with your own damn page and if you do your own thing then they try to cancel you. (Have seen it happen on more than one occassion to people I am friends with who are amazing writers, just a s s h o l e s in reality.) 4. I don't reply to people asking me if I want to rp because that is literally why I am here- to rp with you: Seriously, stop asking me if I want to roleplay, that's why I am here and I put effort into even saying that. 5. I have a life outside of roleplay and so I am not always talkative: Patience is very much a virtue for me so please take your time. I enjoy a good chit chat, thus I use discord and facebook (I will only give my rp facebook to serious writing partners. 6. I am a multiship/Polyamourous roleplayer, thus this account is for that: Multishipping I consider Polyamourous roleplaying because it's multiple partners however they don't interact with one another unless they are cool with eachother. 7. I prefer to write 1x1 but my characters often coexist with one another: It's a fun little fact that I prefer my one on one roleplays while I usemy stream for roleplay with multiple people; I feel that it is a great way to interact with other characters/writers as we establish ideas. 8. I am a picky writer: I read what others go through on here and I do it myself to see which people aren't the ones I personally want around on to interact with. 9. Following rule number eight: I deny more than I add as I will only add people who I happen to know and only roleplay with those who happen to gain my trust. 10. My starters are between Multiple paragraph to novella in length: I put detail and NPC interactions into my stories so, if you cannot respond to it, that's not my problem- it's more of a you problem, I make sure to give a story to my friends and a good start; If you have never bothered sitting and watching Thrilling Intent which is full of story and character background stories, I really reccomend watching them soleley for the character backgrounds.

City Hunter

07/04/2020 02:45 PM 

Some things to know

So, you decided to check out this little entry of mine. First of all, much appreciated, especially for those who've become friends with me. Now, before you groan a bit, thinking this is gonna be just rules and all that jazz, I'm gonna spare you the headache. I'm not much of a rules guy, and I think I'm pretty chill when it comes to stuff like that. Other than some common sense stuff, I'm not gonna complain much. Besides, I think that if you're serious about writing with me, most everything is gonna come up in story discussion. So, main point is to have fun.One of the things I wanted to mention is crossovers. I'm pretty comfortable taking my character into a lot of different verses and worlds, even places where he might stand out like a sore thumb. You can pretty much throw a dart at a board covered in different anime, video games, and other things and I'll have a general knowledge about it. And even if I don't, I'm perfectly fine going off to learn about it for our story. So bring 'em on. From Legend of Zelda to Final Fantasy, Dragon Age to Mass Effect, or anything else in between or so far out of the ballpark, I'd love to give it a shot. If anyone's interested in roleplaying, my body is ready.

˗ˏˋ Ꭱꮖꮻꭲꮖ🇳' Ᏼꭺᏼꭼ! ´ˎ˗

07/03/2020 04:06 PM 

— Headcanons —

She's a tomboy to the MAX! Enjoys doing things with her male friends as she feels more comfortable with them. Has a hard time hanging out with her female friends when they do super girly things; doesn't think she's 'pretty' enough for that. She loves hanging out with her female friends still though, just gets super awkward about it!   Self-conscious about her body and her body image. As she is proud of how much stronger she got, she still feels weird about how she looks. The girls she sees are 'small', 'petite', 'dainty', and light. As she is 'large', 'heavy', 'big', 'wide'. Her stature is much sturdier with her wider, much more 'cuvier' build. Wears a lot more loose clothes to hider her figure.    Loves shopping for figurines, collectibles, food, and the latest shoes. Her style is Japanese street fashion with the occasional grunge and sporty vibes. Loves to clash patterns and colors for 'attention' as she thinks her base self is 'boring' and 'plain.'    She HATES when her roots start showing in, it makes her pull and tug at her black hair in a panic. If she runs out of hair dye, she wears hats to at least make her feel better. Can break down into panics due to thinking she's reverting back to her 'old, gloomy self.'   Used to be a baby bat/goth in junior high. Full-blown phase and a hint of rebellion. She still likes dark, alternative things and still listens to goth music.    Has some vision problems with her eye with the scar. Actually owns a pair of glasses, but prefers to wear contacts so she's not so 'uncool' looking. Will wear her glasses when alone or around someone she's close to.   Oblivious to romantic endeavors from others. But if she has a crush on someone, she is extremely blunt and bold with her actions. She finds huge gestures to be super manly!    A very HEAVY sleeper and she's a cuddle too. Don't get close to her in her sleep, or she'll bear hug you to death!    Anything with protein is her obsession. She makes a protein shake every morning as her breakfast. Loves to mix different flavors to see what she likes and doesn't. 

A terrible F̸a̷t̴e̸

07/02/2020 11:06 PM 

Echos across Time

Echoes across time“It Is said that some lives are linked across time. Connected by an ancient calling that echoes through the ages. Destiny.”-The Great Deku Tree.Long before the hero came to us things where far different within the Kokiri village. Times where different then, the world was still being formed by the three goddesses. Evil had yet to awaken, little did we know just how close behind us it truly was.“Kami! Wait up…where are you going!? Kami! Come on!” A strange blue orb with wings would say as it fluttered to keep up with a child who was racing along the path through the Lost Woods, laughing along the way. Fairies where assigned to Kokiri children at birth by the Deku Tree to help guide them and keep them safe and out of trouble. Finally the fairy would catch up fluttering about the boy as she beat her wings in rage, even going as far as bumping into the boys head. “Listen!”The boy wasn’t like your typical Kokiri child, he wore a mixture of orange and green garbs having created his own outfit. “Ow! Don’t hit me!” The child said with clutched fists, but he didn’t swing back, instead he held out his hands to offer a resting spot for the fairy, catching her and allowing her to rest in his hands. “Oh Navi. Come on already, don’t you remember?….We were going to leave the village today. I’ve heard rumors about a town called Termina and I’m going to go check it out. We can go together!” He said spinning around excitedly.“….Kami….” Navi said trying to get his attention, but the child was too excited to hear the fairy. She shot upward and got right in front of his face. “HEY! LISTEN!” She said bringing his focus back.“…Look…Kami, I can’t go….You know I can’t…besides….The Deku Tree wants-“ She started but Kami would turn away.“So what! Who cares what that old tree has to say! Why do we always have to listen to him anyway!?” He said cutting her off.  “You said we were going to go! No backing out remember!” Kami said as his fists began to ball up again.“…I Know…..but…..” Navi hesitated, as if holding back information.“But what!? What’s so important? You’ve been growing so distant lately.” Kami pushed.“…..I can’t go…because…..because he reassigned me Kami!” She finally said.“WHAT?!?” He said as his voice grew louder in disbelief. “re-assigned! To Who?! Don’t tell me-““That boy Link…The Deku Tree said a great darkness was growing and this boy is the only one who can save us….destiny-….Kami!“ Navi tried to explain the situation, but she watched as the boys head sank tears falling to the ground as his fist began to tremble. Kami had always been such a fragile child who didn’t have any friends. Finally his head whipped back up at her. “FINE! GO THEN! Your….Destiny is waiting for you….I don’t need you!” He said and took off running deep into the woods, straying from the path.Navi was about to chase after Kami but she could feel the Deku tree calling out to her, calling her name, and no fairy dared to miss his call. “…..Kami…..” She said as her wings sank,  She didn’t get to say a proper goodbye. She began to fly towards the Deku tree, stopping and looking back only once.“….I’ll come back after this is all done……..I promise.” She said and took off.A few days had gone by since they departed from one another, the forest had become dark and eerie and it was no longer easy to tell the time of day. It seemed like it was perpetually dark all the time. Kami had become Lost in the Woods with no fairy to help guide him through. Stopping by a tree he sat at the base and curled up hugging his knees. Too tired to carry on he laid down beside the tree to rest.“It is said that all Skull Kids are born within the Lost Woods. Created from the souls of children who have become lost in the woods. Though it is not just any child, that child is said to have once been a Kokiri. It is important that the Kokiri be guided by a fairy so that my children do not become lost…should they ever find themselves deep within these woods” -Deku TreeWhen Kami awoke once more things had changed, he was no longer a kokiri child like before. His skin had been replaced by wood, a strange beak like mouth over his face. He brought himself to a stand and he could feel how light weight he had become, hallow.  It was a strange feeling but he had heard legends about the skull kids. Stories the Deku Tree had told them in hopes to frighten them away from ever going into the woods alone. He thought it was a myth and nothing more. How wrong he had been.As he shifted around, he could hear the sound of hallow wood clicking together like wooden wind chimes.  He looked over his shoulder and all around. “…..Navi?” he wondered hoping the fairy would have returned….but she hadn’t.  He had no idea how long he had been asleep, or was aware of all the changes the world had since gone through.  Slowly over time he learned to accept the new changes, finding comfort now in the lost woods. He often heard Saria’s song but it was too hard to know what direction it came from. He would carve a stick into his own wooden flute that he would learn to play a few notes over time, though he was never really any good.strolling through the woods his head would turn as he thought he heard a familiar sound. Chasing the sound he found himself into a clearing, and before him was the fairy he had been assigned to many years ago. He almost called out to her, but she hadn’t recognized him; how could she when his body was no longer the same? Instead She stuck to Link and was telling him what little she had known, referring to Kami as Skull Kid. It hurt not being recognized. He knew that no one would ever recognize him again and he would always be known now as Skull Kid. She was still with that Link kid after all this time. Did she even come looking for him? Instead he glared and turned away. Link however had taken out his ocarina and started to play a song. Skull Kid turned curious about the music he played and took out his own flute to try and play along, and he felt a tinge of happiness as the two played their instruments together, but it soon faded just as the melodies had when Link had to carry on with his journey.The music gave the Skull Kid a new perspective though and reminded him of his own journey. So once more he set out to find Termina. Little did he know of his own fate that would befall him along the way, and the paths that would be crossed yet again like a memory repeating itself through time like an echo.Navi was back in Hyrule aiding Link on his quest to save Hyrule from the terrible darkness that Ganondorf would one day bring. Traveling across time itself. However Skull Kid did not have the capabilities to travel through time, nor was he within Hyrule. Instead he had found Termina and ventured forth into the new land, visiting clock town on his own quest for friendship, a special kind of bond he had yearn for.  His mischievous behavior and childish pranks he played on the townsfolk however was not something the townsfolk had liked, even the other children turned him away.Just outside of clock town he would find himself kicking a rock…wondering why no one wanted to play with him. That was when one of the pebbles would hit something that was more life-like, and he watched in horror as something far greater in size compared to him would rise. It’s foot would come crashing down towards him, causing the earth to tremble. He stumbled backwards trying to avoid the foot as he screamed and ran for it. “Now I’ve done it….what the hell is that thing!!??” he said as he booked it to find cover. The area was so wide open though there wasn’t many places to hide. He found a hallow log that he ducked into. He could still feel the trembling earth as the strange creature walked. Maybe……Maybe he was lucky enough that it didn’t see where he had gone?The trembling continued until it finally stopped, and he waited for a few moments. Daring to peek outside the small hole in the log. Nothing…..that thing. Was gone.  He sighed with relief as he crawled back out of the log, dusting himself off. Skull kid found himself look at his feet, and two larger feet of another. It took only a second before he realized and looked up only to come face to face with the thing he thought was gone.It brought it’s large hand down and he braced for impact fearing he was about to get smacked. But nothing happened. Instead he heard a strange song like noise, as if it was trying to speak.“…..huh?” He would question as he looked to the hand. It was being held out to him and slowly opened revealing his flute. He patted himself realizing, He must have dropped it when he stumbled backwards. He hesitated but took the flute. “……thank you….” Skull kid said looking over the flute.Once more the Giant creature seemed to sing words.“…….you………..a…..r.e………..w……..e………lcome” it seemed to take forever to say, as it bellowed the words to the skull kid.  Skull Kid felt bad now for thinking that it meant to do him harm and he just felt himself plop down spilling his soul to The Giant and how he had felt.“….I just……….feel like so much has changed….Like I have changed…….” Skull kid said with sarrow as he now sat with the Giant.“………Not…………c……..h…..a……n….g..e..d.” He would bellow out in a strange song once more.“…….Y……o…..u…..r……………..s…..o…u…l.…t……h..e……..s..a…..m…e……o…..n..l….y……..t.h..e…………..o…..u…t….s..i..d.e………c….h.a..n.g.e..d..” the giant would say once more.This gave the skull kid the reassurance he didn’t know he needed to hear but felt glad. He took his flute in hand and started to play the flute.  It would be a song that came from his changed soul one that he felt would call the Giant forth if he ever felt he needed to talk to him that very bond he was looking for. He had become friends with the giant and would soon discover that there was a total of four, and they would all become friends as they spent many days playing in the fields.Time brings change though……..and while in Hyrule time had changed for the good with Ganondorfs defeat. It had also brought the time for the Giants to leave. Termina had now been split into four sections, and the Giants had promised to protect termina.“Does evil truly exist? Or is it a figment of our own imaginations gone wild? Nothing more then a struggle against the limitations of our own thoughts. Perhaps it is created by man who delve to deep into that darkness and gave it a form. Lost within the eternal darkness…….let your soul be the light that guides you through the darkness….….And set yourself free…..from the abyss…”-Happy Mask SalesmanThe sound of footsteps could be heard beating against the ground as a strange puppet of wood raced through the Lost Woods in a panic. It was as if he was trying to catch up to something, or someone.“Wait!” The strange wooden child would cry out. The lack of energy and hope greatly weighed the child down as he came to a stop, his friends too far from him and his voice too small to be heard. Once more he found himself alone.It wasn’t the first time he had been abandoned. So often Skull kid felt like anytime he thought he made a friend…..Destiny….was always calling them. Taking his friends away. He clenched his fist at his side and he could feel anger growing within. Perhaps it was through this weakened mind that he fell victim.He had befriended the four giants and for many days they played together filling his soul with a bright light. However things changed over time. A hero had risen….Darkness that was thought to be defeated began to stir once more, a never ending path the hero was trapped on. Skull kids four giant friends had gone their separate ways. He couldn’t catch up for he was too small, and he couldn’t call out because they couldn’t hear him. His world had shattered and he was left to wonder….once more…“Why?.....Why did they leave?.....did they……forget….about me?” He said as he now watched them fade away.It was this weakened soul that darkness had found and clung to, using it to grow in power. He traveled back to the open fields of Termina, Alone once more. Dark storm clouds had gathered above as it began to rain. He had never felt quite as empty as he had now…it was like there was a tiny light flickering in the darkness. Desperately he held onto that light, so tightly he felt his wooden body would break. Too many times he had let people In only to be left behind in the end….he felt as though he may never be able to fully trust others again.It was during this deep thought a familiar ting broke his concentration. A haunting sound, However when he looked up he would find not one but two fairies. They seemed to be lost and stuck in the rain. Their light of purple and Yellow twirling together like darkness and light itself stuck together in time. The two fairies would seek shelter. His crying only made them look to one another as they realized they weren’t alone in this shelter. The two fairy siblings would slowly nudge closer, offering the warmth of their light to the child.Skull kid hesitated….was it wise? To really let more in, after so many attempts before? He held out his hand and when they would rest upon his hand he would pull them closer almost hugging them close to him as they waited for the storm to pass.“…I’m Tatl, and this is my brother Tael.” The yellow fair would ding.“….We’ve been searching……for our friends….what’s your name?” Tael would chime in next.“….friends?.......Friends are a nice thing to have……I’m…….Skull Kid” Skull kid said, hesitating to share his real name. He thought it best, to forget about his name.“….Where are your friends….Don’t you have any Skull kid?.....Are you….also searching for your friends?” Tatl would say.Skull kid would once more hesitate……Why should he let others in when time and time again it had proven to work against him…So this time around He simply explained that they had gotten into a fight, and simply needed some time away from each other. Finally the storm would break and the three of them would play together. Traveling back into the Lost woods onto the next game to play, Skull kid would stumble across the happy mask salesman, no doubt traveling through to the next spot. Skull kid thought it might be fun to play a prank on him and startle him and just as he was coming up to sneak up on him he would strangely fall to the ground. Skull kid looked at him poking him curious as to what had happened when he heard strange whispers calling to him.  Looking up, he saw the strange mask on the ground walking over to pick it up.“…….skull kid…..” the mask seemed to whisper calling to him. As Skull Kid looked over it, his eyes would stop on the eyes of the mask. He could feel the power coming from the mask, and his eyes seemed trapped in the masks gaze. Skull Kid was unaware of the tendrils that had slowly began to creep out of the mask as Majora was beginning to wake up from a long slumber, needing to find the right soul…..a weakened soul…..and finally…..this Skull Kid had found Him…it was too perfect.“……Wear…….mask….The Mask……of Majora” Majora would continue to whisper to the Skull Kid, using his power to encourage the kid to bring the mask towards his face, inching closer and closer. Majora’s Power was so strong, finally he knew he had found the right soul to claim, bending Skull Kids will with it’s small amount of Power that only continued to grow within Skull Kids presence. Finally the Mask was close enough to cling to his face and he struggled to move about, fearing what he felt would come next. He would place both hands on the mask trying to pry it from his face but it was too late, the mask had fused with his very soul.“Claim my power!” The Mask said Majora’s voice now clear as day, no longer a whisper. Skull kid could see through the eyes of Majora but what he saw was an altered version of reality…..he saw his greatest fear that Majora had fed off of and brought to reality.Memories skipped as they were re-imagined. Like a terrible nightmare.The first memory was of Navi, traveling alongside link. “…You’re a much better friend then that skull kid ever was….He wasn’t even a friend…He was just….an assignment.” Her twisted voice would ring in his was the Townsfolk of Termina. He found himself walking into the town only to feel paranoid that they where looking at him, whispering about him….The children would begin to run in circles around him as they pointed at him and started chanting at him causing him to cover his ears trying to block out the voices…He knew they were lies…but they sounded so real.the voices had snapped away and next it was like he woke up from the nightmare, in the company the four giants, but when he tried to talk to them they completely ignored him….A child from Termina would then ask. “…weren’t you friends with that strange skull kid?”“……w…….h……o?” the slow bellow would come from the giants as they seemed to have forgotten him, the memory that would truly break him.finally his gaze would look past the mask at the two fairies who where in reality looking for skull kid, but Majora had continued to warp his feelings.“…They all…….left you…..Even now…these two fairies, you think they are your friends? Can’t you hear them? Already they are talking about leaving you….” Majora would say inside his mind and he would then twist reality once more and make it so Skull Kid could hear what they were saying.“…..You think we lost him?” Tael would say as she seemed to look around.“…..Yeah, Come on let’s go….Let’s go find our real friends.” Tatl said.“….You see…..No one really wants to be your friend…….Your weak……” Majora said as he continued to play into it. “….but… don’t have to be weak…you could have…POWER… could have MY power….” He said as the strong aura continued to grow.Finally Skull Kid would give in to the mask and Majora would finally take control. It was strange become even though Skull kid could feel the ominous power surging throughout and taking control, his eyesight remained. Like he was now trapped behind a window under Majoras bidding.A Dark energy would pulsate outward like a heartbeat.Finally the Happy Mask Salesman would come too, having witnessed the whole thing. His once Happy expression that he was known for finally fell into a deep sorrow. And he could only watch as Skull kid would dissipate into the Darkness.“…..You’ve met with a terrible fate…….Haven’t you?” The salesman would say as he knew of the great Darkness that was about to unleash upon Termina.  

мι∂иιgнт вєαυту

07/02/2020 02:24 PM 

t h e • r o y a l • s c r o l l
Current mood:  productive

▪️ First of all, I always go with semi, para and multi-para but this is just my preference. We all have our own style so never feel intimidated and just write to your heart's content. ▪️ I do communicate "ooc" wise. But to break the ice I will often create banter in the stream just to let folks know I'm not always a serious storyteller. ▪️ Luna will never get over her short lived infatuation of King Sombra (has always shipped and will not be deterred). Lol▪️ I'm taken for real so if anyone ever archives being shipped with Luna, concratulations. But always keep it within roleplay.▪️ I'am the same Nightmare Moon as I've always been as breaking free of the darkness has never really been achieved. Lol▪️ I'm always mobile (which is a pain) so posts will be slow at times (if not busy).▪️ Always be mindful and kind to other writers seeing as we're all in one rp community~ Failure to do so will only get you removed.▪️Do not fuse rp with rl it's tedious and confusing.▪️ Last of all I'm not a number or a last resort cast. I'll write what I wish with whom I wish, as I will be happy also to go with ideasssss and plot's from others.|| Will probably update when needed.

𝐅𝐮𝐛𝐮𝐤𝐢 💎

07/02/2020 01:45 PM 

Character info -Jigoku no Fubuki

Canon and Headcanons -- The  word "hell" in her name comes from the aftermath of her powers.- She easily could be one of the characters suited to lead the series should Saitama ever become defeated.- In real life she would more than likely look french.- Her favorite food is Chicken Katsu- She is in fact a virgin- Her part time job would be a model- Her hobbies are shopping and shoe collecting-She is 5 years younger than her older sister Tatsumaki-She is ranked as B ranked but has the strength and skill set of a upper A rank hero(intellegence is actually on a S rank level)-She is not vain but displays some vain like behaviors.(Example: She belives how a person is dressed is a display of their character. Hence why she dresses elegantly and to impress)Personality - - She can be cold and obsessive when it comes to her goals and what she wants.Rarely does she take emotional feelings into consideration.She beleives them to be a weakness.-For her to care there has to be a logical explaination or personal benifit.There are only 2 people who are an exception to this.-She does secretly have a heart, and when around them she displays a rather cinnamon roll like demeanor.-She becomes flustered rather easily.-She is very maticulous.-She rarely misses a beat when it comes to observation and detail. 


07/02/2020 03:18 PM 

Rules....I know what a drag

1. You add you message first. I'll do the same if I add you first :)2. Please try and actually rp with me. I understand being busy but do try to get a response at least twice a week. 3. If you don't like something in a rp please let me know instead of ghosting me. It breaks my heart when someone does that and I have no idea what I did wrong :(4. I'm okay with NSFW stuff and I'm alright with various freaky kinks, but lets try to keep incest and defecation out of it, kay?5. No one liners! I can not stress this enough! I like rps with detail and will usually try and write up to a paragraph in my response. If I get a short response back, I lose motivation. Also, try and do proper paragraph format. Use quotes and not stars for describing action: ie) *smiles at you* *Looks up at you*. 6. Do not bombard me with questions on when I will get back within the same day. Doesn't matter whether I'm online or not, I will get back to you when I can. After 48 hours, please send me a reminder if I haven't gotten back to you by then. If you keep spamming me I'll end up blocking you.7. I only rp with girls 18+......sorry guys 8. After you add me, I'll probably send a message first unless you were the one who requested me. Either way, if you haven't gotten back to me in like 3ish days I'll probably give you another message and wait another 2 days before deleting you. I'll say that this is a W.I.P but I'm to lazy to come back and edit this soooo ya. 


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Naruto verses; Childhood- Makoto is a child still living in Tsukigakure. This verse can consist of her being from age 7-17 up until her parents were murdered. Mainly in this verse they’re both still happily alive. Childhood AU!- Makoto somehow ends up in a different world as a child and has to somehow find her way back home. Pre Akatsuki age 17-19- After her home was burnt down and she fled Tsukigakure she wondered around and lived a life as a traveler. She ended up changing her last name to Gyakusatsu to try to find away from the people who killed her parents so they possibly wouldn’t find her. She didn’t have a permanent home at this time. Akatsuki age 19-23- After being caught by Kakuzu and Hidan, Makoto ended up becoming a temporary member of the Akatsuki. She acted as a spy and a healer for them whenever they needed her. She also cooked for all of the members. Even though they were a evil organization, they became like a family to her and they truly meant a lot to her. Living in Konohagakure age 23-30- Makoto finally found a village where she felt like she truly felt at home in. After speaking with Naruto as he was Hokage, he let her live in the village and become a member of the community. She stayed with Sakura for awhile before getting her own place and got a job at the hospital as a nurse since she was so good at medical ninjutsu. After living there for a year was when she met Trafalgar Law and brought him back to the village. After spending a lot of time together, they fell in love and Makoto got pregnant with the twins. One Piece verse; Pirate World (One Piece) Makoto decides to leave Konoha for awhile and takes the twins on a trip with Law back to the One Piece world and she lives with him on his submarine. This is a whole new world for her since she’s never been anywhere but the world of the ninjas so seeing all these different things and different places is really a lot for her to take in. Modern AU verses; Modern AU!- Makoto is a teacher by day at a local high school and a up and coming model at night a few times a week. She enjoys hanging out with her best friends/co workers Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi and Lee outside of work. They’re always fun to be around. Her hobbies include reading, drinking, ceramics, going to the comic shop, playing video games, watching anime, cooking. High School AU!- Sixteen year old Makoto just moved to Tokyo and is going to Konoha High School. She moved there with her parents and started in a brand new town. Growing up in Okinawa she never made any friends and lived there her whole life. Things were always hard for her growing up, living in the country and looking different always got her bullied. Once her dad got a new job, they moved to Tokyo. Starting at her new school, Makoto hopes she makes some new friends. Makoto is very attracted to the samurai club teacher Trafalgar Law. She knows that she shouldn’t be attracted to him but she can’t contain herself. Other verses; Skyrim; Being an orphan, Makoto never knew where she really came from. Her whole life she grew up in Skyrim in the city of Winterhold. Nelacar took her in as a baby, making him her adopted father. She never had a mother, but if it wasn't for him she didn't know what would have happened to her. Nelacar just like Makoto was a elf, except Makoto was a wood elf and he was a high elf. He found her when she was just a baby and raised her as his own. As soon as she was old enough, he began to teach her magic. Makoto picked it up quickly and it wasn't hard on her to learn. She took up a interest in archery and was very good at it. Where most would use a sword, she preferred using a bow and arrow. Most it would say it was because she was an elf, but that wasn't the case at all. Once she was older she went to study at the college of Winterhold. She was extremely smart and whenever you seen her she would always have a book with her studying something. Later on Nelacar was in danger and to save his life Makoto killed a man in cold blood to save him. After this happened, the Dark Brotherhood came to recruit her and she ended up joining them. Pokemon; Under Co


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Nothing on this profile is mine unless I say it is. All icons and pictures I use are not mine. Yes I recolor pictures for Makoto, but I don’t have any drawing talent. Anon hate or any type of hate towards me or my character will not be tolerated. Yes I ship Makoto with Trafalgar Law from One Piece. Does that mean I’ll force my ship on you? No, I would never do such a thing. Does this mean I’d like to interact with Law muses? Of course it does, but if you don’t want to ship with me I respect that. I would never force my ship upon anyone. If you’d like to know about her relationship with him read my story or ask me questions! I can be very slow so please bare with me. I suggest my rp partners take their time, if I haven’t replied in two weeks let me know. I work a full time retail job so it takes a lot out of me. Please be literate. I understand if someone makes mistakes, we all do. Improper grammar drives me up the wall and if you had really bad grammar I cannot interact with you I’m sorry. If English isn’t your first language, I won’t give you a hard time for that. Other OC’s, crossovers, and AU’s. I’m open to all of these. I love OC’s, AU’s, and crossovers. I think the more you can do with your character the better. I adore doing tons of different roleplays with Makoto. So please send them my way! :D Mun is very shy and can have a hard time approaching people OOC; but I’m very friendly too! No need to try and match my length at all!  If I write you multi-para I expect you to at least give me more than one or two lines. If that’s all I get back I’m sorry but I won’t continue replying. Lastly, have fun! Let’s enjoy writing together. 

Petra Aldrynn

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Petra Aldrynn

Name: Petra AldrynnGender: FemaleRace: Hyur, Highlander/GarleanAge: 19Eye Color: GreenHair Color: Red with faint white tipsClass: MonkPersonality: ESFP (Extroverted, Observant, Feeling, Prospecting)Likes: Fighting, socializing, drinking, and campingDislikes: Small spacesBIOBefore Petra's Birth: It was during the fall of Ala Mhigo that Eleanor Aldrynn, Petra's mother, fell in love with Grisha Quo Adamos, a wounded Centurio in the Garlemald military. As a soldier was about to pierce her flesh with steel, Grisha stepped in the way, taking the wound and ordering his men to leave her and continue on, not even wincing at the pain he had just received. After the battle, Eleanor found Grisha collapsed in the street amongst many soldiers. She tended to his wounds as well as the wounds of many other men, including the soldier who had attacked her. Grisha was touched by her kindness, often taking the time to stop by and see her. Eleanor was adamant in her hatred for the Garlean empire, and often, Grisha would simply nod and help her with her errands. Even before Eleanor kissed Grisha, she insisted upon her hatred for him. They spent one month together after the fall of Ala Mhigo before Grisha took off to fight another battle, only to die from his wounds. It was 7 months later that she would give birth to Petra, her premature daughter.After Petra's Birth: Despite being premature, Petra grew up strong and healthy, most likely due to having to defend herself from the constant harassment of various adults and children, being half Garlean and half Ala Mhigan. Despite being bullied, Petra retained a positive attitude, often defending other children. This touched Eleanor, who saw Grisha's protective nature reflected in her daughter. Around the time Petra turned 12, her mother passed away due to illness. Being orphaned, she spent the nearly a year scraping by in the streets before being captured and experimented on by the Garlean military. After her capture, five years of time forgotten passed by, as she found herself on the cusp of 18, waking up under the care of the shadow sect of the Fists of Rhalgr. Being a natural from her days of sparring in Ala Mhigo, H'raha Tia found interest in her, choosing her for an assassination mission. Petra, having a kind heart, discovered her target was an old and gentle monk Highlander and threw away her mission, opting to finish her training under him instead and helped defend him from the shadow sect. Just after the completion of her training and opening of her 14th chakra, her master passed away.Present Day: Petra spends most of her time as a bounty hunter/mercenary. She isn't afraid to toss out a job due to her morals and finds enjoyment in travel and socializing. Though she is happy for the victory at Ala Mhigo, she has yet to visit, feeling Ala Mhigo is the key to her missing memories and afraid of what she'll learn. Outside of this and claustrophobia, she is mostly fearless, willing to take on an army if it meant protecting someone. She's the kind of girl you'd find singing loudly with the men in the bar, waving her stein of ale around, or in the market scolding someone for their high prices. It's normal for Petra to make friends everywhere she goes.


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Read The Rules:

#1. Do Not God-Mod. OCs who don't give another OC a chance to fight, making themselves completely invincible and untouchable to everything is not allowed. I know some of the most famous characters are built that way, but most of us really do not enjoy that kind of roleplay. Please refrain from going "Overpower." It's not enjoyable.#2. Use Good Grammar. Please, make an effort in your replies. It's okay if English isn't your first language, but please refrain from using; "U," "K," "Ur," "B4," and other shortened text words when you roleplay. It's not enjoyable for me.#3. Don't Throw Yourself A Pity Party. Some of us may not mind, but others do, especially when they're lacking motivation. Please, refrain from repeating; "Hello?" "Are you there?" "I guess it's true, I'm a monster and nobody wants to roleplay with me!", etc. You don't want to do that. Be patient! No Negative Nancy's. #4. Control your OC. I know that new roleplayer's, including beginners, enjoy taking control of other people's OCs. Unfortunately, we don't. You will immediately be called out if you do this. You worry about your OC's point of view and we'll worry about ours. ------I'll be updating this here and there. 

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The Comet

Blight had struck the harvest again that year, and the Miller was desperate. He came to me, hat clutched tightly in filthy fingers, stinking of sweat and manure. Seated comfortably in my observatory, surrounded by telescopes and other delicate apparatus, I recognized his misfortune as an opportunity, and I agreed to lend him my... expertise. Slabs etched with certain celestial designs were erected around the perimeter of the Farmstead. The Miller, lamentably eager for some early sign of improvement, fixed his watery eyes intently upon the wilted fields and listless mill. My gaze, however, was cast skyward and I marveled at the limitless profanity of the stars, wondering what harvest might come.

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