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08/12/2020 09:33 PM 

Noi Tapati Adomako

Basic Background Information:Name: Noi Tapati Adomako [Origin of names: Japanese, Indian and Ghanaian respectively]Age: Appears in her early to mid 20's.Hair: GingerEyes: Silver with a gold glow.Gender: FemaleRace: Human/ Reincarnation of the Hindu goddess of the river Tapati and mother-goddess of the South (home of the sun).Titles: "The Burning One" (Give me more.)Occupation: Entrepreneur (Owns a few nightclubs)Sexual Orientation: StraightStatus: Single / Not Interested in commitment. Tattoos/Piercings: None as of right now.Birthplace: Mumbai, IndiaCurrent Residency: Osaka, Japan. Namba district. Nationality: Indian [Born and raised in Mumbai]Family: Father [Alive], Mother [Deceased] (More info on family coming up soon.)Personality: Reserved, usually observes and analyzes things before making a conclusion or decision. Analytical, calculating. Very polite, doesn’t mind sharing or giving the clothes off her back to help someone. Nomadic, its only recently she has settled down in the current area she is now. Territorial, protective, despite her introvert behavior, she does enjoy a good outing/party.Personality Disorder: Schizoid.Drinks/Smokers: Doesn't drink socially or at all/ Smokes weed regularly. Likes: Food, spending quality time with family, nature, weed, learning new things, reading, gaming, working out, animals, to meditate, weapons of all sorts.Dislikes: Being lied to or used, when others take advantage of others, judgmental people, ignorance, arrogance, thieves, Her Father.STORY COMING SOON. :) 

єℓємєηтαℓ ωσℓƒ нєяσ

08/12/2020 08:15 PM 

Rules~Please read

Hey everyone, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read these simple rules I have! Please respect me, as I am here to RP a good story not to get harassed with sexual messages. If you if you are doing this I will stop talking to you. If you keep sending me messages, you're going to get blocked. Please do not be rude when I do not respond ASAP. I do have a life outside of RP. I will get back to you, please just give me time.  NO I don't write immediate romance, I may be 18+ but coming here I did not have that purpose. Things happen naturally or not at all! You must understand this! Please dont bring your RL drama my way. **If we do get close and I do decide to give you of my contact info outside of here it means I trust you and I care for you, only then will I help you any way I can.** Have fun! We are in some sh*tty times right now so lets try to have a little bit of fun shall we? Plain and simple! I hope you can all respect for what I ask. 


08/12/2020 05:19 PM 

pack family wish to join let me know

Mayleen father daughter nephew older brother leader of the pack alpha male older daughter emma rose knight and protector of the pack raye Nanny of the pups also watches over the pups


08/12/2020 01:51 PM 


1. Don't talk? You're going to get deleted.2. Get handsy? You're going to get blocked.3. I'm here to rp and meet new people, that's it. 4. I do not erp so don't even try.5. I will never edit for you, I can't edit, I just have nice friends.6. If I like your edits I'll probably add you, and then try to pay you for an edit~I'll add more if I feel like they're needed


08/12/2020 10:42 PM 

Clicking on External Links

Be careful about clicking on external links to unknown websites. See below to understand how an external link is used to get a member's IP address. It's not possible to track down your street address or name with an IP address. people who claim they know you and where you live.Contact Support if you see this type of activity.

blackpaw TL big bad wolf pregnant

08/12/2020 02:47 PM 


no grammar police allowed   no one liners allowed   NO raping him or forcing him to bare your children he is spoken for  you add me you send greeting if i add you i send you greeting  if you wish to join the pack let me know in advance please so i can inform the pack of you joining   he rarely turns human only on a blood moon for that night only  he can turn human but only for a few mins  he is mostly in a wolf form not a neko form  NO drama or bull sh*t  i do not have discord only kik sorry 

blackpaw TL big bad wolf pregnant

08/12/2020 02:42 PM 


Name blackpaw age 1-2 years of age furr black with white and  gray spots  eyes red or gold status taken by big bad wolf rank alpha sexuality Bi Hybrid mix both male and female parts mated for life  young and nieve and stubborn he tends to bite off more then he can chew in other worlds he is blunt when he speaks and also is stuborn to the max what he wants he gets it though being young and can carry pups  during his pregnancy he is weaken his pregnancy can last for 5 months until he goes into labor during this time he is weaken and needs his mate protection at all cost during this time of him delivering the pups it can last up to 3 days depending on the labor and how many pups he can give birth to as well 

blackpaw TL big bad wolf pregnant

08/12/2020 12:49 PM 

pack family join ask me

Mate lover sister

❤baby sister❤

08/12/2020 12:43 PM 

family pack wish to join just ask

Daddy sister guard 

🌙Princess Mayleen 🌙 In heat

08/12/2020 12:16 PM 

pack family wish to join let me know

Mayleen father daughter nephew older brother leader of the pack alpha male older daughter emma rose knight and protector of the pack raye Nanny of the pups also watches over the pups


08/11/2020 11:59 PM 

Character Information

Name: Nori Krovopuskov/Item #: 7032Nickname(s): RuntAlias: NatashaBirthday: March 3rd Birthplace: Saint Petersburg Current Residence: New York City Occupation: NoneSexual Preference: Irrelevant Relationship Status: Irrelevant Species: Nanorobotic AssimilationGender: Female Body Type: Petite Height&Weight: 5'0", 95lbs Hair Color: Light orange Eye Color: Seaweed GreenSkin Tone: As pale as it gets Tattoos/Piercings/Scars/etc.: None Fight Style: Highly VersatileElemental Powers: ElectricityBasic Abilities: Transmutation- Her entire body is made up of nanobots with a prime directive of “Preserving the Whole.” One in ten of her nanobots is programmed to reconstruct atoms, taking energy from the remaining nine to do so. This process requires massive amounts of energy, resulting in her needing to consume matter to do pull it off. She can use this technique to create weapons out of matter she consumes, or even consume her foes if given the opportunity.Transformation- Given that her body is constructed of roughly thirty-seven trillion microscopic nanobots, she can change and transform her body at will, at the cost of draining her energy reserves. She often times will turn her limbs into blades, or high velocity air cannons, straying away from bullets to help conserve her mass. She also uses this ability to fly, take the forms of other people, and animals. As a defensive maneuver she will disperse her body partially or entirely, essentially appearing as a chrome-like cloud. Due to how much energy this technique requires, she has to constantly take in matter while using it, solid matter typically being the best fuel source, but she can also resort to gas and liquid if needed.Translucent Film- Nori leaves a thin layer of her nanobots on whatever she touches. Her AI is shared amongst all of them, and in case of her body being destroyed, she uses this method to slowly reconstruct herself. The film glows with a glistening chrome like effect, and she typically only uses this method when on guard or going into battle. The process of converting matter into something that could resemble her original state takes a long period of time, leaving this as a last-ditch effort for self-preservation.Blood Clot- This technique utilizes her Translucent Film to essentially turn a person’s body against them. Upon touching or being touched by Nori, her nanobots will leave a layer of themselves on the opponent’s skin and try to reach their bloodstream. Once there, they immediately make a move towards the heart and brain, with their motive being to consume the matter and essentially eat them from the inside out.Energy Storage- Nori typically will consume matter at the beginning of a fight, or during a fight. This doesn’t mean she has to eat or drink it, instead being able to use her nanorobotic structure to simply consume matter she touches. After breaking it down she will store it within her mass, allowing for ready use when needed. This storage is limited to four kilograms. God-like Powers:Chain Explosion- Using her ability to alter and reconstruct matter, she can assemble a series of tiny explosive charges to go off in rapid succession. This technique requires far more preparation than her others do, requiring her to divert part of her mass towards construction said explosives. Personality: Stubborn, mouthy, and always wanting to be the center of attention.Likes: Ice cream, sleeping, any type of food, head pats, riding on tall people's shoulders, starting fights. Dislikes: Strengths: Partial immunity to electricity and completely immune to radiationWeakness: Vulnerable to extreme heatGoals: World Dominat- I mean... Not dominating the worldFears: Pigeons.Parents: NoneSiblings: None Children: NoneBackstory: Under Construction.


08/11/2020 11:39 PM 

I was wrong,

 "Forgive me Naga, my big sister.  You were the smartest of us all, we should have left home when you came for us, but he had us convinced you were a rotten girl and we.... I was scared of what could happen to our other sisters if I left them with that monster.  I am just the worst... huh? I let him abuse me to keep them safe, I let him do things to me so they wouldn't suffer, but they all left me behind.  Was I really the rotten girl?  Was what I did so wrong?"  Mami's eyes lowered, her gaze drifting from her elder sister's face to the ground.  Her voice softening as she spoke and grew more and more shakedly as she spoke to her sibling who she came to understand only after moving into her place.  Almost on its own, her hand found itself on her stomach.    Mami's mind flashed to what she allowed to be done to her for the sake of her other sisters.  She clutched her stomach, sickened by the memories of what she sacrificed for her siblings only to be abandoned by those siblings.  Mami's body shuddered as the floodgates burst, tears freefalling, lost in her memories.Naga, while normally appearing to be unapologetically nonchallant pulled her sister in for a tight embrace, resting her sister's head upon her bosom before both her own mind realized what was happening.  Not to her shock, her little sister recoiled from being touched and began to breathe rapidly and with short breaths.  She was stuck reliving her past, one that Naga felt partially responsible for, she should have tried to get them out harder.  Holding onto Mami with one arm, she gently rubbed her back in hopes to help sooth her, she's never seen this side of her baby sister.  "Mami... you don't need to apologize, you're here and safe.".  What squirmed in her arms was not her sister's barely hanging on mask, but the truth.  "I won't let him near you ever again, you suffered enough baby sis... let Naga protect you now like you did to those ingrates."Mami squirmed within her sister's grasp trying to escape it.  Her discomfort, immeasurable, the waterfall soaked Naga's shirt. Eyes darting looking for where the hands were at.  Heart beats quickened like a cornered animal before a predator until Naga's words reached her.  Relief washed over her and the well stopped flowing for, but a moment.  She paused for a moment rethinking what her big sister just said to her.  "Naga, I'm sorry... please don't do that!"  The flow kicked up with ferocity as Mami thought of all of what happened to her, but pictured Naga in her stead.  The words should've made her happy to hear, but instead filled her with much more emotions than merely happiness.  She shook, her mouth agape, her words lost in transition.  She wanted to beg, to plead, to save her big sister, one of three who pulled her from the abyss to not sacrifice something so precious for her sake.  Relief, happiness, the mask, fear, and worry all fought for dominance in reaction to Naga's pledge to protect her as Mami stood there, her mind in turmoil.


08/11/2020 11:22 PM 


This is a test of text to see if this is how I have to submit things.

𝓛𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓵𝓮 𝓛𝓪𝓶𝓫

08/11/2020 04:25 PM 


Rules  No one liners I para to multi para ONLY No this is not a smut account. Some shipping is fine though if we have a good story. No auto hitting or controlling my character. Dark themes ahead 18+ only please. Discord is faster than messages, messages are faster than Comments. My Discord; scσrpíσn príncє__#0807Rules



08/11/2020 02:08 PM 


Chizue met Aizen in passing which was the reason she wanted to become a reaper. She an amazing cook. She collects unsavory companions Although she comes off as cold and unfeeling she is actually very kind and gentle Chizue normally walks around weighted down. This is so that should she need to kicks some butt or run away she can with ease.  High Spiritual Power which she can use against enemies. (I know this is a different anime but think yu yu hakusho) Durability (She is unusally more Durable then most people) Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant chizue is the queen of carnival games


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