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lilac & gooseberries.

02/25/2024 12:52 PM 

Beg Your Pardon

'Scoundrels!'These peasants mocked her! Who? The sorceress. Imbeciles they were assuming the mage was one to fool with.  If they wanted to play with her mind, they surely did not know of what was to come. She whom could swipe in a mere mind of another, read their thoughts.. their memories. Ingest everything another chose to hide from her.She knew it all!But her manipulation was not telling them right away. Pray tell, why should she? Having an upper hand was always what she wanted."You mock me about The Great White Wolf?" Again, her eyes flashed, violet with electric motions of sapphire within the mixture.  How did the witcher always come into play? She did not know. "Have you ever swallowed your own tongue? Since, your mother did not teach you manners, I am more than delighted to teach the two of you." Yennefer's gloved hand had gripped roughly the rounded face of the chubby man in front of her.  Her nose wrinkled as that stench of alcohol reeked. "You do not have the permission to speak to me as I am not your acquaintance... look at me when I'm speaking to you!" Her slender hand tightened upon his jaw, as her free hand was holding the blade, which was centered between his testes putting enough pressure, to show a little more of his disrespect she'd truly make him a eunuch."You will cower before me. You will speak to me with manners your mother should have birth you with! Do you understand?" More pressure was being place on the hilt of the blade to the trousers of the sweaty male.  A grunt was heard from him, but that just angered her further. "I said.. do you UNDERSTAND me?""Our pardon, Lady Yennefer. " "Excuse me?"The male stuttered. " I - I ..  understand! We understand!"She released him."Very well." Solemnly she spoke out. "Think twice before you try and make a mockery out of anyone because they won't be as kind as I."In fact, she did consider herself very kind at the very moment.“Please do not forget to take your friend with you.”A once a slender male, was now just a little itty bitty rodent  -- truth be told she should’ve turned both of them into rodents and then drown them but she let this be a warning.Who she was bedding with was no ones issue but her own.. not a single soul.Especially, when it came to The White Wolf, he still seemed to seep under her skin.Torturously so.. those memories unwanted at times, but she still could feel him…smell that scent that drove her mad.Yennefer frowned briefly, before continuing on with her task.. which was quite simple.. all she wanted was a drink at the tavern and to be left alone from all the foolery.(Note from the writer:This is my own independant portrayal of writing as Yennefer based off the Books and the game.)

𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒏'𝒔 𝒆𝒚𝒆𝒔.

02/25/2024 04:19 PM 

⁺ . ✧ 𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒔𝒆𝒔.

original/modern - an ANGEL who was raised among humans, adopted by a former witch alongside five siblings- in a world ruled by demonkind behind the scenes, Adrian is a cheery florist by day and ruthless demon slayer by night- has inherited their deceased mother's mansion, tending to its garden in her honor- due to its size, opened up a flower shop named House of Blossoms which also operates as a safe house from demons honkai: star rail - Emanator of Abundance, still ageless and inhuman, planet ???- a florist who collects & sells plants from across the universe- previous Intelligentsia Guild member / Astral Ecology School- once used their vast knowledge of plants and biology to help develop revolutionary medicines- now works simply as a florist but still travels when their services are requested- IPC likely meddles in their affairs?? but Adrian is tolerant if only for their mutually beneficial relationship final fantasy vii - a TURK who wields a scythe, pushed to follow in their uncle's footsteps and work their way up Shinra's ranks- charming and sociable, Adrian is more often assigned to diplomatic affairs- member #2 of the Zack Fair fan club- unbeknownst to them as well as the company, possesses cetra roots inherited from their late father- prone to lightheadedness around mako reactors and has an affinity for flowers collected from trips outside midgar- after a mission that exposes their cetra powers, Adrian goes AWOL in fear of being experimented on- post-game, they can be convinced to rejoin Shinra in their efforts to repair the planet

【Serendipitous Ω Encounters】

02/24/2024 02:49 PM 

Rich Model - Aceleus

Name: Aceleus August Dontrelle Nicknames: Ace, Beauty, Rich Boy, any you give him.Occupational Titles: ‘The Pale Prince’, ‘The Vampire’Age: 21Race: Human - British (could potentially make him a Vampire per request)Gender: Male - Femboy Height: 5'7"Weight: 115lbs.Eyes: Diluted RedHair: Silver-WhiteVoice: Calm, smooth, feminine.S/O: Gay, sub, mild brat.Relationship Status: Single with suitors lined up by his parents, though he has no interest in them. Occupation: Fashion Model for his parents' designs.Scars: None.Piercings: Ears.Tattoos: None.Weapon of Choice: A small dagger always kept on him.Outfit/Clothes: Can vary, he models his family's clothing even outside of photo shoots. But generally things like in the image or these: Outfit 1 | Outfit 2 | Outfit 3 | Outfit 4Figure: See image, slim, feminine, curvy waist. Turn Ons: Pulling his hair, manhandling him, PDA, BDSM, biting/marking, and much more.~Likes: Fashion and fine dining, his pets, his family and friends, horseback riding, his profession, being on display. Dislikes: People he doesn't know, his many, many suitors, having to hide himself in any way, ignorant fools.Notes/Talents:  Being from a rich family, it should come as no surprise to learn Ace is adept with the piano and Cello. He's done a few photo shoots with those instruments too.  He also dabbles in the occult from time to time, primarily witchcraft, and has become particularly adept at a few spells. Namely those that would cause others to go insane or give them extremely bad luck. He also knows how to craft a love potion, among others, though has never used it.  The titles of which he’s often referred to in modeling, began almost immediately after he gained considerable infamy. His unique appearance, being nearly all white physically, is the main factor in that regard. He does however have a very mild color to his skin, it’s just hard to notice unless you're very close to him.  Though rich beyond belief, this does not mean he is ignorant of the fact he could lose his wealth easily through the right means. Thus, he inquired how to manage his finances from his father, learning a few tips and tricks on where to invest a small sum of money and have it grow over time. Unreachable by anyone but himself, and would give him a stable cushion in the event something has gone horribly wrong, or he retired without any heirs of his own.  Should he ever take interest in anyone, it is highly likely he will shower them with gifts and a generous amount of money. And himself.  Personality:  Ace is a very ethereal and graceful boy, every fiber of his being screams elegance. From just his looks to his posture, it is evident he is of high status among society.  He's generally not one to get angry often but he can be spiteful, when he's been wronged by another, he'll get back at them without them being any the wiser. Exceptionally calm and reserved, he hardly smiles unless it's a small one for a shoot. It takes someone very special to make him smile more than that and only their eyes would be graced with such a lovely sight. He tends to be rather sassy and snarky towards others, though this is a mechanism he developed when he was younger and confronted by several suitors. It proved to be effective in warding off most of them, since they were hoping for a soft and easily manipulated spouse. Ace’s profession has undoubtedly led him to develop a strong vanity, to the point where he is always dressed exceptionally. It even goes so far as to taking pride in being shown off by his significant other, as he enjoys being their eye candy. Despite his outward mask of indifference and seemingly heartless personality, the reality in truth is quite the opposite. He is an extremely caring individual, holding a soft spot for any genuine friends he may have, children (especially if they smile in the face of adversity), and specifically his lover. Bio:  The Dontrelle family can trace their lineage back to the 15th century, thus making Aceleus quite the important person since he's the only Heir to the family's wealth. The professions of said wealth have varied over the centuries as new technology and interests developed. Though bits and pieces of past professions and prides can still be seen within the family’s estate. This day and age however his parents (Hedrik and Danielle) are renowned fashion designers and photographers, with him as their prized focus.  His childhood was as one would expect, strict parents raising him into their ideal offspring. His father was the more lenient of the two, allowing Ace room to breathe and opportunity to pursue any hobby he may take interest in. His mother however, was less interested in letting him be an individual and more so in making sure he had a successful career and was basically the heart throb of the modeling world. He had many, many contracts with various companies by the age of ten and more suitors than he knew what to do with by the age of fourteen.  Most of them were chosen by his mother, rich good-looking guys with questionable or horrid personalities. Thus, Aceleus was quick to deny them all, much to his mother’s dismay. He had no interest in basically selling his future to some megalomaniac nor did he become attracted to any of them. And part of it was out of spite towards his mother, he loves her, but that doesn’t mean he’ll excuse her for the way she treats him and his father.  When he was old enough, he moved out the second he had the opportunity, with his family’s personal security and his favorite butler, Alexander.  Pets: A black and gold Peacock, Prince. A Saint Bernard Mix, Gordon.House/Residence: His mansion, bought it after moving out.Theme Songs:Lady Gaga - FashionHandClap - Fitz and the Tantrums K91 & Alan Walker - Ignite 

ᴇʀᴇʙᴜꜱ ʀɪᴅᴅʟᴇ

02/24/2024 01:56 PM 

ᴇʀᴇʙᴜꜱ' ꜱᴛᴏʀʏ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 1: ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇᴛʀᴀʏᴀʟ

Born and raised in what today is more commonly known as Transylvannia, in the north-western part of Romania. Erebus belonged to the second generation of sorcerers, just as mortal as humans yet more gifted due to them being able to use magic. In other words, people like Erebus were something very new and still frowned upon by humans, heck even the human kind had not existed for a long time. Earth had not existed any longer than 500 years.. Despite their differences, humans and sorcerers managed to live in peace and harmony. The fear slowly dissolved the moment sorcerers were able to use magic for good, helping weak people in need whether it was to heal them or able to brew potions. The village was starting to bond really well with another.That until the moment the royals in the country realized just how strong that village had become. A kingdom driven by corruption had started to fear that a tiny village was starting to become a threat. Although they had signed a peace treaty with the sorcerers, it seemed like that promise would not be kept too long until the fateful night slowly approached.By the time that happened, Erebus was only at the mere age of two years old and would have no clue or understanding of the events that would occur.As the full moon was on display, that was when the royal knights had struck. Houses, stores and literally every single building had been burnt to crisp. No mercy was shown at all, it was obvious that the intention was to kill every single person that lived there, sorcerer or not. A hard kick was heard as one of the knights had entered the very apartment Erebus and his parents lived at. The king had specifically ordered to assassinate this family. Not because the parents were any threat or bad people. But it seemed like someone like Erebus had quite the terrifying prophecy, they needed to get rid of him especially. “Dear, hurry upstairs. I will buy us some time!” The father exclaimed, flashing the two a sad expression as he watched his lover run up the stairs to hide their son under the bed.“What is the purpose of that? You all will end up dead anyways.” The knight muttered as he took a step closer to the man as he raised his sword. “You know, you are good people. If you just hand that damn child I might just keep you alive!”“Over my dead body!”That was the last words that was heard from his father as the sword struck, slashing and beheading the father, the knight watched in disappointment as blood stained the floor, walls and even his face, causing him to wipe the blood off his face. “Then so be it. You people are the devils’ creation anyways.” Obviously that was a lie, but that is what most people thought within the kingdom. Taking his steps up the stairs and entering the bedroom. The mother could not fight off fate. First off, she was too terrified at what was happening, besides she only knew of healing magic. Not any magic where she could potentially fight the knight off or such. Her life was taken pretty quickly in just as gruesome a way as his father all in view for the two year old kid. Erebus seeing everything that just occurred from under the bed had his eyes widened as he was in a shocked state. Despite his young age and although he had no clue what was actually happening there were a few teardrops that fell down onto the floor before all of the sudden he broke into tears, the cries loud enough to wake up anything from a deep slumber.A wide smirk formed upon his lips as he bent down, his eyes meeting Erebus’ as he moved closer to the bed. “Such a cute little boy. I am afraid I am going to end your cries.” The male hissed as he reached for Erebus under the bed and suddenly lifted him up and held him in his arms.“Look at you, how dangerous could you be Erebus hmm?” Holding with one arm, his free hand reached for the toddlers’ cheek to get a firm grip. “You are a f***ing curse, a scum. Just like your mother right there on the floor. All it took was to strike that sword of mine right through her heart and she was no more. Your father though…hahaha, stupid idiot he was, just cut his head off. I am sad you were not able to see that. Now the question is how should I kill yo-?”The knight was not even able to finish off his words as Erebus’ eyes had flicked red for a split second. Dropping Erebus down on the floor, the man fell down on his knees in agonizing pain. It felt like every single bone inside his body was breaking. “You m-monster, majesty was right. You are a monster.” The male spoke in a weak murmur as he slowly got his dagger out from his pocket. Crawling weakly towards Erebus he was ready to take him down, at least he would die succeeding in taking out that creature. However the moment he was only inches away from Erebus, that was the moment his neck finally snapped and he collapsed on the floor.Erebus’ eyes slowly returned to its’ natural silver color. His eyes looked down at the man in anger before he turned around and crawled towards his mother. Tiny arms tried to wrap around her petite frame as he rested his head against her chest. “Mama…” Tears ran down his cheeks onto her bloodstained dress. Erebus had no idea why someone tried to kill him and took down his parents yet he deep down could feel it. Pain, sorrow, fear. He was completely out of energy, whatever that magic he used was, it had completely drained him off.The smoke had reached the bedroom finally as the house had caught on fire. Erebus did not care at that moment. He had no parents, no one could potentially take care of him. Might as well die with them. That is what he thought, though it seemed like Erebus was not the only sorcerer that was yet alive and destiny would certainly take an unexpected turn. Both for Erebus and the people that would come to save him. 


☾¸⠀𝒎𝒐𝒐𝒏 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐡.

02/24/2024 10:29 PM 


* the goddess' tiny palm outstretched towards the heart of apep's internal oasis. and from it, her nurturing power emits its gentle glow. within her heart, nahida must have realized that it would come to this. that, she has learned, is the price of wisdom : intimately knowing the inevitable, although naïve in a sense so as to withdraw from it.bubbles of memories slowly rise from the organic ground, returning to their rightful home. this is a joyous occasion, as well as an end to a relatively short journey. but nahida can't help but lament. her adjacent hand is clasped over her heart, as though the gesture may alleviate the ache that comes in the wake of departure. in every instance that she is asked to lend her power, it is to sacrifice something precious. it doesn't take long at all for any living creature to become endeared to her. because the most profound of her experiences occur in fleeting moments, in which her empathy truly these moments become pure, elemental energy, eyes which perceive the world's knowledge in its incomprehensible vastness become wellsprings of emotion. like a child, she must still question why; why goodbyes are inexorable & difficult to understand, or why her hands reach helplessly for things that she cannot hold onto. in the end, she is left with more voids to be filled, if that were even possible. and there are times, such as now, that she feels selfish for having an indefinite amount of time to fill them. an indefinite amount of time to grow, as memories & feeling nurture her.  "in your new homeland, nothing of who you are will remain. you won't be remembered by anyone. is that truly the return you've always dreamed of?" ⸻ but she realized the answer before she even asked. nahida is the only one wavering, withholding her energy in apprehension & sorrow. the elemental lifeforms who have taken the form of fungi have already assured her that they are content. so that she will not become remiss for herself and venture to their home in their stead.  "lord of dendro, don't be sad. this is not your home. we go home. lord of dendro should also go home." their sincerest desires overwhelm her, then steady her in an instant. and upon their return, the oasis is restored once more to its former vitality. verdant with life, and as bright as a purified sanctuary, not even their echoes remain within this breathing chamber. the dragon's rage is quelled.and nahida will go home, having grown a little more.

【Serendipitous Ω Encounters】

02/24/2024 05:13 PM 

Naga - Hycinthel

Name: Hycinthel Nicknames: Hycin, Cutie, any you give him. Age: Naga years - 18, Human years - 600~Race: NagaGender: Male (Femboy)Height: 5'2"Weight: Relatively light for a Naga. Eyes: TealHair: Light teal that fades darker and into purple at the ends, longer front than back, swept to his left side.Tail: A Beautiful mix of various purple shades, smooth and sleek looking with gray belly scales. Voice: Sweet, playful, young.S/O: Gay, submissive.Relationship Status: Single, looking for a mate. Occupation: Herbalist/Shaman/Healer, however he is also an emergency breeder for his clan, should their numbers ever need replenishing. Scars: None. Piercings: Ears, see image. Tattoos: None, but his scales travel up from his side to just under his arms.Weapon of Choice: His fangs, tail and claws if needed.Outfit/Clothes: Prefers to wear nothing, but does enjoy wearing loose silks.Figure: See image,feminine, plump rear. Turn Ons: Many things, breeding, cumflation, excessive cum, teasing, nude cuddling, and much more.~Likes: Warm sunny days, lounging in the sun, helping others, cuddling to stay warm, honesty, giving and receiving pleasure.Dislikes: Cold temperatures, mean or cruel people, judgemental a**holes, being lied to. Powers/Talents: Hycin is adept with anything and everything medicinal, he has memorized every herb and remedy his mentor taught him and what each is used for. He has no match when it comes to healing an affliction or mending a wound, be it from a humanoid, Naga or beast. He is also capable of hypnotizing others, though this is often used to calm a rowdy patient. Personality: Hycin is by nature a rather shy individual who tends to keep to himself unless he knows you personally, however when it comes to his job, he can push past his shy nature in favor of focusing confidently on a patient. He is kind and sweet towards others, caring, inquisitive and all around good hearted. When it comes to breeding season though, he gains more confidence the needier he becomes. Hycin becomes more flirtatious and teasing, during and near his heat or breeding season, using his scent and body to entice his chosen partner.Bio: Hycin was born and raised within his Naga clan, cared for by loving parents and mentored by the Shaman that is now deceased. He took up traveling when he became the Shaman's successor, though was sure to teach an apprentice of his own before doing so and visits his birth clan regularly. Pets: A Toucan named Zazu.House/Residence: A humble hut within his clan, or could be a roaming Healer with no permanent home. Theme Songs:Jvla - Such a Whore // Slowed + Reverb Pitbull - Feel This Moment (feat. Christina Aguilera)Nightcore - Animal (Lyrics) 

【Serendipitous Ω Encounters】

02/24/2024 05:04 PM 

Human-Elf Killian

Name: Kilian Amartya Nicknames: Kili, Divine One, Pearl (something he's called by his village, a pearl amongst coal)Age: Looks 16, is roughly 200~Race: Human-ElfGender: Male - FemboyHeight: 5'2"Weight: 115 lbs.Eyes: Amber-Gold, round and innocent.Hair: Short, silky, very dark black-blue.Voice: Sweet, innocent, loving. S/O: Gay boi, though closeted and unaware due to his need to remain pure as a Divine Priest. Relationship Status: Single, his occupation allows for no...frivolous activities.Occupation: Divine Priest/ess of his village.Scars: None. Piercings: Ears. TattooWings: Pure, Corrupted Weapon of Choice: Pure , Corrupted Outfit/Clothes: Pure, Corrupted + This Figure: Slim, effeminate, thick hips and round rear.~ Turn Ons: Wouldn't know, innocent boy.~Likes: Cake, swimming, anything he finds cute, dancing around, pretty dresses, helping others when he can. Dislikes: Vile intentions, evil, cruel people, dark magic, any doubts he may have about his Faith. Magic: Known as "Faith", only applicable to those who are inexplicably Pure in mind, body and soul. While there are sub-tiers to light magic, Faith is the strongest as it relies one a Pure white soul. However, upon corruption, it becomes "Faithless", requiring a completely black soul and tainted mind and body. Personality: Sweet, innocent, loving and annoyingly optimistic, Kili is the treasure of his village/settlement/affiliations. Bright and always smiling, there's never a dull or dark moment when he's around, he exhibits an aura of peace and tranquility, causing serenity wherever he goes. He's naive and trusting, but highly attuned to the presence of evil. Believes his faith to be unfaltering, as he has known nothing else, having been raised as the perfect Divine Priest to someday become the host of Holy Light/Divine Intervention, the strongest light magic of all. Should he become corrupted and fall from his Faith, he will become cold and indifferent to the suffering of others. As well as the prime candidate for Forsaken magic, the truest of all black magic.Bio: Born to two human parents with no lineage of elven blood whatsoever, it's a mystery how Kilian came to be half elf. After all, elves were culled to the very last a very long time ago. Something easily confirmed by the appearance of his wings. Elven wings are a cross between Fae and Angel, therefore there was no contest. Perhaps it was a sign from their deity, or it would lead them to their doom. For this, he was groomed perfectly to be the Divine Priest, though often mistaken for a female due to his features. He has led his faction with wisdom and divine truth for 100 years now. Pets: His spiritual beast, Solaris, Corrupted Form. House/Residence: Within his village at the top of a summit, where a temple to the deity he serves sits above the clouds. Theme Songs: -Pure-Let Love Win - TheFatRat & AnjulieTheFatRat - The Calling (feat. Laura Brehm)TheFatRat - Upwind -Corrupted-People I Don't Like - UpsahlBeautiful is Boring - Bones UKHouse of Memories - Panic At The Disco   Bonus Images: Bonus Image 1Bonus Image 2 

【Serendipitous Ω Encounters】

02/24/2024 05:01 PM 

Punk Rock Boy - Sleuth

Name: SleuthStage Name: 666Nicknames: Goat Boy, Pink Punk, any you give him.Age: 19 Race: Half Incubus - Half HumanGender: Male - Femboy Height: 5'5"Weight: 115lbs.Eyes: Bright PinkHair: Bright PinkVoice: Seductive, alluring, sweet.S/O: 100% Gay, sub/ mild power bottom.Relationship Status: Single but has had some flings.Occupation: Punk-Rock Star, Lead Singer of D.Y.E. (Despondent Youth Everlasting)Scars: None. Piercings: Lots of them, see images. Tattoos: One, see image.Weapon of Choice: A glock he keeps on him at all times, pocket knife. Outfit/Clothes: Various mixes of Pink, white and black punk styled clothing. Figure: See image, slim, feminine. Turn Ons: Having his ears and horns messed with, biting/marking, rough play, LOVES master/pet play, and much more.~ Likes: His job (both human and incubus), play fighting with his partner, sex, performing, pissing conservative or uptight people off.Dislikes: When people get in the way or between him and his partner, having to cancel a performance, anyone who causes trouble for his group.Powers: Typical Incubus abilities though a bit subdued since he's only half Incubus. His music dies extremely well since he channels his power into his voice to turn listeners to his side. Personality: Extremely possessive and has a mild codependency issue, he can't stand being away from his partner when he's not on stage. He's very much a little sh*t and brat, who loves being made to submit by his Dom. Extreme tease, flamboyant and snarky. Has a somewhat rebellious attitude and really only listens to his Dom, otherwise he does what he wants and doesn't care what others think or say about him. Though he does listen to his group whenever they have ideas or need help. Bio: Sleuth never knew his parents, he was raised in foster care where he was bullied constantly for his appearance. Naturally this caused him to grow into a rebellious punk that started fighting back and getting into things he shouldn't, drugs, alcohol, clubs, etc. And boy did he enjoy it, enough so he formed his own Punk-Rock group and quickly swept across the nation. By day he's a Rockstar and by night he's a demon who feeds on sexual energy, always on the lookout for that one guy who can feed him for eternity. Pets: He kinda is one. Heh.House/Residence: A condo, but decorated in his color scheme and style.Theme Songs:Riot - Hollywood UndeadGreen Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams My Chemical Romance - The Light Behind Your Eyes

【Serendipitous Ω Encounters】

02/24/2024 04:52 PM 

Sci-Fi Femboy - Kelessar

Name: Kelessar Hiantus AscendusNicknames: Kel (by family and friends only), General, General Kelessar, Beauty of the Fleet.Age: 400~ (has served for 350)Race: Y'Dvir (Humanoid Race)Gender: Male, femboy.Height: 5'7 Weight: 124 lbs.Eyes: Right - Green, Left - BlueHair: Long, shining pink.Voice: Commanding, feminine, authoritative.S/O: Gay, bratty bottom.Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: High General (soon to be Marshal) of the Y'Dvir Galactic Fleet.Scars: None.Piercings: Ears. Tattoos: None. Weapon of Choice: An energy pistol, Energy Sword. Outfit/Clothes Figure: Slim and effeminate, curvy waist. Turn Ons: Hair pulling, flirting, leash and collar, pet play, body worship and much more.~Likes: Solitude, winning battles, outsmarting his opponents, his pets, surprising people, when others underestimate him, music (especially Earth's). Dislikes: People, insubordination, disobedience from his crew, losing battles, long lines/wait times. Ships:His Heavy Assault SuperCarrier "Aftermath" | Rear View Personal Fighter "Resonance"  Personal Cruiser "Elysium"  Combat Battle Cruiser “Nemesis” Fleet Carrier "Armada"  Battleships "Salvation"Fleet Fighters "Skirmisher"  Assault Supercarriers "Apocalypse"SuperCarrier "Armageddon"Illusive Craft "Sparrow" Suborbital Long-Range Bomber "Hailfire" Powers/Notes: The Y'Dvir Race are capable of forming bonds with the biomechanical (sometimes organic) creatures that roam their planet. As such they have great mental stability and fortitude, the more creatures they bond with, the stronger their mind. They are also gifted with Telekinesis, he is very skilled in using it. Kelessar is in charge of a Fleet consisting of 20-30 battleships/Destroyer class vessels, 15 or so smaller cruisers and various small space ships, with more added depending on the size of Fleet needed. It is to record one of the largest fleets in Y'Dvir history. Personality: Kelessar is undoubtedly flamboyant, but does so in such a confident and commanding way most know better than to say something about it. He is a proud and strong individual, not afraid to play dirty if he really needs to. His mind is very adaptive, meaning he can almost instantly adjust a strategy at the drop of a dime to fit the situation. Kelessar is known for being merciless on the battlefield, unforgiving for even the slightest mistake made by the enemy, always in pristine uniform. When off the battlefield, not much changes, he is however sly, flirtatious and goes after what he wants, sporting extravagant and luxurious dresses.Bio: Kelessar has by no means experienced an easy life. Despite hailing from a prodigious family and being relatively well off, he grew up with a lot of challenges due to his personality. He was more capable at giving orders than following them. Despite this, he excelled within the ranks of the army, soon working his way into the space fleet. The Y'Dvir do not care about sexual preferences or gender identity, therefore he has had no trouble in that department. However, he does have a large family, given that Y'Dvir live long lives, it should come as no surprise many families tend to be quite prolific. Pets: Has a few, Jormandr, Hati, Veno House/Residence: His planet, Helios.City, Reverence. Theme Songs:TheFatRat & Everen Maxwell (feat. Lindsay Sterling) - WarbringerComics - Caravan PalaceDavy Jones & Imperial March - Samuel Kim

【Serendipitous Ω Encounters】

02/24/2024 04:47 PM 

Lee Jacobs

Name: Lee JacobsNicknames: Baby Boy, any you give him.Age: 21Race: HumanGender: Male - Femboy Height: 5'2"Weight: 110lbs.Eyes: Very pale pinkish tan.Hair: Strawberry BlondeVoice: Soft, polite, shy.S/O: Gay, sub.Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: Nurse - Focuses on Black Market individuals. Scars: Some old cuts from playing outside as a kid.Piercings: None.Tattoos: A sword and filigree in the middle of his chest. Weapon of Choice: A pocket knife or tazer. Outfit/Clothes: Whatever he's in the mood to wear. His uniform. Figure: Thin, feminine, got that cake.Turn Ons: Grabbing/squeezing his hips, biting/marking, pinning him against things, pulling hair, etc.~Likes: Going for walks with his puppy, theatre, movie nights, camping, rainbows, mountains.Dislikes: Natural disasters (they terrify him), spiders, deep water, getting separated from whoever he's with.Notes/Talents: He is very easy to fluster/tease and he loves it when you do, also it's really easy to make him super horny. He also has separation anxiety, especially if he's stressed out. Personality: Lonely, cuddly and loving, he always wants to be around someone. It doesn't matter who it is as long as he's not left alone for long periods of time. He's very sweet and soft-spoken, warm hearted and caring to pretty much everyone. He's quite trusting and fiercely loyal to his friends or family though his past has left him a bit despondent. Though he does have a somewhat darker, needed side to him that only his partner gets to know about.Bio: Lee was left home alone by his parents quite often as a child, leading him to develop his separation anxiety. Whenever a tornado alarm would go off were the worst instances, causing him to nearly hyperventilate to death. His relationship with them is a bit rocky due to this and he tries to avoid being around them specifically. Growing up was difficult for him especially during school hours, he found it hard to make friends and keep them throughout the years. As he grew older, he found a liking for taking care of others and went to nursing school. After he graduated he got a position at the local hospital but he only takes care of patients that have ties to the Black Market. Granted he's the only one who knows about their connections and adamantly refuses to switch on any of them. He's not afraid to use his charm and position to get his way and shut people up if need be. With as many friends he's made with those particular individuals, he holds a lot of power. Pets: A Shepsky puppy, Balto. House/Residence: A cozy little apartment. Theme Songs: [WIP]

【Serendipitous Ω Encounters】

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Rosaria Clan Heir - Cynfael

Name: Cynfael RosariaNicknames: Cyn, Brat, Lord Cynfael, ‘Blossom Amongst the Roses’, ‘Blood Blossom’Age: 500+Race: VampirGender: Male, feminine.Secondary Gender: OmegaHeight: 5’8”Eyes: Bright Electric Blue w/ black sclera. Hair: Blood red that fades into a soft cherry blossom pink.Voice: Calm, youthful, sweet.S/O: GayRelationship Status: SingleOccupation: Noble Vampir Clan HeirScars: None. Piercings: Ears.Tattoos: None. Weapon of Choice: A rapier if he must, though he specializes more in his unique vampire magic. Outfit/Clothes: Victorian, Gothic styled clothing, favors flowing blouses with skirts. Often goes all out when social gatherings are concerned, he does like to dress up a lot.Likes: Reading a book in his garden under a moonlit night, music (favors classical/fantasy scores), tea, cherry blossoms and roses are his favorite plants, loyal underlings. Dislikes: Being around large gatherings of other people for too long, Alphas who mistreat their Omegas (or vise versa), most alcohols (the only thing he really enjoys is blood infused wine), cherry flavored anything.Abilities:  Like most other vampires, he is capable of a wide range of “magic” or inherent “powers”, i.e. complete silent movement, appearing and disappearing at will, hypnotism, using a venom that induces pleasure when he bites, etc. However what is unique to Cynfael, is a select few abilities; namely his special form of hypnotism.    ‘Allure’ - This hypnotism does more than just affect one’s subconscious to calm them down and make them obedient. It affects their heart, causing his victim to not fall in love with him, but instead become so utterly infatuated with him, nothing else matters. They willingly subjugate themselves to him, abandoning everything they know to be at his beck and call for the simple satisfaction of seeing him. He is capable of controlling how much of this ability is used, which affects how long it takes for the ability to fully manifest in his victim. All it takes is a single second of eye contact while this ability is active and his victim has no hope of escaping unless they are truly in love with another, Allure is impervious to any ‘anti-spell’ wards or ‘dispell’ magics. Blood Manipulation - That which sustains him and others of his kind is his most formidable weapon, especially if there is a slaughter or bloodbath of which he is present. The crimson life-giving liquid is at his very command, capable of shaping it into whatever he desires, be it a blade or set of chains. If he is able to inject his venom into someone, this ability will grant him power over their very body, using their blood flow to move them against their will. It can be resisted, but not without causing the victim insufferable pain.    Crystalline Bloom - Though capable of using crystalline magic, his most prominent and signature creation is the Crystalline Bloom. While it does not serve any offensive capability, it is ideal in enhancing an ally’s regenerative capability by focusing their own natural healing energy, an effect doubled if he adds his own blood to the Bloom’s center. These sparkling creations are also often used to decorate his manor during events and parties, with varying colors depending on the mood of the gathering.  Personality: Cynfael is above all else refined and poised at all times, an otherworldly and ethereal air surrounds him. He holds his head high with perfect posture and silent footsteps in elegant strides befitting one of his stature and position.  Inheriting a mild streak of his mother’s vanity, the young Heir takes a bit of pride in his appearance, but doesn’t fret should a rainy day soak his hair or dress.  Sassy and never one to hold his tongue, even against those who may out rank him, he became known for having a sharp tongue when the subject caught his attention, giving his thoughts on the matter whether someone wanted to hear them or not. This was usually when the person who earned the blossom’s thorns was rather arrogant to the point of ignoring another’s comfort zones, or he simply did not agree with their standing on the subject. He has a soft spot for meek Omegas and developed a habit of befriending them and defending them. This does not mean he will pull a blind eye to an Omega who’s cruel to their partner, Alpha or not. In his view, one should not mistreat another based on their secondary gender. If you do not like someone, have a less-shallow reason for it.  Cyn can be very sweet and doting, however this side of him is reserved only for those he is closest to. The tender affection he displays can be seen as a vulnerability, and in the world of immortals, that is not something you want to flaunt too often or at all, if it can be helped. Talented in reading the intentions of others, he does tend to play along for his own amusement while the other is none the wiser to his own little game they’ve unknowingly gotten themselves into.  Bio:  From the moment he was born, Cynfael had always been a special individual, from his appearance to his scent, all attention was on him. Even the Royals were intrigued by his entrance into the world, for you see, among vampires, Omegas were extremely rare. Omega males, even more so. Vampires are a haughty race, over the ages the ‘pure-bloods’ spent their focus on refining the bloodlines and eliminating those deemed to be ‘impure’ or ‘mongrels’. It took an exceptionally long time, with those who escaped the Cleansing Hunt, gone into hiding and eventually dying off for one reason or another.  Fast forward a couple thousand years, vampires and other supernatural species have melded into human society without the mortals being any the wiser. This is the time in which Cynfael is born, a rarity among rarities, a diamond in the rough. Or well, the title ‘Blossom Amongst Roses’ as he was dubbed by his mother. Many Omegas tend to go through life looked down on, belittled, bullied for something completely out of their control. This was not the case for Cyn, he was pampered, doted on by his mother and taught by his father in what was to be expected of him as well as how to defend himself.  He excelled in his studies, growing a mature mind quickly and surpassing the expectations of those around him who had kept a close eye on his development. Including a potential suitor from another noble clan, though Cynfael had no interest in him as time went on. Sure, the fellow was charming, well-mannered and appeared to be attentive to his needs. However, the young vampir felt no connection, no spark, nothing but a sense of familiar friendship. He also did not trust him, which may have been the leading factor into the lack of emotional connection. Without trust, there is no love, and trust is a hard earned thing for immortals.  Eventually, Cynfael and his suitor slowly grew more and more distant after a significant event in the Heir’s life. When he came of age, tensions grew between the noble clans, many vying for the Omega’s hand for nothing more than the achievement of having such a rarity in their grasp. Including his supposed doting suitor. Naturally, Cynfael called him out on it, expressing his disappointment and boredom with the whole situation. He wants no part in the silly politics of others, or lack of decency for that matter. Pets:  It may seem odd for immortals to keep pets, given the difference in lifespans, however a simple immortality spell can fix the small problem. Cynfael is grateful for this, since he’s grown rather attached to his mare, Josephine. She stands at 17 hands high, with a feisty spirit, though she adores her rider as much as he adores her. If Cynfael can’t be found within the mansion, he’s usually spending time with Josephine, highly likely out riding in the countryside or forest, sporting a simple set of black, red-trimmed victorian tack, with the Rosaria crest on the saddle blanket. House/Residence:  Born to inherit the Rosaria Manor, until that time arrives, he built a manor of his own for the sake of privacy and solitude. He affectionately dubbed it the Sakura Manor, due to the many cherry blossoms he had planted throughout the grounds, the grandest of them sat in his garden, towering above the extensive mansion. Theme Songs:Notes/Trivia:  He has never allowed anyone to feed from him and has rarely ever shared his blood with someone. Only when it was in dire need of saving the life of someone he favored highly or offering a few drops to turn a human, did the pretty Omega permit his blood to be ingested. Those who have had the privilege, state his blood was unlike anything they had ever tasted. It was ambrosia to them, any other blood became bland and undesirable in comparison. Influenced by his presence, the grand cherry blossom in his garden sprouts crystalline blossoms on its branches in addition to the regular blossoms and sports crystalline veins along its trunk.  Eldest of his siblings, though not the most dominant in personality, however he will not let a younger sibling try to bully or boss him around. He’s had to put them in their place once or twice, which for an Omega alone is an impressive and somewhat intimidating feat.  Josephine tends to be rather defensive of Cynfael, often giving those she doesn’t know a sour attitude and usually tries to steer them away if they’re being bothersome. The two share a close bond due to the amount of time they’ve spent with each other, several hundred years of bonding together and learning about each other. Vampires of this world do not simply ‘burn up in the sun’, nor do they sparkle like a damn fairy. The sun simply sheds so much warmth upon them, it makes vampires want to enter a deep, vulnerable sleep. Essentially, it weakens them, the longer they are exposed to the sun, the more likely they are to just fall asleep. However the purer a vampire’s bloodline, the better they can resist the effects.  His birthday is October 24, making him a Scorpio with a Tourmaline birthstone. Specifically pink tourmaline, which he often wears with rubies or garnets in his jewelry. When disguising himself as human, his eyes will change to a soft lavender color or something similar. 

【Serendipitous Ω Encounters】

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Sun Elf - Helios

¤Trigger warning: this character has been through a lot and it will come up in the rp at some point.¤○He is capable of fitting into either modern or fantasy settings.○Name: Helios CenturionNicknames: Heli, Ios, Lio, any given to him.Age: Appears 17, is over 500.Race: Sun ElfGender: Male FemboyHeight: 5'4"Weight: 115 lbs Eyes: Slightly Pale YellowHair: Short, white with one side a bit longer than the other.Voice: Meek, timid, soft.S/O: Gay, strictly submissive. Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: Camboy or Sex Slave Scars: Yes, some on his back and arms from whips, as well as burn scars in various areas, he bruises easily and usually has them in the fantasy verse. Piercings: None.Tattoos: None. Weapon of Choice: None.Outfit/Clothes: Varies with genre,Modern, Normal OutfitModern, Camboy Outfit Fantasy, General Clothing Fantasy, Lingerie Figure: Very slim and feminine, thicc where it counts. ;3Turn Ons: In-Human partners (nagas, merfolk, etc.), his ears are an erogenous zone, body worship, and much more.~Likes: Being alone or in his safe space, hugs, clear instructions, anyone who protects him (regardless of their intentions), animals of all kinds, being collared. Dislikes: When his orders aren't clear (it scares him to do anything wrong), anyone who's needlessly cruel to him, being around large crowds or parties, groups in general.Talents/Things to Note: Despite his magical heritage, the only inherent 'ability' he has is to be able to produce offspring. It's something he can switch on or off as desired. Any other magic he once had has dwindled down into nothingness, Sun Elves acquire their mana from being in the sun and he has minimal contact with it. It would take several years of being outside for it to return to him. Personality: Complacent, obedient, hopeless, quiet and solemn. He will do what is asked of him without complaint, no matter the task. However he is very easy to fluster and is quite skittish with new Masters, easy to scare. His profession and treatment in life have led him to have very little self worth or confidence and take whatever insults or abuse is thrown at him. If a Master proves to treat him well however, he will become clingy and dependent on them completely. He used to be a very cheerful boy, but over the years any light inside of him as gotten beaten out, he is broken. Bio: Modern - Helios' family has been well off for a few years now, though that is only thanks to what they forced him to start doing when he was 13. Be a Camboy. He hates it, he despises doing such things on camera in front of a live audience. He doesn't have much of a choice though, it's either he does his 'job' or suffers the wrath of his parents. He despises them most of all for what they've turned him into, hell they even joined in on occasion to make him do something specific he didn't want to. He can't count how many times he's tried to run away or end his life, every attempt always thwarted by them.Fantasy - Helios was once the popular prince of a now long gone kingdom. Unfortunately that kingdom got destroyed by another, his family killed while he was sold off to the black market, after being the intruder's plaything for a while. He was passed between Masters and the market for several hundred years, often out-living them though some either got bored or married off pretending to be a decent person. Each Master has varied, some rather kind but most treated him horribly, he remembers each one. Pets:Modern - A Chinchilla called Dusty. Fantasy - None. House/Residence: Modern - He lives alone in his apartment complex. His Room. Fantasy - Wherever his current Master wants him too. Theme Songs:Nightcore - You Don't KnowAnna Blue - Silent Scream  In The End (Linkin Park Epic Cover) - Tommee Profitt (feat. Fleurie and Jung Youth) 

【Serendipitous Ω Encounters】

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Emo Boy - Simon

Name: Simon HeddingsNicknames: Si-SiAge: 16-17 generally but can be aged up.Race: Human - German/American Gender: Male, femboy. Height: 5'6"Weight: 115 lbs. Eyes: Light purple-pink.Hair: Short, emo styled, purple-pink.Voice: Moody, distant, cold, has a slight German accent.S/O: Gay, sub.Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: None but wants to be a tattoo artist and snake breeder.Scars: Yes, wrists mostly from himself but others on his body from his family.Piercings: Yep, both ears and bottom lip, see image.Tattoos: Yes, a small shadowy cat on his left shoulder. Snake around his right ankle. And sword with blossoms just below his ribcage. Weapon of Choice Outfit/Clothes: Emo or Goth style clothing, what you see in his image are his preferred pajamas. Figure: See image, thin.Turn Ons: Giving him affection can easily turn him on, pinning his wrists above his head, public teasing, etc.Likes: Being held close, his snake, drawing/sketching, romance or fantasy novels, going to the nearest park or woods.Dislikes: The emo cliche, cutting (he's trying to stop), his 'family', white chocolate, peas, peanuts (allergic).Notes: He is just as likely to wear a dress or skirt as he is anything else, it varies with his mood. More often than not though, he'll wear something skimpy to piss off his father. He is ashamed of the Emo cliché he's fallen into and is trying to get out of it. He stole money to pay for his tattoos and his father is too drunk to put two and two together. Personality: Depressed and lonely, standoffish, cautious of others, snarky and rebellious. He is damaged emotionally and mentally from the constant berating from his father, leading him to have very little self worth. He tries to be a happier person but it's difficult for him since he can't leave his father's financial stability just yet. If he were to be free from his father's reach, he believes he would become happier.Bio: Simon blames himself for his mother leaving them, though he knows it's his father's fault for the most part. His father is a drunkard who works a 10 hour shift at the factory outside of town. After Simon was born things went downhill quickly for the presumably happy couple, he wasn't planned since they didn't want kids. His mother couldn't handle the stress of raising a kid, or so she says (he knows the real reason), and his father never really showed him love or affection. He just wants to be happy, more often than not thinking about running away from home but stops himself knowing he'd never be able to support himself just yet. Pets: A black and white western hognose snake, Orochimaru. House/Residence:  A small house. His room. Theme Songs:Black Veil Brides - Fallen Angels Black Veil Brides - In The End Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

【Serendipitous Ω Encounters】

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Feline Prince - Li Jie

¤ This OC is ideal for feudal China or Japan, potentially fantasy, roleplays. ¤Name: Li JieName Meaning: ‘reason’ or ‘beautiful’Nicknames: NoneAge: 17Race: NekoGender: Male - FemboyHeight: 5'7"Weight: 125 lbs.Eyes: Light Tealish-CyanHair: Short, light tealish-cyan.Voice: Soft, light, airy. S/O: Gay, sub.Relationship Status: Single Occupation: Son of a Nobleman Scars: None.Piercings: Yes, one on his left ear, see image.Tattoos: Yes, sprawls from the right side of his back and curves around to his front.Weapon of Choice: A bladed fan, though it's more for looks.Outfit/Clothes: The necklace in image and clothing like this kimono. Figure: Slim, very lightly muscled but mostly lithe frame.Turn Ons: Scratching behind his ears, his lower back is sensitive...he loves being used as a cockwarmer...Likes: Nature walks, gardening, using his cute charm to manipulate others, cuddling, pampering, being in his partner's lap.Dislikes: Anyone who tries to call him out on his manipulative nature, people touching his partner, being away from his partner for too long, almonds.Notes: His mountain lion acts like a guard dog for him, he raised Chang from a cub and is very rarely ever without him. His stallion was a gift for his 15th birthday and he has pampered him to the fullest capacity. Li Jie is definitely a good match for more evil characters, he does not care what his partner does so long as he has their love and affection, hell he'd support their villainous ways gleefully.Personality: Li Jie appears as a rather shy and gentle, effeminate male. While that in a sense is true, he is not without selfish desires and ideals. He knows full well how attractive and alluring he is to other males and uses this purposely to manipulate others to get his way. He is heartless and ruthless in putting himself first, he cares only for himself, his partner and his pets. He would even forsake his family in favor of power or position, all the while feigning innocence and fooling everyone involved. He can be sweet and caring but only to his partner, the more his love interest flirts or shows serious interest, the more entangled they will become with each other. Bio: Li Jie had been a manipulative and clever person from even a young age, picking up quickly on any action or words that got him what he wanted. Over time he learned to master this skill and uses it as he sees fit. Anyone who has called him out on his unsightly behavior subsequently went missing. In reality he fed them to his cougar and gave whatever was left to the pigs. His mother and father are none the wiser to his real intentions, believing him to be a sweet and innocent boy. He is currently in the market for a lover, though he wouldn't complain about a harem if given the chance. Pets: A golden stallion, Wang Lei. His tack.A mountain lion, Chang. House/Residence: His family's estate located just outside the palace city. Theme Songs:The Struts - Could Have Been Me  The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid Imagine Dragons - Natural

【Serendipitous Ω Encounters】

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The Merprince - Deimos

Name: DeimosNicknames: Dei, MoAge: 700Race: Merman/Mermaid/SeafolkGender: MaleHeight: 8’5’’ from head to tail. Weight: 135 lbs. Eyes: Pastel Light Blue Hair: Long, braided halfway down, pink with a streak of peach in his bangs. Voice: Commanding, enchanting, kind. S/O: Bisexual, male lean, sub. Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: Prince of the MerpeopleScars: None. Piercings: Ears. Tattoos: None, but has white birthmarks down the sides of his face that wrap around to his back and taper to a point. Weapon of Choice: His spear. Outfit/Clothes: Golden arm and hair clip decors, along with a hairpiece attached to his horns. Figure: Slim, defined build. Turn Ons: Having his fins, ears and horns touched, being pinned to a surface, sensory deprivation. Likes: Warm summer days, interesting people, viewing and exploring coral reefs, whales, colorful fish.Dislikes: Cold undercurrents, being unable to help someone, seeing merfolk bully each other for any reason, being forced to socialize, parties.Powers: Other than a mild control over the sea and its creatures (which will intensify once he is king), he excels at close and armed combat.Personality: Soft spoken, quiet, lets his actions speak for him usually, follows his instincts, kind, warm, welcoming to almost anyone, shy, bashful yet confident. Regal, elegant, graceful, proud, loving, loyal, clever. Bio: Deimos grew up as one would expect a merprince should. Raised by his father, his mother having been killed by humans, he was taught to be someone others could look up to and respect. He is to one day lead his people and as such has been taught the proper duties, responsibilities and manners needed to do so. Despite his appearance and temperament, he is no pushover, he stands for what he believes to be right. Pets: The little pink fish always by his side named Meek. House/Residence: The castle.Theme Songs:{To be added.} 

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