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03/26/2024 04:14 PM 

Risa is mommy's alt this "mommy" got mad when I found out she was Risa, trying to bait a troll then whine about it on status.She was vindictive, here she is, her alt.

Twin Trouble

03/25/2024 03:31 PM 

Ayame and Asagi

Name: Ayame and Asagi MisakuraAge: 21Height: 5'9" (Both)Weight: 115 lbs (Both)Gender: Female+ (Both)Orentation: Lesbian (Both)Role: Dominant (Only sub to eachother)Ayame and Asagi Misakura are twin sisters wich an exceptionally close bond. The two do everything together, and share everything between them, the two are never seen without eachother. The two are nearly identicle, the only difference is Asagi, the older twin, has a small mole under her left eye.Ayame and Asagi come from an extremely wealthy family that owns one of the largest and most influential companies in the world, when their parents passed away they inherited the company and run it's day to day opperations remotely from their home. Though they do have a team of trusted advisors to assist them in this endeavor. On the surface they appear to be kind, sweet, gentle women, but behind closed doors the two are cruel and sadistic. They do what they want, when they want, and to whoever they want without remorse or fear of consequences. A team of lawers, law makers, and various police orginizations are on their payroll, with this they are practically free of any and all consequence for their actions.

Twin Trouble

03/25/2024 03:30 PM 

Stuff to know.

You add you start. I add I start.I don't use Discord to RPParagraph and up only, one-lines get ignored, but I don't touch anything close to novella.Random starts or discussion are both fine with me.The twins are a package deal.If you want more info, ask, can only really do generic info here..All RPs with this account will be adult/18+ themed and backed by a little bit of story.Feel free to remind me if I've not gotten back to you after a while. I live a busy life and don't always get online daily.Don't control my character in any capacity.


03/25/2024 02:34 PM 


We all have our light and dark sides. Here you can express yourself. This proves that YOU are NOT the only one out there. Here you can express what you are feeling without being ridiculed by the UN-Normal people. Whether it be good or bad. You can ally yourself and connect with some people and find out who not to with. 𝗗𝗢 𝗡𝗢𝗧 𝗝𝗢𝗜𝗡 𝗜𝗙 𝗬𝗢𝗨 𝗔𝗥𝗘 𝗘𝗔𝗦𝗜𝗟𝗬 𝗧𝗥𝗜𝗚𝗚𝗘𝗥𝗘𝗗.

Blue Oni

03/25/2024 04:23 PM 

Pokemon RP | Cora

Name: Coralio “Harmonia” InokiOther names: Cora, Corazon, King’s Right HandAge: 17-23Occupation: Professor Juniper’s assistant, Ex-Team Plasma ExecutiveGoals: Explorating every region, having fun battles, atonementHistory: Coralio grew up in Unova’s beautiful and tranquil Anville town, surrounded by the dense verdancy of it’s forests. He spent all of his time with wild pokemon that inhabited the area, as well as trading items with the many tourists and collectors that would visit Anville town. Cora was first recruited into team plasma by Ghetsis, who regurgitated the same lies he told N, Concordia, and Anthea. The four spent many years together as Coralio became one of N’s many bodyguard. Cora still visits his 3 siblings very frequently and gives N most of his attention by far. Coralio became the assistant of Professor Juniper after team plasma fell, who noticed the boy’s skill and love for pokemon. He sees this as an opportunity to “atone” for any wrong-doings caused by fighting for team plasma.Personality: It takes a while to get to know Coralio, but if there's anything you should know it's that he's honorable and objective. While he was a member of team plasma Cora would only liberate Pokemon from trainers he found to be detestable. Of course he's also playful, appreciative and discreet, but is prone to envy. He is admired for his strong sense of honor, incredible aptitude for battling, and his ability to remain calm. His difficult nature and crude approach can cause things to heat up on personal levels.

Blue Oni

03/25/2024 03:04 PM 


Stas Sinine is a young boy born into a clan of Blue Oni known for their incredible metal work. The clan strives as artisans of anything from great statues to intricate weapons, and many things inbetween. The way metal gives way for the Oni clan is almost unnatural and allows for smithing to be done with ease. They are proud of their craft and have strong bonds with one another, but it is not uncommon for the oni to leave on their own in pursuit of their own ambitions.  Stas however is a tiny boy with no real goal in life, who wanders aimlessly making money using his incredible aptitude for fixing and crafting metal. He comes off as lazy and inattentive most of the time, as he usually wears a dull expression and speaks in a very monotone voice. However the boy is rather intelligent despite his demeanor, but has a hard time displaying it anywhere but in his expert craft. He is gullible, naive and easily swayed by most people, which oftentimes lands him in bad situations that he himself may not understand. The boy has had heightened senses ever since losing his eyesight at a young age during a bandit raid on his home. The lack of eyesight has allowed Stas to hone his other senses, which was easy due to the animalistic disposition an oni naturally possesses. Although entirely blind the boy doesn’t seem to have too much of a hard time getting around on his own, relying on his keen sense of smell and hearing to guide him, as well as his uncanny ability to know his surroundings. Stas prefers to play the supporting role when accompanied by someone, as he finds joy in helping people and has a difficult time taking charge on his own.   The young blue oni is petite and has soft features, sometimes indistinguishable from a young girl, but has inherent muscle mass due to both his background and occupation. He is also very strong for a boy his age and can easily overpower an average full grown male. His brown hair is just below shoulder length and slightly unkempt. His skin is a nice and even shade of blue over his entire body with brighter shades on his palms and soles, and darker blue on his eyelids due to the scar tissue. Stas keeps his eyes wrapped in a white blindfold decorated in light pink flowers to hide the gruesome scars, the blindfold being bound by an ornate platinum needle. Stas has two small horns protruding from the top of his forehead with soft tips that he involuntarily rubs when nervous. His nails are a deep black color and have a sharp tip that he is very careful with. The boy’s tongue is also black in color. Usually wearing loose and flowing clothing, Stas enjoys wearing hooded ponchos that cover most of his body because they make him feel secure, but he almost never wears anything on his tiny feet.  The boy is prone to being an outcast because of his appearance, but is always friendly and accepting… he could also really use your business.

Blue Oni

03/25/2024 03:45 PM 


Full name: Taira ShinjuiroNicknames: Shin, Shinju/O-Shinju, Pearl (The ‘shinju’ in his name means Pearl)Age: VariesRace: Half blue oni, half human/JapaneseOccupation: Many jobs, mainly works in a peculiar fancy teahouse often visited by wealthy people and gang members.Skills: Cleaning, cooking, acting, near superhuman strength(although weak for an oni), massaging, lying, applying make-up, multitaskingWeaknesses: Socializing, being genuine, anxiety, trust, sweets, swimmingGoals: Living in a huge home, finding love (he won’t admit to this), having reliable friends Pearl is a poor, unfortunate boy who lives alone in the slums and makes a humble living however he can. He goes though everyday life with a practiced smile.Being a particularly high strung, half blue oni, Pearl has issues socializing, tending to push people away and distrust them. Pearl has delicate, feminine features like that of a young lady, which his peers have made fun of at every opportunity. He claims to not care, but it bothers him. However he is proud of his delicate features. Pearl is standoffish and fickle by nature, but is very loving and selfless for certain people. Pearl loves to be babied when no one is looking.He wears a facade of seemingly genuine meekness when working, being almost entirely subservient to his boss or employer as to ensure he is paid and treated well. He claims to hate acting that way for something as soulless as money, but is he being truthful...?

[Hiatus ♡]

03/25/2024 12:29 PM 

Backstory & Abilities

*The purpose of this character is to help living souls better themselves in some shape, way or form, and to retain her true memory. While mature themes are appreciated, they are not preferred.HistoryEuphemia's birth was as common as any other, born on a summer night, a quick and easy delivery. There was nothing extraordinary about her birth, and her parents followed that idealization her entire life. While she did not want for nothing, her childhood was anything but pleasant. Her parents were not warm creatures, never offering a hug, or kind word at her expense. Often times her curious nature got her into plenty of trouble, no matter the medium she wished to explore. She's taught proper etiquette at a young age, cooking, cleaning, and most importantly, a woman's proper place in the household. Seen, not heard. Any protest spoken would only result in a punishment of some kind, usually a beating either by hand, belt or random household item. This only furthers her timid nature, instilling an insistance to please others, and to overall; be good. Once married off, her parents seem pleased with her existence, overjoyed at the idea of a grandchild. It is around this time she begins going by Effie, now out of the clutches of her parents grasp and into a home of her own. From the beginning, her husband Samuel is kind, and even expresses his disinterest toward her parents. Effie tends to his every need, and you would never find her complaining. Despite her upbringing, she's a gentle soul, happy for the life she's given, cheery, bubby and grateful. She is happy to do as he asks of her. Unfortunately Samuel's facade would quickly fade. His outbursts ranged from, dinner being prepared "improperly", or the remnants of mud on his shoes. Just as her parents, he too became abusive.His abuse only increases particularly after the birth of their infant, Grace. No matter how much Effie pushed for their bonding, Samuel only seemed irritated by the presence of their baby.Effie loved Grace with everything her soul could muster. She couldn't understand her husband's indifference, or even how her own parents could be so cruel. Day by day as Grace grew, Effie only loved her baby more. Often times she would make her daughter her own clothes, and read as many books as she possibly could on infants. On an evening like any other, Samuel plots her demise, bored of this new life. He beheads her in the comfort of their bedroom after rousing her from her sleep, shouting obscenities, then smothers the baby in the night. In the desolate woods, just on the outskirts of their humble little town, he disposes of both their bodies, burying the two together and leaves, never to be heard from again. Although her parents never find out what's happened to their daughter, they aren't bothered by her disappearance nor do they search for her.In death, Effie is revived by a merciful Goddess, showing her warmth and compassion. She claims her as her own, and bestows her with gifts. Wings sprout from her back, adorned with opal-like feathers, the once green in her hues now a radiant purple. She's eternal as the sun, and will rise with the star everyday. Her Goddess declares her an angel, and entrusts her with aiding humanity on earth. Gifts♡ The ability of flight, healing, including life threatening wounds. Light magic, weak elemental manipulation. World manipulation, Time manipulation, Soul manipulation, Resurrection (within a certain time frame), and an all knowing eye. The ability to create contracts.♡ Contracts are humans/souls tethered to an angel. The purpose of said contract, is usually to improve their quality of life, permanently altering their soul for the better, especially among humanities standards.♡ Soul manipulation is one of her most important skills, blessed by her Goddess, golden strands descend from above, posessing the target and bidding them to do Euphemia's will. While this ability is useful in combat, she never chooses to fight. Her golden strands, while harmless during posession, can still inflict pain, slicing like a whip if she so chooses.♡ Her eyes, when golden, can view a person's life, actions they may have taken, what they've done and what is to come. Usually she simply uses the gift, to learn more about a person, and doesn't care to pry into their personal life. Unless, it proves useful to her at the time.Weaknesses♡ Combat, she is in no way skilled to fight nor does she wish to learn.♡ Bodily injuries. Though she cannot die, she can be injured just like any other human body.♡ Dark magic.♡ Demonic Effigies.♡ High ranking demons effect her inhibitions strongly, she prefers to detatch herself from them completely.♡ Her past. More importantly, Grace. ♡ Her actions. Earth - Post DeathTime carries on on the planet Earth, and Effie, much to her surprise has helped many humans on earth. As years go by, she has trouble letting go of her past life. Still manages to create a new routine, a new normal for herself. Blessed by her Goddess, she feels as radiant as the sun and every contract successfully helped makes her soul feel lighter than air. Walking with her contract one day, Euphemia hears a familiar voice that makes her blood run cold. A glance over her shoulder confirms her worst fear. Samuel. Samuel walking alongside a human woman, holding a young boy, and the woman, seemingly pregnant with their next child. There's a screeching in her ears that won't seem to desist, an unfamiliar feeling clawing known into her skin. He's noticed her as well, a look of confusion and shock crossing his features before he quickly averts his attention, and ushers his wife and child away. (TBC, too lazy to write more rn lmao) 

[Hiatus ♡]

03/25/2024 12:16 PM 

Effie Information

AppearanceHer hair has remained it's natural color of honey blonde. As a human her eyes were green, once reborn as a celestial they've changed to violet. However, at her strongest they hold a golden hue. Dependant on her form, she has multitudes of eyes, mostly on her visage or hands, opalescent feathered wings, and increased height. Naturally she stands at 6'3'', and is shorter than most of her angel counterparts. Other features include freckles, spanning over her entire body, pale skin with red undertones, and the scars she retained after death, her most featured, the scar around her neck.Canon♡ Euphemia has a scar across the span of her neck. Although it has faded with time she detests the blemish and sees it as nothing more than a flaw marring her skin. She'll try to hide the scar either with makeup, clothing or jewelry. Her body holds a few others that are thankfully concealed by clothing.♡ She holds many hobbies, including: Sculpting, piano playing, gardening, baking, water coloring, sewing and crocheting. From these she excels in baking, piano playing, gardening and crocheting. Everything else is simply a pass time or an indulgence. Always curious, she loves to learn and especially explore.♡ She has never gotten a piercing, tattoo or dyed her hair. While the three options intrigue her, she is rather embarassed and ashamend to seek them out of her own volition. At a young age, her parents drilled into her brain that her body must remain clean and untainted from the world's sin.♡ Euphemia has a dissociative disorder, based on her emotional state, as well as memory retention. Euphemia, the angel, is formidable, all-knowing, haughty, and precise. While holding an air of arrogance, her empathy is still strong, leading her to form strong bonds with the humans/contracts she encounters. However, Effie, the human (put simply), grieves her past life, and cannot handle the guilt from her own actions. This contriteness causes her fall from heaven, inducing blockouts in her memory, uncertainty with her faith, and inoperative abilities. ♡ Euphemia retains all her abilities when in control. Effie is incapable of flight but retains healing, a connection with her contract, and a few white magic spells. A pacifist, she never engages in combat. Euphemia is less forgiving.♡ Despite being the dominant personality, Euphemia hardly ever introduces herself as, Euphemia. Prefering to go by Effie, as an angel's name spoken with magic, holds dominion over them.♡ Although once human, she finds the notion of eating to be pointless and is rather disgusted by it now. However she will indulge in a cup of tea, black coffee, or something sweet. She prefers her tea and coffee as is, with nothing in it. c:♡ A lover of animals she has known to be home many, however if she has company over, she will simply usher them into another room or let them outside. There is not an animal she does not love! Her favorites in particular, cats, sheep, raccoons and rats/mice.♡ Effie's Goddess is not vengeful, jealous or in any way vindictive. As long as one is open to growth and change, she is willing to welcome them into her haven. She is truly merciful and forgiving.♡ While fond of wine, she hasn't preferred drinking it since becoming a celestial. Intent on keeping a impeccable reputation, she is fond of smoking, and tries to keep it hidden. Usually she only smokes in the comfort of her own home, especially when dealing with stressful situations.   ♡ The more her emotions conflict with one another, or provide unwanted memories, can bring forth either Effie or Euphemia. Euphemia prefers to stay in control, since Effie can't seem to able to retain her memories, or properly aid her human contracts. Mentions of her past will stir Effie's conscience and guilt. Until her self-condemnation is dealt with, she will continue to interchange between the two personalities. 

𝚂𝚗𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝙊𝙞𝙡

03/24/2024 04:13 PM 

The Past Lives of a Gentleman Inventor

{a sort of collection of all the headcanons I’ve come up with about Sir Pentious’ past life! Very canon divergent, obviouslyyyy. Enjoy!} Pentious, born in 1860, was a street rat in the alleys of London for as long as he could recall. Rather than a mother and a father, he was raised by hermits, thieves and swindlers that all made a living on the London streets. It was here he learned the art of breaking and entering, the other thieves favoring the child because he could squeeze into small spaces and blend in with the shadows, earning him the nickname ‘Snake’. Any devices they lifted from the nobles homes, they’d let him keep to tinker on. Taking them apart and putting them together in different ways. They were often pretty useless, but he was encouraged by the often drunk guild of pickpockets around him, inflating his ego, especially getting into the teenage years where he yearned to do more than just steal wallets. He began to sneak away to target bigger and richer victims. His boldness carried him to a church one day, where he saw the gilded statues by the windows to be potential conductors for his electricity. But he was forced to hide as the organ player had come in early to practice. And the song that played along the church eves enchanted him, making him come back time and time again just to listen. The player knew he was there, but never acknowledged him. But he always waited until the wiry young man appeared behind the pews. Despite his claims of being an evil mastermind destined to conquer England, there was a soft spot in his soul he couldn’t quite cover. Finally building the confidence to display his work, he presented what could be called the first very rudimentary death ray. Which was essentially a series of magnifying glasses attached to a switch harnessing the sun, he earned a small crowd by way of his boisterous speech alone. But the moment he went to try his invention before his new crowd, it malfunctioned, burning the side of his face and embarrassing him horrifically. As the crowd dispersed, one person remained, asking if he was alright and helping to pick up the pieces. His name was Issac, and he thought the experiment was interesting! And as he looking for someone to help him? He knew a place they could go. So Pen agreed. In the dead of night, he packed up his scarce belongings and left his old family without a word to meet Issac in the slums, where he introduced a basement he’d been using, and nobody had bothered to kick him out yet, so this is a perfect place to set up shop! And as years progressed, the basement was slowly converted to a proper workshop. The machines still failed, explosions still rattled the window panes and caused complaints. But every failure was an inch closer. Another piece to present at the coveted Worlds Fair to be hosted in London that year. Though they still had to dip into their background of thievery to scrape by for funding their projects. They had toiled endlessly, sending in countless letters to the Queen to ask for permission to attend. And finally, they received word that they were allowed a spot. The day came, and what Pen had to present alongside his assistant was a robot. A small round thing. Very egg shaped. All the tests worked previously, if they earned the respect of the scientific community at large, these minions could be the future! But when it came time to present, it only sputtered, rolled over, and let off noxious smoke. A failure. They were reduced to pure shame as they left the Fair under the judging eye of Her Majesty. They were not invited to return. Time passed quietly. Now in their mid twenties, they peddled their smaller devices to anyone unfortunate enough to come across their path. And then the day came when what little Pentious had to hang onto snapped. A letter arrived. From the found family he hadn’t seen since he was young. They’d been caught in a trap set up by the police force, and were scheduled to be hanged at dawn. They were allowed one letter to someone of their choosing. And they found him. They’d been there to see his first failure, and kept tabs this whole time. Tearing from the basement workplace without so much as another word, leaving Issac to trail behind in confusion. Approaching the city center, the scientist would collapse to his knees. The only family he had, gone. Their bodies now a macabre display to send a warning to any other thieves brave enough to continue targeting the upper class. A steady decline became a landslide then. Issac witnessed it all, but whenever he expressed concern for his bosses behavior, he was only met with a hissing retort that he was working. He would take this whole pathetic country over. When they received a notice from Victoria herself that they were being evicted from their hovel, something barely worth scraping out, a scheme was hatched. Kill the queen. He was never more sure of anything at that moment. A device was built. A revisit of the heat ray of his youth, but larger. And more explosive.Before the day arrived, he spared the church one more visit. But rather than hiding from the organist, he sat in an empty pew, knowing this could very well be his last. So he approached and thanked the old man. Who only smiled in return. The next World Fair approached, and that year, a new invention was presented. The hot air balloon. Hijacked. Loaded. The two inventors, one more twisted than the other, prepared their plan. Issac once more tried to back out. He wanted to usurp the rich that kicked them to the ground their whole lives, but surely this wasn’t the answer? Pen hesitated and turned to his assistant, furious tears in his eyes. He’d see this through. They’d come so far already. They’ll know his name. Everyone will rue the day they crossed him! But it would never be seen through. As Issac lunged to stop Pentious from activating the machine, they tussled and fought, yelling high above the cityscape. Pen threw Isaac against the machine in blind rage, setting it to spark and sputter. Fire erupted. The licks of it caught the gas keeping the balloon afloat. The last thing Pentious recalls before the blinding explosion was two arms grabbing him and his name being shouted above the flames. The year was 1888

Miyu Ikari.

03/24/2024 04:16 PM 


At the dawn of time, the Elder Gods created the different realms to counteract the death and nothingness of the eternal Void that ran rampant all throughout the cosmos. These realms were able to coëxist and resist the nothingness and devellop into well develloped plains of existance where life flourished and death did too. It was here and then, straight into Drull that Arkaya’s story began. She was born and raised into Drull as one of the few Demon High Lords, a title reserved for only the strongest of demons. Despite this, she wasn’t able to take Drull as her own playgarden as Lucifer turned out stronger. Lucifer crowned herself Queen and reigned over Drull as the one Demon overlord, bringing order to an otherwise orderless realm. This wasn’t fitting of what Arkaya envisioned and after several failed attempts to take over Drull itself, she was banished by Lucifer to Muria and a single private castle back in Drull, due to the respect the Queen of Drull had towards Arkaya. Said respect, despite the animosity, goes 2 ways. Arkaya decided to make the best of it on Muria and found out she can make almost anything happen through a deal, which she considered the most delectible way of using her magic. Through the ages, she used this kind of magic to make deals and stack up favors from mortals and at the same time, build up a business empire, becoming one of the richest people on Muria. ((Keep in mind I can always alter a bit of the story or make her fit in your verse etc.))

Miyu Ikari.

03/24/2024 04:02 PM 

Miyu Ikari.

Miyu lost her parents a young age. Meaning that she started to live her aunt instead which was a far better alternative to an orphanage. Her aunt was always there for her and loved her dearly. She lived on her aunt's farm where they sold eggs for an living. At some point in Miyu's life she discovered that she seemed to had a natural gift for stealing. This came from her stealing from traveling merchants who would often try to put local business out of work when they came by. Not to mention she food the stole when the egg sales weren't enough to make ends meet. One day she just decided she couldn't spend the rest of her life being a petty thief and selling eggs. So after a certain event took place which caused her to leave town she decided to become a professional thief instead. Now out on her own Miyu started cons and thieving to a higher level. Until one day she messed up and tried to rob the wrong person this woman could have killed Miyu without a second thought but she didn't. Instead she invited her to work under her as her apprentice in the guild she helped run. Miyu stayed with her for years despite how shady and frankly criminal this guild was. Miyu didn't leave the guild until she kicked out. What for? She was never quite sure of.Now she's on her own again. Hopefully she can prove herself to the guild and get reinstated or atleast find out why she was kicked. Until then? Well of course she's only been sharpening her skills. P.s. She tells a lot of puns you've been warned ((Can be edited, such as what time period, If she has powers or not ect...)


03/24/2024 02:14 PM 


Please leave Rya and I alone. We are conjoined at the heart.Emotional vampire and I am a psychic one. We sense you, David. We sense you, Brook.

harrassment charges

Kalisa Moon

03/24/2024 10:07 AM 

RULES! Need I say more?

Do I really need to say more? No, okay.  1) NO ROMANCE! I am in a committed relationship, enough said. I DON'T care that this is just a hobby, I will not go into romance related things. Examples? NO "mating" with Kalisa! Anything along the lines of kissing. Touching in private places. Sexual things. Things I am okay with: Hand holding. Hugs. Locking arms. Head on shoulder.> > At your own risk, you can try to take things go further... But be prepared to be disappointed.> > Kalisa is a kitsune, meaning she is part fox. They are KNOWN to be cunning and manipulative... BUT also innocent, timid and shy. Affectionate if they trust you. Take all of that into consideration when roleplaying.2) Combat between characters. I have never tried my hand at combat related things, but that doesn't mean I won't give it a try. You have to understand and be okay with the fact it might not be great.3) My characters are originals and do have general storylines, they will not be changed to please you. Check blogs for information on them if necessary.4) NO forcing my characters to do things that you think will be funny or "fun". Meaning? Don't speak for them or move them in a way that will make me uncomfortable. I will stop messaging back, possibly even unfriend you.   The rules/ guidelines will be changed as needed. They will remain simple as long as people respect them and myself. Don't like it? Then just unfriend me and move on with your day.


03/24/2024 04:12 PM 


-Skilled swordsmanship-Weapon mastery-4 principle Elemental magic -enhanced speed/strength -mana enchantment  

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