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โ ๐–†๐–—๐–๐–๐–†๐–’.

03/03/2023 07:32 PM 

masterlist; original characters.

masterlist; original characters. - all current / active mha original characters.please respect all writers.if you want to be on the list, apply here.  

โ ๐–†๐–—๐–๐–๐–†๐–’.

03/03/2023 07:30 PM 

masterlist; non canons / au.

masterlist; non canons / au. - all current / active mha non canons / au.please respect all writers.if you want to be on the list, apply here. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

โ ๐–†๐–—๐–๐–๐–†๐–’.

03/03/2023 07:26 PM 

masterlist; villains.

masterlist; villains. - all current / active mha villains.please respect all writers.if you want to be on the list, apply here. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

โ ๐–†๐–—๐–๐–๐–†๐–’.

03/03/2023 07:23 PM 

masterlist; pro heroes.

masterlist; pro heroes. - all current / active mha pro heroes.please respect all writers.if you want to be on the list, apply here. Hawks

โ ๐–†๐–—๐–๐–๐–†๐–’.

03/03/2023 07:21 PM 

masterlist; heroes.

masterlist; heroes. - all current / active mha heroes.please respect all writers.if you want to be on the list, apply here.   Shoto

~: Forever A Myth :~

03/01/2023 03:54 PM 

Akasha The Siren/Mermaid Hybrid

Name: AkashaSpecies: Siren/Mermaid HybridForms: Preferred Siren, But Has A Human Form As WellGender: FemaleAge: UnknownPersonality: (Human Form) Can Be Quite Shy And Observant, Isn't Social As She Lacks The Skills To Speak Fluently.(Siren Form) She Is Agressive, Proud, Protective, and Possessive, A True Killer Toward Humans In This Form.Sexual Prefrence: MalesSexuality: Poly {Open Relationships}Family: Killed By HumansMate/Mate's: NoneLove Intrests: NoneChildren: None~Background~Akasha was born like any other Siren, she was born in an underwater sea cave away from danger and hidden from the knowledge of the mermaids. Her mother was a Siren and died giving birth to her. Her father couldn't take her back to his home because Hybrids were forbidden and killed if found. Her father took Akasha to her mother's sister who raised her for a time before she was found. Her aunt was killed for treason by the Sirens and Akasha was lost at sea, or so they thought. A Sea Lion took pitty of Akasha and raised her along with two pups of her own. Akasha grew to adulthood and learned the ways of the ocean from a sea lions perspective. Humans, Sharks, and Whales were all dangerous, but Akasha would eventually learn that she was the top predator of the sea. When she managed to kill and eat a shark, her sea lion foster mother knew she was ready to brave the ocean alone. Chasing her away just like she did with her pups when they were older, Akasha was on her own. Not long after that she came across Humans on a boat stealing fish from the ocean. Upset about the loss of food, Akasha sang a song luring a few of the men to come into the water with her. In a blink of an eye, she killed them and got her first taste of human. Since then she has hunted many humans and lured them to their deaths in the ocean with her enchanting songs. Rarely does Akasha seek land to find her next victim, but it has happened a few times when she is impatient for her next bloodthirsty meal.


03/01/2023 02:11 PM 

Character Sheet

Name: Jericho KaneSpecies: Lycan  Age: 132Birthday: October 13th, 1890Gender: MaleComplexion: Fair   Height: 6'2   Weight: 216   Body type: Athletic   Physical Condition: Athletic    Eye color: Green   Hair color and style: Black, unkempt   Areas of Expertise: Frontline combatant and solo infiltration     Occupation: Mercenary Personality: Adaptable, pessimistic, charismatic, sarcastic, persistent, finicky, patient  Introvert or Extrovert?: Both   Method of Handling Anger: Cleaning weapons and fixing automobiles   Sense of Humor: Dry   Fears: Losing control   Interests: Piano, driving, old music/movies, star gazing, hunting  

แด…แด‡แดแดษด แด€แดแดษดษข๊œฑแด› ๊œฑแด‡ษดแดŠแดœ

02/27/2023 10:19 PM 

Drabble: A Chance Encounter

Moriko sighed as she flopped back into the grass, her head filled with various tasks her elder brother Hashirama currently had her working on, and with Tobirama breathing down her neck she hadn't seemed to have gotten much work done. "Always butting in..." She mumbled. The breeze seemed to blow through her long hair, the sound of the tree leaves and grass of the meadow resounding throughout her ears. "So sleepy...." She mumbled. The young woman hadn't gotten much sleep as of late, having been plagued with nightmares, or perhaps they were memories that had been long forgotten. Either way they had been keeping her up at night, and she wasn't quite sure what to make of them. As she laid there, starring up at the sky, she slowly began to doze off, forgotten memories slowly coming back to her as she fell asleep."Where could it have gotten to?" A young Moriko, seemingly talking to herself, mumbled as she searched the grounds high and low. Little had she known however she had wandered into Uchiha territory, focused on the task at hand. And little did she know there was someone watching her, hidden within the shadows. The slight rustle of the leaves seemed to catch her attention. "Hello?" She called out, making a move to grab a kunai at hand. However, she noticed an Uchiha emerging from the shadows and slowly lowered her hand. "Oh...thought you were a Senju for a moment. Sorry about that." She had giving off a nervous laugh. Folding her hands behind her back she looked at the man who now stood before her. The man before her gave off a powerful aura, his Sharingan no doubt giving him away. He belonged to the Uchiha Clan. He had long spiky black hair and carried a gunbai on his back. 'I could swear i've met him before....but where...?' She thought to herself. "Who are you...?" She asked curiously. The man just seemed to stare at her in silence before speaking, his voice low and deep. "Me...? I should be asking you that. You're in my territory...." He said though his face didn't show much emotion it was easy to tell he seemed rather amused by her aloof and lack of where of. Moriko seemed to blink in recognizition. "Oh...didn't know I had crossed over into Uchiha Territory. Sorry about that." She said as she scratched her cheek, sticking her tongue out in a rather cute manor. "My names Moriko....Moriko Senju. What's yours?" She asked.The man seemed to be taken aback by how straightforward she was. "Madara...." He said as he continued to study her. "You say you're a senju, but I don't recall ever seeing you around...." he said, doubt in his voice. Moriko simply smiled. "Yeah they kinda keep me hidden away....not really all that special but I don't get to venture out to often. I was just looking for a bracelet I lost....someone who rescued me a long time ago gave me that bracelet and it's very important to me." She said. Little did she know however, the boy who had given her that bracelet was now currently standing in front of her. Her eyes seemingly traveling around her until she noticed what seemed to be a deep wound on his right side. She thought for a moment before removing her tool belt and slowly began approaching him. "Hold on a minute...." she said watching him. He looked tense but she couldn't blame him. Not only was he wounded but he was standing in front of someone, who he knew little about. "I have no interest in harming an Uchiha so...." She said quietly before moving his hand away from the wound and placing her own two over his own. Her hands began to glow, radiating a warm aura as she quietly healed the wound. "There....that should help. I'd hope anyway." She said as she stared up at him. "Your eyes...." She mumbled. Madara seemed to glance off to the side. "What? Afraid of me are you?" He asked and Moriko simply giggled. "No. Your eyes are just really pretty that's all....they remind me of someone I once met....he had the same eyes as you." She said before looking down. However as she looked down she noticed a bracelet in his hand. It was her bracelet. Holding it out to her, Moriko looked back up at him. "That's my-" She started but he just gave a small shrug. "I noticed it fall from your bag when you were training in the field over there, across the river...." He said staring down at the bracelet as she took it and put it back on around her wrist. "You carry that with you do you?" He asked. Moriko looked down at the bracelet, a fond look in her eyes. "It's very special to me...but I'm sure you'd know that." She said looking back up at him. 'He's the boy that saved me...' She thought to herself. "Thank you-" She started but was once again cut off, the sound of the Senju elders, as well as her father reaching her ears. "Oh no..." She whispered. "Sorry but...but I gotta go." She said. However before she took off she stood on the tips of her toes, kissing his cheek. "Thank you...." She said quietly before making a handsign, the area surrounding madara seemingly veiling him in a genjutsu, hiding him from the Senju that were fast approaching. The memory seemed to fade and she was left with the recurring nightmare, her father and the senju council seemingly erasing her memory, time and time again in order to keep her in the dark...but as to why she wasn't completely sure until the dream itself dove into darkness and she had awoken with a start.As she awoke with a start, the dream now only a fading memory she found herself collding with someone. "Ow!" She said rubbing her forhead, before her gaze looked up to meet none other then Madaras. "Welcome back from looked to be in a rather peaceful dream. Until the to share?" He asked as he rubbed his own head from the force of collison, a deep chuckle resounding from his chest. Moriko simply blushed. "Oh be quiet you." She mumbled however there was a hint of a smile on her face. "I....memories have been coming back to me little by little as of late. Like whatever jutsu was used is starting to wear off..." She said. Madara just stared at her in curiosity. "Oh....and what did you remember?" He asked. She simply smiled and held up her bracelet. "The day you returned the bracelet I lost...." She said and Madara tilted his head. "Right...the day you aimlessly walked into Uchiha territory because you were so focused on finding your precious item." He said before going quiet. "I'm surprised you still have it...." He mumbled. Moriko simply smirked. "I told you it meant a great deal to me....this bracelet is staying with me, even when i'm no longer breathing." She said.Before she could say anything further however, the voice of her twin brother seemed to carry on the wind, causing the white haired kunoichi to groan. "Seriously....that man never gives up. And I don't got any of the work Hashirama assigned me done yet..." She mumbled. "Of course were out here napping in the meadow." He said and though he sounded serious, she could hear the teasing tone his statement took. "As far as you know you never seen me." She smiled, kissing him. "I'll bring you Inarizushi by later. If Tobirama asks I was never here and I'm at the house finishing up the work Hashirama gave me." She whispered as she seemed to disappear with the wind, but not before hearing Madara's laugh, as it resounded throughout her ears, causing her to smile. Now all she had to do was get caught up on that dreaded paperwork Hashirama had stuck her with. 'The things I get myself into....' She thought to herself before quietly sneaking into her home, a sense of happiness she hadn't felt in days coursing through her as she rememebered the memory, a memory she planned to cherish, just as she cherished the bracelet, as well as the man who had given it to her all those years ago, ever so dearly. 


02/27/2023 08:43 PM 

Rules (please read)

1.) Please be patient with me and any replies I might owe, I have a busy life irl and can't be online all the time. I'll get to replies whenever I get the chance or time too, I never purposely ignore anyone.2.) Please be respectful to me and others on my friends list, if you are rude or disrespectful I won't hesitate to delete or block you.3.) No random starters, I prefer talking ooc and getting a idea for the story before going forward.4.) I'm more than fine with 18+ being added into stories, but I'm not interested in writing just porn or constant sex. I prefer the characters getting to know each other and build a relationship before getting hot and heavy, I also ONLY write my character being a sub/bottom. 5.) No minors (in or out of characters), No furries, no pregnancy stories, nothing to do with feet, scat, urine, or other gross body fluids. 6.) I am in a happy and long committed relationship irl, I'm more than fine with romance in stories but only if it stays within the story.7.) I've been writing for 10+ years and usually prefer multi paraphrase, I understand it's not for everyone and that's completely okay. But I do not like one liners or being the only one seeming to put a effort into the story, has to be or feel 50/50.8.) I do have a list of kinks that I'm more than happy to share if you're interested in reading over it, just ask and I'll be happy to send it through a message.9.) Please do not try and control me or my character.10.) I won't waste my time with mutes, I am here to have fun and write. If you add, please feel free to send a message or you will be deleted after a week. If I add you, I will be sure to message and send a greeting.

Crimson Ashes

02/26/2023 04:43 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

1. Don't rush me. I have a busy life outside of roleplay.2. Don't steal from me. I got the layout from xsubzero on and the images on google that I edited and manipulated myself to my satisfaction.3. Have some patience - I do not have as much time on my hands as I used to and will not be online 24/7 like I used to.4. I am a literate and serious writer. I write in proper grammar, complete sentences, spelling, and punctuation.5. Put some effort into the roleplaying replies I get in response. It annoys me that when I get a response back from a post I worked very hard on that I get one in return that is lackluster in comparison.6. I do not mind how you contact me. I have discord, messages for roleplaying, and comments for discussion. 7. Please read and obey the rules  - if you're reading this comment with a state me that you have read and understood the rules.8. I will not be giving out personal information such as personal email addresses, phone numbers, or home addresses.9. Do not bring drama, minors, thieves, or bullying to patronize me ; I do not put up with bullying as I have dealt with it myself and I will not put up with it on my page anymore. 10. As far as romance and intimicy goes, Itachi is intimidated and scared of intimacy due to the massacre and afraid to get close to someone because of his repressed emotions and memories and sometimes takes his anger and issues out on other people, and sometimes Kisame is the target of his misdirected rage.11. Please show respect and it will be given in return. I am tired of seeing others play on each other's weaknesses and insecurities. Somehow I doubt people stick up for others as much as they claim; as they say, there are snakes in the grass, and I intend to protect my close friends and myself from those that which would harm us.12. I do not mind erotica and other miscellaneous content - there are others that I would like to try but it takes chemistry and take in with Itachi's trust as it is difficult to trust with him.13. I do not mind getting to know one another outside of roleplaying and getting to becoming friends but as long as that means drama is kept away from the relationship and treating each other with kindness and respect on both ends.14. Real life will always come first - I am on a timed schedule as everyone is and there will be certain times where I can not be online and I have to pull away from my computer. Sometimes is a health requirement as I sometimes let my mental health get destroyed because I don't have the best mental health.15. I write in paragraph/multiple paragraph writing formats as well as 3rd person formats - Please let me inform you I am a very FAST writer which will be made apparent that I will expect the same amount of time returned. I will give you 48 hours to respond or you and the roleplay will be terminated. I don't have time for games.16. I am female in real life and I am roleplaying a male because I feel more comfortable roleplaying male characters. I can't exactly explain why this is, it's just something I've always done and have tried roleplaying female characters before but have never had experience for it. Either way, I hope this does not turn anyone off to the character for them.17. Current Interested in Genre's Like: Horror, Supernatural, Crime, High Fantasy, Mystery, Suspense, Dark Romance, Taboo, Intense Violence, Adventure, Dark themes such as mentions of Death of Characters, and Character Death, Character Self-Mutilation, and Mutilation of Character either by being attacked and self-harm. Other triggering genre's may be present so please use extreme caution.18. Do not spam my messages for replies to our roleplay. I am impatient, yes, but I am also understanding so don't think I'm some elitist or some nazi about things like that.19. Please remember that this is just a hobby and not to replace real life with roleplaying and remember to get plenty of sleep and exercise (I know I should eat my own advice) Either way, please do take your personal life with care, and make this a second priority, not a first.20. HAVE FUN!!! 


02/26/2023 12:01 PM 

Finally adding rules
Current mood:  accomplished

1. This is the one that i expect to be 100 percent followed or the roleplay will be stopped. Do not control my character.  I find this not fun at all.    2. Please no ooc drama. In character drama is definitely accepted, but ooc let's not do that.  3. No Lewd. This is a preteen.  Even, if I had adult characters on here though, i still find it uncomfortable.  4. I will not change him into a human or something else so do not ask me.  Or change his gender. I prefer playing males. Side notes; I may look at somebody's profile but be too shy to add. I have my days where i am more bold than others. Or I am just not sure if they accept anthro characters. And, i don't mind if you send a starter right away. Well, i think that about covers it, so thank you for reading, and i hope we can get something awesome going. 


02/25/2023 03:11 PM 

Sonic Oc's

The links below lead to the detailed GoogleDocs of my Sonic oc's Darkness Rose: Darkness RoseKathy Harumiki: Kathy HarumikiNiko Yamanasaki Niko YamanasakiFlame Marie the Cat Flame the CatFelicia Fox Felicia Fox


02/25/2023 03:10 PM 

Pokemon Oc's

The links below lead to the detailed GoogleDocs of my Pokemon Trainer ocMikuru Hashime Mikuru Hashime


02/25/2023 03:08 PM 

Code Lyoko Oc's

The links below lead to the detailed GoogleDocs of my Code Lyoko oc'sClaudia Monet/Schaeffer Claudia SchaefferEmily Cross Emily Cross


02/25/2023 03:03 PM 

Naruto Oc's

The links below lead to the detailed GoogleDocs of my Naruto oc'sSabaku no Sayaka Sabaku no SayakaFujimo Haru Fujimo HaruMesume Miyuki Mesume MiyukiAkashi Kimiko Akashi Kimiko

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