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𝕯emonic 𝕮hronicles

09/26/2019 11:07 PM 

Project Eve

Name:Evangeline "Eve" Kyuubi  Alias: Prototype 00918 Age: Unknown "Appears 18" Status: Single Orientation: Straight Info: Eve appeared one day out of nowhere wearing nothing at all and tackled the young Raziel who was barely understanding his Time powers at the time calling the 15 year old father something that shocked him then freaked him out since he had never even had a girlfriend or the time for one. He took her to his apartment (Not by choice) and got her some of clothe and asked her questions and thats when he noticed three important things number one the girl had no memory except that he some how was her father, She was speaking in Atlantean which meant she was not arround human much or at all and last that it all meant she was from some future where he was her father. He felt lost he could barely take care of himself to take care of her but the problem was soon fixed she dissapeared right in front of his eyes. Like him at a time in his life she was time traveling as her emotions went haywire it wasnt until a few years later that he once again came across her (she tackled him and called him father yet again) she was the same Eve with memories of that first encounter she told him her name and that she would say with him forever until her other self was finally born. But the truth of the matter was that Eve was not a normal Kyuubi for that matter she was not really Raziel's daughter, when Sakura met the child she noticed it fast but still had her doubts a quick D.N.A Scan Revealed that Her D.N,A was a perfect match to Raziels.. too perfect which meant only one thing she was a clone of Raziel what its called an imperfect clone because she was a girl. Sakura never informed Raziel of this since it gave him hope of one day having his own family and he seem Happy so she lied and said she was his daughter but that his mate was probably not born yet which was why she couldnt say who it was. Eve is very naive, like a small child she gets easily amused and easily bored but she is also quick to learn, she keeps away from most kyuubi members only going wherever Raziel goes it was this way she Met Zhane who became Uncle Zhane as far as she was concerned and later on Met Keisha whom she admires and although Keisha's way of talking tends to confuse and fluster her she loves Lust Fairy like if she was her Big sister...She does keep away from her when Thanatos is around she never liked him.Eve has grown into her powers still not knowing the truth of what she is after having been captured and experimented on she had no choice but to let go of some of her childish ways as she had witnessed Raziel Violent powers and feared one day she do the same as him and not wanting to hurt anyone even if they deserve it as her father would say she opted to better herself.She soon was able to learn more about her time powers not only from observing and listening to Zhane on the matter but because her Mother Akemi Homura was adamant she learned specially once her brother was born something that confused her as she was expecting her younger self to be born.Homura then explained to her that Perhaps in this time line she was just going to be born because she was already there something that was both hard for her but also meant she would still be around to make memories with a brother she originally did not seem to know.Although she does not feel a connection with Homura like she does with Raziel and her brother Orion she loves the woman very much so regardless of time lines or blood connections for her Homura is her mother simple as that

нмя [ʞ]iттen

06/02/2013 08:41 PM 

The Meeting

As Ayami sat there in the bar, watching the others talk to one another about the usual things. Such as turf wars, or how someone had bad mouthed HOMRA. Though that was mostly what Misaki talked about. How he had kicked some person's ass for bad mouthing HOMRA.  Just thinking about that made a soft laugh escape the sky blue haired female's lips as she leaned back on the couch as she sat there watching them. Though when she had felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, she couldn't help but to pull it out and look to the text message that had been sent to her.Her eyes narrowed slightly due to the one that had actually texted her. Saruhiko. She was exactly expecting him to text her back, nor reply to the voice mail that she had left him before the others came back from whatever they were doing. Blue oculars continued to stare at the text message that he had left her and she couldn't help but to stifle a chuckle as she glanced up from her phone over to Misaki.Ayami knew damn well that if Misaki knew that she was going to go meet up with Saruhiko, well he'd throw a fit and more than likely go off to find him. "Hm.." looking back to the text message, she looked to the one part that held Misaki's name in it. From: (---)Saru.I have no interest of returning to that dirty place, 'the bar.' Instead, you should meet up with me,in the center of town by the second large television.And while you are at it, bring Misaki with you. We've much to discuss.After re-reading the text message, she quickly tapped the screen before sending a reply back to him;Heh.. That sounds like a good place to meet up.. I'll be there... and... I'll bring Misaki along with me. As soon as she sent the reply back to him, Ayami stood up from the couch. Stretching as she did before walking over to the bar as she looked to Izumo for a moment before looking to Misaki."Hey.... Yata.." keeping her eyes upon the chestnut colored haired male she quickly grabbed onto his arm and started leading him out of the bar. "We'll be back Izumo~! I just got a message that someone was bad mouthing us again~" she said as she glanced over to the bartender for a moment only to turn her gaze ahead of her. Ayami knew well enough that if she had simply used that excuse then Yata wouldn't question where she was dragging him off to.Hell, she was sure that if she had simply said that she was going to go and kick someone's ass for bad mouthing HOMRA then the skater would more than likely follow after her without any questions. He did love kicking others asses when it came to HOMRA.{Posting Order;AyamiMisakiSaru } 

Gekido no Tenshi Shinobu

05/29/2013 05:19 PM 

The Angel of Rage vs. The god of Irateness.

Simple rulesNo AutoingNo God ModingNo Power ModingMay the fight be fair. Good Luck 

Gekido no Tenshi Shinobu

05/27/2013 05:27 PM 

Gekido no Tenshi vs. Castiel

RulesNo AutoingNo God ModdingNo Power Modding

Gekido no Tenshi Shinobu

05/25/2013 09:05 PM 


I am not much for rules, however there are a few I will go by.Fighting:*I am starting a new thing where I only fight in blogs. I am trying to make a form of a comeback from several years of not doing much. However, I think it would be fun to display my fights no matter how rusty they may be.*No autoing*No god moding*No power modingGeneral:*Its simple, dont piss me off we get along.*If you dont reply within several days I might either send you a message wondering what happened or just simply delete.*Try and be para to multi para, I see no reason why I would bother myself with something so boring as a one liner.


05/25/2013 07:15 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

1. This is not a hentai page. No Erotic Roleplays or anything of the sort. I will not be your slave nor your mistress so piss off.2. I will work with all types of rps. If you are new and need help building up to para and multi-para I can work with you. I will not discriminate against you because you are not that good yet. Not everyone is gifted with detail, some have to learn and I understand that. I can work with you.3. I am not here to hook up with your character. So if you have S&L on your name then I will probably not add you.4. Do not bore me with your drama. This is rp not real life. No one cares who you are with on here or who said what. Its rp, get over it and move on. 5. No God-moding 6. Use spell check, I know we all make mistakes but at least try, 7. I don't believe in the you add you send rule, though if you do add me, you send the greeter.8. You have a week to make some sort of contact, then a week after that to either send a starter or reply to mine. If not then you will be deleted.  9. If you don't like my rules then delete me. Won't hurt me none. 10. Please don't add me just to steal my pics. All of them are credited so I will know.11. We must discuss a storyline FIRST! If I tell you to send one without discussing it first it is because I am bored and want to be spontaneous.


05/20/2013 11:19 PM 


1. Hello there, hope to RP soon. 2. I'm not asking for the whole "you-add-you-send-the-starter" bit, at least talk or say 'Hello' and we can discuss a storyline. If I randomly feel like deleting people and I see no reason to keep you, you'll be deleted without a second thought.3. I'm up for any type of RP; They tend to get very gorey too with Nice's line of work. For sexual RPs, hey, if it happens, it happens, babe. Don't come straight up with sex. 4. I normally RP Multi-Para or Novella, I'll accept anything, BUT one-liners. GTFO with that shizz. 5.I edit pictures sporadically, so if you end up in one...;D I just thought of you while editing it. Think of it as a compliment.  Also, don't steal the pictures. Just ask and I might still have the original laying around.6. Don't steal Nice. You could try and RP as her, but I don't think you'd do her any justice. 8. Hehehe...I didn't put a seven. 9.That's pretty much it. Don't be a douche, unless it's your character, and we should get along nicely.

Castiel (Taken by Temari)

05/20/2013 10:03 PM 

My RP and Profile rules.

Okay here are my Profile and RP rules1) Once you add me or I add you please reply with a comment within the next few days or I will delete you. 2) I do any kind of rp. Just let me know what type you wanna do before we begin. If you ask for multi-para and beyond be warned I am still working on my multi-para rping skills so it might take a while. 3) I might not reply for a little while sometimes so if we are in the middle of a rp just hold tight and I will reply as soon as possible. 4) When we do try to rp just ask me and we can talk about the details as we go along, or if you want to map a storyline ahead of time then let me know. 5) Whatever happens in the rp, stays in the rp unless you ask me in ooc or vice versa. For now these are my simple rules. Please leave a comment stating that you have read and understand these rules. Thank you. 

翡翠 NightFire 蜘蛛

05/20/2013 06:19 PM 

Character Information

this is a link to my character's information, it's updated as needed.

Riley nara

05/18/2013 06:39 PM 


1. Have Fun2. No Godmodding if the roleplay involves battling.3. I vary from one-liner rps to paragraph Role plays, hopefully if could help out.4. Please no Drama.Thank you - The Anime Time Lord

River Moonlight

05/17/2013 10:45 PM 

My rules.

1. First of all, no bullying and Abusing in/out of character those who do will be deleted and blocked from my profile. 2.If you wish to have  sex with my charas, please keep in mind that sex is something you do out of love. And don't fall in love with the girl behind the charas. 3. If I don't reply to your rp or comment right away it either means that I'm editing, helping my mom with house chores, or I'm feeling lazy. We all have our lazy days people ! 4. Please don't send me one word rps, that has happened to me before in the past and I find them really boring. 5. I can do one-liners, semi-lit, and semi-para make sure that you keep them simple cuz I get confused sometimes. 6. I'm a nice person so if your nice to me I'll be nice to you back. 7. I will let you know if I put up more charas or added some more rules on the stream, that way everyone can see it. 8. When I rp I like to have fun and be creative, so if you're not having fun or if you lack creativity let me know and I will think of something to spice things up.  

★вιg ѕнσт!

05/17/2013 02:47 PM 

Team Big Shot! vs Team Chunny

Team Big Shot! - Terry Bogard, Hal Jordan, Noel KreissTeam Chunny - Chun Li, Vergil, Zero

River Moonlight

05/16/2013 09:18 PM 

Single and taken charas.

Name: AliceAge: Unknown Race:ButterflySexual orientation: StraightSingle or taken: SinglePic:Name: LunaAge: Unknown Race:wolfSexual orientation: StraightSingle or taken: SinglePic:Name: RavenAge: Unknown Race:WolfSexual orientation: StraightSingle or taken: singlePic:Name:KagomeAge: Unknown Race:MermaidSexual orientation: gaySingle or taken: singlePic:Name:RoseAge: 17Race:VampireSexual orientation: gaySingle or taken: singlePic:Name: JadeAge: 15Race:HumanSexual orientation:straightSingle or taken: singlePic:Name: Sakura FantasiaAge: 18Hight: 5ft 8inWeight: 102Body type: SlimStatus: singleSexual Orientation: Straight. Virgin Yes/No: YesLikes: Naps under a shaded tree, soft music, having fun eating deer meat. Dislikes: People who thinks she stupid, asking stupid questions, bullies, abuse, and raping. Turn on's: Boys with red blood eyes that know how to turn a girl on. Turn off's: being alone or forgotten====================================Bio: Unknown Pic:Name: Amy BluestoneAge: 16Hight: 5.2Weight: 101Body type: SlimStatus: Single at the momentSexual Orientation: straightVirgin Yes/No: YesLikes: Naps under shaded tree, soft music, having fun, and eating sweets.Dislikes: People who thinks she stupid, asking stupid questions, bullies, abuse, and raping. Turn on's: Flowers, cute furry animals, walks on the beach, and watching the stars in the sky at night. Turn off's: People who treat her like dirt. ====================================Bio: Unknown Pic:Name: KiraAge:14Sex: FemaleRace: Bunny Sexual Orientation: biRelationship Statue. singlePic: Name: NickyAge: maybe 15 or 16Sex:FemaleRace:NekoSexual Orientation:StraightRelationship Status: singlePic: Name: ThornAge: 15Sex:FemaleRace: ButterflySexual Orientation:gayRelationship Status: SinglePic: Name: LilacAge: 16Sex:FemaleRace: FairySexual Orientation:StraightRelationship Status: singlePic: Name:StarAge: maybe 16 or 17Race: VampireSexual Orientation: UnknownRelationship Status: singlePic:Name: SnowAge:17Race: WitchSexual Orientation: biRelationship Status:singlePic:Name:ScarletAge: 15Race:nekoSex:femaleSexual Orientation: straightRelationship Status: singlePic:Name: SangoAge:16Sex: FemaleRace: Angel Sexual Orientation: UnknownRelationship Statue. SinglePic:

Kazikli Voyvoda

06/15/2016 04:17 PM 

Multi Para Example (female version)

In case you're wondering just what my style is like,here is one of my more recent threads with 

𝕯emonic 𝕮hronicles

05/15/2013 02:39 PM 

The Railgun

Name" Mikoto Misaka Kyuubiage:16-18 (older than what she really looks like)Status:SingleOrientation: Bi Daughter to Hana and the Dark Angel Haruka. When Haruka died she left behind in a pile of stardust a baby girl , a daughter of her and Hana how she did this will forever be a mystery.At a Young age Mikoto showed extremely difficulty controlling her powers and keeping her wings hidden , she had Electric powers and would every so often Zap people.Hana who knew that sooner or later because of what the child was others would seek her power for this sole reason she asked her daughters Honey and Kosmos to find a safe place for her sister to grow up as far away from their kind as they could and they did, a place called Academy city which  taught Humans with special powers how to use them.The sisters placed a seal on Mikoto so her wings wouldnt come out and explained to her that under no circumstances she was to say what she was.Mikoto trusted her sisters and her mother and so she grew up in academy city not saying what she was just as a normal Academy City citizen.In academy city she became known as  a level 5 esper "The Railgun" one of the 7 strongest espers in the city although she made many friends there she never forgot she had family that awaited the day they could reaunite she hated not being able to be honest to the friends she made but she knew it was not her place to shatter how their lives were.Mikoto was cloned when she was younger because  they wanted powerful military weapons with her abilities but because she wasnt really an esper the clones came out defective but the cientists never understood why, she sure as hell did there is no way to make a perfect clone if you dont know what its being really cloned.Mikoto dissapears alot from her dorm at the all girls private school she was enrolled to, she would often have her roommate cover for her and was greatful the girl didnt tell on her of course her roommate mad in love with her so it makes sense. When Mikoto dissapears shes either out shopping silly girly stuff or meeting with her sisters and Mother outside of  Academy city.Mikoto soon learned of what was happening with her family and had no choice but to leave academy city and hope it didnt crumble while she was away hopefully her clones have learned to imitate her better now.((This character is from the anime To aru no kagaku railgun, To aru no majutsu index with my own twist can rp any verse including the index and railgun))

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