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01/18/2023 11:22 PM 

miz kitty's saloon.
Current mood:  creative

  KLEPTO.miz kitty's saloon. (reply)    The hushed murmurings of the current patrons of the saloon didn’t go unnoticed for perhaps the most dramatic entrance they’ve seen thus far. The man was unlike any she’d ever seen before. That wouldn’t stop Miz Kitty from serving a worthy customer, however. He hadn’t broken any of the rules that were roughly painted on a wooden board, its domineering presence reminding any who got out of line that they’d be booted out. Quaintly shining a glass with a rag, she nodded to accept his order.“Ya hungry, mister? We start servin’ dinner at 5.” The saloon’s hostess kept a careful, lingering glance at the other—noting that he palmed the grip of his weapon. A proactive measure to let the others in the bar know he wasn’t one to mess with, she was sure. Either preventing a fight, or lookin’ for one. “Today’s menu is beef stew. Served with taters.” Miz Kitty gingerly sat down the glass she was so focused on making sure there was nary a water spot, now working on the mystery patron’s drink.“Wet or dry?” she inquired, pouring the bitter liquid with a special mix of the saloon’s own ingredients to add a hint of natural sweetness. Some liked it dry—that is, without the addition of rum or whatever suited their fancy. Others liked it drowning in liquor, calling it an acquired taste.Either way, he’d be delivered a tall glass of sarsaparilla with ice. As with all her visitors, Miz Kitty tended to be friendly. Striking up conversations at the bar was a prime way to get to know the townsfolk. This one didn’t seem like he was from Willowlake, but he did seem like the type to know how to get into some trouble. Kitty constantly needed to remind herself that the purpose of this here saloon, this little business of hers, was to lay low and foster a new life for herself away from the troubles that nagged her back East.Her fingers were itching, though. Her mind, equally perturbed. What came natural to her was what overcame her thoughts, and Miz Kitty knew that the urge would overcome her one day. The West was wilder, but would it be more forgiving? Civilization was creeping into its vast frontier. Every other day it seemed, Kitty read an article out of the local newspaper of an outlaw’s abrupt end by an unforgiving law—stories of a colorful history cut too short. She craved her illicit access to jewels, gold, and cold hard cash. Until Miz Kitty made her next strategic move, she’d drink in the tales of strangers such as this one, tempted by such feats until she wanted to make a few of her own. subZERO

replies, stories, RP, westerns, Discord, AU


01/18/2023 11:01 PM 


So, I really didn't want to be making a rules post, but this will be sorta important after what happened.1. I do multi-shipping, I will not hand Wukong to just a single character, IF I'm letting him date anyone at all.2. I'm here for roleplaying and friendships, if you want a RL romantic relationships, look somewhere else please.3. Keep drama out of here, please. I do not mind if you vent to me or anything of the sort, but keep the drama that's going on, on your side.4. Skip this one.5. I'll hand my discord if we've spoken for long enough and I like you.


01/18/2023 10:41 PM 

Servant, Sun Wukong (Servant Profile)

『Main Info』Class: RiderAlternate Classes: Saber, Caster, Lancer, Berserker, Assassin, Avenger (Alter)Aliases: Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Handsome Monkey King of the WaterfallSource: Journey to The West, Chinese MythologyGender: Male, femaleHeight: 5'8Weight: 135 lbsAlignment: Chaotic GoodLikes: Wine, fightingDislikes: Waiting, quiet placesTraits: Divine, Non-Hominidae Servant, King, Weak To Enuma ElishAttribute: Heaven『Parameter』★★★★★Strength: CEndurance: CAgility: B+Mana: DLuck: E++NP: A『Class Skills』Magic Resistance: C - Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against magecraft on the level of greater magecraft and Greater Rituals.Riding: A - All vehicles and all creatures but those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can be used as mounts. This rank is high enough to have an aptitude for the Rider Class.『Personal Skills』Instinct: B - Through this ability, it is possible to halve the penalties inflicted by visual and auditory interference. (Gain of 14 critical stars)Shapeshift: A+ - Sun Wukong can transform into any shape, be it human or not, though they do not gain the abilities of the shape they have. (Increases own defense by 30% for 1 turn. Further increases own defense for 3 turns. Increases own debuff resistance for 3 turns.)Chinese Martial Arts (Monkey Style Kung Fu): A - Mastery over a style of fighting, Sun Wukong has completely mastered the style, simply by fighting on instinct. (Ignore evade, increase star gen by 100%)『Noble Phantasms』Name: Great Sage Equaling HeavenType: Anti-UnitRank: ARange: SelfMaximum Targets: 1Description: When summoned Sun Wukong can manifest seven fruits, each times he takes a bit out of them, it grants them immortality for seven minutes. No matter how much damage you cause, as soon as fatal damage is done, they'll be regenerated, though that only counts for the fatal wounds.Name: Ruyi Jingu Bang, Uncommon staff of the Dragon KingType: Anti-FortressRank: ARange: 99Maximum Targets: 1000Description: A multi purpose and Sun Wukong's main weapon of choice, it can change shape, multiply itself. Though it's main ability is that if it hits an enemy while Wukong is above the ground, it'll be able to hold down any beast or person with magic resistance lower than C+.Name: Cloud Walking BootsType: SpiritualRank: BRange: 1Maximum Targets: 2Description: It allows for Sun Wukong to summon a cloud of which they and another ally can ride the cloud, while it can move at walking speeds if it's needed, it can also go up at hyper sonic speeds if needed, for comparison North American X-15. One side effect it has, is that whoever is riding it, will barely feel the wind or wind pressure, as well as be unable to fall off the cloud unless either they themselves desire to do so, or should Wukong desire for them to fall off. It is also what qualifies him as a rider class.『Personality』Sun Wukong is by all accounts and purposes, extremely cocky. They do not take orders from people they don't like and do not obey orders they don't like, they are quite simple just like that and for that reason it can be hard to reason with them. However one good way to make them obey, is to just... Stroke their ego, tell them how great they are or on the other hand, you can humiliate them saying things like "Oh, so you can't do it?" and that should get them to react accordingly.However, if people they care about and enjoy the praise or just general company of begin to call them things such as "Useless" or "Unreliable" they may stop fighting for the time being and just hide in some corner to be upset, until they get an apology or find some way to prove themselves.Romance wise, they are also very simple and they can get in a relationship with anyone if they like them enough, though they may also pull things like... Changing their gender and body form to fit that of what their partner likes. They do not handle rejection very well, not in an angry way, but a sad way, as they'll also hide themselves for a while until they feel better.『Appearance』Male form: Male Monkey Form: Female Form: Female Monkey Form:  

Fate, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Grand Order


01/18/2023 12:08 PM 


Bio (Rough draft)Name: Astrid WulfingRace: AasimarAge:N/A (varies depending on Rp)Sex:Female Orientation: StraightStatus: SingleHeight: 5’1-5’6 (varies depending on Rp)Bio: Astrid a fateful daughter to Ragnar Wulfing   was raised alongside strong and courageous Warriors known as Drengers. While working and living alongside them she learned to become skillful proficient handling a bow and arrow and small axe as a young child she was known to be brave and fearless in some situations at a young age. Often she was known for climbing buildings, trees, and cliff sides just for fun. She was also not shy about befriending or hunting the local wildlife while forging the land for herbs and other goodies or tending to the fields.she learned to help people through healing herbs She enjoyed life in the little village but all changed when the village was an attack. while many of their best fighters including her father were away. The village was attacked by a group of berserkers, buildings were engulfed in flames while the blood of the villagers stained the pure white snow. All were thought to be lost yet Astrid who tried to fight for her home had fallen wounded from the battle only survived her body hidden under some of the other fallen.(more to come soon and some details may change.)Skills/ abilitiesbeast mark. - she is able to take over control or embody a beast such as birds (ravens eagles) Wolfs and bears  The stronger the beast is will depend on whether she's awake when she takes control or if she in a slumbering state. Whatever beast she takes control of she will bare a tattoo-like mark somewhere on her body. it can come in the form of wings, or prints. skilled gathering, tracking, and hunting


Dark Trinity.

01/17/2023 04:41 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

1. Don't steal from my page. I have worked hard on working on the layout, images, and overall theme on my site. Please do not steal from it. Should you need help with anything; simply ask me and I shall help you.2. I am a literate roleplayer which means I will use complete sentences, proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I also write in third person format which is sometimes hard to grasp so I understand if there are a few mistakes here and there.3. Please put some effort into our roleplay; I do not want to be the only one putting effort into writing things out for our storyline and you writing with an "k" or "okay what do you want to do now?" - it seriously irritates me. 4. I am somewhat busy in real life and have a set schedule so I will have to be away from my computer and during the times I find myself away all I ask for from you is patience and I will get back to you as soon as I can.5. I do not mind talking out of character and getting to know others outside of roleplaying so long as it doesn't get out of hand and people start fighting over stupid things that don't mean anything outside of the computer. Honestly, what are you going to do? Capslock me to death?6. I do not mind how you contact me. If you feel more comfortable with contacting and discussing possible storylines in the comment section that is fine with me and starters and actual roleplays happening in messages is also fine with me; whatever makes you comfortable.7. I am a single ship account. Which means my character will only have ONE love interest which he willl be LOYAL to when he is ready to settle with someone. If this happens and he is CLAIMED, please LEAVE THEM ALONE.8. I will NOT write with minors under the ages of 18 and 21 as I am a 33 female in real life and in a relationship in real life. Please do not add me if you are an underage account. Especially if you are underage in real life as well.9. Do not send "attacking" messages to either me or my friends. I will report and block your ass for starting drama and settle the situation on the spot. I will handle the situation by stopping it before it gets worse. 10. I have mental health issues in real life; if this site becomes a problem and my mental health becomes jeapordized I will take a hiatus and do something else for a while. I will not let this become toxic like I have in the past. 11. I am an experienced writer and have at least 12 + years on my belt (not to brag) but should you require help understanding literacy, let me know and I will do my best to help out. 12. NSFW is prohibited as I do not want my site to become purely smxt based roleplays. It MUST BE BUILT UP TO THAT. 13. Mature themes are welcomed but will not be the majority focus for storylines and plot. Given Rin's occupation and backstory, those topics are inevitable but accounts that llook for senseless smut will be turned away. 14. No god-moding. I rarely fight during roleplaying anymore since most people like to take it too far and arguments happen. I usually do casual and slice of life themes and sometimes things can get pretty dark and twisted, even bloody.15. Have fun and remember this is supposed to be a fun hobby so if it starts being anything more or less I will cease contact and go on either a mini hiatus or a permanent one.

Dark Trinity.

01/17/2023 02:16 PM 

profile subject: Rin Yamura.
Current mood:  accomplished

x name: rin yamura.x date of birth: febuary 12.x age: 18. x gender: male.x  astrological sign: aquarious.x location: kyoto japan.x species: werewolf.x height: 5'3''x weight: 155 pounds. x hair color: blonde. x eye color: violet.x skin complexion: soft peachx family: Hanzo Yamura (father, alive), Sayuri Yamura (deceased). x siblings: only child.x children: none. x tattoos: none.x piercings: tongue, lips.x birthmarks: none.x birthscars: none.x battlescars: none. x beautymarks: none.x drugs: sometimes.x smoking: yes.x drinking: never.x relationship status: single. x sexual orientation: gay. x position: switch.x  enjoys: hanging out with friends, sushi , carrots, loud and heavy metal music, dancing, playing video games, walking around town, ditching school, texting on his phone, sleeping, eating, dungeons and dragons, partying, drinking, smoking, bargian hunting, window shopping, daydreaming, thinking , water, herbal tea, the color purple.x loathes: gossip, hypocrites, drama, 

ʟɪʟ ʜᴀᴛ 'ɴ ᴄʟᴏɢs

01/16/2023 02:58 PM 


Notations From the Writer: Expectations: I have a busy life, so I won't always be online. Please don't rush me for replies and what not. I have "adult" shіt to tend to before I can play, know what I mean? Same goes for you. Take all the time you need, I'll wait patiently.Roleplay: Drama, comedy, conflicts, and intense moments are all encouraged. I very much enjoy dramatic scenes and light hearted moments that builds strong bonds between characters. As for romance, I don't write strictly romantic storylines, some light romance in our story is okay if the chemistry's there.Storyline: I prefer to discuss a storyline rather than not. I'd hate to work on a spontaneous starter and send it just for a person not to have an interest in writing with me in the first place. Kind of a waste of time.Length: I roleplay multi-para and novella only. I lean more towards multi-para, though if you prefer novella, I will meet that requirement.Scaramouche: He is NOT NICE and I intend to stay in character with our roleplays. Please don't take this personally. I, the writer, am very nice, but Scaramouche... not so much. So expect sh*t talking, expect aloofness, and expect him to not be friendly with your character. Even if he likes you, his bad attitude isn't going to change.  

𝓔lpis 。

01/16/2023 02:48 PM 


001.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀first and foremost ; the mun behind angela is an adult over the age of thirty. with that being said , they absolutely wont interact with minors of any kind ; both out of character and in character.002.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀patience is key and the odds of me replying right away are slim to none. with that said , i prefer random banter over discussed ideas.  i write on discord , too.just ask for it ! 003.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀i understand angela is owned by blizzard entertainment. however , all headcanons and aesthetics are of my own creation. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀do not take them , please.( if you see an image or psd you find interest in , don't hesitate to ask as i might have it saved and can send it your way ! )004. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀angela is multi-ship but very chemistry based. do not assume that our characters will have a non - platonic relationship right off the bat ; it takes awhile for me to get comfortable to ship with people. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀with that said , you'll notice i primarily ship with my main reaper + moira. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀they are my main writing partners but dont let this discourage you from contacting me.005.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀i will never write smut !006.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀finally , the most important : my comfort > everything else. if i , at any time , feel uncomfortable i will remove myself from a situation. please , understand , that it isn't personal but my mental health is far more important and with this being a hobby , roleplay will not become a stressor.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ if you , in any way , have an issue with me / something that i've done please come to me. i'm an understanding person and a lot of the time , assumptions can be a misunderstanding quickly fixed with a basic conversation.  THANK YOU FOR READING !


01/16/2023 02:45 PM 


DISCLAIMER: THE ONLY ART ON THIS ACCOUNT THAT BELONGS TO ME IS THE ART LABELED “MY ART” CREDITS OTHERWISE GO TO THE ARTISTExplanation: age regression is a coping mechanism where the user goes into the headspace of a small child to cope with trauma, stress, mental health, for fun, ect. This is in NO WAY a kink and is generally used to either re-parent, or regain a childish carefree state of mind where one would otherwise be distressed. If your not OK with this please just tell me :( it's not a must for our RP’s. AGE PLAY ACCOUNTS / SMUT WILL BE BLOCKED.RULES!!!1. I prefer to play with socially dominant characters. A good enough amount of the characters I play are timid or need a calmer person to ground them.2. NO SMUT!!! UNDER NO CONDITIONS SHOULD THERE BE SEXUAL ACTIONS TOWARDS MY CHARACTERS!!3. This account has a focus on age regression and trauma. MOST of the characters I play have been abused and a lot of them use age regression to cope. If age regression is an issue with you I can cut that out however trauma is a major thing for most of my RPs.4. If there isn't angst I will get bored. That's just that. I can do fluffy too but most of the time angst and hurt comfort is a major thing that I have in my RPs.5. I do not care what you do to my characters as long as it's not sexual. In other accounts I have M/C being literally physically harmed by Y/C. I prefer it. It went more of the hurt/comfort x whump way if we do that then a hurt no comfort way but I’m good with either!6. As much as this is an age regression account I do have limits when it comes to that stuff. Vaguely undressing and redressing a character is fine as long as it's not sexualized. Please DO NOT MAKE IT SEXUAL. I don't do diapers or breast-feeding either. I'd prefer if you treated my character as their mental age. Meaning if the character regresses to 8 (very rare regression age for my characters. Usually they regress to 1-4) or are physically an 8 year old. I expect them to be treated more maturely than a 4 year old.7. And going off that please PLEASE do not message me like this: “i-i sowwy *[insert action]*” It's just cringe. If you're regressed I have more tolerance for the word slurring but no stuttering over text please. Obviously if were RPing and your character has a stutter different but im talking out of character8. I play many different genders of characters. Mostly characters using she/her or he/they pronouns but please please do not assume my characters gender before the character is shown. I've had people assume my male characters are girls. Even if the character LOOKS masculine people assume their a girl (talking about lunar and sun). And yeah I get some of my male characters are transgender (mostly my OC’s, Joey, and Shuio) and might have something slightly feminine looking to them but for ease just use they/them pronouns or wait for me to introduce the character. OR just state what gender you want my character to be! Most of the time I'm fine doing genderbends! But i'm not too strict on this and if you mess up ill very nicely let you know that my character [insert character)9. I prefer to play with people who can play a paragraph and up but I can make it work.10. Hurt comfort skills however. Are basically a must for RPing with me.code word is kitten!!


01/15/2023 09:20 PM 

The Basics

Name: Yuriko Kichi SatoFirst name meaning: Perfect.Middle name meaning lucky/fortunateLast name meaning: Sugar.Age: 19Hair: naturally black but dyed purpleEyes: BlueHeight: 5’5Weight: 135lbsPersonality: typically, the quiet type, Yuriko prefers to keep to herself, only engaging in conversation when it benefits her father, her career, or her social status. For those who can get to know the real her, she is rather sweet, thoughtful, shy, lonely, and quite inexperienced with life experiences. One may go so far as to call her naïve.Scars/tattoos/birthmark(s): a gnarly looking scar over her left breast where her heart is/ a semicolon as the body of her butterfly tattoo positioned in the center of her right wrist/ none.Nationality: JapaneseMother: DeceasedFather: Wealthy business ownerSiblings: None, only childCareer: Singer, SongwriterPopularity: Ranked 5th in the music industry and growing quickly.Background:Yuriko was born with a heart condition called Ventricular septal defect causing her to be in and out of the hospital frequently before and after requiring open heart surgery. Because of this and the stress it caused her family, her mother, once diagnosed with cancer, succumbed to the disease rather quickly, passing away merely a year after the diagnosis. Ever since then, Yuriko’s father has been overprotective of her, shielding her from most of the world and only allowing her to pursue her singing and writing career with special supervision. 

Marshal 'The Talk' of Wayrest

01/15/2023 11:14 PM 

Profile Codes

Hide sh*t <style>.latestblogentry {display: none;}.friendscomments {display:none;}.userprofileurl {display:none;}.contacttable {display:none;}.userprofiledetail{display:none;}tr {background-color: transparent;}.bodycontent td div div span a u {font-weight:normal;}.bodycontent tr {background-color:transparent;}.bodycontent table div br {line-height:0px;}.blurbs{display:none;}.friendSpace { display:none; }.contactTable { display: none; }.interestsAndDetails { display:none;}.latestBlogEntry { display:none; }.friendsComments { display:none; }.userProfileDetail{ display:none; }.extendednetwork {display:none;}.userProfileURL{display:none;}.interestsAndDetails { display:none;}.userProfileURL {display:none;}.orangetext15 {visibility:hidden; display:none;}br {line-height:1px;} .friendSpace, .friendsComments{display:none!important;}.interestsAndDetails { display:none; } table.interestsAndDetails, table.interestsAndDetails td {border:0px; background-color:transparent;} table.interestsAndDetails span.lightbluetext8, table.interestsAndDetails td.text {display:none;}table.interestsAndDetails td td {width:0px; padding:0px;} .interestsAndDetails{position:relative; top: 0px;} #googlebar{display:none;} .clearfix{display:none;} #footerWarpper{display:none;}.userAlbums { display:none; } .profileinfo {width: 300px!important; margin-bottom: -16px!important; display: none;} .nametext { font-family: "gobold"!important;color: #d2d2d2;font-size: 28px;display: block;font-weight: lighter!important;text-transform: uppercase;text-align: center;letter-spacing: 0px;background-color: #464646;text-shadow: 2px 0px #334643, 2px 0px #334643;padding-left: 2px;line-height: 36px;margin-bottom: 4px;} td.text table {position:relative; top: -6px;} .whitetext12{display: none;}.lightbluetext8{display: none;}.lightbluetext8 {display:none;}table table table table td {width:0px;}.contactTable td, table table td.text table td,table table table table table td {width:auto;}</style>  

Marshal 'The Talk' of Wayrest

01/14/2023 04:46 PM 

The Story

Introduction  The story goes that once the young knight grabbed the weapon there was a distinct change in the mans demeanor, he would lead his company out from behind enemy lines by slaying an entire legion squadron by unexpecting squadron in an endless tactical escape which took two months for the company to reach allied territory. That company then disbanded from the daggerfall army and became the band of wayrest as Marshal as their commander and leader. With such a weapon in his possesion none made an immediate complaint on the band's presence in the populace of wayrest public because the empire already had its hands full and its coffers tied to the war efforts, with all invested all it could do was watch closely as it could afford to extend no favors. However Marshal came in with the white peace offering, seeking a place to establish his house and a home for his soldiers. The High King of Highrock accepted, being able to hold office in wayrest while he could allocate forces to drive away Marshal seemed logical enough. However! The Vassals and mayors of Wayrest held a council meeting with all of their members and knights and it seemed as if they had fabricated a claim that would have Marshal sat on the throne of Wayrest by gaining independence from the Highking. Marshal was in attendance of the meeting along with twenty of his guardsmen and the rest stationed all around the city. The contract was signed and the scheme to take wayrest was nearly finished when..... Like clockwork the Highking's army and his available commanding officer and knights had sallied inside the city on their steeds with no resistance being shown to them, it seemed eerie to the attackers to see the civilians watching from inside their homes, like they where awaiting an uncoming horror. When half the army had filled in the city streets a sudden bang could be heard from the gates and to no ones suprise all hell suddenly broke loose as the horsemen spread out in search of their invaders but could find no one, the split army on the outside began to scream bloody horror as smoke lit up the sky from the outside. Checkmate. The ambush had worked so successfuly that the battle was called off as the highking would accepted defeat based on the fact that Marshal had trapped his most elite troops inside the castle with no way of escaping without raising the gate which would take them at least an hour with the amount of weight of the door and the need to raise it manually. The knife on the back of the highking was that and the end of the line where his son was commanding his army on his orders was captured due to the ability of his soldiers in the back which had fire catapults razing them to death. Those who were left on the outside where all captured and taken hostage into thei encampment outside the walls. The fun part was having the soldiers on the inside forced to raise the wall for us, while they poked fun at the breton prince, I managed to help him out and gave him a soldiers tent and five guards to keep him safe, he was appreciative of my gesture. The night came and went and by morning the soliders sallied out and collected their dead and their prince before riding back to their home. This is how I become the first king of wayrest.

Marshal 'The Talk' of Wayrest

01/14/2023 04:21 PM 

Lifestyle & Education

Education:Military AdministrationLifestyleSkill TraitsMilitary EngineerWinter Soldier StrategistReaverPersonalityGallantLustfulBraveSadisticSpouse(s): UnmarriedChildren: No HeirsFamily: EmptyFriends: EmptyRivals: EmptyCourt: EmptyVassals: EmptyAlliances: The Band of Wayrest

𝘯𝘢𝘨𝘪 𝘴𝘦𝘪𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘳𝘰

01/14/2023 03:44 PM 


"Nagi, look alive!" Reo's smile was as bright as the sun. He was really happy here on the field, chasing around a soccer ball and practicing passes. Nagi didn't want to look alive, he wanted to look asleep. In his bed. Until noon. This was not that. He wasn't sure how Reo had convinced him to start the soccer club, but their first game was coming up this weekend and since they were all fresh at this, Reo took point as Team Captain and made sure everyone was bright and early for drills every day leading up to it. It was only natural, after all. Reo was student body president. Reo's family was the richest in the area. Reo was the most popular person in school. He was in charge of everything he touched. Even worse, he was painstakingly nice, bribing Nagi with lavish gifts and even giving him piggy-back rides from practice when he insisted he was too tired to walk. He'd regale him with stories about soccer heroes, going on about his dream to win the World Cup for Japan one day.The rest of the team almost felt bought and paid for. Not that they weren't bad at soccer, but that they took this as a fun extra-curricular activity that would get them extra points when it was time to move on from secondary school. The only person Reo really cared about was Nagi, who fired shots with the force of a shotgun blast, and could recieve a pass with his eyes closed. Nagi had almost magical reflexes that Reo decided they'd need.Unfortunately, he also happened to be completely devoid of any motivation. Nagi doubled over at the deep end and curled up in the grass. It was still wet with morning dew. Another reminder it was too early to be awake. "I'm tired," he said when he noticed Reo jogging up to him. How the hell did he have so much energy this early in the day? Nagi squinted his eyes up at Reo. "Are you on drugs?"Reo stuck out his hand and grinned. "C'mon, we'll run some laps and then we can hit the showers."Nagi groaned. Laps. The absolute worst.

Marshal 'The Talk' of Wayrest

01/14/2023 02:49 PM 

Marshal's Character Sheet

DetailsFirst name: MarshalLast name: VolendrungNickname: 'The Talk' - Whispers abound around the city of wayrest which suggest that a faction has risen up to install Marshal of Wayrest as the rightful ruler of the capital of Highrock. Age: 18Race: BretonPhysical AppearanceSkin Type: Fair, AlbinoHair Type: Long, shaved on the sides like a viking.Hair Color: Albino Blonde, sometimes appears darker because of dirt/blood/etc.Eyes: Icy BlueBody type: Athletic, RobustHeight: 6'0 ftWeight: 200 lbsBody Markings: a tribal lion tattoo on the center of his left peck, and a tribal scorpion tattoo on his left underarm by his wrist. Piercings: Two nipple piercings on each nipple so they both form x's. A nose bridge tattoo. Four tongue piercings. Two classic earlobe piercings- one on each ear.FashionWears a black button up cotton shirt adorned with a diamond dragon scale plating chest piece, and a xtra large thick military grade jacket to hide under from the winter cold.. His cammo greaves where well insulated beneath the light yet well fortified breton craftmanship. He possessed magical artifacts that he took and brought home from his war expeditions, he wore them everywhere and it is said that they give him the powers which have been influencing his realm. Some are rightfully terrified of him, yet more will be soon.ArtifactsVolendrung: A Hammer that is rumored to have been forged by the gods, our dear Marshal Found it in his expedition inside cyrodil.  

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