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01/10/2023 05:24 PM 

Sage (Character Info)

Name: Sage (Her true name is unknown)Age: Unknown (Looks to be in her late 20's)Height: 5'6Skin Tone: PaleEye Color: Greenish Blue (Depends on the light)Hair Color: Ashy SilverPersonality: Polite, reserved, charming, observant, well-mannered, sweet, caring, independentSexual Orientation: Female - Pansexual  (More will be added ASAP)


01/09/2023 11:33 PM 

My Rules

These are just simple rules and info I wish to share with everyone. Please don't rush me for replies, I am an adult and irl can get busy from time to time for me. The only thing I'm not too fond of in rp is scat and vore, other than that anything goes. I love details and literacy in rp, but I understand typos happen, not gonna attack you for that. I'm not looking for an rp relationship (being a couple) but I'm very welcoming to friendships. Please no drama and try to be as kind and respectful as possible. My OC's info will be posted in their own blog. (They will be posted ASAP) I only rp as my OC, so I won't play any other characters if people ask me to, I'm sorry. When it comes to any smut in rp, I really enjoy the story involved with it, it's just my preference. I won't do any mature 18+ rp's with anybody under age. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.♡♡♡


01/09/2023 09:41 PM 

Current mood:  chill    She was always attracted to shiny things. Beautiful things.Things that didn't belong to her.Things that were worth their weight in gold.Things that weren't worth quite as much.It was the thrill. The excitement of her heart racing, her adrenaline pumping before she--Cracked the safe. Disabled the lock. Tampered with the security systems.She mused about this quite proudly in her involuntary confinement at Arkham, sitting upon an uncomfortably hard chair in a small, ghastly-lit box of a room...while a degreed know-it-all peered at her in blank-faced judgment. How could she obtain joy from taking things? What was once a necessity to live evolved into something more akin to a nasty habit.Kleptomania. Kleptomaniac.An official diagnosis that Selina Kyle paid no mind to. Labels made doctors feel good about themselves. Made them feel like all those years of study paid off in the form of being able to call their patients some form of unwell.Accurate it may be, the klepto would be eventually be released from her confines.She wasted no time being back at home on the streets. In the alleyways.Still attracted to those shiny things.Beautiful things.Things.   subZERO

drabbles, challenges, catwoman, dc, comics

🍋 ・⛧ 𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐓𝐇 ⛧・

01/08/2023 07:26 PM 

TLDR; Disclaimer

𓆩♡𓆪this is a roleplay tldr; click here for full disclaimer/rules/etc  .np1-body{ width: 700px; background: #f1f1f1; padding: 2px; border: 1px solid #ccc; margin: 20px auto; } .np1-extra{ background: #fbfbfb; border: 1px solid #ccc; padding: 5px; } .np1-header{ height: 90px; background: #161616; padding: 10px; border: 1px solid #fbfbfb; } .np1-header-text{ text-transform: uppercase; font-family: 'VT323', monospace; color: #fbfbfb; font-size: 45px; margin-left: 37px; margin-top: 30px; letter-spacing: 4px; } .np1-header b{ color: #45d6c8 ; color:#313131; font-size:45px; font-weight: bold; -webkit-animation:colorchange 20s infinite alternate; } @-webkit-keyframes colorchange { 0% { color: blue; } 10% { color: #8e44ad; } 20% { color: #1abc9c; } 30% { color: #d35400; } 40% { color: blue; } 50% { color: #34495e; } 60% { color: blue; } 70% { color: #2980b9; } 80% { color: #f1c40f; } 90% { color: #2980b9; } 100% { color: pink; } } } .np1-header-text-sub{ font-family: 'Overpass Mono', monospace; font-size: 10px; margin-left: 25px; color: #fbfbfb; } .np1-right{ background: url(; width: 150px; height: 400px; margin-left: 536px; border: 1px solid #45d6c8; margin-top: 1px; } .np1-post{ border: 1px solid #ccc; padding: 40px; width: 453px; margin-top: -402px; height: 280px; overflow-y:scroll; overflow-x: hidden; text-align: justify; scrollbar: font-size: 14px; } .np1-post b{ font-family: 'Overpass Mono', monospace; font-size: 20px; lette-height: 1.0; -webkit-animation:colorchange 20s infinite alternate; } @-webkit-keyframes colorchange { 0% { color: blue; } 10% { color: #8e44ad; } 20% { color: #1abc9c; } 30% { color: #d35400; } 40% { color: blue; } 50% { color: #34495e; } 60% { color: blue; } 70% { color: #2980b9; } 80% { color: #f1c40f; } 90% { color: #2980b9; } 100% { color: pink; } } .np1-bottom{ padding: 10px; background: #000000; width: 515px; margin-top: 1px; font-family: 'Overpass Mono', monospace; font-size: 10px; text-align: center; -webkit-animation:colorchange 20s infinite alternate; } @-webkit-keyframes colorchange { 0% { color: blue; } 10% { color: #8e44ad; } 20% { color: #1abc9c; } 30% { color: #d35400; } 40% { color: blue; } 50% { color: #34495e; } 60% { color: blue; } 70% { color: #2980b9; } 80% { color: #f1c40f; } 90% { color: #2980b9; } 100% { color: pink; } } Disclaimer   Helloo! I would like to apologize for my future ghosting spells. As we all know, life gets overwhelming and I do have responsibilities. In addition, I have other hobbies outside of roleplay, so its hard to juggle all of them. I had retired from roleplay and though I am not as active in it, I still dont mind writing. So Let me provide some information for the people who have me added and the people I have planned roleplays with.I. I will attemtpt to reply 2-3times out of the week.I know that may seem a bit disappointing, but I need to ease my way into roleplay again and not have this feel like a job. I hope you can understand. Especially for roleplays that will dive into multi para to novella. That takes effort and I want to prioritize quality when it comes to bulk replies.II. Banter/Shorts will have fasterreplies.There are no guarantees I will respond back super fast, but I will try my best! Just like my bulk replies, I will still put out quality in banter/short replies. I expect the same in return. c:III. "No time to waste, here's mysheet-"For those of you who don't want to take forever. Here is a roleplay discussion sheet. I can review it and I will create one for me as well to send to you. From there, we can work it out. c: OH! It's free usage too.IV. I am NOT a fantasy/highfantasy roleplayer. I'm looking atcanon people.Okay, maybe this is false but its true. I am flexible. It is not like those qualities don't necessarily exist. They exist, but in a supernatural/scifi kind of way. Sci-Fantasy? Biblical, perhaps? Yeeah that :D I will do somevictorian era writing to dive into my characters past. Even beyond that. So I can engage with some fantasy roleplayers (if it makes sense). But to be clear. my character takes place in a very modern/scifi/dystopian/cyberpunk era and biblical themed. So for many that roleplay popular canon character, I cannot interact with your naruto oc, yugioh, dragon ball z, pokemon, etc. You know what I mean? It just doesnt make sense. But if you want to stick around to be friends, thats cool too. c:V. Please message me respectfully.It's just weird message someone "hey baby" or something like that. It's not appropriate. I will just block you. I'm block happy.VI. If you are impatient, go ahead and block me, babe.I have a job. I have other hobbies. I go outside and touch grass regularly. I have a life. Sometimes, I completely lose my muse and I dont want to force it. In fact, I write with people outside of ani. So it is alot. I require patience, but if you need something quick. Im probably not it.VII. Don't add me if you want smut.Sorry, I can't help you. Especially if that is your sole purpose.VIII. Drink some water or else.👊🏽😠 Don't make me take off my chancla, dehydrated @$$.IX. Be unserious sometimes I like comedic writing, its what I do. I find it fun.X. I can do storyline combatroleplay. The outcome of fights should be determined through communication and how we plan to move forward.That's all that I have for you for now. Thank you for taking the time to read. Thank you for adding me. THANK YOU! c: January 3, 2023

disclaimer, roleplay, rules

Kent Conner

01/08/2023 05:16 PM 

Kent Conner

Kent ConnerNerd - Jock.Kent is a great student and and pretty Charming YOung to most people. He's a bit Shy at first and often keeps to himself but tends to warm up to people. He lives with his Step-father his only living 'family'. His Father Looks down on the young for being for femiminie nature. HE was stuck with him after his mother had dies 3 years prior. His Father Dislikes his unmanly ways and  lack of muscles.His step-father fed up sent Kent away to Camp or School to get him to man up against his will but When his son Returned it was more then he Bargined for. The Nerd Fully Jocked out took on a new adittude and habits. Even seeming like a threat to his own step father.


01/08/2023 01:14 PM 


1: I do not like mutes, if you hve not replied to me within a month, you will be deleted. If I sent you a message to get your attention asking if you've been busy and I get a reply back. You will not be deleted.2: Don't like the reply or starter? Let me know before you delete me. I'm not a mind reader and I've had people delete me right away with a response they didn't like. I can re-do it for you.3: If I'm away for too long, do the same as rule #1.4: I will only do mature role-plays with people that put it in their profiles as well. If I don't see it in yours then I won't do it and I won't force it upon you.

𝘯𝘢𝘨𝘪 𝘴𝘦𝘪𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘳𝘰

01/08/2023 01:17 PM 


The ride home was long and uneventful. By the time he put on his seatbelt and leaned his head against the window in the backseat of a cab, his phone had died."Hey,"Nagi lifted his head. "Huh?"The driver was peering at him through the rearview. "Are you Seishiro Nagi?"He laid his head against the window again, still wishing he was two feet tall. The only thing he could think about was the look on Micha's face when he passed him. "No. But I get that a lot."


01/07/2023 09:22 PM 

Elizabeth Shinohara (Info)

♞Full Name: Elizabeth Shinohara♞Sex: Female♞Race: Human♞Birth date: April 24♞Age: 19♞Height: 5'7♞Weight: 122 lbs♞Occupation: High School Student, SamuraiP̶a̶s̶t̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶M̶o̶d̶e̶r̶n̶ ̶S̶a̶m̶u̶r̶a̶i̶ ̶W̶a̶r̶r̶o̶r̶ ̶♞Element: Ice User.♞Personality: Friendly, can sometimes be bratty, Protective of her friends and family.♞Hobbies: Gaming, Sword training, Armor searching, mastering her ice element.♞Likes: Instant Noodles, Slaying Demons♞Dislikes: Evil intentions, the Old King she once served with her twin.♞Weapon Types: Katana♞Twin Sister: Tsukasa Shinohara 【Background Information】 Unlike her twin sister, she is full of energy constantly bouncing off the walls and wanting to help people that she deems need to be helped as pleased. During a certain age, she was trained of the ways of the samurai and began to be trained by ways of the sword of samurai, even learning some of the important skill's and defending herself is what she needed along with armor that were best fit. Eventually going through Samurai training, she went through Ninja training to learn the next way to get strong to protect something that would matter to her. After getting trained for a harsh Samurai and Ninja way, while The Evil King that her sister had worked for would take her and her sister in she would work for him for awhile. It hadn't been long, she did some pretty bad jobs and list's to do and even had to stain her own hands a few times, while she felt bad for having to kill someone with her own two hands or even by the sword she was taught to never use on the people. After the King had been killed off, her sister had vanished with a pinkette princess vampire, Eliza would slowly leave the kingdom that she thought would be the best place for her to stay but it wasn't she wandered around the endless ways of the desert, slaying monsters that she needed to kill on quests as some 'Rogue Samurai Mercenary,' that needed money for the job. Before this she found some she liked and pledge to protect with her very own life that she found on one of her times for being out in public doing duties and all that stuff. Eventually on one last mission, ended in her demise as she would die from being fatality stabbed to death from other people who had it out for her because of the King that she had served and lived with by the oath. Reincarnating into a second life, she had forgotten the name she once knew, but she is now searching for her sister to be reunited with her and find the one girl she protected for a year as a samurai/ninja life.  Updated A little bit (Sengoku Period.)   While being the only person in person in The Shinohara Clan to wield ice when she inherited from her ancestor at the birth, Eli was somehow the only person to resemble of Emiko Fujimori by incarnation of the Fujimori’s second princess who passed away some years ago by some unknown disease that had no cure for the time. While Eli had gotten to a certain age, she was told to take up the sword and train because one day she will have to protect Fujimori Princess Tsuki when the time is right. Despite Eli and the Princess being childhood friends with, Elizabeth then made her way into the main room of the Shinohara villa while, walking in she would get on her knees right in front of her father and mother who were in the charge of the clan at the time, while being told she was needed to go on a quest and defeat some witches in which she did.   Eli is still young at her age, but she didn’t object to her family wishes, while she was handed the clan’s most prized weapon the kuro sheathed weapon, the clans famous generation weapon The Darkroarer she was shocked that her family was giving her the weapon that not even anyone in this family could take despite the weapon being a cursed weapon with a spirited demon in it alright.   Eli had taken the kuro sheath up weapon, while she felt the demonic gear had awakened and such from her touch realizing the sword was alive and due their connection was growing strong from the source of touch and Ki energy. An with this Eli would set off, leaving The Shinohara village and headed towards the location where the one thing she had to be at on horseback, and soon would be seen parting away heading towards the direction, while keeping the regins on the horseback and would use to whip the sides gently to make them go faster alright. Soon she would arrive at her destination Elizabeth would get off the horse, and start walking towards the location, while having to pull her blade out and slash down some goblins and other monsters that got in her way till she got inside of the cave that was the entrance. Walking down the paths, she was finally able to find the witches that had been causing so much chaos and problems to the world, and the nearby villages that they had been wanting to kill people with curses and hexes to gain some of the wealth that most of the riches that the people had been using for greed and other many bad things, Elizabeth would soon begin to face them after a few talks in which she fought them taking damage as well and finally she slain the last witch, as her victory was happy but before one of the witches that had her sword stabbed into her she would soon curse Elizabeth with a curse that would carry on to her in the next life, and the acts of betrayal and the life of being immortal would always cause her despair and suffering and even making her body be always cold even if she can control her own ice element in general,from the last cackle of the witch that had died from Elizabeth’s blade. Once the corpses were slain, Elizabeth would soon use gluttony a skill that was unlocked, and due to the voice inside of her mind telling her to do it, she would do it in general gaining some power as well, soon after that Elizabeth would start walking back to her horse and climb on top of it and ride off back to her own home village to report back to her family elders of what she done.   The next month would come by, as Elizabeth was now bodyguard towards her childhood friend Princess Tsuki in which the life of being bodyguard was fun to the point Elizabeth enjoyed her times, while the two had some very feelings for each other but Elizabeth couldn’t really do anything since it was forbidden towards her and the princess and since she was merely a sword to her and could be disposed of once and for all. While Elizabeth and Tsuki were always walking around the palace of Fujimori kingdom together, sometimes they sneak into private chambers to do some unforgiven sins to each other in how young love was, it was truly something the two of them would do for each other in general. While time of the happy times were going, things seemly went down south afterwards when the palace was raided by a horde of demons and a beast tamer had, when it was a rainy day Elizabeth had woken up in her little hut she had on the castle grounds that was close by the princess chambers and her room, the smell of burning things woken her up in the rain storm as Elizabeth got up she felt something was wrong with the malice of monster energy she detected with her ki energy Elizabeth would grab her kuro katana and open her door to come out, but she barely had the chance to block with her blade as goblin club came swinging at her as she was went flying and hit the wall of her hut, coughing up blood some as she was in pain some while getting herself up again she would come dashing towards the goblin and slice it’s head off and soon she began to start fighting her way towards the castle and to seek out her dear princess, she is supposed to guard in general. As the time went on when Elizabeth was hurrying her way through the castle area, while heading towards the secret area that she knew where they take the royal bloodline at, while she did have an arrow in her shoulder it didn’t stop her from trying to get to her destination while blood dripping from her wounds Elizabeth would use her ice element to freeze it so it didn’t bleed much anymore, soon enough after getting to the location of the secret passage Elizabeth would arrive and open the doors to her surprise the only thing she seen was blood, while getting to where she seen most of the royal family had been killed or injured in the progress to escape. Investigating she seen that who she is looking for is not their, so she would continue to walk towards the next trails of blood that are in the area, till she found the last area of knowing of the royals would go in escape to get out of the castle, while still moving towards the next layer of the area Elizabeth finally had found the princess and her mother and father she was happy to see, but noticed that her king and queen were slain and only to see Tsuki was alive. She called out to her name, which she noticed the princess was holding the blade but a few monsters were slain by her since it seemed they got attacked by the demons that invaded, Eli would run up to her and was happy to see the one thing she loved and her precious childhood friend was alright while they did reunite they soon would escape together through the final corridor and would be out on the open fields and staring at the burning Fujimori Kingdom was destroyed by the demons and everything, while noticing but Tsuki was possessed by a Phantom something that has been around for awhile in this era which Elizabeth would soon feel a blade stab into her chest while coughing up blood she seen it was Tsuki who had done it she was horrified by the sudden betrayal by her princess, while seeing her eyes were not the same giving off purple reddish aura on her body, and now feeling the sword be pulled out of her as blood sprayed everywhere covering Tsuki and the ground as Elizabeth body was starting to get cold as her vision was fading away with the light now leaving but before she passed away she heard the words of balisik poison something deadly to anyone including demons, and the poison blood would soon even move on to her in the next life if she even reincarnates. Elizabeth just died and the mysterious figure appeared taking the blade and soon vanishing for the long run now and Elizabeth's life came to an end by betrayal by a curse and tainted blood.  


01/07/2023 06:04 PM 

Meulin Headcanons

~ She wears out her voice often from how loudly she speaks, since she can't hear how loud shes being. When this happens, she usually gets moody and just signs if she feels like communicating. ~ Her book of fanfictions and ships is longer than Game of Thrones. Even she doesn't remember everything she's written in it ~ Meulin does the devil's lettuce. Quite frequently, in fact. Her favorite person to smoke with is Kurloz (obviously), and she has a bong shaped like a cat (also obviously) ~ When she gets real excited, she'll either sign along with what she's saying, or flap her fists quickly as a form of stimming ~ She does have memory issues, which spawned her habit of writing things down so frequently. When combined with her writing fo friend-fiction, sometimes she confuses reality with fiction and needs to be reminded ~ If she choses you as a friend, be prepared to be pestered, bothered and annoyed at all turns. But in exchange she's very loyal and will stay with you through thick and thin ~ She's able to make a variety of noises to express herself, most commonly, purring and clicking. If she's upset, usually she'll make a low rumble


01/06/2023 09:51 PM 

Rikimaru Kobayashi

Name - Rikimaru KobayashiNicknames - Riki, Wolf, Riki-Tiki (only people close call me this),Gender - Male Age - Unknown [ Looks barely change, looks to be 21-30 years old (which is generally how I role play him.)]Species - Half Vampire; Half Lycanthrope (think of the movie underworld) Occupation - Assassin, bodyguard, wandererOrientation - Straight Relationship Status - SingleLover - Started dating - {Past Relationships Aikou, Honiahaka, Gwyn} Aikou started dating - Unknown Honiahaka started dating -UnknownGwyn started and ended - 2020Children - 3 (with Honiahaka) Cayden, Mingan, and Ada Family -[Mother] Anne Kobayashi (Deceased)[Father]  Kaede Kobayashi (Deceased)[Older brother] Max Kobayashi[Younger Brother] Blaze Kobayashi[Sister] Flare Kobayashi[Children] Ada, Cayden, and Mingan (Unknown status) Appearance -Skin Color - Soft pale color, tan when summer is around. Hair Color - GreyHairstyle/length - Usually shortEye Color - Mixed, green, blue, sometimes redHeight - 6'2" Weight - 220 Piercings/Tattoos - No piercings, tattoo on left chest Drink/Smoke/Drugs - On occasion/ No / No Dressing style - Casual, though when it comes to going out.. he knows how to impress. Mainly dressed in black trenchcoat to hide varioius weapons and wears a skin tight shirt and cargo pants.Other - Mostly muscle, strong, well trained.  Personality -Kind, always willing to give anyone a chance. Strong willed, and stubborn mind, tries to see the beauty in everything. Naturally lost in thought, but has a tendency to be down upon himself. Though he is inhuman - does his best to blend in with the crowd. Even so much as to have a job, and regulate his life like any regular human. Loves learning, and working with his hands, usually found dismantling his firearms or cleaning his bladed weaponry. Family is important - perhaps one of the most important. Is currently attempting to find away to revive his family, unknown if he should attempt to rebuild his lost kingdom. Weapons -- Wolf companion named Tsume. Tsume is a special wolf who has abilities to disappear and reappear making him a valuable assassins compainion. - Has learned through the centeries that firearms are powerful and should be respected. Can use most if not all firearms in real world existance.- Knives / swords. Has a specially made Katana and dagger. The Katana is cursed, but can cut almost if not all material with ease. His dagger was a gift given to him by his late wife. The blade is as black as the Katana's and just as sharp.  Abilities -- (Each Combat RP (CRP) Riki starts he is strenghtening his resolve in his main ability; The Loom AKA The Twilight.) Magical abilities (though newly aquired except The Twilight.)- Twilight/Loom, able to will his shadow to travel into a pocket dimension which consists of multiple layers. Diving into this realm the user has to feed the realm slowly with energy to avoid from being consumed by it.- Able to use small amounts of magic, still unknown and unexplored. - Able to turn off his own signature, to be like a regular human. (In case of danger or secretive) - Rikimaru is part vampire and part werewolf. Has fast healing and enhanced senses. Doesn't need blood to survive per-se. But can use it to increase speed, strength, and healing. Riki can also get into a blood lust or rage depending on the scenario.  Special - - Can speak Japanese, German, and English. - Telepathic bond with Tsume (wolf). - Silver won't particulalrly kill him, but it will slow a lot of his abilities down. Has survived an artillary barage. - Has received a large scar down the left side of his head and some on his chest from experimentation and fighting. Has lost his memories before, but regained most of them when married to Honiahaka; thanks to her magical abilities.  --EXTRA-- Riki will always stand up for the little guy. Has played the body guard role and royal guard role in past RPs along with being an assassin for hire. Riki is able to be flexible for most RP scenarios depending on the mood.(Any other questions about this character please ask.) Bio -- Rikimaru lived his life as a contract killer for a mafia family until he decided to say no. This lead to the killing of his mother and father. He explored the world in hopes that they would never find him or his siblings. This lead to him being captured by a crazed doctor who experimented on him and others. Being a prisoner/guinea pig for big companies to decide on who would be the best soldier, Riki and others took it upon themselves to escape. A few stayed behind because it would provide answers for them, others too crazy or unstable to leave.Riki found himself in the kingdom of Novus Orsa and met a woman named Honiahaka; who assisted in getting his memories back after he had fought and lost. The two quickly fell for one another. Rikimaru became a royal guard for the Queen of Novus Orsa named Cazadora. After a while Honi and Riki became parents to triplets, Ada, Mingan, and Cayden. They too created their own kingdom with Honi’s magic. Riki then found his new family at war. Cazadora spiraled into insanity and began banishing Riki’s family from Novus Orsa. To Riki’s knowledge, Honi took their kingdom away along with their children. Cazadora was to never be seen again as well as Honi, Ada, Cayden, and Mingan.Rikimaru began wandering once more finding solace in a familiar face, Gwyn. She came to him for help on a quest. The two spent a lot of time together getting closer and closer to one another. They completed their quest and she left to take care of personal business. She however did offer to assist in getting at least Riki’s children back; but he declined the offer. He then took off in search of his sister; Flare and brothers Blaze and Max. He had hoped that they returned to the Kobayashi mansion safely.(It was a quickly written bio, please ask questions for clarity.) 


01/05/2023 04:40 PM 

B headcanons

— 2B’s human memories are encrypted, and were replaced with her model’s programming. So she has to re-learn/remember things back when she were human in some instances.  — So even though 2B is a cyborg/android hybrid, her  organs are buried deep within wires and cables and android parts. Given her android body and parts, she still requires maintenance. And yes, she has female genitalia.  —In order to prevent 9S’ from figuring out the truth beforehand/currently, the Commander would have him undergo “maintenance” and wipe his mind. —Before when 2B killed 9S repeatedly, she refused everytime so YorHa had to have a scanner model hack her systems and force her to, then reset that part of her memory. — The models of YorHa androids have letters/numbers as their designations, because they view themselves as unworthy from humans.— As a countermeasure, every time 2B or 9S try to unlock their encrypted memories, they get an electric shock, and it's only until 9S performs a self hack and hacks 2B that they regain some.-- The reason the Logic Virus didn't effect 2B and 9S was because they're not fully androids


01/05/2023 03:43 PM 

Oolong’s bio

Oolong (ウーロン, Ūron) is a protagonist in the Dragon Ball manga and its anime adaptation Dragon Ball, making minor appearances in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT as well. He is an anthropomorphic, shapeshifting pig who met Bulma and Goku while on their quest finding the Dragon Balls. After their adventure, he begins living at Capsule Corporation in West City. He plays a large role in the beginning of Dragon Ball, but by the end of Dragon Ball Z, he just shows up from time to time in the company of Master Roshi.Personality:  Like Master Roshi, he enjoys smoking cigars and is a pervert, but considerably less so. His favorite hobby is collecting women's underwear. Oolong is cynical and cowardly, and he is not hesitant to admit it; in fact, he is downright proud of his wimpish traits. Ironically Oolong is three years younger than Goku, Bulma points this out with the line "what kind of kid acts like a middle aged pervert" in the original Japanese version of episode 6. A running gag in both Dragon Balland Dragon Ball Z is Oolong constantly being beaten up by Bulma during the World Martial Arts Tournaments due to her anxiety over the fighting. At one point, Bulma became so habitually accustomed to this that when Oolong moved away from Bulma before she could hit him, she found it surprising and looked for him. He is also there to provide comic relief and is often very sarcastic. Similar to the stereotypical depiction of pigs, he is also shown at times to be a huge glutton, as in Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, he was enjoying the immense feast that Paragus prepared for him, Goku, and Roshi, and even went as far as to threaten to eat the entire banquet if Goku didn't start eating (as Goku at the time was pondering who the Legendary Super Saiyan was after deducing it wasn't Paragus). His enormous appetite was also implied in the Japanese version of Cooler's Revenge, where Goku after catching a Giant Fishwith a single hand remarks that its size would be enough to satiate even Oolong's gullet. He is also perceptive enough to realize the anonymous female fighter at the 23rd World Tournament was in fact the grown-up Chi-Chi, a revelation that shocked the rest of his friends none of whom recognized her.   Biography:Oolong was born in Octagon Village, a village filled with other talking perverted pigs like himself.[7] He was expelled from the kindergarten there for kidnapping a teacher.[8]He later attended the Shapeshifting Academywhere he always bullied Puar around for lunch money, but was eventually expelled for stealing the teacher's panties (papers in the dub).[9][10]He was able to get a nice mansion next to Aru Village by ripping off lots of people.I play Oolong where he has no time limit and is able to perfect the transformations without messing up.


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 I will not do any sort of Romantic/Smut roleplays with characters under 21. I am not here for Ero. I am here to genuinely connect with old and new friends as well as create beautiful stories! I was on a hiatus for, I believe, 4 years. So I am rusty and will take some time getting back into the rhythm of things.  I tend to match my writing partners length, as long as it's semi-para and up. My RPs tend to have mature themes: drinking, drugs, blood, gore, sex, etc etc etc.  I prefer to discuss before jumping into a story! PLEASE do not send any sort of molesting/raping starter. I will block AND report on sight. Sorry not sorry.  NO DRAMA-- If you don't like what I post, then just hit the block button. I do not owe anyone anything. If I'm slow on responses; do not come at me. I have a life outside of the RP world! Let's just.. have fun!


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Moogle Atonio

Character.AI spat this line out at me in one'a the things I've been doingand my hand slipped a little bit.

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Cracks - drabble

CracksThe cold didn’t bother Sephiroth. It never had done. It was just another of those things that affected everyone else but him. The Nibelheim Mansion was always cold. Unused as it was, the heat had leeched from the building many years before, never to be replaced no matter how much it was used now. The basement was the coldest part of the building. The fire in the grate had not been lit for many years, and some of the shelves that lined the walls had begun to exude the faint stink of damp. Not that the general was bothered by it. His mind was too busy running over what he had learned to notice. He had cleared the huge desk so he could work and pushed the chair under it. It was a fine desk, the grain of the wood milled perfectly smooth. The varnish gave it a reddish hue, and he walked his gloved fingers over the pattern, determined to feel the pattern where there was none.He had told the others to leave him well alone. Shut the mansion doors and locked himself away down here to think. What he and Zack had seen in the reactor had shaken him. Those former people, twisted by the effect of Mako and Jenova cells, had reminded Sephiroth of something Genesis had said. What was it? He could remember it as though it had been said moments ago rather than weeks. At the time he had dismissed it as jealous anger, but now?Was he ‘the perfect monster?’ No. Surely not. It was a mere coincidence that his mother and that thing shared the same name. Wasn’t it. He clenched a fist. Genesis and Angeal… The clench reached his chest and he sucked in a hard breath. He screwed his eyes shut and let out the air out from his lungs. He had to know more. That was why he was here wasn’t it? To learn?Relaxing his hand, Sephiroth got to his feet and began to scan the shelves. There were files here from decades before, gathering dust and mildew. Those he left well alone. They were irrelevant anyway. He had rough dates to go on, and enough time…In the end, he found what he had been looking for. Information. Books were strewn all over; he had not been neat in his quest for knowledge. Those that were relevant were on the desk, those that were not he left in discarded piles on the floor. It was hardly the organised system he usually adopted; there was no time for that.The more he read, the less he understood. One question burned in his mind more than anything else. Why hadn’t he been told? Why hadn’t they bothered to tell him his heritage. He had always known he was different from the other kids. Friendships had always been awkward and hesitant; there was a part of him that had been intensely jealous of Zack’s easy camaraderie with the others. That level of relaxed interaction had always been beyond his reach.Now he knew why. Genesis had been right. He was a monster. Who wanted to associate with a monster? They may not have known, but they sensed it. Angeal and Genesis. He had believed they were friends. Glancing down at the page he was reading; he was surprised to find droplets of water on it. He grieved for them still, despite everything. Brushing the tears from his lashes with the back of his hand, he frowned and focused on the words. They were safer, stable. Unlike his thoughts, they were immutable. They were truth. They told him that Jenova was a Cetra – an ancient. Why hadn’t they told him though? He pressed his lips together, picked up the report and walked back and forth along the aisle as he read. What harm would it have done to tell him? Why the lies? What didn’t they want him to know? Was he so dangerous that him knowing who he was put them at risk?As he read, another truth dawned upon him. The Ancients had settled, found an easier way of life and neglected their duties. They had left the planet open to vicious attack from a Calamity from the Skies. Their abilities had waned, the planet was left weak and vulnerable. As Jenova was his mother, that made him her son. The last survivor of that race so long ago weakened by humanity. Sephiroth shuddered and let the report fall from his hands. Not one of them would understand. Not Zack, not Cloud, none of them. The one who might have done was in the ground. Nothing more than a bitter memory and a hollow space. How could they understand that their ancestors had betrayed their ideals and left him so alone? No, they were not to be trusted. They had to be punished. As the sole survivor, it was up to him to do so. He had to put it right. He clenched and unclenched his fists.A strange cackling made him look up. He was alone still. He was laughing. That bitter noise was his laughter. There was still so much to go through, so many reports that the traitorous scientists had written. He would go through them all, confirm what he had learned so far. It made sense, it all made sense. What was left would only cement what he already knew: that he had a destiny! 

drabble, madness, prompt.

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