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02/07/2024 03:34 PM 

FOR THE LIFE OF ME Vol.1 - Index

FULL TEXT (with an extra bonus) - Google docs PROLOGUE - YAMI KUZUNOHA THE ELEVENTH第十一代目葛葉やみ,の序幕 (Daijūichidaime Kuzunoha Yami no Jomaku)"Down the capital, there lies a secret. A new defender is being born... and his future is yet to be written" Chapter 1 - The Bride goes to the Big City花嫁は大都会に行く (Hanayome wa dai tokai ni iku)"She is back! She is here, she is in a big city, facing the past, while running away from her fears. Why is the sky so scary to someone who wishes t be free?" Chapter 2 - Liquid Gold溶融金 (Yōyū-kin)"Isn't it funny, Mister Dirksen? Beer... a simple beverage, right? Yet, it unifies entire people, and it is older than time... don't you remember, Mister Jakob Dirksen"  Chapter 3 - Showdown! Yami Kuzunoha VS The Scarlet Devilman決軍勝負!! 葛葉ヤミ対真紅魔人 (Keggun shōbu! ! Kuzunoha Yami tai Shinku Majin)"From the very desk of Yatagarasu, here it comes: a fight between the man mistaken for death itself, and a monster in the guise of a man. The most brutal fight for Yami Kuzunoha begins" Chapter 4 - Looking back, Arrowroots leavesうらみ葛の葉 (Urami Kuzunoha)"Once upon a time, an ancient fox spirits that fell in love with a human, birthing with him the man who'd become the greatest Yin Yang master: this is the story before that fateful meeting" Chapter 5 - In Death's Maw (Volume 1 finale)死の口中 (Shi no kōchū)"In the finale of this volume (but not of his story) while revisiting stories about man's relationship with death, Death comes once more  to claim what fell into its den..."

Vegeta Saiyan prince

02/07/2024 06:03 PM 

My rules

My rules .1. No Drama 2. Please keep It DBZ RP I don't like doing crossovers .3. Please be patient with me I have anxiety so if I disappear it means I am dealing with real life stuff.4. I don't like doing romantic RP .​​​​​5. please make sure you don't do one liners as I am trying to do more than 1 liners.Overrule I am a friendly person so follow these guidelines and we will get along fine.

Keith Kogane

02/06/2024 10:34 PM 

Unbelievable Encounters in the Cosmic Circus

Galactic Cycle 457, Day 36Location: Mystery Celestial RealmWell, guess what? Today's episode of "Keith's Wild Ride" brought to you by a celestial being who decided to play puppet master with my life. Yep, you heard it right – my existence has been hijacked by a good-looking dude with flashy red eyes, wings, and a demeanor that screams, "I'm not from around here."This celestial hotshot made a grand entrance, complete with vows of protection and promises to save me from the perils of the universe. How lucky am I? It's like having a cosmic bodyguard, and let me tell you, he's really earning his wings. Saved my hide more times than I can keep track of, making me question if I should just retire and let him handle the hero business.Picture this: a celestial bouncer who's both intimidating and oddly attractive. It's like someone took Lance McClain and cranked up the flirtatious swagger, throwing in a more adulterated, cruder streak for good measure. What the f***?!End Log.


02/06/2024 05:28 PM 

In Death's Maw - 死の口中

".... Pruflas, you are pulsating.... Is my future uncertain again or have we found him?", he questioned, still walking into the thick fog that allowed him to traverse the area, any outsider would barely be able to see but a glimpse of him, unable to track his steps “אפשרות אחת לא שוללת את השנייה, אדוני מצאנו אותו”, the Demon answered, its shape morphing into an arrow breaching through the fog, clearing a path. Eyelids shut, deep solemn breath escaped his lips as he was focusing on his mission. He had to give a proper answer to what he was going to do. About time… "It’s go time then"; the summoner remarked, putting on a smile that was shifting into a smirk as he placed his kitsune mask to cover himself. A look at the surrounding area, hands clutched on his kodachi hidden in the umbrella. Too much filth leads to curses that lead to disaster... There’s one at the door. At the gates of Damnation IN DEATH’S MAW Shi no kōchū 死の口中 What a peculiar weather, the heavy hail having dropped the temperature of summer in United Stated to a bearable degree, yet down in the slums, same old night, with the dim light on the street giving the way to where only criminals came and frolicked about, the atmosphere thickened by the smoke of cigarettes and the fumes of alcohol pestering the whole club. Zachary Robets, Slippery Zack for friends, a small-time crook, had an awfully busy day on the run, but at last he could rest, maybe spend some time talking to a friend of his… well, if he could call ‘Ray Collins’ a friend: a very mysterious dude from Japan, scary looking. Some said he had killed an entire yakuza clan over a single night, others said he had escaped the entire Japanese force while on foot after punching the Emperor in the face. Others said he was born from a tree and fed on roots. Crazy, right? Yet you would believe it by looking at him. What Zachary, and probably everyone else found more unbelievable, was that they were friends. So quick and sudden: he had saved Zachary’s life, and ever since, whenever they met, he treated him to some good booze within what he could afford. Only two things were certain about Ray Collins: his fashion style was ridiculously dated, and had first appeared in America during a storm, even worse than the one today. Today they were going cheap: two pretty mugs of beer today yet Ray seemed awfully silent, looking out at the foggy windows, waiting for something. “What’s wrong dude?”Zachary asked. No answer from Ray until a bright lighting bolt shook the entire building, lighting up what seemed to be an endless night. What seemed to be the faint flapping of wings seemed to slightly rattle Ray, but he didn’t show nothing but a light shiver. “Usual sh*t. Except for one thing I have heard…. Shinigami” Zachary, woefully ignorant, had no idea what the hell that meant. Before he could ask, the loud rumble followed the bolt, shaking the entire building. It was then Ray realized “Sorry… it means…”, how to explain Zachary without clashing with his Christian belief “Spirit of ‘death’, more or less. The Grim Reaper,” Zachary was not the kind to believe in that, however, and indeed, he remarked: “Is that a fancy assassin?” “Some think that”, Ray muttered, drinking a long sip of his mug, holding his head in his grave pensive mood, as if waiting on something. There was an awkward silence following as the bartender, Jakob Dirksen, moved in to take an order. Did Zachary remember how he first met Jakob DIrksen? He had heard he had moved from Germany recently after some convincing from his husband… at least his beer was delicious. Such crazy stories, between the speculation of thunder, Jakob and now even this… “...Shinigami…”, Zachary muttered to himself while scratching his head. Something was clicking to him I … I think I heard that name before, Ray”, he said as if he had the smartest idea in his life “there was like this random file I got … a spam mail” “I told you not to read this crap. They are scam”, Ray chided him, but Zachary insisted on showing him what it was. Ray seemed more intent in wanting to check at the window, touching his medallion, but… relented, eventually, if only out of curiosity and to keep Zachary calm. That wasn’t a simple spam email: not only there was missing A weird tale, of a self declared bride running away from a Shinigami while losing her mind waiting on someone… someone she wanted to kill. Ray was barely changing expression, but he seemed to be becoming more and more uncomfortable with the way her mental state deteriorated. “This makes no sense”, Ray turned somewhere around the end “I should say ‘Oni’, not ‘Bonnie’.” “You sure?”, the other remarked “This looks like the classical moment where the protagonist's name is revealed” Ray was looking incredulous at Zachary showing off random culture of literary devices but he just dismissed it: “The Bride was clearly a monster all along, I am guessing a delusional Hannya. The ‘Shinigami’ wanted to call her ‘Bony’ or ‘Oni’. Cheap horror” Ray stood up, getting up as he picked up a cigarette, but as soon as he opened it… but as soon as he reached the door… the downpour., so much water, he had to slam the door shut to make sure it wouldn’t step further. As he did so, all lights began flickering, the surrounding shadows taking bizarre shapes for a few instants before everything would be set to normal. “Kuso”, he growled in frustration. More lighting pouring down. He was not amused when he saw that Jakob had moved to read the story on Zachary’s mobile… and had forgotten their order “... I do not think this is meant to be horror, the finale is sweet. The Bride has a chance of redemption by moving to the bus and then accepts her issues”, he mused with a romantic sigh “... The beers?”, Ray questioned him, making the tall bartender step up. “Sorry sorry, I just remembered that my Ehemann… How do you say it… husband? Yes, I first met my husband on a bus…”Do you remember, Mister Jakob Dirksen? There was the myst … and the figure in the shadow talking to you….. So many figures talking to you, not even in your language… Do you want to remember, Mister Jakob Dirksen? Was there even something worth remembering? Feeling his head pulsating, he decided not to further push himself. He was happy, had become quite rich with his secret beer recipe, had gotten married to a gorgeous guy before legally moving to America and was starting to moonlight as a bartender while his husband kept paying the bills. Everything was going as smoothly as it could go with Mister Jakob Dirksen’s life…Then why did he have these weird flashes? It was if he wanted to remember something… he wasn’t supposed to. A sudden draft of a cold that wouldn’t be out of place in winter snapped him back to reality. The storm was still raging…. “I better go and raise the heating system”, he said as he went behind the counter, hearing out a voice suddenly calling him out “Eh, up, dude, 'ere, about time, give us one o' yor finest ale, right, and quick. I slammed them brass on yor counter”, it yelled out “Oh, sure”, he said as he noticed the money there and quickly swept it up, as he got ready to prepare the mug. Wait, where was the client? It seemed like he was very short and…. An upward swoosh and it was no longer anything there. Except the money?..... Right? “Did anyone see…?”, he asked, but only Ray seemed to care “What?” His piercing gaze overwhelmed Jakob, who meekly bowed his head. “I should go…” Ray would help the staggering bartender. “Let me help you”, he declared with a sigh, Zachary giving Jakob a seat. “I still don’t get why you are so scared of a dude called Shinigami, it’s obvious that you can take anyone, right, Ray?”, he asked his friend confidently, only to be met with silence “... right?” “.... What if I told you… the Shinigami may have been the reason why Enrico Rossi is gone?”, Ray asked. The other patrons turned at hearing that name “Don’t. Say. That. Name”, one asked “We don’t want the Scarlet Devilman here” “Doesn’t matter”, Ray remarked unfettered by the many people glaring at him “He is dead” “You know, this is what my boss told me, everyone had gotten ready to shoot the f*** out of that bastard. Without even bothering, one of his men literally blocked the bullets, they bounced off his skin. Then Enrico walked up to most of us and offered them swords to fight, talking about some sh*t about Mura-something and, I sh*t you not, my boss gut himself like a f***ing fish as soon as he touched it. Every other person who tried to help him did the same. Then two more of Enrico’s men went and began eating the corpses down to their f***ing bones. Do you think THIS Enrico can die? Then he sent the few of us that had been guarding the boss’ family to see the video. I am not even sure if he is human…” It was weird… the very first time, Zack could swear Ray was shaking “I know”, Ray said “And this is why I know the Shinigami did him in” “What a lovely story”, the wheezed voice of an old lady, barely limping from the door holding an umbrella, was barely able to mutter. “... any issue, granny?”, one of the more grizzled patron asked, but she just coughed “None at all, my dear grandchild is outside, he is parking in this Scheißwheather….”, she said, making Jakob surprised “Ma’am!” “I am old, young man, don’t ma’am me!....”, she said before coughing just while another thunder crashed down “Sorry… this rain makes me worry for my dear grandchild … as an apology… a round of beer for everyone while we wait for him!” And thus the old lady conquered the entire bar with this. She seemed heavily overdressed and frail, but…. Eeeh, it had been a tiring day for anyone to want to be daring and rob an old lady. One tried, but he felt like something poked his behind, causing him to recoil away As Jakob offered the beer, the old lady spoke “So… are we telling stories about devils? Don’t you fear them?” Silence from everyone. They really didn’t like to talk about Enrico Rossi. It had been over a month since the last time he had appeared in public, or was there even a vague hint of any of his criminal activities, but… Such was the power of fear “... It’s not really a literal devil, he just … a very scary man”, Zachary remarked “Bah”, the old lady mumbled “Men. All of us are going to die one way or the other, what’s the deal?” …. Awkward silence “... Awww, come on, now what?”, the granny remarked “I am going to die before all of you, likely, be grown ups!” She cackled a little before muttering “Sorry…. You remind me of an old story I heard when I was young” — Once upon a time, There was an ugly and baaad demon, it looked like a human sized hairless bat. And, let me tell you, was she bad! Every night, she slipped in the shadows to enter people’s bedrooms and sat on their stomach. Ignorant of her presence, she would weave nightmares in their mind. At times, they woke up in tears. And was she proud? Oh yes, she deemed herself an artist in her bad dream craft, her chest swole in pride every time she felt their fear and distress. This Demon, let’s call her the Alp, savored their terror, she lived for it. And every time, they sought her, she hastily hid in the dark so well that commoners could never see her, but they knew they were being watched. But art is beauty, and beauty takes time and concentration. Her victim was a little girl. The Alp did the usual: slid out the shadows from the shadow of her sleeping bag, sat on her stomach… And began weaving a Nightmare through her fears It was then the light came on. The Demon had made a mistake in picking a girl in the middle of a sleepover. No shadows, no other beds, no closets to run away… just, around nine little girls had surrounded her. The Alp was a master of psychological fear, she wasn't the kind to believe in just making verses and jumping, thus she was stunned by the bright light… She stood frozen in anxiety and fear. Silence “Ugly”, one child called her “Ugly! Ugly! Ugly”, the other children joined the chorus and began beating the Alp back with pillows. Despite the Alp’s claws and fangs, she was not fighting back: poor her,having lived her life in darkness on solo performances, how could she know she suffered from stage fright? They had called her ugly. She had never considered that. Overwhelmed, she was pushed out of the window and fell. Once the child hosting the sleepover party warned her parents… The adults found nothing. The Alp had run away in fear, hiding in the shadows but, maybe, she should have tried to fight back for from that day on, she had stopped living. She was afraid of whenever the shadows retreated. She could no longer sow terror for she feared the light to turn on and to be called ugly again. She had no desire to follow her craft, how could she follow a will to live? Resting, she waited in the darkness for oblivion to embrace her. But much to her surprise, it was Death to come. First, it was a cold chill. Then came the fog… with but two large luminous eyes piercing through, freezing her like the first time she was bathed in light. “Alp of the Night clan”, Death spoke, its dark figure framed by light “I have come for you” She didn't answer. There was no way to back away…she saw the blade. Her eyes closed, waiting for the reaping to begin. Eye closed. Shaking, yet accepting her grim fate. … Or so she thought. Minutes passed, but she could still feel conscious and alive. When her eyes were open, it wasn't the cold steel of a cruel blade that was facing her, but a humanoid hand. The other risen to cover the bright light away from the demons visage “Come with me. We will wander through the darkness, and dig the hiddenmost fear of the foul ones that believe not to be afraid” She understood… And chose to accept the offer. And thus, people who Death comes to will forever have one more reason to fear it, if their heart ever so wishes. —-- “The End~”, the Old Lady spoke “What now?”, Zachary remarked “You are telling us you are the child that called the demon ugly?” The lady laughed, taking the joke in stride. She began shivering a little as some fog had again leaked in when she entered. “Sorry, my bad”, Jakob said, closing the door and locking it, just to make sure there wouldn’t be any further draft. At least, with the heaters on, the place would soon get cozy. “You totally got me... I like you boy”; she said jokingly pinching his cheeks. It ever so slightly hurt due to her very long nails, but Zachary paid no attention. Ray was glaring at her throughout “What now, young man?”, she asked him challengingly, her small beady eyes, clearly almost completely blind, narrowed even thinner as he looked at the man walking in front of her, seeming confrontation. She couldn’t help but notice how he was holding and nervously touching his own pendant “.... When is your grandchild coming?”, he pointed out at her, causing her to dismiss him. “Patience, young man, patience”, she muttered “The patience gets always awarded while otherwise…. You know what happens to the young man who steps in the wrong den right?” “What is it? Another story?”, Zack asked “Come on, lady, you just told one” “’s going to be shorter, just enough for my grandchild to arrive”, she said as the sound of a large car braking echoed “I think he is close” Hesitation “.... If you listen to my story, another round of beer” The hardened criminals, acting pettily, were about to just mind their own business, when some could swear hearing some weird noises “... Is something in the pipes, Jakob?” … but a beer was beer, and this old lady seemed to like it. “Such good beer, I was told it was super good”, she remarked with a chuckle “Told ya, Granny”, a voice nobody seemed to come from hallowed out, but the old woman coughed a little “So… I owed you a story…”, she muttered, earning a groan from everyone — Once upon a time, A boy and a girl that were in the woods, living their life as aimlessly as kids do, enjoying the moment. But the girl wanted to go to the forbidden woods, where there was said to be… Let’s call it a wolf. The most dreadful, cruelest and most uncompromising wolf there was, said not to hunt for hunger nor sport, but territory: all that crosses into the wolf’s den belongs to its maws. No matter how big, small, strong, weak, old, young, from the mouse to the bull, each had been a meal that had fallen to his mighty jaws. However, the boy was determined in saving the girl. He grabbed her and ran. The Wolf went after them… Because it thought nothing could stop it, much less a boy. But the boy had plans. Traps. Weapons, negotiation. Just like the Wolf wouldn’t yield to nothing from getting the girl back, neither the Boy would dare to budge against him. — Silence, the lady took all of the time to order another mug and slowly drink it down, seeming to ignore the group of people that had gathered around her table “... And?”, Zack questioned her, waiting for any way to get a proper conclusion. “Ah, the story more or less ends here”, the old lady remarked with a nod “This isn’t a story, it’s barely a pitch of one. First of all, what were even the boy and the girl? Brother and sister? Did the boy love her? Anything?”, he snapped, feeling underwhelmed by how abrupt it had ended. “Does it really matter? Honestly, I don’t think even their gender matters beyond distinguishing them. Just like the Wolf in some stories is a Jackal, a Dragon, or another monster… One crossed over the forbidden den, the other did their best to defend the other”, she explained with a calm nod. “... okay fine, but the story didn’t even end. Who won? Did the boy kick the wolf’s ass?” “Nah, obviously the wolf ate both children” Ah, speculation, this made the old lady chuckle “.... end? This is a story that has many versions, Kinder”, she answered, suddenly a German word escaping her lips “In some stories, the boy is able to negotiate with the wolf… his life for hers. In far too many, the wolf succeeds despite everything, the grimmest ones having it kill both. In yet others, the boy is able to seal the wolf, but it escapes after several decades to finish the job. I have heard there is one version where the boy is able to permanently defeat the wolf. Other versions say they are still running to this day” “... the meaning is obvious though, what does a man do when faced with the inevitable? The impossible challenge, shall we say. To give an end… is the answer few people want to give”, the old woman commented “... What about your friend Ray?. Wait, I think he has run away…” Zack and the others went to look for their friend… she was right. That made no sense, though…. Why would he be running away from an old lady? Darkness had completely fallen down, the granny’s silhouette seeming to shift into another shape entirely. It was unclear as it was seeking to move behind, but it looked like a human sized wingless bat "Schande über ihn. Ich hatte nicht erwartet, dass er ein Feigling wäre. Aber wie gesagt: Angst vor dem Sensenmann ... für diejenigen, die es verdienen. [Shame on him. I didn't expect him to be a coward. But like I said: fear of the Grim Reaper...for those who deserve it.]” Out of instinct, Zack sought to run away, but he kept saying just the vaguest hints of the bat-like creature… only to realize that on the ceiling there seemed to be a third creature, imp like in size… Jakob tried to run away… but the Alp moved behind him and whispered: “Ich hoffe wirklich, dass Ihr Mann Sie liebt: Seien Sie vorsichtig mit Ihrem geliebten Loki” Frozen, he saw what seemed the imp-like creature “Right on cue, right, Alpie, right, let's give them chumps a good ole shower from Lethe waters, for Luv’s duck” Tiny fist slammed on the fire alam! And while the sirens blazed and water would wash away memories like rain, Ray Collins was running away amidst the storm, seeking a way out from the mysterious fog that seemed to overwhelm the storm. But … the wall. He had run in a dead corner… and the shadow had cornered him. “Ray… Collins… Raiko”, the Shadow guessed Ray’s name or, as he knew him…   “Agent THUNDER, it’s about time we finally meet! But you do know who I am… I would have sworn Enrico had killed you. That's what I get for not looking for the body, am I right?”, Yami Kuzunoha cheered, his steps ringing into his interlocutor's ears like a funerary bell toll. “... Did you like the story of the children and the wolf? I made it up, but the Alp has recited it magnificently: I’d ask her to step out of the shadows if she didn’t suffer from stage fright. Admittedly, I personally had written the predator as a catty fox rather than a wolf but…” Ray narrowed his eyes, his knuckles ready, as well as his necklace hiding his summons, interrupting the rambling ‘Shinigami’ “Yami Kuzunoha?… I thought that Tyrfing’s curse…” “... Oooh, don’t tell me, you have no idea what I had to do to get rid of it. Turned out, it was Odin’s plan all along, but … Ah, my Goddess! Verdandi is as adorable as a cupcake!” Yami replied with fake pleasantries “Nonetheless, you don’t want trouble? Well, that is grand, neither doI. What I would rather have are the reports you dared to hack from my computer” Finally, under the false smile he was wearing, the ‘Shinigami’s voice was beginning to sound annoyed, even grave. “... Why, Thunder, how did you escape both Yatagarasu and the Scarlet Devilman?” That was when Thunder barked back with bold defiance, aware of the sore spot it had to be: “How else, but Demonlover?” Demonlover…, he had known about that woman, a tenuous ally of Yatagarasu at best, yet one of the masterminds behind the creation of the Kan’non collective. Most importantly, Demonlover was the girlfriend of one of his supervisors, Geirin Kuzunoha, representative of one of the main divisions. In other words, she was borderline untouchable without the right way…. “First she sabotages my entrance ritual, then this…”, he grumbled in frustration. “Don’t feel special, she likes to prank everyone at Yatagarasu”, the retired summoner spoke, his eyes narrowed on the the ‘Shinigami’ had lowered his guard …. It was time to fight back. He still held a demon hidden in the pendant around his neck …. The same one the Alp, sliding out of the shadow, had slipped out of his neck from the shadows just before tossing it at her master. Before the fugitive could take it back, he had been halted by the demon and forced to watch as the elitè Demon Hunter picked the Kartika knife. One slam of the Vajira end. Two. Three. A crack, at last. Lighting bolts came out of the metallic pendant as a creature tried to come out “Leigong of the Destroyer Clan… impressive”, Yami said, acknowledging it as a potentially tough opponent…. Had it been able to take shape. As nothing but electrified magnetite, it was easy to destroy and dispel before the slashes of his Kartika dagger. At last, the rain was finally beginning to subside, the fog triumphing over it. Now the former agent was desperate, seeking to grab away the Alp to avoid it from attacking him any further. Before any blow could be blended, he got struck by Yami’s elbow to the solar plexus, taking the breath off him and bringing him down to his knees. Before Thunder could stand up, his opponent had his foot pressured on top of his head “Thunder…”, he called out again, in a more serious again “Kill me”, the retired summoner called out. No answer, “I am sick of all the sh*t Yatagarasu has put me through. Ever since I was born…. You have gotten everything from me. When the Scarlet Devilman attacked… about f***ing time. I could finally have an excuse. Agent Thunder was dead. I could live a life… sure, I scrap by money, I get into fights non-stop… it’s a bit of a sh*tty life, but it’s MINE” “While still keeping a bound contract to a Chinese Thunder God…”, Yami pointed out the hypocrisy of what the man said, causing him to snap. Any attempt to move was pushed down by Yami’s foot pressuring him “A leverage in case one of you would come”, Thunder barked back “Good it did for you. To be honest… I do not hold any interest in your life. Live, die, do whatever… but you stole my files, my very report about my fight with the Scarlet Devilman. What were you trying to accomplish? Blackmail me? Blackmail Yatagarasu? Maybe just erase any mention of yourself?” Thunder didn’t reply to Yami’s accusations. A click from his gun made his back shiver. “My reports. Now…”, he repeated “They are home on my computer… too far from here. I didn’t know you would come here….”, was Thunder’s meek defense, an easy lie “You had been summoning Leigong’s power, you definitely knew I was coming for you”, he remarked “But if you truly kept them home….” Finally the foot pressure was relieved but Yami had just grabbed him by the back of his hair… and had Thunder’s mobile. Forcing his hand on the display, the Kuzunoha summoner was able to unlock the mobile, and uploaded one of his demons. What seemed the icon for firefox began moving in the monitor, beginning to burn and destroy the files “And here. Yeobul is feasting on your files at the speed of light. Next I am going to your email and having her wreak havoc on your computer as well. Any file you had of me will be devoured by her flames…. I fear whatever was in your ‘private folder’ is going to be destroyed as well Sorry… however, just to make sure…” He tossed the mobile against the ground, promptly smashing it with his feet. “Buy yourself a new mobile, Ray”, Yami remarked drily, turning the former summoner to his back “For all I care, Thunder has been killed by Enrico and his body's still missing. As for you, Ray, your life begins anew tonight” The former Summoner was too shocked to be rational and accept the mercy from the élite who was already walking away, standing up and call him out. He did realize something. If Yami had been acting like this … Yatagarasu hasn’t realized I am here, then… “What the hell is wrong with you, Yami? If you are sparing me, you know Yatagarasu is sh*t, why are you still with them? ”, Thunder remarked. The other summoner’s face piqued in curiosity, pleased at being asked “Don’t pull my leg, you don’t want to know, long story, just leave”, was Yami’s curt response, turning so his facial expression and the new grimace wouldn’t be seen “I have all the time to listen”, was Ray’s bold claim, still as defiant as ever. A deep breath escaped the Kuzunoha, his weapons still drawn so he could make sure the fugitive wouldn’t get funny ideas. He slowly turned, checking on the man struggling to get back up to his feet I suppose there is one more time for a story, the élite summoner thought to himself “Long ago, before I even knew of Yatagarasu, I used to want to be a hero…”, was the young man’s incipit, hastily halted by the older fugitive’s coarse laughter. “No, Seriously? To be a hero? That was your dream? This sounds … so stupid”, the former agent of Yatagarasu remarked incredulously, looking down with a mix of mockery and curiosity “What made you stop?” Such a reaction was met throughout with silence and a deadpan glare on the Kuzunoha’s face. The desire to continue this conversation was gone “...I wonder myself”, was his monotonous response as he turned his back again “Get the f*** back to his friends” Ray just shook his head, still defiant, running towards the fog Kuzunoha was creating “You are insane, Kuzunoha. Run away from them, or you will end up alone and crazy, you get me?” Thunder could see nothing any longer. He couldn’t see from an inch from his nose, he suddenly felt a hand pulling him in. Was it Yami’s? Before he could attack he realized who was holding him…. Zackary greeted him. Once more back at the bar “Yo, Ray. Did you see the rain? It was crazy”, he cheered “Come on, I got some beer for ya, rounds on me” Ray looked around. No Kuzunoha… no Yatagarasu… no Summons… no way to get back. Maybe it was for the best. A stoic nod and he sat next to his friend, “Of course, how are you doing?”, Ray asked “Good, you?”, Zack replied curious “Please… you know not even Death can stop me”, his bolder and more badass friend replied, hearing the flap of wings of something in the far distance. But he didn’t care. He was with his friend, Jakob seemed ready to make his amazing beer, and the bar seemed unusually cozier, likely the heaters had been turned on. He was no longer afraid. Today he was going to enjoy what little was left of the night. EPILOGUE Hòujì 后记 “Yes, my superiors, my wage has arrived. Thanks for the concern. No, sir, I can confirm that ever since the cupca-Lady Verdandi performed the exorcism I have had no side effects from Tyrfing, I will come tomorrow… No sir… still no trace of Agent Thunder. With how fierce Enrico Rossi was… I am not sure if we will hear of him ever again”, he grimly remarked. His voice trembling a little, the firefox who had just come back in a rare case nuzzling him for comfort… … No wait, she just wanted snacks. As soon as she had eaten a candy bar, her flames turning bright azure, she had returned to mind her own business. From the other side of the phone, there was nothing but a buzzing annoyance in his ears, a spiel about how rightful it was to wish him for mercy on his soul, as away from Yatagarasu, who knows what the poor man was going to deal with “I merely do my job for the sake of Yatagarasu and our superiors”, he answered calmly “As the time I have killed Enrico Rossi, you won’t be let down” Finally a smile at the next words. Just to make sure, he checked his account “I can confirm the Macca is already there. Yes, I shall take my day off to rest, I am most aware I should avoid stressing myself… We shall meet tomorrow for a check up as already established. Best wishes” He hung up his phone, now his voice turning at the demons “Easy comes”, he said admiring the money, subtracting a small part, just enough to allow someone to buy a new mobile “Easy goes…” A deep breath. Soon, he noticed that all of his demons that had summoned were looking at him intensively. He knew what they wanted. “... yes, we are going to take a beer to Dirksen later, just give them a few to allow the power of Lethe to be done scrambling his mind… but for the time being… you are dismissed. I need to rest” Pruflas, Alp, Yeobul and Jack all nodded and, soon, they were fading into data as static noises buzzed down. He immediately closed his hand and…. Everything was over.. There was no mist, there were no streetlights, only Yami Kuzunoha, and the bus. With no clients around, and his demons away, The night was his and his alone.. Gods are described these days as cruel and unjust, but the truth was that you cannot just pinpoint a race and think to group their personality as a dividual. Each god is different, some were pranksters, others were slaves of vice, yet rightful. Ultimately, gods were human, and just like people, you can’t apply a specific rule. Of course he had to learn that, for he was no Shinigami, despite people mistaking him for such: he didn’t choose who lives and who dies, only carries them to their rightful place. A duty stolen, of all things, from an actual long lost deity by his clan’s founder. And with such a task, you had to learn to adapt and grow… and this is what Yami Kuzunoha had done across his missions. He had no regret in his act of mercy, despite Thunder seeming to do his best not to want it. After all, he was under Demonlover’s protection. Yami was going to have to deal with her someday…. But far later down the line. Formerly a young man with a dream, now a worker, capable of balancing his own past with the present, and growing out of it a bit more. From a man unable to control his own demons, to one learning from the very inner demons of mankind. But right now… all he is doing is enjoying some bentoes. He has people who love him and help him prepare such lovely meals. Slowly nibbling on his food, he looked up in the sky, quizzically admiring the rising sun with a sense of challenge gleaming in his dull red orbs. “... What is in store for me, exactly?” tu viru viru ra fa~ tu viru viru ra fa~tu viru viru.. tu viru viru.. tu viru viru.. ra fa~tu viru viru ra fa~ tu viru viru ra fa~tu viru viru.. tu viru viru.. END OF VOLUME ONE

Keith Kogane

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BL Romance in the Cosmic Realm

LONG-TERM STORYTELLERS WANTED Oh, you're on the lookout for talented storytellers with a knack for character-driven BL narratives? Look no further! I'm currently seeking literate and mature players who can truly breathe life into these stories. Whether you're a master at crafting paragraphs, semi-para, or prefer the luxurious length of novella-style posts, your words will be revered and treasured in this realm of storytelling. Join me on this quest for literate and mature players who can bring these narratives to life. Whether you excel at crafting paragraphs, semi-para, or prefer the luxurious length of novella-style posts, your words will be revered and treasured in this storytelling realm. If your heart beats with passion for this genre, I extend a thrilling invitation. Join me on an adventure that will ignite your creative spirit like never before. A simple direct message is all it takes. Please note that I am specifically seeking players aged 18 and above, as I am committed to creating a mature and responsible environment. To ensure a safe space, I kindly request that minors and characters identifying as "ukes" or "submissives" refrain from applying. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.For additional insights into interacting with me and my character, kindly consult this blog post. Thank you! I'm open to crossovers, original characters, and more. While not opposed to diverse story elements, I do have a preference for boy love adventures.


02/05/2024 01:02 PM 


Gonna set a few simple rules and stuff! You don’t have to follow’em but more likely I won’t be acknowledging your existence ^^;1) PATIENCE IS KEY!I’m an adult with a job and social life. I work Mon-Fri at 8AM and on weekends are usually times I spend with my family and friends. Please do not try to rush me for replies. I’m more active after work which is after 3 or 4PM PST.2) Drama ClubIf ya trying to start drama with me or get me involved into one, ya need a reality check and think hard if it’s really worth causing a scene over roleplaying. I don’t have time to deal with childish games.3) Relationships?My character may be into a relationship. There can be a possibility of either a Polyship, Muti-ship or Open relationship. To clarify this; I will not be taking relationships serious or into RL. We can call each other cute names but please do not actually fall in love with me ^^ already had my heart broken multiple times and I not ready for another.4) Roleplaying.Most of you are already aware that I mainly ERP but I am also open to others as well. If ya ever wanna roleplay with a different context/plot I’m always free to discuss and work our way around! Note that I have my limits of writing. My minimum is at least a paragraph and most would be 2-3. Will not be roleplaying with minors.5) Disband Roleplays.Honestly, I understand that we all have lives that we have to take care of. But having to wait 3-5 days for a reply would definitely make me lose interest in a roleplay. (ESPECIALLY WHEN POSTING STATUS AND NOT REPLYING) If ya never get a response from me; you’ll know.6) Deletion/Removal.•When accepted; please never hesitate to send a greeting! I don’t bite believe me! I always believe to give others a chance! •If I add and send a greeting with no response within 3 days, will be removed from my friend list ^^;7) Edits.Want an edit?Sure I can def make ya one. But just know that I will take my time or at least try to manage my time to make an edit. Do I charge? Absolutely not! Well maybe with a kiss ;)8) BE RESPECTFULI’m a very honest and respectful, I always treat others with kindness and I would like to be treated as equals if it isn’t too much trouble!9) DISCORD.Feel free to add on Discord! But please let me know who it is. If I don’t get a response within the first day; will immediately remove. ((User name can be found on profile))


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Character Details

Name: Margus HarlowAliases: Gender: MaleSexual/Romantic Orientation: Age: 53Birthdate: October 31st, 1970Occupation: MercenaryHeight: 6'1Build: AthleticSkin Tone: Pale Hair: BlackEyes: Errie GreenIdentifying Marks: 666 Birthmark Appearance: Unkempt Good Personality Traits: Empathy, reliability, calm, resilient, humorous, hard working, honest, intelligentNegative Personality Traits: Cynical, pessimistic, vengeful, impulsive, crudeNeutral Personality Traits: Daring, Analytical, Cautious Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, camping, music, reading and moviesSkills: Family: Best Friends: Relationship Status: Significant Other: Other Relationships: 

Slyph Hollow

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Background (Logan)

Background: Our story begins in a small town out in the European countryside, somewhere in Britain. A farming community that didn’t have too much in way of technology. Of course, there was the Internet air-conditioning and modern day conveniences. Ceri Anwen and Rolf Bellow are a young couple. They have grown up since they were little ones, often together and helping out their parent’s opposing bakeries. The two bakeries were at friendly odds with one another. At some point the pair married, combining the two bakeries together. In this world, the mundane did not know about the supernatural and occult. One day, a strange incident occurred with the town perhaps a curse or something else either way a single monster, something of a vampire, it began with that single individual who begins slowly acting as a murderer, this drew the attention of the town without knowing who this killer was that left corpses, partially drained of blood limbs ripped apart in strange symbols. At times bodies went missing. A total of 24 had occurred within one month’s time. Shortly after there was a strange fire that spread across as undead creatures begin slowly turning the town into the undead. It was unknown to them at the time, but the Holy Church had sent exorcist to completely eradicate the town and keep the secret of the supernatural from the mundane world. Among a few survivors, their memories were wiped. Meanwhile, the two lovers managed to escape without the church knowing. Although there was a problem at this time. Ceri was with child. They had spent several weeks in the woods, when eventually found by a man he took them in yet they kept what occurred a secret leaving it that there was a terrorist attack. For that was what was on television. They began working for the elder and his son. As the years passed, Rolf made a living as a hunter gathering game meats and pelts. While also aiding in protecting their new residence. Logan was named Logan Skye after Anwen’s “poetic” origins and Bellow’s “wind”. As a youth, he was something of an oddball. Questioning things as typically in children, however, Logan's mindset was different. A few misadventures with the wrong crowds, differences in likes than parents but had several interests with his “grandfather”. When he was with his father in the woods hunting. A strange blood hungry bear had attacked them. Soon they would be dead and yet who is this individual dressed in red skirt and a white robe that saved their lives? She felt something a little hot about Logan, a spiritual nature, it was revealed that they were survivors of the incident, the shrine had revealed that she was assigned to this location by her superiors yet she was not affiliated with the church. She was hunting the old vampire, for he had been in Japan and caused some issues. She had opted to train the young lad in the spiritual arts, for his talent should not be ignored. She had her identity from the populist, so not to draw attention. Should begin teaching Logan the spiritual arts, which, as he grew, he would sometimes help her and sneak out much to the displeasure displeasure of his parents. At seventeen she said she must go back home and against his parents wishes he secretly left with her and thus began the misadventures of Logan. Over his life during his younger years with her before they departed she learned of his good nature. A simple, active, eating another getting a cat down from a tree, helping a lady cross the street who he befriended; Her daughter well soon to have with child. Logan was the only one around at this time when she gave birth at her own house that he had to act as a midwife, sure enough to say, these events slowly spiraled further and further. At times she had him, Aiden purification, and nearby towns from poltergeist in weak demons. Even lost spirits to move on. Of course, Logan still lived at The Lively Loaf. It was once an old house he owned but gave to them. The bottom floor was a bakery. Bottom a bakery. Alas at seventeen he left home and began his adventures as something called a spirit detective.

❪ ⊹ 𝒓𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞˖ ⊱

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✧⠀𝓲. independent & casual portrayal of 𝓖anyu from hoyoverse's genshin impact. returning, low―activity writer. portrayal is canon―based, but will include minor headcanons. highly―selective in terms of acceptance. erotic accounts will be blocked. accounts knowingly using or endorsing A.I. artwork will be denied. writer is an adult & will not engage with minors. please do not steal or replicate my aesthetics or writings (as i use my own screencaps & material, i will know if you have taken them.) shipping is determined by chemistry & development, but is not an immediate interest. discord is unavailable to parties outside of close friends or writing partners. those who enjoy perpetuating baseless accusations & drama are not welcome here, nor am i even remotely interested in you. find something else to entertain yourselves with.worthwhile connections : ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Lily Alder (18+)

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No need to sign! Just hoping everyone gives a courtesy glance.1. No drama. Just here to enjoy my free time.2. Smut is fine as long as there is substance behind it. If you're here for a quick scene and move on, just ignore.3. God mode/overpowered characters are fine, just not for combat rp's. let the story focus on the power dynamic or something else. If you're god winning isn't very fun to watch XD4. Last but not least... I get writers block bad sometimes and have a bad habit of ghosting an rp if I can't come up with something. To remedy this, I am going to be trying something new. If you get a really bad sloppy reply from me, know it's me trying to get past that hurdle really quickly. I'm hoping whatever was giving me a block is skipped over by doing this, please be patient.

Sky Lily

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So I am just making this to make sure that there is a general guideline for everyone to read and see. There are bound to be more added on throughout my time here and from situations that arise.1. I have a life outside of here. I do my best to be on as much as I can be.2. I like literacy, I get that mispelling happens and for some english isn't thier first language but at least try to make sense of what you are writing.3. When it comes to RPs, I prefer to discuss my RPs rather than just jumping in. This allows us to be on the same wavelength going in and we don't stop to discuss in ooc.3b. Also anything that we do in RP stays within our RP. Nothing will bleed out into others or onto my profile.4. If you send a friend request, and I deny you. Please do not keep sending me friend requests. Everyone gets a 3 strike rule. 3rd time I block you.4b. If your profile is private, there is a higher chance of me denying the request as well.5. Please don't rush me on replies. Sometimes you might see me online for a while. I could be browsing online or in the middle of something. I might not see the reply since I have to refresh the page. I will get to them, trust.As of right now this is what I have. Thank you for reading.

Keith Kogane

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[Sample Post]: Keith's Echoes of Resolve!

Keith kept his eyes on the others, as if he had been falling into the dark pools of red, which could and more than likely look right through him. The vibrant contrast between the cool and warm colors of their eyes didn't seem to bother him, but he didn't want Nick to think he doubted him now after everything that was said and done. He held the other's gaze probably longer than one might have expected, then lowered his eyes towards the now-dust-and-ash remains of the demon. Keith had seen stranger things, so why wouldn’t he believe this?A heavy sigh escaped him, and he closed his eyes, letting his head tip slightly off to the side on his shoulders. It felt like just another burden added to his long list of things he needed to explain later. Taking a slow step forward, The Red Paladin approached Nick, nonchalantly bumping his knuckles lightly into the other's pectoral. "It’s Keith," he said before walking by Nick entirely and returning to the controls. "Keith Kogane..."His voice, a low, gravelly tone, resonated in the metallic surroundings, carrying an air of assertiveness and resolve. The rhythmic echo of his heavy, stoic boots against the metal grates beneath them filled the air, blending with the faint hum of the ship's engines. As he moved, his jet-black hair, tousled and unruly, occasionally lingered in his gaze, a visual testament to the intensity of the moment. Shadows played on his features, adding an extra layer of mystery to the enigma that was Keith Kogane.He sighed again, the weight of the recent events settling on his shoulders. The encounter with Nick and the bizarre creature was just another chapter in a story that seemed to keep unfolding, and Keith couldn't help but feel a sense of weariness. Yet, with each step he took, there was resilience in his movements, a silent acknowledgment that whatever challenges lay ahead, he would face them head-on.

Luna ☪️

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If you send the friend request then you message first. I'll do the same No one liners please. I put a lot of thought and effort into my replies, and I'd really like if you did the same. No one under 18 please! I usually like to include 18+ topics in my roleplays, so I definitely don't feel comfortable interacting with those topics with someone underage. Please Please PLEASE no spamming me. The occasional message to check up on the reply or anything like that is fine. I sometimes do forget to reply to messages. However, I swear that I have seen the messages if you have sent more than 3. I work full time and am a full time student in a master's program. There's a good chance I could be very busy. That being said, I also understand that other people also get busy. After 1 week of no reply or some sort of response, I will check in. I will do so again after another week. Anyone who I haven't heard from in 3 weeks will be unfriended. That's all I have for now! I may add more later. Just let me know if you read these in your first message to me or by liking the post. Thank you!  


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>>I decided that for both my sake and for anyone who wants/will add me, I should provide a list of verses I'm familiar with and such. Figured that given my crossover preference, it should make things easier all around to navigate the sea of profiles and writers. I’ve been away from Ani and don’t really keep up with what’s popular, so I’ll simply list all the verses I’m aware of.I'll be dividing the verses between a few categories: Muse-Worthy, Familiar, Aware, and Uninterested. Muse-Worthy verses are ones that I'm currently very excited to write in and might be seeking writers from those verses especially. Familiar indicates that I'm comfortably familiar with the verses listed and will probably be more willing to add and write in those verses. Aware means that I've either heard of the verse or have had minimal exposure to it; I'll be hesitant to add from these and will more than likely need a summary of the writer's character and the verse itself. Uninterested is very straightforward: I know of the verse, but I have little to no interest in writing in it with my current muse and will likely not add.Muse-Worthy Bungo Stray Dogs Demon Slayer Jujutsu Kaisen Familiar Ancient Magus’ Bride Assassination Classroom Bleach Blood Blockade Battlefront Blue Exorcist Code Geass Dimension W Fire Emblem: Three Houses FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Game of Thrones Hades Hazbin Hotel My Hero Academia NieR:Automata Percy Jackson & the Olympians Persona (3 / 4 / 5) Re:Zero Rising of the Shield Hero RWBY The Legend of Zelda Toradora! Violet Evergarden Yu-Gi-Oh! Aware A Court of Thorns and Roses Attack on Titan Berserk Black Clover Cells at Work! Chainsaw Man Danganronpa Durarara!! ERASED God of War Hi-Fi Rush Horizon Zero Dawn Invincible Kakegurui KonoSuba Little Witch Academia Lupin III Made in Abyss Madoka Magica Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Mob Psycho 100 Noragami One Piece Overwatch Saga of Tanya the Evil Seven Deadly Sins Spy x Family The Witcher Tokyo Ghoul Toriko Trigun Uninterested 91 Days Aggretsuko Aldnoah.Zero Beastars BNA Classroom of the Elite Concrete Revolutio D.Gray-man Danmachi Death Note Dragon Ball Fairy Tale Food Wars! Gangsta Gintama Great Pretender Haikyuu!! JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Monogatari Monster Musume Naruto/Boruto No Game No Life One Punch Man Overlord ReLIFE Sailor Moon Samurai Champloo Sonic the Hedgehog Steins;Gate Sword Art Online The Devil is a Part-Timer! The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Yuri On Ice

Game Over

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Story prompts looking to be filled

A mysterious virus has spread through mankind that seems to only infect men, causing them to go mad with the desire for women. The first day of the infection going widespread has arrived and men have flooded the streets while hunting for women. Now, these girls must try to survive this new world while constantly being hunted down.A mysterious rift commonly opens up all around a fantasy world, dragging girls from their own worlds to this new one. They find themselves alone, lost, and without their powers. Now, they must try to find a way to survive, unaware that monsters such as goblins, tentacles, orcs, and more want nothing more than to get their hands on these girls.

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