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09/22/2020 12:55 PM 

Jesse's Bio

Chosen Name: Jesse.Age: Shockingly old for someone who behaves so immaturely.Demonic Lineage: Demon, born from one of the deadly sins and animated human desire. Appearance: Long fingers, several too many, all tapered to a point. Glowing holes for eyes. A mouth that slacks so low it could hang right off his face if it weren't for the strands of flesh connecting his lips. J/k, he's a very pretty boy with thick curly hair and eyes so pale that they reflect ambient color like a mirror. Unless...?Abilities: A passive aura lures out an insatiable desire for more in all sentient things within it. Triggers a burning need to indulge without minding responsibility or thought. This quirk is consciously kept tame at all times.Temperament: One part soothingly tactile. Two parts frustrating and charismatic. Occupation: Owns and operates a space-themed strip club. His ladies are able to be purchased by the night. A 'special menu' offers beverages and candy mixed with drugs. His supplier keeps him on the bleeding edge with an exclusive supply. Wealth: Never a problem. Jesse has more than he could need, which funds a home bigger than he could use and keeps his club perfectly updated with new fashion and fun aesthetic.Interests: Lingering desire for something catches his eye. It's a large part of his love for humans. They're never satisified, always mixing up their tradtions, values, technology and studies. Jesse's particularly keen on thrills and fashion.Sexuality: A good fit does him in. I'm not saying to keep your clothes on, but I am saying to come in something nice. 


09/21/2020 09:07 PM 


After a car accident that caused her to lose both of her lower legs, Cindy accepted to be part of a special experiment. A secret organization specialized in robotics provided her with cyborg legs. The legs aren't just prosthesis; with it, she can sense anything with her feet, from earthquakes to the heartbeat of nearby people. It is connected to her mind and body, as one entity. Note: Inspired by Toph's powers in Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Blue Sandstorm

09/21/2020 07:33 PM 

Bulma’s Back

Hey there!!! Bulma here and guess who's back that's right. But there's a slight change I'm a teenager again and my memory is completely erased from my current life and unfortunately there's no reversing it. So if you wish to start a conversation let me know I will be working on my bio


09/20/2020 11:07 PM 

Rules (Please Read)

1.No Er*t*ca in ANY form2.No Godmodding3.Do not post pics that include gory/horrific images.4.I don't care about race, sexual orientation, or any of that crap. We're all humans and should be equal. Treat people as you would like to be treated and they will do the same. This is not a reference to characters. It is to real life5.A role play is not real life. Do not take it as real life.6.No Incest, extreme weight gain, rape, poop, inflation, and pee in the role play7.No joking about suicide, rape, and abuse of any kind8.No spamming in any chat9.No one hit kills10. I will only add you if you're 17 or older. If you change your age to a younger age afterwards I will ask***More will be added if it is needed***


09/20/2020 11:05 PM 

Fandoms I Like To Role Play

1.Kingdom Hearts Series2.RWBY (Vol 1 - 6)3.Final Fantasy XIV (and it’s expansions)4.Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy5.Final Fantasy X6.Final Fantasy Type-07.Horizon Zero Dawn8.Bendy and the Ink Machine9.Little Nightmares10.Dragon Age Series11.Mass Effect Trilogy12.Nier Automata13.World Of Final Fantasy14.Dissidia Final Fantasy Series15.Attack on Titan 2 (Game)16.Sword Art Online (Game Series)17.Marvel18.DC19.WWE (Wrestling in genral)20.Teen Titans21.Code Lyoko22.Joker (2019)23.Pirates if the Caribbean series24.Final Fantasy XV25.Final Fantasy VII Remake26.Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII27.Disney (Films)28.Super Mario Series29.Avatar The Last Airbender Series30.Marvel Cinematic Universe31.Super Smash Bros Series32.Tales of Berseria33.Saw (Film Series)34.Never Ending Story Trilogy35.Vocaloid36.Crash Bandicoot Series37.God Eater38.Astral Chain39.Yugioh Series40.Pokemon Series41.Watchmen (2009) 

мyѕтerιoυѕ gιrl

09/20/2020 09:59 PM 

A short recap: Passing Sorrow

Music: Passing Sorrow------Tak, tak, tak.She jumped lightly between the walls of two buildings before her. Then she found a ledge in the brick. It was just enough for her small fingers to cling to. She climbed up the brick of the taller building as if it was effortless. Her pink dress blowing around her and her bag slung over one shoulder. She felt the wind in her hair. Up and over the ledge and onto the slats of the roof she went.To safety.A soft, slow exhale left her lips, standing up to her full height. She turned and inched up to the edge. Teal eyes looking down at the white streets washed red from the sunset. The people looked like ants from this height. Each one going about their life mindlessly. Were they any different from the empty vessels called genomes? They swathed themselves in their own distractions. Everything their heart desired could be gotten within these city limits. But did they have a purpose to serve? They seemed content in such distractions, that perhaps they have lost their own purposes. Or perhaps it did not matter to them anymore.But who was she to judge when she lost her own purpose?Her mood had dipped as the light faded from the sky. She went into the living city determined. But the more interaction she had, the more her energy waned. Though her interactions were mostly positive, there was one particularly that dropped her mood.Zidane’s woman ran toward her with a brief look of disappointment when Mikoto wasn’t her man. Then came her hostility against Kuja and Garland. Mikoto had felt herself bristle from the top of her head to the tip of her tail. What right did Garnet have to judge Terrans by Gaian standards? She spoke as if she knew them. She called Garland selfish even. Zidane’s woman continued to explain how Garland and Kuja took much from her – her childhood, her real parents, her adoptive mother, and her home. Mikoto understood not much of what was taken. “Childhood” and “mothers” what were these? The genome was unable to sympathize. These things had to be taken from the Gaians if Terra was to come alive again.But Garnet brought up Terra and how could Mikoto simply aid the evil man that tore it down. The young genome was unsure herself. She still did not understand what went down that day. And from Mikoto’s perspective, Terra’s destruction was also partly the Gaian’s fault. Bran Bal had been relatively peaceful until Zidane brought his Gaians.“Because I don’t understand, I want to understand him.” She would try to explain with words. “Because I want to protect what is left of the genomes.”A pause.“Am I evil? If Terra still existed, I would have followed in his footsteps next.” She said quietly, her eyes lifted and studied Garnet, unabashed. Was she not created to be Zidane and Kuja’s replacement? “That is what we were created for. Are the Black Mages evil, too?” She didn’t know what to do with her unfinished sustenance, but she no longer had an appetite. “Despite being banned from Terra, he continued his purpose in your world so that our people may live.” There was no good or evil. Only the weak and the strong. The cycle of life and souls. Garnet bristled at Mikoto’s response. The Queen stammered something at the doll to the effect that she and the Black Mages were different. The young genome did what she always done when the situation was not worth her energy. She turned and walk away.But the woman gave her enough to ponder on, bringing up old wounds that still had not quite healed. Mikoto took a seat. Her eyes drifted off to the scarlet sunset that danced its colors along the water.Terra.She remembered the souls going up in flames in the distance. Pandemonium falling apart. She did not have to guess what was happening. It was over. Terra’s long fight for survival was brought to the end. Garland opened the way for Zidane and in doing so all the Gaians that followed him. Mikoto had thought it was some part of Garland’s master plan. She had been sorely mistaken.She was more than happy to sink with the planet. The man she served and the home in which she offered herself all taken from her in one fell swoop. She was ruthless in her actions towards the genomes. The empty vessels would amount to nothing now. Her existence had been in vain. The angel’s wish to bestow life to those patiently waiting for it would never be granted.She walked through the soulless village. The genomes still oblivious to her and their surroundings. Some still stared up at the crystals in hope. Some mindlessly wandering the village. Mikoto would tell them nothing as she quietly padded to the laboratory. She felt her skin itching. She felt a numbness in her chest. Pointless. Pointless. Pointless. Life had been pointless.Why had she returned to this steely laboratory, lit with painful blue light throughout. She found herself in her last moments tapping through the datalogs. Her only connection to the outside world. Just a final attempt at something. A routine. She wanted badly to reach out for Garland. Badly wanted to think this was not reality. But she could no longer feel his life pulse. He felt so far from her now. Nothing was there but a distant echo of what once was.Her eyes turned back to the tubes in which she was given a vessel. Where she had started. Where she found other similar faces staring at her with the same emptiness. Her peers. All being poked and prodded for improvement and enhancements.To end where she began.She was not strong enough to stop this. There was no way to continue once the damage was done. All that was left was to yield to death. To die with her purpose.She took a deep breath and held it in her chest. She closed her eyes.Then, there was a voice.“What are you doing here?! We need to evacuate!”She opened her eyes, her breath released. “What’s the point? They’re only empty vessels...”“Stop talking like that! Do you really believe what you just said?”She did.But something stirred in her. Why was he fighting so hard for her? Why did he ask her name? He had no answers and yet she willingly left with him.That day she lost her home and her meaning.That day she also gained a new home. Welcomed by the black mages created by the one who took everything from her. Created for war. They too had been pawns of Terra. To wreak havoc and speed up the soul cycle so that Gaian souls could be stripped from it. They were created similarly to the genomes.And yet, their conditions had allowed them to gain their own awareness. Was this an equivalent to a soul? They prized their individuality and worked together. Kept themselves safe.They had cut their ties from masters and drew their own fate with the time they had left.Isn’t that what Kuja had done for the genomes? Cut ties with their master and what enslaved them? Could they develop on their own like the Black Mages in these conditions?She grew comfortable in the life she had paved there. Taking care of the genomes and satisfying the Black Mages. She knew the Black Mages would not endure as long as the genomes. They knew as well and imparted what little knowledge they had to her.Something hot streaked down her cheek. She pressed a hand to the moisture and found another streak down the other side. She stared at her fingers confused for a moment, before pulling her knees to her chest and looking out over the horizon. Her tail curled around her.The ships cast long shadows in the sinking sun. In the near distance she saw sparks of fire light the sky. Hues of green, blues, whites….almost every shade she could imagine. They seemed like falling stars in the distance. Given sudden life before fading out into the darkness. The thundering pops seemed to break her of her reminiscence. When she realized nothing was under attack, she seemed to watch with a renewed interest. She tried to shake her dour mood. Or perhaps avoid these emotions that touched her.She wiped her face, trying to get the tears to stop. 

Tom Cat

09/20/2020 12:43 PM 

Tom and Jerry evolution

1940–1958: Hanna-Barbera/MGM Cartoons1940-Very first cartoon series Tom and Jerry call ' Puss get in boot'. Tom and Jerry had originally been are Jasper and Jinx. They paid me only 50 dollars!! The episodes is 161 theatrical short films. During this time, they won seven academy awards for animated short film.1955- Fred  Quimby retired . 1958- I remembered when suddenly Hanna got called in his office and it said that MGM closed the cartoon studio and he had to fired everyone in studio that means I lose my show! ( Laid off !) 1961–1962: Gene Deitch/Rembrandt Films cartoonsI and Jerry had moved other studio for Gene Deitch short time . Only 13 episodes. 1963–1967: Chuck Jones We moved again with Chuck Jones work on other Looney Tunes too . 34 episodes 1967- Chuck Jones's studios had closed down again . 1975 -The Tom and Jerry Show (1975 TV series) where I and Jerry are best friends and new laws no heavy violence , no blackface jokes or smoking . This is very first television for yong children. 1980- The Tom and Jerry comedy show ( Tv show 15 episodes) 1990- Tom and Jerry kids show. 65 Episodes 1992- Tom and Jerry: The movie . First theatrical featured-length animated film where we allow to talking but the fans hate it . They forget about we actually talked few time in my original show in 1940. I can both talk and singing . 2001- 2001: Hanna-Barbera Productions/Turner Entertainment cartoonThe mansion Cat .  Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring(2002 film) Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars(2005 film) Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry (2005 film) 2005- 2005: Warner Bros. Animation cartoon The karate Guard This is final for Joseph Barbara before few months he passed away. 2006- Tom and Jerry Tales . Tv series 26 episodes 2006 to 2008  Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers(2006 film) Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale(2007 film) Baby Mama (2008) with cameo on television Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes (2010 film) Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz(2011 film) Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse (2012 film) Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure(2013 film) 2014 to present- Thom and Jerry Show Tb series. 71 episodes and continues.   Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon(2014 film) Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest (2015 film) Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz (2016 film) Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (2017 film   Future movies  Tom and Jerry (2021 feature film) Tom and Jerry in the City (2021)  

Know Your Value(M/L)

09/20/2020 12:32 PM 

Things Everyone Needs To Know.

A disclaimer: Since common sense is becoming rare, there we go: By sending me a request or accepting mine, you automatically agree to abide by the rules below in their entirety. You also take full responsibility for the consequences that come with breaking any of them. It is not any fault of my own if you are deleted or blocked for failing to observe them upon getting access to my page. They are clearly linked for all and thus it's not my job to point them out to you. Additionally, I reserve the right to remove anyone on my list as I see fit, I am not required to keep anyone I feel brings bad vibes to my space. Nor am I obligated to provide those affected an explanation for my actions. This is bound to happen if I find our characters clash too much to interact, dislike the content you post, or generally just get a bad vibe from you. I know my worth and refuse to be chained to anyone I personally don't care for. Real life always comes first. No matter what. Outside of this website, I am a perioperative nurse (R.N.), aunt, full-time employee, and proud wife of a Army veteran (Field Surgeon). There's going to be days where I don't have the time/mental capacity to get on, just like everyone else. I have responsibilities that are way more important than this play pretend. Real life will always come first. I will not be sharing any serious private information with you, so don't ask and I prefer to keep my real life separated from this website. I have dealt with a lot of out-of-character toxicity/immaturity that stemmed from roleplaying, and I refuse to tolerate it anymore. So, the first red flag that I notice, I'm out. Whether it's inappropriate jokes, not respecting boundaries/rules, or bullying me or other people... doesn't matter. You're done. And I don't give second chances, because I've learned firsthand that more often than not, the same behavior is going to be repeated. Do not be immature and think romance here is real life. This place is a writing site not a dating site. I’m never gonna be yours in Real Life. I don’t know you. This is roleplay. This is fake. Nothing about this is real. Roleplay is not a job. I work, spend quality time with my husband, and take care of my home-life and these will always remain my priorities before roleplay. It is meant to be a hobby, to be fun, and a way to get all the ideas that build up in my head free. I've got a life to live, a husband, a career, and many, many, MANY nieces and nephews to spend some quality time with. It's all I ever really do anymore. However, there are people out there who I just simply do not want to trust, befriend, be around/or let into my life again because of how much they have hurt, or tried to hurt me. I just simply do not need the negativity, or the toxicity. As long as they leave me be and not try to start anything, then I'll do the same. People do not need to waste their life pretending to be characters, they need to get outside and follow their dreams not playing house on a computer screen getting pissy over childish crap. And sharing pathetic memes and ticktock videos like they are going to be that cool. No N/SFW. Not in any context whatsoever. I will report your account, and if you're an adult being particularly predatory, I will report you to the FBI. We've had to file reports on predators on this site before, it's not hard and we have no problem with doing it.Patience: THIS IS A MUST! Roleplay is not the center of my life. I have a life outside of rping; I have friends and family plus a full-time career as a perioperative nurse (R.N). I also have bills to pay and have been thinking about going back to grad school. Rather, I go back or not is no one's damn business. Evenings are typically spent with my husband, and roleplay is something we both enjoy as a hobby when my husband is not spending nearly half of his waking hours working tirelessly in a major urban hospital since my husband is a real life M.D. Acute Care Surgeon and he is a retired Army Officer (Trauma, Critical Care, Emergency General, and Burn Surgery) and my husband has volunteered in War Zones and Disaster Areas around the world. Now he's treating COVID-19 patients here in the United States. My husband has seen some of the most terrible things that human beings can do to each other. My husband cleans up the messes left by both sides of the confrontation and even deals with medical conditions of the local populous not caused by the conflict. My husband worked around the clock receiving massive traumas, surgically stabilizing them, and then transporting them up the chain. Often times my husband would get back to back to back traumas where he'd be working for 20-24 hours straight, or the sky was "black" which meant that the weather was too poor for the transport to arrive, so he'd be sitting with barely stable patients for up to 72 hours with only 2 RN's and 2 LPN's. Sometimes these patients were Taliban, who'd throw their sh*t at him, piss on the floor, bite him, or just generally make his life hell. Dealing with all that death and misery is hard, but it definitely changed my husband when he returned home from war. All aspects of it are dreadful, wasteful, destructive, and can only inflict painful horror on all participants. My husband and I are both working in the medical field together in the same hospital which means we can't be here all the time, but we try to be here as much as we can.- This is merely a hobby for us, an escape from our everyday stress. My husband's time is very limited. He works very long days and has a few days off. He is on-call very often. He has to go to the hospital for patient emergencies very frequently. People wake him up at odd hours. He will not be here everyday, and he will always put his real life first. Always. Sometimes he needs to decompress or will be too busy to come on at all. It happens. He is a very busy married man outside of the roleplay world and roleplay is a recreational activity for him to have some light-hearted fun and blow off some steam. 9 times out of 10, he is on mobile and only for a few minutes at a time. Often he goes inactive because of his work, he works a high-stress job that can demand his attention at any point. He has a life away from this site that takes up about 90 percent of his day. He doesn't respond quickly. This is a hobby he does when he is not swamped with real life. He has responsibilities that are way more important than this play pretend. Real life will always come first.So I implore you to exercise patience. This means you will not pester me constantly. You may have one of each comments and messages. However, if you have sent a comment once already and I have not responded, DO NOT send another. If you cannot wait for a response then I will delete you. I am a busy woman in and out of RP. I can't be here all the time, but I try to be here as much as I can. I have work, family, my husband, and friends; that all comes before everyone else on here. Do not hassle me for my replies; Simply put, just don't do it. I feel there is no real need to explain this rule simply because it should be common sense. I have a life and whether you do or don't doesn't concern me, I will get to you when I can and if you have no patience then you may delete or even block me at your leisure. I'm just sick of dealing with the same stuff when I roleplay. This list isn't meant to hurt anyone's feelings or to make people mad, it is meant to INFORM you of what I WILL and WON'T tolerate so we can get along a lot better. If you are upset by this list, if you really feel mad and don't want to contact me further then I won't hold it against you and you are of course free to delete / block me as you see fit. I don't care, I really don't and I do not lose sleep over people on this site.I have more than one account and I will not share my other accounts because that is none of your concern. Sometimes I'm on mobile just to see what's happening, but because I'm on mobile I won't answer to messages/comments unless it is very important. If I'm not giving you the 100% attention you demand from me then delete me now. Just because I'm on the status stream messing around with friends does not mean I'm ignoring you. Relax; I'll get to your RP response soon. Sometimes I'm too busy. Now a days people can't be online all the time due to life, which is understandable. However, for those who cannot survive without constant attention you need to realize that the world does not revolve around you. People have real lives that they need to attend to you know. So, if you add me & do not hear from me for a while, just remember, RP is not my entire life so just hold on for my reply. However, if you decide to delete me anyway, I wish you a good life & apologize that my private life/career and my husband is more important than entertaining you. In addition, when it comes to real life issues, I come here so I do not have to deal with real life. If you start talking to me about your real life, I will have to ask you to not because in all honesty there is not really anything I can do about it. I do not want to seem cold but my husband and I are not a psychiatrist so please leave your real life problems out of our RPs. We’re adults—or at least I hope you are an adult, if not then exit stage-left please—we know right from wrong. It’s not rocket science.Drama: I absolutely REFUSE to be involved with any kind of petty dramatics and high school bullsh*t OOC. This also applies to starting or sharing said crap on stream for attention, I will 1000% block you. No remorse. I f***ing HATE any kind of poor me or attention seeking garbage, I don't want such pathetic people on my list. We're all adults and need to start f***ing acting like it. Now I know everyone hates this subject, but it has to be addressed. I don't deal with it. Now I do delete people who cause drama and throw names around under the bus for no reason; and I delete without warning. I don't need to tell you why I delete/block someone. It is none of your concern for that matter so don't get involved when I delete or block someone. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm done with high school, and seeing similar behavior among grown folks is a little more than disturbing. Bottom line: Keep that sh*t away from me. I see it, you're gone. While a lot of people tend to find straightforwardness a bit off-putting, I will warn you that I am a straightforward kind of person. If I have an issue with you, I WILL bring it to your attention. If I don't like the way a storyline is going, I WILL tell you. If I have a personal problem with you, I WILL bring it directly to you. Along those same lines, I am very straightforward about my expectations of both storylines and what I expect of my writing partner. What I say is exactly what I mean. If you don't like people with thought out words and that say exactly what they mean because you need a little sugar coating- that's a YOU problem and not a ME one. What my husband and I will NOT tolerate is the childish 'I don't like this person, so stop RPing with them' crap. Mind your business. It's a YOU problem and not a me problem. YOU deal with it- even if it means removing yourself from my husband profile and my profile until you grow up, you waste of space. Along the same lines as this, Drama. Do not bring my husband or me into your OOC or otherwise drama. If you have problems with someone else- it's one thing to c*ck up our inbox with rants, but quite another to actually bring us INTO it. Do not ask us to talk to, yell at, unfriended, friend, or stalk someone you have problems with. If you do, it means YOU are bringing the drama to us, therefore the actual problem, and we will delete you in a heartbeat. I f***ing hate creepers. If you are gonna view my page, either add me, leave me something, or do something. Don't be checking out my page 759203475 times a day. That sh*t is annoying as hell. You ain't gonna find nothing on my page. And my page is not gonna change that much every five minutes. So just move along. Unfortunately, it happens. If I find out that for ANY reason you are spying on me or my husband, you will be deleted and blocked immediately, then reported for harassment. I don't play with this. I'm tired of dramateers and aspiring scat spreaders. Mind your own life, your own business and we will be fine. Capice? Stay out of my inbox with personal messages. I am here to RP not to get to know you in real life. No offense, but I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in knowing you outside of this site. Continuously bug me for such details and I will be less likely to talk and role play with you. I have my circle and I keep it small. ADMIN IS UNINTERESTED IN SMUT. I get enough SEXUAL-INTERCOURSE from my husband to not want or need to roleplay it. Go jack off to p0rnhub if you are horny. I'm not interested in OOC Romance, you WILL get hurt. I do not roleplay any type of sexual activity, out of respect for my husband. Simple as that. And don't bother asking, because A) I'm not gonna change my mind, and B) It's very disrespectful. My husband doesn't play OOC jealousy games (I will RP with others but know he is my number 1 priority in RP and real life. Don't like it, don't add. There will be NO jealousy issues tolerated. Also, if you're the type that perpetually catches feelings for writing partners, stay away from me. I'm not about that life.)  In real life I am a woman and I am happily married and blessed with an awesome husband. I am not interested in anything beyond rping on this profile. He knows about my RP life and that I keep my RP life/real life separate. I would like to keep it that way. Go to a dating site if you're looking for such things. Roleplay and real-life are completely separate. Do not confuse the two. Can't believe it needs mentioning, but not many get that. Unfortunately. Don't even assume or ask. I am not my character, my character is not me. This is not a real world and I will treat it as such. This is roleplay and not real. I am not /will not be/ seeking to date anyone through this site. In real life, I am happily married. I am just here to write. If any of this bothers you, then please remove me immediately. I am not here for high school drama or any form of drama for that matter. I'm happily married in real life, thanks. I don't care who you are or if you think you are so special as to even change this rule, it's not ever going to happen. RP isn't real life. Please do not treat it as such. Those who can't accept the difference between this fake world and the real world aren't welcome. IF I REJECT YOUR ADD, DO NOT PROCEED TO RELENTLESSLY TRY TO ADD ME OVER AND OVER. This is annoying and inconsiderate. I did not add you because I do not see our characters interacting well together, if at all. I ALSO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO BLOCK YOU. It's annoying to be added and denying the same person a lot of time and then they don’t get the message. It wasn’t an error and I don’t want to add you. If I have to deny you three times it will result in blockage for I am under no obligation to roleplay with you if I do not want to. I had to block one person on several of their accounts because of this issue. I am allowed to be as picky as I want with whom I associate / roleplay with. If we decide we do not wish to roleplay or interact with you, that is our choice. Do not hassle us or try to pressure us, no means no. We do not need to explain ourselves, please respect our decision to choose who we let into our friends list. Zero tolerance for bullsh*t. This happened way too often in the past. This rule is completely needed. If you are someone who has offended my husband purposely in the past or continues to do so in the present in the form of spreading rumors and lies about him, telling people who have no cooking clue who he is to block him for no reason except the reasons YOU gave them, reporting his profile for childish sh*t that you have no proof of or simply because you pissed him off and when he called you out on it you went piss girly mode crying to everyone about what a bitch my husband is because he has the balls to serve his country when you brought it upon yourself? DO NOT ADD ME. My husband and I do not forget people or their deeds when they try to hurt us in any way. You are NO friend of ours and prefer not having snakes on our list! So go bite someone else in the ass who is stupid enough to trust you and give you the time of day! You don't like us? Stand in line with the rest waiting for us to give a sh*t. The ridiculous crap some people do just to piss someone off or for just being heartless or mean needs to get a life and f*** off.Relationships: Please respect that I am in a committed marriage, no I will not be in a committed marriage with anyone only in RP seeing as how I am in a committed marriage with my husband both in RP and real life. I will kindly ask you to respect my marriage the first time you cross the line. The second time I will delete you and block you. I will not hesitate to give you a piece of my mind while blocking you. If I see you acting in a way that I find disrespectful, I will tell you and let you know. I don't like my husband being touched or talked in a way that may imply other things. I am here to please him and trust me he does not need someone else opening their legs for him. I will not hesitate to call you out. You have been warned. I, also, can smell drama coming from a mile away- so, if you're looking for someone to play sides, I'm not going to be the one. Leave me out of your childish nonsense. Unlike a good portion of the people on this site- I don't NEED you. I'm not here to see how many friends I can drag into my real life and I don't have a need to win any popularity contests among a site of people literally pretending to be someone they're not. If I feel like your drama is getting too close to me, I WILL sever ties with you and be perfectly fine without your disaster piece of a 'friendship.' I will not endanger my real life marriage for anyone that can't keep their feelings straightened out- believe me, cutting ties with you will not be a problem if you catch feelings. DO NOT try to demean me on anything of sorts to impress whatever you are pursuing. You will find your punk ass deleted, so fast your head will spin. If you came here looking to fulfill your sexual fantasies with me, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME. THERE IS THE DOOR. I am happily married to the love of my life. Erotic storylines are NOT going to happen unless you are my real life husband and I live with my husband for thirteen solid years. Therefore, if you are looking to get an erotic or romance RP out of me, then you are out of luck. If you cannot accept no means no then you will be deleted & blocked. In the real world, I am happily married and have been so for thirteen solid years. This is not something that is debatable or can be changed by the likes of you, no matter how incredible you perceive yourself to be. If you develop these types of feelings, be aware that they cannot and will not be reciprocated. You WILL get hurt. I don't play OOC jealousy games (THERE WILL BE NO JEALOUS BITCHING ABOUT IT EITHER). I feel like I have the perfect life — there isn’t one thing I'd change about it. I have the best, most caring, and sweetest husband. I love him to death!!! We also have a beautiful family together that we adore. If it wasn't for my man and our family, I don't know what I'd do. He's been my rock, my support, and my smile for thirteen solid years. He's a hard working, well-raised man, a man that takes care of our family, with such grace. He accepts who I am, my flaws, my doubts, and my insecurities. He puts a smile on my face every day, regardless of how long we get to spend together. He wakes up every single day, goes to work, and still manages to keep me happy. Needless to say, I couldn't imagine my life without him. The bottom line is, I love my husband and I admire what he does, but also it’s worth every second because I know he’s passionate about what he does for a living and I’m proud of him for saving lives. I cherish my husband and have never regretted the decision I made to marry him. I feel very lucky and extremely grateful that I have a man like him in my life. He does tremendous good for people. He saves lives. He is compassionate. People love what he does for a living. They need him. They rely on him. They trust him. They listen to him. They book appointments weeks in advance to see him. As a spouse, it is a great feeling to know that your partner is doing something extraordinarily valuable for the world, and that he is so well regarded and valued. It is a wonderful feeling to know that when any of our family members are sick, my husband will instantly help coordinate and manage their healthcare needs. It is not unusual for him to work over thirty hours straight without an hour of sleep. He is a hard working man, an Army veteran of 2 conflicts, and thought he has a very serious and almost hostile demeanor (think resting bitch face, but angrier and on a guy) he is a big teddy bear, quick to make a joke or pull a prank and easy to laugh. He is also VERY protective of me. Each day, each moment is precious to us, for these moments may be numbered. I appreciate my husband for the hero that he is; he saves lives for a living. In my opinion, there is no more noble calling. My husband comes home from work, has enough time to eat and get ready for bed and it's back to work the next day for another shift. At work he takes care of people who are having the worst days of their lives. Strokes, Car (sic) accidents, motorcycle accidents, falls, breaks, brain damage and more. He takes care of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and families. It doesn’t matter who you are or what happened. Car wrecks, gunshot wounds, explosions, burns and breaks - professionals, poor, pastors, addicts and prostitutes - mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and families - My husband served in the United States Army for numerous years and he has seen war. He has personally witnessed people being blown apart around him. He has witnessed the cost of what most people take for granted. War Is Not a Video Game. He goes to work, and is the guy in charge and is respected and admired by many, especially kids. I find it pretty amazing that my husband saves lives on a regular basis. Anything that I tell you about myself in real life is privileged information. I'm not a native English speaker, I'm Korean and I met my husband while he (Military Man) was on vacation in Seoul, If you're going to be rude, then don't even bother, you'll be blocked. I will try my best, so I'll keep it at that. I can however read English perfectly well. I am bilingual and my husband is also 1000% FLUENT in the Korean language. I speak two languages - Korean and English. English is not my first language (Korean is my first and I will not hesitate to include that in our writing but don't worry I will offer translation as well) Roleplay is Roleplay and Real life is Real life, please do not confuse them, I will not babysit you and justify his reasons, because he does have them. We both have real life careers and work real life full-time jobs. Sorry if this sounds harsh but I'm not interested in befriending anyone beyond this site. Regardless of how long we've been acquainted I will not tell you my real name, give you my private information, add you on gaming platforms/social medias, or accept any physical gifts. Need a list? Well it's none of your damn business that's number one. Likewise, I will not be asking you personal information because it is none of my damn business either! Anything that I tell you about myself in real life is privileged information. We are okay with chatting and making friends, it's fine and we really enjoy it, but unfortunately it is going to have to stay on here. However, please understand that there is a difference between what's real and what's roleplay. I am not your wife, your girlfriend, your mother, your cousin, your child, or whatever social network you have going on through this website. You don't own me or my character(s). My character may roleplay as a relative or a friend, but I personally (the admin) have absolutely no binding connection to you whatsoever and expect that you will respect that boundary as my husband and I will respect yours. We have seen it all. Which means our tolerance for bull s h I t... is (0). We mean that. A lot of these rules seem to be common sense and "duh" sounding but you would be surprised at the amount of people who straight up ignore ALL of it. These rules are set in stone!~     The Hero and the  Man behind the computer screen.    

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Mattie (Human)

Name: Madison ValentineNickname: MattieAge: 20Looks: Long white hair, falling down to the back of her knees and bangs. Her eyes are big and cute, being different colors with her right being baby blue and left white. Her looks are young and sweet, almost angel like.Height: 4'9Personality: She's sweet and shy, but being on of the kindest persons you could ever meet. She's willing to help anyone in anyway she can, wanting to make the people around her happy and the world a better place. But, don't try messing with her or the people she cares about unless you want to get hurt.Past: Mattie grew up in a small town located in France, having four older brothers and a loving mother. Her father had been a awful man, abusing all of them until he decided to leave when Mattie was only three. Her mother ended up passing away due to sickness, the four brothers taking over on taking care of Mattie. They raised her being overprotective and sheltering her, not wanting her to get hurt again. Knowing they loved her, but needing to leave the nest she decided to leave at the age of eighteen. She moved to a new country, having her own home and working at a local cafe.Likes: Sweets, anything cute, Animals, making others happy, bubbles, flowers, and going to the park.Dislikes: Mean people, loud noises, thunder storms, fire, spicy foods, and heights.

Little Cutie💕

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Mattie (vampire)

Name: Madison ValentineNickname: MattieAge: 19 Height: 4'9species: VampirePast: Mattie comes from a high and power family clan, the Valentines. For centuries, They have been feared by humans, vampires not from their clan, and other creatures. The last leaders, Jasmine Valentine passed due to sickness and Edward Valentine was killed by none other than their youngest. Their people knew how terrible Edward was to everyone including his own family, so it wasn't a shock when he was killed and had accepted Mattie and her older brothers as their newest leaders. Instead of using their powers to make others fear them and cause hell, they use it in order to help others. They created a program to which helps the innocence's that was left behind during attacks, it mostly being focused on the kids that may have lost their family's in attacks or left behind. While they do have trouble with outsiders, they take in any type of creatures who are lost and needing help. Because of sudden attacks over the world, Mattie and her brothers split with some of her people to help handle them. Personality: Mattie might seem cold and deadly, but the truth is shes a very sweet and caring person. She uses the hard looks in order to show a sign of warning to anyone who might want to mess with her or her people, which has happens so much. When she's being like any other person her age, shes a very bubbly and kind person.Abilities:*Fast speed*healing*Strength*Turn into a bat*Sensitive hearing, sight, and smell.*Defense/fighting.


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Other Characters

 Full Name: Noctis Lucis Caelum. Byname: Noct. Occupation: Prince / Prince and Student. Age: 16-20. Height: 176 cm. Weight: 81 kg. Blood Type: Unknown.  Race: Human. Orientation: Gay / Seke. Weapon: Engine Blade. Likes: Playing Video Games, Fishing, and spending time with his friends. Dislikes: Waking up early, Hard work, and being lectured. History: WIP Full Name: Vayne Belvedere. Byname: None. Occupation: Anything that Profits. Age: 27. Height: 188 cm. Weight: 91 kg. Blood Type: A. Race: Human, presumed as a Demon by many. Orientation: Gay / Seme. Weapon: Wealth. Likes: Making money, Trying different Coffee's, Reading. Dislkes: Bad Business, Disobedience, Traveling. History: As far as his past is concerned not much is known. The person known as Vayne Belvedere only appeared five yeas ago but despite only being around for such a short time his name became well-known. Both in the business world and underground he became known for his obsession of making money. What started out as nothing more than figuring out how the black market and underground world worked managed to make him one of the wealthiest men despite only being in his twenties.Vayne's described to be difficult to deal with and he's made many enemies out of his ex-lovers because of his habit of starting relationships just for the sake of spending money on them. He's careless they catch his attention he doesn't bother giving others another thought. Full Name: Haise SinClaire. Byname: None. Occupation: Programmer. Age: 20. Height: 175 cm. Weight: 72 kg. Blood Type: O. Race: Human. Orientation: Gay / Uke. Weapon: None. Likes: Video Game's, Computers, Taking pictures. Dislkes: Being bored, Dust, Overly-crowded places. History: Haise was abandonned infront of a churches door's not long after his birth with nothing but a piece of paper with the name 'Haise' written on it. Instead of turning him over to the orphanage the Church's Priest took him in as his own.  His life was pretty average as he grew up playing pranks and being scolded by the clergy members about not becoming one of them. It was what he considered normal until he found out about all the drug and weapon deals the Church did on the side. The shock of finding out made him finally make the decision to leave what had been his home for the past fifteen years to start a new one.Haise love's going online and playing video games, and taking pictures he even works to program computers and websites for a living but he's not a complete shut-in. He also loves taking pictures of about everything everything he can. Haise often like to go to the nearby park or cafe's. He always tries to keep himself busy because he can't stand having nothing to do.

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Sample : The world is caving -

The world is caving...Unable to stand on her own she chokes. Finally her careless and reckless behaviors have caught up with her. The taste of iron bubbles up from the back of her throat.This is it...It hurts and she can feel every bit of it. The metal crashing down on her spine. The pressure as it crushes her and renders her helpless. It all seems so surreal, but on the contrary... It's as real as it gets. Just moments ago she was prepared to feast. She was enjoying herself, playing with her food and being who she was happiest as.She wonders why she can't just live her life. If humans can eat whatever they choose, then why is it so wrong of her to do the same? Wearing the blood of her beloved, she closes her eyes.This is the last dance...She doesn't think she will survive. She doesn't think at all. It feels better to just allow the darkness to lay claim to her beaten body and brutalized heart. Feelings are what started this mess.No more...To excited or not excited at all. There was never a in between. The need to binge eat was just one of many twisted techniques she had taken joy in. She never let anyone know but who she was with him...That was the part of her she most desired to keep.The sophisticated women who enjoyed books, and loved to make others smile. Intrigued by intellect and captivated by even the smallest acts of kindness. She wasn't always so bad. Was she? After all, they say monsters are not born as such.Looked down on by everyone she came into contact with. She had heard the stories for some time now. On the news, and in the shop she often would visit. She never cared to much because she felt she had no reason to. Someone should have told her how admired and desired she truly was.Ghouls were always sneered at. As if they were some infectious disease that had to be purged or contained. If that was the case then why not pray on those ignorant fears? Why not give them something to truly be afraid of?The soon to be myths of the infamous binge eater "Rize Kamishiro" She would be remembered if nothing else.---It seems like that's all there should be to it, but...As shown many times through out history. Nothing is rarely ever as it seems to be. She is no different as death does not come for her. Instead it is fate that steps in. She will remain bound to the world that hates her so. She will be trapped, depraved, and starved. Feasted on and harvested all for the sake of greed.It's ironic that fate should choose this for her. She will come to loath it too for it's callous ways.She will need to accept what she is now. That she is no longer, "The binge eater" Now she is merely a pawn.She will have to take this one last dance, and face the person she has wanted to watch over for all this time.Draped in macabre dreams and moonlit beams. If she is to truly die, then this is how she wants it. Only he can satisfy her and give her the rest she craves.She... "The Dragon." 

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[RP Advice] Unacceptable Portrayals, Ruined Characters (Uncanon Portrayals)

I wanna l highlight this matter NOW. As I have seen this thousands of times in the past. So, let’s make ONE thing clear right now; this is NOT aimed towards anybody, this is simply highlighting an RP community issue as a whole, as I have seen it on multiple places I RP in across the internet.•••••••••••••••••••This is unfortunately a thing that’s been going on as far back as I myself can remember. We all portray our characters how we feel they should be portrayed, and it’s not always canon. Thing is, some people do not accept different portrayals other than canon, and it leaves the wrong impression to some, that they no longer wish to RP anyone who portrays that specific character.Yes, there was once I time where I too was met with an unacceptable portrayal, that left me questioning whether every person who portrayed said character, had the same idea. I felt like I could not trust any of them due to how many of said character, had been portrayed the same idea. There are many uncanon portrayals that made me uncomfortable, but I also spoke up about my discomfort and let said people know. Some were respectful to how I felt, others were not, but that’s sometimes how it is.Regardless of portrayal, the lesson learned is that characters do not always have to be portrayed canon. Some different portrayals are actually really cool, and some are absolutely unacceptable, but those kind should remain in DMs or DISCUSSED FIRST. Don’t assume someone is comfortable with the portrayal of your chosen character. But, don’t completely block out interactions with said character just because some do not portray as you want them to.-The mention of those completely unacceptable, are more-so Mature themes that SHOULD first be discussed. Mature themes are not completely unacceptable, but it should be discussed and made sure that your partner is completely fine with this first. However, SOME Mature themes should not be portrayed at all, they go beyond the borders of Mature and into a heavier trigger-based portrayal. If you disagree with these portrayals, let your partner know and ask for a lighter-themed idea.-Be kind and respectful to your partners, regardless of how they portray a character. If their portrayal is bothering you, ask them politely if they could muse another idea, or politely dismiss them and thank them for their offer. Canon or uncanon, it matters not, please do not let a writer “ruin” a character for you. If you disagree with the portrayal, simply decline in a respectful way.

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Muse Poetry Playlist

Muse Poetry Playlist --1. To This Day - Shane Koyczan2. Depression Is Funny Like That - Reagan Myers3. 10 Honest Thoughts On Being Loved By A Skinny Boy - Rachel Wiley4. Relapse - Blythe Baird5. Guilt Doesn't Live Here Anymore - Blythe Baird 

Crowned with smoke and fire;𒀭

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There existed nothing more pleasing than a feast following a well-fought war, but a simple meal consisting of poultry would have to suffice. A lone male surrounded by a sea of emptiness at all sides tried his best to prepare preserved fish. Under the guidance and verbal instructions of another, he managed to barely avoid burning what little rations he possessed. A sigh of reassurance escaped his ebony lips upon tasting the fruits of his labor, this was more meaningful than many would know. This was to be potentially his last meal, the potential of death grew more and more as he got closer to his intended destination. He intended to render a land to nothing more than dust, all for the sake of quelling his boredom and furthering his goal of revenge. There was nothing more than war that he cherished and yet he found himself fighting to avenge another.His chewing abruptly ceased and his head turned towards the sky swallowed by the influence of the night, all but the moon was visible for the time being.This would quickly change as a flash of light came into sight and quickly ignited the night sky with bright and very much visible flash. Brightly lit aureate hues fell upon the strange anomaly taking place before his very eyes. The wails of the cold night winds filled his senses but his eyes remained fixated on what was occurring before him. It would abruptly end, leaving him with a plethora of questions pertaining to the strange bolt of lightning during a season that should have none. The sight was strange, a sudden flash of lightning and the easily heard loud cracking equivalent to that of thunder.  The display was entertaining and would at the very least warrant an immediate investigation. The warmth of his campfire would do very little to sway his decision to venture off into the night; he slipped off into the night with the intent to return within a few minutes. 


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