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07/14/2020 05:37 PM 

Yokai Information

Origins The term tengu and the characters used to write it are borrowed from the name of a fierce demon from Chinese folklore called tiāngoǔ. Chinese literature assigns this creature a variety of descriptions, but most often it is a fierce and anthropophagous canine monster that resembles a shooting star or comet. It makes a noise like thunder and brings war wherever it falls. One account from the Shù Yì Jì (述異記, "A Collection of Bizarre Stories"), written in 1791, describes a dog-like tiāngoǔ with a sharp beak and an upright posture, but usually tiāngoǔ bear little resemblance to their Japanese counterparts. The 23rd chapter of the Nihon Shoki, written in 720, is generally held to contain the first recorded mention of tengu in Japan. In this account a large shooting star appears and is identified by a Buddhist priest as a "heavenly dog", and much like the tiāngoǔ of China, the star precedes a military uprising. Although the Chinese characters for tengu are used in the text, accompanying phonetic furigana characters give the reading as amatsukitsune (heavenly fox). M.W. de Visser speculated that the early Japanese tengu may represent a conglomeration of two Chinese spirits: the tiāngoǔ and the fox spirits called huli jing. How the tengu was transformed from a dog-meteor into a bird-man is not clear. Some Japanese scholars have supported the theory that the tengu's image derives from that of the Hindu eagle deity Garuda, who was pluralized in Buddhist scripture as one of the major races of non-human beings. Like the tengu, the garuda are often portrayed in a human-like form with wings and a bird's beak. The name tengu seems to be written in place of that of the garuda in a Japanese sutra called the Emmyō Jizō-kyō (延命地蔵経), but this was likely written in the Edo period, long after the tengu's image was established. At least one early story in the Konjaku Monogatari describes a tengu carrying off a dragon, which is reminiscent of the garuda's feud with the nāga serpents. In other respects, however, the tengu's original behavior differs markedly from that of the garuda, which is generally friendly towards Buddhism. De Visser has speculated that the tengu may be descended from an ancient Shinto bird-demon which was syncretized with both the garuda and the tiāngoǔ when Buddhism arrived in Japan. However, he found little evidence to support this idea.A later version of the Kujiki, an ancient Japanese historical text, writes the name of Amanozako, a monstrous female deity born from the god Susanoo's spat-out ferocity, with characters meaning tengu deity (天狗神). The book describes Amanozako as a raging creature capable of flight, with the body of a human, the head of a beast, a long nose, long ears, and long teeth that can chew through swords. An 18th-century book called the Tengu Meigikō (天狗名義考) suggests that this goddess may be the true predecessor of the tengu, but the date and authenticity of the Kujiki, and of that edition in particular, remain disputed.Appearence/Physical AnatomyThe tengu in art appears in a large number of shapes, but it usually falls somewhere between a large, monstrous bird and a wholly anthropomorphized being. Early depictions of tengu show them as kite-like beings who can take a human-like form, often retaining avian wings, head or beak. Though most Tengu's appear ordinary they vary depending on location and enviorment. For example, Shou's people resided within the mountain terrain therefore their bodies are adapted to such enviorments. Their wings are passive soaring wings that allow them to fly without the need of an air current to elevate them. Their teeth are also jagged (see diagram above. Image on top left) and perfect for both penetrating and shredding their food of choice; which their diet had consisted mostly of fish and mountain goats.Tengu's are also venomous. They possess a similar venomous anatomy to that of snakes as shown below.Much like a snake when a Tengu bites their prey they inject lethal doses of venom. It works by breaking down cells and tissues, which can lead to paralysis, internal bleeding, and death for the victim. For venom to take effect, it must be injected into tissues or enter the bloodstream. There someone or something bitten by a Tengu has precisely one hour before immediate death takes over. 


07/14/2020 04:32 PM 

The Young Listener

Name: 整軣 山田Name Meaning: Music ExplosionPronunciation: Seikou Yamada Age: Anywhere from 15-25 (Depends on the roleplay)Nick Name(s): Give her someHero Name: Music Hero: Juke BoxBirthday: April 12th Gender: Female Height: 5'6 Weight: 144lbs Blood Type: BSexuality: Straight Pronouns: She/TheyQuirk: Bass Boost- Unlike her father who can only use his voice for his quirk hers flows through her body, she can expell it from her hands and feet. Along with being able to do this faster or heavier when she listens to music. Still it expells crazy amounts of energy from her body if she does it for too long so she needs a lot of energy drinks and has to specifically eat sweet potatoes to keep all her energy up. Family:Hizashi Yamada (Dad) Affiliation: UA High || Hawks Hero Office Occupation: High School Student- Professional Hero- DJ- Club Organizer Team(s): Hawks Hero Agency (Former)Birth Marks: Speaker marks on the palms of her hands and feetScars: Various all over her body, none of note. Side effects of quirk: If used too long her body will begin to burn her skin, hence why her body made the speaker marks on where she is mainly supposed to use her power. If she uses it for too long on her whole body she'll burn. Piercings: Ears Tattoo's: None yet General Personality: Bubbly and outgoing she does her best to be friends with everyone, loving on those most who seem to need it. Often times this means people think they can push her around but she has an insane backbone and has crazy control over her quirk to keep those who wish to do her harm away. This can make her seem intimidating to some but really she just wants to live the high life and bring everyone with her. Hobbies: -DJing -Dance class-Beatboxing -Soccer 


07/14/2020 04:16 PM 


Early Life.Shou was a member of the Watarshi clan; one of the many Tengu clans that existed within the world. Like the many other Tengu clans Shou was governed by a single leader, the Alpha if you will. The alpha was the head of their clan or family. Anything the alpha said went. It was a common practice. Shou's mother was the second wife to the alpha making him the third oldest son. His father had twelve children among four wives, and for a young Tengu the first years of their life are the most important. Upon the day Shou was born he was immediately greeted by his other mothers and siblings. During a young Tengu's life they learn more about communication skills from their siblings than they do with their own parents. Needless to say Shou's siblings were very close among one another and from time to time it wasn't uncommon for the eldest siblings to look after and care for the younger siblings.When the Problems Started.Unlike many other Yokai Tengu's are known for being prideful. It is said that their pride can not be measured nor matched. As a result conflicts with other Tengu clans is inevitable. By the time Shou was of proper age he began his flight and combat training, and it wasn't long before he perfected the art of weilding a spear; his weapon of choice. When problems arose he along with his other siblings would gladly fight along side their alpha in order to protect and perserve their clan. For decades Shou's clan had been undefeated; and they prided themselves in it. The Watarshi clan was among the strongest and most proud clans in the world, and with every clan defeated a century of peace fell over their family. The children would take to the skies and play from sun rise to sun set. In the evenings they would all gather around a fire and listen to the elders share their stories of the world they had seen and experienced. It was heaven, their home was paradise.But that all changed when a new creature emerged. One that appeared much like them but far more weak and underdeveloped. At the beginning they were harmless; two legged people that didn't appear to possess any sort of yokai traits what so ever, and therefore deemed not a threat. However, as the years progressed and their numbers grew so too did their knowledge. They began to forge weapons from minerals found in the very mountains that Shou and his family occupied. And as the potential threat rapidly began to spread in numbers so too did their greed and hatred. It wasn't long before Shou's family inevitably had to get involved. They slaughtered hundreds, even thousands, just to reclaim their homes. The humans took everything in their wake of expansion. The forest were dying, and the animals around them were dwindling. The humans left Shou's family practically starving to death. However, as the Tengu's fought back so too did the humans. And it was on the faithful day that Shou's family had been exposed to the game changing advanced weaponry.Iron. Iron tipped arrows, swords and spears crafted from the mineral and for Tengu's they were no match for it. Their bodies had an unnatural weakness to the mineral and when struck with a weapon forged of Iron it made them weak and easy targets. One by one Shou's entirely family had been slaughtered in only a week. Brother, sisters, mothers, cousin's, aunts, and even his own father had be killed right before his eyes. In a single night his entire bloodline had been wiped clean. With no resources or even the match to withstand the humans Shou fled with an inch of his life. Retreating to the very mountain he had once called home.He burrowed himself deep within the mountain and forced his body into a deep death like sleep, hoping that when he awoke the world would be different; and the humans would be no more. He'd never imagine just how wrong he'd truly be.Recovery.His time spent slumbering not only healed his body of wounds but preserved him. Being a yokai his body ages far slower than that of a human. A Tengu's life expectency is aroung 8-900 years old. Thankfully locking himself away under the mountain his body aborbed all the natural minerals the earth could provide thus furthering his aging process. The Present.Though centuries have passed and the human's did not die off as he had hoped Shou was given no other choice but to over come and adapt. Now at the age of 19 he attends a local university where he studies zoology; but his primary focus is aviation. Yet despite countless searching Shou has deemed himself the last and only remaining Tengu alive in the world.  


07/14/2020 09:06 PM 

Sabella Grimm Info

Full name: Sabella Grimm   Gender: female   Species: succubus   Age: unknown   Birthday: October 31st   Sexuality: anyone   Currently lives: anywhere   Languages spoken: all   Relationship Status: single   PHYSICAL APPEARANCE   Height: 5’7”   Weight: 160lbs   Figure/build: curvy   Hair colour: blue and black (top to bottom)   Hairstyle: long   Eye colour: red with black around them   Skin/fur/etc colour: light blue   Piercings: 1 tongue, 2 bottom lip   Scars/distinguishing marks: mark of the succubus   Preferred style of clothing: black bikini, black gloves, black thigh highs and black high heels   Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: crosses   PERSONALITY   Personality: teasing, lustful, smart, mysterious,      Favourite colour: blue     Taste in music: anything   EATING HABITS   HOUSE AND HOME   Describe the character's house/home: anywhere she can go   COMBAT   Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Peaceful   Special skills/magical powers/etc: fly, levitate, teleport, heal, illusion magic, paralysis, charm   Weapon of choice (if any) magic   Weaknesses in combat: if fighter is strong willed and breaks through her charm    FAMILY, FRIENDS AND FOES   Parents names:  Xander Grimm(father), Tillia Grimm(mother)   Is the character still in contact with their parents? yes   Siblings? Relationship with siblings?

*°•🔪💉 Psychotic Buns💉🔪•°*

07/14/2020 03:11 PM 

Plots (Free to use)
Current mood:  accomplished

┌─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┐Plots:└─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┘ More plots to come!1). Your a pirate ship captain, whose out for revenge on the man who killed your family. You've been alone for so long, the crew starts to hound you about finding a partner. During a cool fall night you & your crew plunder a port town. While plundering the town, you steal the daughter/son of a merchant who you have been stealing money & merchandise from. You planned on holding them captive, however your heart had other plans. You fall in love with them They fall for you as well. 2)Your a pirate ship captain, whose known through out all the land & sea. You have a large bounty on your head, which causes you to head into uncharted waters. On a bright summer day your crew throws a net over the side of the boat, hoping to catch some fish. Trapped in the net is a mermaid, they were trying to free the fish, but ended up getting caught themselves. The men pull the net on the ship seeing the mermaid flip around on the deck. To your surprise their fins have turned into legs, you decide to keep them as a prisoner. You planned on selling them, or making them into an attraction to make money. However on a cold winter night the boat is boarded as they try & steal them away, which causes you to realize you have feelings for them. 3) Your a assassin from the Futa ara, you work for a unnamed master. You work in the shadows, you are a mercenary for hire. Your unknown master sets you up on a difficult mission. You are to kill a member of a noble family, you haven't been given the information on the person you have to kill yet. During this waiting time you meet & fall for a person in the village. You & this person start a relationship, but it's in the shadows so nothing will happen to them. Once the information reaches you, the person you have fallen for is the member of the noble family that you have to kill. You will people to keep your family safe, they know this & tell you it's okay to kill them. What will you do~? Will you Kill them, or will you run away together"?4). Your a knight in the royal families guard, your family works & protects the Royals of the family. Your family has worked for them for many generations, you know all the members of th family very well. One day you happen to over hear a conversation between the princess & a servant. They are bragging about how they can't believe that 16 years have passed & no one has noticed that the princess isn't the real one. You get caught looking at them, which causes you to go on a mission to find the real princess. During your trip you come across a broken house in the woods, a girl who looks like a the princess comes out & attacks you. A birthmark on her shoulder reveals that she's the real princess, you start to get feelings towards her. 5) Your sit on a throne made of skulls, & bones, you are death. You have sat in that throne for thousand of years, alone. The large black oak door opens, a glowing light figure walking towards your throne. Its Life, She was pushing a smaller figure along in front of her. She tells you that you have to watch over this human, as they don't know where to put them. You take the human In, as time goes on you start to fall in love with the human & they fall in love with you. Your scared to touch them because your death, they tell you it's fine because they are already dead. 6) Your sidekick is hurt really badly Durning a fight against a new group of villians. They are in a coma for months, they wake up but they have amnesia.They don't remember you, or the villians. They have to relearn how to do a lot of things & who a lot of people are especially you.7) Your a rockstar whose band is coming together, Durning a rehearsal one of the band members starts to act up. Causing you to fire them, start lookfing for a new band member. You set up some flyers as people try out, you were about to give out when this shy person comes to audition. They ace the audition with flying colors, you start to upload music to YouTube which causes you to grow in subscribers. You get a tour deal, which you instaly jump on. 8) You go to a party, which gets extremely lit. You however don't drink anything or do anything. Durning the party you see your friend, whose completely wasted. You decide to give them water & some headache medicine. When your sitting on the couch at the party your friend confesses that they like you very much. How will you react?9) Your an outlaw whose wanted throughout the west, wanted for stealing money, goods and cars. Many people see you as a hero tho, stealing from the evil & giving back to the people who need it. Durning your travels to a remote town you become fond of the bar owner there, You end up getting a job in the town as you live in a room above the bar. You get hired to do a job for a wealthy family, you must protect their daughter/son at all costs. The two of you go into hiding as they have to stay in the room above the bar, after months of being togther you start to fall for each other.More detailed Plots Below1) Your my everything: Love/AnguishYou've been married to your husband/wife  for 2 years now, however things seemed to have hit rock bottom. You have found out that they are having an affair & that your grandpa had died, he left you his farm. What will you do? Will you stay & try to fix your messed up marriage~? Or Will you take your Grandpa's farm & start a new life & find the love of your dreams~? 2) It wasn't me!: Love/DramaYou are in an arranged marriage, you both were madly in love with each other, however disaster hits. Your fiance's best friend moved back home from their study abroad. Months passed as they tried to make you look horrible, only to make your fiance to fall for you more. As a last attempt their Best Friend stabs their father in the back trying to frame you. "I was set up" You screamed, as the cops pulled you away from the man laying on the floor. The cops didn't believe you, & thats just what your fiance's best friend wanted to happen. However they didn't expect for your fiance's dad to wake up from a coma & expose them. 3) Valentine's Day: LoveIt was Valentine's day, you walked around the Halls of your school. Watching everyone had out their homemade chocolate & treats to the person that they liked. However for you it was a bit more complicated, the person you liked didn't even know. They didn't even know you existed, you had baked them small Carmel, chocolates that were in the shape of hearts. Your to nervous to give them to them during class, so you put them in your crushes locker & your friends lockers as well. After school you were standing at your locker getting ready to leave when you opened it, two adorable plushies fell out & land on the floor. They were 4 inches tall. A few days passed & your crush had asked your friends about the candies because they all were the same, same candy, same box everything. Soon you found a note inside your locker telling you to meet someone on the top of the roof, you decide to go & are surprised to see your crush. What will you do~?4) Jealously Is Ugly: Love/Drama/JealousyYou didn't have a boyfriend/girlfriend, but you did have a guy/girl who you were very much into.. However you wanted to be more then friends while they didn't, they simply just wanted to kiss you whenever they wanted. However you craved a real relationship, so You started to go on dates, seeing other people & not responding to them or their late night texts. This only angered them, however seeing you with someone else made them lose their mind. You woke up to someone banging on your door, You groaned as you knew who it was. You didn't move for you owned them nothing, you were just a person who kissed great to them & nothing more. That all was pretty clear by the texts they had sent you months ago, however something inside you made you open your apartment door. Once you opened your apartment door they had pulled you into a hug, this caught you off guard they never just randomly hugged you. They never showed up to your apartment either, so this was all just so strange. "I'm sorry". they said as they held you close to their chest "I can't keep lying to Myself, I love you". they said What will you do~? Will you take them back or send them to the curb~?5) Snowy Night: Love/DramaYou were stranded in a small town in the snow, your car had gotten stuck. You groaned as you didn't know what to do, it was almost Christmas & you had decided to move back home with family. You had moved to the big city years ago, after high school. You promised everyone that you would be a CEO of your own company, however you were just a lonely Nanny who lived alone. You had given up on your dream of owning your own business & helping others, because each time you did have some sort of lead it disappeared without a trace. Soon there was a knock at your car window, as your rolled it down. You suddenly were face to face with your high school crush and your childhood best friend. What will you do~? Will you follow your dreams & Fall for your crush once more~?Plot 1: Anguish, Love  The Lost LambMues A is a human that gets turned into a humanoid lamb by a witch, Muse B is a human who got turned into a humanoid wolf by the same witch. Muse A began to wonder the forest, the deeper in the forest they got they for into muses B land, which causes muse B to Begin to stalk them. Muse B is hungry from there not being any food in the forest, Muse B attacks Muse A who fights back. This fighting back made Muse B begin to fight with them, but as the fight goes on Muse B stops fighting as they have imprinted on Muse A. Plot 2: Love, Adventure, Fantasy, Anguish  The Last UnicornMuse A is a hunter whose killed many different creatures in their time, Muse B is a rare and sought after unicorn, Muse B is a unicorn, most humans think they are just horses but that is only their animal form. Unicorns are actually Humans with horns on their heads, they have white hair. Muse A had been on Muse Bs trail for sometime now, but they had lost them when they transformed into a human. Soon the hoof marks turned into human footprints, which caused Muse A to be confused which caused them to set up a camp for the night. Durning the night Muse B went to take a stroll through a meadow, Muse B broke a branch which caused Muse A to sit up fast. Muse A grabbed their gun running to where they heard the stick brake, they sat up for a shoot as they soon stopped. Muse B was in their human form, the moonlight shining down on them they looked beautiful, they had on a white skirt with had crystals all over it, and a top that flowed when they moved. A large white horn on the top of their head, they began to run off when they heard dogs barking, soon a horde of guys ran past into the meadow as they attacked Muse B. Muse A grabbed their gun and shot it in the air as they scared off the dogs, they began to run to find Muse B. Muse B had gotten trapped in a net trap. They were up in the net which hung from the tree, they looked even more beautiful up close. Muse B hears a branch brake which makes them look over at Muse A. Plot 3: Love, Drama, Angst  Remember MeMuse A and Muse B were dating, they had been together for three years now, they had a great relationship. Muse A wanted to marry Muse B, they planned a night to go to a nice restaurant, however on the way there. Tragedy struck, Muse A and Muse B were hit by another car. Muse A got hit, a gash on their head Muse B wasn't hurt at all. The ambulance showed up as they took Muse A away  Muse B wound the ring box which held the engagement ring. Muse B picked it up holding it as they cried, Muse B decided to go with them to the hospital. At the Hospital the doctors went to Muse B as Muse As family was waiting, "They have amnesia they don't know where they are". Muse B was heart broken, Muse As mom.goes to the room with Muse B. Muse A sees their mom "Mom"! Muse B looked sad, Muse A looked at them as they smiled "Whose that"? Muse Bs heart dropped to their stomach


07/13/2020 11:16 PM 


(Base) ChargeShield bashMana shield (Last only for as long as prep is stated but he can't use magic when it's active)Final hit (Last 120 seconds- 4 phases he teleports with his beam blade aand is able to one shot most foes.)Shield of trust (A skill primilary used for team combat. It supports the allies by forming a protictive barrier around them and himself halfing magic and physical damage.)Blade of Judgement: (A energy blade that comes forth any weapon the judgement blade stands as tall as a building that he smashes down on a target. This generates a massive explosion. This blade can be blocked and avoided however in doing so you risk taking half the damage from the blast.)Magic:Ice bolt- He throws small spears of ice at you that do small damage. He can charge 5 at a time. If all 5 hit they will have enough force to push the target back. But unlike his upgraded ice spear that requires prep this doesn't. For it's only equal too getting ice thrown at your head.Ice spear-A extremely powerful ice spell that encases the target in ice and explodes upon impact. It uses a high amount out mana so using with mana shield is ill advised.Thunder and fire bolt-Same as ice bolt but with different elements.Triecast-The ability to use 1 of each fire, ice and thunder all at once. 


07/13/2020 07:01 PM 

Hello there!
Current mood:  artistic

The admin's name is Dusty! They tend to be a rather laid back and flexible perosn when it comes to role play and is also willing to work with you on a plot and the content there of! So long as you are respectful, they will give you more of the same!That said some things to keep in mind:-Replies can be slow at times due to work and prior life obligations-At no point is the admin going out their way to ignore you, most times they will try to reply OOC to let you know what is going on-Things can get 18+ at times. That means the admin will often ask that their rp partners are 18 yrs or older. That and to treat it with some form of seriousness. It can be boring or discouaraging when someone isn't into a role play in every aspect. If for some reason you are not up to 18+ themes just let me know and we can gloss over those.-The admin also asks that if for some reason you are not able to reply to an rp right away, to try to reply with an OOC message. Most times, the admin will try to keep in touch if they have not heard from you in awhile.-Finally, just try to have some fun! As stated, admin is rather felixible and always ready for a role play!

admin, ooc, role play, rp, roleplay, out of character, rules, guidelines, hello, hi, welcome


07/13/2020 03:16 PM 


Aspect: FireSpectrum: "Dying Will Flame" is a type of life-force and aura manipulation attributed by those who are in the mafia despite having no desire to be part of it. It can, in rare ocurrances, appear outside the mafia.Nature, Cloud: Cloud flame is violet in color and coated in a soft lavender. It deals in propegation, otherwise known as multiplication. Cloud flames can multiply or cause the extensive growth of things they bathe. Hibari seems to use this to expand the size of Roll or alter a field around him. Nature, Mist: Mist 'flames' are easily the weakest visibly, bearing a dark indigo color and seeming to fade into nothing at the edges. They deal in creation, otherwise known as illusion. Hibari can only use these after the defeat of a Mist user at age 18, in which he uses MIst Rings to hide his base of operations.Box Weapon: Roll is a hedgehog that, when coated in cloud-type dying will flame, will exponentially increase in size.  

Soutнern Cheeĸy Gιrl

07/12/2020 10:17 PM 


Before I get started, I'm going to go ahead and inform each individual that I'm new with the devil may cry genre xD that means I'm not an expert, I've only played devil may cry 5 and I absolutely love Nico. which is why I'm role-playing as her. if that's an issue by all means go ahead and block or delete me XD I look forward to role-playing with y'all. here are my rules Drama of any type is not accepted, it will not be tolerated by any means. if you can't be a mature ass adult, then go ahead and remove yourself from my list. Romance and erotica is  something I'.m not interested in. I'm engaged outside of this site, which means whoever tries to send anything that involves romance or erotica in anyway; you will be blocked and deleted without hesitation. please respect this, if that's an issue then don't bother keeping me as a friend. one liner roleplays will not be accepted.  racism will not be tolerated, if you use racial slurs for whatever reason then you're getting blocked and reported. ​​​​​​don't rush for a reply, I have a job. which means I'm not going to be online 24/7. I'm also a mother of two children. that means I can't make anyone but my job and children my main priority. please be patient.  if you add you speak first.  do not expect any type of relationship to happen behind character, I've made it clear that I'm going to respect my husband to be. please do not ask for real life information and expect anything outside of this site.  If you sent a request and you don't say anything for two weeks then you will more than likely will be removed from my list instantly. if you're busy, then I ask of you to let me know. 

emma rose is back

07/12/2020 08:58 PM 


1. NO one liners allowed2. NO grammar police i am blind so i wont be using gramar or pucutations 3. you have 2 weeks to send a message before i delete you 4. i do have a life and school so i will be slow on getting online5. no discord so dont ask 6. no kik do not ask 7. no skype do not ask 8. you add me you send me a greeting9. i add you i send you a greeting.10. details is a must 11. NO gore allowed 

emma rose is back

07/12/2020 08:46 PM 

Info of emma

Name Emma rose age 14-15 sex female race Human / something elseeyes brown hair dark brown height 5''5Orination BI blood type AB+weight 120 LB Bra size C cup almost D cup Tattos on her lower back *daddys princess* Likes anime, coffee,tea, animals, rainbows, sex, making out, Oral on her , Big strong men, cake sweets, chai tea, Milk cookies, cats, dogs, wolves, tigers panthers, color purple, white, silver, coloring art Music playing music sports, nascar racing camping hiking horse back riding, Men women fishing cooking baking dislikes spiders snakes sticky things being abuse and being abandon and forgotten hates being on boats and cannos hates when people die hates dying 


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tower of dreams ;

  tower of dreams ;   Genre: psychological, horror, mystery, high-strangeness  As always, feel free to reply if this interests you as a starter. If you have questions, lemme know. cc welcome!  ♥  ‘Back again?’   Koue sighed, greeted with an all too familiar sight. The undying kunoichi had been hosted in the Tower of Dreams far too long.    In reality, the Tower of Dreams had been reduced to a low lying ruin, without windows or any actual towers. While the palace was geographically of the Land of Wind, historically  none dared settle near the  cursed ruin. On the outside, it was a palace of crumbling ancient stone, a roof of scale shaped black tiles, many of which had fallen off. Its architecture was outlandish, the building seemed to coil around itself in a serpentine shape. The entrance was a large oval shaped archway, engraved to appear in the likeness of a human eye from afar. After passing through the archway, the foyer walls were decorated with fanciful engravings, most notably a hooded woman’s face. The face engraving itself was quite plain, but the steady dribble of  ‘tears’ that flowed from its obsidian eyes were something of a strange phenomena. Legend said, if you wished  to enter the Tower of Dreams, you first  must drink from the pool of tears below the statue.  And Koue had drunk deeply.    She’d been at this spot countless times, no matter which path she took, all routes seemed to lead back to this room. It was mostly empty, aside from a long table, set for many people, a spread of fresh  food to feed as many too. Yet as far as she knew, the only soul in this ancient ruin was her own. There were several doorways, halls, stairways up and down,  all of which eventually led back here. The vastness of this palace’s interior compared to its  outside appearance perplexed her. The longer she was there,more apparent other peculiarities became.   By her best judgement, it had been at least a couple hours of searching this labyrinth. Although without any source of natural light, the passage of time was hard to pick up on in this place. It was dimly lit, by sparsely placed torches and candles, the flames of which burned a strangely aquamarine color, the shadows they cast danced strangely. When she’d find herself in new areas of the palace, much of what she saw seemed unreal. Visions of the past, whispering voices of her innermost thoughts, and mirrors into unspeakable futures. She tried not to spend much time in such places, cautious of its effect on her own mind.  As always, she’d eventually find herself back in the dining hall, for some reason she seemed unable to delve deeper.    Hungry, she’d plucked a grape from the table, squeezing the red orb between her fingers and eyeing it warily. To her disappointment, it was more fancy than food. An illusion. Curiously  she tasted it, and to her astonishment it tasted quite real. To fool her senses, whatever the source of this illusion was, it was certainly potent. No wonder she was sent to fetch it for the snake sannin, although she wished she had any sort of idea of what such a thing would look like. She would not be allowed to return empty handed. Sage hued orbs narrowed, scanning the plain stone walls for something amiss...anything.   Something is obviously up. What am I missing?   

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Yep we all hate these but they are needed 1. I will do my best to reply and send greetings in a timely manner but please be patient. My life goes from super chill to holy hell pretty quick.2. You add you send greeting. I add I'll send one. Super simple.3. Messages over comments... I don't like comments so it's very likely that I'll take excessive time to respond to them.4. Relationships are RP only! Plus they actually require RP and time and characters bonding. Goes without saying after that that I'm single ship only and expect the same of my partner.5. I'm not here for smut. If that's all you want then we'll... -looks at all her guns- I love target practice! Though that aside... Smut is for the one that's with Exusiai only. Refer to target practice if you try otherwise.6. We are all here to have fun! So remember that, don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for MINOR rule exceptions. Worse that happens is I say no.


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Name: ExusiaiNicknames: AngelGender FemaleHeight: 159cm (5' 2.5")Age: ClassifiedBirthday: December 24thRace: SanktaStatus: aliveOrientation: Bi (female lean)​​​​​Information:Exusiai is a citizen of Laterano and as such, is entitled to the privileges listed in Clauses 1-13 of the Laterano Constitution. She is an employee of Penguin Logistics who specializes in covert communication, armed escort, and other undercover activities. We suspect she is a Messenger. While contracted with Penguin Logistics, she serves as a liaison to Rhodes Island, assisting us with our operations. Clinical Analysis Imaging tests reveal clear, normal outlines of internal organs, and no abnormal shadows have been detected. Originium granules have not been detected in the circulatory system and there is no sign of infection. At this time, this Operator is believed to be non-infected.[Cell-Originium Assimilation] 0%Operator Exusiai showed no symptoms of Oripathy.[Blood Originium-Crystal Density] 0.12u/LOperator Exusiai sometimes delivers packages with Originium content, but it has not caused infection to date. Archive File 1 She is different from most Laterano in that she is an unabashed optimist.Proficient in various means of entertainment, she's the member of the team who always manages to keep herself upbeat, no matter the situation.Her generosity ends up being the primary reason why she's broke all the time. Archive File 2 The gun is a unique mid and long-range weapon rumored to be discovered by Laterano, thereby becoming one of its symbols.Its killing power isn't exceptional, but it's better suited to the average Laterano citizen's temperament than cold steel, thus becoming the weapon of choice in Laterano. Everyone now carries at least one for personal protection.Exusiai may seem laid-back, but her marksmanship ranks among the top at Rhodes Island. On one hand, she lacks the attention span for things other than maintaining and operating her gun. On the other hand, her innate marksmanship talents, including visual tracking and timing, are the envy of all sharpshooters. Archive File 3 While Exusiai goes against what anyone might expect of a Laterano, what's even more unbelievable is that she never endured a difficult childhood thanks to a peculiar hobby, nor did she decide to rebel due to some unfortunate circumstance.She loves only happy things and grew up a happy person, simple as that.Judging from her background, maybe the Laterano aren't as closed-minded as popularly portrayed... Archive File 4 Even with a halo and wings, people often forget Exusiai is a Laterano. Only when the topic swirls around religion does she react with the piety so characteristic of the Laterano.Few places outside Laterano hold such primordial, pristine faith, and because of that, very few notice Exusiai's piety.But those who do will realize the same person holds such progressive values and at the same time retains reverence for her faith, without any apparent contradictions.Also, only by observing Exusiai from this perspective could one realize that behind her wicked smirk lies a pure soul. 

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[RP Advice] “Seeking Role” RPers (Be Calm, Best Approach)

Admin’s Note: It’s been a while since I made one of these, and I had been pondering the best way to go about this particular segment ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A while back, these people used to appear rather often. Various communities I’d RP in, had them for all kinda of fandoms. But, I want to make it clear that this is only MY experience with them, not everybody’s (please keep that in mind). If you have ever been approached by a “Seeking Role” user, do not panic. They will ask you to play a specific character for them, but there is also a heavy down-side to it. There are both positive and negative ways to handle these kind of users. However, there are some users who will work with you. In my own experience, on this site, I have received many of the negative users who endlessly spam your messages if you refuse. In fact, they will even warn you that if you refuse, they will spam you until you agree to play whomever they want you to play as (worst case scenario they will report you). The specifications they give, can either be a great idea, or completely inappropriate. I HAVE met SOME positive Seeking Role users who were pretty chill about my refusal to play specified characters, they often respect what you decide in the end. Some Seeking Role users may be generally rude in communities they’re in. Even if you respond in kind, they may retaliate and resort to a form of begging and demanding. These Seeking Role users should NOT be dealt with using aggression, but instead be the better person and inform an authority figure in the community you are in and let them know this person is bothering you. If you are in a community where there is no admin, simply contact the community’s staff and provide as much information about said person as you need, in order for the situation to be taken care of. While there are equally positive and negative Seeking Role users, they are still users regardless. Be cool with them, don’t give them a negative attitude, and if need be? simply talk to a staff and let them take care of it. I know these people can be irritating, but do consider blocking if the situation persists, it would be the more subtle choice of solution otherwise.

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