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09/24/2020 02:52 PM 

The Princess

Name: Kaiya Oikawa Kanji: 桷也  εŠε·Meaning: Ocean call  Obstinant/dauntless Gender: Female Age: Was a first year when Kageyama and Hinata came to their school (What I'm trying to say is it changes depending on RP)Birthday:  July 12th Height: 5'6Weigth: 142lbsSexuality: Heterosexual School: Aoba Johsai Year: (depends on the RP but in comparisson to Toru she's 2 years behind) Goal: To take her team to womens nationals and WIN. Team: Mennsoku (Otherwise known as the Rabid Rabbits) Position: Ace, previous Libero (will play position if asked) Number: 10STATSPower: 5/5Game Sense: 4/5Technique: 2/5Speed: 5/5Jumping: 4/5Stamina: 3/5Flexibility: 3/5Family: Toru Oikawa (Older brother) (Unnamed older sister) Personality: Kaiya, though strong in her game is hard to get to know. At this point in her life she is used to living in her brothers shadow and falls back on it quite a lot, with no back bone currently unless she's in game. Outside of the playing field she hides behind him, only really friendly with her team. Still, like a true rabbit she is curious and will give anyone a chance, that's one thing she's trying to do better. Still she has quite the trigger finger and often uses the volleyball as a weapon rather than a game piece. You make her mad when Toru isn't around and she might make your nose bleed.  


09/23/2020 11:27 PM 


Eloise, otherwise known as Apricus Cordae is considered to be psionic in any verse that allows it. In time, I will consider adding on to this to detail power variations, different verses, and more. The limitations and strength of her power may vary depending on verse and the conditions present, though in most cases, the description and limitations are as follows.  Apricus is capable of interacting, lifting, moving, and throwing objects without physically interacting with them if they are visible to her, and within 300 feet of her person. These objects must be something she can physically lift. Using her psionic power on objects that are too heavy or throwing them too hard has similar drawbacks to her body as muscle strain does, and it will also strain her mind. Particles or liquids like sand or water can be scattered or tossed, but she lacks the finesse to manipulate individual particles, and so they will fall.   If Apricus is intimately familiar with an object or location, she may interact with them if they are not visible, provided that she knows their exact location and position. If she fails to know the location or exact position, her attempt to grasp will have the same effect as one does reaching around in the dark, or she may lift/manipulate the item incorrectly.   Apricus may hurl small items at great velocity, creating dangerous weapons out of seemingly harmless items. She may also stop or catch items hurled at her, or redirect their velocity. In the event the item is too large/heavy, the same restriction as above applies. Furthermore, she will sustain additional damage related to the force/speed the object was moving. Causing anything to move at bullet-like speeds will have severe physical consequences on her body. Attempting to stop bullet-like projections outright will have the same consequences as if she was shot. Redirecting them has lesser consequences, but she will still sustain injury.   Apricus is capable of levitating her own body, and with added velocity, this may appear as flying. She requires having a phyiscal surface (ground, building, water) that she can 'push' off of, or she will not be able to sustain the lift. While she is capable of lifting her own body with little effort and bypassing the usual restrictions of her power for this, she must lift other person/s as if she were carrying their full weight.   Significant breaks in concentration, such as distraction or injury may cause her to lose focus. Anything she is lifting or levitating will be dropped, including her own body. Notably, the last thing to fall is generally her own body. In dire circumstances, she may maintain a single focus, losing control over everything else.   Overuse and abuse of her power, such as lifting too much, or even too often has physical consequences upon her body, and may even lead to heart and brain damage. Critical injury is possible, as well as death in chronic cases.


09/23/2020 11:17 PM 


Basic Bio Stuff!Name: Pearl, or XAge: A bit younger than Lilith, but doesn't keep count anymoreGender: Female, but is fluidDescription: Greyish blue hair with black horns, and a short but toned body. Round cheeks and abnormally large eyes. Personality: Pearl is a bit of a shy succubi, preferring to only take her meals while they're asleep or in dreams. When spoken to, she ends up being blunt and curt to avoid explaining herself further. Despite being an avid liar, she dislikes both telling lies and hearing them. She's promiscuous, so doesn't have much jealousy or possessiveness to her. Despite her attitude, she's actually quite sensitive, and it doesn't take much to start to dig in her emotions, or get under her skin. In progress! 


09/23/2020 11:09 PM 


At a later point, I'll edit this and delve into more specifics. For now, we'll just get the basics.ChildhoodSheltered in her youth, Eloise was born prematurely with a weak heart to a modest family of few numbers, who did all they could to ensure the new member would thrive. Riches weren't within their grasp, and yet, the girl wanted for nothing in her childhood, often finding herself confused when she came to understand she possessed more than her peers. She was further stumped when her exploration led her to the walls of her family's self imposed sanctuary. Connections with others were strained, as she found it hard to make friends when she spent much of her time in a hospital bed, and more directly, when she left poor impressions due to her refusal to share her belongings with others. Oblivious and lonely, she reveled in what she had, until circumstances forced her to learn empathy.Teenage YearsA true only-child, the weight of her burden on her family never became apparent to her until her father suffered a crippling injury to his back, putting him out of work. She effectively lost her mother to the toll of two full time jobs, while her father struggled to provide in the ways that he could, trying and failing to mask the pain. Even her extended family stepped up to assist, and shortly after her uncle moved in, Eloise discovered the endless medical bills, debts, and the cost of her livelihood - none of which had suffered after her father's accident. Succumbing to depression for a time, her realization of what her family had done to provide for her haunted her memories, though she didn't linger there long. Proudly, her father plodded along with his injuries, creating new ways to sustain the family through technology and remote services. He inspired her to recognize that where she'd needed their aid for so long, she'd be able to return the favor, and so she rallied behind the cause of supporting her family and helping others.AdulthoodUnwilling to relent since the discovery of her family's sacrifices, Eloise had grown into a very changed woman who was known for putting others' needs before her own. Her family's diligence and teamwork paid off, allowing them to attain the wealth and status that would have helped in her early years, and while she definitely benefitted from this, she charged herself with independence above all else, setting off on her own to ensure that she could fend for her own needs and not burden those she loved. At times, she is taken aback by the revelation that others in the world are not as driven or kind as her relatives, proving herself to be perhaps even more gullible than she was as a child, though she does what she can to overcome unforseen challenges with a steady willingness to persist. Still, she can be whimsical, studying topics out of passion, and pursuing work that she believes to be righteous, regardless of how much it actually pays.


09/23/2020 11:02 PM 


This doesn't require acknowledgement. Merely, it's the general gist of how I operate, and if this doesn't work for you, at least you know early.  Patience: I work full time, and can be slow. If my silence has become aggravating, I will not hold it against you if you must clear space.   Respect: Feel free to sling criticism my way, I love to learn. Insults or harassment towards others on my page will get you the boot. Racial or sexual discrimination will get you mocked among my peers before you're deleted (LGBTQ+ friendly).   Punctuation: If your profile lacks it, or you consistently write without it, I will delete you. I can forgive those on mobile if it's not a typical issue.   One-Liners: I consider this to be the 'instant' form of roleplay, and I'm not against it, but please ask first. More than likely, I'll take it to Discord.   Flirtation: Please keep it entirely IC. OOC, you don't know me, and I'm not looking.

The Dark Crusader

09/23/2020 08:42 PM 


                                                         Rules1.) I am very new to rping as Batman, please know that lots of years experience in the DC universe as Jason Todd, Joker, Lex Luthor, Green Lantern, beast boy and a few others OC's . So give me a chance, I may not portray him perfectly since this is the first time I've ever Rped as him . 2.) My length I type is Semi to Multi para, depending on how much I am in enjoying the storyline.3.) I know that some people won't like this rule, but it needs to be said. I'm not a big fan of Damien Wayne. I'm more old school anyway, so sorry to any Damien wayne rpers, you won't be added. In my family, there is D*ck Grayson, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon. Stephanie Brown and Helena Wayne will also be added.4.) My Bruce Wayne is currently single and looking, I know that in this series that is engaged to Selena Kyle. But I also ship Bruce and Diana/Batman and  Wonder Woman together! However this is rp, so anything can happen!5.) I shouldn't have to say this but I will. My Bruce Wayne is Straight, after all he is known as Gothem's Billionaire Playboy! XD6.) I do not mind crossovers at all and matter fact I welcome it, just as long as it makes sense. Batman could not be in a world like Pokémon, as a matter fact there would be dead Pokémon everywhere! XD7.) This is a mature account, and violence, drugs, crime, romance, even sexual situations. However everything must have a storyline built up, it's more fun that way. 

SubGayBoys (MCRP)

09/23/2020 08:38 PM 

Roleplay Ideas I've come up With!
Current mood:  adventurous

Idea 1:Genre- Post Apocalypse, Romance, Sci-fiThe world has advanced so far technology wise, but it is being destroyed by some kind of disease. This disease has wiped out every single living thing whether it be plant life, animal life or some other type of life. The world is dying and the last bit of human life was spread out across the world separated from each other, they were all cryogenically frozen to preserve the last bits of human life underground. The world above was killed by bombs but it stopped the disease and now life is back on the world.So the idea takes place a couple months before the disease breaks out, where our characters could meet and get to know each other. But one of the characters move somewhere else. When the outbreak happened they were separated from each other and sealed into their cryogenic pods.Years later, the humans who were sealed started to wake but some were still trapped in their pods. I was thinking that one of our characters had been out for a year or so already and then the other person’s character finally comes out. But is confused and scared, since everything they knew was gone, not knowing that the other person’s character was alive just yet. Maybe the character stumbles into town after that and runs into the character who had been out for a few years already.Idea 2-Genre- Post Apocalypse, Sci-Fi, Romance.Another idea I had is basically the same premise as the one above.The world is destroyed by a disease that ransacked the world, so the advanced technology of humans is sent underground and buried by nature. Years later, humans still live in this world and search for ancient tech and bunkers that held useful things.I was thinking that your character could be part of a scavenging group and eventually finds an untouched bunker. They get it open and go inside, they try to find something useful and activate something that sets off an alarm.The electrical system tries to boot up but can’t access primary power, so it uses the last bit of the generator’s energy and turns on a AI System. It starts to create an AI in a tube which was covered in dust, but glowing green, a person being inside of the tube (My character.)The system manages to revive my character but it couldn’t revive my character properly because of the limited power so my character is in an infant like state. They don’t know anything at the beginning or why they were made.***They are the cure to the virus that is still running rampant around the world.Idea 3:Genres: Romance, Medieval and Modern.In the past like the old past, our characters knew each other and maybe even loved each other. I was thinking that one of our characters die in that old past because of a war that had broke out. Before the character dies though, the one who is still alive vows to look for the dying character’s reincarnation in the future and protect them.In the future, the character who had vowed to protect the reincarnation is currently either attending high school or is a teacher depending on which you’d prefer and eventually our character’s get closer.Idea 4:Subnautica Like Idea-It is the year 3048, mankind have advanced very far in technology they have even started exploring space properly, having advanced spaceships instead of rockets. As mankind has advanced they’ve also learned how to do interstellar travel, making traveling through space easier.Thanks to expanding space industry, a ship was currently heading to a planet to colonize and start life on another planet. But as they were heading there they get to close to another planet and the space ship gets shot down into an ocean covered planet.A few survivors managed to escape on lifepods and now are trying to find a way off the planet. Dangerous animals being around every corner and alien devices that seemed to be protecting the planet for some reason.Idea 5-Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural, Adventure. Setting: Modern and Medieval.         My idea is that one of our characters, is a normal high school student but one day, they get sucked into their bath tub and gets transported to another world. In this world, they get approached by a man, who tells one of our characters that they are supposed to be the new demon king or mazoku king. A different race from humans since they have powers.There would be a lot of adventures as whoever becomes king/queen tries to learn how to do things. Humans and the Mazoku (Demons) are fighting and don’t really get along, so whoever becomes king will try to either reconcile the situation between Demons and humans or destroy the humans depending on the situation.To be honest, I have this idea that it will lead to some big event I just don’t know what yet.Idea 6:Genre: Fantasy, Vampire, Supernatural, Romance. Setting: Modern.Basically it’s about a noble vampire who wakes up from a very long sleep, he had gone to sleep because his past lover died. But your character eventually finds him and awakes him, the vampire is cold and distant at first but eventually warms up to your character since your character seemed similar to his past lover.There will be adjustment period for the vampire and your character will most likely need to help him with modern day things.Unfortunately there will be some dangerous scenes with vampire hunters and other vampires who will try to get at your character but the vampire will protect your character at all costs.Idea 8:Genre: Romance, Action, Mature Themes, Dark Themes. Setting: Modern.Your character has been having financial issues because of your sickly mother and your father who seemed to be gambling away all your money. One day, your father borrowed money from the wrong people and these people were not happy about it. Your father left you and your mother to fend for yourselves and the men broke into the house. Just as all seemed dim, someone had come into the house. It was my character.He had heard about everything and just wanted to make sure that everything was alright. He got rid of the men and then he asked you if you wanted to work for him.He was part of the mafia and he could easily make the money problems disappear. Could this man be trusted? Who knows. What kind of life can be led with him?Idea 10:Genre: Romance, Post Apocalypse, Sci-fiThe world’s weather had gotten a whole lot worse and now there are barely any places, humans can stay. So the government decides to send some people into space, though unfortunately only a small amount of the worlds population would be able to escape Earth.The rp will take place 500 years after humans left Earth, the space station that humans are currently inhabiting seems to be breaking apart. It is unknown if it is a terrorist attack or not. So, I was thinking that maybe the station breaks apart and our characters fall down to Earth or maybe one of our characters is already and Earth-faring person and helps the person who came from the space station. That would of course cause tension at first but slowly the characters would develop feelings for each other.Idea 11:Genre: Romance, Post Apocalypse, Ice Age.The world has been plunged into the second Ice Age, humanity is currently having a hard time surviving the cold temperatures that this world now had. The oceans were frozen over and everything seemed bleak. But there is still some hope, if humans could survive this freeze then everything would be alright and everything would warm up.So our characters would be survivors, whether or not they’d be living in the same village or city is up to you. I’m fine either way to be honest.The rp will basically focus around our two characters scavenging around the derelict world, it could even be 20 years afterwards and they have never been in the city and explore it with awe even though they’ve been forbidden to thanks to the danger. Anyways, our characters would get closer slowly over time.  


09/23/2020 05:40 PM 


The forest was oddly quiet for spring, but that was to be expected when there was an entire convoy of merchants carving their way down a path, deep ruts showing the journey of many a traveler before them. The trotting of horses, the rattling of old wooden carts, and the ominous chatter of the merchants was more than enough to silence any bird’s chattering around them. Still, the odd lack of wildlife was more than enough to put Lazarus on edge, having taken this same journey at least a dozen times prior and never seeing such sparsity. The hunting party they had sent over the few nights prior had barely been able to scrounge up a few rabbits, claiming it was like most the game had cleared the area before they even arrived.Despite the deer becoming a rarity, their nights were hounded by seemingly endless howling. The pack had been tracking them for over a week by this point, something Lazarus wasn’t the only one to immediately note as odd. Their relentless howling was growing closer by the night, and it almost felt like an attempt to deprive them of sleep and weaken their ranks. However, he wasn’t worried, as a mercenary he’d taken work far more terrifying than a pack of ravenous wolves, probably weak from starvation and only acting out of desperation.Lazarus put any fears he had aside for the time being, after all he was hired on as a bodyguard, not a consultant. If the merchant’s guild wanted his opinion on things, they would have paid him upfront for it. His confidence didn’t do much to quell the stone in his gut, and perhaps if he’d listened instead of being set in his ways he wouldn’t have walked so blindly into fate’s maw. Hindsight is just that, though, the mind’s way of reminding you every step it took to make the wrong decision. The mind has a funny way of doing that, and often it can be difficult for one to accept the path they’ve taken.When night fell Lazarus was the last to volunteer to stand guard, he’d much rather spend his time around a campfire washing down salted meat and bread with warm beer. His plans were short lived however, as he was quickly singled out by the group for neglecting to pull his weight, and so resigned to his fate at the edge of the makeshift camp. He may have been disappointed, but he wasn’t one to fret over things. Besides, he could just bring his food and drink with him, the only downside being a lack of companionship or refills.From his post the campfire’s light barely even reached him, his eyes struggling for a moment to adjust to the darkness and make sense out of the blurred shapes. A calloused hand waved over the top of his mug, waving away the flying insects that had gathered to pester him. This was the sole reason behind his hatred for the spring, preferring the colder seasons when he didn’t have to worry about constant buzzing in his ears or being bitten on the back of his neck.Over the brim of his mug he thought he saw something moving through the foliage, hand lowering to hover over the hilt of his sword while he took a few more hearty swallows. He didn’t think much of it, even the hungriest of wolves wouldn’t be foolish enough to make a move while he was still so close to camp. With a final swallow, Lazarus lowered the mug to the ground as he attempted to catch another glimpse of the creature, wondering if it was still stalking him. Moonlight broke through the foliage, making it easy enough for his eyes to adjust to the otherwise swallowing darkness, the mercenary taking a silent thanks in the full moon.It was around then he noticed something was off. The forest had grown completely silent, any noise seeming to disappear in a vacuum. The wind came to a quick and sudden stop, silhouetted trees ending their dance and their leaves falling still. Even the sound of his caravan had seemed to vanish, no clearer than a muffled whisper through a closed door. For the first time in years he felt afraid, the once vibrant moonlight seeming to grow brighter, while at the same time the suffocating darkness felt like it was closing in around him, so thick it was becoming difficult to breathe.Breaking him from this trance were what looked like eyes, bright yellow and glaring at him through the void. This was quickly followed by the realization that there were numerous sets of eyes, his head turning as he attempted to count them all, in utter disbelief there could be a pack this large. He gave up halfway through the second dozen by the sound of something moving towards him through the brush, head snapping back to see the maw of a massive wolf. Even though he could only see its head peeking out of the abyss, he was still dumbstruck with horror, realizing the creature was no normal wolf. Its head dwarfed that of a mule’s, skin leathery and decorated with several battle scars with dagger-like teeth draping over a snarled set of lips. Struck in such awe that he hadn’t even considered how the beast could manage to gaze down at him from several feet, even after rising to a stand finding himself with his head tilting back.There wasn’t a chance for him to call out for aid, or even draw his weapon, being knocked to the ground with so much force the earth around him seemed to shake. Gasping for air on winded lungs, his ears rang and head throbbed as Lazarus made a frantic attempt to regain his bearings, quickly realizing he was trapped beneath the same beast he’d been staring down seconds prior. Choking on a gasp, he found himself unable to scream as the beast lunged towards him, everything going black in an instant.Sweat poured down the Lycan’s face as he shot forward, knocking his blanket to the floor and startling the hound that had been sleeping soundly next to him. His eye darted across the room as he searched for an enemy that wasn’t there, his frantic breathing calming itself as he thought back on the dream. Running his fingertips over his left eye, he traced them along the scar that marked his face and cost him his sight, thinking back on the beast that’d given it to him. The dark memory that had masqueraded itself as a dream left a sour taste in his mouth, as it always had, reaching to his bedside to grab a bottle of whiskey to help clear his mind; and hopefully lull himself back into slumber, this time preferably a dreamless one.

E x p e r i m e n t

09/23/2020 02:59 PM 

Important Information

If you are planing to roleplay with me or even try to be a friend to me I can't stress enough to read this all and don't skim it actually read it all. Before you try anything with me thanks

Rise and obey

09/23/2020 02:16 PM 

Precious Marshmallow

"You were feeling unwell, but you didn't want me to worry.  With your smile, you told me everything will be fine and you'd send for me.  You were such a sweet little marshmallow, now that lovely gleam in your eyes is gone,  the sweet marshmallow i loved and cherished will never be taken from me."  Reaching out before her, The researcher placed her hands upon the cheeks of a small child. A strangely solemn yet happy expression was on her face as she caressed the child's face, the child's long white locks slipping between Rula's fingers.  Rula bent her knees lowering herself to face level with her marshmallow.  "My little marshmallow, fret not for i will make them all pay for laying their hands on such a precious sweetie."   Wrapping her arms around the child, Rula pulled her close burying the child's face within her bosom.  The researcher looked down at what she held in her arms, her expression, dour and relieved, but yet equivocal.

ππŽπ’π’ .

09/23/2020 02:52 PM 

Roleplay Background:

//Writers Note: This is Specifically for people curious about writing with me and how I try to get to know others and their experience.Writing style(On profile however for those not on my friends list)PARA(MIN. 435 WORDS)MULTI-PARA(MIN. 1000 WORDS)MEGA PARA(MIN. 3000 WORDS)NOVELLA(MIN. 5000 WORDS)Roleplay Background:MySpace: 2005-2010Creative Roleplay: 2010-2012Facebook: 2012-2015Rper: 2012-2013Anirp: 2013-Currentroleplayer/Tavern: 2012-Current Quizilla- 2009-2010A03- 2014-2015College Level Literacy.Poet (Not publicized since 2008, I had a poem published in a local paper for my small town, that's about it as I am still working on poetry and still thinking of self publishing but that's neither here nor there.)  

Jack Winchester

09/22/2020 10:11 PM 

Character Description

Name: Jack Samuel WinchesterSpecies: Human Age: 21Weight: 187Height: 5'10Hair: Chesnut BrownEyes: GreenLikes: Classic rock, fast food, exciting movies, vintage cars and fishing.Dislikes: Demons, salads, modern music and flying.Occupation: HunterBackstory: Jack is the son of Dean Winchester and Jennifer Willis. Jennifer died after child birth and identified Dean as the father on the birth certificate. Jack grew up under the surname of Willis at a group home, until his senior year of high school. Jack's best friend Ethan was possessed by a demon under orders to kill Jack, Hell had learned Jack’s lineage and were afraid the rise of another Winchester. The young Winchester was warned by an angel of the impending attack, who gave Jack the demon killing knife that was formerly used by Dean and his uncle. He was also provided a way to exorcise the demon with incantations. Jack survived the attack, but demon Ethan got away. After the incident and learning of the supernatural world, Jack left school became a hunter after some guidance from the unknown angel, leaving his previous life behind and learning more about his father.


09/22/2020 12:55 PM 

Jesse's Bio

Chosen Name: Jesse.Age: Shockingly old for someone who behaves so immaturely.Demonic Lineage: Demon, born from one of the deadly sins and animated human desire. Appearance: Long fingers, several too many, all tapered to a point. Glowing holes for eyes. A mouth that slacks so low it could hang right off his face if it weren't for the strands of flesh connecting his lips. J/k, he's a very pretty boy with thick curly hair and eyes so pale that they reflect ambient color like a mirror. Unless...?Abilities: A passive aura lures out an insatiable desire for more in all sentient things within it. Triggers a burning need to indulge without minding responsibility or thought. This quirk is consciously kept tame at all times.Temperament: One part soothingly tactile. Two parts frustrating and charismatic. Occupation: Owns and operates a space-themed strip club. His ladies are able to be purchased by the night. A 'special menu' offers beverages and candy mixed with drugs. His supplier keeps him on the bleeding edge with an exclusive supply. Wealth: Never a problem. Jesse has more than he could need, which funds a home bigger than he could use and keeps his club perfectly updated with new fashion and fun aesthetic.Interests: Lingering desire for something catches his eye. It's a large part of his love for humans. They're never satisified, always mixing up their tradtions, values, technology and studies. Jesse's particularly keen on thrills and fashion.Sexuality: A good fit does him in. I'm not saying to keep your clothes on, but I am saying to come in something nice. 


09/21/2020 09:07 PM 


After a car accident that caused her to lose both of her lower legs, Cindy accepted to be part of a special experiment. A secret organization specialized in robotics provided her with cyborg legs. The legs aren't just prosthesis; with it, she can sense anything with her feet, from earthquakes to the heartbeat of nearby people. It is connected to her mind and body, as one entity. Note: Inspired by Toph's powers in Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Blue Sandstorm

09/21/2020 07:33 PM 

Bulma’s Back

Hey there!!! Bulma here and guess who's back that's right. But there's a slight change I'm a teenager again and my memory is completely erased from my current life and unfortunately there's no reversing it. So if you wish to start a conversation let me know I will be working on my bio


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