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☠ C H A O T I C | A M B I T I O N™☠

08/08/2013 10:09 PM 

Takamitzu Hanzo : The Reijutsu Ronin

Name: Takamitzu HanzoAge: 25Height: 6'5""Weight:250 lbCurrent Village: Village of Origin: Land of IronPersonality: Rash,Reckless,ColdKekkei Genkai: Reijutsu (Spirit Techniques)Chakra Element: FireStatisticsNinjutsu: 0/10Taijutsu: 11/10Genjutsu: 0/10Fuinjutsu (Sealing Jutsu): 8/10Collaboration jutsu (Team jutsu): 8/10Kenjutsu(Sword Techniques): 10/10Kinjutsu (Forbidden Techniques): 8/10Physical Speed: 10/10Physical Agility:10 /10Intellect: 7/10Endurance: 10/10Strength: 10/10Chakra: 10/10Chakra Control: 10/10Summoning: 8/10Tool Usage: 10/10Flexibility: 9/10Reflexes: 9/10Emotional Control: 7/10Short-Range: 10/10Mid-Range: 10/10Long-Range: 8/10Medical Ninjutsu: 0/10Bio: Raised as a samurai, Hanzo was one of the few to actually have a Kekkei Genkai: Reijutsu, a Yin-Yang technique that cloaked one in a spiritual aura capable of allowing him to damage the 'soul' of things with physical attacks.While his parents were slain in combat when he was young, he learned on his own how to use this technique, even going against his sensei's training to use not only a form of jutsu,but three swords in combat- the third in his mouth.Laughed at for this, Hanzo still graduated at the top of his class. But on his first mission with them to defend their border, his former instructors decided to call him a fool for his choice of sword style and his dream of becoming the world's greatest swordsman. He spat back that the man could not even beat him, and was attacked. Hanzo slayed his sensei. The other two, horrified, came at him. And died as well.Each of his sensei's had a sacred blade, capable of special abilities when chakra is flooded through them. He took them, leaving the village border at the age of 18 and traveling aimlessly for months. Until a swordsman found him, offering him a way to increase his strength and to find a purpose in his life. For seven years he trained, thought to be killed by the nin who later breached the Land of Iron's borders in his home. His training finished,he now began his true journey in the world.

☠ C H A O T I C | A M B I T I O N™☠

08/08/2013 10:05 PM 

Nisashi Hanzo: The Primera Espada

Name: Nisashi HanzoHeight: 6'5"Weight: 250lbClassification: EspadaRank: Primera (One)Origin: UnknownAppearance: Dressed in a black samurai robe, unlike the other Espada, Hanzo carries his Zanpakto on his back and wears a bandanna over his iron-grey hair. His like-colored pupils and hard jaw make him appear to bbe quite evil indeed, not to mention his imposing presence. All in all, Hanzo looks like a ronin. His hole is located where his adam's apple would be and he has the number 1 tattooed on his left shoulderZanpakto:Name: KaosuShikai Activation Phrase: "Decimate... Kaosu!"Zanpakto Appearance: A two foot long black blade, similar to a small claymore, wioth a red handle encrusted with black crystals of unknown origins.Kaosu's Appearance: Kaosu's spiritual form is 6'9" tall, with dark skin, white fluffy hair and crimson pupils. He wears a white robe, with his claymore-like sword carried over his back.Shikai Appearance: The blade splits into three, with the middle blade turning white and the back black remaining ebony with dark green energy pulsing through it. Hanzo uses all three in unison to unleash devastating attacks based upon Light, Darkness and Chaos.Hikari no Ha[Blade of Light]This white sword can generate immense flashes of light able to blind most enemies, in addition to being able to move at lightspeed and capable or creating physical 'light' that moves so fast that the impact can cut through spiritual energy.Kage no Ha[Blade of Shadow]This ebony blade can shroud the area in darkness as well as create tangible 'shadows' that taint the world around it, decaying what it touches and even causing those who come in contact with it to deal with an incomplete hollowfication process that often ends in death, depending on the victim's will.Kaosu no Ha[Blade of Chaos]This sword glows with the green-black energy of 'Chaos' : The combination of both Light and Dark Spiritual Pressure, Chaos Energy can shatter other energies with it's immense power and even allow one to contact the intangible. The blade grows in power the more that death, confusion and destruction surround it.Ressurecion:Tsu Yashin Ha[Three Ambitious Blades]The blades combine again into one and Hanzo's feet, knees, pelvis, chest, shoulders, elbows, hands and jaw become coated in a black bone-like armor. He now sprouts the blades from the black bone armor, and can combine light, dark and chaos energy to double or triple his attack power and speed, adding new effects to his attacks due to the combination of such powers.

Souji/ resting at Macalania Woods

07/27/2013 07:08 PM 

The Sacred Realm of Azalonia
Current mood:  inspired

A long time ago in the vasts of Outer Space, way outer Space. There was a Galaxy that was created through very strong Cosmic energy left from the Big Bang that came from the construction of the Whole universe. Many say that this part of the universe is very hidden, but actually, it's not. If carefully noticed, from magical uses to scientific traces, many can discover what this area has in store. The stars that are scattered through every pinpoint, are actually newborn stars, some are regular stars, and those that existed for eons. And once in every 5,00 years, the Supernova comet, like what is displayed, soars through the area like a chariot that glides through an ephemeral phase. This planet is called Azalon, or Azalonia for it's traditional term. This planet, to where my heritage comes from, is named for it's sacred Beauty, it's rare stories of Many Battles, and other discoveries, and other kinds of mysteries that I can't remember of the top of my head. There are also three moons that are in it's orbit, keeping it in it's balance towards each phases. One of the moons is a base for the elite mercenaries that keep watch for any outside threats that could enter the planet unexpectedly.Throughout Azalon, there are many cities that existed as to be "sister" cities to my Families Kingdom. This one in particular is called Akanubis. Little Known fact, it's name was to where the locals back on earth many centuries ago called the ancient God my this name, Anubis. The area in this city is a bit Silent at times, but can be very lively, mostly around any particular holiday sacred to their culture. For anyone who were to live there, it can be peaceful at times, maybe to where the only thing memorable were the sight of the clear "diamond" skies slightly covered with the scent of Nazareth blossoms that bloom during that Golden full moon every 28 days. it's scent is said to have a sweet, yet spicy aroma that can be used for perfumes, or colognes, or medicines that could cure any sickness, and even heal any wounds made. This here is called the Elysium Forest. Walking into a very illuminating forest such as this can make you feel as if you walked from one world and into another. I remember that the energy in this place gives of a calm and warm feeling, like the tension and all of what worries anyone immediately burns away like a natural purification. For either the Sun, or the full moon, it's light piercing through the treetops, or on the open grassy area, it gives off a radiant glow that could attract so many like a moth to a flame. The life forms include ancient rare birds, mostly some similar to Hawks, to phoenixes, also some Reptilian creatures, mostly Dragons, and even Wolves and other creatures. Now this is the Kingdom of Azalonia. Home to the Ancient Tyrannis Ancestry bloodline. From king, or even princes, or in this case, from Great grandfather, to grandfather, to father, to son, and so on, many stories of my families adventures and experiences were spoken to where it stays with us, even in our DNA. each generation who comes to age where the Knowledge of our legacy either by someone of an elderly standard, or self taught, they are said to be marked into the history books.This is all that I got........... for now....A little hidden history of the Azalonian..or in the old days upon the earth.. the Carpathian lineage..a long time ago, many powerful beings from Azalon came to this planet to make a new legacy. each of the power being were the very first that made a long line that to hide their existence, must remain as myths and legends to humans. one was of a male, and female pair. the first pair were Carpathians, being superior to many, in amazing strength, amazing speed, increased longeivity, and many other gifts. another were called dragonseekers. those born from great dragons thaat existed since the beginning before azalon. they have the power to shift to there specific dragon forms which is of proof. they are like carpathians, but very can control their blood flow, pacing fo the heart which keeps them living to the point of immortaliy. another are called Lycans. from lore, they can shift into their primal wolf forms, or even merge their Wolf with their Human mental minds to where they could channel that strength to protect themselves even from very severe wounds. and the last are called mages, way more powerful version from the ones the humans have called. they could call upon almost every element to their call, even work with Mother earth to respond to their need....... they have been living in secret, breeding from time to time to keep  their lineage existing...Now carpathians, they have it a bit rough. they feed on blood to survive,  having to live on pure clean water, and specific fruit, an any food, but no mean..ever. it's their diet plan or something. they could even to a blood exchange to any race, to where they could easily communicate telepathically, let alone merge minds to stay a strong psychic bond. to the Ruler of all Carpathians, he had known that for each Carpathian Male to exist, they must find the other half of their soul, the Pure true light to their darkness. A carpathian Male, or male of the dragonseeker can find their other half to keep themselves sane. taming their wild, nature. for if they are to far apart, they....or we are at risk to turning towards the darkness. becoming , or made into a very evil Lycan/Vampire cross called the Sange Rau.. the most dangerous and bloodthirsty of all enemies. many species, human, carpathian, dragonseeker, any species could not killed it. only ones who can are those of a Carpathian/Lycan cross called the "Han ku pesak kaikak" - Guardian of all"for lifemates, it is like a permanent marriage. they souls bound to each other forever. from one life to another, they will find each other. for that to happen,  both lifemates  must perform the Sarna Rituaali or the ritual words. that ritual, not just done by blood exchange, or conversion, happen during hot crazy sex..or intense way of love making.  and this bind of permanent. no one can break the bond. only ones who could release each other from it are the ones who performed it. " Sarna Rituaali or ritual words of bindingTe avio palafertiilam - you are my lifemate Entolam Kuulua, avio palafertiilam - I claim you as my lifemate Ted Kuuluak, kacad, kojed - I belong to youElidamet andam - I offer my life for youPesamet andam - I give you my protectionUskolfertiilamet andam  - I give you my allegiance Sivamet andam - I give you my heartSielamet andam - I give you my SoulAinamet andam - I give you my bodySivamet kuuluak kiak etta a ted - I take into my keeping the same that is yours Ainaak olenszal sivambin - your life will be cherished by me for all timeTe elidet ainaak pide minan - Your life will be placed above my own for all timeTe avio palafertiilam - you are my lifemateAinaak sivamet jutta oleny - you are bound to me for all eternityAinaak terad vigyazak - You are always in my care" I believe that this is to be chanted rather then conversational.During the Carpathian Lineage, It is said that through each timeline, Many of the races, pure or hybrid is to be guided by a Prince of the whole bloodline. A long time ago, the First Prince, or King was pure Carpathian. His name was Vladimir Dubrinsky. Some may say that being one of that status is all power, and taking in the simple pleasures, but he took it very seriously, as a Prince, a husband, and a father. He is a tall, long dark espresso hair, black obsidian eyes, that held the weight of the world, and the fate of his species. he has been seeing and enduring the Decline of his people, but is willing to hope towards anew. However where there is a king, there is always a Strong Queen that stands by his side. his miracle, his light to his darkness...his woman.. His lifemate. Her name is Sarantha Dubrinsky. Her elegance and beauty could stun nations, and even soldiers. elites, and those on top of the food chain grow weak to the knees to her gentleness, and kindness. Val was the one who's heart she had stolen, and her love was what saved him. Together, they are the proud parents of  three uniquely pure carpathian children. From the eldest to the Youngest....Draven Dubrinsky - The eldest. From times, they said that He had promise, and very strong willed. He has been the rock that held the siblings together. good with Weapons, strength, agality and very charismatic with the women if his era. But as the years went by, He wanted more than the simple pleasures a dubrinsky could indulge. He became power hungry, and that led him to the betrayal of his family lineage and led towards the darkness that is Xavier. Once and honorable Mage, the most powerful one, now being cleansed and renewed in the pure wickedness and chaos.  Draven was killed by Mikhail's second in command, and most precious friend, Gregori Daratrazanoff. Mikhail Dubrinsky -  second eldest, and the new Prince of the Carpathian clan, also known as the vessel of his people. like his father, He to has a deep connection with every carpathian, only through the blood oath each warrior does with him. by pledging allegiance to him, his is connected to them. the Burden Mikhail bears is a bit greater than that of his father's but lesser to weigh with the help of His Lifemate, Raven Whitney, now Raven Dubrinsky. Mikhail and Raven are parents to their Eldest Daughter Savannah Dubrinsky, and their youngest Son, Alexandru Dubrinsky. taught from an early age, Mikhail is the only one who has a deep spiritual connection to the ancestor carpathian. To them, they are his link to who is welcomed into the family, and who could be a danger to them all. Jacques Dunbrinsky - Third sibling of the dubrinsky clan, younger brother to Mikhail and Draven. He two is a legendary hunter, and trusted guardian to his brother's side. if caught off guard, he is said to be the trickster, the loveable brother that anyone could not over look. Long ago, he is said to be dead, captured and torchered by human hunters, who were working for one to has betrayed Mikhail and Gregori. for many months, Jacques endured the deepest of suffering to where his mind was shattered from vengenance and the need to kill. However he was found by a woman, or he found her. Her name is Shea o Halloran. A former doctor who's life saving skills outmatched any physican known to man. Now as his lifemate, She was able to help restore Jacques shattered mind and from there, they found love that binded them forever. They share a Son, named Stephan Kane.Gregori Daratrazanoff - Close friend and Second in Command to Mikhail's court. With the Reputation as the Dark One, skill in the arts of a Warrior, or Hired Gun, He is one of the most legendary Healers known throughout the Carpathian line. As the third Sibling to the Four Daratrazanoff Brothers, Darius, and to the elder twins, Gabirel and Lucian, hisparents were massacred during the Turk invasion of the Carpathian Mountains. back then He and Mikhail, along with a few others, had to survive, and endure the hellish trials of the world. After Mikhail claimed Raven to be his lifemate, it gave Gregori hope to know that there is still a chance to find happiness. For him he found it in Savannah, the eldest Daughter to Mikhail and Raven. Since then, he made a promise to help as many Carpathian Males to find their lifemates as he could, and he wasn't alone in that promise. As Savannah's lifemate, he is also a father to twin girls, Anya and Anastasia Daratrazanoff. Darius Daratrazanoff - As the youngest to the four Daratrazanoff Brothers, he is a leader to a "lost" group of Carpathians, but is also a part of a Muscial group called the Dark Troubadours. He can be very possessive, and very protective when it comes to those that matter to him, and that instinct overflowed due to the rush of feelings from his lifemate, Tempest, or Rusti Trine, as he goes by. ever since her tramatizing attack, her pain sparked a rage, and need to claim her as his own, to enlope her in the love and kindness no other man could give her. He too as also talented in the way of the hunter and healer, his personality as that of both Gregori and Mikhail. very uniquely made.Gabriel Daratrazanoff - one of the Legendary twins, he is said to be the approachable brother. After awakened to a newly changed world, Gabriel seems to be lost. but was reuinited with Francesca De ponce, his lifemate, but must mend the wounds upon her to think of him gone from this world. His brother Lucian, is said to have turned to the life of a Vampire. and dispite the bonds of blood he shared with his twin brother, he must end his existence for the sake of Humans and carpathians alike. He and francesca share two daughters, Tamara, and their Adopted Daughter Skyler Rose.Lucian Daratranzoff - The other half of the Legendary Twins.Said to be vampire, but was a cover-up to protect his twin, Gabirel, from becoming one., and not since Gabriel has his lifemate, his mission is done... or is it. Franceseca knows of a female friend, who happens to by his destined lifemate, Jaxon Montgomery. with her troubled past, Jaxon had to be a hard-ass, filled with trust issues. but has Lucian slowly walked into her heart, the walls slowly came down. her feelings for him grew to where she fears that Lucian would be a target to her evil stepfather, Tyler Drake. the two became not just lovers, but true fighters to their cause.Julian Savage - said to be Aiden's twin, but he came to his own with centuries of knowledge and experience. a Powerful hunter in same and strength, but tormented by the blood of the battles he face in survival. detaching himself from his Carpathian kin, he walks alone on the path he chooses. however, fate intervenes in the form of a woman named Desari who's song saves and soothes his Savage soul.  now as his lifemate, Julian and Desari remain bound by what comes their way, and the love for each other.Aiden Savage - like his twin brother Julian, he too walks the path of a Carpathian Hunter, centuries of time and blood follows him in his wake. his Darkness was filled with the light of his Lifemate, Alexandria Houton, who has her little brother to love and protect fiercely. though he was afraid to let Aidan into her heart, her walls broke down by the intense love they shared for each other.Dominic - the Eldest Dragonseeker and Brother to Rhiannon, his late sister. many moons ago, he acquired the Dark blood of a deadly Vampire, it's poison to all Carpathians who would consume it. however  knowing death would be absolute, he took it in, to gain the knowledge of his enemies plans and report to Mikhail and his clan.  his Lifemate, Solonge Sangria, the last of her Jaguar race, knows she too with feel death's embrace, by only by avenging her family. now the two, bound by their love, survived the trail that awaited them and will face whatever comes their way.Rhiannon - Dragonseeker, and sister to Dominic and Mother to the triplets born from the Rape if one of the Three evil Triplet Mage Brothers, Xavier. her lifemate was killed by Draven, and Brought to Xavier. she protected her Children to her final moments. the Eldest of the Triplets Soren, and the twin daughters Tatianna and Branislava. Soren - Eldest of the Triplets, protected his sisters for many moons as he could. he bid farewell to her sister and escaped, vow to resuce them from Xavier's evil. he fell in love and claimed Samatha Shonoski as his lifemate, and has two twin children, Natalya and Razvan Shonoski. he hid his children to where no evil could touch them. but he met death at Xavier's wrath.Fenris Dalka - Eldest Brother to Dimitri of the Tirunul clan. He is Carpathian, but is also Lycan, in term, he is called Han Ku pesak kaikak, or Guardian of all.  he and his brother dimitri agreed to stay far apart to protect their lineage from many hunters who are after them. linging with the Lycans for a long time had giving him a sense of belonging and a home, but none home can be more fulfilling then that of his lifemate, Tatianna. Dimitri Tirunul - the younger Brother ot Fenria and is said to the Care taker of all the wolves in existence.  he was Captured and put to torture by a malicious group , leaving him to bleed to death. With unrelenting Courage and driven by love, his lifemate, Skyler Rose, set herself on a journey to save him, and succeed. the two manage to escaped, but Skyler shield her lover and nearly met death's door. however, Dimitri converted her to save her life.

The Twilight Shadow (T&L)

07/27/2013 02:19 PM 

Character Info (Naruto Verse)

Name: IsukeVillage: UnaffiliatedWeapon of choice:ScytheHair: light blueEyes:light greenInfo:Isuke is a traveling ninja who has no main village to which he calles home he goes between villages getting jobs or merely to help out in any way he can along with resuppling his ninja rank is also unknown, He likes to play around with other ninja not really a threat to any unless it is needed he prefers to try to make freinds over trying to kill but as most know this is sometimes impossible especialy since he is away from the same village for long periods but he vists the leaf village more often then the others mainly because they alwayse have work or need help somewhere which he is alwayse glade to lend a hand.

š¯““ragon š¯“£amer

07/25/2013 01:51 PM 

†Fairy Tail Verse†
Current mood:  bored

Fairy Tail Name: Slither DragonAge: Undetermined looks 23Magic Type: Elemental Requip MagicClassification: Undetermined.Personality: Laid back, quiet, fierce when she needs to be. Over thinks things. oming up with multiple solutions to one thing.Brief History: Growing up alone with nothing more than a dragon, she seems distance from anyone in the guild. Sitting as far as she can. Her faithful dragon seems to hide away in her coat collar at all times so no one sees him. Something passed in her blood line for yearzs with out the knowledge of Dragon Slayer Magic. She obtains 8 different weapons all with different elemental powers. Stat; 1-10Attack - 7Defence - 9Agility/Dexterity 5Strength - 6Wisdom -5Ranged - 3Luck -  2 Charisma - 4Mercantile - 8Perception - 6Magic - 10 Combat; 1-10Short Range: 7Mid Range: 5Long Range: 10 


07/24/2013 09:54 PM 

Current mood:  giddy

[An "alternate" ending to Saiyuki Requiem as an explanation for Go Dougan's current existence]  To the Sanzo ikkou, Go Dougan's life had meant little to nothing.  Though it was still difficult for the youkai to comprehend; all they truly cared about was making it to the west, unhindered.  In Dougan's mind, he had been overlooked.  He was meant to be helpful, not harmful to his master's ultimate goals.  But the worst part of it all was the way in which they so quickly recovered, after his supposed 'death.'  They were joking and continuing on with their ridiculous argumentative banter, mere seconds after his 'body' had succumbed to Houran's treacherous tricks, and Sanzo-Sama's incredulous, final shot.  Even as much as Dougan had begged and pleaded for his life.. having truly wanted to be 'saved'.. his former sensei had pulled the trigger, anyway.This factor twisted and churned the bile within his gut, as he watched them all drive away.  They were all foolish to think that he had been killed so easily, when the answer to this mystery was all around them, the entire time.  Dougan knew that the party would not take him with them, from the moment just before he blew the Hyuu Maoh palace to smithereens.  There was no reasoning with them, and he had witnessed far too many youkai meet their untimely fates by assuming they had the upper hand.  Yes, he had appeared to Sanzo and Goku at first, right after the building had been destroyed.  He tried one last time to get his master to agree with him, but it was a fruitless effort.  He had to cut his losses, in order to survive another day.  As he disappeared within the water, he swam down into the tunnels that led beneath the dungeons of the burning pagoda palace.  This area was safe from harm.  He then sent his replacement; a shikigami of himself, that he had imbued with the very same paper plane that Sanzo-Sama had given him in his late teens.  He had implanted the talisman in order to make the magic more powerful, for a convenient distraction.  The Dougan that would reappear from the water was nothing more than an illusion, just like the ones they had experienced before.. but with a much stronger talisman inside.  As the ikkou would be fighting this monster, there would be no way that they would turn their attention across lake, where he would disguise himself with magic in order to watch the whole scene unfold.  It was easier to control his shikigami's words and actions this way, as well.  In the aftermath, he was a little bit disappointed that his master had not seen through the deception.  There was a very small part of him that hoped he did.. and was allowing Dougan to escape with his life, so long as he didn't interrupt them, anymore.  That would be his houshi's wish, if he did continue the ruse for Dougan's sake.  Then everyone would have to conclude that Dougan was dead, and Sanzo could have a clear conscious about what he did.However, Dougan was fairly positive that Sanzo had been fooled.  Sanzo-Sama had pulled that trigger, in full knowledge of what he was doing.  He was sending this calculating bastard to the otherworld, just like he had done countless times with youkai that he never knew, or cared about.  He was nothing to the ikkou, and this fact rubbed Go Dougan in all of the wrong ways.In the days that passed, he laid low, until he felt it was time to reconstruct the palace.  They would not be passing by this place, again.  Their goal was westward, and he had missed his opportunity.  And yet, he would still plan to meet them again, someday.  The approach would not be the same, but he needed a stronghold in which to devise his master plans, and the Hyuu Maoh Palace was just the right place.  There was nothing to fear, because none of the clan existed anymore, including the insufferable whelp that had given her life in vain to 'save' the Sanzo party.  He was alone in the magical forest, able to obfuscate himself if need be, but there was little need for that.  After all, Go Dougan was dead, wasn't he?  He chuckled a little bit to himself as he thought on that notion.  The chuckle triggered a series of uncontrolled giggles, followed by a deep and maniacal laugh.  The world had not seen the end of Go Dougan.  

The Twilight Shadow (T&L)

07/23/2013 02:27 PM 

Character info (non naruto verse)

Name: IsukeGenre:Anyreply lengths:one-liner,Para(prefered),Multi-paraCharacter info:He is what i call a realm walker he can travel between multiple realms but his birth realm is the realm of twilight a realm where its basicly alwayse a lunar eclipse and the residents look like humans but have special qualities that humans do not posses such as magicka,increased body strength,endurance,perception,and intelegence(not vampiers) but there magical abilities do not appear until the age of 10 but isuke forcefully activated his powers at the age of 6 after be outcasted by his family to survive and because of the early access to his abilities he has moments of psychopathic behaviore that he will eventually snap out of or can be snapped out of by anyone he feels close to but as he begins to master his power his it begins to fade allowing him to never have to worry about the behavioure coming out and allowing his playful,caring,and helpful behaviour to reside and he also gains new abilities as he masters the power. Isuke is now 19 his power has grown but he still has much to learn and the Psychopathic behaviore has become somewhat rare and his skills have increased and his playful nature has become more dominate but he is very adult when he needs to be.

š¯““ragon š¯“£amer

07/23/2013 12:59 PM 

Current mood:  bored

Yup. Here they are. The wonderment of RULES!1. This is a completely Original Character. I've had her for 8-9 years. DO NOT STEAL ANYTHING ABOUT HER HISTORY. And Please Read her info.2. All my edits are my own. Please do not steal them I do work hard. 3. Do NOT control my character. She is mine. I decided what she does. NOT YOU.4. She's a multi verse girl. BleachVampire KnightFinal FantasyFairy TailDevil May Cry5. Unless I say so, all relationships with her will be AU. She's hard to get you to stay with her.Main Verse : The Twilight ShadowBleach: Here Kitty, KittyFinal Fantasy: OpenDevil May Cry: OpenVampire Knight: Open  Fairy Tail: Open6. Unless the roleplay is planned or asked for all random starters in my inbox will be deleted. Comments are OOC. Messages are Role-play only. 7. No godmodding.Slither is immortal but that doesn't make her all powerful motherf***ing god. She just has an advantage of multiple weapons and a motherf***ing Dragon. 8. No drama. I will be here to talk if you need it. But don't think you can use me. I am no way a number. 9. If you add my damn rules, I read yours if I can before adding. ~Thank you for reading please sign the rules so I know you read them.

š¯““ragon š¯“£amer

07/23/2013 12:57 PM 

†Slither Dragon† Info
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Name: Slither Celtic Dragon Age: 17-27 Height: 5'9 ¾ - 5'11 ½ Weight: 184 Hair: Red bangs, Black hair. Eyes: Dark Blue Date of Birth: August 16th. Personality: Quiet, kind, laid back. Kind of picky about certain things. Always seems to have an attitude in her voice when talking. Caring. Hobbies: Crafting. Reading. Brushing her dragon's fur. Occupation: Dragon Tamer. Family: Talki Ishimoto-Dragon(Mother, Deceased), Asuma Dragon(Father, Deceased) , Tatsuya Dragon(Brother, Unknown), Shadow Dragon(Sister, Unknown) Satsu Ishimoto(Uncle, Living), Jenny Aki(Cousin, Living) Friends: Saya Kiski(Best Friend) History: When Slither was young, her father was friends with a warlock from when they were kids. A man named Alastor, sadly the friendship had turned sour when Asuma had to kill his friends mother, a witch who slowly fell to insanity. For month Asuma had heard nothing from Alastor and when he finally returned he had brought nothing but death and destruction to the sweet town of Ixrus. While her father fought Alastor, Shadow kept her sister safe. Asuma had failed in battle and was killed. When it was Talki's turn, Tatsuya had gotten in the way. Talki had taken the chance to go inside to talk to Slither, allowing Shadow to go outside and join her brother in battle. Tatsuya was sadly defeated in battle. Talki had told her daughter to hide, and not come out until the fight was over. Though Talki had saved Shadow a terrible end, she told her middle child to run. Talki ended the battle with her life, all while casting a spell that would drain Alastor of his power, in which would take him years in order to get his power back. 10 years later while Slither was living in the Axrin Forest, she came to meet the Elementals, a group of powerful people who had been cursed to live as weapons as the rest of their lives. She gained their power to help her to defeat Alastor when he would return. 4 years later, she's come to the major city Ikarina, and doesn't stay for long after learning from a gentleman named Drev that her uncle Satsu had been searching for all these years. With that she would leave and make her way to his hometown, Lilikia. In this she found on the news that Alastor had returned and made a very personal message toward the young woman. More to be added. Dragon: Ancient Black Dragon. By the Name of Deiko. He has been passed through Generations of the Dragon Family. A family of...Dragon Tamers. Currently Belonging to Slither, he swore to never leave her. Also has the ability to take a human form. Weapons: Nataku, Fire Elemental, taking the form of a tradition Japanese Katana, his flames should not be underestimated. Ikuru, Ice Elemental, taking form of blue knuckle blades, his Ice Cannon is his most powerful ability Daiko, Darkness Elemental, taking form of a double ended spear, his shadows will engulf you and fill you with fear. Kai, Light Elemental, taking form of twin pistols her star shot will blind you. Mizuki, Water Elemental, taking form of a Scythe, her Booming Wave is sure to drown you Ayuka, Earth Elemental, taking for of a Long bow made with vines her earth Shot is sure to make you a treehugger..for life. Haruki, Thunder/Lightening Elemental, taking form of a staff, the electric current throught him, will shock you to say the least if he catches you in his Power Drain. Kaze, Wind Elemental, taking form to three fans, the sharp needs within, will you give you the vacation you need without paying.

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The Six Sacred Swords

シックス寺院剣Shikkusu Jiin KenThe Six Sacred SwordsLong ago, there was a belief in Ancient Egypt that the Gods themselves had come to rule over them.They were, in actuality, a group of Sorcerers that had gained powers similar to the legends of the Egyptian Gods and traveled there after finding each other to take what seemed to be theirs.Becoming Divine and Arcane Pharoahs, they quickly built Egypt into a thriving country. Their names were Ra, Osiris, Hathor(Sekhmet), Isis, Ma'at and Amun. They took names from the Egyptian religion based upon their powers. Ra was a Divine Sorcerer, and said to be the strongest of the six. Knowing the true name of an ancient power that he embodied, known only as the 'Power of the Phoenix'. Osiris, an Arcane Sorcerer and a deadly being indeed.Hathor was a Twilight Sorcerer, having two powers and being known as the only Neutral Pharaoh among them. Isis, a Divine Sorcerer who was known as the wisest of them. Ma'at was a Divine Sorcerer who had a strong sense of Justice. Amun was a Divine Creationist, a rare power that was similar to one of the Arcane Sorcerers who would eventually ruin the world. Together, they forged an Empire out of Egypt, each of them forging a 'Sacred Sword' out of their own powers as a scepter. But the others were jealous of Ra's power. They conspired to overthrow him and take his sword, said to have the same power as he did. Isis convinced Amun to create a venomous snake, and Osiris and Hathor led him into the trap that left him in critical condition.Ma'at was unknowing of this plot.Isis told Ra to tell her of his power's name, so that she could heal him. Sensing their plot, Ra and Ma'at took up arms against them, causing a massive battle that ended with Ra using his true power to kill them all and take a large chunk of Egypt with them, leaving ruins behind which were said to house the Six Sacred Blades.For over a thousand years the ruins remained untouched, now hidden in The Ancient Ruins. It was said that the true heir to Ra's power, his direct descendant, would one day uncover the six ancient weapons and use them to fulfill their destiny as the rightful Pharaoh of the land. These blades will not activate but for the rightful owner. They all seem to be now linked by Ra's true name, which was the secret to unleashing their full power. Each sword held it's own regenerating mana supply, able to recover after exhausting it's use without the user feeding their own energies into them.----Name:サンの輝くファルコン剣San no Kagayaku Farukon KenThe Gleaming Falcon Sword of Sun---Representation: Ra,Egyptian God of the Sun--Appearance: The hilt was six inches long and golden, as was the fourteen inch blade. At the bottom of the hilt ラー was carved into the golden cap, meaning 'Rā' or 'Ra'.-Power:The owner of this blade gained the power that the ancient Pharaohs claimed to belong to Ra, God of the Sun and the most powerful God of all. Able to control and manipulate heat with the golden blade, It both protected the user and their attire/weapons from any form of heat or cold. Able to generate fire of varying degrees and absorb heat and flame itself,this sword was feared for it's power. Those who knew the 'True Name' of Ra, the man who claimed to be a God could access it's full potential and even emit heat close to the sun's, in addition to nearly doubling the energy it could generate. It fed off of sunlight.----Name:死の闇ブレイドShi no Yami BereidoThe Dark Blade of Death---Representation: Osiris, Egyptian God of the Dead--Appearance:The hilt was seven inches long and obsidian in color,as was the sixteen inch blade. At the bottom of the hilt オシリス was carved in small kanji, meaning 'Oshirisu' or 'Osiris.-Power:This blade held the power of 'Death' , able to infect that which it struck with plague and disease, also able to create venom of varying degrees or give what it slashed the icy burn of death, freezing the struck target to leave it immobile. Osiris was said to have used this sword to engulf his surrounding area with poison, a deadly technique which could be used if one can tap the full power of his sword, unlocked by knowing Ra's true name. Night and poison can recover this blade's energy.----Name:鳴き鳥の銀剣Nakidori no GinkenSilver Sword of The Songbird---Representation: Hathor/Sekhmet, Egyptian God of Music/Destruction--Appearance:This hilt was four inches and silver, as was the twelve inch blade itself. On the bottom of the hilt ミット was carved in kanji, meaning 'Mitto' or 'Sekhmet'.-Power:This blade hummed when activated, this small sound able to be 'detonated' to cause all the sound waves touch but for the user to explode in varying degrees depending on the volume of the sound made. What it cut could be shattered with sound waves with a single slash, only able to be used by one who knew Ra's true name.The sword's energies recovered from any noise besides it's own.----Name: 寺院魔術の剣Jiin Majutsu no KenThe Sword of Sacred Sorcery---Representation: Isis,Egyptian God of Magic--Appearance:This sword's hilt and blade were ruby red, the former six inches and the latter fourteen. On the bottom of the hilt イシス was carved in kanji, meaning 'Ishisu' or 'Isis'.-Power:This blade was able to heal anything from small wounds to life-threatening ones, also able to absorb heat and fire for later use and to recover energy to heal. Only one who knew Ra's true name could use any of this sword's abilities.----Name:正義の笏Segi no ShakuThe Scepter of Justice---Representation: Ma'at, Egyptian God of Justice--Appearance:This blade was twelve inches long with a six inch hilt, both colored a light, sapphire blue. On the bottom of the hilt マアト was carved in kanji, meaning 'Māto' or 'Ma'at'. The sheath was a translucent sapphire said to be enchanted to be unaffected by energies such as mana.-Power:This blade was able to emit an aura that changed the area for five feet around the user, which changed the speed of time inside of it so that what was faster moved slower, and vice-versa. Only able to generate this aura for thirty seconds out of every hour, if one knew Ra's true name they could extend this to a full minute.----Name:生命の刃Seimei no HaThe Blade of Life---Representation: Amun, Egyptian God of Creation--Appearance:The blade was sixteen inches long and silver, the hilt green and six inches long. On the bottom of the hilt アメン was carved in small kanji, meaning 'Amen' or 'Amun'.-Power:This mighty sword had the ability to create different animal familiars to aid the user, and one who knew Ra's true name could create mythical creatures of biblical proportions. When swung, it could launch out this beast, forging it from mana inside of the sword. However, it cannot create any more than five creatures within a single given day. It feeds off of the animal spirits all around it.

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Edit request (Updated)

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Rules (Updated)

1. I'm a girl in real life. The first name of my character's real name is the name I have in real life. 2. I can roleplay date or marry. Meaning, it's only roleplay. Nothing else. I have someone in mind in rl. If your character is dating/married to mine, be faithful. And, I keep my character attach to one guy she is interested in. 3. My character's based on Resident Evil. So, there's a possibility she will have the same powers as her father.  4. No godmode - Meaning, don't control my character or kill her off without my permission. 5. Be patient. I have other accounts. If you want to add my other accounts on here, you can. Just ask for the links.  I'll get to your reply shortly.  If you want to keep in contact with me, I have FB, Yahoo, DA and AOL. 6. As for edits, I'll edit those who want one. You have to give me details for the photos. DO NOT RUSH ME FOR IT! 7. Don't steal my photos, layout or edits for other people (unless I made you one). 8. Comments are for discussing/chat and messages are for rp's. Got it? Unless you want to rp in comments. Sometimes I roleplay with people in comments. 9. All roleplays supposed to have a storyline and possibly a connection. I will do para and multi-para, sometimes semi's if the roleplay interest me. I will not do novellas. Reason: I'm not going to use all my brain power on your starter on all the chapters. I have other replies to do. If you give me a novella starter, I will give you a warning. If it happens again, I'll delete you.  10. If you are added/accepted, you gotta send me a greeting or I do. If not, you are in danger of  getting deleted because you didn't sending one/talking or ignore my greeting. (Note: Read all these rules and sign, and we'll be the very best friends. If not, I'm going to turn you into an experiment and take you off my list.)Other profiles:Please note that the photos have the profile ID for each one. Mr. Peabody from DreamWork's Mr. Peabody & Sherman Brian Griffin from Family Guy 


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TIP: Watch this video to learn how to embed a playlist into your profile. -- You can also customize the size and colors of the playlist. 

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Mother: Father: Albert Wesker (needed this role filled) Boyfriend, lover, husband [Your choice]:  Pet(s)/minon(s): Children: Aurora Wesker (son) & Zero Nova (son)Mentor: Best friend(s):  Siblings: Lexn (brother), Mad Scientist (brother) Uncles: Aunts: Master: Assistant(s): Co-Worker(s): Employee(s): Partner(s): Stalker(s): Experiment(s): Step-parent(s): Foster parent(s):  Lawyer: Client(s):(Note: Whatever connection you want to fill, that is what your character will be for mine. So choose wisely.)

The Savage Queen Returns

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Trial by Combat

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