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06/10/2021 11:20 PM 


The Princess&The Fairytale WWW.ANIROLEPLAY.COM/HAUNTINGHOWL Text here. " I'll howl until my future has no end! " template credit.

𝘄𝗼𝗼𝗳, 𝘄𝗼𝗼𝗳.

06/10/2021 12:08 PM 



𝔻𝕒𝕟𝕔𝕖 𝔽𝕠𝕣 𝕄𝕖

06/10/2021 11:27 PM 

Mizumi (Mermaid ver.)

|| This slightly alternate version of Mizumi is what I use for roleplays outside of the BNHA verse ||Name: Mizumi UminoAge: 21Birthday: February 20thSpecies: Mermaid - HalflingHeight: 5'9"Sexuality: Straight - DemisexualBackground: The majority of her childhood had been spent in seclusion. Having a human father and mermaid mother led to complications in her upbringing. Due to the fact she couldn't remain underwater or without water for more than twelve hours at a time. She overcame the difficulties throughout the years, learning to balance both walks of life and honing her less than reliable abilities. While she managed to master the art of water manipulation and healing from her mother, she still possessed a human heart that could not handle overuse of her powers. With this in mind, it was decided that a nomadic lifestyle was for the best to preserve her safety. Even if it meant experience in the outside world would be drastically limited. Personality: Eccentric and stubborn. Her ways of thinking are often peculiar, provoking odd stares or turn of heads. She's not afraid to speak her mind and does so without second thought in full confidence. Sarcasm is a second language. A bit of a superiority complex, in her mind, there's little she can't and won't do. She doesn't need to be protected and she's certaintly not weak. No one can say otherwise, even if on death's door, there's no giving in. Though, despite her stubborn behavior, Mizumi has a high level of intrigue and sense of justice. Often poking her nose in places it doesn't belong out of pure curiosity with little to no fear. Her idea of friendship, for one, is skewered. Confusing it with possession, if she likes something, it becomes hers and nobody else can have it. One way or another. 

{MCRP} The Blazing Phoenix Pirates

06/09/2021 11:45 PM 


RULEZ1> this is role-playing not real life so don’t mix the two2> let’s talk or role-play or be deleted3> don’t be scared to talk, I’m a friendly person4> No one liners please, anything from a paragraph or more, anything less than one paragraph I will ask you to retype or end the rp.5> I do just about all types of rp but focus more on Family, Adventure, Action and Drama rps. I will do romance role-plays but only if it fits the story we are telling and it stays clean.6> I forget what 6 was7> 7’s not important right now8> If there is something I do or say in my rps that you do not like don’t be scared to let me know cause I know there are some people out there that feel offended or just don’t like some words9> I know I’m not the quickest or fastest at getting replies done but I have a real life just like everyone else and I have to put my son and job first10>  Because who leaves off at 9Lets Just Have Fun :) 

Prince of Delusion

06/09/2021 11:23 PM 

Character History

For years, the boar prince and I were inseparable. I know him better than almost anyone else. So let me give you some advice. Beneath all that princely polish, he's an animal, nothing more. He's strong and skilled, sure. But don't place your trust in him as a human being. Take care he doesn't chew you up and spit you out."*  -Felix   Name: Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd]   Age: 17 pre-skip. 23 post-skip.   Profile: Dimitri is the crown prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. When he was just 14, his father, step-mother, and countless knights sworn to protect him were all killed in a diplomatic mission known as the Tragedy of Duscur, in which Dimitri was the sole survivor. He would be haunted by this event, obsessed with revenge against those who orchestrated it, taking on a duty to please those who died for him. In the imperial year 1180, Dimitri would enter the officers academy at Garreg Mach Monastery as head of the Blue Lion house, where he would meet, and potentially be instructed by Professor Byleth. In his time at the officers academy, Dimitri’s would gradually become more ruthless as truths about the Tragedy of Duscur began to surface, with ties to the Flame Emperor becoming more apparent. Finally, in a showdown in the Holy Tomb, the Flame Emperor would be revealed as his childhood friend Edelgard. This event causes Dimitri to completely snap, directing all his rage towards the Imperial Princess. 5 years later, Dimitri would reunite with his class, but a shell of his former self, consumed by his anger and revenge, and needing his friends to pull him from his darkness, his war concluding with a showdown against Edelgard herself.   Dimitri begins as an epitome of chivalry, and an honorific knight. He possesses immense strength, causing him to frequently break fragile objects, an outwardly kind person that enjoys training, fair fights, and helping others. However, underneath, Dimitri hides a ruthless demeanor, referred to as the boar, stemming from his obsession towards the dead, tormented by the Tragedy of Duscur that took his family from him. Dimitri is consumed by voices and apparitions of those who have died for him, going as far as to converse with these apparitions directly. Dimitri eventually wishes to rebuild Fódlan, in order to put a stop to the cycle of the strong trampling the weak.

ꜱɪɴɢᴇ ʀɪᴅᴇʀ

06/09/2021 04:43 PM 

Siri Yuki side story

Since the beginning of time, man has forever been evolving. Along with this evolution, has come great technology. As technology has evolved, there are those that would seek to evolve the human body even further. Wishing to progress not only the human body but also the human mind. With every generation children are born in into this world. However amongst those Millions there's always that one in a million that is considered a child prodigy. But what was considered unlikely finally happened a child being born that must seem inhuman. Her name is Siri Yuki. Siri was abandoned as a child, but it wouldn't take long for the world to take an interest in this little girl.  Although she was raised in foster care, she had a brilliant mind. At first the child's brilliant mind would go unnoticed, at the age of five she was adopted into a small family home. However sadly the parents that chose to adopt her or alcoholics and actually very abusive. They had adopted many children to collect checks from the state. They would barely feed or take care of their children usually leading to them getting into trouble because of stealing, we're getting involved with gangs. However unlike her adopted siblings Siri would find other means to take care of of herself and her siblings. She found that she had a very simple understanding of computers. When she was very young she got introduced to her first computer. This was the beginning to show in the world the brilliant mind that was going unseen. She was in a natural child prodigy for hacking.  it didn't take her but a few years before she was already able to pull off large-scale criminal Acts. At only the age of 12 she was able to set up a program that would run automatically. It would steal small amounts of money from thousands of accounts taking no more than maybe a dollar or a few cents. Very carefully routing the money back to a bank account that was almost untraceable because of her understanding. She would use this to provide the money for her siblings and even for parents that she considered fairly ungrateful. however as brilliant as she was these acts did not go fully unnoticed individuals also connected to the dark web with start taking notice. She would gather the attention of other hackers. Someone see it as a challenge trying to find her. Because of people speaking her out it made her life quite difficult. Before she knew it she found herself back into a corner. She had sent out matched, however the individual that took an interest in her. Decided he wish to groom her, because of this she was left without a choice but to go work for him. Leaving her family and everything she knew behind. Without a Trace her true identity was erased.  to be continued....this is a poorly written rough sample I will probably post more in the future about her.

۞Sife۞ ᛗDivine King of Atlantisᛪ

06/09/2021 05:37 PM 

Tournament of Proving Round 2

Osiris v HowlTobi v Hellgates18 v Dante

Takami Furoka

06/08/2021 08:04 PM 

Hero Tapion (DBZ)

Name: TapionSpecies: Konatsian (alien)Gender: Male Height: Roughly 6 ftHair color: Red Eye color: GreenAge: 1000+ (Appears to be early twenties)Orientation: DemisexualA thousand years ago, Tapion and his younger brother Minotia were ordinary Konatsians, living on the peaceful planet of Konats. However, one day, a group of black magicians known as the Kashvar performed an ancient ritual that revived a statue, the ruthless and enormous monster Hirudegarn. With no sense of reason, Hirudegarn would eventually use his incredible power to destroy the planet Konats. During the battle between Hirudegarn and the Konatsians, Tapion and Minotia used their Hero's Flutes to hold Hirudegarn at bay. Given this opportunity, a wizard brandished an enchanted sword and used it to slice Hirudegarn in half. Tapion, Minotia and the wizard were then known as Great Heroes among the Konatsians. To ensure Hirudegarn's eternal imprisonment, Tapion and Minotia agreed to have their bodies guard each spirit of Hirudegarn (his top half went to Tapion and his bottom half to Minotia). They were then enclosed in mystical music boxes, and dispatched to the distant parts of the universe. Minotia was sent to an unknown planet, while Tapion was sent to Earth. Tapion is kind-hearted in personality, wanting to protect his people from any danger that may set foot. While on Earth after being freed, he purposely makes himself isolated from the outside world, solely wanting to focus on destroying Hirudegarn.  

Fallen Zodiac

06/08/2021 03:50 PM 

My hero academia background

She wears her heart on her sleeves, a stubborn personality and a mouth she can’t control. A quirk as unique as she is and unlike one that any have ever seen. Her name? Capri (Not her real name but her vigilantly name). Capri is an elder sister of a large family and fought to protect not to mention support. At a young age Capri lost her parents to villains that came to take Capri and her siblings away; however, thanks to her parents they managed to escape. With little money and supplies to survive on Capri and her second oldest brother Luke hid their younger siblings while they went to look for supplies to keep them healthy and alive. However, that proved more difficult than they had imagined. Luke and Capri barely made it through pick pocketing or taking the odd jobs that paid little to nothing for young labor in order to make ends meat for them and their siblings. It wasn’t long until Capri and Luke both found out about the under ground fights where people with unique quirks fought for money and connections. However, as tempted as they were they didn’t turn to the fights for money. Despite the hardships both siblings held onto the warnings that their parents gave them. Never show your quirks to anybody unless it was life or death situation. As the months passed, Capri grit teeth and bared the cruelest of treatments from her employer that daily degraded her and at times slapped her when she’d drop a crate by accident. Regardless of the treatment she stood back up and continued to work on days Luke would have days off so he could take care of the others. It was only until one winter when Tamara her younger sister and Luke were both diagnosed with bronchitis. With only enough money to give them clothes, food and a proper education Capri didn’t have the money to buy them medicine. Knowing full well that no matter how many shifts she took or how much she tried to steal during the winter she wouldn’t have enough to get them medicine. So she turned to the underground fighting arenas; however, it was pay to fight. Tired, malnourished and weak from fatigue Capri paid her way into the first round and began to make her name in the battle arena. To hell with the promise she made to her parents about hiding her quirk. To hell with being afraid of singled out as a freak, she’d deal with the isolation and deal with the ridicule if it meant that her family was taken care of. She was done being weak, she was done being the doormat for others to step over. She was done holding back. Battle after battle, she maintained the winning steak and with each win she earned more and more money. With the money came connections and with the connections came jobs; however, with the attention came the commission. However, where to locate was something the commission dispute the amount of hero’s they had their claws in could not locate her. Always in the battle arena, she’d wear a mask over her face and wore it around the battle arena never once taking it off to reveal her face. Any notable feature that would make her stand out from a crowd she made sure to cover to keep the commission off of her trail or sore losers from the fights from following her. When Capri made a name for herself in the underground battle arenas she began to make a name for herself amount the vigilantes. Taking the steps needed that hero’s were held back because of laws. Which didn’t earn her the best light for the hero’s in the city. Often she’d be found completing bounty hunting jobs that would take place during hero missions. What little interactions she did have with the hero’s or civilians / policy, she was said to be cocky and a smart ass. Quick on her feet and blunt with her thoughts / words. Goal oriented and attention to detail not to mention ruthless when fighting. Her name ? Capri and her quirk? You’ll have to see for yourself in order to believe. 


06/08/2021 02:13 PM 

Triboulet's Edges

Cleave: Any melee weapon the Jet wields suddenly becomes much more potent. The weapon can be already dangerous, fairly harmless like a stick or even his own fists. He can even manifest a melee weapon where none was before, invisible to normal people.Smolder: Produces a cloud of thick black smoke. It shields the hunter from all mortal perception and most supernatural awareness. Sight, smell, heat perception and most hearing is baffled and even firing a shotgun barely sounds as loud as a finger snap.Track: If Jet touches a supernatural target and causes it to leave a smoky streamer behind, roiling in the direction the subject travelled. It cannot be touched, felt, or be scattered by wind or being walked through. The trail is normally only visible to the hunter who places it.Surge: A tingling sensation that can be directed to different body parts and used for extraordinary bursts of strength, remarkable speed or shunted into the bones and skin to absorb damage.Firewalk: Makes Jet take less damage from flames. High temperatures don't harm them. Anything short of industrial-grade temperatures is unlikely to do damage. Such protection doesn't extend to clothes and possessions.Smite : Jet gestures, and something akin to lightning and fire erupts from his body and incinerates whatever he's angry at. It produces a blazing light, a deafening crash and ammonia stench. Electronic equipment nearby is scrambled and glass breaks.Forewarn: as Jet becomes more immersed deeper into the hunt, they become more sensitive to threats. His senses alert him just before a hazard emerges, a "danger sense" with an unique warning to the hunter.Pinpoint: Gains insight into the weakness of a supernatural creature. Sometimes the information comes in the form of a vision and others as simple intuition. Experienced hunters can identify some monsters through their weakness. Has no effect on mortals.Ravage: A gas pours from the hunter and travels where they gesture. Supernatural creatures react violently to it, as it seems to corrupt and decay their very bodies. Even intangible creatures aren't safe. Human targets will experience deep emotional trauma. The wielder of Ravage will get sick, having stomach pains, coughing and vomiting.Burn : The hunter is infused with a searing energy visible to everyone as if lava was running through their veins. Touching the hunter in this state is painful and damaging.


06/08/2021 02:09 PM 

Tribouet's Second Sight.

Second Sight is the ability used by hunters to identify the supernatural. This ability does not indicate another hunter as anything other than human unless they play their hand. This ability does not automatically reveal the true nature of the creature, just indicating it's supernatural.Spirits or ghosts in the material world appear physical to the hunter. They may be obviously dead (burned, decayed or wounded) or look like perfectly normal people, but hunters can recognize they're not natural.Spirits or beings that possess or hide within human hosts appear as images superimposed upon their human victims.Beings that masquerade as humans or assume human appearance also register as not human, making the hunter feel a chill in their presence or the "person" shimmer strangely. A warlock may look completely normal, yet a hunter with this power active knows the person is wrong.This ability also makes hunters immune to illusory powers. They can see through artificial hallucinations. Creatures trying to hide in plain sight become completely obvious. If a creature creates a false image, sound or other sensory illusion, it's clearly unreal to the hunter.Waywards are incapable of turing off Second sight and are forced to see every supernatural creature.

Twilight Characters

06/08/2021 11:16 PM 

Code of Conduct

Hello all, i figured I'd post this i seen a few others do it so i thought I'd do it as well. Here are my rules so that way we have a general basis of what i do and dont allow in rp. 1. Most important is have fun, if you dont see a char you like please let me know; i will make you one. I want you to be just as happy as i am with the rp, this comes down to little details like hair color preferences, body type or even just general likes and dont likes in an rp. As most of you already know I am female, however I do play both male and female characters. Both sexes are welcome on my page. 2. Please dont be a grammar nazi.  I have a learning disability in which I dont physically understand the difference between say your and you're. I try my best, and you will also know what I'm am trying to say. 3. About the rp itself. I myself para to novel when it comes to post size. The one thing that will drive me up the wall is giving me one line to a multi para post. I do allow mature content, so feel free to allow the rp to take it where it wants to go. Only thing i will not do is scat play, removal of limbs *unless you can put them back*. I do almost anything, if you have questions feel free to ask me before hand; I am a very open book 4. If you are stuck on a post or dont know where to go, dont ghost me; let me know and we can figure something out. I have added characters or did something different in a rp to spice it up. 5. If you add me at least talk to me. Dont add me and just ghost me. Same with the rp post if your busy or have to do something that's fine i understand, but please dont make me wait a month for one post; i will lose interest in the rp all together having to wait that long. I'm sure more will come up as i get use to being on here but this is all i can think of right now. 



06/08/2021 03:14 PM 

FFXV Female OC

AppearanceName: Silvera Drachen Nicknames: Silver, Sil, The Silver FangAge: 21Race: Human Gender: FemaleHeight: 5'7"Weight: 143 lbs.Eyes: Amethyst-Violet Hair: Long, pitch black hair, silky.Voice: Dark, alluring, feminine. S/O: Straight, submissive.Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: HunterScars: A few from her hunts.Piercings: Ears, tongue and navel. Tattoos: A moon on her back - And rose with filigree on her left wrist - of Choice: Spear - Knives - Attire - Mask - Figure: Turn Ons: Prolonged eye contact, biting/marking, flirting, kabedon, agokui, and so much more~Likes: Helping people out by doing hunts, most animals, watching sunsets/sunrises, stargazing, loyalty, trying new things. Dislikes: Crowds, being stuck indoors for too long, cruelty, foods with overbearing smells.    Notes: She sports pointed, elf-like ears along with a heightened sense of smell and eyesight, both of which resulted from her upbringing. She is a rather ferocious fighter and is considerably stronger than she looks.    Personality: Silvera is an odd individual. Others often describe her as ethereal or otherworldly after interacting with or seeing her, along with darkly alluring. While she is rather kind hearted towards others, she's very quiet and reserved, speaking only when she feels it's necessary or if she's comfortable enough around someone. Stubborn and courageous, she won't hesitate to help someone that needs it. Extremely observant and survival smart, under that standoffish disposition lies a more playful and seductive personality.   Bio: Initially hailing from Tenebrae, Silvera has always been unusual. She's been alone for as long as she can remember, growing up primarily in the wilderness as a child until she was found by a Hunter who took her under their wing. Since then she has risen to Hunter infamy and is well known in the land of Lucius outside of Insomnia. The Hunter who raised her passed shortly after her sixteenth birthday and she has since lived alone, taking on the toughest of hunts with ease.    Pets: A raven by the name of Omen -  A black chocobo by the name of Nightshade.   House/Residence: She camps outside for the most part, but isn't against staying in a hotel. She has a cabin in the Vesperpool area for when she takes breaks from hunting.    Theme Songs: Lady Gaga - Bloody Mary (Slowed + Reverb)    House of Memories - Panik! At the Disco (Slowed)    Runaway - Aurora (slowed + reverb)  Quotes: "That smile of yours drives me crazy…."   " I seriously wouldn't mind if you just grabbed my face and kissed it."   "I don't dignify schoolyard taunts with a response."


06/08/2021 01:24 PM 

FFVX Male OC 2

☆Astral Version Available☆AppearanceName: Nix GratiaName Meaning: Nix - "Snow", Gratia - "Grace"Nicknames: Ni-Ni (by Caer), Snowfall (given by friends)Age: 24 Race: Human Gender: Male Height: 5'8 Weight: 156 lbs.Eyes: Piercing Ice BlueHair: Very long, white hair usually kept in a ponytail, fades into sky blue at the ends. Voice: Albedo from Genshin Impact (Khoi Dao)S/O: Bisexual - Male Lean - Switch Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: Hunter and BodyGuard to his brother.Scars: None. Piercings: Just one on his right ear - Tattoos: None. Weapon of Choice: A bow and arrows - And a dagger - Outfit/Clothes: General - Casual - Lounge Wear - Figure: Slim musculature, defined six pack. Turn Ons: Playing with or pulling his hair, running your hands over his body, whispering into his ear…~Likes: Winter, cold foods and drinks, being there to support his younger brother, classical music, helping others. Dislikes: Hot foods or drinks, becoming too flustered or heated, anyone who tries to hurt Caer, worrying his little brother.    Notes: Nix is prone to becoming hyper if he ingests hot food or has his body temperature becoming too warm. He is rather cold to the touch. He can play the piano. Many who know of the brothers describe Nix as the more ethereal-appearing individual, saying the male seemingly glows under the moonlight. His voice is very monotonous, so he expresses himself more with expressions or actions, but his tone is also very calming.   Personality: Nix, despite his calm and collected appearance is a rather warm and kind individual. He will go out of his way to help someone, has insurmountable patience and overall caring, friendly. Whenever he becomes hyper however, he appears to have boundless energy and acts before thinking. During this 'phase' he can be quite the doting mother hen, as well as give out hugs to those he knows at random intervals. He ends up rather embarrassed once he calms down, fully aware of everything he said or did.    Bio: Despite having lost his mother during Caer's birth, Nix does not despise his little brother for it. If anything it makes him cherish him more. He was raised by his parents to become a hunter like them, only to witness his father being fatally wounded by a monster during a training hunt. It bothers him on rare occasions but for the most part he does just fine. He became Caer's guard once the boy had started to gain enough infamy, worrying for his safety. He refuses to leave the other's side for long since Caer gets into trouble so often, leaving Nix to clean up the mess.    Pets: An Australian Shepherd he uses to help track hunts, "Darcy" -    House/Residence: He shares a fancy condo with his brother in Insomnia, though during travel he heavily prefers staying at a hotel than camping.   Theme Songs: Nightcore - Into You [male version] lyrics   Nightcore - Protector - Lyrics    Chopin - Fantaisie-Impromptu (Op. 66)  Quotes: "Little brother!~"   "Please excuse my brother, we mean no offense."   "Caer! Stop bothering the locals!"


06/08/2021 01:22 PM 

FFXV Male OC 1

☆Astral Version Available☆AppearanceName: Caeruleus GratiaName Meaning: Rough translations, "Caeruleus - sky blue" "Gratia - grace"Stage Name: Mad BlueNicknames: Caer, Mischief, Trouble MakerAge: 17 Race: HumanGender: MaleHeight: 5'6 Weight: 145 lbs. Eyes: Sky Blue-Cyan Hair: White, fading into cyan at the ends and throughout his short hair. Sports longer strands on both sides of his head. Voice: Bennet from Genshin Impact (Christina Vee Valenzuela), his singing voice is melodic and can reach a wide range.S/O: Homosexual - Demiromantic - Bottom/SubRelationship Status: SingleOccupation: Pop Star - Sings and DancesScars: None. Piercings: None. Tattoos: Nope. Weapon of Choice: A pair of pistols his brother insists on him carrying - Along with a knife - Stage Attire - (middle and left most clothing) Casual - Lounge Wear - (clothing on the furthest right) General - Top: ( + Skirt: ( + Stockings: ( + Boots: ( Figure: See his appearance image, he has an effeminate frame. Turn Ons: Wouldn't really know, but he's contemplated a few things….Likes: His fans, being mischievous, being a pop star, dancing and singing, reptiles, following anyone he finds interesting around. Dislikes: Overly strict rules or stuck up people, his narcolepsy, overbearing people, spiders.    Notes: Despite carrying the pistols, Caer is not a fighter, they're merely for self defense at the insistence of his brother. His narcolepsy is most prominent to take over after he exerts a lot of energy, he is prone to passing out on his feet occasionally, though. His tendency to cause trouble seems to only further endear his fans and annoy his haters. He has the worst diet known to mankind.   Personality: Caer is a very mischievous and devious individual, while he never means any actual harm, he does get himself into trouble quite frequently. He can be rather dark and morbid when his humor is concerned, or when it comes to his general thoughts to be honest. He is also blunt and open about himself, has a semi-foul mouth and does not care about ranking or social status. To him everyone is equal but just have different talents and abilities. He can be a bit gruff and often referred to as a punk by those that dislike him. He embraces the image fully to spite them.    Bio: Caer was raised by his brother for the most part, his mother passed during his birth and father died on a hunt. He doesn't let it bother him at all however, happily moving on with his life. He rose to pop star fame unintentionally after participating in his school's talent show at age 13. Since then his popularity has grown exponentially with young audiences ranging from 12 to 20 year olds over the course of his life.    Pets: A python, "Marble" -    House/Residence: He shares a fancy condo with his brother in Insomnia, though during travel he heavily prefers staying at a hotel than camping.   Theme Songs: (Samples of his music more like but meh.) Loving you is a losing game tiktok ver. (Slowed+Reverb)  [Daycore] Saints (lyrics)    pitbull & t-pain - her baby (slowed+reverb)  Quotes: "Damnit, stop being such a mother hen!"   "The hell are you staring at?"   "Whatever it is, I probably did it." 

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