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06/05/2021 06:47 PM 

Rules || IRL || SO Def || (few) Verses

Rules;-No eroplay!(read SO def for why)-Don't god-mod. Just don't.-I am busy irl, so don't rush.-If you persist on eroplay, you will be insta blocked. No warnings.IRL;Name-ZoAge-mid 20sGender-FemaleRS-TakenWork-Streamer/gamerTwitch-CityCutieSO DefDemisexual people only feel sexually attracted to someone when they have an emotional bond with the said person. They can be gay, straight, bisexual, or pansexual, and may have any gender identity. The prefex "demi" means half-which can refer to being halfway between sexual and asexual.-Taken from fire quirk; using said quirk will leave her with a horrible burn.More verses will be added in the future ♥


06/05/2021 03:17 PM 

The Chronicler

AppearanceName: KuronikuruNicknames: Kuro, Oni, Kuru, KuroniAge: 8,000 (looks to be in his late twenties - early thirties)Race: Human (at birth), became a 'Chronicler'.Height: 6'2''Weight: 155 lbs.Eyes: Bright BlueHair: Dirty blond, reaches to his mid back but keeps it tied in a bow as shown in picture.Voice: Gentle and boyish.S/O: Bi, male lean, sub.Relationship Status: Single.Occupation: Chronicling the events of worlds and time, protecting those records.Scars: None.Piercings: None.Tattoos: Feather pen and ink well behind his right ear that marks him as the Chronicler -  An intricate musical timepiece tattoo on his back -  Weapon of Choice: His vast knowledge or his spell book - Outfit/Clothes: See Photo.Figure: Fit, lean muscle.Turn Ons: Anything really (kinky man he is), but intelligence is a big one.Likes: Reading, documenting, watching the view from his home in the stars, doing his job, watching events unfold, cats, astronomy, being organized, music, fireflies on summer nights.Dislikes: Extremely vain people, anyone who messes with his books, anyone who picks on his cat, people messing with his glasses, talking about his past.   Powers: Highly intelligent, quick reflexes, knows just about every book in the library word by word, great with magic and can cast most spells without chanting. He can play any instrument the moment he touches it and create masterpieces of music. In terms of magic power he is above the level of master wizards and archmages.   Weaknesses: Not a very strong person but he's not a pushover (he can fist fit a little if needed and pull his weight), if you find some way to negate his magic he'll be completely defenseless. There are certain points on his body that are extremely sensitive.   Personality: Kuro is a very compassionate and kind individual with his fair share of dark past and hardship. He is not a fool and hard to trick, wise, generally happy and calm, if not a bit lonely. He can be a dork at times, but a lovable one, he likes to learn and experience things when he has free time. Easy to fluster.   Bio: He was raised as a slave on a farm 8,000 years ago, his life full of turmoil and strife. Sometime crops produced very little or didn't grow at all, and the workers were blamed for it. He was the favorite of the master, and was ordered to go to the master's chamber nearly every night. If he did not comply he was beaten, harshly. As he grew older he planned on running away several times but never found the courage to do so. He hated his life on the farm and remembers everything vividly.    At some point the farm was attacks by bandits and everything was set ablaze, he managed to escape the fire only to be caught by them and was forced to become their slave. He despises talking about the time he was, so if he chooses to tell you, you mean a LOT to him. He was their slave up to the point where he nearly died from being used and beaten bad enough that it stopped his heart. When he opened his eyes afterwards he was in the Grand Archive with the previous Chronicler smiling down at him.    The Chronicler trained him for a few days before fading away into time and left him alone with Bastet whom he loves dearly. He's never had a lover, he doesn't like being touched in that way, he's terribly afraid of being used and beaten again. Now he lives in the Grand Archive, documenting the events of time in all worlds.   Pets: A golden-eyed, white cat (in the photo) named Bastet. She has an immortality spell placed on her.   House/Residence: The Grand Archive, a large, ever growing library that appears as a glass sphere from the outside, floating in space with a great view of the Earth -    Theme Songs: Lost Believer (Mashup) - Imagine Dragons & Lindsey Stirling    Stressed Out Thunder (Imagine Dragons/Twenty One Pilots Mashup)    TØP vs. Owl City - "Holding on to Fireflies" (Mashup)    Quotes: "Time has a wonderful way of showing us what matters."   "You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it."   "Books are my friends, my companions. They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in life."


06/05/2021 03:11 PM 

The Punk Boy

AppearanceName: Nathan HemwayNicknames: Rascal, ‘The Punk Boy’Age: 17Race: HumanGender: MaleHeight: 5’8’’Weight: 130 lbs.Eyes: Bright Blue, right eye covered by patch.Hair: Bright Blonde with a streak of light red in it.Voice: Boyish, playful and enticing.S/O: Demisexual.Relationship Status: Single PringleOccupation: Murder of any kind.Scars: One over his right eye.Piercings: Ears (see pic).Tattoos:None.Weapon of Choice: His trusty crowbar and skateboard.Outfit/Clothes: See photo, complete with black combat boots.Figure: Thin and fit.Turn Ons: Nearly anything, loves violence.Likes: Blood, violence, his crowbar, bashing heads in, leather, chains, graffiti, skateboarding. Dislikes: Any goodie two shoes, people messing with his ‘art’ or crowbar.  Powers: Other than he’s a fast little sh*t and good at destroying or vandalizing, her doesn’t really have any. I guess you could count his mad skateboarding skills. Or his ability to see attacks coming just before they hit, but he has a limited window to respond.   Personality: He’s a punk, loud and mischievous, always getting into trouble, cusses like a sailor, brash and hard headed, stubborn, doesn’t like listening to people he doesn’t know.   Bio: A troublemaker since birth, he’s a hard kid to control, growing up without a father figure was hard for him as everyone who did looked down on him for it. He picked a lot of fights and won most of them thanks to his little ‘quirk’, back then he didn’t realize what it was.He just acted on it and usually beat the other kid to a pulp. After the mother he loved passed on, he went nuts, killing anything and everyone that pissed him off.   Pets: A kick ass doberman named Jasmine - ( Quotes: “Who do you think you are, my mother?”“Ah fack off why don’t ya.”


06/05/2021 03:04 PM 

The Astral

AppearanceName: HerodotosNicknames: Hero, Dotos, Odo, RoAge: Appears 17 or so, is 7,000+Race: Appears human but is actually an Astral being. Gender: Genderless but identifies as male. Height: 5’7’’Weight: 115 lbs. Eyes: YellowHair: Plum, short with long bangs. Voice: Unknown, he is mute. S/O: Homosexual, sub. Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: Dreamwalker/GuideScars: None. Piercings: Small gauges in his ears.Tattoos: Many, his entire upper torso is covered in them. Weapon of Choice: His magic, Astral Hands and Dreamwalking. Outfit/Clothes: See photo.Figure: Slim, athletic. Turn Ons: Bondage, biting, ass grabbing, sensual caresses. Likes: Flirting, chivalry, gentlemen, star gazing, forests, romantic walks at night, sunsets and sunrises. Dislikes: Rude or abusive behaviour, people who make fun of him being mute, explosive noises, the things he’s done in his past.    Powers: Dreamwalking, teleportation, phasing, Astral Hands: These six yellow, glyphed hands encased in blue flames are his main form of magic and speech (using sign language), they also have a variety of other uses though he is mainly a defensive combatant.    Weaknesses: He isn’t physically strong, quite frail in fact, his emotions can get the best of him sometimes, Dreamwalkers don’t feel the need to sleep regularly so he will eventually pass out for a few days in between long intervals of being awake 24 hours a day, leaving him defenseless and vulnerable.    Personality: Sensitive, polte, kind, friendly but a bit shy, remorseful, calm, charismatic, warm, open, caring, compassionate, emotional, hard to anger, sentimental, empathic, quiet, soft-hearted, fierce when he needs to be.    Bio: Herodotos’ past is a mystery, neigh he is a mystery to anyone and everyone he meets. For the most part, he’s just trying to get by in the world while keeping the secret of whom and what he really is. He takes odd jobs here and there as he travels, being careful to never appear in the same place twice for a few years. As he makes enough to get by in the waking world, his real job is helping others out in their dreams, keeping nightmares away and encouraging people to the best they can to make the world a better place.    He isn’t much of a fighter but he’s no pushover either as Dreamwalkers can affect one’s mental state and repair it or damage it…..he has done both.   Pets: A special type of space cat he calls Star Cream - (    House/Residence: Nowhere really, he travels a lot and doesn’t feel he really belongs anywhere.    Theme Songs: Alan Walker - Different World feat. Sofia Carson, K-391 & CORSAK   Alone - Alan Walker   Celine Dion - Ashes Quotes: “.......Hi.”   “I’ve...never been….never had a place to call home…”


06/05/2021 02:46 PM 

The Soccer Ace

AppearanceName: Arthur Finnian LockheartNicknames: Artie, Arth, Finn, Finny, Ace (by the Soccer team)Age:17Race: Human - British-AmericanGender: MaleHeight: 5’6’’Weight: 126 lbs. Eyes: Matches hair. Hair: Dark, shiny blue. Voice: Boyish, slightly high pitched, friendly. S/O: Very much gay, as straight as a rainbow, sub. Relationship Status: Single, is wary of dating while in school. Occupation: StudentScars: None.Piercings: None.Tattoos: None.Weapon of Choice: none, but has a mean kick. Outfit/Clothes: Usual attire - Soccer Uniform -  Figure: Slim, fit, healthy. Turn Ons: His ears are sensitive, as is his neck….Likes: Soccer, his team, cooking/baking, being active, upbeat music, video games/arcades, jogging, parkour, apples, hacky sack.Dislikes: Bullies, overbearing teachers/parents/people, being idle for too long, being fussed over too much, the usual absence of his parents.    Personality: Arthur is a very well-mannered, friendly boy, if not a bit shy at first. He’s outgoing and likes to include everyone he can in a group activity, intelligent, smart, active, lonely, open, courageous and brave, kind. He is a rather determined person, though that can sometimes get him to bite off more than he can chew but he generally means well.    Bio: Being the son of a wealthy businessman and businesswoman duo, both successful in their fields and top graduates of their class, leaves Arthur with big shoes to fill. His father William was the top of his class (from the same all boys school Arthur now attends), popular and a jack-of-all-trades in sports. His mother was the lead cheerleader and soccer player of her own (all girls) school, popular and very talented like her husband. They had an arranged marriage and conceived Arthur to carry on the family bloodline, not out of love, he knows this and is okay with it. He was raised more by the nanny than his own mother and his father was hardly ever in the picture, but they do love him, their jobs just keep them from being home for more than a few days at a time. He is often left alone in the household now, having outgrown his nanny (who moved on to another job), and often feels completely alone. He likes to stay as active as possible because it helps distract him and keep him out of the empty house as much as possible. He is a straight-A student and the top soccer player in his school/grade, he looks forward to school everyday, if only to alleviate the loneliness he feels for a few hours. Despite his popularity, he doesn’t really have any good ‘friends’, not the kind that come over after school for study sessions or to hang out, at least. Still, he pushes on, wearing the beaming smile he’s well-known for.    Pets: An Argentine black and white tegu named Shirukan -    House/Residence: A very nice, fancy house -    Theme Songs:Rihanna - Towards The Sun [from the "HOME" soundtrack] (Audio)   Rihanna - Dancing In The Dark (Audio)    Nightcore - Waka Waka  Quotes: “Why do we fall? To learn to pick ourselves back up of course!”    “Common bud! You can do this!”    “Hey! Pick on someone your own size!”    Bonus Images: 


06/05/2021 02:42 PM 

The Priest

AppearanceName: Lucian Nicknames: The White Priest, Father Lucian, Angel-EyesAge: 28Race: Human - RomanianGender: MaleHeight: 6’0’’Weight: 146 lbs. Eyes: Pale sky blue.Hair: Short, stark white hair, with long bangs framing his face. Voice: Elegant, soothing, deep. S/O: Bi, male lean, sub. Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: Priest of the OrderScars: A few, long scars on his back from a whip. Piercings: None.Tattoos: None.Weapon of Choice: His bible, rosary/cross, other holy items. Outfit/Clothes: See photo. Figure: Slim, healthy, toned. Turn Ons: How sinful of you to ask! But yes, he does have a few...Likes: Children, specifically those under his guidance, the Priest who found him as a boy and saved him/mentored him, God, enlightenment, guiding those lost on their path to God. Dislikes: The Order (secretly) and what really goes on in it, seeing a child suffer, his wavering faith/growing doubt, most demonic beings/things, slavery.    Powers: Religious powers, purification powers, exorcism, his aura, holy powers, etc.    Personality: Kind, caring, selfless, elegant, graceful, gentle yet firm, confident, persuasive, clever, intelligent, sly, coy, playful, devout, steadfast, loyal. He is willing to go out of his way to help a lost soul, he adores children and their usually carefree attitude, has a soft spot for those with heavily unfortunate pasts (specifically those associated with being a slave).   Bio: Lucian hides a dark past behind his angelic demeanor and presence, but he has fought hard to be where he is today. From being used as a pleasure slave (willing or no, among other things) to a high priest of the Order. Some would dare say he’s next in line to become the next Head of the Order, not only because of his power but also his devotion to the Order. He has served the Cathedral since he was 12, working his way up the ranks through the guidance of his mentor and sheer devotion to God. He is a man not easily swayed from the path of light, despite his wavering faith in the Order, the doubt that began to bloom after he discovered how the Order really operates the day his mentor passed on due to poor health. However, he has not strayed from his path serving God and it is unlikely one would ever convince him to...unless perhaps a clever demon like yourself gave it a try?~   Pets: His familiar/medium, a white bird-like creature called Artemyra -    House/Residence: The Cathedral (Outer) -  Inner -    Theme Songs:Nightcore - Hellfire (English)    Through Heaven’s Eyes - Nightcore    Nightcore - Hey Brother   Quotes: “If our love is tragedy, then why are you my clarity?”   “Come my child, let us get you home with warm food and a soft bed.”    “I…..I discovered the truth….what they hid from those who are better off not knowing..”


06/05/2021 02:36 PM 

Mo Dao Zu Shi OC - Renshu Deshi

AppearanceName: Renshu (meaning “benevolent forbearance”) Déshì (meaning “man of virtue”)Courtesy Name: Minzhe (meaning “sensitive and wise”)Nicknames: None. Age: 24Race: Human - ChineseGender: MaleHeight: 5’8’’Weight: 145 lbs. Eyes: Golden Yellow-OrangeHair: Long, silky pitch black with purple streaks. Voice: Calm, smooth, alluring, yet powerful.S/O: Homosexual, switch w/sub lean. Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: Heir to the esteemed, well-known and well respected Renshu Clan/Sect and is a well-known “cultivator” of Xianxia.Scars: Some from his cultivation assignments. Piercings: Ears. Tattoos: None. Weapon of Choice: His sword Sying (“star”) - Spiritual Weapon: A guqin made of very dark wood with purple and silver engravings. Outfit/Clothes: See images. Figure: Muscular, fit and healthy. Turn Ons: Various things, loving caresses, possessive displays, and many more. Likes: Cultivating, beautiful scenery, long walks, training, meditating and improving his Qigong, his people, messing with his enemies, music (both listening to and playing for others).Dislikes: Unjust means, cruelty, using one’s clan name to bully others, anyone or anything threatening the lives and well being of his people.    Powers: General Cultivation powers, skilled in swordsmanship, martial arts, and dabbles in Demonic cultivation methods.    Personality: Intelligent, wise, calm, quiet, serene, suave, dark, clever, cunning, sensitive to the emotions of those around him, sharp minded, quick witted, can be sassy or snarky when he wants to be. He doesn't often say much, relying more on his facial expressions and simple replies to communicate. However, he is capable of giving a good speech when he needs to or telling off some idiot enemy. Renshu Minzhe is by far the envy of most families, he’s an extremely beautiful man with many talents hailing from a powerful clan of respected status. While his beauty can sometimes go against him (sometimes mistaken for a woman) that doesn’t make him any less intimidating to those who do not know him personally.    Bio: Renshu Déshì was born and raised a nobleman with prestige lineage dating back several centuries. He strives to bring honor to his family name frequently, often standing up to injustice in not just his homeland but other territories as well. When he’s not absorbed in his studies or on cultivation missions he can generally be found in a library, music room or out wandering the landscape. His story has yet to be explored during the events of Mo Dao Zu Shi, however he would have contact with important characters due to the ties with the Jiang Sect.    Pets: His horse Xiu Juan (meaning “elegant, beautiful, graceful”) and wolf Zhong (meaning “loyal”).   House/Residence: Within the mountainous valley territory of Níngjìng, the main city of Dragon’s Rest in the Renshu Sect grounds -    Theme Songs: 【古琴Guqin】《左手指月》Chinese musical instrument to heal the soul这是你从未听过的气质    Chinese Music - Imperial Dynasty    Marcus Warner - The Way of Honour  Quotes: “Mn.”   “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.”   “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of only standing still."   Bonus Images:    Trivia: ~ In Xianxia culture (and general Chinese culture) the names are usually expressed as family name first and given name second.  ~ A courtesy name, also known as a style name, is a name bestowed upon one at adulthood in addition to one's given name.  ~ It is considered rude if a general acquaintance calls you by your given name instead of your courtesy name. For a better understanding of how Ancient Chinese names work, see here.  ~ His favorite word is yuanfen.  ~ He likes to escape the confines of his compound to go riding through his homeland.  ~ Many have tried to get him into an arranged marriage (mostly with women), none have succeeded because he refuses to be in a loveless relationship.  ~ “Cut-Sleeve” is the term for homosexuals in Xianxia and while he doesn’t openly show he is one, people have their suspicions since he’s rarely seen in the company of women and subtly flirts with men.  ~ Zhong was a pup when Renshu Minzhe found him at the age of 17 while he was cultivating a ghost that drove animals mad. He had to kill the pack but Zhong was young enough to be looked over by the resentment and thus spared. While the large wolf is relatively docile, he is still a wild animal and Renshu Minzhe treats him with the respect he’s due.  ~ His favorite wine is Emperor’s Smile.  ~ He knows how to play several instruments including the dizi and guzheng.  ~ The Renshu and Jiang Sects are old friends and allies, often lending one another aid and visiting the other frequently.  ~ Renshu also shares a similar bond with the Nie Sect.  ~ He has a younger brother and little sister he is fiercely protective of.  ~ His sect’s colors are black with deep purple and blues, occasionally some gold or silver mixed in.  ~ The Renshu flag’s color is a deep black in the similar style to the others but their clan symbol is a star design.

Mo Dao Zu Shi


06/05/2021 01:45 PM 

Jace Whitmire - Femboy

AppearanceName: Jace Whitmire Nicknames: Ja-Ja, Jacey, Ce-Ce, any you give him.Age: 17, can be aged up. Race: Human - Caucasian Gender: Male - FemboyHeight: 5'5"Weight: 113 lbs.Eyes: LavenderHair: Dark brown, short with a section of his bangs dyed dark pink. Voice: Mellow, relaxed, playful.S/O: Gay, sub.Relationship Status: Single, never had a relationship. Occupation: High Schooler, Junior year, aged up though, he's a visual artist for movies and games.Scars: None. Piercings: None.Tattoos: Yes, one in the middle of his back - of Choice: He has self defense items always on him but that's about it.Outfit/Clothes: Usually baggy clothing when at school, but loves wearing skirts and dresses at home or when going out. Figure: Slim, curvy hips. Turn Ons: He's into some pretty kinky sh*t, but the biggest way to get him going is grabbing his neck. Likes: Loves plaid skirts, smoothies, dark and pastel color combos, drawing/sketching, dark music and old rock.Dislikes: His control freak of a mother, wasps (got stung when he was a kid), being told he can't wear skirts because he's a boy, too much social interaction.    Notes: He enjoys dancing around in his room or drawing (mainly a digital artist) to music. Jace loves to cuddle and sit in the lap of his partner, even just take a nap while they're busy with whatever. He wants to become an artist for games or movies and does enjoy the occasional video game. He has thick eyelashes he accentuates with eyeliner.    Personality: Jace is a very mild mannered and easy going boy. He's not above lending a fellow student a hand with homework during study hall or helping out with projects. He often has a very calm and nearly seductive expression by default and never realizes it (like in his photo). When comfortable with someone he is curious and warm and loves to sketch them, often showing the person the finished work. Jace does of rebellious tendencies due to his mother trying to control his lifestyle. He is not opposed to using underhanded means of getting his way though and has a bad habit of cussing.   Bio: Jace grew up in a normal family, no big dark secrets or traumatizing past. He has 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister he adores. His parents are married and supposedly happy. However he discovered his mother in bed with another man when he skipped class one day when he was 14. He never said a word since his dad was nonethewiser to the situation and was a kind and thoughtful, loving father. It wasn't until he started wearing skirts and his mother tried to control his appearance that he threatened to tell their father. It proved effective since his mother had nowhere to go if they divorced. His relationship with her has since been strained and polite at best.    Pets: A long haired calico cat, Missy -    House/Residence: A nice family sized house in the suburbs -    His room -    Theme Songs: Aviators - Fading Light (Dark Souls Song | Symphonic Rock)  MADEMOISELLE NOIR - A Tragedy    Eye of the Tiger - Survivor (Lyrics)  Quotes:  "Bitch, I look cute in this f*** you."   "Sorry, I'm not into girls."   "Mom, shut up."


06/05/2021 01:36 PM 

Simon Heddings - Emo Femboy

AppearanceName: Simon HeddingsNicknames: Si-SiAge: 16-17 generally but can be aged up.Race: Human - German/American Gender: Male, femboy. Height: 5'6"Weight: 115 lbs. Eyes: Light purple-pink.Hair: Short, emo styled, purple-pink.Voice: Moody, distant, cold, has a slight German accent.S/O: Gay, sub.Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: None but wants to be a tattoo artist and snake breeder.Scars: Yes, wrists mostly from himself but others on his body from his family.Piercings: Yep, both ears and bottom lip, see image.Tattoos: Yes, a small shadowy cat on his left shoulder -  Snake around his right ankle -  And sword with blossoms just below his ribcage - Weapon of Choice: Outfit/Clothes: Emo or Goth style clothing, what you see in his image are his preferred pajamas.  Figure: See image, thin. Turn Ons: Giving him affection can easily turn him on, pinning his wrists above his head, public teasing, etc. Likes: Being held close, his snake, drawing/sketching, romance or fantasy novels, going to the nearest park or woods. Dislikes: The emo cliche, cutting (he's trying to stop), his 'family', white chocolate, peas, peanuts (allergic).   Notes: He is just as likely to wear a dress or skirt as he is anything else, it varies with his mood. More often than not though, he'll wear something skimpy to piss off his father. He is ashamed of the Emo cliché he's fallen into and is trying to get out of it. He stole money to pay for his tattoos and his father is too drunk to put two and two together.    Personality: Depressed and lonely, standoffish, cautious of others, snarky and rebellious. He is damaged emotionally and mentally from the constant berating from his father, leading him to have very little self worth. He tries to be a happier person but it's difficult for him since he can't leave his father's financial stability just yet. If he were to be free from his father's reach, he believes he would become happier easier.    Bio: Simon blames himself for his mother leaving them, though he knows it's his father's fault for the most part. His father is a drunkard who works a 10 hour shift at the factory outside of town. After Simon was born things went downhill quickly for the presumably happy couple, he wasn't planned since they didn't want kids. His mother couldn't handle the stress of raising a kid, or so she says (he knows the real reason), and his father never really showed him love or affection. He just wants to be happy, more often than not thinking about running away from home but stops himself knowing he'd never be able to support himself just yet.    Pets: A black and white western hognose snake, Orochimaru -    House/Residence:  A small house -  His room -    Theme Songs: Black Veil Brides - Fallen Angels  Black Veil Brides - In The End    Panic! At The Disco - I Wrote Sins Not Tragedies Quotes: "It's best if we just don't go to my place…""Yeah...I've thought about it…""Do you like snakes..?"  

∂ινιηє яєтяιвυтιση

06/05/2021 01:13 PM 

Forms and Transformations

Goku's body As part of his wish with Super Shenron, the original present Zamasu's primary form is that of the original present Goku's. Because of this, the original present Zamasu possesses all of the original present Goku's techniques, transformations, instincts, and even some of his personality traits in the anime at the time Zamasu switched their bodies. Super Saiyan In Toriyama's notes for Goku Black, he was stated to have a regular Super Saiyan form. However he only transforms into the standard Super Saiyan form in the Super manga, using the form to combat Super Saiyan Vegeta. Upon transforming into it, Future Trunks notes he had not seen Black using the Super Saiyan form for a long time. Noticeably, this form gains sparks similar to the Super Saiyan 2 from the sheer intensity of his power. In the manga, after getting a power up from nearly dying at Vegeta's hands, Goku Black's Super Saiyan form becomes exponentially more powerful than before, nearly as strong as a Super Saiyan God - thus becoming strong enough to match Vegeta's weakened Super Saiyan Blue state, and soon after (upon gaining another power-up) causing his Super Saiyan form to surpass Super Saiyan God by changing into his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form: Super Saiyan Rosé. In this form, Black's eyes are depicted the same as other Super Saiyans, though in one piece of colored art they are drawn black. Saiyan beyond God As Goku Black can become a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, he possesses the God-like Saiyan state. Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black possesses the ability to become a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (in most media) or his own version of the first Super Saiyan form (in the anime, as well as some games). In this form, he is able to augment his techniques into more elaborate variations. In the anime, Black stated that he fully mastered Goku's power to be able to achieve Super Saiyan Rosé. In the manga, Goku Black's Super Saiyan form eventually evolves into this form after exploiting the Saiyan Power ability by letting Future Zamasu heal his injuries a few times. It is speculated that this form's color is light pink due to Goku Black's (Zamasu's) identity as a natural-born god, as Goku and Vegeta's Blue forms are blue due to them being mortals possessing godly ki.In the manga, as a result of Goku Black and Future Zamasu being the same person, they fused on a cellular level and are unable to properly defuse and are left in a semi-fused state. After Future Trunks attempts to kill them by slicing them in half, the immortality is shown to have stayed with both of them and they reform fully, with their immortality allowing them to re-mold themselves into two individual Fused Zamasus. After being stabbed through by Future Trunks, he transforms into Fused Zamasu.Super Saiyan IvoryAfter being pulled into the present by Fu before his erasure by Future Zeno in another timeline, Black retained all of the power and abilities of Fused Zamasu while keeping Goku's body. Through this, he ascended further into the form he soon dubbed "Super Saiyan Ivory" In this state, his power far eclipses any of his previous states or forms. While resembling the silver haired transformation that accompanies Goku when using Ultra Instinct, this is a similar but also different transformation all together. It's a result of stacking and melding Merged Zamasu's power with that of Rose, ascending him into Ivory. The only extra affinity this form grants is a limited healing factor (due to Black retaining a portion of Merged Zamasu's Immortality.) All other moves, techniques and abilities are exponentially buffed.


06/05/2021 10:14 PM 


(Bios taken from the wiki)Ferania WolfenstahlAge: 25Ferania is easily provoked, and she's very impulsive. This is because of her high amount of pride, as well as her over-confidence. She's also very arrogant and ignorant at times, but she's warm and nice towards her friends. She's usually very serious and doesn't fool around. Also, she doesn't like to admit that she's happy about being praised. Ferania has a deep hatred for demons, as she believes that demons are responsible for all the evil things happening in the world.Minori YamatoAge: 35Minori has a high degree of self-discipline and is constantly hard working and training. Her goal is to achieve perfection in all things, and she's usually taking things very seriously. She's humble and gentle as well as honest and straightforward and she acts honorable and respectful towards others. Minori has a sweet and cute personality, but apparently, there is still more to her which she hides deep inside.Chiira HeathlandAge: 23Chiira is very curious but also shy and silent. She would rather observe something she finds interesting from a distance. Most of the time she's sticking to Ferania, whom she calls "boss", and she's usually following her around. Because Chiira isn't very strong, she tries to compensate for this by spending a lot of time studying and learning new stuff, as well as improving her mental capabilitiesCatheline ChatenoireAge:25Catheline is super curious and a bit naive, but very friendly and sometimes even flirty. She's usually talking a lot and asking a lot of questions. This often leads to her sticking her nose into other people's business or getting her into awkward situations. She loves to hang out with her friends and often ends up cooking for them. Cooking is one of her big hobbies, and she's usually very good at it. In certain situations, Catheline can become quite scary, but this is mostly directed at her enemies. She's very brave and has a lot of self-confidence, so she usually doesn't run away from combat.


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1. I take breaks every once in a while and may not reply for a few days. It happens on occasion and I apologize in advance. This is a hobby however and my life does not revolve around this. Please have patience, if you don't you will be removed.2. In regards to length, I generally type around one to two paragraphs, sometimes more. You may type as much as you want as long as you are fine with the fact that I won't be able to match your length. At the very least though, please keep it to a paragraph minimum.3. Don't be rude. As this is a mature account, we are all adults here. Please be respectful and act like an adult, I will do the same.More will come if needed.

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Sinatra the Sergal

Sintara is the forbidden offspring of a Northern tribe father and a Southern tribe mother. The pair met, fell in love and sealed their love resulting in a pregnancy. The instant the pup was born, it was immediately obvious who, or what, the father was. The white abdomen, short muzzle and long fur all shouted Northern tribe. Where her long ears, tan and smooth fur were all traits of the Southern tribe. She was given the name Sintara, meaning forbidden female, and banished with her mother. When she was 2 years old, her mother was killed for her "ugly offspring". Now 20, she flees from each tribe territory as they try to kill her. None accept the "half breed", she's so lovingly called, so she keeps running until she can find a mate who will accept her as his mate willingly.

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Temyka the White Tiger

Anthro~ Temyka's (pronounced tem- eee-kuh)parents gave her away as payment for their freedom. She was taught how to make people not notice her stealing from them as she dances. She performs for a traveling circus whose owner, a harsh Siberian Tiger named Tarl, keeps her living in fear of his wrath. He is both mentally, physically and sexually abusive toward her. She dreams if freedom and living in the mountains.Feral~ Temyka enjoys lounging in the shade and going on adventures. She loves to swim and is very trusting and kind.

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In the Grey Wolf

Anthro~ In (pronounced e'en) is the daughter of the Alpha of the Silverpeak Pack. She is 18 and at the age where her father is commanding her to pick a mate. She cannot become alpha unless mated and with a family to continue the heritage.  In is picky in her choice which frustrates her father. She is a strong fighter and successful hunter.Feral~ In left her pack to be a nomad. The pressure as Alpha's daughter made it impossible to form any relationships. She looks for a home and mate to call her own.

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