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๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ท๐–†๐–˜๐–™ ๐•ณ๐–”๐–•๐–Š

06/04/2021 04:35 PM 

The Necromancer and Death - Drabble

Liliana VessThe Necromancer and Death”Why serve the living, when you can rule the dead?”Reclining in the claw footed bathtub, Liliana rested, eyes closed as one of her dozens of undead servants ran a comb through her wet hair.This job was reserved for one of the more skeletal of her crew, ensuring they didn't waste the energy she put in to washing it.Why wash your hair to have one of the meatier fools to leave rot behind when doing a job.Liliana Vess could be called a lot of things in her time, but STUPID was rarely, if ever, one of them.Not that she needed the highly coveted youth keeping properties of her rose water bath, no, she had other purposes for her perfumed soaking. Prime among them being one couldn't well be the Ruler of Undeath, the Dreadhoard General, the gods damned Zombie Queen if you smelt of them.Well, supposing one probably could. But SHE couldn't. She was LILIANA VESS.She was roused from her near dosing (not that she would ever admit to such a thing) state by the sound of movement, real movement in the hall outside, accompanied by the semi-shambling movements of Gustav.With a sigh, she opened an eye as the door opened and the creaking reed of a voice that she allowed her steward to have entered the room."Lady Vess. The Cecani Stitcher has arrived. He comes bearing the portrait–"Liliana got to her feet abruptly in the tub, the sloshing of the water cutting the announcement short. Snapping her fingers sharply, rapidly, repeatedly, in the direction of the maintenance zombie, rather unnecessarily, she stepped out of the tub as it fetched her a robe.Considering they all moved on her very whims, she needn't actually do anything around them. But then she would find herself really very bored.Picking a stray rose petal from her clavicle boredom before the gown was draped around and tied for her, damp hair carefully being removed from the collar, Liliana finally turned her attention to Gustav and Geralf Cicani, who had been gaping from the door.She didn't care. She had nothing to hide after all. And no shame. She killed a lot of people to make sure she stayed looking like this.Once she was within arms reach she held her hands out, making grabby motions.After snapping back to reality from whatever fantasy the stitcher had momentarily lost himself to, he turned his singular eye to the necromancer face, passing the cloth covered portrait to her. With cautious movements, she brushed back the fabric to look at the face she had seared into one of the poor Gavony artisans minds.Her poor Josu. Now that she knew he was finally at rest, for good, she could… remember him, from time to time. If she was feeling foolish and sentimental enough in her old age.Lightly tracing a nail along the line of his cheek, she almost smiled. He looked how she remembered. Before she—Beside her, shifting to get a better look at the modestly sized portrait, Geralf spoke up."I don't mean to question you, Liliana, but why did you get a portrait of that meat head planeswalker you fought the Eldrazi Bitch with made?"She frowned furiously, both in confusion at the 'portrait of a planeswalker' part of his statement, and his completely inaccurate 'fought the titan with anyones assistance' follow up. She did that all on her own, thank you very much.Then it dawned on her.He thought it was Gideon.Eyes and contract scarrings flaring to life the vibrant lilac, Gustav taking the painting from her hands easily, she rounded on the stitcher."Even if I were to get a portrait of the great big idiot made, it would be none of your business as to why. As a matter of fact, graverobber nothing I do is any of your concern. Tell me, would being turned into a 'graf' be horrific for you?"As her fingers curled towards his throat, she stopped herself short, jaw clenched.Unfortunately, he was more use to her alive. Letting out a slow breath, eyes closing, the glow faded.Geralf slipped along the wall slowly, regretting having gotten so close to begin with. With a heavy sigh, she waved him away."Leave. Before I change my mind about not killing you."He didn't have to be told twice.Holding the portrait back out to her, Gustav creaked"Where would you like it hung, Lady Vess?"Taking it to her chest, she led the way. Setting it on the wall in her library she folded her arms across her chest as she looked at it for several moments, before covering it with the cloth again.Then it hit her.They were both dead now. She knew that for a fact. Josu and Gideon both dead, and she was the cause. She was also a necromancer. She hadn't had to reach out to a spirit in quite some time, since she usually just raised husks of bodies, or bodies before the essence had a chance to leave them.But she could talk to them, if she wanted to. If she was feeling foolish enough and sentimental enough in her old age.It took her all of five minutes to prepare the ritual. She didn't even bother dressing, or doing her hair.She sat, still in her robe with wet hair, murmuring words of the ancients to herself over the salts, to reach her brothers.Staring unblinking at the wall before her, she didn't stop the chanting until a voice sounded in her right ear."You were more put together after a sand worm ate you, Lili."To her left, a light laugh."She always was vain, you know. The one time she doesn't put effort in is now."The corners of her lips tweak upwards slightly."Right, I'm sending you both back, right now."Almost cautiously, she turns her head to the left first. Sitting next to her, as well as any spirit could, was Josu, just as she remembered him. She balled her hands into tight fists, waves of emotions that she would otherwise refuse to acknowledge, let alone act upon washing over her.Swallowing slightly, she turned to her right to see the Beefslab himself, as healthy as he was before she got him turned to dust in her place, albeit incorporeal.Letting out a sharp breath she hung her head, laughing at herself. Now that she had them here, what was she going to do?Beg them for forgiveness in their deaths? She didn't want that. she sort of wanted that And even if she got that, what would she do with that?Ask them how much death hurt? She went to great lengths to avoid her own death at all costs as long as you ignored the two times she was willing to die for causes.  A cool weight pressed down on her right shoulder."It's ok, Lili. We know the whole talking about feelings that aren't 'I'm the best, worship me' aren't your strong point. Or any part of a functional human relationship."She shook her head slightly, smiling in amusement. Beefslab wasn't wrong.Hell, the only way she knew to keep her lover leech interested was to press every button in existence.A jabbing to her left side, followed by cold weight leaning on her."Let me tell you something, Lil. Since I know you're dying to know, but won't ask because you have our fathers pride."She would have shoved Josu if he had form. Them being able to touch her, but her not being able to jab back seemed like an oversight in the spell that she would work out before the next time, should there be one."I'm fine. I'm better now. You helped me. It's ok."Liliana focused on a spot on the wall. It was a very interesting spot. Her eyes weren't watery at all.Gideon just gently squeezed her shoulder."For what it's worth, I'm proud of the work Ana Iora did. Even if it didn't last long. And I'm glad you heard me."Now she spoke finally."THAT'S WHERE IT CAME FROM?!"With a broad grin, the spectral heiromancer just shrugged a shoulder."I think it's time we left Liliana to be a mess to herself, don't you Josu?"The one time lich lord turned to look into the middle distance, as if seeing what Liliana couldn't currently."I'm going to enjoy seeing her try to explain this one…"Frowning in confusion as they both faded on her, she lay back on the floor in a huff of frustration.She didn't feel any better, or worse.She just knew she didn't care to experience death herself even more.From the entrance hall she could hear her gentleman caller shouting for her, as she hadn't responded to the initial taunts of 'Witch' when he entered.She now understood Josu's remark.Just how was she, Madame du Demon Deals, going to explain this one easily?Easy. She wasn't going to explain anything.๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ท๐–†๐–˜๐–™ ๐•ณ๐–”๐–•๐–Š template credit.

๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ท๐–†๐–˜๐–™ ๐•ณ๐–”๐–•๐–Š

06/04/2021 04:32 PM 

Homeward Bound - Drabble

Liliana VessHomeward Bound”Why serve the living, when you can rule the dead?”A swirling mass of black energy coalescing into her form, signalling the walkers arrival before she even stepped foot back onto the plane, Liliana Vess graced the walled city of Thraben with her presence.Oh, how she had missed this place.The eternal struggle of life and death, survival of the fittest at its finest that was Innistrad, gave her so many playthings.Her playthings that had served this place so very well, as she would be quick to remind anyone the second they even open their mouths about her return. That little reminder that the plane still stood because of her caused a smug curling of her lips. She was never going to let anyone forget that. Especially not the 'Lord' of this land.Assuming she could get two words out before he tried to take her head off for the whole messy war business with the flat foreheaded dragon, that was.Of course, her less than subtle appearance in the middle of the cliff top city was bound to draw attention to herself. She would have been concerned, if she didn't know that most of their strongest defenders were destroyed by their own madness the last time she were here.This whole city would have been in ruins should her and her darlings not have been here to save the day.She supposed the Gatewatch and the Voldaren leech were involved too at some point, but they were unimportant to her story.Not that she couldn't handle an angel or two of course, should the city have had any more than the one left.The feathered menaces.With an absent adjustment of her angelic headdress that she taken as a trophy a great many years ago, she strode with purpose towards the marketplace, paying no mind to the growing sets of eyes following her, nor the hushed whispers.Looking around at the stalls of produce, she snapped her fingers sharply at what she could only assume to be some form of farm hand, here to ensure sales for the day."You, boy."He may have been on the young side, but he knew the tales. He knew he was in trouble already. Doing his best to not drop the box of apples, he shuffled to what he figured was just out of arms reach of the necromancer."M-miss?"The poor dear was scared. How sweet. Leaning in towards him, taking one of the apples to inspect it with an air of boredom, she dropped it back into the crate."Tell me, does my estate still stand, or did you ungrateful heathens destroy it?"He blinked, confused by the question."I—"Grasping the farmhands face, squeezing his cheeks together to cut him off, she smiled at him in faux sweetness."I didn't want you to actually answer me, dear boy. It was what we call a rhetorical question. What I want you to do is go tell the merchants Liliana Vess has returned and will be expecting her regular orders back to the estate starting again immediately. And should they not remember what the orders are… well…"Her fingertips glowed a dim lilac, causing the young man to scream in pain, the apples being scattered across the ground as she drained him of a fragment of his life essence."They had best remember. For everyone's sake.Letting him go, she paused a moment, before snapping her fingers in thought, while he recovered."Find me a coach first. I don't feel like walking."After staring at him expectantly for a moment, his soft sobbing grating on her quickly, she sighed heavily."Some time this year, boy. Before I lose my patience."And so, Liliana got her coach. In almost record time. The coachman looked less than thrilled to have to have Liliana Vess on board, and to have to take her out into the valleys of Stensia. It was treacherous at the best of times, even more so with the number of angelic protectors almost at none now, but Vess was unphased.The biggest thing she had to worry about on this plane was probably busy fighting his child somewhere. She would be fine for a while. The coachman however, made his discomfort known, sliding open the hatch to speak to her."Miss Vess? Lady Vess? Your… deathliness?"Quirking a brow, suppressing her amusement at 'your deathliness' she made a sound to acknowledge she was listening to him. At least he knew his place in the world, addressing her with some sort of title."There's a lot of grafs milling about the place the closer to your estate we get. I think they were drawn there. I don't want to lose the horses–"Letting out something between a pleased murmur and a purr, she uncrossed her legs, leaning forward toward the open hatch in her seat."Darling, if your horses were to fall, I'd make sure they got back up."Hearing him shift uncomfortably at her only partial teasing, she grinned, gathering her skirt in preparation."Stop the carriage.Unlike the farmhand, he didn't need to be given a second set of orders. With a quick 'whoa-ing' they came to a stop, and Liliana relocated herself from the passenger cabin to up next to the coachman, to his very visible panic."Carry on. Now any of the sweet 'grafs' we see can be gathered properly and given purpose."If any more disdain could be put on a word, it would be surprising. She never did like that word. Or that the necromancers of this plane called themselves 'ghoulcallers'. There was no artistry to that.They pressed onwards, occasional pops of lilac energy occurring on the sides of the road and in the distance, as a growing league of undead began to fall in behind the carriage. But the greatest numbers came when they reached the property line of the Vess Estate. The horses snorted and stamped their hooves, refusing to go any further, the property wild with brambles and swarming with the walking dead. Liliana was satisfied enough, she was to her estate, after all. Disembarking she began to press her way up what would have been the drive, motioning for her already collected bodies to start clearing it. Then the coachman had the gall to speak."Miss Vess? There's the matter of payment..?"She didn't even bother to turn to him. Waving her hand toward some of the undead attracted to the sound, pulling them under her influence she simply smiled to herself."When was payment even discussed, darling? Be on your way. While you can be."The less than thinly veiled threat did it's job, and the sound of hooves and turning wheels were off.Pushing her way up to the manor, she was pleased to see it still in one piece, even if overrun. Looking at her amassed forces, she motioned at her home."Well, get to work."Not that she needed to give them vocal commands. They acted upon her will.She just liked the sound of her own voice.Once the front doors had been cleared, she wasted no time in making her way inside, finding her undead butler already back under her influence, his suit no worse for wear than when she had left. Approaching with a glass of wine of a slightly dusty tray, she took the glass regardless."Gustav. Tell me my clothes are still in good condition."With a nod from the corpse, she purred into the glass, before smelling the sour contents, and putting it back on the tray before having taken a sip."Lovely. I'm going to need that delicious velvet number should the 'Lord of the Land' come calling."๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ท๐–†๐–˜๐–™ ๐•ณ๐–”๐–•๐–Š template credit.

๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ท๐–†๐–˜๐–™ ๐•ณ๐–”๐–•๐–Š

06/04/2021 04:26 PM 

One Down - Drabble

Liliana VessOne Down”Why serve the living, when you can rule the dead?”The veil.It… spoke to her.Whispered delicious, maddening promises of power.Power that was for her. Their vessel.She had told the poor dead saps that it was VESS alas, they were settled on 'vessel'.They were going to have to learn to be quiet if they wanted her to wear the damned thing, though. All those voices were going to give her a headache.But, the promise of power was too good to resist.And really. If it was something this good, Kothophed should have sent someone more obedient to fetch his little trinket.What did she look like? Some sort of retriever? I think not.It seemed like as good a time as any to renegotiate her contract as any. After all. Storming keeps for her own amusement was getting tiresome, even if she did look mighty fine on a throne.Swinging her legs from the arm of the throne, fingers brushing absently against the chainmail mass hanging from her hip, hardly casting more than a bored glance at the remnants of the bodies that will be left in her wake. The necromancer slowly smiled as she unravelled the chain, veiling her face, and plainswalking away, leaving a mass of black energy.Sitting on his throne, like she owned the place, was where the demon found her."Kothophed, I've returned."Vess was cool as the Soul Keeper slithered over to her, slowly getting to her feet."Liliana, you're wearing what's mine. That was not the–"A smug grin spread across her features, not hidden by the veil, her hands moving to her hips in haughty defiance."New deal. I'm keeping the veil. And I want out of my contract."The demon laughed. Who did this necromancer think she was?"Do you now? You have your precious youth. The veil and your soul are forfeit."Raising her hands, Liliana Vess pressed her command over the necrotic energies, blasting the demon back, the markings of her contact glowing a vibrant lilac the more her mana flowed."I think not."With a step towards him, she allowed herself to draw upon the veil as well as her own abilities, pushing harder."Stop! Lili – the veil! You have no idea what you're–"The beams burned into him, tearing away at his torso. Liliana didn't care what he had to say. He also didn't have permission to call her Lili."This is not a negotiation, Kothophed. This is not a contest of wills."The demon coiled back upon his tail, slumping to the ground, weak, so very weak."Killing me… will not get you… what you seek…"The grin that had yet to shift under the veil widened as she strode over to the soon to be corpse, her voice a purr."There's no truth in the pleas of the damned."Raising her arms high above her head, as if to strike him down herself, swinging down to direct the flow of energy, the held together guise shatters, the necromancer screaming."Your time is at an end, Demon! GET YOUR WORDS OFF MY SKIN!"And like that, Kothophed, Soul Hoarder was no more. With a thrust of her powers, combined with the chain veil he himself sent her to collect, the demon was now scattered as paste across his own throne room." down…"๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ท๐–†๐–˜๐–™ ๐•ณ๐–”๐–•๐–Š template credit.

๐๐ˆ๐“๐‚๐‡ ๐๐‹๐€๐‚๐Š

06/03/2021 06:28 PM 


* ๐ˆ ๐š๐œ๐œ๐ž๐ฉ๐ญ; anything from multi-para to novella. rp in messages. short banter in comments + discord. implied romance. alternate universes + crossovers. verse based violence + dark themes. * ๐ˆ ๐ซ๐ž๐Ÿ๐ฎ๐ฌ๐ž;  ๐‘ ๐‘’๐‘ฅ๐‘ข๐‘Ž๐‘™ ๐‘ ๐‘–๐‘ก๐‘ข๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘–๐‘œ๐‘›. petty drama. !๐‘œ๐‘œ๐‘! bigotry + hate speech. immaturity of any kind. * ๐๐จ๐ญ๐ข๐œ๐ž;  three strike policy, two will be accompanied by reminders. any changes will be announced in status stream. just don't be a ๐‘๐‘Ÿ๐‘–๐‘๐‘˜.

๐‘บ๐‘ป๐‘ถ๐‘น๐‘ด;๐’๐’‡ ๐’Š๐’„๐’†.

06/03/2021 05:22 PM 


DENYING + ADDING:   If you add, you send the greeting, if I add, I send the greeting. If you add and don't send a greeting within a week, you will be deleted. I do not tolerate mutes or friend collectors. I do understand that we all have lives and that work + IRL gets in the way and I can excuse that, however, if you're active on the streams and speaking to others, you really have no excuse and the time I give for you to send a greeting is rather generous if you ask me.   It is also within my rights to deny your friend request and I will owe you zero explanation for it. My account, my business. I'm highly selective with my adds due to bad experiences on this website in the past. I have a right to make my account a safe environment for myself. I have no issues using the block and delete button if you're problematic. I no longer entertain toxic people or entertain things that are mentally draining to my health.  MULTIPARAGRAPH + NOVELLA:  I will not write anything below two paragraphs, sorry, if you do not give me enough to work with then I will have a hard time replying to you. It's frustrating for me to give you like 8 + 7 paragraphs if you're only going to give me a couple of sentences and to me, that is unacceptable. I do not expect you to match my length but at least try to put some effort into your posts is all I ask or I will have no choice but to drop the interaction if it is going nowhere. REPLIES & STARTERS:  I do not mind setting starters but do not expect me to send starters all the time. If you added me in the first place, you should be the one to send the starter. The only time I might be lenient on this is if we're discussing a plotline and it makes sense for me to start off the role play.   Another thing, if you are writing a starter, PLEASE DO NOT AUTOLOCATE MY CHARACTER without discussing it with me. Let my character have room to explore. Do not automatically have them bump into each other, those starters irritate me to no end. && Don't have your muse act like they know everything about my muse. It maybe in my bio, but that doesn't give your muse entitlement to know everything there is about Kazuto and his quirks. If anything, you might freak him out and possibly attempt to kill your muse. Kazuto has severe trust issues and is a loner so please avoid all that. It makes me and my muse uncomfortable. REAL LIFE VS ROLE PLAY.  Please do not mix role play with real life. I am not my muse, my muse and I are two different people. Kazuto's quirks are NOT my own. He maybe depicted as an a**hole but that does not make me one. Do not mistake Kazuto's feelings for my own. Separate role play from real life, please. I am not going to change my muse for how he acts for anyone. I've had this muse for many years of role play. Kazuto never has been a nice character but I promise you that I am a friendly writer who is scouting for friendships and interactions alike.   If our characters are dating, please do not take it out of character. I may be single in real life, but at the moment, I am not ready to pursue a relationship online or in real life.     I am a female in real life, I go by 'she/her' pronouns. If this bothers you, you can delete me. I won't feel offended, but I will feel disappointed for gender should NOT matter in role play. Again, this stands my point to not mix real life with role play. Kazuto is a FICTIONAL character of my own creation from a joint storyline between a good friend of mine. If you take him seriously, then role-play may not be a good fit for you. SHIPPING / SHIPS WITH HIGH CHEM:  I ship with chemistry, if our characters do not have chemistry then a ship isn't possible. Not only that, I am not here for romance. I'm here for adventures and wholesome interactions. If romance happens, it happens on its own. I do not do planned shipping unless it is with close friends. Kazuto isn't an easy character to get along with, he will be a challenge to get in a relationship with. If he is tied up in one, he'll be protective and possibly softer than the cold exterior that he usually displays.    Multishipping is a no-go. I do not personally see a need for multiple ship partners. Once my muse is tied in a relationship, he will be loyal to the one who earned his heart. I know multiship isn't cheating, however, it has never been my cup of tea either. I respect those who do multiship though!    Another important factor, I am in my mid-twenties and I will NOT write with minors.  EDITS + ARTWORK:  All artwork is found on Pinterest and Tumblr. I use official artwork unless stated otherwise. I do not take claims of the artwork or face claim I use for my character. Do not comment on my photos asking for the originals. 90% of the time, I save over the original and I don't remember where I've found it, your best bet is looking on the sites I've given.  No, you may not use my edits. I will NOT teach you how I edit or edit for you unless you're a close friend. I barely edit these days otherwise. Most of my edits are old or already rendered. It hurts my wrist to sit and edit for hours. Some of my edits are edited by my friends as well, which they will be credited for it. TOURNAMENTS + GROUPS:  Not interested in joining tournaments unless myself and a couple of friends are the hosts. I've never been comfortable joining groups with a bunch of strangers due to anxiety, I prefer to keep a small group vs a large one where it is more anxiety-inducing. The bigger the crowd, the more drama you're bound to run into and I am not here for it. Do not ask me to join tournaments because the answer shall be no. REPLIES + STARTERS:  Do not pester me for replies or starters. Keep in mind that I do have a life outside of aniroleplay and I do not have to cater to your every need. I do not have to reply to you on your schedule. If you rush me to reply, you will be replied to last or possibly deleted. I do not have time to deal with tomfoolery. Find other stuff to do, I am sure there is more active people, so with that being said: DON'T HOUND ME FOR REPLIES. 

๐•ฎ๐–†๐–Œ๐–Š๐–‰ ๐•ญ๐–Ž๐–—๐–‰

06/03/2021 12:45 PM 


~ Keigo hates the commission, he knows heroes are corrupted, that things aren’t all black and white, he only stays because hes trapped, but even then, he aims to be the best the Commission will ever have, if they have the best, they wouldn’t ruin another child like they did him. Because of this, he sides more with the villains to a point, he agrees that most heros are there for the wrong reasons but he also knows there are heros who genuinely care and want to save people, so he’s caught in the middle. ~ Keigo is a flirt, and he falls for people easily, but Keigo has a habit of falling harder for those who could hurt him. They are his bad habits. ~ Keigo loves flying and heights, however he has a massive fear of losing that ability or falling, he also has a fear of not being able to see, from training as a child, he knows it made him stronger, but he always has to know who is in the room with him, he doesn’t do people sneaking around him. ~ Keigo cannot see glass, and has more often than he can count, has flew through windows or hit them hard, due to this, all the windows in his agency are stained glass so he can see them, it also makes the places pretty when the sun shines in.~Keigo has a few tics due to his quirk, he will often repeat phrases and noises, he chirps often, and other bird mannerisims


06/03/2021 03:30 PM 

Ash Dragonblade

Ash Dragonblade is my name and I am a Knight of the Kingdom of Ravenwood of the country Loki. I was born in a small village called Alexville not many people lived there but we were a happy few mostly a few soldiers, a blacksmith, and a few farmers live there. I always enjoy listening to the stories from the soldiers that would tell me about their adventures. When i was a bit older i started to train as a soldier until one day a knight showed up hurt.


06/02/2021 03:18 PM 


Concerning Writing.  I am here to write. Status banter and discord banter is cool and I LOVE it, but at the end of the day, it’s not where my heart is at. I just love writing intricate stories with other people, so that’s what I plan to do here.  I don’t normally write anything less than 500 words. I would consider myself multi-para to novella, so expect at least 1,000+. If that's too much for you, I'll try and keep my posts shorter! As long as you give me SOMETHING to work with, I don't mind if you can't mirror my post length.  I prefer talking ooc in messages and writing in comments. I don't approve comments until I reply to them, because having the notificaion on my home page helps me remember to reply. I'll still write in messages if you insist, it just isn't my preferance.   Please don't message me in character, I will simply reply out of character asking to plot our storyline. I don't like going in blind, it's as simple as that.  I have the usual limits you might expect from any seasoned writer. Don’t god-mod, don’t power-play, don’t seriously injure or otherwise affect Aohana in a tremendous way without first discussing it with me.   I really love writing crossovers (within reason of course)!   I will write with whoever I want to. If I’m writing with one Mitsuri, I don’t mind writing with ANOTHER Mitsuri. I don’t do mains and stuff like that, I think it’s silly to limit yourself and others like that. There are so many possibilities and stories I can explore with all those different writers, why on earth would I say no to that?? So, please don't get ticked off at me if you see I'm writing with a mirror of yours!  I have standards. I may be writing an OC here, but I'm not so desperate to write with just anyone. Writing an OC can be pretty hard, especially when people treat you second rate, and I've been around long enough to the point that I won't let anyone just walk all over me in hopes that, "Maybe if I'm really nice to them, they'll write with me!!!" No. If you're treating me like garbage, I'll just remove you, that's all there is to it.   Concerning Romance.    I am a multi-shipper. That means, if our characters have some kind of romance, I might ship with someone else, too.  I am a grown woman, and I have a significant other in real life that I love very much. If our characters have a romance… please don’t think that it carries through to real life, because it does not. At the end of the day, we may be really good friends and adore the frick out of each other, but we are not dating.  I have very, VERY little interest in writing smut. It just doesn’t appeal to me. If you’ve come here with the idea of living vicariously though your character and getting your rocks off, I’m afraid you’ve added the wrong person. Please see yourself out. Otherwise, I may on occasion take part if the chemistry between our characters is super appealing. I ship with both male and female characters!  I don’t really like going into a role play with the idea of shipping our characters. If it develops naturally, that’s cool! I live for the slow-burn romance. ♥    Concerning Me.  Activity wise, we are all (hopefully) adults, and obviously life gets busy. Sometimes I will reply the same day you replied to me, other times it may take several days to several weeks, or even longer, it really just depends on how busy life gets and how my muse is behaving. Depression is also kind of a thing, and I have a bad habit of disappearing for no real reason. If you don't like this, I'm sorry, feel free to remove me. As for those who don't mind, by all means, feel free to take as long as you need on replies; as long as you reply, I will, too, no matter how much time has passed.  I’m SUPER friendly and I look for a role play partner that I can befriend and talk to! I find it hard to communicate with a stick in the mud. It’s okay if we don’t have but a friendly conversation on occasion in messages, but I’m definitely of the mind to add my partners on discord!  I live in the EST time zone, but my hours are kind of all over the place. If you see me online at 4 am, I may just have insomnia and I am just refreshing every so often to see if I’ve had a reply or a message. Or I’m writing. Who knows!  I don’t do drama. Please keep me out of your spats. I'm happy to listen to you vent (to an extent), just don't be mad if I don't jump to your defense like some white knight. 


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- Absolutely NO drama tolerated within the Fairy Tail RPG or the Hiro Verse. Any kind of drama will result in a kick from our group. Disrespect towards the admins or the members is zero tolerance. Do not act like you're high and mighty, we'll shut you down real quick.- We can also help with editing if you're not editing savvy, we can help make your page look nice if you truly need our help with that stuff. However, do keep in mind that the admins have work and life out of the site. Do not pressure for resources and editing.- Storylines can only be successful if we all pitch ideas, do not make the admins do all the work for you. We maybe the admins but we need HELP from you in order to keep the storyline active. Please do not abandon storylines without warning or notice. If you are unable to participate in the events, please let us know ahead.- Do not JUMP ahead of the story, if you know the plotline, you are not to jump ahead, do not have your muse figure out everything before the admins give the okay. We get to decide that when is a good time.- Combat role play must be consented to by ALL parties. If one isn't willing to be comfortable with role play fights, please respect their wishes and do not force them to fight your muse. Everyone on this page is valid for feeling the way we do.- We do accept doubles but no more than two of the same character in order to avoid confusion and so we can gather more characters for the page. - Ocs are more than welcome as long as they have a background story and aren't ridiculously over powered. - There is no specific time limit in this RPG. We understand that everyone gets busy and have lives, as long as there is forms of communication, we can understand delays. However, do understand if enough time has passed, we may give your role to someone else if you cannot participate at all. 

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Brantley Yamada (OC)

Name: Brantley YamadaAge: 31Gender: Male Hair color: Dark Brown Eye color: Hazel Orientation: Pansexual (get this- power bottom, shy top)Special attributes: Wholesome and unending positivity. HimboLikes: Learning, Friendships, Cooking, Working, Surfling, Reading, Writing, Coffee, and Comedy filmsDislikes: Stubbornness, Arguing, Fighting, Snakes, Smoking, Drinking, and SurprisesBrantley's mother was American, and his father was Japanese. He grew up in America with a good understanding of how to speak mutilple languages. He is book smart, but he is really naive when it comes to conversations as well as flirting. He has been focused on his work in college, to become a cardo doctor, that he never focused on relationships. He's currently a little older than thirty, and he hasn't even had his first kiss. He is very shy about maters such as that, but he will talk off someone's ear when it comes to their health or well being. He is very caring and sweet, and he knows how to use his height and looks to be intimidating when nesscary. He works out four times a week, spending several hours a day at the gym when he isn't working at the local hospital. He is very easy going, and he loves making new friends, but he flusters easily when he is teased. He chose to go into cardio as his specialty due to his mother's heart failure when he was young. His father has passed away, and being an only child, he has no family left aside from the people he works with. He is happy go lucky, and it takes a lot to bring down his smile. When he isn't working or exersizing, he is spending time at the beach, catching waves and working on his tan.

Takami Furoka

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Yui Tamura

Name: Yui Tamura Age: 18+Gender: Male Hair color: Blue Eye color: Blue Orientation: Bisexual (switch)When he introduced Tamura to the first years, Akemi described him as being "like a puppy but has a bad personality". Tamura enjoys aggravating others, and like other members, had a bad habit of sneaking up on people. Despite taking joy from getting on others' nerves, Tamura has trouble expressing his feelings and would end up saying the opposite of what he wants to say, as is shown in most of his interactions with Yaguchi. He has stated that he has an incredibly strong sense of loyalty. In his character profile, it states that he is awkward around his crushes, as shown as when he flustered around Yaguchi, who he cares about despite treating the younger boy in a rude manner.

Takami Furoka

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Yuri Katsuki

Name: Yuri KatsukiAge: 24Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Gender: Male Species: HumanOrientation: Bisexual (switch) Yuri is known to be "the figure skater with the world's biggest glass heart." He is soft-hearted and easily devastated in the face of failureใƒผso much so that he can slip into a depression for months at a time. He is a kind, quiet and easily embarrassed boy, but he is also shown to be stubborn and extremely competitive. After being taken under Victor Nikiforov's wing as a student, Yuri begins to steadily develop more confidence in himself. He becomes determined to chase his dreams, and even brushes off most of Yuri Plisetsky's attempts to insult or humiliate him. However, he still becomes easily discouraged and anxious and doesn't know how to deal with being the person to beat. During competitions, he tends to be a bit colder and more self-centered due to his anxiety and competitive nature but is learning to pay more attention to those around him thanks to Victor.

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Leon (Nana) Hanata (OC)

Name: Leon (Nana) HanataAge: 20Gender: MaleOrientation: Gay (Curious Bottom)Body Type: SlenderEye Color: GreenHair Color: Bright BlueSpecies: HumanSpecial Attributes: Eidetic MemoryLikes: Plushies, Sweets, Cooking, Sleeping, Swimming, Gaming, Reading, Shopping, Cuddling, Animals, Studies, and Flowers.Dislikes: Meeting new People, Horror, Gore, Vegetables, Bugs, and Small Rooms. Leon, typically referred to as Nana, is an adventurous young man with a taste for the outdoors, yet he still loves the comfort of being inside. He gets cold easily, and he will cling to the nearest warm person that he knows if possible. He has a special interest in baking, so he works in his grandfather's bakery, preparing to take it on as the head baker as soon as he is able to. He's very defensive of the people he cares about. He's that friend that will come over and cook if one is sick or down in the dumps. He is hyper and easy going with a big mouth, and sometimes, he speaks his mind a little too much, getting himself into trouble more often than not, but he isn't afraid to fight back. 

โ… ๐’๐ง๐จ๐ฐ๐๐จ๐ฏ๐ž.

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ใ€ โ™› ใ€‘๏ผฒ๏ผต๏ผฌ๏ผฅ๏ผณ + ๏ผฒ๏ผฅ๏ผง๏ผต๏ผฌ๏ผก๏ผด๏ผฉ๏ผฏ๏ผฎ๏ผณใ€ โ™› ใ€‘


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Takami Furoka (OC)

Name: Takami FurokaAge: 23 Weight: 183 lbs or 83.0 kg Eye color: Blue, but can change to Yellow Astrological Sign: Taurus Orientation: Bisexual with male leanSpecies: Neko Male Takami Furoka is a neko-human who didn't blend in well with most of the other humans in his classes during high school. He is able to hide his appearance with the aid of different types of clothing, and he tends to do so more often than not since he's afraid of being judged for it. Takami is a quiet individual and mostly keeps to himself. His cat ears and tail are black, and they are, reasonably, a sensitive place on his body. His eyes are dark blue, and his hair color blends with his ears. He has no tattoos, but he does have a birthmark on his thigh in the shape of a heart. He grew up with his grandmother and grandfather since his parents had no idea on how to raise a child. He is very distrustful and thinks that others are out to get him because of his appearance, so the only people he really trusts are his grandparents and his younger sibling, whom his parents also left behind. Takami enjoys spicy foods, salmon, chocolates, and most fruits. His favorite sweet is ice-cream! Now, he lives far away and in the city at the age of twenty three years old, his little sister lives with him as their grandparents are now deceased. Takami works in a coffee shop and does part time work when he can. While taking care of his little sister, he has to work a secondary job that he keeps secret from everyone: he works at a night club as a waiter where his feline assets are used to his advantage for tipping. He spends his free time playing video games and napping when he isn't cooking. He isn't particularly skilled in fighting, but he can defend himself when need be. Cats can be feisty after all. Takami's hands appear normal save for the small pink pads at the tips of his fingers. Once a month, he experiences changes that make him appear more cat-like. His hands turn into paws, his tail poofs out, and he experiences hormone imbalances: aka, a heat. The only person he allows around him during these times is his sister, but he prefers to be alone, so he takes off work during these times as well. Also, during his heat, his eyes change from blue to yellow. Once and a while beneath a full moon, Takami can transform into a normal cat by choice, but under other circumstances, if he is too tired, he may just suddenly change into his cat form and sleep. Leans more towards being a switch, and he tends to be more of a homebody. He adores all body types. Changing up his backstory to accommodate others is fine! He is a gentle person and will try to make others feel comfortable around him if he can. Anything else you want to know? Add me, and find out!

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