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05/30/2021 12:27 PM 

Athena C.(Dom)

  Age: 19 yrs old   Gender: Female   Birthday: July 22nd   Skin Color: Brown   Hair color: Black   Eye color: Brown   Marital Status: Single   Backstory: W.I.P  


05/30/2021 12:24 PM 

Anika W.(Dom)

  Age: 30 yrs old   Gender: Born a hermaphrodite. Uses Female Pronouns   Birthday: June 22nd   Skin Color: Brown   Hair color: Black with gray tips   Eye color: Blue   Marital Status: Single   Backstory: Anika is one crazy bitch. She is very passive-aggressive and possessive.   No one knows why shes like this and she can't remember any trauma that she went through as a child due to forcing herself to forget.  


05/30/2021 12:20 PM 

Violet W.(Dom)

  Age: 22 yrs old   Gender: Born a hermaphrodite. Uses Female Pronouns   Birthday: June 2nd   Skin Color: Brown   Hair color: Purple   Eye color: Purple   Marital Status: Single   Backstory: Violet lives a pretty normal life. She was raised by her two moms and didn't really have a rough childhood.   She currently is in college.  


05/30/2021 12:17 PM 

Starlight C.(Dom)

Age: 27yrs old   Gender: Born a hermaphrodite. Uses Female Pronouns   Birthday: July 2nd   Skin Color: Brown   Hair color: White   Eye color: Blue   Marital Status: Single   Backstory: Starlight was abandoned by her parents before she reached the age of 3. She was left at a church in London and raised by the nuns their.   At 17, she ended up leaving the church and moving to the states to become a detective.   Currently she lives in New York city.


05/30/2021 03:03 PM 

My oc male characters information

Name:vinny Age:17yrs old Race:neko Sex:male S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:bottom Likes:cuddling a lot,being held by someone,loves attention,staying in mostly of the time,Mac and cheese,pizza,ramen,loves getting spoiled,relaxing on the couch Dislikes:hates thunderstorms,loud noises,being picked on,school,people teasing him,his job, being told what to do Vinny’s information:when vinny was younger he had fun spending time with his mom the most since she use to stop what she was doing and takes her time to either play a video game with him or teaching him on how to cook when he was ever alone he and his mom had a very special bond but when he started to get a little bit older his mom would slowly starts to distance herself from him which put him into a depression mood and he would lock himself in his room most of the time and he only came out to eat or use the bathroom and he was also skipping school and everything which made his mom really worried about him and when she went to knock on his door he just told her to go away and then a few years later vinny was now on his own after his mother passed away so he got a job at a small cafe but since he looked more like a female then male he ended up wearing a waitress outfit which he didn’t mind he was just working to get money to find himself his own apartment and a few months later he would start to notice a change in him but he couldn’t figure out what was going on with himName:john Age:24 Race:humanish Sex:male S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:top Likes:working as a teacher,days off to enjoy a drink or two,relaxing and reading a book,cute females and males,spending time with some of his friends,watching movies,rewatching shows,loves his two cats Dislikes:stuck up people, people telling him that he isn’t a good teacher,people hitting his cats,people saying that he is not human,staying overnight at school,not able to relax long enough John’s information:john is a high school teacher at his local school and he does enjoy working at school but his dream job is working as a bartender at the nightclub but he didn’t really know anything about being a bartender so he just stays as a teacher and when he has his days off he loves to go to the bar and has a couple of drinks but not to many and If he isn’t drinking be likes to relax at home with his two cats and plays with his cats with their cat toys and also when he has days off he loves rewatching shows to past the time but when he was growing up his childhood was somewhat normal but he struggled growing up without both of his parents and he use to get mentally and physically abused by his father and he soon had enough of his father doing that to him and he ended up blacking out and once he came back to realty his father was dead on the floor and john was covered in his fathers blood which made him scared of himself and was wondering what happenedName:zak Age:21yrs old Race:demon/incubus Sex:male S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:both Likes:to keep to himself at times,a nice cold jack and coke,to be the central of attention,to hangout with his few friends,teasing his friends at times,coffee,tea,watching his soap opera shows,causing trouble Dislikes: people trying to take his mask off his eyes,people playing with his heart and emotions,ruining his fun times,people teasing him back,people touching him without his permission, his house being a mess Zak’s information:Zak is quite the mysterious young male as he tends to keep to himself especially him being half incubus cause when that side takes over himself it’s hard to control himself and gets a little bit carried away sometimes but when he doesn’t have any college school work he loves to go to the nightclub and enjoys his favorite alcohol which was jack and coke and he loves watching the dancers at the nightclub but others couldn’t really understand why he kept his eyes covered up but no one really pushed him into saying why but it was for his and others protecting and sometimes when he isn’t at the nightclub he likes to go to the park to feed the little ducklings because he always had a soft spot when it came to animals since he was little he wanted to become a veterinarian but he couldn’t get that job so he does under the table jobs to earn his money and tries not to get caughtName:Taylor Age:20yrs old Race:ice wolf/human Sex:male S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:bottom Likes:be around his friends, his ears and tail being massaged,loves to find things and buries them in the backyard,chewing on bones and toys,being rewarded for doing his chores,loves chocolate,loves cuddling while watching a good movie,playing in the mud Dislikes:not able to eat chocolate,being called a bad person,hates getting cleaned after playing in the mud,hates his job,mean people, people taking his toys away,the heat Taylor’s information:Taylor had a very weird and confusing life when he was growing up as he barely got to see his mom throughout his life but he had his father with him but it wasn’t the same so Taylor was always getting into trouble and not listening to anything and once he turned 20yrs old he found out that his mother passed away and then months later his father passed away so he was all alone and he had to get a job to be able to keep his house and to get him food to eat and other things as well then one day when he was hanging out with a couple of his friends from school and they started to notice how he was starting to act more like a wild animal and was pretty much buried anything he could find in the backyard and how he wanted to have a lot of more attention and demanded his friends to massage his ears and tail and belly rubs sometimes and then one day when he was getting into a fight with one of his best friends over something stupid and Ice started to come out of him and nearly almost killed his friends but just ended up hurting himName:daniel Age:23yrs old Race:demon/vampire Sex:male S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:top Likes:enjoys having sex and fun with others,loves his alcohol at times,a nice dinner with friends,loves his job,loves making people happy and smiling,likes to take time to help out others and charity, loves animals, loves taking care of people Dislikes: people hurting animals and other people,running out of his alcohol,people pulling on his wings,hates when people try to touch him without permission,hates people playing with his heart and emotions,killing his mood Daniel’s information:daniel had an okay childhood he mostly lived in hell but once he turned the age of his 23rd birthday he had a choice to either stay in hell or finally able to go to earth and start a new life so he decided to go live on earth and to lived the rest of the life on earth and to get a job and learn new things on his own and it was a couple of months later while being on earth and he got a job working as a waiter at a very nice restaurant that pays good money so he kept his job and a month later he saved up enough money to get himself an apartment and he was able to make some friends while living on earth but a few days later when he had his friends over to hang out with his demon side starts to get a little bit out of control and he accidentally forced himself on his friends which made him lose some of his friends since he couldn’t really control his demon side so he went into a deep depression and didn’t really left his house so he couldn’t hurt anyone elseName:zero Age: unknown(looks 19yrs old) Race:undead(was human/wolf when alive) Sex:male S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:unknown Likes:when he was alive he enjoyed being around his friends,cuddles,snuggling,eating whatever he wanted to eat,his job at a retirement home,enjoyed taking care of the elderly,loved to volunteering at times,relaxing at home Dislikes: people teasing him for being way to skinny, people bullying him, being alone all the time, people at his job,being tormented Zero’s information:before he ended up losing his life zero had a good life and childhood but he was always an oddball and very clumsy at times especially when he was cleaning up or carrying expensive stuff he would lose his grip and breaks the stuff and he had to get a job to pay off all the stuff he broke and when he was in school he was the quiet and shy person their but he got distracted a lot and not having good grades so he got in trouble with his parents but one day everything change when he was sleeping in on his day off of work he didn’t know that everyone in his whole entire town and even his parents were all gone without even telling him and once he woke up he noticed that everything was really really quiet but he didn’t think anything of it so he got dressed and went outside to see that no one around and it was very very quiet but he just brushed it off and was walking around the now empty town and out of nowhere a group of weird looking people just groaning and coming towards him he goes to back up away from the group but right behind him was another group and within minutes he was surrounded by the group and he was trying to get away but ended up being attacked and bittenName:Gary Age:22yrs old Race:incubus/vampire Sex:male S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:top Likes:his job,being alone at times,drinking his favorite alcohol vodka,ice coffee,a nice home cook meal,relaxing in bed with a nice movie, playing with his little kitten, loves teasing people in bed, playing video games sometimes,hanging out with his work friends Dislikes: people asking him about his job,others toying with his head, being late for work,hates overworking,doesn’t like hot coffee,not getting what he wants at times,being annoyed Gary’s information:Gary had a rough childhood growing up as his mother gave him up and he was bouncing from fosters home to foster home most of his life and when he turned 18yrs old he left the foster home he was in and went out to look for a job and from looking for a job all day he came across a job wanted but he didn’t want to take the job but it was better than anything so he would go and asked the manager of a crappy out nightclub and he got the job but the job he had was an exotic dancer but he didn’t back down and took the job and a few years later when he turned 22 he was still having the same job of an dancer and after working for his job he managed to get himself a studio apartment and was just enjoying his life for nowName:Shane Age:23yrs old Race:human/wolf demon Sex:male S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:both Likes:being alone at times,living alone deep in the forest,likes to eat out at times,to go and watch movies in town,protects his family’s forest and friends,loves playing in the water,enjoys relaxing in the hot springs,to get into fights,getting dirty,loves rainy weather Dislikes:hates being alone at times,people trespassing in the forest,hates hunters,hates people hurting his friends,doesn’t like people teasing him Shane’s information:Shane had a horrible childhood when he was just a little kid him and his parents were enjoying their time together and having a picnic but once they were eating their food and not worrying about what could happen next and all of a sudden him and his parents could hear some of the people just screaming and screaming as somehow the hunters that were trying to hunt and kill his whole entire clan his parents told him to stay put and they left him to fight along with the rest of the clan and Shane couldn’t really stay still so he gets up and was watching his entire clan being killed one by one and he soon seen his father being killed then his mother got killed right in front of his own eyes but he made a promise that he will hunt down the hunters and after years passed Shane kept his promise to his mother to protect his family’s forest from anyone that dares to step footName:eargon Age:1000yrs old(Dragon form)19yrs old(human form) Race:human/dragon Sex:male S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:both Likes:being around his friends, loves being in his dragon form,loves giving his friends rides in dragon form,protecting his friends and love ones,loves getting attention in his dragon form,loves to make everyone happy,working at the restaurant, being able to show off his dragon form Dislikes: people trying to get him for his dragon scales,people taking advantage of him,people putting him down,people trying to rip his wings off,hates being alone,people playing with his emotions,hates people making him cry,hates people making him feel useless Eargon’s information:eargon had a different life and childhood then most people have he would look human on the outside but deep inside of him was his dragon side locked up inside of him until he was able to lean how to control his dragon side as his mother was a full human that fell in love with a pure breed dragon and everyone said that she was crazy to fall in love with a dragon but she ended up giving birth to a healthy baby boy but little did she knew that he would be a half breed and years went by and when eargon turned 19yrs old he was able to go off on his own to start a new life in the city and once he was inside the city he got himself a job of being a waiter at the local restaurant and he was enjoying the job but once he made enough money for him to rent an apartment to live inName:skyler Age:looks around 24yrs old Race:demon/wolf/human Sex:male S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:both Likes:getting his way,loves spending money on alcohol and other dumb stuff for no reason, being loud and annoying,loves to party a lot,loves to get on people’s nerves a lot,likes his job Dislikes:following the rules,hates being told what to do,people telling him that he can’t be loud,rude people Skyler’s information:skyler didn’t really have any parents to tell him on how to act right and not to get in a lot of trouble his parents died when he was younger so he ended up leaning to do things for himself like leaning to cook for himself and once he ran out of food and other things that he needed him went to go get a job to make money and he goes to find the perfect job for him which was were he got to give people pain without actually not really hurting them he was a tattoo artist and he really enjoyed his job very much and while working for a few months he got enough money to get himself food and other things that he needed but he loved to cause trouble and raised hell to annoy everyone around himName:vix Age:17 to 20yrs old Race:human/hellhound Sex:male S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:both Likes:can find out in role playing with him Dislikes:doesn’t really have any Vix’s information:not much information about him he is just a human that is also part hellhoundName:hunter Age:300yrs old(demon form)18 to 21yrs old(human form) Race:human/demon Sex:male S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:top(with females)bottom(with males) Likes: He isn’t to picky on what he likes Dislikes:doesn’t really have many dislikes Hunters information:hunter grew up a little bit differently then all the other boys and girls hunter grew up in a rich childhood as his parents had a medium size mansion deep inside the forest as hunter had lots of servers like butlers and maids and even chefs as well so he was never lonely when his parents were always to busy to pay attention to him and after a few years later his parents ended up leaving the country and left him alone in the mansion but he still had his servents to keep him company but it wasn’t the same and a couple of months later he got bad news that his mother passed away and he couldn’t keep the mansion so he ended up taking the mansion down and all he did was built his own place


05/30/2021 03:21 PM 


Name: DemiAge: NoneHeight: AverageWeight:???Eyes: yellow/goldSkin:redpower: Dark MagicBackstory:Demi is just your average Devil girl you know;collecting soulsforming contractsetc, etc. Personality: Very laid back and easy going. Does what she wants and tend to slack at her job because of it. Loves sweets and preying on the weak. Teasing and playing is all she does to pass the time. Can get serious when she has to but she doesnt like to . She has lived for a very very long time and sees no need in taking life to serious. Likes: sweets, drinking,  fun peopleHates: people who try to make her do things she doesnt want to do. Tell her to be more serious. 


05/30/2021 03:19 PM 


NO discord sorry You add you talk no comments pleassseeeeIf i say no its a no thats it lets have fun ♥


05/30/2021 02:19 PM 

Just to clarify!
Current mood:  busy

Hey Hey Hey~! Sorry Sorry, I feel like I wanna make this for future friends!I'm super super busy in reality, due to mental illness and other personal stuff. So, I'm usually on here on the weekend-! Usually very very late, which sucks.. but that's just life!It hurts sometimes when I come back, only for a real enjoyable RP disappears because they deleted me.. So, I apologize crazy!So, for future friends and potential roleplay partners, please understand that I can't be here as much as I want too! Kk, See ya!​​​​​​*Waves bye*


05/30/2021 01:06 AM 

My oc female characters information
Current mood:  accomplished

 Name:Ashley Age:23yrs old Race:human/demon Sex:female S.O:bisexual Likes:working her job as a bartender,making people smile and happy,enjoys relaxing and having a couple of drinks,loves teasing people and having fun with them,bubble baths,walking in the park Dislikes:bar fights, people telling her that she had enough drinking,people teasing her back,not getting peace and quiet,her second job Top or bottom:top Ashley information:back when Ashley was around 16yrs old she was getting sexually abused by her step father and she had enough before she accidentally ended up killing her step father and that’s when she found out she was part demon so she ran away from home and hides away deep inside the forest living in a small log cabin and goes into the city whenever she needs to get stuff but she hides her face with a hood and once she turned 18yrs old she got herself a job of being a bartender and she’s been working as a bartender till she turned 23yrs old and she was enjoying her job because no one judges her on what she isName:zoey Age:19yrs old Race:ice demon/neko Sex:female S.O:bisexual Likes:cuddles,hugs and kisses,relaxing in bed when she isn’t working,head pats,ear rubs,sweets,milk,milkshakes,playing hide and seek at times,playing video games,her job working with animals Dislikes:people pulling and yanking on her ears and tail,touching her ears and tail without permission,sushi,taste of alcohol,hot weather,rude and mean people, people telling her that she isn’t good enough Top or bottom:both Zoey’s information:zoey was always that shy and quiet girl when she was in school and always kept to herself most of the time in school and she didn’t have many friends except for the school nurse when people use to hang up on her and bullied her for being different but after she graduated from school she ended up getting a job at her favorite local cafe to where she was more open and not as shy and she had her own apartment that was right above the cafe and she made more friends when she started working but one day she noticed that she was going through a change of herself and a pair of ice blue demon horns came out of her head and a ice blue demon tail came out from behind her and she couldn’t control her transformation at times so she kept to herself inside her apartmentName:shiro Age:18yrs old Race:wolf/human Sex:female S.O:bisexual Likes:playing pool at her local bar that she loves to hang out at and the owner didn’t mind her playing pool and hanging around but she soon ended up working at the bar as a waitress to serve everyone in there and making good money to save up for her own place and after working at the bar she managed to save up enough money and got herself a one bedroom apartment and was still working to make more money and she would one day find out that she was part wolf due to her mother being a feral wolf and her father was full human and she ended up being half wolf and half human but she didn’t mind it Top or bottom:bottomName:Beth Age:25yrs old Race:vampire/demon Sex:female S.O: bisexual Likes:walking around at night when everyone else is sleeping so she doesn’t get bothered by,loves to tease people when she gets a chance to be around others,loves her alcohol and to drink a little bit to much,loves being in charge in bed,weak people and femboys,a nice romantic dinner Dislikes:people running away from her when she gets them where she want them to be,her job at times,being disrespectful and when people tell her when she had enough drinking,people trying to be dom in bed Top or bottom:top Beths information:Beth didn’t really have a normal childhood she would be disciplined her whole entire life but once she turned 20yrs old she left where she was living at and wanted to explore earth and everytime she even hid her horns and tail just to blend in the earth standers and she didn’t really have any money to get herself a place to live in or to get herself food or other things so she wandered around until she seen a job wanted sign as a substitute teacher for a high school so she went into the school and asked about her being a substitute teacher and she got the job so months into working as a substitute teacher she made money to get herself a small apartment to live in and was making tons of friends and having a good relationship with her friends and a few months of getting adjusted to living on earth so would start to get hunger pains and she didn’t understand what was going on but one morning she woke up in her apartment covered in other peoples blood and everything so she cleans herself up and noticed she had sharp fangs and small black bat wingsName:Alice Age:dead(looks 18yrs old) Race:undead(was human) Sex:female S.O: bisexual Likes:when she was human she loved to hang out with her friends from school,eating at a diner with her friends,dancing with her friends,singing with her friends,sleepovers with her friends Dislikes:being bullied for being a nerd at school,spicy foods,people saying that she wasn’t good enough,coffee Top or bottom:unknown Alice’s information:Alice was just a young female that enjoyed her life and being with her friends and hanging out with her friends and just loving her life and she was a straight A student and loves reading books at the school library but she was getting bullied by her being a nerd since she loved school more than anything else but one day on her way home from school she wasn’t aware of an outbreak of people that weren’t human and while having her face in a book she didn’t really pay attention to anything around her she ended up getting bitten by the non human but when she was crying and screaming for help no one came to help her out and while she was just laying on the ground not moving what so ever everyone else had thought she was dead and gone but as a few days later Alice had woken up from sleeping for a few days of her being bitten she was different then before her skin was all gray and dull and her eyes were red instead of being blue and everyone was running away from her and she didn’t know whyName:may Age:23yrs old Race:succubus Sex:female S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:top Likes:both genders especially in bed, playing with her victims once she gets them in bed,loves her favorite alcohol drink rum and coke,staying up at night, relaxing in a bubble bath,tormenting people before getting them to herself,dancing,singing,a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant Dislikes: people getting away from her,chasing her next victim to play with,beer,killing her buzz,not getting her way,whinny people,begging for their life May’s information:may grew up mostly living by herself since she was 16yrs old after her parents suddenly passed away so she ended up taking care of herself by cooking for herself and also getting a job at the age of 16 and the only places that would actually hire her was a local restaurant or a nightclub so she took the job at the nightclub she was working as a waitress at the time and was just serving people their drinks and food and she kept her job until she turned the age of 23yrs old and she went from being a waitress to being one of the bartender at the nightclub and she was making good money for what she needed and a few days later of having a day off she felt something different about her body she started to becoming really warm and sexually arose at times when she use to just sleep around with whoever she get to have sex with but she was craving for it more and moreName:Sammy Age:16yrs old to 18yrs old Race:inu(dog)/vampire Sex:female S.O:bisexual?(lean towards males more) Top or bottom:bottom Likes:cuddling,snuggling,loves head and ear pats,loves attention,a nice balance meal,all sweets,milk,loves going for walks,being told that she is good Dislikes:getting woken up from her naps,baths,being scolded,mean people,people yanking on her ears and tail,being forced into something,people yelling at her for no reason Sammys information:Sammy had a normal life and a happy childhood as she went to school everyday to learn stuff and making tons of friends and she was just enjoying her life but one horrible day Sammy was walking with a couple of her friends because they wanted to make sure she got home safe and sound but she ended up walking home alone and she was listening to music and not really paying any attention to her surroundings when she was walking on the sidewalk a drunk driving was going back and forth until the driver didn’t see Sammy in time and ended up hitting her really badly and just drove away to leave her for dead and as she was crying and screaming in pain for someone to help her she was losing a lot of her blood but out of nowhere a strange older male took her in and ended up biting her neck to save her life and a few days later she woke up in her bed at her house and she had no memory of what happened but she knew something was different about her when she couldn’t keep her food downName:destiny Age:18yrs old Race:looks human Sex:female S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:both Likes:her friends at school,her job at the cafe,caring for her friends and others,being alone at times,bing watching tv shows,sleeping in,loves her life,helping people with anything Dislikes;people picking on her and her friends,people teasing her for being short,bullies,sea food,tea,coffee,being watched all the time,not getting peace and quiet Destiny’s information:rumors about her is that she isn’t what she seems to be as if she was hiding the truth about herself she was just raised by her parents and her parents telling her that she wasn’t really human but they never told her what she really was but she does have a hot temper at times when she doesn’t get her way or being overly worked and when she doesn’t have school she normally works at a cafe to try and save up on money so she can move out on her own but she just goes to school and work mainly but one day when he parents went on vacation she went looking around in her parents stuff to find out what she really was but she couldn’t really find anythingName:Kiki Age:300yrs old(demon form)400yrs old(vampire form)(looks between 18 to 21yrs old) Race:demon/vampire Sex:female S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:both Likes:hanging out with her friends from school and work,enjoying alone time,her job working as a waitress,getting free drinks at the local bar,her part time job as a librarian,her cat,the taste of animal blood Dislikes: people harassing her at work,people touching her without permission,rude and annoying people,when her pray gets away,extremely loud noise and loud music,thunderstorms,getting wet from to much rain Kiki’s information:Kiki grew up in a normal childhood since her parents didn’t want to stress her out about not being an actually normal human being they tried to keep her true forms a secret for now until she was old enough to know and if she isn’t working as a waitress at her restaurant she is working part time as a librarian she is a happy go lucky girl and when she has time off she loves hanging out with her school and work friends just watching movies and pigging out on pizza and soda and every once in a while she would go to her local bar and uses her charms and her looks to get free alcoholName:Dez Age:30yrs oldRace:humanSex:femaleS.O:bisexual(leans twords males)Top or Bottom:bottom Likes:loves her newborn son Taylor James,relaxing with her son,cuddling,snuggling,nice and kind people,cats,animals,soda,energy drinks,watching movies,tv shows,bubble bathsDislikes:rude people,sea food,tea,people telling her what to do,calling her a bad mother,alcohol,smoking,people forcing her,people cruel to animals and her sonbackstory:dez is based on me in real life and June.2,2021 just had a beautiful baby boy 7pounds even 20inches long Taylor James Miller aslo she has bipolar depression,anxiety,mood swings,angry issues,adhd and can get easily distracted, and can act like a child at times due to her mental health aslo she is currently a single mother of three children a 8yr old son a 6yr old daughter and a newborn son but she isn't looking she is just forcing on herself and her kids right 


05/30/2021 12:22 PM 


You add you talk  I add i talk  Im open to all themes and genres  Dont rush me  No comments I dont really check those

β€” The Blackest Night

05/29/2021 11:47 PM 


THE DIAGNOSIS OF A COMIC BOOK CHARACTERby — The Blackest NightPART I: Psychiatric Mood DisordersMood disorders are a type of mental disorder characterized by a disturbance of emotions, or mood. In the not-too-distant past, these were classified as affective disorders. Mood disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - Fourth edition, called the DSM-IV, are divided into: a) Depressive Disorders, b) Bipolar Disorders, c) Mood Disorder Due to a General Medical Condition, and d) Substance-Induced Mood Disorder.The specific types of mood disorders that I will discuss for the purposes of this paper, are the Bipolar Disorders.The essential feature of a Bipolar disorder is the presence of at least one Manic Episode. Unipolar or Major Depressive Disorder is characterized by one or more Major Depressive Episodes, but there will not be any Manic, Mixed, or Hypomanic episodes. If even one Manic episode occurs, or the person has a history of even one Manic, Mixed, or Hypomanic episode, the diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder has to be changed to a Bipolar Disorder.A Manic Episode is defined as being a "distinct period during which there is an abnormally and persistently elevated, expansive, or irritable mood." (DSM-IV, 1994.) The disturbance must be accompanied by at least three additional symptoms, including, from the DSM-IV: (1) inflated self-esteem; (2) decreased need for sleep; (3) more talkative than usual or pressure to keep talking; (4) flight of ideas or subjective experience that thoughts are racing; (5) distractibility; (6) increase in goal-directed activity or psychomotor agitation; and (7) excessive involvement in pleasurable activities that have a high potential for painful consequences.The elevated mood of a Manic Episode can range from euphoric and cheerful to a kind of "high" seen with intoxication. It is expansive and indiscriminate. This elevated mood can become increasingly one of irritability and anger when the person's desires are thwarted. A lability of mood, i.e., rapid swings between euphoria and irritability, are frequently seen.Inflated self-esteem is also typically present in a Manic Episode, and can range from arrogant self-confidence to grandiosity, and can often become delusions of grandeur.The person in a Manic state needs little sleep; when the sleep disturbance is severe, a person can go days without sleep.The speech of a person in a Manic state is usually "pressured" -- accelerated and difficult or impossible to interrupt. It can be loud. The individual may become theatrical and overly dramatic. If the person's mood has become irritable, the speech may be typically aggressive, hostile, and consist of angry tirades and threats.Significantly (for the purposes of this paper) the increase in goal-directed activities involves the excessive planning of, and participation in, multiple activities that can have political, as well as sexual, occupational, or religious overtones. The person suffering through a Manic Episode may simultaneously take on new ventures without regard to the apparent risks, or the need to complete each venture satisfactorily. There is an increased sociability, but one that is demanding, domineering, or intrusive. During a Manic Episode, the individual often shows psychomotor agitation or restlessness.Elevated mood, grandiosity, poor judgement, and irritability almost always lead to reckless behavior, involvement in activities (sexual, business, political) that are likely to end up having very negative consequences.The impairment caused by a Manic Episode must be severe enough to cause a significant break in the individual's functioning, requiring hospitalization to stop the person from being a danger to him/her-self and others. If psychotic features are present during a Manic Episode, by definition, there is a marked impairment of functioning.One problematic area in my diagnosis is the criteria: that the symptoms of the Manic Episode or Episodes must not be due to the physiological effects of a substance, or a general medical condition. Sometimes it is not easy to decide, without extensive medical examinations and testing, what is caused by a genuine, pre-existing Bipolar Disorder, and what is caused by additional factors, such as the development of a general medical condition. Also, it is possible that Bipolar Disorder is caused by physiological factors, or a general medical condition, in everyone, so that the degree to which genetics and environment or environmental stressors interact and cause an individual to develop a Bipolar Disorder is unknown.Bipolar Disorders are distinguished by the occurrence of at least one Manic, or Hypomanic (a less severe form of a Manic Episode, with less severe symptoms) Episode, which are usually accompanied by Major Depressive Episodes. The Manic and Depressive Episodes are said to cycle, that is, occur and reoccur in patterns. Manic symptoms must have been present for at least one week, and if these are Hypomanic symptoms, for four days.Some of the symptoms of a Major Depressive Episode are: depressed mood, markedly diminished interest or pleasure in all, or almost all, activities nearly every day, weight loss or gain, insomnia or hypersomnia, psychomotor agitation, or retardation, fatigue and loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness and/or inappropriate excessive guilt, diminished ability to concentrate, indecisiveness, recurrent thoughts of death. A person in a depressed mood will also feel anhedonia, the complete loss of the ability to feel pleasure in usually pleasurable activities. The person also feels strongly pessimistic about the future. There is self-denigration, and self-accusation. The outward appearance of a person suffering from a Major Depressive Episode is usually sloppy, unkempt, unshaved. The face has a dull, masklike expression.There are several different types of Bipolar Disorders, including Bipolar I -- Most Recent Episode Depressed, and Bipolar I -- Most Recent Episode Manic. There are also: Bipolar I, Most Recent Episode Mixed, Most Recent Episode Hypomanic, and Most Recent Episode Unspecified.There is also Bipolar II Disorder, which is characterized by recurrent Major Depressive Episodes and Hypomanic Episodes. There is Cyclothymic Disorder, which is characterized by the chronic cycling of Hypomanic Disturbances, and less severe (Dysthymic) Depressive Episodes. And there is Bipolar Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.There can be accompanying psychotic features, with either the Depressive Episode (most recent or current), or the Manic Episode (most recent or current). The actual specifier, "Severe With Psychotic Features," indicates the presence of either delusions or hallucinations (usually auditory). Most commonly the content of the delusions "is consistent with the manic themes." (DSM-IV, 1994.) That is, these are mood-congruent features; the content of the delusions corresponds to the goals and activities that the individual is engaged in. If mood-congruent psychotic features are present, the prognosis is better, than if mood-incongruent psychotic features are present. Some common psychotic delusions are: grandiose delusions -- a delusion of inflated worth, power, knowledge, identity, or special relationship with a deity. Delusions of reference -- where a person believes that events, objects, or other person's have a particular and unusual significance. Delusions of persecution, the central theme of which is that the person is being attacked, cheated, persecuted, conspired against.PART 2: Background and History of MagnetoThe comic book character Magneto was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby for Marvel comics, in the very first issue of the comic book X-MEN, back in the fall of 1963.The character initially was portrayed as a raving, typical villain, with the mutant super-ability to channel the earth's electromagnetic field, and perhaps produce his own magnetic energy as well. The first run of X-MEN went on hiatus in 1970, and when the book was resumed in 1975, new writer Chris Claremont took another look at all these characters called the X-Men, those Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and others created, and those Claremont created or co-created, and gave them histories, backgrounds, and complex personalities.Marvel Comics has a domain, a continuous back-story, called "the Marvel Universe," or, "Marvel Continuity." This has been, in the past, mostly rigorously adhered to. Each writer/artist team acknowledged the writing and art of teams before them, and continued these characters' adventures by building on what had come before. Sometimes the more recent stories "inserted" or "retconned" (which stands for retroactive continuity) background or history for characters. So while the actual chronology of the stories isn't in order, a fan of a particular character can collect all the references to this character, and form a time-line, or historiography.This is the case for the character Magneto. The following biographical sketch incorporates all Magneto appearances and all Magneto facts, up until the present time. Many aspects of the character's history and personality have to be deduced, or inferred. Much is extrapolated from what is known.Magneto's birth-name is unknown. He has called himself "Magnus" for many years, and henceforth will be called Magnus in this paper.Magnus was most likely born in the late 1920s, to a middle-class or professional and educated Jewish family that resided somewhere in Central or Eastern Europe. He was most likely born in Poland. (New Mutants #61.) His family either spoke German, or Yiddish (Uncanny X-Men #327) but that could be because his parents were from Germany, and moved to Poland in the 1920s, or, they lived in one of the German-speaking regions of Poland, such as West or East Prussia.From what little we've seen of Magneto's family -- in nightmares and intrusive flashbacks -- they were well-dressed in up-to-date clothing, and were not peasants or living in poverty. (New Mutants #49, Uncanny X-Men #274.)Magneto's family was deported from their home, probably just after the start of World War II, in 1939. It is unclear whether or not they were exiled first, as many Jews were from West and East Prussia at that time, and then were murdered, or whether they were led directly from their homes to the killing fields. But the fact is, at some point between 1939 -- when his family was registered as all Jews were in Poland (New Mutants #61) -- and 1940, Magneto's entire immediate family was led to a mass grave, along with many other people, some Orthodox Jews, some urban assimilated Jews like Magneto's family, and shot. We know that Magneto was a boy at the time, probably 13, and his only sister was older than he. His parents and sister and he were shot by Nazis using machine guns. They fell into the mass grave, but unknown to Magnus, his nascent mutant powers first manifested at this terrible moment, and deflected the Nazi bullets, saving himself but not the rest of his family.Magnus clawed his way out of the mass grave, after quick-lime had been thrown on top of it, but before it was covered over. (X-Men, vol.2, #1, New Mutants #49.) He was caught almost at once by the startled SS who were in the process of burying the dead. Not knowing exactly what to do with him, and thinking he was older than he actually was, they sent him to Auschwitz, which had opened in the summer of 1940. We can surmise that Magnus' family was murdered either by the SS during the first deportations that lasted through the summer of 1940, or by the Einsatzgruppen in 1941, and that he was at Auschwitz "from the start," as it has been stated in the narration (Classic X-Men #12), and that he was a boy when he was first sent to Auschwitz, and that he "grew up" there. (Uncanny X-Men #161.)More importantly, Magnus survived Auschwitz until almost the end of the war. He survived, we know, because at some point he was transferred to the Sonderkommando (Uncanny X-Men #274), where he became one of the "crematoria ravens" who helped the Nazis lead the victims to the gas chambers, collect their belongings, pull the bodies out of the gas chambers, and burn them. The Nazis always chose Jews for the Sonderkommando, and this is a very important fact; it was a part of the Nazi campaign against, and hatred of, the Jewish people, to give some of the young men a chance at life in exchange for keeping the death-factory running!It is also surmised, that young Magnus could not have survived the first year at Auschwitz, before he was old enough for the Sonderkommando, without the "protection" of an older Jewish or Polish prisoner or kapo (prisoner-guard who was given power over the others and acted like a kind of overseer). He was probably physically and sexually abused at this time.Like all Auschwitz inmates, young Magnus would have suffered from the most humiliating and dire circumstances on a daily basis. He suffered constant physical and psychological abuse, malnutrition, and the effects of diseases. As a member of the Sonderkommando, Magnus would have made a daily "deal with the devil" -- to stay alive while he helped kill his own people. Sonderkommando members were also given enormous amounts of vodka, to keep them working.Magnus, however, tried valiantly to keep his humanity. He tried to help other inmates, smuggling food to them, and giving them hope. (Uncanny X-Men #199.) At some point, Magnus met or saw a young girl, most likely a Gypsy, or Romany, possibly of the Sinte tribe, named Magda. She was most likely brought into the camp in 1943, when the German and Austrian Gypsies were sent to Auschwitz, to the Gypsy Family Camp. Magnus fell in love with this girl, and brought her food, and helped her survive. In August of 1944, the entire Gypsy camp was murdered, taken to the gas chambers -- Magnus apparently saved Magda, but no one else in her family. He apparently bribed guards, kapos, and anyone else he had to, to transfer Magda to the Jewish woman's camp. Magnus probably told Magda about the murder of her family (Classic X-Men #12), but he may or may not have told her about his being a party to the murder, as a member of the SK.In the winter of 1944-1945, as the Russian army closed in on Auschwitz, Magnus killed an SS soldier who was about to kill Magda, and the two of them escaped into the snowy woods to the northeast of the camp. Magnus was most likely 17 years old at this time. Magda was probably younger, around 14 or 15 years old.They wandered for a long time, and Magnus took care of Magda, finding her food and clothing. They eventually settled in a Carpathian Mountain village, where after several years, during which time they recuperated from their ordeal, they were married. It is surmised that Magda, who was very beautiful, was badly treated in Auschwitz and she would have found an intimate relationship with Magnus difficult if he had pressured her immediately after their escape. Given his tender concern for Magda, we can presume that he waited for her to recover, physically and emotionally, and agree to marry him. Magnus seems to have been in love with Magda from the start. We don't know when Magda fell in love with Magnus, or how she defined love. He was her saviour, her protector; Magnus promised her he would always look after her, and protect her. (Classic X-Men #12.)Magnus' daughter was born a few years after he and Magda were married. The girl was named Anya. Magnus adored Anya, and she was the light of his life. He called her his "talisman" -- the promise that things were going to be better, and the world was a better place. (Classic X-Men #12.)Magnus was restless, however. From an educated, urban family, he found life in the Carpathian village to be restricting and frustrating. He therefore insisted that they move to a bigger city, one where he could find work (as a carpenter and general contractor) while he went to university in order to better himself, and their station in life. Magda did not want to move.They arrived in the Soviet city of Vinnitsa when Anya was around 4 or 5 years old (some time in the late 1950s). On the very first day there, after his very first day of work, the foreman on the job tried to cheat Magnus out of his pay. Magnus used his powers for the second time, but this time he realized it. He sent a crowbar flying at the foreman's head, barely missing him. When he arrived back at the inn where his wife and daughter were staying, he saw that it was on fire, and Magda was frantic -- she had left the child alone, upstairs, she said, so that she could find something to cook for dinner. Magnus and Magda ran into the burning inn, and as the building's ceiling started to collapse, Magnus formed a magnetic force-bubble to protect him and his wife. They both were amazed, and Magnus was suddenly jubilant. He felt he could save Anya, with these new powers. But, when he and his wife ran outside, the foreman pointed him out, and the police, along with several members of the crowd, grabbed Magnus, beating him up while he begged them to let him go so he could save his daughter. While his daughter screamed for help, and called "Poppa!" Magnus could not help her. Finally, Anya fell burning from the building, landing just in front of Magnus. The crowd, somewhat stunned, backed away and let him go. Magnus, in a fit of rage and grief, unleashed his powers for the third time that day, and sent electromagnetic radiation -- like horizontal lightning -- shooting out in all directions, killing the police and members of the crowd who were nearby. Magda, meanwhile, stood there untouched. She seemed to be going into a dissociative state, calling her husband a "monster." She ran away from him, as he called and called her to help him bury their daughter, to come back to him. Magnus was too weak and injured to run after her. Shortly thereafter, he took the body of Anya and escaped into the woods, where he buried the child.He then began a years-long search for Magda. He went to a forger named Georg Odekirk, who gave him a false identity, one which people in the Marvel Universe (and readers) would come to believe was genuine. This was Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, a Sinte Gypsy; he took that identity in order to hide from the Soviet police and KGB, and, to more effectively search for Magda, in the camps and settlements of her people.Unknown to Magnus, when Magda ran away, she was pregnant with twins. She later ended up at Wundagore Mountain, in the country of Transia, at the citadel of a villain-scientist named the High Evolutionary (Edward Wyndham). With a cow-woman as midwife, Magda gave birth to Pietro and Wanda, and then ran out into the night, into the snow, disappearing, her fate unknown. Bova, the cow-woman, and her master, the High Evolutionary, gave the twin infants to a Gypsy couple (the Maximoffs) who had lost their own babies.Magnus, meanwhile, searched Europe for Magda, couldn't find her, and finally gave up and immigrated to Israel. He had no family, and even though he had forged "Lehnsherr" papers that could get him into any country, he decided to go to Israel, as a Jew. It is presumed that he dropped the name "Lehnsherr" at this time, and entered Israel as "Erik Magnus," since all he needed to enter the country was his Auschwitz tattoo, the testimony of other survivors who knew him, and the fact he was circumcised. (Which he would have been, or the Nazis wouldn't have categorized him as a Jew in the first place, since with his family dead, he could have pretended to be of another religion or ethnic group, and gotten away with it, given his looks.)Erik Magnus worked in a hospital in Haifa. It was primarily a psychiatric hospital, that treated primarily Holocaust survivors. While it is doubtful that Magnus sought therapy himself, or was willing to tell anything about himself due to the events in Vinnitsa, for which murders he was a wanted man, he would have been exposed to group therapy, and staff meetings, at this time. Magnus was caring and devoted, and there is testimony that he was helpful in alleviating the distress of his fellow survivors who were patients in that hospital. (Uncanny X-Men #161, Uncanny X-Men #321, X-Men vol. 2, #40 and #41, X-Men Unlimited #2.)At this time, some 20 years ago, Magnus first met Charles Francis Xavier. Xavier was also a man of immense power, and a mutant. Unlike Magnus, he had years to become accustomed to his immense telepathic abilities, and to form theories and a philosophy about the existence of "mutants" among the general population. Xavier was from a privileged American family, from upstate New York. At the time he first met Magnus, he was already thinking of ways to ensure the peaceful co-existence of mutants and non-mutants.Charles Xavier had come to Israel at the request of Dr. Shomron, an Israeli psychiatrist, who needed his friend's help in the treatment of a Holocaust survivor named Gabrielle Haller, who remained in a state of rigid catatonia. Xavier used his psionic powers to help Gabrielle recover, and Xavier, Gabrielle Haller, and Magnus became close friends.But not long after, Baron Strucker, a Nazi war criminal who had escaped justice, and who had taken over a neo-Nazi organization named HYDRA, attacked and kidnapped Gabrielle Haller. (It turns out, he was the Nazi SS officer who had sexually abused her when she was a child in a concentration camp, and he had implanted in her mind, the map of a huge stash of Nazi stolen gold.)Xavier and Magnus came to Gabrielle's rescue, but in the course of the fight, Magnus used his powers openly, became violent and agitated and suddenly -- after killing the Nazis (but not Strucker, a perennial Marvel villain who has popped up time and time again) against Xavier's wishes, he used his magnetic powers to raise the huge hoard of gold and carry it off, declaring that the gold would be used in the struggle of mutants to secure a safe place in the world.This is the first recorded instance, witnessed by Xavier, where Magnus clearly identified with being a mutant. The gold -- Nazi gold stolen from mostly Jewish victims, some of which Magnus himself had helped pull off of dead bodies when he was in the Sonderkommando -- had passed from being the gold of Magnus' Jewish People, to being the gold of his Mutant People.Magnus next, apparently, began working for a covert agency, probably the CIA, but possibly he was a double-agent for Mossad and the CIA. He took the codename MAGNETO at this time. He ostensibly was hunting Nazis for the CIA, but as a double-agent, working for the Israeli government, he actually was finding the escaped Nazi war criminals and turning them over to Israel for trial. (Classic X-men #19.) During this time, Magnus met a beautiful doctor named Isabelle, who understood he was a mutant, and tried to help him. Magnus may or may not have had a sexual relationship with Isabelle. (Classic X-Men #19.) At moments when he was most close to Isabelle, when it seemed the next step was for him to begin making love to her, Magnus was overwhelmed with memories of Magda. He was reminded of Magda's words, accusing him of being a "monster." Magnus seems to have feared two things: being disloyal to Magda, who he still hoped to find, and, becoming a "monster"-- that is, he feared that if Isabelle became his lover, he would lose control of his powers once again, become the "monster" that Magda had accused him of being, and kill Isabelle.Unfortunately, his worst fears were realized in a way. While Isabelle was comforting him, trying to relax him by giving him a back massage, in their hotel room in Brazil, Magneto's Control, his boss at the CIA, showed up with some thugs, who grabbed Isabelle by the hair and slit her throat. They threw her body down next to Magnus, who was just realizing what was happening. Then, Control admonished Magnus for capturing "our" Nazis (as in, Nazis the US government wanted) and turning them over to Israel. In other words, Magnus' status as a double agent had been discovered. Control ordered his men to kill Magnus, but Magnus declared himself MAGNETO, a superior being, a mutant, homo- sapiens-superior, and rose into the air, in a sense declaring war on the human race while killing the CIA men below him. (Classic X-Men #19.)Magneto's next known appearance suggested he was attempting to organize some sort of resistance movement, or at least was trying to expose how governments around the world were misusing mutants. (Generation X #10.) There is very little known about Magneto's activities at this time.Magneto at some point around 11 years ago, created a costume for himself, and a helmet, and formed an organization, to counter the group of teens that Xavier founded (the X-Men). He called his group, with ironic intent, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. (As in, you think all mutants are "evil" well, then, here we are, the "EVIL" mutants.) The members of this group included Toad, Mastermind, and two teens -- twins -- from Transia, whom Magneto had rescued not long before. The twin youths were named Wanda and Pietro, codenamed the Scarlet Witch -- who had probability-altering powers, and Quicksilver -- who had super-speed. Magneto had no idea these were his children with Magda, and he treated them quite brutally. He was alternately cold, aloof and withdrawn, and ranting and manic at this time, as witnessed by Wanda. (X-Men -1.)Briefly, Magneto attacked Cape Citadel, and the X-Men defeated him. (Uncanny X-Men #1.) Thus began a long enmity between Magneto and the X- Men and various X-Men allies. Magneto's attacks were always accompanied by his elaborate speeches about mutant superiority. Magneto's initial goals were to rule the world and turn it into a place where mutants wouldn't be persecuted, but where he, Magneto, would be the sole dictator. He also made vague and contradictory statements about mutants generally ruling over non-mutant humans.Magneto was captured by an alien being named The Stranger, along with Toad (Mortimer Toynbee). (Uncanny X-Men #11.) Magneto escaped once, returned to earth, tried to defeat the X-Men once again, but this time, Xavier called the Stranger back! The Stranger recaptured Magneto, and threw him back on a cold, barren planetoid prison, where Toad had remained. (Uncanny X-Men #18.) This event seems to have triggered something in Magneto, since he became incoherent, threatening, making delusional and grandiose statements about conquering the universe! (Avengers #47.) Magneto escaped the Stranger a second time, on this occasion with Toad, returned to earth, and attacked Wanda and Pietro, who had joined the hero group, the AVENGERS, and were more than happy to have nothing whatsoever to do with Magneto.At this time Magneto built an extraordinary island base with incredibly advanced technology, and articulated vague goals about conquering the world again. But soon, Magneto became completely distracted by the need to get control of Wanda and Pietro, and then, the X-Men. When he found out that Xavier, his old friend, was supposedly dead, he gloated in a wild, incoherent speech full of rage. (Uncanny X-Men #43.) Magneto was eventually defeated by the X-Men and the Avengers, and pretended to fall to his death on some rocks, to cover his escape. (Uncanny X-Men #45, Avengers #53.)He next showed up in the Savage Land, a place where dinosaurs still live, that exists in a timeless Triassic state. It is located somewhere under Antarctica. Magneto built himself a citadel. He kidnapped local swamp-dwellers, primitive people, and abusing his own body, using his own life force and magnetic powers, he mutated them, genetically altered them, turning them into his slaves. All the while he was masquerading as The Creator. (Uncanny X-Men #62, #63.)Again, he goals were contradictory, clear and vague at once, his actions seemingly brilliant and insane. He was manipulative and talked endlessly, but despite having some design on using the mutated humans as an army to conquer the world, ultimately there was almost no point to all Magneto's activities.The X-Men defeated him once again, and at the end of this story (Uncanny X-Men #63), he was last seen on his knees, shouting, "Yes ... too late ... TOO LATE! Too late to do ANYTHING ... BUT DIE!!" as his Savage Land citadel collapsed on him. He made no attempt to escape, or ask for assistance, and instead seemed to be hyper-dramatic and out of touch with reality.Magneto survived, however, and was rescued later by Prince Namor, the Submariner, ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. (Fantastic Four #102.) Magneto tried to trick Prince Namor and the people of Atlantis to help him invade the earth. He kidnapped Sue Richards, the Invisible Woman, from the Fantastic Four. (Fantastic Four #102, #103.) Sue's husband, Reed Richards, also of the Fantastic Four, stopped Magneto, and was able to take him prisoner. How this was done, is significant. Richards used a device that turned Magneto's own powers against him; like a Chinese-finger-puzzle, the more Magneto used his powers, the more he was restrained -- ensuring that only HE captured himself. (Fantastic Four #104.) The Fantastic Four placed Magneto at this time in a small, completely non-magnetic prison cell, and inhibited his powers with an anti-magnetic force fieldMagneto eventually escaped after going into a completely quiet, meditative state. Once he was back in a more grotesque version of his old costume, he reappeared trying to build a machine that would mutate ALL of the non-mutants on earth. His speeches were by now incoherent, his actions bizarre and violent.(Amazing Adventures vol.1, #9, and #10.) Magneto tried to carry out his plans in illogical ways; he was observed by many at this time, having captured Black Bolt, the king of the Inhumans. (The Inhumans are a group of altered humans who live segregated from the rest of humanity. Pietro, (Quicksilver), married an Inhuman princess, Crystal. Black Bolt is married to Crystal's sister, Medusa.) Witnesses at this time uniformly reported Magneto to be insane. They reported hearing "insane" laughter, and witnesses could see Magneto's face as wide-eyed and maniacal, his features twisted. He almost succeeded in destroying every non-mutant human in the world, using nuclear energy to power his "universe machine." However, when it was clear he was defeated, Magneto detonated the nuclear energy canister he was going to use as a power source, and attempted to vaporize himself, saying, as he appeared to die, "Now ... the power is MINE ... the GLORY -- THE HONOR -- FOREVER -- MAGneto's...."But he survived. He battled the AVENGERS again (Avengers #110, #111), and kidnapped Wanda, making her dance while under his mental control. He didn't know she was his daughter, but it still was a terrible moment. By this time, he was visibly altered -- his eyes wide and staring, with huge circles underneath. His body ravaged by the explosions and injuries he'd sustained. He used a special costume that once belonged to another one of the X-Men, Angel (Warren Worthington III), to siphon off the life-energy of Angel and this helped keep Magneto going. He obtained the costume by attacking Xavier and the X-Men in the X-mansion (Xavier's estate and mansion in Westchester County, New York), beating the crippled Charles Xavier and the young X-Men, and trashing the contents of the mansion. It is significant to note, that although Magneto had often threatened he would kill Xavier and the X-Men, when he caught them off- guard at this time, he did not kill them, but instead ranted at them, threatened them, physically abused them, and destroyed their property. Furthermore, he sent video pictures of the whole scene of destruction to Avenger's Mansion, in New York City, where the Avengers watched helplessly, and were thus lured to the mansion to render assistance. Which is how and where Magneto captured them. The Avengers defeated Magneto once again, captured him, and attempted to imprison him in an energy-globe, deep underground.This prison globe was small, and Magneto was completely isolated. Magneto was able to escape when the approach of a comet caused just enough of a shift in the energy globe's integrity, that Magneto was able to use his powers to get out. (Defenders #15.)Next, Magneto formed another group of "evil" mutants, recreating some of his Savage Land mutates. These included Lorelei, a mutate woman whom Magneto seemed to be personally attached to, although it is highly unlikely he had a sexual relationship with Lorelei, or anyone, at this time. Magneto then attempted to attack the United Nations building, lifting it magnetically in the air, while he used a being he had created himself, grown from a test-tube, Mutant Alpha, to try and conquer the world. BUT, this creation, Mutant Alpha was evolving at an accelerated rate, and became a "star- man" almost overnight. While Xavier, and Dr. Strange, and other heroes looked on, Mutant Alpha judged Magneto, and the others in his little Brotherhood. Mutant Alpha decided to give Magneto a second chance, and reduced him to the age of a six-month old baby.(Defenders #15, #16.)Charles Xavier took baby Magneto to Muir Island, and gave him to the care of Dr. Moira MacTaggart. The baby was put in a cell, but Moira tried to treat him with love and care. Whatever Xavier felt he was going to do, to change Magneto, he never got the chance. An agent of the alien Shi'ar empire, Davan Shakari, re-aged Magneto, restored him to his prime, his health, and restored all his memories, all at once. (Uncanny X-Men #104.)Magneto briefly attacked the X-Men on Shakari's advice, (Uncanny X- Men #104) and planned revenge, for his being a helpless infant in Xavier's care. But his mind wasn't in ferment, and the memories were haunting him, even while he captured the X-Men (the new team) and imprisoned them in his Antarctic base. This time he strapped the X-Men to chairs that suppressed their powers, and reduced them to the level of six-month-old babies! He created a robot, named Nanny, who he dressed in a cliched maid's costume, and programmed with a horrid, sickeningly sweet voice and over-attentive manner, to "care" for the X-Men in their helpless state. Thanks to Storm, whose coordination was extraordinary, even when she was a baby, the X-Men were able to escape, but Magneto's Antarctic base was destroyed in the process. Magneto was very proud of his Antarctic base, and indeed it was comparable technologically speaking, to anything other Marvel Universe geniuses could have created. (Uncanny X-Men #112, Uncanny X-Men #113, Classic X-Men #12, Classic X-Men #19.)After this, Magneto continued to alternate between periods of violent behavior and quiet, intense brooding, up on the asteroid base he built for himself, that he positioned in stationary orbit over the then Soviet Union, probably over Anya's grave. (Uncanny X-Men #125.)After one such period of violence, where he ordered all of earth to give up their nuclear weapons, and let him, Magneto, rule the world in order to bring peace (and he was sincere, too), he once again battled the X-Men. This time, on his Caribbean island base, he almost killed Kitty Pryde, who was them around 14 years old, a Jewish girl, codename, Shadowcat, a member of the X-Men. Magneto had a breakdown of sorts, suddenly refusing to fight any more, suddenly becoming aware of what he was doing. He disappeared. (Uncanny X- Men #148, #149, #150.)Magneto disappeared to brood, once again, on Asteroid M. But an incoming being, from an alien techno-organic civilization with rigid rules and regulations, a being who was a "mutant" and did not want to comply with those rules and regulations and was fleeing to earth, collided with Asteroid M, breaking it to pieces. Magneto was sent falling to earth, where he ended up seriously injured and near death, floating in the Atlantic Ocean. (New Mutants #21.)He was rescued by Lee Forrester, the captain of a boat, sometime X- Men ally, and super-hero groupie. He fell in love with Lee, and because of that relationship, Magneto seems to have calmed down. (Uncanny X-Men #188, New Mutants #23, #24, #26, #28.) It should also be noted that, at this time, Magneto's injuries were serious enough to require hospitalization, and that when he returned with Lee Forrester to his Caribbean island base to recuperate, he found it very difficult to use his magnetic powers. Although the extent of Magneto's physical injuries are unknown, he was clearly in enormous pain every time he attempted to used his powers in any significant way).Xavier appeared thrilled that Magnus agreed to try Xavier's way once again, and had seemingly reformed and was still "good." (Uncanny X-Men #196.) Soon thereafter Magneto gave himself up for trial, when he was captured by agents of the US government while attending a Holocaust memorial event in Washington DC. He was brought before the World Court, and Gabrielle Haller was his defense lawyer, but the trial was disrupted by an attack from the children of Baron Strucker. The Strucker twins (the Fenris) were defeated, but Xavier became gravely ill, and he decided to leave the earth, and go off with his lady-friend, the Majestrix of the Shi'ar Empire, Lilandra. He convinced Magnus to take over for him, as head of the X-Men's youngest recruits, the New Mutants.(Uncanny X-Men #199, #200.)Magneto did so. He tried. He tried to control himself, to think rationally. He had the support of Lee, for a time, and of the X-woman Storm, who believed in Magneto and helped give him confidence. But eventually, after being baited by the Hellfire Club, after joining the Hellfire Club at Storm's advice, after Storm and the other X-Men appeared to die, and left Magneto without any emotional support, Magnus started becoming more and more agitated, delusional, returning to his old patterns of thinking and behaving. (Most of the New Mutants run between #35 and #75; X-Factor #9; Uncanny X-Men #196, #199, #200 - #203, #210 - #213, #219; Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men; X-Men vs. the Avengers; Vision and the Scarlet Witch vol. 1 #4; Vision and the Scarlet Witch vol.2, #1, #3, #6, #12; Secret Wars vol. 2, Fallen Angels #1, #2.)Magneto claims that when he put on the old red and purple costume, and abandoned the New Mutants, he was just trying to give the world someone to hate. That he was just trying to play the part of villain, so the world would be after him, and leave other mutants alone. (Uncanny X-Men #253.)After allying himself with Rogue, Ka-Zar (leader of the Savage Land), Nick Fury (SHIELD), and some Russians, Magneto defeated a villainess named Zaladane, whom Magneto killed execution style while Rogue (his latest love) pleaded with him not to. Magneto left Rogue and the others, and promised he would be fighting "evil" mutants, and trying to help all mutants. (Uncanny X-Men #274, #275.)But, he didn't keep that promise. Instead, he ended up rebuilding a fancy version of Asteroid M, and sat there, in space. His hair grew long and wild, he was unshaven, his appearance and mood were dark and brooding. It was at this time that a would-be assassin named Fabian Cortez showed up in Asteroid M's space, with a bunch of escaped prisoners (henceforth known as Acolytes), all mutants, who claimed Magneto was their "Lord." Magneto at first tried to send them away. But Cortez manipulated him, secretly amping his powers, forcing Magneto to become dependent on him, while pushing all the right emotional buttons. Cortez's goal was the murder of Magneto. He engineered events such that Magneto became a villain again in the world's eyes, Magneto became an enemy again of the X-Men, and Magneto became manic again, engaging in violent and threatening actions, making violent and threatening hyper-dramatic speeches.Magneto discovered something in the midst of the initial fight with the X- Men, that was provoked by Cortez. He discovered, that while he was a baby, Moira MacTaggart had tried to change his genetic structure, to make him better able to deal with his immense powers. Moira's theory was completely rooted in the biomedical model: Magneto had gone insane, but this was due to the overuse of powers his brain could not handle.Magneto became totally obsessed with what Moira had done. He immediately kidnapped Xavier, also, blaming him, although Xavier had nothing to do with this. Magneto forget entirely about Cortez, about his "Acolytes" and about any goals he might have had. Instead he forced Moira to "alter" the X-Men the same way he had been genetically altered, which he claimed, was an attempt by Xavier and MacTaggart to mind-control him. Which of course, was not what Moira had tried to do. But Magneto insisted, raved, yelled, and clapped a metal body suit on Moira, to torture her into doing what he wanted. (He once had cared very much for Moira, and had good memories of her treatment of him, when he was a baby. He accused her now of betraying him.)Moira did something superficial to make the X-Men look like they were under Magneto's mind control, but she fixed it to work only until they used their mutant powers. Once they did, and exerted their strong individual wills, the effects of Moira's changes on the X-Men were negated. Meanwhile, Cortez was slowly killing Magneto. Cortez's mutant power was/is the ability to amp or augment another mutant's powers, to dangerous levels. And, after Magneto was sliced by Wolverine's claws in that prior battle with the X-Men (X-Men vol. 2, #1), and was badly injured, Cortez pretended to heal him while instead amplifying Magneto's own powers to mask the effects of the woundMagneto finally began to discorporate, the molecular bonds of his body were being pulled apart. Cortez's intent was discovered, Asteroid M was falling to the earth, and Magneto once again elected to die, with his Acolytes, those desperate young mutants whom Cortez had tricked and used. (X-Men, vol. 2, #3.)Magneto crashed, but was saved by the sacrifice of one of the Acolytes. All the other Acolytes of this first band, died. He was badly injured and somehow got to Antarctica, and his citadel there, to recover. He once again went through a spell of isolation, letting his appearance become unkempt, not knowing which direction to turn. At this time, he saved Xavier's life when the latter was injured during a blizzard, near Magneto's citadel. (X-Men Unlimited #1.)Another mutant, named Exodus, now seems to have found Magneto -- during this time of depression and brooding. Exodus, a telepath and teleporter, who suffers from psychotic episodes, seems to have been a catalyst for a return of Magneto's own violent and psychotic behavior. Although Magneto said he was attempting to create a mutant homeland in space -- a homeland named "Avalon" -- not exactly a name that someone like Magneto would give a place -- he actually did nothing but attack Charles Xavier and the X-Men during a little girl's funeral, and then attack the earth with a special electromagnetic pulse-wave that killed thousands.Magneto's mania escalated during this attack on Xavier, the X-Men, and earth. His speech patterns and tirades in particular were wildly contradictory, hyper-dramatic, and threatening. He was clearly delusional, and dangerous. Finally, in desperation, Xavier led an away team to the space-station/ship, for a final attempt to stop Magneto. At this point, Xavier did something he swore he'd never do. He mind-wiped Magneto, leaving him a mental vegetable.Magneto was cared for on Avalon by mutant followers, another group of Acolytes. He may or may not have been waking up. He may or may not have been rational.A few months ago, Marvel Time, Avalon was attacked and destroyed, and Jean Grey and Scott Summers helped save the Acolytes. The X-man Colossus saved the seemingly comatose Magneto. But once they landed in Antarctica, Magneto disappeared.The next thing everyone knew, there was this long-haired, twenty- something, amnesiac man, calling himself Joseph, who everyone thought was Magneto. Joseph seemed to be a Magneto who had been once again de-aged, and didn't know who he was.Joseph was and is an innocent, and was supposed to be the good side of Magneto, or the sane side of Magneto. No one knows, since now, Joseph apparently is NOT Magneto. The real Magneto showed up, just weeks ago, more distorted and irrational than ever before. He was wearing a costume, pretending to be someone else. He tortured and tormented the X-Men he captured. He sent out bounty-hunters to capture Gambit, an X-man, but then captured his own bounty-hunters, putting his former love Rogue in the arms of Gambit, watching them have sex (it is implied) in a cave while they were wearing chains. (Yes, this was in an X-Men comic.) Either this is some terrible mistake by the writers, or it isn't Magneto, or, Magneto is exhibiting the most manic and psychotic symptoms yet.PART 3: Diagnosing MagnetoMagneto's diagnosis is, (without the codes):Axis IBipolar I Disorder, Most Recent Episode Manic, Severe With Psychotic Features, With Interepisode Recovery --- PROVISIONAL.It is clear from Magneto's history, that he displays all the symptoms of a Bipolar I disorder. The horrors of his childhood, and subsequent traumas, did not touch off a depressive or manic episode. This happened later in his life, after the onset of his powers. Although there was a stressor involved, at the onset of his first Manic Episode (possibly when he battled Baron Strucker and stole the gold, definitely when Isabelle was murdered), this was not linked more or less to his life history, or the use of his powers, than earlier stressors were.Magneto seems to cycle from depression to mania over long periods of time, perhaps months in the depressive stage, and weeks in the manic stage. He demonstrates symptoms of grandiosity, inflated self-esteem, theatrical and dramatic speech that is also hostile and delivered in angry tirades. He demonstrates flight of ideas, and distractability. Due to his high intelligence, the increase in his goal-directed activities takes the form of brilliant scientific and biological research, but otherwise, his behavior involves excessive planning, taking on multiple unfinished tasks, unusual restlessness and inability to stay with one task or goal for long, or carry through any project to its conclusion.The times Magneto was interrupted from carrying his plans to fruition, by the X-Men, or by the Avengers, or the Inhumans and Fantastic Four, were in fact times when the threat posed by Magneto's mania made such interference necessary, and in no way mitigate his symptoms. There is ample evidence that, when left unhindered, during the course of a manic episode, Magneto has been just as apt to abandon plans, promises, and goals, undertake new business before finishing old, and to become excessively involved with the planning of and participation in, a number of contradictory and unconnected activities.Magneto has demonstrated psychotic features, such as delusions of grandeur, delusions of persecution, and delusions of reference.Magneto has demonstrated the symptoms of depression when he's not manic. He has retreated to isolated bases, especially his asteroid base in orbit, isolated himself, and failed to take care of himself, and in fact has been shown to present an unkempt appearance during these episodes. He remembers and broods about the things he's done while in his manic phase, and this contributes to his depression.But, there have been times when he seems to have been neither manic nor depressive, when there was interepisode recovery, as when he had the emotional support from a lover (Lee Forrester), or a friend (Charles Xavier).Magneto's mental illness does have two possible etiologies due to a general medical condition. One etiology could be his powers, and their effect on his central nervous system and brain. And the other, is an extra bundle of nerve fibers between his pons and medulla oblongata. I've given his Bipolar I diagnosis the PROVISIONAL note, because Magneto needs to be thoroughly examined by a team of doctors, including specialists in neurology. He needs to be observed over a period of time, months perhaps, and the use of his powers monitored carefully, so that any affects on his brain and body can be measured.Magneto's twin children, now grown, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, have each demonstrated episodes of manic and depressive behavior, and this could possibly support a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder, since research shows this disorder tends to run in families. On the other hand, they could have inherited something of their father's mutant physiology, and although their powers are different from his, there may be an underlying biogenetic cause of the Bipolar I symptoms in Magneto's children.Also on Axis I --Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chronic, in partial remission.Magneto's Holocaust experiences, and the murder of his daughter Anya, have caused the symptoms of PTSD to appear. But in more recent years, not all the symptoms have appeared at the same time -- for example, Magneto has had intrusive and disturbing dreams, but he has been able to talk about the Holocaust, and about his daughter, and visit Magda's memorial marker, indicating Magneto has not consistently avoided these places or thoughts that cause him pain.Also on Axis I --Other Substance Dependence -- PROVISIONALAgain, Magneto's powers may be causing his brain to produce elevated levels of the neurotransmitter Endorphin, which is a pain suppressor. Between the time that Magneto left Israel, and Isabelle's murder, Magneto was subject to excruciating headaches every time he overused his magnetic powers. It is theorized that Magneto's brain began to compensate for this pain, by producing endogenous Endorphins, or some unknown, similar neurotransmitter, in ever increasing amounts. This served to cause his nerve cells to create new receptor sites for the Endorphin, which meant he needed to use his powers more and more, to stimulate the production of more and more Endorphin, to give him relief from his body's physiological reaction to the overuse of his powers, which is pain. Magneto also might experience increased self-confidence, and a feeling of well-being, with a lessening of his PTSD symptoms when this occurs, due to the increase in Endorphin levels.Axis III --Possible damage done to his body by his powers -- medical examination needed. Possible effects of extra nerve fibers in his brain, and increased metabolism due to his magnetic powers, must be determined with a thorough medical examination, and observation. Medical evidence suggests, that, since the pons is a part of the metencephalon (afterbrain) and is composed of bundles of fibers and nuclei, the extra fibers in Magneto's brain are an extension of the pons. The medulla oblongata, or narrow brain, contains the vital centers regulating heart action, vasomotor activity, respiration, deglutition, and vomiting. This might suggest that, if the extra bundles of neurons in Magneto's brain are connected to his mutant powers, his mutant powers of magnetism are part of his autonomic nervous system. Or, some portion of his mutant abilities are a part of his autonomic nervous system.The pons contains the points of origin for nerves controlling chewing, facial expressions, salivating, equilibrium, and hearing. The medulla also contains nerve centers for hearing and equilibrium, as well as neck muscle control and tongue muscle control. Some of these bodily activities are voluntary, most are involuntary. The fact that Magneto's extra nerve fibers appear in this area of the brain is significant, and the relationship between these neuro-fibers and his Bipolar I disorder, and these neuro-fibers and his powers of magnetic and electromagnetic manipulation, needs to be determined.If his powers or ability to manipulate electromagnetic energy proves to be a part of his autonomic nervous system, or more than 50% controlled by his autonomic nervous system, then the prognosis for Magnus is poor. If Magnus' powers to channel electromagnetic energy and generate his own energy fields are largely involuntary, like the beating of his heart, then Magneto can never completely turn-off or control the use of his powers. Any negative effects these powers are having on his body tissues, or his central nervous system, will over time become worse. The only solution may be, the complete artificial supression of Magneto's powers, but this solution also might cause damage to Magnus' metabolism, due to the unknown relationship between his powers and his autonomic nervous system. 

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Flight - The ability to take flight through the manipulation of ki. Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy attack. Black is shown to use ki blasts while terrorizing Future Trunks' timeline. Continuous Energy Bullets - Black used this technique against Trunks. Black Power Ball - Black can create a golden colored Energy Ball with a core of black energy to attack the opponent. Once he fires it, the attack becomes completely golden with a black outline. Divine Retribution - A more powerful version of the Black Power Ball in Goku Black's Super Saiyan Rosé state, he can either fire off the ki blast, or attack with a downward slash with his ki blade as a melee attack. Continuous Black Power Ball - A rapid fire version of the technique, appearing as small golden ki blasts with black outline. Human Extinction Attack - An aerial hailstorm-like energy barrage version of Continuous Black Power Ball.   Black Kamehameha - Black is shown to be able to use a black-colored version of the Kamehameha. Super Black Kamehameha - A stronger version of the Black Kamehameha used by Goku Black in his Super Saiyan Rosé form. Binding Black Kamehameha - A combination attack with Future Zamasu used by Goku Black in his Super Saiyan Rosé form where Future Zamasu holds the opponent in place while Goku Black blasts them with a Super Black Kamehameha. One of Goku Black's Special Attacks in FighterZ. Instant Transmission - Used by Black several times, in the manga in order to quickly get up close to Trunks and attack him and in the anime to avoid an attack from Goku. Sudden Death Beam - Goku Black uses Instant Transmission to dodge attacks and get close to his opponent, then fires a point-blank Divine Retribution ki blast as a counterattack. This move is used by him in a brief clash with Goku. Ki Sense - The ability to sense ki and power levels. Shockwave - After engraving Goku's power into his own being he is shown using this technique while testing his new abilities. One of his Super Skills in Xenoverse 2 in his base form.   God Split Cut - Zamasu's signature attack, used by Zamasu after obtaining Goku's body and becoming Goku Black to kill the Son family. Appears as a Super Skill under the name Aura Slide in Xenoverse 2. Alteration-type ki manipulation technique - A special ability used to extend his God Split Cut in to various shapes as well as to change its properties. Only seen used in his Super Saiyan Rosé state. Violent Fierce God Slicer - After further refining his power, Black is able to use an enhanced version of the technique, he emits a blade of violet energy from his hand to slash and stab his opponent. It seems to be enhanced by the form's ki aura. In the manga, Black used this technique in his base form to mortally wound his former master, Gowasu. God Slicer - A rush attack used against Goku by Black in his Super Saiyan Rosé form where he chases the opponent while firing ki blasts at them, then attempts to impale them with his Violent Fierce God Slicer. One of his Special Attacks in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Azure Dragon Sword Model Energy Blade - An improved Violent Fierce God Slicer gained through powering up from being damaged by an enraged Goku in the anime. Divine Lasso - In Super Saiyan Rosé form, Black can shoot out multiple energy javelins from his blade that first pierce the target and then explode. One of Black's Ultimate Skills in Xenoverse 2. Sickle of Sorrow - A more powerful version of the Violent Fierce God Slicer technique, attained by Goku Black after he turned his anger into power in the anime. It became capable of opening a large rift in the universe to an unknown place or time which would release an evil energy. The Work of the Gods - The rift created by Goku Black using the Sickle of Sorrow. Mass Replication - From the energy of the rift, Black is able to form many clones of himself known as Shadows.[17] The Shadows are unstable and if they were hit, they would disperse, but can immediately reform themselves after. They appear to have the same physical might as Black himself. The Shadows and the rift dissipate once Black goes too far away.  Shattering God Slicer - The user kicks their opponent and slashes them multiple times with an Energy Blade. Spirit Blade - A blade made of ki. One of Goku Black's special moves in Dragon Ball Fusions. Saiyan Power - Black is capable of gaining power boosts once recovering from harm caused by his enemies like other Saiyans. In the anime this ability appears more advanced than an ordinary Saiyans. Every single time Goku Black experiences pain, his power increases. Even minor injuries and moments of pain are able to cause noticeable boosts in his power. Even more, he appear able to recover from injuries much faster than normal Saiyans. In the manga, Goku Black works in the normal nature, as only recovering from more serious injuries will boost his power, to which he also needed aid from Future Zamasu healing him before he could return to battle. Each time he uses this power up it allows his "god mind and Saiyan body" to tie further together, first allowing him to access his standard Super Saiyan form before his power finally surpassed Super Saiyan God, evolving his standard Super Saiyan form into his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form, Super Saiyan Rosé. Mimicry - In the anime, as an extension of his newfound Saiyan biology, Black is also capable of imitating anything that he learns from his opponent in battle to add to his skill and versatility in combat. During his first fight against Goku, "engraved the battle memories" on his body, and thus enabled him to refine his fighting style to become more like Goku's. This allowed him to use the Saiyan body to its fullest efficiency. He also applied a similar method when fighting Vegeta, recognizing anger as source of power for Saiyans and mimicking that to further increase his power. Thunder Shock Surprise - The user shoots a lightning blast towards the target using both hands, and traps the opponent within an electric field. Energy Shield - In the manga, Black is shown using this to defend against Super Saiyan Vegeta's ki blast attack. Telekinesis - Like Shin and Future Zamasu, Black is able to utilize telekinesis to hold down his foes. Black uses this against Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta but it didn't work on him, and later against Future Trunks in the manga. Invisible Eye Blast – The ability to shoot an invisible blast of ki out of his eyes. Used against Future Mai in the manga. God Bind - By channeling the Saiyan God power through the user's hands, the user can use the energy generated to stop an opponent in their tracks. Pure Heart - Despite his evil actions, Goku Black is immune to the effects of the Devilmite Beam (and Psidevilmite Beam) indicating that he has a pure heart and that his evil actions are a result of his misguided belief that mortals are evil beyond repair. One of Goku Black's passive Skills in Dragon Ball Fusions. It should be noted that Zamasu also possesses this Skill. The anime also briefly implies his possessing this ability with Goku Black and Future Zamasu making tea at their hideout, due to Gowasu earlier claiming that a person brewing perfect tea is a sign of purity of heart. Spirit Shot - In the manga, Black uses this in order to clear the dust that Future Trunks had created. Immortality - In the manga, as a result of his faulty defusion from Future Zamasu, Goku Black retains Fused Zamasu's immortality. Can also be acquired by Black in Dragon Ball FighterZ by wishing for it after summoning Shenron in battle after collecting all seven Dragon Balls. Meteor Blow - One of Black's Super Skills in Xenoverse 2. Break Strike - Black's Evasive skill in Xenoverse 2. Rage Saucer - A darkness energy fueled rush technique used by Supervillain Mode Goku Black in Xenoverse 2 as part of the Super Pack 4 DLC. Darkness Mixer - A ki and stamina charging technique that produces a dark aura that damages nearby enemies. Used by Supervillain Mode Goku Black in Xenoverse 2 as part of the Super Pack 4 DLC. Kaio-ken - Unused voice lines in Xenoverse 2 indicate that Goku Black can use the Kaio-ken in his base form.[18][19] Solar Flare - Unused voice lines in Xenoverse 2 indicate that Goku Black can use Solar Flare.[19] Spirit Bomb - Goku Black's attack in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, however the Spirt Bomb created by him has a dark reddish color. Fierce God Kick - A diving kick used against Trunks. One of Goku Black's Special Attacks in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Darkness Impact (γƒ€γƒΌγ‚―γƒγ‚Ήγ‚€γƒ³γƒ‘γ‚―γƒˆ ) - The Crimson-Masked Saiyan's Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes.


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Bio (Rough draft)

Name: Astrid WulfingRace: AasimarAge:N/A (varies depending on Rp)Sex:Female Orientation: StraightStatus: SingleHeight: 5’1-5’6 (varies depending on Rp)Bio: Astrid a fateful daughter to Ragnar Wulfing   was raised alongside strong and courageous Warriors known as Drengers. While working and living alongside them she learned to become skillful proficient handling a bow and arrow and small axe as a young child she was known to be brave and fearless in some situations at a young age. Often she was known for climbing buildings, trees, and cliff sides just for fun. She was also not shy about befriending or hunting the local wildlife while forging the land for herbs and other goodies or tending to the fields.she learned to help people through healing herbs She enjoyed life in the little village but all changed when the village was an attack. while many of their best fighters including her father were away. The village was attacked by a group of berserkers, buildings were engulfed in flames while the blood of the villagers stained the pure white snow. All were thought to be lost yet Astrid who tried to fight for her home had fallen wounded from the battle only survived her body hidden under some of the other fallen.(more to come soon and some details may change.)Skills/ abilitiesbeast mark. - she is able to take over control or embody a beast such as birds (ravens eagles) Wolfs and bears  The stronger the beast is will depend on whether she's awake when she takes control or if she in a slumbering state. Whatever beast she takes control of she will bare a tattoo-like mark somewhere on her body. it can come in the form of wings, or prints. skilled gathering, tracking, and hunting 

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➒ OOC/ Rules?

➒ Some Stuff About the Writer.Or rules. I've discovered over many..many..many years, the hard way, that most of the people who add me don't bother to read my blogs or the rules I set up. So, this is for you literate f***s out there that are cool enough to explore things like this. I hold you to a higher standard- you know I appreciate you..but just in case tell me which one of yous reads this so I can give you that forementioned appreciation.There are a few rules that I typically repeat and reuse despite the change in verse or character. They are very basic, so I'll list them first. These are the kind of rules that everyone should be following because they fall under this thing called ..common sense.➒ You send the request = you talk first. My accounts are usually on auto-accept because I don't like keeping people waiting. However, I don't live on the internet and can't be checking in every other hour to see who added me just to send them a greeting. Do me a solid by sending the greeting first if you sent the request my way. Absolutely terrible at greetings? No worries, I'll accept a hi, hey, what's up.➒ Following the greeting, we should probably have a discussion. If you're not ready for story scheming, just let me know and we can chat for a while. It's just as important to get a feel for the other writer as it is to develop storylines. All I ask is that you're not passive in the discussion part- or in the actual writing. If I'm carrying the conversation, the story, all of the ideas, then we're not writing together, I'm writing for you and that's not fun for me.➒ Literacy. Please know words and how to use them.➒ Godmodding/Powerplay. This is a common one, I've noticed, with newer writers, or writers that have very short term story goals. Try not to control my character for me, and if we get into a written engagement try not to make your character so OP that the outcome to a fight in the story is blatantly obvious and unavoidable.➒ One liners. If I were capable of one liners, I think this blog would have been a lot shorter..Please don't give me any. It'll just lead back to the rule about passive discussion.  The following rules are more along the lines of preferences and contain more personal notes about the writer behind this character- me. I'm very generous, you're welcome.➒ I'm not always here. You may notice that my 'online now' green notification is usually on, regardless of if I'm responding to things or not. This is because I leave myself signed in either on the laptop or on mobile. If I'm out and about, I'll sometimes check in to see new notifications, but I ain't about that mobile roleplay life, so if it's not a status or a short message that's easier for me to respond to on the phone, I probably won't reply. I read your stuff, but you've got to wait for me to get home to reply if it's something that requires more thought and effort.➒ On that note- I do have a Discord which can be used for discussion, chatter, or just to keep the muse rolling between replies. However, I've often had people add me on Discord, forget about the roleplay site, and inevitably stop trying to write with me. The muse dies faster when you skip the awkward phase of only knowing each other on the roleplay site. I'll give you the Discord if it's requested, I just ask that you wait a while after we start talking before making that request.➒ Following that, I've also noticed an unwarranted trend of adding me on Discord, and trying to get to know me on a deeper, more personal level. I did previously mention that it was good to get to know the other writers, but there's a limit with me. 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05/28/2021 03:57 PM 

π™²π™°πš‚π™΄ #𝟢𝟢𝟹𝟺𝟸 - π™Ώπšπ™΄πšˆ [𝟹]

  hover over dialogue* for translation    Years of BSAA training steeled Sheva’s nerves. No skirting sounds would rattle her bones, though she knew to be on alert. The sublevels offered little in terms of light, something a luxury to a near-abandoned site. Cascading rays of moonlight traipsed like ghouls using husks of flesh were as close to “light” as she could get. Little. Bare. Lost. Stepping out of the room, Sheva could squint and make out a slightly swaying…something.It was impossible to tell what, being as it lurked in the darkness and unearthed sounds she could only hazard were moans. It was…uncomfortable.Still, she approached.“Com licença*,” she said through her rough attempt at Portugese. “I’m Commander Sheva Alomar of the BSAA, identify yourself!” The shadow said nothing. Now, the invitation to coddle her SIG was taken with caution. She removed it from its holster as she stalked closer, hoping to eye exactly what the hell was in front of her… Each step had light pass over her from the slits-for-windows in the upper parts of the walls.“Com licença*, this is Commander Sheva Alomar of the BSAA, identify yourself!” She tried again to no avail. The figure grew larger and more horrifying the closer she got. It moved unearthly, twitching in ways that seemed almost tribal from the cannibals she’d faced before. The sound it released made her nauseous, its smell caused her stomach to churn…but she couldn’t turn back.“ Congelar! Levante as mãos!*,” Finally, she approached it in arms’ length. She stood in the light but saw it just the same. No darkness could hide this sight. Reaching out slowly, Sheva gripped what she assumed was a shoulder and shoved him around and there was nothing she could do to prepare for what she saw.Absolute terror.Having turned it around, she quickly saw it to be a man. Not an ungodly abomination, not a rabid cur, a man. Just a man. A janitor. In the quick jolt, she’d managed to unlodge his headphones and take note of the mop and bucket he was using that was perfectly blocked by the way he was standing. And he was facing down the barrel of a gun, hands shaking like an abandoned mutt.Immediately, Sheva holstered her weapon and apologized for the mixup. He couldn’t identify himself if he couldn’t hear her. The moaning and twitching were nothing more than an old man trying to sing and dance while he worked.Embarrassment aside, Sheva saw this as an indication: Wesker always got to her and she wasn’t proud to admit it. True, it could have been anything, that’s what her rationale would tell her, but the truth was, it wasn’t and she just scared a man half-to-death.“ Desculpe*,” she said. “I heard a sound and I thought…”“No, no,” he said in English with an accent even thicker than hers. “I no…eh… I understand? You just doing your job.” While earnest, it did little to hide her shame. She felt compelled to say more, obligated to further explain herself to lessen the damage, but another sound would stop her short.It was far…faint, but she knew better than to rely on chance for this to be another nothing situation. Putting her finger in the air, Sheva gave a cordial nod to take her leave to investigate.“Be careful…” She heard him say from behind her. “Strange things… happen at night…” The man shifted his stance to have a glimpse of him be caught in the moonlight with crimson, bloody eyes smothered by a sinking blackness…

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