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06/24/2022 03:22 PM 


General Information First name: Kuro Age: 18 and older Date of birth: May 4 Gender: Female Species: Kitsune Sexuality: Bi with a male lean Birth Country: Japan Hometown: Kyoto    Physical Appearance Height: 5’7 Weight: 167 Lbs Eye color: Blue Skin color: Porecilen Shape of face: diamond Distinguishing features: freckles, slender Hair color: Purple Piercings: None unless you want her to get one   Character traits Personality: Attractive, Cheerful, Creative, Curious, Flexible, Forgiving, Gentle, Honest, Kind, Childish, peaceful, nerdy, needy, clingy Likes: Beaches, sun, stars, nighttime, Butterflies, Flowers, dressing up, games, taking care of others Dislikes: Extreme hot/cold weather, boredom, heights, clowns General attitude: Caring General sociability: good natured   Relationships Parents: They died a few years ago Siblings: Only child Children: None but is hoping to have some Friends: … Best friend(s): … Love interest (if there is one): …   Others Occupation: Dancer Current home: … Favorite types of food: Castella Favorite types of drink: Royal Milk Tea Hobbies/pastimes: Dancing and singing Pets: Lovebird named Moon Talents: She’s very flexible Favorite colors: Aqua, Bright blue, teal, Amer, coral pink Favorite type of music: hip hop


06/24/2022 05:33 PM 

Girls! Girls! Girls! (Not Formatted for Mobile)

Disclaimer: Gods and Goddesses in their verse come in two categories- Manifestation and Embodiment. Then are broken into categories and types. Minor Goddesses have limited power or few followers; whereas Major Goddesses are the opposite with complete control and many temples/songs/devoted worshippers. Manifestation Gods weild their element(s). Typically they command a certain realm, look relatively human, and can use their power/affect their element on a whim. Example: Zeus and his lightning. He chooses to summon it.  Manifestation Gods often rely on their name and deeds being known to give them spiritual strength. Embodiment Gods are their element(s). They disguise themselves in bodies but are as wildly unteathered as their associated power. Example: Erebus personifies Darkness. He is what he effects.Embodiment Gods do not require fealty to a name or pilgrimages to a specific place. They are everywhere and anywhere their element is, and whether mortals curse or rejoice at it, they will exist however long their element does.  ____________                                         Name: Umiaq'karinvk Pronunciation: Oomyahk - kaur - een - vukNickname: Qka (KU-ah)Minor Goddess of FamineMajor Goddess of Devastation Eye color: violet-black, reflect crystal blue in direct lightHair color: charcoal gray to black ombrePhysical details: skintone ranges from mid-fair to light tan, each shift to humanoid shape slightly different than the one before Big teeth, thick and sharpExtremely tall (shrinks to 11' tall indoors), buff and boundlessly curvy; every fifteen ounces of muscle is met by thirty ounces of fatLarge hands and feet with thick, hooked, black claws Dresses in furs of fallen comrades and deceased family members; touching said furs without permission is an act of war History (condensed): From a long line of snow and wind spirits. She is the first in three generations to take form. Naught fifty years into leading a clan of Snow Leopard shifters, Qka fell in love with thunderstorms and left to search for their source. Believing all storms to have a soul, as she did. Eventually wanting to engulf the entirety of that terrible, beautiful, destruction.Without their leader, her clan scattered. When finally Qka attained her goals, she went about gathered them up one by one. The blessings of lightning and thunder helping to ferret them into her flock again. Personality: Her creed lays somewhere between an "ást eiđr" brand Viking and an El Dorado (2000) Conquistador. The Viking mentality relys heavily on community, long standing tradition, and a strict honor system. Whereas a Conquistador values only themselves and the strength of their Divine Right. Qka is fair in most cases, but firm in her authority.Aside from that, she is boisterously friendly. Adores banquets, prefers a gladiator pit. Has many scars, which she proudly enhances by using bright blue paint to trace their most jagged edges.Forms: Goddess, Human, Snow Leopard.The latter two are typically bipedal. Though her Leopard is more like a tank or a bear, than a cat. It's a body made for mass murder.---- Name: Elipka ♥ Pronunciation: Eh - leap - kuhNickname: ElliMinor Goddess of Scribes/Record Keeping and Written Communication Major Goddess of History, specifically dealing with Past Lives and Karma Eye color: timid grayHair color: silver hair with dark gray tipsPhysical details: fair skinned, ear-shaped body, delicate facial features, persistent snow leopard ears and big fluffy tail History (condensed): Orphaned as a cub. Endearingly considered Qka's mate by their enclave. Qka doesn't believe anyone has enough to offer Elli to be worthy of having her, and has thus pretended to want her for herself. Figuring only the brashest, bravest, of men could someday make themselves capable of winning Elli's hand. (Elli desperately hopes for such a person to appear) As in public, Qka behaves as if Elli is a disposable but dutiful little wife. Jokes about when they'll have cubs, keeps her on her lap, and has Elli attend her as a slave would. Which irritates Elli, though not enough to make her refuse, staying as Qka's fake bride is starting to drain her patience. As a Goddess Elli keeps track of sins and holds them as a guillotine. Waiting until the mass of wrongdoing grows too heavy for the one incurring them to ever atone for in their present life, then cuts their current incarnation short, releasing them to try again in a new timeline/body/circumstance. Or worse, kills their body and plucks their soul from the cycle of rebirth until they can be 'cleansed'.Fun Fact: The bell she carries is an heirloom. Its chimes can only be heard by those nearing a long overdue death, brought on by their own disregard for the cosmic balance of things. When she tips the bell upside down, the hammer inside becomes a vicious beast* and drags the listener to their fated "doom". Be it cleansing or rebirth. *Footnote: It's basically a Mario chain chomp but gooey.----Name: Ringh-ah DihngadawnPronunciation: Ring - Uh, Ding DongNickname: Ringh or RingaDemonic Goddess of Peccadillo(Minor sins and offenses)"The Hammer inside The Bell"Angelic beauty with a warped internal compass. There is no 'gray area' for Ringh. Every infraction deserves ultimate suffering. When she held a lordly throne, she ripped through the underworlds until tossed to the living. She murdered countless mortals and immortals alike. Adding their strength to hers. It was quite the unlucky feat to be trapped into the accursed Aurora Bell. Since being leashed, Ringh became an extension of her "owner" and thus only able to loose herself upon the world at their behest. While Elli technically has been trained to wield Ringh, her mental fortitude is barely strong enough to contain the chaotic Goddess. Depiction of Pre-Bell Physical Form

ladies, mcrp, characters, bio

Jack DeWitt

06/24/2022 03:37 PM 

Character Details

Name: Jack DeWitt    Age: 273Birthday: October 13th, 1748   Height: 5'10   Weight: 178   Body type: Slim   Physical Condition: Lightly toned, fit   Eye color: Errie Green   Hair color and style: Black, medium and unkempt   Distinguishing features: Unnatural eye glow   Characteristic Gestures:   Skills, Abilities, and Talents:   Areas of Expertise : Trained soldier and experienced detective   *Occupation: Mercenary, Explorer and Adventurer   *Past Occupation (s): Soldier, Constable, Detective and Conman   *Military experience (if any): Veteran of the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, WW1, WW2   Short Term goals: Monetary gain   Long Term goals: New experiences   General Personality: Charismatic, humorous, polite with a bit trust issues   Introvert or Extrovert?: Both   Quirks: Ambidextrous   Method of Handling Anger: Repression    Sense of Humor: Crude   Fears: Heights   Interests: Old cars, movies and music. Swimming.   Backstory:


06/24/2022 02:28 PM 


Hello everybody! So seeing as most people have these, I thought I'd make one to give an idea what kind of RPer I am, and what kind of RPers should contact me. :)1. I am a multi para+ rper, however I tend to match what I am given. That being said, if given one liners without much substance, chances are I will lose interest. I like to know I am getting quality posts, as I try to give you the same. I do not want to be expected to carry an RP on my own. If I can tell you are trying and have substance in your small posts I can reasonably react to, then you are fine!2. Drama--I want none of it. You can bring up issues with me if you have any in regards to our RP and I am more than willing to adjust to make you comfortable, if there is a misunderstanding. But if you decide to endlessly argue or be nasty to me for no reason, I will block. Same for alt accounts, if I find you try to continue bothering me on them--I won't waste time on you.3. All partners must be of legal age (18+). If you play a younger character, I wont play with any with IRL faceclaims/profile pictures. If you yourself I suspect are lying about your age, I will block you, no questions asked. 4. I am straight, and so is the character. I do not like to RP romance with females, period. More than likely if you have a busty female character or a 'foo-ta', I will block you or deny. I have no interest. I am also not too interested in 'daddy' type characters who are old and hairy/extremely muscular or fem-boys who look like they are females or could pass as one. They just aren't mycup of tea. Something in the middle is preferred.5. Third person only. I am not my character, and I expect you to not be yours. (example: use character 'names' instead of 'I' and 'you'. 'Yukiri goes to the store.' )6. I have a preference for long-form writing, similar to what you might read in a book. I sometimes use asterisks if my partner uses them, but generally I prefer no asterisks and use of quotation marks for posts. Example: "Hi! My name is Yukiri, but you can call me Yuki. What's yours?" She smiled.7. Please be patient. I have a lot going on in IRL, and sometimes I wont be able to RP with you right away. If you pressure or be passive aggressive with me, I will block. Sometimes I may have a lot of RPs going on at one moment too, so I may have to put you on hold until I have time. I sometimes have auto approve on too, so just because you are approved doesn't automatically guarantee an RP. Please respect this. 8. And while I do understand everyone gets busy and sometimes can't RP or respond right away, if you decide you no longer want to RP or the RP isn't what you hoped for, let me know please. I promise I won't be offended, and if there is something I or 'we' together can do to make it better, speak up kindly! I'm eager to listen. If its clear I'm being ignored after a long period of time without as much as a 'sorry, I've been busy' after a while, expect to be deleted after a while.9. I honestly prefer partners starting the RP, but not until we hash out some basics: What verse, setting, plot/storyline are we going for? What themes do you want included? Do you have any triggers I should know about? For 18+, I also like to know what you are into and what you prefer to keep out. Its important to converse this way so we are on the same page. I am open minded and don't judge in the way of what makes you 'happy' but please understand if we can't come to a compromise to include what you want. I will always respect you, please respect me.10. On REQUEST, I dont mind playing Yukiri as a 'trap'  or fem-boy. But I will not do the foot-as. Sorry, just not my thing.11. Yukiri is not a dominant character. Please expect she wont carry out dominatrix fantasies. :P12. Grammar and my ability to understand your posts is important. I do realize Ani is difficult to use on a cell, but try to spellcheck your posts at least once, if you send leetspeak or a paragraph+ of things that dont even resemble the word all the time, expect to be deleted. I understand mistakes and I certainly have them, I just want to know what you are saying in your post.Besides that, I dont think I missed anything. Please feel free to message if you had questions. I don't bite!

Neith ♥Way Of The Old♥

06/23/2022 12:44 PM 

Water Garden [ Rules ♥]

1.] Please be courteous, I know we all have bad days. I will help in what way I can.2.] Please be Patient.. I work and am currently remodling my home.. so  I take up to a week before I can reply sometimes, usually it is 3 and if im on and not busy about 20 minutes to reply. Communication helps both ways.. please don't be  mute.3.] No drama, unless is it is part of the role play..let us not get to carried away.4.] I prefer atleast a paragraph, but I usually do 2 or 3., please no one liners unless in status banter.5.] Let us enjoy ourselves, please let me kno your preferences and if you have any questions  feel free to ask. I am an open book.


06/23/2022 06:38 PM 

have you seen this man

This guythis goodie-two-shoes blind guythis wannabe human incarnation of justice or whateverthis guyhas anyone seen this man



06/22/2022 09:28 PM 

Her Pokémon

Despite being a trainer in the dragon gym, and using only her Hakamo-o and Abomasnow in battles in said gym, her strongest Pokémon is actually her very first one : Vaporeon. And out of all her Pokémon, it's the one who enjoys fighting the most, and who actually gets antsy going without a fight for too long.Her travels have left a good few people mildly traumatised about the vicious Vaporeon ( mostly in Unova - in Alola and Sinnoh Vaporeon mostly fought some wild Pokémon ), and the Wild Area is always the perfect place to let it run around and vent its energy.Her grass Pokémon are -far- more peace loving, and while they're fine in a fight, they prefer to just busy themselves with flowers, so Aria rarely forces them to fight. Emolga is shockingly ready to go at it with Pokémon bigger than it ( much like his tiny trainer ) and Liepard is, quite frankly, VERY lazy - but gets cranky when woken from naps by opponents and will most certainly lash out in turn.

Headcanon, hc


06/21/2022 06:47 PM 

Character description

  Details; Name: Stella  Age: 15 Gender: Female Orientation: Bisexual Occupation: High-School Student And Social Media "Influencer" Hair Color: Cherry Blossom Pink Eye Color: Amber/Gold Height: 5'4" Body Type: Slender/Small   Brief description;  Stella is a fifteen-year-old high school student who comes from a very wealthy family and is extremely neglected by her parents. They attempt to control every aspect of her life without seeming to even be interested in investing in a real relationship with her. For an outlet, she has a secret online presence she hides from her parents where she posts very risque photos of herself. She strongly desires an escape from being treated like a little girl who needs protection and direction.   Personality;  After some time, one will begin to realize Stella has a very dual personality. She has a lot of pent up rebelliousness that constantly craves for an escape. She wants to feel alive, and constantly searches for an adrenaline rush. But, she can bounce around from being clueless, shy, and soft to bursting with wickedness. It will mostly depend on the situation and if something provokes her to step into that other side of herself.    Quirks:  Playing with her hair when feeling shy or embarrassed, trusting anyone who says nice things to her too easily, mommy and daddy issues


06/21/2022 06:48 PM 


🌙 Respect the boundary between in character and out of character🌟 Don't spam repeat messages✨ Make posts readable for me to understand, I can't reply to something otherwise💫 Respect I may not be able to get back to you when you want me to. I do as quickly as I am able to.🌙 Please don't control my character, I'm perfectly capable of doing that🌟 Stream post spammers will be deleted/blocked (5x or more per day)✨ Auto-add is on, but please be respectful of these rules💫 That's all for now. Thank you.


06/21/2022 04:48 PM 

Evolving Eevee

Aria’s first Pokémon had been the Eevee she hatched from an egg - the egg had come from her parents’ Vaporeon and Leafeon. This had been when she was ten years old. By the time she was fifteen, her Eevee was itching to evolve. Aria wasn’t entirely certain what to evolve her into, however. Her parents never said it, but it was obvious to Aria they expected either a Leafeon or a Vaporeon like them, since this would help with the business. Either of those would do well with helping out the flowers. Aria also wanted to take Eevee’s thoughts into account, and with so many options, she had a hard time choosing. At that point Aria already had a Lilligant and her Comfey. She thought a Vaporeon would go with them best and, after asking Eevee what she thought, she choose that option. Since Vaporeon enjoyed water, Aria took up swimming more often, becoming better at it than she had been. All so they could spend the time in the water together. Other times they’d play with her other Pokémon who’d enjoy Vaporeon’s bubbles floating through the air. All in all, she never regretted her choice.

Headcanon, hc


06/21/2022 04:46 PM 

Appearance and Style

Owning a body without curves, sharp eyes and an even sharper personality, Aria has long since accepted that there’s nothing feminine about her. Due to her lack of pigments her skin is a sickly pale and her hair a weird faded out colour. Whether it’s the way she looks or the way she talks, neither is cute, nor is she what many people would call beautiful. She knows this, so she doesn’t really try to dress up. It won’t suit her. She knows this. If she wears something cute, she’ll just look weird. She knows this, too. She knows it, and yet sometimes she can’t help but wish it -wouldn’t- be like that. That she COULD wear cute, girly clothes. And that they wouldn’t look out of place on her. But they do, so she doesn’t wear them. Instead, her style is more the tomboyish sorts. She also doesn’t accessorize much, other than the occasional subtle hair accessory. Her clothes are easy to move in and casual, though some of them actually get her mistaken for a guy. It’s something she’s had to get used to over the years.

Headcanon, hc


06/20/2022 04:13 PM 

I'm ready for today!
Current mood:  calm

Hi all!After a long and busy day, I'm finally back to respond to all you cuties!Can't wait to hear what you have all been up to 


06/19/2022 04:57 PM 

please join


06/19/2022 01:09 PM 

Molly Schonert(NPC)

Name: Molly Jean Schonert Nickname(s): The Rebel Hair: Short and fluffy brunette hair that stops right above her shoulders Eye Color: A dark red Height: She stands at 5’9 Weight: 134 Body Type: Slim and curvy Age: 20 Occupation: Student at the prestigious Ravenwood Academy Family: Molly was born into a family of her mother, father, and three older sisters. She has always been the one to be stepping outside of family boundaries. While her sisters all loved pink, she lived for black. She has a pet tarantula named Whiskers. Current Story: Molly Schonert is currently a student at The University of Ravenwood. Moody and emotional, Molly tends to be an anti-hero. She is known for her bullying, especially towards Juniper Stone, but she will not hesitate to put another bully in their place. She seems to know a lot of the murder that involved Cleo Connely’s friend their freshman year. Maybe there is more to the Rebel without a Cause than meets the eye.


06/19/2022 01:07 PM 

Fae Grimm(NPC)

Name: Fae Alexandria Grimm Nickname(s): The Outsider Hair: Silver colored hair that stops just above her breast Eye Color: Extremely light blue, almost white Height: She stands at 5’8 Weight: No Body Type: Athletic and nimble Age: 20 Occupation: Student at the prestigious Ravenwood Academy Family: Fae doesn’t know anything of her birth family. She had been born into a bad situation, causing her to be in foster care before she was even one. She doesn’t seem to have any close relations. Current Story: Fae Grimm is currently a student at The University of Ravenwood. She tends to be a recluse, sitting in the back of classes and sticking to the shadows. Her observant eyes and ears tend to make secrets seem to be her best friend and if there is something you ever want to know, Fae is your best bet with the right answer. However, giving away such secrets can come with a hefty price. Do you think you can afford such secrets?

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