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06/14/2022 08:08 PM 

Overdone and Underused

Howdy! Alright, I don’t take this site too seriously.I’m almost entirely an OOC account until we’re actually in a story, then I’ll dedicate my all to what we’ve got.Far as rules-Do your best at grammar and length. I can work with just about anything. My novella skills are rustier than heck, but if you don’t mind me getting my sea-legs with you, I’ll try to be worth your while.Don’t be a bigot. Ableism, fetishism, outside of worldbuilding –misia or –phobia isn’t tolerated. Needless to say, gonna say it anyway, no “white power” garbage. Get tf out.And that’s it!I came back by request, but I have 6 goodish boys to choose from.If my informal style isn’t your jam that’s no problem  Can leave any time, no hard feelings!

guidelines, rules, welcome, explanation, apology, curated


06/14/2022 02:25 PM 

dear, i fear we're facing a problem , [ writing sample. ]

I cry, and I pray, and I beg, ". . . love me, love me. Say that you love me."Her voice was like honey. Melodic, tempting. High heels echoed on the wooden floor, now drenched red. In her hand, a butcher knife swung. Hips swaying to the melody that slipped from her lips. Different body parts and limbs littered the bar. Beautiful, big, formerly white now red, feathers were scattered everywhere. How long had it been? Since she had indulged? Penelope lost count. Regardless, they had come to her. They made the mistake."Fool me, fool me --"A coughing and gagging sound cut off her song, sharp blue eyes darting to the angel on the ground, spitting up blood. It was withering in pain, reaching for a sword while Penelope cooed. He thought he had a chance. He thought, despite the fact she just murdered a dozen of his kin, he would do something. How sweet. Body shifted, turning to walk very slowly towards the creature. She could smell its fear; it was exhilarating. She wanted more. NEEDED MORE.A foot raised, immediately slamming her heel onto the back of its skull. Right through, carving and twisting with incredible strength and no remorse. Blood spewed, yet not a drop touched Penelope. She was untouched by all this. The walls, chairs, counters, everything was covered in brain matter, bones, viscera, and blood. But Penelope was as clean as a whistle. Her dress was couture, after all.". . . go on and fool me."Manicured fingers balled up within his hair, lifting to look at the grotesque scene that was his face. Penelope scoffed, spitting and then letting it fall. A sickening 'thud' as his head collided with the ground. Raising back to her feet, she stepped towards the backroom but paused. A hand raised, flinging the knife behind her to hit another moving angel right in the head. Painted red lips formed into a smile. Now there was only one.The door swung open, and Penelope was greeted by a small female tied to a chair. Covered in blood, trembling with barely opened eyes looking at Penelope. Her face was puffy and bruised; a few fingers were missing. The wings on her back, the large white wings, were untouched. The now golden eyes of Penelope had landed right on them, a sinful smile."Just say that you need me." More singing, shifting to a table that had a few different knives and different tools on it. Black nails tapped along a few of the pliers. Out of the corner of her eye, Penelope could see the angel whimper, trying to escape. She wouldn't. Half beat to death, the poor thing. So young too. A pity she threw her life away. Penelope could see the light slipping, she could feel her prayers. "Your God is not coming. Your God knows better. So do me a favor, would you darling?"A playful twirl, black locks whisking around as she approached the angel. Tears rolled down the angel's face, the crying only causing her to gag more. Some blood dropped from her lips. Gently, a knife trailed across the leg of the angel. Her other hand on its cheek. "Shh, shh, shh. It's an easy favor, really," The knife shoved into her thigh, pulling down along the flesh while the angel cried in pain. It seemed to do more than just cut. The flesh burned, sizzling and her cries grew louder. Penelope lifted, grabbing their hair to make sure her gaze locked onto the little horrors."Tell him I am coming back."Head thrown forward, Penelope moving to stand behind her. "Ah, dear. I lied. I need two things from you," Fingertips traced along the wings. The beautiful feathers and the soft texture made her exhale deeply. Another knife, right into the angel's back. Small hands gripped the wings, pulling, ripping. Even the gag couldn't silence the screams and pleas.   ". . . I can't care about anything but you."  


06/14/2022 02:22 PM 

i'm not a monster , i'm a result.

dead in her own skin,    she can't quite remember why she was cast aside ; perhaps it was hercallous nature or malicious intent.she can't quite remember when she was cast aside ; perhaps becausetime itself had yet to form.she does remember one thing:he didn't love her , for all she was.for every sin she made.isn't a father supposed to?no, no he took from her.took what SHE loved.bitter , enraged.she was never his , was she?an 'abomination' they called her.'not his child ,' they , she clipped their wings ,they belong to her now.& so too , shall all his children.

black flamesx

06/14/2022 12:37 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished


OC Nation (MCRP)

06/13/2022 11:29 PM 

Xifeng Cho's Bio

Name: Xifeng ChoGender: FemaleNationality: Fire NationBending: Fire, LightningEyes: BlueHair: BlondeDefining features: Pheonix wings & Lion ears (From horrible experiments)Good Traits/Habits: Selfless, Compassionate, Bad Traits/Habits: Self-loathingFears: Deep Water (can't swim)Affiliations/Alliances: Team AvatarFamily: SuLiang Cho (Deceased Mother), Shaozu Cho (Deceased Father), Friends: Ping ZhongPet: Inake the Mouse WolfRomantic Interest/s: Zuko or SokkaEnemies: Qiao Gengxin (The scientist who experimented on her family)Past: Xifeng was born to a smaller noble family in the Fire Nation. The Cho family was well known within their area for using Fire Bending techniques that seemed to have the graceful movements of an Air Bender. Many say it was because of their family's devotion to the techniques of the ancient (and now extinct) Pheonix Lion. The Cho family were one of the few families in the Fire Nation who wanted to develop industrially like certain cities within the Earth Kingdom. Xifeng's parents also wanted a swift end to the 100 years war. When Xifeng was roughly 5 years old, her family was approached by a Fire Nation scientist named Qiao Gengxin, who claimed that they were researching a way to end the war, and needed the Cho family because of their connection with the Pheonix Lion, to which her parents agreed to. However, the horrible truth was revealed when Qiao took them as captives upon reaching a secret location. Qiao's true intention was to force people of the Fire Nation to forcibly fight in the war to end it quicker by combining their own DNA with that of powerful animals on the island. Qiao had also obtained a small fossilized remain of a Pheonix Lion and planned on using the Cho family as his live test subjects. Sedated and kept in cages, the family was subjected to horrible experiments in an attempt to fuse their DNA with that of the Pheonix Lion. Sadly, Xifeng's parents didn't live past the fusion process. However, Xifeng herself was able to survive because of how young and adaptable a child's body was. However, she refused to fight for someone so vile, and took the first chance to escape that she could. She tried to go back to her home village, but was met with violence, being called a monster. It was at that young age when she knew that she couldn't show herself to the world, lest she be assulted or worse. She flew away, trying to survive the best a child could. Xifeng also befriended a tiny Mouse Wolf whom she adopted and named Inake. She kept struggling for years to survive with her companion, and even having to resort to theft to get by. Where they are at present: Xifeng currently lives at the Western Air Temple since it's so secluded and no one would bother her. Every so often she'd fly to random Fire Nation Villages and have Inake steal food for current meals and seeds so she could plant them in the garden to try and become self sustaning  

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/13/2022 10:19 PM 

Site's Bio

Name: SiteGender: FemaleRace:  Hylian (Raised by Gerudo)Eyes: BlueFamily: Link (Twin Brother)Pet: VolvagiaFighter type: MagicGame Universe: Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Breath of the WildHistory: (TBA)

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/13/2022 09:05 PM 

Tayte Hawke's Bio

Name: Tayte HawkeNickname/Alias: Red, Little Red Gender: FemaleRace: HumanEyes: BlueHair: GingerClass: Mage Class Specilization: Force Mage & Spirit HelaerClass Abilities: Elemental, Primal & SpiritOrientation: BisexualBirthplace: LotheringFamily -              Grandmother: Bethann Walker              Grandmother: Aristide Amell              Mother: Leandra Amell              Father: Malcom Hawke              Twin Brother: Daniel Hawke              Younger Brother: Carver Hawke              Younger Sister: Bethany Hawke              Uncle: Gamlen Amell              Cousins: Charade Amell, Damion Amell, Revka Amell, Raava Amell              Great Uncle: Fausten Amell              Mabari: King Crush: Fenris


06/13/2022 09:58 PM 


Looking for new role players to talk to and role play with.  I welcome new and older role players. Am willing to try out characters that are sort of out of my scope of fandoms

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/13/2022 08:20 PM 

Erathion Mahariel's Bio

Name: Erathion MaharielNickname/Alias: Era, Gender: FemaleRace: Dalish ElfEyes: GreenHair: BlondeClass: Mage (masquerading as a Rogue)Class Specilization: Spirit Healer & Shapeshifter (as Mage), Duelst & Ranger (as Rogue)Orientation: BisexualFamily -               Mother: (Dissapeared)                Father: (Slayed by humans)               Brother: SacrierClan: SabraeRomantic Intrest: Alistair or Zeveran 

π΅π“Šπ“ƒπ“ƒπ“Ž β™ͺ

06/13/2022 05:23 PM 

Rules/Things to know!

Please read before rping and discussing with me!  I do have ADHD, which does make me struggle when it comes to attention, and replying. I will sometimes forget to reply, or I will get distracted and take a while to reply so please be patient with me.   I also have other mental health problems too including depression, and PTSD, so sometimes I prefer to avoid such themes. I will need to take mental breaks from being social sometimes, please understand this.   I could do erp, but there HAS to be plot, and that can't be the main reason for the rp. Even if it's a romance rp, I don't want to be focused on mostly erp.   I am mostly used to doing romance rps, this doesn't mean I can't/don't do other rps, this is just the one I am used to people wanting so I am probably best at.   I will not rp with child characters, I do not know how to rp with a child character, I never do it, and couldn't see myself doing it. I could do an rp that involves child characters but the main character I'm rping with can not be a child.   Absolutely will not rp with furries, it's just not my style. If you're just a monster or something, that's different but if you are just a furry, don't bother trying.   I need at least a paragraph reply, I will NOT do one-liners. There can be exceptions if you are having a creative block or for any other reasonable reason. But no one-liners!   I am ok with random starters with no discussion, perfectly fine, but keep my rules in mind! Or if you have a starter ready and are not sure if you should send it, tell me the plot of the starter.    Do not ask for my Discord, I am strictly on this site, my social media are personal and not for rp.   I will rp any verse even if I do not know it, but please don't be mad if I get something wrong, because obviously, I do not know it.   I probably will not add any accounts that have multiple rp characters because I am very indecisive, it's rare that I do add.   I could add more rules at any time, but I will always give a heads-up, when I post my new rules, please read them.   I am very selective so don't be mad if I don't add you, it's not personal.   Some reasons I might have not to add you: looks like an erp account, not enough info on profile, furry/child/ect, and looks like a one-liner rper.   If you have any questions, or can't read my rules, etc. Please message me and I will help you!   I am in CST timezone, so keep this in mind.


06/13/2022 05:10 PM 


  βΈ»  β—ˆ you can always expect to find a concealed M1911 tucked under his left arm in a leather holster. 9 round magazine, soft point. He does everything in his power to keep from using it; especially these days.   — that said, yuuichi will never back down from a fist fight. β—ˆ the other things in his inventory include  — disposable camera  — cell phone  — his wallet  — sony m-570v  — keys  — gsm a8 wireless bug (2)  — vipertek VTS-989 taser  — soft pack of marlboro menthols, 100’s  — bic lighter, red  — lockpicking kit  — chewing gum, spearmint  — switchblade  — handcuffs β—ˆ yuuichi has a tendency to obsess on cases (and suspects). Sticky notes, photographs, and lines of string litter his current investigation board. If told he is taking a case too seriously, he is likely to spiral even further. Ever since “icebreaker”, he told himself that failure wasn’t an option anymore. And now that he operates without a badge, he is willing to resort to any means necessary for results.  — When questioned about his history with the department, or any of the famous cases he's accociated with, he either changes the subject or refuses to cooperate. β—ˆ The police may not like him very much, but they can’t deny his utility. The chief has once described him as a “swiss army knife with a potty mouth”. his partner, tanaka, is one of the only officers downtown he's come to trust. He truly admires her radical pursuit of justice remaining uncorrupted in such a rough city. β—ˆ yuuichi spends his nights at CIME NOIRe ( t; black crown ), a recently rebranded and wildly popular host club packed with kabukicho’s darkest dance pit. The owner is his shadow employer, keeping the detective close in case he is needed.  — Being a regular, he knows just about everyone, and they all know him. From patrons to employees, he’s on a first name basis. β—ˆ yuuichi would consider himself a highly functional alcoholic. The amount of drinks at a certain time determines how functional. β—ˆ shinji awano, a close friend of the detective, is a massive fan of tabletop rpgs. he once told yuuichi that if he were a charater in his game, his alignment would likely be chaotic good. β—ˆ ever since coming in contact with adam hamilton, yuuichi has been having a recurring nightmare that he can’t seem to shake. He has considered getting a prescription filled, but refuses to go see a doctor.  — In this nightmare, he is hunted and killed by a halloween-esque horror; half serpent, half deer with sharp acrylic nails. The locations change, but the monster does not. β—ˆ he drives a 1987 nissan 300zx, jet black with flaking paint. It looks pretty rough on the outside, but his trusty mechanic keeps it running like it’s brand new. The back window is outfited with black window louvers. β—ˆ there are several photographs spread around blogs and forums of yuuichi seen rubbing shoulders with the yakuza.  He is also aware that there is an active investigation into his background. β—ˆ while a massive fan of any whiskey, yuuichi has grown to prefer the refreshing taste of an ice cold kirin ichiban when he gets off work. unless he is (a) with someone that looks / seems important or (b) is trying to look cool. then it’s johnny walker with a rock, any label (except blue, unless adam is buying.) β—ˆ speaks with a slight osaka-ben accent he is still trying to get rid of. β—ˆ his favorite food is tempura shrimp, and his favorite place to eat it is at granny cho’s. β—ˆ while not a huge fan of cats, he has collected a large army of them outside his office due to feeding the sad looking strays. Now, he has grown fond of his large family, and makes sure they are taken care of.    // this information is subject to updates as the story progresses.  β†Ό PROFILE                                                                                   HOME ⇀ h1 { text-align:right; padding:15px; } div,p { font-family:times; } .basics { width: 400px; text-align:justify; font-weight:; font-size:10px; text-transform: lowercase; color:#777777; letter-spacing:1px; line-height:12px;padding:20px; }::selection { background: #000000; color:#fff; } ::-moz-selection { background: #ffffff; color:#fff;}


06/13/2022 02:49 PM 

Limits and Favorites

Not all of what I will do, but the highlights.~ πŸ’•   Yes: Breeding, he's cursed by a succubus, take advantage of that.~ πŸ’š M!Preg, oviposition preferred for this. Just imagine pumping him full of eggs.~ πŸ’› Excessive cum, the messier the better.~ πŸ’š Cumflation, leave him gushing it.~ πŸ’› Knotting, claim him as your little toy.~ πŸ’š Futas, loves being d*cked down after all.~ πŸ’› Aphrodisiacs, make him needier than he already is.~ πŸ’š Tentacles, speaks for itself.~ πŸ’› Pet play. He's a good, eager boy.~ πŸ’š Using magic to alter his form, turn him into a neko for example.~ πŸ’›     No: Scat, piss, or vomit. ❌ Rape. ❌ Feet. ❌ Gore or vore.❌ Babyfying him, ex: diapers, pacifiers, etc. ❌  

exiled tester

06/13/2022 11:12 PM 

testing 123

midway upon the journey of our life I found myself within a forest dark, For the straightforward pathway had been lost. Ah me! how hard a thing it is to say What was this forest savage, rough, and stern, Which in the very thought renews the fear. So bitter is it, death is little more; But of the good to treat, which there I found, Speak will I of the other things I saw there. I cannot well repeat how there I entered, So full was I of slumber at the moment In which I had abandoned the true way. But after I had reached a mountain's foot, At that point where the valley terminated, Which had with consternation pierced my heart, Upward I looked, and I beheld its shoulders Vested already with that planet's rays Which leadeth others right by every road. Then was the fear a little quieted That in my heart's lake had endured throughout The night, which I had passed so piteously And even as he, who, with distressful breath, Forth issued from the sea upon the shore, Turns to the water perilous and gazes; So did my soul, that still was fleeing onward, Turn itself back to re-behold the pass Which never yet a living person left. After my weary body I had rested, The way resumed I on the desert slope, So that the firm foot ever was the lower. And lo! almost where the ascent began, A panther light and swift exceedingly, Which with a spotted skin was covered o'er! And never moved she from before my face, Nay, rather did impede so much my way, That many times I to return had turned. this is bold --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing. this is italics --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing. This is underline --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing. This is teletype --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing. This is emphasis --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing.This is textarea --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing header w/span header with span header with span header with span header with span regular linka.linkuno a.linkdos a.linktres a.cuatro   menu title ⚜ rule number #1 ⚜ menu link menu link menu link menu link  

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/13/2022 08:15 PM 

Mikuru Hashime's Bio

Name: Mikuru HashimeNicknames: Mimi, ZuzuAge: 10Hair Color: PurpleEye Color: PurpleDream: To create a place to care for Eggs and abandoned Pokemon while also doubling it as a Pokemon adoption centerOccupation: Trainer with Pokemon TelepathyRegion: Born in Sinnoh, started journey in KantoHometown: Crystal Village (Sinnoh), Pallet Town (Kanto)Parents: Dr. Hashime (deceased father), (Unknown deceased mother), Delila Ketchum (adoptive mother)Siblings: William (Billy) Hashime (olderbrother), Gina Hashime (older sister), Ash Ketchum (adoptive brother)Friends: Maya, Nick, AddisonRomantic Interests: Paul{Pokemon}Kanto Team: Biju the Vulpix (β™‚ ), Crystal the Eevee-Vaporeon (♀), Omi the Kabuto-Kabutops (β™‚ ), Darkheart the Charmander-Charmeleon-Charizard (β™‚ ), Shock the Pikachu-Raichu (♀) & Hebi the Ekans-Arbok (♀)Johto Team: Biju the Vulpix (β™‚ ), Crystal the Vaporeon (♀), Omi the Kabutops (β™‚ ), Mary the Mareep-Flaaffy-Ampharos (♀), Souma the Totodile-Croconaw-Feraligatr (β™‚ ) & Rook the Murkrow (β™‚ )Hoenn Team: Biju the Vulpix (β™‚ ), Crystal the Vaporeon (♀), Omi the Kabutops (β™‚ ), Gardevoirtwo the Gardevoir (♀), Rook the Murkrow (β™‚ ) & Patches the Banette (β™‚ )Hoenn Contest Team:  Daichi the Flygon (β™‚ ) & Tammy the skitty-Delcatty (♀)Sinnoh: Biju the Vulpix (β™‚ ), Crystal the Vaporeon (♀), Omi the Kabutops (β™‚ ), Gardevoirtwo the Gardevoir (♀), Rook the Murkrow-Honchkrow (β™‚ ) & Becca the Combee-Vespiquen (♀)Sinnoh Contest Team: Hina the Glameow (♀) & Dawna the Buneary-Lopunny (♀)Unova Team: Biju the Vulpix (β™‚ ), Crystal the Vaporeon (♀), Omi the Kabutops (β™‚ ), Gardevoirtwo the Gardevoir (♀), Cherry the Zoroark (♀) & Samantha the Gothitelle (♀)Kalos Team: Biju the Ninetales (β™‚ ), Omi the Kabutops (β™‚ ), Gardevoirtwo the Gardevoir (♀), Sally the Squirtle-Wartortle-Blastoise (♀), Kessa the Egg-Coomy-Sliggoo- Goodra (♀) & Karlie the Kangaskhan (♀)Alola Team: Biju the Ninetales (β™‚ ), Omi the Kabutops (β™‚ ), Gardevoirtwo the Gardevoir (♀), Siren the Popplio-Brionne-Primarina (♀), Raven the Mimikyu (♀) & Spitfire the Salandit-Salazzle (♀)Galar Team: (Pictures TBA)Biju the Ninetales (β™‚ ), Omi the Kabutops (β™‚ ), Aplha the Dragapult (β™‚ ), Toniapus the Morgrem (β™‚ ), Tempo the Low Key Toxtricity (β™‚ ) & Honeycrisp the Appletun (♀)History: (TBA)

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/13/2022 08:10 PM 

Akashi Kimiko's Bio

Name: Kimiko AkashiClan: AkashiSeal: Iron Cloud Curse Mark (on stomach)Current Residence: Kazekage TowerOccupation: Shinobi/Gaara's Secretary & MaidBirth Village: KusagakureCurrent Village: SunagakureNindo: I'll live for my friends, & protect them with all I have.Parents: Tekani Akashi (deceased), Sorashu Akashi (deceased)Sibling: Yuu Akashi (deceased)Crush: Sabaku no GaaraPet: Yuuri (A little tankui she met while roaming around the village)Special Jutsu: Sound Style: Shrill Echo ShriekTrademark Jutsu: Sound Style: Sound Wave BlastOther Jutsu's: Sound Style: Notes of Melody Manipulation, Phantom Sound Chains of Destruction. Sound Style: Musical Illusion, Sound Style: Instrumental Assault, Demonic Lullaby, Sound Style: Tornado of A Thousand Songs, Wind Staff, Wind Staff Hurricane, Cyclone Staff Jutsu, Summoning: Kanayama Hiko & Hime (Iron Tanuki’s)Info: Like most ninja who had no where to go, she & her family believed there could be a new start for them in Otogakure. They were only accepted because of the Akashi Clan's legendary jutsu that allowed them to combine their hand made weapons to their body as a sort of added weapon & form. Because of his experiments with the curse mark, Kimi's little brother, Yuu, was chosen to be a candidate, despite his infancy. But he stayed his hand when Kimi promised she'd be the newest experiment for him. After the village was discovered to be a hoax by the ninja world, Orochimaru sent Kabuto to kill her parents & her infant brother. Kimi caught word of this & rushed home, but arrived too late. Her parents’ bloody corpses were on the floor and Kabuto held her baby brother by the head. As Kimi cried for him not to do it, Kabuto only smiled & sliced Yuu's head off, letting the body fall on the ground while he threw the head to her. In a fit of rage, she fought Kabuto. Unable to defeat him, she distracted him long enough to provide herself an escape. With no place to go, she simply roamed the world as a mercenary, always looking for a new home. She searched for years, constantly being banished when they found out she was a Sound Ninja. It was only when she unknowingly saved the life of the Kazekage, that Gaara allowed her to stay in the village. Forever grateful for what he had given her (a home & a new life) She promised to serve him as his maid & secretary

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