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OC Nation (MCRP)

06/13/2022 08:07 PM 

Yukimari Kumari's Bio

Name: Kumari YukimariClan: Yukamari (Descendent's of the Yuki clan that Haku was from)Organization: Anbu Black Ops (Temporarily)Current Residence: Next to Kakashi's ApartmentOccupation: SenseiBirth Village: KirigakureCurrent Village: Konohagakure Nindo: I've lost too much; I won't allow you to take what I have left Parents: Kenta Yukimari (deceased), Yuma Yukimari (deceased)Sibling: Makoto Yukimari (deceased)Crush: Kakashi HatakeBest Friends: Baku Hotogiwa (deceased), Tenaki Renshuru (deceased)Sensei: Mekaiyo Ubahara (deceased)Skill Level: Anbu Special Jutsu: Secret Jutsu: Crystal Ice MirrorsTrademark Jutsu: Mystic Ice Release: Frozen Mist BindingOther Jutsu's: Shattering Ice Spear, Ice Release: Ice Rock Dome of Magnificent Nothingness, Secret Jutsu: A Thousand Needles of Death, Ice Release: Shattering Avalanche, Ice Release: Furry Blizzard, Ice Prison, Ice Release: Snow Storm, Info: After the incident that left the Yuki clan as one of the most feared clans for having a Kekkei Genkai, Kumari's parents left with her at a young age, lengthening their last name to hide. They chose to stay in the leaf village, who welcomed them with little issues. Over the years, Kumari grew up as a happy child, & a very helpful one when her brother Makoto arrived. Though as the life of a shinobi goes, her parents died on an S-ranked mission, leaving her the guardian of her brother while also juggling her own life as a shinobi. Though when her brother took the path of a shinobi, he too, was killed by an A-ranked ambush on a D-ranked mission. With no family left, Kumari looked to her own team as a family. Though on one of their missions to recover injured shinobi from a collapsing mine several miles out, Kumari lost the last of her family. During the tunnel collapse, Baku & Tenaki chose to use their jutsu's to hold the tunnel long enough for Mekaiyo and Kumari to escape. Just as they reached the exit, the tunnel was crumbling quicker. Mekaiyo, knowing that he & his student couldn't both make it out alive, pushed her out of the tunnel before getting crushed, his arm torn from his body by a rock, & the only thing to see outside of the mine. With no team left, she was assigned as a substitute for Obito on Kakashi's team, only for the team to disband when Rin died. Sometime later, for reasons she keeps to herself, she joined the Anbu Black Ops & was sometimes partnered with Komachi or Kakashi. She eventually retired from the Anbu life & choose to become a Sensei, much like Kakashi, the two becoming close friends, though they kept their friendship secret for fear that enemies would use it to harm the other one.

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/13/2022 08:02 PM 

Mesume Miyuki's Bio

Name: Miyuki MesumeClans: Mesume, InuzukaCurrent Residence: Inuzuka CompoundBirth Village: IwagakureCurrent Village: KonohagakureNindo: I don't care how strong you think you are, I'll take you down with all I got, that's a promiseParent: Mukto Mesume, Taya Inuzuka,Siblings - Little Brothers (Adopted & Blood): Akahiro, Hideko, Daisuke, Hisao, Hiroyuki, Hotaka, Isao, Rogetsu, Katsuro, Kenji, Taidao, Toshi, Yori, Yasouhiro, KeiLittle Sisters (Adopted & Blood): Kanade, Utsuwa, Madoka, Ruka, Tomoe, Misaki, Rei, Mio, Mayu, Miku, Chou, KoeRelatives: Bakushi Inuzuka (Grandmother)Crush: Kiba InuzukaPet: Izumi Inuzuka (Akamaru sized Dog)Special Jutsu: Lava Release: Burning Hounds of HellTrademark Jutsu: Canine Runner's BiteOther Jutsu's: Man Beast Clone, Combined Transformation, Fang over Fang, Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: All-Fours Jutsu, Inuzuka Style: Man Beast Transformation Combo: Two-Headed Wolf, Tunneling FangInfo: Miyuki was born to Konohagakure's Inuzuka clan member Taya & Iwagakure's Mesume clan leader (& sole adult survivor) Mukto. She was first child of her family & the only one to inherit Taya's Inuzuka talent as well as her father's lava/magma release, while her younger siblings, both adopted (children in the Mesume clan who lost their families) & blood, inherited the Mesume Clan talents of Lava/Magma control. Taya knew that Miyuki could never truly learn the Inuzuka talents without proper training, so she sent her daughter away to Konohagakure to live with Taya's mother, Bakushi. Though Miyuki found it hard to leave her family, she knew they only wanted to see her get the best training meant for her & to become a strong shinobi. Though it took her a while to adjust, she eventually settled in to the clan quite nicely. She just couldn't stand her fellow clan mate, Kiba Inuzuka. You couldn't even get the two to be in the same room together; the two fought like cat & dog. And to this day no one knows what started it; even Miyuki & Kiba can't remember. Their hatred of each other ended the day after both had received their canine companions, Miyuki being picked on by some of the older academy boys while they held Izumi, her Golden retriever pup, hostage. Seeing her so hurt and vulnerable, Kiba & Akamaru stepped in as the hero's only to be the new targets. After the boys had left, Kiba walked over just to make sure she was alright. She thanked him for saving her & Izumi, & soon the two, along with their canine companions, became close friends. Now it was almost impossible to split them up. Miyuki then went on to be a kunoichi of an all-female squad, & aims to prove to herself & to the world that her parent's belief wasn't wrong; that she was the strongest kunoichi, with her faithful canine by her side. 

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/13/2022 07:56 PM 

Fujimo Haru's Bio

Name: Haru FujimoClan: FujimoCurrent Residence: Fujimo householdOccupation: Shinobi/Medic NinNindo: No matter what I do from now on, I won't let anyone down, I'll fight for them until my last breathParents: Daichi Fujimo, Mioyu Fujimo (Deceased Mother)Sibling: Hana Fujimo (Deceased twin sister)Crush: Shino AburameScars: many littered on her body, but the main one is on her right eye, hidden by her bangsSpecial Jutsu: Forbidden Mode: Crimson Butterfly, Forbidden Art: Crimson Butterfly Bomb, Forbidden Art: Thousand Crimson Butterfly SwarmTrademark Jutsu: Wooden Arachnid SwarmOther Jutsu's: Wooden Arachnid Jutsu, Dragon Spider Combo, Double Dragon Strike, Healing Jutsu, Arachnid Armor Jutsu, Rain of Wooden Arachnids, Wooden Arachnid Chakra Web, Wooden Arachnid Body Cocoon, Arachnid Chakra Spit, Wooden arachnid Chakra Arena, Arachnid Chakra Web Flower, Ninja Art: Spiral Arachnid Chakra WebInfo: Born to a small village in the mountains, called Gisei, Haru Fujimo spent many happy days playing with her twin sister, Hana. She was avoided by all other children in the village, which only brought her closer to her sister. She made a promise to her sister that they'd always be together, and Haru would do whatever she could to protect her. That promise wouldn’t be kept as a year later, Haru and Hana had to participate in their village's ritual of twin sacrifice. Haru, being the twin that had to do the sacrifice, was forced by the village to strangle her sister, despite her parents' refusal. However, half way through the strangulation, Haru’s resolve weakened and she merely strangled Hana long enough to cause her to lose consciousness, not kill her. Once her sister’s body had been cast into a dark pit, the demon they tried to appease was unsatisfied since Hana was not deceased. This caused a toxic energy to seep from the pit and kill many people. Haru was saved from this thanks to her parent’s quick thinking and movement. They barely made it out of the village before the toxic energy swallowed the village and seemed to cause the village to disappear. Sadly, because of the traumatic event, Haru blocked the memory out due to grief. Her parents decided to move to a new village and never told her about her sister, fearing it would only bring back her guilt and that she'd take her own life because of it. After moving to Konoha, Haru Fujimo had a nearly perfect life. She had a mother who loved her and taught her how to control chakra strings and a father who would spoil her rotten. Sadly her life was to be filled with more trauma. When the Cloud ninja invaded the village to steal the secrets of the Byakugan, Haru was walking home from helping Iruka clean the classroom from Naruto's latest prank. Of course she was young and defenseless, & thus an easy target for those Cloud Shinobi who seemed a bit sexually frustrated. As she was about to be ganged up on, her mother appeared from seemingly nowhere, taking a ninja or two out with her bare fists. Since she didn't expect an attack, she didn't bring any of her attack puppets with her, & thus suffered a huge disadvantage that she knew would get her killed. Though in her last moments, she put her daughter before herself, telling her to run away as fast as she could. Haru did run home to get help from her father, only for the both of them to come back & see the bloody raped corpse of Mioyu on the ground. Daichi cried out in pain of losing his academy sweetheart & when Haru tried to comfort him, she received a harsh backhand to the face. Daichi then blamed the whole incident on her, saying that if she didn't stay late to help Iruka, none of this would've happened. Ever since then, the father who had once spoiled Haru now had turned on her & abused her every single day of her life with beatings. If she tried to speak out against it, he'd only beat her more. One day Haru said that it wasn't her fault & he should be blaming the Cloud Ninja like a good father. Enraged by her backtalk, he grabbed a whip and hit her across the face, hit her eye & blinded it in the process. The scar was so badly damaged, especially after repeated cuts to that one spot, that it was eventually sealed shut. Ever since that incident, which only occurred after a week of beatings & not being able to leave the house, she had become a self inflicted mute. She never spoke again for fear of a worse punishment. She continues to suffer in silence while also begin a shinobi, so no one questions her scars. 

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/13/2022 07:49 PM 

Sabaku no Sayaka Bio

Name: Sabaku no SayakaSpecies: Pseudo JinchurikiSummoning: BatsDemon: Bat DemonSeal: Blood SealCurrent Residence: Naruto's Apartment ComplexOccupation: Shinobi/Medic NinBirth Village: SunagakureCurrent Village: KonohagakureNindo: My friend are family, and family sticks together, no matter what.Parents: Rasa (4th Kazekage) (deceased), Kunomori Ihiro (deceased)(Half) Siblings: Sabaku no Gaara, Sabaku no Kankuro, Sabaku no TemariRelative: Yuno Ihiro (Uncle) (deceased)Sensei: Kumari YukimariCrush: Neji HyugaScars: On her right leg from a katana that went through her legSkill Level: Jounin (Still a Chunin, but has yet to take the Jounin exams)Special Jutsu: Forbidden Jutsu: Bat's Blood LustTrademark Jutsu: Spinning Sand ShrapnelOther Jutsu's: Sand Coffin, Sand Burial, Healing Jutsu, Giant Sand Shield, Sand Armor, Desert Layered Sand Burial, Sand Suspension, Sand Tsunami, Sand Binding Prison, Giant Sand Burial, Sand Shield, Barrage Sand ShowerKekkei Genkai: N/AInfo: Pre Series: Sayaka was born to the late 4th Kazekage, Rasa, & his late second wife, Kunomori Ihiro. When she was within her mother's womb, her uncle Yuno wanted Kunomori to get rid of the child, knowing that it'd be the next host of the vampire bat demon; Maiyori (A demon created from the chakra and essence of the other tailed beasts, given life from the first Jinchuriki). In a lethal fight between brother & sister, Kunomori tearfully emerged the victor. When Sayaka was finally born, another fight broke out between Kunomori & a Kanesho clan member, who were born & raised to kill the demon sealed in the first born daughter of the Ihiro family. Though she put in a valiant effort to fight to protect her daughter, Kunomori, still weak from childbirth, was killed. Rasa, witnessing his second wife die, killed the man who had taken Kunomori from him. He became very cold afterwards, unable to look at his new daughter. He gave the job of raising Sayaka to Temari when the infant was only 2. As the years passed, Sayaka grew to have the same sand manipulation jutsus that Gaara, possessed, thanks to her mother. Sadly, Sayaka asked Gaara to teach her years after the Yashimaru incident, making the young boy a cold & cruel mentor. After years of abuse from Gaara & lack of love from her father, she ran away from the Sand village by sneaking onto a caravan of traveling merchants, heading from Sand to Leaf. When she arrived, she snuck out around the village, only to be caught and taken to the 3rd Hokage. She explained her situation & begged him not to send her back. He begrudgingly agreed & provided her living accommodations in an apartment across from Naruto.Pre Shippuden: After nearly losing her life in the chunin exams (& after Naruto smacked some sense into Gaara) the two half sand siblings made up and Gaara made the offer for Sayaka to return home. Though she had a squad, & thus couldn't leave for the Sand Village at that time. It was only a month after Sasuke's betrayal that she told Lady Tsunade that she was leaving for Suna, to try & really patch things up with her family. It was agreed and she left in secrecy that night.Shippuden: 2 1/2 years later, Sayaka patched things up with her family, her & Gaara becoming as close as siblings could be. She grew to be the second in command to the head medic in the Sand Village, a role she carried with honor. But after an incident in the Sand Village where she nearly lost control of her Demon, she was banished out of saftey for the other villagers. Though this didn't mean that she couldn't go home to the leaf, & so Gaara sent his baby sister back to the Leaf Village for hopeful safety. 

World Renowned

06/13/2022 01:09 PM 

Todd's family

Mother: Samantha SnapFather:Jason Snap (dead)Siblings: NoneChildren: Adopted son, KokoSignificant Other: NonePokemon in the family: Moon [Clafary], Star [Eevee], Sky [Sylveon formally an eevee], Flame [Growleth]History (random info):Samantha was a well known coordinator, a Clarfary and two Eevees where her Pokemon. Jason was a freelance photographer and had a Growleth. The two met wile Jason was taking pictures of a contest she was participating in and eventually won.Todd's dad Jason died before Todd was born, he had captured pictures of something he shouldn't have of Team Rocket and was subsequently kill by them for it. He might have been ok if he hadn't left his Growleth with his pregnant wife to make sure she was safe. Yes she had Pokemon of her own, but Jason's Growleth was a specially trained guard Pokemon. Todd was born about a month after his father was killed. Sam never knew what the picture was of, so Team Rocket didn't peruse her. But after her husband was killed there was more eyes on her so it was harder to get to her or her infant son either way.Jason's growleth became supper protective of Todd and basically adopted him as his trainer. One year for his birthday Todd receved a fire stone from Professor Rowan an old friend of his parents. He was still young but the look of the stone is what inspired the young boy to give the growlith the name flame. It wouldn't be till a few years later that his mom would let him decide if he would like one of her eevees to be a flareon or to evolve growlith, he chose growleth. ThoughTodd is a Pokemon photographer that doesn't mean he is weak by any standard, he may not be as buff and Lieutenant Surge or Crasher Wake, but he can still hold his own. However he has never had a reason to fight anyone.(Maybe more to come as it comes to me and evolves)


06/12/2022 11:17 PM 


1. Muse doesn't equal mun. Simple enough. Don't take sh*t that Ichiji says to heart and believe that as a mun I am like that too.2. Not a big fan of random starts. I like to discuss things, it makes it easier down the road. 3. Don't cause drama outside of character. Inside is a ' okay and welcomed. 4. Dark and mature themes appear here.5. I'm a fan of crossovers, mirrors and all that jazz. Crossovers tend to be fun and sometimes gives one an amazing challenge.6. Ani is not my life. Don't rush me for replies. It is a way of actually not getting anything out of me. I have an outside life. 7. Mobile things will be very limited , if they happen at all. I don't trust my auto correct to behave itself. 8. Banter is fine. Talking is great. Roleplay is encourage. Though most of all fun is the most encouraged. I will not touch one liners or semi unless it is true banter. It tends to die easily for me and truly doesn't give me much appeal. 

𝙱𝚕𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚍 𝚅𝚒𝚘𝚕𝚎𝚝

06/12/2022 10:24 PM 

Muse Info

I portray Yuri very headcanon-based, so here's my list to make more sense of my character! It will touch on some triggering topics, so please be warned*She retains the memories of all previous timelines, this includes the very bad ones. Most of the time they stay locked away, but on occasion they will bubble back to the surface, resulting in a mental break from all the stress and horrid memories of things she had done.*There are a handful of timelines where she killled Monika before she deleted everyone else, suddenly giving her all the knowledge Monika held and driving her insane, killing both the MC and herself  to spare them the pain*Her self harm is a dirty awful secret that shes incredibly ashamed of, but she doesn not glean any sexual pleasure from it. The Yuri that did was not her, it was a grossly amplified version of her. She still does enjoy her knife collection and usuallly keeps one on her for protection*Her parents are hardly ever home, which is why she appears so mature and able to handle herself. She writes her poetry because it's the only way she feels she can express herself without causing any harm*Just a fun thing, she is bi. She had a crush on Monika quite a few times, but never got close enough to confess. *She has two ball pythons, one named Jekll and one named Hyde


06/12/2022 08:39 PM 

Seven things to know when roleplaying with me! ♥

1. Patience is key with me. Sometimes my responses are literally back to back and I'm like a machine~, and then other times it may take me a day or even a few to get back to you. It's not because I dislike the story or I'm ignoring you or anything like that. It really just means I might be busy one of those days or parts of days. Please try to understand. ♥2. I don't really give out my Discord. I have one, but I'm not really into just intentionally giving it to random people. If we end up becoming friends down the line, then I will absolutely be happy to give it to you for us to speak. I RP strictly on this site and I'm on here more than I am on Discord anyhow.3. I write multiple paragraphs per post, so that's a thing. Sometimes the story doesn't need that much so I might only be able to do a paragraph to adapt, but I keep my general responses up there. If you're someone that thinks a paragraph is "TL;DR" or don't care to write that much, that's completely okay as everyone has their own style, but I'm very keen on my roleplays being Para+. I like to have detailed and fun stories that have a lot of life to them with love put into each post. ♥4. I'm not really here to just add people as a number. If that's the basically the extent of our friendship on here, then I'm probably going to clean you out of my list when it needs to be cleansed, XD. There's really no offense met. I'm just here to write stories and make friends along the way. 5. If you send me a random starter, I'm going to politely ask you if we can discuss first. I'm not going to be a "B-word" and just ignore, remove or hate on you. I don't like to start off with random starters and love to discuss how to begin our story and the general idea of what we want to do with it. 6. Do not ask me or imply that you want to RP with me just for erotica. That's an automatic block. I'm not just some toy that you can message whenever you want to have fun. -_-7. Just treat me with respect and I'll treat you with absolute respect. ♥ 


06/11/2022 11:32 PM 

Fate File Billy

For today, we shall be covering the the archer class servant "Billy the kid", The legendary outlaw of the wild west and a generally average servant. Still his popularity in the west keeps him going strong We shall be covering His Class, Attributes, Parameters, Class and Personal skills and abilities, Noble phantasm, followed by his personality quirks and notes.Identity: William Henry Mcarty JuniorGender: maleClass: ArcherAttribute: HumanRace: HumanAlignment: Chaotic NeutralParametersStrength: DEndurance: EAgility: BMana: ELuck: BNoble Phantasm: CCLASS SKILLSIndependent Action A: This is the skill of the archer class, it denotes the ability to operate without making use of the masters mana supply for a certain number of days at a time. In other words, those with this skill store up magical energy like a portal battery. Billy, with this skill at A rank, can operate without his master for seven days at a time without recharge. Uniquely, thanks to his low mana Noble Phantasm, he can use it without really needing to draw upon his masters mana either.Magic Resistance: A common class skill, however in Billy's case, it has been nullified. He did not deal with the supernatural in life, nor in his legends. As such he receives no innate magical protection from his class.Riding C+: The primarily class skill of the rider class, it denotes the ability to tame animals and beasts, as well as riding vehicles with inherit and supernatural skill. However Billy the kid can only ride horses with above average skill, and other vehicles with somewhat below average abilityPERSONAL SKILLSMarksmanship A++: The skill of accurate gunmen and women, which denotes their accuracy and ability to handle and fire firearms. Billy's rank with this skill is so high, it is nearly impossible for him to miss any target he designates. It allows him to practically perform improbable feats such as ricocheting bullets to bounce off the wall and strike through the head of two targets with a single round. Quickdraw A+: This skill gives billy inhuman speed when drawing and firing his weapon. At it's rank, he can counterattack the moment his opponent draws or attacks with their weapons. He can easily disarm most foes, or leave sneaky blows for every slash or thrust of his enemy.Eye of the mind (false) C: This skill gives those who bear it a sixth sense to anticipate attacks and danger, similar to a clairvoyance or future sight ability that is more 'felt' then seen. This skill is borne out of a accumulation of experience through hard work, countless battles and struggles. However the "False" version is born out of a Instinct that cannot be taught, something Billy was born with.NOBLE PHANTASMThunderer, thunderbolt of broken sound: The culmination of Billy's legend takes the form of his near superhuman feat of firing three shots with his Colt M1877 double action revolver at almost the same time. Performed as a servant, the skill reaches the level of magecraft, firing with supernatural precision, range and damage. The NP only needs to be invoked once, then he can utilize it at will for a extended period. Time slows and he gains inherit knowledge on the location and anticipated attacks of his foes. This way, he can counter attack each opponent with three shots each with time to spare. This makes Billy notoriously hard to hit with any attack without getting a powerful counter attack in return, especially at range. The only way to overcome this noble phantasm is to hit him with a blow that he absolutely has no chance of dodging. Either through blinding speed or an attack with a wide AOE. The noble phantasm, despite being C rank, only takes the mana consumption of a E rank NP. This allows him to use it repeatedly without draining his master too much, and even with independent action. ABILITIESFirearm skills: Thanks to his personal skills, the firearms Billy utilizes become enhanced by his legends. Fired rounds exceed the damage of their caliber by several ranks, Go nearly three times the distance and can fire at speeds beyond the operational make of the firearm. He prefers the use of his beloved revolver and weaponry of his time howeverSupernatural Luck: With luck at E rank, small blessings will repeatedly happen. Finding dollar bills, fish snagging easily on lines, minor curses unable to take effect and etc. At D rank ones luck rivals that of those who have fallen into small fortunes and consistently win at life. at C rank ones luck reaches the pinnacle of what humans can have bestowed upon them to being near improbable. At B rank, the rank Billy is at, the luck parameter enters the realm of the supernatural. Fate itself begins to bend events impossibly to keep things in the servants favor. A strange thing with horses: A strange and consistent joke, when in danger, a horse sometimes just appears for him to make a get away. He has no disengage skill, but it's likely the cause of his B rank luck. PERSONALITYBilly the kid, to many is a smiling and jovial man. Well mannered, proper and pauper, he will always keep up a childish and playful façade to those he does not trust. It is a mask he constantly wears, one he is born with. However beneath that is a cold and shrewd man, a observant and educated calculator who will pragmatically approach any situation. For those who are unable to meet his standards, he will keep the mask on, smile and laugh, acting as the gentlemen. But those who he accepts as his equal or friend, he reveals his true self. A brash and brave man, the true example of a gentlemanly outlaw and cautious daredevil. He has no qualms with how things ended up in his life, and is just thankful for the chance to experience new adventures. He yearns to go into crazy and unexplored territory or into the thick of danger, thriving in the chaos, but not to the point of causing unneeded suffering. He just truly wishes to experience something dazzling, something that will wow him. He gets along with many servants, especially those from america, and oddly is a good drinking buddy with fellow outlaw, Robin Hood. WEAKNESSESHe is a pretty average servant in all honesty, although every servant is powerful in their own niches, so calling a servant "Weak" is foolish. Despite having the superhuman durability of even the weakest servants, he cannot really take any serious blows and is unskilled in any form of CQC that does not involve shooting your ass. His temper can also get the better of him despite his personality. If he does not approve of his master, he can be pretty snide, and one would likely not know it. 


06/11/2022 11:30 PM 

Fate File Gorgon

For today, we shall be covering the Avenger Class Servant Gorgon, the pinnacle of Medusa and the oldest iteration of her, the queen of magical and demonic beasts and scourge of the gods. We shall be covering Her Class, Attributes, Parameters, Class and Personal skills and abilities, Noble phantasm, followed by her personality quirks and notes.Identity: MedusaGender: FemaleClass: AvengerAttribute: EarthRace: Magical beast, Divine spirit, corrupted goddessAlignment: Chaotic EvilParametersStrength: A++Endurance: A++Agility: BMana: BLuck: DNP: AClass SkillsAvenger B: This skill represents the anger and resentment the servant has towards the world, as well as the anger and hatred directed towards her. The more damage inflicted upon her, the angrier she becomes, the more anger directed towards her, the more powerful she gets. Statistics begin to raise.Oblivion Correction C: This skill ensures that the wrongs and sins committed upon the servant are never forgotten and remain at the forefront of their mind. The events are fresh in their minds and never allowed to emotionally heal. This allows them to inflict critical damage automatically towards those their anger is directed towards. Should someone manage to connect or ease the avengers suffering, this skills rank will drop around the individual.Self Replenishment A (Mana): This skill ensures that the servant accumulates mana from the world and environment around them, allowing them to exist and maintain themselves even without a master. With gorgon at Rank A, she is practically a generator for mana.Personal SkillsMonstrous Strength A+: This skill allows one to temporarily increase their strength rank by one magnitude for a certain amount of time based on the ranking of the skill. This allows servants to reflect or borrow power reflecting demonic beasts and monsters. Ana and Medusa have access to this skill to temporarily increase their power to incredible decrees at risk of becoming gorgon. Since Gorgon is already herself, this skill is in permanent activation.Demonic Mutation B: This skill is for those who were a hero or god that had degraded or transformed into a demon in life. It is a composite skill that vastly increases Strength and Endurance to levels beyond human capability. Ensuring holders of these skills surpass those who had human origins like hercules in physical strength and endurance. The skill also contains a extreme form of battle continuation and self modification granting gorgon high regeneration and conceptual immortality. She can also alter her body to adapt to situations to a degree.Mystic Eyes A++ (Cybele): This skill denotes the use of mystic eyes to the holder, In gorgon's case, she has unlocked the full power of her mystic eyes. Those she stares upon have their magical energy drained and fueled to her. with a glance she can paralyze anything in her vision. Those she stares at will be instantly petrified with Magic Resistance B or below and those with A rank will begin to petrify, putting them on a timer. Those with EX rank will be immune but become slowed, their stats reduced.Scream of Fear A++: A bellowing scream only capable of being unleashed by the queen of magical beasts. A shockwave attack capable of cracking the earth, those who hear this roar will have all manner of curses afflicted upon them and their parameters diminished for a short time. NOBLE PHANTASM: Breaker Gorgon, Sealed templeThis is the first of Gorgon's noble phantasms, which it's physical form takes the shape of a blindfold over her eyes. It acts as a seal, able to nullify her chosen magical abilities such as her mystic eyes. She normally senses through vibrations, touch, scent and magic without having to rely on sight. However the NP can be activated as a long range curse in the form of a bounded field on the brain of her chosen target. Those afflicted will have their Skills and abilities sealed, rendering them 'normal' while putting them in a dream of sublime pleasure and horrid nightmare.NOBLE PHANTASM: Pandemonium Cetus, Forced Seal - Pandemonic TempleThis noble phantasm comes in two forms. The first is her rider's skill "Bloodfort Andromeda" amplified to the extreme. Activating the first portion is instant with a small cooldown, allowing her to superimpose the shapeless isle and her blood temple into a designated space, creating a powerful multilayered bounded field. The shapeless isle is a large land mass from the age of gods, with roaming snake based phantasmal beasts and other creatures, as well as rocky terrain and vegetation along with a palace in the form of a temple. Those who walk within are placed under the effect of the bounded field "Those who enter the island are under the effect of my eyes" which amplifies the effect to even Magic Resistance EX, putting servants on a timer to defeat her, and those below Magic Resistance A unable to contest her on the island without other rare means. It will instantly melt humans and other creatures to blood and fueling gorgon. Gorgon can choose who is affected by the templeWhile gorgon is within the temple, she has near infinite access to mana and her parameters are boosted even further.The second portion is Pandemonium Cestus, which unleashes the full totality of her mystic eyes at a target by abandoning the last vestiges of her identity of medusa temporarily. This is at such extreme power, it can instantly petrify even those with Magic Resistance EX, and if by some means her target survives (like Tiamat), they sustain immense damage and debuffs.AbilitiesImmense strength: Gorgon's movements are powerful enough to cause earthquakes, her strikes can cause ravines and cause explosions like bunker busters. The strength of her blows can even rival that of lesser physical noble phantasms.Immense Durability: Gorgon extremely durable, her main body nearly unable to sustain damage, and any damage she does is quickly healed through self modification causing regeneration. She had tanked several noble phantasms unfazed by the damage. Immortality: Gorgon is immortal through Demonic Mutation conceptually and cannot be killed, even slaying her master will not bring her down. One would need a immortal killing weapon or something that removes immortality, both of which are rare for servants to have.Snake Hair: Gorgon's hair can form into snakes, each one rivalling a phantasmal beast of Demonic Class. Their bites contain powerful venom which double as acid and a single blow has enough force to bore a great hole in the earth or destroy a building. They can launch blasts of magical energy rivaling Age of gods magecraft.Unique Blood: Gorgon's blood acts as a powerful venom and acid, capable of ignoring the endurance parameter and durability of things. Should this blood be spilt and linger, it will form into Snake Monsters and Phantasmal beasts like lamia. The blood can also be used to create a potion that can revive the dead.Bloodfort Andromeda: Gorgon can deploy a small scale version of her noble phantasm to instantly melt the lifeforms of most things in her vicinity and convert it into magical energy.Magecraft: Gorgon is a adept magus from the age of gods, able to cast spells that can locate objects, turn the ground to her own venom/acid, control animals among other things. Within her temple, she is capable of casting higher tier spells, like the creation of various avatars that rival her in power and can be restored easily.Size Alteration: Gorgon at base is around 10ft, however can alter her size and increase her parameters to their depicted states to the size of a mountain reflecting her actual size. In this state, despite her size, she moves with incredible speed catching many off guard. Her snakes are capable of swallowing busses in this state. However this form causes unneeded destruction and only uses it to stretch and fight. Inhuman Intellect: Gorgon is beyond human and mortal, she possesses an intelligence that surpasses mortal genius's. However being a monster beyond human comprehension, it gets away from her sometimes, and leads to blind pride. PersonalityGorgon, like most Avenger class servants, is a angry, violent a**hole with utter hate and contempt for humans and the gods. She relishes in the torture and death of heroes and other life but her anger is not so much directed at animals or otherworldly creatures. Most of this is due to a combination of Oblivion correction and the Avenger skills however which keep her from being able to emotionally heal from all the pain and trauma she has suffered through. Gorgon is consumed by a deep self loathing/guilt that she is a monster and no one can love her. She especially holds this true, as she was the one who devoured her beloved sisters. Despite this, human masters who somehow manage to connect with gorgon and lower her Oblivion correction rank will cause her to be less of a literal ass-hole towards them and more of a figurative one like a Tsundere. However she makes it abundantly clear, she will still kill them in the end, but this time she will do so gently and likely save them for last. She loves her sisters and family dearly, and does not want to be seen by them as what she is, she also holds a special fondness for her younger iterations, hoping they can experience happiness she cannot. Gorgon believes she is undeserving of love, a monster so evil that she is a plague on the world. She has shown a soft spot for horses, and does dwell on the fate of her offspring and descendants.Recently, aside from her family, the servants Ibuki Douji, quetzalcoatl and Mochizuki Chiyome have bonded with her, leading to Gorgon to develop feelings of affection for them, although begrudgingly.She also retains shreds of her earth mother goddess self WeaknessesSize: Gorgon's max size, despite still retaining great speed and durability is cumbersome and makes her a easy target for attacks. Should those rare servants actually be capable of wounding her, they don't have to aim very hard.Unreasonable: Gorgon is a violent servant and a grump. She will likely attack her master if they made no effort to try and ease her pain or bond with her. She may even harm you for doing so. She also is unlikely to listen to orders and go off on her own.PTSD: Gorgon suffers from PTSD, like all Avengers, and will lose it if her emotional vulnerabilities are attacked, causing her to rage.

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Heres da rules!

Alright, I don't like doing these, but from past experiences on this site, I need em.First, I don't do comments, just send everything in messages.I don't mind the random starter thing, but I prefer to have at least a little bit of a discussion before we start.Roleplay length is a big one for me. I'm gonna be frank, if you can't at least keep up with one or more paragraph per reply, don't bother adding me, you won't be able to keep up, and I'll get bored and stop replying to you.I'm open to all roleplay genres, I'm not that picky. But if you know who Lobo is, then you know what you're getting into here. If you don't.....well immagine Deadpool, but WAY more violent, rude, and arrogant. So, this is your only warning.I know a lot of people hate this one, but if you request me, then you are the one who messages first, same goes for starting us off.Honestly, I think that's it for now. If need be I'll add more to this.

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Powers and Abilities

Immense Strength: On multiple occasions Lobo has shown physical strngth capable of destroying entire planets, Lobo has also shown strength on par withe the Kryptonian, SupermanImmense Durability: Lobo also possesses high levels of durability. Lobo is depicted to have the physical resiliency to stand toe to toe with Superman, survive unprotected in deep space, and withstand high level destructive weaponry and powerful explosive blasts without sustaining injury. He has displayed particular susceptibility to gaseous chemicals. In one instance, Lobo was declared immortal; after he died and went to Hell, he proved too much for the demons, and when he was then sent to Heaven, he wreaked so much havoc that he was permanently banished from the afterlife.Healing Factor: If Lobo sustains injury, his accelerated healing factor enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with superhuman speed and efficiency, and little apparent pain. Lobo also is functionally immortal. He is immune to the effects of aging and disease. As such, even though he can sustain sufficient injury to be out of commission for quite some time, he will apparently heal from any injury, given sufficient time. For instance, Lobo can regenerate out of a pool of his own blood, apparently recycling the cells.Lobo possesses an amazingly developed sense of smell, which allows him to track objects between solar systems, as well as a separate tracking ability enabling him to track an individual across galactic distances.He is a formidable combatant with expertise in multiple forms of armed and unarmed combat. His favorite weapon is a large titanium alloy chain with a large gutting hook connected at the end, often referred to as "the garrote", that he keeps wrapped around his right wrist. At times, he also uses high-grade explosives and advanced firearms.Despite his violent and loutish nature, Lobo seems to have a genius-level intellect in matters of destruction and violence. He can create complex virulent agents and the corresponding antidotes. In one version of his backstory, he released such a plague on Czarnia as a school science project. This resulted in the deaths of the entire population in the span of one week, he then proceeded to give himself an "A". Lobo has extraordinary speed, rivaling the Flash  Lobo was blessed with the power of detecting weaknesses in any enemy, just by looking at it.His vehicle, some sort of space-faring motorcycle (the "Space Hog"), often accompanies him. It is of his own design and, despite its size, it is capable of extended and speedy travel throughout space. Further, it protects those in its immediate vicinity from the hazards of space and somehow permits the ability to breathe and speak. He was also able to scavenge parts from a destroyed time hopper and attach them to his own bike, producing a working time machine. Lobo is fluent in many alien languages (according to Lobo, 17,897)and extremely knowledgeable in the locations and cultures of worlds without external references. Lobo is known for his awkward behavior and love for cigars. He once was known to destroy an entire planet for not finding the cigar of his liking.Magic Satchel: The Magic Satchel is a comic book trope that has been used by characters such as Dead Pool, Lobo has also been seen using this trope as well. With he Magic Satchel Lobo can seemingly pull any number of weapons, large, small, and rediclous out of seemingly thin air. There seems to be no limits to what the satchel can contain.Weaponry: Lobo has a franly absurd arsenal of weaponry at his disposal that he can acces at any time via the magic satchel. Lobo has access, but not limited to, firearms of all shapes, sizes, caliburs and energy levels. (This includes pistols, hand cannons, machine guns, shot guns, light machine guns, sub machine guns, energy guns, miniature nuke guns, and rail guns), grenades and other high explosives with yeilds from destructions of a small house all the way to blowing up entire cities and more, plastic explosives, timed explosives, proximity explosives, mines of all types. Lobo's arsenal is, as mentioned above, absolutely absurd, if it can be used to kill, maim, destroy, or explode, Lobo probably has access to it.


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Character Info

Grace Hiragine, Duchess. Owns a small plot of land + castle. Power: able to transport someone at airplane height, let them drop, then transport them before they hit the ground; giving whiplash in order to intimidate. 38(human years) 300+ years(vampire, pureblood), asexual, NOT interested. EXTREMELY PRIDEFUL and mature. but becomes a dork around her sisters.Rose McRein, steamstress. Owns a small clothing company that sells expsive-looking clothing for reasonable prices. Has a son named Victor who is half human half vampire. Rose is pureblood, but her ex husband divorced due to finding out she was a vampire. he was a hunter and ran off. they are slowly getting back together, but barely. she is gentle and kind, but if she hears of a 'shipping' she'll go into a frenzy and start drawing wedding outfits for the couple(gay, les, or straight; she dun care). straight, not interested, over-protective of her son. power; able to give nightmare-fuel imagery to the person; even if that person has 'no fear', she WILL give you those images that'll make you cringe instead.Kasandra(Kandie) Hiragine. She is...not the brightest tool in the shed. she gives the whole new meaning to 'scatter brain' as she forgets A LOT and goes through a boyfriend each month or week. second youngest, she is the guardian of Miyu as she travels around the world to try to become a pop star(but her music is horrible). she does, however, care deeply for her siblings, and is over-protective like the rest of them when it comes to Miyu. power: screeching. pretty much like a banshee wail, but x100 to the point of either making the person who hears it have their head explode or ears bleed. weakest of the girls, but able to make an escape in time before being killed. bisexual, UNKNOWN AT THIS POINT

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Simple Rules

1. If you're going to send me a message, learn how to converse. I don't need an introduction of your character. If your first message is "Hi thanks for adding, my name is ____, do you want to write?" You're getting dropped faster than a hot potato.2. Tying into #1, I heavily dislike random starters. If you're unwilling to discuss, remove me now. Likewise if you have no ideas for a story, don't waste my time. I have about 5 hours a day to myself and would rather not waste them.3. My page, my time, my rules. I can add, subtract, or disregard anything on my page at any time.4. Yes I have Discord. Ask and I'll give it to you. If you add me from stream tell me who you are.


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I have many OCs that I have "created" over the years. Now I have decided to make visuals for them and display them. I will add their descriptions later on.  VENUSA lone woman who takes care of 3 orphans. 2 males and a female. She made an oath that no matter what happens, she will never leave them..."Venus" is often perceived as a "bitch" due to her cold demeanour. Rather, she is quite the opposite. Deep down she is a woman with a heart of gold who cares deeply for her loved ones and will do anything to protect them. As an orphan herself she knows the struggles of loneliness and hardships that one has to go through without any support.In a sickening world where everyone takes advantage of one another and murder has become the norm, her path comes across a quite mysterious organisation. There she is brainwashed of her past and trained to become one of the deadliest assassins. Trying to find her true "self", Venus sets on a journey to discover what it is like to be human again, what emotions are and what it is to trust and love someone...

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