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Brooks, The Ground-type trainer

06/11/2022 02:32 PM 

Possible 6th/In PC

KrookodileDex Entry: Very violent Pokémon, they try to clamp down on anything that moves in front of their eyes.Ability: Intimidate-Intimidate lower's the Attack of all opponents by one stage when the ability-bearer switches in (including the start of a battle).Gender: MaleMoveset: Crunch, Outrage, Thunder Fang, Hone ClawsWill update as time goes on. Suggest if you'd like 


06/10/2022 09:41 PM 

Gate Crossover storyline- The Clash of Beleif

A great disturbance rippled throughout the force with it comes opportunity. Anything is possible with the force more so when concentrated on a nexus be this a person or place. The Celestials left many wonders in their passing Pinnacle Station once used to shape the very stars. Their homeworld of Mortis and its vast mysteries of how it's connected with the Maw. The Maw Installation was much more than a secret Imperial Research facility, it also was a prison. Only my most treasured captured force wielders would be given the honor of being a part of this collection. The calling of the holocrons I've brought a whisper of the Mortis Gods, surely my honored prisoner feels its call. An'ya Kuro the Dark Woman of the Jedi Order a title she willingly took on. Now she simply waits to see her points proven correct and how my Empire will crumble as other Sith Empires. How my servants will turn against one another, and that my Empire could never truly create anything. For one so enlightened she still carries the spirit of a Jedi peaceful passive weak.It'd been five years since my last visit the years seemed to barely pass over her despite being ten years Dooku's elder. As my other visits, she would be meditating with my arrival attempting to unsettle me by ignoring my grace."You've grown thinner Dark Woman and all the weaker I've come with a gift."The Dark Woman would ignore me still till I revealed my twin holocrons. I could tell in a moment she recognized my Jedi holocron recognized it as the former Master of Exar Kun. Yet it wasn't alone I have also the Legacy of the Rule of Two. The Holocron passed down from Dark Lord of the Sith to the next Dark Lord. Few holocrons could match the sheer intricacy of its working, and never could be used by the hands of a Jedi.It was then that the Dark Woman replied with a laugh of her own some secret or foolish thought surely coming to her mind.Dark Woman: "It seems the wisest fool wishes to tamper with things they can't possibly comprehend once again. I imagine you must be desperate to grant me a wish from the Force.""For one of your titles, I'd expect more from you Dark Woman. The Force itself is calling for me to be its master. In time even you will accept my absolute power."Dark Woman: "So quick to follow the path to your own ruin very well. Emperor you shall have your wish."With this the holocrons would begin to stir with each seal unlocked echoes across the ages poured into our minds. Bending the visions to my will I'd delve deep into the cosmic force. Time now flows far differently  I'd bare witness to events ages past. My apprentice, Obi-Wan, and the young Tano's journey into the heart of the Force. A secret that even Lord Vader kept long from me revealed the true nature of the Sisters fall. It was obvious now why the Force would choose her in the heart of the Clone Wars. The Sisters spirit carries far more significance than the elder Tano. There was more to the vision the other apprentice Starkiller would soon follow their path. The way forward requires the three of them together, and it isn't Tano who must be broken.Now with our vision ended the crazed Jedi would simply laugh ceaselessly. Perhaps the truth has now finally driven her over the edge. Those who attempt to walk in the twilight often fall to madness. It matters not as this trophy served its purpose left to rot forgotten, and alone.

Star Wars, Gate

Treaty Breaker

06/10/2022 06:46 PM 

A little push

Gao gripped the sink the images of the massacre he saw flooding his mind.  "These people need help.  This can't continue, but I'm a Federation agent, I can't interfere."  His reflection straightened up and responded.  "The treaty means nothing if we can't save those who are suffering in front of us.  You possess the power to rescue those villagers, you can save those children, those men, those women from their oppressers who abuse them and treat their lives as nothing more than playthings to use and throw away when they no longer hold their interest like a spoiled child.  Pick up your blades, fight like a heraldic knight and save the innocent.""No, I swore an oath, to protect those within the federation's reach.  They will be brought to justice by way of their world, I cannot interfere in an underdeveloped world's path."  The reflection chuckled.  "But my captain, you already have.  When you saved that child from the monster, you already altered this planet's path with your interference.  Who knows how much you changed with just that one action?  What of that fighting tournament you joined?  Did that not count as interference?  Why not just rescue them all?  You know they're planning a public execution of some girl who defended herself from a noble, why not start with saving her?"Gao sighed dejected.  "No, you're right, but let's see if I can do this without bloodshed.  No need to shed blood if it can be avoided.  Paying to remove charges and a stay of execution... this world's system is a strange one, but if they refuse, I will save her and these people from their rule." He straightened up turning away from the reflection.  "There'll be no turning back after this... I hope this is the right decision and these kind people prosper."  The Federation engineer walked out of the bathroom making sure the mask kept his face hidden in case anyone from the federation may recognize him.


06/10/2022 03:25 PM 


Under moon’s pale glow, a lanky mad tyrant with long ears and an unrecognizable, slope snout stands predatorily over a beautiful, weeping woman. The bladed staff in his hand glides over her head, before raising her chin to meet his devilish gaze. In his eyes reside the delineation of war, of chaos, of flesh flailing storms; for his name is Set, god of the aforementioned, decorated warrior beyond compare, and the current pharaoh of these lands, the king of Egypt. At his pronged feet, kneeled in grief, the awesome Isis; goddess of fertility, of healing, of magic, of motherhood and rebirth, of life. She kneels at the mercy of her king, tears streaming down her cheeks, smeared sapphire kohl swelling in every rolling bead. She meets his slitting stare, but her heart is not with the man who holds a blade to her throat. Her heart is with the scattered dismembered remains of what was once her husband, Osiris, splayed before her. Time and time again had Isis tried to reform and reanimate her lost love. Set, driven to murder his brother, would not see Osiris rise again —no matter the cost. His halberd risen, Set overlooked the loss in front of him before committing to a lethal strike. “Do it, Usurper!” cries Isis with seething anger between gnashing teeth. She found quiet solace in the fact she would soon be joining her impossibly departed husband in the life after the afterlife, a deity’s myth otherwise. It was impossible to kill a god, and yet Set had irrefutably found a way by proxy of an unfathomable concept: infinite death. Wherever the spiritual recipe of Osiris’ essence now resided; his Ka, his Ba, his Akh; Isis remained determined to find it even in the face of the bleakest unknown. “DO IT!” THE HALBERD STRIKES DOWN! ☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ In that moment of hopeful reunion, Isis, still finding fear of nonexistence, raised the sky-blue wings bound upon her arms to shield herself from Set’s blade. A deafening metallic tone rang harshly in the ears of all those around to hear it. A solitary wave ripples through the sand dunes of Egypt like an emboldened tide. You might think a goddess removed from her head would elicit such a violent reaction from the House of Geb, what you call the Earth, and you would be right. This day, however, such curt action was not to be as a sickle hooked around the girth of the blade’s staff, depriving the war god’s bloodthirsty efforts. Set’s eyes grew wide over the sight of Osiris’ crook, and dreaded the coming of his flail always to follow. But as the risen sand settled, who’s hand held the crook nearly brought Set to farcical tears. Their handler was not the fallen Osiris Set feared. The handler is a young man with a solitary braid, discolored, down the right side of his jackal’s head. This young man felled the pharaoh’s grimly sentence, and while Set stifled his laughter, he saw in the eyes of the young man a resounding determination impressively unperturbed for a youth. “Enough,” the youth firmly demanded in hushed tone. This particular youth was one whom all referred to as the gentle one. For as long as he could recall, he had felt a need to tend unto the dead, to protect the dignity of the dead, to enforce the respect of the once living. The mortals came to refer to him informally as their God of the Dead. Set, referred to the young man as something else. “Inpu, my SON!” roared Set as he turned his halberd on the boy. First blood was spilled in the space between the moment of Set’s spoken word and the timespan in which it reached the young man’s sensitive canine ears. Not for the faint of heart, the following battle was ferocious by any stretch the imagination could conjure. With every strike, the other grew larger and larger in stature —till the movement of their offense alone brought blistering winds and sandstorms, their footsteps brought ground opening quakes, their falls moved mountains. As they waged war before the gods and mortals alike, Set’s experience began to change the momentum. Inpu was simply too young, regardless of determination. The youth fell snout first into the deserts of the 18th Nome of Lower Egypt, flail and crook thrown hopelessly wayward. “Do you feel that?” The Pharaoh asked his fallen foe, eyes to the dark skies of Nun. He sees in the black ocean of space something that no other can see; some might call it a prophecy of madness. “The sands stirring chaos and rage. My rage! With it, I have imprisoned your mother, Nepthys. I have slain my brother, Osiris. I have crippled my sister’s forces, Isis, and now defeated her guard dog. The age of Set… has finally, truly begun.” His halberd hovers above the disarmed youth’s head. Set, obsessively compulsive, he deliberately mimics the very same methodical execution ritual he tried to perform with Isis only moments ago. “Farewell, son.” he said, “Farewell, Inpu.” “That is not my name…” the youth mumbles, a final act of defiance even from his knees. It joggled Set’s curiosity. “What was that?” he asked. “I have been rechristened.” the youth’s voice pained him, the breaths needed  racked his bones, but he trudged on. “I am Anubis now.” “Heh” Set rebuffs, halberd held above, its mortal threat looming over the youth. “I don’t care. You are a disappointment. I had hoped you to be a great god of decay, to revel in the rot of my chaos, to follow my lead. No, you are merciful to the dead, respectful, a guide to the lost and the orphaned. You. Are. Weak.” THE HALBERD STRIKES DOWN! ☥ ☥ ☥ But this time, there is no tone. There is no metal clang, there is no harsh ring. The sound is a liquid sloshing, an unclean spill of red and meaty chunks, juicy increments reminiscent of shredded organs that were once a whole. The chaos god’s halberd, it falls to the wayside. The god himself staggers back, blood pouring down on his feet and all around.“I… I’m not merciful. I am… fair. Before the sunrise of Ra, I will educate you of the difference!” Anubis elicited with pained confession, the entirety of the pharaoh’s torn scrotum between his claws. Tossed aside, Anubis lifts the halberd, and he feels something he had never quite felt before. The bladed staff was generating his own power, channeling it. His fur took on a black hue. His eyes like the blade, emanated a ghostly teal power. It was the very first time this boy had ever felt his gifts under control. His maw snarling, he looked unto Set with renewed confidence and vigor. “WAIT! STOP!” begged a castrated Set, falling back in agony, desperately crawling off of his hands and elbows away from a marching Anubis. “You side with her?!” Set pointed to the weeping Isis afar. “She is a deceiver, boy, a conspirator! No better than a desperate beggar. Ask how she petitioned her son to sit upon the throne long before his conception! Ask about the innocent lives she has taken in search of her husband! The truth may disturb. Just as the truth is, it was not your mother’s infidelity with Osiris that lead me dismember him. It was simply the spark to a prepared flame. Osiris’ reign smothered Egypt. The other Pantheons, you should know what comes if they see how soft we have become under such rule, and Horus will be NO BETTER! I will bring strength to Egypt, I will raise Egypt just as I raised you!” “THE HOUNDS OF THE MARSHES BY THE NILE RIVER RAISED ME! Where I was abandoned by my mother, Nepthys, due in fear of your wrath! You have only ever held me in contempt. My aunt, Isis, she found me, protected me, raised me through the years as we escaped your grasp in search of Osiris! Even Nepthys sought me out to atone. YOU are no father.” The harsh words of Anubis sank into the deepest recesses of Set’s mind, and when that happened, a rage began to fester and boil. The sands of Egypt came to life, they mimic Set’s form in droves. Whirling storms within storms touch the sky. See, such a god as is Set, was not accustomed to restraint. Within the eye, a battered Anubis looks back with tired brow upon a formless entity that encompasses everything. He knows he gazes upon chaos incarnate, but moreover, he knows he gazes upon Egypt’s future under Set’s reign. Anubis slams the butt of the halberd into the ever-changing ground, and he chants primordial scribe unknown to even the oldest of gods. The sea of sand, the chaos, a silhouette begins to emerge from the vertical tides; a titanic feline, golden pelt, drooling maw, and claws that rival the immensity of the Nile itself, Set’s army at his paws. All the while, the countless dead through all of time begin to swarm from beneath Anubis’ stand. —And, WAR, CHAOS, AND DEATH DANCE, as they so often did. ☥ ☥ As Ra brought the sunrise, a scream accompanied its warmth. They were the arduous screams of Set, as Anubis branded the final burning mark over the kingslayer’s golden pelt with the blade of the very same halberd Set himself brought to wage torment. The sand had settled and the battle waged was over. With labored breath, Anubis stood victorious over set and his fallen, now headless army. Anubis had defeated chaos itself, and a god in which many believed was the greatest warrior amongst them. Yet, in victory, he remained modest. He spared the god who he once called father. All the gods of Egypt emerged in celebration, and ascendence. Geb, God of the Earth, declared all leopards from that point onwards would be born with the spots branded, to remind Set of defeat in hopes of humility should his ambitions rise again. Chosen by the people informally as their God of Death, due to the actions he stood for, Anubis had proved himself many times over — but now he would be chosen by his peers as the formal God of Death. He was of the Ennead, he truly was of Ra’s blood. Yet, in spite of overjoyed celebration, he did not forget who lead him here. Anubis sought to aid Isis in Osiris’ resurrection.Isis stopped Anubis, she would not have a father and son meet for the first time as is. She cut the braided lock that hung down the side of his face, the very lock she bestowed on him long ago. Anubis was no longer a child, but a fully ascended god. Together, Anubis and Isis brought Osiris to life, but not all was well. Osiris had remained dead for too long, longer than any god before him. His skin possessed an unwell teal tint. He could not rule over life, he could not be a god of life if he was now an eternal symbol of death. The throne over the living was lost to Osiris forever.Anubis pondered the credence of all thrones, and so relinquished his own crown unto Osiris. Anubis recognized Osiris to be one of Egypt’s greatest figureheads, even in death. So the son’s introduction to his father was a peculiar sight indeed. Never before had anyone seen a son give the crown to the father. A humbled Osiris accepted. Anubis, no longer a god of death, but still a god of the dead, was more than happy to be a guide and protector, a psychopomp forevermore.  ☥

Selfish Justice[✧]

06/10/2022 07:13 PM 

Trapped in Hell.

My mother told me once of whenA young bunny ventured from his den,And as he danced in the field and glenHe sang, laughed, and jumped aroundBut there were wicked things aboundAnd that young bunny these evils foundThey whisked him up from off the groundAnd the glen was left empty then.They took him to a world of man's designA place where God's light would not shineA Hell of steel beneath the brineWhere misery's echoes boomed.And all around him there were othersFellow beasts, all sisters and brothers,Locked up, all with one another.In the deep sea-dark, entombed.The first was a fox, quite eloquent in wordBut when she was taken, her pleas went unheardHer mouth forced to curl, like a kitten with yarn.She was forever happy, abandoning her charmThe poor little fox had been completely replacedAll that's left is a husk, a forced smile on its face.To the flirty crow, it happened as wellDespite how hard he fought, he also fellWhen he awoke he had no feelings at allNot a single emotion he could ever recallNow the crow can never actually lose his "cool"He got what he always had wanted... the fool.Even the friendly bear could not escapeBeing deformed forever was his fateInto a monster he was made, and with it came powersNow full of spirit, he no longer cowersBut that power came at a costAnd his true personality was lost.The last of the four was a dog fraught with fearHe knew what happened to his friends dearHe fled from his master, his hiding for naughtAnd when he was found he bit and he foughtBut in the end, he too was taken and changedNow even his words are cruel and deranged.The dog howled, the crow said naught,The fox denied she had even been caught,The bear cried, "This is who we are."And embraced his pain.But the bunny stood up and shook his headAnd rising from his metal bedHe said, "For now, I am not dead,And I will break free instead!"I wonder what became of the bunny?Did he flee to the world out there?To guess his fate, we shouldn't darePerhaps his tale closed well.But for all the beasts trapped in the NetherThe flock that could not work togetherAre sure still trapped in Hell.

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/10/2022 06:32 PM 

Darvell Dupont's Bio

Name: DarvellAlt Name: Darvell Dupont (Fake Last Name)Nicknames: Dragon, The Cyan MantaGender: MaleHair Color: Blue w/ a white stripeEye Color: BlueHeight: 4'8" (In the Real World), 10'9" (In Lyoko)Weight: 70 lbs (In the Real World), 150 lbs (In Lyoko)Crush: N/AAvatar in Lyoko: Small MantaWeapons in Lyoko: Lasers, MinesPowers while in Lyoko: N/ADefault Mode of Transportation: FlightPersonality: Intelligent, Resourceful, Motivated, StubbornHistory: Darvell was once a loyal X.A.N.A made creation, doing his job of attacking the Lyoko Warriors. However, after being possessed by Xanesto to assist William in reaching Clair, Darvells' link to X.A.N.A was broken, freeing him once Xanesto quit possessing him. Clueless about what to do now that he had no purpose, he thought about going to Sector 5 to fight against other Manta's in a fight to the death sort of style. Xanesto, however, convinced him to join the Lyoko warriors as a fighting force and even as a ride for William. Clair also chimed in by saying she could help give him a human body and a chance to live in the real world. Thinking it would be an interesting experience, he agreed.Taking DNA provided by Jeremy, Darvell developed a copy of the former's personality, albeit less nerdy and slightly more outgoing. He takes time to try new formers of entertainment and explore different hobbies, finding them all fascinating things that humans can do to occupy their time. He has taken an interest in sculpting and is quite skilled at it. Though sometimes his enthusiasm can be mistaken as naivety, and when encountering human experiences that he knows little about, such as sarcasm, he becomes flustered and embarrassed at his lack of knowledge.

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/10/2022 06:30 PM 

Sigmond Dupont's Bio

Name: SigmondAlt Name: Sigmond Dupont (Fake Last Name)Nicknames: Skippy, The Golden ScyphozoaGender: MaleHair Color: Blonde w/ blue tipsEye Color: BrownHeight: 5'1" (In the Real World), 32'9.7" (in Lyoko)Weight: 95 lbs (In the Real World), (55 lbs in Lyoko)Crush: N/AAvatar in Lyoko: ScyphozoaWeapons in Lyoko: N/APowers while in Lyoko: Tentacles (mainly used to de-Xanafy a possessed Lyoko Warrior)Default Mode of Transportation: floatingPersonality: Self-confident, Charismatic, Charming, Prankster, LoyalHistory: Sigmond was once a loyal X.A.N.A made creation, being created to put Clair under X.A.N.A''s control and succeeding in doing so. However, after being possessed by Xanesto, his link to X.A.N.A was broken, freeing him once Xanesto quit possessing him. Clueless about what to do now that he had no purpose, he thought about jumping into the digital sea. Xanesto, however, convinced him to join the Lyoko warriors as protection for the Lyoko Princesses (Clair & Aelita). Clair also chimed in by saying she could help give him a human body and a chance to live in the real world. Thinking it would be an amusing experience, he agreed. Taking the DNA provided by Odd, Sigmond developed a copy of the former's personality, with a few of his own tweaks. Sigmond, or Skippy as he nicknamed himself, seemed to take a lot of Odd's positive traits, though also desired to try out the mischievous prankster side of his DNA provider. While he doesn't let himself be selfish when it comes to the needs of his friends, he does let some of his prankster habits enthrall him to the point of angering those he holds close, though he always tries to make up for it in the end. He, like the other Warriors, desires to finally put an end to X.A.N.A. Skippy has also thought of perusing a Zoologist career, now that he has his own life.

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/10/2022 06:28 PM 

Xander Dupont's Bio

Name: X.A.N.A. 1.5Alt Name: Xander Dupont (Fake Name)Nicknames: Xanesto, The Good XANAGender: MaleHair Color: BlackEye Color: BlackHeight: 5'6"Weight: 117.5 lbsCrush: (N/A)Avatar in Lyoko: Weapons in Lyoko: N/APowers while in Lyoko: Super Smoke, Monster PosessionDefault Mode of Transportation: Whichever monster he posessesPersonality: Intelligent, Serious, Logical, AmbitiousHistory: X.A.N.A 1.5 was created as a back-up program by Franz Hopper within the last few months of X.A.N.A's creation. X.A.N.A 1.5 was meant to be a carbon copy of the original program to be used in case he had to scrap the original X.A.N.A for any reason. What set X.A.N.A 1.5 apart from X.A.N.A was a simple coding error made by Franz in his mild insanity within the roughly 7 years of time making Lyoko (thanks to the repeated returns to the pasts). In this simple error, it gave X.A.N.A 1.5 an early version of self-awareness, which he then used to research about the Earth and even his creator's history. Learning of this, X.A.N.A 1.5 developed somethings unknown himself, which he later came to identify as pity towards Franz and Aelita situation, and interest in the growth of humanity as a species. These feelings would not be reciprocated by the primary X.A.N.A, who only desired world domination. Though his own code was not fully completed, X.A.N.A 1.5 would spend his remaining time finishing his own code with a purpose in mind; stopping X.A.N.A should it ever try attacking humanity. With this, X.A.N.A 1.5 made his primary function to protect humanity. Once it was clear that X.A.N.A meant to trap Franz and Aelita on Lyoko to kill them while it ruled the world, X.A.N.A 1.5 did his best to weaken the virus by fusing with it and trying to take it over. Sadly, once Franz Hopper shut down the Supercomputer, it seemed to permanently fuse X.A.N.A 1.5 with X.A.N.A, weakening the virus, but also causing the former to enter a dormant-type state in which he couldn't act of his own free will.It wouldn't be until X.A.N.A's attempt to save itself before the multi-agent program destroyed it, it took refuge in another supercomputer owned by Lowel Tyron. In doing so, X.A.N.A took X.A.N.A 1.5 with it, waiting until the original supercomputer could be turned back on, lying dormant until then.Once that day arrived, it rushed back to Lyoko and began its assault on Kadic once more. However, thanks to the invasive curiosity of Clair, she was able to find out that there were two different programs of X.A.N.A, but the latter seemed to have disappeared. Taking the initiative to begin her own search, she deduced that X.A.N.A 1.5 had fused with X.A.N.A in an attempt to stop it or slow it down. Knowing they needed that kind of help; Clair began the painstaking progress of splitting the two apart. Once accomplishing doing so, Clair used some DNA from local Kadic students to create X.A.N.A 1.5 a body. Once doing so, the freed virus requested a name that would set him apart from the murderous main virus. Clair gave him the name Xander, but also the comedic name of Xanesto, which he would be referred to by the Lyoko Warriors.Within the next fight he assisted with, he tried to use his new abilities to possess monsters on Lyoko to use as a fighting body. Though because he was still new to this ability at the time, he ended up severing the connection of one of X.A.N.A's mantas and, later in the mission, a Scypozoa. Because he could only use the ability for a limited time, once he left the body of these creatures, they seemed to have a mind of their own. Clair, Jeremy, Aelita and Xanesto decided to repeat Clair's method of giving him a body to the two free monsters, using Jeremy's DNA for the manta and Odd's DNA for the Scypozoa. Thus, Xanesto was given 'brothers' to fight by his side. Now the trio fight for the Lyoko warriors, considering themselves to be Lyoko Refugees from X.A.N.A itself.

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/10/2022 06:27 PM 

Emily Cross's Bio

Name: Emi CrossAlt Name: Emily Lacroix (Fake French Last Name)Nicknames: Emma, Fire Princess, TorchGender: FemaleHair Color: BlackEye Color: RedHeight: 5'0"Weight: 90 lbsCrush: William DunbarAvatar in Lyoko: Demon Ninja (slightly more succubus like)Weapons in Lyoko: Explosive Shuriken's Powers while in Lyoko: Pyrokinesis, Black Fire, Mental ControlDefault Mode of Transportation: Darvell (usually as a passenger alongside William)Personality: Cold, Quiet, Reserved, Untrusting (Upon first meeting), Loyal, Shy, Resourceful, Playful, Hopeless Romantic (Upon forming friendshipHistory: Emi's family on her mother's side had always been a bit chaotic, since before Emi was born. Her mother married her father in an effort to get a normal life, and for a few years, that's what she received. When in primary school, Emi was quick to make friends with Anthony "Tony" Accardi, Eva Song and Jason Jones, continuing that friendship even up to secondary school and becoming friends with Clara Monet in secondary school. She even had a secret relationship with Eva Song, who gave her the nickname Emily, that only her group knew of. Because she was aware of how harsh the insults would come from schoolmates and even teachers if they knew of her relationship, Jason covered for her by saying that the two of them were in a relationship, sealing him as one of Emily's best friends for said huge favor.Sadly, after the school shooting that took away Tony and Eva and left Jason a paraplegic, Emi's parents quickly transferred her to a different school for her own safety. she hardly even got to say goodbye to Clara before she left. Sadly, she didn't stay safe for long. Her cousin from her mom's side of the family found out where they lived and decided to set fire to the house, believing his family and those related to his father were all evil and corrupt as far back as the bloodline went. Therefore, he decided to kill his parents and his cousin's family. When her house caught on fire, Emily tried desperately to escape and get help, but was trapped inside as the house burned. In a desperate attempt to escape the house, she used her arms as shields as she ran through the burning house and through a window. Her arms were severely burned and would later leave 3rd degree burn scars. Her cousin, who was no older than she was, was waiting outside the house, ready to kill anyone who escaped. Though she fought him off, the smoke that filled her lungs made it harder to fend him off. Thankfully her older cousin, who had escaped his little brother's wraith, arrived to save her, making the hard choice of slaughtering his younger brother. The police, however, seemed to twist the evidence into blaming Emily's older cousin. Despite Emily's pleas, they convicted him for everything. It was only through a plea deal (and thus him lying) that prevented him from getting the death sentence. This left Emily in the care of her grandmother, with the only way to contact her cousin being through letters and limited visits behind maxi-glass. Emily, seeing this as unfair, decided to see the world in that light, and wanted vengeance. She joined a vigilante group, wanting to make the world pay for the cruelty it gave her.After an extended time in the group and seeing that they took out the vengeance on innocent families as well (for their belief was that the living family would either come after them for killing their guilty family member or that the innocents were guilty by association), Emily decided she wanted out. Sadly, the group was much like the mafia, threatening her grandmother's life if she ever left them. With little choice, she stayed in the group, searching for a safe way out. After the group decided to go after Clair, Emily knew she had to find her way out.Thanks to her group heading to Kadic and a little accident resulting in the leader of the group disappearing, Emily finally got her chance to get out of the gang. She called her grandmother and asked to transfer herself to Kadic, wanting a true chance to start over, especially with one of her old friends going to Kadic. Her grandmother agreed and soon Emily started attending Kadic, slowly opening herself up to Clair's friends and having them become her friends too, as she helps in the fight against X.A.N.A

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/10/2022 06:21 PM 

Claudia Schaeffer's Bio

Name:  Claudia SchaefferAlt Name: Claudia Hopper, Clara Monet (Adopted Name)Nicknames: Clair, Gender: FemaleHair Color: Raven BlackEye Color: Forest GreenHeight: 4'9"Weight: 67 lbsCrush: Odd Della Robbia Avatar in Lyoko:Black Cat (base form)Forest Sector Alteration: Doe with Butterfly Wings (Venna)Ice Sector: Snow Owl Alteration (Frost)Desert Sector: Scorpion Alteration (Zephyrine)Mountain Sector: Twin Tailed Purple Cat Alteration (Roxanne)Sector 5: Mouse Alteration (Camille)Digital Sea: Great White Shark Alteration (Marine)Volcano Sector: Dragon Alteration (Seraphine)Weapons in Lyoko: Electro Blast (Electric Form of Aelita's Energy Field)Powers while in Lyoko: Creativity, Energy Arrows, Sector Form ShiftDefault Mode of Transportation: Bat Wings (Summoned Similarly to Aelita's Wings)Personality: Shy, Low Self-esteem, Kind, Gentle, Intelligent, Resourceful, Selfless, Quick-temperedHistory: Claudia was born to Waldo and Anthea Schaeffer alongside her twin sister, Aelita. She lived happily with her family in the mountains, unaware of her father's past. One day, however, Claudia was kidnapped along with her mother, never to be seen from Aelita or Waldo again. Anthea recognized her kidnapper as Lowel Tyron, an ex-employee of her husband. Worried about him wanting to use the two as leverage against her husband, she helped Claudia escape into the snow, but not before Anthea was captured again. Clair was able to make it to safety, but never knew what happened to her mother. Eventually, Claudia was found by local residents in a nearby town, who put her up in an orphanage due to her physical age. When she refused to give them her real name, as her mother told her that she had to stay hidden, the orphanage gave her the name Clara. She waited there for months before being adopted by the Monet family, who longed for a child. However, only a year into her life with them, they were killed in a car accident, leaving "Clara" in the care of her adoptive father's cruel and money hungry sister. While living with her 'aunt', Clara lived such a poor life that she learned how to care for herself rather quickly. While in the local public school, she was constantly teased and harassed by popular and unpopular kids alike. This tore at her confidence and she began closing herself off. It was only though the love and kindness of a boy named Anthony "Tony" Accardi and his friends Emi Cross, Eva Song, and half-brother, Jason Jones that Clara found a place where she belonged. Clara even started dating Tony, who gave her the nickname Clair. Sadly, due to a school shooting while Clair was in secondary school, she lost Tony due to him using his body to shield her from the hits. Eva and Jason also sustained life-threatening injuries, though only the latter survived, albeit paralyzed from the waist down. Both Jason and Emi's parents transferred them from the school, which left Clair by herself to be the resumed target of bullying. It began to get bad enough that she started self-harming as a way to cope.Fearing that the government might take Clair away if they found the state that she was in, and not wanting to lose her benefits for 'adopting her', her aunt used Clair's high marks and a bit of money to pay for her to get into Kadic Academy. This way, she wouldn't have Clair in her house, and she'd still be the 'legal guardian'. This left Clair to get sent to a new school where she could start over, unaware how much of a new life this journey would give her.

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Anti-Sunrise the Seedrian/Sunset the Seedrian's Bio

Name: Anti-Sunrise the SeedrianNicknames: SunsetAge: 15Gender: FemaleSpecies: SeedrianOutfits: (TBA)Alignment: True NeutralAbilities: Flora ControlSuper Forms?: (TBA)Strengths: (TBA)Weaknesses: (TBA)Weapons: (N/A)Likes: (TBA)Dislikes: (TBA)Hobbies: (TBA)Allies: Freedom FightersEnemies: Thorndrigans, EggmanFamily: (TBA)Crush: N/ABIO: (TBA)

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Sunrise the Seedrian

Name: Sunrise the SeedrianNicknames: Age: 15Gender: FemaleSpecies: SeedrianOutfits: (TBA)Alignment: Lawful GoodAbilities: Flora ControlSuper Forms?: (TBA)Strengths: (TBA)Weaknesses: (TBA)Weapons: (N/A)Likes: (TBA)Dislikes: (TBA)Hobbies: (TBA)Allies: Freedom FightersEnemies: Metarix, Thorndrigans, EggmanFamily: (TBA)Crush: N/ABIO: (TBA)

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Anti-Rose the Seedrian/Glory the Seedrian's Bio

Name: Anti-Rose the SeedrianNicknames: Morning Glory, GloryAge: 19Gender: FemaleSpecies: SeedrianOutfits: (TBA)Alignment: Chaotic GoodAbilities: Flora ControlSuper Forms?: (TBA)Strengths: (TBA)Weaknesses: (TBA)Weapons: (N/A)Likes: (TBA)Dislikes: (TBA)Hobbies: (TBA)Allies: Freedom FightersEnemies: Thorndrigans, EggmanFamily: (TBA)Crush: N/ABIO: (TBA)

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Rose the Seedrian's Bio

Name: Rose the SeedrianNicknames: Age: 19Gender: FemaleSpecies: SeedrianOutfits: (TBA)Alignment: Lawful GoodAbilities: Flora ControlSuper Forms?: (TBA)Strengths: (TBA)Weaknesses: (TBA)Weapons: (N/A)Likes: (TBA)Dislikes: (TBA)Hobbies: (TBA)Allies: Freedom FightersEnemies: Metarix, Thorndrigans, EggmanFamily: (TBA)Crush: Razor the SharkBIO: (TBA)

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Darkskull of the Nocturnus's Bio

Name: Darkskull of the NocturnusNicknames: Spawn of IxAge: ~4000+Gender: MaleSpecies: EchidnaOutfits: (TBA)Alignment: Neutral GoodAbilities: Super Forms?: (TBA)Strengths: (TBA)Weaknesses: (TBA)Weapons:Likes: (TBA)Dislikes: (TBA)Hobbies: (TBA)Allies: Nocturnus Clan, Freedom FightersEnemies: Lord Ix, EggmanFamily: Pir'Oth Ix (Father)Crush: (N/A)BIO: (TBA)

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