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OC Nation (MCRP)

06/10/2022 06:02 PM 

Niko Yamanasaki's Bio

Name: Niko YamanasakiNicknames: (TBA)Age: 15 (Born on day 27, 3221; Jan 27th)Gender: FemaleSpecies: CatOutfits: Short sleeved lavender jacket, plum hip length dress & black sandalsAlignment: Chaotic NeutralAbilities: TBASuper Forms?: N/AStrengths: TBAWeaknesses: TBAWeapons: Mechanical Eye, Arm & LegLikes: TBADislikes: TBAHobbies: Training, Playing DrumsAllies: Freedom Fighters, Kingdom Of Acorn/Republic of Acorn, Kingdom of Merica, Team Dawn (Darkness & Kathy), & Cyborg CityEnemies: Eggman Empire, Iron Domination, Mammoth Mogul, Family: Su-lyn (Deceased Mother), Fluxx (Father)Crush: N/ABIO: Niko was a happy young cat with her mom and dad, despite living in a horrid section of town. Sadly, in a neighborhood raid, her mother gave Niko and her father time to escape, resulting in her own demise. Niko's life changed drastically after that. Her father became less loving and more of a drunk. He would beat her whenever he felt like it, with many different tools to leave scars on her body. One of those incidents unfortunately cost Niko her eye, her right leg and arm. And since she was so young and didn't have any friends, she took it upon herself to learn how to craft robotics and replaced her damaged parts with crude robotic ones.Due to her appearance, other children begun making fun of her, to which she'd begin beating the sh*t out of them. Keeping an eye on this ball of fury, Eggman sent his forces take her after watching her beat a bully to death. Eggman  begun to act as a "father" in order to gaslight her into becoming his fighter, begun training her to be a cold blooded killer and torturer (which to her, she imagined all her victims as being her blood father) and hunter against the Freedom Fighters.As she grew up, she begun to rise through the ranks and take active roles in making other Mobians suffer like she did. After years of this, and seeing the pain she would've caused one family that was very much like her own, she defected from Eggman in secret, and begun to try and change. She tried to improve herself and even begun to practice becoming a medic, also using her robotic knowledge to save others

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/10/2022 06:01 PM 

Anti-Fiona Fox/Felicia Fox

Name: Felicia the FoxNicknames: Anti Fiona, Good FionaAge: 16 (Born in 3221)Gender: FemaleSpecies: FoxOutfits: orange single strapped leotard, red sash around waist, blue & white boots & white glovesAlignment: Lawful GoodAbilities: Hand-to-Hand Combat Skills, Medical Training, Technological Expertise, CharismaSuper Forms?: N/AStrengths: TBAWeaknesses: Low Self-esteemWeapons: TBALikes: TBADislikes: TBAHobbies: Medic, MechanicAllies: Freedom Fighters, Kingdom Of Acorn/Republic of Acorn, Kingdom of Merica, Team Dawn (Darkness, Kathy & Niko), & Cyborg CityEnemies: Eggman Empire, Suppression SquadFamily: NoneCrush:  ManicBIO: Felicia was one of Scourges' ex-girlfriends (and ex girlfriend to Miles) that grew a conscience of all the wrong doings the suppression squad caused. One day she decided she had enough of the evil doings, defected, and begun helping Dr. Kintober, The Anti-Eggman. While going out to run an errand for the Doctor, she stumbled upon the Suppression Squad, who captured her and revealed they were going to use a weapon to turn all Anti-Mobians evil so they could unite under Scourge and begin taking over other zones. After talking with Buns Rabbot, who was still on the fence about being good, she helped her escape and set up the transport posts to send her to the prime world. After being chased by the Suppression Squad, and with just enough power to provide a transport for Felica before the portal closed, the fox ended up in the prime world, where she met and begun to assist sonic and friends. Because of the bad reputation of antis and her prime world counterpart, Felicia disguised her origins. Eventually, she gained the trust and friendship of sonic and friends, but she still felt awful about lying to them about who she was. Thinking they'd cast her out if they ever found out, she packed her bags so that she'd be ready to leave, with the intention of telling the group beforehand. After explaining what events led her to the prime world, she was ready to walk away before Sonic stopped her, telling her that she was nothing like the Fiona they knew, and they'd be glad to have her on the team.A time later, the Eggman from the underground zone was so intent on defeating his Sonic, as well as Manic and Sonia, that he created a planetary nuke that would destroy the underground zone. That version of Sonic, as well as the triplets mother would die keeping a portal open long enough for Manic and Sonia to escape to the prime world. The Sonic of the prime world asked his parents if they could adopt Sonia and Manic to give them another family. While the two of them tried to get over that loss, Manic and Felicia begun to confide in each other and work on a friendship that soon turned into a relationship, while also helping Felica get past her trauma with dating Scourge, though it would be a long process.

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/10/2022 05:58 PM 

Flame the Cat's Bio

Name: Princess Flame the CatNicknames: Age: 13 (Born on day 145, 3224; May 25th)Gender: FemaleSpecies: CatOutfits: Red short sleeved shirt, yellow short skirt & green shoes with yellow bandAlignment: Neutral GoodAbilities: Pyrokinesis, Skilled FighterSuper Forms?: Burning FlameStrengths: TBAWeaknesses: Low Self-esteemWeapons: NoneLikes: TBADislikes: TBAHobbies: TBAAllies: Freedom Fighters, Kingdom Of Acorn/Republic of Acorn, Kingdom of Merica, Team Dawn (Darkness, Kathy & Niko), The Sol Zone & Cyborg CityEnemies: Eggman Empire, Eggman Nega Family: Blaze (Sister)Crush: N/ABIO: As the younger sister of Blaze, Flame was always behind for the throne, and knew that she'd never be ruler, despite her royal status. Flame, never holding any animosity twoards her sister, but wanting to escape living under her shadow, decided to go on her own path. She obtained dimension jumping tech which she planned on using for some exploration, but had problems controlling it, leading to her landing in alternate realities before settling in Sonic's world, Mobius.

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/10/2022 05:57 PM 

Kathrine Harumiki's Bio

Name: Kathrine HarumikiNicknames: KathyAge: 15 (Born on day 316, 3221; Nov. 12th)Gender: FemaleSpecies: Hedgechidna (Hedgehog w/ Echidna traits)Outfits: Green 3\4 sleeve shirt, teal sleevless jacket, dark blue jeans & open toed black sandals with a black headbandAlignment: Neutral GoodAbilities: TBASuper Forms?: Super KathyStrengths: TBAWeaknesses: TBAWeapons: Yellow Chaos EmeraldLikes: TBADislikes: TBAHobbies: Training, Playing Intruments (Flute, Shamisen & Guitar)Allies: Freedom Fighters, Kingdom Of Acorn/Republic of Acorn, Kingdom of Merica, Team Dawn (Darkness & Niko), & Cyborg CityEnemies: Eggman Empire, Iron Domination, Mammoth Mogul, Family: Enatalia (Deceased Mother), Ragcore (Deceased Father), Spikecoat (Brother)Crush: EspioBIO: Kathrine's mother was a hedgehog who was a skilled martial artist, even honoring the teachings of and befriending the Shinobi Clan's Bride; The Bride of Constant Vigil. While she was exploring the world, her mother met, fell in love with, and then married the 'King' of the Chaos Clander Echidnas. The Chaos Clanders were a group isolated from other echidnas to hone the chaos energy around them. Many of the Echidna's were unhappy with their King's choice of bride, and their two children, (the oldest, Kathrine, and the youngest, Spikecoat) were constantly bullied because of it. Kathy learned the ninja arts from her mother at a young age, and the art of chaos control from her father. While trying to find a balance between her chaos powers and ninja skills, and being a prodigy, her little brother seemed to be left in her shadow. This caused him to begin his murderous rampage, killing the whole clan, parents and all, in a merciless bloodbath. Thanks to her ninja skills, Kathy was able to remain hidden and safe. But this day changed her, and caused her heart to turn cold as she begun expanding her skills to try and take her brother down, for vengeance of her family.She began to look for allies, and found them with Knuckles, the Chaotix (especially Espio) and separate ninja clans to help her hone her skills, though many clans were uncooperative. Throughout all of this, she kept up an emotionless façade, thinking compassion a weakness she needed to overcome. This begun to tear at her mentally including a moment in which she remained silent while taking reflection of her tired appearance pondering the toll that it begun taking on her. However she begun using her balance of using chaos energy and the qi of martial arts to help her find her center making her not only a fighter but overtime a teacher who finds a new fighting technique that uses qi and chaos in one move

OC Nation (MCRP)

06/10/2022 05:53 PM 

Izumi 'Darkness' Rose's Bio

Name: Izumi RoseNicknames: Darkness (Self Given), Darky (By Shadow & Amy), Chaos Mistress, Violet Tornado (By her friend ZekeAge: 16 (Born on day 42, 3222; Feb. 11th)Gender: FemaleSpecies: HedgehogOutfits: Yellow top, Pink sleves, purple skirt & brown boots (child attire), Black halter top, black torn skirt, white gloves, power limiting rings (current)Alignment: Chaotic GoodAbilities: Super Speed, Electro Blast, Electro Sheild, Electro Discharge, Spin Dash, Chaos Control, Chaos Sheild Chaos Blast, Chaos Spear, Chaos Rift, Chaos ArrowSuper Forms?: Super Darkness, Black Chaos DarknessStrengths: Empathic, Selfless, LogicalWeaknesses: Selfless to the point of self distructive, Stubborn, Impatient, Hot-tempered, RecklessWeapons: Red Chaos Emerald (Later changes to the Light Blue Emerald)Likes: Helping othersDislikes: Swindling, bullying, Hobbies: Singing, Playing Intruments (Ocarina, Guitar & Keyboard), DrawingAllies: Freedom Fighters, Kingdom Of Acorn/Republic of Acorn, Kingdom of Merica, Team Dawn (Kathy & Niko), & Cyborg CityEnemies: Eggman Empire, Iron Domination, Mammoth Mogul, Family: Vallery Rose (Deceased Mother), Kenjiro Rose (Deceased Father), Amy Rose (Sister), Unknown Grandmother, Unknown Grandfather, Rob o' the Hedge (Cousin), King O'Hedge (Uncle), Mari-An (cousin-in-law), Jon (First cousin once removed)Crush: ShadowBIO: When Darkness was much younger, she was a lavender hedgehog with spikes like her young Amy, but Darkness's were shorter and curled upwards. Back then, she was know as Izumi Rose, daughter of Valery and Kenjiro Rose and older sister of Amelia Rose. The two sisters were happy despite Izumis' powers, and both would often play with Rob whenever he and his father would come to visit. However, things took a dark turn when Eggman invaded, looking for mobians to turn into his slaves. Vallery and Kenjiro, while heartbroken at their own decision, sent them both to separate locations to hide and stay safe from Eggman. Thankfully Amy made it safely to Rob and her Uncle, but Darkness wasn't so lucky to make it to her Grandparents. Her convoy got ambushed and one of her escorts begged her to run and prevent herself from being captured. Somehow she stumbled down a ravine and survived on a small ledge. Going inside a cave on that ledge, she found a wonderful garden that seemed to have been suspended in time. That's where she meet an echidna named Zeke, the only member left of mobius of the ancient Nocturnus Clan. He explained to her that he was only alive because this chao garden somehow had the ability to prevent aging, as if the whole place was frozen in an instant in time. Not wanting her to enter the garden so she could experience life instead of being imprisoned in the garden (for if he left, he'd rapidly age and turn to dust) he cared for her on the border of the land, and helped her grow. Her mental age sadly matured faster than her body, giving her the intelligence of a 18 year old at age 8.Sadly the peace that she found was short lived. Eggman had followed traces of chaos energy in the area, emanating from Izumi, and found the garden. Knowing he could never possess the power of this area, he decided no one should have access to this garden or it's powers, and sent his robots and goons to dystroy the garden. Without the garden to keep them young and stable, the chaos almost instantly died and turned to dust. Zeke, though at a slower rate than the chaos, also started to rapidly age. Even though he had killed everything she held dear, Izumi also knew that only Eggman had the immediate solution to stop her best friend from dying. Knowing somehow she'd regret it, she took Zeke to Eggman to save him. Eggman agreed only if Izumi became the guinea pig to his new experiment of inserting chaos energy into a mobian to create a chaos wielding army. She agreed, as the two were transported back to Eggman's base, where Zeke was taken to be robotized. He took traces of chaos energy that he had extracted from Shadow and inserted into Izumi. The stress and corruption of such energy corrupted her own and heavily altered her appearance. Her colors now looked like Shadow, but grey instead of black. Eggman also inserted cybernetics into Izumi's nervous system to help her handle all of the chaos energy in it's more 'toxic' state until she was 'perfect'. Since she underwent a year of this treatment, it resulted in Stockholm Syndrome. When she asked where Zeke was, Eggman showed his much uglier colors when he revealed that Zeke was made into a loyal robian slave with none of his own memories or feelings. After finding her best friend like this, her mental state became more fragile, leading to her becoming an unstable embodiment of chaos energy. Izumi nearly killied Eggman using her new powers, only for her to blast a hole in the lab to escape, promising to get stronger to one day save Zeke, calling herself Darkness from that point on.She then one day stumbled upon the temple that housed the ring of Acorn before Sonic recovered it, and she used that to make herself older, just like Amy would someday. Unfortunately, Darkness needed to survive in the cruel world that she was thrust into, and sadly was forced to take jobs for criminals like Mammoth Mogul, and even begun to partake in selling and taking possibly lethal drugs just to numb the pain of what she was doing. However, when she had finally had enough of serving criminals just to get by, she promised herself to become a vigilantly, spending the rest of her time saving people from being robotized from Eggman. She also decided to quit one of her main drugs (Which I'll only label as B.H here) cold turkey. Eventually in doing this, she crossed paths with Sonic and friends. She begrudgingly agreed to work for the Freedom Fighters (Sonic didn't really let her say no) until she found her place. In allying herself with the Freedom Fighters, she did see her sister again, but Darkness had a different mindset. She actually resented Amy, believing that she has had an easier life than herself and was reluctant to even work with her.Unfortunately, in future battles with Eggman, Darkness kept getting defeated due to her rushing into battle prematurely and the robots, having learned from Darkness through Eggman's data, defeated her using special metal to deflect her uncontained chaos energy. Sonic, believing she was worth the trouble she had gotten them into, tried to teach her how to be more evasive (reluctantly of course) and Tails tried to fashion crude containment rings (similar to Shadow's) to help channel her powers more effectively. But even with these new techniques, she still struggled in her fights against Eggman's robots because of her temper. Not only that, but the robots were more advanced than even Sonic found. Because of her temper and lack of chaos training, a few Mobian fighters were killed in future attacks and several were kidnapped and robotocized. Even though she blamed herself for this on a day to day basis, she was still determined to rescue Zeke. She realized that she needed to learn from the one being who she received these increased powers from; Shadow. And with all the training the two begun to do, and with all the time they spent, they even started a bond that would prove to be stronger than Sonic and Sally's.

◈Oᖴ TᕼE EᗩᖇTᕼ◈

06/10/2022 02:32 AM 


◈ Azhdaha's erosion was not a natural occurrence, it was beset upon him by the hand of Celestia. As an ancient being that has existed for an unknown amount of time, though long before Celestia arrived in Teyvat, the Geo Dragon holds not only power but knowledge that could threaten Celestia's plans.    » Azhdaha is old enough that Zhongli — who has the oldest known numerical age at over 6,000 years old — claims, "I do not pretend to match your rhetoric when it comes to the subject of a life long-lived. I fear that the life of an elemental being is longer than any in this world." «   ◈ He is capable of tapping directly into the ley lines, allowing him not only access to other elemental energy but also the knowledge that flows through them.    ◈ He has a soft spot for children, he used to let them climb over his gargantuan form and call him Grandpa or Uncle Azzy (Azhdaha was a bit of a mouthful for most toddlers). In turn he often refers to them as kiddos or little ones and, naturally, he is quite protective of them.   ◈ He has become particularly fond of the forgetful zombie girl QiQi.    ◈ His human alias is "Retuo", which can be derived to mean "knowledge". [The Chinese name 若陀 Rětuó uses the unique pronunciation of the character 若 rě which is used almost exclusively for transliterations of Sanskrit into Chinese, instead of the common pronunciation 若 ruò. Existing Sanskrit transliterations using these two characters include prajñā (Sanskrit: प्रज्ञा; Chinese: 般若 bōrě) and amitābha (Sanskrit: अमिताभ; Chinese: 阿弥陀佛 Ēmítuófó). This means that one possible derivation of 若陀 Rětuó is the word jñatā (Sanskrit: ज्ञता "knowledge").]   ◈ During his time in the Archon War, his fondness for humanity lead him to commission a blacksmith to forge four Geo infused weapons, now known collectively as the 'Liyue Set'. This set consists of the catalyst weapon 'Memory of Dust', the claymore 'The Unforged', the 'Summit Shaper' sword and 'Vortex Vanquisher' polearm. The latter was given to Morax as a small gift.    ◈ Azhdaha is capable of using all four of the weapons, though in the past he favored The Unforged. Today he might prefer to use the Summit Shaper or Memory of Dust.    ◈ Stone-Seeing; Azhdaha can “See” the memory of the various ores within the earth, the clarity of those memories depends solely on the type of ore itself. For example, iron ore has a very poor 'memory' and can only 'record' events around it from just a few minutes ago. Ores like crystal or Cor Lapis however, have a much clearer memory and the largest specimens may hold memories from several years ago.   ◈ You may not guess it, but he is rather fond of musical pieces and is skilled in playing the Erhu. Back in the days of the Archon War, he'd often attend opera performances in his mortal vessel. He can also sing, more often than not in a dead language. He reserves his singing for close friends however.    ◈ Azhdaha's eyes only glow that sinister red under specific emotions, rage, possessiveness and jealousy. His pupils will also shift color, depending on the current element he is channeling through the ley lines. Normally, without any emotional or ley line influence, his eyes are a striking Cor Lapis color with a white shade for his pupils, which are dragon-like even in his mortal vessel. His pupils also have a thin white ring around them.    ◈ Azhdaha suffers a great deal from his new duality that occured from his consciousness splitting into two; the rage and the reason. The rage takes the mortal form of Jiu, a child, which he finds ironically fitting. However, since Jiu is now sealed with his original body, the rage is now "Azhdaha". The reason is the half of him that inhabits "Retuo", allowing him to walk among the surface in peace. It is not without risk however, as they are still part of the same consciousness and are linked together.    ◈ In the current day, he seeks to integrate himself into human society, undoubtedly following Zhongli's example. He believes that an ideal position for him would be a historian, record keeper or similar job. Although his erosion has damaged his memory, he is slowly healing and restoring those memories through the ley line's energy.    ◈ While he does not got to extensive lengths to hide who he is, nor to inform others, he isn't overly concerned with someone finding out. He is a proud being that takes pride in who and what he is, despite his regret and the shame he feels for breaking his contract with Morax.    ◈ He is familiar with love and loss, underground he had few close enough to him to warrant substantial emotional distress. Upon the surface however, he had the privilege to experience a plethora of emotions and attachments. He would not wish for anything else, despite the pain of loss and heartache of loving someone who held affections for another.    ◈ Even he has pet names for those he cherishes, especially his lover. His favorite endearing term is “Little Geode” or “My Heart”. Both terms he may use in a dead language. Especially if the person he loves is not aware of his feelings.    ◈ In terms of personality, besides his pride, rage and reverence for Morax, Azhdaha is normally calm and slightly aloof. Upon first meetings he may come off as supercilious and though he does regard himself higher in the pecking order, he does not believe mortal lives to have any less value than his own. For one who’s hide rivals the hardness of stone, he is a very gentle individual, he knows his own strength and how easily he could hurt someone.    ◈ When it comes to displays of affection, he is not afraid to do so, no matter the situation. His love language is small gestures, gentle kisses, doting over his partner, and reminding them how much he cares for them.    ◈ He wears an earring in his right ear that matches the one Zhongli wears in his left ear. This is not coincidence, given they were very close friends before he was willingly sealed away. For Azhdaha, it meant something more but he kept it to himself.  (His appearance before being sealed.)   ⫸ Songs I feel fit Azhdaha, categorized by emotion. Feel free to suggest anything, more to be added over time.⫷   Love, fulfilled or unrequited.  Arcade - Duncan Laurence Tir Na Nog - Celtic Women Ainsi Bas La Vida - Indila Hurts Like Hell - Fleurie Until I Found You - Stephen Sanchez I Will Always Return - Bryan Adams   Anger, Rage or Hostility Blood//Water - Grandson Enemy - Imagine Dragons 

genshin impact, azhdaha, morax, zhongli, geo

Lycanthropic Rage

06/10/2022 02:43 PM 


Overall, I do not have much that needs be said. I am a friendly person. I enjoy causal conversation outside RP but this I prefer over Discord. If you want my Discord then ask. I am the type of person who enjoy dabbling over random ideas that could transpire within RP, that may or may not occur. I prefer a modern setting where mundane, normal, humans do not know the supernatural/mystical exist. While this is my default I am capable of placing James within medieval/feudal settings where magical and fantasy creatures were normal. Think of D&D or Elder Scrolls for a general theme.

—★𝔒𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔖𝔱𝔞𝔯𝔰

06/10/2022 11:25 PM 


💛 Will you do romance?  ✨ First off, let's get this out of the way. I don't force romantic feelings between muses, if it happens, it happens or we discuss boundaries. I won't complain. That said, this is a multi ship account until further notice. And yes, I do enjoy shipping. All of his ships have their own charm to me.  ✨ However, I will not ship with underage characters, because that is just uncomfortable. You're free to age up your character if you wish to ship with him, but don't do it just to lewd (NSFW)! I honestly see him as being more of a big brother figure to the canon minors.  ✨ I view Aether as a bottom with other males and some females. He can be a soft, caring top with a few females. Just know I won't be doing a lot of that. And before you get bitchy about me playing him as a bottom/sub, I've done Doms before. I don't consider myself overly good at it, but I do enjoy it sometimes. I'm just tired of playing that role, I got burnt out after a while when everyone only wanted my Dom characters.  ✨ I headcannon that Aether is bisexual with a male lean. And that he leans towards being the more feminine individual in a relationship. If putting on a dress makes his lover happy, he'll do it, no matter how embarrassing it might be at first.   💛 Your stance on NSFW?  ✨ I will do it, though I wrap more than just smut into that category. I get a lot of sites are touchy about that term, but NSFW to me also means things like gore, blood, uncomfortable topics, dark plots, etc. Please discuss with me what your limits are if you wish to avoid a certain topic.   💛 Discussion or starters?  ✨ Either is fine with me, I default to a starter with a small greeting personally. Discussion is encouraged if you wish to do an AU, but not a lot is required. Banter is also welcome, I enjoy it.   💛 How long have you been roleplaying?   ✨ About 5-6 years, though my vocabulary still needs work lol. I am returning from a brief hiatus. Also, if you've read these, tell me your favorite ship, be it with Aether or not.   💛 How is it you portray Aether a bit different than others?  ✨ Not anything overly notable, however as he is the sweet and caring sunshine boy we all know and adore; he shows different sides of his personality to different muses. For example, if he is with someone like say, Childe, while still kind and friendly, he may act more mischievous and exhibit mild brat like behaviour.  ✨ In comparison, take Zhongli, he will be very respectful and obedient. In my interpretation, he looks up to the retired Archon, yet feels a sense of familiarity and security when around him.  


06/09/2022 01:59 PM 

Rules And Roleplaying Preferences

Rules1. The first rule is that of standard courtesy.You are nice to me, I'm nice to you.You are patient, and I'll be patient. We all win!2. This is more of a pet peeve, but whether it'schatting or role playing, please give me something to work with.I will just not respond if you gave me short or one word answers.3. Chaos prefers women, so those characters are the only onesin which romance plots will occur. Just wanted to make this clear to avoiduncomfortable situations later. Also, anything that occurs in theroleplay stays in the roleplay, lives, deaths, relationships,children etc. Stays in its respective roleplay.4. Please do not tell me how to write my character or take control of heryourself or rewrites her story or make her into something that she not likea f*ta or something like that she is a female and that is that. End of story!5. Just a disclaimer, I'm not very good at roleplaying or writing.Research can only get you so far in some instances.But we're all doing this for fun, right?So forgive me in advance!6. How do I roleplay? Well, I am a semi-paragraph roleplayerand I do about 3+ or more sentences and that's about it.Roleplay does not have to be a novel to be good.There are days where I write a paragraph and there somedays where I am just lazy and do a semi-paragraph.I will also not roleplay in comments only discord or messages.Roleplaying PreferencesPost Perspective: Third PersonDesired post length: Semi-ParagraphDesired RP method: Message on Aniroleplay or DiscordGrammar competence: Semi-bad/Semi-Ok (Has A Learning Disability)


06/08/2022 05:41 PM 

Eckrain -- Information

Eckrain Vedil---------------------------Species: Demon (of sorts)Gender: Male / Female (has dual forms)Orientation: Bi (equal or)----------------------------Eckrain tends to remain in male at first. This is simply just what he does. Can he be magicked into the other? Absolutely. You bet. Even bullied into it. If you're really that desperate. She built labryninths and mazes after he was kicked out of mortal architecture for his bizarre creations. Her creations began to get more intricate and wild and pretty soon she began to advertise mazes. Sort of like escape rooms but with prizes. They cost no money to enter but if you're able to get out? You get to pick your prize. This can be anything you desire. Money, fame, power, even blessings, curses, love, you name it. She's got it. Question is.can you complete the puzzles? 


06/08/2022 02:39 PM 

Rules of the Mighty Esper.

Please don't rush me for replies. I work a full time job with no days off. One if I'm lucky. I will reply to everything in my free time when I have the chance. If this poses a problem for you, there's a delete button. Use it. Because pestering me for replies will only get you blocked. Rp Relationships. I don't mind if our characters are in a relationship. However; that's only if we have been talking for a while and are close, or it's been discussed in advance. Please note that my character is a polygamist; meaning he has more than one partner. A lot of them are other characters from his verse, mostly because I'm very close friends with their writers. Seeing as I am a multi shipper, this goes hand in hand. If you want our characters to have something special, you must be opened minded to his ways and accepting of his other partners. If not then it's just not gonna work out. Let's Be Adults. My friends and I don't judge anyone else for their interests so would give you the right to judge us for ours? We write too just like anyone else, we just enjoy each other’s company more than others because we are all super chill and don’t go around spreading hate, rumors or cause problems. So please keep your drama and prejudice crap at the door. If I come up with anything else, I will annouce that the rules have been updated. So this is it for now. If you cannot follow such simple rules, I will see you deleted off my friends list or blocked, depending on the severity of the situation.

MCRP- Ling

06/08/2022 09:37 PM 

Character Infos Pt2
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Ling  Dark Elf / Drow  Bi   She’s 26 in human years and is only 4’10”.  As a Drow she’s very mean and a bit crazy to most, as Drow are about war and pillaging.  She has left her home and people to try to live among the surface dwellers.  Due to what she is, she’s had very bad interactions with other beings, and is a bit timid. Katsumi   Human   Forced   She’s in her 20’s, been enslaved and trained for over a decade and she is 5’6”.  She’s been taught by the market how to live and act with there prospective owners.  She doesn’t talk much, and is extremely shy and timid, but will follow the orders she is given.   Nyla   Elf   Straight (or to Dom Women)   She’s a 21 in human years, (10 elf) and stands at 5’8”.  Shes a warrior who fights against dark forces who invaded her homeland and takes her people hostage and as slaves.  She’s very honor drawn and will go into a fight without fear, or an enemy base to save anyones life she can.  Tends to over estimate her skills, and goes out to far where she won’t get help.   Jordyn  Inu (Dog Girl)  Leans Straight   She’s 22 in human years and is 5’3” lengthwise.  She can’t use hands as they are paws, so she relies on people to help her dress often, and she’s learned to walk on her paws (feet) to be upright.  She’s not great at speaking, but is very emotional.  

MCRP- Ling

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Character Infos Pt1
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Nikki  Neko   BiShe's 17 years old and stands at 5'4.  As most will meet her, shes finsished school, and stays mostly to herself, as she has no friends and is planning on returning home.  She has a few secrets she kept to herself.Miski  Kitsune  BiShe's 23 and is a short 4'8.  Enjoys being around other people, especially to parties and clubs.  She's a bit mischevious out of fun, and fairly carefree in what she does.  Seeks out people who are more forcefull in what they want, and she tends to be the caretaker in a relationship.Stray  Neko  BiShe's 19 years old, roughly, and is 5'.  You will find she is very shy at first with people, and extreamly timid.  Once she knows you will offer her food or a place to stay, she opens up a bit, being very obident with anything asked of her.  She doesn't have a great moral compass or will, as she's out to survive to the next day.  Completly fears cages, crates, and restraints, but will deal with it, for the right price.Darcey  Dragonkin  BiShe will not disclose her age, but stands at 5'10 with horns on her head, a tail that is almost 5' long, and lastly a wingspan of over 12' when she unfolds them.  She can if she choose to turn into a fully grown dragon, but prefers her human form, now that her kind is more accepted now.  She can be tempermental so she tends not to go to relationships as she needs a specific type of person.  Can mate with both genders.


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Nothing ever ends poetically. it ends and we turn it into poetry. i. No drama of any sort, please. I will not tolerate it at all. This is straight and to the point, don't you think? We are all here to have fun, not tear other writers down.ii. Please do not spam me. I will answer when I can- though I am much faster on Discord, so if you want that, I will message you the name. iii. I mostly get everything that I owe done on the weekends, so please all I ask for is patience.  iv. I hope this doesn't sound rude, but at least have functional grammar and whatnot. I can understand typos here and there, but if your writing is illegible then I will most likely remove you- or work with you to help better your skills. I mean, I'm no God at writing, but I at least know a tiny thing or two.  v. Shipping is alright, just understand that it’s fictional and has nothing to do with real life. We can be pals through the screen but that’s about it. Romance between characters STAYS between characters. We owe nothing of that sort to one another, and if you’re here to only get in this lovely character’s pants, then delete me now please. Story based romance is best that’s built up, not straight from the start. Single ship as of today. vi. I'm here to have lots of fun writing with all of you, so let's make some AMAZING stories together.~



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Alistair Bakula (Percy Jackson OC)

Basic Information:Full Name: Alistair BakulaName meaning: Alistair means Defender of People; Bakula means nickname for a habitual liar, from bakulić 'to lie in one's throat'.Nicknames: A stair (Typically by Clarisse), Little Ball of Energy (Dylan Flecter)Aliases: He tends to say his name is Austin especially if he senses dangerUsernames: Ball_of_EnergyAge: 11Birthday: April 12th, 1994Gender: MaleEthnicity: Demigod for starters 50%, Caucasian 15%, Northeastern European 35%Nationally: AmericaBirthplace: Palm Beach, FloridaHometown: Miami, FloridaPrevious Places: New York, New York; Los Angeles, CaliforniaLanguages Spoken / Read: English and GreekHeight: 6 foot 1 and a half inchesWeight: 167 lbs.Blood Type: AB-Sexual Orientation: HomosexualGreek Zodiac: AriesRuling Planet(s): MarsChinese Zodiac: DogCompatibility: Best Matches: Rabbit; Bad Matches: Dragon, Sheep, RoosterElement: FireHair Color: Dark BrownEye Color: Light BluePhysical Description: He tends to try to keep his hands smooth but they are normally rough with scars from his first few training matchesTattoos / Piercings / Scars: Only one major scar under his right knee he has a scar from when he was attacked by a woman cloaked in a white silken dressClothing:Everyday Clothing: He will typically wear a dark red tee shirt with dark green shorts during the summer; during winter he will wear a silvery jacket with dark grey sweatpantsCamp Clothing: He wears the camp tee shirt with his bead necklace out in the open and a pair of cargo shorts, which have bottles of nectar and bags of ambrosia on the belt.PersonalityGood Traits: He is a hardworking and kind individualFlaws: His Kindness tends to be his downfallGood Habits: Always alert to dangerBad Habits: He tends to be very jumpy, something Percy learned when he tapped his shoulder on his first dayStrange Habits: He tends to purposely look away when Aphrodite's children try to get him especially the femalesFears: He is terrified of snakes, this is because when he was younger a snake managed to wrap itself around his arm and wouldn't let him go.Favorite Food: Dorayaki (Essentially sugar pancakes)Favorite Places to Eat: Really anything, though he prefers subway when on missions since it is cheap and healthy.Least Favorite Food: Any type of pepper that is spicyFavorite Drink: Water or Sprite depends on his mood typicallyLeast Favorite Drink: Wine and Coca Cola are tiedFavorite Color: Dark GreenLeast Favorite Color: Light PinkFavorite Scent: Wild BerriesFavorite Sound: A Harp String being pluckedFavorite Sight: The sunrise and sunsetFavorite Time of Year: SpringFavorite Time of Day: Early MorningFavorite Animal: He enjoys watching the Swans on the lake at Camp Half-BloodFavorite Song: He has been asked this question before and tends to take about three weeks to decide on just one. But it has always been either The first Delphic Hymn or anything that is currently popularFavorite Movie / Film Franchise: Depends on his mood, typically it is Lion King or AristocatsActivities / Subjects:Best Activity in Camp: Archery or Sword FightingWorst Activity in Camp: CanoeingBest School Subject(s): Choir and Math were his best subjects in schoolWorst School Subject(s): English and Science, English was due to being unable to read what the teacher assigned but he aced all his writing assignments even though occasionally his teacher would have to translate Greek.Family / Friends:Mother: Eliza BakulaOccupation: His mother works as a writer and a retired singer when she was youngerRelationship: Alistair and his mother get along quite well and tend to write stories and songs together. She actually chose not to marry again and to teach her son Greek and Greek stories.Father: Apollo God of the sun, light, healing, disease, plague, music, art, poetry, archery, reason, knowledge, truth, and prophecy.Relationship: He understands after he gets to Camp that his father has an important job and every morning at sunrise he gets up and waves at the sun (Not without a few weird stares)Pets: He has a few pet songbirds and an outside pet that was a gift/curse from Athena which was a barn owlName of Pet(s): The songbirds are named after three of the muses (Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato) and the owl is nicknamed Wise Bird (He was like 5 when he named it)Age: Songbirds are triplets and they are all about a year old and the owl is about 3 years oldHow did they acquired their pet(s): The songbirds were pets his mother got from her brother breeds them, the owl is a gift/curse from Athena (It is her way of watching Alistair)Siblings at Camp: Cabin #7Who do they get along with most?: He tends to get along with Will and KaylaWho do they get along with least?: He doesn't really get along with Austin, whom he has a slight rivalry withHow do they feel about their cabin mates in general?: He enjoys the simplicity of the cabin and tends to feel more calm inside rather than anywhere on campDemigod Friends: He is close with several people, including Nico Di Angelo (Mainly because he is dating his half brother) and will help him out if possible when he is looking for WillBoyfriend / Girlfriend: Dylan FlecterEnemies: Niobe, Marsyas, Orion; This is partially due to him being a son of ApolloFighting:Weapon: He tends to use his bow that his built himself, but does carry a sword just in case.Mist Version: The bow looks like a bow considering mortals can comprehend a person using a bow; the sword however looks like a stick to mortalsArmor: He tends to wear light armor, but during capture the flag he wears full armor for a warriorRange: Long range to short rangeStyle: He tends to avoid face to face combat but when he is forced to he can and more often than not, attack in a blinding light (Quoted from Dylan)Strengths: He tends to push himself even if he is injured to help othersWeaknesses: He will panic if he sees a snake and more often than not freeze upFatal Flaw: His KindnessAbilities: Audiokinesis, Photokinesis (Mainly in his sword and only to blind his opponent)Quotes: (what are some of your character's quotes? can add more if needed)- "Oh? You want me on your quest, I mean I will give it my best if so!"- "Loving summertime, An enormous fire sings, at the perfect ice."- "I may be bright and sunny, but come on I don't blind people!"- "Hmm? Oh! I suppose that is true, I think Will is in the shower Nico."Trivia: (anything else about the character you want to add such as a theme song etc., add more if needed)- He tends to (Like his father) spout haikus when he gets boredBackground Story: is a wip

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