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07/25/2020 05:15 PM 


An ever-changing index of odds and ends, Browse as you please.Select blogs in the top left to return to this list at any time.Posts tagged wip are currently unavailable.   INFORMATION RulesExtended Dossier (wip)Headcanons (wip)Additional Quirk Details (wip)Side Characters• • •• • •• • •• • • DRABBLES Denial• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • • MISCELLANEOUS • • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •

Stranger than Fiction

07/24/2020 10:35 PM 

Oh, no... general rp Rules.

Sometimes less is more. don't be a special kind of idiot like those who try tto portray themselves as knowledgeable in the realm of roleplay, but are merely fools who can't take when they are wrong.  (IE: using manga scans from a series that has no idea wtf its own continuity is and repeatedly breaks it's own universe rules just for an ass pull.)  approach for ero and you have no one but yourself to blame for whatever happens. Don't be one of those idiots who take criticism of your oc or how you write as personal attacks against you as a person, please.  it makes you look like a damned idiot to say the least. generic no nos for roleplays go here


07/24/2020 01:52 PM 

neo arcadia.

Ripped from my blog; headcanons about the futuristic, once-utopian dystopian city of Neo Arcadia from the Rockman Zero series.⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎⚍⚎ ArcadinumsGenetically engineered bio-synthetic roses(or carnations?) that smell subtly of blueberries. The petals alternate between bright Neo Arcadian blue and sterile white. Their dust-green leaves and stem have a slightly silvery sheen. National Flower of  Neo Arcadia because I said so. National animal ??? dunno.  National anthem ??? maybe one day. ECONOMY Mainly: Command Economic System“A system where the government, rather than the free market, determines what goods should be produced, how much should be produced and the price at which the goods will be offered for sale.” Fiat currency“Currency that a government has declared to be legal tender, but is not backed by a physical COMMODITY. The value of fiat money is derived from the relationship between supply and demand rather than the value of the material that the money is made of.“ Physical money has been or is slowly being phased out of use in lieu of digitized credit. EDUCATION Under the Copy’s rule, education is comprised of a filtered curriculum or series of files decided upon by the Government. History and Current Events are two of the most effected courses, and they are also the main two effected by any propaganda that happens to be put out. Historical files and texts in general have been altered and tampered with. It’s difficult to find a source that hasn’t been. Essentially, the population is sheltered from the events of the past and present. The younger generations, at least. For example, it’s difficult to find a child who knows what a Maverick Hunter used to be, and it’s also difficult to find a person who knows the Resistance’s actual motives. Physical books are still relatively common, but digital books are more so. SPECIAL EVENTS It’s rare, but sometimes the weather under the dome is altered to simulate something other than the comfortable, temperate climate it usually keeps. For example, it will snow for a week during Christmas, and when the synthetic flora requires water, it will rain for a day. Weather forecasts are finally 100% accurate. REPLOIDS Second-class citizens. That’s plain canon. I just wanna make their lives worse! After the Energy Crisis began to be a Big Thing, Copy passed laws on how new reploids were to be created. Namely, after those laws went into effect, reploids had to be made to- subsist on energy crystals or sleep only, with systems that were not compatible with human food- and they had to do this efficiently, but this law was a little more loosely enforcedObviously, this created an influx in “Maverick” activity as the newer generations of reploids resorted to petty thievery to sustain themselves.  Reploids also make up the majority of the population living in Neo Arcadia’s slums. Of course. CITY GENERAL As there exist Residential Districts, it obviously goes by districts.There are Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Education, and Entertainment Districts. These are scattered throughout the city in a way so that Residential Districts have easy access to the districts their people need.Residential Districts rarely have single houses. High rise apartments are the usual. Main methods of transportation are, of course, walking, vehicle, and train. There are a lot of elevated train tracks. Streets tend to be pretty spacious. It’s a city that’s easy to get lost in. Not that many people exit or enter the city, but there are 23 gates around the perimeter. They’re mainly for posting defense, nowadays. The Eden Dome is not transparent. Those within cannot see the true sun or the sky, merely a simulated and controlled facade; those without can, however, see in.  The city is large enough so that travelling from one part to another can be like travelling to a whole new place in terms of people, places available, social habits, and attitudes. For example, some places are into the arts, and you’ll find galleries and artist-minded shops with no problem. Other places, not so much. Accents and dialects vary, as well, but people all know and use the common language. There are (or have been) efforts to preserve other tongues. Culture, religion, and etc also vary. Some people are trying to keep them alive, too.  Buskers and ‘travelling’ performers aren’t uncommon. Foods are, as a majority, French. There are plenty of little corner shops that sell crepes and croissants and other little things like that, and a glass of wine is often taken with meals. That said, there are places that sell other cultural dishes.  HEALTHCARE Humans get quality medical care and assistance for free. Reploids get to fend for themselves. It isn’t free for them unless they hold a position in government or the military. There are clinics that service reploids, but they have to pay for it out of pocket. ENTERTAINMENT Cinemas. Arcades. Bookstores.  Pretty much your standard, run-of-the-mill selection. Movies are still being produced. There are soap operas on television. The internet is still a thing (albeit highly regulated by the government, who owns the legal servers; there are servers that are occasionally implanted by the Resistance, or some other group, in effort to get the truths out there, but they’re usually found and destroyed before they can do any harm, etc).


иσ¢тιѕ яσуαℓяєвєℓ

07/23/2020 10:10 PM 

[RP Advice] I Like My Pairing, You Like Yours (No Ship-Shaming Please)

Admin’s Note: A friend of mine of another RP site was recently attacked tonight for a pairing they liked, and brought this issue to my attention. Without further adieu, I will cover this straight away in hopes of helping anyone else.•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Everybody is allowed to have their shippings, regardless if others approve of it or not. In the end, that person behind the screen will still like that pairing. It matters not what we like in a pairing, even if it’s the most atrocious thing we ever seen or heard of. It’s one thing to say you dislike a pairing, but you’re crossing the line if you feel it’s okay to attack these people for what they like.Many RolePlay partners whom have approached me, like Noctis x Luna because that’s the game’s story. They can feel that way about the shipping, even if I don’t. Some people do respect that I do not ship it, others do try to convince me otherwise because it’s in the game. Some of those same people think it’s cool I like the Noctis x Lightning pairing due to the original idea behind FFXIV before things were changed. I like the pairing, others do not, and that’s perfectly okay as long as we respect each other’s opinions.Note: I used to be a shipper myself, but not anymore due to my own experiences that have been generalized as a whole in this segment.Also Note: I respect what people choose to ship, but my exceptions will be excluded from this segment as I wish to abide by this site's Terms of Policy.Don’t become that kind of person who attacks people for the pairings they like, you’re literally bullying them by doing this. Some even take it so far as to actually threaten someone who likes a shipping. They like what they like, and you like what you like, is it really so hard to accept that? There’s many MANY shippings I do not like, but I don’t choose make people feel bad about it just because I don’t like their choices.If you have an issue with someone’s choice of pairing, refrain from being aggressive with them and just kindly tell them that you don’t like their choice but you respect it. It’s better to respect one’s opinions in these matters, rather than bully them over what you don’t like. Be kind to yourself and to your partners, respect them as they would for you.

RP Advice, Advice, RolePlay


07/23/2020 03:19 PM 


denial It doesn't matter where the road takes you   "I'm sorry, There's just nothing else we can do at this point..." Liar. "With so little to work with we can only assume the worst." Liar. "We're going to stop the search." Traitor. "...He'd never stop..." pale fists balled so tightly one might fear the knuckles would cut through skin. The male in uniform looked to the adolescent girl with a pained expression while reaching back to rub his neck. The older woman beside her trying to reach down to hug her only for the young teen to push her away. Jade daggers aiming for the officer as liquid brimmed her eyes, Emotions flooding from every direction. "If it was you, He'd never stop searching until he knew the truth!" her shaken tone boomed in fury. "Emi that's not fair, They did their-" the sincere words of her grandmother were cut off by a tearful glare. "Don't give me that! They'll never work as hard as he did! They're already giving up after only three months! Some heroes you are!" The girl was frantic as she couldn't withstand the storm anymore, Tears gliding down her cheeks. Without hesitation she darted for the door and grabbed the handle before turning back to look at the officer once more. "Don't worry... I'll find him. Unlike you, I don't give up." she declared before taking off even with her granny pleading to wait. A black hood covered soot locks and her tear stained visage as she pressed on through the rain to collect herself. The walk turned into a sprint as she needed to drown out the officer's words with the sound of her own racing heart. 'There's just no way. You're not dead. I know you're not. You're not that clumsy.' Thoughts and memories raced as the storm soaked her to the bone at the pace she was going. Fighting against the rain until she realized where she had ended up, The orphanage. How long had she been running? Did it really matter? Huffs and puffs hazed the air in front of her as she walked. Stopping at a particular bench before collapsing to rest her head on it. This had been the place they'd always meet when he came to visit her. Emeralds flickering as memories flooded back to her almost as fiercely as the storm around her. Two figures appearing from nowhere before her, A shaggy older man and a young girl. "Wait... Seriously?! You're adopting me?!" the youth bubbled turning to the gruff male as he gave a hearty laugh. "Why are you so surprised? It'll sure make it easier to keep you out of trouble." The scene only caused the slumped girl to succumb to her emotions all the more. Expression cracking as she pulled herself onto the bench beside the illusion. Wiping her eyes and brushing away the crimson that had begun to trail down her nose. "I know you're not dead, You're too tough to let some second rate criminals beat you. I don't care what it takes, I'll find you even if it's the last thing I ever do. You didn't give up on me even though everybody else thought I was a lost cause. I swear i'm gonna use what you've taught me and bring you home where you belong." The illusion seemed to look to the youth again and reach out to rest a hand on her head. The next phrase seeming to be spoken in unison by Emiko despite her exhausted expression. "Just give me time and i'll show you I can be the family you deserve." I'll be chasing your shadow


07/23/2020 02:18 PM 

Testing things

New to site, however not new to roleplaying... Going to test things here for a moment, however generally prefer Discord. Also partially lazy as cannot be bothered on copy paste, so will work slowly on this in meantime.

𝕯𝖊𝖒𝖔𝖓 𝕶𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖗

07/23/2020 12:49 PM 


1. just keep in mind , being added to my list means absolutely nothing. Ten to one you'll be deleted within two weeks because you'll message me once and never talk again , speaking from experience.2. I have two other accounts on here and no I am not always active.3. I multiship, don't like it piss off. 4. No I do not instant ship. 5. I match post length, don't like it, don't add.6. I am not my muse, miss with with that bullsh!t.  

Vine, The Dollmaker

07/23/2020 12:32 AM 

More headcanons

- Though not as present as his fear and trauma about the man that horribly abused him, he's also fairly mentally scarred from the fire that burnt his house down and killed his father. He basically watched his own father burn in front of him while everything he knew and loved burn as well, and he can never get the image of his father dying out of his head.- Vine is numb to most types of pain after what he went through. He could accidentally cut himself with a knife and not notice he cut himself.- He used to have a very bad habit of scratching at his hands whenever he felt anxious. Since he's numb to most types of pain, he would often end up drawing blood from how aggressively he would scratch at his hands, and on one occasion even passed out from blood loss. This led Slender to slowly weed him out of the habit.- Never leave Vine alone with a pair of scissors. He'd probably end up throwing it or stabbing it into something just for fun. Also never leave him alone with a knife for the same reasons.- Though he enjoys working on his dolls and prides himself in his talent, Vine has slight anxiety of others seeing his work, afraid of getting critiqued or bullied because of his hobbies.- Vine has a somewhat small attention span, being very easy to distract in most situations, so the others don't even want him to attempt to cook, afraid of him spacing out while cooking and causing a fire.- As a child, Vine was that kid who never seemed upset, no matter what happened. After the fire and other horrible things, he's the exact opposite, now a walking ball of anxiety and fear.- If he ever returned to the remains of his childhood home, he'd probably cry and have a panic attack, having horrible flashbacks of the fire and his father dying in front of him, unable to do anything to help him. It traumatized him a lot more than people realize. - Since Vine grew up in a town in which none of the houses had any form of electricity, he still doesn't fully comprehend the concept of electricity.- Vine loves fairy lights or anything similar. He thinks they're very pretty and he doesn't really understand how they work.

Eliias Cain

07/22/2020 08:49 PM 

Ramblings of a Mad Artist

It's silly. I genuinely thought things would be different this time. That I could co-exist with the world around me, but given my area of expertise 'normality' is somewhat of a fleeting image beset on all sides; just out of reach. Most of my clientelle exist in certain circles of the world that would otherwise like to remain hidden, and there are things..  out there, that some of you people have definitely encountered, but are at a lack of memory regarding the experience. Amnestics. They're pumped through the air, and water. Triggered by.. something, some kind of switch that makes you forget. It's either their work, or played at through the hands of those experiences themselves. I wish I could say I'm well versed on the matter, but I'm really not. I was a teenager when they picked me up the first time, and when you're in one of those facilities it's like.. pulling teeth to make sense of anything. They sit you down once a week and drill you with the same questions they ask a thousand times. Maybe it's to make sure your story is straight, or maybe it's because they're conditioning you through these drugs, and the fact they say you're in containment because they want to keep you safe, but I know that's bullsh*t. They know it's bullsh*t. It's just a fomality they use to lure you into a false sense of security, but in the end all they're doing is trying to find out all the ways they can exploit, and use you like some sort of marionette without strings. When my father died, it took me years to start making art on my own. Either too afraid of what I'd come up, and that it'd bite me in the ass one day. Or that one of these days I'll make the wrong thing, for the wrong people or peoples, or organization and then the rest of you will have to deal with the consequences. but it isn't like I can do much else. This is, and always has been the one thing I was good at. Look, I know I don't belong here. I look around, and yeah -- I see all the weeb sh*t, which is exactly why I'm basing my operation on this site in the first place. It's the last rock anyone would think to look under. Oh, and trust me -- I do not feel welcome. I'm surrounded by folks that have the attention span of newts, and probably about the same intelligence level, but that's not the point. Point is, people who do know me? They'll figure it out pretty quickly. So, fill the friends list full of random people, and bury myself into this subculture as far down the rabbit hole as it'll allow. Find new clients here, or work my way through these contact lists I have beside me. Most of which, I'm too afraid to even contact. The Fifth Chuch? Cults, Shadow Orgs? Sh*t's getting weirder by the day. So, playing the good son and immersing myself in this bullsh*t is the last bastion I got left. It's f***ed, I wish I could do what I do without these hounds baying behind me so to speak.Also, if there's anyone out there reading this. I've been trying to follow some of the fandoms here, and look into some of these cartoons to get a sense of what the f*** is going on, but I don't know.. maybe I'm too old. There was a couple I really liked though. Didn't feel that show what with the ninjas and headbands and all, but I thought the animation work was really well done and cool, and the content was pretty funny at times. I guess I'll keep trying, because the more I stick out like the big, red sore thumb I am the more likely I am to screw this up, and I really can't afford that right now. I should probably sleep, but I've been having issue with that lately as well, anyway..uh.. bye I guess?-Eli



07/22/2020 04:54 PM 

Current mood:  happy

THE PAST HISTORY CHARACTERS I HAD ROLE-PLAY: Always remember the good old days and never going to forget, and always put a smile on my face =D. I use to role-play Yoruichi Shihoin, the Queen S.S Kingdom. Started on Myspace 9/2008- present. Since my old laptop Acer crashed as the motherboard decided to die on me, I have the Acer for eight years. Sadly, I've lost everything. Continue role-playing Yoruichi through Myspace and, retired role-playing Yoruichi in the year of 2011, then return 2017 continue. In the year 2009 is when I have a new laptop.  Here my old account for Myspace that I couldn't seem to get into it. I'd lost the email and password. <--- Account still there as.  STARTED MYSPACE THAN MOVE TO ROLEPLAYER.ME 2009 -PRESENT:   Started role-playing Cynthia when Diamond and Pearl were released, and Role-play on Myspace 2009 -present. retired in spring in 2011 for a long time due to life circumstances. I'd decided to return role-playing Cynthia of the year 2012. I've decided to make up a character in 2014. The made-up character is, Carolina. Similar to Cynthia, in like a step-sister until I made some more changes to her appearance and personality, which I did and no longer like Cynthia. She'll have couples of her style, not everything.   BEHIND CHARACTER BRIEF INFO: It's all you're going to get to know about me behind the character.  Gender: Female  Status: Taken in real life as I am very loyal and respectful. I'm a type that doesn't like cheating. No, I am not Christian. I am a mother with two daughters, One: born 9/22/2013. Second: born 1/29/2018. Birth Date: August 05, 1989. Leo- that can't stand RL Drama.  Talent Skills: Artist, Painter, Sculpture, Designer, Editor, Layout Code, Layouts design, decorator, Strong Imagination, Office, Website design, Math, Computer, Technology, Video Gamer, Read Books, Science fiction such as outer space, nature, Meteorologist, Chemistry, Craft, Design, Organize, Cooking, Cleaning, multi-task, and love to learn.  How long you've been role-playing? 9/2008-Present. Since Myspace. Role-play Community Conduct Code. Personality: Cool, Respectful, Laid Back, Cheerful, Careful, Nice, Patient, Kind heart, Sweet, I don't pick favorites, Honesty, Loyalty, Tell the Truth, Suck at Lying, Friendly, a Faster learner, Communicate, and if I'm unsure about something I do ask, I'm a Nerd & Geek.  I don't judge you.  I'm not here to be right or wrong just here to learn and to get to know you better. I'm a forgiving friend, but not forgiving when messing with my family, lover, life situation, or being called a liar, I'm not afraid to speak my mind, and that's telling the truth.  Keep my Real away from Rp. I know how to role-play, hate it when being treated like I don't understand. I've role-played all my life and never have any problem. I've played old video games and so on.  I'm honestly here to be me like the good old days that's making friends and build awesome memorize ^-^. I'm a Mother, overprotective with the two girls, and will not give their full name out, but I will mention their nicknames such as Jaz, or Izzy. Organize, scheduler, and Grammarly. Talkative at the times it depends on how I am feeling.  I'm a very understandable friend. I like to work things out. Happy for being me, love my friends & family. I'm not afraid to show proof as I've nothing to hide. I don't take Rp personally. I'm a Scientologist and some believer. Likely to joke around or pick on you X3, or pick on you meanie, it means I like you as a friend or BFF.  Likes: Love moon, Night, Star, Silver, Sapphire, Blue, Black, White, and couple colors. Love dragons, wolf, and Elves, Crystal stones, Pokemon, Sports cars, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Luna, Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity, DJ, Swords, Sniper Rifles, Plasma, Bleach and fantasy Collector. Science like outer space, weather, Art& Design, anything related to Art, Photoshop Editor, story writer, Technology Computer, games, Math, Music lover. Dislike: Bugs, Hate Liars, Hate Drama, hate backstabber, don't take bullsh*t from anybody, dislike to be a meanie, Hate friends trying to make me turn against one other for no reason, hate being judged, I'm not stupid, hate being treated like I don't know the difference from Rp & Rl, etc. I can't stand people control me and tell me who I should speak, how I speak. I can't lie worth the sh*t, so don't even bother as I'm not that type of a person. I already told my therapist and consular about how people here treat me. Been word abuse by my ex. The therapist and counselor did help me under my treatment care from my high-stress, nerves, and depression from judgemental.  Note: When I was a little girl, I almost went death on both of my ears between 5 or 7 years old as I've been in the hospital for four days. After my fever went down, the doctors did surgery to try and save my hearing. Surgery record 9, then 10th surgery was the one that took 2 hours to remove Cholestomia on the right ear. I didn't find out 25, or 26 age, found out by my Ear specialist from OSU ( Ohio State Unveriser). It's taken care of until farther notice, but the infection may return. I'm able to hear. My speech is great but nerves if I don't know you well. I only have a comprehension speech problem that it's, it's not bad just need a little help on past and present term, and sometimes pronouncing words that I use to know. After graduation in 2008, I've proved around 89 percent. Years went by I have improved more. I've been helped by a Specialist Speech Therapist that teaches me on everything the time I was in schools. I'm no longer under Speech therapist since I've been improving better. Please understand, I still have some things to work on as punctuation, past, and present here nor there just not terribly. Brookhaven High School 2004-2008_ Diploma Fort Hayes Commercial Art I and II 2006-2008 _ Diploma Columbus State Community College Art 2008 on fall- present, I decided on transferring to CCAD for Fan Arts. After that, I might go for Science-Art or Coding. ( Will return afterlife situation settle in)( Columbus College Art & Design in Columbus, OH)- Two Math books: Mathematical and Prealgebra. English book: Discovering Communities. I do have Chemistry. Have these books in 2008.  Role-play History: Carolina 2014-present  Yoruichi 2008-present (Since back on Myspace. Queen Yoruichi S S Kingdom Block.) (Retired until Bleach Picks up.) Crystallia 2017- High Fantasy Skyrim and etc.  Galadriel 2020-present

Red Bolt

07/21/2020 04:37 PM 

~Headcannon Corner~

~Headcanon Corner~ Ichika loves Chappy and the Seaweed Embassador though is very embarassed by this. Thus she tries to hide it rather then broadcast it like her mother or uncle does.  While playing with Nemuri in the Soul Society a young Ichika ran off to sneak into the World of the Living where she ran into a hallow thus creating her fear of monsters. Thinks Kazui looks too soft to be a Shinigami.  Wants to become Head Captain someday. (I want her to dream big.) Until she becomes Head Captain she is okay with being apart of Squad 6 since both Renji and Byakuya are there. Enjoys spending time with Byakuya. Will quietly sit down and have tea with him--most of the time. Enjoys pulling Kazui and Nemuri into her trouble. For some reason tends to get embarassed around Rikichi Yuki. Draws like her mother. Don't mention it. More might get added at a later date.


Rin Taski (MCRP)

07/21/2020 12:21 PM 

Character: Dragonslayer Ornstein

Just to preface this, I know Ornstein has no set personality or anything in the games. I just like him a lot so I decided to project and make him a thing. Name/Nicknames: Ornstein. Title: Dragonslayer. Gender: Male. Orientation: ??? Personality: Ornstein is essentially the personification of Lawful Good. He’s very uptight about following orders and doing his job correctly or simply doing what he can to help. During his free time he is very cat like in nature with a short attention span and certainly enjoys napping throughout the day and can become slightly more irritable if woken up. He’s also very quiet and for the sake of not talking he learned sign language, his voice is soft and cracks when he does speak since he doesn’t use it if he doesn’t have to. Appearance: Ornstein is very easily recognizable in his golden armor and the helm that resembles a lion, approximately he’s about 11 feet in height. The red plumage from his helmet is in fact his hair and he has green eyes to match it, being under armor for most of his time he has a paler complexion.


07/21/2020 12:32 PM 


Goddess Name: CupidHuman Name: Rose AmoreAge: UnknownWeight: LightBody: Curvy Height: 5'4 Power : Love maker ( can make anyone fall in love with anyone or anything thing)/ Love Breaker ( Can break ones heart and end relationships , so much so she can turn people evil.)Combat power: arrows can be used with any power however she will eventually run out of arrows. Personality: A little childish / hot headed at times/ a little ditsy/ sucker for praise , compliments and any romatic gesture. Loves: Flowers and anything cute Hates: large bodies of water ( her wings/ she cant fly when they are wet. )and coffee 


07/21/2020 12:29 PM 


NO God modding  I dont give out my personal info so dont ask  No one liners  im a busy person so i might not reply quickly if thats an issue please dont add Open to mature content ( ero) rps Please if you add message me first  If i add ill message, Fair?


07/20/2020 08:24 PM 

✗ open ideas ✗

  // Some general story ideas sorted in  a semi meaningful way, descriptions are pretty shallow but we can flesh it out in discussion.  This whole blog is major WIP. // heads up, I tend to write 6+ paras, but I can try to keep it shorter.  //cc welcome as always.  message me if something interests you and we can go from there.   Light hearted / humorous / weird ✗Even stranger brews. Drinking. An apothecary, Koue knows a thing or two about the purification and distillation of  aqueous solutions. Better known for healing tinctures and potent poisons, Koue also has a hobby of distilling her own spirits. In simpler terms, girl can brew some strong af moonshine. Obviously the main ingredient is a s e c r e t. Definitely not a plant that comes from a graveyard, no definitely not. Obviously, muses find an excuse to partake. Strangeness/mischief/over-the-top sobbing ensues.    ✗ALIENS!? Paranoid, Koue is convinced something strange is afoot in Otogakure. Hear her out for humors sake? Indulge her strange assertions and help her investigate? I don’t know where I’m going with this idea, but don’t forget to wear a tinfoil hat.     ✗’oh, you look t e r r i b l e! let me patch you up.’ Bad medicine. You needed a doctor, but this one is kind of weird. Probably best for a short, casual rp. Don’t forget to sign the waiver.    Dark, dramatic, still kinda weird ✗Classic meddling with forbidden jutsus that should not be meddled with. Let’s open a gate to some horrible malevolent cursed sh*t and then act shocked. :o   ✗Crime mystery / court drama. A diplomatic envoy of Otogakure goes to your nation to smooth relations. Of course, things go horribly awry (murder? kidnapping?), and all obvious signs point to Otogakure’s involvement. Koue is especially incriminated by this evidence. We work together to figure out what really happened, maybe catch the real baddie while we’re at it?    ✗Night of the living dead. Zombies and skeletons oh my. Just an excuse for my muse to raise a ton of undead to get hacked away. Summoning gone bad or intentional? Villain Koue exists too.   ✗Journey beyond the veil. For one reason or another, your muse has business in the realm of the dead. Obviously, getting there isn’t the issue. Getting out is. Luckily, Koue’s kekkai genkai is the solution to your problems, wanna take a trip to hades?   Character arcs, gimme that sweet sweet character development, cc sooo welcome here ✗ A betray of her master, Orochimaru. Not sure if I want it to be intentional, as in Koue wises up to her own brainwashing. Or have Koue get tricked into betraying Orochimaru and have a major mental meltdown. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ✗ WIP. Suggestions welcome, open to any ideas.  

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