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07/20/2020 08:24 PM 

✗ open ideas ✗

  // Some general story ideas sorted in  a semi meaningful way, descriptions are pretty shallow but we can flesh it out in discussion.  This whole blog is major WIP. // heads up, I tend to write 6+ paras, but I can try to keep it shorter.  //cc welcome as always.  message me if something interests you and we can go from there.   Light hearted / humorous / weird ✗Even stranger brews. Drinking. An apothecary, Koue knows a thing or two about the purification and distillation of  aqueous solutions. Better known for healing tinctures and potent poisons, Koue also has a hobby of distilling her own spirits. In simpler terms, girl can brew some strong af moonshine. Obviously the main ingredient is a s e c r e t. Definitely not a plant that comes from a graveyard, no definitely not. Obviously, muses find an excuse to partake. Strangeness/mischief/over-the-top sobbing ensues.    ✗ALIENS!? Paranoid, Koue is convinced something strange is afoot in Otogakure. Hear her out for humors sake? Indulge her strange assertions and help her investigate? I don’t know where I’m going with this idea, but don’t forget to wear a tinfoil hat.     ✗’oh, you look t e r r i b l e! let me patch you up.’ Bad medicine. You needed a doctor, but this one is kind of weird. Probably best for a short, casual rp. Don’t forget to sign the waiver.    Dark, dramatic, still kinda weird ✗Classic meddling with forbidden jutsus that should not be meddled with. Let’s open a gate to some horrible malevolent cursed sh*t and then act shocked. :o   ✗Crime mystery / court drama. A diplomatic envoy of Otogakure goes to your nation to smooth relations. Of course, things go horribly awry (murder? kidnapping?), and all obvious signs point to Otogakure’s involvement. Koue is especially incriminated by this evidence. We work together to figure out what really happened, maybe catch the real baddie while we’re at it?    ✗Night of the living dead. Zombies and skeletons oh my. Just an excuse for my muse to raise a ton of undead to get hacked away. Summoning gone bad or intentional? Villain Koue exists too.   ✗Journey beyond the veil. For one reason or another, your muse has business in the realm of the dead. Obviously, getting there isn’t the issue. Getting out is. Luckily, Koue’s kekkai genkai is the solution to your problems, wanna take a trip to hades?   Character arcs, gimme that sweet sweet character development, cc sooo welcome here ✗ A betray of her master, Orochimaru. Not sure if I want it to be intentional, as in Koue wises up to her own brainwashing. Or have Koue get tricked into betraying Orochimaru and have a major mental meltdown. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ✗ WIP. Suggestions welcome, open to any ideas.  

Eliias Cain

07/20/2020 12:41 PM 

Client 111F

Price: Protection.Piece Name: Lending a Hand.Description: Lending a Hand is a painting, measuring 3ftx3.5ftx4.5ft. It depicts a smoking man's face, comprised of other (female) mouths with hands (of various genders) jutting out in different positions. It is mostly black, and sepia in color and hue. The background of the painting is adorned with hidden occult iconography that can only be seen by making an offering of a kiss to one of the seemingly screaming mouths. The archaic text makes mention to 'the flesh' several times, and appears Sarkic in nature. A spell of the damned that when read aloud will transport the whisperer to another plane for approximately two hours. This plane is that of.. carnal experiences, but hardly pleasurable to anyone but a massochist. While in this 'dimension' the 'user' (assuming the client purchased this work for their own use) will be bound and tortured in a variety of ways. (Burned, racked, flayed, etc) upon the user's 'death' in this realm they will then be transported back to where the painting is housed. At which time all injuries sustained by "Lending A Hand" and it's anomalous properties during this period disappear.Addition: I don't usually speak about my clients as it goes against what I stand for as an artist, but I have to express just how uneasy I felt during the entire exchange. She was rather attractive, but there was no shine to her eyes, and I don't mean that metaphorically. Literally, there was no shine. It was like her eyes were painted on. Real, surely as they moved and followed things as you would expect, but they were dark.. darker than anything I've ever seen, nearly matte, or vantablack. A literal VOID of color. She assured me she could keep the Foundation from finding me here, and having Rho-9 to take down this page if I finished this, so I did. I don't even want to think about it ever again. I'm desperate.. I can't go back to the facility. I just can't. 


07/19/2020 09:28 PM 

Admin stuff lmaoo

+ semi-selective adds+ 19 y/o + yes, i've had a few other accounts...well, more than just a few. sorry if it's annoying, but my attention span is zero to none q w q,,,+ POTENTIAL TRIGGERING THEMES!! (ex, scars/harming, disorders, abuse, etc)+ NSFW can be discussed in chat please!+ again, on the NSFW topic, don't be afraid to discuss somewhat controversial kinks or interests with me if that's something you're looking to include, i love hearing any sort of suggestions- and i mean anything!!+ open to triggering or dark topics, not many limits here! anything with blood, gore, torture, or suggestive NSFW themes are all fair game!+ VERY easygoing when it comes to plots (or, again, triggering themes) so if you have something in particular you'd like to try, please don't hesitate to suggest it! i'm open to hearing anything (as mentioned). + probably won't request nor message first, i'm kinda awkward lmaoooaoa+ open to trade info on places outside of here to chat (discord preferred) but only after a bit of chatting, please!+ good grammar is preferred! + i, personally would like to be canon characters, but i'm happy to RP WITH other canon characters and OC's (please, if you use an OC it'd be really appreciated if they are kind of, well, not mary-sues. I don't mean to sound offensive by saying this, but, when it comes to Creepypasta OC's there's not much luck out there for actual good ones...)+ i love all sorts of replies, but nothing less than one or two sentences please! i love to write, but i also love just casual stuff, so anything ranging from one or two sentences to multiple paragraphs (as many as you'd like!) i'd absolutely, 100% be open to! + i love in character greetings, so i have no problem receiving them if you so desire! however, if that's not your style and you would rather discuss first OOC then i'm 100% fine with that too.+ if anything else comes to mind (and i somehow remember) i'll be adding to this! 


07/19/2020 09:27 PM 

Character Info Babeyyyy

BEN DrownedDISCLAIMER: This is my personal interpretation of Ben's story and personality, so if anything is off it's just due to the way I've pictured him, since his story is a bit all over the place! All rights for the character, actual story and video footage belong to Alex Hall - AKA Jadusable.status: dead (well, duh)orientation: (non-canon) bisexualbasic background: It all started with a young boy who goes by the name of Ben. He started off with a normal life, living with his father back in the late 90's when video games were on the rise and the popularity of the N64 was at it's height. Ben, a young boy at the time, was one of the many who were absolutely obsessed with said video of his all time favorites known as The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Unfortunately for him, video games were just about the only time he got to escape from the real world. Though his father was his legal guardian, in reality Ben wanted nothing more than to be alone and away from him. Video games were his outlet- his way of escapism. He didn't do well in school, got into some trouble, all standard stuff for a young boy, however his father was anything but pleased. At the height of their troubling relationship, his father decided to finally put their differences aside...and whether it was an accident or intentional, well, Ben wouldn't know. Drowned by his father around the age of 12-13, Ben was killed and out of the picture. However, that didn't mean he was finished yet. After death he proceeded to haunt the game that he loved so much- Majora's Mask. Now after death, he is able to control, manipulate, and create his own world, free of bombarding adults. That doesn't mean his power is limited to within the cartridge, however...Skip ahead a few years after all his belongings were now in the trash and spread out, an unknown individual stumbled across a so-called "haunted cartridge" being sold by a mysterious old man. It was said to bring danger into your household, and the risks of having it in your possession was insanely high. Naturally, it was probably some cheesy gimmick and he just wanted a few bucks, but taking that cartridge home was a terrible, terrible mistake, soon meeting with a terrible fate...appearance/abilities: Ben takes on about the same size as Link in Majora's Mask. Since Link is around 12, he's rather small...which, means Ben follows in his footsteps, despite being around 18 in real life. Ben takes after the Elegy of Emptiness statue which is a replica of Link but in statue form, so it would be natural that they're comparatively the same size. Standing around 4'11, Ben is of below average strength, skinny, however while being physically weak is made up by his other powers and abilities. He has blonde hair that is parted in the middle, pointed elf-like ears which are pierced, and most commonly wears a green tunic and boots with a triangle hat to match. Unlike Link, his eyes are completely black with red pupils, with a black substance constantly falling from them. Occasionally, it drips from his nose as well. His teeth are a bit sharp and he has almost fang-like canines, too. Other than physical abilities, he also has telekinetic powers as well. Since he was essentially created within a game, he is able to manipulate any game to his will, game-hop (if, the game is currently being played), able to travel through any sort of electrical wires or work, and most importantly- he is able to move electrical wires at his will. Ever seen a snake charmer? Same sort of scenario. He can use them to choke out enemies, electrocute, you name it- that's the trade off for being as weak as a 12 year old. He essentially can't die...unless, the cartridge he haunts somehow gets destroyed. He keeps that in his possession for no one to get.personality/acquaintances: Ben is...something. His personality can go from being a childish annoyance to someone who needs serious anger management classes. He gets very defensive about his video games and property, despite being annoying and overall dumb. He has a certain hat that he considers his "lucky hat" and won't allow anyone near it. His original game he came from is essentially a relic for him, he's extremely defensive about that as well. Generally, he takes some time to open up and be genuine, but for the most part he has no problem mouthing someone off and asserting dominance...even if 90% of the time it absolutely doesn't go in his favor. Except if it's Link, he'll do everything in his power just to d*ck around with that guy. He was invited into the Slender Mansion shortly after being discovered by the stranger on the streets, becoming an official Creepypasta. He easily became close with Jeff the Killer, and despite their constant arguing, fights, and what seems to be hatred toward each other Jeff is undoubtedly one of his best friends. He also has a fairly decent friendship with Sally, seeing her as a little sister of sorts. Other than that, he is at the very least acquaintances with the rest of the Pasta's.  


07/19/2020 04:55 PM 

My OCs (Will Add To As Needed)
Current mood:  tired

- Heath McGleeson (Single, Male, Aged 37-39, Quietly Gay, Lawman/Detective; He can be very logical and precise which is good for his job, but is prone to second guessing himself and his decisions when it comes to more emotional decisions. That said, he isn't completely dense when it comes to things like romance or courting. He's also prone to mid-life crisis every once in awhile, but it passes. He tends to like guys younger than him, but if they're a minor it's an automatic out.)- Seibri Takeda (Naruto OC, Single, Female, Ususally aged 17-26 depending on the role play, Bisexual, AU x crossover friendly (I usually multi-ship with her anyway), Chunin of the Leaf Village under the teachings of Tsunade Senju; Seibri is a carrier of demonic entity which takes the form of a multi-tailed wolf. *Note that this creature is in no way as strong as, or in any way related to the 10 tailed beast.* She was forced to carry this burden when her parents bestowed her with the duty of being the prison to this angry spirit. This was done mostly in part to the fact that her parents did not want a girl, but instead wanted two boys. Her older brother, before passing away due to a mission going wrong, often tried to protect her before this happened. However, during the whole process, the monster managed to take over and proceeded to murder everyone in her clan, leaving Seibri not only as the culprit, but the sole survivor. Once the leaf caught wind of this, they of course had her put on lock down and sealed heavily to the point of almost being catatonic. Tsunade, who was the Hokage at the time, seemed to look into her family background and the medical records from her times at home. She could tell these were violent in nature and most likely inflicted by adults which made her realize this girl had been abused. With more evidence gathering at the scene, they realized she was unwillingly made a container for some angry spirit. Since then, they kept her sealed and she has trained under Tsunade since.)-Hyatt Latham (Single, Male, Aged 26-27, Openly gay, but not flamboyant, exclusively tops, Drug dealer and lumber yard worker; Hyatt is someone who often forgets to think of others and how they may feel. That said, it doesn't mean he doesn't know when he's done something wrong. The guy often finds himself hanging out in bars or clubs, looking for his next hook up, but he's not above dating someone exclusively either. He can come off as rather charming, but he's also a huge flirt, sometimes to the point that it can get him in trouble with his significant others. The guy has his issues, sure, but he prefers to keep those to himself. It pretty much goes without saying that that can cause issues, but maybe one day he would be willing to try and work on, well, him.-Davy Ftizpatrick (TF2 OC, Single, Male, Aged 23-25, Openly gay, but not flamboyant, usually bottoms but can top, BLU Scout, AU x crossover friendly; Davy grew up as the youngest of 8 boys without a father in the picture. Being the youngest, he often stayed at his mother's side and became a rather big mama's boy from that. Additionally, he is also gay. He's not out to all of his family, but when it comes to friends and whatnot he's pretty open about it. He's usually in military work of some kind if it's an AU or crossover, but generally he is a scout or footman of some sort for his occupation. That said, Davy has also met some hardships in his life. One that has stuck with him was the loss of his lover on the battlefield after a big explosion. To this day, he still wears his dog tags. Generally, Davy is a sweet and caring guy, but can also be a bit oblivious and emotional.)// I will add more as I remember them or think of them! I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have about any character listed here!

admin, ooc, role play, rp, roleplay, out of character, original character, oc, edit later

Unknown Causes (Read rules blog)

07/19/2020 09:20 PM 

Simple, easy rules

1. No ero only rp's2. Literacy required3. Semi-para to para rp4. No one liners5. No mutes6. Serious rp storylines only 7. You add you talk8. Respect given is respect earnedPlease comment with your favorite hobby outside of rping if you've read the rules and will comply

Eliias Cain

07/18/2020 09:40 PM 

Client 110F

Price: $110,200Piece Name: Absence of SharkDescription:The 'sculpture'  is an animate empty space, five meters long, in the shape of an adult tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier). It does not appear to have any mass; however, it displaces water by an unknown mechanism. The sculpture's refractive index is approximately that of air, which makes it partially visible when immersed in salt water; as well, its "anti-shadow" is discernible under bright light. There is nothing there; however, the client has been recommended against using bright lighting, as this triggers extremely aggressive behavior on the part of the sculpture.

𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓪 𝓜𝓾𝓽𝓸

07/18/2020 08:41 PM 

Custom Header Code
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1. Upload your edited custom header to recommended site: Use code and paste image to where is says to paste it in code:#ctl00_cpMain_ctl01_UserNetwork1_ctrlMessage{display:none;}span.blacktext12{background-image:url("PHOTOURLHERE");width:540;height:386px;display:block!important;}</style><font style="display:none;"><p>3. Paste code into "Header" section of profile:[Make sure the Width and Height for image matches ones in code]

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𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓪 𝓜𝓾𝓽𝓸

07/18/2020 08:36 PM 

Header Image Code
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1. Resize desired image here: Upload image to this recommended site: photo URL in proper place than post code in "Header" section of your profile:<img src="PHOTOURLHERE">

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07/18/2020 06:45 PM 

strange brew;

strange brew; The pale light of the gibbous moon shined through the large windows of the arboretum. The structure housed a wide array of exotic botanical specimens, so many that it was easy to get lost inside if you didn’t know the way around. Rows upon rows of neatly manicured shrubs and countless arrays of vine tangled trellis. The heady scent of blooming flowers and herbs hung heavy in the air. Coiled in the branches, small jade-green snakes hid, their bronze colored eyes seemed to follow visitors. Nestled within the wilds of Orogakure’s territory, far from prying eyes, a garden of unconventional medicines and potent poisons. Kept by the snake sannin’s undying pupil, the place served as a sort of black market for rare botanicals and herbal brews. Whatever ailed a patron, and the silver haired apothecary would find a solution. For a fee, of course. Notoriously hard to locate, visitors were rare, much to Koue’s satisfaction. More time to practice her craft, and even less wasted on words. Squinting, sage colored eyes studied the glass flask’s contents. A half-gloved hand gave the solution inside a gentle swirl, a white pearlescent mixture that glimmered like opal in the moon’s light. It was ready. From her mortar, she took a pinch of some sweet smelling, blood-red paste and dropped it into the flask. The solution reacted violently at first, nearly bubbling over, before settling to a shimmering crimson hue. A plume of white mist rose from the lips of the glass, cut off by the swift addition of a cork. This tincture would have to wait, it appeared she had guests. “Well you’re here,” Straight to the point, she did not mince words, “So, what do you want from me?”

𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓪 𝓜𝓾𝓽𝓸

07/18/2020 02:45 PM 

Autoplaying Background Music
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1. Create an account on this site to be able to upload your MP3 files and make them into URLs Use this code:<audio controls autoplay>  <source src="MP3URLHERE" type="audio/mpeg"></audio>3. Paste it into the "Music" section in your profile and the player should play the song automatically.

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Alba Meira™ The Devil Of Daybreak

07/18/2020 11:04 PM 

RP Advice : Knowing when enough is enough.

When it comes to this advice blog I am speaking in the sense that if you are not doing anything to anyone and yet people still feel they have to open their mouth on matters when your just trying to do your best to mind your own business. You gotta cut those motherf***ers loose. ( No f***ing exceptions drop those motherf***ers like the bomb that rocked Hiroshima. ) Think of your life as in a clean slate something that is constantly developing. I'm 99% sure that EVERYONE up in this motherf***ing place wants to have the best possible life ever correct? So the question is why do we as people feel like we have to entertain people who do nothing but detract from that 99% percent?!  Listen this may come as a shock to all of you all but "You do not need people who do not have your best interests at heart." Our job as human beings are to live life find a purpose within it forfill it and pass our legacy on to the next generation. Somewhere within that goddamn circle of life finding happiness is pretty f***ing important. So I'm not going to waste anyone elses time and tell it to you like this. If someone is out there looking to take your happiness away from you? Cut those motherf***ers loose because you attract the same type of energy that your putting out into this world.Take care of yourselves and each other.

RP Advice , Informative , Motivation , Zero Tolerance

🌙Princess Mayleen 🌙 In heat

07/18/2020 03:38 PM 

powers of her god powers and vampire powers

Magic this powers can grant her powers like anything with elements light fire water air earth creation making life and darkness as well as other healing powers as well Immortality she can not die but she can make others not able to die as well give them Immortality so they can not die if they work with her or want to fight beside her during these hard times during battle its also a curse to the people they can not give brith or carry young Power Granting she can grant people powers and give them powers when they are young age or a baby for her to use them to help her aid them but saldy they are cursed to be imortall and can not care children or give birth to kids others find it a curse others not Reality Warping Reality Warping is the supremely powerful ability to either change or manipulate reality and the world itself to various degrees. Those gifted with this power are able to perform spectacular feats such as reversing time or opening portals to other realities. In the instance of portals, however, it takes quite a strain on even some of the more powerful deities. An example would be how Ares and Callisto combined their powers to open a portal to the Strange World - it left a visible strain on both Gods afterward. In Sacrifice I, when Callisto was trapped in the nexus between two universes, it took her a considerable amount of time to figure out how to reopen the portal with her powers alone, and she only managed to create a very small opening for herself to crawl out.Regeneration Regeneration is the ability to magically heal and regenerate body tissue and organs damaged as a result of injuries. While the vast majority of Gods possessed this ability to an unusually high level, even demigods like Hercules were shown to recover from grievous injuries at a rate far beyond that of ordinary human beings.InvulnerabilityInvulnerability is the ability to withstand any amount of physical damage or harmful force of any kind, causing neither harm nor pain to the individual gifted with this power. This is another ability that appeared to be exclusive to the Gods, who were shown to not bleed, and were immune to decapitation and amputation. For instance, Ares suffered no apparent injury despite his plunging an ordinary sword through his own body. Besides this, in Maternal Instincts, when one of Callisto's hands was chopped off, a new one regrew in seconds.However, this ability was not all-encompassing, for there were artifacts that could still kill a God, such as the Hind's Blood Dagger, the Rib of Kronos, the Chakram of Light, and the Dagger of Helios. Demigods such as Hercules possess a more limited level of invulnerability, and while they can still be killed, they are able to withstand considerably more damage than a mortal.Power over the Lightning The ability to create and project electricity and lightning. Due to lightning bolts being the chosen weapon of Zeus, he possessed an extraordinary proficiency in this power - he was able to create a lightning bolt and then throw it at a target to incinerate it. Other Gods had also demonstrated this ability, the only difference being that they shot arcs of electricity directly from their hands, instead of throwing bolts like Zeus. Ares was also shown particularly fond of using the ability of electrokinesis as a primary attack.TeleportationTeleportation is the ability to move objects or people from one place or another instantaneously. All Gods possess this ability, but it might be ineffective if the objective was to bring along another God or demigod who is unwilling to be teleported. An example of this would be when Discord was unable to teleport while holding Evander, as Evander did not wish to go. Teleportation was also shown to be usually accompanied by a kind of bright light pattern that is unique to the particular user. For example, Aphrodite appears in a shower of sparks, Callisto appears in a burst of fire, and Fortune appears in a shower of gold coins.Conjuration Conjuration is the ability to materialize imaginary objects at will. All Gods possess this ability to a certain extent, which they utilise to create physical matter. Through this ability, Gods were also able to create magical artifacts that could mimic or grant divine powers, though such artifacts tend to be limited to the individual God's sphere of influence. Examples include the Helmet of Hades, Aphrodite's apple, and Cupid's Arrows.Metamorphosis:Metamorphosis, also known as shapeshifting, is the ability to change from one physical form or shape into another. All Gods possess this ability, which they utilise to disguise themselves, though other deities and most demigods are still able to see through the illusion. Artemis was shown to use this ability to transform people into animals, while Loki used it to transform himself into a wolf.InvisibilityInvisibility is the ability to make oneself unable to be seen by other beings. All Gods possess this ability, which enabled them to walk among mortals without being detected. Hades, in particular, possessed a magical helmet that rendered anyone who wore it invisible for mortals and gods. Superhuman SensesAll Gods possess heightened senses that enable them to see and hear far beyond mortal limitations. Besides this, some Gods and demigods also possess extrasensory perception that enabled them to sense the presence, emotions, and/or intentions of other beings.Superhuman Physical AttributesThe Gods and some demigods possess physical strength, stamina, endurance, reflexes, and agility that are far superior than those of a normal mortal. Artemis was known to be able to do more than 10,000 pushups ( Episode The Apple), for the stamina of a God is virtually limitless as their physical form is essentially an extension of their will. Though Hercules possessed a lesser degree of stamina as compared to a full-blooded God, his stamina far exceeded that of any normal mortal. He was also famous for his immense physical strength, which was shown to be on par or even superior to many other full-blooded Gods, and possibly equivalent to the combined strength of 100 men of his physical stature. Or 10. There is great controversy in this.ShieldingShielding is the ability to conjure a magical barrier to protect oneself from attacks.Telekinesis Telekinesis is the ability to move objects and beings with the mind. The demigoddess Hope used this power as her primary offensive weapon. All gods possess this ability, as do some gifted mortals such as Lao Ma and AidenFlightFlight is the ability to move through the air and defy gravity. Usually it's used by beings with wings like angels or Cupid. Some gods like Hermes use special equipment in order to fly. Hermes, Cupid and Bliss are notable for possessing this ability. Apollo uses his specially made hover board to fly as well.Energy Manipulation:The gods use raw energy as a weapon, concentrating the energy into a sphere or a beam from his hands or eyes and hurling it at their targets. This energy is more than sufficient to cause heavy physical damage and kill mortals beings. The color and form is different for each user.AtmokinesisThe gods possess the ability to control weather. For example, Velasca become a tornado and create wind storms. (XWP "A Necessary Evil") Zeus is perhaps the most well-known manipulator of weather, though Poseidon is also known to hold dominion over the weather at seas and Demeter changed the springtime for winter in an instant.PyrokinesisFire is a popular weapon among those supernatural beings that are able to call upon it. Many gods are especially fond of using fireballs as weapons. Hera used a Fireball to kill Deianeira and her children. (HTLJ "The Wrong Path") Callisto also favored the Fireball as a weapon.Healing Some supernatural beings possess the ability to magically heal injuries. Most Olympians require Athena's blessing to heal others. Zeus, being the king of the Olympians, is an exception to this rule. Hercules, during his short tenure as a full god, was also granted the ability to heal by Zeus. Even divine healing has its limits, and it is possible for a mortal to be injured even beyond its ability to repair.Power over Loveis a very special ability to control and create strong affection, love, passion, desire and personal attachment between individuals. Notables users Aphrodite, Ares II and Cupid, Bliss use arrows enchanted with love.Extrasensory PerceptionThe ability to Know information by other means than the senses. Notables users ThePowers of sight, clairvoyance, prophecy, precognition, retrocognition: They are powers to see the present, the past (The Fates and The Norn) or the future (The Fates), and prophecy, an advanced version of precognition, the ability to see and count distant events in the future. Notables users. The Norn, Apollo (Oracle of Delphi) and The Fates. Precognitive Dreaming: The gift to perceiving future events in dreams. known user Zeus.Power over Discord: The power to cause discord, conflict, disagreement, incompatibility between others. Notable user Discord.Power over Dreams and Sleep: The power to create, shape, enter and manipulate the dreams, including modifying, suppressing, fabricating, influencing, manifesting, sensing, and observing dreams as well as nightmares, daydreams, possibly including past ones, and sent or entrap someone in dreamworld. Notable user Morpheus.Power over Memory: The power to control memories, allowing them to modify, fabricate, suppress, influence, repair, restore, erase, detect, and view them, also can project the memories onto others to give them knowledge (Mnemosyne Priest). Notable user Mnemosyne.Power over Luck: The user can manipulate luck, that can make an unlikely event either positive or negative to happen. Notable user Fortune.Touch of Death: The power to cause death, either instantly or after certain time. Notable user Celesta.Collecting Souls: Celesta and Hades has the power to collect the Souls of the Deceased Mortals who's Rightful time had come. Notable user Hades and Celesta.Power over the Sunlight or light: The power to manipulate of sunlight, for increasing or decrease the heat and the light. Notable user Apollo.Power over the Nature Elements: The power to manipulate the forces of nature and elements connected to it. All gods have access, but some gods have more ability than other gods. Notables users Demeter, Poseidon, Zeus, The Cabiri.Mind control / Suggestion / Illusions / Madness: The power to control the mind and subconscious of mortal beings. Can also suggest the mind with voices, sounds, illusions, as if they were his own subconscious with whom his talks and forces them to do anything and infect the mind with madness.Notables users The Furies. The demigod Deonwishing dust with this power she can grant wishes for people with a special moon dust she made she can grant many wishes with this dust she given this bottle to her loayl knight alcor for protection and some on her one dust can grant up to 100 dishes a large bottle can do many magical wishes that can go wrong in the bad hands Moon balde  this powers is strong powerful of hers with a magical force that can destory a universe as well as muilt of them at once its a deadly attack but hardly used on such force dome of magic this magical force blocks all strong attacks with in in so no damage can come forth on anythin outside of it all so the world wont be destoryed or a galaxy will not be harmed moon shield     this power is so strong and magical shield nothing can break it it can crack alittle but it will soon fixed it self up in time moon spear this magical force never misses its target at all its powerful and strong but also worthy to be used moon dust  this magical force can be used for granting wishes moon heal  this magical force can heal millions trillions of people at once and heal planets and stops stars from dying out moon arrow never misses its shot at all and powerful as well kills on spot illusion  this power cases illusion that no one knows if its real or not because it looks real time travel  this magical time travel can go back in time and the future with a locket she has Superhuman StrengthSuper SpeedTelepathy/ Mind ControlPower Absorbtion    this power she can take powers from other people and gain it for herself leaving the person with no power at all she can steal powers as well as gain powers from them and from other beings as well she can also steal from god killers X-Ray Visionmore on the way also take note just because she is a goddess and  a weapon killing her with a balde that kills gods can not fully kill her it will make her weak since she is a weapon she can not be killed unless you know how to kill her 100 hearts they are so hard to find all over the galaxys and on earth some hidden on earth as well  so she can not be killed but can be weak also note she does turn into human every 10 thousand years to live a full human life once she dies she is back into her goddess form so if she is murderd her goddess form will be back to hunt the person who killed her human form take note she wont take it nicely or kindly more powers will come soon enough down the road vampire powers will come soon below take time for me to get them ready  

Eliias Cain

07/18/2020 03:17 PM 

Client 11D9

Piece Name: PurrPrice: $6,600 equiv. Client paid in what appeared to be an acceptable weight in silver coins from the late Roman era.Description: Purr is a smoothed geometric shape about the size of a brooch. Although it's entirely unknown to me whether or not that's the intended purpose. It's composition is something of a secret, but it is primarily iron with bits of gold etched into the inlay. When activated, a consistent pattern and frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz is emitted. Placed over a muscle group, or a fractured bone the item in question accelerates healing by a factor of ten. I don't know why the client wanted this particular item, nor am I aware of what they're going to do with it. The guy looked.. strange. Real pale, and skin that was almost translucent. Looked sick, but given the fact I could see damn near every vein in his arm? At least he wasn't a junkie. 


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The Archive

Journal of Gainsthorpe07-10-1347I’ve come to the village of Gainsthorpe to help aid the people of England in these trying times. The sickness has spread all over so rapidly. I fear for the livelihood of these small settlements. I hope, with the research that I have gathered, that I can help save these people.07-11-1347There are so many people dying at such an alarming rate. Their symptoms are getting worse by the hour. Some even claim to see a fiendish figure watching over them. I pray to the Almighty that the he send an Angel to save his children. 07-12-1347Mr. Livingston, an ox of a man, has fallen ill to this sickness. He begs me to save him. To save his family. I will do what I can, but… it’s hard to keep hope alive. I can only pray that God will hear me and save us.07-13-1347I spoke to one of the sick today about the figure that they have been seeing. The symptom of hallucination usually did not manifest itself into that of the same thing across all patients. They described him as a man with eyes of fire. They could hear him speaking to them to let go.07-14-1347Mr. Livingston and his family… are dead. 07-15-1347I had a nightmare, but… while I was awake. I believe that the stress of my work is getting to me. I saw him… The creature that the sick claim to see. He swept over the village like a cloud of black smoke. His eyes had been like brightly lit candles, watching as the souls of villagers escaped them. I worry for my own sanity.07-16-1347He has come for me… I see him everywhere now… the man with eyes of white fire. He is always just out of the corner of my eye. Watching me, observing me… I looked directly at him and all he did was smile. He knows I can see him… the Devil has come to Gainsthorpe.07-17-1347I can feel him… I can feel him tearing away my strength. My skin blackens, my body is weak… This infection is claiming me bit by bit. The youth in my muscles draining and decaying away to nothing. I can feel my body failing. I can hear his voice… whispering to me to let go. I’m going to die… His voice… its so inviting… it promises me peace… promises me salvation.

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