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10/26/2020 03:01 PM 

Introduction Simplified

Name: Malice/Mal AkihirroGender: FemaleAge: 23Height:5'10Ethnicity: Asian/AmericanEye Color: Red/BlackHair Color: BlackBody Type: Slim/AthleticSkills: Martial arts, Specialty in knives, acting, public speaking, firearmsAbility ( New Stage of Humanity ): Eyes of the Hunter ( Ability to see in thermal image, sense and sees signs of Malice within a 10 mile radius, inhuman reaction time/instincts.)Likes: Simplicity, cooking, cleaning, banter, drawing, singing, clothes, writing, humanity ( Dependable on personality type )Dislikes: Humanity, irrationality, complicationsPersonality: A deviously eccentric tomboy who both loves and portrays the degeneracy and delights of humanity.Role: Villainess, Tragic/Anti-HeroFamily: May Akihirro (Mother), ?????? (Father), ?????? (??????)Background Summary: A girl raised to be a monster and a villian to the world by her mother by becoming a revolutionist that destroyed all the governments of the world and world ending weapons to pave way to an orderly government to unite all the countries without the threat of extinction.  


10/26/2020 01:27 PM 


My name is Malice.I am the representative of the start of a new humanity, a piece of a future that might be forgotten from history, because in this story of mine, I am the villian that will be hated by all. And that is the role I must play to present a better world that is united as one. All I can hope for is for someone to remember me differently, as not only the one who burned every government to ash, but the one who made it possible for every human being to be better than what they were, the one who sacraficed themself to the stones of ridicule, and the one girl who gave up her heartful desire for simplicity for the sake of a cruel but sincere mother who sought to raise a monster that the world would hate.My full name is Malice Akihirro, I am a girl who had started her revolution at the age of 19, though youthful I may have been, I was tempered by my mother to be a burner of order. Both in intellectuality and combat, my mother, May Akihirro, had beaten it all into me so I may accomplish a desire that she hardly ever expressed to me before her death. Her final moments were those spoken of sadness for me, passion for the future, and hopes of my accomplishments. I am the cause of her death, as the final test of being ready for everything that the world would throw at me was my mother who was everything a world could fear. To my mothers surprise had succeeded in creating a daughter who could display all that humanity can show, though little does she know is that it came in the form of a multiple personality disorder, in which I had the wonderful burden of forcing a leash on. Terrible as it may be to have this strange illness of mine, it has made all of who I am, because I am the combination of every single personality that exists and as a result, leaves me with the equilibrium of both the horrible and humane sides of a person. I have accepted all the good and bad of who I am, and that is one thing I'd wish to share in this world of mine, the world that became problematic from the lack of understanding and control. With the plans my mother had in mind and the resources she left with me, I had started a war against the world. My influence vast as my words seemed to kick a pulse into the hearts of many that are dissatisfied with the world. My countless efforts into expanding my influence and training millions upon millions of those who wish to do something about a world divided into isolationism that every country had established their own order vastly different to each other as the United Nations came into ruins. All of it was to rid this world of any order and start anew. To make people suffer to a world without the powers of government hanging above, to free people from the suppression of their government, and to hope that humanity may be able to grow once more. There are many things that I had wished for people to learn in this new world of disorder, though the most important was to temper humanity through suffering. And that is what I had done. I had established disorder in the most powerful and influential countries in the world by sending the friends I have gained and personally trained to lead millions in a fight to claim  and destroy every single atomic bomb and weaponry that can destroy the whole world within minutes, since the power for humanity to wipe out themselves is the most concerning problem, while killing all those who held power in every system of government and disorganizing all of the structures of order set by each country.Though we would put in the biggest effort to wipe things clean, I did not have the confidence in an absolute win against all the nations that stood tall, so I had made the decision of stealing and mass producing a chemical weapon. My personalities all had argued with each other within my mind over the thought I had in mind. With those representing the compassion and beauty within me crying their hearts out over the slaughter that would come to fruition and with those representing the cruelty and evil within me exclaiming the needed sacrafice for the plan.In a decision I could not bear, I had lended control of my body to the personalities that did not hesitate in ordering for the chemicals to be dropped in all the cities. The planes had came during the conflict between my armies and the different nation; with all militaries and governments of each country handling the sudden explosion of conflict, it had given way to the planes to drop a mist of red onto citizens. A mist that gave each person a 50 percent chance of changing into violent and aggressive versions of themselves to maul those around them. Men and women, old and young had all be influenced by it and all had been killed by each other. Women killing children, men killing elderly, children killing men, and all the delightful combinations of murder that were displayed on May 24th.All of the most powerful nations have came to ruin and the remains of my army spread from neighboring countries and brought the same fate to the previous. Consequently, my army had dwindled to an estimation of 20,000, with all of their leaders, my friends who I had entrusted, injured but alive. It was a complete victory. It didn't feel like it with the billions of deaths piled below a throne that I sat upon, and all of me who was beautiful and compassionate had became tired from the crushing weight of genocide. I stood tall above the ruins that I had made. I fought powerful foes of different nations with the two large knives at my side and my AK-12 slung on my back. Now all I can do is watch and slowly plan for the order to unite the world.My mother had explained mostly all that she never told to me in her notes but she never revealed to me who would organize an order that would unite a world after I had passed. And so I wait for them to come, I wait for them to be the one who may end my life to start a new world and end the chapter of an old one. 

λlτгυιsτις eagle

10/26/2020 01:04 PM 

Enter the Hero; (short drabble)

He had been ready to die. He had accepted his fate, and not expected to wake- looking down he could still see the wound, faintly oozing still. And yet, Jason Grace had opened his eyes in a place far different than the Underworld that should have been awaiting his arrival; a celestial gold spear had pierced his chest, leaving its burning gold to eat away his heart and his sanity. But the poison was gone, a sudden shadow causing him too look up, confused and slightly annoyed. He had sacrificed himself for a good cause, who had dared make him abandon his friends like Valdez?"You are-""Yes. I saved you, like my idiot husband saved your sister.""But, don't you hate demigods?""You saved Apollo Jason Grace. My little wolf child."He held his tongue in the presence of Juno, knowing she was rather legendary for constantly changing whims. "I cannot heal like Apollo or his whelps. But I have my ways." And her 'healing' had him still bleeding. It obviously wasn't working."The gold-""If I cannot save my chosen at least once, Jason Grace, I would have to stop choosing brave fools who throw themselves in front of lances." That remark stung, more than the initial blow had from the emporer."The war-""Ended. A year ago. And now, Hades' little brat-" Jason had to wonder what Nico had done to her to deserve that loathing. "-is trying to kill himself again.""Nico?! What is-" She waved her hand and his vocal cords seemed stuck on mute. "Go into Tartarus, Jason Grace. Rescue him and Apollo's Little sun before they die. Or don't. Consider it a request." That had been two days ago. And now he stood in Central Park Zoo, facing two Cyclopses, a lizard that seemed to have found Miracle Gro, and a cyclone. A literal whirlwind, as if it could harm him of all people. Especially snce a simple whistle was all it took to call his own storm. A venti shaped like a horse had responded, shredding through the wind to come to a stop beside him, every hoofstep on the ground causing electric sparks. Sure, every swing of the gladius or parry caused his chest to throb in agony. But that was why he fought like a Roman- stabbing, twisting, ducking- instead of the wide slashing movements of a graecus demigod. Mounting Tempest caused the venti to dance about excitedly, nickering, before the charged into battle and Jason's gladius morphed into a lance.

drabble, greek mythology,

Princess Mizuyuri *Immortal*

10/25/2020 10:25 PM 

Character Details

First: Mizuyuri Last: Honda Meaning of Name: Water Lily Sex: Female Age: 22 yrs Race: Immortal. Sign: Pisces Eyes: Indigo Hair: Black Weight: 110lbs Height: 5’4" Occupation: Priestess/Princess


10/25/2020 07:29 PM 

OC Biography - Alistair Deoiridh

"Keep looking down on others and you won't see the feet above you."—Alistair Deóiridh| General Information |✫ Name: Alistair Deóiridh✫ Alias(es): Pink Panther✫ Estimated Age: Unspecified✫ Race: Cambion✫ Gender: Male  ✫ Mortal Heritage: Nordic✫ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual✫ DOB: May 4th, 1993 L.E✫ Background: Working as a private investigator and hired aid under the auspices of the New Halon D.S.S paramilitary, Alistair is the son of the syndicates military director, formerly known as Sileas Deoiridh and the esteemed alchemist and colonel, Jethro Curtis whom was often romanticized as "the One Whom Carries the World Upon His Shoulders". Assimilated into the regime at a young age, he was party to the destruction of the R.O.A.E Gate as well as the defeat of the Abyssal Lords and Abyssal King, Creonus Proángelos.—• History: Alistair was one of many birthed from the union between human and daemon - a cambion. Through enduring difficulties regarding his childhood, his father died shortly after his sister was born, indirectly passing the torch as protector of the family onto his son. As his mother undertook the mantle of D.S.S military director ("Department of Sovereign Services"), Alistair was admitted into a specialized military boarding school where he spent his adolescence militarized to combat daemon. Accepted into the D.S.S program with several mutual friends, he underwent training to register into Special Operations Division Three, Black Orchestra to great success. Under the supervision of Director Valentino; an alias of his mother, she led the spec ops division through several campaigns against the daemon, various splinter groups and a cult of zealots who called themselves the Sanctum of Decorum. Having established a romantic relationship with one of said mutual friends over the course of several years, personal tragedy tore the pair apart which eventually led into their defection from the division. Alistair, amongst his comrades, were sent to eliminate the defector and splinter group, resulting in an incident that left him and his squad for dead. Unraveling the splinter group and involvement of the SoD, Alistair eliminated his former comrades and ex-lover, but couldn't account for the D.S.S cover up of the SoDs involvement. Waging a personal war against the SoD which ended in the deaths of various prominent members of the order, Alistair was arrested and withheld under the supervision of Director Valentino, who informed him of her own personal vendetta against the SoD and promise to set things right, before pulling the strings for his release into society. Initially met with difficulties through his return to normal society, he established a deeper connection with his aunt and a small community, taking the mantle as a private investigator in service of the people of New Halon, whilst shadowing information on the SoD. Discovered to have been affiliated with the SoD through family relations, Alistair began research into his family history and felt an intense magnetic draw to the birthplace of his father and the SoD - the Ruins of Rondo. Alistair's investigation led to his own trials and tribulations while steadily uncovering the truth of his daemonic heritage within the defiled ruins. Coming to grips with the myriad atrocities he committed through vengeance and the innumerable losses sustained throughout his idealistic disillusionment of moral ethics, he discovered his epiphany through psychosomatic hallucinations and awakened to his daemonic nature. Resolved to end the cycle of pain and misery and protect the remainder of his family, Alistair confronted the SoD within the ruins before discovering the Forbidden Path to confront a primordial horror called, the Loving God and end its eternal suffering. From here, Alistair descended further into the Abyssal to enact an end to its father, the Grieving King, redeeming the daemon before his death. Returning to New Halon, Alistair discovered his aunt had passed away and arranged her funeral, passing down her cafè to him as his mother aided in supporting him throughout his grieving. Confronting his mother on the happenings within the Ruins of Rondo, she informed him of the unknowable truths before reasoning that her manipulation of the D.S.S were to strengthen him for the trials he was destined to face and overcome. Offering to aid his investigative work through funding and specialized tasks provided either from the paramilitary or directly from her, he accepted and returned to society under the auspices of the N.H.D.S.S as a private investigator.| Physical Information |✫ Physique: Mesomorphic✫ Blood Type: O+ (Defiled) ✫ Height: 6'0"✫ Weight: 270lbs (Muscle Density)✫ Appearance: With fuchsia tinted hair, typically unkempt neck-length, he has relatively fair skin understandably lacking common blemishes or abnormalities aside from a beauty mark around his right eye; said eyes feline in nature.| Personal Information |✫ Life Dream: Coexistence✫ Training: CQC/Firearm Expertise, Athleticism, Military Education & Training, Demonology, Special Tactics & Reconnaissance, Swordsmanship & Marksmanship✫ Like(s): Physical Fitness, Artistry, CQC, Carpentry, Talented Individuals, Animals, Adventure, Philosophy, Retro-Films, Graphic Novels, Equity, Family✫ Dislike(s): Betrayal, Arrogance, Toxic Individuals, Murder, Racism, Terrorism, Inequity✫ Hobby(ies): Training, Reading, Traveling, Hunting, Sculpture Artistry, Culinary Artistry, Vigilantism✫ Persona: A tough and resilient man of great mental strength and depth, he's obstinately steadfast and pragmatic, yet seems laid back and lackadaisical; oftentimes nonchalant and selectively careless.—• Positive Trait(s): Sincere, Shrewd, Empathetic, Intelligent, Unruffled, Waggish, Principled, Compassionate, Stout-Hearted, Altruistic• Negative Trait(s): Taciturn, Derisive, Vehement, Forthright, Brutish, Austere, Masochistic, Self-Righteous, Predatory, Cynical, Malicious—• Value(s): Friends, Family, Good People• Primary Goal: Protecting Loved Ones| Friends & Family |✫ Parent(s): Sileas Deóiridh & Jethro Curtis ✫ Sibling(s): Yuliya Deóiridh & The Nameless Son✫ Relative(s): the Valentine Family, the Deóiridh Bloodline, Curtis Bloodline✫ Friend(s): Vanel Lyons, Bethany Harper, Adonti Rivera, Richard Lyons, Zephyr the Black Lion, Amelia Freemen, Jensen Cassie, Flora Swan✫ Affiliation(s): N.H.D.S.S, Nora's Café, Fury Family, the Hunters Coalition, Nagi Family, Astrapi Bloodline, Kamikaze Brigade, the Slayers, the Tyrants, the Koda~Tai, the Crimson Order, the Deóiridh Bloodline, the Valentine Family, the Curtis Bloodline, the Crimson Sword, the Iron Circle, the Godric, the Vortex, The Avenged| Standard Gear |✫ B.O Recon Garb: This worn uniform, was utilized by Division Three, Special Forces, in New Halon, under the supervision of N.H.D.S.S Command. Operatives were charged with spec ops and reconnaissance within the neighbouring Highland territories under the cover of the night. This apparel has become a physiological extension of himself and can be maintained through various unnatural means. —• Trenchcoat: A battle worn variant of the leather-lined, doubled-breasted coat protected with a staunch layer of woven armor weaves; lengthened a quarter below the knee, it contains numerous pockets and pouches to accommodate for his Sleight of Hand. Manufactured with heat resistance and thermal insulation, it protects against some small arms and bladed weapons as well as various environmental hazards.• Vest: A form fitting zipped and sleeveless, waist-length vest that comes to the waist, just below the trousers hemline; battle worn with numerous small tears and imperfections. This vest-like armor offers a staunch bastion against most small arms and bladed weapons while maintaining excellent flexibility.• Gloves & Boots: A worn, yet sturdy pair of reinforced boots and gloves woven through the same resilient material born from both trenchcoat and vest. This provides a sturdier grasp on equipment and greater friction on slippery surfaces.| Primary Weapons |✫ Redemption: The physical manifestation of his daemonic essence, and through his name meaning, "defender of men", the cross-guard is shaped into the metallic portrayal of angelic wings, as the centerpiece depicts a bouquet of roses with roots that couple the handle and spiral down into a single chain-link; the wings eclipsing the bouquet, which the pitch-black blade emerges from its epicenter, broadly. A replication of steel, this weapon acts as a modifier for his daemonic power which, on contact, will always scorch and cut opposition with the intent to destroy, conveying the effect of this tangible principle in relation with intangible concepts such as the soul - annihilation on death. A symbol of his spirit and by extension, his soul, this blade is an expression of his "heart" which embodies the essence of Valor and his Will of Rebellion.—• Sword Type: Bastard Sword • Blade Type: Double-Edged • Hilt Type: Cross-guard • Grip Type: Hand-and-a-half • Pommel: Heavy/Chain-Link —• Overall Length: 5'4" • Blade Length: 4'4" • Blade Width: 2.5 in. • Grip Length: 9 in. • Weight: 5 kg. —• Scabbard Location: Unbound and affixed across the back, favoring the right hand; sheathed only by the emanations of its wielders power supplemented by a magnet on the upper back of the coat. | Secondary Weapons |✫ Hansel & Gretel: These are reinforced semi-automatic heavy pistols - weapons that act as modifiers for his daemonic power which, on contact, will always scorch and pierce opposition with the intent to destroy, conveying the effect of this tangible principle in relation with intangible concepts such as the soul - annihilation on death. This may be imbued with magazines of myriad magical reserves in conformity with the will. Both stainless steel finishes have their respective names engraved in cursive on the barrels, cropped above black axe insignias with inlaid gothic etchings depicting head-to-tail sided coin portraits of the respective named portrayals alongside both black grips.—• Model: Mark VII Matilda• Calibre: .50 WC• Magazine: 8 (+?) • Barrel Length: 6 in. • Effective Range: 75 m. • Weight: 80 oz.—• Holster Location: Strapped to the small of the back; holsters concealed by the coat, both grips are aligned in their respective directions.| Items & Equipment |✫ Lost Dogtags: Alistair possesses several bent and rusted tags from multiple fallen military personnel whilst within the service, including one that belongs to himself. A reminder of his past which acts as a medium to strengthen his heart through his connection with the close bonds of friends and/or family.✫ D-Essence Vial 3x: The tangible liquidus extraction of a daemons spiritual essence; a corruptive concoction fashioned to rejuvenate a small portion of a cambion's diminished physical stamina overtime. ✫ Apple of the Everblossom: This apple is one of numerous plucked from the everblossom tree - the Great Abyssal Gate of New Halon. Channeling the daemonic energy within this fruit allows those that consume it to bridge the gap between Abyssal Gates and therefore, to various unknown worlds.✫ Mysterious Shades: These sunglasses are more or less normal, although can seemingly be spawned through Sleight of Hand, even if previously destroyed in totality, fortifying his confidence and fortitude.✫ Jester's Notepad: An unusual designers notepad utilized throughout his investigative work, like the Mysterious Shades, these can be spawned through Sleight of Hand and allow him to collect and analyze data to mentally reconstruct it with a much greater deal of speed, precision and cohesion.✫ Double-Sided Coin: An unusual coin obtained as a memento of his aunt that acts as a pseudo-good luck charm, but also a strong medium to regain his composure and strengthen his resolve.✫ .50 WC Cartridge: Grouped to a magazine of eight; amplified via boon, these standard issue cartridges come in tiers 1-A and 1-B; spread and pierce respectively. Designed to bite into the reinforced skin and bone of daemon, these rounds were made with superhuman strength in consideration.| Natural Abilities |✫ Indomitable Soul: The inheritance of a strong dualistic soul, with inordinate and compacted quantities of spiritual energy, resides within his blood to harness vast magical power with supernatural adroitness. Overtime, this conjured an inner devil and awakened him to his hybrid nature - his daemonic essence. Therein, Alistair is several times stronger, faster and many times more resilient than normal humans - able to endure various mortal injuries; bar removal of the head or heart and will remain active and alert in spite of injuries that would incapacitate or outright disable normal humans. ✫ Defiled Visage: The daemonic essence; his inner devil, produces a pool of internal energy his manifestation feeds upon - the physical representation of power derivative of the essence itself, in the form of the sword, Redemption. When physical energy is focused throughout the body or Redemption, it can conjure daemonic power, in whatever manner he wills it, with the latter having a greater effect in accordance to his True Will. As this internal energy is generated through combat; fighting and/or being wounded, he can temporarily exchange his human guise for his Defiled Visage, which releases this daemonic power as he undergoes transmogrification into a daemon. Accruing greater offensive power and damage resistance many times beyond that of his human form, he will generate a daemonic aura which incurs psychic abilities employed as telekinesis and telepathy relative to his mental and physical faculties. Though death may come through various circumstances, the entirety of his physique is immutable to any and all damage sustained, baring instantaneous regeneration towards non-fatal injuries endured within that instant, albeit said injuries remain superficial in nature as he'll suffer the proportionate phantom pain and physical exertion thereafter. Within his Defiled Visage, all damage sustained is resisted as stamina steadily rejuvenates for the forms duration, making death an implausibility while he's all the more difficult to stop through conventional means when within this form, which correlates with his daemonic essence and overall spiritual power.


10/25/2020 06:18 PM 

Rules, yo.

o1. Keep this sh*t drama free.  I ain't here to hear yer gossip or any kinda sh*t like that.  We're here to have fun, not be f***in' middle schoolers.o2.  Don't like me?  Delete me, simple as that.  Don't keep yaself on my list if ya ain't got any intention of talkin' ta me;  Waste of my time 'n yers.o3. Believe it or not, I'm a single shipper, loyal dude like that.  I'm fine with multi-shippin' up until someone really clicks with me, at which point I'm theirs.  If yer interested in that kinda sappy sh*t, just lemme know, yeah?  Don't be shy!o4.  Want an edit with me?  Cool, lemme know!  I'll do one for us.  I'm chill like that.o5. Yaoi ain't a requirement, at all.  I mostly do adventure, slice of life, and action anyways.  So don't think I'm jus' here ta hit on ya, cuz I ain't.o6. Have fun!  Be a dweeb on my stream, send me silly sh*t, I love that kinda stuff.


10/24/2020 11:34 PM 

Jack of All Trades.

Name: Enciodas SilverashSex: Male.Height: 192cmWeight:Family: Two Sister'sPlace of Birth. Kjerag.Date of Birth: February 15.Orientation: Bi-sexual. 

𝖇𝖑𝖆𝖈𝛋 𝖇𝖚𝖗𝖓.

10/24/2020 10:04 PM 


I. Paragraph is the minimum. There is no upper limit. You will not be rejected for your enthusiasm here. Write as much as you're comfortable with. I'll match with what's appropriate.II. Generic greetings are fine. It's more effort than most people put. I'm also fine with discussing or improvising story, but don't expect me to have good faith for random starters. Most people are dogsh*t at improvising and that's a pretty consistent truth I've noticed on the site. Feel free to try and prove your own case, but I'll be honest if I don't think I can work with it.III. The verse, in the end, truly doesn't matter. I could give less of a f*** about pinpoint lore accuracy on a fanfic website. Kishimoto doesn't give a rats ass about ninjas on this site and I'm fairly certain Hiro Mashima has zero awareness of what Dragon Slayer you are. Toss a good idea and we'll make it work. I want your creativity, not the writer's re-hashed bullsh*t for you to stall for awful shipping attempts and bad headcanons.IV. Some might argue that I'm a real d*ckhead. I wouldn't say they're wrong, but on the other hand? I'm blunt, but I'll be straight with you. I'm a good guy, but not necessarily a nice guy. Give me some respect and you'll get the same. Act a fool and expect me to say something. I'm not a quiet individual. That's my only warning.V. Combat roleplay is fine with me as long as it's story-based. If I wanted to competitively pretend fight, I'd do so for money on a stage by using my acting experience, not here. Competitive RP fighting usually comes with e-d*ck measuring between people who generally require tweezers for self-servicing. No offense.  You don't need to comment.If I can't trust you to act reasonable, there isn't much point in writing with you.Act in good faith, everyone.I'm looking forward to giving you a chance.

emma is back

10/24/2020 09:09 PM 


Father Mother Brother, ryu sister uncle grandpaaunt  pets Knight alcor 


10/24/2020 07:12 PM 

Logan Malai Aka (Wolf)

Logan had spent his adult years serving in the military. He went multiple tours across multiple countries. He's the literal definition of a seasoned veteran. He does have a bit of ptsd but he expected that. He still visits base and whenever there's a new war he;s the number 1 go to to help lead a team. He's very kind and  light hearted unless in battle. That's when the veteran comes out. All he focuses on is his men and women. Getting them through alive all while trying to complete the mission.    


10/24/2020 06:49 PM 


Absolutely, positively NO PEDOPHILIA. If that's what you're here for, then run away before you get castrated or sewn shut. No erotica. No smut. No sex. NONE OF THAT Okay. Now that that's out of the way, let's get to what the respectable people are looking for. Patience please in replies. My activity can be a bit sporadic, so I appreciate the patience. These girls are very precious to me. please treat them kindly.  I'm all for dark themes / stories, but I do have certain lines I prefer not to cross. Things that ARE okay include them: witnessing drug abuse (not partaking), violence, life threatening situations, bullying. Things that are NOT okay include: death, anything sexual towards them. For more information, please ask. Romance is an option, IF both characters are the same age and there is nothing sexual about it. Having Spencer or Spacee fall in love with someone their age could be really cute -- don't make it weird.  Don't be afraid to propose ideas / ask questions! I am willing to try most things, just please respect when I say no to certain things. I reserve the right to remove / deny anyone for any reason. More rules to come as needed.

King Cold, Father of Frieza

10/24/2020 01:35 PM 

Sample Starter (King Cold on Prison Planet)

King Cold's burning red eyes scanned the devastated alien city which lay below him as his black lips curled into a scowl. The city's inhabitants had been slaughtered, their blasted bodies littering the streets, and smoke rose from flames that now engulfed it. In his palm, King Cold held the four star special dragon ball which he'd taken from the city's people. His regal cape blew behind him in the wind, his body unscathed from his battles, his tail idly tapping the cliffside upon which he stood. The time traveling, dimension hopping being known as Fu had brought him here. He had pulled him out of a timeline where he was about to meet his doom at the hands of a sword-wielding Super Saiyan.Upon healing the grievous wound in his chest, the strange being had informed the alien monarch that he was now part of his experiment. He could have the fight with Goku he'd come to Earth seeking. And, furthermore, there would be a set of dragon balls to collect from other captured fighters. If he conquered the other fighters, he could return to his own reality. He could then use them to wish back Frieza and restore his empire's greatness.(FLASHBACK)"There's just one thing," Fu had said, pushing up his glasses. "You have great potential, but as you are, you don't stand a chance. If you want to avoid another humiliating defeat, I suggest you take the time to train. And here, take this, to remind you of what happened last time."With that, Fu conjured a sword from thin air and tossed it to Cold, who caught it with a scowl.Before he could say a word, Fu vanished, leaving King Cold where he stood. King Cold had hated being a lab rat, a pawn in this being's plans. But, there was no mistaking that he'd have been doomed were it not for his intervention. He would never allow himself to be disgraced like he was at the hands of Trunks ever again. He would unlock his true power and then squeeze the life from him.Clenching his fists, King Cold gnashed his teeth and a blazing purple aura flared up around him, making the entire ground tremble. His muscles bulged as his mind flashed with images of Frieza first floating, maimed, barely alive in the depths of space. Then, the sight of Trunks' sword cleaving him in twain before hacking him to bits and blasting him to dust. Then, looking down upon Trunks' smug smirk as he effortlessly caught his sword and pushed him back despite all of his struggles. He recalled him placing his hand upon his chest and the pain of his god breaker blowing through his body."This insult will never stand! I am King Cold! I conquered the entire universe! Entire worlds and races cowered before me! I will not be made a fool of again!"For a complete year he trained. In his mind, he fought a thousand battles against the Super Saiyans he so despised. His sword cleaved through the tops of mountains. Like a comet, he shot through the skies, racing around the world, pushing himself ever further. He had never had a need to train before in his life, but, now, he trained like a demon consumed with rage, his entire existence and all of his will dedicated to one goal: vengeance.(END FLASHBACK)Suddenly, King Cold felt a shift in the air. He turned to face the new arrival, eyes narrowed with focus."I was wondering when you would arrive," he says in a tone of calm menace. "Things were beginning to grow rather dull."

Cᴏʟᴅ Bʟᴏᴏᴅᴇᴅ .

10/24/2020 12:58 PM 

Plot Template ( Because I don't do discussions anymore)

 Location:(Fortuna City, Outskirts of Fortuna, Vigrid, Redgrave, Krimson City, Raccoon City, Spain, China, Russia etc.), The year (1998-2000's.) and the setting: ( Devil May Cry, KCPD, RPD, Warehouse Etc.) season: (winter, spring fall etc.) Weather: (Sunny, Rainy etc.) Goal: (can be something that would appeal to my character or yours) Conflict: (again focused on the characters).  I will not respond to anything other than straight to the point discussions, so get directly to the point and don't bore me. 

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Guidelines .

1. you view, you add, you add you talk. And no, just saying hello or hi or thanking me for accepting the request isn't going to initiate s h i t from me. I prefer people who take initiative and are outgoing when it comes to what they want so if you know the verses I write in then give me what ideas you got.2. Respect me and I'll return the favor, If you don't guess what? I return the favor.3. I do not tolerate people mistreating others on my list, so if you mistreat my mains, see ya.4. If you send me a request and I accept, don't expect me to talk to you. I don't even bother adding anyone because they act as if it's my duty to write with them and guess what? It's not. 5. I'm a busy individual, I have a life outside of rp, this is something I do as you know- a hobby or a time killer so if I don't respond to you in whatever manner you think I should, Bye Falicia. 6. My Mains come first, you'll come second fiddle if you don't speak up and if all you're gonna do is b i t c h and whine, see ya. 7. I am over the age of eighteen, so is my character thus I don't write with people who are under age; it's more due to the themes and situations I write in graphic detail and it would actually make me feel bad to traumatize a young adult. The themes I normally write involve drug/alcohol abuse, Murder, Death, Bouts of Insanity, The Occult, Phsocological traumas as simple examples. 8. My writing is not for everyone and that's okay. I'm not here to write with people who would rather b i t c h and moan, but I'm not going to water down my writing for the sake of others. I don't sugar coat anything, I will not turn away from anything let alone shy away because My chracter happens to be a Devil so anything goes, nothing is scared, if someone decides to in character sacrifice their baby or sacrifice a  virgin etc. to summon her, well- s h i t happens. My page, my rules- these are merely guidelines as my only rules are simple: 1. Have fun.2. Don't take s h i t seriously.3. Keep RP and RL seperate with me on the page and If I trust you enough to give you my discord I have to know you for at least 3-6 months to even bother doing that. Had some issues in the past with people talking nice to me in public but talking mad s h i t about me behind my back without even knowing me. 

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Rules .

This is a No Brainer: If you can't bother to read up on my character, don't even bother to send a request to me.    What NOT to add me for   The Verses I write in. My Faceclaims. My Aesthetics. The Genres I write.   Preferences: ADULT Male. Storydriven. In Character Chemistry. Multi-shippers. People who can keep real Life and Roleplay Seperate.  Verses:  VARIATIONS OF HELL. HADES. Devil May Cry. The Evil Within.   Genres: Hack and Slash (action based in third person). Romance. Psychological. Mythology (mainly Greek). Supernatural. Horror.  Survival. Modern. Does Not accept requests from as these types burnt a major bridge with me: Females (even packing extra because no one will ever be as Extra as me) Furries. Angelic Characters. Heaven Based God/Goddess characters. Characters with extremely big egos (unless they are canon characters). Heroic obsessed characters. People obsessed with ships. Instant shippers. People too lazy to read. 


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