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09/19/2020 03:43 PM 

Other Characters

 Full Name: Noctis Lucis Caelum. Byname: Noct. Occupation: Prince / Prince and Student. Age: 16-20. Height: 176 cm. Weight: 81 kg. Blood Type: Unknown.  Race: Human. Orientation: Gay / Seke. Weapon: Engine Blade. Likes: Playing Video Games, Fishing, Ramen. Dislikes: Waking up early, Hard work, Vegetables. History: Noctis was born and raise in the Crown City, capital of the Kingdom of Lucis. Noctis is 114th heir to the Lucian throne and chosen at the tender age of five to serve as the vessel for its power. He uses a sword type weapon called and Engine Blade that his Father, King Regis, had made for him on his 16th birthday.Noctis normally comes off to most as laidback and uninterested about everything around him but he become more lively when he's engaging in something he's interested in. When he speaks it's often with confidence and occasional sarcasm. He's open and playful with friends but stern and shut-off from people he just met. He's a reckless driver, finds trouble way too easily and has a soft spot for animals. Full Name: Vayne Belvedere. Byname: None. Occupation: Anything that Profits. Age: 27. Height: 188 cm. Weight: 91 kg. Blood Type: A. Race: Human, presumed as a Demon by many. Orientation: Gay / Seme. Weapon: Wealth. Likes: Making money, Trying different Coffee's, Reading. Dislkes: Bad Business, Traveling. History: As far as his past is concerned not much is known. The person known as Vayne Belvedere only appeared five yeas ago but despite only being around for such a short time his name became well-known. Both in the business world and underground he became known for his obsession of making money. What started out as nothing more than figuring out how the black market and underground world worked managed to make him one of the wealthiest men despite only being in his twenties. He's not someone you'd want on your bad side.Vayne's hates traveling no matter what mode or transportation it is. He's difficult to do business with and even though he's one of the wealthiest men he doesn't throw parties and rarely shows himself to any events. Although he'll read almost anything his favourite genre's are the supernatural and fantasy, though that's his kept secret. Full Name: Haise SinClaire. Byname: None. Occupation: Programmer. Age: 20. Height: 175 cm. Weight: 72 kg. Blood Type: O. Race: Human. Orientation: Gay / Uke. Weapon: None. Likes: Video Game's, Computers, Taking pictures. Dislkes: Being bored, Dust, Overly-crowded places. History: Haise was abandonned infront of a churches door's not long after his birth with nothing but a piece of paper with the name 'Haise' written on it. Instead of turning him over to the orphanage the Church's Priest took him in as his own.  His life was pretty average as he grew up playing pranks and being scolded by the clergy members about not becoming one of them. It was what he considered normal until he found out about all the drug and weapon deals the Church did on the side. The shock of finding out made him finally make the decision to leave what had been his home for the past fifteen years to start a new one.Haise love's going online and playing video games, and taking pictures he even works to program computers and websites for a living but he's not a complete shut-in. He also loves taking pictures of about everything and anything he can. Haise often likes to go to the nearby park or cafe's. He always tries to keep himself busy because he can't stand having nothing to do.

roleplay, characters

𝓐𝓶𝓪𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓮 𐇵

09/19/2020 02:01 PM 

Sample : The world is caving -

The world is caving...Unable to stand on her own she chokes. Finally her careless and reckless behaviors have caught up with her. The taste of iron bubbles up from the back of her throat.This is it...It hurts and she can feel every bit of it. The metal crashing down on her spine. The pressure as it crushes her and renders her helpless. It all seems so surreal, but on the contrary... It's as real as it gets. Just moments ago she was prepared to feast. She was enjoying herself, playing with her food and being who she was happiest as.She wonders why she can't just live her life. If humans can eat whatever they choose, then why is it so wrong of her to do the same? Wearing the blood of her beloved, she closes her eyes.This is the last dance...She doesn't think she will survive. She doesn't think at all. It feels better to just allow the darkness to lay claim to her beaten body and brutalized heart. Feelings are what started this mess.No more...To excited or not excited at all. There was never a in between. The need to binge eat was just one of many twisted techniques she had taken joy in. She never let anyone know but who she was with him...That was the part of her she most desired to keep.The sophisticated women who enjoyed books, and loved to make others smile. Intrigued by intellect and captivated by even the smallest acts of kindness. She wasn't always so bad. Was she? After all, they say monsters are not born as such.Looked down on by everyone she came into contact with. She had heard the stories for some time now. On the news, and in the shop she often would visit. She never cared to much because she felt she had no reason to. Someone should have told her how admired and desired she truly was.Ghouls were always sneered at. As if they were some infectious disease that had to be purged or contained. If that was the case then why not pray on those ignorant fears? Why not give them something to truly be afraid of?The soon to be myths of the infamous binge eater "Rize Kamishiro" She would be remembered if nothing else.---It seems like that's all there should be to it, but...As shown many times through out history. Nothing is rarely ever as it seems to be. She is no different as death does not come for her. Instead it is fate that steps in. She will remain bound to the world that hates her so. She will be trapped, depraved, and starved. Feasted on and harvested all for the sake of greed.It's ironic that fate should choose this for her. She will come to loath it too for it's callous ways.She will need to accept what she is now. That she is no longer, "The binge eater" Now she is merely a pawn.She will have to take this one last dance, and face the person she has wanted to watch over for all this time.Draped in macabre dreams and moonlit beams. If she is to truly die, then this is how she wants it. Only he can satisfy her and give her the rest she craves.She... "The Dragon." 

иσ¢тιѕ яσуαℓяєвєℓ

09/19/2020 12:36 AM 

[RP Advice] Unacceptable Portrayals, Ruined Characters (Uncanon Portrayals)

I wanna l highlight this matter NOW. As I have seen this thousands of times in the past. So, let’s make ONE thing clear right now; this is NOT aimed towards anybody, this is simply highlighting an RP community issue as a whole, as I have seen it on multiple places I RP in across the internet.•••••••••••••••••••This is unfortunately a thing that’s been going on as far back as I myself can remember. We all portray our characters how we feel they should be portrayed, and it’s not always canon. Thing is, some people do not accept different portrayals other than canon, and it leaves the wrong impression to some, that they no longer wish to RP anyone who portrays that specific character.Yes, there was once I time where I too was met with an unacceptable portrayal, that left me questioning whether every person who portrayed said character, had the same idea. I felt like I could not trust any of them due to how many of said character, had been portrayed the same idea. There are many uncanon portrayals that made me uncomfortable, but I also spoke up about my discomfort and let said people know. Some were respectful to how I felt, others were not, but that’s sometimes how it is.Regardless of portrayal, the lesson learned is that characters do not always have to be portrayed canon. Some different portrayals are actually really cool, and some are absolutely unacceptable, but those kind should remain in DMs or DISCUSSED FIRST. Don’t assume someone is comfortable with the portrayal of your chosen character. But, don’t completely block out interactions with said character just because some do not portray as you want them to.-The mention of those completely unacceptable, are more-so Mature themes that SHOULD first be discussed. Mature themes are not completely unacceptable, but it should be discussed and made sure that your partner is completely fine with this first. However, SOME Mature themes should not be portrayed at all, they go beyond the borders of Mature and into a heavier trigger-based portrayal. If you disagree with these portrayals, let your partner know and ask for a lighter-themed idea.-Be kind and respectful to your partners, regardless of how they portray a character. If their portrayal is bothering you, ask them politely if they could muse another idea, or politely dismiss them and thank them for their offer. Canon or uncanon, it matters not, please do not let a writer “ruin” a character for you. If you disagree with the portrayal, simply decline in a respectful way.

RP Advice, RP, Roleplay, Advice, RolePlay Advice

carpe ☾ noctem

09/19/2020 12:22 PM 

Muse Poetry Playlist

Muse Poetry Playlist --1. To This Day - Shane Koyczan2. Depression Is Funny Like That - Reagan Myers3. 10 Honest Thoughts On Being Loved By A Skinny Boy - Rachel Wiley4. Relapse - Blythe Baird5. Guilt Doesn't Live Here Anymore - Blythe Baird 

Crowned with smoke and fire;𒀭

09/18/2020 10:03 PM 


There existed nothing more pleasing than a feast following a well-fought war, but a simple meal consisting of poultry would have to suffice. A lone male surrounded by a sea of emptiness at all sides tried his best to prepare preserved fish. Under the guidance and verbal instructions of another, he managed to barely avoid burning what little rations he possessed. A sigh of reassurance escaped his ebony lips upon tasting the fruits of his labor, this was more meaningful than many would know. This was to be potentially his last meal, the potential of death grew more and more as he got closer to his intended destination. He intended to render a land to nothing more than dust, all for the sake of quelling his boredom and furthering his goal of revenge. There was nothing more than war that he cherished and yet he found himself fighting to avenge another.His chewing abruptly ceased and his head turned towards the sky swallowed by the influence of the night, all but the moon was visible for the time being.This would quickly change as a flash of light came into sight and quickly ignited the night sky with bright and very much visible flash. Brightly lit aureate hues fell upon the strange anomaly taking place before his very eyes. The wails of the cold night winds filled his senses but his eyes remained fixated on what was occurring before him. It would abruptly end, leaving him with a plethora of questions pertaining to the strange bolt of lightning during a season that should have none. The sight was strange, a sudden flash of lightning and the easily heard loud cracking equivalent to that of thunder.  The display was entertaining and would at the very least warrant an immediate investigation. The warmth of his campfire would do very little to sway his decision to venture off into the night; he slipped off into the night with the intent to return within a few minutes. 


09/18/2020 08:24 PM 


I'm gonna make my so-called 'rules' as few in number and as easy to understand as possible. We all know some of you will break a couple(especially Fantasy players) but please keep it to a minimum.*I also have a rule for newbie's just starting out!☣  Let me say this first and foremost so some of you don't waste your time reading. To all of you Ladies... Saeki (and any characters that may come after) is gay so you won't find any romance with him but I'm not opposed to RPing with female characters though I do have a hard time with it. Just keep in mind that the replies will most likely be slower than they would with a male companion. My apologies in advance.☣  Random Starters - I like to be surprised as much as the next person and but many random turn into a straight out mess and don't make it very far before being abandoned. So don't think that just because our characters having a similar backstory will mean it's okay to send me one without discussing it first. Give me two characters and I'll come up with a few ideas.☣  Messages and Comments - Don't bother trying to comment on my profile, there's no button and I'll only answer you through a message anyway. Please save yourself sometime.☣  Length - I do Para / Multi-Para roleplay and I try to match the length of my reply to be equal or longer than my partners. I accept my partner doing semi-para, para and multi-para but I won't tolerate One-liners and no Novella. This isn't a chatroom and if you wanna write a chapter then you're welcome to it but I won't be joining you in your conquest. If you have a hard time replying then just put it on hold for a couple days. I really don't mind waiting.  ☣  Long-term, short-term - To be honest I don't mind either though I would much rather a long-term roleplay over a short one. I like a good in-depth story so I prefer my RP's to last a little longer than only a week.☣  Good literacy and Grammar - It's extremely appreciated if you have it.☣  No Character Death - I like them moving just fine.☣  I'm a busy person. I work, I write, watch anime, read manga, play video games, roleplay on here while being on other sites and I still need to find time to sleep. I can't do it all in a day but I shall be on here at least once a day.☣ I have a seven-day rule. After I add someone I always send them a message after. If they don't answer I will delete them. Don't add me just to increase your friend count. I only welcome serious RPer's here.☣  Newbie's - Just starting out and don't know where to begin? I'm more than willing to serve as a guide to all new recruits. Don't be embarassed to message me and ask. The rules I make for newbie's are a bit more lenient than the ones above.Do not treat me like some ignorant novice. I may have just joined but I'm not new. I started roleplaying on AOL in chat rooms seventeen years ago before moving to myspace then and here. I did leave roleplaying four years ago to focus on writing but decided to come back only to find out they deleted my old account so I had to make a new one.

rules, roleplay, rping

"Mother Bear" of the Atelier

09/18/2020 06:19 PM 

Reputation stuff and things she's known for in her hometown

Food thief: often snatched meat in particular from others' plates*hat lady(the children): Has never been seen without wearing her cap*Mother bear: savagely beat thugs who tried to intimidate a child to near death rumored to probably would have if not distracted.*reliable business woman: Seldomly fails to deliver on products should she choose to make them.*river jinx:  Stems from childhood when on several occasions a flying monster threw up on her.Smiling Malice: tied to mother bear*undefeatable seeker: (childhood to current) never lost a hide and seek gameUtter goof (the elders): It involves the two who raised herA/N: Those with an asterisk are known outside her hometown

Titan of the Western Islands

09/18/2020 02:22 PM 


Titan of the Western Islands //Just another day within Tsukigakure's safe haven for the young shinobi. It was the usual, on patrol in uniform like the rest of the guards of the island. At some point in his day he'd end up here with his brothers in arms. Another long day for the watch, taking turns maintaining the peace among the common folk. His shift was over for the day and of course the relieved squadron found their way to their favorite shop in all the land. Stacked stones and well-crafted wooden beams make up most of the building's outer structure. With a welcoming appeal to it, the doors were open to all. It was tough to see through the high windows, but the pleasurable energy within can be felt outside.Such a appealing place, many were beacon here to socialize. Many rumors and legends started spreading from the backrooms and halls of this very establishments. Upon arriving, through heavily used wooden doors the troops were welcomed by the usual. The owner was rubbing a glass with a cloth, though it wasn't getting any cleaner. Realizing them, he made effort to acknowledge their presence, poring sake in enough cups to supply these hard working men and women. Bones rest, bellies were filled with sake and ridiculous amounts of food had been consumed. They found themselves tucked away in a guard only section, only they knew what each others had to go through on the daily.All laughs and smiles over in their area, this was the feeling of being off duty. Cups of sake were slammed together as toast were made among brothers-in-arms. There was one who stuck out, a single individual out of the crew. He did not eat and he was far to young to drink, if he wasn't a guard it's safe to say he wouldn't even be allowed in this place of business. "Hey Asahina! Have a drink kid." A now drunk guardsmen said as he held a cup of sake to the young man. "I'll pass, thank you.. You should also." Sharply a young Asahina turned down his coworker's offer."What,you can't drink with us? What you too good for us Kusanagi!?" A hit of anger? No, this was jealousy he detected quickly, it was obvious the sake was controlling his words and actions. Asahina was a strong observer, he could easily detect such things. One thing he was sure, these was this mans true feelings towards him. For months now the young Kusanagi has been assigned to this guard patrol and for months Asahina has seemed to have a problem with this man. At this point he just amused the man must of been bested by a Kusanagi in his pass and developed a low-tolerance for Kusanagi's as a whole."You must be drunk... " Asahina was short with his seeming enraged coworker, as he stared him directly in his eyes. His expression was blank, he was trying to understand the man's animosity. "Hey he's just a kid! He's only allowed in because the owner known he's a guard, if he's seen drinking we'll all be kicked out." Another coworker intervened, in hopes of calming things down. Asahina was simply poring gasoline on a live fire. "No worries, i'm leaving." Asahina mentioned as he stood, followed by dipping into his pocket and placing cash on the table."Enjoy the rest of your night, have a drink on me." He stated as he walked away, leaving his coworkers including the angered one. It was late, most the shops we closed or closing. Very few people were in the streets as they would be during the day, even the market section was quite. Asahina headed home, he ambled, obviously not in a rush but overall he head to his destination; to the Kusanagi Danchi - Group Homes. 


09/18/2020 09:37 AM 

Heads up!
Current mood:  crushed

Hey, y'all. If I don't get back to you, I broke the base of my right thumb so I have to type with only one hand which is very stressful. Please bear with me! ♥This is the current state of my right arm, and tbh, I hate it, but it could be a lot worse.


09/17/2020 10:45 PM 

x rules x

+ DANGANRONPA V3 SPOILERS !!!+ semi-selective adds+ 19 y/o+ yes, i've had a few other accounts...well, more than just a few. sorry if it's annoying, but my attention span is zero to none q w q,,,+ POTENTIAL TRIGGERING THEMES!! (ex, scars/harming, disorders, abuse, etc)+ alright so I am DYING to do a pregame!saiouma roleplay, if there's anyone willing to play a pregame!Shuichi (one that's like,,, a super creep/stalker who's kind of a sadomasochist...or, a pregame!Kaito is another fav!) and wants to do that please, please PLEASE tell me!! + NSFW can be discussed in chat, I have a, uh, interesting array of kinks and such that I enjoy, however I'm still too sheepish to put them out for everyone to see. Though, in private, if it comes around I'd be open to talking about what both parties enjoy!+ again, on the NSFW topic, don't be afraid to discuss somewhat controversial kinks or interests with me if that's something you're looking to include, i love hearing any sort of suggestions- and i mean anything!!+ open to triggering or dark topics, not many limits here! anything with blood, gore, torture, or suggestive NSFW themes are all fair game!+ VERY easygoing when it comes to plots (or, again, triggering themes) so if you have something in particular you'd like to try, please don't hesitate to suggest it! i'm open to hearing anything (as mentioned).+ probably won't request nor message first, i'm kinda awkward lmaoooaoa+ open to trade info on places outside of here to chat (discord preferred) but only after a bit of chatting, please!+ good grammar is preferred!+ i, personally would like to be canon characters, but i'm happy to RP WITH other canon characters and OC's+ i love all sorts of replies, but nothing less than one or two sentences please! i love to write, but i also love just casual stuff, so anything ranging from one or two sentences to multiple paragraphs (as many as you'd like!) i'd absolutely, 100% be open to!+ i love in character greetings, so i have no problem receiving them if you so desire! however, if that's not your style and you would rather discuss first OOC then i'm 100% fine with that too.+ if anything else comes to mind (and i somehow remember) i'll be adding to this! 

Winds Of Destruction

09/17/2020 07:01 PM 

Jetstream Sam in Final Fantasy VII

Jetstream Sam the last Samurai of Wutai he use to be a commander for proud nation, and a master swordsman. Sam is able to tell his opponents skill level from a few exchanges of blows. Despite his mastery of the blade however he was defeated in a duel with Sephiroth early on in the war losing his right arm. Drifting from town to town despite his injury he'd constantly seek further perfecting his skills. Till one day during a job he'd meet with Fuhito. The scientist promised to grant him power, and a new arm to take his revenge. That lust for revenge was all that was needed for the Samurai to toss aside his former identity. Sam would be the only member of the Winds of Destruction who wasn't infursed with Materia instead his family sword passed down for generations was enchanced with two materia's. Fire, and lightning materia would be permenitly infused within the strong foundations of the blade. The steel of the sword would be altered to red, and when unshethed would burn brightly with lightning radiating from the steel. am carried the Murasama sheathed at his side in the style of samurai (buke-zukuri), which allowed him draw quickly from the taito stance. The Murasama's sheath contained a rifle mechanism with a magazine loaded and a trigger located below the sword's hilt. By triggering this mechanism, Sam could launch his sword from the sheath and use iaido techniques with increased momentum. While Sam had originally sought out and dealt with Shinra as a means of upholding his sense of justice. Sams loss to Sephiroth, and eventual recruitment into Avalanche had led him to forget the original reason behind his desire for seeking out conflicts. A free spirt with a dark sense of humor he strives to become the greatest swordsman on Gaia.

Winds Of Destruction

09/17/2020 07:01 PM 

Sundowner in Final Fantasy VII

Sundowner the last memeber recurited for this team is an infamous murderer who operated in Costa Del sol. His murders passed into local myth as officals would do they're best to hide the horrifying details. He also had a habit of leaving a lot of blood from his enemies, enough to make it look like the sunset, hence why he had the codename Sundowner. Jetstream Sam was sent to recruit the killer winning an intense duel. The injuries from that battle meant that Sundowner had no choice other then accepting his new place within the Raven's. Donning a specialized custom cyborg body, the immense Sundowner wields two high-frequency machetes known as Bloodlust. In addition, the two machetes could also be merged into a scissors-like contraption to cause further damage to the enemy. Once Sundowner finished going through the process of his cybernetics, and the Raven treatment Fuhito would use the hulking man as his first adult test sujbect for Materia infusion using Fire. Able to engulf his machetes with his inner flame, as well as his entire body. His custom cyborg body could mount six shield-like platforms in the sockets on his back. These shields would be connected directly to Sundowner's spinal cord directly tied to the infused materia this cases the panels to explode on contact. Sundowner is best described as a blood-thirsty warrior, constantly desiring conflict and bloodshed, even openly referring to himself as a warmonger. When confronted on his beleives Sundowner would often claim war had brought humanity jobs, technology and a purpose. Sundowner has a very pessimistic view on humanity. His mentality was that of a classical realist, in which he believed that humans are inherently cruel and violent, only contradicting this violent nature through age due to the accumulated knowledge and morals learned over time.

ᴍᴀɴ ᴇᴀᴛᴇʀ.

09/17/2020 10:51 PM 

roleplay ice breakers + ideas.

❧  your character is a replacement for antoinette's personal assistant for the next few weeks. her behaviour always comes off as odd, and you can't quite place why that is. her whole entourage bends at her whim, and almost comes up with excuses for an attitude that what could only be described as 'diva.' is this just how celebrities are? or could there be some sort of secret that everyone seems to be in on except you.❧ cliche bodyguard/knight and celebrity/princess type. maybe they don't get along. maybe they've been friends for a long time. maybe a long period of time has passed and the former is surprised to see that antoinette is still young as the day they met her. that's sus af.❧  antoinette is your character's sugar mommy.❧ here's a rumor going around lately in an inn deep in the forest. patrons who stay there have been buzzing about the vision of a woman appearing in their bedroom late at night. they report waking up dizzy, pale, and some of the unlucky ones haven't woken up at all. it's time someone investigate.❧  friends with benefits.❧  ww2 settings, i have a bunch of these. ask. 

ᴍᴀɴ ᴇᴀᴛᴇʀ.

09/17/2020 10:46 PM 

rules and guidelines.

❧  antoinette is a multi-ship. deal with it.❧i'm begging you, start with something more interesting than: 'hello, how are you?' if you do message me, start with a random starter or an idea for a roleplay. it's tedious to go through 10+ messages of just pleasantries. no hard feelings, i just want to jump into story while we're still inspired and excited.❧ it's more obvious than you think when you don't read guidelines, or someone's profile.❧ antoinette is more suitable for historical, modern, fantasy, urban fantasy, and sometimes horror settings.❧ if you added me first, i'm going to assume that you want to roleplay or have an idea for our characters to interact and you plan on approaching. if you're too shy, or don't know what to do? i often post ideas on my bullletin or in a blog.❧ if you're looking for purely smut, or a submissive character you've come to the wrong place. antoinette is dominant. while i do wrtie smut, it's going to be with established chemistry. if you try writing smut with me outright, you're gonna get blocked. implied relations are okay but need to be discussd before hand.❧  please do not touch my character without permission especailly upon their first meeting, you'll end up with broken hand and being deleted.❧ i have a huge pet peeve about mutes.❧ antoinette has been alive or 300+ years. so she's kind of over basic flirting so don't take offense.


09/17/2020 07:58 AM 

Current mood:  distressed

I apologize for if I get to any of your guys' messages late. I'm sorry. It's been a really rough week, and my mental health isn't in the best position. Feel free to message me, I'll get back to you tomorrow, but I've been self-harming. So I need to take time off and focus on myself for one or two days. Again, I'm sorry, but this is for me. 

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