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ใ€Ž๐”ธ๐•๐• ๐”ฝ๐•š๐•”๐•ฅ๐•š๐• ๐•Ÿใ€

09/08/2020 05:51 PM 

Kumagawa's Abilities - All Fiction & Book Maker

Superhuman Physiology: Kumagawa's most frightening trait is his tenacity; no matter how many times he is beaten down, he always gets back up due largely to his history of losing at everything, meaning he can easily shrug off any kind of beating. It was apparently this aspect of his person that caught Ajimu's attention in the first place. Even without All Fiction, Kumagawa is capable of bouncing back from injuries that would cripple other humans for months.   Combat Expert: Because he considers himself "the weakest person in the whole world", Kumagawa knows everything about the weaknesses of the human body, and can easily defeat multiple opponents by targeting their weak points. However, Kumagawa claims he couldn't defeat Medaka with this method as she has no weak points for him to exploit. Kumagawa's weapons of choice appear to be many large screws that he can make appear in his hands, regardless of what Minus he has. He can throw these screws with great accuracy. He is also able to spawn these screws inside people instantly.   Imagination Manifestation: Kumagawa can use his force of will to impose the image of immaterial objects onto those around him. Akune theorizes that it is this ability that allows Kumagawa to impose the mental image of a screw onto others when using Book Maker. Using his gloomy mindset, Kumagawa can also create a horrific magical sword from his imagination, capable of slaying magical beasts.    Lack of Presence: During the Treasurer's Battle, Kumagawa erases his "aura" with All Fiction. Because of this, people no longer feel his presence, a trait similar to Hinokage's Unknown Hero.           All Fiction : Kumagawa's Minus allows him to deny aspects of reality; to make anything "nothing". Because of this, he can undo anything that has been damaged, and thus he has no qualms about being destructive. However, he has stated that once he removes something with his Minus, he cannot return it as it has become "fiction". His ability can even reverse his own death as well as the death of others. He admits that he doesn't have full control of his power because, unless he's careful, the entire world would become nothing. It should be noted that All Fiction did not work on Emukae's Minus, Raff-Rafflesia, instead only erasing the unwanted factor that it had no off switch; it appears that All Fiction cannot erase another Minus.    Kumagawa acquired All Fiction three years prior to the beginning of the series, when he attacked Ajimu. At that time, he lost his original Minus, but instead gained Ajimu's Hundred Gauntlets, which developed into All Fiction. In preparation for his fight with Medaka, Kumagawa regained his original Minus, but lost All Fiction as Hundred Gauntlets was taken back by Ajimu. After being killed by Munakata, Kumagawa regains All Fiction and can now use both All Fiction and Book Maker. However, after losing Hundred Gauntlets, All Fiction is significantly weaker, in that it can no longer make things with strong emotional value become nothing, such as wounds that one is proud of or thinks they need to keep. Ajimu later restores Hundred Gauntlets to Kumagawa, stopping the deterioration of All Fiction, and restoring it to full potency. Kumagawa is also capable of spawning screws inside others instantly to use the ability if necessary, but since he always believes in fighting cooly he won't resort to such a thing.   April Fiction (ๅฎ‰ๅฟƒๅคงๅ˜˜ๆ†‘ใ, Eipuriru Fikushon): Kumagawa's so-called "new Minus", born from the skill given to him by Ajimu after her death. He labels this skill as his "incomplete complete" Minus. With April Fiction, Kumagawa uses a different set of screws with flat end pattern threads. The label April Fiction is a red herring however; Kumagawa actually mixes his All Fiction with Ajimu's Unskilled, which limits the time an item is erased to three minutes before retuning to normal. Non Fiction (่™šๆ•ฐๅ˜˜ๆ†‘ใ, Non Fikushon): Around the time of the fight with Iihiko, All Fiction was upgraded to undo things that have already been undone. Kumagawa claims that the upgrade has tweaked his personality, hence why he is traveling Japan to return the things he has erased. Because All Fiction was upgraded unnaturally, Kumagawa is unsure of how long Non Fiction will last. However, this is never seen in use, as everyone Kumagawa has offered to bring lost things back for has outright refused him.      Book Maker (ๅดๆœฌไฝœใ‚Š, Bukku Meika): Kumagawa's original Minus, which he lost to Ajimu after he ripped off her face, and received All Fiction. After confronting Ajimu in a dream, he has lost All Fiction, but regained his original Minus in return. Book Maker requires Kumagawa to use a special screw; a slotted pan head screw (with a - on it), as opposed to the Philips screws (with a + on them) that he usually wields. When Book Maker is activated, the screw stretches to the length of a sword. When he stabs someone with the screw, it turns the target into a Minus by bringing that person to Kumagawa's level: body, spirit, technique, intellect, and talent; all fall to match Kumagawa. Despite the fact that the screw needs to pierce the victim to take effect, the damage done to the body is nearly zero; Kumagawa labels Book Maker as an ability that only soils the heart. As a side effect, the victim's hair also turns white, though the original color is restored once Book Maker's effect wears off and the screw dissolves.     Leg Eating Forest (่ถณๅ–ฐใฎๆฃฎ, Ashikui no Mori): Kumagawa covers the floor with flat end screws, forcing both himself and his opponents to balance on top of them. Though the screws are not sharp, the weight alone can still cause heavy damage should someone fall. However, in truth, all the screws are Book Maker screws; their heads are buried so that his opponent cannot distinguish them from his other screws.

Sinful Traitor

09/08/2020 12:12 PM 


Skills (noncombat) AcrobaticsArcanearticraftculinarycryptologyEdible plant knowledgeescapeGardeningHerbologyHuntinginterragationImpersonation Intelligence intimidationMonster loreNavigationobservationTheatricstrackingStealthsubterfugetactics Skills (combat) Assassin tacticsAssassin weaponryBlind fightingDual wieldingMarksmanshipthread wielderneedle/dart wielderArcanistry

will finish later, nap now.

Sinful Traitor

09/08/2020 07:59 PM 

Sealed information

Chicomecoatl "Chiyo" Yoxon black mission of greater importance: Assassinated the cadre of lichs in the southern continent at the behest of king jameson the third without drawing attention from the undead horde it was amassing which included living telepathic monsters as allies Black missions: 99seek and destroy missions: 300rescue missions: 100rescue missions (without killing anything): 1diplomatic missions: 12defend mission: 20Escort mission: 3information gathering: 0An extra layer of seal has been placed to hide the details of each mission she has performed on the record and no information of those that are off the record can be accessed without several seal experts present as due to the seals possessing a death curse upon them. 

โ˜ซElainโ˜ซLimitless Ancient๐Ÿ‰

09/07/2020 08:49 PM 

Match Ups

Day One MatchSife-HenzuZypher-MerlinYigg-Blue KnightElain-OmenSipher-Hellgates

Sinful Traitor

09/07/2020 05:59 PM 


Chicomecoatl Yoxon, the former leader of the organization in charge of hunting monsters has now been confirmed to have been charmed by an exceptionally powerful vampire. The organization is devising a plan to capture Chicomecoatl or eliminate the vampire. The first two scout parties were wiped out, but thankfully the second party had a messenger rat. The vampire's lair is ever moving and hard to pinpoint. It's lair is a castle with a red sky and black clouds. The garden and wrought iron gates were adorned with throngs of Roses. The deaths of both scout teams were the result of an encounter with Chicomecoatl, This must be some new type of charm according to the member who penned the report, she engaged the scouts with an attack killing the leader immediately and slicing off the legs of the second in command. It was a warning to not try to attack, but as we now know, she killed all of them. The sacrifices of the scouts will not be in vain, Her capture and freeing her from the clutches of the vampire's control must be done before the vampire decides to turn her into one of them. If she is turned, the organization will be destroyed and humanity is doomed.

Sinful Traitor

09/07/2020 05:31 PM 

So, apparently people who use copy and paste posts are also incapable of reading.

Nice Heko, not only are you lazy, but you can't read nor you know know what the actual f*** you wrote LOL do, notice how I explicitly said I do not mind random starters if they make sense? oh, wait.. you were too busy crying about being called out on your copy and paste starter to even notice that nor the fact that I wrote doorbell when you had my character knock. I know how you weasel copy and paste roleplayers work. You sent it expecting me to just put my character there, well if I did you would've been crying about her cutting your character's arm off. If you think books are spontaneous adventures, maybe you should stop reading books for second graders... just saying


09/07/2020 04:52 PM 

role play?

hey, i'm new here and was wondering if anyone would be interested in role playing with me? i'm seeing if anyone has seen the show supernatural? if so can you play dean? but if no one can then i have some ideas but not plots. i only do bxg and i play one of my female ocs.

ฮฑั•ะฝั”ฮท ฯƒฮทั”

09/07/2020 11:18 PM 

H o p e a m o n g t h e e m b e r s a n d R u l e s.

Hope Among The Embers.   Patience. I don't ask for much, but please be patient with me. I do work and have a life from outside of Roleplay. I do prefer working out a storyline beforehand. However, if you choose to wing it, then I can work with that. Discord. I do try to be active on there. But don't hesitate to ask for it, Relationships. Now this one is essential to remember. I am a happily taken man in Real life. So, if our characters due happen to fall in love, then it's strictly Roleplay. Let's just try to have some fun, okay! It's a hobby, not a job. STORY COMING SOON.


09/06/2020 07:21 PM 


my  muse  walks  in  on  your  muse  committing  a  gruesome  murder.  my  muse  coming  to  your  muse  with  blood  stains  on  their  clothes  and  hands, shaking. my  muse  takes  care  of  your  muse  while  they  are  in  a  drunken  state.   my  muse  slaps  your  muse  across  the  face  out  of  anger.   my  muse  confronts  your  muse  about  why  they  never  say  ’ i  love  you ’  back.   my  muse  runs  to  your  muse  and  jumps  up,  your  muse  holding  mine  up  by  their  thighs.   my  muse  stops  your  muse  from  getting  into  a  physical  fight  with  someone  else.   my  muse  pulls  out  a  lighter  and  lights  it  for  your  muse  to  use  to  light  their  cigarette.   my  muse bandages  up some  wounds your  muse  has  gotten.   Your muse just gets out of jail after some years and they show up at my muse’s house without telling them Your muse is jealous over someone else showing interest in mine. Your muse shows up outside my muse’s door after being presumed dead.   โ This part of town isn’t a good place to be at this time of night. โž โ Now what’s a pretty little thing like you doing in a place like this? โž โ Are you lost? โž โ Only fools and trouble come out to these parts at this hour. โž โ i used to think i was broken. โž โ i’ve always felt like a stranger in my skin. โž โ i still wonder who i would have been. โž โ i didn’t realize i could be my own hero. โž โ i have so much love to give , but no one ever wants it. โž โ but you kept trying , didn’t you ? โž โ i’m sick to death of everyone telling me how strong i am. โž โ fate is a f**king lie. โž โ f**k the idea that there is such a thing as destiny. โž โ everyone i love leaves. โž โ your failures are just what happened --- they don’t have to be who you are. โž โ you have to keep moving forward. โž โ don’t allow the world to take your kindness. โž โ you owe no one your forgiveness. โž โ love is never a weakness. โž โ i am so glad we were born during the same lifetime. โž โ i may not believe in fate , but i believe in you. โž โ i am allowed to live my life ’ โ do not waste a minute mourning me. โž โ you can hate me forever if that’s what you really want. โž โ hurting others is a choice. โž โ you can have my forgiveness but you can’t have me. โž โ please believe me when i say revenge was never my intention.โž โ...You know, if you keep making that cute of a face you can’t blame me if I suddenly kiss you, alright? โž โ You know, those eyes of yours… I’ll never get tired of looking at them. โž โ I heard you had a long day, today. Come sit down, I’ve prepared your favorite meals so just sit back, relax, and let me pamper you a bit, okay?โž โ Don’t listen to them. Omegas can be stronger than any Alpha. โž โ Hush, pretty thing. I’ve got you, I’ll keep you safe. โž โ Use your words, love. Tell me what you want. โž โ I’m not going to force you to submit to me. I’m not some brainless Alpha meathead. You’re my partner! โž โ Stay close to me, my scent will ward away any a**hole feeling brave. โž โ I don’t need anyone else but you. You’re perfect just the way you are! โž โ I can’t take care of you like they could. A Beta is just…settling. โž โ Easy, easy. I’m not a threat—see? I’ll bare my throat and everything. โž โ I’m gonna punch the next Alpha to even look at us wrong. โž โ You’re so cute, I just want to wrap you up in a blanket and carry you away from everything. โž โ I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but if you aren’t ready, I respect that. It’s a big commitment, the mating bond. โž โ I want you to mark me. I want to belong to you and I want you to belong to me. โž โ Here, hun. I ran the blankets in the dryer so they’ll be nice and warm for you to nest around in. โž โ Who the hell was THAT? โž


09/06/2020 04:44 PM 




09/06/2020 12:59 PM 


1: Do not send me a message if we aren't friends, if you sent me a add and messaged me you lost any chance of being added. Do not send a add again if I denied you once, you do and you get blocked.2: I will be busy and if I don't reply back, send me a message to see if I'm busy.3: I prefer to discuss than wing it.Will update the rules later.


09/05/2020 08:44 PM 


Muse writes all the way from slice of life themes to horror and psychological while Honoko has a particularly dark backstory found out through writing with her.Literacy. While I'm not going to criticize over small grammatical errors, at least try to make your responses legible.Please don't take the things I've worked upon.Two paragraph minimum with no maximum. However please don't feel limited by my responses, type what you feel is best. We're here to have fun and create stories with one another.I'll try to be thoroughly active at least a few times a week, there will naturally be delays. To try and avoid this, simply ask for my Discord if you want swifter responses from me.Storyline drama is the only acceptable kind.Rp/Rl.And last but certainly not least, have fun! Isn't that why we're here?


09/05/2020 04:19 PM 

Necro Uchiha

Daughter of Madara UchihaAge: 19Village: Otogakure ( Hidden Sound )Affiliation: Akatsuki /no teammate yetBeast dog: Cerberus ( pic in photo album)Date of birth: September 11 thZodiac Sign: VirgoHeight: 169.5 cmWeight: 45,7 kgBlood type: O negativeAbilities: Eternal Mangekyou SharinganFavorite foods: Dango, Ramen, Onigiri, Yakizakana, SashimiHobby: Get in the troubleAssignments completed: 5 D- rank, 18 C- rank, 47 B- rank, 53 A- rank, 11 S-rank.

Vine, The Dollmaker

09/04/2020 07:02 PM 


I haven't felt the need to state any rules prior but in case anyone tries anything with my character, I want to have proof that I've previously said something about it.1. I do not write romance for Vine. He is heavily traumatized by everything he has endured. Even if he did feel some sort of attraction, it would not be a typical form of attraction and he'd likely never act on it.2. I also obviously don't write any form of erotica as well. I just don't write that kind of stuff, and especially not with Vine.3. Writing lengths is not necessarily a problem, as long as I have enough to work with. Even if it's only a few sentences, as long as you give me enough to write a decent reply with, I don't mind.4. I am fairly active on all of my accounts, including this one, however I can take a day or two to reply. It's mostly just pointless anxiety, but it can take me a bit, and I hope you can respect that.5. Vine is a sweet thing, but don't forget Vine is a killer first and foremost. He may be sweet most of the time, but he can get angry, and when he gets angry is when he starts getting the urge to kill.6. I don't mind if you don't know much about Vine, he is not a well-known creepypasta. That being said, I do have various blog posts discussing Vine's past and phobias in case you want to learn about it.Note: These rules can change at any point. Rules 1 and 2 will never change, but I might take some of these out or add more at any later date. 

Sinful Traitor

09/04/2020 07:50 PM 

Death becomes her

Corpse lotus' last statement to the organization: rewritten by Kyla, original version much too harshA disaster of an excursion, the forward team was wiped out by the monsters.  They underestimated the monsters and paid for it.  This is why I have time and time againdemanded for more experienced hunters to go babysit the newbies during lair cleansings, but hey let's listen to her father because he cleansed several nests of dragons alone and she has never done it alone is what you idiots thought and died for it., but let's not tarry on such a failing of listening of reccomendations.  As leader, I am disappointed in your actions and disregard for my advice.  To the Sagruas, I expected more of you, especially knowing that they were heading into undead territory, something I have explicitly banned all newbies from doing unless accompanied by a minimum of three sagruas.  You all can do better, and you know it.    I expect all of you to heed my words more in the future, I have the most successful missions out of the lot of you.A/NSagruas - members of the organization for at least two years

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