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09/04/2020 04:10 PM 

CHAPTER 1: Escape From Home


Konoha's Flower

09/03/2020 06:14 PM 

Rules Read and Sign Thank you

🌺 I shouldn't have to put this but please don't try and control my character. This would be your only warning.🌺 As for mature themes please let it have a storyline with it. I refuse to do straight Mature themes. The same goes with romance. If that isn't your thing then please let me know and I can take it off the table.🌺 If someone is taken then I automaticlly take romance off the table. I just have respect for partners.🌺 All my romance rps are sepreate from each other. I will rarely ship with someone and if I do it has to have a lot of chemistry between the two and has to have a lot of story.🌺 Please don't pester me for replies. I am on another site as well so I can be a tad bit slow. At least could you give me 3 days to reply. If I don't reply give me a comment to respond. More then likely I have forgotten or I got my sites mixed up. Thank you for understanding.🌺 Please try and use correct spelling. No text talk.

𝔸ngel 𝕄ay ℂry

09/03/2020 12:04 PM 


1. I am always in character nd thus Discissions don't happen. You have an idea then write it with me. 2. I am above the age of 18 and thus- I do not write with anyone under the age of 18 years old. 3. I only write semi to multi Paragraphs. 4. There are times I simply don't want to be bothered writing with people so I work on my profile. Don't get me wrong, I am not ignoring you I just do not wish to interact at that particular moment in time. 5. I write in graphic detail on a good day, Please be patient. 

𝕄edusa ☥ 𝕀ncarnate.

09/03/2020 11:24 PM 

Character information.

𝐃efinition of 𝐍aga: (in Indian mythology) a member of a semidivine race, part human, part cobra in form, associated with water and sometimes with mystical initiation.𝐂haracter 𝐈nformation; 𝐍ame: Prince Skollig.𝐍ame 𝐌eaning: Skoll (pronounced roughly “SKOHL”; Old Norse Sköll, “One Who Mocks”) and Hati (pronounced “HAHT-ee”; Old Norse Hati, “One Who Hates”) are two wolves who are only mentioned in passing references that have to do with their pursuing Sol and Mani, the sun and moon, through the sky in hopes of devouring them.𝐀ge: Fifty three years old.𝐆ender: Male alpha.𝐒pecies/𝐍ationality: Greek/Egyptian.𝐅amily: King Bazatius(Father/Alive), Queen Erasyus(Deceased), Princess Rasme(Twin sister/alive),Dasethon(Little brother/alive).𝐏ersonality: Tries to stay away from people unless he is needed. However if coming acrossa stranger in his lands he will try and force them out without causing harm. If injured he will helpthat person if he knows them or not. 𝐃isabilities: He deactivates his voice using a carved rune because in weak willed individualshe can compel them to do what he commands-Accidentally or otherwise. (02) His venom isn't deadlyin the least and can be used to block pain signals and calm his victim down. However it is quite addictivein nature and thus he tries to limit it. 𝐀bilities: (01) He can use portals and smaller spells he was taught by Medusa at a young age. (02) He is a mix of a Kingsnake and Anachonda meaning his tail is mainly used to squeeze the life out of a victim/prey. (03) Due to being Medusa's vessel he can petrify a person ifinsanely enraged he has little control over it and if upset his hair will shift into small snakes. (04) Skilled at usinga sword and bow most of his weapons are dipped in a cobra toxin and he does carry the anti venom just in case of accidentally harming a innocent person. 𝐑esidence: Rome/Egypt or a warm climate as the tribe does move areas every so many yearsto stay hidden. A Naga/lamia's blood can prolong a mortal's life which made them sought after just likemermaids. 𝐅act: The females of his species are slowly dying from a curse/disease inflicted on themaround sixty years ago. The women will start showing signs at the age of eight often the more stripeson they're faces show how progressed it is becoming. Skoll's blood helps ease the pain and also prolongsthe life of a lamia another reason he does not leave his kingdom. He is determined in finding a cure wantingto save his twin sister's life.𝐒exuality: Bi-sexual.𝐒tatus: --single/no mate.

Fantasy Rps 18+

09/03/2020 02:26 PM 

Roth Crestspire

Name: Roth CrestspireRace: HumanGender: MaleAge: 30Height: 6 feet tallClass: AlchemistSpecialization: Bombs, Mutagens, Daggers and Poison useA traveling alchemist after his home was destroyed in a strategic move done by the kingdom to keep their enemies from advancing by torching the crops there he decided to pack up and just leave after being compensated for his lands. He had learned to from his grandmother but didn’t get much use out of it as he figured he’d travel the lands and help people out as best as he can. Roth isn’t he confrontational type but will fight if he needs to using a mix of his bombs and mutagens only really using his daggers when he gets desperate 


09/02/2020 08:31 PM 



ᴱᵐᵒᵗⁱᵒⁿᵃˡ ᴛʀᴀᴜᴍᴀ

09/02/2020 06:54 PM 


OOC: So, these can change at any time and I can add to them. I know I may sound strict but once you get to know me you'll understand.1. Romance: I love a good romance and Yuuri isn't exclusive to Viktor either, but I do ask you to try to get to know him some before dating him. He is a ball of anxious nerves, so take your time with him and show him you care. Remember that Yuuri is a Japanese boy, they are usually shy.I am a single shipper, once he's seeing someone he's off the market.2. Trigger warning:So if you are reading this BEFORE looking at my profile or completed profile, then let me warn you I take my Yuuri to some dark places... Hints to Suicide will be made and could likely be described. Note that I am not killing off Yuuri, but with the pressure of growing up in Asia, and his mental illness he has hit a low and lost the desire to live at some point. So if this bothers you, please let me know in discussion or even in the comments below. I don't want to trigger anyone.3. Roleplay:I write and prefer writing to be in third person. Please let's be on the same page and use Quotations --> "" for dialog/speaking to separate from the action or anything else.I only do para to multipara, no less than five lines. Save oneliners for the status stream.4. OOC:It isn't often that I'll be OOC, only for discussion and just the occasional update, but you'll know!Know that if you are dating Yuuri, it is only RP not RL...Note that this isn't my only account, so please bare with me~5. Erotic:Okay, you have to have Yuuri comfortable with you and need to be at least be dating him. The story must naturally lead up to it, no forcing the story into the direction. He's not confident enough to just put out. 6. MCRP:I will not be picking a character, so you best have one of your own characters in mind when you approach me for the discussion. 7. Literacy:I am not a grammar Nazi, but please, just please! Give me periods! Separate your sentences! It's hard to get it read properly when it's all one huge sentence, it's not like I'm asking for perfection, just a period. Is it too much to ask for?7. Greetings:If you do greet, please give me more than. "Hey" or small talk. Just get to the point. We are all here for rp, so skip the personal questions...

Sinful Traitor

09/02/2020 06:37 PM 

Chicomecoatl "Chiyo" Yoxon information of public record prior to "charm"

Name: Chicomecoatl "Chiyo" YoxonAge: 16Species: HumanHeight: cmWeight: kgSex: FemaleBlood type: ABRelatives: [redacted for their protection]Birth Place: Moxici citySexuality: LesbianOccupation: Monster hunterspecialization: Predatory humanoid monsters, immortals, and psyonic monstersTitles: Dark Lotus, Midnight Rose, Corpse lotusSkills:investigation, articraft, archery, singing, dancing, and acting 

Sinful Traitor

09/02/2020 05:47 PM 

Chicomecoatl "Chiyo" Yoxon's information of public record post "charmed"

Name: Chicomecoatl "Chiyo" Yoxon Age: 20 Species: Human Height: cm Weight: kg Sex: Female Blood type: AB Relatives: [redacted for their protection] Birth Place: Moxici city Sexuality: Lesbian Occupation: Knight Titles: Bloody Lunar Rose, Darkest Rose, Sinful Rose, Tuscany superb, Knight of the flower moon Skills: currently unknown, but believed to be the same as before being charmed.


09/02/2020 02:42 PM 


I do apologize for how this looks I will fix it soon. I copies and pasted from a google doc.Name: Aolani Naia Age: 22 Gender: Female Species: Human Race: Hawaiian Birthday: October 16th Language(s): Hawaiian, english, Russian Appearance: Athletic build. Think professional boxer Personality: Often described as motherly. Sweet in nature and willing to socialize, though can be strict if it’s needed. Tries to avoid arguing.  Sexuality: Bisexual & Рolyamorous  Family: 1 brother; Ashton, father Tahvo, deceased mother, best friend Florentina Pet(s): 1 cat, SunsetEye color: Left eye red, right eye blue Hair: Lavender, down to roughly her knees Height: 6’2” Skin: Deep tan with freckles Scars(?): Front of her shin; broken tibia  Tattoos(?): One, her moms name on her left shoulderLikes: Pork, sushi, chocolate ice cream Dislikes: Mushrooms, limes Fears: Rejection  Hobbies/Interests: She owns several flowers throughout her home  Talents: Artistic, very flexible(is that a talent-) Weapons: Licensed to carry a handgunSome other stuff! Aolani owns a body shop; tattoos and piercings. Aolani has done boxing as a sport from highschool through her first years of college Her aesthetic is pastel goth

reine des abeilles.

09/02/2020 02:29 PM 


coming soon

αѕнєη σηє

09/02/2020 12:01 PM 


Story coming soon.

₍ 🇩🇪🇻🇮🇦🇳🇹 ₎

09/02/2020 04:26 PM 

( assortment of musings. )

WonderStarlight Wonder, I've always meant to ask why this continues to happen. With a feint, you're quick to pull away; without a word, you're just as quick to stay. The feeling is volatile; the moments are a quiet storm. Beneath the twilight blanket, the lace and veneer of an amaranth delight lie a fickle woman. A former mistress, was it fate that brought the change? Was it the pain that reached hard enough to muster a false courage?It's all imaginary, baby. Through-and-through, we know what to do. There's no mistaking the writing on the wall. But every single time, I fall for it all. Bewitched, we're often playing with potions; concoctions I'd never understand.But the taste is unforgettable.Catch-22Within every moment, we're whisked away at the very last second—the instance where we'd try to “open up” and speak truths that the Styx couldn't foretell, the Entity's meddling tears the tale. A lapse of judgment; a subconscious chemical spill. There's all these things I tried to say, but couldn't. It simply wouldn't let up. The voices argue amongst me as if they share the same mind. A cacophony within the hive; this head has space for one.We're lulled into the clutches of our sins, picking away at the verbose debris that litter our bodies. Entwined within a tumultuous sphere that refused to ascend. Every time I called, it feels like dark waters cascading over the message. I try to look beyond the veneer, but cannot hear what you have to say. Was that you? Is it really? Or has its clandestine clutches lay waste to the meaning.Maybe we speak different languages. I'm certain the vernacular is there; the dialect will never match, but you can feel what I'm saying. I wish I could feel yours too, but we're always so tongue-tied, twisted within the maelstrom of these forbidden admissions. Tell me again while I whisper, “What's gotten into you? Do you feel it too?”The Time Has ComeIt would never be the same without you. For a stray, that's hard to believe. You've spent so much time on the run, it's hard to imagine stopping. I can't say I've walked the same path, but taking to the streets ain't unfamiliar. It's easy to move away, forget about the past and put the skeletons to rest.I never questioned it, there wasn't a reason to. I can see the shame across your face every time you look away. I'd take a step closer, but you're quick to dismiss the thought. “It's nothing, don't worry about it.” I've heard that time-and-time again, even with my guard down, knife kicked aside and the hook—disassembled. There's never a moment of true comfort, that just ain't possible. I guess I've forgotten sometimes what it means to look into the mirror. There's somethin' there to reminisce about. It became kind of comforting in a way, but it feels like all good things come to an abrupt end.I ain't sh*t when ya' think about it. Former basketball phenom, part-time sprinter. Workin' the legs was never a thing for me, but it came with the escape. Ye' double down when ye' need to, make no mistake. We're trained to evade, duck and weave, get away. I can't promise a healthy time, I can't reassure ye' the world's OK. I'd rather watch it burn to a smoldering ember, where the flames take your thoughts away. It's mesmerizing, you'd understand. Take my f***in' hand and come to a stand.You've heard this sh*t a million times. The messages, subliminal. I definitely ain't the first, but I wonder if I'll be the last. There's not much time left. The Entity's pretty mad. Rearing its ugly head, there's no tellin' what'll happen next.Don't say I didn't warn ye'. Sometimes sh*t ends quick. I couldn't know for sure, but I remember tracing your lips; through those murky times, you wanted to know somethin'. I know that expression when I see it.And it's true. I do. F*** the mantra, f*** the forbidden take. My stomach can't take it anymore, so rest assured. You know now.I'll see ye' on the other side—well. Y'know!

₍ 🇩🇪🇻🇮🇦🇳🇹 ₎

09/02/2020 04:24 PM 

( without you, i'm kinda lost to be honest. )

Without YouThe alloy vibrato, the shadowed dash—both of those components make for an unforgettable relapse. Fell from graces of out space into a place that couldn't save face because the haste involved became a slog within the bog. And with every step, he leaped across the pallet in a chase he had net met—someone so swift, who moved beyond the tip—of the blade, he caught her fade amist the broken cellar doors, in their estranged circus parade. For another day, he'd come through to pay—back, every opportune moment she struck.Their abstract made heads turn; stomached churned while the chapel burned all throughout. There's no mistaking a gem's been found, covered in sh*t. She occasionally sucked d*ck, only to spit—and get spat on real quick. Unhinged jaws, a prideful lick between those balls struck her walls in ways she couldn't begin to imagine. Even while fastened, his grip became massive, and any urgency for retreat missed its beat weeks ago. The hastened skeet, a tumble, a twist—there's no mistaking the jewel flare beside her lips. Tucked beneath him, asphyxiated, he confiscated her rights like the Parliament on the 9th. Violent thrashes, missing lashes and the cries of a broken euphoria. “Bruise me,” the thought emerged. The cadence never let up, and his tempo overflowed to a breaking point that jettisoned the mightiest yield; a sprung moment that churned beneath the hips. A discharge, no space. Kissing, without face. They'd never see it to love, for the hate enveloped every moment.Times had changed, and positions rearranged. They took to the quiet life, masked by internal strife. A constant pull left the wool to obscure the truth. A sad reality that could never be let loose. Even if things worked out, their times were at an impasse. There was never a happy ending. It's fated from day one. They tried to stash away the feelings that provided that much needed distraction. It's almost a neverending tease, offset by the temporary release that hurt so good.“I think you might've gotten into my head, but I'd never get this feelin' from anyone else.”And for a moment, she catches a lapse, not wanting to leave. The escape meant a loneliness she wasn't equipped to deal with. For so many times, even after the Fall, there was a moment between them. Once and for all, that couldn't be felt anywhere else but there. Her eyes widened, scoffing at the claim before another touch caught her in a frozen warmth.

₍ 🇩🇪🇻🇮🇦🇳🇹 ₎

09/02/2020 04:20 PM 

( frank talking to himself, with himself, among himself, and themselves. )

The Manifesto of Emotional Quandary Get this feelin' away from me, I don't want it. I never asked to play into a game the rules weren't set for.There were never any rules to begin with. You tempted fate with every stroke; now you're alone with nothing to your name.It's not that there weren't any rules man. You knew what you were getting yourself into from the very first night. It happens to all of us.NO, IT DOESN'T! NOT TO ME! NOT TO FRANK!Why not... just give in then? Give up to your stupid anarchist peddling and assimilate with the Entity's bidding? The others don't seem to mind it. They're happy—I think. You've never been like this before....What are ye' talkin' about? Like what?Look at you, dude! You're talking up a schism—you've been doing so for the past three days in another burnout coma you've had from those f***ing drinks the negro keeps pushin'. I don't even blame him though. You waned it.Does anyone know what's going on anymore? His head's getting busier than it can handle. Someone needs to shut this off. I don't care who it is.Who the f*** made you the boss around here!? We're not even real!I'm real, but they aren't. He's not either, and she couldn't be. They're everything you didn't want out of the cup. And we're hopeless—every single one of us. Trying for something that was never obtainable in this cataclysmic blunder. It was an escape. He wanted to get away, and found company in the strangest of places, even if it meant forcing an assault. We don't call it an “assault” though; it's what's ours, after all.I 'dunno whose funny idea this sh*t is, but everyone needs to shut the f*** up about it. About everything. ALL OF IT! I don't need a f***in' commentator about any of this crap. JUST LEAVE IT! ALL OF YOU!...Huh? There he goes again, desperately fighting for control. The deed is done, y'all. We'll be back, soon enough. It's all par for the course.What's bothering him anyway? Any one here know, or?Nope.Na-da.Couldn't, even if I wanted to, but if I had to put my proverbial finger on it, whoever he's been involved with might have somethin' to do with it. Who knows. He's an enigmatic one. This “emotion” is surreal.

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