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08/05/2020 01:59 PM 

Why It Is Must To Check Personal Loans

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PayDay, Loans, Online

иσ¢тιѕ яσуαℓяєвєℓ

08/03/2020 12:03 AM 

[RP Advice] Please Stop, I Don’t Like When They Get Hurt (Meeting Sensitive Partners)

As silly as this may sound, it is indeed a real thing. I want to take some time to go over this, and hope in the end, I can make some solace. This isn’t aimed at anybody, I just want to help provide a better understanding.   •••••••••••••••••••   Now, I know it can be tiresome to have a RolePlay partner who is sensitive to whatever you write. But, they really cannot help it. Some people can work with them, some people don’t click at all, and that’s okay. Not everybody is going to be comfortable with having a sensitive partner.   In my own experience, I was under the impression that some of my partners were completely fine with what I wrote. I learned the hard way that some of them were actually very sensitive to my writing, because they were actually, real life, emotionally attached to said fictional characters. A good example is when I had past partners who had a deep emotional bond with Noctis. The moment I wrote the original lore under the FF15 content, my partners began to beg me not to hurt Noctis because they loved him. Now, I understand they were emotionally attached to him, but I also felt like I could not give my best writing abilities because of this sensitivity, even feeling restricted from writing what I loved, due to this emotional attachment.   Some will tell you, as I have been told in the past “If they can’t take what you write, they’re not worth it.” and you’ll even sometimes hear from people “They must be a self-insert cuz they want this character to have a happy ending.” and it’s really the most unpleasant advice to give to people. While some of it does hold truth, the other half is just a really moronic way to tell someone not to RP with those who are sensitive to fiction.   As hard as it is to come to terms with, the fictional is very realistic to these people. To many of us, what we write comes from our own imaginations, pretending. For them, the fiction is very non-fiction and they simply cannot process the character they’re attached to, getting the dark treatment of writing. I have taken precautionary measures in writing a “Dark Themes” warning label on my About Me.   My point is, to overcome this, kindly mention the content you write. Don’t feel like you absolutely need to change your writing style, instead? first, ask if your partner is okay with the choice of content, or in my case; Dark Themes. It’s okay that you don’t click, not everybody will. Just check with your partners and all will work itself out.

RolePlay, Advice, RolePlay Advice


08/03/2020 08:20 PM 

Character Details: Under construction

Birthday: October 31st, 1970Species: DhampirHeight: 5'8Weight: 179 lbsBody type: Slim, lightly tonedHair: Black, varying lengthsEye Color: Errie greenComplexion: PaleNationality: AmericanPersonality: A quiet and polite guy at first glance, but after breaking through his social recursive shell he can be the opposite. Charismatic, witty with a splash of dark humor. Raven is protective of his laid back side, so he usually comes as a shy guy. 


08/03/2020 10:49 PM 


𝑯𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒄𝒂𝒏𝒐𝒏 #1Regan is actually allergic to cats, but still keeps one anyways. All his clothes have cat fur on them, which makes him have a habit of sniffling.


08/03/2020 09:29 PM 

Aydin Pierce

Name:Aydin Matthew PierceAge:Twenty SixHeight:Six feet, and two inches.Weight:Unknown, due to the robes he wears. but judging from his slightly gaunt facial features. it is safe to assume he is at least undernourished.Background/Bio:A master of none. Just a lone young man, a wanderer, with a peculiar map etched into the flesh of his back. Due to his lack of speech, very little is actually known of his origin or his motive for wandering; only that he often disappears from those around him, and appears somewhere else as if he'd stepped out of thin air. Quiet by nature, his words are nearly few and far between until he is comfortable in another's presence. This is partly because of his odious past. A runaway slave, kidnapped as a child along with most of his people, and forced into bondage. While the Vhekian people were regarded as powerful natural mages, they were tattooed and carved with symbols that negate, or nullify these abilities.When Aydin was sixteen, a fellow slave with a photographic memory carefully etched a map of sorts into the backs of several slave children. These were encoded maps out of the Kingdom who enslaved them. An asset for escape via pairs, and though many have tried to take the risk and abscond from the vast country, only a small handful survived without much incident. Aydin escaped with a friend and fellow slave by the name of Landis Mitchell. who passed shortly after their self wrought liberation due to an unknown disease.The Curiosus Mirandus:Aydin is usually seen wearing a large pile of robes, and other tattered clothing. Appearing as if he is sporting every article of apparel he's ever worn in his life. This heavy amalgam of cloth and hide however, has anomalous properties. While inside the robe, the space is expanded into a singular large, circular room containing various bits and bobs of furniture, including a small kitchen area and storage. This anomalous space serves as a mobile home for the young man, a place he can call his own while out in the wilds. However in a more urban environment, Aydin will instead opt to stay in a room at an Inn, because Aydin typically enjoys the company of others, and enjoys hearing stories of people's trials, tribulations, and triumphs. 

Fayre Von Aethelfled

08/03/2020 05:46 PM 


Danger, Will Robinson

08/02/2020 09:40 PM 

Dorothy's equipment

la: ninpo munitions, "steam", blue blade, blades, small pp energyra: ninpo munitions, "steam", blue blade, blades, small pp energyla/ra: big pp energy, spinnerlg: blue blade, ninpo munitionsrg: blue blade, ninpo munitionsgeneric ninja sh*tshort sweet and to the point.


Danger, Will Robinson

08/02/2020 06:09 PM 


Dorothy cursed as she performed healing to staunche the bleeding.  Her arms and legs far from her main body, how she was still alive was largely due to how quick they were severed and the total lack of belief she'd survive the execution as most bled out quickly, but most of them were in a state of sheer panic causing their hearts to pump faster causing it to happen faster.  She feigned fear as she lied there and performed healing on herself as they left her to bleed out.  She took note of every person there including the former client.   Unfortunately for them, the location they chose was the pickup point for her batch of supplies.  She was gathered up and brought back to hq, but her missing limbs were long gone by the time she was gathered.  Waking in a bed, surrounded by familiar peach and apricot walls, Dorothy mentally complained about how realistic and vivid that "dream" was and how even the pain felt real.  In her pain killer daze she attempted to reach for the sheet to toss it off as she had yet to realize she had no feeling beyong her shoulders and pelvis.  She took a couple minutes for it to click.  Oddly, she was not sad nor depressed.  She began immediatly planning how she was going to kill all of the people involved in her execution starting with the client.  She acquired prosthetics the instant she was able to and worked hard to grow accustomed to them for her goals.  She was able to get used to them much faster than average due to how singlemindedly she worked to attain full mobility once again just so she could go and kill those people.   During her rehab she studied the innerworkings of her new prosthetics as well as everything she could about them so, if they should be damaged she could repair them without getting assistance for them unless it was to replace them.It took some pestering, but Dorothy was outfitted with specific alterations to her prosthetics designed to her specifications.  While her spell knowledge was relatively low the spell she used was the absolute limit of her healing knowledge, but her as she says "ninja magic" was quite vast.  A result of the procedure of outfitting her with the prosthetics, occasionally her Sclera would flash an electric blue.   One of the many alterations performed was adding a retractable "rocket punch" function.


08/02/2020 05:45 PM 

sakura haruno layout

about me:</table> </td> </tr> </table> <br /> <table bordercolor="black" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="490" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <tr> <td class="text" valign="" align="left" width="490" bgcolor="0" height="0" style="word-wrap:break-word"><span class="orangetext15"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><table bordercolor="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="490" align="" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="" width="490" bgcolor="black" style="word-wrap:break-word"><center><img src=";></table> </td> </tr> </table> <br /> <table bordercolor="black" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="490" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <tr> <td class="text" valign="" align="left" width="490" bgcolor="0" height="0" style="word-wrap:break-word"><span class="orangetext15"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><table bordercolor="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="490" align="" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="" width="490" bgcolor="black" style="word-wrap:break-word"> <img src="; align="right"> <div style="width:330; height:145;overflow: auto; padding:0px;text-indent:px;"><center><br /><center>Sakura Haruno (春野サクラ, Haruno Sakura) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. She is appointed as a member of Team Kakashi , but quickly finds herself ill-prepared for the duties of a ninja and the complications of her team-mates' lives. By training under her master, Tsunade, she becomes a strong kunoichi and an excellent medical-nin, capable of facing the challenges of life as a ninja, as well as help and protect her friends and loved ones when they need her. During the Fourth Shinobi War, Sakura proves to be an extraordinary kunoichi, healing thousands of shinobi in the battlefield and assisting on the defeat of the likes of Uchiha Madara , Uchiha Obito and Ōtsutsuki Kaguya. After the war, Sakura trained the art of senjutsu on the Shikkotsu Forest, being able to activate Slug Sage Mode , dramatically enhancing her abilities such as physical strength and speed. Years after the war, she becomes the head of medical-nin in Konoha and forms her own family with Uzumaki Naruto.</center></div><br> </table> </td> </tr> </table> <br /> <table bordercolor="black" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="490" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <tr> <td class="text" valign="" align="left" width="490" bgcolor="0" height="0" style="word-wrap:break-word"><span class="orangetext15"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><table bordercolor="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="490" align="" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="" width="490" bgcolor="black" style="word-wrap:break-word">  <img src="; align="left"> <div style="width:330; height:145;overflow: auto; padding:0px;text-indent:px;"><center><br /><center>During her early childhood years in the Academy, Sakura was frequently bullied by others due to her large forehead. To try and combat this, Sakura used her fringe to hide her forehead, fuelling the other children's teasing by indicating she was sensitive about it. Yamanaka Ino, realising this, helped Sakura by giving her a red ribbon that she used as a way of drawing attention to the cuter features of her forehead, which helped Sakura overcome her insecurity. The two became best friends and Sakura grew more confident, developing her own unique personality under Ino's guidance. <br><Br>A while later, Sakura and Ino got closer to Senju Haru at the Academy, when they were put into a group for a school work together. The three quickly became very close friends and were always together. At the time, the three made a promise that they'd always be together, simbolizing the friendship between the trio. They would always go to each others houses to play, train or just eat lunch together.<br><Br>One day about five years ago while searching for Ino to have lunch with, she spotted her, along with Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Chōji stealing bits of food from others. Curious as to what they were doing, she followed them, discovering that they were bringing the food to a mysterious young child named Yota . Later, despite her genuine appreciation for Ino's friendship, Sakura felt that she was living in Ino's shadow and longed to prove herself as Ino's equal. <Br><br>When Sakura found out that Ino also had a crush on Uchiha Sasuke, Sakura ended their friendship so that they could compete for Sasuke's love, not realizing how that would hurt her friend who's always been there for her, thus beginning a bitter rivalry between the two, which also ended later when Sakura apologized to Ino and they reconcealed.<b>Source:</b> <a href=",is%20a%20kunoichi%20of%20Konohagakure.&text=By%20training%20under%20her%20master,ones%20when%20they%20need%20her.">Wiki: Sakura haruno</a><Br></center></div>--------------------- who i'd like to meet -----------------------<style type="text/css">table, td{  background-color:ffffff; border:none; }body  {  background: url();        background-attachment: fixed; background-repeat: no-repeat;}body, div, span, td, p, .lightbluetext8, strong, b, u, .redtext, .redbtext, .btext, .text, .blacktext10, .blacktext12 {font-family:Times New Roman;font-size:11px;color: 000000;font-weight:normal;} { Table Properties } table table { border: 0px } table table table table{border:0px} table table table { } a.navbar:link, a.navbar:active, a.navbar:visited, a.navbar:hover,,,,, a, a:link, a:active, a:visited, a:hover, a.navbar:link, a.navbar:active, a.navbar:visited, a.navbar:hover, a.text:link, a.text:active, a.text:visited, a.text:hover, a.searchlinksmall:link, a.searchlinksmall:active, a.searchlinksmall:visited, a.searchlinksmall:hover, a.redlink:link, a.redlink:active, a.redlink:visited, a.redlink:hover {color:fed4df;font-weight:normal;text-transform: none;text-decoration:none;font-family: times new roman;font-size: 11px;}a.navbar:hover,, a:hover {color:d47d94;font-weight:normal;text-transform: none;text-decoration:none;font-family: times new roman;font-size: 11px;}</style> <style>.xpdonnax { S c r o l l b a r }::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background-color:#ffffff; border-right:1px solid #d47d94!important; 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position:relative;} table table {top:0px; position:relative;}</style> <style type="text/css">.navigationBar {display: none;}.profileInfo {display: none;}.nametext {display: none;}.contactTable {display: none;}.latestBlogEntry {display: none;}.friendSpace {display: none;}.extendedNetwork {display: none;}.interestsAndDetails {display: none;}.friendsComments {display: none;}.orangetext15 {display: none;}.userprofiledetail {display: none;}.userProfileURL{display:none;}.blurbs {display:none;}</style> <style>.profileInfo td td a img {visibility:visible;}table, td {background-color:transparent;border:none;border-width:0;}table table table table td {width:0px;}table, tr, td { background-color: transparent; border: 0px; }</style>  <style>.{Align Properties}br{line-height:3px!important;}td.text table position:relative;top:-00px;}td.text table table{position:static;</style><style>td.text table {position:relative; top: -15px;}td.text table table {position:static;}</style> <style>.lightbluetext8 {display:none;}table table table table td {width:0px;}.contactTable td, table table td.text table td,table table table table table td {width:auto;}</style> <style type="text/css">.userAlbums { display:none; }</style> <style>a.first, a.first:link, a.first:active, a.first:visited {font-family:consolas;font-size:9px;line-height:12px;display:inline-block;height:12px;width:85px;font-weight:normal;letter-spacing:0px;color:#ffffff;text-decoration:none;text-transform:uppercase;letter-spacing:2px;text-align:center;padding:1px 1px 1px 5px;margin:2px 15px 20px 15px;overflow:hidden;  border-radius:none;-webkit-transition: all 0.6s linear;-moz-transition: all 0.6s linear;transition: all 0.6s linear;} a.first:hover {color:#000000;background-color:#9c6272;}</style>----------------------------  interests ----------------------</table> </td> </tr> </table> <br /> <table bordercolor="black" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <tr> <td class="text" valign="" align="left" width="300" bgcolor="0" height="0" style="word-wrap:break-word"><span class="orangetext15"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><table bordercolor="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="" width="300" bgcolor="black" style="word-wrap:break-word"> <img src=";> </table> </td> </tr> </table> <br /> <table bordercolor="black" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <tr> <td class="text" valign="" align="left" width="300" bgcolor="0" height="0" style="word-wrap:break-word"><span class="orangetext15"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><table bordercolor="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="" width="300" bgcolor="black" style="word-wrap:break-word"><center><a href="/home.php" class="second">home</a><br><a href="" class="second">message</a><br><a href="" class="second">comment</a><br><a href="" class="second">photos</a><br></center></div><br><br></center> </table> </td> </tr> </table> <br /><table bordercolor="black" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <tr> <td class="text" valign="" align="left" width="300" bgcolor="0" height="0" style="word-wrap:break-word"><span class="orangetext15"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><table bordercolor="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="" width="300" bgcolor="black" style="word-wrap:break-word"><h1>Basic Information;</h1><div style="width:300px; height:150px;overflow: auto; padding:0px;text-indent:px;"><center><br /><b>Full Name:</b> Haruno, Sakura.<br><b>Date of Birth:</b> March 28.<br><b>Gender:</b> Female.<br><b>Age:</b> 17.<br><b>Current Residence:</b> Konoha.<br><b>Ethnicity:</b> Japanese.<br><b>Sexual Orientation:</b> Heterosexual.<Br><b>Relationship Status:</b> Single.<Br><b>Significant Other:</b> Unknown.<Br><b>First Date:</b> --//--//--<br><b>First Kiss:</b> --//--//--<br><b>Got Engaged:</b> --//--//--<Br><B>Wedding Date:</b> --//--//--<br><b>Comments:</b> I will love you to the moon and back.<Br><b>Our Song:</b> Blank Space - Taylor Swift.<Br><b>Lyrics:</b> "Because darlin' I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."<br><b>Species:</b> Human.<br><b>Alignment:</b> Good.<Br><b>Clan:</b> Haruno.<br><b>Stereotype:</b> Prep.<br><b>Height:</b> 5'3''<br><b>Weight:</b>150 lbs.<br></table> </td> </tr> </table> <br /> <table bordercolor="black" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <tr> <td class="text" valign="" align="left" width="300" bgcolor="0" height="0" style="word-wrap:break-word"><span class="orangetext15"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><table bordercolor="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="" width="300" bgcolor="black" style="word-wrap:break-word"> <img src=";> </table> </td> </tr> </table> <br /> <table bordercolor="black" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <tr> <td class="text" valign="" align="left" width="300" bgcolor="0" height="0" style="word-wrap:break-word"><span class="orangetext15"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><table bordercolor="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="" width="300" bgcolor="black" style="word-wrap:break-word"><br><br><h1> Enamored ♥</h1><b>Status:</b> Write something here.<br><b>Soulmate:</b> Write something here.<br><b>Since:</b> --/--/----<br><b>Engaged:</b> --/--/----<br><b>Married:</b> --/--/----<br><b>Our Song:</b>Write something here.<br><b>Lyrics:</b><i><small>Write something here.</i></small><br><b>Comments:</b> Write something here.</div> <br><br>  </table> </td> </tr> </table> <br /> <table bordercolor="black" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <tr> <td class="text" valign="" align="left" width="300" bgcolor="0" height="0" style="word-wrap:break-word"><span class="orangetext15"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><table bordercolor="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="" bgcolor="black" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="" width="300" bgcolor="black" style="word-wrap:break-word">  <h1>Layout Information;</h1><br><br><center><b>Layout Template:</b> <a href="; class="second">Stardustlayouts</a></center></div><br><Br> 


08/01/2020 04:09 PM 

Blood Tastes Like Honey

The moon that night sat high on her perch, her chariot of clouds carrying her full, round form across the navy sky. Tonight, she had slipped free of her cold silver robe and donned the jacket of a blue jay. Bathed in its light below was a field of purple wildflowers. A place where the fireflies loved to gather. Through the hundreds of pale yellow lights flashing and dancing like embers scattered on the wind, a young girl and the men pursuing her ran.The girl is barely a woman. She’s no older than sixteen. Her hair is short and dark brown, uninspiring. The dress she wears, weathered by age and the elements, is secondhand. The wrappings covering her feet and thin and made of animal hide. They too bear the signs of much use. Unable to endure the pounding of the girl’s flight, the stitching in the sides are splitting open second by second. It is unlikely she could be anything more than a peasant. It would not be surprising at all to mistake her for a vagrant youth. There is nothing of value about her, save her youth. For slavers or marauding thugs, youth is valuable, but the men chasing her are not thugs or slavers. That much can be seen at a glance. Three silver soldiers. The one at the front with the biggest muscles wields a spear. The smallest one at the back, a sword. The tall one in the center brings a mace.Their target is not the girl, but the item she carries. In her right hand is a sword with a golden hilt. It’s naked blade shone and gleamed like fire. To anyone who sets eyes upon it, it is clear the sword is far superior to the soldier’s weapons. It is an anti-freak weapon, built sharper and sturdier to bring swift death to demons and monsters. In trained hands, it can even cut through stone like water. In her left hand, the girl clutches the sword’s scabbard. Adorned with delicate, exquisite patterns of gold and black, it is a unique work of art. Neither the sword nor its scabbard are things to be found in the hands of peasant youth. But a thief? A scavenger of battlefields? Perhaps.Her muscles burn. Her lungs and heart are in overdrive, delivering oxygen to her legs. But the girl is not built for the long haul. Her legs and arms are as thin as reeds. Desperation brought her this far, and no further. At the same time her left shoe tears apart, the exhausted girl collapses. The largest silver knight advances, his spear raised high aims as the girl’s heart. She braces herself. … But her execution doesn’t come. The knight freezes with his arm still up. His expressionless helmet is looking not at her, but past her. The others behind him have frozen as well, looking in the same direction. She turns her head—“Could you please take your mating somewhere else? You are ruining my evening.” Standing mere feet away, an ivory-skinned princess. Her hair, touched by moonlight, is smooth platinum. A silk dress is all she wears. Through it peeked bountiful curves of naked perfection and limbs whiter than the snow. Draped around her shoulders is a purple mantle, made of some rich material lined with jade stones.The soldiers and the girl stared, spellbound at the pale-skinned beauty. Her visage and sudden appearance, the way she stood in the moonbeams, she seemed an illusion. A dream. A nightmare. The illusion is that of a pretty, young lady. The nightmare is that of a monster. No, it is even worse than that. An immortal creature that sustains itself by drinking human blood: a Vampire. Affixing them with an annoyed look are eyes the shade of blood-crimson like spurting blood. Her body tempts even those with the strongest spirit, inviting all to drown in an abyss of sin.“Go slaughter yourselves elsewhere.” The vampire waved her arm. None missed the delicate points of fangs behind her thin lips. She flickered and the girl thought she might disappear. “Wait!” Whatever hold held the girl silent until then broke. She crawled away from the statues towards the woman. “Save me! They’re going to kill—”The vampire turned its gaze upon her. That was all it did and terror so ineffable stopped the girl dead in her tracks. Her arms and legs trembled feebly. Pitiful sounds escaped her throat. The vampire approached. She feared the worst. Tortured and drained of her blood. Bitten, taken to a keep to be feasted on by her clan until the end of her days, tortured all the while. An unseen pressure squeezed her heart and for a split second, she believed it was the vampire’s hand. It was adoration. From afar, she is beautiful in the same way a mountain is from the valley. Something to be marveled at in awe. From up close, that word is an insult worthy of death. Cold, overwhelming, it’s hard to breathe and inhospitable to life. The vampire stops in front of her. The girl dares not look up and keeps her sight trained on the vampire’s bare feet. Something tugs at her hand. It’s her sword being pulled free. Her eyes fearfully look up to see the ivory woman appraising the weapon. “A marvelous piece of equipment. This sword has cleaved the heads of numerous vampires. You,” she kneels in front of the girl, lifting her gently by the chin onto her knees. The young girl blushes scarlet forced to meet eye to eye. “Where did you get this weapon?” the vampire demands.The girl is happy to answer. “The sword is Dendrick’s. My brother’s!” she says with a drunk smile.“Liar!” shouts the man farthest away. His gaze is fixed on the wide back of his silver brother, avoiding the paralyzing stare. “She’s a thief who pilfers from the dead. A grave robber! Corpse defiler. And she deserves death.”“Fool!” The vampire hisses and draws to her feet. Annoyance has turned into ire and her patience, like their time left on earth, is running out. “The girl speaks the truth. She can not lie to me. And,” she adds. “I am the one who determines who is worthy of death and who is not here.”“… Not anymore you’re not.” The man speaks in a low growl and steps from behind the shadow of his brothers. Instantly his joints lock and his muscles seize from the vampire’s gaze. He grips his sword tight, however, and advances. His will is firm. And his hatred for vampires is stronger than his fear. His bravery—or what is interpreted as bravery—inspires his comrades to overpower their fear. They’d moved back when the vampire advanced, now they advance once again, shambling, clanging soldiers of metal with arms raised.“Girl, you wanted me to save you?” It takes a moment for the girl to realize she’s the one being addressed. “My assistance comes at a steep price. If I am to waste my time and energy, sacrificing my garden to the blood of these fools, I require payment.” A red tongue wets her lips. “Pay it or accept your fate.”… There is only one thing of value to a vampire. There is only one thing of value the girl has to offer. —My body. My...blood. She comes to that understanding quickly. The thought of being savored and sampled by a vampire as though she were an expensive wine sickens her. Yet, she is resolved enough to ask a vampire for help. Hell, she was resolved to die in attempting to steal that weapon right under the soldier’s nose. To keep it, she’ll pay the price to stay alive. There’s nothing left to go back to, her brother is dead and so is the rest of her family. So be it. She nods in agreement.The vampire’s feet vanish. Displaced wind and dust cause the girl to turn her head and close her eyes. When she opens them, only a second later, what she sees makes her blood run cold. Three men, three bodies, spray geysers of blood into the air. Their heads, eyes, brain, and skull are turned into fine red mist and blown away in the wind. The next second, the bodies collapse, staining the purple field red from their neck stumps.Revulsion. Horror. Terror. Did humans have so much blood? “Moving that fast always makes my ears ring.” The monster in white is at her side even before the men collapse. The sword in hand is stained red, but her clothes and skin are untouched by the red rain. She slaughtered them. With nary a scream or groan, three people die, without even knowing it. The girl can only stare, wide-eyed, at the massacre then at the vampire when a soft, ice-cold hand, turns her cheek. “Not here,” whispers the vampire.Nearby, there is a white blanket stretching a rectangle over a patch of low grass. The girl is made to lay on it. The vampire stabs the bloody sword into the earth like a grave marker then strips her dress off and lays it, neatly folded, next to the blanket. Her slender, nude body absorbs the moon’s blue rays and reflects a pale light. For a moment, she stands over the girl as if to bask in her glow. There’s not an ounce of shame in her. There is, however, practicality in spades. She doesn’t want to get her dress dirty. She straddles the supine human.“What’s your name?” the vampire asks, staring into the girl’s unblinking gaze. Feeding is an intimate experience for vampires. Yet the Kiss of Blood is so rarely a thing willingly offered or given. The least she could do is ask for the girl’s name.“… Tomei” the girl answers. Her consciousness is being suppressed. When she wakes up, if she wakes up, she will not remember any of this. “Tomei…” The vampire whispers the name of the girl. The girl’s heartbeat rings in her ears tempting an unquenchable thirst. She brings her face closer to Tomei’s neck and extends her tongue. She can sense where the blood vessels and arteries are. “Have you known a man before?” she breathes into the girl’s ear. The answer is a truthful “No.” She’s inexperienced with men and vampires. It was right to put her under hypnosis. The Kiss of Blood has shattered the souls of kings and defiled children until they broke. The bite of a Pureblood is even worse. If she’s not careful, the same fate awaits this human, the first she’ll ever give her Kiss to.“My name is Goëtia.” Tomei will never remember her name. Nor the pain of her delicate neck being pierced by Goëtia’s fangs. Nor of the immeasurable pleasure of having her lifeblood partaken. The vampire moves in shadow, always under the cloak of night.In the dead of night, blood tastes like honey. 


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Willkommen! I am "Goëtia." Thank you for taking a look at my character and accepting my friend request or sending one! If you so choose. As some of you may know, it's based heavily on the Vampire Hunted D universe. If you have no idea what that is, that's okay. The Overview on the main page tells all you need to know. I welcome questions. I may not have all the answers or explain things perfectly, but I will try. For you. This profile will be public, so you know what you're getting yourself into. If you're not comfortable setting our prospective story in her world, we can do yours, or work out something more personable, unique to our story. I won't ask your character to change, but I will ask that I be able to keep mine. I worked hard and intend to work harder on her, after all. About "Goëtia" Goëtia is a very story-driven character. What do you do, waking in a world that doesn't belong to you? Friends hunted down by hunters, family as well. Strangers are either terrified of you or hate you for what you are and want you dead. I wish to answer these questions. Through our stories. Short side-stories, or longer ones. I don't mind. That said, I have no idea what to make of a story with your character. Will your character bring her with them on a journey? Fall in love and end it content to live out the remains of her (very long) life in secrecy and solitude, never indulging again? Will she give in to her blood lust, grow arrogant, and take slaves and end up on the wrong side of a Hunter? Will they meet and passways one lovely night without affecting either of them in any significant way? Perhaps one of them dies? Is she still dreaming, asleep in her pod? Are you? I'm a blank piece of paper. Let's brainstorm. Tell me more about your character and I'm sure we can come up with something together. I've written a sample. Please have a look at it. If you favor multi-para replies, come chat me up. Ah, but I don't demand it! "The last man on Earth sat in a room. There was a knock on the door." So much you can say, in two sentences, right? If you've got that kind of confidence, go for it, if not… work with me here. I want to be a better writer. I might clean this up at a later date. Not sure I'll tell any of you if it happens. I hope we can get along.

Killer Eyes(Bi)

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Yuusuke Yamato
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Full name: Yuusuke Yamato   Gender: Male   Species: human   Age: 22   Birthday: December 13th 1998   Sexuality: anyone   Currently lives: Tokyo Japan   Languages spoken: English, Japanese    Relationship Status: single   PHYSICAL APPEARANCE   Height: 6'1"   Weight: 185lbs   Figure/build: well toned   Hair colour: white   Hairstyle: short spiky   Eye colour: narrow red eyes   Skin/fur/etc colour: light peach smooth complexion    Preferred style of clothing: black leather jacket over a white under shirt, black jeans with rips in one of the knees and white sneakers   Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: a crystal pendant around neck   PERSONALITY   Personality: cold, evil, dominating, sexual, charming   Likes: toying with targets, playing games, 18+ activities    Dislikes:    Favourite colour: red   Hobbies: going for walks at night, gun shooting,    Taste in music: anything   EATING HABITS   Favourite drink(s): alcohol, soda, water   HOUSE AND HOME   Describe the character's house/home: usually stays in a nice hotel but doesn't stay long   COMBAT   Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Peaceful and aggressive    Special skills/magical powers/etc: dirty fighting   Weapon of choice (if any) pistol, knife, fists   Weaknesses in combat: if the opponent is flirting with him, he'll get distracted    FAMILY, FRIENDS AND FOES   Parents names:     Is the character still in contact with their parents?    Siblings? Relationship with siblings?

Shido Itsuka

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Other skills

Sandalphon Angel: Sandalphon (鏖殺公サンダルフォン, Ōsatsukō?. lit. "Massacre Ruler") Weapon: Broadsword Original owner: Tohka Yatogami Shido first summoned <Sandalphon> when he was cursing his uselessness after Ellen defeated Tohka. He would intentionally summon it for the first time while trying to stop DEM's falling satellites. <Sandalphon> is a big broadsword with both close and long-range capabilities if used well by the wielder. In Shido's case, he cannot bring himself to use the sword at its maximum potential due to the pain it caused to his body. Unlike Tohka, who can utilize the sword as many times as she pleases, Shido can barely swing it a few times before his body breaks down. Final Sword: Halvanhelev (最後の剣ハルヴァンヘレヴ, Saigo no Ken (Haruvanherevu)?. lit. "Sword of the End") Shido uses the real form of <Sandalphon> against Westcott during the war between Ratatoskr and DEM. It is determined by Shido and Westcott through <Beelzebub> to be the strongest attack in his arsenal at the time. Camael Angel: Camael (灼爛殲鬼カマエル, Shakuran Senki?. lit. "Bright Burning Annihilating Demon") Weapon: Halberd Original owner: Kotori Itsuka Shido has not wielded this Angel, but he has used its healing ability. In Kotori's hands, the Angel takes the form of a halberd which slashes with tremendous force. One of its "sub-skills" is healing, which can be used by both Shido and Kotori. In Shido's case, it is an automatic "tool" that activates whenever Shido receives a fatal wound. This ability is also useful for Shido because it heals his drained body from the usage of <Sandalphon>. However, the pain and fatigue from using other powers are still felt. The ability will not activate for minor injuries within the scope of natural healing. There is also a limit to how much the flames can heal if Shido's body had already been injured. Before Kurumi re-winded time to save him, Ellen was able to successfully kill Shido by decapitating him after the flames were already preoccupied with a fatal chest wound. Zadkiel Angel: Zadkiel (氷結傀儡ザドキエル, Hyōketsu Kugutsu?. lit. "Freezing Puppet") Weapon: Puppet Original owner: Yoshino Shido utilizes the power of <Zadkiel> by causing ice to manifest. Shido first activated the powers of this Angel by creating a wall of ice to protect Miku from an attack made by Tohka in her Inverse state. During the battle against the monsters coming from Nia's <Beelzebub>, Shido consciously uses <Zadkiel> to freeze the monsters' legs to the ground. During the time when his powers went out of control, he was able to cause snowfall willingly and create beautiful candles and flowers made out of ice. Haniel Angel: Haniel (贋造魔女ハニエル, Ganzō Majo?. lit. "Forgery Witch") Weapon: Broom Original owner: Natsumi Shido uses <Haniel>'s powers to transform both himself and his surroundings. When he traveled back to the past, he accidentally turned into his younger self to fool his neighbor. During the period when his powers went out of control, Shido shows a great flexibility when using <Haniel>'s powers. When the sealed Spirits cornered him, he summoned the mirror to transform everyone around him (including himself) into Shiori to make a way for his escape. Later, during his dates, he used the power to dress himself up in a swimsuit and tuxedo. Kaleidoscope (千変万化鏡カリドスクーぺ, Senpen Banka-kyō?. lit. "Ever-changing Mirror"): During the conflict against Mukuro, Shido was able to manifest the broom and use the <Kaleidoscope> ability to create a copy of <Michael> at will, Mukuro's angel. With said duplicate, he battled against her and copied <Michael>'s unlock ability to open the seal on Mukuro's heart. Mukuro later sealed <Haniel>'s ability to transform into <Michael>. However, Shido is still able use <Haniel> for other purposes like creating the illusion of an uninjured body when he was later was accidentally struck by Mukuro's attack. Raphael Angel: Raphael (颶風騎士ラファエル, Gufū Kishi?. lit. "Hurricane Knight") Weapon: Combined Bow and Arrow Kaguya: Lance Yuzuru: Pendulum Original owner: Yamai <Raphael> grants Shido the power to control the wind. This wind is very powerful and has been used to blast away the enemies that were either standing in his way or ambushing him. When he lost control of his powers, Shido was able to use <Raphael> to manipulate the air currents, so that he could glide through the sky. During the fight to save Nia, he consciously uses <Raphael> to blow away the monsters that were blocking his way. After successfully unlocking Mukuro's heart, Shido used <Raphael> in conjunction with <Zadkiel> to soften the impact of atmospheric reentry for both him and Mukuro. When fighting agaisnt Westcott and <Nibelcol>, Shido heavily uses <Raphael> to control the winds and fly to avoid the countless clones attacking him. Gabriel Angel: Gabriel (破軍歌姫ガブリエル, Hagun Utahime?. lit. "Army-Breaking Songstress") Weapon: Organ Original owner: Miku Izayoi During the time when he lost control of his powers, Shido was able to use <Gabriel> to brainwash a crowd of people into serving as a distraction for him. As he was using multiple Angels at once, he uses Miku's <Requiem> as a pain reliever song for both himself and Nia. ​March (行進曲マーチ, Kōshinkyoku?. lit. "March"): Later on, <March> becomes his regular enhancement technique used to increase his physical abilities beyond that which is capable for a normal human being. Requiem (鎮魂歌レクイエム, Chinkonka?. lit. "Requiem"): A pain killer song that allows Shido to ignore the pain caused from wielding the angels. Metatron Angel: Metatron (絶滅天使メタトロン, Zetsumetsu Tenshi?. lit. "Angel of Extinction") Weapon: Crown Original owner: Origami Tobiichi Shido first used this Angel once just to dodge an incoming attack from Ellen. It is the same transporting skill Origami uses when she is about to get hit, dodging by transforming into light and teleporting somewhere else. However, the ability has a limited range. During the war between Ratatoskr and DEM, Shido is seen using <Metatron> on different occasions. Mal'akh (天翼マルアク, Ten'yoku?. lit. "Heavenly Wings"): By taking on a wing-like formation and folding the pillars behind her back, Origami is able to fly and achieve great speeds. Shido uses <Mal'akh> in conjunction with <Raphaels healing and <Zadkiel time manipulation during battle with Westcott and <Nibelcol>. Michael Angel: Michael (封解主ミカエル, Fūkaishū ?. lit. "Seal-Removing Lord") Weapon: Key Original owner: Mukuro Hoshimiya Even before sealing Mukuro, Shido had access to <Michael> by copying the Angel's power through <Haniel>. Although he momentarily lost this ability when Mukuro sealed it away with her own <Michael>, Shido regained the ability to use the Angel shortly after sealing Mukuro. He later utilizes the Angel in an attempt to unlock his past memories of Mio. He was not confident in accurately warping with its wormholes during Ratatoskr's war with DEM, due to its relatively recent sealing. Rātaibu (開ラータイブ, Kai?. lit. "Unlock"): Allows Shido to unlock objects and concepts previously sealed with <Michael>. Shido first used this technique with a copy of <Michael> produced by <Haniel> in order to open the seal placed on Mukuro's heart.   Tefetē (小鍵テフェテー, Kogagi?. lit. "Small Key"): Shrinks <Michael> down to a miniature version small enough to be held at the palm of his hand. Shido uses this form of <Michael> in order to more easily point the angel at his own head when attempting to unlock his past memories. Segva (閉セグヴァ, Hei?. lit. "Lock"): Seals away the target pointed at by the key. Shido first used it in order to lock Westcott's ability to use <Beelzebub> after he was defeated. Zafkiel Angel: Zafkiel (刻々帝ザフキエル, Kokkokutei?. lit. "Time Emperor") Weapon: Clock, Flintlock Pistol, Musket Original owner: Kurumi Tokisaki Before her actual sealing, Kurumi had unintentionally given Shido her Sixth Bullet: Vav after giving him a thank you kiss for saving her from Kotori. While using <Zafkiel>, Shido's left eye takes on Kurumi's distinctive golden-clock pattern. Sixth Bullet Vav (六の弾ヴァヴ, Vavu?): Sends the consciousness of its target into the body of a past version of themselves. However, unlike the Twelfth Bullet, the user is only able to travel back to a few days at maximum regardless of how much time is used. Shido later uses the bullet to escape from Mio and return back to the day before Ratatoskr and DEM's final battle. Tenth Bullet Yud (十の弾ユッド, Yuddo?): Allows Shido to observe the past of whatever person or object the bullet pierces. Shido is instructed by Kurumi to use it on himself to regain his altered memory of Tohka (actually Tenka) taking Mio's Sephira Crystal.  Rasiel Angel: Rasiel (囁告篇帙ラジエル, Kokushō Henchitsu?. lit. "Tome of Revelation") Weapon: Book Original owner: Nia Honjou & Kurumi Tokisaki Due to Westcott stealing the vast majority of Nia's Sephira Crystal beforehand, Shido lacked the ability to use Rasiel even after sealing Nia. However, he later gains the power of this Angel properly after Kurumi steals back Nia's Sephira and allows Shido to seal her. Indirectly, Shido channeled upon Raisel's power along with the other nine Angels in order to land a devastating punch onto Westcott, who had since become the Second Spirit of Origin. While in Tenka's world, Shido had the option of using Rasiel to regain his true memories of what transpired after Mio died. However, Kurumi advised him to use Zafkiel to perform this function instead. As a result, Rasiel to this day remains the only Angel in his arsenal that Shido has not directly made use of its power yet. Mio's Angels Angel: Ain Soph Aur (万象聖堂アイン・ソフ・オウル, Banshō Seidō?. lit. "Sanctuary of All Things In Creation") Weapon: Flower Original owner: Mio Takamiya A flower containing a silhouette of Mayuri at the center of the petals. Following the command to bloom, the flower constantly emits particles of light that instantly kills everyone that comes in contact with it, except for those protected by an Astral Dress or a strong enough <Territory>. This Angel was first used to help Tohka against her fight with the huge Mio copy produced as the immune system from Mio's Sephira Crystal. The pollen from the flower was used to disable the huge Mio's arms. Angel: Ain Soph (輪廻楽園アイン・ソフ, Rinne Rakuen?. lit. "Samsara of Paradise"): Weapon: Tree Original owner: Mio Takamiya A huge tower decorated with flowers and branches that pierces the sky and reshapes the surrounding landscape, giving it a monochrome, chessboard-like appearance. Within this area of effect, Shido can freely manipulate the laws of reality. He used the roots to restrain the huge Mio copy. Angel: Ain (アイン) Weapon: Seed Original owner: Mio Takamiya An Angel of the void without a physical form. It instantly illuminates the entire world with light before erasing whomever or whatever Shido desires from reality. This was first used to erase the huge Mio copy, leaving behind only its core intact. Original Techniques During this time, he was able to create his own original attack, “Roaring Flash Blast Wave!”, a technique named by himself back in his middle school years. The blast released from his hands was enough to completely destroy the Bandersnatch units sent to attack him. This technique is comparable to the energy beams released from Tohka’s <Sandalphon> and Origami’s <Metatron>. After sealing all ten Angels, he was able to channel their power into his fist to throw a shock wave inducing punch that defeated Westcott, who had become the Second Spirit of Origin.


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Canon Characters!

I'm trying to keep it up to date as I can, but here is a link to the pictures of canon characters that I play from different fandoms. Feel free to take your pick!

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Devil's Advocate

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Reply to Sweet Fangs

Damien Thorn. Son of Satan. Anti-Christ. Reluctant high schooler. When his father had told Damien that he was attending school in South Park, Damien had not thought it would be for this long. He had popped back up in South Park during 6th grade and here he was: first day in High School. Just what was his father up to back in Hell? Was he so far gone in ‘love’ that he wasn’t going to fulfill what he created Damien for? Should he just do something himself? Those were the questions that always seemed to plague Damien’s mind. He was growing tired of the mortals that he had been forced with. But no matter how much he argued and fought with his dad: he never budged. ‘Father?’ the tentative question was put out there, but he never got a response back. Damien huffed, gaze hard on the mirror before him. He was a thin boy, with short black hair and red eyes that would show the fires of hell inside of them. They were hidden behind sunglasses to keep others from seeing the inhuman feature. Right now, his sunglasses were on the sink as he stared at himself. He had been there when the new student was introduced. Funny how he never got that introduction: even on his return trip to South Park. Not that he was really complaining. He hated attention even though he got plenty of it from the blasted females of this world.He straightened up, realizing that he should get ready to go to class. His backpack was hanging loosely from his shoulder as he picked up his sunglasses and shoved them on. Time to pretend as if he was a regular high schooler instead of the Anti-Christ that was made to destroy the world. He walked out of the bathroom and headed to class. He was used to the giggles and the not-so-quiet whispers of the females that he passed by. Why they liked him he did not really know. He had heard them once say something about him being a ‘bad boy’. Oh, if they only knew how tame that was to explain him. If they only knew that all he wanted to do was string them up and see how pretty their insides were compared to the outside. Ah speaking of dissecting. He could hear the words of the boys around him. They were extremely excited on what could be coming up in anatomy. Damien already knew what the insides of certain humans and creatures looked like. The hellhounds that he sometimes brought up to cause havoc were keen on it. He hadn’t seen a full intact one though. But that was humans. This was a damn frog. How exciting can this sh*t be?


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