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12/01/2021 07:29 PM 

Have fun!

Text me when you can I'll be leaving for 1 week quackity will take over Bye


12/01/2021 07:29 PM 

Have fun!

Text me when you can I'll be leaving for 1 week quackity will take over Bye


12/01/2021 07:03 PM 


my mind is filled with blood,the way my veins are supposed to be.but when i cut lines into my skinto see what i was made ofthe only thing i had found wascontamination.i can’t clean the contamination off it justkeeps growing and buildingand seeping down into my bonesmaybe the contaminationhas gotten to my brainand that’s the reason i seeviolence everywhere i look.i can’t remember anymore,if i was scared of the strangeror of myselfbut i’m certain someone will dieby one of our handsor that they already havemaybe i forgoti think i’m very good at forgetting.he told me once that he was surei would remembersomething as morbid as that.i know they’re not supposed toreassure mebut i needed to knowthat someone still believesi’m not capable of all the thingsmy mind knows i amthe blood keeps filling upthe space behind my eyesbut there doesn’t seem to bea plug i can pull, to drain it out,like ***** bath water all used up.maybe if there was,i could grow flowers instead ofscarsblood meal for a blood redpoppyflower


12/01/2021 06:48 PM 


i didn’t want theirendless whitewith theircold rooms,and cold coats,and cold pen-tipsi didn't want theirsunken IV bags thatresembledJesus Christ, orMother Theresai didn’t want thepale noisehammering aboutinside my head...i didn’t want it’s sterilesadnesshumming a lobotomy


12/01/2021 04:40 PM 

Drifting Through Reality

Floating between the linesOf reality and dreamsWide awake, or so they sayDrifting in the endless spaceYet not moving even an inchSeated in a mumbling roomOf students and clacking that really so?Can I interpret the signsOr the internalized screams?Is it even today?I can barely retraceMy thoughtless steps and flinchWhen they shout through the gloomHave to figure out the mental diseaseAnd force it to simply let me goFind me hiding outIn between the linesDon't scream, don't shoutIt'll just keep echoingAs my brain definesWhatever is left at allLost in a fogPossibly fallen awayFrom all that is knownPatterns confuse, if even seenAwaken unsure, deeply in grogUnable to quite exactly sayWhat, inside, has surely beenFor in the vast, I am alone. 


12/01/2021 04:39 PM 

Behind White Walls

Days drag on and onAs they suffer within the blank wallsGiven “care” and “aid”Only to be harmedNo authority quite alarmedAny sanity that was, since goneStaggering those hallsThe iron fists they forcefully obeyed


12/01/2021 04:38 PM 


i am sinkingfurther into the darkened depths that is my mindmy heart,my lungs,my mind,collapsei try shake this illness thatholds my existence captive,a prisoner in my own mindi long for the days where my breaths were sighsof relief,of happinessi ache for the moments wherelife was not a gloomy mess.where the sun seeped in through the windowand everything felt okaywill i ever feel whole again?will i ever rid of this disease? 


12/01/2021 11:06 PM 

Black Bird

Painting is for picturestoo hard to understandso let me paint you a pictureof a girlwho has a little too much to understand..her heart was a two ton brick in her fistthat kept her pinnedto the exact spot on the groundhe wanted her to be inwhen she's 12and those 27 minutes felt like eternity,clinging to her sanitylike the last molecule of burned up air in a gas chambershe slept on cindered featherssucking on the bones of her rotting bodyholding back panicked breathslike other kids hold stuffed animalssinister smiling eyesvenom spitsplashed across her limbs"You're so pretty.."you're so pretty.seeds of fear plantedin a daughter,whose father,didn't know,she couldn't go any fartherthe limbs of her body bare branchedcreaking away from his whispered breathsleaves burned up with the heat of guilthidden in the smoke are her pleading eyesher roots ripped up and flung awaywith the drop of his pantsgritting teeth sewn shutwith the bone needles of a broken birdbrittle body vibratingagainst the pine tree thatlooked "so pretty,"two hours agotwo bodiestwo lungspressed against the cagethat kept her soul containedred and blue flashestranslate to blacknessand 6 years laterher sheets are still soakedtrembling with the sound of her own frozen voicecrackingshatteringmelting into puddles she tried to pick upwith dirty handsand a dirty heartdripping into the exact consistencyof the mud he left her infingernails full of his fingerprintsand the dew on the grasscame from her eyesand the sheen off her bodyclothing buriedand burnedsmoking up to follow the birdthat unwillingly flew awayblacked painting hung upon the pale bone framethose 18 years and no one taught him a shred of decencyyou'd think it should be inked into his humanitybut no.she sings into the ashescalling it backlungs rawthroat blackshe can't see his faceshe can't know his nameshe can't say thatshe carved herself up like an animalcreating a scarred pictureeveryone's seen beforebut few have knowncan't say that she breathes a stormthen pounds her bodyuntil her tears turn redand everything goes numb againand she can finally believe for a secondyour hands aren't his handsIf I knew her what could I say?that there's something beautiful about skinned kneesand the fault lines in her eyesand the way she scrubs her blood from the floorand the fact that I can't stay quiet anymorethe flames my guilt fansgrow brighter when I thinkthat because I didn't speakhe could have gone on to ruinanother perfect thinga perfect thing who's picturelooks a whole lot like mine. 


12/01/2021 11:05 PM 

Her Smile (Pantoum)

Her smile was visible to all,Showing a dark secretFrom an inescapable memoryBecause of the lie she kept telling herself.Showing a dark secret,The light was dimmingBecause of the lie she kept telling herself.She tried to push the pain aside.The light was dimmingFrom an inescapable memoryShe tried to push the pain aside.Her smile was visible to all. 


12/01/2021 10:51 PM 


I remember the dark dirty floor of the gym room down the dark hall corridor, door on the right.The hand covering my mouth whispering be quiet, we don't want to get caught, confused me.Silence as every piece of clothing I had onwas getting taken off in what I believed was just a game adults play.I thought that this was ok, I was listening to an adult like I had been told to do.The pain was something I'd never felt before, this pain would never go away or never heal.My body remembers the game and sometimes it still hurts and aches day after day.To this day there isn't a moment that goes by that Idon't think about that day in that room that started it all.The pain and suffering still lurks in my head much like a headache refusing to be gone.It isn't forgotten and it never will be, I have to live with myself knowing I was always damaged goods.No one should feel that way.No one should cause that pain.For that pain lasts a lifetime. 


12/01/2021 10:48 PM 

Invisible scars

Mental and emotional wounds are invisible, but a wound is still felt by those they inflictJust like a tiny cut, you still feel the pain even if you can't see itJust like the cancer beneath your flesh and in your brain, it still eats away at youThese are wounds that don't heal or go away if you apply pressure or put a bandaid overThere is no stitch that can put your broken heart and wounded mind back togetherYou walk with this painFeel it in every step and passing lookThe goosebumps on your armsThe trembling of your handsThe darkness behind your eyesThe apathy in your voiceYou can't see the wound, but sometimes you can see the symtomsYou can't feel the pain another feelsYou can't see it but that doesn't mean it isn't thereYou can't see a cough or a virus as it courses its way through your bodyBut that doesn't mean they aren't realWe carry these invisible scars with usAnd they never truly go away or fade

ᵇᵃⁿᵍ ᵇᵃⁿᵍ

12/01/2021 02:30 PM 

Alternate Verses

My Hero AcademiaUnknown origins. No background story. One day Reiko was just a blip in the world of heroes and villains. Nothing immediately extraordinary about her, she was mainly known for thievery and some dabbling in arsony. With no known motives and only failed capture attempts, she was left as an unknown, only assumptions typed across her files. A bad childhood. Twisted upbringing. Fell into the wrong crowd. A hero failed to save her. The usual.  A mutant type, Reiko was gifted with the characteristics of a fox; long ears, a tail, golden eyes. Her instincts are enhanced, more animal than human, along with her speed, vision, and hearing. It's led to believe that this is why a capture has been unsuccessful so far. While her name is unknown and she only goes by the alias 'Reiko', her quirk is simply called Fox. Claws and fangs make a decent enough offense when applied properly, but she's known for carrying a weapon of sorts. Her arsenal varies, ranging from handguns to blades. No known affiliations. Jujutsu KaisenWIPFateWIP 


11/30/2021 09:58 PM 


  WARNING: I am an independant portrayal of Ayato Sakamaki. I have removed the abusive traits from him as I am not comfortable role playing those scenarios. If anything, Ayato will LIGHTLY bully your muse and have a complex where he thinks he is better than anyone. He will still have quite the temper and everything else but I will NOT have him act fully to his anime counterpart since some of the scenes in the anime made me uncomfortable.  RULES. RELATIONSHIPS: I did not come here to have Ayato be put in a relationship. None the Sakamaki's know what 'love' is to start out with. If relationships did happen, it would have to be built through chemistry. Minors are also not welcomed here. Dark and mature themes MAYBE present and not appropriate for the younger age group. I understand it is easy to fan girl over Ayato but he is not an ideal romantic partner IMO. So, please do not force romance on my muse. COMMENTS/MESSAGES: Role plays can be held either in comments or messages. However, I will NOT write with one liners. If you give me a couple of sentences, I will not be motivated to reply to you. I have full rights to drop an interaction with or without warning. If I see a role play going nowhere, I'll drop the threads. Sorry, but if you do not make an effort, I am not obligated to make an effort either. FIGHTING/TOURNAMENTS: Ore-sama has zero interests in partaking senseless fights and group events. Half of the time, people are only there to show off and god mode. There is no enjoyment of a fight role play for me. If there is a discussed plot, maybe it will have my interests. However, do not expect anything to happen. Killing my character without my consent will be an automatic block with no second chances. SPAMMING/RUSHING: ​​​​​​​I do not have my life revolved around this site 24/7. I'm not going to always be at my desk replying to you and sometimes I want to relax and have some alone time. If I am not at my desk, I am playing video games. Spamming my inbox will only get you a fast deletion. I have no time for that kind of toxicity being brought to me. If you cannot wait at all for a response then perhaps you need a new hobby.​​​​​​​   REAL LIFE / ROLE PLAY:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Please keep real life and role play separated. I have zero desire for a relationship and that will not change anytime soon. I have bad anxiety when it comes to online relationships as I did not have good experiences in the past. I have had people ghost me and it is not a fun feeling to deal with emotionally. Online relationships can be very messy and uncomforting. I prefer not to give any of my IRL details either. I'm here for being IC. I do not mind creating friendships ooc, but for everything else...I prefer not. So, never ask me for personal information.

ᵇᵃⁿᵍ ᵇᵃⁿᵍ

11/30/2021 08:22 PM 


1. Literacy is a must.2. I won't ask you to match my post length, but one-liners and single paragraphs are a no-go for me.3. This is not a smut account, but romance is acceptable as long as there is chemistry and a plot.4. There will be mature content, ie language, gore, violence, sex, and all that good stuff- so no underaged chitlins.5. I'm a relatively patient person, but if I have to wait a month for a reply without a reason for your absence, you'll be deleted.6. If you add me, you send the greeting. And vice versa.7. I'm not a number, so I'll delete anyone who doesn't send a greeting or stops replying despite being active with statuses.8. I have a life outside of roleplay, so don't expect my replies to always be timely. 9. My character is adaptable to fit into other verses. Key word being adaptable. I won't completely change her for a story. 10. No multi character accounts, random starters, or IC greetings. I will always respond OOC. 11. Keep real life and roleplay separate. 12. If you don't intend to write with me, don't send me a request or accept one I've sent you. Let's not waste eachother's time.13. I'm here to have fun, so let's have fun together! No drama, be open to ideas, and have patience.  

Kiyoshi & Amaya

11/30/2021 01:56 PM 

Characters Info

Name: KiyoshiAge: 18Species: Half-Human/Half-FairyGender: MaleOccupation: WaiterRelationship Status: Single(Bi)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Name: AmayaAge: 18Species: Half-Human/Half-FairyGender: FemaleOccupation: WaitressRelationship Status: Single(Straight)


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