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11/12/2021 10:14 PM 

Falling and Landing

She hits the planet’s surface hard. Harder than normal, at least. Something in her hand pops on impact, her body ricochets across the hard rock surface, something strikes her thigh, she grits her teeth and keeps her arms locked around her cargo until she comes to a stop and the torrent of abuse ceases. She breathes through the pain, catalogues where the it’s coming from (mostly her right side) and doesn’t move because she doesn’t want to. From between her caged arms a small orange head squeezes out with a meep and Goose stretches out to lick at the point of her chin. Carol takes that as a sign to let go and forces the deadlock of her arms to relax. It hurts to move, for several reasons, but laying on her back, arms flung to the side and trying to catch her breath. Goose rests on her chest exactly where Carol had cradled her to protect her from the blast when the ship had blown, and she looks at Carol with big worried flerken eyes. “You-” Carol coughs up a lungful of dust, the flerken wobbles on her chest with each heave, but clings like a melted marshmallow and doesn’t move. With a weak hand Carol unclips a water pill, pops it in her mouth and chews until that part of her starts to feel kr- human again. She swallows the remainder to let it do its job and rests a clean hand across Goose’s soft rump. “You okay?” she asks, prioritising. Goose makes a little chirp noise, and kneads her front paws into Carol’s collar bones which she takes as an adorable yes. She lets herself lay still for a few more seconds wallowing in her own misery and the moment she starts to roll Goose hops off her chest and lands on dainty feet. Carol only makes it to sitting before she decides maybe she needs to triage herself before she can make it all the way to her feet. So she sets to that task.   Goose explores the terrain around them with twitching whiskers and cautious little steps and once Carol sends out a distress beacon she pokes and prods at her injuries. Her right side has taken the brunt of the landing, right thumb broken, something has pierced her right thigh as she was thrown across the planet’s surface but it’s been dislodged and she’s bleeding rapidly. The rest of her injuries are painful but irrelevant, stinging cuts, friction burns, maybe a broken rib. She finds her liquid bandage spray and plugs her thigh up with it. It stops the bleeding (for now) but doesn’t make it any less painful. “Didn’t miss that,” Carol tells Goose who recognises she’s been spoken to and trots over with a trill of interest. Carol plonks her left hand on the ginger menace and flattens its ears in a wobbly pat. Goose seems happy with this and lends into the affection. In truth Carol had forgotten this kind of pain, let it wash away into her past like so many other things, turns out she can remember it now it’s there and it sucks. A lot. The computer on her wrist beeps an alarm and although she doesn’t want to Carol swipes it awake to see what’s coming to kill them now. It won’t be the ship that had rammed their own, nothing could have survived that explosion. It had been fuelled by the kind of something that had sent her flying and with only the most basic of protections. She’s surprised she survived the explosion at all, yet alone re-entry on this alien planet, but she is worse for wear. The other guy must look a sight, if they made it at all. With a quirk of a smile she wiggles her fingers in Goose’s face, “There’s not going to be much left of them after that, is there?” Goose watches her fingers like she’s considering an attack and Carol snatches them away before any damage can be done. The warning is for a storm, a big storm- the kind of storm that knocks out cities if she’s reading it right. It looks like they have two hours, if the storm maintains its current speed, before the leading edge hits them. The computer offers up three viable shelters, all within two hours at a light jog- if you could jog at all. Carol’s not entirely sure she can walk, but there’s not time like the present to find out. “Alright,” Carol tells no-one and forces her protesting legs under her body and to get her feet. Her right leg spasms when she puts her weight on it, and her whole body tries to crumple back to the ground. She stumbles, nearly steps on Goose, but manages to stay upright through sheer determination (it’s luck, but she’s not letting it on). “You ready?” She asks the little ball of fur glaring at her indignant at having nearly been stepped on. She takes it as a yes because there’s not really another option and scoops the flerken up with her good hand. Ruffled Goose climbs her sleeve with sharp claws to take a perch on Carol’s shoulder, and it’s as good as anywhere but Carol still gives her a look, “Comfortable?” she checks sarcastically, and Goose looks from her perch at their new domain like a great queen mildly unconcerned by their conquered lands. There’s nothing else to say on the matter so Carol sets off at a hobble.   They make it to the shelter just as the storm front states to overtake them. The rain and wind have been whipping at them for the last twenty minutes. Carol has barely noticed except to grab Goose and hold her close so the flerken wouldn’t make a run for it into the middle of nowhere. But Goose hadn’t shown any signs of struggle, just stoically taking the rain against her orange fur and pressing in close to Carol’s chest. The shelter is a welcome sight when Carol steps in and it’s dry and empty. She drags the big door closed behind her with the last of her strength, latching it tight before letting herself sag against the thick metal. Whatever the building is for it looks like a bomb shelter dug into a cliff and with the door closed behind them the storm is a muffled rampage.   Goose meows at her in such a piteous way that Carol wakes up, only to realise she’s passed out against the door, which isn’t great. She looks down to her feet to find the ginger flerken staring at her face with big green eyes. “I’m fine,” she lies, and from the look on Goose’s face she’s not very convincing about it. What she is is exhausted, and in pain, and desperate to fall into her bed and sleep the whole incident away. It’s been so long since she felt this worn down. She pulls the bandage on her thigh out, her hand throbbing with every micromovement, she can feel the bruises that haven’t had time to form starting to come into their own, soft and tender with every step she makes to get deeper into the building and find somewhere hopefully comfortable to sleep. What she finds is an almost empty cell like bunker with something in blue written on the wall with military precision. Whatever it says she can’t read it and neither can her computer, but she assumes it says something dire. They always say something dire. She starts to shiver, which isn’t a good sign, and Goose keeps meeping at her loudly. For an animal that has barely made a noise before now Goose’s gotten pretty vocal since the crash. Carol pretends she’s been offered encouragement because no-one can contradict her, not even Goose herself. As if in response Goose sets off to explore the space they’ve been confined to and abandons her. She sits on a pile of discarded material she can’t identify (but has enough give to be more comfortable than the floor) and settles in to wait for the storm to pass and the rescue that will hopefully follow it. No-ones coming during the storm, no-one could. She repairs her leg bandage, uses up the canister, and checks her signal is still transmitting: it is. Then she has nothing to do but wait, and wait, and wait, and hope someone rescues her before she bleeds out or dies of boredom. It’s been so long, so very long since she’s felt this helpless, and the exhaustion and pain all mingle into a cocktail that pries at her defences until there are tears trickling down her nose. And it’s ridiculous, of course it’s ridiculous, she’s had so many things to cry over before. She’s faced death, and glory, and heartbreak, and betrayal and she didn’t cry and knowing that makes the tears thicker and heavier and she feels weak, stupid. Because crying doesn’t solve anything, but there’s nothing else she can do but wait. Wait for rescue, wait for her powers to kick back in, wait for the storm to intensify and rip the building down around her ears. Just wait. Alone again. She’s surprised out of her thoughts, tears still trapped in her eyelashes when Goose jumps into her lap. They stare each other down, then tentatively Carol reaches out and rubs the soft spot between Goose’s ears. For the first time ever Carol hears a flerken purr and if the tentacles hadn’t given it away as alien the purrs would. Goose leans into Carol’s hand, seeking out affection like any touch starved kitten, but her purrs reverberate through the walls of the shelter, not loud but resonating, and soothing. It’s like every muscle in her body unlocks at the sound, and Carol melts against the wall Goose purring and purring and purring. Carol can feel the purring through her muscles and bones. Then Goose leans up against her chest, wet nose against Carol’s chin, little merps that sound very uncatlike coming from deep in their throat, and Carol tilts her head to boop Goose with her own nose. She scratches her fingers through Gooses short hair, grateful, so very grateful for the company. “I’m glad you’re okay,” she says and falls asleep to warmth across her chest, and a sound like a jet engine roaring in her ears.   When she wakes up she’s on a cruiser and Goose is tucked into the curve of her right arm. “Thank you,” Carol says quietly, and Goose blinks up tiredly at her before tucking her head back down to go to sleep. Carol thinks that’s a great idea, their rescuers can wait.    


11/12/2021 09:59 PM 

Open starter.

All the events on that ship were enough to freak Carol out. As if all the murders weren’t enough, she even saw her love again, after so much time. She couldn’t stop thinking about everything. After all that happened, she had more clues, stuff that maybe would help in her investigation. Maybe it was time to get some answers. But there was something more important than all that. After a good while, Carol’s flower shop was finally ready! She hadn’t left the singing gig, she loved it, but behind all that, she had always been a florist too. In her childhood and teenage days, Carol would always help her mother in her shop and, when she grew up, she even had her own. Now, in Washington, it was time to honor her mother, reopening the flower shop. The shop looked beautiful. The front windows showed a lot of flowers together, creating a beautiful and colorful environment. The place’s decoration was quite rustic, but still very elegant. And there was a beautiful sign hanging outside, with the logo of the shop. After everything was settled up, it was finally time to open. Carol walked happily to the door, and flipped a sign that said “open”, and walked back to the counter. She couldn’t even hide her smile. After waiting for a few minutes, she sees her first customer walking into the store. “Good morning, welcome to the Sherwood Florist.” She said, with a warming smile, walking to the side of the counter, to also give space for the customer to look at the store.


11/12/2021 03:49 PM 

Information on the Teacher

  Name: Luke Secrta Age: 32 Occupation: TeacherPersonalityLuke is usually a rather level headed person, often upbeat about others learning and becomes hyper focused when there is something new to learn. He is rather blind to past actions and evils, being a very accepting person, though you may have a past laid with evil he shall give you a chance. Due to his position as a teacher he is always wishing to hear what others have to say and always wishing to helping those who have problems resolve them. This is especially apparent for his students, Each one being precious to him. Whenever they are threatened in any way he completely snaps into a different person, being mainly described as a ruthless killer, not stopping until whatever has threatened them has ceased breathing, this has caused his kill count in his fifteen or so years of teaching to reach into the thousands. Early life Luke is the youngest in a group of five brothers and sisters all born into a long line of heroes stretching back hundreds of years, at least within his home dimension. In his younger life Luke always had a curious mind rather than a combat focused one like his brothers and sisters, often exploring the outer wilds of his family's estate and sometimes beyond that. This often led him to encounters with fantastical beasts. Demons, spirits, monsters. All things he encountered...and subsequently almost died to. Often being saved by his much more adept at combat brothers and sisters. Though soon enough he would begin to pick up patters with the monsters, sleeping times, favored places to prowl and how they would hunt their prey. Later on he would begin to learn their mating rituals, how they interacted with one another of their kind and how they interacted with different species. This knowledge he gained would prove useful to his brothers and sisters, often giving lectures on monsters they were having trouble with. All of this would lead him to a realization of what he wished to do with his life.  When he and his siblings reached the age of sixteen their parents granted them a boon, an item to help them along their travels as they go out into the world to forge their own paths. Opening their vaults many treasures were laid out before the brothers and sisters. With Luke being the youngest he was the last to choose. Finding an old amulet upon a pedestal as it seemed to call out to him. Asking his parents what it was they were apprehensive to tell him though they relented, explaining it was an ancient amulet that allowed one to travel dimensions. A realization struck him that endless knowledge was at his fingertips, and before his parents could refuse his choice he quickly used it, disappearing within a random dimension.  Later life: Traveling dimensions was a blessing for Luke. Endless knowledge beyond compare flooded his mind. Within said dimensions he found those who wished to learn though he would find him unable to successfully go from dimension to dimension easily to teach them all equally. To fix this problem he would gain help from a friend he would make along the way, one with which he had a rather large favor to turn in. Asking the person to create a school that could exist wherever a student of his was. With this he began his teaching life, slowly obtaining more and more students as his traveling would continue, all at the age of twenty two. Though the ability to dimension hop was a curse as well. Not every dimension took kindly to intruders. These punishments would come in the form of curses. At first they were minor, though as he collected more and more his body began to become overburdened until there was literally no more room for curses. With the curses he was alive though at times he would suffer long bouts of pain as the curses ate away at his lifeforce. This continued on for ten years until he met a powerful dragon, one who he gained much knowledge from, more than he had ever hoped to gain. Gaining gifts he had no hope of repaying including the release and further protection from his curses. Though this was at the cost of his heart and the now eternal life he lives. Though this fact didn't break his stride one bit, continuing to teach at his school and now even searching for new teachers to join him. 


11/11/2021 03:57 PM 

Maiden and Monster. {Sample.}

This is my first-ever public writing sample.I hope you enjoy it. ❤    A bruised hand with parted fingers is raised before one who is out of breath. Each puff is a burden, all thanks to strength sorely spent. Strum the cold air in this moon-shy night. Song of the rain does not yield to a sudden pause. Fingers playing a formless instrument soon clench with the means to hold something that is not there. But that nothing is banished by a swirling line of glass before the silly musician, extending on both sides of a now hidden palm.   Flash and clash! This sorcery takes the shape of a tool to kill. A shortsword with its twin edge rather poor in their sharpness. The gripping hand is lightly shuddering; but the grip itself is firm. At a twist of a wrist, the point is raised upon the high sorrowful ceiling. Another hand belonging to the same person joins the lone grip. Deep breaths of anguish are daring to be calmed sooner than these thoroughly-soaked landscapes.   This maiden in rags whose regal face is no stranger to harm must last this aching night. There is ancient horror that she must snuff, for she is the only one in these lands with the current time and aptitude to fulfill this noble duty. The rest need to better tend to their own woes. The blade she summoned could not be called upon as her mind was hexed the prior hour, before it lessened in its effect. Now, with a much better grip of herself as much as she does with the white-hilted sword before her, retaliation against the huge hexer may come with sweeter fruit, bitter for it as the wrath she failed to properly flaunt further simmers.   Roar, Horrid One in the distance! It is a giant cloaked in shadows with three pairs of glowing red eyes. The three-mile gap between them was out of her need to conceal herself for a third of an hour, trying to remove the tangle of that skill-dampening curse from earlier. Not all kinds of mysticism was denied from her to still use, thank goodness. But the higher ones, she needed to cleanse herself of what dark arts she was momentarily afflicted by.   As fierce as a disposition as she maybe giving it, dread is also with the raggedy maiden. This is no mere dregling of a foe. For all intents and purposes, the colossus of shadows is an ancient god, predating the civilizations of this lush world. But as its tyranny has run amok, even the likes of it must be brought upon justice. Many tried. Almost all of them failed.   Now, this lovely outlander garbed as a pauper must commit to what has been in vain for ages. What curse there was in her veins, much of its potency has been expelled. She can feel the bridge between her and a well of power that takes a while to summon. As she was given something to suffer from by this big blackened blight of the lands, it is her turn to respond in cosmic kind.   Free another breath with a blend of calm and pain. Set that fear aside. Pale blue eyes meet the sinister six. The maiden leaps out of the high rock her feet have been standing on and soon lands on a lower plain riddled in puddles. Clench her teeth as she does the grip. After a fifth of a mile is reached, she stomps a foot forward sternly. Fly onward! Her pouncing self breaks the pace of sound! The giant leaps with another roar to meet the hasty lass.   A crack of thunder wails across the night! Winds worthy of a storm gallops away from this intervention between the red-haired swordsmaiden and the great shadow. The giant was not fast enough to stop the sweep of her blade that may as well be a godly clobber of a mountain upon its face down to its chest. She kicks the air to toss herself in a twirl, hoping to regain balance as she is soon heading down to earth beneath them. The giant is knocked back to harshly descend on the rain-filled plains with a loud tremor and plenty of splashes to go with it! She follows but without the tragedy of a nasty fall, unlike her colossal foe.   The rain has yet to stop. She is out of breath again, refilling her burning lungs with the cold drink of the night. The sword is once again raised before her, she knows this dark god is not easily defeated. And so she waits, in the event of a sudden trick to fool her. Keep the brave face, young one from beyond this known world. The true battle may have just started. ( Credit to Sir Mithrandir for proofreading. ^-^ )   


11/11/2021 12:52 PM 

Rainhart info

First name: Amelia Middle name(s): dawn Surname: Rainhart Age: 21 Date of birth: April 15 2000 Race: white Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Current residence: the Ss Rainhart Relationship status: single as a Pringle    Physical Appearence   Height: 5’8” Weight: 190lbs Eye colour: teal Skin colour: lightly tanned Build of body: busty and curvy Hair colour: seafoam green Hair style: twin tails Complexion: pale and smooth Typical clothing: one piece swim suit under a frilly blouse and pleated skirt. Sea captain hat and eyepatch.   Personality   Likes: sea, booze, booty, treasure, pirate ships Dislikes: rivals, being bored Fears:  her ship sinks Personal goals: become a well known pirate General attitude: chill unless provoked General sociability: a social butterfly   History   Birth country: France Hometown: Cassis Childhood: Amelia was born into a poor family of fishermen. Her parents would tell her stories about pirates and their rich lifestyles. Whenever she played with the other kids, She always pretended they were her pirate crew and she was the captain. Teen years: her fascination with pirate life got more in depth, she started researching and even building a miniature ship and calling it Ss Rainhart, she hopes to become a pirate to get lots of money and help her parents out of the slums.  Adult years: her dream came true, she became a pirate joining a group of an all female crew. Years of time in the crew earned her the name of captain of the ship, handed down from the previous captain. She fixed up the ship and renamed it Ss Rainhart.   Combat   Peaceful or violent: peaceful unless threatened Weapon (if applicable): Rapier and flintlock Pistol   Others   Occupation: pirate captain Current home: Ss Rainhart Hobbies/past times: singing, cards, sword fights


11/11/2021 09:22 PM 

Current mood:  amused

My second panel made which includes profile images I made for my friends and freebies.You can access the freebies from my profile. 

𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐊𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬

11/09/2021 08:55 PM 

General Guidelines

001. Don't rush me for responses, whether IC or OOC. Including but not limited to: sending your comment/message a second time, sending me stuff along the lines of "did you get my reply", etc etc.002. New to the character but not to the verse, so please pardon any minor errors in my portrayal.003. Multi para to novella RP is my forte, but I can adjust to para or the likes if need be. I'm not too interested in one liners unless in the status stream, however, they tend to kill my motivation.004. Please do not mix RP with RL, including things like writing your mun interacting with your character. This is common on Twitter but is why I RP here, rather than there.005. I don't do Discord, Skype, etc etc. So don't ask.006. You may request romance, but it must be earned, not simply handed out. I'm a little picky with this genre for personal reasons.Thank you && feel free to stop by!~ ♥

He who spirits away

11/09/2021 06:28 PM 

Uh... I can explain

How many days has it been since their last tag team against the sparrow and bug youkai?  Eighteen?  Twenty?  Seventy? Why did they refer to that boy as a girl, but him as a guy even though the person he teamed up with was a boy as well?   A lot has happened since then, Aouma and that mouse in the temple got into trouble with the village guardian, Kome held a meeting with the cats of former hell, Yuki and the Karakasa he's always fighting with were tied together and forced to get along under Ran, Yuyuko, and Yuugi's watch.  Any hostility the duo showed to each other was met with a solid strike from either Ran or Yuugi, a punishment for the damage the duo caused with their constant fights within the human village and an attempt to quell whatever animosity the duo had against each other.(will probably write that out later as its own thing)Yuki stared at a passed out blond girl on pass the trees below him.  It was the idiot youkai of darkness and it seems she's been knocked out, likely by crashing into a tree.  There was some damage to the surrounding area so, perhaps a fight, but no matter, he was going to leave her for the fairies to annoy.  A gap opened, its location couldn't be seen by any observer from the ground.  Floating through, he found himself within the boy's room.  It was weirdly girly in the room, a bunch of dolls strewn about, clothes folded on the chair in the corner. Placing a gap behind the door, Yuki set up the boy's entrance to the Yakumo house, to his room, specifically. The gap let out behind his door effectively blocking entrance into his room for near all of gensokyo. He picked up his clothes that were left on the chair then stepped through the gap. A bed and dresser were the only things in the room, both near the large window. This was, but a dummy room, his true room was black with a myriad of eyes everywhere matching the Yuki's. A single bed was the only thing within that room.Stepping through the gap was the one who's room he set up to have transported into his room. His first instinct was to look around in panic until his eyes landed on Yuki. A clenched fist colliding with the gap youkai's chest. No malice behind it, but sheer annoyance. His voice a harsh whisper. "Do you have any idea what you've done? I've been grounded because of what you did last month. Why did you pick a fight with my aunt?" Yuki merely shrugged earning another punch, this time to his left cheek. Yuki feigned the punch hurting before tossing his friend onto the bed, he nearly bouncing off the bed onto the floor on the opposite side.  He gapped himself beside the bed.  "I didn't even start it, she did. She said to act like a girl that she didn't help raise a boy.  You're not a girl, you're a b-"  A danmaku bullet whizzed pass his head.  "What was that for?!" "I am a girl, you idiot!  You should know, you're a girl too!"  She scooted down his bed to be seated at the edge of it.  She kicked his shin before continuing.  "For someone who is the daughter of someone who you say is so smart you're so stupid!"  She stood up with a huff.  "Where's that fox yokai you have around here?  The responsible one, not... Sanao." "What do you mean, a girl?"  He pushed her down and lifted her skirt.  "Show me the proof you're a boy, you can't fool me this time Nue.  I know it's you trying to fool me, you don't even know what a boy's thing looks like!" Neither noticed his own gap at the door was taken down and replaced during their current distraction.  Out came Ran, to find out what the ruckus was since Yuki's room was unusually loud.  Without a word she approached the duo, her hands hidden in her sleeves as per usual.She lifted her leg to kick him back after slamming her palm into his forehead.  "Quit it, you idiot!  I'm going to beat you down like that shrine maiden did if you keep this up then the fox will!"  She kicked his shoulder as she used her free hand to hold her dress down. She hadn't noticed Ran was even in the room until she was practically on top of the two of them and reaching out to Yuki."What is going on here you two?  If you are to behave like lovers, do, do it where you won't be a bother." The fox placed a hand on Yuki's shoulder.  "Ran, this isn't wha-"  She threw him through the gap as it was what she was ordered to do by her master.  "You are making quite the amount of noise as you woke your mother, Yuki.  Ah, young miss, will you be joining Ouma and Nyoko for dinner next week?  They have been wanting to spend time with you, but were in the middle of assisting in preparing several tests Yuki is to take soon.  He will be unavailable for a while and I hope he was not being too much of a bother.  I shall let her know if there was any trouble.  He is already being grounded for the noise and has to explain himself to her.  She is aware of what was happening here, but his punishment will likely be not too severe."  She turned to walk through the gap, her eyes looking back at the girl on the bed.  "You should have a chat with that kappa you've seen him hanging out with, his shikigami, and that karakasa he's always fighting with."  The sounds of danmaku colliding with things and Yuki's panic came from the gap as well as his trying to convince someone unfamiliar to the girl on the bed that he didn't do anything wrong.


11/08/2021 06:14 PM 

Kalma (Alice)

Name: Kalma ( Means: Goddess of death in Finnish mythology )Name she uses for humans: NicoleAge: Depends of rp but usually 18-25Place of birth: EstoniaCurrent location: Depends rpNationality: EstoniaEye color: Red/ when mad pentagrams with glitch effect.Height: 157cmWeight: 56kgHair style: Long half red and half black or just full redBuild: SlimTattoos: In her hands, on her instepAccessories: Beside horns, lip piercing, necklace and ear piercings. Usually belt with pants and black nailpolish.Health: HealthySexuality: BiParents: UnknownSiblings: UnknownKalma was found from the forest near small village, old lady took her to take care of her but after while lady started to notice there was something weird in her. She wasn't regular human and she started to grow horns and devil tail. When she was 15 the lady who took care of her died due old age and she has been alone since then because everyone avoids her.


11/08/2021 03:23 PM 

{ Some Things to Address. }

~ My character only appears as Anna from the Frozen films. She is not Anna.~ I'm new to role-playing in general, not to writing stories.~ I write at multi-para length at least when role-playing. I don't respond back to role-play contents below 1 paragraph with a total word count of 80 words or way less.~ Response speed is determined by my mood and inspiration. I don't operate on the per-[insert time measurement] kind of response time. I will not kowtow to your impatience and warped sense of priority, so bugger off with those. I can/will sleep soundly that we don't to be further acquainted if you're such an impatient individual.~ Please be creative and constructive and creative when talking to me. I don't mind the pre-made stuff, but perhaps don't overdo it as if there's no life and layers to what contexts that you're trying to get across my way to intrigue me. Make it sound like you cared enough to have actually paid actual attention to what I have on my profile. I mean, I placed those details there so you aren't left with a blank page to think about and build your response from, didn't I?~ I will ignore ultra-lazy responses. #SorryNotSorry You're supposed to be a role-player, not a waste of web space and my brain cells in a place where we bring to life our imagination. Come on, get it together and be genuinely enjoyable to interact with.~ We're going to disagree on certain things which is inevitable. And if gets to the point that our impasses cannot be reconciled and no agreeable compromises can be made, it's best that we part ways. I don't care if you think ill of me. I have my boundaries and preferences to factor strongly. I'll stick with them.Thank you for your time.Sincerely,The writer behind the Broken Angel 


11/08/2021 12:32 PM 

Current mood:  excited

Hello and welcome to my blog! Here I will be sharing the stuff I make for my profile along with others. Below you will find an example of avatars I have made thus far and there are more to come!I will also be sharing the following: • Signatures• Display images (for about me's)• Backgrounds -if possible-and so much more. After a few other preparations I will hopefully be opening requests and would love to make you stuff as well. Rules & other information will be added later on. ps: If anyone is interested in any of the avatars feel free to message me and I shall send them over individually. You are only allowed to use them by crediting me. Have a nice day!


11/07/2021 04:28 PM 

Rules and info

Okay, hate to do this but rules have gotta be added, there won't be too many, that said, these are things I'm going to enforce wether you've read them or not. I will give a warning, tell you to read my rules, all that jazz, I'm all for second chances, but if you refuse to read these then I reserve the right to delete or block.1-smut. It's allowed, but this is not a purely smut based account. If there's gonne be lewd I at least require a basic plot, and even then smut (unless your aim is non- consensual) will need abit of build up.2-on the topic of smut. Don't come out of the gate with things like "gropes her ass" or stuff like that. That's a sure fire way to get a block. You get one warning.3- Random starters and discussion are both allowed. I can work with it all so long as what you give me is bigger then one line.4-Please don't rush me. I'm on mobile, I work often, and the weekend is really one of the only times I can consistently reply. So please have patience with me and my sporadic response times. Spam, or go crazy and you get a warning and you'll just have to wait longer. Do it consistently and I've already warned you, then it's a delete.5-speaking of replies, I aim to reply to messages in the order they were received from oldest to newest. I will do my best to not ignore anyone and not play favorites. However, if I miss you and it's been over a week, feel free to send me a poke. DON'T SPAM! JUST POKE! 6- I'm open to most things, stories can be fairly outlandish and that's okay, I welcome stuff like that. BUT if it's gonna be an out there story, have my character tie in somehow. Don't just say "oh she's in space" or "oh, she's my characters mother." how? Is she abducted after leaving the manor? Did her master get her pregnant? Things like that. I would do the same for your character.7- I don't mind making small changes in my story to suit a scenario. If you have a suggestion, just shoot it out and we can iron out the details as we go.8-please understand.... I keep RP to RP. and real life to real life. I don't like to mix the two because this is more an escape. So... Please don't ask for personal stuff, thank you.9-So, there are a plethora of people on this site with a vast array of characters and backstories. That said, I'm not picky. I'll give everyone a fair shot. This goes for smut too, so yes, I'll accept futa's, femboys and the like. Only thing I draw the line at is anyone under the age of 16.I... Think that might be everything I can think of ATM. if I think of anymore I'll add them. If you have any questions feel free to toss em my way. Thank you to any of you who read this, and I really look forward to RPing with all of you~Little bits of info on sylvie-While she is emotionally broken, if you manage to gain her trust and grow close to her, you'll find there's no one more dedicated or loyal then her.... Or more attached. If pushed too far she may even grow some more... Yandere-ish type tendencies. Something to be aware of.-If romance does become a thing and lewd happens, Sylvie is a very submissive person by nature. Hence the lack of any free will while she was a slave-By the same token as trust, if you break her hope even further ( you monster) she can be molded into just about anything. A killer, a slave, a mindless bodyguard. The potential is limitless.- Believe it or not, despite being emotionless and collected on the outside, inside her mind races a mile a minute. She could be panicking and you would never know from just how well crafted her mask is.-She actually has a favorite color. Every time she looked out the windows of the manor, the bright green of the grass and trees always sent a longing for freedom down her spine. She always wondered what it would feel like to be cradled by that green warmth.-Sylvie is very soft spoken. So even if she opens up, expect her to be a shy mess who can't interact too well with strangers. But with people she's familiar with she should be fine. If you've broken her more, well... Expect very little in way of conversation.- Since sylvie has no idea about love, romance, sex, or otherwise, alot of innuendos and jokes like that will definitely go over her head. It's also worth knowing that because of her never having experienced anything romantic, she doesn't know her preference for gender. That said, in the end I'll just go with that she's pan-sexual. Accepting whoever saves her as they are.-When you first meet sylvie in RP you should expect uh... A very quiet, very non- lifelike girl, so talking will be minimal, that said, alot of her actions will be more expressed through thoughts, I'll also control more then one character to compensate for sylvie's lack of.. Well... Doing much.

𝐄𝐥𝐝𝐞𝐧 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐥

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Reckless Hunter. [Sample]

    Self-hurl upward and fast to pursue skyward prey! Earth breaks beneath kicking feet! The arched heavenly path comes with a thick trail of mist from such speed that only the great metal birds of the modern day can do or the natives of Krypton. The stinging winds do give a light ache, but it is embraced. The thrill of the hunt is on. The prey, a band of two who committed atrocities from a few days are ago, will give a merry chase. Once this hunter gets his hands on them, well... mercy of the divines, high and low, be upon them.  Jolt back both clenched hands, facing away from the horizon he is heading. Blast a sonic boom as his velocity has just doubled! It would kill a mere man from this world or on any planet whose form is way beneath the limits of this amazing trait he is shameless to express. Oh, those pursued fellows better pick up the pace for he is a hungry comet on their tail. One of them twist their noggin to wrap their eyes around who they are fleeing from. The one who is looking back warns the other. Terror washes over them. This man is mad! Soon, both thrust their bodies forward to break the wall of sound themselves. Bark away, two sonic booms! The gap between them and the fellow behind becomes greater.  The pursuer chuckles beneath the steel bucket around hiding his face. The response was amusing but anticipated. He swings his left arm up, soon having its open palm with curled fingers ahead of the rest of him. Bless the roaring winds with a brooding muttering not of this world, perhaps not of this material universe as well. Twelve seconds after the first savage squeak of his odd prattling, a swirling mass of pale red, black and clear glass then coils around him, from the tips of his bent fingers down to those toes in boots. A volcanic song accompanies the ethereal wrapping around this sky-sailing hunter. Aim the palm on the right-side prey marked by their own trail of mist behind their hasty self; perhaps, aim it ahead of them, really.  “U l t i m a r a.”   A half-dome light flashes from before the forward palm. The swirling mass of light and shadow around him blasts away into dissipation. The hunter violently recoils back into a reckless barrel roll! He briefly yells from the disorientation he gave himself! What follows is quite the spectacle, to consider the least.  A bomb as bright as the sun above them all goes off before the fleeing pair. It follows a spreading mass of black, purple and green expanding as fast as a wingbeat of a hummingbird from a speck of dust to the size of a castle within a mere second! Matter is pulled into the obscured center with ungodly violence, drowning the affected space with radiation and a heat signature that may rival the core of the planet itself, gnawing away on any organic and inorganic material that the mess of colors touches. Those within a twenty-mile radius can hear the long tremor from the sky and, a bit further out, many can see the colorful chaos.  While trying to regain his course, fighting against the raging sea of winds, the hunter is in awe and feeling foolish for overdoing the trick. Trick?! He just brought a mesmerizing catastrophe into the heavens of this poor lowly world! A cosmic power that they would fight over down on the ground to claim and wield for themselves. A genuine weapon of mass destruction. Doing his best to battle the cruel current of lofty gales, those concealed amber eyes are mindful of his flashy recklessness. While he is still willing to pursue the hunted, his concern for them is also being factored as well as what repercussions that celestial showmanship may cause on this planet. One word can be spilled out of a myriad, at least for now.  “. . . .D a m n .” /   5   4   3   7   7   0  


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Ebony's info (miraculous ladybug oc)

~General Information~First name: EbonyMiddle name(s): MarySurname: DavisAge: 16-19Species: HumanBlood Type: A+Astrological Sign: AriesBirthday: March 29Race: MixedGender: FemaleSexuality: heterosexualCurrent residence: Lives in a 2 bedroom house with parents~Appearance~Height: 5’8Weight: 125Skin Tone: Light brownIris colour: BrownGlasses: noneHair Color: BlackHair Length: Waist lengthHair Style: CurlyHair Accessories: Sometimes a hairclip~Others~Hobbies/past times: DrawingInstrument: saxophoneGuilty pleasures: Let’s people play in her hairPet peeves: Someone telling her to cut her hairPets: lizard named Cecil

Fanatical Like A Demon

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Rules and Information

>> Hello! This is the writer behind Natsume. Firstly, thank you for adding or accepting me. I might as well get into some stuff. I enjoy writing and sometimes can get a bit long, however, it often alternates between two and five paragraphs. Give a bit of information about the area, insight into my character's thoughts or feelings and so forth.  What do I like to write? I like action and drama, to make the world feel alive but also simple day to day pleasures such as them discussing hobbies over a slice of cake. I can lean towards a darker side or lighter side depending on the scene. Slice of life, adventuring, comedy, psycological themes and so forth. Bringing up romance, I'm a sucker for a good romantic story just as easily I can get sucked into funny and action scenes. For those curious Natsume is bisexual and I'm fine with romance if it occurs. I prefer long term stories although not all stories tend to last long term. Nor do our characters have to be together 24/7 in the story. They have their own individual lives and the surrounding world is alive too, so I may occasionally bring in a side character and if they are liked they can pop up often.  As for replying, I can't promise to respond every day. I try putting in effort and I like the same from who I'm writing with. Bringing this up, don't send random starters. I like to get an idea on a verse we are in or setting. Natsume can fit into a feudal setting like Inuyasha or something like Bleach, also a typical fantasy setting. RWBY, My Hero are some other ideas too.

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