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❥ 𝐭𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐚𝐠𝐞

02/24/2021 01:39 PM 


QUEEN OF HEARTS Hello there. I’m Juliet Hearts, I know these long intro comments suck so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Daughter of Queen of hearts. Legend. She is part of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as the next Queen of Hearts, and she is in her second year at Avalon Prep. In the destiny conflict, she is on the Legend side because of years of family dedication, practice, and belief of destiny in general.I'm currently looking for connections, if you have anything you want filled, let me know. If you don't, we can brainstorm ideas. Just know, I'm literally up for anything and if you've reached your quota, that's okay. I'm always up to just chitchat!Hit me back yeah? If you want to talk outside of this site my Discord is @cosmic light#6396 Off with their heads!

The Apprentice Unny

02/23/2021 07:03 PM 

One Piece Oc: Lucifer
Current mood:  accomplished

Name: Lucifer TarragonAge: 30Specie: HumanHeight: 2 MeterWeight: 90 kgSex: MaleBlood type: SRelatives: Younger Sister: UnnyBirth Place: Paradise - Sabaody ArchipelagoSexuality: BisexualStatus: NobleFaction: Revolutionary ArmyWanted: AliveBounty: 200 000 000Devilfruit: NoneWeapons: Dual Swords, sea stone swords.Fighting Style: Blade Dancer.Items: A golden locket around his neck and a red ribbon in his hair.Likes: Sweets, dancing, his younger sister, playing either piano or violin.Dislikes: Nobles, World Government, Slave trading & coffee.Strengths: People seem to be easily charmed by his looks and personality, sword fighting & can play piano & violin.Weaknesses: Trust issues, unsure about romance, allergic to pineapple.Personality: He can appear as cold or cool looking but he really is a a goof, he loves to hug people and to cherish people with love and support. He loves to talk to people and interact with them. He is a very loyal man who would die to save his friends and family. When people get to know this man they either think he is weird or amazing.Appearance: Tall and slender body but at the same time very muscular. Long white hair, half of his hair is tied up with a red ribbon with small braids to the side. Well dressed in a long white coat (people often mistakes it for a marine coat) a white poet shirt and black pants. He has a cold or cool look on his face, the resting bitch face as people say. But he have a very loving smile when he do smiles. His skin is very pale and time to time wear a little makeup to enhance his features.Short backstory: Lucifer grew up in a noble household where his parents loved him very much. When he was around 7 year he got a little sister, Unny. His mother  got sick right after she gave birth to their daughter. His sister got sold on her 4th birthday. After that Lucifer had worked hard to get his sister back but have failed many times during his life. He grew apart form his family and went out to look for his lost sister. He were on the brink of death as Ivankov found him and brought him back to the Revolutionary Army. Where he begun his training, to be able to get his little sister back to safety. He is one of the officers in the Revolutionary Army and have a high standard for people who work with him.

One piece, oc


02/23/2021 02:23 PM 

Home Dimension


02/23/2021 02:01 PM 


 his real name is kel xilax, a humanoid born in a different dimension from earth's, one that has humanoid beings similar to earths, but lived in far more technogically advanced planet andco-existed with several alien civilizations, their entire solar system and a few other surrounding ones colonized. the planet he was born on was highly industrial, most of its surface serving as mining plants, the solar system once hosting 11 planets orbiting a massive sun that extended the days on his world by hours. he lived in the slums with his family, spending most of his days with his childhood friends. one day he encountered an injured man being attacked by some sort of creature. he attempted to help the man, but they and the creature were somehow teleported to a different dimension. both men eventually defeat the creature, the other male having suffered serious injuries and revealed that due to kels intervention, they were both now stuck in that realm, stranded on some sort of beach, where the sand was not of earthly shade , almost a deep purple and the water almost entirely black. despite the injured man's resistance they eventually became friends, having to cooperate to survive. the area they were in seemed to be a simple island, stretching a few miles before giving way to a massive surrounding ocean of black water, the sky constantly illuminated by a strange massive yellow moon, one that looked over the land, keeping the under constant night, while a smaller second moon hung a bit lower to that one, the two orbs in the sky causing the waves to sway in strange ways and the land to sometimes wail with eerie winds. over time the male revealed he was a sort of realm traveler, part of this group that shifts through realities, hunting these creatures that destroy realms, and kels realm was close to an inevitable end. time passed and the two spent a year stranded on that island, exploring its strange forests which sometimes seeped an other worldly fog. eventually the monsters arrived to hunt the realm traveler and he decided to teach kel how to fight these creatures. with magic. magic didn't exist in every realm, not in kels, but it was needed to destroy those creatures. the male also revealed how to travel realms informing kel, that 'phase hunters' (the name kel's companion gave to his group,) needed the creatures as fuel for their travels but before they could both plan an attack they were ambushed, kel being the only survivor. unable to properly use his new found abilities, kel managed to fight the creatures and gather enough essence for a daring escape. narrowly succeeding, kelly landed in an unknown new dimension, appearing on a planet inhabitated mainly by fungal life. there he managed to survive for a few months, the magic energy he channeled now coursing through him, allowing him to survive in certain conditions basically humanoids could not, attempting to focus on the faint, mysterious power inside him, managing to travel through different realms. eventually managing to open a rift to his native dimension, kel discovered it was destroyed. swearing revenge for his loved ones, he swore to destroy those creatures and protect others from the same cruel fate. he's found himself fighting an occasional monster or two, perfering to quickly dispose of foes by means of teleportation, utilizing his old friends dimensional traveling abities to a great extent, his ability emitting a strange 'bamf' sound whenever used earning him the nickname 'bamf.' 

♛ ♡

02/23/2021 08:59 PM 

I'm back, and well!
Current mood:  happy

Hiii, sorry for the hiatus though not a lot of people have messged me, but I'm trying to get back into rps! My hand is fully healed, and I'm doing much better with time management so I can be able to reply to your messages a little more. Feel free to hmu if you wanna continue or start fresh!~


02/23/2021 06:23 PM 

Saburo's Bio

Name: Yumedoku SaburoAge: 16-18, depending on RPGender: MaleAffiliation: Yuuei/KetsubutsuParents: Yumedoku Kujo (Father), Yumedoku Sumire (mother)Siblings: Yumedoku Shiki (younger brother)Hair Color: Front layer is white, with a second black layer behindHair Style: Spiky/Swooped when styled, moppy and soft when downEye Color:  Deep purplePersonality: Surly, aloof, brooding, tsundere, easily flusteredQuirk: MiasmaQuirk Description: He can breathe out a toxic gas produced in his lungs that puts anyone who breathes it in to sleep.  Yumedoku can then put himself to sleep on command and invade the subconsciousness of his victim, where he is able to fully control their dreams.  The obvious drawbacks are that he needs to be asleep to make full use of his quirk, and he can only focus on one person at a time.  The effects of the miasma will last for fifteen minutes, during which Yumedoku must break his target's mind by killing or incapacitating their subconscious self.Sexual Orientation: GayMarital Status: Multi-shipper, but willing to have a main ship 

【J u l 'n e】

02/22/2021 01:55 PM 

"What it would be like..." A to Z headcannon!

Heyyy guys n gals! Here's a headcannon list I have done out of boredom one random night of my character!! Yay we loves these right? Right!? :D Anywho credit to the person who's on Tumblr that made this. And enjoy! A - Asking you out Jul'ne isn't the woman she once was. Which was pretty timid and nervous when asking someone out on a date. But now a days if she likes you, she will ask you out. Don't even care if you're smitten with the love of your life! This preditor got her eyes on you and she wants to treat you to a nice date. Hell your partner can come too if they are as interesting as you! B - Being best friends Jul'ne treat her friends like cool loyal companions! She's easy to be around when not in killer mode and is willing to help you with anything. How did you get this crazy broad to be in your circle is beyond comprehension. But do not worry she got your back and will murder whoever you say fetch at. C - Celebrating your/their birthday Jul'ne isn't much for birthdays... she would give you a card and maybe a gift. She don't expect much on hers either but appreciate it if a party is thrown. D - Double dating! Jul'ne likes it to be honest. If it's to help out a friend and ease their nerves all along bringing her own date. It's rather pleasant and fun. E - Eating dinner She's well mannered and eat pretty light. She eats just about anything so no need to worry about on what to cook. F - Flirting with you She loves to flirt on someone she found to obsess over! Be it her next victim or a potential partner Jul'ne flirts big time and in a dangerous manner too that involves threatening with a knife. So be careful. G - Getting protective over you Be it a friend or something more, Jul'ne won't back down if something or someone is harming you. She will fight them off or verbally assault till the bastards go away or just die by her hands. H - Hugging you Jul'ne isn't much of a Especially if you're not her love interest. But she will receive it in a non emotional way and just comments on how it makes her feel. Or maybe you stink and she must tell you! If you are her love interest she will sigh and smile then hugs back. If you're a total stranger prepare to get a knife at your throat. -_- I - Inviting you to team up/join their organisation of heroes No...that's not happening. J - Joking around with you Jul'ne can be pretty dry and dark with jokes. So she leaves that to the experts and let out a giggle or two in good company. K - Kissing you Oh boy she's a firecracker at kissing! Deep and passionate, with slip of the tongue. Anything that could get your collar hot! I mean with soft luscious lips like hers you better say grace! L - Lounging around on a lazy day She normally could be found reading her romantic erotica novels at home in a shirt n panties. Or sharpening and cleaning her knife collection for the day. Nice and peaceful. M - Making you breakfast Due to Jul'ne's domestic background these things come naturally to her. So expect a huge breakfast with all the fixings and all the juice you could ever want! We might be eating breakfast throughout the day... N - Netflix and chilling She usually is the one who engages first. Especially if the show or movie sucks possum neck! So have fun with that! O - Overcoming a fear [include a fear] Jul'ne is afraid of being buried alive. To overcome it she would request that she have a walkie talkie to speak with a friend or something to help her get out as soon as possible. P - Partying She's the cool friend who chills at the fancy leather couches or bar stalls with drinks and vibing to the music. Q - Quarrelling with you Jul'ne hates disputing over something small and dumb. She is quick to end it by solving the issue together and move on. R - Rescuing you As said in the protecting prompt. Jul'ne is willing to rescue her friends and lover by all means. Even if she gotta slit throats, burn homes and get the whole police department on her tail. As long you are safe and alive. S - Sleepingover with you She only need her bag of necessities and a knife. And the sleepover can get rolling! Again she's the chill cool friend when not crazy so expect some moderate fun to be had. A movie and popcorn? Karaoke n video games? Truth or dare whatever the f*** people do these days! T - Taking care of you when you’re sick Jul'ne will bring you all the medicine, food, herbs and head pats you need! Her domestic roots would be showing and like a lovely wife she would take care of you. U - Using technology Jul'ne knows how to use all firms of tech! But mostly use her cell phone. V - Vexing each other Do not piss the crazy woman off... W - Waking up to you She's pretty normal about it. Shakes you out your sleep and mention the reasoning. If you fail to wake up she will try again in 15 minutes. If this was a predator and pray scenario; it be more like a scene of a f***ed up yandere woman threatening you. Y- Yelling at each other (for the angst!) Again...please don't. Z - Zoo date! She don't mind it...buuutttt you could do so much better on date locations. And thats it! Pretty mediocre right?

Headcannon, original Character, funny, serious, romantic, roleplay prompts,

ㅤGᴏᴛʜɪᴄᴄ Cᴏᴜᴛᴜʀᴇ

02/23/2021 02:09 PM 

Forget being nice...

{Lady Faust/ 28/ Non-Binary/Pronouns:They-Them/Pacific Standard Time Vancover CA-LOS ANGELES}  I've written these rules so if you wanna whine and complain, do it to someone else because I don't care about strangers online and their sensitive little feelings. 1. If you are on my list for a month or less, we're not friends, we will NEVER be friends. You wanna be my friend? stick around for more than a year...then we'll talk about the (friend)ship.2. I write multi para and Novella. Novella on good days and Multi para when I am bored.3. I don't write with straight females, I don't get along with straight females. It's their competitivness that they think they have to still comply to due to societies ridiculous belif system for women to be competitive with other women; it's disgusting and I want no part in the sheeple system. 4. I'm not here to get romantic in storylines with strangers, I'm just NOT into pervs (Women included) who think that their junk is a gift from god, like dude if it's micro it's a curse, not a gift, stop over compensating , just  being a gross sterotype is NOT a personality trait, sit down and  learn from the realest queen how to be humble or move along. 5. I do not tolerate Drama, Status Flunkies, concept/ content thieves or people who only add me and "befriend me" for clout only to talk behind my back and people who stalk my profile, I block you.6. I only write with people over the age of 25; if you can not act your age, kindly take the L  and piss off you are not the sharpest Knife in the knife drawer (I probobly wouldn't trust you as far as I cand throw you either) . 7. I am NOT nice, I am not entitled, nor am I self absorbed like some fake b i t c h e s wanna say. I respect where respect is earned and given; if you disrespect me I disrespect you but I do it as a Legit person would, that simple. 8. My profile is a safe space for those of the LGBTQ Community and their allies, if you aren't an ally but believe that everyone just deserves to live, you're welcome but if you think it's a sin and don't follow everything in the bible, bye Felicia. 9. Don't add me just because you heard what a fake little b i t c h said. Add me with an open mind, thanks. Link to About Me(Only Friends will be able to see it)  

ˢʰᵘᵗ ᴰᵒʷⁿ

02/22/2021 09:48 PM 

Mist Hero: Shut Down

Name: Hayate Aizawa Kanji: 颯, 相あい澤ざわMeaning: Strong Wind, Fellow SwampHero Name: Shut DownHero Name Sake: Knowing they can shut down someone's quirk with their body, he simply thought it was a good idea and no one tried to stop him. I mean it's better than some right?! Age: 16-21 depending on the timeline of the story. Affiliation(s): U.A, Ketsubutsu AcademyQuirk: MIST, using bodily fluids (only his own) he can stop someones quirk until it is complelty removed. Blood Type: B+Nationality: Japanese Sex: Male Gender: MalePronouns: He/They Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Merital Status: Perpetually single since he's multi-Love InterestFather: Shouta Aizawa (Eraser Head)Mother: Emi Fukukado (Ms Joke)Siblings: N/A Personality: Hayate takes after Emi in his exentrics trying to make others laugh, be loud, and always grabbing the center of attention, or at least that's what everyone tells him, he really got his soft side from Aizawa, he really adores all animals and animal features so sometimes he can go overboard with people and their animal quirks. He adores Koda's quirk since he can talk to animals and it attracts more animals. He'll babysit any animals no matter how scary or soft. Biggest fear: Losing his family. He loves Emi and Shouta more than anything and dreaming of losing them in battle constantly strikes him especially after the most recent attack. Reason for becoming a hero: It just seemed like the right path, both his parentents encouraged him to do so, so he followed that path and ended up in class A dispite being rated far more harshly because of his parents. View on All Mgiht: Sure he adores All Might but thinks he's quite overhyped, he's never really liked the ranking system that everyone is on but he can't argue the popular vote. Height: 5'7" Weight: 180 lbsEye color: Half red and half greenHair color and length: It's puffy and when straightened down to his shoulders, it has terquois highlights all through his black locks that shine when the light hits them. He's basically a perfect mix of his parents as if someone literally mixed him in a mixing bowl. Complexion: Slightly darker than both his parents but they think that's from training in the sun all the time 


02/22/2021 09:09 PM 

one piece oc — ekari cautelosa

these ideas are solely based for my one piece oc, ekari and possible ships for her! however, i would be willing to try these out with other characters/fandoms as well! ࿔ Character: Roronoa Zoro Plot 1: 'Sword Skiing'— Zoro has always been amazed at Ekari's swordsmanship when he first saw it in action. The two grow close as they visited sword shops, told tales of their ambitions, and even had occasional spars together. Zoro then asked why Ekari became a swordswoman. She said she didn't want to, but became one because of her devil fruit. The power of the fruit's sword allowed her to restore her village. This was shocking for Zoro, but he still praised her and her abilities. With this comfort, she started to like Zoro, not for his muscular physique and power, but for his kind heart that hid in his mysterious gaze. Soon enough, the two spar days after this encounter, and the spar might take an unexpected turn.Plot 2: 'Beer Walking'— On a quiet night in Ekari's village, she happened to stumble upon Zoro, the swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates. He seemed lost and a bit thirsty, looking for something to wake him up on a warm night. Ekari offered Zoro some sake, which the man definitely accepted. Seeing how kind the woman was, Zoro appreciated her skillful mind and her kind gestures. Ever since the Straw Hats had made their pitstop at Ekari's village, the woman grew very fond of all the pirates on the crew, but Zoro felt respected, and he liked that. After grabbing drinks, Ekari shyly asked if he'd like to go for a walk as they drink, to which Zoro accepted. This night walk evoked feelings in the male and he soon realizes that it wasn't because he was drunk. Plot 3: 'I Don't Party'— After spending days on this exciting island, Ekari invites the Straw Hat Pirates to a special party for them before they leave. All Straw Hats accept this offer, except for the swordsman Zoro. The man seemed unamused and stern, polishing his swords and focusing more on his ambition. Ekari realized how stern the man is and sat down to talk with him. Zoro was focused on becoming stronger he almost forgot how to have fun. The woman talks to him about enjoying himself, because that's a reason to keep fighting. Spending time with your friends makes you stronger within your will and heart. During the night of the party. Zoro is seen at the party, and he's enjoying his time. Ekari is glad, and the next morning, Zoro thanks the lady with a human touch gesture.  ࿔ Character: Portgas D. Ace Plot 1: 'Let Me Take You Dancing'— Ace is a carefree man, and enjoys all the parties the village hosts. However, he had his eyes on a beautiful dancer who swayed greatly with the funky beats as well as the soothing ones. One night, the village hosted a grand festival for the newcomers on their island and how greatly they've benefited them. During the party, Ace asks Ekari, the Cereza Pirates Captain, for a dance. Accepting this offer, the two dancing together, somewhat in romantic fashion. The touch of the woman make Ace's heart skip a beat, he couldn't believe it. He wanted to show her how he felt, but a dance wasn't enough.Plot 2: 'Can I Help With The Cherry Pie?'— After waking up in a warm home, Ace questions how he ended up in this cozy cavern. While walking around the home, he finds Ekari, a small redheaded pirate who was sorting out cherries. After realizing Ace had woken up, she greets him warmly and explains the situation and how he had ended up in her home. Ace had remembered this woman from previous encounters and appreciated how kind the girl was all those times. After announcing she'd make the man her homemade cherry pie, Ace offers to help her. With delight, the two work on a cherry pie, making messes and goofing around, all while enjoying the making of a tasty treat. The two start to realize how good they treat each other. Does this resort to love?Plot 3: 'Adventure Seekers'— While walking around a busy village Ekari catches up with the well known Ace. The two have known each other for awhile after Luffy brought Ace to the village for him to hangout in. The captian, Ekari, was a kind girl and treated Ace like he was no less of a person than her crew mates. They start to walk along the gravel path and walk towards the village's peaceful forest. The two young ones walk into the forest, close together. They admire the beauty of the forest and their bond grows stronger and more tender. Ace starts to inch closer towards the redheaded captain and his feelings start to show right in the peaceful woodland. How does Ekari take these feelings? ࿔ Character: Usopp D. Brave Plot 1: 'Storytelling Smiles'— During a peaceful night, Usopp wanders around the forest and spots the Straw Hat Pirates ally, Captain of the Cereza Pirates Ekari Cautelosa. The redhead was sitting alone and watching the moon reflect within the ocean waves. Usopp took a seat next to the startled female and started to talk about 'his' adventures on the sea. Ekari is intently listening to his amusing stories and shows great interest. This warms Usopp's heart as he continues. The two start to tell each other fun stories and admire the creativity of one another.Plot 2: 'You Can't Lie About Feelings'— Usopp is known for his clumsy lies and tries desperately to hide how he feels in between those lies, however it doesn't go as well. He mostly uses it as comedic relief and as a comfort. As Ekari and Usopp spend time together, sharing their creative minds and pay attention to their rambles and stories, Usopp grows close to Ekari and places her in his heart. However, he realizes his feelings for the woman. This brings a pain to him as he tries to keep his cool around the captain. However, Ekari can see through his acts and soon asks, "Usopp, you've been strange lately. Have I done something to touch your heart?" Now Usopp knows that Ekari sees his feelings. How does it take it? How does Ekari feel?Plot 3: 'An Eye For An Eye'— The skilled sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp, likes to show off his skills and cleverness within the village. It impresses the children as well as the adults, even crew members of the Cereza Pirates. Usopp is always seen in the supplies stores within the villages, and with this, Ekari offers to help him. The pair make unique weapons Usopp can use in battle and they enjoy how they think alike. While training with his new ammo, Usopp sees how powerful the thought of the two grows well together. With Ekari's comfort and knowledge, Usopp takes his opportunities to grow closer towards the girl and better understand her wats of thinking. Does this evoke feelings or just a normal bond? ࿔ Character: Trafalgar D. Water Law Plot 1: 'Comfort Within Acceptance'— Law's traumatic past has brought him worry amongst the people he's fond of. He worries that his past will bring judgement to his character. His mysterious self is no trouble for the Captain Ekari. After Law visited her island, she kept an eye on him, for protection. The girl wouldn't force the man to join in on village festivals and parties and respected his privacy. After a good day of baking pies for her village, she brings a pie to Law as a 'thank you' for giving her village another presence for awhile. Receiving the woman's gift, Law asks why she was so kind to him despite his 'emotionless' self. Ekari explained that she accepts everyone regardless who they are. The two started discussing about their pasts and what shaped them into who they are. Law starts to enjoy Ekari's company, however, how does he treat his feelings?Plot 2: 'Mystery Feelings'— Ekari always knew how mysterious and intelligent Law was. She enjoyed his presence although he almost never spoke much and seemed to have this same expression all the time. Regardless, she treated Law with care and made sure he felt accepted. The man appreciated how kind the girl was towards him and started to like being in the aura of her character. Law attempts to spend more time with the girl as they discuss about themselves and their devil fruits. Their conversations captivated the two and the company of one another made them both smile. What did Law truly feel about Ekari? What did Ekari truly feel about Law?Plot 3: 'We Can Share A Slice'— Ekari and Law grow close together as they know more of their origins and how they can connect. Law was always impressed with Ekari's way of fighting and enjoyed her personality. Ekari enjoyed how sweet Law was under his mysterious cover. The two tend to have a drink together in the afternoon as Ekari enjoys Law's company. However, it was time Law left the island and he had one request for his redheaded friend. He asked if they could share a cherry pie together, as a thank you and one last reunion. The sharing of a cherry pie is not the only thing she receives before Law's departure. Is it a kiss? A hug? Only Law knows.

One Piece, Romance, Ships, OC, Original Character, OC x Canon, Roleplay, Open


02/22/2021 07:12 PM 

one piece oc — ekari cautelosa
Current mood:  anxious

— BASIC INFORMATION:  ❞ ➤ Name — Ekari Cautelosa (Ekari comes from Bakery, Cautelosa means Cautious in Spanish)➤ Age — 22➤ Birthday — February 16➤ Ethnicity — Caucasian and Hispanic (More Caucasian than Hispanic)➤ Affiliation — Former Captain of the Cereza Pirates➤ Powers — Cherī Cherī no mi (Cherry Devil Fruit), Cherry Stem Saber (Sword granted by eating the Cherī Fruit)➤ Bounty — 8,000,000 Beri-ˏˋ⋆ Personality — Ekari is very introverted and shy when greeting or around new people, however she is very polite and treats her crew members with great respect and care. After adapting to new people, she becomes more friendly and extroverted. Ekari constantly apologizes for her crew's clumsy and reckless behavior when around new individuals, however she's quite reckless and clumsy herself. She is always trying to include others and shows lots of empathy when she can. Don't keep your hopes up too high for her, she is short tempered and foes not cool down easily. Most times, she's calm and always giving a smile to ensure the happiness of others around her and ones that look up to her. When in battle, she's battle hardened and gives her all. She's confident and analyzes whatever she is able to. Ekari is not one for battle, however when it comes to it, she will fight till the end.-ˏˋ⋆ Appearance — Ekari is a 5'3 skinny white female with short dark cherry red hair which reaches down to the middle of her neck. Ekari tends to brush the right side of her hair behind her ear, with a small strand of hair in front, not hiding her golden thick, small hoop earring. Her skin is soft and seems to have no blemishes, talk about beauty, huh? Ekari's eyes are are deep brown, and her cheeks are almost always pink. Her shirt is a white poet styled sleeve and neck button-up shirt with thin vertical light blue stripes going all around. She places red bracelets on both of her wrists that rest on her shirt. She wears a 'crop top' jacket with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, exposes the sleeves of her shirt. The jacket has no hoodie but can be be considered a turtleneck; the jacket is open, revealing her shirt. On the back of her jacket is her 'Jolly Roger'; A skeleton head with both eyes being a cherry.The stems of both cherries reach the back if the skull's head, resulting in leaves pointing on both left and right directions. The skull has a gold thick, small hoop earring on the cheek and bandana sleeves falling down on the back of the skull's head. Her shirt is tucked into a deep cherry red short skirt, which is tied on the back, leaving two 'scarf like' strands of her skirt flowing down to the length of the top of her bandaged scar (they sit behind it.) She has a bandage on her right thigh after a wound she received at 10 years of age. She wears dark grey thigh high socks with thin white vertical lines going all around her socks. She wears bright brown sailor boots which are parted down the front, leaving brighter brown flaps to fall at her ankles. Ekari wears dark grey fingerless skin tight gloves and a necklace of her 'Jolly Roger'. Her sword, Cherry Stem Saber, is placed on the back of her skirt.-ˏˋ⋆ Likings — Dancing (her village always throws parties and she's always in the mood to toss on a dress and dance the night away!), fruits (growing up on a cherry farm always drew her to enjoy the sweetness and sourness of many fruits), stargazing (the silent night dawns her as she always admires the beauty of stars), jewelry (she isn't greedy and expense driven, she just enjoys the works and creativity jewelry stores), seafood (shrimp is her favorite, however she is very fond of all kinds of seafood), swords (she is no swordsman and never wanted to be, however being equipped with her own sword drawn her to admire the shape and abilities of swords), baking (cherries? you're in for a homeade cherry pie!)Possible Ships — Zoro x Ekari, Ace x Ekari, Usopp x Ekari, Law x Ekari, OC x Ekari(This Next Section will include her BACKSTORY and SHIP REASONINGS)-ˏˋ⋆ Backstory — Ekari grew up in a wealthy family. Her father was a Blacksmith and her mother was a farmer. She grew up with a cherry farm which has drawn her to enjoy baking and fruits of all kinds. When she was 9 years old, Ekari ate a Devil Fruit without even realizing. The fruit in name was the Cherī Cherī no mi, which grants the user cherry related abilities. Upon eating this strange fruit, her body felt tingly at that moment. Weeks passed as young Ekari allowed herself to rapidly grow cherry trees. One cherry tree grew a sword called the Cherry Stem Saber which is only granted to the cherī fruit user. The girl took the sword and kept it safe within her room. Living in a calm and quiet village has made her a very calm individual herself. She was never induced into war and violence throughout her early childhood years until she turned 10. Ekari's mother was a runaway of a pirate crew whom had attempted to force her to have children with a crew-member in order to gain more power. Her mother refused and resorted to violence when the crew-member attempted to get his hands on her. This caused her mother to runaway on a small boat towards a village where she met her future husband. After years of freedom, the pirate crew Ekari's mother was apart of invaded the village, taking hostages and killing innocent villagers. Ekari was taken hostage as well as her mother, who was shortly killed after the captain found out her identity. After finding Ekari's strange sword, the pirate crew sailed off with the girl still alive and her sword by her side. Days passed as she was forced to tolerate the name calling and horrible remarks the crew had made against her village and her mother. This was her intent to kill. One night, Ekari slaughtered the entire pirate crew with her dear sword, one by one, blood dripped from their bodies as the sword pierced through them. During the process, Ekari stabbed her own thigh with the sword, leaving a deep gash within her. A day passed and another crew found the abandoned looking ship, in which they discovered the young girl. After taking her in and treating her wound, Ekari was allowed a place to stay with a young pirate thrived boy who was 13 at the time. The two young ones became good friends and always played 'Pirate' together and went out on long walks around the village. The Grandfather of Ekari's friend realized where the girl was from 5 years after she started living in the village, and asked what her ambition was, which she replied with "To become a Pirate and restore my village." With these words, Ekari became the Captain of the Cereza Pirates at age 15. Ekari, the boy and his Grandfather soon then built a Pirate Crew for the next 4 years, saving individuals and offering them a place to stay as Ekari's village was rebuilt. At the age of 78, the boy's father died of a natural cause, leaving his grandson to be the 'Co-Captain' of the Cereza Pirates. Ekari was only 19 at his death while her friend was only 23. With her ambition fulfilled, Ekari had grown her pirate crew since and has protected her village. She welcomes Pirates with a warm smile to see her village's markets and parties. Ekari is now 22 years of age and her Co-Captain is 26.SHIPS —-ˏˋ⋆ Zoro x Ekari - Zoro falls in love with Ekari's calm and caring attitude as well as her ability to fight. She is very fond of Zoro and always tries to include the man, however she never forces the man to. They are both very gentle of one another and have a strong sense of justice and confidence.-ˏˋ⋆ Ace x Ekari - Ace falls for her outgoing and party side, seeing how fun the introverted seeming girl and actually be. He always tries to dance with her and loves her baking. Ekari enjoys how fun and sweet Ace is. His reckless behavior represents her crew, but she enjoys the positivity.-ˏˋ⋆ Usopp x Ekari - Usopp and Ekari have creative minds and like to share fun stories and goof around together. Ekari enjoys Usopp's character and sees great potential in the man. Usopp and enjoys how she listens to him and sits with him on silent starry nights.-ˏˋ⋆ Law x Ekari - Law grows very fond of how cautious Ekari is. The girl never forces him to do anything and respects his space. He enjoys how the girl is able to be calm and fierce when she pleases. Ekari enjoys how mysterious Law is and is willing to put effort to make him feel comfortable and accepted within her presence.(here you can view ekari's design:

One Piece, OC, Original Character, Ships, Genre

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Once Loved.. Now Lost.. Part One.

Her heart battered like the rainstorm on an open field. Like the war drums of the lords before charging into battle. Screams of terror filled the ever quiet village in a matter of moments so abrupt that it startled the very straw doll from her hands to drop silently to the ground at her bare feet and the bamboo toy sword from her older brothers hands to clatter to the ground. Standing there.. stiff as statues or deers in the meadow upon hunting season, worried that if they moved their fragile world might just shatter. Beyond the wooden walls of the structure they had called home, topped with straw and branches to build a sturdy roof, there was an abundance of bewailing outside that her ears had never heard before in their six years.Without realizing why, her eyes—so brown they looked as though the Earth had been born into them—began to sting with sensitivity as tears began to gather at the very rim of her lashes. In an instant, the world outside was no longer held there by those strong roof and walls but had infiltrated its way into the her life, forever changing her and the path her life would take from there on. Her father, a farmer with calloused hands but a handsome smile charged into the hut with a look of trepidation upon his face that she had never witnessed. Behind him,  her beloved mother, whose gentle hands in contrast that held her and cradled her since birth, closed the distance and with the door ajar like a wide jaw, rushed in and picked up her beloved child from the wooden floor and held her close, as if those arms could cast out the horrors of the world that dare show themselves.The strong hands of her father grabbed the arm of the boy in the room. Her elder sibling whom watched over her as their parents gathered stock and worked for their liveliness, looked just as overcome as she did, but with the trust that he could keep on his own feet by their side, their father dragged him along. What was happening? Why were they being brought out into the world of screams and nightmares? As the blinding light of the sun piercing their eyes had subsided, the world was revealed to them. Ever changing the innocent eyes that cast themselves upon it. The village they once were born and raised was maddened by the onslaught of bandits.The wheat fields that had grown off in the distance were burning, large black smoke pillaring to the sky from the fires that had been started. The same flames licked hungrily at the tops of the homes that surrounded their own and even as she was carried away those once innocent eyes could lift and see that their own strong straw roof that had kept out many storms was no match for the red and orange heat that covered their home like raging flowers.Held to her mothers chest, her small arms around the very neck that wore tied flowers that they would make together, she could feel her hand on the back of her head, trying to guard her eyes as they ran. Her breath, panting in her ear as they made their way down the road in a hurry to escape the violent onslaught. But it was no use.. the girl watched as the bandits laughed and cheered upon conquest as they ripped open the stomachs of neighbors and brought down feet upon children and wives she had known all her young life. The tears fell.. creating clean marks through the soot on her cheeks as she clung to her mother tight. Her father’s voice, encouraging them onward to escape.For a short time, as they ran over the hill away from the village and down the dusty road, they thought they were safe. Her heart began to calm in softer beats.. until she heard it. The beating of horse hooves against the ground that even she could feel despite not having a connection with it. Her mothers breathing picked up.. her father cried out louder for them to hurry, to run.. to survive. She saw them first.. the horses with eyes arage and the eyes of their riders with malicious joy as they came closer and closer..For the last time her voice would cry out.. “Mama!” As a warning.. but it was too late. The rider drew back his arrow as his horse moved onward and with a thud of the bowstring against the air he let go and a whistle sharply exhaling from its grasp shot forth and before one could blink the arrow became a part of her mother. Embedding itself between the ribs near the spine with such a force even she felt the thud. Her world began to spin.. her mother’s balance undone as her upper body lurched forward without her feet, the comforting arms once warm and kind suddenly loosening around the girls body. Within the second of an arrow, her mother would never hold her again.With momentum, the girl fell back, her back hitting the ground as her body rolled, creating a loom of dust around her as she impacted with the road. She lifted her head, tears falling from her eyes like virgin rivers that never touched the land, she saw her mother lying there, eyes already cold and staring at her, no longer the loving eyes of the mother she knew this morning.Her brother ran to her, picking the girl up from the ground and lacing his bigger, stronger fingers with her own. They looked one more time.. their father, ever their hero, standing over his wifes body, facing the oncoming storm that would depart them forever. Looking over his shoulder, her smiled at his children once more before his unyielding voice howled out to Run. To run.. and not look back.Her feet took her faster then she thought was able. At one moment she thought perhaps if she ran any faster she would be picked up into the air for such a speed. Her brother’s hand in hers, never letting go of the grip he held upon her. Now the ever lion-hearted male. Her last hope. Determination and purposefulness in his eyes as he looked forward down the road and no where else despite his own irriguous occulus. She tried to look over her shoulder, but the sudden howl of their father, the last sound sound to be heard from the man who accompanied their mother in evening song just the night before,  caused her to flounder that judgment and she just looked forward...What would happen to the two of them now?To Be Continued…


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bored working...


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One Piece Rp?

Anyone open for a One Piece rp? I can play my Oc or a canon character. I do Romance, Action, Adventure, and comedy  roleplays. No Mature/1*8+ rps pleasePlease friend request me if you're interested. My Oc blog is on my profile :)

One Piece, Anime, OC, Looking, Open


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rules n stuff!

▹Preferably literate, 2+ paragraphs (can vary based on what’s happening obviously!)▹ 19y/o writer,18+ welcomed! Both smut and non-smut happily accepted. F-list available if necessary.▹You add, you message/I add, I message- only because I tend to lose track easily- that would be very much appreciated!▹Discord available, though hesitant to give out.▹Super easygoing, so please don’t hesitate to message me! I’m only a bit picky with some adds, though for the most part there’s no need for a filter around me, I’d love to discuss and make friends!▹IC and OOC both absolutely welcomed, will try to match post length!▹Very patient with replies, and I hope you’ll be the same...I understand everyone has a life outside of here, plus just general motivation can be overwhelming sometimes, so replies may be inconsistent with response time!▹In the end, just be nice and have fun! I very much look forward to stories that we can get going!▹ May add to this, though for now that's it! 

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