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Old Man Vox W.A.R Killer

04/27/2013 08:59 PM 

Resident Evil: Chapter 1 Great Escape

The year, 1999, one year after The Raccoon City incident. Umbrella's Albert Wesker has joined a hidden group known only to my knowledge as "The Organization" to demolish Umbrella. With the help of our informant, "Black Cat", I was able to successfully infiltrate Alber Wesker's employment as a mercenary for hire. My code name is "Vox", and these are my files. 1:42 AM May, 5, 1999.      Bang, bang, bang!. A loud crash. He looks, but sees nothing. The banging is coming from everywhere and nowhere. It is all around. The smell of wet mud sticks in his nose. His hand reached out. Something flat and hard. A wall?. His hands touch something warm, but what? Something wet. Bang, bang bang. The sounds drew closer: Gun shots? Will they hear them too?     "Damn it, I have to get out of here", he huffed.     Lights flickered on; a porch lamp. A door? He reached for it and twist the handle.     "Damn it, LOCKED!", things were grim. The door was steel.      His hand, there was blood, but not his. The wall of the apartment building was covered in it. He looked down, and then he noticed: a dead body. A solider? No. He was dressed like one, but this was no solider, that was a mercenary laying there on the ground dead. He bent down, and checked for a key. What's this? A Hand-gun?     Bang, bang, bang!. The sound was right behind him. Then a scream, the type that gives one nightmares. Man? Girl? Too obscure to tell. Then silence, the banging stopped. No. A new sound. Like countless low claps: the sound of trampling feet through mud. They were so close. Right on top of him. Gripping the pistole, he turned quickly. BANG!....      The door swung open. He shot the lock and rushed in. Fumbling through the darkness he found a heavy metal table and pinned it up against the door. A loud crash. He was almost pushed down, but kept up against the door with the table. The sounds of insane grunts and squirming low pitched yells. Those things, they were relentless. The sound and feeling of them clawing at the metal door cringed the teeth. Where they going to get in? Just then, and loud crash. An explosion? Where? Upstairs fire ripped through. The sound of wood cracking: the ceiling was giving way! He got up, and dove further inside the building. The ceiling caved in the room. Fire spilled down with rubble over the steel door. It was blocked.      Getting up, the man pulled some wooden plank rubble off his body. Did he get away? Was he safe? The fire was hot and the smoke burnt the eyes and choked the lungs. But there was light now. "Damn", he coughed, "Things are getting worser by the second."     More banging. From behind? He looked. The front door was being bombarded. The clawing moans again. They're everywhere, all around. Can't escape.     He looked around. The stairs! He made a dash for them and began rushing up. The sound of wood splintering off hinges. They got in! They're coming for him. He moved quickly to the second floor. There was fire everywhere. Using his coat, he covered his face and jumped over a smoldering support beam. They were still coming! He gripped the banister at the edge and used it to turn sharply around the next corner. He ran as fast as he could to the third floor but they just kept coming. The building shook: giving way from the fire. He ran down the hall and turned sharply again up the third flight of stairs. A hard shake. He collapse on the stairs and gripped hold to the banister. Their shadows, he could see them. They were right behind him! He moved quickly to his feet and suddenly the stair case gave way. The whole third floor staircase caved down, but the man wasn't giving so easily. He jumped and reached out. The fire roared upwards. The heat was tremendous, and the smoke was unbearable. But he had to bear it, or he was dead.     Holding tight, he was gripping part of the stairs that were left. He reached up with his other arm and began to pull himself up to safety. Was he out? No! Something grabbed his boot. Them? Again? He pulled himself up as much as he could. Pulling his free leg up, he sent it back down, and nailed whatever it was hard. He was free. Pulling himself up to the third floor. On his hands and knees he took a deep breath of smoked air. He turned and saw. A door to the roof! Taking his chances he stood up. He ran to the door and with a hard shoulder burst through it. Fresh air!     He stumbled; getting his bearings. The building started to shake, and that's when he felt it. A loud creek followed by an even louder crash down below. The fire's brush through the window of the apartment and it began to collapse. There was no time to think, he just ran forward and kept running. The door he just came from, it burst into flames. His foot came down on the edge of the building, and jumped. He went through the air and the apartment building collapsed behind him. Weightless and dropped until he felt the cold feeling of water. He plunged into a large river below. His body sank, he didn't move.       He kept sinking until his back pocket rang with a blue glow. Ring ring, ring ring,. A call? His eyes opened up and his body moved. He swam for the surface. He moved faster and more franticly. He was already light headed.     "AH!" He yelled as he brush to the surface.      He huffed for air and swam back to shore. Sliding his body onto a large slab of stone he rejoiced in the fresh air. Ring ring, ring ring. The call rang.      "Black cat, is that you?" he answered the small, flat , blue glowing, pentagon looking device.      "I thought you might find this interesting", spoke a female voice over the call. "A strange call was picked up just now. Apparently Albert Wesker is meeting up with a man who calls himself 'El Comerciantes.'"     "'The Dealer' Huh? Sounds interesting alright. Where will he be?"      "The Shard Building. You have Three hours. Get Moving, Vox"

Resident Evil


04/24/2013 07:49 PM 

MTV's Catfish: The TV Show Now Casting Season 2!

Hey RolePlayers, an MTV casting associate contacted us yesterday and asked us to post this for them. They said they had a few casting applicants mention RolePlayer and thought there might be others here that would be interested in being selected for their show. --------------------- MTV's Catfish: The TV Show Now Casting Season 2! MTV is casting its second season of Catfish: The TV Show, the docu-series that gets online loves to finally meet! Have you lost control of your online relationship? Are you ready to be honest with your Internet love? Do you need help coming clean and taking things to the next level? Now's the time to apply! Click the link below for more information and how to apply:


04/27/2013 07:45 PM 

TIP: Images in Bulletin Comments


04/27/2013 07:43 PM 

Online People vs. Browse People

A few members have told us that they don't like the new "Browse" feature because they feel that the way "Browse" used to work was better. We want to let everyone know that the old "Browse" was actually the same thing as "Online". Some may not have realized this but until we setup the new "Browse" feature, the Browse menu forwarded you to "Online". Now when you click "Browse", you see a search page, not a list of online members. If you prefer to see only people who are online, click "Online". Hopefully this video helps everyone understand the differences and similarities of "Online" and "Browse". Contact Support if you have any questions. Click here to contact RolePlayer Support Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.


04/25/2013 06:14 PM 

rules of engagement+ other things.

Any! I do  one lines, semi, paragraph and multiple paragraphs, like I said, any! I'm a free spirit. :D Just a thing for you to know, I'm only here for my friends, if you want to be friends then read on. Warning, mature, yaoi, cursing and swearing, drugs and alcohol, violence, etc. Not Erp. Let's keep it clean you fucking morons. Don't request me unless you're willing to drop down to my level, like If I'm doing para that day, then I'm going to at least expect it back. You can give me any length but Novella. I won't read novella nor return it. I accept random or generic starters, send one if you've got one, no story line discussions required, no discussions are accepted, I don't discuss starters either. I like starters. I dislike discussing.I'm usually in a verse such as need for speed, but I do a little bit of bleach sometimes, Cross - overs okay! Originality encouraged!I don't include fights since I forget what it's like, if I have to, I will try my best. I'm not a human character though, I'm still just a shinigami.Thanks-Sooke

Serene Dracula

04/16/2013 03:01 PM 

Rules for RP :

 warning : anything under the belt is not allowed , try to avoid that if you may please .no gender bender please , when you choose a character leave it gender as it is in the anime or movie or novel ..etc my real life details is mine alone. my age is not true so do not stick to any info i have shown about me in there . you can't have a crush on me because your character has a crush on my character. you'll be rejected .for those who do one line RP and it is romantic make sure that i will not respond fast , i did ask in my headline to be a para or multi-para RPer .just to let you know a very important things about me as an RPer is that :1- i never ignore you , i do reply right away if i were not busy . do not rush me out saying "why did not you reply to me two days ago ?" i have a life as you do .2- i love horror in my RP .3- i am not a picky person so choose whatever you want unless i asked you to use someone . you as an RPer you know how to choose a characters that you think you mastered it mind .I do appreciate being talked to and have an RP . we're here to RP so do not add and get silent.i do appreciate if you can advise me of how to rephrase the sentence i wrote in a better way , i'm new in this field .thank you for understanding .. your guide to the dark side of wonderland :Mad Hatter .

Serene Dracula

04/16/2013 02:57 PM 

my advice to all
Current mood:  calm

Hello there ladies and gentlemen !How are you all ?I'm writing this blog for a reason  , for all of us to be aware of , to open your eyes on things you may have never realized , something I want you to keep in mind . for your own benefits my lovely friends .No hard feelings ok ? ^^*Respect :1- Time difference : lets say if you are from Spean do not expect that everyone in are from there too , there are those who are from japan . + cool RPer are not always easy to find especially in the same city you are in , so you will end up having no body .2- requests from your RP friends : if they asked you for anything like lets say gender change , do not explode on them and do all that stupid drama of yours , simply just say ok or sorry I can't , be nice and simple .3- level in writing : (because not everyone is a native speaker ) , almost no one from other country is able to write so literary like a native speaker , if you saw something is not like English people to say , it was his language phrase , help him\her , show them how to say it right + telling them we or a native speaker would not say it that way he would say it this way .4- hard life : even if he did not say what is he facing he just said I'm having lot of issues in my life I can't RP but I will be back and  sorry if I was not able to loge in a lot , do not be rude and delete him . you don't want the same to happen to you in any case right ? , it is true we don't like to handle drama queen , but if he just tell you an excuse why he would not appear , you would accepts his reason .*In my opinion :one liner RPer are too less and a novel RPer are too much , but yet some times we do a semi if we were in a certain place where we had to , RP is for having "FUN" not to measure how long the other paragraph is . right ? ^^*what pass me off :is the ignorance , to my comment or message just because we both where not online or one of us where not online . so if you may please reply and stop being full of yourself , there are many others are there to RP and chat with , plus nothing much easier then clicking on delete button .when you add someone you talk , don't be like a dead ghost also when he talk to you and you ignore him\her following it with a delete . this is so rude . right ? in the end guys , this is written for your seek not me .. uuh well me as well .. but really YOU will end up alone and bored my friend . be easy be nice .best of luck to you all my good people .    :)


04/15/2013 06:16 PM 

InuYasha Verse Starter #1

A mother and father once met. They were always bickering with one another. but soon, that bickering became words of advise.Those words of advise became long talks. Those long talks made them best friends. Soon enough, those best friends became lovers. There was no love that could match these two. Forbidden love between a half human half dog demon man and a pure mortal human girl. They fought many battles together growing closer with each passing day and soon they had married and had a child, a beautiful little girl whom they named Akina Higurashi. This little female was full of promise, the heart of her mother and the determination of her father. She was a beautifully mixed combination of her mother and father. This female's natural hair is white and eyes as gold as her fathers, and skin soft like her mothers with the shade of her fathers. She was everything like her father InuYasha, physically wise. Except she was more balanced and graceful like a feline. Her kindness was just as well known as her mothers Kagome's. And her short temper like her fathers. Her body was an athletic build and the now 18 year old stood at 5'7". White hair fell down to her lower back, ears pointed upward and she had a long bushy white tail. Lastly, she had distinguishing marks on her cheeks and wrists. That much similar to her uncle Sesshomaru.She looked out from a window in a palace that rested on side of a mountain  surrounded by forest in the western lands. The lands that her uncle Sesshomaru rules over. She wore a mid length yukata that showed her rank upon these palace grounds. Royal blood. Her yukata's first layer that was seen from the collar and extended sleeves and her mid thigh were a crimson red followed by the last layer that was a brilliant white silk and a large red obi tied around her waist. She left her white hair flow down in it's natural waves. "Akina..." spoke a low male voice. Akina glanced across the room to see her father standing there. With a smile he said, "C'mon brat. We're leaving." and he left. She got up and walked out but took a look back at her favorite room in her uncle's palace. Despite it being empty. She walked out and met up with her mother and father near the front gates. "Goodbye." Her uncle simply said and Akina just gave a nod. She didn't talk much to her uncle because he didn't really speak to her. "We'll see you three soon." Said a cheerful brown haired female that stood by Sesshomaru's side. A little green creature came up and smiled as well. Kagome hugged the female, Sesshomaru and the green creature. "It was nice to see you three again, Rin." spoke her mother. They exchanged a nod before being off on their way. "'re awfully quiet. You're usually full of joy when we come here and disappointed when we leave." said her mother. Akina glanced over and gave her mother a shrug, "Eh. I don't know honestly...." but she did know. The only reason she was excited to come and spend weeks at her uncles was to sneak out at night to test her abilities in the forest. Abilities her parents were somewhat aware of but thought they had disappeared long ago when she was an infant. But she also snuck out to listen in on her father and uncle speak of battles. She sighed as she thought about the two day journey back home. It was now hours after they had left and her mother and father lay in deep sleep. Akina did not hesitate to miss this chance and she left their camp area for a waterfall that was 30 minutes ahead.Eventually she made it to the waterfall and took off her white silk layer and entered the cool water, walking deeper towards the deep end. she closed her eyes as a light blue glowing orb came up from the water and floated in front of her. She opened her eyes and smiled as it flew around her.


04/15/2013 06:13 PM 

{ F a m i l y } ;-rp family-; and ;-character's real family-;

;-Roleplay Family-;Daughter/s:Son/s:  Mother:Father:Mother's Mom:Mother's Dad:Mother's sister/s:Mother's brother/s:Father's mom:Father's dad:Father's sister/s:Father's brother/s:Sister/s:Brother/s:Cousin/s:Niece/s:Nephew/s:God-Father:God-Mother:;-Character's Family-; (storyline)Mother: KagomeFather: inuyashaUncle/s: Shippo, Miroku, Sesshomaru, SotaAunt/s: SangoGrandmother/s: Izayoi, Kaede, Kagome's motherGrandfather/s: InuNoTaishouBrother/s: Sister/s: (those that are in teal are main's. If you have the name and are an inuyasha character, you may request to be the main.)

ѕιlver нιмe

04/15/2013 05:53 PM 

Guidelines Of The Kingdom

These are the common rules of role-play, and are the essential rules when role-playing with me. These rules will include things like godmodding, metagaming, and autohitting. One of the fundamental skills that every good role-player has is the aptitude to follow and abide by these rules. So, no excuses. Even though everybody has the occasional slip-up, that's fine. However, any kind of disregarding of these common rules will be frowned upon and result in immediate action from me. Got it? Good.   DO NOT GOD-MODE!- Let's break it down. What is Godmodding? Well it is when a character features god-like abilities, such as invincibility or mind control, or other unrealistic powers that don't fit with the lore. It's also considered godmodding to refuse death in fights or ignore role-players in scenarios in which said role-players are attempting to attack you. For example, "I can kill you with a single touch." *She reaches to touch his skin, and if she succeeds, his flesh will fall off of his bones.* Nobody's good at everything; try and keep yourself in check.   DO NOT OVERPOWER YOURSELF OR OTHERS- Related to NO. 1, being "overpowered" is more or less what it sounds like, giving something or someone an unreasonable, unfair, unrealistic, or unbalanced amount of power, especially when it interferes with the ability of players around you to have fun. This can apply in the obvious ways, like having a character who is invincible or can summon the wrath of a zombie army with a flick of his fingers, but it can also be more subtle. For example, a character who is physically average but has skill mastery of over 70% of all main skills with ease can also be overpowered and put a damper on the ability of those around him to create engaging and challenging roleplay scenarios.   DO NOT METAGAME- Metagaming is when a player applies OOC-retrieved information to their IC character, such as participating in a war that you happened to see or hear about happening on someone else thread, and knowing about a character just because you saw their information. This is the most commonly broken rule of role-play and most infuriating. Only certain individuals, the ones listed on a person's information, or canons know the character personally. An example being, after being sent a PM greeting from someone named Chad *Jeremy the necromancer teleport into the scene immediately and rushes to the corpse of his buddy Chad, just moments after the arrow pierced his heart.*   DO NOT MIX IC AND OOC- Related to metagaming, it is considered taboo to "mix ic and ooc." For me I typically encourage not to associate information, or events that occur outside of role-playing unless we've known each other a while. Most often, when players associate OOC information with their IC behavior, whether it be how they perceive another character or actually acting on information they wouldn't otherwise have, it's called metagaming. However, it's also considered poor form to take IC information and apply it OOC. That is, if character A insults character B, and player B takes character A's insult as a personal attack from player A rather than exclusively an IC attack on character B, which is what mixing IC and OOC means. Confused? Player B is holding a grudge against Player A for what his/her character said or did in character. This violates this rule.   DO NOT AUTO (AUTO-HIT, AUTO-WALK, ETC)- Auto hitting is when a player performs an action without giving the affected players a chance to respond. For example, running up to somebody and saying *Stabs in the heart* then running off would be a form of auto hitting. Auto also applies to non-combative actions to which another player might have a reaction. This includes auto walking, auto speaking, ect. Need an example? Like saying, *the black knight slips past the guards and into the castle,* so while the white knights are minding their own business guarding the entrance to the knight's castle a player slips by? This would be auto walking on the premise that, in all likelihood, those knights would stop them before the player could get past them. This can easily be fixed with a simple rewording. Add "tries to" or "attempts to" to clarify that your character intends to perform said action, but his success depends on the responses of those around him. More advanced role-players will go into detail with their actions and emphasize their attempts. This is a frequently broken rule by newer role-players. However, I've been known to overlook this rule if pre-planned. Discussing pre-planned events annuls this rule, just don't add onto more than was discussed because then we might have a problem.   WARN BEFORE YOU KILL- It is considered polite to obtain permission from a player before attempting to kill his/hers character. This courtesy is a respect for the sentimental connection that can form between a player and his/hers character. Some individual's feel that each player has the right to choose the circumstances of his/hers character's death. A common variation of this rule is to, rather than ask permission, warn the player of your character's intentions so that the player may have his/hers character make decisions to help allow or block the fatal blow. Common exceptions to this rule include characters who initiate combat, characters who have committed acts such that they know they have enemies, characters in high-profile positions like kings who should expect frequent attempts on their lives, and characters on battlefields.   ATTACK JUSTIFICATION- It is also considered polite to, if a player controlling an opponent character requests, offer legitimate justification for their character initiating combat. This is a protection against metagamers in that the opponent player wants to make sure that your character is not attacking for out-of-character reasons, like personal disagreement or boredom, and that player's character is in danger honestly. The opposite side of this coin is that, after justification is given, your opponents character is obligated not to use that information unless it is also shared in-character.     DO NOT LORE-BREAK- Lore breaking is when a character breaks lore, which is practically anything that likely affects a character or scenario that doesn't belong within the verse. The basis for these commonalities is origin, culture, and known historical events. For example, *Broaven the Rellekan sailor is an established water mage and heads into the settlement to meet up with his other shipmates and use his magic to help them on their next trip.*Lore-bending, a similar term, is when existing lore is lightly modified (Hence the term lore-bending), but not significantly or in a way that detracts from the role-playing experience. Often this has to do with ideas that are neither supported nor contradicted by existing lore; for example, one never comes across a goblin who excels with traditional magic, but it is never explicitly stated that this can't ever be done - only that you rarely come across it. There are exceptions to this rule, an example being your favorite character from a certain verse dies, or your character is the offspring to a canon, and if you are a more experienced role-player you can find ways to bending the lore into something tolerable for most individuals.   DO NOT POWER-PLAY- Power-play occurs when a player operates someone else's character without the other player's consent. The most obvious example, "Your character falls off the cliff as he/she walks up to it not paying attention." As you can see, not only is this unfair to the other player, but it's also discouraged because often players will misconstrue the behaviors and personalities of characters they didn't design. Power-playing goes into more subtle situations, however. Saying, "Sally charges Jack so fast that he wouldn't be able to react enough to avoid it," can also be considered a violation of this rule since Sally's player has controlled Jack's abilities, possibly in a way that doesn't accurately represent his character. The appropriate way to word Sally's attack would be, "Sally charges Jack so fast that it's unlikely he could totally dodge it without equally inhuman speed." This leaves it up to Jack's player whether or not Jack is actually capable of avoiding Sally.   PLAYING MARY-SUES- The definition of a "Mary Sue" is difficult to nail down, because the meaning has changed over time as the character type has migrated out of fanfiction and into canon. So, in attempt to explain I'm going to cover as much as possible. So, first a Mary-Sue is a specific kind of character that is usually considered literately reprehensible and otherwise unpleasant for others to play alongside. A Mary-Sue is any character (of any gender, age, race, or species) who fits one or more of these descriptions, a character who's too perfect, a copy of another character with a few changes, lacking realistic or logical flaws, or whose flaws do not affect them in real ways. A character who's idealized or made "better". (E.g. more attractive, smarter, given skills, abilities & powers without the flaws, quirks & limits that make them interesting and real.) There are many faces of Mary Sue, but I picked the most common of them to explain. CANON SUE, a canon sue is the corruption of a legitimate canon character within the fandom to the point that they resemble the fanfic author itself. They may acquire new powers, undergo a makeover (including the dreaded Hot Topic punk variety), they will become good friends or become enemies with canon characters that they usually wouldn't be with , or just act completely out of character in a way that makes those familiar with the canon scream in horror. However, there are a select few immunities such as the Joker. The crown prince of crime is entirely unpredictable and extremely vindictive. His insanity, which causes slight personality changes within him, can cause him to be a silly, comedic prankster one moment, a twisted considerate lover or an irrational, ruthless killer the next. But, don't be fooled. The criminal aspect of his personality will continuously remain the same, no matter what persona he takes. So, you can encounter five Jokers at the exact time, each with a slight different personality without him being a Sue.   ORIGINAL CHARACTERS OC'S- Unfortunately, countless OCs conclusion end up as Mary Sues, which is why people often stay away from OC-centric fics. It's much easier to do this than to give the benefit of the doubt that a select few original character are not just another Mary Sue. Now, it's perfectly acceptable to write a strong, intelligent, beautiful character. It's also perfectly tolerable to have them liked by the canon characters in the universe they are related with. These traits only become an issue when they're written at the expense of other characters. The original character, and the lore of the verse must go hand in hand. So, even if you love your OC to bits, don't forget about the other characters. Think carefully about their canon traits and whether it would make sense for them to act a certain way toward someone else's character. After all, the canon characters (and universe) are what drew you in to start with right? Respect the canon of the fandom you're writing for, and that fandom will respect you too.   THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE- A player has the right to choose not to role-play with a certain character or other player whose standards conflict with his/hers own. With that being said, if I don't enjoy participating in our storyline, or feel I'm having trouble cooperating with, or it clashes with my storyline, or further participation will lead to more headache than enjoyment. Then I will see no further reason to continue roleplaying with that individual. Sorry, but I'm here to enjoy my time.   MINIMUM OF THREE-TEN LINE PARAGRAPHS (500 WORDS.)- Most people understand that colorful description can add a lot to roleplaying and character development. The flip-side of this, though, is that it can be oppressive and difficult to follow if roleplayers carry on with too much narration for too long. The exact amount each individual aims for can be different, but three is a popular number. So, if your one of those people who struggle, then shoot for the three. Nothing comes effortlessly without a little practice, hard work and dedication. Of course, it's acceptable, but six, ten line paragraphs is typically a good goal. This style is also known as "casual RP", among other names.  This type of roleplay is accessible to everyone. The reason for this is that it's easy to grasp and easy to start. However, script-style roleplays will rarely offer much character development or plot advancement. So, I'm not a enormous fan.   INAPPROPRIATE ROLEPLAY- Bad words, offensive terms may be used in character in an age inappropriate manner. I have no objections to a more rated R experience when using foul language and violence. However, sex is entirely different. I'm assuming we're mature enough to talk about this, so sexual conduct is to be excepted while roleplaying. I'm not saying sexual content isn't allowed, only that some sexual contact needs to be handled in an extra, more established mature way. There will be a point in everyone's storyline that will contain graphic conduct, if you can't handle mature content then kindly let the other player know beforehand.   MUTES- Simple, we talk, we roleplay, you stay. I don't keep mutes on my friends list.   PUNISHMENT- Noncompliance to follow these rules will result in immediate action from me. All first offense will deal with the consequence of having a private ooc counseling and/or warning, and/or banishment depending on which rule you broke. I don't do second chances, if I have to warn you a second time it will result in me hitting the block button on your page.   EXCEPTIONS- Role-play is about creativity and while these rules are not just needed they can at times during very deep and important role-play points be a bit constricting. That being said, like many things in life the rules of role-play are not the be-all and end-all. It takes skill and knowledge to know when one can bend one of the above rules to affect a role-play in a positive manner, this is usually done by small groups where the individuals that are involved know each other in both IC and OOC. They know exactly what they are getting into, many are most likely experienced writers and are okay with it. This takes a long time to understand and should only be attempted by advanced role-players. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that the purpose of role-playing online is to have fun.Please be creative when signing my rules! Thank you and lets have tons of fun!

Multiple Personality Syndrome

04/15/2013 11:53 PM 


The Voluptuous Valkyrie Name: Astrid Age: Immortal (looks 25) eras: feudal/modern Gender: female Height: 5'8" Weight: 160 lbs. Lean and Muscled Race: Valkyrie/Goddess Abilities: travel between realms (Valhalla, Asgard, and Midgard), battle skills Martial Status: single Sexual Orientation: bisexual (leans towards men)(submissive) Occupation: Valkyrie/Barmaid Personality: strong willed, determined, battle hardened, drunkard, manipulative, can be sweet at times Likes: mead, ale, warriors, strong men, being dominated, weapons, nature, bloodshed Dislikes: weaklings, weak alcohol, cowards Family: (relationships) Odin--Father (neutral/good) Thor-- Half Sister (Favored/protective) Important Places: Vingolf-Hall of Goddesses in Asgard (Astrid is banned from entering) Idavoll- Plains where Vingolf and Gladsheim are located Thrudheim- Realm of Thor. Bilskirnir- Hall of Thor in Thrudheim. (Astrid resides here when visiting Asgard) Story: At an early age, Astrid defied her Father Odin's wishes and caused the death of a platoon of warriors of Valhalla. As punishment she was bound in a ring of fire until her body reached the age of 21. Odin then decided that she was to be bound to the code of the Valkyrie and recruit new soldiers for his army. This revoked her goddess status, making it impossible for her to enter some places in Asgard such as her home in Idavoll. She discovered that the only way for the code to be broken is for a brave and great warrior to fall in love with her and vow to fight for Valhalla when Ragnarok happens. Once this event happens, her goddess status will be restored and she will be allowed to return home.

Multiple Personality Syndrome

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The Daring Drug Lord Name: Specialist Rose Starkley Lovett PhD Age: 26 eras: Modern/Future Gender: female Height: 5'4"Weight: 130 lbs.Race: Augmented HumanAbilities: scanner eyes, night vision, bullet proof skin, can communicate with mind.Martial Status: Single Sexual Orientation: bisexual Occupation: Ex-Augmerc, Drug lord, creator of Cybersil Personality: bossy, smart, cold, good with money, high taste Likes: seafood especially clams, whiskey, Cybersil (drug), parties, fancy clothes, working in her lab, creating new drugs. Dislikes: police, people trying to shut down her operation, people overly violent Family: Mikhail Lovett--Brother Story:Rose and Mikhail were raised in a home by the sea by two loving parents. The world was normal except for the new discovery of augmenting humans. It started with just health problems; a robotic heart, a mechanical liver, things to keep people alive mostly. The blind could now see, the deaf could hear, but soon enough weapons were developed. These were deemed illegal by the government and anyone with a weapon augment was to be killed. The police and a force known as Augmercs were allowed to have weapon modifications to control the public. It was soon discovered that once a certain percent of the human body was augmented that a person began to lose their sanity. This was 60%. The government put a limit of 50% in place to prevent this loss of sanity. Anyone over this limit was put to death. This meant that Rose and Mikhail's parents were put to death. Rose was devastated and began to develop a drug that suppressed this sort of cyber sickness that people developed. She named it Cybersil. Anyone over the limit of 50% retained not only their sanity but it allowed them to slip beneath the radars of the Augmercs. However anyone under this limit merely gained a high from the drug as one would from any other drug. It was soon deemed illegal, but this did not stop Mikhail and Rose from producing it in large quantities and becoming drug lords very quickly. From the day that their parents were killed, Mikhail vowed to protect his younger sister at all costs. He is her personal bodyguard and the only person she trusts.                                 Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code

Multiple Personality Syndrome

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The Whimsical Elf   Name: Nisirath HiemstellaNickname: NisiAge: 4200 looks 21 Eras: Feudal/ModernGender: femaleHeight: 5'4"Weight: 103Race: Radiant Cavern ElfAbilities: complete healing abilities, stealth, incredible speed, able to do simple spells, can talk to all living things. Martial Status: Taken Sexual Orientation: BisexualOccupation: clerk at a bookstore (modern)/ Hunter (feudal)Personality: shy, very quiet, smart, artistic, usually a loner, hopeless romantic Likes: Sun, being outside, a good book, painting, drawing, bright rooms, trees, herbs, flowers, bold men, home cooked meals, hot tea, mulled cider Dislikes: loud noises, dark rooms, death, disease.Family: All deceased Setlahd-Father (42) Risbelh-Mother (39) Alonleel-Oldest Brother (21) Hinoraan- Oldest Sister (20) Lilnaht- 2nd Sister (17) Oberdiin- 2nd Brother (15) Asirraah-3rd Sister (13) Dilinail- 4th Sister (12) Story: She was born into a loving family, being the youngest of 7. She had 4 older sisters and 2 older brothers. Her family lived in the middle of the city Divincan. The city was located in the Caverna Candidus. Her family was part of the Candida Dryadales, whose powers and appearance was different than those of the other elven races.  They prospered in the city Divincan living in peace and harmony for many centuries, until disaster struck. A man named Thradth appeared and cast a curse on the Candida Dryadales. A disease they called Advena Dolor struck the city and spread like wildfire. It started as a slight throbbing pain anywhere on the body. It would move around and be in different location or everywhere all at once. Eventually the pain would worsen and when the headaches got bad enough the victim would start to see things and hallucinate. The pain would finally get so bad that the victim's body would shut down and the person would die. It took anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks for a person to die. No one that was diagnosed with this disease survived. Nisirath's family was hit hard, her siblings dying within a few days of each other and her father following close behind. Her mother seemed to be a fighter, surviving the illness for a few weeks. During this time she told Nisirath of a book that would teach her everything she ever needed to know about their history, culture and abilities. Nisirath was told to find this book if she somehow survived. A few days before the New Year, her mother died. After this Nisi left the city to try to escape the disease, since almost everyone was dead or ill now. She had to find the book her mother told her about. The book of Moriccutum was said to hold all the secrets of the elven races, but Nisirath had no idea where to start. The city maybe? But it was ridden with disease and she was already suffering from headaches. But against her better judgment, she returned to the city only to find it scattered with the victims of the Advena Dolor and deserted. It seemed to her that she was the only one that survived the epidemic, but she had faith that maybe if she found the book she would be able to find others and maybe bring their race back from almost extinction.  She searched the city day and night for months with no luck. She hadn't seen another living being in almost a year and the city was being to decay. It was no longer the city she had grown up in and loved, it was now in ruins. She vowed to find the book, to kill Thradth, and to save her people. How she was going to do was still yet to be discovered.   *****Speaks an elvish language of my own design.******                                     Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code

Multiple Personality Syndrome

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The Fallen Angel Name: Scarlett Meadows Nickname: Scar Age: immortal looks 20 Gender: Female Height: 5'9" Weight: 130 Race: Fallen Angel Abilities: able to fly, excellent agility, healing and regenerative abilities Martial Status: Single Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Occupation: Bounty Hunter of Supernaturals Personality: loner, arrogant, intelligent, has trust issues.... Likes: flying, hunting, killing, money, wine, chocolate Dislikes: crowds Family: all in Heaven, where she was banished from Story: She was different. Her mother and father were two ordinary angels that wanted a child. So they had one, but they couldn't keep her, they weren't allowed to. Scarlett was born with blood red wings. That's how she got her name. Her parents knew that the Council of Angels wouldn't approve of her difference and they did there best to hide it for as long as they could. But by the age of 3, the council found out about young Scarlett and banished her to Earth for all eternity. She has no idea why her wings are red but she hides them from the humans. If they knew she was an angel there would be pandemonium and that would anger the council worse. She grew up in an orphanage in the 1500s but now she lives on her own in an apartment in the city, looking for work to help her get by. She has trust issues and speaks to only those she needs to. She hasn't let anyone close to her since she was banished.--Since she had grown and matured she has found out many things about herself. Her mother is an angel but her true father is Satan. She now works as a sort of bounty hunter and eliminates an supernatural being that is causing harm to the balance of the world. She has grown into a sort of sadistic, cold hearted killer. Everyone that she has ever loved has perished and she wanders the earth alone, looking for work and maybe someone to get her mind off her eternity here.                                 Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code

Multiple Personality Syndrome

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The Singing Selkie.... Name: Aislin Nolan Age: Immortal looks 22 Gender: female Height: 5'7" Weight: 120 lbs. Race: Selkie Abilities: Can shed her seal skin to live on land. Can live underwater. Has an enchanting voice that can put any human male in a trance. Can speak to any aquatic animals. Martial Status: Single Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Occupation: none Personality: Playful, sexual, teasing, sarcastic, artistic, soft spoken.... Likes: water, aquatic animals, painting, the sound of waves, singing, wind chimes, swimming, sex, earthy things, nighttime.... Dislikes: Selkie males, coffee, chalk, sharks Family: Eldest daughter of King Seosamh and Queen Lunete of Norwynne, Younger sister to the heir Prince Cathal. Story: Aislin was the Princess of the underwater kingdom of Norwynne. She was gifted in the arts and the youngest child of the royal family. As she grew older, she was treated as a prize to be won, like all selkie women. However being of royal blood, she was the grandest of all prizes. Soon she was forced into an arranged marriage with one of the most brutal males in the kingdom. Her mate to be, Declan was the strongest soldier in the military, but he was brutal towards women. In the selkie world this was considered favorable. Aislin despised him and ran away from home. She made her home on land in Ireland. She has been hiding on land since then, hoping to one day be able to return home to her family and her kingdom.                                 Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code

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