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02/22/2021 12:53 PM 

One Piece Rp?

Anyone open for a One Piece rp? I can play my Oc or a canon character. I do Romance, Action, Adventure, and comedy  roleplays. No Mature/1*8+ rps pleasePlease friend request me if you're interested. My Oc blog is on my profile :)

One Piece, Anime, OC, Looking, Open


02/22/2021 12:17 PM 

rules n stuff!

β–ΉPreferably literate, 2+ paragraphs (can vary based on what’s happening obviously!)β–Ή 19y/o writer,18+ welcomed! Both smut and non-smut happily accepted. F-list available if necessary.β–ΉYou add, you message/I add, I message- only because I tend to lose track easily- that would be very much appreciated!β–ΉDiscord available, though hesitant to give out.β–ΉSuper easygoing, so please don’t hesitate to message me! I’m only a bit picky with some adds, though for the most part there’s no need for a filter around me, I’d love to discuss and make friends!β–ΉIC and OOC both absolutely welcomed, will try to match post length!β–ΉVery patient with replies, and I hope you’ll be the same...I understand everyone has a life outside of here, plus just general motivation can be overwhelming sometimes, so replies may be inconsistent with response time!β–ΉIn the end, just be nice and have fun! I very much look forward to stories that we can get going!β–Ή May add to this, though for now that's it! 


02/21/2021 09:46 PM 

One Piece OC
Current mood:  bored

Name: Baruski AutakeAffiliation: Pirate of Heart Pirate CrewAge: 22Gender and Sex: FemaleEthnicity: CaucasianLanguages: EnglishFavorite Food: SushiShips: Mihawk, Law, Zoro, Sanji, VergoAppearance: White haired pale female with purple eyes, White shirt and navy blue long coat, short blue pants, white boots, a big blue hat with a feather, a sword.Personality: Attentive, Serious, Calm, Introvert, Strong, Confident, Realist 

One Piece, OC

π™ π™‘π™šπ™₯π™©π™€π™’π™–π™£π™žπ™–π™˜!

02/21/2021 06:18 PM 

seven questions i stole.
Current mood:  chipper

1. Who is your character? Selina Castle, at your service.~2. Are they a Canon character or an OC?Okay soooo she's def canon, but I've altered her A LOT so she's very AU. Which I like. So.3. If you answered Canon, why did you choose this character? If you answered OC, how or why did you make this character?Wellll at the time I was in an anime-based verse for some years, but I've always wanted to try comics verse. I finally got up the nerve to try it with Catwoman because she's always been one of my favorite anti-heroes. Her iterations are so varied and her character is more complex than many like to believe because they just think of the spandex & whip. So growing with her as I learned more about comics in general has been a delight.4. If you answered Canon, how have you expanded this character past their main story? If you answered OC, how have you immersed your character into different universes?Sooooo initially I did try to stick very closely to Rebirth Catwoman. But it got dry. So then I started dabbling with RP with characters in other verses. I loved the flexibility of building on Selina while also still honoring what made her the Catwoman. So while there are some noted differences in how I portray her, there is still some familiarity.5. Both Canon & OC, how has this character affected you? Do they hold a special role for you or inspire you in any way?Selina is legit so special to me! I love writing as her, so much so that I've even brought it into my job. xD I actively do comics research & scholarship, & I try to bring awareness to Catwoman and other characters/stories as a means of incorporating it into education. So I took it and RAN with it lmao.6. Both Canon & OC, You knew it was coming, what is your opinion on shipping and the impact it has on your character? Shipping?I'm a big shipper. BIIIIIG shipper. I take each relationship that Selina has had to heart. I carry each experience, each heartbreak, each moment of happiness as a part of her history. The traditional ship (BatCat) didn't work out for me, & while that's unfortunate I will say that my current ship is the most wonderful one I've ever had in RP. We transcended universes & made it work despite being the "odd couple." Franky is mai heart & I love how we have a continuous story that's carried on from day one. We'll be 1 year married next week! He is a treasure.7. For both Canon & OC’s any big future plans for this character?I'm trying to be more active on HERE, but I am pretty content with the Discord servers I'm a part of. I plan on posting much more regularly in those existing stories. I want Selina to have more babies with Franky. xD I also don't want her to get content in the same old, same old! I want to really develop her character into the BEST momma, the BEST wife, and the BEST cat burglar. Some things she just can't give up. ♥

questions, survey, rp


02/21/2021 01:32 PM 

Genshin Impact Female OC

AppearanceName: SilverNicknames: Sil, The Silver Adeptus, Lady Silver, The Black StarAge: 2,000 yearsRace: Adeptus (Umbra)Gender: FemaleHeight: 5’7’’Weight: 132 lbs.Eyes: Violet-AmethystHair: Long pitch black hair with a silver underlayer.Voice Claim: Céline DionS/O: Straight, sub.Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: An Adeptus of the Umbra Archon, wanderer.Scars: None.Piercings: EarsTattoos: Stars on both of her forearms.Weapon of Choice: Her scythe “Oblivion” and Umbra magic. Outfit/Clothes: Figure: Ons: Caressing her neck, back and arms, biting/marking, public displays of possessiveness, and more.Likes: Tea, dancing and playing her violin, singing a bit, intimidating others, toying with her prey, attractive men, pasta and rice dishes, her Archon.Dislikes: Pretty much everyone else, annoying tagalongs, the Fos Archon, having her privacy intruded upon.Her violin. Elemental Skill: Shadow Burst - Conjures a large black bubble of magic around her before bursting in a magical explosion, dealing elemental AOE damage.Elemental Blast: Engulfing Shade - Covers the ground of the battlefield in a carpet of shadows, wisps of magic trialing into the air, drains enemies elemental magic and converts it into her own energy (basically a power drain).Personality: Dark, cold, devious, can be known to flirt a bit with guys she finds attractive, sly, cunning, seductive. Her alignment with the Umbra elemental gives her a naturally intimidating presence and deceitful habits. She is not as skilled as her Archon in dealing with people however so what she lacks in communication she makes up for in combat prowess. Silver is notorious for being a very quiet and observant person yet has quite the sassy and snarky mouth on her. Bio: Silver had grown up on the streets as a child, stealing to survive. She became accustomed to violence and death at an early age. Despite this, she retained some semblance of sanity, drawing a connection to the Umbra Vision. After serving diligently for many years, she became one of Syphon's Adepti. The Silent Stars are the only family she's ever known and cherishes them all. She dies wish to have someone to call her own one day but is doubtful of them truly accepting her.Pets: A Blue Raven, Merlin.Her Drake, Requiem.House/Residence: She wanders all over Teyvat, making camps mostly and staying at the occasional Inn.Theme Songs: Nightcore - No Friends (Lyrics) Max - Kings & Queens [Official Music Video] - Born Without A Heart “In chess a King can move one space at a time, but Queens are free to move wherever they like.”"Don't mistake my indifference for carelessness.""We may be twisted but we're family, remember that." 

Genshin Impact


02/21/2021 12:24 PM 

Genshin Impact Male OC 1 - Umbra Archon

Appearance Name: SyphonNicknames: Sy, Syph, The Umbra Archon, Starseer, Shadow MasterAge: 4000 yearsRace: Archon (Umbra)Gender: MaleHeight: 5"9Weight: 165 lbs.Eyes: RedHair: Short, dark teal that fades into a lighter shade.Voice Claim: Trevor Devall (Specifically when he played Ravus from FFXV)S/O: Bisexual, male lean, switch depending on his mood.Relationship Status: SingleOccupation: Being the Umbra Archon.Scars: A few on his torso from past battles.Piercings: Ears, small teal hoops.Tattoos: See image.Weapon of Choice: His scythe "Raven" and Archon magic. Outfit/Clothes: See image.Figure: Thin but fit, see image, lithe muscles.Turn Ons: Attention to his neck, power displays, body worship, and much more.Likes: Annoying the other Archons, instigating things from the shadows, his adepti, causing trouble for those on his sh*t list, people finding out who he is, meddling in human affairs (Specifically pissing off the "bad" factions).Dislikes: People on his sh*t list, the Fos Archon, anyone that causes trouble for his adepti, boring humans.Powers: Umbra elemental magic revolves around a lot of your typical shadow or dark magic, dark wisps of magical energy colored black with purple variations. Syphon's magic however is colored differently due to his true connection with it, having mastered its influence over his long life. You can see the color of his magic in his image. Very dark teal with red variations. Umbra has a wider connection to more than just "dark" magic, reaching into the night sky. Many creatures aligned with this element have a base of black with varying purple and white or silver starry patterns.Personality: Syphon is a master manipulator and deceiver, believed to be dead by the other gods. He is conniving, convincing, sly and slippery to catch. Syphon holds an unusual kind of charm, a silver tongue perfected over time. Charismatic, dark, devious, intelligent and a good strategist, there are few who can best him. When he is present, he does nothing to hide his intimidating and unnerving presence. Bio: He has remained undetected due to the fact he weaved a web of lies to fake his death after he "killed" the Fos Archon. He has a long and bloody history with the Light God, the two having become enemies after a specific event. The wars and battles of the other Archons never interested Syphon, he found them childish and boring. He wasn't much surprised when the gods squabbles started influencing the humans who worshipped them. Thus his hobby of interfering with human conflicts began, tilting the balance back and forth depending on who has his favor at the time. He masquerades as a traveling bounty hunter and weapon enchanter, though his enchantments can be either a hindrance or blessing, depending on the person. He has a group of followers, known as the Silent Stars, that are hidden within each of the other God's factions. Since he is to be "dead" they receive orders from him through his adepti or by meeting in secrecy. Anyone caught eavesdropping is killed on sight to maintain their cover. Despite his reputation, he treats his followers well and rewards them with various perks or gifts of weapons.Pets: He does have a dragon, Venemis, which takes the form of a drake most of the time.Drake FormDragon FormHouse/Residence: Wherever he wants honestly, though he fancies to stay at Wangshu Inn frequently.Theme Songs:Guys Don't Like Me - It Boys! Word - Panicland Walker - Darkside "We are all brought forth out of darkness into this world, through blood and through pain.""The shadows betray you, because they serve me.""Oh look at you, so intimidating." 

Genshin Impact


02/21/2021 11:11 PM 

Buni lee- one of my characters

Buni Again!~Mating season: everyday buni is the same innocent werewolf but some months he  comes into heat. sometimes he has sex with people and doesnt relize it. he's kind of in a trance as his eyes grow darker and he becomes more vicious. --the only thing is, he wont stop until the trance is over ~ 

Spirit detective

02/20/2021 10:06 AM 

Tanaka and her returning brother.

"Tama, get your jiang sh*t away from me."  cried The detective's brother as it continued to wipe his cheek with a handkerchief wet with a fishy liquid.  "Stop telling it to be come near me or I swear on your sh*t hands I will beat her."  The annoyance in his voice, palpable from his little sister's usual antics which have not changed save for her jiang sh*t doing what she always did in her stead.  "I don't want to smell like a corpse nor do I want your rotten body pillow of a corpse near me."  He sighed as he spoke very low, so low that not even the Jiang-shi picked up what he said. "Come back from tour and first thing she does is sick her nasty corpse on me."  Raising his voice he looked at his sister who was fiddling with her gloved hands.  "Why couldn't you have gotten a dog like a normal person?!" "What do you mean sh*t?  I'll have you know, she's clean and does not smell like a corpse.  Why would I want a dog when I can have Jiang-shis!  You're acting weird, what happened while you were in america?" She looked at her Jiang-shi then her brother.  Her head tilting as she watched him not even attempt to get away from her Jiang-shi.  It didn't take a genius to realize he was just putting up a facade, but what for?   "Did you get yourself a girlfriend in America or something?"  She approached closer to her brother, her gloved hands up at chest level.   She moved closer getting ready to pounce onto him.  She had not shown it, but she was rather happy he had returned from his outing back to japan.  "What kind of gir-"He chopped her square on the forehead putting a stop to her advance.  He didn't even need look in her direction as she always approached him from the same direction and angle every single time.  "You don't need to worry about that.  Why don't you have a boyfriend yet and what's this I hear about you still being in highschool?" He ignored the Jiang-shi and concentrated on his sister, its master.  "I don't need a boyfriend nor want one!  Did America make you stupid or something?!  Why are you even here anyway?!  Don't you have some weird American thing to do with your American girlfriend you idiot?!  Why would I even want one?!  No one in the school interests me anyway you bonehead!"

π™²πš•πš˜πšœπšŽ πšœπš‘πšŠπšŸπšŽ

02/20/2021 04:11 PM 

Pablo's poem collection

Behold!  - My collection of love-notes from my precious bro' Kyou ♥ Go ahead! call me faggot, whatever you want!I know what I am, I know what I love!My Sweet Sugarplum Cinnabon, writes me a poem whenever a girl dumps me. You may say; displaying these beautiful tokens enhances my failure, but I don't see it like that. these are my greatest material possessions. My greatest treasures. ♥  _______ #1  I'm a soft guy by skin,and a mean one at heartso if you touch my bromateI will tear your world apartbecause he's the best brofriendthat I've ever hadI love him more than flowersand I think he's really rad~#2.  I think I'm spoiledI'm addicted to your loveYour loving is something spectacularThe caress of your soft hands and the softness of your smile can brighten my dayLike Shakespeare's work this love is timeless#3. I've been thinking this for awhile now.It's the way we interact.The way you treat me isn't how you treat friends.Maybe I'm wording that wrong.Are we soul mates?Are we meant to always be together?Some would say that's a dream but this is our reality.#4It's an amazing thing to receive this kind of gift.A gift like none other.Something ever so priceless.Love, can't be bought but can be learned and earned.Love is something that is destined.You're more likely to stumble upon it than to find it.I found this love by accident.I found myself with your heart by accident.After all that excitement, I was elated by your actions.This love is worth the heartache.#5You touch himSo damn saintlyFor such a sinnerBrushYour lipsTo the underside of wristsWhere arteries criss cross likes mapsLeading you anywhere and everywherePress your palmFlat to his chest andFind religion in the wayHis heart rises to meet your hand again andAgain and again in aSong only audible to you.#6The way thesunlight danced on his skin,and starlight in his eyes,he knew he'd never wantto look awayHe'd rather havea body full of scarsand a head full of memories,than a head full of regretsand perfect skin.#7Never look directly at the sun.Instead, look at the sunflowerWho drinks its beauty in with his faceAnd like it he becomes.His glory the sameStrong, true, and goodYou know he is a source of joyEven if he's misunderstoodHis beauty, his worth, his meaningWhile fragrance there is none,He is perfect,My sunflower.//I hope to once again explore this heartbreaking tale with that beautiful brain of yours ♥ This is still Pablo's precious treasure! //

Dark Priestess

02/19/2021 05:47 PM 

a silent fate.
Current mood:  adventurous

A ripple in time, a tear in time and space, and traveling to different worlds. That would be interesting, or rather impossible. Impossible, but entirely true. As a maiden in feudal Japan she had seen many things, and experienced many things. It was difficult to place an event that happened that changed her outlook on life. Could it be that her enemies had gained an upper hand on her ability to purify evil? She was wary with her defenses and could not continue on her own. She had the aid of a half-demon that fell in love with her. She aided in defending the village they resided in and continued to fight off the growing number of demons that plagued the villages since the priestess gave into her emotions.Her raging emotions that would soon to prove her downfall - her emotions, a fruitless love that would soon give in to hate, as she followed InuYasha to her meaningless death. But even in death she was not freed from the evil of the shikon no tama. It was a cursed object, made a thousand years ago by many demons fighting Midoriko, a feudal priestess of the past, and someone destined to fight demons within the jewel forever. Kikyou theorized that this was why it enhanced the powers of demons and all humans could do was purify it and keep it protected from demons getting their hands on it for their own abusive nature. The fury of the battle within the jewel would die along with the priestess that protected it. It was only natural that someone like Kikyou, a kind and caring priestess that put the lives of others before her own and cared for them when they were injued or in strife. Only then would she obtain the title of someone who represented peace, harmony, and hope.She became a reason for others to look for the light in an otherwise dark world full of slavery, torture, famine, and destruction. People killed each other, in cold blood, and it seemed, at first glance, that it was not a safe world to be in. There were not technologies and resources that the modern era in Kagome's world seemed to have. Sometimes, thinking back 50 years ago, Kikyou would envy Kagome and admire her strength to handle InuYasha the way she did. Kikyou traveled down the dirt path that lead outside of the village and into the wooded forest beyond it. She was going out to gather herbs to create medicine for the people in the village should she need some in the future. She always had to be thinking of the future and what kind of situations she could find herself in.  There were no coincidences in the world, and Kikyou learned that the hard way, unfortunately. Kikyou would learn to view the world in a different way; another chance at life gave her the redemption that she needed so desperately in the other world. She clung on to the hope that she and InuYasha would be together in the village living life in peace. She wanted that since the beginning, but her fears of the demons that were attacking the village's and towns near-by were wavering her faith and confidence. This was not the only time she had tried to dismiss her feelings for InuYasha. She was having a difficult time keeping her own emotions in check, and that made her weak against the demons that wished to bring her to her knees.She made sure the home she made for herself was protected and her identity and her past connection with InuYasha and the whole mess with Onigumo was not known. She made sure that she could start over, continuing her life in peace and refreshed from her past. She wanted to continue living as a protector, although it had caused her trouble in the past it was still in her nature, her very being to protect and purify that which she was presented with situations that were drawn to her. Kikyou was known for being a protective force of people and places that were holy and continued to be a sign of refuge for lost souls still unsure of their faith to the earth and nature be continued...


02/17/2021 11:55 PM 

Buni lee- one of my characters

Name: Buni LeeAge: 19Height:Sexual Orientaiton: Pansexual, but likes men betterBody Type: Athletic (kinda slim)Personality: He's very worrying and cannot stand to see someone he loves get hurt. though he's tall he is the most caring person or wolf boy you'd ever lay your eyes onBackgound: Theres not much about him but he was said to be sent to his death once he became of the age 21. since he's a werewolf he may cause trouble and many people couldn't stand to be around him only the people who may understand him could ever like such a being.


02/17/2021 11:08 PM 

BNHA AU's I can use!

Here are just some AU's I don't mind using, that could have some characters from other series be fitting for these characters.Quirkless AUIt's a simple premise, all of it's focus is just the same characters, but with their lives without any quirks or anything of the sort. Which is to say, none of the villains are actually villains in this AU, though, they all still have their mental problems. Toga, Tomura, Twice and Dabi are all still twisted.Boku No Knight AcademiaThis AU would have as it's main premise having the characters in a medieval scenario, with classes like D&D or something simpler. Boku No Shogun AcademiaIs another simple AU, where the characters are set in the Sengoku era of Japan. There still would be quirks, though much of it would be more mythical stuff, as well as having said powers be less common and normally only aquired by warriors.

Boku No Hero


02/17/2021 10:38 PM 

Toya Todoroki (Dabi)

Dabi (荼毘だび Dabi?), born Toya Todoroki (θ½Ÿγ¨γ©γ‚γη‡ˆγ¨γ†ηŸ’γ‚„ Todoroki Tōya?), is a major supporting antagonist in the series. He is a Villain affiliated with the League of Villains, and formerly a member of the organization's Vanguard Action Squad. He and the rest of his team serve as the primary antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc. He also serves as an antagonist for the Pro Hero Arc.As a child, Toya was very energetic and boisterous, and wanted to learn as much as he could from his father. Because his father Enji had emphasized that he would be the one to surpass All Might, Toya became determined to fulfill that dream, becoming just as stubborn as his father to become the next number one. This drive to surpass All Might was so great that despite Enji continuously trying to tell him to abandon this goal and focus on something else in life, he refused and continued training, burning himself in the process. After being abandoned by Enji, who became focused on Toya's youngest brother Shoto, Toya claimed that he went through an existential crisis at some point while crying out of frustration every night. The constant stress and suffering caused Toya to eventually lose his sanity and, after faking his death, become a murderous criminal obsessed with ruining the reputation of his father. Dabi is a stoic, aloof, confident, and focused individual who rarely shows emotion. While rather crude and violent, he is actually cautious, choosing to retreat when Mirko arrived to aid Endeavor and made sure not to divulge too much information to Hawks about High-End because of the infancy of their relationship.[8] Overall, Dabi is a highly enigmatic individual who trusts no one, preferring to do things alone and in his own way. He also gives off the impression of knowing more about certain people than he lets on. Despite his usual expressionless behavior, Dabi finds joy in establishing himself as a villain fighting against what he believes to be false heroes, an ideology proposed by his apparent inspiration, Stain. Dabi is dedicated to Stain's mission and desires to destroy superhuman society, sharing his belief that one person with the necessary conviction can do so.[9] He appears to share Stain's sentiment that Heroes are hypocritical and unworthy of their title, but unlike Stain, he does not seem to seek a society with better heroes.  Dabi takes pleasure in taunting heroic figures, students, and Pro Heroes alike, sadistically enjoying the pain he inflicts on others, including those he murders.[10] Sometimes, Dabi engages in psychological warfare in order to unnerve whoever his opposition is (while also allowing himself to cool down from his own Quirk's effects). Very pragmatic in battle, he is rather savvy about how heroes operate and will exploit their natural tendency to rescue others. He's not afraid of causing collateral destruction, rarely holding back, even if it puts his allies at risk. Dabi is intolerant of most people and can be very derisive, being quite rude and condescending to essentially everybody he interacts with. He insulted Tomura Shigaraki immediately after meeting him and constantly does the same to both his allies and enemies. While the League would go on to develop a strong sense of camaraderie, Dabi has remained distant from them for the most part. He has admitted that he doesn't care for Tomura or the rest of the League and that the value he puts on them comes mostly from their ability to bring his ambitions into reality. This selfish way of thinking establishes Dabi as an extreme sociopath.  Unlike his father, Toya seemed to be very close to his mother Rei as a child according to Natsuo and Fuyumi. It is also mentioned by Natsuo that Toya's "death" greatly devastated Rei as her mental state had already been harshly affected by her husband's past abuses. Many years later, Rei would still think of Toya despite not knowing he is still alive as the villain Dabi.[11] As shown in the memories of their family, Rei had a caring and loving relationship with her eldest son, having been shown to greatly worry for him upon learning of his bodies odd constitution of having her resistance to frost and his father's fire Quirk and was shown to actively worry for him as his body began becoming injured in an almost daily basis due to his insistence of training despite this. Later upon realizing of Toya's stubbornness, Rei was shown to be greatly distressed upon her husband proposing his plan to make him "give up", having come to realize that her son was already aware of what her husband desired from having more children and was worried on the mental anguish he would go through. By the time the Paranormal Liberation War occurs, Rei is shown to be completely horrified when Dabi reveals his true identity as her long-lost son that she thought she had lost many years ago.[12]Shoto is Dabi's youngest sibling. Shoto would always watch him, Fuyumi, and Natsuo play together, often wanting to join them as they have fun but his father prevented any interactions between them since he had to train and get stronger. However, when Shoto was born, Toya began to feel a strong animosity towards him because he saw Shoto as his replacement for their father's dream: driven to anger and frustration, when Enji pleaded with Toya to find another calling in life, Toya demanded that his father look at him, and furiously charged toward Shoto to attack him.[2] Currently, Dabi and Shoto share an ambiguous relationship, although Shoto still appears to slightly remember him through his memories. It's also unclear if Shoto blames Enji for Toya's accident, with the rest of his siblings being conflicted over it.[13]Quirk: Cremation  Like Hellflame, Dabi's Quirk grants him pyrokinetic abilities. Dabi's flames are blue in color, and he's capable of generating them at will. The user can ignite blue fire anywhere on their body with minimal effort or movement almost instantaneously. They can also combust anything they touch almost instantly, including robust minerals and living creatures alike. For example, by touching a single tree in The Beast's Forest, Dabi was able to set the majority of the forest ablaze, trapping everyone there in a ring of fire.[1] The flames of this Quirk are extremely hot,[2] burning at a temperature of at least 2,000°C (3,632°F),[3] which is higher than that of lava and normal fire, signified by its blue coloration. Dabi's flames were hot enough to burn an entire group of villains into ash in mere seconds.[4] They're also quite bright, making them effective against Dark Shadow.[5]The major drawback of Dabi's ability is that his body can't handle the heat due to inheriting his mother's genes which grant resistance to freezing temperatures instead of scorching flames.[6] Overusing his flames will cause his skin to swell, sizzle, and slowly burn over time. This prevents Dabi from fighting prolonged battles.[7] As stated by Dabi upon overusing his Quirk, prolonged usage of it causes him to lose sensation in his body and possibly completely render himself numb.

Boku No Hero


02/17/2021 10:31 PM 

Jin Bubaigawara (Twice)

Jin Bubaigawara (εˆ†γΆε€γ°γ„ζ²³γŒγ‚εŽŸγ‚‰δ»γ˜γ‚“ Bubaigawara Jin?),[2] also known as Twice (γƒˆγ‚₯γƒ―γ‚€γ‚Ή Tuwaisu?),[3] was a Villain affiliated with the League of Villains and was part of its Vanguard Action Squad. He and the rest of his team served as the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc.Twice had a very unique personality: explosive, lively, and originally having a very comedic demeanor. He enjoyed assuming dramatic poses and eccentric facial expressions. Twice constantly contradicted himself, making one statement in one voice and then immediately saying the opposite in another voice. For example, he insulted Dabi and then praised him in the following sentence.[5]  This was part of a mental instability Twice would embrace as a villain. He believed understanding your own identity is the most important aspect in life, an understanding he lost during the 9-day conflict of his clone left him unsure if he was the original or not.[6] Jin's identity crisis drove him to insanity, changing his overbearing and lazy previous persona into his manic villainous attitude. Without his mask, Jin suffered more heavily from something akin to dissociative identity disorder: while masked, Twice contradicted himself and acted completely natural about it, but without it his split personalities argued with each other. He would go into a panic and threaten to "split" until he put his mask back on and become "whole". He joined the League of Villains because they accepted his craziness and made him feel comfortable in his own skin. His desperation to find friends lead him to trust others very quickly. As a side effect, this also left him vulnerable to betrayal and emotionally devastated when people like Overhaul or Hawks turned on him. When injured by the fake clones Skeptic created, he moved past his trauma after realizing that he was the original and didn't hesitate to protect Himiko Toga.[7][8] However, his clones still displayed conflict over who was the original, although they were willing to work past it for their goals. It is shown that even after conquering his inner demons that Jin still occasionally experienced relapses, suggesting his multiple split personality issues.[9] Despite his still fragile mindset, Twice remained resolute in his loyalty to his friends.Quirk: DoubleDouble allowed Jin to create a copy of anything, two at a time, through touch.  With Double, Jin could produce replicas of anyone to provide support in numbers. In order to conceive a perfect clone, Jin required knowledge of precise measurements and physical features of the person or object he was replicating. Doubles possess the same personality and abilities as the original, making it hard to distinguish them from the real person at a first glance.[1] The copies only recall the memories of the last time they interacted with Jin himself.[2] Jin had a limit of creating only two doubles at a time. However, because Jin was able to copy himself and his copies also had access to Double, he was theoretically capable of producing infinite replicas of himself by letting his doubles duplicate themselves further. His creation speed was much faster for himself than for others.[2] Even half-destroyed doubles can keep multiplying themselves as long as their arms are intact. This gave Jin the manpower to easily realize a large task or several smaller ones at once, provided that his doubles cooperated with him. Tomoyasu Chikazoku claimed that Double can even replicate dead people. While Jin himself didn't suffer any repercussions from his doubles getting destroyed, he was still capable of detecting their destruction, even if they were far away from his location.[3][4

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Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga (ζΈ‘γ¨ζˆ‘γŒθ’«γ²θΊ«γΏε­γ“ Toga Himiko?)[2] is a major antagonist and was a member of the League of Villains, affiliated with the Vanguard Action Squad.[3] Himiko served as one of the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc. She is also featured as an antagonist during the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc and the Shie Hassaikai Arc.Himiko is a very cheerful girl, to the point of smiling even after having presumably killed someone, displaying sadistic tendencies.[8] This continues even when danger is imminent, as shown when Tomura Shigaraki was about to attack her,[9] but it tends to stop when she is bored or annoyed. Himiko is frequently seen blushing seemingly out of excitement rather than embarrassment, giving her a permanent look of what appears to be lovesickness on her face. However, she has shown that she can easily be embarrassed, such as when she thinks people are coming on to her,[10] or when she is naked when copying clothes of the people she has transformed into.[11]Himiko is obviously mentally unstable and has a very twisted perception of love and friendship. Proven when, despite wanting to kill Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui, she still attempted to befriend the two girls as they fought, affectionately calling Tsuyu by her first name and describing the former as "lovely". When talking to Ochaco, she said that it was only natural to want to be like the one you love, to the point of literally becoming that person. Later she further explains and compares that like how "normal" people kiss the people they love as "normal", she sucks the blood of the people she loves as this is her "normal", further showing her twisted understanding of love, which thus justifies her carving up and butchering "guys who are tattered and reeking of blood", as they fit the description of her ideal lover.[12] Himiko's interest isn't just superficial, as her questioning Izuku Midoriya about what his values and beliefs imply, showing that although twisted, she does indeed want to know more about the person she "loves".Like most of her allies, Himiko has stated that she finds life to be difficult for the current world and wants to make it an easier place to live in. She looks up to Stain and sees him as her role model; declaring a desire to kill and "become" him (possibly a reference to her Quirk).[9] In stark contrast to her maniacal nature, Himiko has shown a very supportive side as she comforted a distraught Twice, knowing he feels the most responsible for causing Magne's death and covering a part of his ripped mask to prevent him from splitting. By extension, she is shown to care greatly about her comrades and was enraged enough by Magne's death that she wanted to kill Overhaul and his men as payback.  Himiko was born as the eldest daughter of the Toga family. When she was a child, likely due to her Quirk, Himiko showcased a rather disturbing and morbid interest in blood. She once brought a dead, bloodied bird to her parents and cheerfully asked them if it was "pretty," which in turn scarred and disturbed them. Disgusted with her behavior, her parents tried to suppress it from a young age by putting immense pressure on her to be "normal," which she then took to heart. Since then, she began to repress and hide her "abnormal" tendencies and began to act like an "ideal young school girl expected of society." She successfully hid this side of herself so thoroughly that by the time she was middle school student, Himiko was known by her classmates as a "cheerful and well-behaved girl," becoming a normal student with many friends.[1] However, this all changed when she witnessed a boy attending her school named Saito, fighting at school and getting covered in bruises and blood. Awakening her repressed "abnormal" feelings and tendencies, Himiko experienced what she believed to be a crush on him. Sometime later, Himiko had seemingly succumbed to this infatuation and attacked him using a box cutter. She stuck a straw into his wound and began sucking his blood while crying and, according to a passing classmate who had witnessed the assault, had a look of ecstasy. Soon after, she disappeared and hid from both the police and Pro Heroes, as she was now a wanted suspect due to the attack, and later became the prime suspect in several murders involving bloodletting.[2] However, Himiko managed to successfully evade and escape them all, until she officially joined the League of Villains.Quirk: Transform  With this Quirk, Himiko can shape-shift into another person's appearance after consuming some of their blood.[1] It gives her the full ability to copy a perfect image of them, including tiny details. She can even replicate the voice of the person she’s transformed into. This Quirk can only aesthetically transform its user into a perfect replica. The user cannot replicate their target’s personality, knowledge, or other such details. These details must be discovered separately by the user if they wish to mimic their target exactly. The amount of time the user can utilize a particular transformation is proportionate to the amount of blood that is consumed. One cup of blood equates to roughly one day’s worth of being able to be transformed into that person. If the blood of multiple people has been ingested, then the Quirk user can transform into any of them, and without having to return to their original shape between transformations. When transforming, the user is covered by a sort of gray slime, which they can mold over their body into whatever shape, texture, or state of dress they want. It allows clothes to be included in the transformation, though the downside is that the transform ability can't cover clothes so any clothes worn prior to the transformation would have to be removed to complete the disguise.  

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