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02/17/2021 09:12 PM 

Tenko Shimura (Tomura Shigaraki)

Tomura Shigaraki (死し柄がら木き弔とむら Shigaraki Tomura?), real name Tenko Shimura (志し村むら転てん弧こ Shimura Tenko?), is the leader of the League of Villains after his master, All For One's, defeat and arrest, and the primary antagonist of the series. He made his first major appearance as one of the main antagonists of the U.S.J. Arc. Like the rest of the League, his goal is to kill All Might, the "Symbol of Peace," thus destroying the society he represents and to create a new one with a new form of justice in his own image.Tomura has a malevolent and warped personality. He doesn't care for his or almost anyone else's life, having no qualms about performing evil deeds like murdering innocents. [1][2] Tomura was initially perceived to be a "man-child": arrogant, selfish, dependent and demanding, becoming angry if things didn't go his way and likening reality to some sort of video game. Much like a child, Tomura seemed unable to cope with his own feelings, instead lashing out and abusing both others or himself, tearing at his own neck when he becomes frustrated. This particular meltdown stems from the abuse he suffered from his father and being alone during his childhood, with All For One claiming that it represented his suppressed urge to kill and destroy.[3] A very irritable person at the beginning of the series, Tomura would learn to be more patient and self-controlled in subsequent appearances, as a consequence of multiple failed plans and All For One's arrest.Tomura is proud of the League of Villains, wanting to prove that his organization has the necessary power to shake society and taking pleasure in mocking those standing on his way. He doesn't tolerate others making light of the League's name and loathes the idea of certain personalities joining him, as was the case with Dabi and Himiko Toga at the beginning, which was made worse by the fact that they were inspired by Stain, who had previously refused membership and overshadowed Tomura's Nomus in terms of media exposure after the Hosu Incident.Initially, Tomura seemingly caused destruction just for the sake of it and felt directionless about the League's path forward after Stain's arrest. It would take a fateful meeting with Izuku Midoriya in a mall for him to develop an epiphany and become aware of his true convictions: to crumble society through All Might's death. Tomura always had a desire to kill All Might, but out of an impulsive expression of anarchy towards a society that hurt him and caused his mental instability. After hearing from Izuku, Tomura realized that All Might is what he hates about both Izuku and Stain, wishing to see them, as well as society as a whole, lose their Symbol of Peace.Tomura was born under the name "Tenko Shimura" to Nao Shimura and Kotaro Shimura, and had an older sister named Hana Shimura. When Tenko was a child, he had a fascination with heroes, but his father did not tolerate his acts and often punished him for them by putting him outside. Tenko did not seem to have a Quirk but he suffered from unknown physical changes to his body. However, his mother and grandparents were always there for him and encouraged him, as did his sister who showed him a picture of their father and grandmother, who they learned was a hero. As he was clutching his dog, Tenko's Decay Quirk activated, causing the dog to crumble in his hands. Afterward, Hana came outside to apologize to Tenko for not standing up for him but proceeds to run away in fear after seeing their dog dead next to him. When Tenko tries to reach for her, he ends up disintegrating her by accident. Tenko's grandparents and mother ran outside to see what was happening and Tenko ended up killing them when his Decay Quirk spread in his panic. When Tenko's father came outside and saw the chaos, Tenko ran to him for help but his scared father would grab some garden tools to protect himself. This time, an enraged Tenko charged at his father with full intent to kill him and touched his face; ultimately the spreading decay ended up destroying the entire house. Tenko would relish in ending his father’s abuse. Unfortunately, Tenko's father discovered this and punished his son, while also shaming heroes for protecting others and abandoning their families. Tenko's suffering was watched by his other relatives, who he begged for help but they could only witness it in horror. While outside, Tenko confided in the family dog of how he hated everyone for leaving him to suffer.[1] After the deaths of his family, an orphaned Tenko was left to fend for himself on the streets. People who passed by never offered to help him, because they assumed that a hero would take care of it, leaving him to be ignored. It didn't help that they were also unnerved by his disturbing appearance and pretended not to notice him. Tenko began to think this was punishment for his actions, as the memories slowly faded into the recesses of his mind. Eventually, a man named All For One saved him, blaming society for the reason he was not saved sooner. All For One used this incident as a means of stimulating Tenko's newfound hatred for heroes and began grooming him as his adoptive son. Tenko was given his own room by All For One, and Kyudai Garaki "gifted" the young boy with the disembodied hands of his deceased family members.[3] All For One taught Tenko to embrace the urge he felt whenever he felt it and Tenko did just that by killing two thugs and adding their hands to his look. All For One later renamed him Tomura Shigaraki (All For One elaborated that "Tomura" came from the word "Tomurau" which means "to mourn" while "Shigaraki" is All For One's real last name) and raised him as part of the League of Villains, to eventually become his successor of the organization.[4]((Shigaraki and Midoriya have some similarities, given how the two of them were obsessed with heroes when kids. As well as being the over analytical types.))Quirk: DecayDecay allows Tomura to destroy anything his hands or feet touch, making it crumble to dust.Whether the target is organic or not, Decay will work without fail. As such, this Quirk is extremely lethal against living beings, having their flesh rot away if hit by it. The speed of the disintegration has developed from slow to almost immediate, eventually spreading through their whole body if a victim doesn't amputate the decaying body part (Eraser Head was able to avoid this by erasing Decay before it could cause further damage to his flesh).

Boku No Hero


02/17/2021 01:32 PM 

L.S. Kennedy

I got some rules up. 1. Yea I am an AU character I do roleplay away from the original series it's self and I am always open to ideas 2. no drama is allowed on my sight I won't stand for it and it will result to you being reported and blocked from my account 3. if your going to add me I expect you to write and not just adding me for numbers to make yourself look good. I will delete you if that's the case4. If you're just going to delete me right after you add me than don't bother adding me at all, your just wasting my time and effort of getting storylines going 


02/17/2021 12:32 PM 


Name: Alexander Drake NeilAge: 586 (Looks to be in his mid-late twenties.)DOB: UnknownZodiac: He claims he's a TaurusHeight: 6'5Weight: 170lbsGender: MaleOrientation: BisexualOccupation: UnemployedFamily--Father: Matthias Drake Neil, 1076Mother: Anthea Grace Neil, 1024Elder Half-Sister: Tabitha Ignis, 627Younger Brother: Damien Leviticus Neil, 437Personality:Alexander, in comparison to his family, is a kind and compassionate soul. He's sweet and cheerful, and his overall presence is comforting despite his tall and princely appearance. Alexander is patient with others and highly empathetic. He loves nature and humans alike, especially books on each subject. He's more playful than serious, again, unlike his family, and he happens to be a very big hopeless romantic. A true gentleman with a silver tongue.However, despite his constant peaceful aura Alexander isn't at all what he appears to be. Alex has an extremely short fuse, and a switch that can be easily flipped. He's violent, physically aggressive and spiteful. His silver tongue quickly turns sharp, and at that point, he's only a breath away from murder. The smallest, most unthinkable thing could set him off.[Slight background]Alexander was born into a bloodline of royalty. However, he practically grew up in the servant's quarters, much preferring kinder company other his colder siblings.Many years and centuries into the future he met a young woman and fell in love. She had become pregnant on their wedding night and later gave birth to a beautiful little girl, whom she left with Alexander to raise. She cheated on Alexander countless times, which went on for years until Alexander found out.In a blind rage, he killed both his wife and daughter, along with the man she loved more than he. Over the centuries he grew cautious and distant, afraid to get close to another being, human or otherwise. He secluded himself in the forest for centuries, only returning to civilization to feed.Hobbies/Interests:-Reading-Sketching-Cooking-Painting-CleaningAbilities:Alexander can feel other's emotions and physical experiences if he chooses to do so, no matter how far away they are as long as he has their scent. He can shapeshift into most animalistic creatures, and even control them at will. He also possesses the genetic ability of telekinesis.Dislikes:-Bland Foods-Sweet Coffee-Leafy Veggies-ArgumentsLikes:-Affection-Sex-Books-Romance-Apples-Sleep-Hot ShowersFears:-Losing a loved one


02/17/2021 12:29 PM 


Name: Arlin Volkov (Николай Волков)Age: 23DOB: October 31stZodiac: ScorpioHeight: 6'2Weight: 180lbsGender: MaleOrientation: Demisexual PansexualOccupation: BartenderFamily--Father: Eduard Volkov (Эдуард Волков), Doctor, 48Mother: Eva Volkov (Ева Волков), deceasedTRIGGER WARNING. THIS IS AN OC MADE SPECIFICALLY TO BE A VERY DARK AND TWISTED CHARACTER. GORE, VIOLENCE AND IMPLIED SEXUAL ABUSE FOLLOWS. NIKOLAI IS MADE TO BE A CHARACTER FOR A DARKER AND MORE MATURE TYPE OF ROLEPLAY. IF YOU'RE NOT INTO THAT, DON'T READ THIS.Personality:Arlin is a complex, contradictory character. Erratic, but also predictable. When he kills, the method for getting his prey is always the same unless provoked. Usually, he kidnaps the homeless, prostitutes, strippers, or anyone he deems as "filthy" or "disgusting."Arlin has several obsessive compulsive tendencies, but his actions don't exactly fall into the obsessive compulsive disorder. He doesn't care about neatness or cleanliness. His main focus is order- Having everything in the place that it should be, even if it seems messy. He's a collector, or rather more of a trophy keeper. When he kills, he keeps souvenirs. Things like hair, nail clippings, saliva, and more gruesome things like fingers or eyes. But his most prized possession is a stuffed bunny named Ian.Arlin suffers from many mental issues, most of them diagnosed at an early age. BPD, schizophrenia, manic depression, and severe anxiety.He is intelligent, sadistic, cruel, and a control freak. Officially, Arlin has been deemed a danger to himself and society, and has been institutionalized countless times in the past.[Background]Growing up, Arlin's life was normal. Almost perfect, really. He lived in a high-class household, and got everything that he wanted. Spoiled would be an understatement.Though, not everything was as perfect as it seemed. In school, he was bullied. He wasn't like the others- he stuck to the shadows. He hated people, and he still does. He especially hated the girls that picked on him. One day in middle school, in the middle of class, Arlin attacked a girl sitting in front of him, and that was the start of his obsession with death. The way her breath caught and her chest collapsed... It filled Nikolai with an almost joyful feeling.Over time, he started seeing his mother as a client. Eventually, she sent him off to an institution, and when Arlin returned he killed her. She was his first victim.Arlins father tried his best to help him, even after what he'd done. During the nights, Arlin would have "nightmares," and Eduard would endure through his fits just to wake him. During those fits, Arlins would claw and scratch at his father, sometimes even go as far as to choke him.Eduard tried, but Arlin couldn't be helped. With great regret, he handed him over to the authorities, who had him permanently institutionalized.After a year, Arlin disappeared suddenly, and nobody has seen or heard from him since. His trail went cold.Hobbies/Interests:-Collecting-Cooking-Reading-Hunting (Humans. Obviously. Arlin would never hurt an animal, no matter how crazy he is.)-Playing PianoDislikes:-People-Guns-Women-Most SweetsLikes:-Ice Cream-Knives-Blood-Screaming-Pretty colors-Exotic things-Classical Music-Cats-Bats-Deer-ButterfliesFears:-Losing Casey-Being Alone

🌸 🌻ωιℓ∂fℓσωєя 🌻🌸

02/17/2021 11:36 PM 

Memories and Home (Random Rin Writing) --From Bulletin

What memories could be held in flowers, one might wonder. Or at least, did so the mind of the young woman sat in a field of many of them. Many.. such a small word for what she saw before her. No.. Vast would do. A vast field of colorful flowers that swayed in the breeze and in the tides of green that flowed and rolled in the fresh spring heat. She sat there, her yellow kimono tied about her young and womanly form that budded much like the flowers and plants of the coming season. Long since had she halted in wearing a part of her hair tied out from the rest but instead it had shifted into a unique braided strands of long hair to frame her face from the rest of the thick raven locks that flowed down the center of her pale back. An orange obi, tied around her waist just above the defining hip bones that tied behind her in an ever pleasing bow that might be spotted from across the field in such a distinct color that it would be hard for her Lord or anyone else to miss her with a glance of their eyes.Her knees, bent up just enough that her ever-bare feet might plant themselves grounding against the Earth, her hands adorned said knees as her eyes looked to the sky. What a beautiful robin's egg sky did earthy brown eyes look toward, watching as the clouds passed by in white beauty as if ships sailing the ever bright seas for adventure. Her chest rose, a deep breath inhaled through her nostrils along with the scent of the field before she exhaled from her slightly parted lips that often smiled and laughed and sang even as much now as so in her youth.What memories could be held in flowers, one might wonder. Her head, turning to look down beside her as a hand lifted from her knee to pick the tender thing, therefore ending its cycle of life, but giving it purpose just the same. To be lifted to her nose  as her free arm leaned back, touching the grass behind her to keep her leaned form steady. She looked down at it. If this flower or all of it's predecessors could tell tales of the many times she had journeyed through this field. Alone, wither her Lord and Master Jaken, even on occasion with A-Un, the great Beast of Burden whom adored the girl just as much as she did them. Did these flowers hold as many memories as she did? Of battles fought and won. Of conversations and games and sweet dreams she'd have upon them in the nights she rested her head upon the ever protecting lap of the great Lord of the Western Lands.Would they gather more stories still? Would they watch over her and she was sure the spirits of her family did and guide and grow with her as she found her way in life? Did flowers hold the types of memories water might, or perhaps the wind or trees in the forests? If so, she hoped they remembered this too. The day she sat upon the field just to spend time with them and reminisce over the beauty that this field had brought her for so many years. Of how she knew that this field grew with her as she grew, and the memories they had together of times shared. She hoped it could feel her presence and know this was one of her safe places. One of the few true places, along with that of being by the side of her Lord, that she might call.. home.

rin, inuyasha, home, memories, anime, fantasy

Eldritch Terror

02/17/2021 08:22 PM 


Lore    Knull was an ancient malevolent deity who purportedly ruled over the Abyss, the existential chasm that existed between the destruction of the sixth cosmos and the creation of the seventh cosmos though in truth he was merely an aspect of the primordial darkness named oblivion that existed long before even him much like his ‘sister’ Amatsu-Mikaboshi. Originally content to slumber in the Void, Knull was awakened by the Light of creation when the celestials began creating the universe, and was outraged at his kingdom of darkness being despoiled. Knull retaliated by creating the All-black from his newly-cast shadow, decapitating one of them. Cast back into the void by the other Celestials, Knull used the slain celestials head as a forge to temper his sword in its cosmic energies. Intent on devouring the divine light that had usurped his kingdom of darkness, Knull manifested a suit of symbiotic armor the eldritch darkness he commanded and embarked on a genocidal campaign against the other gods and life itself, becoming a legendary figure of terror for divine beings even billions of years later.   Hellbent on returning the cosmos to the Abyss, Knull created an artificial planet from the living darkness he controlled to serve as his throneworld and base of operations. Experimenting with his ability to manifest life out of darkness itself, Knull began using the Exoteric Latitude as a dumping ground for his failed creations, which millennia later became known as the Exolon. Manifested a horde of dragon like monsters Knull sent them forth into the cosmos; using them to conquer countless planets, devour civilizations and pantheons, extinguish stars, and smother entire planets in eldritch darkness. The few gods that Knull spared were forcibly drafted into his army, enslaved to his will and transformed into monsters using the living abyss, placed as sentries to guard the worlds he'd conquered. At some point during this stage of Knull's war against the Light, he encountered the time-displaced Silver Surfer the former Herald of Galactus releasing a world from Knull's control using the power cosmic After a brief but intense fight, Knull defeated the Silver Surfer and infected him with living abyss to turn him into the Void Knight However, the Silver Surfer was freed by Ego the living planet. Knull hunted the Silver Surfer down and dueled him, intent on reclaiming him for his army. Knull nearly succeeded in doing so, but was defeated when the Silver Surfer expended the last of his Power Cosmic to conjure a star right in front of him, bathing him in stellar plasma and blasting him across the cosmos. This defeat proved temporary, as Knull recovered and resumed his conquest of the cosmos.   At some point afterward, Knull engaged an army of gold-armored gods empowered by the Light in combat and slaughtered all but one of them. Pursuing the survivor, Knull managed to impale him on All-Black but was himself impaled through the head by the enemy god's spear. Knull and the dying god crash-landed on a desolate planet. After recovering from his injuries, Knull began experimenting with his powers and discovered that he could manifest amorphous parasites called symbiotes from  the Living Abyss and bond them to lesser lifeforms, corrupting life rather than eradicating it. Knull's reign of terror came to an end in the sixth century CE, when two symbiote dragons - one black and one red - arrived on earth, the rampage was stopped by Thor who blasted it with divine lightning and severed Knull's connection to the vast majority of symbiotes. As the symbiotes bonded to benevolent hosts, the hive-mind became tainted with notions of honor and nobility, leading to them rebelling against their god and imprisoning him at the heart of the throneworld, which they renamed Klyntar their word for "cage".

Eldritch Terror

02/17/2021 07:54 PM 


Powers Divine Physiology: A primordial god of darkness, Knull possesses superhuman attributes and powers far exceeding those of humans and even most other deities. As the creator of All-Black the Necrosword he apparently possesses the same powers it bestows upon its hosts but to a greater extent. According to Brunnhilde much of Knull's power and apparent invincibility comes from his metaphysical link to the undead corpse of the Celestial he used to refine All-Black, which feeds him power through the Necrosword and in exchange assimilates the souls of those he kills; serving as a grotesque afterlife.   Living Abyss Manipulation: Knull possesses the ability to create, control, and manipulate a fount of eldritch darkness—a manifestation of the primordial void that existed before the universe itself—that he calls the "living abyss". Knull has spent billions of years experimenting with and honing his powers to create not only the parasitic symbiotes but similar entities such as Mister E and the Exolon His greatest creations have been All-Black the Void Knight-- a powerful prototype symbiote created to enslave the Silver Surfer and the symbiote dragons  Symbiote Creation: Knull first discovered his ability to create life from darkness itself when he manifested All-Black from his shadow in order to kill a Celestial. Experimenting with and honing this aspect of his powers over the eons, he formed a symbiote suit, constructed an artificial planet and amassed a horde of wyvern-like monsters from the living abyss. While he initially only infected gods and other cosmic beings with the living abyss, when stranded on a desolate planet he discovered he could also infect mortal creatures with the living abyss, creating an army of parasites to conquer the universe by corrupting life instead of simply exterminating it. Knull's early experiments to hone this aspect of his powers resulted in what became known as the Exolon imperfect symbiotes he discarded as failures. He was also capable of creating symbiotes using his blood, though the only known symbiote created in this manner is Big Mother, Knull was even able to engulf the entire Earth in a symbiote dome, blocking out all light. Symbiote Domination: As the divine progenitor of the symbiotes and the nexus of their hive-mind, Knull is able to mentally influence and dominate symbiotes even while sealed away driving them insane with bloodlust and hunger. He is also capable of remote-piloting them, enabling him to see through their eyes and directly control them; and can manipulate their biomasses even when not in direct contact with them, as demonstrated when he used an ancient dragon-like symbiote to attack Earth and manifest an avatar of his true form. Symbiotes infected by Knull's will usually have red spirals in place of their eyespots, and are more powerful than symbiotes disconnected from his dark hive-mind; sometimes even gaining new powers and abilities as a result of the connection. Knull is also capable of forcibly removing symbiotes from their hosts either by psychically blasting them off or by ripping them off with his bare hands. He is also capable of dominating other powerful malevolent entities, such as the Void that dwelled within the sentry. Superhuman Strength: Knull is strong enough to decapitate a Celestial with a single blow, and singlehandedly slaughtered entire armies of gods. Knull was able to easily manhandle the Silver Surfer albeit after Norrin had exhausted the majority of his. The avatar that Knull created using the Grendel symbiote possessed only a fraction of his true power, but was nevertheless able to easily overpower Venom despite Eddie Brock being simultaneously bonded to both the Venom and Tyrannosaurus symbiotes. Knull was able to easily overpower the Sentry often regarded as one of Earth's strongest heroes - and effortlessly tore him in half, and was also able to overpower Thor who possessed the Power of the All Father with relative ease. Superhuman Durability: Knull is durable enough to survive being blasted by Celestials; and was unharmed by a plunge from space through the atmosphere of a planet while engaged in combat with another deity, though he was left unconscious after being stabbed through the head. While Silver Surfer’s Power Cosmic was able to make Knull bleed and being blasted by Ego’s psionic beams caused him pain, he was not severely injured by either. Knull can also withstand being immersed in stellar plasma without permanent injury, though this caused him severe pain as seen when he was plunged into the heart of an infant star. There are limits to this, as a full-force blow from Mjolnir wielded by All-Father Thor was enough to rip off Knull's lower jaw. Dark Energy Manipulation: Knull was capable of conjuring fiery purple energy; wreathing himself and All-Black in an aura of it, firing it from his hands in a beam powerful enough to incapacitate the Silver Surfer or firing it as flak and homing projectiles from artillery constructs manifested from the Symbiote throneworld. Amortality: Knull is unable to be truly killed and has existed for at least 13.7 billion years, having come into existence prior to the beginning of the seventh iteration of the universe. However, he can be injured to the point of incapacitation: after being impaled through the head and falling from space to the surface of a planet. Self-Sustenance: Knull is capable of surviving in the vacuum of space unaided, and does not appear to need food, water, or sleep to survive. Shapeshifting: Knull is capable of transforming his mouth into a fanged maw with a prehensile serpentine tongue, a trait he passed down to the symbiotes. When truly enraged, Knull's entire face transforms into one more closely resembling the symbiotes', with his nose, lips, and cheeks completely receding. Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his immense durability, Knull is capable of being injured to the point of incapacitation. However, he is able to not only survive injuries that would kill other gods, but eventually recover from them. After Thor blasted a hole in his hand, Knull regenerated within the space of a few seconds, though the loss of his lower jaw required the creation of a prosthesis manifested from the living abyss. Flight: Knull can manifest a pair of large dragon-like wings that allow him to fly.


02/17/2021 07:07 PM 


Name: ZolfAge: unknownGender: MaleSexuality: Straight? Species: Arctic WolfHeight: 9'3Body type: very muscular Fur color: pure whiteZolf's Bio:Zolf has lived a large majority of his life as a wild anthro as he was abandoned as a child since he was...different, due to his large size that he got from his thick blood ties to ancient ferals who had be bigger and stronger in those times to survive the scalies ancient ancestors, dinosaurs and dragons. So because of those thick blood ties he was abandoned to die but luckily survived as he was big enough when he was abandoned that he hunt and survive off of the forests he lived in till the current day where he slowly and curiously makes his way into the world of modern anthros and ferals after being alone for so long.

Fujiwara Akira

02/16/2021 11:10 PM 

Introduction: Advertisment Antics
Current mood:  excited

[Transmission Open]The screen comes to life with slight static, the image showcases the bridge of a ship, and in front of the camera is a green-haired male, fiddling with the camera with an annoyed expression."Is this piece of sh*t even on?!" He yells, shaking the screen and causing more static to fill the screen."Of course it is, you dolt! Move out of the way!" Comes a deep voice from off-screen."Dude, with how much these kind of advertisments cost we've got to use our time wisely!" Came a woman's voice, a higher pitch than the other two."Keh!" He exclaimed in angrily, pissed at being made the source of ire, but followed suit regardless. He steps backwards, keeping only his upper body in frame."I swear Akira, you know how good Jettah is with this kind of stuff, and yet you still have to ask if things are working right?" Came a tall dark skinned man, standing beside his compatriot with a sigh. He fixed his half circular glasses and gave a small smile and wave at the camera."Seriously," The woman, Jettah said with a small giggle as she too entered the framing next to the bispectaled man. "I was surprised that you didn't break it in half." She paused for a moment and turned to look up at her neighbour. "Looks like you won our bet, Herb!""Tha hell is this?! Didn'tcha just say we don't have time for this sh*t?!" The green-haired man, Akira yelled at his cohorts, both of whom seemed all too amused with his anger. "And don't go bettin' on me, ya' bastards!""Hate to say it, but he's right." Herb mused, twisting a dread with his finger"Why do ya hate ta say it?!" Akira raged once again"Oh, that's true! Very well then." Jettah Cleared her throat. "If you're looking for the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, don't hesitate to call us, Team Space Coast!""Now ya punks are ignorin' me?! Don't act like I don't know where tha both of ya sleep!" Akira threatened with a waggle of his finger."Don't think that we're only out to hunt bounties either, We're also open to any type of work you have available!" Herb continued."So, if you want someone to be toast..." Jettah began, moving towards the bottom right of the frame. She gave a thumbs up and a wink."Hire Team Space Coast!" Herb finished, filling the bottom left of the screen where he mimicked Jettah's actions."Wha-Hey! When tha hell did'ja two practice that? Don't I get ta say anthin' cool?!" Akira yelled once again, standing over the two at the top of the frame."Ah, sorry Akira. That's all the commercial time we could afford." Jettah said truthfully, letting out a sheepish smile and a shrug"Wait what?! You punks! Ya really had to go and give me the short end of the st-" The footage cuts off, and the screen returns to its reguraly schduled galactic programmng.[Transmission Close]~~~~~This is essentially an introduction to the characters I play, a group of weirdos that are strong together but also strong on their own. I am open to just about any settings, topics and genres. 18+ stuff is cool as long as we discuss it first and lay it out. I love dark topics and enjoy doing those too. I would prefer it if you told me which character or characters catch your interest as it makes it a bit easier to match your style and what you are going for. Thank you for being radical!

introduction, OCs,


02/16/2021 10:40 PM 

Character Details

~Overview~Full Name: Illena DreamcasterNickname: IllyAge: 157Sexuality: HeterosexualPronouns: She/HerHeight: 5'10"Weight/Build: 112lbs, tall and thinScars/Birthmarks/Distinguishing Markings: Pale skin, bright seafoam blue eyes, silver hair and eyebrows_______________________________________________________________________________________________~Personality & Morals~introvert / extrovert / ambivertrisk-taker / cautiousorganized / disorganizedclose-minded / open-mindedcalm / anxious / restlessdisagreeable / agreeable / in-betweenpatient / impatientoutspoken / reservedleader / follower / flexibleempathetic / un-empatheticoptimistic / pessimistic / realistictraditional / modern / in-betweenhard-working / lazyMoral alignment: Neutral GoodGuilty Pleasure(s): Reading, learning as much as she can about the world outside of the Deep Forest _______________________________________________________________________________________________~Strengths & Weaknesses~Strengths/Skills (Mental/Physical): The ability to look into people's futures through dreams, the ability to channel The Fates, the ability to breathe and see clearly under water (Delphreian racial trait)Weaknesses (Mental/Physical): She's naive towards society and the outside world and has no knowledge of her familial ancestry or historyBiggest Advantage: Divine foresightBiggest Vulnerability: Easily trustingMental Ailments: Has no recollection of what happens while The Fates are occupying her bodyPhysical Ailments: N/AAddictions/Bad Habits: Curious to a faultPhobias: Being forgotten and left on her own_______________________________________________________________________________________________~Lifestyle~Birthplace: In the middle of a field beneath the full moonCurrent Residence: Wood elf camp in the depths of the Deep ForestEducation: HomeschooledReligion: N/APhilosophy/Outlook on Life: "What will be will be"/PositiveJob: OracleHobbies: Reading, baking_______________________________________________________________________________________________~Relationships~Status: Story dependent (Multi-ship)Family: Mother- Calayah Harpstring (deceased) / Father- Fenian Pearlseeker (deceased) Friends: Fayfa Silverleaf and Neeso Splitarrow (two of the five surviving Delphreian elders)Enemies: N/AOther notable relationships: N/A_______________________________________________________________________________________________~About the Delphreians~The Delphrei Elves share their name with the fishing city that was established by their ancestors who first came from the deep sea. The few surviving Merfolk who managed to escape the fall of Kingdom Merna lived alongside a community of High Elves and overtime their descendants became known as the Delphreians. Nowadays the Delphreians are more elf than Merfolk, but they still hold a few similar racial traits such as the ability to breathe underwater and a second set of protective eyelids that protects their eyes and allows them to see clearly underwater as well (making them impeccable fisherman and underwater treasure seekers). Presently there are only six remaining Delphreians including Illena due to the Siege of Delphrei which was part of a war effort to choke the food supply of the country of Spiria.

The Apprentice Unny

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One Piece - OC Unny
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Name: Unny TarragonAge: 24Specie: Human (Born Noble)Height: 170 cm / 6'6 inchWeight: 70 kg / 154 IbsSex: FemaleBlood type: SRelatives: Big brother: LuciferBirth Place: Paradise - Sabaody ArchipelagoSexuality: BisexualStatus: Ex Slave - Running away from Masters/Mistresses.Wanted: Alive.Bounty: 200 000 000Faction: PirateWeapons: BodyItems: A golden locket around her neck.Personality: She laughs A LOT, smiles all the time even if hurt she can be overprotective over those she holds dear and close to her. she worship friendship over all. if she is sad she often hides or just want to be alone or just hold things inside of her. in battle she is very serious and want to help her crew mates as much as she can. Since she is newly freed from slavery she is does not know much about the world, so she is very curious. If she finds someone she really likes in a romantic way she will give this person all of her attention. but at the same time she would be worried to be not liked back and very anxious.Likes: food and sweets, hugs, chocolate andDislikes: bullies, marines, slave trading, Masters/Mistresses, Nobles.Strengths: people likes her, will power & don’t judge people that easily.Weaknesses: forgets to take care of herself sometimes, cant swim, trust people to easy.Appearance: got a slave mark on her back, white long hair, right eye is blue and the left is green. always walks around with something red on her cloths. She usually walk around with a turtleneck sweater, a skirt and knee socks and boots. A few scars on her legs and arm from whips or knifes.Short backstory:Unny got sold into slavery when she was 4 years old, her parents did not want her since she made her mother sick when she was born. she have lived in slavery all her life until she escaped when she was 20 years old. From there she wanders the world in search of a way of life, she want to explore and find friends that she can trust.Devil Fruit and ability:Dora Dora Doragon Fruit.Model: European (western) Dragon.The user can turn into a modern western dragon at will, either you turn into a fully dragon or a hybrid between human and dragon. when in hybrid form you will have horn, a tail and wings pop out from your back. You are able to fly with both forms but in hybrid form you can only fly for 1 hour, in full dragon form you may fly as much as you can. Their scales will harden and get get strong as iron but few places there is no scales, on the stomach. In fully dragon form you can breath fire, in hybrid you can only lit a small flame from your mouth nothing more. she can not use her forms or anything near sea stone, just like any fruits else where. While in hybrid form the user gets stronger than a normal human being. Can fight in any weather but cant breath fire if the body is wet from water (rain), need to either let it dry or reheat the body if she want to breath fire.

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The Apprentice Unny

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Unny Shine - The Arcana OC
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  Unny Shine 24 years old.Known as: The Apprentice.Relatives: Lucifer ( big brother), Red ( Red Panda Familiar )Past: Street kid.  Favorite meal: Pancakes with strawberry jam & whipped cream.Favorite Drink: Lime & Strawberry CiderFavorite Flower: LilyFavorite color: Red  Birthday: 3 May, Taurus.Height: 5.6 (170cm).Eye Color: Blue(right) and Green (left).Type: ENFP.Arcana: Suit of Swords  Skills: Potions, Fortune telling, sword fighting & piano.Like: chocolate, cuddles, adventure.Dislike: Loneliness, dishonest people.Fear: Thunder, losing her brother.  Trivia~ * Unny LOVES chocolate fudge with cookie dough, otherwise called Ben & Jerry Half Baked. * Unny is EXTREMELY ticklish and will scream at times if you over do it and maybe kick you by accident. * Unny is very active during the night, she will fall asleep around 2 or 3 a clock and when she does sleep, she sleeps naked. * Unny loves skinny dipping and to play in the water. She is very childish and can be in the water all day if she can. * Unny loves the summer, the warm weather and the light clothing.* Unny is very weak for flirty men and ladies…  

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Lady Kikyo

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Rules & guidelines❤️

Please keep in mind that I am always going to send RP replies from mobile because on mobile I don’t have to type everything out, I can sort of cheat if that’s what you want to call it but it takes less than half the time to reply on my phone.With that being said, there might be a mistake or two that I don’t notice before sending a reply but I will do my best to proofread and fix any mistakes prior to sending. On that note I will do my best to get to messages within a couple of hours of receiving but it may take a few extra days because I can be a little biased or distracted(so if you talk to me in 00C often try to be interesting.I have a pretty short temper and a low tolerance for shipping especially non-canon ships within the Inuyasha verse but I won’t start anything over it. Again I have a short temper and I’m not interested in doing smut. If you add me because you want to do erotica with this character then you will be disappointed, I am very much on the fence about even touching romance with characters I don’t know.I don’t have anything against these things but the maturity level of the people that perform this Way regularly with RP, that’s what bothers me


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Quality > Quantity is stupid

(My grammar is about to be super sh*t, but, eh this is just a rant)Just like the title says. Even writing bare bones such as explaining a simple smile would require more words than "She smiles" because you want to be able to tell the reader why she is smiling. "She smiles because of the respite she feels when that dagger is plunged through her heart", better than "She smiles", however, I need to write more to make it better. The more context and emotion I want to give? The more, I will have to write to explain a scene. A dumpy one-liner or some half-baked paragraph isn't going to do. There are times less is more, but on here, nope. You're not going to sell me on the idea that you writing less can still produce high-quality. I call bull on that. I've roleplayed with plenty of people (Damn near everyone on this site), and every time people preach that bull only to reveal they write well when they try to keep up. If you don't have the time to write more? Fine, I understand that.But don't sugar coat that and try to pretend like it is anything else.If you are incapable of writing more? Again, don't sugar coat it. However, don't pretend like writing less will somehow make you capable of producing higher quality.I hold back on a lot of people.All the damn time. My writing quality is inferior as I do so. My portrayals lack and my ability to tell a story will lessen due to it.Can I have fun with it? Sure. Roleplay is about fun, but I have the most fun when getting be unbound by the shackles of someone being nervous about my reply length. Some people complain about the time it takes to write something, that's fine, you type slowly, but your replies not going to be of higher quality because you write less.If you are complacent in your writing then you will forever be stuck where you are. Also, MAYBE don't add everyone under the sun, and end up so bogged down by replies that writing more than 2 paragraphs sound like a chore. Buddha balls, I would love to see one of your "high quality > quantity" roleplay just to judge it. I am so tired of seeing some of you older roleplayers being at the same damn quality back in the early days of this site. Do you not love this hobby? If not, why the hell are you here? Writing is one of the greatest things in the world to me. I want to see people improve not stagnate.Frickin' one of you out there is still a one-liner after several years. HOW?! ( I won't put her in the spotlight, but seriously, how.)Strive to get better. Some of you don't know how to weave a damn story still.Others still sit here doing power-fantasies. Which can be fine if you know how to write such things, most people don't.Other people still sit around doing character control. No, stop doing that, it is frickin' terrible. If you are conducting a story with your partner? Then, you need to realize that their character may act in a way that will diverge from your intent! BE PREPARED, don't control them, just try to gently nudge things in a way that allows them the utmost freedom. Saying "Nah, this is how X works, and your character now must do Y" is a turn-off.The people who really piss me off are those who try to dictate what is legitimate writing. Ecchi, ero, and fighting roleplays are legitimate writing. Even if you don't like them, they actually take skill to write. (This does circle around to my point, gimme a second) So for Ero roleplayers, you still have a duty to write, hell I'd say you have a duty to write better than everyone else. I have written with enough of you on various accounts to see potential there. While the anti-ero people(Not people who just don't want to, but the people who screech about it. You know the puritans that no one likes) tend to be pretty meh. You have actions, emotions, and intent to convey during any ero scene. A kiss is not just a kiss. A thrust is not just a thrust. Look up some material and get inspired.I am only writing this because I am tired of seeing people stagnate or become willing complacent. Even if you write on a phone, I barely give you an excuse, because I've seen people who write on phones and still pump out better stuff. Is it harder? You goddamn right and my response to that is simple: So what? Do you not love writing? Do you not love portraying your character? If so, frickin' try.This isn't anyone's job. But if you truly love the thing we do? Why wouldn't you try?I casually play Genshin Impact, but I still farm for good gear and complete events. I'll probably start casually playing 14 again soon and I'll still try my best in a raid. Just because something is a hobby does not mean you don't have to try.Imagine if your hobby was cooking and you were fine with burning everything. I am not saying pump out 6+ paragraphs on the reg. I am saying pump out 6+ paragraphs if your story NEEDS IT. Keeping it short for the sake of keeping it short is lazy. Anyway, before I go on forever, I'm going to cut this rant short.

Quality > Quantity is stupid.

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[ vinnie / ♂ / 20 / akechi enthusiast ]hi my name is vinnie. i havent been on a roleplay site in ages, so please forgive extremely shy, but i do enjoy rping. just shoot me a message and i may reply.i work during the day for most of the week, so i mainly will lurk here and there. i enjoy art, plants, video games, and crafts. i also go on a lot of vpet sites.i really love persona, fire emblem, bnha, jjba, pokemon, undertale/deltarune,and many other things. currently im most interested in yeah.rules- please rp fairly, dont bs me ok?- dont force yourself into a relationship w/ my musenothing makes me more mad.- keep it clean, unless we talk about it first.- i have every right to say no to an rp- be chill n respectfulthanks, fam~[ kurusu akira | claude von riegan ]

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