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Anya Koziol

02/10/2021 06:25 PM 

Character sheet - Military Police edition

Anya Koziol is a graduate of the 95th Training Corps and a current member of Military Police.Biological informationSpecies: HumanGender: FemaleHeight: 190 cmBirthday: 28th December 826Age: 24 (as of year 850)Birthplace: Wall Rose - Trost districtProfessional InformationOccupation: SoldierRank: Ranking OfficerAffiliation: Military Police Former Affiliation: The first interior squadAppearanceAnya is a rather tall, slender young woman, with defined muscles and tanned skin from spending time outside. As one could expect from a policewoman, she is in good physical condition, able to relentlessly pursue her target both on foot and with help of maneuvering gear.She mostly pulls her red hair into two short pigtails, very rarely opts to tie it up into a bun.Her sizable, expressive brown eyes remind of a cow - warm and way too trusting. Right below them, freckles stain her skin. A heavy line of them runs through her nose, starting and ending on her cheeks.  Labeling her youthful appearance as naive, perhaps even dim-witted, would be quite offensive and accurate.When not on duty, she wears a simple long-sleeved white blouse, a dark sleeveless vest with one row of buttons, and a skirt that reaches all the way down to her boots. The most eye-catching part of her civilian clothes is the sash around her waist; an off-white piece ribbon, embroidered with colorful flowers and birds.Whether she's in uniform or civilian wear, there are always two knives hidden away on her person.The only piece of jewelry that she owns and always wears is a thin rope chain with three oval medallions hanging on it. Each medallion has an engraving of relief of one of the goddesses. It's still with her even after her faith crumbled into pieces.Due to her choice of clothing, hardly anyone is aware of the scars on her body, and she is in no rush to show them off. Most are faded, some still stand out and remind her of the days when she was caught off guard. The majority of them are on her forearms, mainly on her right one, followed by her calves and then her back as the least scarred places.Oddly enough, for someone who's part of Military Police, she has constant marks of harnesses from active use of 3dmg.PersonalityAnya could be best described as an overexcited dog - she wants to see everything and be everywhere. Her boundless energy mostly ends up poured into dealing with whatever task awaits her or scouring through streets, ready to bounce into action if the need arises. It matters little to her who calls for help, as she treats everyone with the same amount of respect.  She's happy to strike a talk with a total stranger, whether they be high born or someone from the filthiest gutters. It matters little to her that she may know them only for a few minutes, she will chatter her heart out. But she's capable of keeping her mouth shut and listening as well, rarely judging the person which opened up to her. However, she may try to pass advice for potential trouble even if it was unasked for; after all, problems are here to be solved.While she's fine with joking around even about the less glamorous parts of the regiment she's in, it never goes further than minor teasing, as she's a firm believer of not sh*tting into her own nest. No matter how she side-eyes those who blatantly abuse the system, her disgust stays hidden away. She could use her voice and raise it to be heard; she's already going against the grain and making her life difficult. But instead of taking the much-needed stand against corruption and dragging attention to herself, Anya stays silent.    Once in combat, or when she's fulfilling her primary duty, Anya acts without hesitation. Be it by cutting her opponent's throat or poisoning them, she will attempt to escort her victims from this world as quickly as possible. She turns especially ruthless when an enemy tries to flee from the fight they initiated, tracking them like a bloodhound until they end up with her boot on their neck.When it comes to petty crimes, she tries to avoid violence, finding it pointless to terrify some poor sob that steals just to survive. Unfortunately, a mere attempt to harm her will force her instincts to kick in. Sometimes, she can stop herself. Whether that's useful depends on the fact whether her counterattack wasn't deadly.  Upon facing a titan, Anya would rather be anywhere else other than in this battle. She fights with fear in her heart, terrified of the beasts that she never had to face before. Bur since the terror is shared with the majority of people, she sucks it up and forces herself into danger. Just because she's scared of being torn apart, it doesn't mean that others can take her place instead. After the coup d'état, Anya's personality underwent a slight change. At first glance, there would be nothing amiss -  she’s still a walking distraction and even began to grow curious about the upcoming changes in her homeland.However, after a few conversations, the change is obvious - she never has her own complaints and only speaks up when the unsatisfying conditions affect either others or her performance. She began to leave out her own troubles, even actively rejects any possible attempts to force her to open up about the topic. She just keeps her mouth shut and her steps steady, marching onwards while balancing a burden on her shoulders. She has no plans to stumble under its weight.Reasons for concern:- knows quite a bit about poisons and what plants they're made out of. There are more than a few vials hidden away among her belongings, marked by symbols which have meaning only to her. She's the only one who knows which will cause death and which ones will make the recipient only crave death.- has close to instant reaction time, able to hit the ground running. Perhaps it's thanks to her lively nature? Of course not, it's thanks to the harsh training in Underground.- once the need arises, she is a ruthless killer, willing to do the dirty work if others have hesitations; if it has to be done, then it needs to be done. She doesn't want them to suffer from the same guilt as her.Weak points to exploit:- is actually quite superstitious. While bad omens won't send her running, they will certainly make her feel deeply unsettled. She has various little rituals to calm herself down, ranging from spitting over her shoulder to asking someone to punch her.- she doesn't drink nor smoke. Getting her drunk wouldn't pose a slightest trouble, as she's an absolute lightweight.- while she may appear content with her social life, Anya is quite lonely, unable to freely talk about what's on her mind. She craves a confidant but is too afraid to let anyone get too close to her.- after the coup, her accepting nature harbors on being pathological, dulling even reasonable reactions of disgust and hatred. At the same time, the emotions feed her internal turmoil and leave it festering.Beliefs: Used to pray to the three goddessesBackstoryChildhoodThere are only three words that can describe the start of Anya's life - privileged military brat. She never knew any strife, never experienced the fear of looming starvation. The only thing which caused her sorrow was when her parents had duties that needed to be done, and even then she quickly got over it, as she was left in the care of her grandparents. All in all, it was a perfect environment for her to grow up as a spoiled little brat.Unfortunately for her, her parents didn't have any plans to unleash a hellion on this world. Under their guidance, Anya quickly began to shape up as a kind-hearted person. Maybe not half as intelligent as her mother nor father, but generous enough to share even a piece of candy with a total stranger. As she grew older, expectations were placed onto her shoulders. Not that she really noticed. As long as she had company, she breezed through the chores while constantly chattering, even picked up yet another one if it meant that she'll get to talk with her companion more; nothing was too unpleasant as long as her mouth kept running.During her free time, Anya could only be found outside. It didn't matter whether it's in a district or countryside, Anya was always on the go, running and climbing whatever held up her weight. It's a small miracle that she didn't end up with a broken neck.She also tried to put into practice what she learned, standing up for those which were picked on. Even though she was only taught to do so verbally, Anya quickly figured out that sometimes, words weren't enough and needed to be followed by pummeling. The results were usually tears on both sides, sometimes from losing, other times from scolding. But she never turned her back on a friend in need, no matter what outcome may await her. To keep doing so, she began to bend the rules which were laid out before her. After all, she never started a fight, only ended it.Even before she was old enough to enter training, Anya knew exactly which regiment she would join. No matter how she idolized her grandfather, a scout which got forced out of service by almost fatal injury, it won't be Survey Corps. She adored her parents, a couple that consists of a brilliant engineer and equally capable medic, but neither Garrison will be her calling. No, she will follow in the steps of her grandmother and aunt - Military Police. The serving the king part played a little role to her, as she desired nothing more than to bring order and justice wherever it may be needed. No one had the heart to outright discourage the young girl from such a foolish dream; after all, there was a good chance that it's just a phase and she'll change her mind. Not to mention that she needs to pass the ODM gear aptitude evaluation first.TrainingMuch to the surprise of absolutely no one, Anya did pass and thus started her journey.While she did have enough spare energy to kill a horse, her performance fluctuated wildly depending on the day's scheduled training exercises. As long as her feet were on the ground, she had no problems with keeping up with the rest of the group, easily besting treks and giving her sparring partners a run for their money until the very end when she lost. However, the moment she donned on 3dmg, she became the laughingstock and gave yet another reason behind the nickname "titan girl". With the grace of an abnormal fixated on its target, Anya flailed through the air, narrowly avoiding trees no matter their size.The final moment of utter humiliation came with the day when an instructor had to climb up and physically untangle her from a branch. Utterly pissed off at her own incompetence and the inconvenience she caused for others, Anya devoted every possible moment to learn how to handle her gear. She didn't relent even for a moment during those weeks, no matter how badly her entire body felt like breaking apart, not until she had the basics down and was no longer an aerial threat to her classmates.    Then she was just a threat to herself, due to her tendency to try and break up any physical fights which occurred in her presence. Naturally, she got knocked on her ass more than a few times as a result of her meddling, but it was worth it as long as she managed to force everyone involved to separate and cool down. Her reasoning being that as part of the same group, the very least they can do is pull in the same direction. While some viewed her as an annoyance, she still had a group of friends, one which she adored being with whenever she had free time from both training and studying. When they were hanging out, she was always the first one to point out when an idea for potential fun goes against regulations before sharing loopholes with the same breath for how to achieve it. She was always careful to not leave behind any evidence of disobedience, no matter how minor it may be.    The three years passed like a dream. Albeit there were challenging times as well, Anya could only label them as fun. She graduated among the top ten, more precisely as the tenth and dead last. Not that it mattered to Anya, so proud of her hard-earned achievement.Years of serviceAfter graduating, she ended up in Trost's branch of Military Police. Full of ideals and hope, she threw herself at her new duties, tearing through even the most mundane and boring ones with enthusiasm. She fully intended to be the change this regiment needs, even if it will take her twenty years to see any results from her effort. Then, after half of the year, her life took a turn - she was to be transferred into Mitras.Not even Anya herself was naive enough to believe that she did anything to deserve such a privileged position. Something happened behind the scenes, a choice that was made about her without her knowledge. The one she suspected the most was her own family; while now she was aware that her nana was quite a big deal in her youth and could even retire early thanks to not really clean means, she didn't know that the old lady still held any major strings to pull. She had little doubt that her aunt played a part in this as well, not even mentioning her parents. She was mortified at this dishonest move but couldn't do anything. It was done and she had to obey, just let herself get catapulted straight into capital.On her way there, she swore to exceed any and all expectations that are placed on her. What she lacks in experience, she will make it up with her performance. She will bring justice and glory into the most corrupt regiment right in the heart of all three Walls.As it only could be expected, her start in a new place was rather rough, even under the guidance of a soul kind enough to take her under their wings. Her first months were spent on the surface, handling tasks that needed to be done but were mind-numbingly simple. Even when they began to grow more difficult, she quickly learned that the bar of expectations was ridiculously low for her. Which is why she kept pushing at it. Day by day, she tried to be more effective, faster, diligently working her fingers to the bone, until she was finally allowed to move past her place as designated idiot.While that may sound like a good thing, it also meant that next her steps lead into Underground, which turned into yet another form of training grounds for her. Despite her best effort, she experienced close encounters with death more times than she would like to admit. It certainly was a learning experience, one that left her with the habit of constantly carrying a thin combat knife on her belt. It was also where she learned how to pick locks; it was more out of necessity and rather frustrating, but she kept practicing nonetheless. Slowly but surely, she adapted to her surroundings until they were part of her.Each year that passed further honed her skills while it dulled her spirit at the same time. Long gone were the dreams of reforming the entire regiment into an admirable state; one person alone can't pull it out of the filth of moral decay. She can't even hope to poke her nose into politics that ran high above her, that was just a wild fever dream.However, she didn't give up entirely, finding a cause worth fighting for. A goal so noble that she planned to devote her life to it. Trouble in TrostHer goal and the news of the titan attack should by all logic ensure that she will never step a foot out of total safety. But only a month after the tragedy, Anya returned back home. She popped up with no warning, no squad accompanying her. Her explanation bordered on childish - she wanted to stay close now when Trost is the next district to attract the most titan activity. Right the next day, Anya could be seen in the standard MP uniform, going on her day like all those years ago. She was more seen working than slacking, hardly passing duties onto others. Not that it's weird for her, but after years of service she shouldn't be acting like a new addition to the regiment with no one under her command. Her sudden return and too dutiful behavior gave wings to gossip, the most popular being that she caused a massive f***up and had to leave the capital in disgrace.While Anya didn't exactly lie about her motivations, neither did she tell the whole truth. A new overseer was needed for the district, someone competent enough to keep up an unassuming presence while also dealing with persons of interest on their own. While Anya did volunteer, she was barely considered as a candidate for the role due to her limited experiences. But with her captain's endorsement, and thanks to the fact that Trost was a district with minimal reports of potentially suspicious activities, she snatched up the position. Her superiors expect her to keep the district's status as the least problematic of all. There were also other factors at play, but she’s blissfully oblivious to them.No matter the talk, Anya pulled her weight, especially when it involved crime. Once she sank her teeth into a case, she didn't let go until it was either solved or came to an utter dead end. With this perseverance, she managed to even find some missing person's bodies, bringing cold closure to the worried family or laying them to rest if there was no one to take care of it. For two victims, she knew exactly where to look. Just like how she knew why certain fatal accidents happened. But there's no price too high to pay for the order and peace within Walls.To put it simply, she could clearly see the path she's walking on. In her heart, there is no hesitation in what her duties are.At least there wasn't until another tragedy struck. Even though it went against everything that was beaten into her head, Anya still rushed to grab a spare gear from the MP headquarters once a breach was confirmed. She was aware that the Garrison had plans to handle such a situation, she engraved them into her memory, and knew that it also involved the training corps. The idea of remaining idle while those kids face their worst nightmare forced her to abandon common sense and made her rush towards the part of the middle guard that was closest to her. By the time of her arrival, there were only a few souls left alive, and even less of them when the bell to retreat rang. Did her presence make any difference? She didn't know the answer to that question. Or perhaps she did, just didn't want to admit it.She began to question her cause, the deadly ignorance she's all but promoting. Just what else is out there? Perhaps if the government didn't insist on stomping out the dissenting theories, someone would hold an answer to this damned question. But would it be worth it? What if one of those dissenters would entrap the common folk, fill their heads with silly tales until they rebel against the peace? Is there even a right choice to make?After the battle, doubts began to pop up in Anya. They keep stubbornly returning no matter how hard she tries to ignore them, tainting every step she takes. She was working for years so sure about her place in this world, and now one encounter face to face with titans and the appearance of an unexpected savior of humanity made her question her whole service.  Not that she had time to wallow in them, fully focused on assisting the clean up after the massacre and the upcoming days, trying to bring back at least some semblance of normalcy into daily life.People began to slip through cracks, much to her own horror and guilty relief. She still kept tabs on them but that’s all she did. A man openly began to speak about his doubts on the government's stance towards the Survey Corps, but she turned deaf ear to it; it's just a talk and no one takes him seriously anyway, right? A woman tries to gather up more books about the outside world and hide them under her floorboards. Anya knew about the one she already has but left it alone. No one gets hurt by their actions and besides, she has other things to worry about.AftermathUnfortunately, this time she couldn't ignore the tiny voice in her head, nor she could forget her memories. Her resentment began to fester. Disgust began to pull away the wool from her eyes, filling her with rage against her own chain of command. The decisions which came from high above struck at her very core, reigniting fire which she thought was extinguished a long time ago. And just like that, the unthinkable happened - she began to disobey direct orders, fully aware that it may result in her termination. It would be a lie to say that she wasn't afraid of death, which is why her disobedience showed in a form of her cocking up everything she laid her hands on. Not that her potential executioners would care about plausible deniability, it was mainly for her to cope with the idea of going against everything she knew until now.A part of her wanted to return back to the old days, devoid of hesitations and uncomfortable questions. That part quickly shriveled up in flames of determination, devoured by the knowledge that nothing can change if people let themselves get trampled for sake of not causing an uproar. That includes her as well.To her surprise, no harm came her way. What with the recent events and happenings, she simply wasn't important enough to be even just an afterthought for someone to punish her; just another cog in a machinery. One which rolled away without anyone noticing.Not that she hasn't experienced other hardships, but those she endured with a stiff upper lip, fully aware that they were deserved. Without wailing and begging for forgiveness that she had no right for, she decided to stay in both the regiment and the district, quietly working off her debt towards its citizens.  This atonement is not enough, she had no grand delusions about it. But she didn't want to stay in the past, there was no other option but to move forward. What awaits her in the future? Where will the path take her? She doesn't know and made her peace with it. However, there is still a tiny, faint hope settled in her heart - perhaps this time, she can be a better person once again.She accepted the truth. No matter how honest her convictions were, no matter how wholeheartedly she believed that her actions were righteous, she was wrong. Her hands are stained with the blood of innocents. Even if she now tries to move onward and away from her blinded past self, that won't revive her victims. And neither will it spare her life. After all, violence begets violence. And death can only be repaid by death. She took a part in that cycle, it's only expected that it will claim her as well. But until that day, she'll try to do at least some good in this world.TL;DR - A broken idiot seeking redemption. The play can be set at any point of her life tho. I also don't mind ending it by killing her off!Feel free to take her at face value if you want to be surprised, otherwise please highlight the redacted sections.

attack on titan, shingeki no kyojin

Anya Koziol

02/10/2021 06:21 PM 

Character sheet - trainee edition

Name: Anya KoziolAge: 15 (as of year 850)Gender: FemaleHeight: 184 cm (6′0.5)AppearanceAnya is a rather tall, slender young woman, with defined muscles and tanned skin from spending time outside.The only time when she's not seen with her pigtails is in the early morning, and even that changes quickly after she gets dressed. Not only is the hairstyle practical, but she likes it as well. By now, she's able to tie her red hair in her sleep.Her sizable, expressive brown eyes remind of a cow - warm and way too trusting.If a person by some miracle manages to get close to her face, her freckles aren't that hard to notice. They run through her nose, a line starting and ending on her cheeks.When not on duty, she wears a simple long-sleeved white blouse with a sleeveless vest over it, and a skirt that reaches all the way down to her boots.PersonalityThere are special people in this world. And then there's Anya.While she doesn't stand out skills-wise, Anya has a strong sense of duty, one which drives her to actively pursue her goals. She rarely can be seen just idling around, even when she's supposed to rest; her hands simply need to be occupied at all times. Once it comes to tasks, she can be trusted to do whatever she's ordered to and even go an extra mile. Due to her lack of experience, that extra mile may or may not bring more harm than good. She's always willing to give a helping hand, even if it's at cost of her own free time. Naturally, she knows better than to run herself ragged, though sometimes she can't help but to push at her limits, unwilling to leave a friend in a bind. Or an acquaintance. And most of strangers, assuming that her gut isn't shrieking at her to not walk into a potential trap. The last category is easier for her to deny, even if she'll feel bad about it. In the end, the only thing which can be said for sure is that she will pour her heart and soul into every deed.Due to her upbringing, Anya is the first person to point out any actions that go against regulations. However, she's also the first one to try and find loopholes if the rule-breaking is done for a good cause. She knows that by the book approach is ideal, but life isn't ideal nor fair. As long as she believes that everything is done for a righteous reason, she will keep her mouth shut and step steady. It will absolutely crush her heart once she's manipulated into doing something horrific.She quickly warms up to people; whether it's just one person or a group, it goes without doubt that Anya will open her mouth and start talking about the first thing which pops up in her mind. Be it the weather or recent happenings, she can't just meet someone and not chat with them within minutes. It doesn't matter whether she receives just a few words or hum as an answer, she will ramble on and on without a single pause. But eventually, even she will catch on when her endless babbling annoys someone and will promptly try to hold back on her chatter. The keyword being try, since staying silent simply isn't in her nature.Beneath that constant, air-headed yapping lays a caring heart, one which is, in fact, capable of listening and if the need be, acting on someone's else behalf.Although she tries to stay on friendly terms with everyone she meets, it would be pointless to expect fake pleasantries from her. Those who manage to end up on her bad side will receive only basic politeness and a rather straight to business approach. Nothing more nor less.HistoryBorn in Trost, Anya had a happy childhood, surrounded by family. Her father, a soft-spoken man with a height that could be described as mini-titan, serves as a medic, while her mother, a strict woman with a slightly eccentric streak, held a position as one of unit captains until she temporarily left to take care of her newborn daughter.Though once she considered her kid as old enough to spent longer part of a day without her constant presence, she returned back to her duties, leaving Anya in care of her own parents.The little girl especially clung to her grandfather, always holding on his pant leg wherever they went. Considering how both her parents and grandparents were part of the military, it's hardly surprising that the same fate awaited Anya. After all, why shouldn't she try to secure a cushy position in Garrison regiment?The reason why came in form of grim reminder to not take peace and safety for granted. Now with Trost being the most likely target of the next attack, the plans of her family shifted from just getting her to graduate into getting her to safety; even if it's done at cost of pulling more than a few strings, Anya will join the Military Police. Not that the girl herself is aware of this fact.However, she is still her own person. What exactly the future holds for her remains to be seen.TL;DR - An optimistic idiot that may die before even seeing a titan. Hit me up for fun.

attack on titan, shingeki no kyojin

π•Ύπ–†π–˜π–˜π–ž 𝖂𝖔𝖑𝖋

02/10/2021 03:36 PM 

Roleplaying Rules And Regulations : Leerah Crimson

You can write your list of roleplay rules and regulations here.


02/10/2021 05:58 PM 

Alt List

To keep things neat and easy to find, this will be the list of my alts.For a touch of wickedness: something less wicked:

π‘ƒπ‘’π‘›π‘˜ π΅π‘–π‘‘π‘π˜©

02/10/2021 12:32 PM 

about me...

1. Here to write.2. No here to be simped for.  

π‘Šπ‘–π‘‘π‘π˜© 𝐻𝑒𝑛𝑑

02/10/2021 12:09 PM 

The Witch is Back.

I write Morrigan from dragon age but do crossovers into Devil May Cry and the like (Reboot accepted as I happened to enjoy it). I have been writing this character for a long time, and I have returned. I'm not here for drama or little people. So if you are here and cannot differenciate roleplay from not come near me pesant.  I am here to write, not be Simped for, thank you. Rules:1. No God Modding. 2. Do not attempt to control Morrigan.3. I write Novella and only Novella.4. I will treat people how they treat me. 


02/09/2021 07:20 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

Name : Cro BukarAge : Mid 20'sSex : MaleRace  : Saiya-jinHair Color : BlackEye Color : Onyx.Abilities  : can sense ki and use his ki in defensive and offensive situations, f;ogjtTransformations : Great Ape,  Super Saiyan 1-3Attacks : Ki Blasts, Energy BeamsBattle Clothes :  Black Spandex, Normal Saiya-jin Battle Armor, White Gloves, White Boots with Yellow TipsNormal Clothes : Black Hoodie, Jeans,  Black Leather Boots and Black Fingerless GlovesPersonality : Loner, Wise-ass, Sarcastic.  Cracks very few jokes, a lone wolf most of the time.  Can work with others but chooses not to. Goals : To become the strongest and protect the very few people that he holds dear to himself.Background : He was raised on a distant planet in a distant galaxy that had been overtaken by Frieza's forces and The Saiyans that worked for Frieza. It was put up for sale and eventually destroy.  Cro nearly escaped with his life.  His mother, father and brother were scattered all over the galaxy.  He doesn't know where they are  He luckily made it to Earth and started a life there at a young age.  He's simply been training on Earth, fighting whomever he could get his hands on so he could get stronger. He wanted revenge on Frieza and the people who had destroyed his planet, but as he grew as a warrior and a fighter.  That bloodlust for revenge had diminished and now he just fought for the sole reason of protecting the planet and trying to find his family.

dbz, oc, roleplaying, bio,

Mistress Evangelyene

02/08/2021 09:25 PM 

Current mood:  distressed

I normally don't like doing these but figured now as any would be a good time as any for some rules while I'm thinking about it and of course would add more later if needed.1. I can't stress this enough..if your going to send me pics in a story do the links not the actual photo. I've lost accounts twice because of someone sending me open photos durning a story. I'm not against us using them at all just for me please send the links I rather not lose another account over a issue. 2. mature themes mostly is the genre I do but I'm open for others as well as ideas as well. Not gonna turn down others ideas oe anything I'm open to talk and approach with new stories.3. I tend to mostly do Multi para at lest up to 2 or 3 story wise anymore and I always lose focus and it's harder for be to reply back. No one liners at all there's nothing really to work with as a story. Third person setting usually is my perfered writing style as well 4. I have evangelyene as dom for girls and packing extra I'll only do this part for sub girls only and have her be normal and sub herself when doing stories with males. It's just what for me in more comfortable with. 5. I'm not always on, and even if I am it does take awhile for me to reply. Like I'll be on but just not have a muse to write and I rather not send replies that have half hearted stories or don't make sense to the plot at hand. So replies for me at lest for awhile might be touch and go6. If anyone has a discord and would like to add me feel free it's  Mistress.Evangelyene#0653  Just if anyone adds me let me know of who you are so we can easily do a story there. I'm more often will be there more likely than on here just in case so others can still reach me 7. for now have fun and let's come up with good stories and plots we both can enjoy! 


02/08/2021 09:21 PM 

Akane ( Devil may cry WIP OC)

Akane, is a rather young demon being only 19 years old, taking on the appearance of a slim black haired female with striking yellow eyes. She was originally sent up to the human world to cause havoc with a horde of others with other high powered demons, there are only two others of her exact kind with the same abilities however. Her kind being a demon with higher potential, to cause more chaos and destruction. However this was not Akane's style, the lazy ,laid back demon simply stepped away and took on a human form not without a fight of course.Akane has the ability of mental manipulation. to her its fun watching her enemy fight their own allies, gives her a good chuckle, with her lazy personality it doesn't take much effort to cast. This is also helpful to make other buy her food and drinks at the bar. However with this ability it cannot last for very long . She does tend to push herself especially at the bar making drunks buy her drinks which in turn gives her headaches. Her ability also does not do well in large hordes, if one would seperate from the group for a moment her ability could work as usual.Her second ability would be casting curses. She very seldom uses this ability since it tends to fail. It causes astonishingly bad luck and misfortune on opponent and others close to said opponent.Along with her mind games she plays, the small female carries a rose gold dagger with a small teddy bear chain dangling off the handle, nothing to special about the blade itself other than it is indeed cursed, by yours truely. Getting struck by such a blade will increase the misfortune much more than playing mind games with her. despair will empower you.Along with her abilities, her true demonic form consists of a dark plum aura, spreading through her limbs , this aura causes intense fear at the opponent causing distress gives Akane the advantage of the situation, stick around too long and the fear just might eat you alive. Using her blade in this form makes the despair excruciatingly painful, messing with the opponents deepest fears digging deep into the darkest depths of the mind.In the present day the female roams the streets, well more realistically bar hopping. still having that laid back and lazy demeanor however, she's become more snarky and stand offish over time. Dealing with drunk men almost daily you would have to after all.notes- This can be taken place during/after any of the games ( preferably not the reboot) Also she is a work in progress will update as the story goes on!

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Cloud wasn't exactly the fittest of candidates intended for the SOLDIER program. In the beginning, he struggled quite a bit at the cardiovascular sections of testing and was actually forced to retake the physical exam three times more before meeting baseline qualifications. The air of the countryside wasn't particularly clean since Shinra's industrialization, and continued efforts to maintain the reactors—most people didn't beyond that renegade "freedom fighter" resistance group the locals had talked about. It was the least of his concerns. He was just glad to have qualified—finally.In the earlier iterations of the SOLDIER program, candidates went through different tests one could expect. There's the physical examination which tested cardiovascular, endurance and latent strength and dexterity; an entry comprehension assessment. It was surprisingly simple, even for Cloud. He wasn't the brightest when it came to tests, as his education was limited for being outside the urban districts. Little did he know however that this was done intentionally. Further testing would be required, but only after the final layer to the qualification process: the psychological evaluation. ( Shinra Building — Psych. Testing )"ATTENTION, candidates! You've successfully adapted and overcome to the physical and written portions of the assessment, leaving one test left. Professor Hojo has managed to work with the R&D department to design a different 'final test', if you will. It's a simulation that will provide a stress test applicable to what you'll be faced with on the battlefield."The SOLDIER cleared their throat as Cloud stood at attention, donned in a recruiter's uniform that looked like a one-piece version of Shinra's infantry. As the SOLDIER gestured for the recruits to assess the VR pods, he took his place at the furthest one to the right. He looked onward back towards the instructor—a seemingly unnamed first class SOLDIER. There were others who attended as well with curious eyes examining through the one-way mirror."Is thing safe?" Cloud inquired. He's not the most tech savvy, and the idea of being put under stasis for a small period always bugged him."—of course it's safe! Professor Hojo designed the entire thing, after all! Don't question it, newbie!"Cloud sighed, all the while before a different SOLDIER arrived to console Cloud. Little did he know, Zack knew a thing or two about the ins and outs of Shinra's testing despite his low rank at the time. They hadn't met before, but it seems he wasn't the only one tending to the potential recruits."Ah, don't worry about it. A few of the SOLDIERs here will be overseeing what goes on internally. It's kind of a test for us too. That's what my teacher said at least." Zack nodded before giving Cloud's machine a firm slap. The SOLDIERs in question had a different set of pods—less structural components in place of a direct feed through the consciousness via insertion between the cerebellum.Cloud nodded his head... reluctantly. While he didn't feel he was being mislead, anxiousness developed. He knew a lot was riding on this final test—the promise he made to Tifa; his reassurance he'd become "stronger" and would undoubtedly be accepted into the SOLDIER program without question—the reputation of a mere country boy who'd never have a shot at anything else. Everything. With a small gulp, he rested his head into the module as the device began to take hold. It's something akin to a lapse in memory—a stark contrast of sentience that diminished the moment the program began to assimilate everyone into the simulation in unison."You'll know you're in once you stop—hearing my—voice—... Good lu—ck—"( Simulation Realm - War-Torn City )As if he was dropped in the midst of a crisis, he came equipped subconsciously with the knowledge of an average infantry unit. He was startled at first—especially with a rifle in his hands. He looked around amidst the frantic nature of everything around him, from the blazing debris and thick smoke that emerged from the inferno. "Rookie! Get up! You got a job to do!""—what? What am I doing again?"As if everything was a blur, the sounds and unsightly cries of the locals were bombarding his senses at a rate he struggled to keep up with. One of the lieutenants in the distance mentioned something about 'clearing the area'—whatever that meant. It wasn't hard to tell his innocence showed indefinitely. He's clearly out of his element while the chain-of-command continued to bark orders.—this isn't... what it's really like, is it? I just got here.What felt like hours had passed in increments were minutes with a continued rally that followed suit. Pestering at the back of his head, each call-out felt directed at him, forcing Cloud to move forward with the others that gradually recollected—including the SOLDIERs that accompanied the bunch into their simulation. One of 'em patted him on the shoulder—he couldn't make 'em out, but they seemed to be a 2-C 'round the bunch. Unfamiliar, he tilted his head slightly before taking point. From the looks of it, it seems that the unit he was apart of was pinned down by gunfire from an opposing force. The targets in question however didn't look to be hostile willingly—they were all civilians who took up the AVALANCHE mantle. He vaguely remembered their older symbols strewn just outside the countryside, unbeknownst. They're just... people, though? Why are we fighting them? They aren't even dressed in rogue unifo—And by the precipice of combat, his unit managed to breach the sector through explosive bombardment and returning gunfire. Something was about to pop off, and he didn't like the sounds of it. There's a general unease among the candidates which extended onto the SOLDIERs apart of the ops. Reluctantly, they advanced while continuing to be directed by the unnamed commander—secretly disguised, Professor Hojo beckoned for them to continue.Something sinister was laced behind his tone with each command, with clear signs of deranged satisfaction from the onslaught that occurred. From the looks of it, this crop of potential recruits seemed promising—not in the sense of success, but the failure that would inevitably occur from overload. Being forced into a situation against the every day individual was more than anyone had bargained for. Anyone who got into SOLDIER were forced to internalize the reality of civil conflicts. They were equipped for it—the others, not so much.Zack, in the midst of continued gunfire managed to stave off the majority with his 3-C issued armament before looking to Cloud. He sensed his reticence to continue, and knew in the back of his mind there was something nefarious to Hojo's data analysis. This couldn't have been an exercise—it's an experiment. But his inexperience in working with Hojo hadn't led him to believe they'd pull something so drastic. "Cloud! Remember, it's just a simulation. This isn't real, you have to keep that in mind if you want to succeed.""Is it, though!?" Slightly angered and confused, he looked around at the numerous bodies of mortally wounded civilians—some of which had familiar faces. While Nibelhiem wasn't at the forefront of the resistance, a handful of freedom fighters faintly resembled members of the former community. "Something about this isn't right...! Ngh...!" What felt like a prick, he touched his neck. It wasn't debris of residual embers that scathed the flesh, something had to of poked him. He was far too immersed, shaking off the affliction as if it was nonexistent. He wasn't the only one to experience that, either. ( Looking Back - Shinra Building // SOLDIER Debriefing )Weeks prior to testing, Professor Hojo devised a way to further proceed with his genetics testing and further refine the SOLDIER process through... questionable means. Psychological data wasn't exactly plentiful considering the mortality rate. He hadn't disclosed the details with anyone, not even the higher ups. If they had found out the extent of which his tests ran, he'd likely have his position compromised. They were still untrustworthy of his intentions, but provided him with the funding necessary to push the SOLDIER program beyond its limits.—then there's the continued research behind Ifalna which hadn't resolved just yet. Hojo was forced to provide data on her, leading to an entire different can of worms to deal with, but alas. He continued, debriefing the SOLDIERs involved with the final test."Now, now, listen 'ere. The candidates this time around show incredible resilience physically—even though the boy looked to be struggling. His remarkable fortitude to work through failure has piqued my interests, and I think it's time we had a different layer of challenge to the stipulations of recruitment.Only those present from the SOLDIER program will be in the know that I'll be taking extra strides in enhancing the simulation. I want to be sure that we don't run into mistakes like last time. That was... unsightly; a massive inconvenience beyond recognition. I REFUSE to be chewed out again by my superiors! As such... the handful of ye' will proceed with the test. You'll know when things are fully under way after being injected—it'll temporarily remove the limiter that discerns one's understanding of the virtual realm....THAT will be sufficient. Anyone who manages to overcome that burden gets a pass. The rest, not so fortunate. Heheheheh!"A general unease was felt throughout the room, all the while Zack remained propped against the door. He didn't like the idea of it either, and felt the need to be present in the event something happened. Unfortunately, Angeal couldn't make it. He'd know what to do, much against the better interests of Shinra. Despite this, however, he gave a nod before rubbing the back of his head. "...Yeaaaaaah, this is 'gonna be a ride. I can feel it already."( Simulation II )"JUST SHOOT! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, RECRUIT!?""It's a freaking kid! Are YOU serious right now!?"He was fidgeting with his rifle while looking across the street. A downed child, no older than 7 looked to be getting back up after the explosion on behalf of Shinra knocked the coalition off their feet. The child is armed as are the others and seemed to be under dire circumstances. AVALANCHE wouldn't normally implore child fighters; it's something that caught Cloud completely off-guard. He also seemed to forget about what Zack had said, prompting for the serum to take effect with inconsistent breaths. The stress continued to amount—tensions were high as fellow candidates cried out against the commander's orders. "If you don't take the shot and eliminate them, you aren't passing. If you know what's best for your Sector, you'll do as I say." Hojo deviously claimed, omitting the notion that they aren't real. The SOLDIERs at this point were forced to hush up, with Zack gritting his teeth at the sight of what was about to take place. Something in him couldn't bear to see the recruits persist. The experiment needed to be aborted."Cloud! Don't do it! It's not worth it! They aren't even real!" Zack exclaimed, calling out to him on subsequent occasions. Between the conflict and bombardments, getting through proved impossible. The noise continued to build in his head, and the communication device resonated deeply. The idea of failure—not being able to return with success written across his forehead could not be compromised, even if it meant going against his morals. The pressure was getting to him, and in one pull of the trigger, his aim steadied while his eyes closed.He didn't need to look ahead to know the target was marked. Something instinctive triggered within him that perhaps Hojo had been seeking, but in that very moment, something cracked. Gloved extremities twitched uncontrollably as he dropped the rifle. The smoldering scent of a semi-auto tinged the nostrils as a reminder of his mark and his breath continued to jive irregularly. He fell to both knees, stressed with an increased heartrate just before Zack could snap him out of the shot.It was too late. The damage had already been done.Tears welled up despite Zack tugging at him for any signs of conscientiousness. Eyes fixated on the boy across the street and he felt himself tensing up. Zack was forced to pull him aside while demanding for the simulation to be shut off. "...A-Am I... Am I a bad person for this...? I didn't have a choice—""No, Cloud. It's not your fault. None of this is. I had a feeling, and unfortunately I was right."From there, the test was aborted. The commotion within the facility amounted to a congregation of higher ranks to quell the situation. Once Zack was freed from the machine, he ran over to check on the others before finally delving towards Cloud's pod. To no avail his calls and gestures weren't getting through, which he assumed to be a collapse of the mind.His body wasn't responding, but he didn't seem dead. Perhaps he's in a coma.In another way, he couldn't bring himself to reawake. He knew he failed at that point, and the simple notion of this realization was heartbreaking. Signing up to apply for SOLDIER—he hadn't expected this. He'd never even heard of civil conflicts resulting in the use of child soldiers, let alone old faces.He did rush ahead of things in an effort to 'be better' without realizing what that encompassed, much to Professor Hojo's disappointment. "There's no hope for this one. What a shame. He was a good candidate for the next phase of testing, too. I can't do anything with a dud—at least the others are kicking. We'll make due, but get this lifeless trash out of my facility," Hojo said, scoffing with borderline resentment. Zack regretfully attempted to get Cloud on his feet before escorting him outside. Not much was said, though the startling looks became uncomfortable after a while. "One day, man. You'll make it. I just... I wasn't expecting this. No one was—well, that's not true. We kinda' knew. They were testing something, but the results weren't supposed to turn out like this.I don't like that Hojo fella'. I really don't. If you can hear me, I'm sorry. I should've jumped in when it got too real." Zack sighed, setting Cloud down on one of the med-bay beds in the same hallway. He simply watched over him for the time being, as he couldn't leave a 'failure' unattended. He'd be booted otherwise, but perhaps he could work something out to have him as a foot soldier instead.


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My Rules

My rules are pretty straightforward and open.1.) No R18+      I'm okay with possibly forming a relationship between characters, However I don't really have an interest in doing mostly/strictly sexual roleplays. 2.) All styles of roleplaying in terms of structures are allowed. Whether you send a few lines or a novel means little to me, as long as we are having fun in the roleplay.3.) You don't have to have perferct grammer, but it obviously needs to be understandable.4.)  If I can't find information, please let me know if certain topics are taboo. I personally have zero issues with most themes, at most I might find them uninteresting. I would hate to offend someone though so please let me know.I will respond as often as I can, and I will notify you if something comes up that delays a response. I do have a very busy life with a lot of responsiblities, but I do plan on making this a habit.I'll add more if I feel the need too, but for now I think this will be sufficient. Hope to talk to you soon, and thank you for reading this.

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call me kal. 24 years of age. i'm a trans man. he/they pronouns, please. that is all i'm comfortable sharing at this time. ♥

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1.) No excess drama. I've too much of it going on in my irl life to deal with it here. I come here to relax, not stress2.) I cannot stress this one enough: PLEASE USE PROPER GRAMMER WHILE IN RP MOIDE! And what I mean is none of this text talk like 'ur' and 'ikr'. It's fine if you're talking to me out of character, but it get's very tiresome and downright irritating in roleplay mode3.) I hate being turned into a number. I'll give you the grace period of 2 months, but after that, if you don't respond, I will delete you. Sorry if it sounds harsh, but I've been made a number too often, with only one reply being made every 6 months or so, I don't want it to happen again.4.) I do have a life irl; I have a full-time night shift job and am working on saving money to get ready to move. Usually I am on mobile for a few minutes before I get off work at 1am cst, and I hate opening a message to read it without reply, cause then I'll forget that I looked at it might forget to reply for weeks at a time. All I aks is a little bit of patience5.) I can switch between Safe for work rps or 18+/21+, all I ask is that you let me know how mature you'd like your rp's to be. This includes blood & gore as well as sexual. 6.) If you have an issue with me and/or the character I'm playing, please discuss it with ME privately. I'm a reasonable and understanding person. I'm respectful of others and I want the same level of respect from others. D7.) Speaking of Rule 6, If you, at any time, are not having fun roleplaying with me, please let me know so we can either talk about changing it or we can peacefully and respectfully part ways instead of leaving me unaswered on replies for an extended period of time.8.) DO NOT make demands that I change my oc in the sense of rewriting their whole character (Let ME do that to MY character), or make them exclusive to you! I DO NOT DO CHARACTER EXCLUSIVITY, IT'S RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL TO OTHER ROLEPLAYERS THAT WANT TO RP WITH MY CHARACTERS! I've been through that drama way too much previously to keep tolerating it. I am willing to discuss changes, but you have to be respectful and willing to meet me in the middle.9.) Above everything, I'm here to relax and have fun, so please don't take these roleplays too seriously.


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1. No erotic rp I'm not into it.2. Please be patient when it come to replying to an rp I'm dyslexic and tend to read things multiple times just to make sure I've read ot properly.3. Please don't pester me to reply it only makes me take longer to reply.4. No real life drama5. My spellings not the best so I apologise in advance for that.6. My Hero Academia is my main verseMore will be added if needed.


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Name: AyamePhysical Age: 18Species: Demon/Vampire HybridGender: FemaleOrientation: StraightHeight: 5'2Hair color: BrownEye color: Red(Right)/Green(Left)Likes: Sweets, Spiders, WolvesDislikes: HuntersAddiction: BloodOccupation: Part-Time AssassinWeapons: Blood Whip(Uses her Blood as a weapon), Daggers hidden in her bootsAbilities: Immortality, ability to heal from any wound, enhanced speed, and strength.

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