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02/05/2021 04:24 PM 


Subject to change and a work in progress.1. 18+ only. I'm an adult and I wish to interact strictly with other adults.2. I shouldn't have to say this, but this account is for playing Sauron; no multi-muse or OCs are being offered over here.3. Already established, but I'm not really here for romance. It might happen if the mood strikes, but I'm strictly an MxM player. 3a. I'll never say no to a Melkor or Celebrimbor. Instant yes.4. Dark themes all around. Fantasy settings, as I'm sure is obvious.4a: I'm willing to discuss crossovers. One of the more unusual ones I'm geared toward right now is Marvel, like, Avengers stuff. Throw ideas my way and we'll see what happens.5. Semi and Para. Multi if the chemistry is really good.6. Furries are a tough topic. I'm not exactly against them, but I don't like run of the mill, generic furries, either. Give me something interesting.6a: Middle Earth creatures are a good baseline to consider in regards to what I'll probably accept. Just a heads up.7. I don't want to sound like a d*ck, but please no femboy types. Pretty men (like Sauron, Celebrimbor, etc.) are one thing, but overly effeminate men do nothing for me, I'm afraid.8. Even if things don't work out and we don't roleplay, I'm open for chatting and making new friends!

ℓιgнтηιηg cℓαω

02/05/2021 01:46 PM 

AU Verses

The list is incomplete for now, but will be updated over time. If you write for a character that's in these verses, don't hesitate to send a request!KINGDOM HEARTSNo world is safe from the darkness, not even Teyvet. Razor, as the wolf boy, hunts and fights on a daily basis. He wakes up like normal, basks in the enjoyable sun rise, and joins his lupical on their daily activities as he would. However, one day, everything changed... It would be like any other day until the Knights of Favonius would recall people disappearing and strange creatures being sighted outside of the city. Jean, as the acting grandmaster, calls her forces to arms to defend the people and patrol the city. To no avail, the efforts of those without visions would come to fail. Razor is quick to take notice of the recent attacks, and qucik to feel its effects. These creatures that rise from shadows would attack Razor's pack, and with iron claws and teeth of thunder, he works hard to protect his pack. He hears rumors though, rumors of yet another traveler, but one who could save Teyvet from this new threat. If Razor sees them, he will be there to assist if it means protecting his lupical better than he could alone.DYNASTY WARRIORS & WARRIORS OROCHITo be added! (In this verse, he's known as Léizé, which is Razor's name in Chinese.)FINAL FANTASYTo be added!POKEMONTo be added!(Razor's team: Mightyena, Jolteon, Lycanroc [Midnight form / Shiny], Lycanroc [Dusk form], Manectric, Growlithe)


02/05/2021 03:19 PM 

Titan obsession
Current mood:  happy

Babysitting Titans are so satisfying... *cries of joy* The audacity in what I'm doing.. Tsk.Titans are part of my happy pills as well. Someone hire me as your Titan babysitter, I'm good at handling them.


02/04/2021 01:37 AM 

Current mood:  curious

 Open meHey there, my name is Elle. Nice to meet y'all I guess. Sorry, if I'm quite bad at roleplaying since I recently just created this account a day ago so I'm not really familiar with the settings and details in this website, lmao.  I'm willing to be interested and get used to this. Well, I've been roleplaying for quite a long time now. It's been 6 months, about to be 7. I don't know if that's already long for the roleplay community, but okay. I guess. I hope we all get along!! 

Sichuan D Sake

02/03/2021 01:03 PM 

History and More Info

Sichuan was born in the land of Wano this land was hell all the water in the rivers is poisonous and the air is thick always smelling like poison and overran with pirates and the only food she ever ate in Wano that she didn't make her sick tasted terrible. She was an outcast because she had small horns on her head that oni-like creature, she looked like that for as long as she can remember. It did make her stronger than other kids but it didn't help her short temper and constantly mocked just made her get into fights a lot more. Her parents were long dead never even fully meeting them but the was commonplace in the land of Wano where pirates roam almost freely turning it into chaos all with a Dragon named Kadio ruling over the whole land. Sichuan's only chance of living was to challenge any member of Kadio's lower ranks for their food. Though she had this curse to be an oni, she was granted other forms that made her bigger and stronger beast-like. She was able to live but not well she lost most of her fights at first only manage to steal some bread and freshwater every four weeks. Till one day she made her first friend and later sister Paws, she was a fox looking creature called a mink but at the time she said she was a kitsune. She was starving and beaten but Sichuan shared some of her bread with her and kept bring her food talking to her for hours. Paws was the only person that Sichuan met on this hell that didn't tease her about her look and kind later even teaching her to fight and taking her along Wano with her till one night they managed to steal a big haul of rotten fruits, water, and a small half-drunk bottle of sake, Sichuan and Paws shared a cup of sake and exchanged cups they had made becoming family. But not only that they saw a fancy ship come into port they were transporting a cargo of food and gems. They stuck around and into one of the food creates but for some reason sitting by the gems in the box next to them was making them both weak and sick they managed to sneak on board but without them know this is the ship of a Celestial Dragon Saint Charloss shipping abord slaves later noticing it was a slave ship thinking it was just some pirates of Kadios they kept quiet for a week or so time was hard to tell at this point but one day one the kid noticed the Paws and walked to the create where Saint Charloss shots the kid four times missing and the other bullet goes into the create hitting Paws but instead of screaming she cover Sischuan mouth who is panicking, Paws hugs her close looking out the hole in the box as she bleeding and she watches Saint Charloss shoot every slave he picked up at Wando till the whole ship is quiet other than Saint Charloss saying they were stupid and useless like a spoiled child disappointed with a toy. Sichuan watches bleed out Paws reaches up and hits Sichuan hard as she can with a sucker-punch, she gets knocked out. Next thing she remembers she is pulled out of the create holding Paws tight, but she wasn't on a ship anymore she was inside like a base. Paws wound was gone, but she was lifeless and limp. She was pulled out by two seaman first-class marines that scowled Sichuan but quickly stopped as she burst into tears. They saw what happened and Sichuan crying may have helped but they both had a favor to pull that can get us back home or they can join the marines. Returning to Wano was not happening so this is how she became a choirboy on the ship and working with the marines in San Faldo a small port on the north mostly doing work in San Faldo and around water 7. Paws recovered but weak but Paws explained she cursed just like Sichuan with what her mother called a devil fruit that makes her ghost-like but only if her body dies or she able to tether onto another soul tieing them tother. Sichuan doesn't understand anything she was explaining, but she was just happy to have Paws alive. She moved from chore boy quickly for showing "real courage" but what really made her shine was her strength and her love of learning the combat even sparing with the Caption stationed at San Faldo and anyone she could to better her training Sichuan, getting beat up and learning from them was nothing new to her but what helped her shine and rise ranks was her ability to capturing pirates that they came across, all this combined gained her ranks fast only in a one year time reaching Caption at Water-7 and San Faldo. But this did not last Sichuan became know to let some pirates go and her reports were sloppy and always late she was demoted Petty Officer and Paws in tow with her fully recovered.

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕸𝖔𝖒𝖊𝖓𝖙

02/03/2021 09:01 PM 

Ren Fuji Abilities and Stats ( Part 3 - Legion )

We will now be going over the abilities Ren's Legion can use and grant in to aid Ren in a fight, further adding to his arsenal. All of his Legion are boosted to the same level as Ren when he is at his Godhood, and all attacks and statistics are boosted to his level as well, as they are dyed in the color of the Hadou God they're legion too.Michael Wittmann :        The best friend of his previous incarnation Lotus Rechhart in their past life. He has the power to end all phenomena with a single strike of his fists, being able to erase the attacks of even Mercurius himself.Cyborgization and Inorganic Physiology (Full and Type 2; Machina is an artificial man, whose body is not constructed of blood and flesh, but of gears, cogs, and cables)Non-Physical Interaction (His Ahnenerbe can interact with lightning and shadows. His Ber'iah was stated to be able to interact and erase anything regardless if it had a shape or not, ranging from fire to even personified concepts like Methuselah)Durability Negation (His Ahnenerbe ignores defenses and his Ber'iah outright erases whatever it hits, including concepts)Power Nullification (Deus Ex Machina destroys all weapons, armor, and magic that it touches. Forced Tubal Cain out of his lightning state and negated Rusalka's shadows)Existence Erasure, and Conceptual Destruction (Can bring an end to one's life with his Ahnenerbe, as any of Machina’s punches erase the existence of a being with a history when his Ber'iah is active; Midgardr Völsunga Saga  can even destroy concepts, and was about to destroy the very existence of darkness itself had he punched Methuselah, who is its personified embodiment; Was stated to be one of the two people who could defeat Mercurius' Sensory face-to-face)Shirou Yusa :       His best friend and one of his allies throughout the fight against the L.D.O., Shirou has the power to destroy anything that is of divine nature or supernatural by bringing about the cause of one's self-destruction. This very power thus drives any god to suicide regardless of their defense or state of mind. However, this power brings about destruction to everyone including Ren himself, potentially killing him if if he's not careful.Power Nullification & Self-Destruction Manipulation (Can unravel one's defenses and drives any form of divinity to suicide if on the same level of power or below)Beatrice Kirscheisen :       A German soldier with the desire to be a light to guide her comrades on the battlefield. She has the power to wield lightning and become lightning itself.Transformation and Intangibility (Elemental; Can turn herself into lightning via her Ber'iah, letting attacks pass through her harmlessly, even against other Die Ewigkeit users' Ahnenerbe, whose attacks can interact with the soul)Lightning Manipulation (Can generate lightning powerful enough to do this)Kai Sakurai :   The third generation holder of the mantle of the 'One Who Devours Death'. He has the ability to use poison that rots anyone and anything down to the very soul itself.Power Absorption (Can take in the powers and weapons of those they kill, such as Beatrice's Ber'iah)Poison Manipulation and Corrosion Inducement (Can create a deadly corrosive poison that spreads to anyone around them including their soul. Can also use it as a projectile that invades their bloodstream, or an armor of poison that rots anyone and anything that comes into contact with him)Kei Sakurai :   A Japanese girl who is either Ren's enemy, ally, or even lover depending on the timeline. She has the power to become fire and use fire as her attacks.Fire Manipulation (With her Ber'iah, she becomes the element of fire itself, shapeshifting into fire pillars or taking the shape of a fireball), Transformation and Intangibility (Elemental; Can turn herself into fire via her Ber'iah, letting attacks pass through her harmlessly, even against other Die Ewigkeit users' Ahnenerbe, whose attacks can interact with the soul)Anna Maria Schwagerin :   A witch who has lived for centuries and with a connection with Ren's past life. She has the power to manipulate shadows that devour others as well as bind others down in place, affecting everything including their soul and mind.Shadow Manipulation and Paralysis Inducement (Her Ber'iah can summon shadows from her being that can stop anyone in their tracks, right down to their breathing and even their very soul), Summoning (Her Ahnenerbe, Elizabeth Báthory's diary, can summon various torture devices that damage the soul),Limited Power Mimicry (Can use a spell that allows her to use the Ewigkeit of others)Necromancy (In the one case in which she "ripped-off" the power of another, she used, Riza Brenner's Palinda Mors, which can control the dead)Riza Brenner :   A nun with a dark history and dark power. While she herself cannot fight directly, she can instead manipulate the dead to have her fight in her place.Summoning and Necromancy (She summons her Ahnenerbe, Palida Mors, usually taking the form of a mask, which allows her to control a dead being as powerful as Tubal Cain, but her Ahnenerbe can take the form of a dress, which allows her to puppeteer any corpse in her vicinity)Valerian Trifa :   A priest with a complex history and character with a connection to several of the L.D.O. members and Theresia. He has the power to read the minds of anyone he meets as well as their memories like they were books.Memory Reading, Mind Reading, Emotion Reading and Psychometry (Trifa can see, read, and hear the thoughts and memories of people and objects, potent enough to even affect Wolfgang Schreiber)And that's all for the Legion. We'll be doing one more blog which will be regarding Ren's stats in every route, and the composite stats I use for roleplay.

Abilities, Dies Irae, Powers, Stats

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕸𝖔𝖒𝖊𝖓𝖙

02/03/2021 08:09 PM 

Ren Fuji Abilities and Stats (Part 2 - Abilities)

I'm not sure what order you're reading these in if at all, but this is part 2 of the blog. Here I'll be describing Ren's abilities in every route and in the composite version of the role I prefer to play him in. This will include his Hadou Form as well. So, as explained in his Physiology, he carries all the traits of an Apostle. However, his actual abilities will now be displayed here. All Routes :Time Slow (In Overture, his Ber'iah allows Ren to slow down his perception of time, while also increasing his own time in turn, therefore increasing his speed, with no theoretical limit; When controlled by Marie, she was able to increase Ren's own speed by hundreds of times and even up to three thousand times his normal speed)Durability Negation (Marie's curse instantly decapitates someone regardless of their durability as the curse itself does the decapitation via contact with their neck)Death Manipulation, and Immortality and Regeneration Negation (All Types and High Godly; The curse of Marie can even kill the likes of Mercurius, it is considered a match for both the Gold and Mercury and will kill you even if you are immortal and can deny death as she is a blade that is able to defeat such immortals when used by Ren)Instinctive Reaction (Relies on his instincts to evade oncoming attacks)Reactive Evolution (Ren has shown on multiple occasions that he can adapt to a certain level of strength, gaining a resistance to things pressuring him, and becoming stronger than he was a few minutes ago both physically and with his law's craving; Ren has also shown to gain new abilities as his Ber'iah has changed from what it once was into another on two different occasions)Limited Ability Acquisition (Due to Ren being a living Ahnenerbe, he possesses the unique ability to wield and control any other Ahnenerbe regardless of compatibility, barring the Longinuslanze Testament)Kei Route :   In Kei Route, Ren loses his abilities near the end and receives a new craving, granting him a different set of abilities. These abilities are : Lightning Manipulation via Beatrice's Ahnenerbe (Can control and transform his body into lightning)Death Manipulation and Immortality and Regeneration Negation (Has the ability to deny the "very concept of death" with Eine Faust Scherzo, to kill the living dead permanently, which effected the entirely of Gladsheimr and makes him bereft of all the souls with him. The weakness to this is that this craving does not effect those who haven't died at least once. It cannot harm the living or those who haven't 'died' yet. It also denies all of the soul stock he has up until that point to where he needs to eat into his own soul to sustain the craving.)Rea Route :   In Rea Route, the final route, he retains all previous abilities bar Kei Route with an improved set of them, as well as the potential to always become a Hadou God. These abilities are : Improved Time Slow via Finale (In Finale, Ren increases his speed further by a thousand-fold while simultaneously slowing down those around him by "tens of thousands of times")Berserk Mode and Transformation (Physically changes into this and is overwhelmed by an intense bloodlust). Can and will eventually gain all the abilities and weaknesses of a Hadō God.Hadou God :  And finally, we get to the abilities he carries as a Hadou God. We've gone over them in the past blog, so this will just detail his own individual abilities.Time Stop (Ren's Law makes all of creation freeze in its wake, slowing down everything to a halt, including the Throne, which is a construct in a space devoid of even the concept of time. Those who ignore causality and time are still caught in the stillness of his Time Stop.)World of Zero: Ren's law not only enforces the concept of stagnation throughout all of creation, but he can also apply it onto himself that manifests as a "World of Zero". What this does is create a sort of "Time Armor", a state of existence where his time is eternally zero, never moving or passing for even the briefest of moments in time. Even when faced against the all-ending fists of Machina which erases anyone and anything that has a history of even the briefest of time to its existence, his time will still be set eternally at zero, effectively preventing change to his being.Sequere Naturam You Are to Follow Nature: Ren is capable of utilizing a move from Mercurius's arsenal due to their connection between eachother. Ren unleashes a Supernovae that consists of thousands upon thousands of stars condensed into a single blast that can atomize Gods from the inside. This move was also powerful enough to have been able to instantly kill Nerose Satanel, a Hadō God equal in power to the likes of Ren and Reinhard during Marie's Route, in one hit.Legion Reincarnation: An ability possessed by very few Hadō Gods. Souls that are taken under a Hadō God's Law can be dyed in their color, being granted Divinity and putting them to a level of existence equal to that of the God themself, becoming Pseudo-Gods as a result. So long as these souls never leave their God's territory, they will have divinity equal to theirs. Souls that are granted Divinity are also protected by their God's law; in Ren's case, they are able to move in his prison of eternal stagnation and are protected by his World of Zero. Of those in Ren's Legion, they are Shirou Yusa, Michael Wittmann, Theresia, Beatrice Kirscheisen, Kai and Kei Sakurai, Anna Maria Schwagerin, Riza Brenner, and Valerian Trifa. We'll go into their abilities and arsenal in a later blog to save space.And that about wraps it up for Ren's own abilities. Next blog will be about his Legion's abilities and what they add to his arsenal.  

Abilities, Dies Irae, Powers, Stats


02/03/2021 11:32 PM 

Get to know me etc
Current mood:  curious

Sense I had have over 108 plus view my profile I guess people got scared off because I don't use discord? I would be awfully surprised if none of you don't have SC or IG. You can't just have one social media is that right? For people wondering I will not download Discord for you sorry! You can gladly send me a email :) both would be the same speed as SC or IG as I've the Gmail app downloaded on my iPhone and get notifications. However Google Hangouts can be wonky for some reason the app will not notify me if I've gotten a invite. Which is weird because the option is turned off if you invited me and you've not heard an accept yet EMAIL ME as I won't remember to do so until the next day usually the next day I'm like ''oh crap let me check my invites'' also some people aren't understanding what 50/50 means. RP out o the blue and real life chat. Nothing will be set in stone. But you're probably wondering why the fauk did you join this website then? I've see a pawful of accounts that said ''they're here to talk to people if they need to vent or just to talk etc'' so that seems I'm not the only one. So I will be logged off and probably check this once a month but if you see me offline for more than a month I've forgotten and need to be reminded. However back on the subject of why am I here you're probably thinking you're looking for a boyfriend here? Seriously? You never know. You might find your partner here. Whatever the odds are right? I'm sure some people fined comfort here because of roleplaying characters where as other websites like you know alterative or goth etc would find this a tad bit strange and odd. I feel like websites like these are for people like us that are just a bit different and just like to chat and talk different etc and you get the whole paw point of that matter :) here are some other pointers as well1. I don't do romance unless you're my boyfriend or have interest me to BECOME my partner. But keep in mind I will NOT ban my partner from coming on here if we're together to be respectful you chance the profile to taken! Also state no sexual or romantic roleplays. I'm okay with that! I don't think that's too restricting and that's respectful to both parties!2. I'm central time I normally wake up at 11-1 p.m. if you don't hear back from me till 2 p.m. or in a half that's because I'm trying to get motivation to wake up and start texting and grab my phone as sometimes I'm awake at noon but trying to wake up so don't think I'm ignoring you if your message is stuck as delivered that means I'm still ASLEEP OR WAKING UP don't get all f***ing mad at me! The only time you will see me up early if I've two week grocery shopping or if I've something to do out of the house for family things etc.3. My replies take 10-30 minutes each I normally am addicted to ACNH and well holding a switch lite you really can't text. Some people expect a text message every three minutes sorry but no that's not me. Also I must have communication three hours a day. If you're one of those people that have a busy life style and can only text for a hour a day that will not work. I've had people not on here but on other places that text me every two or three days and we only talked for a hour or two and all I got was how are you and a small converstation and repeat. That lifestyle doesn't work for my growth and wants and needs and I'm sorry if that's a problem for you but there is no other way to fix this. I've always been this way and probably has to do with my 5 mental disorders.5. More photos are on my Roleplay website link however those pictures are of ME out of respect I ask you not to ask for a selfie everyday that would legit get on my nerves beyond believe so don't even ask! I most defiantly will just ignore you at that point! So yes soon I will post 4 photos and a proof card of a old alterative dating website I was on and I no longer log on to due to the fact of being dead and lots of rude and disrespectful people there.For more information and you can read each link a day or whenever you've free time please do let me know when you're finished you can bookmark the tabs if you also desire. if you care about spirituality in someone's love life or just why I believe in the spiritual plane as I do and more information will be had in the physical as both collide anywaysHowever this will give you more time to learn about me spiritually of what I stand for in general plane important etc:* This is more hints and tips about what I look for in a relationship if my blog wasn't a good general idea etc.I like being courted and unusual way. I'm sort of old fashioned. I would like someone that is into me into dating would give me a token that symbolize our relationship. I think this is very symbolic and traditional on how I like things just like burning and purifying the diseased people on a stake and offered in a demon wisp box. I like things like the olden wolf ways and how I was raised by Loki and Mother. I believe having a inexpensive item that shows what you think about your partner is very symbolic and your partner will always be with you.I'm not looking for a full on 24/7 physical or s-e-x-u-a-l relationship. I don't date for fame or social status or how much income you make. Also I'm really shocked about women these days apparently from a few profile accounts I read height matters? Like why? As a female myself I can't understand that logic @ all.* Pro tip I also don't understand this Onlyfan $hit either as a female. Like the first thing a female things about joining a social media or a dating platform. Oh $hit gotta post my OnlyFan account. Like ? I don't understand man I really don't. Also I will state this again even if we're dating I will not send you a n-u-d-e I stand by my modest attitude and appearance and my motherly wolf duties.I'm not being s-exist either when I type this. I prefer the male to tell me that he wants to date me as I don't want to cross any emotional boundaries as I like to be respectful and just wait for the male to tell me his feelings. I know this might seem like a s-exist feminist to say but I just don't like bothering people or crossing boundaries so I'm not expecting you to understand.* Pro tip after doing some searching I understand now why I do this and half the reason is because I got rejected many times or the person I confessed my feelings too said ''he found someone better than me'' so I kind of shunned myself from asking so you can say the reason above this text speech this is the other portion etc.And I also like matching shampoo and conditioner and body wash and a hair brush because that makes you feel closer to your companion and I even got told I was weird for this....not often but a few times etc.* Pro tip I will never ask someone to match my hair color because I dye my hair black and I know many men would say hell no if there hair is a gorgeous red shade or gingi shade or a lovely shade of brown etc. contacts:IG NeoSuitBahamut with all the numbers that is just short ver and Snap is beelzebubpants and Google Hangouts is snakesayswilde for G-Mail and no sexual or nude chats thanks!What you see is all I've! Don't ask for more!


02/03/2021 12:08 PM 


You add you talk I add i talk No godmodding No Comments keep it in messagesI do almost all styles or rp so im openI am a busy person so i might not reply right away please give me time


02/03/2021 12:01 PM 


Name: Ellion CastilleAge: UnknownHair: Turns from Black to BlondeEyes: RedPower: Dark magic mainly ice magicEllion became queen at a very young age. Having been born with gift of ice many already saw her as a monster which madeit hard for peopple to warm up to her. At the begining she was friendly and kind to her people . But after so many took advantage of her kind heart it soon grew cold. Hiding herself from others she now runs her kingdom with an iron fist making sure things are done her way or not at all. Having her large army take over the surrounding kingdoms she was now the ruler of the third largest nation in the world. Though looknig at her people none would think she was such a tyrant. Everyone was well taken care of and lived long as they obey there one and only queen...

Razor Bloodshed

02/02/2021 02:52 PM 

Bio & Abilities unfinished

Name: RazorAge:ImmortalRace:MonsterWeapon of Choice:Duel swordsAbilities:Flight, enhanced strength, speed, relex, endurence. Can enter a more powered up state for only for 15 minutes and at the cost of him immortallity.Bio:Was once a streetrat with no friends and family, 

Yu-gi-oh Goodness

02/03/2021 08:45 AM 

Ana Bio

First name: AnaLast name:  CrawfordAge: 18 (depends on rp)Gender: FemaleSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: Seke ( a switch between Dom and sub)Class: HighOccupation: Hotel chain owner, Business investorPersonality: Stubborn, hardworking, resilient, Kind, Protective of those close to herMannerisms: WIPLikes: WIPDislikes: WIPHandedness: Ambidextrous Family WIP Appearance Hair: shoulder length, brown, with messy curls.Eyes: BrownBody type: AthleticHeight: 5’4”Weight: WIP Skills  * Knows several  languages, two of them being English and Japanese*Self defense*Drawing/Painting*wip Backstory WIP

Character bio,

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕸𝖔𝖒𝖊𝖓𝖙

02/02/2021 10:11 PM 

Ren Fuji Abilities and Stats.(Part 1 - Physiology)

Ren Fuji, also known by his Arcane Title Zarathustra Ubermensch, is the substitute of Longinus Dreizehn Orden #13 member Mercurius, and is the main protagonist of Dies Irae.Ren is, to put it simply, a fictional power house with an insane power ceiling. Though he has weaker variations to make any battle encounters more fair. This will be split into parts, with discussing the physiology of his forms and what weaknesses and benefits they give him. First, we need to detail what Ren is and what his physiology grants him in his very basic of basic forms : Apostle Physiology : Die Ewigkeit is a form of Sorcery possessed by numerous different characters in the World of Foreknowledge. Developed and created by Karl Ernst Krafft as a way to spiritually merge an Ahnenerbe (or Holy Relic) with their wielder, called Apostles, it grants the user superhuman capabilities, the power to reap and absorb souls, even go as far as tearing away souls from the cycle of Recurrence, and many more abilities. In simplistic terms, it is a "Beginner Guide" to becoming a God created by God to kill said God.This physiology grants him these abilities and statistics :  Superhuman Physical Characteristics (Die Ewigkeit users possess fundamental strength that iscompletely different from a normal human)  Regeneration (Low-Godly; Apostles can exist in and regenerate from a disembodied state as a soul, which is the very core of the sorcery of Ewigkeit)  Longevity (Die Ewigkeit users stop aging physically and can extend the life a soul, but only a few hundred, to at most a few thousand years)  Immortality (Type 3 - Die Ewigkeit users are able to regenerate wounds)  Non-Physical Interaction (Ahnenerbe can harm and kill even disembodied souls)  Soul Manipulation (Die Ewigkeit users damage the soul with their regular attacks. They also can empower oneself and grow stronger by absorbing and devouring the souls of the dead; They can even tear away souls under the control of Mercurius in an attempt to disturb the cycle of recurrence to destroy the current "ghetto" and break the shackles of Foreknowledge)   Pocket Reality Manipulation and Law Manipulation (Ber'iah is the act of an Ewigkeit user forcing their deepest desire on reality and are described as the implementation of a new law into reality that is essentially a single person's craving against the world's, which can nullify the laws of another to the point of non-existence, and which temporarily overwrites even the laws of Mercurius' world due to the Ber'iah user bending "the laws of the world with your own will", causing the "laws of the old world to hold no water" within their own. Hegemony Ber'iahs create a "parallel world" in the space around the user that is constantly in discourse with the law of the "pre-existing world". Transcendence Ber'iahs turn oneself into a "parallel world",  a "different world, dislodged from both reality" and other Hegemony domains, they are "unbound by the laws that used to shackle its solid shape")  Magic (Ewigkeit is a form of Sorcery that fuses the Soul of its user with an Ahnenerbe in addition to making their attacks magical in nature)  Enhanced Senses (An Apostles senses are strengthened beyond normal humans and of Assiah. Can sense a person's breathing, heartbeat, and even their mental state)  Extrasensory Perception (Due to being an Ewigkeit user, he possesses a "Third Eye" which allows him to see through a person's identity by viewing the color of their soul, and perceive invisible attacks)  Durability Negation (The attacks of an Apostle not only affects the body but also the soul)  Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2; Die Ewigkeit users don't need to breathe, and while it does increases the number of souls they spend on each hit, they don't need to eat as they aren't weakened by not doing so)  Water Walking (Multiple Die Ewigkeit users have shown the ability to stand and move on water)  Regeneration Negation (Up to Low-Godly; Ahnenerbe carry a poison that hinders the regeneration of the soul)  Spiritual Aura (Overwhelming, Fear-Inducing, and likely Charismatic; Multiple Ewigkeit users have demonstrated that they release a spiritual pressure that denotes the strength of their soul, and this pressure can have a wide variety of effects on others which consists of "breaking down the body", "shattering the soul", fading one's strength, inducing fear and madness, all while paralyzing the opponent in place as well as "attracting followers around them", and inducing "nausea, intoxication, and itchiness" onto others) Resistances due to physiology :  Immunity to Natural Diseases and Poisons  Resistance to Itchiness and Nausea Inducement/Social Influencing or Charismatic Seducement/Fear Inducement/Paralysis Inducement/Madness Inducement/Mental Destruction (Every user of Die Ewigkeit can fight against the pressure of other Ewigkeit users and the presence of Reinhard's spear, which does this to the mind; Die Ewigkeit users from the L.D.O. have shown they are capable of fighting even in the presence of Methuselah)  Resistance to Soul Absorption/Destruction (Every user of Die Ewigkeit uses their Ahnenerbe to fight and resists the other Ahnenerbe of another Die Ewigkeit user. Ahnenerbe plunders souls and feeds on them to rob their enemies of life which is considered an act that hinders the soul's recurrence in an attempt to disturb the cycle of recurrence to destroy the current ghetto, breaking the shackles of Foreknowledge, which wouldn't be the case if their souls were too weak and "unable to resist its sorcery". They can also resist Reinhard's pressure as well as the presence and touch of Reinhard's spear)  Resistance to Spiritual, Biological, and Energy Absorption (All Die Ewigkeit users can fight against and resist the effects of Wilhelm's Ahnenerbe, which squeezes the blood, essence, and soul out of everything it touches, completely mummifying everything dry - even inorganic things are affected)  Resistance to Magic (Die Ewigkeit users can endure attacks from each other, which are magical in nature)  Resistance to Law Manipulation/Pocket Reality Manipulation (Ber'iahs possess the ability to negate and ignore the laws of another Ewigkeit user's Ber'iah to the point where it has no effect on them, as well as ignore and override the law of Mercurius, in which "the laws of the old world hold no water")  Possible Resistance to Fire Manipulation (A Die Ewigkeit user's defenses come from their spiritual armor, and so it is likely that another user of the sorcery can possess the same resistances as Ren Fuji, who endured the flames of Eleonore)  Possible Resistance to Poison Manipulation and Corrosion Inducement (A Die Ewigkeit user's defenses come from their spiritual armor, and so it is likely that another user of the sorcery can possess the same resistances as Ren Fuji, who endured the poison of Tubal Cain)  Possible Resistance to Lightning Manipulation (A Die Ewigkeit user's defenses come from their spiritual armor, and so it is likely that another user of the sorcery can possess the same resistances as Ren Fuji, who endured the lightning of Tubal Cain, using the Ber'iah of Beatrice Kircheisen)  Possible Resistance to Ice Manipulation (A Die Ewigkeit user's defenses come from their spiritual armor, and so it is likely that another user of the sorcery can possess the same resistances as Wilhelm Ehrenburg, who was completely unaffected by being bathed in liquid nitrogen which should have caused his cells to burst and turned him into an ice statue) Weaknesses to the Apostle Physiology :   Every Die Ewigkeit user has a soul stock limit, and can't overstuff their capacity too much or risk exploding like an overfilled balloon.   Every Die Ewigkeit user burns their soul stock's souls as fuel with every attack, and if they run out of souls (besides their own), their powers will be sealed and they will be as strong as a human (Although this is mitigated by the fact they absorb souls as they kill and using their powers isn't all that costly). This weakness can also be bypassed if the Die Ewigkeit user gives their Holy Relic their own soul, although, unless they use it to steal more souls in the process, burning their own's soul would lead to their death.  If even the smallest part of a Die Ewigkeit user's mind doesn't believe that his Ber'iah is 'logically possible', then said person will not be able to obtain the Ber'iah degree.  Ber'iahs are limited in that they can only expand so far and are not eternal, they cannot remain active for very long, because it is the craving of a single person trying to forcefully override the entirety of the current law. Hegemony types especially don't last long, as Transcendence types last for a much longer time in comparison, but still not indefinite. Hegemonies typically last for a few dozen minutes while Transcendences can last up to a few hours. For a law to become eternal, one must obtain the Atziluth or Emanation degree.  Hadou Ber'iah's become weaker or less effective the more individuals, especially those with greater density, enter their domain. This was just the beginning. There are several stages to an Apostles Growth that determines the effect, potency, and usage of their abilities. These stages are :  Assiah: The first level of the Die Ewigkeit formula, the characteristic that indicates the Holy Relic has merged with the user’s soul. At this rank it is incorporeal and somewhat unstable while at the same time giving the user a strong desire to kill. It also grants a more resilient body but can still be killed by hitting vital areas like the heart. What a Holy Relic does varies from individual to individual.  Yetzirah: The second level of the Die Ewigkeit formula, when the Holy Relic gets a physical form and the user is finally starting to show their particular traits. The Holy Relic can now said to be finally stable and can be weaponized (Wilhelm turning the blood of Vlad the Impaler into spikes, for instance). His or her body is now strengthened to superhuman levels and the body will stop aging, although the soul will continue to do so.  Briah: The third level of the Die Ewigkeit formula, which allow's the user's absolute deepest desire to be made reality. There are two different types of Briah, Hadou (Which is when one's desire focuses on others) and Gudou (When one's desire focuses on themselves). Said desire gives the user an ability relating to it in at least some capacity (Schreiber, for instance, has the desire of "I do not want to be touched by anyone", and his Briah manifests as an ability that lets him always outspeed his enemy no matter what they attempt outside of outright time stop). When the user has a Hadou desire, their ability will alter their surroundings, while a Gudou desire will alter themselves, though mixtures of both do exist (Such as with Wilhelm).  Atziluth: The final and ultimate level of the Die Ewigkeit formula, when the user becomes a full-blown God and starts to paint over reality with their own Law, essentially making the universe/multiverse a canvas. The ability given to one by their desire is now amplified to far greater levels (Schreiber being able to bypass the very concept of speed to go faster than his enemy), and users are capable of manipulating reality on a conceptual level, in addition to literally being walking universes, a mere drop of their blood weighing more than a neutron star. The difference of Hadou and Gudou still exists, now in the form of Hadou and Gudou Gods. However, not everyone is capable of attaining Atziluth, as it is a right determined at one's birth. By reaching Atziluth, one can become either a Gudou or a Hadou God depending on their Law and Desires. Ren is a Hadou God, so we shall instead list his physiology at his peak form - as a Hadou God. Before we do that, we'll detail a bit of what Emanation is and the basic mechanics of a Hadou/Gudou God :   Emanation (流出) is when one's desire starts to emanate out to the rest of the World, extending to all of creation and painting it over with their reality, effectively becoming a literal god of the new world. This is limited to those of Hegemony, whose World and its Law affect others, and those of Transcendence, whose World and its Law affect only themselves. A Craving is a desire that is grown from oneself, not obtained. It is born from one's soul, a desire to have or be something with complete disregard for logic and common sense, a source of power that exists throughout the Shinza Banshō series. There are two types of Cravings one's power can manifest in, similar to how there are two types of Laws and Gods. Hadō (覇道)/Hegemony: A Craving that expands outwards, changing the World and affecting others around the user by creating a World that suits their desire.  Gudō (求道)/Transcendence: A Craving that expands inwards, changing only the user themselves and leaving everything else outside of them alone. It is from these cravings that reached the Emanation degree, that create the two types of Gods: Gudōshin and Hadōshin (Gudō and Hadō Gods).Gudō and Hadō Gods Hax :  Superhuman Physical Characteristics (Are literal Gods that possess physical strength unimaginably greater than that of a human)  Spiritual Aura (Overwhelming; The density of their soul is powerful enough to make a weaker Hadō God die, and destroy all of creation from their mere presence, which why the Throne is needed to contain it)  Soul Manipulation (Any God can affect the soul, be it destroying or outright absorbing it, even from another god)  Non-Physical Interaction (Gods can interact with souls and concepts, and affect other Gods, which are abstract beings that are the embodiment of their laws)  Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1; With Taiji, Gods become the origin from which all phenomenon and concepts come from, and there are infinite concepts)  Regeneration (High-Godly; Gods possess regenerative capabilities that are significantly superior that of Frederica regenerative capabilities, who possesses the greatest immortality/regeneration within the entire series barring the gods, even greater than the restoration powers granted by Habaki's Distortion or Gladsheimr's Blessing, the latter which can bring people back even from Machina's erasure. As long as a God possess the same Taikyoku level or higher, they will almost always be able to come back from the destruction of another God, reforming their bodies back to perfect condition, as shown in Tenma Ootake and Yakou Madara's fight)  Incorporeality and Abstract Existence (Type 1; A God embodies their own Law)  Regeneration and Immortality Negation (All Types and High Godly; As shown numerous times, Gods can kill other Gods, bypassing their regenerative capabilities and immortality, particularly if they possess a greater Taikyoku value than them)  Cosmic Awareness (A user of Taikyoku knows everything that has or will happen inside their own Law, as it is no different than being part of their being)  Large Size (Type 11; A God embodies their own Law, which for Gudō Gods exists outside of the world's laws and concepts and outside the boundaries of providence, while for Hadō, they paint over the cosmos in their law possessing a similar, yet different nature to a Gudō, but they all still share the same level of existence)  Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 3; A God with Taikyoku is the source of and beyond all concepts and phenomenon which includes dimensions, physics, space-time, etc; As a God with colored Taikyoku, they are incomprehensibly transcendent to those who do not reach the same level as them, akin to an artist drawing a pictureupon a canvas. Even such things like the Singularity (which only as Gods are they capable of painting it, and the rest of creation, in their color), which is an infinite expanse of colorless Taikyoku, or hole in the canvas of creation, that exists as a tunnel to the Throne and comprises every layer of creation from the lowest floor being the multiverse, to the highest being right before the Throne itself. The Singularity is under the possession of the Supreme Law/Throne God and is both that infinite and endless, and one reaches the "bottom" of it, it merely opens another greater hole that is deeper than the last ad infinitum, and beyond it all exists the Throne, and Gods exist beyond even that as shown by the meaninglessness of its destruction and by it being affected by numerous' Gods' laws)  Immortality (Type 1 - All gods are eternal; Type 3 - All gods can regenerate as shown when Ren created a moment frozen in time, Mercurius went from missing half his body to having his whole body restored and has the potential to emanate in Marie's law; Type 5 - Gudō Gods like Marie have shown to exist outside of the world's laws and concepts, described as unchanging and everlasting, existing and yet not existing, outside the boundaries of providence. Hadō Gods possess a similar, yet different nature in which one's law turns outward instead of inward affecting all of creation instead of just their person, although they are stated to exist on the same level of existence)  Transduality (At least Type 3, possibly Type 4; Gudō Gods like Marie are shown to exist outside of the world's laws and concepts and do not obey them. They are described as both dead and alive, but yet also described as life beyond death, they exist within and embody a world that is described as unchanging and everlasting, existing and yet not existing, outside the boundaries of providence, they are walking contradictions, they represent a dichotomy, yet they don't as well. Hadō Gods possess a similar, yet different nature in which one's law turns outward instead of inward affecting all of creation instead of just their person, although they are stated to exist on the same level of existence)  Acausality (Type 5; Gudō Gods like Marie have shown to exist outside of the world's laws and concepts, exists and embodies a world that is perpetually frozen in space and time, described as unchanging and everlasting, existing and yet not existing, outside the boundaries of providence. Hadō Gods possess a similar, yet different nature in which one's law turns outward instead of inward affecting all of creation instead of just their person, although they are stated to exist on the same level of existence)  Information Manipulation (Hadō Gods paint over the infinite colorless information of the Singularity with their Law)  Omniscience [Nigh-Omniscient in Amantes Amentes] (As a Hadō God, they expand to consume all of Creation, and as a user of Taikyoku, they know everything that has or will happen inside their own Law, as it is no different than being part of their being; When apart of Marie's Law (Amantes Amentes), multiple Hadō God's exist simultaneously, and thus, only embody and know that which is in their domain)  Law Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, and Reality Warping (A Hadō God that emanates will impose their own Law on the world and also passively warp existing laws; the flood of their Law will cause reality to warp and be shaped according to their desires, affecting all of the cosmos, including things like space and time)  Omnipresence (A Hadō God is the origin and embodies their law, which emanates over all of creation, and paints the blank slate of the cosmos in their color)  Summoning (Hadō Gods can summon the Physical Manifestation of their Law)  Power Bestowal (A Hadō God can grant any soul under their Law pseudo Godhood status and protection through Legion Reincarnation)  Avatar Creation (Hadō Gods can create avatars called a Sensory, as shown with Mercurius, whose true self lives at the center of the Throne, while his shade is referred to as only a "reflection of the moon on a lake's surface")  Likely Telepathy (All Hadō Gods likely have the same ability as Mercurius, who spoke to Shirou in his mind) Weaknesses :  A Hadō God cannot stop their growth once they start emanating and once they repaint over creation entirely, they are unable to do so again  Multiple Hadō Gods cannot co-exist at the same time  A Gudō God, because they are self-contained and do not emanate like a Hadō, needs to make physical contact to spread their laws, as shown with Marie's curse Now that we've gotten the physiology stuff out of the way, there's just one more thing worth mentioning. Ren both exists as a Hadou God and not as one. He will always be an Avatar in the world unless specifically plotted otherwise. Meaning he won't be crunching multiverses just in his base form, but requires a build up to it. So don't feel intimidated : He'll never start off at his max potential without it being discussed before hand. That's all for the Physiology portion. In another blog we'll talk about what his signature abilities are and what they can do, and finally end off with his overall stats.     

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Marcus , The Undying

Name: Marcus Nicolas Daedrac Surname:prinț de sânge Apollyonmathitís tou AriesBirthplace:Greece , unknown area Age:10 centuriesHair Color:Long silky black hair Eye Color:Bright yellowish red Ex-occupation: * gladiator * Spartan warrior * Royal Centurion * Aramusha Shogun samurai * Romanian Warlord * Englishmen lawbriger *Gryphon* civil war vet, Hired gun * World war one veteran* Sicilian Mafia hit man * Cartel bodyguard Now adays Occupation:*Graveyard / cemetery keeper Height:6 ft 4 Weight:156 pounds Body Type:Lean , cut , and muscular . similar to the body of middle weight boxer . Sexuality:Straight , heterosexualRace: Ancient dhampirSpecies:Strigoi/ CambionSpoken Languages:Chinese, greek, romanian . Favorite weapons : * Enchanted Ebony  saber of lélek* Tachi blade of Chi no doragon* First blade of kane * messorem meam hook axe* Soul spear * Gladius of Aires Bloodline ability:* blood magic * Demonic abilities Common race powers: ( Vampire half)*Superhuman Strength *Superhuman Speed*Superhuman Stamina *Superhuman Agility *Superhuman Durability *Superhuman Senses*Hypnosis*Partial-Immortality *Healing factor*Shapeshifting( He has only few major forms  that he gain from the area he lived and what his vampiric and demonic blood allows )  * black red eye  harpy Eagle * Black red eye python * Black red eyed Eurasian wolf * Cŵn Annwn * White Stag * pure Black Siberian Tiger * Black scropion * Black savahana cat * exitio dente *True Form ( DISCRIPTION: This is the form that is achieve by ancient vampires allowing it soul to reflect it's true self . Normally normal vampire take on beastly forms of bats , wolves , and even big cats . But due to Marcus unique Dna a mutation allowed a different evolution . Having wolfish like head that had long bull horns spreading from his head  a mouth filled with curved teeth . Having a more even mixture of  muscular and lenghty build . His lower legs and hips allowed bipedal and all four movement . Resembling tiger like paws with eagle talons .He has paw like hands that also had long curved talon claws armed in each tip of his fingers . From his back sprouted large bird like wings  mixture of both scales and feathers . He had a long fur  serpentine tail with a spike armed at the tip . He was a force of nature having traits of top predators ) ( Demon traits )*Demonic Possession* Astral Perception *Biokinesis *Electrokinesis *Invisibility *Pyrokinesis *Telepathy * Animal Communication *Photokinesis - *Hellfire Taught powers : * Arcane Magic * Voodoo*Hoodoo* Black magic * Conjuring* Destruction magik Backstory:Not much is known about this ancient Vampire besides he hailed  from greek . Making a small name as a gladiator by the name of Marcus in his first  years of his immortal life ,one  living a life time a gladiator riding in the ranks , soon later finding freedom and joining a warrior cilvistation known as the spartans , riding from foot soldier to the right hand of leonidas .out living him to the very end going to explore other nation , exploting there arts, knowledge , expanding his life in the threads of history them self . Becoming infamously known in both the human realm and the under realm . Having powers of those of vampire and demon. Learning the ways in the arcane ways of magic and any other magical art to add to his power including multiple discpline and martial arts learning knowledge both on and off the battle field. But through the centuries later he seem to fade from history turning from a legend to a myth to a story . His where abouts are unknown today.  

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Yu-gi-oh Au idea

They'd met at a after business party, had a little too much to drink and ended up in her hotel room.After all, It wasn't unusual for him to have one night stands now and again. It was meant to be just that, they had both agreed. However, a few months later, they meet again at his newest duel monsters tournament. She acted like nothing happened between them, and he did the same.However, Seto overhears a conversation she's having with the geek squad, explaining that She is pregnant because they had expressed concern for her having not eaten much that day. Now Seto suspects that her unborn child could be his. He suddenly faintly remembers seeing the broken condom in the bin the morning after, but he doesn't remember if he informed her and soon forgot about it because of the splitting headache he had. He remembers receiving a letter from her at kaiba corp asking to met up because had something she wanted to say, a few weeks later, but he threw the letter away, not bothering to give a response. He'd had one night stands before try contact him wanting to hook up again, or date him. Seto kaiba didn't have time for repeat hook ups with the same person or to be dating them.Why had she not tried again? Wanting to get down to the bottom of this, how will Seto react, and how will he confront her ?

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