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Adrien (Multi)

02/01/2021 12:52 PM 

WIP Adrien

  Name: Adrien (age):25 Place of Birth: America Gender: MaleRacial: Caucasian - Asian Origin: Califorina  Height:6,9 Weight:260lbs Hair: greyish-whiteEyes: GreySexual: Sub/Dom TopLike: Workouts, Cooking, Food, cuddles, warmth, WinterDislikes: Bullies, Jerks, tough guys, sports, competeingAdrien was quite lucky or unlucky growing up. His metabloism was great and suited him quite well a his Genes and body type allowed him to pack on muscle with ease.  By High school he was already the biggest in his class. The Couches looked onto him with greed. They had hoped to recruit him to one of their teams. His sheer size from a young age made him idea for sports. Though he had no desire Play any at the time he didn't even work out. He deied their pleas and  stuck to his own thing. Adrien almost seems oblivious to his massive size those around him do as well. While he started working out he only does so lightly as even that keeps him in top preformance. He works an office job as a upper office manager and spends most days at home cooking or out and about. A gentle giant of sorts though people seem to always take issue with him. They always go to him as rarely he's not the 'biggest guy in the room' in which for people to sharpen their teeth on. He tried to pay no heed as even endulging seems to the only encourage them.The large guy only wishes to settle down but life often has a way of making that hard.


01/31/2021 11:45 PM 

Wait and Wonder. [Entry for Read.]
Current mood:  relaxed

  Bless this moment. Its enchanted fairness seems frozen in time.Here and now, a nation stands. Its countless healthy green citizens are swaying from the latest visit of mellow breeze. Blossomed flora of white, yellow, and purple are in clusters spread throughout this lush expanse. Choirs of tall trees that require awesome agility or fearless flight to reach their peaks tens of yards high are making either slim or thick woodlands. Sweet songs of winged ones add their formless color into the meek winds, thus keeping silence at bay.Nature is indeed a divine architect and artist. Those that governed the making and well-being of this world from eons ago are perhaps great descendants of the inconceivable primordial authorities from which existence was born from. Those oldest celestial powers that spun the heavens, spouted the seas, and sculpted the earth can make an earthbound soul sorely yearn to seize and to use them in order to mend all the troubles in life, to conquer and rule as one who is above all else, or to unleash unbridled chaos with no remorse.A beautiful breathing mural mankind can only hope to mirror, this is.However, an inopportune blight sticks out on this lovely gallery of wonders like a sore thumb. A man in grey is aloft with both feet planted on fertile ground in this grand shamrock garden. Thread-craft ensures censorship of this quiet Adonis, hood and tall cloak, long sleeves and gloves, and down to his pants and boots. One may mistake the fellow as one born of ash from this murky ensemble.A tattered cloth also tucks away much of his manly visage. His flesh is husk-like, hideous as a ghastly corpse. What tragedy had struck him is a long tale of its own. Even a single lifetime of this world’s dominant biped cannot condense in it the regrets and woes which further enforced this affront to vanity kept at this very hour; perhaps until his dying day. A corpse in life as he will be in death. A sad trope to follow him.In silence, the man is grateful that worlds such as this one manage to keep soothing slivers of Eden to last for generations. He is aware of the seemingly savage conquest by civilizations as mankind and even other sentient life-forms out there have a desire for expansion and advancement. Whether out of malice or ignorance, whether mindless or methodical, such destruction always comes before what transient creations are then erected.Tiny pearls, a pair of audience to dancing light and reigning darkness, are graced with the same humble green as the colorful canvas he establishes his stature of six feet and two inches on. They peruse ahead almost engaged in a thousand-yard stare. The ivory-blue horizon kissing the faraway peak with streaks of snow on its colossal bulk is captivating.Behind him in a scabbard rests an old friend; twin-edge fury and slightly shorter than his arm in length. The sturdy gleaming blade from the tip down to the pommel is a remarkable medium for the means to harness the power of the cosmos in a single laceration or perforation. But that requires willpower and discipline from the man should he awaken his fearless friend, comrade in countless battles.If prodded by an inquisitive mind and he is without qualm to yield the bare truth, the grey-garbed gent may disclose where he hails from. Peculiar, the answer will be, at least to those who may not comprehend the grandeur of such musing. It may be deemed quite distant and alien for most folks in which soaring past the thicket of clouds is a fleeting experience to leave the ground they spend much of their lives on.The man is not from this world, not even the lake of stars around it, and not even from sparkling oceans stretching into the rim of the indelible void, no. Truth be told, he is from an archaic existence that long ceased to be. Long. That is an understatement of the eon.It remains a burning unease, burdensome as carrying the world on his shoulders, to ponder the slightest of its paltry conclusion. O, hearts shall tremble and minds may fray, all in disbelief, fear, and paranoia, should the denizens of this world be brought upon such worrisome awareness.Their great precious marble of earth, water, and air is harboring an envoy of the end. He is an instigator—one out of countless—of an appalling act that cannot be undone. An almighty apocalypse. Tribunals with such hatred and lack of charity will be had, perhaps a bureaucratic alternative of wanting his head on a pike, if mankind ever discovers his presence and then rashly deduce with lofty offense his asylum in their world.Good fortune, however, does not leave him out in the cold clutches of misunderstood cruelty. Decency is still practiced by those who assess the merit of one by his or her character. There are those in this world, though not too keen of who he is, who have shown him enough goodwill to savor and appreciate. Their judgment is not ill but well in mind and heart. Cautious, maybe, but ever so magnanimous.Yes, he had committed celestial sins from before this empyrean mural of space and time was born. But they, the mild-mannered ones, are understanding that the past is the past. After all, he has no inclination to reenact them, let alone done with forsaken discipline, if aggression is prompted. Should his deeds bring about causalities that may rock the cosmos, an old adage must be rekindled. Perhaps timeless wisdom all must keep well in sharpest mind.  Actions have consequences. Life. Did he cheat it but forever denies such confession? Or is he cursed to bear it until the powers that be finally decide to take it away from him?End of worlds, the tantrum of dying stars, pestilences that ravaged earthbound folks and citizens of high heavens and horrid hells alike, the kiss of Beyond which should leave one in unending madness; he survived it all. The passing of the bygone Creation he hailed from, he too was spared, though not swiftly. Oblivion hungered for him as it did for all else brought into its ravenous abyss by The Fall.But such damnation is not enough as penance. Life. Life anew after being spat back by the ungodly abyss is a much greater penance, perhaps. Live it better than before.The transgressions of this stranger are irreparable with the vast cosmic realms deceased and discarded, so the latest one can blossom. A clean slate, but only to an extent. After all, after being reborn, recollections sprouted from his hollow psyche and filled him with dread and despair, taking a while to make peace that he cannot go back. He cannot undo his sins. Making amends must come from moving forward and do his best with what he is given. Account to what mistakes will be made along the way. Own his errors and their repercussions.Perish or pause this deep dive into the sea of considerations and rise into the brilliant starkness of the now. The fellow in gray ends his lifeless stare with a blink. A sparrow with brown and white feathers shows bravery or maybe friendliness as it lands on his left shoulder. Twirl his head a bit to better see the winged companion.“Hello there,” greeted the man to the little creature with his timbre both manly and homely.“Come here often?”It responds with a sweet chirp. The cloaked gent chuckles softly. He offers a curled finger to stroke the bird’s nearest cheek. It doesn’t flinch but shakes its head rapidly for a moment. Sing more, tiny cheerful chip on his shoulder.This man, Raido the Gray One, has been called upon this nation of green under the afternoon sky by either an old friend or foe. The circumstance will have to decide the rapport. Until the summoner is within sight and perhaps within reach to fill the moments with words or deeds, he must wait. Highest hopes are upheld that it will not result in reshaping and recoloring this beautiful place into a scene of firestorm and great desolation. Past encounters proved that they have not been consistent being in the best of terms. Forces used to move and mangle stars were flaunted with such terrifying potency to repel the other.Let it be left pristine when the two souls, both from languished lifetimes, part ways even if this coming crossroad turns ill for one’s humble musing. Let this realm rich in wonders not suffer from the wrath of old gods. At least, those are what Raido is leaning on with optimism while his mellow stoicism is shamelessly presented.    [ πŸ’– G r a t i t u d e πŸ’– ]I offer my most profound and warmest thanks to the writers behind Kimiko, Hanzo, and Vorax who lent their fabulous time to proof-read my work and provide some lovely ideas themselves. d(^_^ 

writing entry, relaxing,

Atem, Seto, Yugi

01/30/2021 04:43 PM 

Atem ( Yami Yugi)

Atem ( Yami Yugi) 5000+ bi A long forgotten pharaoh, his Spirit now resides in the Millennium Puzzle. Calm Confnident, with a little dark side to him.

Atem, Seto, Yugi

01/30/2021 04:40 PM 

Yugi Muto
Current mood:  adored

Yugi Muto Age 18-22 Single Bi Yugi is a kind man, and he is the king of games, loves his grandpa and has a a few friends.

Atem, Seto, Yugi

01/30/2021 04:34 PM 

Seto Kaiba ( Single)
Current mood:  angsty

Seto Kaiba Age : 18-24 Single Bi CEO of Kaiba Corp. Rightful king of games in his mind. Very competive, rash until you get to know him


01/30/2021 01:02 PM 

High School starter <3

Her morning had started off as it normally did. Wake up to the shrill scream of the alarm, judge herself harshly in the mirror, get dressed and sneak out the door before anyone else in her house woke up. She was the older daughter of a single mother that worked nights. Her little sister was only in preschool so she got to sleep in later. Adelaide was more than used to being quiet, whether it was at home or school. She was a slightly heavyset girl that hid in a school uniform that was ever so slightly too big. It was a comfort to hide her hands in her grey sweater sleeves so the people around her wouldn't see how badly she craved carving their eyes out with her fingernails.She ran a comb through her hair quickly on the way to the bus stop, the red curls practically a damm beacon if her own personality hadn't made her as unnoticeable as possible. She climbed onto the bus, taking her seat in the middle, quiet as a church mouse and twice as unnoticed and began flipping through her homework to double check it.The bus arrived at school in the blink of an eye and the grey eyed girl climbed off after most everyone else had shoved their way through. She entered her classroom, checked the board quickly and skirted around the others already in class to find her assigned seat. Nearly to her seat she had to hop over a suddenly and 'accidentally' placed foot. She stumbled slightly and caught herself on the desk over, her freckled cheeks flushing slightly as rage flashed through her normally cool orbs.

starter, high school


01/29/2021 10:19 PM 



Fantasy Hot Springs (MCRP)

01/29/2021 06:13 PM 


1. Be Patient, I will have many characters to help you but I wont be on 24/7. Be patient and you will be rewarded ♥2. I dont play cannon characters. I have character pictures as a base but I wont play a specific character in cannon verses. Only because I wont know how to play them well to your benifit.3. Be literate and please dont write 1 liners. We are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves but nothing takes that away than "txt tlk" or 1 liners in the actual story. Para and up please4. I play mostly Top characters for women and men, I will not add female characters or be a sub to males. Sorry, not sorry.5. If you have a character youd like me to create and have a picture for, feel free to send my way, just be aware if its in you Verse I wont play them how you expect.6. Do not control my character. I will play my character and you will play yours. You will not control my characters or what they do.


01/29/2021 12:20 PM 

Beastia Brothers

Sibling rivalry has never been more funName: Daichi BeastiaDOB: February 14 (year unknown)Age Appearance: 20-30 yearsStatus: SingleOccupation: Business manSpecies: VampireHeight: 6 feetEye Color: RedHair Color: BlackAbilities:Weapons:Bio:Likes: women who are orderly and professional. however he has been surprised by people who he would think are not his type only to find that there are commonalities he did not consider. Going to galleries, museums, and theater performances. he also likes swimming, working out, and fine dinning.Name: Daemon BeastiaDOB: October 13 (year unknown)Age Appearance: 18-25 yearsStatus: SingleOccupation: NoneSpecies: WerewolfHeight: 5’11”Eye Color: YellowHair Color: WhiteAbilities:Weapons:Bio:Likes: anyone and doesn't really care who anyone is or what they do. he is no one to judge. no one truly surprises him, he has lived long enough to know people have pasts they are not proud of. Going to parties and hanging out with friends, mostly anything simple really. spends most of his time just hanging out and having fun.


01/29/2021 09:47 PM 

Nikito Huragashi (Demon Slayer)

Name: Nikito HuragashiAge: 17 (became a demon slayer after 3 years of training)Abilities/skills: Physician for both medicine and poison, very keen hearing/ Knows a few of the water breathing techniques from learning from Tanjiro, another demon slayerOccupation: Demon slayer; Mizunoe rankAppearance: (see profile photo; making a drawing)Personality: She is very caring, considering she is supposed to be heartless and void of any feeling, but being a physician helps her when a demon attacks; she can tend to the wounds after the threat has been eradicated.Small bio: Nikito was born to Hishiro and Nama Huragashi, the eldest child of the healer family of three in the mountains teaming with rogue demons. When she had to go into town to gather supplies, she returned home to find her family killed, and in her dismay, a demon slayer came to find her sitting in blood, unsure if she was a demon or human. When it was found that she was the last of her family alive, she was taken in by an old teacher of the Demon Corps, and was trained for 3 years before going for her final selection. Surviving the test, she was given a crow for her companion to tell her of her quests as well as finding the ore for her color-changing Katana, it turned green; a color known for it's healing properties. With her known knowledge for healers and her training as a Demon Slayer, she met Tanjiro and Nezuko at the village where the 16 year old girls were going missing as she checked on the girl he had saved. 

α΄›Κœα΄‡ ΚŸα΄€sα΄› ʀᴀᴠᴇɴ

01/29/2021 12:36 PM 


Drama is a no, I will delete you. Im here to have fun not to deal with more problems. No Romance outside Rp. No Comments, just Messages. You add, you start. Accounts that go inactive without reason will be deleted after a week. Since its been over ten years of Roleplaying ive slowly begun to have less time to reply, please understand that i have a real life.  Respect me and I will respect you. Its that easy. English isn't my first Language Contribute to the discussion of the Roleplay. If you are going to ask me what i prefer i would also appreciate for you to suggest something. No God mode, use it and you're out. (Only Canon characters that are indeed Godlike.) Length of my Starters are usually two to three Paragraphs, i then reply up to two.

𝕾𝖔𝖓 𝖔𝖋 π–™π–π–Š 𝕽𝖆𝖛π–

01/29/2021 12:26 PM 


Drama is a no, I will delete you. Im here to have fun not to deal with more problems. No Romance. Since its been over ten years of Roleplaying ive slowly begun to have less time to reply, please understand that i have a real life.  Respect me and I will respect you. Its that easy. Contribute to the discussion of the Roleplay. If you are going to ask me what i prefer i would also appreciate for you to suggest something. No God mode, use it and you're out. (Only Canon characters that are indeed Godlike.) Length of my Starters are usually two to three Paragraphs, i then reply up to two.

π‘‡π‘–π‘‘π‘Žπ‘› πΆπ‘’π‘Ÿπ‘ π‘’

01/28/2021 08:42 PM 


Hello there lovely fair folk. I'm afraid we've come to that impasse before we can get to creating a memorable story. These rules are very simple in nature, and should be followed, at all times. Breaking these rules may result in punishments.So let's be friends, okay?  I will not respond to messages, that start or incorporate roleplays straight off the bat, sorry it's just not my style or thing, to be honest I find it tedious at best, and find better ways to break the tension than "Roleplaying" actions.  I'm Demisexual Homoromantic both in and out of roleplay, what does this mean? Basically it means "Ships With Chemistry" or "Sex with Chemistry" to be more simpler, also, I hate roleplays fixated around SEX. DO NOT and I mean DO NOT pester me for a reply, For all you know I might be busy, or stuff, how dare you assume that just cause I show up online I'm available or on to roleplay, most times I like to have a nice ooc chat too you know.  DO NOT and I mean DO NOT EVER try to control my character "He falls to the ground, he bleeds, he this, he that" NO NO NO! He does f***ing not! He does what I want when I want, when it happens, okay? I have my character you have your character.  God modding, is STRICTLY Forbidden, I don't care if you're the god of Kamasutra, I still said NO! No homophobia will be tolerated on my page whatsoever, be that in messages or comments, the odd slur and bye bye.  I have a life outside of here, so don't depend on me to be ONLINE ALL THE TIME. Please DO try to keep me entertained, if I find our roleplay boring I'll just stop replying altogether.  No elitists are welcome on my friends list, and hey we were all "Noobs" at one point, heck most of us STILL ARE. I will not be covering up stuff for anyone, be warned my roleplay does tend to have dark themes. I will divide our roleplay into chapters to know when one part ends and another begins, I will sporadically put these throughout our roleplays but Chapter 1 will always be "An Event In The Past"

Distant Maid Spirit

01/28/2021 04:03 PM 


This character is in no shape or form "your maid". Do not try to insert your character into a role to make this happen either. Being a maid to that family is a major part of his story and who he is.Respect Hana for who he is and not what you want him to be. If you try to demand changes or throw a fit in status posts because I refuse to do something you wanted, you'll be blocked. Simple as that.Let's both work together to create a good story. I don't want to be the only one over here thinking while you shoot ideas down and contribute nothing.Be patiant. I do not intend to ignore anyone I add or accept. I may be slow as I'm not as into rp as I used to be. So expect days if I'm not motivated enough. But when I am, I do scroll down and I do check other pages because it takes no time at all to do. Even if the world turns upside down and I have like 30 different people messaging me, nothing a side tab can't fix. So even if you was on page 3, I would still find your message even if I previously read it. So in short I do check when I'm active and keep track.I am somewhat selective. If I feel like all you want is romance, then you won't be accepted. And if I feel you just looking for people to drag off to discord, I'll pass. Nothing against romance, I just want something with it. And from what I remember usually people just only use it as an excuse to get rocks off and nothing more. As for discord, I've had way too many people just abandon rp and throw themselves at me trying to get into irl relations and then becoming hard to deal with after being rejected.Speaking of romance, if I do agree to it understand there may be some work involved. If I accept it then that means I do like you enough to be willing to try. But I will not break character to make it happen. Hana is a lonely being that just wants friendship. So getting him to see love over friends for in most cases would be his first actual friend on the world may take time.Lastly, I am not going out of my way to give a fancy greeting to anyone. It's just the character matters more than anything. If how I introduce myself ooc matters more than the character/rp then yeah I'd rather stay away. With this you are free to relax and greet me ooc normally as long as you are respectful. ooc has nothing to do with your character or rp so I won't be bothered if your greeting is not long or fancy or whatever.Some side info. If you like the character that much and would seek to engaging in more intimate activities. Feel free to ask me what he likes in a person, same for romance. But again I don't want these the main focus.

Little Kuriboh

01/28/2021 02:41 PM 

Rules-to be signed upon adding!

    1. Absolutely no drama!,2. If I say no then I mean no! I will not have someone force me into doing something I do not want to do. 3. Guess what? you add you message first! I add I'll message first! 4. I have a Discord, yes you may ask for it. No I will not post it in a status because I do not want people sharing it so randoms add me. 5. Do not try to force Yugi into a relationship! I want to build a story first and foremost! Do I have particular ships I prefer? Of course I do, but if you do not pique my interest then get over it! No means No! If any of these rules are broken, 1 warning will be given. If it happens again you will be removed. If I give you a second chance and you break them again YOU WILL BE BLOCKED NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Please sign with the name of your character and the tiime you signed it!

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