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06/16/2021 06:25 PM 


The Strategic Homeland Division (SHD), referred to as The Division, is a classified unit of highly trained, self-supported tactical agents s.They are fully autonomous field operatives trained to restore order to communities suffering from catastrophic events, institutional collapse, and societal breakdown. Division agents are embedded in society, leading ordinary lives until they are activated. The Division is not an elite unit in the traditional military sense. They are a civilian agency whose members do not train or deploy like military units. Elite military forces are trained for specific tasks with a completely different mission specification than that of The Division. The Division is made unique by its connection to Directive 51 and its interconnected but autonomous networked organization. It is The Division as a whole that is special, not necessarily each individual agent. Officially, agents of The Division are counted as federal agents, in direct service of the United States federal government.Their motto is: Extremis Malis Extrema Remedia (Literal translation is "Extreme Evil, Extreme Remedy". More commonly translated as the proverb, "Desperate times call for desperate measures").  The Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) is a decentralized, autonomous entity endowed with executive powers and rules of engagement unfettered by legal constraints. Trained to operate in deadly CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) environments, The Division is mandated to bring order, stability and justice to communities shattered by catastrophic events. The agency also pledges active support to classified Continuity of Government plans should a widespread national disaster cripple normal governing functions.


06/16/2021 02:51 PM 

Welcome to South Park

Dudes! Nice to meet ya!  Welcome to South Park.Nothin' too serious to see here, just house keeping stuff.Mind your manners, this ain't New York.  No prior knowledge of South Park necessary. He’s pretty flexible, so don’t worry about not having seen any episodes, that knowledge is not required for a good time.     If you have not seen South Park, then here’s a content warning. There will be a lot of language and potentially triggering topics. However, we’re all welcoming and sh*t so if ya got something you don’t like just say it and we’ll work it out, yeah?! Don’t be a p**sy, let’s have fun.          Kyle is a Jew. For the love of god, don’t be a d*ck about it. Topics of religion are more than welcome – pro or anti – but don’t be a d*ck just to be a d*ck. At least make it interesting.              Pretty much any type of story is welcome with minor exceptions, just don’t kill him y’all. He ain’t Kenny. But if you got an idea, feel free to share them and we can plot it!  More may be added later

Shampoo Moon

06/15/2021 08:58 PM 

Are people serious on here? Like why?
Current mood:  amused

Are peole really acussing me of using photo filters on all my pictures? LMAO please tell me people are joking on here? I had to block two users on here harassing about that. I also had to block someone again for talking sexual to me when that is stated on my profile THAT YOU WILL BE BLOCKED IF YOU DO THIS. Why for the love of Loki people are saying my profile is hard to read? LMAO hard to read? Dude my layout that I selected which I got from FP is in big as f***ing bold as neon print. YOU CAN READ MY PROFILE WITH NO PROBLEMS. IF I CAN READ MY OWN ACCOUNT IN 10 MINS. THAT MEANS! SO CAN YOU!

Fairy tales

06/15/2021 09:34 PM 


Olivia Ross..A  six year old girl who was abandoned at birth.​​​Very little is known about her parents, father was an alcoholic who was abusive. Her mother had trouble with drugs years prior to Olivia's birth.  ~About Olivia~Olivia is a rather shy little girl, it takes her time to warm up to people. She loves fairy tales, even pretending that she's the main character in many of the fairy tales she's read. ~Appearance~Olivia has long wavy blonde hair, usually pulled back with a large bow. She had light green eyes, fair skin. Even has a small birthmark on her right hip. ~What she loves~Fairy tales of coursepuppiesAnything Yellowflowers​​​​​​​​​​


06/15/2021 08:29 PM 

Abilities - Skills - Traits

001. | Abilities - Skills - Traits When it comes to Ambrose Synepeia it is easy to forget that before everything else he is nothing more than a man. A human that is as fragile as a worm when before those that ascend passed the mortal realm. As such he shares the sames struggles of any other mortal in existence, and stands to die through the most mundane ways. That said he isn't totally helpless as he has a number of Abilities, skills, and traits that aid him in excelling within the criminal world. 【Abilities】 【Cursed Energy Reserve:】 The Cursed Energy of Ambrose was actually quite the terrible affair when he was younger. It was weaker than most, and despite having such a powerful curse technique it could rarely ever been used effectively. It wasn't until he made his vow that it surged into something truly formidable that even most 2nd grade Curses would come to fear. 【Sight Of The Consumed:】 Less of an ability, and more of a curse it is the side of effect of having his eye consumed by the Jabberwock. While the eye itself is gone a spirtual imprint can been seen if one were to loos closely enough. This imprint doesn't allow him to see in a more traditional sense, but does reveal various sources of energy. Meaning he can judge the strength of people through their amount of aura, mana, cursed energy, or any other form of energy if it isn't divine in nature. 【Maw Of The Jabberwock:】 The innate Curse Technique that was discovered within Ambrose around the age of 10. He awakened it during a fight with another young boy, and nearly killed him as a result. Simply put the technique allows one to produce plumes of smoke using either their own body, or an object as a conduit for their curse energy. The smoke itself may be harmless, but it can be used to create illusions of sort for any whom happened to inhale it on top of acting as the method of summoning the creature held within it. After the incident a young Ambrose would constantly say that the creature was none other than the Jabberwock made manifest from the famous poem. Because of this the curse technique was given a name that matched it. Though he can only summon parts of the creature, and not the whole being itself for some reason. While this technique is similar to that of those that summon familiars the Jabberwock is classifiied as a Special Grade Curse that was birthed at the time as Ambrose. In other words it is tied to him, and though his own technique had simply been smoke control through it a mutation occured bringing new abilities alongside it. Earlier it was stated that he can summon the Jabberwocks limbs through either objects, or himself but that isn't fully true. As part of his vow with the creature summoning it through his body allows for him to enhance his curse technique further in exhcange for a piece of him. The first, and only time he did this allowed him to make his own fears manifest as physical constructs of smoke that can attack the enemy under his command. Though he lost his eye as a result of this. And if he ever wishes to summon the full body of the Jabberwock he'd have to give up his entire being. 【Skills】 【Poor Marksmanship Training:】 A self taught skill that had poor results. While you'd think he was able to shoot effectively the man is actually unable to even hit a bottle outside of point blank range. Something that you think would discourage him, but Ambrose still carries a pistol with him nonetheless. Not that he could do anything with it regardless of what type of gun is in his possession. 【Escape Arts:】 Despite how he looks Ambrose is actually not very fond of fighting. He'll throw down with the best of them if he isn't given a choice, but he prefers to avoid it. That is why he decided to perfect the art of escaping. By putting himself through numerous trials that left him to fend for himself in potentially dangerous situations. With no help he escaped from them all, and claimed that he was the best escape artist in the world. Though there are surely those better than himself out there somewhere. 【Traits】 // damnedestcreations

ᴘʀᴏꜰᴏɴᴅᴏ ʀᴏꜱꜱᴏ

06/15/2021 07:36 PM 

When stars collide

The fleeting rays of the evening sun peered over the golden expanse of what would soon become a bountiful harvest while setting the heavens ablaze in many a fiery hue. Through the calming and serene song of nature came the bellow of a mighty engine as the vintage Bentley came tearing down the country road, kicking up dust in its wake. Inside Raphael sat, devoid of his usual ensemble as his jacket and coat lay upon the back seat, the sleeves of his shirt were rolled up to his elbows, his tie and collar pulled askew and soaked in sweat, despite the best efforts of the vehicle’s air conditioning. Though it seemed like the detective wasn’t the only one feeling the heat as a series of loud mechanical sputters had roused him from his reveries, followed by a waft of black smoke that arose from beneath the hood, heralding the expiration of the engine with one last dying wheeze. “Oh no,” heavy lids pullback in startled realization “No no!” Though no matter how many times he slammed his palm upon the dashboard in his frustration, it did nothing to remedy the car's gradual decrease in speed.  The detective used what little momentum the car had left to ease it over into the closest layby. stepping out, He popped open the bonnet and was immediately greeted with a black noxious cloud which had him stumbling back in surprise and wafting at the air, it wasn’t long before he too was coughing and spluttering like the clapped-out jalopy in front of him.  “Of all the times you could have broken down and it had to be-” A loud pained hiss stopped him mid-sentence, without thinking he placed his hand on the engine and felt the fury of its searing kiss, causing him to instantly pull back “Merda, pezzo di spazzatura inutile!” the tip of his shoe hit the bumper with a loud clack and was forceful enough to send the hood slamming back down.  The smoke gradually dispersed, while the detective began to pace up and down the edge of the road, mind swimming with a hundred thoughts and ideas a second, but all leading to the same inevitable dead end. In the back of his mind, he held the hope of hopes that someone would drive past here at some point, yet he hadn’t seen a single soul throughout his journey, and even if lady fortune were to smile on him, how likely would it be that they’d pick up a hitchhiker?  There’s only one thing for it, you’re hop footing it to the nearest town, wherever the f*** that is. Raphael weighed his very limited, and very lousy, options, and with one deep sigh resigned himself to the inevitable. Reaching into the back seat, he took his coat, jacket and hat, the latter he perched atop his crown, while the former was folded over his forearm. Thus the warlock sleuth embarked on his odyssey.  The eventual setting of the sun had waned the relentless onslaught of the heat, and respite came in the form of a gentle breeze that undulates the fields all around him and chills the sweat upon his brow. Half an hour of ceaseless trekking had awarded him with new hopes, capping the distance was a lonesome farmhouse, complete with barns, silos, the works!   A dirt path that offshoots from the main road took him up to the house, the boards squeak and creak beneath his feet as he steps up onto the patio. A long slender digits presses to the doorbell, sending its delightful little chime through the house, and he waited and waited. The detective took a few steps back, glancing up at the second-story windows, no lights, no sound, nothing, yet why did this place look so well maintained? Recently abandoned maybe?  As strange it sounded, maybe the occupants were tending to the duties around the farm? To assuage his suspicions, he left the patio and began his perambulations about the property. The first thing he saw was a large metal shed, bolted and locked, and beside it sat a doghouse, but what was that beside it?  Close inspection showed a chain, which was used to restrain the absent creature, but it had been snapped, pulled apart with inhuman force. Oh great, Kujo’s patrolling the premises, watch your back.  The entrance to the barn was the first thing that caught his attention after a cursory glance at his surroundings, the door was ajar, the obfuscating and ominous gloom of interior beckoned him, and just like a slave to his curiosity, he answered so obediently. The large doors were pulled apart and threw the detective’s elongated shadow upon the dusty stone floors. That’s when it hit him, a stench even fouler than anything a burnt-out old engine could produce, the putrid sickening aroma of death.  He held back the need to wretch, and instead followed the smell and the buzzing of flies to the nearest stall, whose door was wide open. Burning sapphires widened at the grizzly display that befell him; a horse, a creature once so awesome and majestic, now lies eviscerated and partially eaten by maggots. A gaping bloodied hole had been ripped into the stomach, spilling the animal’s rotting innards upon the ground.  So fascinated by this morbid display, he had almost missed the shifting of shadow and form illuminated upon the floor, causing him to turn and face the one responsible. His earlier remarks now manifest themselves in nightmarish reality at the beast who now stood in the doorway, a dog, or at least it used to be: it was now as big as a tiger and looked twice as nasty, tufts of fur clung to it’s grotesquely mutated flesh, musculature bulging and beyond freakish.The creature’s bloodied lips curled in a sickening smile, glowing emeralds eyed him hungrily as it took slow and careful steps forward, immediately followed by the detective taking a step back. They both stopped and just stared at each other. The air was thick with tension each second was akin to a burning fuse of dynamite just waiting for this whole scene to blow up. Suddenly the beast broke into a sprint towards the detective, who drew his gun with the finesse of Billy the Kid, the edge of his hand coming down repeatedly on the hammer of his revolver as he fired off a volley of shots, each finding their mark, but did very little in impeding the monster’s charge, despite blasting off chunks of flesh and skin. He soon realized the futility of his actions and try to move aside just as the large dog leapt at him, shoulder barging him with such force that it knocked Raphael to the ground. The hound skids upon the floor and was coming in for another attack, but the detective was ready this time. A hand thrust forward, fingers splayed, a glowing purple orb materialized before his palm and shot out into a beam that hit the creature point-blank in the chest, sending it flying back and hitting the far wall with a deafening crash. It was down, the creature was dazed, Raphael scrambled to his feet and rushes out of the barn, slamming both doors closed, before barring them. Seconds later the creature was back and was pounding its fat mutated bonce against the barn doors in an attempt to escape. Raphael wasted no time in returning to the house, whether anyone was in or not, he needed to use the phone.  The front door swung open with one mighty boot, and the detective did a quick sweep of the narrow hallway, before going into where he assumed was the dining room, presto, the phone was situated on a small side table next to a beaten old couch. Raphael practically dived on it, picking up the receiver and began dialling the authorities, but there was nothing. The phone was dead. “F***!” Hissed the detective as he slammed the phone back into its cradle and was about to make his way out until he noticed the tall, balding old man in dungarees standing in his way: his skin was a sickly shade of white, translucent, lips dry and almost black, and those eyes, just as pale as his skin. Raphael’s gun clicked as he thumbed back the hammer once more, the barrel perfectly lined up with the man’s head, however, it was once again the detective’s curiosity that stayed him from pulling the trigger. The man’s mouth opened wide and he unleashed one of the most shrill, blood-curdling shrieks that Raphael had ever heard in all his time. Slowly the old farmer arched his spine back, just as two boney appendages, almost similar to the legs of a spider,  ripped through the small of his back and slammed their sharpened tips into the floor. His clothes began to rip, revealing the abdomen beneath, the stomach had split in half to reveal a large gruesome maw of sharp teeth and multiple thrashing tongues. “Jesus christ…” Raphael found himself lowering his gun, looking on in stunned silence at the horrifying metamorphosis, he wasn’t going to stay here and fight, that would be suicide. Sparks flew as he snapped his fingers, finally he caught one and allowed it to flare up into a ball of fire, one he quickly lobbed behind him as he launched himself out the living room window and out onto the patio. Quickly, he vaulted over the fencing and began running for the main road. By the time he got there, the house was engulfed in the magenta-coloured flames of his making. The windows explode with the rising heat, and out of one of the casements crawls the monstrous farmer in all his mutated glory: his front legs had grown and morphed in symmetry to his newly acquired appendages. The Arachnid similarities were made complete as he began scaling the side of the house, crawling up onto the roof, and screaming balefully up at the skies.  F*** that.  Raphael bolts up the road for the town in the distance, while the angered cries of the monster behind him eventually recede into silence, the same kind of silence that came before all this chaos. He was nothing but a sweating and panting mess by the time he had arrived in town, only to find the place completely dead. There was the breeze once again, but not quite as refreshing as it was the first time, instead it heralds the impending doom of all those who enter as it whistled through the desolate town.  The echo of his footfall rang through the streets as he made his way down to the local station, which was just as deserted as everywhere else. Once again the warlock found himself snapping his fingers until he summoned some light, which helped him traverse the abandoned precinct, neither an officer nor a prisoner could be found, yet the gun cabinet still remained well-stocked. He took the liberty of arming himself with a shotgun and pocketed a few shells for when things got ugly as if they hadn’t already.  With a deep sigh, he marches back out onto the street, pistol holstered under his arm and the barrel of the shotgun rested on his shoulder “It’s going to be one of THOSE days, isn’t it?”

{MCRP} The Blazing Phoenix Pirates

06/15/2021 04:10 PM 

The Blazing Phoenix Pirate Crew (Basic Info)

Phoenix D. Drake The CaptainBounty:<> $500 million Berries, Alive or DeadAge:<> 26Gender:<> Male Species:<> Human Hair Color:<> Red Eye Color:<> RedHeight:<> 6’0 Occupation:<> CaptainAbilities/Weapons:<> Drake wielded thirteen(13) unique Katanas know as the Cursed Sword of the Sea. It was said the devil himself cursed the swords to play a joke on humans, giving the wielder of the sword a weird and silly curse.Drake Ate the Tori Tori no Mi Model Red Phoenix, a Mythical Zoan type of Devil Fruit. This Devil Fruit power gave Drake the ability to transform into a flaming red Phoenix, fire-based attacks, and use Logia-like abilities like turning his body into fire so that physical attack can pass through him. What really made the Tori Tori no Mi Model Red Phoenix so special is that it will revive its user from death once in their lifetime, weakening the power of the Devil Fruit. Drake used the resurrection abilities early on in his adventures when he ate his second Devil Fruit, the Goro Goro no Mi.The Goro Goro no Mi is a Logia type of Devil Fruit that gave the eater the power to create, control, and transform into Lightning.Drake can also use all three forms of Haki.{{Fully story of his 2 Devil Fruits and Cursed Sword can be found in the back story blog}}{{ COOMING SOON}}Personality:<> Drake tries to play off that he is a serious type of guy but in fact, he tends to come off a bit corny and lame at times with his weak sense of humor and low intelligence. At first, it may seem like he ignores everything that goes on around him but it really comes down to him just being very ignorant and unaware. Some of his personality is due to the curses placed on him by his swords and the rest is just him being an ignorant idiot. Shamus the Immortal Drunken Irish BrawlerBounty:<> Wanted!!! $100 billion Berries for his head in a bagAge:<> UnknownGender:<> MaleSpecies:<> HumanHair Color:<> Fire Redish OrangeEye Color:<> AquaHeight:<> 6'7Occupation:<> Drunken Pervert, First Mate of the Blazing Phoenix PiratesAbilities:<> Besides being Immortal, Shamus is a master in all forms of hand-to-hand combat. He ate the Netsu Netsu no Mi also known as the Heat Heat Fruit, which allowed him to emanate heat from his body. Shamus was also the only member of the Blazing Phoenix Pirates that had awakened his Devil Fruit abilities. This allows him to not only control his own body temperature but the temperature of every object around him. Shamus was also able to use all three forms of Haki but a master of Advanced Armament HakiPersonality:<> Shamus is a perverted annoying self-centered egomaniac drunk with a heavy Irish accent in short. Due to his immortal body, Shamus lives carefree and doesn’t care who he pissed off in the process. Always picking fights and pushing buttons when it comes to guys and always flirting and groping on cute girls. He’s a comedy relief and doesn’t care to break any rules or laws.Zack the MarksmanBounty:<> $300 million Berries Wanted Alive or DeadAge:<> 24Gender:<> MaleSpecies:<> HumanHair Color:<> PurpleEye Color:<> YellowOccupation:<> MarksmanAbilities:<>  Zack had eaten the Murno Murno no Mi Devil Fruit is also known as the Purple Flame Fruit. The Murno Murno no Mi was a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that had some Logia-like traits. Zack mainly used his purple flames as bullets and fast transportation across long distances. Zack was also an Advanced Observation Haki userPersonality:<> Zack is a bit emo-like in some sense, always looking so gloomy and down in the dumps and never has anything good to say about himself. He takes everything as an insult to himself even the good stuff and always blames himself when things go wrong.Angel the DoctorBounty:<> $90 million Berries, Wanted Dead or AliveAge:<> 20Gender:<> FemaleSpecies:<> SkypieanHair Color:<> Blond with Blue highlightsEye Color:<> Light BlueHeight:<> 5’0Occupation:<> DoctorAbilites:<> Angel ate the Hono Hono no Mi Devil Fruit also known as the Pink Flame Fruit, a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit. Her pink flames granted buff and healing minor injuries, making her a great support role for any battle. Angel could also use Mantra, allowing her to see great distances.Personality:<> Angel is mostly a sweet and innocent young girl but if you hurt her friends she will not hesitate to let her inner demon out. She took her role as the doctor serious, a little too serious some would say. She didn’t care if it was her own crew, a civilian, or an enemy, she would try to heal them. She was a very curious and eager person and seemed always cheerful and was easily excited about new things.Megan the ShipwrightBounty:<> $250 million Berries Wanted Dead or AliveAge:<> 23Gender:<> FemaleSpecies:<> Human/AmazonHair Color: <> Brunette with Light Green highlightsEye Color:<> Lime GreenHeight:<> 7’0Occupation:<> ShipwrightAbilities:<> Megan has eaten the Midori Midori no Mi also known as the Green Flame Fruit. The Midori Midori no Mi was a Paramecia type Devil Fruit with Logia type abilities. Her green flames don’t burn that hot and leave off a bad smell similar to that of sulfur. Due to the bad smell, her green flames leave behind, she tends to not use her Devil Fruit powers that much. Instead, she relies on her superhuman strength as an Amazonian and her old trusty wrench.Personality:<> Megan is far from the sweet girl she acts to be. She has a heated temper and is easily set off. She is far from afraid to smack someone upside the head with her wrench or toss them around like a rag doll with her gorilla-like strength. She gets easily annoyed by ignorant and stupid people. She isn’t scared to let people know what she thinksJessica the CookBounty:<> Reward of choice, Wanted Alive Only and NO HARMAge:<> 18Gender:<> FemaleSpecies:<> Human with Ancient bloodHair Color:<> Silver and OrangeEye Color: AquaHeight:<> 5, 0Occupation:<> CookPowers:<> Jessica has consumed a Devil Fruit called Tori Tori no Mi Model Fire Falcon. It was a very rare Zone-type Devil Fruit that allowed Jessica to turn into a giant orange flaming Falcon. Similar to Logia-type Devil Fruits, most physical attacks could pass right through her body leaving her unharmed. In her Falcon form, she could fly up to Mach 3 speeds as well as use flame-based attacks for defense and support. Personality:<> Despite her horrible past, Jessica was a nice and kind-hearted person that hated violence and cruelty. She was easily scared and hides behind her crewmates that seem overprotective of her. She loves to cook and clean and watching her goofy crew mates acting silly. She is very shy when it comes to meeting new people and tends to embarrass herself quite often.Leon the Gadget SpecialistBounty:<> $100 million Berries Wanted Dead or AliveAge:<> 23Gender:<> maleSpecies:<> HumanHair Color:<> Greenish BrownEye Color:<> GreenHeight:<> 5’10Occupation:<> Inventor/NavigatorAbilities:<> Leon had eaten the Aoi Aoi no Mi Devil Fruit also known as the Blue Flame Fruit. The Aoi Aoi Devil Fruit was a Logia type and the blue flames were cold like that of ice, burning with a freezing sensation and leaving ice after the fire dissipates. He also creates many types of gadgets and trinkets.Personality:<>  Leon is a quiet person, keeping mostly to himself and working on all sorts of gadgets. He is very respectful and dresses pretty classy for a pirate. He is smart and quick-witted with a plan for everything. He is by far the boring member of the crew.Smith D.Blake the BlacksmithBounty:<> $150 million Berries Wanted Dead or aliveAge:<> 22Gender:<> MaleSpecies:<> HumanHair Color:<> BlackEye Color:<> BlackHeight:<> 6’0 Occupation:<> BlacksmithAbilities:<> Blake Ate the Kurra Kurra no Mi also known as the Black Flame Fruit, a Logia type Devil Fruit that gave him the ability to control black flames and transform his entire body into black flames. Blake is also a skilled swordsman when he wants to be.Personality:<> Blake is a bit of a smart ass sometimes and a bit of a snake in the grass. He will quickly betray his friends and crew if it benefits him. He likes to manipulate and trick people while always having a suspicious gin.


06/15/2021 08:14 AM 

Villain Deku

Izuku midoriya has always been a bit weird, disturbed, if you will. it’s not like he had a bad childhood, he actually had a pretty good one. for the most part. Izuku was born an only child, and for a while, he didn’t have many friends. all he really had was his mom, and himself, he doesn’t really know what happened to his dad since his mom never told him, so, Izuku just assumed he left. as a child, Izuku displayed rather… disturbed traits. though, despite that, he was always very sweet and kind, and quiet. but, that was only towards his mother, as she was the only person he was really familiar with, he didn’t really talk to anyone at school. one day, inko became friends with a lady named Mitsuki Bakugou. upon meeting her, Mitsuki decided to bring her son over for a playdate, and that’s when Izuku met Katsuki Bakugou.Izuku had never had any friends, so he immediately attached himself to katsuki. after a while of knowing him, he began to exhibit traits of being very clingy and overly attached, which after a while, began to creep bakugou out, but no matter how many times he tried to distance himself from Izuku, he would just keep coming back. izuku’s attachment soon became something more than just being clingy. at the beginning of middle school, Izuku had began to grow a habit of stalking bakugou. he secretly followed him around after school, took pictures of him, kept tracking devices on him with his knowledge of it, put microphones and small cameras around his house, mainly in Katsuki’s room so he could listen to everything. Izuku’s small childhood attachment soon became a full blown obsession. at this point, katsuki despisedIizuku. he would yell at him, beat him up, even going as far as bullying him to make him go away. but nothing made Izuku leave. katsuki soon became aware of Izuku’s stalking after finding him in his home at night on multiple occasions, often finding him just standing in his room watching him. Katsuki absolutely hated him. But Izuku absolutely fell head over heels for him.Izuku wanted to be a hero one day. he’d wanted to be one since he was a child. but, Izuku didn’t have a quirk. he was completely quirkless, and he didn’t think anyone could become a hero with simple knife throwing skills. but, he was determined to get into UA high. which is exactly where Katsuki was going. avoid going another school year with Izuku, Katsuki decided to amp up his bullying. so, he beat up Izuku whenever he got close to him, destroyed his things, harassed him, verbally abused him whenever he had the chance, etc etc. a few months before the end of their eighth grade year, Izuku dropped out of school, and instead spent his days at home. since childhood, izuku’s disturbed traits only seemed to increase, especially since he met Katsuki.He had told his mom on countless occasions that he had experienced auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, voices telling him things, self harmful thoughts, violent intrusive thoughts, etc. these traits only got worse when Izuku dropped out of school. the voices got louder, the hallucinations got worse, and eventually he snapped. he ended up assaulting and murdering his mother. he didn’t think twice about it afterward, instead he just went and packed some of his clothes, and left. a few weeks after, inko’s death had been reported by mitsuki, and izuku had been reported as missing. a while after that, Izuku was found and taken in by Tomura Shigaraki, and eventually met All For One.a year or two later, Izuku was now an infamous villain who was with the LoV, and he very well knew that Katsuki had gotten into UA. Izuku has stopped stalking Katsuki, but he remains very very obsessed with him. one odd day, Izuku had been walking about, keeping his head down with a jacket and hood covering his face. that day, he met the hero, Denki Kaminari. surprisingly, they got along pretty well. they quickly became aware of each other’s hero and villain status, but they remained friends. when with Denki, Izuku feels just a little more normal. Denki is the only other friend Izuku has had, but when he exhibits his odd behavior, Denki often manages to call him out on it and get him to stop.but, no matter how normal he feels, Izuku will always just be an infamous, emotionally imbalanced person.

Shampoo Moon

06/14/2021 11:08 PM 

Please....stop asking why I'm this and video game blog here.
Current mood:  disappointed

Why am I here you ask? This is a role playing website not to find people to chat with and video game chats and anime chats and real life chats. Can you not sign up here? No. After being online here for awhile the only issue I've is people not reading my profile and refusal to read my profile because my profile is to long other than that I still have friendly people wanting to talk to me still even though I don't want RP often or have want mature text so let me tell you why I moved here.Would I ever move to Space Hey and leave here? The answer is most likely not the case. I was never welcomed there and same with Friend Project my account has been logged in for a few days now almost a week on FP and 0 friend requests. The reason for this is people ASSUME these things WITHOUT having a CONVERSATION WITH ME. These people read my profile then start assuming stuff. They say that I need therapy treatment for a few years because I call myself Wolf online and Mother Wolf etc and I'm psychopathic and insane. Like do people even know what the definition of those two words are? Apparently not if you're calling someone that over a username. So I will only try Space Hey for a month then if nothing happens I will quit but I'm not going to quit Ani or Role Play Me because I already know what the results will be but I want to see for myself you know? For amusement and truth. As well as Ani and Role Play Me at least I feel welcomed and not some weirdo strange alien etc.So what are my hobbies besides video games? I will list here my favorite video games so we can start a topic. I can do an anime blog separately and that will be my last blog for a super long time. I like watching stupid stuff on YT if you've any ideas like Gab Smolders and CJU Games let me know. Also stuff like Dope or Nope I like stupid unboxing videos. I also like collecting cute mystery bag items ever so often. I love shopping at 5 below every month and a half because I'm never motivated to go shopping or pick out two outfits around that time span. I love supporting local artist on Etsy at the end of the month etcAlso can someone f***ing explain to me why the remakes of Pokémon Pearl and Diamond have chibi Game Boy Advance HD graphics? LMAO. I'd rather just spend the $60 and get the originals first because all Pokémon DS games run for $40-60 depending on if the game is complete with the box and manual etc. I simply can't get the image out of my head. The remakes remind me of the Yu-Gi-Oh Sacred Cards for the GBA but just enhanced LOL.I see this as a hobby to collect things etc. This should be a clear give away of what I'm into if this doesn't then I've no hope anymore. So I was thinking instead of flooding my Wishlist with tons of Pokémon stuff I can just do this instead at and I would love both stickers/ Favorite Pokémon types are are Water. Ice. Dragon. Ghost. Poison and Bug. I love Pokémon !Also looking for Zoroark plushies and Zorua plus figures and I would want a surprise so not listing plushies here and I don't have any and don't plan on buying any plushies anytime soon anyways LOL Favorite Pokémon trainers and that is N or Grimsley. I would love a Grimsley card! Looking for Halloween plush of Lucario and looking a Pokémon Center Entei Servine and Snivy figure Pikachu shirts looking for ones that are black but with neon or bold prints plus looking for a gray one with a angry or many facial expressions of Pikachu these are the main colors I want if the shirt was white I would love bold and bright colors on the fabric etc and also looking for on Pokémon Center Exploring with Evee and Mew Mythical Mana and looking for vintage Raichu items as wellLooking for Pokémon Eevee and friends dreaming and I like any Pokémon that’s in a sleeping pose. Also looking for random figures of Tyrunt and Beedrill and Lugia and Spearow and Mienshao and Bouffalant and Teddiursa and Rockruff and Mothim and Scyther and Dialga and Bisharp and Kyogre. Also looking for Pokémon themed DS stylus and also the Black and White kit etc. Looking for Pokémon Center Vaporeon aqua ring figure and Vulpix fire spin figure from Pokémon center as wellWhat do I think about Pokémon Center shirt quality? Awful for the price. My sister bought me a shirt mind you a $30 shirt and I only had this shirt for three years....well one day the shirt got accidently put in the dryer because I confused that shirt with another one of my gray ones and mind you this shirt was put in a dryer with a medium size load and low heat and INSIDE OUT and the dryer was set on low for an hour. Come to find out the back part of the shirt where there are prints and designs cracked some. I checked the tag and the shirt said that the shirt can be put on low heat. When I told my sister this she was in shock. She was like that shirt was expensive. I expected so much more! So that tells me that Pokémon Center uses cheap A$$ ink. Their socks? I lost the pair of socks my sis got me. Sadly, I think my socks got accidently in the donation pile while going through old clothes. I think the quality is comfortable but very tight on narrow feet. This might sound weird as I'm a 7.5 in boots and a 7 in sneakers but whatever. Their phone cases I want one but the case I want is highly rare and is $60 so probably will never happen. Looking for more of the Electric Rock by Pokémon Center and Pokémon Pikachu Plush Cyrus and Ghetsis and looking for the Pokémon Center Jolteon Discharge figure. Looking for any Kyurem figure. Looking for any type of Mespirt card or plush and also looking for a Murkrow plush. Looking for mainly PS4 games such as. Tales of Vesperia. Secret of Mana Digimon story and matter of fact I want to play all Digimon games. Also want all Tales games known in the U.S. besides the newest one Arise. Anyways the only Tales game I've is Tales of Berseria and Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Symphonia and the second TOS is called Dawn of The New World. When I get done with clothes I most likely just want video games and stuff from Etsy lol and DS * Games and other random games GBA/GC/PS2 * also PS1. GameCube* Lost Kingdoms One and Two* Pokémon colosseum and Gale of Darkness* All Paper Mario games I need all Super Mario games for old school consoles. Need Chrono Trigger again Gauntlet Dreamcast any good? Not sure about any good games here! Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm. How to spot a fake Pokémon DS game.cartridge is gray and not black. Some sellers will state the product is a reproduction copy that goes for GBA/GBC/64 games that are commonly faked. I do believe PS4 games are safe from this. If you want to know if you got a real copy or not for the Pokémon DS games hold the game into the light and you will see a reddish tint where the black border is from the label this is for Pokémon DS games. Also the fake video games will also have a fake reproduction booklet and that will be glossy and thick printed paper. For my recommendation don't buy any video games on Amazon because you can't see a full zoomed in picture! Also most bootleg copies of the label are very blurry and you might want to Google a contrast between a fake and real copy. Also any Pokémon DS or GBA/GBC color game that's $20 is also a fake; the reproduction copies sell for that much as well. So I would also recommend looking at Gamestop or seeing how much a real copy is of the video games I listed. I'm also looking for Donkey Kong on the 64 and The Legend of Zelda games for the 64. Currently missing the system. Looking for Yu-Gi-OH! DS games and all other games in the series. I want to play all Castlevania games. Same with Kirby and Yoshi games. I'm looking for Pokémon DS games. Platinum. Pokémon Black and White both series one and two. Diamond. Pearl. Pokémon Heartgold and Pokémon SoulSilver. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire at and also Final Fantasy IVLost this copy but man this game was hard like any other FF games grind and grind and keep repeating but this is probably a LOW for me LMAO. Invest in this later. I want all FF games for the DS more than other systems etc. Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals and Golden Sun Dark Dawn and Castlevania Portrait of Ruin and Dark Of Sorrow GBA games: Pokémon Sapphire and Emerald and Ruby and Leafgreen and FireredAll The Legend of Zelda games All Breath of Fire and All Digimon Game and my dream games* Ogre the Battle this is also being faked and sold as a reproduction copy as well! Average price is $40-60 + depending on the condition of the game and what is included All .Hack old games which will take the longest to grasp a whole set will range to the high $300 if there is instruction guides. I wonder if people know there is a game about Christianity and Jesus is on one of the cutscenes? Ha! Fun fact! Xenosaga and series three are the most expensive. I only played the first game. I kind of forgot about this series and the last game runs about $50 +* Have I played a game with Multi Players? Only game Runescape.....yes back in the day when that game was $5.95 I stopped playing because of the big spike increase of membership $11 + there is nothing you can do much as a free member the most you can do is get your skills to your 30's + and that's all and the skill is Slayer always wanted a Slayer cape and so much fun co op....I wish I had someone to play with though I've a Asus Vivobook Max which that's not a gaming XD I could play RS 3 hours or 4 hours a day I would like to go do other things in RL like find something on YT etc! Castlevania real copy vs fake or something like that. How to spot a fake Pokémon GBC game Sapphire and Ruby and same thing with DS just Google the video game of your choice and see if there is a side by side comparison. I’ve played a fake Pokémon SoulSilver and the game crashed within the middle of the video game and games I’m not hyped about getting into are unsure about Starfox and Metroid I know blasphemy and vile about them two series. Mana Khemia not sure if I will be into this game or not like all the games listed here. I might go look up a let’s play on YT and go from there. Rampage. Hamtaro series. Radia Stories. Rogue Galaxy. Mystic quest I wonder if I can get into this game I played this way back in the day, same with Street Fighter I loved using Blanka. It was very awful with Vega LMAO. Grandia I wonder if this series is any good also Legend of Dragoon and Starfy because I think that’s where that dancing star is from Smash Ultimate LMAO. Also The Threads of Fate hopefully I can get into this again! Also Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl I heard this is a remake of the first series. Hardest boss? I still can't beat the Super Boss Yiazmat on FF 12 and even with Shell on his death strike swipe hits me every time. I also want to try the Super Boss and missions on FF 13 and the second one! The third one I'm gonna look up is Let's Play as I don't play timed games unless there is a way to reverse the time etc. As you can see this will take several years for me to collect everything I want. I also want all pink consoles. Final Fantasy 13 theme PS3. I want a black Wii more than white. I also want a Hyperkin in Jasper red. Smoke is my main 64 system I want if not Ice Blue and Grape as I'm not sure how I feel about the watermelon red system. I want an Atomic Purple or any translucent GBC and GBA. I want the GBA to have a Pelican light hood attachment! What do you do all day? My headphones are normally hooked up 24/7 unless I've to get up or be somewhere. Otherwise my headphones are never off. I also could be trading on Animal Crossing.Why don't I drive? Or work?I've explained that in my physical blog on my Alt Scene account.What is your favorite food? Like if you want to know what I eat everyday I can just take a photo of the cabinet and freezer here? Haha.Do you take sleep aid? Yeah a natural one called Valerian Root without this every other day I'm normally up at 7-9 a.m. + I take this at 3:30 am and normally fall asleep within an hour. Wake up around 11 or late noon.Also I'm not a huge figure fan....I would not pay no more than $50 for a figure sorry....which my dream figure will never happen by the way heh....Love to get the Funk Mew Funko and Raichu!Dream figures! .Hack//G.U. Vol.1//Rebirth Special Edition: Video Games saw someone selling this for $80 used and some of the paint was coming off.....hack//G.U. FiguartsZERO Haseo (3rd Form Black) Exclusive ( interests? Look here. Amazon Wish List is a place where I can bookmark things to treat myself or for my sister/her husband to buy me things for Birthday and Christmas. It also has a good use of what I like instead of going on a hours and hours list of what I like. So this makes life tons of much easier on you guys. you think wedding stuff belongs in this blog? Why not?!Yes, for my wedding I would like to have an official Lightning's Necklace or Serah's engagement pendant. I love FF 13. Not many people understood the xenophobic story line. Picking a religious topic for video games normally doesn't go well. Yes the paradigm shift is extremely hard to learn at first before you get complexly ransacked and game over in a second but once you get the swing of things you will enjoy the game!. I really love the soundtrack of this game and I can't wait to play this game again and complete the side missions which I just completed for story mode only!Not interested in a honeymoon because I'm terrified of airplanes. I would love to go look at comic shops if that is what my main interest was. Or look at retro video game stores that would be a blast!Not related to video games.Would love to wear perfume from Dior and have an outfit from Dior, something that I can wear everyday and not sit in a closet for an eternity.Remember that peole don't live in a fantasy life filled with rainbows and daises and sunshine. Not everyone is going to live in your fantasy head of your dellusional self and lies about what you think about the so said person but for me? All I ask is strike a converstation with me before randomly assuming false stuff about that isn't even true. Also note to yourself you're not forced to read everything in one sitting and good day or evening or afternoon wherever you're at :) or asleep like goodnight lol.


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Guidelines & Such

Greetings! I'll try to make this as short and sweet as possible. A lot of people make Rules they either whimsically enforce or enforce too heavily. We’re gonna be avoiding that altogether here. However, I’d like to leave my writing guidelines and preferences below. More often than not, I’ll follow what’s written below, simply because I’m a creature of habit who likes to make things streamlined and enjoyable. Consider this more of a manual of how I operate. This is the only thing I’d consider as a rule: I’m demisexual and in an awesome relationship IRL. If you can’t respect that, please don’t add me. And if you need to ask what it means to be demisexual, then please Google it instead. This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been to Ani several times in the past, but left because it was a cesspool of toxicity and smut comparable to a high school. That said, I’m still here simply because I want to have fun. If I start having the feeling that I'm not having fun by being here anymore, I'll leave. I am not writing smut or romance. If you want either of those things, that’s fine, but you won’t get it here. Have I written in Overlord before? Nope! This is brand new to me, so I apologize as I get a grasp on my muse! I’m not really interested in drama. Who did what to whom or who won’t sleep with whom doesn’t concern me. If you want to vent, and we’ve become writing friends, I’ll be happy to listen, but I really don’t want that sort of thing flooding my Stream. I have limited amounts of time, energy, and attention to give in my day. Simply put, I don’t always want to be online for whatever reason, and I’ll step away and come back when I’m ready. If that possibility disillusions you from writing with me, so be it. However, the more I enjoy being here, the more likely I’ll be online. Just because I don’t use fancy layouts when I send Comments doesn’t mean I’m any less interested in writing. I just don't have the know-how to do those sorts of things. I’ll almost always contact you if I’m the one who added, and I may even contact you first if you added and seem interesting. I enjoy Crossovers, especially those that are well thought-out! Those fuel my muses so much! However, that said, I usually tend to only write in verses I’m familiar with. If I’m not familiar, I’ll at least ask for a short summation of the series before deciding if I’m interested. I have every right to Delete/Block any I choose for any reason I choose, though I have no intention of pestering other writers here. More times than not, I likely won’t read any rules posted, unless they are mandatory for writing and the user seems interesting enough to bother learning them. If we both act respectfully towards one another, there’s really no need. As much as I’d like to say I’m a spoiler-free writer, that’s just not possible. Prepare for potential spoilers if we write. When I write, I compartmentalize my stories. Meaning what I do and write with one co-writer has no sway over what I do and write with another. This allows my writing to be free and unfettered from one another. I tend to focus more on quality versus quantity, so don’t worry too much about how much or how often you can dish out a reply. Honestly, if you get more than five in-story replies back from me, that probably means I like your writing style and I’m hooked on the story. I tend to cover dark and mature themes in my writing, and if a certain topic bothers you, please let me know so I know what to avoid. Those topics include, but are not limited to: Alcohol Death Depression Gambling Gore Mental illness Murder Suicide Violence War I won’t write stories that involve animal abuse. It curls my stomach All of the ideas and characters I present are just my take on them. If anyone does happen to join, and they tell the story differently than I do, that’s their interpretation. There is no “right” way the story is told, and honestly, if someone chooses to write as a character differently than what I’ve chosen for my version, that’s completely fine. Honestly, I’d rather work together to merge the stories into one and make something amazing!

Agent Kota

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The Rules

We live in a world ruled by law and rules and here are mine.1) I do rp mature themes but I do not solely roleplay mature themes. It has to make sense in the story otherwise no thank you.2) Don't just send me a invite and go silent. If you add first, hit me up. Let's chat.3) I do not ask for much but what I do ask for is some effort. Try a little and I will do the same.4) I am a prince of typos so I am just fine with that on the receiving end. However, please at least try to put together well structured sentences... Please.5) If you are respectful to me, then I am respectful to you. It's simple. Let's keep it like that.6) I love to craft stories but please do not put the bulk of the story telling on me. Let's do this together.7) Life happens, especially during these crazy times. So, with that in mind, I do not it make take time in between posts. I'm perfectly fine with that but please do not leave me hanging for toooo long.8) My characters are mine. Let me make the hard decisions regarding them. With that said, no god modding, maiming, or anything of that nature. Let's talk out story points and what should happen to BOTH of our characters.9) Have fun. That's why I am here after all. I'm open to suggestions and criticisms as well sooooo yea. Have fun.10) Lastly I RP in a fantasy forum, FFXIV, annnnnnd on discord as well. Just ask if you're interest.


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Canon Characters I Role Play As

I do not role play canon characters in every fandom I like. If I asked I will role play as canon characters besides these given I know about them. For cross over series I will only put characters from those series1.Final Fantasy XIV Series - Zenos, Fandaniel, Gaius, Nidhogg, Alisaie, Alphinaud, Cid, Y'shtola, Thancred, G'raha Tia, Urianger, Lyse/Yda, Emet Selch, Lahabrea, Elidibus, Anyone else if asked.2.Kingdom Hearts - Sora, Kairi, Aqua, Xion, Xigbar, Master Xehanort, Young Xehanort, Xemnas, Ansem, Ansem SoD, Master of Masters, Ava, Invi, Vanitas, Vexen, Terra-Xehanort, Any side characters if asked3.Final Fantasy XIII Series - Lightning, Snow, Caius, Barthandelus, Noel, Bhunivelze4.Dissidia Final Fantasy Series - Cosmos, Chaos, Materia, Spiritus5.Final Fantasy Type-0 - Seven6.Final Fantasy VII Remake - Tifa, Cloud, Barrett7.Horizon Zero Dawn - Alloy8.Nier Automata - 2B9.Little Nightmares Series- Six10.World of Final Fantasy - Reynn11.Tales of Berseria - Velvet12.God Eater (Resurrection, 2, and 3) - Alisa13.The Last of Us - Ellie14.Injustice - Supergirl15.Nier Replicant - Kaine16.RWBY - Ruby


06/14/2021 08:37 PM 

Original Role Play Ideas

Here will be a list of original plot ideas I have. Some may seem weird. I guess I am weird in my own ways.1.Two people are trapped in a video game made from several different video games. They must work together to beat the game.2.A disease turns people into characters from shows, games, and books as well as supernatural types of creatures. They gain the abilities those people have. The effects are permanent. Now some people must deal with the consequences while also trying to avoid people whom want to capture them.3.Two siblings, or friends, are forced into a new world. They would be forced in 5 years apart. My character would be forced first and then a time skip would happen when your character is forced in. They would end up having to work together to stop the people that wish to harm both worlds.4.Two people are forced into an arena as a team. They must survive and fight the enemies the arena master makes appear.5.Two siblings, or friends or strangers, are forced into a universe which has various worlds in it. They would end up having to work together to stop the people that wish to harm all worlds as well as find a way back. They would go to different worlds through portals.6.Two siblings, or friends, are forced back in time and must find a way back. Soon however they learn someone is trying to destroy time itself while altering the timeline. They must work together to stop the person responsible and return home.7.Two people are forced on a city and are forced to survive in various death games while fending off people that want to kill them.8.Two siblings or friends are given abilities and must help protect the people and stop enemies from causing trouble. They also must try to keep their new abilities a secret to others. However it gets harder9.Two people are forced into what a world to fight for a higher being and given new forms. They must go through the world recruiting allies and stopping enemies as well as finding out why they were chosen and whom is behind it all...10.Several people gain abilities as the world starts ending. Our characters decide to work together to stop it from ending. We recruit allies and help people while solving problems.11.My character is cursed to live on a mountain in a cold abandoned area. Your character is stranded on the mountain due to an accident. We become friends and help each other.****More will be added later****


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Verses/Fandoms I like

A)Video Games1.Final Fantasy XIV (and it’s expansions)2.Kingdom Hearts Series3.Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy4.Dissidia Final Fantasy Series5.Final Fantasy Type-06.Final Fantasy VII Remake7.Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII8.Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning9.Horizon Zero Dawn10.Nier Automata11.Super Mario Series12.Final Fantasy X13.Bendy and the Ink Machine14.Little Nightmares Series15.World of Final Fantasy16.Attack on Titan 217.Sword Art Online18.Super Smash Bros Series19.Tales of Berseria20.God Eater (Resurrection, 2, and 3)21.Crash Bandicoot Series22.Dragon Age Series23.Resident Evil Series24.Paper Mario Series25.Mario Party Series26.Genshin Impact27.The Last of Us28.Tomb Raider29.Danganronpa Series30.Sonic Series31.Final Fantasy XV32.Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles33.Assassins Creed Series34.Pokémon35.Tales from the borderlands36.Infamous37.Heavy Rain38.Beyond Two Souls39.Five Nights at Freddys40.Injustice Series (DC Video Game)41.Nier Replicant42.Final Fantasy XIIB)Movies/Anime/TV Shows1.Joker (2019)2.Teen Titans3.Marvel Cinematic Universe4.Saw Series5.Watchmen (2009)6.Disney7.Pirates of the Caribbean8.Code Lyoko9.Gabriel (2007)10.Legion (2010)11.Dark Knight Trilogy12.Spider-Man (Sam Raimi Trilogy)13.Eagle Eye (2008)14.Cabin In The Woods15.WWE (Wrestling in general)16.RWBY (Volumes 1 - 7)17.RWBY Chibi18.Unbreakable19.Star Wars (Episodes 1 - 6)20.John Wick Series21.Lara Croft Series22.Tucker and Dale VS Evil23.Indiana Jones Series24.Zombieland Series25.Shawn of the Dead26.OO7 Series27.Terminator Series28.Escape Plan29.Expendables Series30.Harry Potter Series31.Yugioh SeriesC)Other1.Vocaloid2.Creepypasta


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Rules (Please Read)

1.No Er*t*ca in ANY form2.No Godmodding3.Do not post pics that include gory images.4.I don't care about race, sexual orientation, or any of that crap. We're all humans and should be equal. Treat people as you would like to be treated and they will do the same. This is not a reference to characters. It is to real life5.A role play is not real life. Do not take it as real life.6.No Incest, extreme weight gain, rape, poop, inflation, vore, pregnancy, and pee in the role play. Saying you used the bathroom in a rp is okay. Just don’t go into detail with it.7.No jokes, in a cruel or negative manner unless, about Cancer, Abuse, Suicide, Rape, ADHD, Down Syndrome, other disorders, and/or other illnesses. This is real life not role play.8.No spamming in any chat9.No one hit kills10. I will only add you if you're 17 or older. If you change your age to a younger age afterwards I will ask11.No p0rn (Includes Child p0rn)12.If you send me a friend request you make the first post13.Please understand I have a life outside of this site. I can not answer posts constantly. If I have not answered you in over 48 hours then you can message me to remind me.14.I will message you after 6-7 days if you haven’t responded. It’s just something I do to check on people.***More will be added if it is needed***


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