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Serene Dracula

04/16/2013 02:57 PM 

my advice to all
Current mood:  calm

Hello there ladies and gentlemen !How are you all ?I'm writing this blog for a reason  , for all of us to be aware of , to open your eyes on things you may have never realized , something I want you to keep in mind . for your own benefits my lovely friends .No hard feelings ok ? ^^*Respect :1- Time difference : lets say if you are from Spean do not expect that everyone in are from there too , there are those who are from japan . + cool RPer are not always easy to find especially in the same city you are in , so you will end up having no body .2- requests from your RP friends : if they asked you for anything like lets say gender change , do not explode on them and do all that stupid drama of yours , simply just say ok or sorry I can't , be nice and simple .3- level in writing : (because not everyone is a native speaker ) , almost no one from other country is able to write so literary like a native speaker , if you saw something is not like English people to say , it was his language phrase , help him\her , show them how to say it right + telling them we or a native speaker would not say it that way he would say it this way .4- hard life : even if he did not say what is he facing he just said I'm having lot of issues in my life I can't RP but I will be back and  sorry if I was not able to loge in a lot , do not be rude and delete him . you don't want the same to happen to you in any case right ? , it is true we don't like to handle drama queen , but if he just tell you an excuse why he would not appear , you would accepts his reason .*In my opinion :one liner RPer are too less and a novel RPer are too much , but yet some times we do a semi if we were in a certain place where we had to , RP is for having "FUN" not to measure how long the other paragraph is . right ? ^^*what pass me off :is the ignorance , to my comment or message just because we both where not online or one of us where not online . so if you may please reply and stop being full of yourself , there are many others are there to RP and chat with , plus nothing much easier then clicking on delete button .when you add someone you talk , don't be like a dead ghost also when he talk to you and you ignore him\her following it with a delete . this is so rude . right ? in the end guys , this is written for your seek not me .. uuh well me as well .. but really YOU will end up alone and bored my friend . be easy be nice .best of luck to you all my good people .    :)


04/15/2013 06:16 PM 

InuYasha Verse Starter #1

A mother and father once met. They were always bickering with one another. but soon, that bickering became words of advise.Those words of advise became long talks. Those long talks made them best friends. Soon enough, those best friends became lovers. There was no love that could match these two. Forbidden love between a half human half dog demon man and a pure mortal human girl. They fought many battles together growing closer with each passing day and soon they had married and had a child, a beautiful little girl whom they named Akina Higurashi. This little female was full of promise, the heart of her mother and the determination of her father. She was a beautifully mixed combination of her mother and father. This female's natural hair is white and eyes as gold as her fathers, and skin soft like her mothers with the shade of her fathers. She was everything like her father InuYasha, physically wise. Except she was more balanced and graceful like a feline. Her kindness was just as well known as her mothers Kagome's. And her short temper like her fathers. Her body was an athletic build and the now 18 year old stood at 5'7". White hair fell down to her lower back, ears pointed upward and she had a long bushy white tail. Lastly, she had distinguishing marks on her cheeks and wrists. That much similar to her uncle Sesshomaru.She looked out from a window in a palace that rested on side of a mountain  surrounded by forest in the western lands. The lands that her uncle Sesshomaru rules over. She wore a mid length yukata that showed her rank upon these palace grounds. Royal blood. Her yukata's first layer that was seen from the collar and extended sleeves and her mid thigh were a crimson red followed by the last layer that was a brilliant white silk and a large red obi tied around her waist. She left her white hair flow down in it's natural waves. "Akina..." spoke a low male voice. Akina glanced across the room to see her father standing there. With a smile he said, "C'mon brat. We're leaving." and he left. She got up and walked out but took a look back at her favorite room in her uncle's palace. Despite it being empty. She walked out and met up with her mother and father near the front gates. "Goodbye." Her uncle simply said and Akina just gave a nod. She didn't talk much to her uncle because he didn't really speak to her. "We'll see you three soon." Said a cheerful brown haired female that stood by Sesshomaru's side. A little green creature came up and smiled as well. Kagome hugged the female, Sesshomaru and the green creature. "It was nice to see you three again, Rin." spoke her mother. They exchanged a nod before being off on their way. "'re awfully quiet. You're usually full of joy when we come here and disappointed when we leave." said her mother. Akina glanced over and gave her mother a shrug, "Eh. I don't know honestly...." but she did know. The only reason she was excited to come and spend weeks at her uncles was to sneak out at night to test her abilities in the forest. Abilities her parents were somewhat aware of but thought they had disappeared long ago when she was an infant. But she also snuck out to listen in on her father and uncle speak of battles. She sighed as she thought about the two day journey back home. It was now hours after they had left and her mother and father lay in deep sleep. Akina did not hesitate to miss this chance and she left their camp area for a waterfall that was 30 minutes ahead.Eventually she made it to the waterfall and took off her white silk layer and entered the cool water, walking deeper towards the deep end. she closed her eyes as a light blue glowing orb came up from the water and floated in front of her. She opened her eyes and smiled as it flew around her.


04/15/2013 06:13 PM 

{ F a m i l y } ;-rp family-; and ;-character's real family-;

;-Roleplay Family-;Daughter/s:Son/s:  Mother:Father:Mother's Mom:Mother's Dad:Mother's sister/s:Mother's brother/s:Father's mom:Father's dad:Father's sister/s:Father's brother/s:Sister/s:Brother/s:Cousin/s:Niece/s:Nephew/s:God-Father:God-Mother:;-Character's Family-; (storyline)Mother: KagomeFather: inuyashaUncle/s: Shippo, Miroku, Sesshomaru, SotaAunt/s: SangoGrandmother/s: Izayoi, Kaede, Kagome's motherGrandfather/s: InuNoTaishouBrother/s: Sister/s: (those that are in teal are main's. If you have the name and are an inuyasha character, you may request to be the main.)

ѕιlver нιмe

04/15/2013 05:53 PM 

Guidelines Of The Kingdom

These are the common rules of role-play, and are the essential rules when role-playing with me. These rules will include things like godmodding, metagaming, and autohitting. One of the fundamental skills that every good role-player has is the aptitude to follow and abide by these rules. So, no excuses. Even though everybody has the occasional slip-up, that's fine. However, any kind of disregarding of these common rules will be frowned upon and result in immediate action from me. Got it? Good.   DO NOT GOD-MODE!- Let's break it down. What is Godmodding? Well it is when a character features god-like abilities, such as invincibility or mind control, or other unrealistic powers that don't fit with the lore. It's also considered godmodding to refuse death in fights or ignore role-players in scenarios in which said role-players are attempting to attack you. For example, "I can kill you with a single touch." *She reaches to touch his skin, and if she succeeds, his flesh will fall off of his bones.* Nobody's good at everything; try and keep yourself in check.   DO NOT OVERPOWER YOURSELF OR OTHERS- Related to NO. 1, being "overpowered" is more or less what it sounds like, giving something or someone an unreasonable, unfair, unrealistic, or unbalanced amount of power, especially when it interferes with the ability of players around you to have fun. This can apply in the obvious ways, like having a character who is invincible or can summon the wrath of a zombie army with a flick of his fingers, but it can also be more subtle. For example, a character who is physically average but has skill mastery of over 70% of all main skills with ease can also be overpowered and put a damper on the ability of those around him to create engaging and challenging roleplay scenarios.   DO NOT METAGAME- Metagaming is when a player applies OOC-retrieved information to their IC character, such as participating in a war that you happened to see or hear about happening on someone else thread, and knowing about a character just because you saw their information. This is the most commonly broken rule of role-play and most infuriating. Only certain individuals, the ones listed on a person's information, or canons know the character personally. An example being, after being sent a PM greeting from someone named Chad *Jeremy the necromancer teleport into the scene immediately and rushes to the corpse of his buddy Chad, just moments after the arrow pierced his heart.*   DO NOT MIX IC AND OOC- Related to metagaming, it is considered taboo to "mix ic and ooc." For me I typically encourage not to associate information, or events that occur outside of role-playing unless we've known each other a while. Most often, when players associate OOC information with their IC behavior, whether it be how they perceive another character or actually acting on information they wouldn't otherwise have, it's called metagaming. However, it's also considered poor form to take IC information and apply it OOC. That is, if character A insults character B, and player B takes character A's insult as a personal attack from player A rather than exclusively an IC attack on character B, which is what mixing IC and OOC means. Confused? Player B is holding a grudge against Player A for what his/her character said or did in character. This violates this rule.   DO NOT AUTO (AUTO-HIT, AUTO-WALK, ETC)- Auto hitting is when a player performs an action without giving the affected players a chance to respond. For example, running up to somebody and saying *Stabs in the heart* then running off would be a form of auto hitting. Auto also applies to non-combative actions to which another player might have a reaction. This includes auto walking, auto speaking, ect. Need an example? Like saying, *the black knight slips past the guards and into the castle,* so while the white knights are minding their own business guarding the entrance to the knight's castle a player slips by? This would be auto walking on the premise that, in all likelihood, those knights would stop them before the player could get past them. This can easily be fixed with a simple rewording. Add "tries to" or "attempts to" to clarify that your character intends to perform said action, but his success depends on the responses of those around him. More advanced role-players will go into detail with their actions and emphasize their attempts. This is a frequently broken rule by newer role-players. However, I've been known to overlook this rule if pre-planned. Discussing pre-planned events annuls this rule, just don't add onto more than was discussed because then we might have a problem.   WARN BEFORE YOU KILL- It is considered polite to obtain permission from a player before attempting to kill his/hers character. This courtesy is a respect for the sentimental connection that can form between a player and his/hers character. Some individual's feel that each player has the right to choose the circumstances of his/hers character's death. A common variation of this rule is to, rather than ask permission, warn the player of your character's intentions so that the player may have his/hers character make decisions to help allow or block the fatal blow. Common exceptions to this rule include characters who initiate combat, characters who have committed acts such that they know they have enemies, characters in high-profile positions like kings who should expect frequent attempts on their lives, and characters on battlefields.   ATTACK JUSTIFICATION- It is also considered polite to, if a player controlling an opponent character requests, offer legitimate justification for their character initiating combat. This is a protection against metagamers in that the opponent player wants to make sure that your character is not attacking for out-of-character reasons, like personal disagreement or boredom, and that player's character is in danger honestly. The opposite side of this coin is that, after justification is given, your opponents character is obligated not to use that information unless it is also shared in-character.     DO NOT LORE-BREAK- Lore breaking is when a character breaks lore, which is practically anything that likely affects a character or scenario that doesn't belong within the verse. The basis for these commonalities is origin, culture, and known historical events. For example, *Broaven the Rellekan sailor is an established water mage and heads into the settlement to meet up with his other shipmates and use his magic to help them on their next trip.*Lore-bending, a similar term, is when existing lore is lightly modified (Hence the term lore-bending), but not significantly or in a way that detracts from the role-playing experience. Often this has to do with ideas that are neither supported nor contradicted by existing lore; for example, one never comes across a goblin who excels with traditional magic, but it is never explicitly stated that this can't ever be done - only that you rarely come across it. There are exceptions to this rule, an example being your favorite character from a certain verse dies, or your character is the offspring to a canon, and if you are a more experienced role-player you can find ways to bending the lore into something tolerable for most individuals.   DO NOT POWER-PLAY- Power-play occurs when a player operates someone else's character without the other player's consent. The most obvious example, "Your character falls off the cliff as he/she walks up to it not paying attention." As you can see, not only is this unfair to the other player, but it's also discouraged because often players will misconstrue the behaviors and personalities of characters they didn't design. Power-playing goes into more subtle situations, however. Saying, "Sally charges Jack so fast that he wouldn't be able to react enough to avoid it," can also be considered a violation of this rule since Sally's player has controlled Jack's abilities, possibly in a way that doesn't accurately represent his character. The appropriate way to word Sally's attack would be, "Sally charges Jack so fast that it's unlikely he could totally dodge it without equally inhuman speed." This leaves it up to Jack's player whether or not Jack is actually capable of avoiding Sally.   PLAYING MARY-SUES- The definition of a "Mary Sue" is difficult to nail down, because the meaning has changed over time as the character type has migrated out of fanfiction and into canon. So, in attempt to explain I'm going to cover as much as possible. So, first a Mary-Sue is a specific kind of character that is usually considered literately reprehensible and otherwise unpleasant for others to play alongside. A Mary-Sue is any character (of any gender, age, race, or species) who fits one or more of these descriptions, a character who's too perfect, a copy of another character with a few changes, lacking realistic or logical flaws, or whose flaws do not affect them in real ways. A character who's idealized or made "better". (E.g. more attractive, smarter, given skills, abilities & powers without the flaws, quirks & limits that make them interesting and real.) There are many faces of Mary Sue, but I picked the most common of them to explain. CANON SUE, a canon sue is the corruption of a legitimate canon character within the fandom to the point that they resemble the fanfic author itself. They may acquire new powers, undergo a makeover (including the dreaded Hot Topic punk variety), they will become good friends or become enemies with canon characters that they usually wouldn't be with , or just act completely out of character in a way that makes those familiar with the canon scream in horror. However, there are a select few immunities such as the Joker. The crown prince of crime is entirely unpredictable and extremely vindictive. His insanity, which causes slight personality changes within him, can cause him to be a silly, comedic prankster one moment, a twisted considerate lover or an irrational, ruthless killer the next. But, don't be fooled. The criminal aspect of his personality will continuously remain the same, no matter what persona he takes. So, you can encounter five Jokers at the exact time, each with a slight different personality without him being a Sue.   ORIGINAL CHARACTERS OC'S- Unfortunately, countless OCs conclusion end up as Mary Sues, which is why people often stay away from OC-centric fics. It's much easier to do this than to give the benefit of the doubt that a select few original character are not just another Mary Sue. Now, it's perfectly acceptable to write a strong, intelligent, beautiful character. It's also perfectly tolerable to have them liked by the canon characters in the universe they are related with. These traits only become an issue when they're written at the expense of other characters. The original character, and the lore of the verse must go hand in hand. So, even if you love your OC to bits, don't forget about the other characters. Think carefully about their canon traits and whether it would make sense for them to act a certain way toward someone else's character. After all, the canon characters (and universe) are what drew you in to start with right? Respect the canon of the fandom you're writing for, and that fandom will respect you too.   THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE- A player has the right to choose not to role-play with a certain character or other player whose standards conflict with his/hers own. With that being said, if I don't enjoy participating in our storyline, or feel I'm having trouble cooperating with, or it clashes with my storyline, or further participation will lead to more headache than enjoyment. Then I will see no further reason to continue roleplaying with that individual. Sorry, but I'm here to enjoy my time.   MINIMUM OF THREE-TEN LINE PARAGRAPHS (500 WORDS.)- Most people understand that colorful description can add a lot to roleplaying and character development. The flip-side of this, though, is that it can be oppressive and difficult to follow if roleplayers carry on with too much narration for too long. The exact amount each individual aims for can be different, but three is a popular number. So, if your one of those people who struggle, then shoot for the three. Nothing comes effortlessly without a little practice, hard work and dedication. Of course, it's acceptable, but six, ten line paragraphs is typically a good goal. This style is also known as "casual RP", among other names.  This type of roleplay is accessible to everyone. The reason for this is that it's easy to grasp and easy to start. However, script-style roleplays will rarely offer much character development or plot advancement. So, I'm not a enormous fan.   INAPPROPRIATE ROLEPLAY- Bad words, offensive terms may be used in character in an age inappropriate manner. I have no objections to a more rated R experience when using foul language and violence. However, sex is entirely different. I'm assuming we're mature enough to talk about this, so sexual conduct is to be excepted while roleplaying. I'm not saying sexual content isn't allowed, only that some sexual contact needs to be handled in an extra, more established mature way. There will be a point in everyone's storyline that will contain graphic conduct, if you can't handle mature content then kindly let the other player know beforehand.   MUTES- Simple, we talk, we roleplay, you stay. I don't keep mutes on my friends list.   PUNISHMENT- Noncompliance to follow these rules will result in immediate action from me. All first offense will deal with the consequence of having a private ooc counseling and/or warning, and/or banishment depending on which rule you broke. I don't do second chances, if I have to warn you a second time it will result in me hitting the block button on your page.   EXCEPTIONS- Role-play is about creativity and while these rules are not just needed they can at times during very deep and important role-play points be a bit constricting. That being said, like many things in life the rules of role-play are not the be-all and end-all. It takes skill and knowledge to know when one can bend one of the above rules to affect a role-play in a positive manner, this is usually done by small groups where the individuals that are involved know each other in both IC and OOC. They know exactly what they are getting into, many are most likely experienced writers and are okay with it. This takes a long time to understand and should only be attempted by advanced role-players. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that the purpose of role-playing online is to have fun.Please be creative when signing my rules! Thank you and lets have tons of fun!

тнe oғғιcιal ѕaιnт零nagaтo

04/15/2013 12:06 PM 


1. I am Nagato, I am a professional RPer and have been doing so since before dial up was cool.  I know the game, so play it correctly with me.2. No erotic RP unless I know you and we have something special.  I am not a sex crazed RP lunatic that gets his jollies off of RP fucking.3. No Drama, any of that shit, you're gone.4. No RL profiles5. No Pity card playing attention whores6.  I am a very respectable person, so please be respectful towards me, and you will receive it back ten fold from me. Please treat the people I consider my friends with respect as well.  Much appreciated.7. I do 18+ Multi Para, Novella, and Poema 8. Naruto Verse, crossovers are accepted9.   I do make chatzys quite often, I find it fun to meet new people.  If you go to them, don't be a trolling asshole that has a low self esteem and has to bring yourself up by taking everyone else down to your low pitiful level. Stupidity is a virus, so please don't spread it like one.  10. Have fun, that's what RP is about.

朽木 白哉

04/14/2013 04:16 PM 

My Gap Between RL and RP Life.

So as many are well aware, I needn't explain. Even so I shall for those who do not, new friends to make at opportune moments and such. Alright, my entry date into JobCorps was 8/21/12 and still I am a Student-Employee at the program. They are relatively strict with their sites and filters and as such, do not permit me to access this site regularly as I would like. I give myself an average of three more months before I complete since I am currently on the Workbase Learning Phase of my training. Once I complete that it will cover a good chunk of my chapter work and whatever I have left I will wing by. I also have FrontSummit and MICROS programs to complete online, while not necessarily a requirement, they are beneficial to reward certifications which always look exceedingly well on my future resumes. Anyways, please know and understand this now, why I am not here every day, only on Saturdays and Sundays. I take the town runs and they are as follows:Saturday - 1pm Town Run to 8:30'ish for pick up.Sunday - 11am Town Run to 6:30'ish for pick up.The reason for the difference is obvious, these are the schedules I must work with and Sundays are school nights so naturally I am required to return to the campus before curfew. It is my sincerest hopes that those among my new friends come to understand and be patient with my busy life, and my gratitude forever with those who support me.Update; 4/6/13As I'm sure many are aware, for the past two weeks, as well as today, the Wifi at the mall has been faltering and the lack of it's fixing is boiling the bliss of my patience. There is no excuse. My vocation in JobCorps is hospitality and one thing I've learned is that any dissatisfied customer has every right to complain about problems, and this shall be no exception. Before I part from the mall tonight, I will take it up to them and they damnedd best be sure they resolve it by tomorrow.Anyways, that aside. I am weeks out of my WorkBase Learning Phase and at last I have gotten mine; A Completion Date. Two more months my friends, and I will be done with JobCorps in June 11, 2013. I wasn't kidding when I expressed that I was done bullshitting, and in just two days speared all eight of my remaining long exams than waiting out the pace of the week. All that remains now are my certification programs to complete for MICROS and FrontSummit, as well as Driver's Ed classes, and I will be free to do as I please. The wait is almost over, and my sincerest appreciations to all who have awaited my completion of this program since August 21, 2012. Soon enough, I will have my life to call my own. So bear with it a little longer, I shall be out before long!


04/14/2013 02:44 PM 

Lazy streak, still unbroken;
Current mood:  lazy

[starters!!][date, edit, 04/14/2013. wow, that's kinda old.]1. [A short story in the day and the life of...  ]There were probably a few contradictory things that he said and done. Maybe his pride and his knowledge that he isn't so interesting enough for any of his friends to come by-to not believe in himself that much, unless it was perfectly normal. He never wanted to get up and go to them first, it was better for them to do that, which backfired, he never went any where anymore with anyone, he was on a really long lazy streak. Now he was lying around in the yard, at his vacation home, at the water front, wishing Ichigo would come back home. He sort of planned to go out again, but then again Ichigo had to go out and go to work and stuff, the date slipped his mind, he couldn't remember the plan anymore.2. [back to the races]It was night time now, out at the safe house again, in a mid western city, the weather was getting a bit better, just a light fog but it will clear soon, the town was kind of busy, a lot of people were out at town square viewing the fireworks, someone had bought enough fire works to last a very, very long time... Sousuke was dressed in some plain clothes, white shirt, collar up turned, brown jacket, with a two way radio in his pocket still going off with some idle chatter between other contacts, volume down. He also had some black gloves on. His pants, plain black pants, brown boots, he was racing today, he just disliked the cold, needed to warm up.The voice on his radio chimed in, telling Sousuke that he's leaving, with that it was the end of the group and the races for now, he grabbed the radio out and he called back saying he hopes to talk soon, and then he turned it off. He closed the door to the garage, and he put his key away in his pockets.  He hasn't been driving around, because he was avoiding some one, now that some one was gone, he can cut those ties and wander around again.Oh, well, he wasn't missing out. That's right. This wasn't going to keep him down. He had things to do still, not just whims or chance, he wasn't lost at all. He had to get back in shape. Maintain the boats.Thinking to himself still, he went to the car and opened the door again, he put the key back in and turned the music on, left the window rolled down. This was the 'limousine' he had, it was actually a dodge challenger r/t '71, with orange checkers on the rear wing, bad ass hemi sticker on the hood. May not look like much but he put a lot of work into it, not just the appearance, the performance as well, it was all professional, 4 star! Even after all that work it's still not the fastest, unfulfilling, but he was like most of his experiments, hollow, he could not be satisfied... it could still go faster, if he could just get some better parts...It was all actually strange really, had any one else been there, that's probably what they would have said. His new life since Fake Karakura town ended up with him in a nice big waterfront estate, new experiences and new priorities, weird material things-; things that he didn't need.He got inside the drivers seat properly and strapped in, shutting the door... brought the car around to town square and stopped at the gas pumps, unbuckles, getting out he turned his head and looked across the car.An explosion, brilliant light of blueish green shone up in the sky, the fire works shot up and fanned out in all directions before slowly dying and creeping down, leaving some smoke, another explosion, pops, screams, Sousuke watched and put the gas in the car...He just stood there blocking one of the pumps... but it was okay, he didn't see any one else here, he got the gas for his car before finally moving, parking elsewhere, music and engine off. He ran back up and payed for it, and then back to his car, he climbed up on it, he perched on the hood of the car and sighed out, it was a celebration of Chinese new years. It was the north american bros who were the ones insisted to have fire works... Even though it was all excitement and noise out here, he could fall asleep, he was tapped out, it was emotionally exhausting caring for and cutting people off and trying to find a sense of ground.3. [Contradicting complications...]It has already been decided, since he did what he has been meaning to avoid doing, all this time, he quit and about returned to his old self. Here he was again at the old facility... Ever since he made a turn for the better, people have been giving him the benefit of the doubt. Last year was the last time he's been up to anything, back when he met some of his older friends. Had he been the same way he was then, he'd be moved by their kindness; why are you being so kind to me, your kindness is wasted on me...Those feelings were long gone, it was almost insignificant, now there was something else, something new, it was strong and ever patient, though still he doubted and complained just a little. Sousuke has easily broken his promise to be there, never quit, and leave the little thing out of it; the Hogyouku that is. Since he started thinking about it he could hear it, feel it's ever present voice down to the core, his chest ached, the scars from the last time he subjugated the hogyouku. It wasn't any where near this vicinity...  he felt tempted by it, yet compelled to hold true to himself, even though his anchor had left him, what was the point anymore? In the end he was always alone, doing something for himself. He gave, because he needed to do something for himself.Standing up now, he was in a suburban part of town, parking lot... in front of his own car, black Dodge Charger srt8 super bee, now with a hand on his shirt where his scar is, it still ached, the alarm ringing loudly, he finally moved, pulling out the keys from his pockets he disarmed the alarm on the car, glanced at the dent and then looked up, usually he did that when he got riled up; hit it and dent it on the hood, it wasn't anything he couldn't repair.Dressed in casual wear, his shirt was plain gray, on top of that was a smoky blue shirt, he had a two way radio on him in one of his pockets, it didn't have the range of those bigger ones, so he left it off. He had dark blue jeans as well, dark brown belt, plain white socks, brown and black shoes.He was going to hold off on misbehaving long enough to just wait and see--; he hated to admit it but he was waiting on a friend. He looked down and slipped a hand back into his pocket, putting his keys away for now, he only needed to disarm it because when he hit it earlier he set the alarm off, of course he was mad, how could he not?... He grew attached to this life though, these connections, these possessions, were of some value still, he pulled his own weight and did his own work to get where he was. It became second nature to him...It was funny though, how no one seemed to suspect him, it kind of made it easy to start over again, if it was any one else though they'd remember what he did and near instantly jump to the conclusion, and they'd be right too, that it was all his doing. It always looked like the hollow was a coincidence, and it wasn't him, he was just there to protect his interests, his comrades, his property, his hide out. He was the one housing it...4. [Forbidden. ]Another peaceful day at Ocean view, the sound of the ships horn ever present in the distance in the back, along with the steady static of the radio. Sousuke observed things like that, he was ready to call it quits, he had to, his radio in his hand, it was the last one, the other one got lost some how long time ago, he wandered around a bit on foot for a while, the stars in the sky, the moon, shining through the thin layer of clouds up above, it almost looked a bit unusual, he reached the cab and pulled open the door and checked with ghost, "What's the news? It better not be all spam." He called in on radio, right away someone picked his call up and answered "Owh, Sous, T was here today."Sousuke checked the time, it was too late to see T he must have turned in by now. "Alright, that's unfortunate, well... Tell the bros I'm going to take a leave.""That is not allowed," Ghost said jokingly, he must have really missed Sous, he just shook his head."I tried to improve some of my performance, but I'm just getting the same old lag, as usual. I was planning on staying in Stock and Street performance, but..." He continued, he knew Ghost was teasing, he also knew he would rather just pick on him, even though every one used to pick on him."That is forbidden as well. Don't forget to pick up a Nissan while it's on sale, nissan is where it's at!" Ghost said, he could just hear him smiling, he sank into his seat."You know I can't afford it, even if it is on sale bro. that's why I'm sticking to stock, anyways, I gotta go." He wished Ghost would remember that and know by now, he's not like that anymore, he spent everything last October, it's been a year since his truly greedy days. He's just lucky to be able to win the draw and afford a couple of old cars to add to his own collection."Oh, my bad..."There was a pause as Sousuke waited to hear that he was going to tell the bros in his clan, he really was serious, he had family and friends on this side, now that every one is back. Every one except for work, no one was back in the races yet, it was still too quiet. Putting the radio down in the pocket he got out of the car, time to go now. There was no point in being here anymore. With that, the static noise came to an stop, transmission ended. It was true, Sousuke was one of the original assistant leaders of his clan, not a lot of people knew that. He was pretty dedicated to his position, it was also true that he was always on and off about it, sometimes he'd go away for an extended leave that went from several months, to just a few weeks. This was slightly different than before, he was just going on another leave, he sensed this one was probably going to last longer than a few months. After a moment of walking he finally made it to Quorious's, he complained about the stupid humans as he walked up to the market place, neon "Open" sign buzzing as he walked under it, inside, he bought himself a pack of cigarettes and a can of Pepsi, he went back out and he cracked open the can and took a swig of it slowly. People walked back and forth, still busy at this hour, he observed, no one seemed to care where he stood either, they just ignored him and walked right around him. Soon he realized someone was trying to flag him down, he raised his left brow and didn't want to wave back at all. Why, what for, and not to mention, how rude of them? He fixed the collar of his shirt and made a note of that, he looked away, he was sure that it was clear that he was off duty so there was no point in flagging him down. He didn't even have his cab, he walked the whole way.  


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1.) No drama. I won't tolerate it. You will be deleted.2.) No excessive foul language. Once in a while is okay and understandable, but not every time you open your mouth. Again, I will not tolerate it and you will face deletion.3.) Please use proper spelling and grammar to the best of your ability. "U" and "R" are not words. They are letters. I do not respond to text-talk. If you made it through grade school, you can write properly.4.) I'm not here to be a number. Talk to me or I will delete you5.) I have a life in the real world. I have a full-time job and a family. 9 times out of 10, I am on mobile and only for a few minutes at a time. PATIENCE is a must.6.) Nina is happily married to the love of her life. Erotic story-lines are NOT going to happen unless you are her husband. Don't expect any displays of affection beyond a hug or possible kiss on the cheek. 7.) If you have an issue with me and/or my character, act like an adult and discuss it with me privately. I'm a reasonable and flexible person. I'm respectful of others and I expect the same level of respect from those I write with. DO NOT rip into me on statuses or in any other public venue. 8.) I have been RPing this character for 9+ years. I'm not going anywhere. 9.) DO NOT make demands that I change things for you. I've been through that once & I will not do it again. I am willing to discuss changes, but you have to be polite, respectful and willing to meet me in the middle.

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{1} This is not a hentai page. Only serious roleplayers. {2} I will work with all types of rps. If you are new and need help building up to para and multi-para I can work with you. I will not discriminate against you because you are not that good yet. Not everyone is gifted with detail, some have to learn and I understand that. I can work with you. {3} I am not here to hook up with your character. XiaoYu will only hook up with Jin but only after we have had a serious roleplay. {4} Do not bore me with your drama. This is rp not real life. No one cares who you are with on here or who said what. Its rp, get over it and move on. {5} No God-moding {6} Use spell check, I know we all make mistakes but at least try. {7} I don't believe in the add you send the starter bs. You add me though then you better send me a greeting or your ass is gone. If I add you I will send the greeting. {8} You have a week to make some sort of contact, then a week after that to either send a starter or reply to mine. If not then you will be deleted. {9} I don't like mains. Those are for RPG only. I will only have a main Jin, end of story. {10} I am not here to fuck your character, if that is all you want then delete my ass now. You are not getting between XiaoYu's legs just cause you think you can. {11} If you don't like my rules then delete me. Won't hurt me none.{12} To all those little girls with their fake rp lovers, I ain't after your man honey. I could careless. I want a story line not some man-whore, okay? {13} We must discuss a storyline FIRST! If I tell you to send one without discussing it first it is because I am bored and want to be spontaneous. {14} Messages are for roleplay, comments are for ooc.


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Genetic Material

"Pure Releases" (Comparable to Hashirama's Wood Release, but various Kekkei Genkai in the place of Wood)Wood Release 4/3Ice Release 5/3Crystal Release 3/3 (Not for Sale)Lava Release 4/3Magnet Release: 4/3------------------------------------------------------------------------KG SamplesBoil Release 2/3Swift Release 1/3Dark Release 2/3Cosmic Release 1/3Scorch Release: 1/3Explosion Release 1/3Plasma Release 2/3 ((Water and Lightning. "Liquid" variant of Storm Release.))Steel Release 1/3 Turn body and objects or produce Steel or alike MetalsShikotsumyaku 2/3 Total control of Skeletal SystemSakon & Ukon 1/3 Molecular ControlOnryu 1/3 ((Light & Dark Releases, bolstered Chakra Reserve.Incompatable with other KG, kills off Affinities and Chakra Nature usage))Burakkuho'ru Clan KG 1/3 ((Light and Shadow manipulation, enhanced perception to unseen forces, Spiritual relations apparently))Sharingan (Mature):19Mangekyo Sharingan: 10 (Not for Sale((To non-Uchiha))))Ancestral Uchiha Doujutsu: 2 ((Susanoo Familiar and Asura Path Familiar))Ancestral Uchiha Doujutsu: 2 ((Tsukuyomi Familiar and Human Path Familiar))Ancestral Uchiha Doujutsu: 2 ((Kamui Familiar and Deva Path Familiar))Rinnegan: 3Byakugan (Altered): 2 (Bolstered with low-light vision, takes aspect of the One-Tails own eye pattern)

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Rule 1:No god modding cause it's really pointless and gets boring.Rule 2: I accept any type of literacy for roleplayers who can't use proper grammar correctly.Rule 3: Anything from one liners to multi detailed para's is acceptable as I like to meet all roleplayers of different caliber.Rule 4: If I don't respond then I am either asleep or preoccupied with real life things so feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible and don't think I am ignoring you.Rule 5: Please refrain from controlling my character.Rule 6: I do cross-over's and all you just need to ask.

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Other Accounts. OF KORRA ACCOUNT.If I am not on here, I am usually on that account. 

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The full list of my characters

~~Copied over from, I'm gonna show you all the list of my fancharacters. There are quite a few of them. I'm gonna categorize them by species. Names in the bold mean that they're my mainstream characters, or otherwise important characters to my roleplay series. Otherwise, they're just side characters that don't really show up much unless needed.This list is incomplete. Check back often, because I'll be editing it overtime.--Echidnas-- The species of my main character and his family.Smash The Echidna: Age: 22Gender: MaleA veteran fighter at the reknown arena: The Blitz Pit. He currently lives in a city due south from Station Square, a place called Green Flower City. Smart, serious, straightforward and down to earth, Smash has a great sense of independence and takes a lot of pride in himself, although not too much to make him arrogant. He can be very sarcastic, and tends to rant about things. He generally tries to stick to logic, making him a "no nonsense" guy.Author's Notes: Smash was my very first fancharacter, and will always be my main one. He's changed a bunch over the years, definitely for the better. He is the one you will see me roleplaying as the most. And just so you know, Smash's looks aren't identical to Knuckles' anymore, despite the fact that I'm still hanging onto those old pics. If you want to see his current look, you'll have to be approved.Pearl The Echidna:Age: 19Gender: FemaleThe little and only sister of Smash The Echidna. Pearl is generally a kind and sweet girl. She's very outgoing and loves to chat. She may seem hard to anger, however, she absolutely despises it when people try to hit on her. Especially since she gets all of the "Sleazebags". Although she's very outgoing and somewhat excitable, she's very shy around people she likes. Author's Notes: She came not too long after I made Smash. In fact I don't even remember Smash existing without Pearl around. (though looking back, there was a time...) I've done all I could to try and make Pearl to be a good character. I hope it paid off. And like Smash, you need permission to see her new pics.Crash The Echidna:Age: 19Gender: MaleSmash's cousin, living a long way from the two. Smash and Crash have a pretty close relationship, as they were known to be playmates as children, and Crash is the one who bought Smash's iconic motorcycle for his 18th birthday. He's rather bumbling and clumsy, it's almost hard to believe the two are related.Author's Notes: Yeah, I know. It's an obvious play on Smash's name. Crash really hasn't showed up in a long time. I'm still thinking of when and where I should use him next.Diamond The Echidna:Age: 17Gender: FemaleDiamond is Crash's little sister and the cousin of Smash and Pearl. She's a bit shy and unsocial, often letting her older brother do all the talking. But she can be kind and sweet deep down.Author's Notes: Another play on words. Diamond never got a part in any RP or fanfic. She was just known to be Crash's sister. I never really got her personality down pat. I know I wrote it down somewhere, but I don't remember what she was (supposed to be) like.Spikes The Echidna: Age: 36Gender: MaleSmash's uncle and the father of Crash and Diamond. He's the only one in the whole family who was born with spikes on his knuckles. Three spikes on each hand. He takes care of his family the best he can, and sends his support to Smash and Pearl from afar. He and his wife broke up and divorced, for seemingly unknown reasons. The only one's who really know other than the two are Crash and Diamond.Author's Notes: Ah, Spikes. Your origin is so dubious. I honestly am not sure how I came up with him, because I remember my brother making another character named Spike(s?), being Smash's cousin who looked almost exactly like him. I know Spikes was already made at the time, it's just that I confused the two so much that I could almost never tell them apart. (I didn't get Spikes' design down pat at the time, so...yeah.) Anyway, It was actually a while before I decided that he would be Crash and Diamond's father. Before that I just kept saying "Smash's uncle Spikes." without really thinking about it. And it took even longer before I thought "Hey, what happened to their mother?". I really wasn't sure what to do, but the best idea that came to mind was a divorce. I didn't really want another death in the family.Rose The Echidna:Age: 70Gender: FemaleAn elderly and wealthy woman and Smash's grandmother. After getting rich by Smash's father winning a world tournament and giving the entire prize to her, she lived a very wealthy life. She does her best to look after the family and support them, seeing how she has "cash to spare" all the time.Author's Notes: I never really used the fact that she got the prize money as any kind of plot device for an RP or fanfic. It was just something that'd happened, and that was the only thing we really knew about Rose...until I held an RP where she came to visit Smash. My brothers and I used to joke about Rose actually being the true first person to have discovered "ultimate and limitless power", which would have caused Smash to freak out.Sandy The Echidna: (Shared with Alestar13)Age: 5Gender: FemaleSandy is Pearl's adoptive daughter. When Pearl was falsely accused of a crime and sent to jail, she met a pregnant woman as her jail-mate. The two ended up becoming friends, but the woman wasn't in good health. By the time it was time for her to deliver the baby, she was facing her final hours. When the baby was born, Pearl took her under her wing when her friend had passed away.Author's notes: Honestly, I kept forgetting about this character. I wasn't entirely sure if I should keep this canon to my series or not, but she ended up appearing again one other time, and being mentioned a few more times. I would need to fill in the holes of my stories to fit her in, seeing how she pretty much "didn't exist" in them. But that shouldn't be a problem, seeing what I'm planning for the series.David The Echidna:Age: 33 (Deceased)Gender: MaleThe father of Smash The Echidna, who had a reputation for being one of the best fighters in the Blitz Pit. David was a strong and dignified man, who fought for the sole purpose of supporting his family. He even went so far as to try to win the Cosmic Championship to win the prize to buy expensive medicine to cure his ill wife.Died in a car accident, or so it seems.Author's notes: Oh, man. The story behind his death was NEVER explained. (in a way that could be accepted, that is. >_>; ) It went through a few phases which didn't really make sense, and then it was just left blank. Nobody knew what happened, and nobody talked about it. He was dead the day he was created, so I couldn't really undo it. I'm currently working on an fanfiction revolving around this matter, however...Sarah The Echidna:Age: 31 (Deceased)Gender: FemaleThe wife of David and the mother of Smash and Pearl. She was a rather frail woman with poor health. Yet she looked healthy and beautiful on the outside. She was strong spirited, and was always there to cheer David on, whether he was battling in the Blitz Pit or was feeling down. She had known him since they were children.Died in a car accident on her way to buy Pearl a birthday present, or so everyone has heard.Author's Notes: That stuff I wrote about her having poor health and being strong spirited? I made that up right on the spot. Really, She had less substance than David. Though you can't really blame me, since she was dead when she was made. I didn't even decide on her color until recently. Though after I got a picture of her and David, I kind of regretted killing them off before developing them.Cutter The Echidna:Age: 24Gender: MaleA bounty hunter who resides in Station Square. He takes on the job of hunting down wanted criminals, and turning them over to the Station Square Police. Cutter is serious, a bit surly, and doesn't smile often. He takes everything seriously. He can be a loner, as he spends his time by himself. Which means that he works alone. He doesn't like to be in large crowds of people, because he feels that they get in his way whether he's on or off duty. He is very serious about his work, and will pursue it to the end.Author's Notes: Guess what? This is the first echidna I've made who's NOT related to Smash. Well anyway, this guy had a few interesting phases. There's still a few things left about him I need to think about. Also, he has only been in one RP. (Unless I'm forgetting one that barely started...)Melody The Echidna:Age: 18Gender: FemaleA young woman living by her lonesome deep in Techno Hill Zone. Her house is damaged seemingly beyond repair, almost in unlivable conditions. Yet, she still stays there, since she has nowhere else to go.Author's Notes: My most recent character. It's strange...She exists solely because of a dream I had. In the dream there was a girl living in a house just like that. Though the focus wasn't of the girl herself, it was more of the fact that it was the same house I had dreamed of going to about 3 years ago, except back then it was in perfect condition. The girl was also someone I'd met back in that dream, too. I based Melody and her house off of that dream.--Hedgehogs-- The abundance of my characters happen to fall into this category. I blame Thunder's family. >.>Violet The Hedgehog: Age: 16 Gender: Female Violet is a normal hedgehog living in Green Flower City. Although she acts and lives like a regular teen, her fur color is unusual. She has neon purple fur, specifically mildly dark purple fur with lighter highlights. She is the girlfriend of Speedy The Hedgehog, and conveniently lives directly next door to him. She currently trains with Smash The Echidna, in hopes of getting stronger to help her friends out when needed. Violet is generally kind and gentle towards those around her. She's often quiet unless she has something to say, or if something is exciting her. Author's Notes: Violet was my first female character I've made. She was originally supposed to be my lead female character, but Pearl ended up taking that spot. She fell in love with my little brother's character, Speedy, and the two are an official couple now. At first, all Violet was really good for was being a damsel in distress for Speedy to save, in a typical love side-story. But that was quickly overshadowed by PEARL being kidnapped all the time. And by random people, too. Even though most of that's been erased from the series, Smash still trained them both to make sure history didn't repeat itself.Vincent The Hedgehog: Age: 35 Gender: Male A local policeman living in Green Flower City, and Violet's father. Vincent is a hard working man who does his best to keep up with his job. He is old friends with Speedy's father, so there was no conflict when their children started their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.Author's Notes: Vincent came way later. Around the time I bothered to stop killing off my characters' parents. In all seriousness, Vincent's an okay guy. But he can't match up to Speedy's father, in any way. Speeder's just that awesome. Viola The Hedgehog: Age: 30 Gender: Female Viola is a music teacher in Green Flower City and Violet's mother. She is the one who gave Violet her piano lessons, and is her biggest source of encouragement.Author's Notes: Y'know, like Sarah, I made up that part about her being a music teacher right when I wrote that. Also, I gave her the color scheme that Violet was originally supposed to have. Don't ask why she didn't have it in the first place. Splice The HedgehogAge: 19 Gender: Male Splice is a red and blue multicolored hedgehog who currently lives in Green Flower City. Thought to be an orphan, Splice lives alone in the central area of the city. He is gifted with both fire and ice powers.  Generally laid back and lets loose around friends, He's very open and outgoing with his buddies. Author's Notes: Splice isn't exactly the lucky type of guy, both in and out of story/character. He started off, with the exact same powers as he does now. Back then, though, instead of being overpowered compared to the rest of the cast, he seemed almost underpowered due to overshadowing. I mean there were several other characters who were faster than him, and Speedy's fire powers were way stronger than his. And another (now dumped) character had Ice powers as well. To put it short, he wasn't needed anywhere. He couldn't fit in with the rest of the gang, he was just kinda there. Eventually, he began to fade from the story, and eventually from existence. Then I suddenly decided to revamp and revive him, and bring him back with his own game in production, with a whole story of it's own. That was Splice's big comeback. Since then, he's become one of my favorite characters. Burn The Hedgehog:Age: 38 Gender: Male A scientist who went missing several years ago. He has a strong connection to Splice. Author's Notes: I don't think I should give any spoilers. I want to go back and revamp his design. Aura The Hedgehog:Age: 37 Gender: Female A beautiful martial artist who went missing several years ago. She has a strong connection to Splice. Author's Notes: Same as Burn. =P Thunder The HedgehogAge: 18 Gender: Male Thunder is a sailor living by the docks in Green Flower City, and the captain of the Thunder Bolt. Thunder travels all over the world, seeking new adventures and exploring different lands. All the while, he is writing a book about his travels all around the world. He travels with his three siblings: Lightning, his twin brother, Electric, his older brother, and Zap, his younger brother.Author's Notes: Thunder was both original and unoriginal when I first made him. The whole deal with his lightning powers and super speed was very predictable. But him being a sailor? I have yet to see another fancharacter sailor, even if just a reoccurring extra. Because of this interesting occupation, and the fact that the main characters often needed to cross the sea for whatever reason, Thunder ended up stealing Splice's role as my main hedgehog character. Lightning The HedgehogAge: 18 Gender: Male Lightning is a very goofy, silly and laid back guy. He just likes to let loose and have fun, live life to the fullest. He can be rather cocky and proud, and can be quite the showoff. He doesn't like to know that he stinks at something that shouldn't be hard, or something one of his brothers is good at. He likes to tease others, but is also very easy to tease himself. He is very comical, and sometimes sees himself as a comedian. He tries to let everyone have fun. He absolutely loves burgers, and lucky for him theirs a burger joint right down the street from where he lives. Author's Notes: Lightning was a tricky one to handle. I had already gotten down the other three's general personalities and roles: Thunder as the leader and captain, Electric as the calm older brother who looks after everyone, and Zap as the youngest and shy one. Lightning was just kinda there. He was standing on a thin line; one wrong move in developing would ruin him. I think I made the right choices, though. Electric The HedgehogAge: 20 Gender: Male He is the eldest out of his four brothers. As the oldest of the family, he takes care of everyone else and looks after them almost like a father. Electric is a very calm and collected person. He speaks in a gentle, quiet tone of voice most of the time. He is a serious person who thinks logically and rationally, always trying to find a reasonable solution to problems. Kind, Polite and well mannered, he comes off as a gentleman to most people.Author's Notes: Along with Zap, I ended up giving him way more attention than Thunder and Lightning. Which is one of the reasons why I had some trouble with Lightning, later. I had to cut down on using him to give others some time in the spotlight, but now I fear I'm not using him enough. Though I do have some plans for him in certain places... Zap The HedgehogAge: 13 Gender: Male Zap is the youngest by far. He still attends to middle school in the city. He's a very quiet and meek person, he barely ever talks to anyone unless he knows and trusts them well. Sometimes even then it's hard for him to bring himself to talk to them. Because of this, he has few friends. He's quite normal when it comes to talking to his brothers though. Author's Notes: Now Zap, being my youngest male character, I was rather interested in using him. There was so much I could do with him. I also kinda feel bad for the little guy. Around the same year I created him, he ended up falling in love with a girl fox around his age in some group RP. Aside from Smash and Luna, it was seemingly the only really successful relationship in it's time. But then the site where it all happened got a makeover, and several people's accounts went missing, or wouldn't even work. I haven't been able to contact the person owning Ciara the Fox, ever since. Naturally, Zap was broken up about it. I (SOMEWHAT recently,) erased that event from the series. Along the way, however, there were a few more attempts at getting him a new girlfriend. One time another person took control of Ciara, but that didn't last long. Another time it was another fox named Candy. And lastly, a girl hedgehog who (I believe) was scrapped sometime later. That's three attempts.But, now I've realized that there was still someone for him, and she was there with him all along. Crystal The Fox, one of his first friends--and the only friend around the same age. I try not to make too many relationships between my characters (ever since Gizmo and Lina didn't work out) but I know that I can make this work.Aside from all of that, I was mainly just interested in having a kid hero. I almost went too far with that, making him more useful than his older brothers. But thankfully I didn't. Kyle Tyris The HedgehogAge: 19 Gender: Male Kyle is a hedgehog who lives in a small village on Angel Island. Kyle lives with his mother and his twin sister, Keela. He is a very well behaved gentleman who is very mindful of his duties. Kyle wields the legendary Gemblade, a magical sword that draws power from 6 small gems, which fit into the handle of the blade. Each gem has its own element: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Water, and Earth. With these gems inside of the sword, the blade glows a golden color, brimming with power. With the sword in his hands, Kyle is the guardian of his village, and strives to protect those around him with his life. Author's Notes: I was rather excited when I made Kyle. He was the first character I'd created to ever wield a sword. And since I'm a spriter, I was mainly excited about spriting him wielding said sword. He was also made on the same day as the character who is now currently his girlfriend. They both debuted in the same RP, and have been together ever since. He started out somewhat fine, with potential and all, but somehow I just went downhill with him. He went so far out of character, it was painful. Somewhere along those lines, I realized that I was turning what was supposed to be an honorable, gentleman character, into a common street kid full of slang. I went and whipped him back into shape, and then fixed up his design. THEN he became one of my favorite characters, ever. Keela Tyris The HedgehogAge: 19 Gender: Female Keela is the twin sister of Kyle The Hedgehog. Being the twin of such an important person, most people would think that she should feel overshadowed by her brother. Some would think that she would try to do something to take his position. However, Keela really couldn't care less about her position. She's happy for her brother, and he even lets her use the Gemblade on occasion. Instead, she has become an archer. She is very energetic and excitable. A bit of a tomboy, and always keeps an eye out for adventure. She isn't very lady-like, nor is she careful or calm with her words compared to her gentleman of a brother. She can be very silly at times, and sometimes makes faces at people when they aren't looking.Author's Notes: Keela is kind of a neglected character, actually. I'm always using Kyle far more. She's a good character, honestly. I wish I could get a good role for her. Also, she's had a couple of love interest failures in the past, kinda like Zap. Except she's still single. Kyla Tyris The Hedgehog: (Still thinking of a new name for her.) Age: 40 Gender: Female Kyle and Keela's mother. She is a kind and graceful woman who looks after the two alone after their father died. Even though they're both adults now, she still sees them as her children and constantly worries about them. She is the one who taught Keela her archery, upon request. When times are dark for them, she will lend Keela her crystal bow, as a symbol of trust.Author's Notes: I've had a few new names for her but I keep forgetting what they were. That's the main problem with her, I NEED a new name for her. If I get her name replaced, I may use her more often. I'm also thinking of a design for her, as well. Darkyle The HedgehogAge: 21 Gender: Male Darkyle, a mysterious villain who showed up alongside Dr. Eggman and attacked the village of Tillia years ago. He murdered Kyle Tyris the third, and was going to do the same to his son, but was stopped by Eggman who wanted to use him for information. He was the true cause of Kyle's memory loss. He appears as an enigma to everyone, but Kyle and his family are the only ones who know who he really is. Darkyle was defeated by Kyle Tyris, and is thought to be dead. Author's Notes: Darkyle was a tough one to deal with. With the way his backstory and origins kept changing, it's shocking that I even kept him. The main reason I did was because he had a major role in Kyle's story. (obviously, if the name didn't give it away at first glance.) He's got quite the history. Of course, I have plans for one final appearance for him. He's not quite dead yet. Clara Alison The HedgehogAge: 29 Gender: Female Clara is a news reporter who works for the news station located in Green Flower City. She currently lives alone in a small apartment. She broadcasts stories about big events or incidents happening in Station Square or in Green Flower City. She was also Splice's caretaker, for the time he was growing up. Though the two live apart now, they try to keep in touch as much as possible. Author's Notes: This one has an interestingly unlikely history. Originally starting off as a test, she began as a nameless face in a Sonic 3 styled breakable TV box. It was animated to have her appear to be talking. The sprite animation was originally to be used as an actual TV, as she was giving a news report. Thus, she was simply named "News Reporter". Originally intended to appear in the canceled project previously in production before I began Splice The Hedgehog, She never appeared anywhere else. The sprite of her inside the TV sat for around a year before she was brought back as an actual character. Her role as a news reporter stayed the same, but for a greater purpose. She went from a nameless, unused existence of a character to the lead assisting character of the fan game, Splice The Hedgehog. --Foxes-- Surprisingly, I don't have that many foxes.Crystal The Fox:Age: 13 Gender: Female Crystal is a young fox living in the western side of Green Flower City. She lives with her parents and her two chao: Krysi and Light. She is a kind and caring girl. With her gentle nature, she finds it very easy to make friends. She is the Fly Type for Team Violet, which is currently "out of business", as Violet herself puts it. She is also a member of Team Garnet, lead by Jessie Garnet the Fox. Coincidentially, Team Garnet is suffering from the same problems as Team Violet. Crystal dreams of becoming a Chao Doctor/Chao Trainer when she grows up. Caring for Chao is where her heart lies. Author's Notes: Crystal's personality didn't change much from the day she was first made. But it has developed more for the better as she appeared in more and more Roleplays. Her appearance however, was rather shameful. It was a bland white Tails recolor. The sprites of her were choppy and bad, which resulted in her rarely getting used while a new appearance was being planned for her. Back in the day, Crystal was too identical to Cream The Rabbit in terms of personality and the fact that she had a pet chao. Through some personality tweaks and the introduction of a new chao into her home, their differences expanded. Jessie Garnet The Fox: Age: 15 Gender: Female Jessie is a 15 year old fox living in Emerald Town. She is the first and best friend of Crystal The Fox and the leader of Team Garnet, which holds 4 members instead of the classic Sonic Heroes styled 3. It's more of a club than a team. However, it didn't work out very well as two of her members--meaning half of her team--live in Green Flower City, quite a ways from Emerald town. Thus causing Team Garnet to fall apart. Author's Notes: Jessie was introduced as a character long after she was originally created, and made her debut even later. She was created around the same time Crystal was created. She was intended to be Crystal's original best friend and a character who was pretty much "In the Gang". However, a design for her never did come up. It wasn't until she was introduced as a character when she got her first design. She later got a new design where she has messy hair. Her personality has barely changed at all. Neither has her role as Crystal's best friend. However, being "In The Gang" is far from what she is now. She lives in a completely different city and only appears occasionally. She did try, though. And she tried to create her own version of "The Gang". But it did not work out quite as well as she would have hoped. James Hunter The Fox: Age: 15 Gender: Male James is a martial arts student who lives in Emerald Town. Every weekday after school, he has martial arts classes. He was given a black headband as a sign of his hard work. Enthusiastic and determined, James works hard to master the ways of Martial Arts. James is also a member of Team Garnet, run by Jessie Garnet. He has very few friends. In fact, the only friends he has are the members of Team Garnet. Author's Notes: James was one of the later characters in production. And no, He was not meant to reference Pokemon in any sort of way. It's just a coincidence that he began hanging out with Jessie. Anyway, he along with his brother, Harry, (who was originally named Henry, but had his name changed due to accidental references to ANOTHER series I know...) were my first attempts at designing a character through sprites alone, without making them recolors. It didn't work out very well, and they were abandoned for a while until I decided to revive them. Though James is the only one who took any kind of roles, while his lazy brother Harry hasn't even appeared yet. Harry Hunter The Fox: Age: 17 Gender: Male James' older, music loving brother. He's often seen hanging around the house, wearing headphones as he listens to his MP3 player. In comparison to his energetic little brother, Harry is rather lazy. He is generally a very unmotivated guy who doesn't show much interest in outdoor activities.Author's Notes: There really isn't much else to say about him. That's just how he is..--Cats-- My personal favorite species.Gizmo The Cat:Age: 17Gender: MaleGizmo is a 17 year old cat who lives on the southern outskirts of Green Flower City. He is the son of Terrence and Anna the Cats. He lives at home with them, and his cat chao friend, Kitty. He is a very intelligent boy who became an inventor when he was younger. He's very hardworking and always seeks out to complete his projects. He tends to be a bit boastful about his inventions, as he takes great pride in his work. Aside from that, He is generally very kind and considerate, and always willing to help someone out. He tries to make things that will be helpful to his friends and family. Author's Notes: Gizmo is quite easily one of my favorite characters. He was probably the best and most original and tolerant character I had back when I first made him, for he was also one of my earliest characters. He didn't get enough shine, though, and was overshadowed by the worse characters. To top it off, I had a lot of trouble spriting him. It took a long time before he managed to get to where he is today. And it was well worth it. Micheal The Cat:Lina The Cat:Amber The Cat:Razor Claw The Tiger:Silver Abelard The Cat:--Chao-- Everyone loves Chao!...right?Kitty The Cat Chao:Elder Katler The Cat Chao:Krysi The Chao:Lilia The Cat Chao:Light The Hero Chao:Aqua The Swim Chao:--Kirby Series Characters-- Can't forget these guys.Frost:Icicle:Kirbia: (Needs a name change)Arrow:Fist:Will:Shockwave Bolt:Princess Emerald:Typhoon:Breeze:Cyclone:Chip The Squirrel:That's about all of them. Descriptions for each character will come over time. Last time I tried to put this blog up, it wouldn't work and I lost all my work. So I'm gonna try to go about it slowly.

Smash The Echidna ~STE

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My RP rules.

~~Copied over from I'm sort of "retired" from roleplaying, in that I'm not actively seeking RP's at all. That doesn't mean you can't ask, but the answer will likely be a "no" more often than not. Part of the reason for this is because I'm more focused on writing out my series as it stands now. I used to take a lot of roleplays I've participated in and worked them together in a long, ongoing story. But I've kind of reached a point where I'm not likely going to add any new roleplays to it--with some few exceptions; particularly if whatever roleplay we bring up could possibly fit in my series without shaking the canon up too much. As such, it goes without saying that crossovers and romances are pretty much a no go at this point.But again, I'm not completely against roleplaying even if it's "non-canon" to my stories, but I'm just not gonna be as into it.Also these rules are pretty outdated but still hold some water.--Okay, so I've had some painful experiences in roleplaying before. Painful as in "Painfully Bad Roleplaying Standards". I don't want to repeat that here, especially since I planned to start anew here from Myspace, (which was full of said experiences,) so let me just get this down. Now, Don't think just because I'm putting up rules means that I'm one of those really snobby, uptight guys who will turn their noses up at anyone who even looks the slightest bit inexperienced or what have you. I'm putting these up so that we can have a GOOD roleplay. So that we can ALL have fun together AND make sense and be fair at the same time. Don't feel shy at all about RP'ing with me. (heck, if anyone, I should be the one feeling sorta shy about it. >.>;) So, Just take a look at these and try to follow them if you wanna RP with me. Alright, let's see here. 1: Please, No one liners if you can help it. I try to avoid doing these as much as possible. I put as much detail as I can into my posts, if I don't I most likely am experiencing writers block. Now I'll accept script format, but I would prefer story format because it allows much more detail. Also, Please, PLEASE try to use proper grammar. We're not RP'ing over cell phones. (at least most of us aren't.) There should  be no reason that you use numbers and abbreviations in place of regular words in a roleplay. To me, A roleplay is like a story that I would like to read. Tell me. Would you want to pick up a book and read it if everyone talked in chat speak? Here's a quick example of Do's and Don'ts. Don't: Sonic: i leik chlidawgs, lulz *gobles 10235t343830850 hcildiogs** *burqs lowdly adn maeks a durr faec* Do: Sonic: I like Chili dogs, haha. *takes a mouthful of his chili dog, and swallows.* Mm-*burps* Oh, excuse me. Preferred: Sonic gave his friend an amused grin. "I like Chili dogs." He assured with a hearty laugh. He took a mouthful of his chilidog, munching happily on it for a few moments before swallowing. "Mmm-" He suddenly let out a loud burp. With a sheepish grin, he scratched the back of his head. "Oh, Excuse me." That's an example for grammar, mainly. Even I couldn't understand what I wrote in the don't. Here's another example, this time for descriptiveness. Don't: Smash: Spirit Blast. Do: Smash: Spirit Blast! *throws a punch towards so&so in slow motion, but then breaks out into a high speed seconds before impact, causing a bright flash and powerful knock-back if it hit.* Preferred: Smash concentrated most of his energy into his next attack, and threw a punch towards Mr. Target's face. He began moving in slow motion, glowing brightly as he was leaving a trail of afterimages. Suddenly he broke out into his normal speed and delivered the blow. A bright flash would occur, blowing the target back if it were successful. "That's...what I call a Spirit Blast." You see how much better informed people can be if you just describe what it is you're doing? It's not that hard, really. When RP'ing, it's pretty common to see people writing in Script format. (Character: Such and such.) It's not very widely liked among the more descriptive RP'ers, but it's quicker and easier. It's perfectly fine to use script format. However, like I said earlier, I'd prefer that you use story format. (So&So looked at the camera. "This is an example." He said.) It's easier to read it aloud, especially since if you read script format aloud, it almost sounds like nonsense. Try that sometime and ask yourself it that sounded normal. And before I forget. Don't use smilies. Ever. Most of this can be excused if it's just a random and silly RP that wasn't meant to be taken seriously. 2: Use your own characters, not mine. Unless I strictly give you permission, you are NOT permitted to use my characters in any way. Period. (This is also one reason why I have some of my photos set to private until permitted. People like to edit/recolor pics around here, and I don't want you guys getting your grubby hands on my stuff. >.>; )3: I roleplay at my own pace. I can be a very busy person, and this place is kind of low on my list of priorities. Just because I haven't said much for most of the day, (or even for a few days,) doesn't mean that I don't care. If you want to roleplay with me, do not expect me to suddenly shove a starter in your face the moment you add me. (I'm TERRIBLE at starters, for one.) In turn, I'd appreciate it if you let me know that you want to RP before shoving a starter in my face. It gives me a chance to choose a character to RP with.That said, I don't appreciate being deleted just after I've been added without warning. If you're expecting a roleplay from me, you say something. Take initiative. It's rude to just expect things from people you've just met, and delete them when they (naturally) don't meet expectations. >:I4: Please cut down on the profanity. I don't want you guys cursing and carrying on in my roleplays, whether you started the RP or not. And while I'm at it, don't even bother to add me if all you're going to do is 18+ Mature RP's. I won't be a part of that.5: Okay so this one, I'm gonna beat around the bush a bit with it. Just read this. --- Violet has lived all her life with her parents in Green Flower City. She never moved out, or moved in from somewhere else in her lifetime. Her memory dates as far back as when she was 5 years old, but her parents have home videos and baby pictures of her to make up for it. She lives a pretty normal, and very happy life. One day she meets a person who claims that he knows her from somewhere. She doesn't remember him at all. But of course she doesn't, because her memory of him was completely erased for her own good, before she was taken to Green Flower City. Before that she was part of a dying clan in a great war, her real mother was an evil sadist bent on conquering the world while her real father died to have her saved from her mother's influence. Her memory was erased so that she would be able to start anew, and she was adopted by her current parents. "Wait, what?" Is her reply. (Along with her creator's, as well.) --- You see what I mean? Does that make any sense? Let's get straight down to the point. If you want to mess with someone's backstory, at the very least ASK them about their backstory first. That way you can have the two mix without having a character with two completely different backstories at the same time. But don't even do that. Do not do anything to anyone's story without first consulting them. I don't care if you wanted to add suspense with the element of surprise. Talk to them about it, ask them if you can add some ideas to it or something. Don't be upset if they say no, because they already have the character's backstory down. You could really, REALLY screw up their story otherwise. And when it doesn't mix, you just have to stop the RP right there. Unless you could somehow prove that the story bears no relation to your character inside the RP, you need to stop RIGHT there. This isn't so much about what damage this could do to your RP (unless it's actually connected to your character and their backstory) This is about what damage this could do to your characters themselves. It's ALMOST Vandalism, except it's taking a lighter approach, attempting to actually make this canon rather than doing it as a prank or whatnot. You really cannot just go and alter someone's story, or boot their story out the window for your own story for that matter. I don't care if your story is better or crappy. It's their character, not yours. This has happened to me a few times in the past. All on Myspace. (You know who you are. >.>; ) If you try this with me, and I don't stop the RP right then and there, don't get too comfortable. If you keep trying to force your backstory on my character, the whole RP will be trashed before you know it. 6: Okay this isn't really much of a rule, but I'm just going to talk about crossovers here. I'm pretty iffy about crossover RP's. I don't want to make crossovers all over the place. I'd prefer it if it was well thought out with an actual plot so that it can make at least SOME sort of sense instead of just "Smash walked down the road from his house and found out that there was a pokemon tournament being held in the next town over. And then Mario came out of a warp pipe some distance away from him, soon running away from a random metroid." I'm not doing that. I want there to be some logic behind it all. It can get confusing if things are just thrown together. If it's one of those random and silly RP's that aren't meant to be taken seriously, then that's fine. But otherwise, Ehh...Anyway, I'll do crossovers, but I would prefer that there were an actual story behind the two series meeting. I myself have done a crossover in my own roleplay series. Sonic and Kirby crossover which, up until now, was fully canon and even important to my series. I don't want to flood my series with different crossovers, so that's one reason I'm iffy about it.7: And last but Oh so very far from the least, there's the God Modding. There are several different ways to godmod. We could even break this down into pieces and go over them one by one. First, lets go over the Auto hits. Auto hits are when you say that your attack hits dead on before you can let anyone else do anything about it. Of course, this also applies for non violent situations as well, but it's basically when you do something that should have a chance of failing, and force it to succeed. Whether it's affecting another character or a plot device that should go through the consent of the one in charge first. This also works in the other way around, where you avoid every attack that comes across you. You can dodge/block, yes, but you shouldn't be able to avoid getting hurt at all. Especially when there are some things that just can't be blocked or dodged by regular means. Doing this can disrupt an RP slightly, that is, if someone catches it. It's also very unfair in battle. This could get you disqualified if it's a contest. But, if no one calls the auto hitting to attention, it could range from making things unfair to making the entire RP collapse in the worst case scenario. (Which HAS happened before, mind you.) Play fairly. Make things believable. Imagine if you yourself were in the situation, think about what is actually possible, not what you want to be possible. Next, we have the powers. Now, you may say Each character to his/her own, but we need to have some standards! We can't have a guy show up with chaos powers, 6-7 elemental powers, super speed and strength, AND telepathy. You're cramming way too much into one character. And that makes them what is known as a Mary/Marty Stu. And NO one likes those. There are other people you know, who can do stuff. You don't have to be like "OMG there's no one here with fire powers! I have to give him fire powers to fill in that empty spot! No one's psychic either!? He has to be psychic so there won't be any lake of PSI! And he NEEDS Teleportation!" How about you just have your character rely on their wits for once? With all of these various powers crammed into one person, now everything's a one man job. No matter how many times a character will tell someone else to get up and do something to help, they won't because they don't get a chance to with the way these guys are running the joint. Not only will these powers provoke spotlight hogging, but it could also disrupt an RP badly. Suppose there was supposed to be a problem, or just a job that needs to be done, and normally it would take 3 people to do in 2 hours. There are several steps to take, and it takes up an entire chapter of the RP. Also take into account that along the way, they discover a useful tidbit of information or an item that would help them later. Now before you get to work, Marty comes along and uses telepathy to solve the problem and teleports them all to wherever they needed to be next. What was once supposed to take two hours with 3 men took less than 2 minutes with 1 man. Skipping over everything. By being too hasty, it's possible that they either ruined the entire RP or doomed them all instead of saving them. There's also the problems with using powers in battles. Somewhat like autohitting, these powers can make the battles unfair. And sometimes autohitting is combined with this, making it even worse. Once again, be fair. Be realistic. Let others get a chance (seeing how this applies to more than just my RP's). Your powers don't make you the best. Your character can act like it, but that doesn't make it true. Cut out the excessive powers, and don't rush things.  8: Extra rule. I put this up in a bulletin, but that only lasts for so long. So, before I actually get to the point, I'm gonna post my reasoning for this.I'm a bit weary of RP'ing with girls now. I won't give any names, but the first girl I RP'd with on here only seemed interested in hooking up with my main character. And once I made it clear (in character) that Smash was taken, (married even, though I left that detail out.) she suddenly stops replying after two more rounds. Next person shows up later, and tries to make me part of some sort of weird 18+ "interactive story" thing called an "RP". But the "role" I was given was not even that of my own characters, so I tried to start over with my own fair starter. Girl stops replying for the rest of the day, and suddenly gets deleted the next.So, allow me to make this clear to everyone, if you please.Single or not, None of my characters are open to relationships, unless I specifically state otherwise.I don't mean to discourage anyone from RP'ing with me, not at all. I just don't want anyone to start up only to get disappointed later on and ultimately ditch me and the RP afterwards. I don't mind our characters getting close, but I'm afraid I won't be doing any romance unless I've decided that one of my characters needs a mate. Which is probably unlikely. 9: This isn't much of a rule either, but I realized that I never went over the types of roleplays I will and won't do.I'll roleplay just about any genre these days, as long as I have a plot to follow. Action, Adventure, comedy, mystery, those are the ones I enjoy best. I'd do romance, but see above.However, there ARE things I won't do. I have lines that I personally won't cross. And those are slasher/horror type genre's, anything with excessive blood and gore, plots that get a little too religious or have any kind of physical gods involved, that kind of stuff. Also I mentioned above that I don't want anything to do with excessive swearing or sexual content. None of that crap. Well, I suppose that's about all I can say. A lot of this stuff was actually copied off of something else I wrote, which was really a guide to roleplaying. I may post that up here later.

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