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04/14/2021 05:37 PM 

Leona Kingscholar

Gender Male Age 20 Birthday July 27 Starsign Leo Height 185cm Eye Color Summer Green Hair Color Chocolate Brown Homeland Afterglow Savanna(random things) Dominant Hand Right Favorite Food Meat Least Favorite Food Vegetables Dislikes Playing with children Hobby Chess Talents Falling asleep in 3 seconds 

๐’ฉ๐“Ž๐’ถ ๐’ฉ๐“Ž๐’ถ

04/14/2021 03:25 PM 

My Rules

1.) +18 only, no characters/writers under the age of 18.2.) Literacy is required. I understand that grammar, punctuation, and capitalization mistakes will occur.3.) Multi-shipping account.4.) Messages only, comments are rarely ever checked.5.) LGBTQIA+ friendly account. 6.) Please do keep in mind that I have a real-life, so it might take me some time to respond. 7.) My writing lengths can vary from a semi-paragraph up to three paragraphs depending on what the other roleplayer prefers. When it comes to genres, I'm pretty flexible. However, there are two genres that I don't like, that being horror and gore.8.) Random starters and discussing a roleplay are both fine to me. Just let me know which one you'd like to do.9.) Due to romance and possibly mature +18 themes, a kink list is necessary. Likes: Bondage, Gags, Sex Toys, Praising, and open to much more.Dislikes: ABDL, DDLG, Breeding/Pregnancy Kink, Choking, Whipping, Feet Kink, Flogging, Watersports, Branding, and Inflation.

โ‚™โ‚’โ‚œโ‚’แตฃแตขโ‚’แตคโ‚› หขสฐโฑแต—แต—แตƒหกแต

04/13/2021 09:52 PM 

Notes of Noel

[ Facts About Noel ]I. His support class is considered both the 'weakest' and the most 'evil' because he cannot benefit from his own buffs, learns no offensive skills from the class, and has the ability to manipulate those who hears his voice with certain skills.II. In a traditional setting he would be considered a very talented and strong warrior, but since Battle Techniques and attribute scaling is so fawned over in his world he is looked down on. Hence his ability through sheer training to take down their swordsman with hand-to-hand combat. III. Noel's grandfather--Over Death--was a warrior who was unmatched in power, riches, and techniques. Because of this Noel greatly respects warriors and secretly envies those who share that same potential in their class that his grandfather once held. IV. Noel only believes in four kinds of people: Allies, Enemies, Expendables, and Protected. Romance is not on his radar and very difficult to get him to even acknowledge. V. He is a survivalist, willing to do whatever it takes to live and obtain his dream of running the Strongest Clan in history. Despite this, he has his own morals and would never abandon or break a promise toward those he considers allies. Likewise, he would be a thousand times more vindictive toward those who betray him.VI. Noel uses magical guns as his main weapon, but he, himself, is more dangerous when the opponent is a humanoid. He has been shown to be quite proficient with daggers as well and various other weapons...but cannot learn skills for anything. VII. Noel is pyschologically manipulative, cunning, and as intelligent as he is charismatic. He is always plotting toward advancing his goals and growing his clan, but these machinations are never toward the detriment of those he cares about. His enemies however...will find themselves greatly pressured by the steps he plans ahead.IX. Noel can best be described as both Lawful Neutral (following his own code and standards) and Neutral Evil (utilizing both good and evil methods to achieve his desires) equally. Since people are contradictary creatures and composed of layers, these elements best represent him.X. Noel has never had a fully family and envies those who have been blessed with that; despite this, he is more prone to admiring families and helping them in accepting missions. XI. Noel believes in high risk and high reward, and has amassed a large body count making examples of those whom would look down or try and kill him. He lives by his grandfather's words: "Never let anyone look down on you and run over you." XII. Noel sold two his former teammates into slavery after they were caught embezzling money from the party, and ran off with his and Walter's funds; the alternative was 10 years of hard labor where they would die but make him no profit on his losses. It was this action that made Walter decide to retire adventuring even if he understood it to be the best decision.XIII. Noel was attacked by bandits in the city right after, and systematically cut off their ears and left them bleeding as a warning for others not to offend him. While he is kind, he is also ruthless.More to continue. "TO BECOME THE STRONGEST LEADER, NO MATTER THE COST."

Brutally Honest โœฟ

04/13/2021 09:01 PM 

The Pain of Loss and Broken Promises;;
Current mood:  adventurous

002. Broken Vows As a team they were unbreakable - their bonds, rock solid, and their strength; - unmatched. The very fiber of their being was spent working together with three combined as one. Each breath they took with every step they made, the strength they grew with one another. They found the bonds of friendship that made them strong. They made the future carved out of their past, and stood their grand against their enemies. The fact that Ino was still standing now was thanks to the strength and faith her friends had in her. She was standing against Hidan to avenge her sensei , Asuma who died trying to protect his students and village.He was a true hero - there was nothing she could think to describe him other than a hero. She knew his sacrifice would be remembered for generations to come. Ino was aware that Asuma was going to be a father to Kurenai's baby girl. No matter what she wanted to be part of the child's life; the child would be a prodigy that knew more than its mind could comprehend with friends like Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji. Without the positive influence of Asuma in the village, she grew numb to the pain of the loss of her sensei.She despised the fact that she was unable to ignore the feelings that she had. She wasn't supposed to feel emotions like this and the mission was supposed to be put first. However, she didn't want to turn her back on her friends like she had thought about. She was stubborn, fierce, and determined, but she was not disloyal to her friends / family. She knew that the others were concerned for her when she shut down and did not respond to other situations and Shikamaru pulled her to the side."What is wrong with you?! This isn't the Ino I know and love." she heard and her eyes shot up, knowing he wasn't just saying that to make her feel bad. He meant it. He meant that he cared and was worried about her.It was difficult for her to even admit that she felt disheartened by the event of Asuma's death and she found herself drowning in sorrow, and did not want to show her emotions to others in fear that they might use them against her. She knew, though, that Shikamaru would not do that. She wanted nothing more than to allow her emotions to show and to cry - she wanted to be able to feel emotion again, but she felt emotionally numb. She did not want to show it.She was certainly not the only one that was feeling like this, and that thought comforted her. Ino wasn't one to spill her feelings on the other person but she allowed her tears to fall when she knew that this would be the last time she would talk or see her sensei again. She held his head in her arms as Shikamaru and Choji sobbed next to her while the rain poured around each of them. Lightning clashed in the skies around them and the atmosphere was dark and disturbing."I just..." she sobbed and hugged Shikamaru, "I am just thinking about Asuma-sensei, that's all. So many things remind me of him," she said as she was sobbing against his frame. She wanted to be strong, but her tears would not stop flowing against her ivory cheeks. She wanted to be emotionally solid, but she was very, very much breakable. She did not want to appear weak to the others, but she couldn't help it. She wasn't prepared for this training and she wasn't sure about how to move forward. However, she would not let Asuma down and she would learn to keep going - stronger, and wiser with Asuma's last parting words that she held onto for a long time after.

๐”“๐”ฌ๐”ฑ๐”ž๐”ฑ๐”ฌ ๐”๐”ž๐”ค๐”ข

04/13/2021 05:16 PM 

Roleplay Rules

Thank You! For taking the time to look over these few rules, but please note that each and every one of them is important and needs to be followed at all times. Failure to do so may result in being removed from my friends list without warning.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.) Please do not pester me about responses, I do have a life outside of AniRP and it takes top priority. So please be patient with me and I will be patient with you as well.2.) Please do not flirt with me right off the bat and ask for smut roleplay. I will decline your request as I expect not only to recieve a proper greeting but also a more story focused and enjoyable roleplay. I do not much like mindless smut...3.) Please do not send me one-liner or lazy responses during our roleplay, I will only respond to para - novella only and will ignore anything less than that.4.) Please do not try to ship with my muse if you like to multi-ship / have polyamorous relationships with other characters. My muse is single ship / monogamous only.5.) Please do not start drama on my account, if you decide you want to act childish, I will screenshot and put your foolishness out for everyone to see. So do not try me, I tend not to be very tolerable or forgiving.6.) Please do not become a number on my friends list, if you are not here to chat or role-play then I have no business with you. I don't mind starting friendships and so on, but if you sit around on my friends list without speaking, I will remove you myself.

( ๐—”๐—–๐—œ๐—— ๐—ง๐—ฅ๐—œ๐—ฃ ๏ฝกหš )

04/13/2021 10:22 PM 

honey, I'm ๐ญ๐จ๐ฑ๐ข๐œ. / drabble.

villain au [ I wanted to write more delinquent Mina stuff, so enjoy this short, terrible drabble, lmao. ]Smoke puffed out of lips, pulling the cigarette away from the mouth. Bud comfortably sat between fingers with a fuchsia palm rested itself upon the female's lap. Perched upon a crate filled with miscellaneous goods, with identical boxes stacked up all over the place. A warehouse was always the best place to conduct villainous business, obviously.The only thing that was keeping her attention was the bloodied figure that was tied to a chair in front of her. Brutal was an understatement, as the other was covered in bruises, cuts and burns. Golden hues within the voids of her scleras fixated themselves on the individual before turning her head, taking another inhale of nicotine before throwing the bud off to the side. "Maaan . . I thought you'd crack by now."A soft siiigh as she commented, knowing the response she would get would either be something crude or sheer silence. Her higher ups won't be pleased if she came empty handed. Heroes were always such a burden to work with, as they very rarely were cooperative with her, but that just meant her methods weren't effective enough."I suppose we may have to resort to extremes. How do you feel about losing an eye? Or maybe both. "Leaping down from her seat, she whimsically making her way to the other. With a vicegrip, digits and thumb firmly planted themselves upon the stranger's head, with eyes that seemed to look right through him. There was a feeble attempt to struggle against her grasp, but having hands and legs bound to a chair made mobility very limited. Instead, he could only verbally yell at her to stop, with no success.Keeping their head still; her other hand loomed over. The pleas grew louder, and louder. It was almost hard to concentrate as her fingers began to grow moist, purposely being slow as she used her quirk - producing acid. Droplets collected towards the tip of her finger, which was convenient postitioned right in front of the eye. The pinkette was focused, mastering her craft, but soon her attention was shifted as a voice interrupted her work."Mina. Leave him. We got other sh*t to do."Blinking blankly, the hand was immediately moved away, flicking the acid that she formed onto the ground, much to the victim's relief. Definitely not happy, she pouted as she pranced towards her colleague, with her victim left to his own thoughts. "But it was getting to the best paaart." 


04/12/2021 05:25 PM 


Guidelines Read'em, respect'em, or get f***ing gone. DISCRETION IS ADVISEDJosie is an unstable character who suffers from addiction, mental illness, and resorts to self harm to cope. If it wasn't clear stories are liable to have extremely dark themes. If you can't handle it don't write with me, No hard feelings. It isn't everybody's thing. DON'T MAKE ASSUMPTIONSDon't assume that because Jo is an addict that you can get her to do things for a fix. She has standards, She's not f***ing you for drugs. Furthermore Josie doesn't sleep around. She's a single ship character who is loyal to whoever manages to win her over. If she's taken step off. YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVEI'm a blunt and to the point kinda person. What you see is what you get. Good and bad. You show me respect, patience, and understanding, and you'll get the same. Act like a twat and i'll show you how it's really done before I block you. I don't play games, I got better sh*t to do. COMMUNICATE WITH MEI can't fix what I don't know about. If you have an issue with me i'd appreciate if you came to me like an adult. I'm not gonna chew you out, I know how to own up to mistakes. On the same token if you need to talk come to me. I'm willing to listen if you need to vent. DON'T BLUR THE LINESRoleplay isn't reality, If you don't know this by now seek help. What happens in story is only in story. Play pretend. I am not my character. No I don't want to date you irl. No you're not getting my digits or info. I keep real life and roleplay completely separate and any attempts to change that will get you f***ing blocked. Sorry, not. These will get updated as idiots push their luck. LAST UPDATED ON APRIL 12TH, 2021.

๐—ฅ ๐—˜ ๐——

04/12/2021 05:14 PM 

Current mood:  evil

I'm going to lay down three things, right here:TALK to me, F**K me, and TALK to me some more.Pretty uncomplicated, if you ask me.


04/12/2021 06:40 PM 

Rules and general st00f.
Current mood:  exotic

Wanna have a smooth RP with me? Give this a quick once over. I'm not particularly selective, just relax and enjoy the ride. If you're unaware, my character is Hikari Muromachi, a rival character from the Keijo!!!!!!!! anime. The show revolves around battling using only b00bs and butts. If you like the thicc ladies, please proceed. This is certainly one of my more 'after dark' style accounts and is not my main. If you're uncomfortable with mature themes, you may want to steer clear. No lesbian. No packing extra. Sorry ladies. Don't try to date the admin. I'm taken IRL. Though not required for our story by any means, this character has a slight lean towards ๐“ฏ๐“ฎ๐“ถ๐“ช๐“ต๐“ฎ ๐“ฏ๐“ช๐“ป๐“ฝ ๐“ฏ๐“ฎ๐“ฝ๐“ฒ๐“ผ๐“ฑ๐“ฒ๐“ผ๐“ถ. If you aren't cool with that, you can always tell me.

Usagi Tsukino

04/12/2021 05:02 PM 

Twisted Dark Fate AU

What if... Something went horribly wrong. What if, part of the curse the Dark Kingdom put on the reincarnating senshi was that they were cursed to be reborn all in different time periods. Some of Usagi's friends have been dead for hundreds of years, born in different time periods in different parts of the world. Ami was a colonist in America in the early 1700s. Her journals survive to this day. Makoto was a Celtic warrior. Maybe some (Saturn, who will be born to a dictator and eventually succeed him then cause a nuclear war) have even yet to be born or were never allowed to be born to begin with. A few died in childhood. At least 2 were aborted. The only other senshi around is Venus, who is very old and barely able to fight at the time she meets Usagi. Unable to make it past the first few fights with youma without her friends, she is quickly defeated and falls into Beryl's hands. Beryl quickly acquires the Silver Millenium Crystal and is more than happy to relinquish Usagi to Prince Diamond. She eventually becomes Eclipsed Queen Serenity, but is little more than a figurehead in comparison to her husband. She is permitted to keep Luna and Artemis, but they are powerless to help her. A bleak future lies ahead... 

Usagi Tsukino

04/12/2021 04:59 PM 

Changed Fate AU

Imagine a sailor moon story where Usagi regained her memories of her past life-- and just wasn't attracted to Mamoru like she was before. They are still good friends, but not lovers as they once were. Chibiusa is still around; only her appearance is constantly shifting based partly on the looks of the guy Usagi is currently crushing on. Usagi grows up, graduates high school, attends college and gets a job despite having considerable wealth from the Moon Kingdom. She still fights evil and crime where it appears, but the Moon Kingdom's influence on earth is more of a background thing. Maybe Usagi travels the world and uses the Hensou Pen to get into off-limits spaces or elite functions to influence the world's infrastructure towards good. Maybe her parents and her brother know what she is, maybe they don't. (Family dinners would be awkward. Imagine trying to explain to your parents that they gave birth to a reincarnated Lunar Princess and that their "cousin" Chibiusa is actually her daughter from the future.) Maybe they just think she's a busy businesswoman who travels a lot. Usagi is under considerable stress by Luna and Artemis to find a consort and get married, but think about it: The Silver Millenium Crystal grants the user and those around them an almost indefinitely extended life. She is still young by Moon Person standards and has no need to hurry.

Margus Slater

04/12/2021 04:07 PM 

Character Background

Name: Margus Alexis SlaterBirthday: December 11th, 1990Hair: BlackEyes: Errie GreenComplexion: PaleHeight: 5'11Weight: 182Race: NephlimOccupation: HunterPersonality: A cautious man, Margus is introverted and quite careful with who he associates himself with. Charismatic, loyal and a person of integrity as well as honorable. He can be selfish however, acting purely out of self preservation and comfort.Likes: Reading, driving, swimming, arcade games, bourbon and synthwave.Abilities: Astral Perception, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Super Strength, Reality Warping, Sedation, Heightened Senses, Regeneration. Weaknesses: Heavy Warding, Decapitation.Backstory: Margus's origins are something of a mystery, even to himself. Sired by the archangel Lucifer, Margus grew up in foster care after his mother died in child birth. He would grow up in Willow Creek, Colorado. Margus would be placed with the Koufax family, a strict religious family. By all accounts, he was an average boy with the ability to make friends with little effort. He did gravitate toward one friend, Jesse Parrish. Margus didn't put a whole of effort into his academics, but nonetheless he excelled despite that. He spent most of his free time with Jesse, anything to get away from home. The distraction of arcade games and the company of Jesse seemed to offer respite from his tense home environment. This would be the status quo until his seventeenth birthday. It was during this time a telepathic ability emerged, he could hear the thoughts of the people around him. At first, he thought he was going crazy and the voices inside his head were not real. When he discovered they were thoughts of others, he took up gambling and using the ability to his advantage. Betting on horses, cards, nascar and even sports games. Margus obtained a small, yet secret fortune before graduation. Only Jesse knew about the money and the gambling. But the abilities didn't stop there, he began hearing voices from celestials in language that was somehow incomprehensible, but also being able to understand it as well. Margus began to become stronger, his sense heightened, reflexes beyond super human and much more he had yet to understand. After graduation, he moved to Detroit to continue a career in gambling. He would do well at this for about year before being approached by Jesse, who proclaimed to be demon named Valac. Valac had taken Jesse's body hostage and demanded a ransom, saying he knew who Margus really was. But when Margus grabbed Valac, he unknowningly exorcised the entity by casual contact. With Jesse free and the knowledge that supernatural beings were after him, he began to change careers. Studying demonology and the paranormal, Margus become a hunter to survive whatever fate would throw at him. Not only for self preservation, but to learn more about himself. Jesse would become his assistant. 


04/12/2021 03:24 PM 

Rules Bitch

  Rules   IRL Let me tell ya I’m a male.  I can’t explain why I like playing female toons but hey, here it is.   I’ll only be here as long as I find a reason to stay. If I get bored or roleplay gets stale Imma probably head out.  Much like the rest of the community I bet.  I’m generally here for sci fi style fights and day by day style roleplays.  I don’t mind the ERP stuff, though not my main reason for being here. Bringing up ERP,  I’m pretty open.  If you're a dude who is cool with rule one,  awesome let's bang,  If you're a dudette who is all about that bricc girl action,  sweet I can bang.  Really doesn’t matter so long as we consent and is all on the up and up legalwise.  When it comes to fighting/sparring I am all about the fun and the rule of cool.  If your style is super intricate and it's like an OTK thing….thats damn boring.  Congrats on the abilities you thought up to get there,  but man what's the point? Then ya know, No god mode or autoing.  Be fair, be fun and I think we won’t have an issue.   I have auto add on.  I like the idea of crossovers and the interactions that can occur.  However there is nothing stopping me from deleting or banning you if you're just an ass hole hiding behind a sexy anime image.   Don’t bring up hot topics such as politics and the like.  I’m here for fun random space fighting bullsh*t not real world issues.  If you do bring it up...I will probably just ignore the first offense but the next man you're out.   All and all I am here for fun,  and maybe help with my steadily decreasing vocab and literary skills lol. 

Eli Akino Hakura ~Student~

04/11/2021 04:52 PM 

Name: Elias Quinralei Hakura

Name: Elias Quinralei HakuraEarth Age: 43Real Age: Over 3000 Years.Height: 6' 3"Weight: 242lbs ||Athletic Build||Race: 1/2 Human, 1/2 ElvenStatus: SingleChlidren: Eli Akino HakuraPrimary Weapon: Handforged Tungsten Twin Katana'sLove Interest: NoneSpouse: None Likes: Cats, Any Foods, Sleep, Cooking, Hiking, Bowling & Sketching ||As A Hobby||  Dislikes: Any Sort Of Abuse Towards Women & Young Girls.  Personality: Caring, Loving, Slightly Stubborn, A Romantic, Sweet & Protective.


04/11/2021 02:01 PM 

Role Play Rules

Role Play Rules.1.    Do not godmod in any way, please.2.    Respect boundaries. I am in a relationship in rl. I do not dishonour that.3.    I am here to role play, not to take part in people's drama. Thank you.4.    Every writer is different. I will try to match what style and length of writing that I receive.5.     If you have any issues with me, please send me an ooc explanation. I am happy to discuss anything with anyone.6.     I am looking to fill some "mains" rolls, but I will accept duplicates. It is not meant to be a competition (as the way I write my character is not exclusive).7.    Take your time with replies. I never get bothered, since I also have a real life. To that note, I hope that you will also realize the same, for me.

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